Ve.BUS SOC for BYD system


We have a big 20 kWh BYD battery with 3 Quattros and 4 MPPT's.

I know the issues and problems with te SOC values of the BYD system (50W limit per module).

So as bigger the system is , so bigger the problem gets.

We get the inaccurate current reading problem and it is not nice for the customer to read a sudden SOC drop...

Instead of installing a BMV and having other problems...does anyone has experienced the SOC reading from Ve.bus with the "Use solar charger current to improve VE.Bus SOC " function on? I did it with Victron Lithium and it works good, but with BYD I ask myself?

It works so far not bad.

Thank you for a feedback.

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Is it possible to completely disable the "Charging" feature of a 15kVa Quattro


I have a 15kVA Quattro. Now, I understand the Quattro is an Inverter / Charger. However, I would like to know if I can completely disable the charging feature, as I have an external charger, charging my batteries. I would like the Quattro's to "Invert" only. I am also using the ESS Assistant to feed-in to the GRID to complete the cycle. I unchecked the "Enable charger" option in the VE Configure too (See picture). It may have had an effect, but I still see the "Bulk" LED On when running the Quattro with ESS (See video)


Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

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AC Coupled Fronius + Dc Coupled + INV CHG + Lithium Hybrid anyone set this up advice appreciated.

Can quattro manage Lithium Batteries and also sell dc coupled input when batteries reach float along with AC Coupled on output side to charge batteries in grid failure.

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CCGX back space for connectors

Hi everyone!

I am about to install a CCGX for a client. He would like to install it directly on the wall with the metal sheet included on the box.

A question arises about the cables connection: is it better to have 90 degrees connectors or the regular straight ones are ok?

Thanks in advance.


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How do I get the ccgx to display the DC loads?

How do I get the ccgx to display the DC loads?

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BYD Low Voltage 3.5 to 14.0kWh Compatibility

Good day.

I am aware that 13.8kWh is compatible with Victron Energy products.

I want one find out if the B-Plus L 3.5 (3.5kWh modules) are compatible for use in a hybrid/offgrid solar, single phase system.

Thank you.

Taiwo Olajide


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PIN code when updating new blue smart charger

Not really a question but more of an update. Received a new unit and when I connected the Victron Connect app to it, it required an update from V2.11 to V3.00. Clicked "Continue" and was asked to input the device PIN number. The app suggested 0000 or 1234. Did this and the updated failed due to a failure to connect to the device. Ended up re setting the PIN code using the PUK code on the back of the device. The app confirmed that it had reset the PIN to 000000 - a six figure PIN. Just be aware it is a 6 figure PIN code in these new units, and you should use 000000 as the default and not just 0000 as that will fail.

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Lynx Shunt VE.Can installation


I have to install a Lynx Shunt VE.Can and a Lynx Distributor. Both have 2 RJ11(or 12) sockets. And a short wire is supply with same connector. I don't find any manual or any schematic about those 2 device.

Can someone help me, please ?

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MPPT 150/100 Strange Behaviour - Not Charging

48/5000 Easysolar box, Feb 2017 installation. Never seen this before.

Stopped charging suddenly today (late afternoon in Australia). Batts up, little load, but it stopped. Of course I go through all the usual procedures I can think of, like reboot CCGX, switch all off'n'on pv, even the inverter & net.

I'm beyond my level of expertise with this, and what may be wrong? Supplier is a 9 hour drive away and was a diy installation anyway. Just wiring involved with the Easy, and I think I've checked all that to extremes.

Clues: Pv voltage still says ~122V (normal Voc), but just 3-4W output. Yeh still sunny. Switch off the pv, ~98V, and 1-2W. Confirmed the V's with a multimeter. The W may well be 'remnants', but I'm suspicious of the 98V, which is reproducible. Is this typical behavior?

For now, entering evening, I'll leave it till the morn to see what tomorrow brings. Have an old Outback FM80 I could wire in as a stopgap, but a helluva shame to replace the blue with black, even temporarily..

Can anyone help me? Am I just missing something simple?


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How can I remove an Energy Meter from the system

Hi, I recently upgraded my system with 2 x ET112 energy meters for solar & Grid. I cannot remove the old EM24 from CCGX. I have rebooted the system couple of times, but still EM24 appears at the top. Is there a way to remove this form the system?

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Battery Communication protocol

Hi, we are a battery storage system supplier and currently we have some customers who use Victron inverters and also interested in our battery modules. So it's very important to realize compatibility between our products, we do find the communication protocol on your website, but still we have some questions, can we know someone in your company who can support in this issue? We'll appreciate it if you can help, my email is


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Do I need to VE configure the Multi for 5kW Easysolar with CCGX

I have a 5kW ES installation that we are powering on tomorrow. PV is connected through the EasySolar MPPT. Grid is available for back up charging.

We plan to control battery charging parameters through ESS which looks straight forward.

We dont have a battery monitor connected.

Before selecting the Multi as our source for SOC in CCGX, I was wondering, should I first use VEConfigure to enable and configure the battery monitor within the settings for the multi, or will the CCGX be able to monitor SOC without me configuring the battery monitor in VE Configure?

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Battery balancer connexion

Hi everyone!

I have two questions about the connexion of the Battery Balancer (BB):

  1. Do I need to put fuses on the wiring? It is not indicated on the manual.
  2. How the BB works? Does it "steal" energy from the higher voltage battery to introduce it into the battery with the lower voltage? Or it just "burns" the energy? I have downloaded the webApp, but it is not clear.

Thank you very much!


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Bmv 712 displaying 0w, consumed ah 0

Not displaying current Always 0.0 a

Consumed ah. Always displaying 0ah

Lifepo4 battleborn (2). 100ah batteries with Xantrex XC 2000 inverter/charger

My float value is 13.63v

Why doesn’t it display plus or minus amps or amp hours ?

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ESS Grid Feed in questions


I've got a tricky question. I have a very good system in place.

2x Multigrid in Parrallel

20kwhr BYD BBOX

2x AC coupled Solar Systems one on the input and one on the output

3x DC coupled solar systes (all Victron) MPPT

1x Energy Meter

Colour Control

Works great, the minor issues and solutions I'm looking for are

1, On the colour control the Green AC load section has a PV inverter connected to it, which I cannot read with the Victron due to its locality, which I don't really mind but it only ever goes to 0W when in reality during the day it should display a negative reading. Can this be worked around or changed?

2. Where I am in Australia there is a maximum 5kw Grid feedback rule and unfortunately the Victron cannot do total export limitation to 5kw, controlling all inverters/mppts or can it? - Assuming it cannot as I don't think it can I have worked around this by having exactly 5kw of AC coupled solar and have turned off "Feedin excess charger power". This issue is during the day I would like the AC coupled to sell back and let the DC coupled power our loads but what actually happens is the DC coupled gets shutdown and the AC coupled powers the loads only providing a limited export. Any ideas on how I can get the AC coupled units to completely export and use the DC couple to power the loads?

Below is a photo of whats going on showing that DC's been ramped down and the AC coupled is powering everything, whilst the green AC load reads zero.



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Input Current for IP67 12/25 Battery Charger


Looking to buy one of the above battery chargers to charge the batteries 200 amp/hr in my camper trailer using a generator when the sun does not shine.

As my generator is small I need to confirm before purchase that the generator output will be sufficient to correctly operate the charger. I cannot however locate in the published specifications that I have found for the charger the input amps/watts required.

Can you please assist for this charger as well as the IP 67 12/17

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Unbalanced generator input

I have a Stephill Generator which worked well on one single 15k Quattro with a second Quattro with the system set up as a twin phase system, I upgraded the batteries from 16 BYD batteries to 32 which worked well with a stable single phase input from my generator.

I added an additional 15k Quattro taking it up to 3 so that I can have 3 phase electric, the generator is controlled as normal but even though I’ve set up the system as normal my system draws more current from my generator than I’ve set up in the config, it also does not take a ballenced load from each phase from the generator, this in turn causes a frequency drop the system backs off then the frequency comes back into limits and the whole cycle starts again.

I’ve set my current limit to 12 amps, I’ve tried using the dynamic current limit function and this does not work as I suggest I’ll get significant over shoots in input current and corresponding drops in Hz.

Any suggestions of how to pull a steady current and get a stable Hz out put would be very much appreciated as I can connect to my house for fear of killing my electrical items as the lowest Hz I’ve seen is 46 Hz

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Venus with current sensor stuck in settings

I recently changed customer location of a Venus GX. In the previous installation it had a current sensor connected for PV Inverter consumption. In the new installation the there is no PV Inverter or current sensor but I can't seem to find a way to remove it from the Venus's settings, as such the consumption tab on the dashboard does not work. Is there a way to set a Venus back to factory settings or some other method of removing the current sensor?

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How to set the Solar as the top priority source in ESS setup

Hello everybody,

I'm using Quattro 48/10000/140-2x100 + Color Control GX as the base of setup:

- the main energy source is Grid.1, 220V/10kW;

- the second/spare energy source is Grid.2, 220V/5kW (which set as "Generator Set", because there's no option to choose second grid);

- batteries are represented by BMV-702 + 200Ah Pb AGM set;

- PV part includes BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/60 + 3,5kW set of solar panels;


Needed scenario: use Solar set energy (first to battery, then - to feed the household); if need more or no sun - use Grid.1; in case blackout - use Grid.2 ("GenSet").

If no electricity at both grid inputs = use battery pack.


Earlier problem: from time to time my Quattro 48 tried to feed the outer grid & been overloaded.

After the updating all the firmwares & use new ESSassistant - it seems to be solved.

but now got the:


Current problem:

Solar set now use only for battery charge. So, instead of ~3kW of sun energy the system consumes just ~75W (to keep batteries charged). And only when both grids are disconnected/no energy - it starts to use sun as full load.

Please, advise.

Thanks in advance!


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How to get 'DC system' value from API data?

I would like get the Battery SOC, AC Consumption and DC System data in my database. I'm able to make API calls and get all data. I have found the Battery SOC and AC Consumption. But I can't find the 'DC system' value. I assume it is calculated from some other values. But how? Thanks.


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VE.Bus connection MultiPlus-II

Hello Together

In a 3-phase system, a terminator was incorrectly used on the VE.Bus. As a result, the connection did not work as desired. Now a device, MultiPlus-II seems to be defective, because it does not react anymore to the connection attempts with the MK3. Is it even possible to cause a defect with the Terminator? Without a connection cable to the MK3, the device seems to work normally, as soon as the cable is connected, the LEDs start flashing. Is this normal?

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Setting temp the compensation value on my mppt bluesolar.-

Based on Victron "mppt-solarchargers" white paper: "The configured coefficient is in mV per degree Celsius for the whole battery bank, not per cell".

If my battery bank is wired at 48Vdc (Lead Acid) by one string of 8 batteries, 6 volt each (3 cells), -0.005mV per 2V cell/ºC (per manufacturer) would it be -0.12mV/ºC the right value to set here?

If this compensation occurs automatically, why the system allows you to choose between a positive or negative value?


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Smartsolar 250/100 energy transfer to Multiplus

Hi everyone!

I am updating an old offgrid system with a new one based on Victron equipment: 4kwp pv panels, Smartsolar 250/100, Multiplus 48/5000 and CCGX.

Due to budget restrictions, the client is not able to update the battery at the time, and he will continue to use 4x 250Ah 12v monoblock batteries.

In order not to overcharge the battery, I will define the charge current limit to 30A.

My question is: is it possible to set in any way the Smartsolar to put more current into the DC bus while there are loads in the system (identified by the Multiplus)?

If not, will it may be considered as a FEATURE REQUEST?

I have already advised the client to upgrade the battery, and he will do in a year or two, when the current batteries die; so he can save some money.

Thanks for your help guys!


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VE Config 4v min off set in Inverter tab DC shutdown to Restart

We see that there is a 4 v minimum offset between DC shutdown and DC Restart in the Inverter Tab in VE Configure. For un-managed lithium batteries, the only way to accommodate this 4v offset is to have a very low shutdown voltage (eg 47v) and/or a very high restart (eg 51v). This is sometimes outside the battery suppliers specification (eg: SimpliPhi). Is it possible to have less than 4v offset when Lithium battery type is selected? For example 2v offset?

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How to set the right temp compensation value without an external temp sensor?

EasySolar; Multi 48/3KVA, MPPT blue 150/70TR style, CCGX... unfortunately there is no BMV monitor installed and batteries are sited on a isolated compartment (delta temperature is wide), electronics in the same room but outside of the batteries enclousure. Wich would be the better temp comp value to use here?

Through the CCGX could the readings taken by the Multi´s temp sensor be shared with the charge controller?

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How the internal temperature compensation feature works on my mppt bluesolar?

"The charger uses its internal temperature for battery temperature compensation when the charger has been idle for at least one hour, i.e. when the charger is not actively charging a battery or supplying a load".

If the charge controller does the reading when it is no charging, i.e. at night, how can it choose the appropiate value if the next process will be maybe the next day and at a different/s temperature/s (along the day)
How does this works?

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DVCC for off-grid only?

Hi Guy and Victron team

Do we need DVCC for on grid ESS systems or only for Off-grid as per the guide?



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VRM Remote Console IP Verification


My Installation is in an RV and I provide internet via two different Cellular carriers into to router. I noticed that the VRM remote console works on Verizon, the carrier I used when setting up VRM and Venus. But when I switch my router to use ATT as the carrier, VRM Remote console does not work. I read about the Too Frequent IP Address verification issue in your support documents. Its not clear when it will allow a new IP providing it remains fixed long enough after a change. Or is there a way to tell VRM to accept a new IP? I am still running the internal WIFI on the venus. The USB wifi should arrive tomorrow.

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BlueSolar PWM or MPPT with battery disconnected

I am considering using BlueSolar PWM with 20W total in PV panels on a small boat. We are talking 5m boat.

I would be connecting it to starter battery in order to keep it charged during long periods of not using the boat. On that battery there are some small loads as well, like radio, echo, lightning. We are talking about 12V/50Ah battery.

I would move those loads on a load connection available on pwm, engine directly to the battery and of course pwm directly to the battery.

There is a safety switch on board that is suppose to cut the battery off from the grid completely.

I am wondering if I would be cutting a battery away from BlueSolar PWM, how would that unit take that action and what would happen with power to connected loads (in case there is a full PV activity)?

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Lithium Battery miniBMS / VE Bus BMS / BMS 12/200 - Low temperature protection available?

Hi all,

the data sheet for miniBMS contains the following lines:

"Temp or OVP (red): Charger output free floating (due to cell over temperature (>50°C), cell under temperature (<5 °C) or cell over voltage)."

I could not find a reference to Charge Disconnect at temperatures <5° anywhere else in either the miniBMS manual, VE Bus BMS or BMS 12/200 datasheet or manual. All seem to refer to over temperature only.

On the other hand Li Smart Batteries have an App setting "Allowed to charge minimum temperature". I assume this will cause the battery to indicate a temperature issue to the BMS, which in turn will trigger charge disconnect no matter whether temperature is too high or too low. Can anybody confirm this? For BMS 12/200, does this then disable charging via the LB port too?


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