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Victron BMV 700 SOC inaccurate since I switched to a new battery. Help!

I previously had a 200 Ah AGM battery in my van with a Renogy solar controller and BMV 700. The SOC always seemed to give fairly stable & accurate readings. I recently installed a 200 Ah lithium battery and replaced my solar controller with a new Renogy MPPT with 50A DC-DC charger. All other connections remain the same. I updated my BMV settings to reflect recommendations for lithium batteries, but now it gives very inconsistent readings.

A few examples:

- The voltage is often above the charged voltage for many hours and the SOC does not increase. Right now I've had 13.5V for over 4 hours but no update to SOC.

- The SOC no longer shows incremental increases. It only goes down, then jumps back to 100%. With my AGM battery it would show incremental increases when my solar was charging or the battery was charging off the starter battery

- The SOC doesn't seem to reflect reality either. Just the other night, it read 60% battery, but then my inverter's low voltage alarm rang and I had to unplug everything.

Here are the settings I have:

- Battery capacity: 200Ah

- Charged voltage: 13.2V (as recommended by Renogy w/ the MPPT I have)

- Tail current: 4%

- Charged detection time: 03

- Peukert Exponent: 1.05

- Charge efficiency factor: 97% (as recommended by Renogy w/ the MPPT I have)

- Current threshold: 0.10

Can anyone recommend a settings change to help me get more accurate readings?

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hysteresis SOC

hello to the community.

does anyone know if it is 2.9% above the SOC Min (conversion recovery) and configurable

doesn't seem to be related to the ESS wizard voltage setting




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ESS not drawing from batteries and keeps them 100% charged

In the past (with to my best knowledge the same settings) power was drawn from the batteries till SOC reached its lower setpoint. Either the "hard" setpoint without, or the dynamic with "battery life".

For a considerable time, the batteries keep charging from the grid day and night and SOC more-or-less stays on 100%.

I tried multiple times to reset the parameters, updated firmware, reprogrammed everything from scratch but SOC is stubbornly staying at 100%

What else can I do to get things back to the wanted state of uncharging at night and rescharging (if solar) at daytime?


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SoC jumping to 100% in minutes.

My SoC is jumping to 100% every day at around 2:44am.

This behaviour is new and I did not change any settings the last few weeks. I think this could be firmware-update related, due to some similar threads I found here.

The BMS is just for Cell protection. I use the SmartShunt 500 to measure the SoC.

The drop-off of the SoC after the 100% is me manually adjusting the SoC via Victron Connect on the SmartShunt.




This figure shows, that the voltage is acting normally.


Single Cell Voltage over a period fo 12hrs


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SOC V485 to V502


Multiplus II GX V485 to V502

Hello, I updated my multiplus II GX

to solve a problem (sometimes its display freezes)

but since I have an astonishing behavior of the management of the SOC!

previously the SOC went to the value set in the "parameter at the end of the bulk phase" when the absorption voltage was reached

Now the coulter passes the value set to the "end of bulk phase parameter" when the float voltage is reached

what do you think of its new functioning

is this normal or an update bug?



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How to limit SOC while being connected to grid

Boat: Quattro+CCGX+Lithium+Genset+Happy captain

When running generator on auto start (from CCGX), I can set CCGX to which SOC genset shall start and stop. Hence I can keep batteries always between f.ex. 20%-80% in order not to stress the batteries.

How can I set the same limitation when connected to shore? You know, like my Tesla, it strongly recommends not to charge over 90% in daily use to preserve battery life. The solution, if there is any, should be easy to override, as you once in a while suddenly want to charge to 100% again.

(The problem is the same with the boat engine, but with my 1000Ah lithium bank the engine rarely achieves 100% anyway.)

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SoC jumps upwards when it shouldn’t be.


ESS GX system, 5kW MP-II, 3kW SmartSolar, just 5kWh LFP battery (no networked BMS).

The battery has a high internal resistance and as soon as charging at over 20A, it’s voltage peaks to the bulk set voltage, hence percentage jumps from whatever calculated value to the set percentage as set on “State of charge when Bulk finished” by VEconfigure on the MP-II.

Is there a way to disable this adjustment of percentage?

I’ve adjusted “State of charge when Bulk finished” to 60% (because that’s roughly where it really is), but now SoC jumps all the way to 100% for some reason half an hour later, while the battery still sips 1kW of power for at least two hours.

Only thing I can think of regarding the 100% jump, is that the BMS kicks in and cuts off charging for a blink, so Victron translates this as full. Depending on your perspective, that could make sense, so I will be trying to cap charge current a bit and see how it goes.

However, SoC with no adjustments could also be an option. Is it really that difficult to leave SoC alone and only adjust it according to the measurements made by the interal MP-II coulomb meter?

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Hubble AM5 SOC only reaching 99%

Dear Victron Community,

I am running the following:

Multiplus II 3000VA and a Hubble AM5 battery (5.12 kWh). System is about 2 months old.

It is possible that I am one of a few people running this configuration and so I am hoping someone can offer some assistance.

My issue:

The battery is only being charged to 99%. I am concerned because as I understand, cell balancing occurs at 100% SOC. The BMS also triggers high voltage alarms on the Cerbo and on 3 occasions has turned off the inverter.

I have had a few email dialogues with the manufacturer. Their responses and suggestions are not very helpful. I was even told that the inverter is to "small" and that it cannot charge the battery quick enough and that I need a 5kW inverter. I told them that is surely not the case.

Is this something to be concerned about?

The battery is working as it should. The load on the inverter is small, between 200 and 450 Watts. And so, in a 2 hour grid failure, the SOC will only drop about 10%. As of yet I have never seen the battery discharged to 50%.

All the data is logged via the Cerbo so data analysis is easy.

Any help is highly appreciated.

My advice to any reading this is, if possible, go with SolarMD as your choice of battery. They are in a class of 1.




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Lynx Shunt SOC does not match consumed amp hours

Just got new Lynx Shunt, and a new battery setup. The battery bank was charged to 100% SOC before shunt was set up. The Lynx Shunt has been set to a battery capacity of 250Ah. The system has been left alone for a few days with a low load on it. Now the shunt reads 92% SOC and 38.4 consumed Amp hours. But, with 38.4Ah consumed from a battery with 250Ah SOC should be 84.64%, right? What did I miss here?

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SOC decreases in ESS during excess PV feed in

I'm running an ESS system according to the following picture:


PV inverter 6,9kWp, PV charger smart solar 100/50 0,7kwp, Multiplus 12/1200/50, 12V 400Ah LiFePo, Smart shunt 500, Gridmeter EM24, PV meter ET340.

Generally the system works as intended.

But what really makes me wondering is the status "Discharging" combined with decreasing SOC during the phase "DC-coupled PV - feed in excess".

This leads to low SOC values including switch off when reaching my 40% limit while the battery is still above 13,2V = 100% SOC.

So my question is, have I missed a button to correct this behavior or is this a bug?

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ESS mode - cycle battery

Hello technical specialist,
ESS mode, BMZ-battery, AC-output Fronius Primo, MPPT Smart Solar. All the latest updates.
The system works to offset surpluses and as a backup system with minimal SOC maintenance.
It is normal to see graphs that the battery cycles by +/- 3%.
If I have a minimum SOC of 60%, then the MPPT Solar power goes to the battery at about 63%.
Then the battery will be consumed and again 60% will start again.
Is this a normal system property of the ESS system?

Thank you for your time






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How to set High SOC Alarm?

I have a sailboat with a Cerbo + Lynx SmartBMS + Victron batteries that is charged with high output alternators on the engines. It would be very nice to have an alarm when the batteries are fully charged so that I can turn the engines off.

I've dug through the docs and the Cerbo interface and can't find a way to have it alarm when it hits a certain SOC. It would also be great to have the display show an estimated time to full charge since the charge rate is pretty static. Anyone got any tips?

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Soc / Multi Rs Solar



Bonjour à tous, j'ai besoin de votre aide pour un réglage sur le RS concernant le SOC. Je patauge et je trouve pas la solution. J'initialise le SOC à 100% quand mes batteries sont chargé, et la pour l'exemple un peu plus d'1 heure plus tard le RS ce coupe car pour lui la batterie est a Vide. Pourtant mes batteries sont à environ 50, 60 %. J'utilise des batteries pylontech. (4). Si je lui dis que le SOC est à 100 de nouveau il repart pour 1 / 2. voir 4 heures !!!!!!! Pouvez vous m'aider et me dire sur quoi il faut que j'agisse ? Merci pour votre aide

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Smart Shunt

Hi Guys can you help me?

I fitted a smart shunt to my system, I am also running x1 Roamer 100Ah lithium battery through a redarc B-B charger. My battery is 100% full, however, for test purposes, I have discharged it down to 89%.

Im not sure if I have a fault somewhere because the battery SOC doesn't seem to charge back to 100% when I crank my camper up to charge from the chassis battery...... any idea anyone what the problem might be?

Many thanks

David M


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Low Soc with cloudy/ rainy days ok for lifepo batteries ?

I am wondering with this type of weater (heavy clouds/rain) for days/weeks if the low soc and various pending between low soc (between 20 and 45 %) is not harmfull for the batteries. Off course I can charge the batteries from the grid, but I preffer to use the solar enery to charge.

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