Current sensor port on MP2


I'm new in victron product and i've seen so far in all videos a jack port for the current sensing.

I got only terminals, is that normal ? Does it mean I have to cut the jack connector of my sensor ?


Thanks for support

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Victron Quattro 15kVA overload warning genset start setting

Hi Victron

We have a 9 x Quattro 15kVA system. 3 x 33.3kW SE pv inverters and 3 x 450/100 MPPT's system. There is also a 250kVA generator connected to AC 1 with smaller grid supply at in AC 2.

The genset is set to start on overload warning when warning is active for 10s. The problem is that when grid goes off during the day, which happen everyday is SA, the inverters often go into overload warning and starts the genset. The output cuurent over the last few weeks was at 155A, 155A, 168A, once at 172A when the overload warning started.

The 3 x 15kvA Quattro inverters per phase cont output power is 12kW x 3 / 230V = 156A. So the load current is just over the 156A for the 2min while the SE inverters ramp up and take most of the load off the quattro output.

My questions is if we can set the overload warning is active for time longer so that the system can transition when grid goes off and when it goes on again so that genset is not activated. Can we set it to 180sec?

Please let me know.

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Would it be possible to parallel two RS 48/6000 Inverters?

Can the RS 48/6000 Inverter be paralleled with another RS 48/6000 Inverter to increase capacity?

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Optimising SmartShunt settings

Hi all,

I am seeking some advice for optimising my SmartShunt settings, as the SoC reflected at present does not appear to be very accurate in my setup (SoC seems to be overly optimistic). I have read and re-read so many posts and watched many videos (including the Victron published ones) on this subject, however I am struggling to confirm the best practice values for my setup.

I have in an ESS setup:

- 8x Leoch DT126 240Ah (C20) FLA batteries in a 4s2p configuration at 24V 480Ah.

- SmartShunt 500A

- 2x MPPT 100/30

- MultiPlus ii

- Cerbo Gx

My questions only concern the settings on the SmartShunt. Please see the below image for my current settings, which I have determined from reading many different posts on the best practice configuration for the SmartShunt in my system design.


I so far believe I understand that:

- Charged Voltage should be set to 0.4V under Absorbtion (which is 28.8V on the MPPT's and the MP ii charger)

- Tail current should be set to somewhere between 1% to 6% (6% is a fairly high current though: 480 / 6 * 100 = 28.8A). 6% to me seems too high though, and will result in the SmartShunt resetting the SoC to 100% before the battery is fully charged (as it's still drawing nearly 30A)? Would a value of 1% be better? What are the pros and cons?

- Charged detection time of around 5 minutes.

- Charge efficiency factor of 80% (which is also set on the MP ii charger)

Here are my Multiplus ii and MPPT charger settings for reference:



I look forward to providing you with further information as required. Many thanks.

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77V On pv input at night? (MPPT 150/45)

Hi, I noticed a very strange issue on my solar system tonight. My mppt (150/45) Seems to report aroud 77V on pv input at night. There is no light near the panels so it's not possible to be at that voltage at night. This is the first time this has ever happened.

This is a bit of a remote system (just not at my home) So it's not that easy to measure the voltage at night with a multimeter. Let me know if that is needed or a other solution to fix this problem.

This is my vrm share link if anyone wants to take a look at the advanced data and maybe find the issue (


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MPPT not bulk charging

Hi All,

I am trying to troubleshoot the behavior of the Victron 75/15 MPPT I have. Basically this is part of a portable solar setup for camping and I purchased the Victron controller to replace the previous cheap controller that gave up, the wiring for the victron was just copied across from the old controller.

It is a basic fixed panel set up with 160W (from 2 x 80W) panels with the controller and direct connection to the battery, is not complicated. When the panels are set out and battery connected the charge controller has the green light blinking with the yellow light slowly blinking initially, but after less than a minute it goes to constant yellow which is float. At no time does the controller go to bulk charge and this is despite the battery requiring charge. I have tried on several batteries at volts well below full and get the same result. I have checked the panel output and they appear to be operating correctly with a Voc of 20.4 on the multimeter and Amps of around 8. Attached are a few photos of the results any ideas welcomed on how to fix this and get the controller charging, the multi meter is showing the voltage of the battery I have it connected to.

Thanks, Evan




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MPPT RS 450/100 bricked?

I am failing to updae the firmware on the MPPT both through VRM and Bluetooth - I fear it is bricked.

Any suggestiuns to fix the problem are welcome - details below....

The MPPT shows "update active" at its display within less than one second after powering up.


It can be accessed via Bluetooth and the cerbo gx. When I try to update the firmare it starts to do so, but fails at a certain point. Current firmware version is 1.05.

Update trials via VRM: The MPPT was connected via the VE.can bus to the Cerbo GX (tried with as well - same behavior). The procedure works nicely up to 75% then it stops


and quits with an error message -


retrial results in such a message at the VRM (waiting for some task to be finished):


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VRM Display - System with two batteries / shunts (how to select the correct battery in VRM)

I have two systems (boat / van) with two battery banks each, one starter one leisure both properly monitored with a smart shunt each. one is monitored through a GX and one through Globallink 520. Now on the Globallink I seem to not be able to choose which of the batteries is used as main display in the VRM app, widget, status main page. I am aware that I can go to advanced and set up my own widget but to me it is important to see the "correct" battery on the mains page. Now to the actual question ,)

- any way to select the data source for the main apps / widgets also for the Global Link?

- any way to actually show both batteries in any of the widgets because you can only select an installation per widget but not a dedicated battery bank

The issue I have is that I don't want to be happy looking at 100% (of the starter battery) whilst my leisure battery goes down!

Thanks everyone for your support; I´ve added some screenshots for clarity ... rainy morning here so nothing much going on on the panels ...




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DVCC to limit total charge current?

I have a parallel multiplus system, with a BMV712, and CERBO GX connected to a FLA battery bank on my boat.

I am interested in limiting charge current when the engine alternator is producing as well as the generator as to not exceed the charge current acceptance rate of my batteries.

A method that we have discussed is using a AUX input on the master multiplus to trigger a reduction in the output capability of the multiplus units. This aux contact would be tied to a “main engine running” signal.

I am certain that this method would work, but there might be a better way.

Could I turn on DVCC on the CERBO GX and have it limit the charge current by using the value supplied by the BMV712?

That would be the best method in that it would be dynamic.

Please let me know.


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Parallel/redundant operation with 2 Quattro II 48/5000

Since the Quattro II 48/10000 isn't available, I plan to install 2 Quattro II 48/5000 in parallel (or get my boatbuilder to do it, who is a certified Victron installer) controlled by a Cerbo GX.

I know about how they need to be installed and configured (master/slave), but it's not clear how/whether you can use only one, for example to give redundancy in case one fails, or to reduce quiescent draw when power requirements are low.

Is it possible to just turn one (the slave?) off -- and if so, how (with the hardware switch on the unit?), or will the system then signal a fault?

If the system is reconfigured to from master/slave to a single unit, what has to be disconnected/isolated on the unused one -- mains inputs (shore and generator), 48V bus, 230V outputs, or all of the above?

Can this reconfiguration be done from the Cerbo or does it need to be done from a PC via the VE.bus and a smart dongle or USB interface?

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Globallink 520 power comsumption

Has anybody checked the power consumption of his Globallink 520, when connected to 12V? How much is it? I have recently installed the Globallink 520 at my boat and the installed BMV 712 batt monitor shows 0,11A with only the Globallink connected to the batteries. The manual says the 520 should only consume 20-40mA, dependening whether the integrated relay is open or closed - so 0,11A IMHO seems way to much.
I will check with a multimeter later when I'm at the boat again but maybe one of you meanwhile can give me some figures to compare....

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blocking diodes in 6 parallel VE Panels. need it or not!?

I would like to wire 6 x 215 W VE panels in parallel. Should I or should I not mount additional blocking diodes to the panels or are the panels sufficiently protected against reverse currents with the diodes in the box? I am never sure about that.

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Constant disconnection from VRM

I am experiencing a constant loss of connection to VRM. What I mean is my system is connected to the internet via cerbo + wifi I checked again this morning in the boat no issue with internet (I have 2 cameras streaming no issues) and not issue IP address from both ethernet (internal switch network) and wifi from cerbo (internet router) and yet I lose the connection multiple times a day. any issue with your cloud? I have the boat on anchor with geofence and I would like to ensure there is constant contact! thanks


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MPPT 150/100 - overload?

Hello everyone.

Please help with my photovoltaic power plant.
I have a complete solution from Victron Energy. Look at the schema:


I'm afraid the company didn't do everything right.

1) MPPT 150/100
Two MPPT 150/100 are used. 9 pieces of PV panels are connected for MPPT. 3 pieces in series and these three series in parallel. See schema above.


I did the calculation at For 3x3 panels it comes out at the lowest temperature U=162.9 V < 150.0 V. Is it ok? Can the MPPT disconnect automatically? Is there any danger to MPPT?

2) The tenth panel
There are 3x3 panels in one string, 3 pieces in series and these series are three in parallel. The tenth panel (red) is connected in parallel to another panel. See schema above. Is this wiring OK? Will the total output be 5 kWp or only 4.5 kWp?

3) Wires Wires with a cross-section of 6 mm2 are used. The fuse is only before the MPPT together for 10 panels. It's alright?

The company says everything is fine. I am very worried. Thanks for the help!


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possible to add wind and alternator (both via shunt to VRM)



I would like to know if you can ipdate the VRM web based to be able to add besides solar also other energy sources in the dashboard for example I have a shunt of the engine alternator and a shunt on wind silentwind turbine. it would be great






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