How to tell why system is dropping grid

The last couple of days my 3 phase multiplus II 5kva system has been deciding around 11am to disconnect from the grid and run off of battery/solar until around 4pm.

I presume the system is upset about grid voltage or something, but I can't actually spot any place inside the Cerbo GX that may indicate what it considers to be the problem.

As far as I can tell, the grid voltage on all phases is less than the overvoltage 10 minute average value configured in ve.config for each multiplus.

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AC Power Requirement - Victron Blue Smart IP65 24V 13 Amp Battery Charger

In order to maximise the output from a Victron Blue Smart IP65 24V 13 Amp Battery Charger, what AC input power is required @240v in watts ? The info is required so I can assess the size of generator required to run the charger remotely.

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Solar Controller consumption data no longer displayed in Android app after update.
After the most recent update my solar controller (MPPT 100/15) no longer shows the consumption current in the android app.

I was monitoring the consumption immediately before and after the update. It is powering all the lights in my Airstream so it is obviously still working. Immediately after the last update it started displaying 0 and has been at that level since when it should be at 40-100 watts. The power is still being consumed, the unit is still operational, it is just that the app does not display it.

The total daily consumption is still displayed in the history section, it is only the the status page that displays nothing for load output. Solar and Battery states are still displayed normally.

Any way to revert the last update? Any other way to resolve this now?

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Tail Current Questions


I just installed my MPPT 100/50 and had a couple of questions about tail current.

If the Tail Current dictates when the batteries need to flip over into Float. Why is there an Adaptive Charge setting at all?
I think Adaptive Charge sets the time for Absorb based on a multiplier of the morning voltage of the batteries and Max Absorb Time.
Turn Adaptive off and just the Max Absorb Time is used.
In both instances, Tail Current (if switched on) would flick the batteries into Float mode. But Adaptive mode could time out before that tail current is hit,. Wouldn't that mean that the Absorb time was too short?
With Tail Current available to dictate when the batteries are full, why would you need an Adaptive mode at all?

How does the Tail Current work if the sun goes in and the current drops. Does it just switch to Float prematurely?

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I'm trying to use an long Ethernet cable to my easy solar all in one, how do I do that

at the back of the color control there is a port labeled Ethernet but there is no way to get a cable to the CC as the slot between mppt area and inverter area is blocked by battery connections. I could bore a hole in case. I'm reluctant to do that of which one reason is will connecting to the cc to router give me what I'm looking for. JohnC was involve in an earlyer question on connecting to controller

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Wirebox for Orion 48/24-16?

I've got a wirebox designed for the 100-30 and 100-50 charge controllers, and I'm looking at installing it on an Orion 48/24-16 DC-DC converter. It fits perfectly, except unlike a charge controller, the Orion lacks holes in the rear base plate to which the wirebox plate can be attached.

Any ideas? I could drill holes in the base plate, but I'm wary of damaging components behind. Or perhaps glue the wirebox plate on?

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IP67 charger for marine use

I see the following statement in the IP67 manual (15e).

“A marine (boat) battery must be removed and charged on shore. To charge it on board requires equipment specially designed for marine use.”

I am planning on installing an IP67 permanently on my sail boat to charge two lithium batteries. My understanding was that this charger was suitable for marine use. I would, therefore, be interested in knowing what makes it inappropriate for permanent installation on a boat?



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What fuse type is best for Multi-plus II?

Hi there,

Which fuse type is best for fusing the Multi-plus II? ANL, MEGA fuse, CNN fuse, other?

I imagine a slow blow fuse would be better so that it withstands short spikes of current from the inverter for short periods. I'm thinking of going with the MEGA fuse as it seems they are slow blow where as the other aren't (or they vary)? Just wanting to get some advice as to weather this would be the best option?

Also wondering which fuse type would be best for fusing each battery? I will be running 2x UP2500 25.6V Pylontech batteries.

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ESS and Freedom Won Battery

I have been working through a number of threads to find a solution to the draining of Freedom Won battery prior to being fully charged by PV, where loads in excess of PV supply is sourced from battery (and not grid).

My system setup as follows:

MultiPlus II 48/5000

Victron MPPT 150/85 Te VE-Can

Cerbo GX

FreedomWon 10/8 (200Ah)

Lynx Power In

3.2kWp PV (3x3)

I have set battery SoC to 60% with an aim to use 40% during night to feed critical loads. I have noticed two issues though:

  1. The battery supplies power to both critical and non-critical loads, which causes it to drain too fast.
  2. During the day while battery is charging via PV, it keeps on using battery power for loads prior to being fully charged. This slows down charging and often does not reach 100% at end of day.

I suspect this is an ESS setting that I am missing. Any advice?


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VRM Dashboard new thing " Time To Go " under Battery section ? , appeared and vanished




Just noticed this today , appeared and disappeared within a minute.

Anyone know what that is relating to ?

Work in progress?

I am guessing time to go Batteries to full charge at current charge state ( when they are charging ) and Time to go before batteries fully depleat at current discharge state?

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MultiPlus-II GX reboots every 2 min on its own: Broken?

Setup: AC-in to grid on L1, no AC-outs, 48 V 10 kWh lithium battery, EM24 grid meter to USB, LAN to router, BMS with 2 wire to T.Sense and Aux2, 4 kW PV on L1

Hi Folks,

two weeks ago my Multiplus-II GX 3k internally exploded (many Power-Mosfets were gone...). My local dealer sent me a new unit under warranty. This was running fine for 6 days now. I copied the exact same setting which where running for more then a year perfectly.

Yesterday during adsorption phase (56.7 V) the unit suddenly rebooted on it own. Then it keeps rebooting every ~2 min. In the evening I disconnected AC and DC and also said "Rebooting" in the menu. The whole night it was running fine.

But today, also around noon during adsorption phase, it started again. I did further tests. The unit reboots even on its own when it's connected to DC only! I disconnected AC, USB grid meter, LAN, 2 BMS conntacts, etc.

I have the feeling that the unit can not handle my Vmax of 56.7 V properly. Or maybe some deep settings are scrambled. I also tested a release firmware with no luck.

Before I need to send the unit back again I want to be clear that this is not just a software issue. Any ideas?

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2x MPPT 250/100 not producing expected output

I now have 2 x 250/100 MPPT's that I have connected 28 x 390W panels 4 in series and 7 strings, 4 strings to one and 3 to the other. My question is why at peak hours am I only producing 6500W?

I have a Freedom Won 30/24 LifePO4 battery connected as well as a generator on remote start


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Multiplus flutters with coffee maker

I have a Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 Inverter/Charger that makes a fluttering sound when it's inverting about every 40 seconds when my Keurig Coffee Maker is ON.

Any ideas why this happens. TIA.

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Fronius Error state 107 - Off grid with Fronius on Output

Hi All.

I have a Fronius Eco on the output of 3x 15kVA Quattro inverters.

PV Inverter assistant is loaded and the GX device picks up the Fronius inverter successfully.

The Fronius give error state 107 - The AC grid outside the allowed limits.

Please assist?




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Which Battery Preset for my AGM Battery? Specs below


I have the MPPT 100/20 that feeds an Optima AGM type 25 aux battery in my Jeep's engine bay.

I am really confused about the battery setting and being challenged in everything electrical, I wold like to know which preset would best fir the Optima AGM batter? From what I have read, the preset 1 or 2 would likely fit best- BUT - the AGM battery I have is a spiral one and so the preset for AGM Spiral seems to be better suited. HOWEVER, the settings according to what I have read appear to be too high according to the chart here:

So... which is it... :)

Thanks in advance.

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MPPT 150/85 Tr VE.Can Sizing


I currently have a Victron MPPT 150/85 Tr VE.Can connected to 9 JA PV panels of 380W in a 3x3 configuration. I would like to expand the system by adding 3 panels and used the Victron Calculator to determine as per the screenshot below.

Question: Though the calculator shows configuration as accepted in a 3S4P connection, it provides a warning of Power Limiting at Low Temperatures. Will this impact the overall efficiency of system considering I live in a generally warm climate with temperatures rarely below freezing point (usually winter low temp will be between 5-10 degrees).

Are there any risks/issues I should consider prior to doing so?



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Pylontech DOD

I'm asking in response to this thread:

The Spec sheet for pylontech US3000 states 3552Wh capacity, but useable capacity 3200Wh. This would mean discharging all the way to 10% Depth of Discharge. Wouldn't that seriously ruin the lifespan of the batteries? I thought all LiFePo4s should only go to 20% DoD.

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SmartSolar-MPPT 2 string or 1 string


I have 2 diffrent angle panel strings becasue of my setup only 1 set can be angled at 35deg south facing and the other string only 12deg south facing. All panales are the same 1p5s 365w 40v VoC

My question is there any benerfit of 2 strings and there for using the RS 100 over 2s5p on a 250/60
There is no option to place them both at 35deg due to space.

Im in the uk hence the 35Deg optimum, the shed its on has a 12deg roof and not enough room to set them all to 35deg.

Obviously I could also go for twin 250/60 but being slightly more cost then the Rs100 it doesnt make sense to double up.

I'm making an assumption that the RS100 can take 450v on each tracker? as I coudlnt work this out based on the spec sheet. although possibly in the manual/setup if i looked harder



Edit: I can also see that while the 250/60 have 4xMC4 connectors as it only has 1 tracker it only really assist in connecting higher AMPs parallel settings by deviding them across 2 input pairs and I dont think it would assit with 2 diffrent angle string albeit they are both same south facing. I'm also expecting the lower ones on the roof to suff shading issue during winter and want to avoind them dragging down the other string which should have this problem

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DC Loads Increase - with high Multiplus charge rate

Hi All

I wonder if anyone can explain a strange issue I am seeing on my system...

Set up - 3x Lithium (3x 200A), VE.Bus BMS, Venus GX, BMV712 and Multiplus (EasyPlus 12/1600/70 - set to 70A charge current max).

Example of situation / what I am seeing -

  • I leave the boat for a few days
  • with a constant load of about 1.5A on batteries
  • I arrive back at boat - and BMV says state of charge is 90%
  • all good so far

I plug shore power in - and switch Multi on - and do NOT switch on anything else -

  • it goes straight to Bulk - good.
  • If I look in Venus at the Multiplus - it says it is generating 70A - good.
  • I look at the BMV - and it says it has about 60A going in to batteries - strange
  • I expect the current going in to batteries to be about 68.5A (charge current - loads)
  • where are the other 10A going / being lost ?
  • I look on VRM and see DC Power showing my DC loads are pulling about 10A
  • but this is not true - the loads / devices are only about 1.5A
  • I have not switched any other loads on

This false high DC loads figure (about 10A) stays while charging Amp are high (in bulk). When multi goes to absorption - the false high DC loads (10A) reduces in line with the drop of charging Amps. I watch the 10A loads reading slowly drop to 1.5A as the multi reduces its charge current from 70A to almost nothing. Then - in float - the DC loads read accurately - 1.5A.

Any thoughts on what the issue is ?



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Connect both multiplus and alternator to Argo FET input?

I currently have my multiplus connected directly to my service battery and the alternator connected to the input of my Argofet. The service battery is conencted to output 1 of the argofet, the engine battery to output 2 of the argofet and the battery of my bowthruster to output 3
In this configuration :
- when the alternator runs all 3 battery systems are charged : service, engine and bowthruster.
- when the multiplus is charging (connected to the grid), it only charges the service battery. The engine battery is charged as I connected the connnector meant for that on the multiplus directly to the engine battery.
- however my bowthruster battery is not charged at that moment.

However, I was thinking : why don't I connect the multiplus also to the input of the Argofet instead of directly to the service-battery, that way when the multiplus charges, it will also charge the bowthruster-battery?
Is this possible?

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Proper ADD Setup for 4 Pylontech US3000 Connected in Parallel

I'm not sure what this part of the manual means. I have one group of 4 batteries in parallel. How should I set this up?




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Class T fuse speed for Multiplus

My Multiplus 12/3000 calls for a 400A Class T fuse. Many suppliers are out of stock but I find that some Class T fuses available are slow blow and some are fast acting JJN and extremely fast acting TJN. What type does Victron recommend?

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Symo Hybrids with Multiplus-2

I would like to use a Fronius Symo Hybrid in an AC-coupled system with a Multiplus-2.

Is it possible to use the Symo Hybrid for that? And if so, can i configure it to only use its inverter?

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Parallel 2 Multi 3000's

I want to install 2 Multi 3000's (parallel) in my RV and the RV has 50A service with a 50A dual pole main breaker. My system is 12VDC. How can I feed AC to both multis? By that I mean if I put 1 - 30A breaker on each side of the 50A main,.. with split phase I'm inputting 240V (NO NO!). If I put 2 - 30A breakers both on the same side of the 50A I'm potentially overloading one side of the service. FYI, nothing in the RV runs off of 240V. I hope I've stated this correctly and hope there's an easy solution for the issue.

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MultiPlus always on BulK?

Hello All, I recently changed my inverter charger from a Magnum to the Multi 12/3000. It's connected to 500Ah of lithium. I'm able to monitor the system remotely using the Cerbo GX and I've noticed the inverter is sitting in Bulk charge mode 100% of the time. I've set my charge settings to 14.4 for Absorb and 13.6 for float based on info gathered online. Absorb time is set to 2hrs. Is thre a setting I'm missing that's causing this ?

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Phoenix inverter zero load negative value

My 24/1200 inverter shows an output current value of -0.7A in VRM. I know that the device is not accurate but that 160W fault throws the DC draw way off. If I turn of “Has DC system” in Venus OS on my pi I loose the numbers for Consumption in VRM so that isn’t a way I want to go. Would it be possible to specify a fixed offset in VRM to correct the imprecise measurement of the inverter? So that -0.7A is 0 and 0 is +0.7A? That would at least get rid of the major error whenever the inverter isn’t supplying any current.

System: SmartSolar 100/20, SmartShunt, Phoenix 24/1200. All connected with VE.Direct-USB cables to a Raspberry Pi Venus OS.



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Multiplus 48/5000/70-100 #E24 Error code

Hello everyone, I recently installed a Multiplus 48/5000/70-100, and tonight everything stopped, and the code E24 (Start of system protection) was displayed on the screen of the Cerbo GX, what does this mean, and how can I remedy it? The inverter also writes assisting very often, while the grid is present, and the batteries are discharged instead of being recharged.I am sending you as attachments, the pictures of the installation, and a screenshot of the VRM.My e-mail adress is: .Thank you in advanceIMG_0792.JPGIMG_0924.jpg

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Can Orion Tr 24/12 20 DC-DC converters be paralleled?

Do they have any load sensing for proper load sharing so one is not dominant?

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