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1560Ah 48v lithium 3-phase quattro 48/15000/200 x3 battery config 82kWh

First, I've read countless articles trying to self resolve my issues. The vast majority seem to be people using very small systems...and my issues seem to be different. Or other people have bluetooth connectivity to their MPTT and I don' not sure if I need to get a USB cable and connect, or I can do things online.

Two issues I want to solve.

1.) Low battery alarms are useless. I want them off, but I can't seem to stop them. My battery is at about 44% (46v), and the alarms are configured for 25% and I continually am getting non stop notifications. VictronConnect on my BMV700 I don't think is related to this, and I have alarms disabled on the remote what is sending these alarm emails so I can stop it? Or at least get it to somehow respect what 25% actually is instead of it having some other calculation its doing.

2.) I cannot get the battery settings correct in VictronConnect on my BMV700. I have to keep monitoring the percentage as it keeps getting off a little. Battery capacity is set at 1560Ah which I know to be correct. 13s13p packs with EIG 20aH cells = 260Ah...with 6 of these in parallel = 1560Ah. I've read for Peukert that its effectively close to 1.00 for Lithium...and especially considering how large my capacity is, my batteries never get any stress at all. So I am actually using "1.00" currently. I've been testing that at 1.00 to 1.09 with equally confusing results of not calculating the correct percentage based on voltage. I'm wondering if I need to toy with the capacity value to get one that helps make the SOC follow correctly...

Help or guidance on how to properly set the config so it follows reality on the batteries? Attaching screenshot of the config currently along with battery specs.


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BMV-712 State-of-Charge battery setting

My flooded 250 aH battery recently showed -140 aH but 75% SOC.

I manually reset the state of charge parameter in the battery setting To 40%. Will this affect the SOC calculation after my next full charge when the SOC will be reset to 100%?

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SmartShunt with Lithims. How to go to 100% charge just on battery voltage?

So I have 400A/h of lithium batteries being charged by 4 x Victron SmartSolar MPPT's and monitored by a Smartshunt. The MPPT's get the battery voltage via bluetooth from the SmartShunt, and they all have the following settings:

Absorption voltage 14.2V
Float Voltage 13.5V
Re-bulk voltage offset 0.1V
Absorptionduration Adaptive
Maximum Absorption time 0m
Tail Current Disabled
Temperature Compensation Disabled
Low temperature cut-off 5degreesC

My MPPT's happily all go to float the instant the battery voltage hits 14.2V. Good stuff.

The SmartShunt however doesn't recognise that the battery bank has hit 100%. My SmartShunt settings are:

Battery capacity 400Ah
Charged voltage 14.1V
Discharge floor 10%
Tail Current 4%
Charged Detection Time 1m

What do I need to do to make the SmartShuntconsider the batteries full?

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Descripancy between SOC and actual battery state.

I recently replaced my batteries from 440amp/h to 1380amp/h.

the SOC used to be correct but now when MPPT reaches float SOC is still showing 87%.

I configured my MultiPlus to the correct size.

Is there any way to reset battery SOC to 100% when MPPT reaches float?

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BMV 712 not returning to 0 Ah / 100% SOC

I have replaced my (good working) BMV702 with a BMV712 and kept the shunt of the BMW702 as it seems to be exactly the same as that of the BMV712.

After a discharge the Ah used is displayed as is a percentage <100 for SOC.
However, after charging the Ah doesn’t return to 0 and SOC stays somewhat below 100% (around 96-98)

I would expect that if 40 Ah is used, when charging 40 Ah goes in again and returning the Ah to 0.

The shunt sits in the minus as 1st component behind the battery. Next component is another shunt from Simarine and after that one the network contains a Multiplus 1600/70/12, 3 MPPT’s and the consuming users.
Interesting enough the Simarine also shows used Ah and does return to 0 Ah (actually it doesn’t return to 0 but to the available max capacity in Ah)

Anyone has an idea how to tune the BMW 712?

Additional info;
Batteries are 2x Victron AGM supercycle 170 Ah

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RS 48/6000 battery SOC discrepancy between CCGX & Inverter

System is including:

  1. RS 48/6000
  2. CCGX
  3. BYD LVS

RS 48/6000 is connected to the CCGX via VE.Direct

Problem: CCGX shows 49% SOC but Inverter shows 98%

Dose anybody know how I should fix this problem?



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Simple question.

Should the SOC% match the bar graph in the bottom RH corner of the gauge?

Ie, 3 bars = 60%, 5 bars = 100%

I believe the bar graph is probably correct & my SOC % is not for some reason.

I don't have BT so can't screen shot settings.

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Incorrect SOC monitoring


Till now I dind't quite succeed in having the SOC showing in console (what I think should be) correct measurements. My system has a Multi 3000/24/70-16 and 2 solar chargers, VenusGx. The discharge seems linear, from 100% going down... but the charge seems to stall and I only get to 100% after a on grid charge by the multi, and only after full absorption period.... makes a big leap from whatever stalled value it has to the 100%. In solar not even this.

So, I suspect I have incorrect values somewhere, for example in the VE Config battery monitor section:


My batteries are 730Ah, but this is the C100 value (they are OPzS). What should we use? C10 instead?

Efficiency - is this to take into account the losses on cables? Could it explain the SOC never reaching to 100% in solar?

State of charge when bulk finished, left it on default...

Since my SOC monitoring has not being very reliable, I can't use it as trigger for other functions, which I would like to do... any help appreciated.

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BMV SOC not reading correct

Over time my state of charge never goes below 90 percent but the relion lithium batteries will reach the low cut off point. The only part of the setup I have done is the zero current. This has caused dead batt several times.

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SOC not recovering to 100%

Hi ,

I am using the following equipment: Multiplus 48/5000/70-100 Firmware 486, MPPT 150/100 v1.59

Only been installed over a month, getting the SOC reading from the Multi, only use solar to charge as there is no grid or generator input yet. Since a few days ago the SOC level has just kept dropping and never recovering back 100% charge even after full recharge from solar. Is this a common problem and is the only way to fix is to install a dedicated BMV like a smartshunt?

Note: I have not performed any updates or system changes during this time.

Images attached:




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Looking for Victron SmartSolar settings for LiFePO4 to limit SoC to 90%

tl;dr - I have a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50, a DIY 280Ah 12V LiFePO4 battery, and 450W of solar panels on my camping trailer, which gets used sporadically. My battery cell manufacturer (CATL) recommends keeping the battery SoC between 10% and 90% in order to extend the battery life. I've been fiddling with the Victron settings, but right now I'm finding it difficult to keep the controller from (over)charging the battery. Ideally I want bulk to charge as fast as possible at ~14.4V until I hit ~90% (when the SCC should switch from constant current to constant voltage) and then kick right over to float, but it seems like my SCC wants to charge my battery to 100% (or a bit more) regardless of what settings I use. Looking for advice on how to configure this correctly... more details about my setup below:

My camping trailer gets used one or two weekends per month, and then typically once or twice per summer for 2-3 weeks straight. Between those times it sits unused, and the typical parasitic draw of the BMS, SCC, SOC meter (Simarine Pico), propane leak detector, and radio is <100mA, which results in 1-2A of usage, if that.

When I use the trailer, our typical consumption is between 20A and 50A per day, depending on the weather and location. Sometimes we get full sun the next day and can recharge, but other times we'll go 4-5 days before we get any significant sun. In the latter case I've drained the battery to ~65% SoC before, which means the next day I travel I need to add at least 70A back to get to 90%.

With my older Renogy Rover Elite SCC I found higher voltage settings significantly increase the charging current during bulk mode... to the point that if I set to 13.6V I might get a 1-2A bulk charge rate on a battery with an SoC of ~70% but at 14.4V the SCC was pushing 17A.

With the Victron I have NOT yet had a chance to drain my battery down to ~70% to see the result (planning to do this over Labor Day), but I have noticed that even when the BMS and SOC meter think the battery is 99%+ charged in the morning the Victron SCC will kick over into bulk mode and run that way for 6-8 hours before kicking into float. That makes no sense to me.

My BMS is set up for my CATL battery manufacturer recommendations:
low cut-off: 2.5V/cell (10.0V)
high cut-off: 3.65V/cell (13.6V)
balance: on
balance starts at: 3.4V/cell (13.6V)

Presently my Victron settings are:
absorption: 13.7V <- barely above cell balance voltage)
float: 13.2V <- intentionally below resting state of ~13.3V
equalization: disabled
re-bulk voltage offset: 0.10V
absorption duration: adaptive
max absorption time: 0 hours
tail current: N/A

Note that my LiFePO4 battery's resting state is about 13.3V. My goal with 13.2V float is that the battery does NOT get charged, but the SCC will power any parasitic devices. I think that's working ok.

Also note I've set absorption to 13.7V since that *seems* to affect the bulk->absorption algorithm and I'm trying to prevent the SCC from continually charging a full battery right now, but ideally I want bulk to charge as fast as possible at ~14.4V until I hit ~90% (when the SCC should switch from constant current to constant voltage) and then kick right over to float.

Right now my Victron SCC seems to run in bulk mode pushing 1-2A for 6-8 hours, then goes into float. That seems wrong since I'm starting the day at >99% SoC with 278Ah in a 280ah battery (and TBH I'm not really clear if there's any "damage" being done by trickling current to a full LFP battery). It also seems wrong because at 99% I should be well above the point where the SCC can apply constant current... so in the morning right now (when basically idle) I'd expect the SCC to go right into float mode (or rather to go into bulk for a few seconds, then recognize we're at or above the CC->CV point and switch to absorption for 0 seconds, then go to float).

So as I said in the first paragraph, ideally I'd like a way to bulk charge quickly if (and only if) SoC is below ~90%, then kick over to float when I hit ~90% SoC. Otherwise I just want to float at a low voltage. Any help from those who have done this, or who understand the bulk charging profile better and can explain why this doesn't happen for me (at least when the battery starts off full in the morning)


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712 SOC vs AH consumed off?

I have a BMV-712 and it seems the SOC percentage vs the Consumed AH is off. The SOC was showing 75% when the consumed AH showed 248. That’s more like

My total battery bank AH is 645. So 322AH used should be right at 50%.

Does it take time for the BMK to configure itself?

Thank you!



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BMV Battery %age display


Have the BMV 712, connected to deep cycle wet lead acid batteries totaling 440 A/h capacity.

What I don't understand is why, at the moment (as an example but happens consistently) my monitor is showing that I've consumed 59.8 A/h but the state of charge is showing as 92%.

This is purely a figure from the discharge - no charging has occurred since last full charge (where SOC automatically reset to 100% at 14.4 + Volts and <4 Amps charge at that point) - no solar.

My simplistic maths tells me using 59.8 A/h of 440 should show the state of charge as 86.4%...

Anyone any idea why this is?



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VRM Missing Data and Widgets?

The graph of SOC, arguably the single most important piece of data, in my VRM has disappeared, and the widget to display it has also gone walkabout, although the other data widgets from the BMV are available.


Data appears normal on the local CERBO system, all present and behaving normally. All of the other data presented in the VRM looks correct, although I haven't yet had the chance to do a full audit. There are a few other data that also disappeared, but the SOC is of prime concern to me.

How do I get my SOC data back?

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SOC synchronisations

Hi ,

Would anyone know why the SOC synchronisations are zero?




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Multiplus 12/3000 low voltage shutdown vs low SOC shutdown - Both triggers active ?

Hi - have a question about the multiplus shutdown configuration and precedence.

If you have DC voltage settings for low voltage shutdown, AND low SOC shutdown, is it safe to assume both settings are active and shutdown may occur based on which ever trigger occurs first ?

SOC will be provided via smart-shunt/BMV to ve.bus as configured on VENUS OS device. Thus it's possible to have the smart-shunt/bmv incorrectly report SOC if the setting "Battery starts synchronized" is turned on; So the battery voltage could be way lower on a somewhat depleted battery yet the bmv SOC says 100%, if you have reset power to the BMV. Thus I'd expect the low voltage triggers to take effect.

Of course we usually try and disable this "start syncronized" setting to prevent misunderstanding true state of charge until the battery has gone through a true charge cycle. Which also begs the question:

If you restart the BMV and it's SOC reading is not available until a full charge has completed, will the inverter just pay attention to the voltages at that point ? I'm assuming a SOC is not presented to the ve.bus/inverter until the full charge has completed.

thanks in advance.

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BMV-712 SOC during charging reads too high

I have been testing various converter setups to charge 2 6V AGM batteries connected in series. Total capacity is 225Ah, Peukert exponent = 1.12. I discharged the batteries to 20% state of charge, then connected the converter and monitored battery voltage, charge current and SOC as reported by the BMV-712. I also calculated the state of charge using the Coulomb counting method, assuming a charging efficiency of 95%. I would have expected my calculated SOC and the SOC reported by the BMV-712 to match, but they don't:


The BMV-712 SOC reads consistently high and reaches 100% while the converter is still in bulk charge mode. My calculated values seem much more reasonable and believable. Interestingly, if I set the charging efficiency in my calculations to 120% (crazy, I know) then my calculation of SOC matches the BMV-712 exactly.

Anyone any idea what is going on here?

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Disconnect BMVs SoC depended relay function and discharge floor

Guys, there have been several request now cause there are numerous applications, where a user wants to switch devices based on the SoC, WITHOUT changing the discharge floor.

In my application, I want to use the BMV-700 relay to switch a large power relay to reverse IN/OUT of my Orion, to charge the starter battery as soon as the AUX battery SoC is above 95%. But in regards to the time-to-go, I want to leave the discharge floor at 25% (75% DoD).

I urge you to take these request into account when determining the scope of the next firmware update. Please !!

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SmartShunt 500A not setting SOC to 100%

Hi all,

I think I need some help understanding why my SOC is not being set to 100%. I have 2x 120AH Lithium batteries installed in my camper. I have the SmartShunt settings as per below with the Battery capacity set at 240ah


I also have a Victron IP22 30A Charger installed.

The Charger is reporting the battery is in Storage phase and has been for almost a week. I also noticed today that it did it's weekly absorption cycle. The SmartShunt is reporting Voltage of 14.13 with a almost constant Current of -0.15A or -0.16A and power of constant -2W. The charger is reporting voltage of 13.89v and Current of 0.0A. I manually set the SOC to 100% last weekend when the charger went into storage mode. Given the current draw the Consumed AH is showing -25.1 Ah and the SOC is 92%.

From my understanding given the settings I have for the shunt the SOC should automatically set to 100% once the voltage is above 13.5, the tail current is less than 2% and this is condition is maintained 3 minutes. Am I wrong? What could be preventing this setting to 100%?

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Confirmation of "static" SoC meter

Proud owner of a Victron BMV 700 in Canada and I need to ask a somewhat basic question.

Supposing I have a relay close/discharge floor set for a minimum state of charge (SoC) of 50%, and/or an alarm buzzer set for 50%, to avoid hurting my battery. Am I correct in understanding that the SoC screen and visual battery status indicator (the one that looks like a cell phone battery status) nonetheless shows an absolute reading between 0 and 100%? In other words, if I set up precautions to prevent discharge below 50%, the SoC indicator does not "recalibrate" such that "0%" equals my desired maximum discharge floor of 50%?

I assume the answer is no; "50%" SoC/half-full battery icon means the battery is indeed at 50%, and my discharge floor relay and/or buzzer will sound at this mark.

Thanks for the clarification.

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What is the correlation between SOC and Voltage?

I have 2 - 225ah 6v golf cart batt in series. My SOC is 85% and voltage is 12.09 as seen in this screenshot. Looking at the typical charge chart for voltage my battery should only be slightly Over 50%! Is there something wrong here? What am i missing.Screenshot_20210615-060831.png

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How to set depth of discharge

I would like to set a depth of discharge of 45% on my Quatrro inverter or color GX. In other words, once the battery capacity reaches 55%, then the system should either turn on generator or switch off. This is to avoid damaging my lithium batteries. Please can someone help to tell me how to go about it?

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SOC not shown on CCGX.


We have a hybrid system with 6pcs Quattros on a 3-phase parallell system. We have MG Lithium-Ion LFP Batteries and a MG Master LV BMS. The Quattros are Connected to a CCGX on VE.Bus and the BMS on the VE. Can. Problem here is that I dont get the SOC from the BMS/Batteries displayed on CC GX.

Is there something I do wrong here?




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BMV 712 Smart showing 100% when batteries are not

My Setup:

  • 200Ah ReLion LiFePO4 battery (recommended charged voltage 14.2-14.6V)
  • BMV 712 Smart
  • REDARC 50A DCDC Charger (Absorbsion: 14.5V; Float: 13.6V)
  • Victron 50/100 MPPT Smart (Absorbsion 14.5V, Float 13.6V)
  • Portable Power Tech 30A AC Battery Charger (Absorbsion 14.1V; Float 13.5V)

BMV Settings (as of now):

  • Battery Capacity: 200Ah
  • Charged Voltage: 14.4V
  • Discharge Floor: 20%
  • Tail Current: 1%
  • Charge detection time: 3 mins
  • Peukert Exponent: 1.05
  • Charge Efficiency Factor: 99%
  • Current Threshold: 0.1A
  • Time-to-go averaging Period: 3 mins

My Problem

I am not using much power, so my batteries rarely drop below around 70% SOC at the moment, but when recharging them the SOC never reaches 100%, and over time it drifts more out of sync to the point where after a month or so, it is showing ~95% as my maximum (it won't charge when the BMV shows SOC being 95%).

I know that you do have to calibrate the BMV every now and then, but with low power usage, a month to lose 5% SOC accuracy seems high.

My question

Do I need to adjust my BMV to any other settings? I cannot adjust my REDARC DC-DC or my AC Charger Float and Absorbsion Voltages (as far as I can tell). Any advice would be beneficial - TIA.

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Multiplus stopped working after SOC reset on BMV 700

The Multiplus 24/3000 immediately stopped working after I had synced the SOC on the BMV-700 by pressing the "+ -" keys in normal operation. Since then it does not do anything anymore.

A hint to solve this problem would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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250/100 not working right

hi my 250/100 is doing weird things,, it normally does 2.5 hrs in bulk, then 2.0 hrs in bulk . then float,, but now after a update sometimes it will go straight from bulk to float, then other times like now it says its buy the green light its in float but the history says its not in float? how weird,,, a new thing i completely disconnected this for 1 hr, no solar/no battery, then connected the batt wires , and got the right batt volts,, but it says the solar has 48 volts coming in, but no watts/dude there's no solar connected to the charge controller, i think you should have no volts if there's no solar connected? right

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SOC differences between devices


Multi 48/3000 in a easysolar . MPPT 150/70 - 200 A AGM bat @ 48V - BMV


700- Color control.


I find the SOC shown on the BMV and Color control page wrong. See examples on attached pics. 96% to 97%


for 50.2 v does not seem correct.

The only location where I see a figure looking accurate is the 2nd page on the multi in the color control. 81%.

Any idea why would the SOC figures would show different values ?



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Why does state of charge drop while voltage is high?

I have 200Ah of lithium batteries monitored by a BMV712. From fully charged batteries the only draw on the system is a fridge (I have turned everything else off) which draws about 3Ah. Overnight the SOC has dropped to 17% with a voltage of 13.3v. This situation happens consistently when I have been using the system in the past. I have reviewed my settings but perhaps I am still missing something there. Do you know of a reason why the SOC drops so quickly with very little load on the system?

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Incorrect SOC reading

Hi, I have an Easysolar 48/5000 w. MPPT 150/100 charger. The system is working perfectly with the exception of SOC. My PV history shows that the batteries are going into float however the SOC continues to go down. When I put the generator on the SOC will instantly jump back to 85%. I’m really desperate to get an accurate SOC reading for the batteries. Is there a simple solution to this problem?

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SOC won’t re-register

Ran boat batteries (4 6V series/parallel) down below 12V, charged back up to 13V but SOC won’t register. I dis and re - connected but still doesn’t register. Solution? Thanks

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