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Batteries show full chage on Mulimeter, but SOC says less than 30%



Hi all, I'm have some issues with the way my setup seems to be reading the SOC for my battery bank. the system seems to be saying that I only have a 30% SOC however when I test the individual batteries with my Multimeter they all have 13.5v which I beleive means they are at 100%? is there something I need to reset within the system?

System set up as follows:

Off-Grid system

Product MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 (ACOut2 switchable)

Firmware version 478

SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/70 rev2

Firmware version v3.07

battery bank made up of 2 parallel banks of 4 12v 100ah Lithium-ion batteries

using a

Color Control GX

Firmware version v2.73

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SoC jumped to 100% while the battery was being discharged

I have the following simple setup with ESS Assistant in which I charge the battery from the grid during low rate period at night and then use the battery for the house loads during day time.


I encountered a problem in which the SoC shown in the VenusOs screen jumped from 69% (Main On+Absorption LED “ON”, Inverter On LED “Blink”):


suddenly to SoC 100% (Main On+float LED “ON”, Inverter On LED blink):


while the battery was being discharged!

The battery pack has its own BMS and the BMS has no connection to the MP-II.

I set the "State of charge when Bulk finished " to 90% in VEConfig and it worked properly.

I set the "Minimum SoC (unless grid fails)" in ESS to 10% and it worked properly.

The “Float Voltage” set in VEConfig was 52V. The above problem occurred at 53.2V .

Any advice on:

Why the Float LED suddenly lighted up?

Why the SoC suddenly jumped to 100%?

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No SOC on Cerbo GX

SOC on Cerbo GX shows "---". Was reading fine prior to a low-voltage alarm. Charged the batteries with boat engine alternator, but still no SOC reading. What now?

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Are my SLA batteries ruined?

I've had them for almost two years. They are generic alibaba type SLAs. It seems like the capacity is getting really bad, such than the SOC is more than 25% off compared to the rated capacity. I never let them go lower than 60% according to the original SOC calculation. I'm not in an area with a lot of daylight hours currently. They're supposed to be 12v 250AH SLAs, and I have 4 of them in a 24v configuration to be 24v at 500AH. Here are my graphs and charge/BMV settings, as you can see it goes to 24v at like 80% SOC. 100% SOC sync happens when the batteries are getting like 300watts. Midpoint looks okay so shouldn't be a bad cell. Is there anything I can do aside from halving the BMV amp hours?




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Quattro SoC calculation never goes above 86%


I have a a system with a quattro inverter and a BlueSolar mppt.

The BlueSolar is connected to the Cerbo via a VE.Direct cable.
The Quattro is connected to the Cerbo via a VE.Bus cable.

When the batteries are completely charged (float phase on the BlueSolar), the SoC on the GX Touch screen says 85%. Why doesn't it says 100%?
The Quattro is selected as "Battery Monitor" in the settings.

The BlueSolar charger uses the standard settings for a victron battery.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards.

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Multiplus 5000 SOC estimate with DC current and voltage and passthrough issue

We have 3 phase system using 3xMULTIPLUS 5000 48V/5000/70A together with batteries that are not communicating with Multiplus. The system is controlled via display in ESS mode to setpoint input power of 600 W. When there is low battery voltage and current drops via voltage limit the SOC rises, since the measured current is positive instead negative which in reality is (battery is discharging). DC voltage drifts down as a result of discharging, but SOC is false increasing. The system in bulk mode then decides to go to passthrough mode and stops maintaining minimum battery voltage, voltage due to self discharge keeps droping and SOC increases to 100%. It never resumes bulk charging. Is there anything one can do to fix the current measurement offset. The DC side is measured without external components .

Thank you for the answer.




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Smart Shunt accuracy

Is SOC more accurate than consumed Ah as a %?

Have been using the smart shunt for about 6 months and noticed that the SOC is always higher than the Consumed Ah as a % of the battery bank total. I.e.: SOC currently reads 77% and Consumed Ah is -114 of a total of 345Ah (66%) in the battery bank. volatage reads 11.86.

Battery settings are top to bottom:










the batteries re Rolls AGM


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Which absorption Tail Current Indicates Real 100% Soc?
Good morning.
I'm trying to maximize the charge of my agm victronenergy 110 Ah.

I made some considerations:
Solar charging can never complete 100%.
Because time is not enough.
Correct solar charging reaches 99%.

My battery is exclusively maintained by solar mppt.

I stop ABS when the tail current on the smartshuunt drops below 2%, i.e. below 2.2A, for at least 15 minutes.

This usually occurs after 1.5 hours / 2.5 hours of ABS.
In fact, my previous dod is always 15/20%, no more.
My mppt allows a maximum abs time of 3 hours. Or an all day ABS, raising the floating voltage to the ABS value.
After 3 hours of ABS, the tail current manages to drop to 1.5A.

I have read that many battery manufacturers believe that 100% is reached only after 16/20 hours of charging.
When the tail current drops to very small values. Much, much smaller than 2%.

Is it better to stop Abs with tail current of 2-2.5%, or wait for tail current of 1-1.4% ??

Do you think it is preferable to keep Abs time for 3 hours every day? ?
And once a week even do an abs time all day long?

I thought that if my recharge reaches only 99.x% and not 100%, my battery will experience an inevitable and slow sulfation.
Because the 0.x% that is not recharged every day will slowly transform the sulphate with irreversible crystals.
It's right?

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LGChem RESU 6.4 - SOC only reaches 94%

System is LGChem RESU 6.4EX, Victron MultiPLus 48/3000/35-16

Settings are:

Charge Voltage Limit 58.1V

Charge Current Limit 110 A

The SOC never exceeds 94% - does this mean that it is full but the monitor is inaccurate? I note that the LGChem RESU is never charged to 100% but limited to 97-98% by LG. However I am getting 94%.

Note that I recall the installer tweaking the CVL up a little to try and get it to reach a higher SOC.

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BMV resetting each morning?

Hi all, I am new here. I recently had some upgraded solar work done and had an mppt charger added (not Victron). Since then my SOC seems to be 100% each morning and this seems hard to believe considering we are using power overnight. I can’t find anything in settings that resets SOC at a particular time, could something else be causing it?


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SmartShunt SOC Goes Back to 100% SOC at (Seemingly) Random Times

I've got a SmartShunt 500 installed in a system with 2x Relion RB100 in parallel. Out of nowhere, the SOC will shoot back up to 100%, and I cannot figure out why. This happens basically every time the batteries discharge. Until I realized this was happening, it lead to me allowing them to get to damagingly low voltages numerous times since I would just quickly check the SOC on my phone and not look any further, not realizing the voltage was lower than it should be. Any ideas on what is causing this?


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Data (last full discharge) Discrepancy between SmartShunt and Smart Lithium

SmartShunt indicates 0s "Time since last full charge" and SmartLithium indicates 12d 0h since last full charge

Also State of Charge indicates 100% yet SmartLithium indicates 12d 0h since last full charge

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BMV SOC not changing when manually trying and Lithium CV .


I have a system comprising of 2 x lithium super packs 25.6 x 50Ah, smart BMV , Easysolar w/CCGX , Smart shunt( measuring current from the B2B) and Orion.I've got some doubts about the SOC as it doesn't seem to change more then by 20% before it shuts down ( as the batteries have shut down a couple of times), and I can't manually set it to a value that I want say if I wanted to set it to 50%. every time I try it just reverts back to 100%.

Remote monitoring is offline at the moment which would tell me more :/

Is is correctly wired , I think it must be a settings issue . any ideas anyone I know that I need to change the discahrge floor to 15% as I have seen its at 0% at the moment , which is a mistake. alos efficieny is 95% vs 99%. also with Lithium does it make a difference to have the charged voltage set below float or absorb levels .

thanks Community !

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How to limit SOC while being connected to grid

Boat: Quattro+CCGX+Lithium+Genset+Happy captain

When running generator on auto start (from CCGX), I can set CCGX to which SOC genset shall start and stop. Hence I can keep batteries always between f.ex. 20%-80% in order not to stress the batteries.

How can I set the same limitation when connected to shore? You know, like my Tesla, it strongly recommends not to charge over 90% in daily use to preserve battery life. The solution, if there is any, should be easy to override, as you once in a while suddenly want to charge to 100% again.

(The problem is the same with the boat engine, but with my 1000Ah lithium bank the engine rarely achieves 100% anyway.)

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SOC and NMEA2000

I am using an Cerbo GX 2,4V and have an REC BMS connected to the BMS-CAN port and then i have connected an VE-CAN to NMEA2000 cable to the VE-CAN port.

All data from the REC BMS is displayed correctly in the Cerbo, inkluding the SOC.

And Volt, Ampere, Temp is also transmitted correctly in the NMEA2000 network, but the SOC remains 0%. How to make it send SOC correctly? (26% in this case).



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Calculating total number of minutes inverter was in off state.

Hi Community,

Is there a parameter one can use to calculate the total number of minutes the inverters or the entire installation was in an off state, say for a period of one month using the API?

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How can I disable AC1 (Vitron Multiplus II) in dependance of SoC ?

I have a Solar Powered System with a Victron Multiplus II + Cerbo GX + MPPT150/30 + Pylontech Batteries.

I want to disable AC1 (Grid 230V Input) when the SoC is higher than 10%.

Or , other solution; I want to charge only with Solar Power and not with Grid POwer (AC1) when the SoC is higher than 10% (or 20%, 30%,...)

Is there a possibility to program the Multiplus II or is it only possible with the GenSet on/off function and a relay from the Cerbo GX?

Thanks in Advance!

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Smartshunt accuracy

I have a LIFEPO4 100ah, my manufacturer states it will work between 14.56v and 10v. I know that 10v is not a viable voltage, however at 12.56v its showing as around 15% SOC.

Am I doing something wrong? It's all wired in correctly and seemed to be pretty accurate on my previously lead batteries. All settings change to lipo.


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hiding SOC


We have an application with a Li-ion battery using BMS not compatible with Victron products. The system also has a CCGX connected to a Quattro as well as a couple of MPPT. The Sytems has other loads not "Seen" by the Quattro.

The Quattro cannot properly identify the current draw has it only sees partial current. We have a separate display for the battery BMS Showing its calculated SOC. As a result the two numbers constantly diverge causing major confusion to our customers.

Any possibility to hide the Quattro calculated SOC from the CCGX display yet display the Battery Voltage (as seen by the Quattro).

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Inverter loses charge every night. SOC reads 100%, but the inverter only turns on when the sun comes out.


Our inverter doesn't seem to hold a charge anymore. We've only had this system for a couple of months. Everything was working perfectly. Out of nowhere we began to lose power in our RV in the middle of every night despite the SOC being very high and us using little electrical appliances during the night. The app shows the inverter is set to "off", despite trying to turn it on. Once the sun begins to rise, the app shows the inverter is still "off" while it is charging back up, and is usually at a super low voltage around 4-8V. After a few hours, it's up to around 13V, but then doesn't get much higher than that.

We have 3 lithium batteries connected that are fully charged. We see the inverter dies at night, and the app shows the low battery warning, yet the SOC is still very high (usually above 80%).

We believe the SOC trickles down to 80% because our lights are hardwired into the batteries.


We haven't had a problem for months up until now. We think it may have had to do with a recent software update. Also, we bought a space heater and used it in our outlets for a couple of days. We made sure our batteries didn't go below 70% while using it, just wanted to heat up the RV in the mornings. Sometimes, when using the heater, the power would cut out and then turn back on.


We've tried resetting everything to default, checking for updates, restarting the system - nothing works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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multiplus SoC not syncing to 100% (mains backup system)


I have a system with:

1 x MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 firmware 476 (but problem predates this firmware too)

4 x Trojan SAGM 06 375

for mains backup.


Edit 2020-11-24

Having clarified a few things since first opening this post I'm listing here the key points as I see them:

The system is not triggering a bulk/abs cycle after anything except a very deep discharge. I.e. it returns straight to float after small to medium discharges.

This means that over time, with several small/medium discharges the SoC indication gradually drops off, when really it should return to 100% once mains returns after such discharges.

I have been told that, by design, the bulk/abs cycle is triggered when the battery voltage drops below 26.2V (2.6V, for 24V systems, below the set absorption voltage of 28.8V). This is happening here, yet the bulk/abs cycle is not activating.


Original post:

The SoC indicated by the system will not sync to full for long periods of time, which results in the system always showing well less than 100% even when in float. Please see the VRM screenshot below.

I raised this issue somewhere on Victron community/disqus a good while back, but can't find it anymore! We never got a resolution, but I recall it was discussed that the reason was:

i) the battery voltage doesn't drop low enough under the brief discharges/small loads to trigger a full bulk/abs cycle (the SoC does reset to 100% on the rare occasions this does happen).

ii) the repeated absorption feature (which is set at every 7 days on this system) does not trigger a SoC reset on completion

I'd be very grateful for any ideas on how to resolve this, especially now as the system is using the new "shut-down on SOC" feature, which means the batteries will be cut off sooner than necessary due to starting with an already low SoC.

Many thanks


Edit 2020-11-02

I've added vrm screenshot to compare charts for the same mains failure event for this system and another very similar system (only differences I can think of are 48Vnom/375Ah vs 24Vnom/375Ah and CCGX vs venus GX). This system goes straight back to float, other system goes through bulk/abs cycle.


Edit 2020-11-24

Just adding another screenshot here as we've had some interesting events over the last three days. Of note is how a bulk/abs cycle was triggered by the full discharge to 40%. However, the most recent discharge to 80% didn't trigger a bulk/abs cycle. I'm wondering if perhaps somehow this system has the bulk/abs cycle voltage level trigger of a 48V system even though it is a 24V system?


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State of charge


I have a 12volt 100 amp hour new lithium battery .

Charging battery is a mppt 75 l 15 smart solar charge controller and a blue smart charger 12l 25 with Bluetooth both connected to smart shunt.

State of charge on shunt stays at 100% even whilst charger and mppt are putting 34 amps into battery.

What do I need to change to get an accurate SOC reading.

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SmartShunt 500a Won't Allow Manual State of Charge

Hi all,

I have a SmartShunt 500a installed with 3 - 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries. In the Victron app, I have applied the default battery settings for those batteries. For the past few months, the SmartShunt operated "normally". However, I've noticed 2 unique things that I haven't been able to figure out.

  1. I tried updating the state of charge (SOC), but the Victron app won't accept my changes. It takes whatever I enter and automatically changes it to 100%. I know that my batteries are not at 100% capacity for several reasons.
  2. The Victron app shows 20 total synchronizations, although I've only manually synchronized 3 or 4 times. This entire system, including the batteries, is new as of May 2021 and I have not cycled the batteries more than 3 times. So, I'm curious why it synchronizes so much. Is that "random" synchronization related to the issue I'm having with manually setting the SOC?

I'm happy to attach any images of the Victron app and I welcome any thoughts. Thanks!

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1 Answer

Multiplus with VE.Bus Smart Dongle reading SOC from a SmartShunt

Can a Multiplus get the SOC from a Smart Shunt through a VE.Smart Network using a VE.Bus Smart Dongle?

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Incorrect SOC reading on Cerbo

Am having a battery SOC issue with the Cerbo GX on my new canal boat. Boat company saying they are going to look at it. But would like to try and work it out as well. Starting at 100% (Multiplus showing Float) SOC falls steadily 1% at a time at a rate one would expect with what electrical items are being used. I have seen it go as low as 73%. When we moor up and switch off engine, SOC shoots up to 100% within minutes with just 1800W solar panels. Same happens when generator (FP 48v/15.6kw inverter) is turned on. We know this is not a correct reading. We have lost power twice when SOC showed over 90%. We know the battery bank has emptied because it has slowly dwindeld over 20-30 minutes, not sudden loss, and the voltage which should be >48V has gone as low as 41v. questions: 1. how can this reading be corrected 2. is there another way knowing amount of Ah available in batteries 3. When the generator is on why do the Bulk, Float and Absorption lights not illuminate on MultiPlus Inverter/Charger?

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Victron Pylontech BMS Dropping SOC Daily Trend
Hello, I have a Victron systemsl in a remote location with poor utility grid supply.
BBIC: Quattro 48/8000/100, SCC: Smart solar 2x 150/70, S olar PV: 5.94 kWp, B attery: Lithtech (brand) LFP 3x 100ah 16s (300ah 51.2v) which shows up on VenusGX as with a "Pylontech BMS". Software unknown.
Monitor Pylontech BMS on CAN-Bus. There's no BMV installed.

Location is mainly used as a UPS during the week with low weekday loads of about 270w. Weekends are busier with regular family loads. It connects to the grid via a transformer

The system is currently on Virtual Switch settings which limit grid input to events of heavy loads or low SOC.
I have tried successfully ESS when the system is totally off-grid. However DVCC doesn't work well with the bad-grid mains power.

28 August: system shutdown when the Grid-In breaker tripped off apparently due fault on the grid supply transformer. Location changed from ESS back to Virtual Switch. Grid-In breaker was left off so the system became totally off-grid.
20 September: (chart attached) a trend of dropping %SOC was noticed. Despite the batteries reaching full absorption and float voltages (54.8v and 54.2) and current reducing to 0.00A by midday, the SCCs would enter float and merely supply the AC loads. Battery would idle at 0w. But max SOC trend was down daily: 100, 98, 97, 95, 93, 91, 89, 87, 85... About 2% per day.


21 September: I used remote veConfigure to increase the BBIC absorption to 55.2v and float to 54v. SOC jumped from about 63% the previous night to 100%. But the following day, SOC declines returned. By 5 October, at 3-4% daily decline!
Daily overnight discharge is about 7.0A (chart attached). The batteries report full charge voltage and 0.00A current around midday.


I have tried without further success to revive the daily dropping SOC trend by
(1) tweaking BBIC or SCC settings back to absorption 54v and float 54v; (2) changing the moniter from Pylontech BMS to Quattro device; or (3) connection of Grid-In supply; or
(4) increasing solar charge current limit up to 70A. (This results in faster charging but doesn't shift the dropping % SOC.

All Victron kit have the latest firmware.
Lithtech cannot provide updates for the "Pylontech" BMS in its batteries. Lithtech also seems incapable to diagnose the problems or perform other quality technical support.
2 of the battery 3 units 5.12kWh packs are unresponsive to onsite scanning by Pmodbustools software. Perhaps these 2 packs have weak cells that are dragging down the average daily %SOC?

Suggestions of alternative Pylontech-compatible software will be very welcome, especially if capable of remote monitoring.

At wit's end! Apologies for the long post. I have searched the Victron community, Diysolarforum, powerforumcoza and online, but cannot discern a solution. What else could be wrong? How to resolve the falling %SOC?

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SOC Always Decreasing

Connected to shore power the SOC goes down more everyday. The system hovers over 13.5. Would love any help I can get. The MPPT is inside the RV and the batteries are under the coach about 10ft away. I am using the biggest recommended size cables for everything. I am thinking about getting the Smart Battery Sense Sensor since they are not both in the same enclosure, but I thought the 712 would send the voltage and temp info across the network to the mppt. Anyway the SOC has never gone up without me having to sync it to do so.


RV Setup

4X100AHU Battle Born Batteries LIthium

800 Watts Solar 4 200W 18V Panels in Parallel


12/3000 Multi Plus

712BMS With Temp Sensor

150/85 MPPT Smart Controller

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1560Ah 48v lithium 3-phase quattro 48/15000/200 x3 battery config 82kWh

First, I've read countless articles trying to self resolve my issues. The vast majority seem to be people using very small systems...and my issues seem to be different. Or other people have bluetooth connectivity to their MPTT and I don' not sure if I need to get a USB cable and connect, or I can do things online.

Two issues I want to solve.

1.) Low battery alarms are useless. I want them off, but I can't seem to stop them. My battery is at about 44% (46v), and the alarms are configured for 25% and I continually am getting non stop notifications. VictronConnect on my BMV700 I don't think is related to this, and I have alarms disabled on the remote what is sending these alarm emails so I can stop it? Or at least get it to somehow respect what 25% actually is instead of it having some other calculation its doing.

2.) I cannot get the battery settings correct in VictronConnect on my BMV700. I have to keep monitoring the percentage as it keeps getting off a little. Battery capacity is set at 1560Ah which I know to be correct. 13s13p packs with EIG 20aH cells = 260Ah...with 6 of these in parallel = 1560Ah. I've read for Peukert that its effectively close to 1.00 for Lithium...and especially considering how large my capacity is, my batteries never get any stress at all. So I am actually using "1.00" currently. I've been testing that at 1.00 to 1.09 with equally confusing results of not calculating the correct percentage based on voltage. I'm wondering if I need to toy with the capacity value to get one that helps make the SOC follow correctly...

Help or guidance on how to properly set the config so it follows reality on the batteries? Attaching screenshot of the config currently along with battery specs.


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BMV-712 State-of-Charge battery setting

My flooded 250 aH battery recently showed -140 aH but 75% SOC.

I manually reset the state of charge parameter in the battery setting To 40%. Will this affect the SOC calculation after my next full charge when the SOC will be reset to 100%?

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