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75/15 MPPT and insufficient PV error with Firmware 1.59 issue

Hi folks,

I have a victron 75/15 MPPT hooked up to a 160w panel and 200ah AGM leisure battery, the system has been working flawlessly for years, battery replaced when needed but no issues at all, however, suddenly after upgrading to firmware version 1.59 I constantly get the insufficient PV error.

I have tried using a different panel, and different battery to no difference, having discussed this on Reddit in the victron community there,‘I’ve come across two others who also seen the same issue after upgrading to 1.59

Is there anything I can do about this, have victron issued any statements about faulty firmware, or is there a way for me to roll back to previous version which worked without any issue at all?

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Bug Report ; V3.0 VRM Dashboard not showing PV Inverter

Everything upto date and I have DC Solar via MPPT and a grid tied AC invetrer which is displayed by an EM24 meter. Upgraded to V3.0 and AC invetrer disappears on dashboard. Everything is working and it all appears in device list just not displayed.

Reverted to V2.94 and refresh and all good. Back to V3.0 it displays the AC Inverter box then when the data refreshs it dissappears.

Is this related to the current VRM issues or a V3.0 bug. Currently running V2.94 for the while.

Any thoughts?

For info I'm running large format with node red enabled. Quattro 15000/48, Pylontech, MPPT and AC tied with meter

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BMZ ESS-X: change of "State of health" after CCGX firmware update 3.00

here is running a four years old ESS with three Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 and a BMZ ESS-X battery controlled by a CCGX via CAN.
The "State of health" of the battery was displayed by the CCGX as 94 % during the last months.

Today I made a firmware update of the CCGX device from 2.94 to the recommended 3.00 (with no further change of settings). After update/reconnect the CCGX now shows an "State of health" 87 % for the battery. 7 % less in 2 minutes.

Why this jump? Any reason to worry?
Did you change the calculation routine in the new firmware?

The battery is located in the basement, actual temperature: 20°C, no problems, alarms, messages. Is it recommended to adjust any parameter because of battery aging (CVL=61,5 V, CCL=0 A, DCL=300 A, Min. SOC, voltage etc.)?

Best regards

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ESS (AC DC coupled) "Feed-in excess solar charger power" not full potential


i running a ESS (MultiGrid 48/3000 FW459, VenusGX FW v2.31with EM24) with AC Coupled third party PV Inverters (via ET340 and ET112) and a Smart Solar 150/35 v1.39 and a BYD B-Box 5.0kWh. (DVCC enabled, SVS disable, Smartsolar has BMS controlled)

The DC Coupled PV system is oriented south and could be enlarged by approx 900 Wp, since currently only 1,8kWp is installed. Maximum charge power to battery is limited at 2000W fixed due to the 35 Amps - i know ;).

In the ESS Settings I enable " Feed-in excess solar charger power" but soon i discovered the the typical behavior of the system was to charge from the East oriented AC Coupled inverters, which means, the the battery is full, sincce there is enough excess. But the south orientated DC coupled PV System was dearted by over 50% due to battery being at SOC 100%, even with the enable option of "feedin excess DC Power". Over have of the production of the south oriented DC coupled PV is derated (see pic attached, redline is potential solar production).


To prove my hypotheses i changed the ESS Setpoint to activly discharge the battery into the grid, thus a lower SOC than 100% is realized. this enables the BMS controlled Smart Solar to use the full potential of the PV system. (previously 340W production goes up to 900W Production).

See my screenshots and notes

ESS Feed-in excess solar charger power - not full potenial.pdf


I presume that the Mutligrid doesnt discharge/feedin as much power as the full potential of solar available on the DC side.

I would presume that the voltage Gap between SmartSolar and Multiplus isn't high enough for Multi to discharge the battery more but to keep it at 100% and though making it possible for the SmartSolar to feedin more of his potential solar power.

So propably i will not add any more Modules to the Smart Solar or install another SmartSolar, but install another PV Inverter AC coupled.

If anybody has the same Issue please let me know!

If anybody has an idea how to optimize the use of the DC coupled Solar to feed into the grid, please let me know! I thought already of an external PLC writing the ESS Setpoint into the Modbus register, to actively reduce the SOC during the daytime, to make more use of the DC coupled PV System.




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Updating firmware of Victron devices


I've read many discussions, articles etc regarding firmware updating of Victron devices.

This is what I understood:

  • if it works, don't update it
  • never ever update Multiplus, unless you know how to configure it back since it goes to factory setting after the update (I have 3F system)
  • if needed you can update MPPT and Cerbo GX, it shouldn't delete any settings

Now my questions are:

  • did I understood it correctly?
  • I'd like to install Node-RED on Cerbo GX. If I do that will it preserve the settings if I use the full version of FW? Or will I need to do anything else after the update?
  • there was a new OS v3.00 yesterday. Is it safe to update the FW to the full version of v3.00 with Node-Red if I have v2.92 now?

Thanks a lot.

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MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-95 120V "Unknown product (2723) in VictronConnect 5.90

I have two of these new (to North America) units and both aren't fully recognized by VictronConnect 5.90. Firstly, they are displayed as VE.Direct devices in VictronConnect:


Then, once connected to this VE.Bus device it still shows "Unknown product (2723)":


And already has v502 of the firmware loaded from the factory:


Is there a soon-to-be-released version of VictronConnect that will support this new Multi?

Is there a newer version of firmware that is needed?

Thank you

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Multiplus II 48/5000 firmware and island systems

See also

If Multiplus get an low battery voltage, it shuts down and come not back again even if the voltage is hight enough again.

The problem still exists even with V502.

Andy from the OffgridGarage has the same problem:

Only way to get the error cleared is to turn of the multiplus and turn it on again.

There seems to be a firmware problem with firmware v5.0 and higher. Any way to get back to a lower firmware?

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VRM DSP Graph date

Hello Victron Community Good Morning,

Last night I have noticed that graph on vrm PV display was accurate but the date is wrong. I am wondering that may be something wrong with my display date on vrm. On the Advanced section everything is normal. Thank you to all.

Jasbir Rathor asked
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2 Answers

Cerbo GX - Whitescreen after downgrade


My Cerbo GX updated from version 2.73 to 2.9x. that's when suddenly the connection to my energy meter didn't work anymore. Since I couldn't get this to work again I navigated to the backup function and told the device to restore fw 2.73.

Result: Now I have a white screen in the remote console and my SSH access is gone.. I tried the factory reset method and to activate auto-updates via SD card and USB via the rcs.local script, but now a day later the Cerbo is still sitting at 2.73 and still all I get is a white screen in the remote console...

I don't know where to go from here with no SSH access and no remote console.

Can I auto force update via image on the usb or include an swu file somewhere or similar? If so I haven't found the correct documentation, yet.

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Phoenix 24/5000 firmware upgraded to v502, now unable to connect via veConfig/MK3...

Hi All,

I got a third inverter (Phoenix 24/5000), so I updated all the Phoenix 24/5000 inverters to firmware v502 and need to get them working in parallel mode again. Neither veConfig, nor VE.Bus Quick Configure can connect via the MK3/USB dongle anymore. So, I am stuck with three units that only work stand-alone :(

In the VRM portal, all looks good:


Is there any other software/firmware needed now? Any suggestions will be very welcome.

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EasySolar-II GX firmware update

The last firmware update crash ,how to back up old firmware


stan asked

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BMV-712 battery monitor will not update firmware

When I checked my app today the battery monitor was working. Then it requires me to update my firmware to v4.13 and it fails. I have shut down the power to it and disconnected from my device and reconnected and tried from another device multiple times. The main device has a BT200 error. My app has had a D93, D31, and D33 error when it is trying to uodate. It also says that there is no firmware on the device. The first time it tried before it failed it went from 4.x to this new firmware.


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Multiplus-2 does not appear on victron connect

Hi all,

I am trying to update the firmware of my easy solar-2 GX 48|3000|35

I am using CAT5e (connected to one of the VE.bus ports) and Mk3 to USB to connect on my windows computer. When I open my victron connect app on windows laptop, on the device list page, in LOCAL section all I can see is EasySolar-2 and not multiplus 2.

What do I need to do for it to appear on victron connect?

I also looked online and found old method of firmware update using veflash. I can not find where I can download veflash anymore?

Please help

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CerboGX v2.86 Bluetooth Issues

Updated from v2.84 today to v2.86 and lost all Ruuvi sensors. Rolling back doesn't restore them. Cannot add new Ruuvi sensors either as they are not "seen" by the Cerbo.

It seems that bluetooth not working on this version, and slightly worrying that rolling back doesn't fix the problem. I notice multiple other posts from users reporting similar issues when updating.

If there is not an update planned to fix this soon could someone explain what I need to do to reset the bluetooth adaptor (perhaps using command line)? Thanks

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2 Answers

Smart Lithium Not Reporting Status

Updated firmware on batteries to v1.31. The batteries are not reporting the last full charge or cell status since the update. Battery voltage, temperature and individual cell voltages are still being displayed through Victron Connect app on phone and computer. Any ideas on how to get the batteries to return to reporting the last full charge and cell status again?

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