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Back in beta: Stored trends for SmartShunt, Solar Chargers, and more

Hello all,

Back in beta after many months: stored trends. I’m keeping this message a bit short, maybe expand later. But for now, all details are here:

Since then (already way back in 2021!) we have improved speed of downloading the data to the phone upon connection, as well as many stability improvements.

So, if you can, please try, and leave your feedback here. Just that you like it, or also more detailed areas for improvement.

Coming weeks we’ll be seeing if we can make the usage of it in the app looking more nicely and intuitively.

Details and instructions:

Have a good weekend, Matthijs

mvader (Victron Energy) asked
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Victron quattro veflash not working

Victron quattro refuses to connect to when using veflash, can't use victronquattro, tried everything nothing works

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New VictronConnect feature soon: stored trends

UPDATE 2022-05-09: this feature is - finally - back in beta. A new post was made, please continue feedback & discussion there:

=========== OLD TEXT ============
We're currently beta testing a new feature in VictronConnect, its internally dubbed "Stored trends".

Let me explain what that is:

You might be familiar with the trend tab in VictronConnect, that lets you look at Voltage, Current, Watts or other readings over time:


Which is a great feature, but always had a rather frustrating limitation which is that all that data wasn't retained in memory. The graph started plotting when you connect; and would be gone as soon as you disconnect.

No more!

In a series of firmware updates, we've improved our products (SmartSolar chargers, BMV 712, SmartShunts, Smart Battery Sense) to retain the data in non-volatile memory. Meaning that its stored, also during a loss of power, or disconnection from the battery.

The data is recorded at a 30 minute interval; and the amount of days recorded is approximately 46 days, except for the Smart Battery Sense: that one has 181 days (!) of storage. The reason for that one having so much more days is that it has far less different readings to store. See the VictronConnect change log for details on which parameters are stored and in what interval.

Note that this only works when connecting to the Victron product over Bluetooth. This -unfortunately- does not work when connected via a VE.Direct USB cable. And (therefore), these trends will not work on a Windows device, since those can only connect using the VE.Direct USB cable.

The question to you

I'm writing this post to look for some people to help test this, and get feedback on how to further improve this.

Welcome to put your thoughts, including just a thumbs up if your happy with this! in an answer below.

In a next beta, we'll add plotting the power, which is calculated from volts & amps, as a plottable trend.

The other thing we're already working on, for a release later this year, is to have the phone store the information; so that upon a reconnection you get all data; and also to be able to access the trends data, as well as settings or other data, when no longer close to the Victron device.

How to install and test this

Currently not available

What about other products?

We'll be adding stored trends to (most) other products as well, in the coming time. Which product will get this at all depends mostly on available resources (memory) in the microcontrollers; and when a certain product will get this depends on the various time & release plans, and I don't have any details for that at the moment.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Best regards, Matthijs

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VE.Connect setting

I am curious about a setting I have seen a screenshoot of from a VE.Connect session on a BMV-712.

It is the setting I have highlighted below called "Battery SOC on Reset"


I have only ever see the "battery starts synchronised" setting there with an off/off toggle, as per the screen shot below:


In what version of VE.Connect does the "Battery SOC on Reset" appear? It looks a much more flexible option as it adds a choice of "Keep SOC".



wildebus asked
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installation filaire entre Victron et groupe électrogène pour démarrage automatique

bonjours ; recherche plan de câblage entre Cerbo gx - Victron multiplus -2 48v 5000kw 70-50 pour démarrer un groupe électrogène diesel de 5500kw en 230v

roland-majolo asked

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VictronConnect 5.42 not finding Multiplus device on Windows with MK3-USB LAN


I am familiar with VictronConnect on bluetooth and Android - no problems there.

Today I purchased MK3-USB interface, installed VictronConnect 5.42 on laptop and desktop PCs, tried 2 brand new LAN cables to connect to new Multiplus 12|500|200 (which is powered on). VictronConnect simply reports "No devices found"

Have tried different computers and cables, reinstalled VictronConnect, turned firewall off, run as administrator. But result always the same, after a few seconds of searching: No devices found

What else can I try?

Thank you

gerald-d asked
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I can’t see my solar controller in VictronConnect anymore

I had to restart my victron system after my batteries failed. It’s all back up and working properly but I can no longer see my Smartsolar charge controller (MPPT 100|50) in the Victron Connect Device List. I can see it via my Cerbo GX and it’s charging (when the sun is out :-). Also pressed the orange refresh button, bottom right. Any advice on why it’s not being detected in the Victron Connect Device List please?




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Can't exit or go back in the smart solar app on iphone 14pro


When I click on the square in the history tab in smart solar victron connect it opens but I can't get out of there without shutting down the whole app.

The square I have to tap to go back is mixed with the time in the upper left corner of the screen.

Haven't checked yet but it may be also the case with other victron connect products.

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Devices not appearing on Victron Connect

Whilst my batteries (Pylon) and Inverters (pair of Multiplus 5000s) appear nicely on VRM (meaning they are correctly networked), all I can ever see on Victron Connect (on iPhone) is my Cerbo GX (I can see this both locally if I connect via bluetooth and also on the VRM tab in VC)

Looking at the lovely screenshots from the product page for Victron Connect, surely I should be able to see at least my multiplus?

At the moment all VC is doing for me is giving me a link to VRM, which I'm sure isn't what its supposed to do?

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problème dernière mise à jour victron connect


suite à la mise à jour récente de victron connect, des informations de contrôle ont disparu.

nous sommes hors réseau et avons besoin au quotidien d'une fonction disparue, du moins, toujours là mais plus fonctionnelle.

dans le menu "tendances", la puissance solaire en w qui fonctionnait parfaitement avant la mise à jour n'est plus fonctionnelle. au lieu de (W), seul () apparaît.

pensant que cela venait de ma tablette, je l'ai remise à l'état d'usine, fait un reset sur mon RS6000 mais rien n'a changé.

l'info puissance solaire apparaissait toujours dans victron connect sur mon téléphone mais depuis la mise à jour dans ce dernier, cela ne fonctionne plus, ni sur le téléphone, ni sur la tablette.

cela vient donc de la mise à jour de l'application victron connect.

comment faire pour régler ce problème?

merci d'avance.

cedricp asked

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Victron Connect y-axis scaling


I‘m using the Victron Connect App on iOS to read data from a Smart Battery Sense. I find it very irritating that I cannot move or scale the y-axis. Am I missing something? An autofit button would also be very nice. Sometimes the app doesn‘t show the data or cuts partly off due to wrong scaling. In that case the only fix seems to be to switch the axis to temperature or none, then change it back to voltage.

Its also kinda sad that I cannot export the trend data but I already commented on another thread regarding that problem:



gearloose asked
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How to connect two Island Log-cabins via 230Vac?

I have a Log-cabin in the Alps with 2x SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 VE.Can, CCGX, 1x Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000, 48Vdc 9kW Batterie, 4.2kWp PV Array.

Now my Neighbor (70m Cable-Distance) would like to link in.

The Idea is to bild a separat Island System a the Neighbors Log-Cabin and link both Island-Systems via 230Vac.

Should we link both Inverters via VE.Can over the 70m distance or does there exist a solution to just use the AC-Line?

alpuesli-insel asked

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câbles de communication et schéma entre les modules Victron

installation solaire avec ce matériel Victron Energy qui comprend : 1multi plus 2 48v 5000w/70-50 +1 CerboGx + 1 Lynx distributeur 1000 + 1 régulateur solaire MPPT RS 450 /100 + 12 panneau solaire de 4560w , mon problème câbles de connexion entre ces modules ? le bon câble et bonne emplacement de connections sur chaque module ; dans l'attente d'une réponse merci

roland-majolo asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

1 Answer

CERBO GX USB 2.0 or 3.0?

I am having to expand the number of USB inputs to my CERBO GX by adding a powered hub. Does Victron recommend the use of USB standard 2.0, 3.0 Gen 1, or 3.0 Gen 2?

Many thanks.

mday73 asked
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VictronConnet - set AGM profile

Hi to all,

I do have a BlueSolar MPPT 100/20 and a 12V AGM Battery 250Ah, see cycle use in the image below: 14.1 - 14.4V.

I think the profile I should be selecting from the list in the VictronConnect App is "Gel Victron deep discharge (2)", am I right? or should I create a preset for my non-victron battery?. Thank you,


juampa2023 asked
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