Difference between Lynx distributor and Lynx Power is..

Is it correct that the only difference between the Lynx Power and the Lynx Distributor is battery monitor PCB (which requires the Lynx Shunt?)? I already have the BMV-712 and don't feel monitoring the fuses to be that useful. Thank you.

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Charge Mgmt - 8 x Smartsolar, GX, BMV, Multiplus

I want to run one charge profile for my Lithium batteries, controlled by both voltage and current fall off.
This means

a) Networking it all together

b) Having a charge profile

Victron seems schitzophenic with their communications protocols. VeDirect, VENet, VEBus, VECan, VE Smart, USB
6 methods. Wow.

So lets assume you have solar with shading. So you want to have one MPPT per panel, to maximise output. That means lots of small controllers. And you want to connect to CerboGX for control.

How would you connect 8 x Smartsolar MPPT in a smaller size to CerboGX?
And once / if you did, you then also need to connect BMV-712 for battery current sense
And also Multiplus II as that charge profile also needs controlling.

The docs for VE.Smart (BT) indicate that the MPPT's will work together, but they are overridden by VE.CAN. Which is not supported by small units.
CerboGX does have BT, but does not support VE.Smart

You can connect VE.Direct to CerboGX via USB adapter, but no info on max qty, or if this will allow control of charge profile

And no discussion in CerboGX of Li charge profile control over Multiplus. Though us hinted in VE.Can info - but Multiplus(ii) doesn't support VE.CAN

Victron - how to make sense of centralised charge profiles for lithium? (Assuming batteries are not VE.Can Victron)
Or - even if they where.

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SmartSolar Charger 150/35 - still experiencing zero output issues after firmware 1.53 and 1.54 updates


After updating the firmware on my 3 SmartSolar 150/35 devices from 1.51 I have been experiencing issues where the PV power drops close to zero. In some instances the situation rectifies itself other times I need to disable/enable via the VictronConnect app. I saw there was an issue with the 1.53 firmware and hoped the 1.54 firmware would rectify the situation but unfortunately the issue still persists. Today device 260 was off for 2 hours before I disabled/enabled it via the app.


  1. Quattro 48/8000/100-2x100 - firmware 469
  2. 4 x Pylontech US3000
  3. 3 x SmartSolar 150/35 - firmware 1.54
  4. 2 sets of 6 x JA Solar JAP72S01-330/SC
  5. 1 set of 6 x JA Solar JAM72S01-380/PR
  6. Venus GX - firmware 260



Is Victron aware that some devices still have this "drop out "issue even with the 1.54 firmware?


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Bluetooth connection problem with Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and VictronConnect


I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone with Android OS. I am consistently having Bluetooth connection problems. Cuurently I have 4 Lifepo4's and 1 Blue Smart chargers in range. Every time I connect to a device and go back to the main screen of Victron Connect the device I connected last time turns to grey and I cannot connect back to it without turning on and off the flight mode. Is there a permanent solution for that?



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Power to Cerbo GX

Can I use a different 12VDC source to power my Cerbo GX, or do I have to use the supplied wire that connects to the batteries?

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ET340 no communication

Hello experts,

I am not able to establish communication in system of:

Venus OS (Raspberry pi 3)

Multiplus II 48V/3000 (external wired Current Transformer sensor connected)

ET340 Carlo Gavazzi


MK3 VE Bus USB cable

VE Direct USB cable


I am able to communicate to ET340 via recommended USB-RS485 interface with PC to Carlo Gavazzi UCS7 original SW. But no response after plugged USB-RS485 interface to Raspberry pi. Just immediately after USB-RS485 plugged to Raspberry the LED (red and green) flashes approx. 1 second. Power meter ET340 is not visible in system (Setting-Energy meters).

I have tried a lot of variants (Address, Baud...) a lot of Reboot but no communication at all.

What is wrong? Do I need to setup anything?

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Color Control GX no longer sees Multiplus w v2.62 firmware

On Feb 8th at 21:00 hrs my system lost connection with the Multiplus. No SOC and other info is available on the Color Control or on the NMEA 2000 network.

It appears that this was coincident with the release of v2.62 of the Color Control firmware. The system is now running on v2.63 and continues to not display the normal data.

I have a Multiplus 24/3000/70 connected via VE.Bus to NMEA and then NMEA to VE.Can to Color Control. The Color Control is set to automatically update software.

Anyone have ideas on how to resolve this?




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Cerbo GX Water Tank Level Sensor Recommendations Needed

Hi Folks,

I am excited about the tank monitoring capabilities of the Cerbo GX but I see so many different and highly technical posts. I really am hoping that by now there is a "plug and play" recommendation. I have three fresh water tanks and would prefer outside sensor install but whatever is proven and most accurate. I have access to all tanks from the top and sides. I also have the Cerbo connected to a BMV-712 and a Multi-plus inverter by the appropriate wire cables and then on to the Raymarine Axiom Pro(where I will hope to read the water levels in addition to the phone app or VRM).

Appreciate your recommendations.


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Battery Connection to LynxPowerin or Lynx Distributor together with Quattro & Mppt

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) I posted this to an existing reply but thought of posting this here as well.

We are using 20 units of LTO 48V batteries - 31.5A each connected in parallel to busbar = 630A

1. Can we use Lynx PowerIn instead of Lynx distributor if we added to Lynx PowerIn additional M8 bolts in those provided case mouldings with mega fuses?

2. I looked at the existing bolts and if we use the same size there is a height difference, so will this matter when installing the fuse?

3. We are linking up to 5 Lynx PowerIn so do we need to keep all batteries connected to one Lynx Powerin busbar with mega fuses or if we have space we could connect Quattro and Mppt to the same as well. OR do we keep batteries separated and just use a separate Lynx Powerin just for our quattros and mppt?

4. Lynx Powerin = 1000A.

so this mean that on each one max A = 1000

But if we are using 5 Lynx PowerIn connected together and use them for quattro/ mppt and battery connection then should the total of battery A be less than 1000A?

5. Or should we use Lynx Power Distributor for all battery side connections with Lynx Ion+shunt in between this and our Lynx PowerIn where quattro and Mppt are connected?

Appreciate your comments and Thanks in advance!

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Wire Size for DC-DC 30/30/12 converter?

Hi all! Excited to have found this forum. I have designed my system so that my electrical system is on the opposite side of my van from the starter battery. I have realized that the recommended wire size will not sufficiently carry the current - is there a way to use a bigger wire? Is that set up a really bad idea? I estimate the total distance to be maybe 40 ft (both ways).

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Solar charger exceeding float voltage

I just replaced my batteries with a bank of FireFly AGM's. I'm paranoid about blowing them up, since I just ruined a bank of FLA batteries. FireFly wants a 14.4V charge, with a 13.4 float. I set up my Victron MPPT solar controller with those values - 14.4V absorption, 13.4 float.

When I checked today, my batteries were reporting a voltage of 13.64. The solar controller reported the max voltage applied as 14.7.

I expected that the max voltage applied would be 14.4, and that the float voltage would be 13.4. There are no other charge sources applied to that batteries.

What am I missing?





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How do I know if my Orion is charging?

Hi there,

I am trying to figure out some basics of my system. I have a 12 12 / 30 Orion that is not the “smart” newer one. I have it hooked up to a remote switch so that it turns on (green light) when the alternator is running.

I have a battery monitor hooked up as well. When I shut the batteries off and turn them back on it always says “100%” regardless of how much was used previous time. Im guessing 100% is just whatever is currently in the battery bank when battery monitor starts up?

I just want to see if the Orion charges and how much! Any tips much appreciated.

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MultiPlus II - Conditional AC connection - AC input connect on load - Connect when load is higher than_not working reliable

During commissioning testing of MultiPlus II 24/3000 Firmware 481. My MultiPlus II has been set to: Conditional AC connection (enabled)- AC input connect on Load (enabled)- no battery condition is set.

The unit exhibits a problem that fails frequently to switch to Passthu mode when the "connect when load is higher than xxW" condition is True.

I've set the lower power limit to 69W and upper 81W for this test to be within the limits of my testing equipment. The grid is stable both in voltage and frequency during the test.


What happens is: (when the load power level exceeds the upper power threshold of 81W)

- the Inverter output syncs to Grid immediately (monitoring dual trace CRO on Inverter and Grid)

- relays go through test condition (as when first the Grid is present)

- after a time period (about a minute at least) the Grid loses sync with the Inverter (briefly 1-2 seconds) and relays go in test condition again

-intermittently (and after a variable time) the MultiPlus II correctly goes into Passthru mode

- each time when the lower Power limit W is reached it correctly goes to "Inverting" mode with "AC input disconnected" (which is what I expect to happen).

I've tested the islanding function, Conditional AC connection - the battery voltage setpoints, connect and disconnect. These pass the commissioning test.

A couple of issues arise.

When the load exceeds the upper Conditional AC power limit, the MultiPlus logic programming has a problem consistently activating the Passthu mode.

I need this Conditional AC power limit mode to operate my ESS to mainly operate in off-grid mode, but need the grid to reliably back up the ESS during brief periods of high loads.

Victon Connect only displays limited information about the logic conditions which are triggered. i.e. no display that shows what logic condition has been triggered "Conditional AC connection- AC power <> than setpoint or battery voltage limit etc. Having more information regarding the logic conditions would be invaluable in tracking down both human error with programming and any faults with the energy system.

Also discovered a spelling error in the English message of the Viction Connect display, which should read "Grid disconnect reason".

I hope I've detailed the problem I'm experiencing in a clear manner and look forward to an update that fixes the problem.

Regards From Australia


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Multiplus ii 24/3000 120v for North America?


It's been 2 years and 8 months (May 21, 2018) since the Multiplus II was released in the 48/3000/35-32 230v format. Is there any chance that anything in the 120v range will be released?

Or, perhaps a better question, is Victron having difficulties making the Multiplus II available in anything with 120v? Seems odd that they can't figure out this voltage after almost 3 years.

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Orion-Tr Smart 24/12-30A - poor bluetooth perfomance

Hi all,

I have installed an Orion Tr Smart 24/12 30A in my motorhome. I took the choice for this model because I want to be able to switch it on/off while driving.

But the bluetooth performance is very poor. The device is in mounted in the garage of my motorhome. During the instalation in the garage I checked receiving my MPPT and BMV (mounted inside the motorhome) there without any problems. Now the situation is as follow:

Inside the motorhome I can reach my MPPT and BMV but not the Orion in the garage. I try to reach it inside only a few cm away at the other side of the compound wall with no result.

Inside my garage I can receive all 3 devices.

Beside the motorhome I can receive the MPPT and BMV without problems, the Orion only at the door of my garage if it is open.

Is there any option to a better performance ? I know the option to use a cable to switch the device but I bought this device to to it by bluetooth.



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Panels putting out more than rated


I have 600w worth of panels and regularly get more than 600w production. It’s only when there’s full Sun & I have the panels positioned towards the Sun, but not like to any particular degree.. I just pointed them till I got the highest output.

is this normal? Is it indicative of a problem someplace?

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Why does Victron experts do not provide an update to 3phase systems to support phase compensation functionality for heavy unsymmetric loads like electric vehicle chargings

Dear Guy Steart at Victron Expert Community,

I can show you 15 very unsatisfied customers within this forum who all have the same problem.

They are very disappointed about the fact that their investment in 3 phase system is not able to make phase compensation and so their investment is not satisfying their needs.

Loading electric vehicles will not be supported by Victron. Is this your strategy and can you tell us that you dont want to support solutions with ESS+EV's or is it just an unwanted failure and this important change request did never pop up at your programming experts and product managers?

Please look at the threads that are unanswered:



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How to setup multiple chargers connecting simultaneously.


I have purchased the following devices and I am starting to setup the system on my Boat, where I have a Starter Battery and a House Battery:

  • Blue Power Charger 12 30 3
  • Smart solar MPPT 100 30
  • Orion-TR Smart 12 12 - 30
  • Smart Battery Protect 12/24 100
  • BMV-712 Smart
  • 2 x Victron 12V 175W Mono Solar Panels

My question relates to situation in which these devices will all be working at the same time.

The AC/DC and DC/DC Charger, will rarely do that, as I will either be on Shore Power or on Engine Power, but there could be very rare instances of the engines being run while on the dock for a few minutes when also still connected on Shore power.

My main concern is the MPPT Solar Charger running at the same time as the DC/DC Charger when under way and in daylight. But technically, if I am in the situation described above at the dock, all three chargers could be working at the same time, for some short period of time.

Can this damage the devices or the Battery? At present the Battery is a AGM 100Ah Deep Cycle but I will soon be replacing it with a LiFePO4.

Can someone please recommend the best way to setup this system? Am I better off switching manually things on off based on the usage? Or can I setup the devices parameters in such a way that they will automatically stop working at the right time based on the voltage produced by other devices?

I would appreciate some guidance and help.

Thank you in advance,


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SmartSolar 100/20 Load Momentarily Disconnecting.

I have the above solar controller. My caravan is connected to the load, the most I've had on the load is 10amps, so it's not that causing the disconnection BUT.......

When the sun fades and the input from the PV drops, the charger switches off, at this point the load is switched of for a split second and reconnected, it does this every day.

I've just downloaded the latest App for Android, and I've installed the latest firmware for the 100/20.

The problem I have is, when the disconnection/connection occurs, all my lights in my RV come on, so if I'm not there, I'll end up with flat batteries, and if I have to disconnect my battery when I'm away, what's the point of having solar as it won't charge a disconnected battery.

I live in my caravan, so I'm here most nights, to sort the problem out, I thought I was Upgrading when I put this controller in as I only had a PWM controller, wired the same, but this controller seems to be a step back for me.

Can someone from Victron please sort this out for me?



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Battery to busbar to Multiplus 12 300w, wiring help needed

I'm getting very confused by my internet research, by my calculations to get the max draw from the batteries to the busbar 700a to the invertor and the 12v system is roughly 600a so my cabling needs to match that the the busbar. Is this correct. So 120mm2 cable or would running two 90mm2 cables be better advised or at risk from melting...

The rest of the system is in place and just confusing myself with this last little bit... undoubtably the most important which is why I am 2nd guessing what I am researching.

If anyone can help that would be great

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REC-BMS for Victron / Multiplus 24/3000 / Control Load busbar


I'm pretty new to LiFeYPO4 (coming from normal batteries) and I want to build a Victron system using Winston LiFeYPO4 batteries with REC SI BMS for Victron. I intend to build a 2p8s system which is connected to the BMS.

REC BMS communicates with Victron via CAN and CCGX will be configured with DVCC to let the BMS decide the whole charging thing.

My issue is regarding the LOAD:

In all Lithium Victron diagrams (e.g. here) a Smart Battery Protect is used to switch loads on and of. SBP is controlled by VE-BUS BMS via the load disconnect signal. But with REC-BMS I have no clue to accieve this...

Is it possible to use the alarm relay of CCGX? REC BMS also has an optocoupler but the manual says this is only for charging...

My questions are:

Is it correct that in case of undervoltage the inverter of the MPII is switche off via CAN?

Has anybody an idea how to switch of all 24/12v loads in a Victron environment using REC BMS for Victron?

Any ideas appreciated.


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ESS with grid parallel PV Inverter

Dear community, good morning

I have a Multiplus II GX Inverter charger configured with ESS asistant under Optimized mode.

Battery bank 48V 4 x 12V LipoFe Smart Batteries from Victron with VE.BUS-BMS.

The installation has an ET112 grid meter monitoring both Multi and load power.

Grid Set Point is set to 50W to avoid feed in the grid.

Currently I have set Schedule Charging to:

Schedule 1: Everyday Starts at 0:00 / Duration 7:00hs

Schedule 2: Everyday Starts at 7:00 / Duration 11:00hs Stop on SoC 50%

This will charge the batteries during off peak tariff from 0:00 to 7:00 am, Prevent any discharge from 11:00hs to 18:00hs and use all accumulated power during the night.

I am adding a Fronius Primo grid tie inverter with (Fronius Zero feed will be enabled).

I will change my Schedule 1 and add Stop on SoC 70% so I can take advantage of the grid tie inverter to charge the batteries.

My question is how will the system behave since from 11:00hs to 18:00hs Schedule 2 two will be running?. Will it override charge from the grid from Shcedule 2 and charge from the excess in PV Inverter?. I want to take advantage of the solar excess but prevent from charging from the grid during that time.

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

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Possible Bug in VE.Can MPPT - High Battery Voltage Alarm

I had many High Battery Voltage Alarms after install today of the first 250/100 VE.Can

Good news is we now have another 3,920w Solar array working on the boat!

But the alarms were triggered by the MPPT relay output set at 28.00v and off at 27.90v. (I was hoping to use it to turn on a battery fan during charging)

Every time the MPPT hit 28v the alarm was triggered and cleared below 27.9v, but I didn't expect an alarm warning from setting the relay. (Simple FLA battery bank 28.90v Abs, so alarms were below Abs voltage)

Turning off the relay didn't stop the alarms, but setting the Voltage trigger points of the relay higher have at least stopped alarms for now.

Setting a disable alarm rule in VRM also didn't stop the alarms.

Smartsolar MPPT VE.Can 250/100 v3.04

CCGX V2.63

These Settings stopped the alarms (Setting the relay to be triggered at a higher voltage than battery voltage):


VRM Rule that didn't stop the alarms:


Alarm Logs:


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Inconsistent charging from Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30a non-Isolated

Looking for ideas to troubleshoot my alternator charging setup. I replaced a ML-ACR from the AGM setup with 2 Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30a in parallel with the new BattleBorn Lithium batteries.

I took the easy way out and re-used the 2/0 wire run by the original up-fitter from the Transits main terminal back to the power cabinet (10-12' run). There I am using a small busbar to split off 2 50a fused 6awg input wires to each Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30a. Then from the Orions I go to the main busbar.

The Orions will charge for 10mins in Bulk, then flip over to Absorption and not provide any incoming charge. After 10mins the units will sometimes begin charging again while still showing Absorption even though the SOC is at 50%. When the units do begin a new charge cycling on their own, it follows a 5min on, 5min off pattern.

If I remove the jumpers to power the devices off/on, I will get another 10min of bulk charging before it again cycles to Absorption and no charge.

I see input voltages in the 13.8-14.2 range during all this. I have disabled one of the 2 units and see the same behavior, just half the charge amps. I have also turned off the Smart Solar MPPT controller so only one charge source is contributing. My only 2 thoughts are to try and connect via the Ford Customer Connect Point vs direct wire to vans system and/or wire the Orion output directly to the battery incase there is something at the busbar contributing to the issue.


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Remote VE.Configure %%KEY_NOT_FOUND%% Error: 1303

Hi all,

I update the MP-II of one of our clients this afternoon via Remote VE.Configure.

While it seems it all worked nicely, I did get an error message and am wondering what it means.


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Matching charging parameters Multi with LFP batteries (and ESS)

Hi all,

The battery manufacturer of a system with LFP cells states:

"0.5C constant current charge to 3.65V for cell, then switch to constant voltage charge until
charge current declines to ≤0.05C"

Which absorp and float voltages would be suitable in this case for a Multi (or MPPT for that matter)? I'm inclined to use 3.65V/cell for absorp (ie. 58.4V). The ESS assistant - when allowed to update the charge settings for LFP - sets absorp to a lower 56.8V and float to 54.0V.


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Why is Mppt Low temperature cut-off with Smart Battery Sense, not completly cutting off?

I was just checking my Mppt Low temperature cut-off by setting the cutoff to 10°C and then cooling my Smart Battery Sense down below this setting.

I noticed that I was still getting 0.2A going into my battery.

Why dont I get a complete cutoff?

It was late in the day with only a little solar coming in, but I did the same the other day in bright sun and got same results but didnt record it.




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Low temperature cutoff not working

I have attached a temperature sensing cable to my BMV712 and it is reading the temperature off the battery. I have connected my mppt 100/30 through networking to the bmv and the controller is receiving the temperature. The controller is set to rotary switch 7 for my LifePo batteries and the low temperature cut-off is greyed disabled but showing 5c as the documentation says. However it is NOT stopping charging as I have tested this down to 3c. This is a VERY important feature for me as I live in the mountains of Colorado and we get cold. It is NOT working. Please advise.

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BMV 712 Smart

Does the new BMV 712 Smart able to store data? I like to see the history on how the in/out voltage and current affecting my battery bank...

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ESS multiplus 2 EM340 gridmeter visible and not visible

problem: gridmeter visibility goes on and off
must be a setting problem in ESS.



carlo gavazzi EM340.

3 x multiplus 2. (3 fase)

ESS with only ACin connected.


modbus unit ID is never showing.

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