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VE Direct to USB data to VRM Portal Advanced Tab

I have 3 VE Direct cables to my Cerbo (from 3 MPPT controllers) and 1 VE Direct to USB cable (from a MPPT 100/20) all to my Cerbo GX. I receive detailed data on the VRM Portal for the 3 MPPTs connected by the VE Direct cables, but I do not receive any of the detailed information on the Advanced Tab on the VRM Portal for the MPPT that is connected to the Cerbo GX by the VE Direct to USB cable. How can I add that detailed info to the VRM Portal from the VE Direct to USB cable and MPPT? Thank you.

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Mppt 100/30 not visible in connect app

Hi, Just installed my new system, mppt100/30 connected to a 12v lifepo battery.

I started with connecting the battery, bulk led flashes slowly, mppt is not discovered in the victron connect app.

Connected the solar array and mppt is charging, still not discovered in app.

Tried removing all power (both battery and solar array) and reconnected again, same issue.

Tried another phone, same issue.

I also have a smart shunt and that one is visible and can be connected to.

Any tips or is this a hw issue in the (brand new) mppt?

Thx, jeroen

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VictronConnect vs VRM Portal: What's the diffs? (oh, and VE.Configure)

Hello again.

What's the fundamental difference between VictronConnect and the VRM Portal?

And, can I run both on my Mac (desktop/macmini) at once?

Am I right in thinking VictronConnect is intended to replace VE.Configure?

If so, is this a done deal?

And, lastly, once you have an installation (as I have) with VRM running, are all the settings made in VE.Configure (or VictronConnect) available through the VRM?

p.s. I did search this question online, suppose I could read 3 difficult documents, just thought I'd ask outright first..

Kind Regards


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Request for Victron Connect App - Show MPPT Temperature

I have one more (reposted it to a new question, as it seems comments to the entry will not be answered frequently)

As is think, the SmartSolar has a built in thermometer to calculate how to charge the batteries.

Why dont you also show us this value, so we can see more, what situation the charger is in ?

Or is there a way to read that information right now and I just did not see it ?

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Smartsolar 100/20 app shows 0.2 volts less than actual battery voltage

As many already have pointed out in many questions, there is a voltage difference of about 0.2V - 0.1V between the reported app voltage and the controller terminals voltage.

Some report its higher, some report its lower.

In my case its reporting 0.2-0.1 V LOWER than the actual voltage of the battery.

The setup is as simple as it can get.

12v system

12v Lifepo4 battery->25cm 6mm2 cable->Smart Controller

Nothing else attached or connected.

Voltages have been measured both on the MPPT battery terminals as well as on the battery itself and i have confirmed it with three different multimeters.

Possibly a firmware problem or its just "acceptable", with all the side effects that it may have (like f.e terminating bulk stage 0.2v HIGHER in reality ?)

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DC/DC Charger Status is Off but it is still charging

I have a 12V-12V, 30A DC/DC charger on my boat. Frequently the status shown in the Victron Connect app is "Off - Charging Disabled", however it is actually still charging. I can tell because, the output voltage is displayed and it is greater than the house battery bank voltage. Also, I have an external Amp meter that registers a charge (usually about 25 Amps). The charger is enabled on the settings page of Victron Connect. I have seen examples of errors that are more descriptive (ex. Engine shutdown detected), but I don't understand why I am getting this error. Any ideas about why this is happening?

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Inverter not showing AC loads on VRM


Having this set up, but I`m haveing an issue. AC loads is 0W...

The inverter is inverting DC to AC so it should be something here..

Whar settings do I need to change?



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VE.Direct LoRaWAN Module > keine Geräte gefunden in VictronConnect APP (VRM)

Ich habe ein LoraWan Modul per an einem MTTP 150 | 35.

Die Daten werden stündlich ins VRM Portal übertragen. Scheint also zu funktionieren.

In der VictronConnect App unter VRM sehe ich die Geräte bzw. Daten nicht (Keine Geräte gefunden).

Im App unter "LOKAL" sehe ich den MTTP 150 | 35. Unter Einstellungen in der APP sehe ich meinen User als Angemeldet.

Die Installation habe ich in VRM einmal gelöscht und neu angelegt, sowie das APP auf dem Handy gelöscht. Hat leider nichts gebracht.

Wo liegt hier der Fehler?

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Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 Outputs

I'm hoping that someone knows, definitively, how this Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 output charger (available as 1 and 3 output versions) handles the specific needs of each of the 3 outputs? Are they handled independently? For example each of the connected batteries are depleted to different extents, perhaps #1 only requires maintenance/float whereas #2 requires charging from a 30% state. I wouldn't be so concerned except that the VictronConnect app only shows single charging information (as though this was a single output instead of 3). It's a little difficult to envision a scenario when all 3 outputs should be handled as single..? Unfortunately Victron does NOT address this issue in ANY of their documentation. Also, is each output capable of 30A output (so for example the 3 outputs performs exactly the same as the 1 output version if only 1 output is being used)? Someone mentioned to me that they "thought" that the 3 output version was only capable of 10A per output channel, max, or perhaps 15A per output in the case where only 2 outputs were used.?

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New Victron SmartLithium 24V/200Ah has already a temperature offset seen in the VictronConnect app

I bought a new Victron SmartLithium 24V/200Ah and when I view it via the VictronConnect app I see the value of 4°C in the Battery temperature offset. My question is why is there already a value here, does the temperature sensor in the battery itself determine this value? As indicated, this is a new battery, see screenshot;


In the VictronConnect app you have the option to set the set values to the default settings;


This sets also the Battery temperature offset to 0 °C. Is this a sensible thing to do and will the internal temperature sensor determine this value again?

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BMV-712 SMART Bluetooth connection fails

I just installed a new BMV-712 SMART. The unit display voltages, currents etc correctly. When trying to connect my Iphone SE (iOS 15.5) to the VictronConnect app via Bluetooth, the app is searching but fails and says "No devices found". In order to follow "Troubleshooting Bluetooth connection issues" I:

  • Restarted my Iphone
  • Checked that my product has a Bluetooth symbol
  • Tried again with my Iphone held as close as possible to the BMV-712
  • I do try to connect from within VictronConnect. Nothing shows in the Iphone list of Bluetoth units either.

On the back of the BMV-712:

PN: BAM030712000R


What can I do to solve this?

excellent asked
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Back in beta: Stored trends for SmartShunt, Solar Chargers, and more

Hello all,

Back in beta after many months: stored trends. I’m keeping this message a bit short, maybe expand later. But for now, all details are here:

Since then (already way back in 2021!) we have improved speed of downloading the data to the phone upon connection, as well as many stability improvements.

So, if you can, please try, and leave your feedback here. Just that you like it, or also more detailed areas for improvement.

Coming weeks we’ll be seeing if we can make the usage of it in the app looking more nicely and intuitively.

Details and instructions:

Have a good weekend, Matthijs

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Trying to enter PUK code - keypad does not allow letters to be entered

Starter battery in my VW camper died. Replaced battery and now my BMV712 gives me an error code telling me to enter my PUK code. My PUK code is alphanumeric - it contains numbers and letters. The keypad in the app doesn't allow me to enter letters - only numbers. How do I enter my PUK code if I can't enter letters? (iPhone XS, iOS 14.4)

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VictronConnect won’t connect

HI guys, my app on my phone wont recognize my controller. My blue tooth is on. I have re installed the app. I have unpaired and paired the controller to my blue tooth. it says it is paired but when i click on it nothing comes up. The controller i have is a smart solar 75/15 HQ1746JV. Any help would be appreciated.

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