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SmartShunt Battery Settings??


I have a 12 V battery bank consisting of 8 6V 370 ah FLA batteries.

Other than changing the battery bank AH size, I think all the other settings are the defaults.....See below attached.

Can someone comment if the settings are accurate?

Thanks in advance.


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SmartSolar 75/15 not showing in app after firmware update

Hi everyone,

I opened the app today to check the solar and it asked me to perform a firmware update, which I did. All seemed ok, now when I try and access it, it doesn't show up, and the blue blinking light has gone.

Anyone got any ideas what's happened.

Thanks, Jamie

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Differences VictronConnect and VEconfigure3

I am configuring a Multiplus II.

VEconfigure3 allows me to load assistants when virtual switches are not used.
It is clearly stated in a popup note from VEconfigure3 that enabling the virtual switches and therefore the AC input control disables the assistants and vice-versa.

VictronConnect does not have a section for configuring assistants and allows to configure AC input control, even after loading the ESS assistant with VEconfigure3.

It seems that the two programs are currently not consistent?
It seems that VEconfigure3 should be used for the Multiplus configuration with assistants?

Some more background:
I wanted to configure under Linux.
VEconfigure3 is available only under Windows, while VictronConnect has a build for Linux.
Anyway, there seems to be some problem with VictronConnect under Linux. With Manjaro Linux installed on a newer Hardware, VictronConnect detects the Multiplus connected over the USB-MK3 interface. With the same version of Manjaro Linux installed on an older laptop, VictronConnect does not detect the Multiplus connected over the USB-MK3 interface. There is no problem with the detection of the Multiplus under Windows though (it is a dual boot system).

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Victron ip65 12v 10A charging lithium on 0 current

Sorry if this is dumb. I have very little idea what I'm doing.

I have a very new ATLAS 120AH Lithium battery which I assumed was charged when I hooked it up to my existing AGM set up in my van. It worked for 4 days of camping with a combination of the alternator and solar which I was impressed with.

I have since bought the ip65 12v 10a charger and it has brought it back to life, but I assumed it would automatically recognise it as a lithium ion battery. It was in normal mode for hours and successfully charged the battery through bulk and into absorption charge until I realised I should probably change it to li-ion mode. As soon as I did that, it registered 0 current.

The current has been sitting on 0 for a few hours and the voltage is 14.21. Is it doing anything? Will it eventually graduate into float mode? Have I damaged the battery?

Thanks for any help.

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VictronConnect won't connect to Android Phone via Bluetooth using SmartShunt
  • Installed a SmartShunt
  • Bluetooth light is flashing on SmartShunt
  • VictronConnect Successfully installed on Android Phone

One time, the VictronConnect Paired and connected to the app and was was able to use it. Since then, I can't get it to show up once paired??? Pictures below.


Here is the "device list" on the phone..."nothing".


I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the power to the smart shunt but nothing?

Not sure what else to do???

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VictronConnect App Cannot DIscover IP65 Charger?

VictronConnect App Cannot DIscover IP65 Charger?

I have just purchased a used IP65 12/15 charger and connected it to my batteries. The charger has switched on fine and is charging the batteries but I cannot connect to the charger via the app on my iphone, it finds nothing to connect to. App freshly downloaded, BT turned on and phone sat next to powered IP65 charger yet nothing. Anyone have any ideas?

And yes, i have the BT one.

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Is Victron planning to recompile the Victron Connect App to target the new Apple M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro?

Merry Christmas!

Is Victron planning to recompile the Victron Connect App to target the new Apple M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro?

I know you can run it in compatibility mode but this isn't optimal. It would be really nice for Victron to specifically target the new M1 Silicon!

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Feature Request (Victon Connect with Smart Solar) - or is there a way - To see who is Master?

It would be nice to see (in VictronConnect) which Smart Solar is "Master," and when looking at the others to see that they're "Slaves" when networked. An "M" or "S" by the Network icon when they're networked?

Or does this Feature already exist?

(From the documentation on the website, the Smart Solars negotiate on start up who is going to be Master. So I presume that their assignment is not constant and can change over time.)

While I'm thinking about it, is there any advantage to letting the User select which Smart Solar he wants to assign as Master?

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Need unique device names in Windows version of VictronConnect

You can configure a unique device name for a SmartSolar charge controller via Bluetooth but not Windows. I have 3 remote charge controllers (MPPT 100/20) that I access via 'VE.Direct to USB' dongles which all show up with the same name in Windows. I need some identifying label (UID, Serial number, etc) or a way to configure a custom name (preferred). Since VC can pull the device type (MPPT 100/20), it should be relatively easy to pull some unique value as well. Any chance of Victron providing this ability?

Tnx, Joe

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VictronConnect on PC - No USB devices found

Pb Victron.pdf


I have 2 MPPT Blue Solar 75/15. I have bought 2 câbles "VE-Direct to USB" to connect them to my computer (since Blue Solar do not have bluetooth connection).

I have intalled VictronConnect on my labtop but both the MPPT are not seen by VictronConnect, while they can be seen under Windows devices manager.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot

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Orion 12|12 default min absorb time is 1hr even though the app can set to 0hr

It seems the Orion 12-12 default min absorb time is 1hr even though the connection app will let you attempt to set it to less than 1 hr. Kilovault batteries have a recommended absorb time of 2 min or less. Can/will Victron change the connection app and / or Orion firmware to allow absorb time less than 1 hr?

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SmartConnect on an Android phone/tablet

I'm using a SmartShunt in my RV, and have both android phones and tablets. I really wish there was an option in SmartConnect to disable the Android screen saver (much like Google Maps uses when you're driving), as if the screen sleeps, SmartConnect loses all history from the SmartShunt, and I want to be able to track the charging cycle overnight while I tune and adjust stuff. yes, I will ensure my Android device is plugged in if I enable this. in fact, I'd love to be able to mount an older 'spare' android tablet in the trailer as a full time SmartConnect monitor, hard wired to a usb charger).

I'm adding at least a MPPT 100/30 soon, and maybe some other Victron devices, so this likely will become even more of an issue (although I have yet to see how the SmartSolar MPPT interacts with the SmartShunt if I interconnect their DE ports).

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Victron Connect failing to pair - latest version bug?

Victron Connect V5.47 installed on an Android smartphone and Android tablet: When using Victron Connect to access a new Phoenix Smart 12/2000 - connected first time (using the six zero login). After exiting the App and then trying to re-connect later it fails when the pin is requested (at 85%) with the comment "unable to pair". Re-starting the App, checking all settings (location etc) makes no difference. Re-installing makes no difference. Same problem trying to connect to a SmartSolar MPPT. Exactly the same problem trying to connect via a Samsung (Android) tablet to the same products and we have 2 other customers this week reporting the same issue. Is there a bug in the latest version of Victron Connect or the latest implementation of bluetooth?

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Victron Connect on Mac OS to Multiplus 12v/3000/150A with MK2-USB?

I am trying to verify the configuration of my Multiplus 12v/3000/150A with a MK2-USB interface on my Mac OS 11.6 (Big Sur) with Victron Connect. Victron Connect isn't able to find the device. I've looked at the downloads web page and don't see the old VE.Connect app that I previously used.

The last time I configured it was Oct 2017 and I have a screenshot of the configuration.

I'm checking the config because it doesn't seem to be charging our 540Ah Lithium bank correctly (it used to work). I wanted to verify that it was not the Multiplus before diving into the battery bank.


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Resolved: Firmware update of battery mgmt controller IP22 failed

I tried to update the firmware of the IP22 24/48 V battery mgmt controller with the VictronConnect app. I think the update failed.
Now when I try to switch on the system the status LED is continuously flashing red and nothing happens.

In VictronConnect I cannot see the IP22 anymore… :-(

What can I do?

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VictronConnect Feature Request

My Victron setup is installed in my motorhome(RV), I would like the Victron app to list the devices such that those that are already paired/known appear at the very top of the list.

This is so that when I am parked near other motorhomers with Victron kit installed (it happens regularly) - that *my* devices are at the top of the device list.

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How to View Multiplus Configuration

How does one simply view the configuration settings of a Multiplus? I currently have a Multiplus, and the VE.Bus dongle.

From everything I can gather, I need the MK3 to do anything, even to verify that my unit was programmed. My system came as a bundle and the people who sold it said they would program things for me. But I have no way to tell if they did or not, even though I was sold the VE.Bus too. Surely, there must be a way without adding even more to this $1300 purchase.

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Is VictronConnect stable on MacOS 12.0.1 ?

Just upgraded my Mac to 12.0.1. The Victron Connect App (V5.49) loads , finds my BMV-712 but crashes consistently at the 20% mark when connecting. Was working fine on MacOS Big Sur. Anyone else encountered this or know how to get it to work ?

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VictroConnect v5.48 Crashing on Mac

Connect to a 500A shunt and the app crashes. Started in version 5.48. On all my Macs.

Can somebody on the development/QA team look into this ASAP?

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Victron Connect crashes on Windows 10 Remote Desktop

Victron Connect v.5.5.1 is installed on a Windows 10 PC and is used to monitor a BMV700 connected via VE.Direct USB interface cable.

The PC is accessed by Windows Remote Desktop. It is installed without monitor or keyboard.

The PC can be accessed remotely without issue, and Victron Connect works fine. The BMV700 can be monitored as long as I choose.

Victron Connect, crashes however, if left running while disconnecting the client from the remote desktop. This happens consistently.

In comparison, other applications that may run on the remote PC continue to do so when disconnected from the client.

Any ideas for a fix?

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How do I filter on the Connect App Devices screen so I only see my devices?

I am currently drycamping with a plethora of other RV's (400) using Victron hardware in Lake Havasu and have to scroll two or three pages of devices to find mine in that sea of listings. I have named the first five letters of each of my controllers, SBS and the BMV to be the same but my devices are all over the place. It appears VC's default sort is by type of device. I am guessing that the folks writing/doing systems analysis of this software have never used it in a crowded vicinity of their own devices? Maybe boats don't get very close? Anyway, am I missing something obvious or am I, and every other RV'er around me having the same issue? -Bill

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Missing Devices - VictronConnect App Android

Hi all,

This is probably a silly question, but I was wondering if not being able to see the MPPT (and the inverter) in the VictronConnect App was a normal behaviour? I can see the MPPT only if I am within the Bluetooth range, but I was thinking you should be able to also see it within the app if the components are linked together with a GX product.

SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/70 (FW: v1.59) – Connexion to Venus with VE.Direct port

MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 (FW: 456) - Connexion to Venus with VE.Bus port

Venus GX (FW: v2.73)

VictronConnect Android – 5.51

Many thanks.

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VictronConnect 5.8 unstable on macOS 12 (Monterey)

Just upgraded from 5.5 which was working fine and the app is unstable to the point where the initial UI often doesn't even finish drawing before it crashes. Crash report copied in below in case that is useful.

I have BT devices (cerbo GX, smartshunt, smartsolar) and VRM access as well, in case this makes a difference.

Moderator edit: added text file with service report:

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Victron MPPT 100/30 with FullRiver DC105-12 AGM Battery Bank - Configuration


I am sharing the battery setup information I received from FullRiver Energy.

My setup is as follow:

4 - FullRiver DC105-12 AGM Batteries Connected in Parallel for a total system of 12V / 420Ah.

I am using a VictronSmartShunt in addition to 2 Canadian Solar 250W Solar Panels Connected to Victron MMPT 100/30 charge controllers. Have two of the 100/30 one for each panel.

The configuration I received from FullRiver to configure the battery setting is as follow:

  • Battery Volt: 12V
  • Max charge Current: 105A (you’d have a theoretical max of ~30-40A)
  • Absorption Voltage: 14.7V
  • Float Voltage: 13.6V
  • Equalization Voltage: 14.7V
  • Re-Bulk Voltage offset: 0.6V
  • Absorption Duration: Adaptive
  • Maximum Absorption Time: 4 Hrs
  • Tail Current: 8A
  • Equalization Current Percentage: 100%
  • Automatic Equalization: Disabled
  • Equalization stop mode: Fixed Time (lowest it goes since it’s disabled)
  • Maximum Equalization Duration: Lowest setting it can be
  • Temperature Compensation (mV/°C): -24mV/C
  • Low-Temperature Cutoff (optional): -40C

Hope this helps those of you with this type of setup.

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VictronConnect differences in screens "Demo" vs Actual on MultiPlus

Hello Everyone,

In my MotorHome I have the following Victron Equipment:

Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120V

CCGX (w/DVCC turned on)

Plus Smart MPPT's

I also have some lithium batteries and I want to put low temp protection on them. The Mppt's were easy - done! After researching for the Multiplus I was pointed to that option being available in the "Demo Library" version of Victron Connect - So I just purchased and installed the VE.Bus Smart Dongle onto the Multiplus.

However the screens are completely different and I don't have access to the screens that will allow me to change the charger settings:

Demo Library Screens:



However when I installed the VE.Bus Smart Dongle, I don't get those screens on the VictronConnect app in the settings screen. I tried unplugging the CCGX so the Smart Dongle was in Primary position - but still no help.


What am I doing wrong or do I need to change?


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New Iphone 13Pro will not pair

I see lots of questions on this ...and it would be nice to have a summary of a fix for the issue.

I have summarized from the various posts and know that there are 6 basic steps ( which have not resolved my problem)

1. Deleted all previously synced smart devices from the phone

2. Deleted the Victron Connect App

3. Hard Boot the iphone

4. Reloaded latest Victron App

5. In the App - all devices are displayed and are available to pair

6. Connect with the smart device (in the app) and it tries to sync and gets to the pairing mode (all of my devices us the default code: 000000) - I insert the code and it spins and then gives me "unable to pair" error with explanation telling me to do 1-5

Now here is where I get really confused with all the threads .....and PUK codes, can someone tell me what I can do to make this work?

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Lynx Smart BMS // Victron Connect


I know the Lynx Smart BMS can we viewed on Victron Connect - via Bluetooth - it can be seen under the LOCAL tab.

However, can it be viewed and controlled on Victron Connect - when not using connected to Bluetooth - but over the internet (VRM tab) ? Will it appear as a device on my Cerbo GX (in the same way VE.Direct connected devices do) ?



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BlueSmart Charger does not show any current in Absorption mode

Just tried to connect various batteries (from 7Ah to 60Ah) to charge with new BlueSmart 12/7 charger and the process is always the same:

1) when battery is connected, it is tested and mode is determined. I think it's OK.

2) although remaining power in batteries differs - no one (from 6) stayed in "Bulk" mode more like for a second. I think it should last longer for empty batteries.

3) when "Absorption" mode is on, current and voltage on Android App is displayed. While voltage showed some meaningful numbers, current was always showing zeroes. I think it should not be 0.00A in any condition.

4) after some time Float mode is on, then voltage and current showed meaningful numbers (i.e. 13V, 0.5A) but no zeroes. It shoul be OK.

5) if 60Ah battery is 10V before charging or 10Ah 12,5V - the charging till "Float" mode longs no longer than 2 hours. I think charging time should be longer thant 2h for empty 60Ah battery.

I'm not sure that my charger is OK. What do you think? Will appreciate any comments.

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Multiplus 3000 Startup procedure
I have somehow managed to fry 3 multis.
I managed to get an appointment at a pro shop after waiting a couple months and I was told “probly a short somewhere”
I have pulled every wire inspecting for damage and re-verifying correct placement. My working theory at this point is that I had improperly wired a manual transfer switch (generator/shoreline AC input back to multi), and that it was for some reason sending reversed polarity back to the multis….. I don’t know why else the breakers never protect the multi. I have removed the transfer switch entirely, and I will be installing a EMS surge protector in the shore inlet before the multi.
Any feedback appreciated
Multi 1:
Lasted and worked for maybe 3 weeks. Fried while plugged into 30 amps at RV park and running AC
Multi 2:
Fried while testing. Running generator and attempting to start AC
Multi 3:
Fried before I ever turned it on. Plugged in to 15 amp shoreline


My plan now for a first start up of multi is the following:

1. Remove fuse from alternator charger, remove fuse from solar, remove fuse from DC distribution.

2. Start multi in charger only mode and get it set up on the victron connect app

3. Switch to invertor mode and test for 120V at AC distribution with all AC breakers off

4. Test each individual AC circuit one by one

5. Plug the shore power in last which will now come through an EMS surge protector

6. Add fuses back to the Lynx distributor one by one

Any other ideas welcome. Thank you

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