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Error with history tab in connect app

Hi folks. Recently had a 48/6000 MPPT 450/80. We have been very careful with the system, (off grid) and ending the day around 90%.

I took a look at the history in the connect app and from ‘3 days ago’ and older, there was some very worrying data which did not reflect our daily usage. Then I looked closer and every day was exactly the same. The same peaks, lows. All identical. Then I saw that ‘yesterday’ and ‘2 days ago’ also never changed and always remained the same figures.

I reset history in the app and yesterday has again replicated the same figures which always display in the yesterday column and I assume tomorrow, I will see the same data which also appears in ‘2 days ago’

anyone else experience something similar?

also, sometimes the history tab in the app doesn’t appear. Other times it does.

magicdesign asked

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MPPT Bluetooth connectivity challenge

I recently added a Cerbo GX to my system to get remote information and warnings of out of parameter (low voltage primarily) system readings. When I boot my MPPT connected via VE.Direct to the Cerbo, I cannot see the MPPT on VictronConnect and I can see it on VRM. If I disconnect the VE.Direct cable the MPPT immediately appears on VictronConnect. I can then connect via VictronConnect and get complete access. If I then connect the VE.Direct cable, I can still see the unit on VictronConnect, but it gets hung up in a loop of loading data and then reconnecting. I can see all expected data on VRM when connected with the VE.Direct cable to the Cerbo. My BMV-712 works flawlessly both via VictronConnect and VRM. Suggestions?

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New VictronConnect feature soon: stored trends

Hello all,

We're currently beta testing a new feature in VictronConnect, its internally dubbed "Stored trends".

Let me explain what that is:

You might be familiar with the trend tab in VictronConnect, that lets you look at Voltage, Current, Watts or other readings over time:


Which is a great feature, but always had a rather frustrating limitation which is that all that data wasn't retained in memory. The graph started plotting when you connect; and would be gone as soon as you disconnect.

No more!

In a series of firmware updates, we've improved our products (SmartSolar chargers, BMV 712, SmartShunts, Smart Battery Sense) to retain the data in non-volatile memory. Meaning that its stored, also during a loss of power, or disconnection from the battery.

The data is recorded at a 30 minute interval; and the amount of days recorded is approximately 46 days, except for the Smart Battery Sense: that one has 181 days (!) of storage. The reason for that one having so much more days is that it has far less different readings to store. See the VictronConnect change log for details on which parameters are stored and in what interval.

Note that this only works when connecting to the Victron product over Bluetooth. This -unfortunately- does not work when connected via a VE.Direct USB cable. And (therefore), these trends will not work on a Windows device, since those can only connect using the VE.Direct USB cable.

The question to you

I'm writing this post to look for some people to help test this, and get feedback on how to further improve this.

Welcome to put your thoughts, including just a thumbs up if your happy with this! in an answer below.

In a next beta, we'll add plotting the power, which is calculated from volts & amps, as a plottable trend.

The other thing we're already working on, for a release later this year, is to have the phone store the information; so that upon a reconnection you get all data; and also to be able to access the trends data, as well as settings or other data, when no longer close to the Victron device.

How to install and test this

Instructions for that are here:

What about other products?

We'll be adding stored trends to (most) other products as well, in the coming time. Which product will get this at all depends mostly on available resources (memory) in the microcontrollers; and when a certain product will get this depends on the various time & release plans, and I don't have any details for that at the moment.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Best regards, Matthijs

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Victron 712 Smart 4.07 update fails

Victron 712 Smart says the current version is 4.05 and settings, etc. are not available until updating to 4.07. Updating fails with D26 at 2% update. SOC and Consumed Ah now shows "--" occasionally, while next time I see the values. I cannot go into settings to reset charge level. Using two Android devices, both have the same problem.

lkvic asked
Thiemo van Engelen (Victron Energy staff) answered ·

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Demo library for MultiPlus-II 24/3000/70-32 missing

Just bought the MultiPlus-II 24/3000/70-32 230v but could not find this model in the Demo library. Could Victron update the demo library for this model in the Victron connect app?

lulu asked

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Blank white window in Victron Connect Application

My battery monitor is connected to a computer in a remote location that I access with Remote Desktop. When I open the Victron Connect application all I get is a blank white window similar to this issue:

The problem is I use Remote Desktop to access the remote computer so switching graphics drivers isn’t a possibility.

I would love some advice as my battery monitor is pretty much useless without remote access. Thanks!

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BMV-712 firmware update issue

Hi I have a BMV-712 all was working well I connected to it via my phone and it asked to do a firmware update which I did but it stopped at 23% and now the BMV only shows BT200, I'm guessing the firmware didn't stick is there a way to reset and start again ??

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RS 48/6000 victron connect bug, not recording history properly.

I just thought to report this here, it was recording history for a while now for some time it's only showing me the current day I'm on. Anything I can do?

Using latest update on iphone. Unit seems to be working well otherwise now.

Alan Star asked
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Is there anyway to turn on/off relays without having to go into Remote Console?

Would be a nice feature if relays could be controlled directly via the VRM GUI or VRM Connect

wysiwyg asked
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Reset history on BMV-712 remotely (Apps)

Could we had this feature on the Apps?

Reset history on BMV-712 remotely (Apps)

i know we could do it on the BMV-712, it would be cool to do it remotely

fenix asked
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Rx port function missing for 150/35 in Victron Connect

Hi guys,

I have an issue with configuration of my smart solar 150/35:

I used to be able to configure the RX port in the Victron Connect App but it's no longer available.
I only see the settings of the tx port.

I'm using a non inverting remote on-off cable to control the MPPT but for my new ones, I can't configure the RX port.

any idea?


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#R204 using PC

I see several questions on this topic, also using iphone or local connection. I keep getting the same error, wasnt a problem before. re-installed Victron connect etc. still same fault. Has it been addressed yet, and what is the meaning of the error code?


peter-van-zwol asked
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Phoenix Inverter 24V 1200VA 230V Does not follow lowest voltage cut-off

Dear All ,

I have a peculiar issue that the inverter even with hard coded lower voltage cut-off at 18.7V
and alarm at 20V ( Via VictronConnect and latest FW )

and still the inverter cuts off at 24 V exactly.

The current shunt and MPPT controller reports the same voltage during the shutdown

I hope someone could provide some light ?

Thank you

The Harvester

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Victron Multiplus 24/3000 Einschalten.

Wenn ich einschalte dauert es sehr lange bis der Multiplus sich einschaltet, ist das normal?
Ich habe den neu gekauft? Gibt es die Möglichkeit ein Reset durchzuführen?
Danke im Voraus.

Ottmar Schneider asked
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Update Fails Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/30(3)

I just received a brand new Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/30(3) purchased from Amazon. I already own the Victron, smart solar charge controller with built-in Bluetooth.
I switched the charger on and paired it via bluetooth to my Samsung S20 - no problems there. When connected to the charger I was prompted to update the firmware, I had a very solid internet connection and the update process started, reached about 8% and failed with an X88 error. I tried many times to update the firmware with the same failure. Now when I switch the charger on I get fast alternate flashing red LEDs. I'm still able to connect to the charger and it now says - update firmware from none to 3.4 however, I get the same failures!
I'm about to repackage and return the item for a refund unless I get a solution to my issue.

stitch-up asked
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Screen reader support for blind VictronConnect users

Hi all

I'm a blind user, I use computers and phones with screen reading software.

I recently got a camping trailer with a Smart Solar MPPT controller installed, this is great since I can read all info via the VictronConnect app on my iPhone.

The VictronConnect app is however not completely accessible on the iPhone or the Mac, there are unlabelled buttons and fields etc. which makes it a bit difficult to use.

I want to please urge the VictronConnect developers to make your VictronConnect app especially on the iPhone but also the Mac more accessible to screen reader users.

I'm by no means a programmer, but from what I know, Apple provides excellent guide lines to app developers on exactly how to get their apps to be accessible with the Voiceover screen reader.

These apps is the only way for blind people to use these type of solar and electrical devices and Victron is already way ahead of the others in terms of accessibility, but there is still room for improvement.

Thank you


Nickus de Vos asked
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Differences VictronConnect and VEconfigure3

I am configuring a Multiplus II.

VEconfigure3 allows me to load assistants when virtual switches are not used.
It is clearly stated in a popup note from VEconfigure3 that enabling the virtual switches and therefore the AC input control disables the assistants and vice-versa.

VictronConnect does not have a section for configuring assistants and allows to configure AC input control, even after loading the ESS assistant with VEconfigure3.

It seems that the two programs are currently not consistent?
It seems that VEconfigure3 should be used for the Multiplus configuration with assistants?

Some more background:
I wanted to configure under Linux.
VEconfigure3 is available only under Windows, while VictronConnect has a build for Linux.
Anyway, there seems to be some problem with VictronConnect under Linux. With Manjaro Linux installed on a newer Hardware, VictronConnect detects the Multiplus connected over the USB-MK3 interface. With the same version of Manjaro Linux installed on an older laptop, VictronConnect does not detect the Multiplus connected over the USB-MK3 interface. There is no problem with the detection of the Multiplus under Windows though (it is a dual boot system).

rainer asked
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Mk3-USB an absolute nightmare

I'm starting to regret buying a Multiplus II as setting it up is proving impossible.

The Mk3 adaptor is working fine as it feeds data to a raspberry pi.

I run Linux, which Victron don't support, but I have an old Windows XP laptop which will run the software. However it will not connect to the Mk3. I have followed all the instructions multiple times. The download driver from the internet does not work. The one that VE config provides does not work. Does anyone know of a driver that does work with XP and where I can get it ?

It is a shame the Multiplus is so difficult to setup, the other kit is all very simple via bluetooth. Having various bits of software which half do the job is a complete waste of time. Victron need one cross platform program that will deal with everything, and built in bluetooth for the Multiplius, it costs enough...

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How to stop VictronConnect search for COM ports - Phoenix Inverter Smart?

When software VictronConnect start on Windows, its looking for connected Victron HW connected by VE.Direct to USB interface cable. It will search for some COM port conmnection. OK. Application will find the Inverter, connect it, works as expected. But I have alreaqqdy some other COM port occupied by other HW, especially security devices. In the case application test othert COM ports for possible Victron device, my security device evaluate this test as possible fault of communication and start false allarm. It is done only when application start and I start my connected inverter - so not big issue then. But it means, that it will happen every time the computer will Restart. Just for Inverter it is annoing (no historic data, no VRM connection), OK. But in case I upgrade system for BMV-712 for example, than I have to find the way how NOT let VictronConnect test particular COM ports as mandatory.

Does exist some solution to STOP VictronConnect applicatioon COM port search? Or another way maybee just block particular COM port to be connected by such application?

Thanks for ideas!

ivo12s asked
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Victron Connect Windows playing havoc with other devices

The Victron Connect program is playing havoc with other COM port devices. For some reason, the program insists on opening every COM port at startup and then attempting to write to it. Not only that it will play with modem control signals. That causes radios I have that are connected on these ports to go into transmit. It causes other monitors to loose their data.

This is all verified using an Serial port monitor by Eltima. It shows me what programs open what ports, what commands are sent, what data is read and written.

How do I get this program to not open every com port and attempt to write to it? This is making my system unusable.

jdevince asked
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VictronConnect blocks other com ports

Hi all,

I´m sure anyone came across this issue before and has a possible solution.

It seems that the VictronConnect software doesn´t close identified comports after its scan for Vicron devices because physical present comports are not available anymore to other software after VictronConnect did the scan for devices. Of course one solution is to start the other software first so the comport is already opened and not available for VictronConnect but it should be possible the VictronConnect software closes scanned but unused comports as well !

Any input on this issue is very much appreciated, thanks.


northstar asked

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Victron smart dongle constantly reconnects

I have a bluetooth dongle connected to a 50A/75V MPPT blue solar controller. The controller and dongle have both got the latest firmware installed. I am trying to perform a factory reset as my controller is now required to run a 12v system, having previously been used on a 24v system.

Every time I connect, within 5 to 10 seconds it disconnects from the app then automatically reconnects which leaves no time to adjust settings (I have time to scroll to the appropriate setting and press reset but it will not stay connected long enough to perform the reset) . I have tried using three different phones all with the latest version of the app installed. The app/dongle was able to update the firmware on startup so it seems as though it is capable of holding a connection in some regards.

bigben5 asked
Thiemo van Engelen (Victron Energy staff) answered ·

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Smart Shunt range extension with ve direct

Can I use the Smart Shunt’s ve direct port to put a Bluetooth dongle on an extension for additional coverage? Also can Smart Shunt use the ve direct to USB cable to connect to a computer?

chipster asked
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What is Optimum sizing of Mult Inverter and Solar charger

I am upgrading a large RV.

I have ;
4 x 350 Watt Solar each putting out 29 VDC rated (34 V Open circuit)
2 x 12 V / 170 AH Deep Cycle AGM batteries.

It will connect sometimes to 240 VAC grid so i am thinking of using a Victron Multi.
It has loads that run on 240 VAC (Fridge @ 2.7 Amps and Water heater @ 6 A)
It has multiple 12 VDC loads up to 16 amps intermittently.

Which Multi and solar charger will give me most efficient package ?

Would these two items be best fit , if not then why do i need to change the product type ?
Multi 12/1600/70 for inverter / charger

Victron MPPT 150/100 with the 4 x 34 Volt solar panels in series

Is there anything i have misunderstood in the ratings ?

mobile-rv30 asked
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Connect 5.48 beta voltage differences between devices


Last night I installed Connect v5.48 beta on my SmartShunt and SmartSolar 100/20. This I did because I have been waiting for an update to allow long term trend monitoring.

I have two Poweroad LiFePO4 100ah batteries connected in parallel.

The SmartSolar float voltage is set at 14.20.

The batteries went to float mode this morning at about 1037.

The SmartSolar records the battery voltage at that time as 14.21 which ties in with the 14.2v set as float.

The maximum voltage recorded by the SmartShunt is about 13.45 and is at the same time. That value had been held for at least 15 minutes.

I don't understand why there is a difference.

The voltage shown on both devices around midday is the same at 13.2v.

The batteries themselves through Bluetooth show that same voltage and 100% state of charge.

Can anyone suggest why there is such a large disparity in voltage?

Thanks in anticipation...


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VictronConnect linux bug report - temp compensation setting

Changing temperature compensation value in Multiplus-II 24/3000/16-70, BluePower IP67 12/25 and BluePower IP67 12/17 settles as "disabled" what ever is typed into the value field.

Tested with above mentioned equipment.

mrhappy asked

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Depth of Discharge - VictronConnect

Is there a way to use VictronConnect to monitor DoD while in inverter mode on a Multiplus II 24 3000 ?


stephenh asked
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Blue solar MPPT: cannot connect to Cerbo GX and use VictronConnect?

I have a very simple setup on a boat:

  • Multiplus
  • Blue solar MPPT + bluetooth dongle on
  • BMV702 + to USB cable
  • Bluetooth remote voltage and temperature sensor

I just added a Cerbo GX: the ports of MPPT and BMV702 are now connected to Cerbo GX and I can no longer access those with VictronConnect (without physically switching cables - which is not an option as the MPPT is difficult to reach).

How do I view and adjust parameters of MPPT and BMV? I guess there must be a way... but I have not found it yet. Can someone point me in the right direction? (my expectation was to access MPPT and BMV settings with either VictronConnect through the Cerbo GX, or better directly on the remote console)

philtao asked
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VictronConnect Mac Catalina not working


I failed to update a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 from 1.56 to 1.59 on a MacBook with Mac OS Catalina, so I took an old MacBook with Mac OS Mojave and tried it on that. And it worked flawlessly. Somehow the code is broken for Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue? I don't want to take 2 MacBooks in the field.

Best regards,


simebone asked
jperez (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Mac VictronConnect won't connect to Cerbo GX

Mac OS 11.5.1 Big Sur. Cerbo has latest firmware. Had paired with phone and set a 6-digit PIN. Mac won't comnnect via bluetooth. It asks for the pin but tries to connect before six characters are entered. I removed the pairing from the phone per the suggestions. Now neither the Mac nor phone will connect. Anyone know the answer?

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