Cerbo GX to Garmin MFD

I just added the Cerbo GX to my Garmin 8600. It shows up in Onehelm, but the screen is so small. It is connected via RJ45 from the Cerbo GX Ethernet port to my Garmin Network port. Is there a setting I’m missing? It did recognize and add it right away. Any help is appreciated.



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Cerbo GX - broken

Hello I have connected a brand new Cerbo GX to the my battery (lifepo4) 302ah at 62v.

I managed to connect and turn on the cerbo GX 2 or 3 times, no problem.

In one last time that I have to disconnect and connect to the battery, the cerbo made a sound like a internal spark and "died"..

The fuse in the power cable is ok didn't trigger.

Why as this happen? To much power, the volts was in the range for the Cerbo, 8vdc to 70vdc.

Many thanks

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2009 Skylla-TG 24-100 G Universal - Upgrade??

Hi - I have a 2009 Skylla-TG 24-100 G Universal. As far as I can tell this unit does not have the ability to set the Boost voltage, Float voltage, or Absorption time. Is there any way to upgrade/update it, or do I have to buy the new version??

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Avis sur futur installation


Je vais bientôt installer des PV en sans revente avec stockage.

J'ai inséré en pj le schémas unifilaire de mon installation avec les dimensionnements et références.

J'assemblerai les coffrets de protections moi même avec du Legrand.

Qu'en pensez-vous ?

Avez-vous des remarques ?

Merci pour vos retours.


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Multiplus X 2 and 100A current sensor

Hi All,

We have a single 48/5000 multiplus 2, with ESS and 48V lifepo4 battery in a parallel grid connected system. Also 4kw PV direct to grid with an old school grid connected inverter. Currently we use the victron 100A current sensor connected directly to the multiPlus to drive the ESS instead of an ET112 grid meter connected to the Venus OS (raspi).

The system is working great.

I have 2 questions regarding this if anyone can help.

  1. We want to add a second Multiplus. Can we do so still using the current sensor connected to the master only. If so do we just configure the slave in the normal manner but leave the external sensor fitted box 'unchecked' ? - Or do we need to fit a meter (ET112) ?

  2. Because we are running the current set up using the external current sensor the system thinks it sits between the loads and the grid (see photo) and as such throws up a lot of L1 overload messages. I assume I can ignore these as the L1 does not actually pass through the MultiPlus.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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Nur Überschuss in den Akku laden?

Moin Moin,

ich habe folgendes System:

Multiplus 2

48V 105Ah LifePo4 Speicher

2x MPPT 100/20


ESS Assistent ist installiert und so eingestellt, dass der Zähler gegen 0 gehalten wird.


Ich möchte, dass nur PV Überschuss in den Akku geladen wird.


Akku min. SOC ist auf 10% eingestellt (diesen SOC hat die Batterie auch gerade)

Generiert die PV Anlage über die MPPT's nun z.b. 100W, werden diese genutzt um den Akku zu laden (bis ca. 14%).

Danach wird der Verbrauch am Zähler gen 0 gehalten (PV+Akku) bis der Akku wieder bei 10% angekommen ist - danach beginnt das Spiel von vorn.

Ist es möglich, dass nur PV Power für die Ladung genutzt wird, die über ist?

Beispiele (vereinfacht):


PV generiert 100W, Hausverbrauch liegt bei 600W, Zähler geht runter auf 500W, Akku wird nicht geladen.

PV generiert 1200W, Hausverbrauch liegt bei 600W, Zähler wird mit 600W gen 0 geregelt und die übrigen 600W fließen in den Akku.

Danke und Grüße,


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Suggestions for improving Victron Connect

hello, after 2 years of use and study I noticed fews things that Victron products can improve a lot with little effort.

1) the count of the cycles of the smartshunt and of the various models of BMV.

A cycle is only counted under 65% ..

This is incorrect in my opinion for lead acid batteries one should count a cycle even at 90% or 85%.

IN my RV the system is correctly sized, the batteries are agm for 178ah, and the photovoltaic of 450 watts.

I live in a pretty good climate and never run out of batteries below 80/85%.

So no cycle counts, apart from synchronizations.

This also leads to an inaccurate reading of the average discharge.

In fact, the average discharge is based on cycles and not on synchronizations.

In fact, I have average discharges of 25/30 ah and this is not detected, since my battery pack is 178ah and I never discharge below 65%. actually never below 80%.

2) it would be nice if the victron Connect app for the smartsolar also displays the internal temperature of the solar controller.

This temperature is certainly detected by the smartsolar but is not displayed.

3) it would be nice in the "trends" section to be able to cross the curves of 3 values and not just 2.

For example "battery voltage + battery current + soc".

it would be nice if the AH count was implemented in the historical trends of the smartshunt. Instead it is the only data that is only available in real time.

4) it is a pity that a small economic accessory is not available that records in a memory all the data of historical trends in CSV format to be exported.

The trend is only available on the App for 46 days and the possibility to save the history every 30 days (but only manually) from the smartsolar.

When I had the Epever-based system, a simple object costing 20 euros would record months of data at a time in. CSV.

I hope these suggestions can be taken into consideration, at least in part… at least the talk of battery monitor cycles.

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Multiplus II 48/5000 automatically dropping water heater in case of overload

I'm having an off-grid solar system installed (16x415W + 2 x MPPT 250/100 + Multiplus II 48/5000 + 2 x 5 kWH LiFePo4). I'm worried about overload condition and would like to have an automatic system that drops the water heater (2kW) off line if the 5000 kW inverter output is about the be exceeded.

My question is if the Multiplus II has some features that can be used to implement this or do I have to have this implemented without help from the Multiplus? Can the relay be programmed for this application?

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Does the Multi RS Solar feed in to the grid?

The Multi RS Solar has ESS options for "Optimise with/without battery life". When you use this, it uses the batteries first and any additional load requirement at the output is achieved by using the grid AC in feed.

My question is, will this result in any grid feed in either deliberately or just by leakage and is this allowed in the UK?

I don't want any grid feed in if that wasn't already obvious :)

I'm looking for some facts here rather than speculation or hypothesis if someone really knows the answer?

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Parallel MultiPlus - Current Transformer

For an ESS system with Multiplus II units in parallel I wanted to use a CT Clamp instead of an ET112 meter to measure the grid. I saw a statement somewhere before, saying that this won't work, but I'm not sure why it won't work. Can anyone explain why an ET112 or similar is needed instead of a CT Clamp? Or can a CT be used, maybe I have the wrong information?

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Multiplus-II + ET112 + Current Transformer


I have recently switched from the CT to the ET112 and noticed something odd

I have a Multiplus-II 3kva + ESS + 140Ah 48v Li-Ion + Batrium BMS (CAN-Bus) + Cerbo GX + PV on ACin

Everything is working fine expect I have noted the following oddity

I was uing the CT and could see the MP2 quickly adjusting to the PV lows and spikes during cloud movment and demands on the ACin during normal operation mode, but since switching to the ET112 I was able to see the MP2 is now really very slow at adjusting the inverter power output and charging, so much so that I can see 1.8Kw export happening from the battery when the sun comes out for 5+ seconds and importing while charging due to the cloud covering up the sun, this is very odd becasue with the CT it was super quick to change and keep the grid at Zero import or export.

I think because the metering has been moved to the Cerbo GX this now has to tell the MP2 to adjust I just wasnt expecting it to be so poor at controlling it with such a slow delay

Everything is working fine just really slow, I'm not runnign anything extera or doing anything extra with the cerbo gx, it is however in superuser mode running v2.52 (came out the same day the cable arrived to pulg in the ET112 so unsure if its a v2.52 related or just expected behavoiur) and i have node red connected to it, no perf issues though and only 1 flow (your charge at night flow) connected to it. Top is not showing any processes that would slow this device down.

Is this expected behaviour when using a ET112 or any Grid meter?


Mark Boys

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[NOT SOLVED] Raspberry Pi and Zigbee link for ET112

Raspberry Pi 3B running the latest Venus OS 2.89. Connected to Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50.

The system is connected to a 48V LiFePO4 pack with 250A Daly BMS.

Everything working, I can power up the unit and configure it, inverter comes on, ESS assistant installed via VEconfig, I am in the UK, country code entered, system test successful etc..

I have an ET112 and Zigbee units one USB and one RS485. I have the USB inserted into the Raspberry Pi, which is connected to the multiplus II via Mk3 USB cable to VEBus.

However, in the "setting" > "energy meters" screen on the RPI there is no energy meter showing. The zigbees have a blue tx-rx light flashing?

Any ideas?

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BlueSolar MPPT - Batterylife algorithm thresholds


We're using BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 for solar street light application. The LED source is connected directly to the load output of the charger.

I know, that the Batterylife algorithm is changing the load disconnect/connect voltage thresholds, according to how the battery was charged. But what are the actual thresholds for the 12V system, what is the absolute low/high disconnect/connect voltage and what is the daily increment, if the battery was not charged again?

Knowing this would help a lot configuring the light, taking into account the voltage drop in the cables, and also solving some issues with cases where light doesn't switch ON at all.

Many thanks and kind regards,


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Fuses and Earth of the DC side of 3-phase system

Hello, how to understand the "It is essential the negative battery terminal between the units is always connected. A fuse or circuit breaker is not allowed" in the Multi II Manual? The interconnection between the units is meant? The BMS in error case disconnects the minus pole of the battery by N-MOSFETs, there is no way to do it in other way. And the DC terminals of the Multis see no difference (except of the stray capacitance) which pole is disconnected. Is it correct to earth the plus pole of the battery and insert the fuse and the DC switch into the minus line which can be interrupted by the BMS anyway? Thanks.

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Quattro 48/8000 maintain maximum charge output voltage

I have a REC BMS connected to my quattros. My batteries are 16S li-ion. I was aware that the quattros had a maximum voltage of 66V - which is close enough to my battery 90% charge of 66.9V (my set limit).

However, the voltage only sits around 64V - less than 65% capacity.

The BMS is reporting a Charge Current Limit of 92.9A and max charge voltage of 66.9V to the Venus when the charge current drops to 0A at 64V.

How do I get that extra 2V of charge?

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