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Connection Victron (OffGrid) to Solax as regular load with zero injection managed by Solax

I would like to connect a Solax inverter (5 KW with its own solar panels and loads) as a normal load to the Victron Mutiplus ( 5KW with its own solar panels and loads) output in addition to other loads. The Solax which supplies other specific loads (pumps...) is configured without injection of the suprlus which is blocked using a meter between Victron and Solax. My hypothesis is this configuration is not "AC coupled" as the Victron will not managed the SOLAX production. This will be managed by Solax via the meter reading to block the injection to the output of the Victron.

My installer is afraid that it will damage Victron.

What do you think ?

In addition, the multiplus charger is disabled. The batteries are charged exclusively from the Victron MPPT (DC coupled). This schema is adaptated from "Kyuketsuki" a member of our community.


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Victron Connect failing to pair - latest version bug?

Victron Connect V5.47 installed on an Android smartphone and Android tablet: When using Victron Connect to access a new Phoenix Smart 12/2000 - connected first time (using the six zero login). After exiting the App and then trying to re-connect later it fails when the pin is requested (at 85%) with the comment "unable to pair". Re-starting the App, checking all settings (location etc) makes no difference. Re-installing makes no difference. Same problem trying to connect to a SmartSolar MPPT. Exactly the same problem trying to connect via a Samsung (Android) tablet to the same products and we have 2 other customers this week reporting the same issue. Is there a bug in the latest version of Victron Connect or the latest implementation of bluetooth?

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SOC drops slightly every 7 hours



I recently install 3 x 4kw new BYD LVLs to an existing system on grid that had 3 x 4kw BYD LVLs so a total of 6 (two towers of 3) with a Victron Quattro 48/10000/140. I since I installed the 3 extra batteries my system as been slightly dropping SOC to 99.5% every 7 hours without any change in load or mains loss. What settings can I check to see why this is happening all of a sudden? Let me know if you need further screen shots of any parameters.

Update: I have fully bypassed the inverter so there are no loads and it still dropped SOC slightly on the 7 hour mark and went into bulk charge.

Update 2: did a discharge test all worked ok, went down to 20% SOC, charged back up to 100% and it went back to every 7Hrs issue again. At a loss.

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MPPT 100/30 avec bluetooth


J'ai installé Victron connect sur mon PC sous windows 10

Mon bluetooth voit mes appareils, mais comment faire pour l'appairage?

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Victron Connect App Landscape view

When viewing the app in landscape on my Android tablets, if you choose to view the trends, or history tabs, the data is displayed in a very small pane on the rhs of screen, with the majority of the left of screen wasted showing state of charge (BMV). Is it/would it be possible to make the tred data show as a full screen, or give ability to resize the frame to suit user preference?

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Victron Connect app loses synch to all Victron devices

After the system encountered <5 degrees the app could not find any of the device (SmartShunt, Solar Controller, Blue Smart Charger). I shut down the iPhone and restarted to no avail.

I deleted the Victron app and then reinstalled it and it all worked and kept settings.

Is that normal/ If not why did this occur?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Global Link not talking to victron connect

Hi all

Ive just had a new Victron System installed for my solar panels in our totally off grid house, we have a Globallink 520 also installed so we can remotely monitor, but its only sending data to the VRM Portal, why can i not see that data in the Victron Connect App? The App only works when i'm in bluetooth range?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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VictronConnect Feature Request - Export CSV with TIME, DATE,NAME

Pease consider adding the device NAME, DATE and TIME to the device export CSV file.

  • NAME = Custom Name form device settings
  • TIME = Current Time taken from device running VictronConnect
  • DATE = Current DATE takem from device running VictronConnect

I am working with Blue Smart IP67 Charger 12/25, SmartProtect 12/65, and SmartShunt 500A

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Can VictronConnect Export file include the date?

Please add the date to the export. Right now Export only contains days back, so basically I have to fill that in By myself.
if I archive these Csv, I have to also remark the date when it was exported otherwise the file will get useless.

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Lower MPPT peak watts in trends vs history in Android app

I have several >800W and >900W P max occurences in history for 820W panels, but in trends there is nothing over 650W. I'm wondering why is that. Are the P max moments so short that they are smoothed out in trends? Or is there some other technical explanation for this?

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Victron Connect reconnecting to Smart Shunt every 20-30 seconds

As the title states my Connect app reconnects to my shunt a few times a minute, which makes it difficult to use/read. It seems like several other people have had a similar problem in the past, but I wasn't able to find any answers. I've restarted/reset/reconnected both the phone and shunt with no luck. Firmware is up to date. Attached is the a log file, which hopefully will be enlightening for someone :). Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Community

Have anyone tried to manage Victron devices using VictronConnect installed in a GARMIN Overlander (which is an Android Device).

I managed to download and install the VicConnect App, the app recognize the presence of a Victron device but then I am unable to actually perform a full connection and management of the devices.

Any Idea why?


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Why is VictronConnect - Remote Not Working?

When I try to use VictronConnect desktop app to remotely configure my Victron Smart Solar MPPT's, I keep getting this error: "MQTT-RPC Unable to connect to RPC broker. Configuring the device is not possible. Error Code #R6". Please what is the cause and solution to this problem?


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Reading Victron trends

Hi All, So after installing my SmartSolar MPPT 20/100 I have been glued to the VictronConnect App and have noticed something. The graph is fairly detailed but then changes the historical to less detail after 2h. When this happens it also seems to halve the "load current" draw information that has been stored.....??? So when viewing in real time my fridge will draw 4amps when the pump is running but when tracking back more that 2hours on the "trends" the graph still shows the increase (when pump is running) in load but changes the value to 2amps?? All other graph setting show less detail but the values do not change, only the "Load current" gets adjusted?? All updates have been done and on current software/hardware versions. Please help!

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Do Victron products support multiple concurrent connections?

Does anyone know if the BT modules in Victron products support multiple concurrent connections?

Reaon I'm asking is that I was trying to help someone with a 150/30 MPPT. I couldn't connect with Victron connect. After giving up and using his phone, which worked, I thought about BT.

If multiple concurrent connections not supported, maybe this is the cause of some of the Bluetooth connection problems we see here.

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