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Suggestions for improving Victron Connect

hello, after 2 years of use and study I noticed fews things that Victron products can improve a lot with little effort.

1) the count of the cycles of the smartshunt and of the various models of BMV.

A cycle is only counted under 65% ..

This is incorrect in my opinion for lead acid batteries one should count a cycle even at 90% or 85%.

IN my RV the system is correctly sized, the batteries are agm for 178ah, and the photovoltaic of 450 watts.

I live in a pretty good climate and never run out of batteries below 80/85%.

So no cycle counts, apart from synchronizations.

This also leads to an inaccurate reading of the average discharge.

In fact, the average discharge is based on cycles and not on synchronizations.

In fact, I have average discharges of 25/30 ah and this is not detected, since my battery pack is 178ah and I never discharge below 65%. actually never below 80%.

2) it would be nice if the victron Connect app for the smartsolar also displays the internal temperature of the solar controller.

This temperature is certainly detected by the smartsolar but is not displayed.

3) it would be nice in the "trends" section to be able to cross the curves of 3 values and not just 2.

For example "battery voltage + battery current + soc".

it would be nice if the AH count was implemented in the historical trends of the smartshunt. Instead it is the only data that is only available in real time.

4) it is a pity that a small economic accessory is not available that records in a memory all the data of historical trends in CSV format to be exported.

The trend is only available on the App for 46 days and the possibility to save the history every 30 days (but only manually) from the smartsolar.

When I had the Epever-based system, a simple object costing 20 euros would record months of data at a time in. CSV.

I hope these suggestions can be taken into consideration, at least in part… at least the talk of battery monitor cycles.

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Bug in Víctron Connect??

hello, i think after an update i noticed a bug in the victron connect app.

In the section "trends" of the smartsolar under the heading "battery temperature" nonsense values appear. The temperature is received via VE SMART from the smart battery sense.

in the trends of the Smart battery sense the bug is not present.



nk you

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Inverter not showing AC loads on VRM


Having this set up, but I`m haveing an issue. AC loads is 0W...

The inverter is inverting DC to AC so it should be something here..

Whar settings do I need to change?



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Victron connect shows starter battery even though it has been set to midpoint


My smartshunt 500a shows midpoint set aux input as starter battery. I think its a bug. Am I only the one? Latest firmware btw.


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VictronConnect refreshes/reloads every 5-10 seconds

Using VictronConnect with Smart Solar MPPT 100/50. The app opens and connects but reconnects and reloads every 10 seconds. Hard to really do much when it cycles so often. Is this the way it is supposed to work? The App says I am up-to-date on firmware.

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Voltage difference between battery terminals and internal Bluetooth via VictronConnect


I bought a new Victron lithium battery 25.6V/200Ah Smart-a. When I connect to the lithium battery via VictronConnect with Bluetooth, it shows a lower voltage than the actual voltage on the battery terminals. The voltage difference is around 0.3V which I think is a too big difference.

See next photo;


I was wondering if the voltage measurements from the Bluetooth part in the battery are also used for the BMS that has yet to be connected, because then the VE.BMS will react to the wrong internal voltage measurements.

Thanks in advance

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Is the Victron app supposed to show the 12v power supply snapshot as it does with my charge controller and smart shunt?

Hello everyone, so the app shows a nice snapshot of the devices listed after you launch the app, my charge controller and smart shunt shows the snapshot but the 12v single output 30A charger won't show a snapshot, is it supposed to?

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Why the status of Phoenix inverter in the app has bene changed?

The status of May Phoenix inverter 12/375 has been changed in the App.

Before shows "normal " or maybe the Number of Watts.

Now Always show "0".

Its normal?

Thank you, i attach a screenshot.


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What's wrong with this picture?

While everything on my system seems to be working, batteries charging by shore power and solar, these 3 pictures are troubling and wondering is something is missing in the setup. The app seems to be missing the AC Input and AC Load, and the Cerbo GX appears to show off. Not sure if this is a setting or something is not connected properly. Any ideas?




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Lost second Cerbo GX in Victron Connect, Local, My devices, after upgrade to v5.73

I have two separate systems with a Cerbo controlling each. After upgrading Victron Connect to v.5.73 I have lost one of the Cerbo GX (the one with lowest IP address) in the view: Local, My devices. (The two systems only share the network and ground). They can both be direct addressed at their local IP without any problem, and seen in the view: VRM.

Am I the only one to see this?

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Application for the use of VictronConnect System Connect Split Phase 180 (Auto)

Can Victron Energy provide specific description and application for the use of Victron Connect System Connect "Split Phase 180 (Auto)" when setting up two Quattro's 12_5000_220_100_100_120V Inverter Chargers please.


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Temperature Compensation Value Mistmatch


I'm asking for the solar assembly of my friend on the neighboring boat in the marina.

The installation of the system is as in the attached image. TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION for FLOAT CHARGING VOLTAGE (13.6V - 13.8V) is specified as -3mV/℃/Cell in the datasheet of RITAR brand service batteries included in this setup. The same parameter is specified as -4mV/℃/Cell for CYCLE USE VOLTAGE (14.2V - 14.4V). The same document also gives a value of 6 for CELLS PER UNIT.

VICTRON CONNECT installed on the mobile phone shows TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION as -16.2mV/℃. And it's like this field is not modifiable.

Does this difference between the value shown on the VICTRON CONNECT and the value indicated on the battery datasheet adversely affect the performance of the system? What should be done to correct the negative effects?

Another question is; Which Victron product would you recommend to charge this service bank consisting of 2 RITAR batteries from shore power?

Thank you in advance for the replies and comments.


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Impossible to connect Inverter Phoenix after some days

Bluetooth worked for some days. Now impossible to connect, it stucks at 20%.

Restart at 1% and then shows the help text. I followed all instructions in the linked manual.

Inverter not in the list of the Bluetooth devices, but available (for binding)

PW reset impossible after input of the PUK Code marked inside the connection Box.

Tablet with Android, switched Off and On. Connect App deinstalled and reinstalled.

Bluetooth works with the Charger.

Will it work with the VE.Direct Cable ?

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Mid Voltage Error

Hello. I have a MiltiPlus II with 4x Lion Energy UT 1300 LifePo batteries wired in parallel. I also have the 500A SmartShunt inline on the negative side. I have the battery monitor wire connected to the positive terminal on the 2nd battery in the bank. See images below. I am getting constant mid voltage alerts from the SmartShunt module in Victron App.

What could be causing this? Perhaps settings or a bad battery or my connection is on the wrong terminal?

I have noticed that as the batteries are used the two batteries closest to the negative side connection tend to drain fastest while the two batteries closest to the positive connection drain slower. Almost as if the first two batteries are keeping the second two charged. Is that normal?

Thanks in advance.






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SmartSolar 100/50 failing to pair with Victron Connect (iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro)

Please note: I have read all existing threads to do with pairing a SmartSolar but nothing suggested has fixed my issue.


SmartSolar charge controller

MPPT 100/50 - v1.47

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max - iOS 15.6.1
  • iPad Air (5th gen) - iPad OS 15.6.1
  • MacBook Pro - macOS Monterey 12.5.1
  • Victron Connect app for iOS/iPad/macOS v5.73

Issue: The device will not pair with my iPhone/iPad/MacBook, this is a new device to me (I've never been able to pair with it).

The device appears in my list in the Victron Connect App when I try and pair it with 000000 it fails

Note: I currently have a Victron Shunt and SmartSolar MPPT 100/15 successfully paired with my Connect App. The new MPPT 100/50 when attached to my PV panels does output current as the shunt shows details (I know this is from the MPPT 100/50 as I've disconnected the PV to MPPT 100/15) but without being able to pair and connect I'm not able to configure it via the connect app for my system.

The troubleshooting list that I have already tried

  1. Reboot Phone
  2. Looked in paired devices on phone - it's not listed as it has never successfully paired so no device pairing to forget
  3. Forget existing devices in the iPhone Bluetooth list and power them down (Shunt and MPPT 100/15), removed the app, shut down the phone and disconnect the battery from the system for 10 mins
  4. Reinstalled app on phone, it listed just the MPPT 100/50 as the only device found (the shunt and MPPT 100/15 still both powered down)
  5. it failed to pair
  6. When I powered up the shunt and the MPPT 100/15 these devices paired without issue
  7. Download connect app on iPad and tried to pair - it failed (the other two devices pair without issue)
  8. Download connect app on MacBook Pro and tried to pair, but it failed (the other two devices pair without issue)
  9. Reset the PIN code using the PUK code on the side - success is reported yet it fails to pair with the default 000000 PIN code (if I try and pair with the wrong PUK I’m told it’s wrong, so I know I’m entering the correct PUK code)

Note: When I enter the default 000000 code (or any 6-digit code) on the device the Bulk, Absorption and Float lights flash but then I’m asked to enter the code again as the paired failed (so the device knows it is receiving a code).

Any help would be appreciated, anything else I could try?

  • The only things I could think of left to do is use a USB-ve direct cable and connect directly using the MacBook but I don't have access to the cable or use an Android device but I don't have access to one of those either.

Is this a known issue with MPPT 100/50 running v1.47 and the latest connect App (v5.73) or do I have a faulty MPPT 100/50? If it's faulty it seems odd that it's only the pairing that fails - it lists in the connect app, it knows the correct PUK code, it takes input from the PV panels and outputs to the battery etc. This sounds like a bug in the connect app unless I'm missing something.



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