Data on inverters


The Sandia National Labs has released a report on performance model of photovoltaic inverters, see files attached.

I am currently modeling my installation including a Multiplus 24/3kVA/70 using the pvlib library and would like to know if Victron has similar information on its inverters.




075036 (dragged).pdf

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help understanding Orion TR Smart DC DC charger

I am looking to purchase a 12/12 / 30A Orion DC to DC smart charger however i cannot find any information as to the differences between the "isolated" and "non isolated" what ar the differences and where / when would i need one rather than the other?

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Webserver on Raspberry Pi running Venus OS


I have a quite simple question concerning the Venus OS on the Raspberry Pi. I checked the wiki and forum and I've not seen a answer already.

So my question is: Is it possible to run a server on the Venus OS running on a Raspberry Pi (Apache, Nginx, Python server or something similar...)

Best regards


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Feed to Grid fails after Grid is restored


We have the following components:

1 x Multiplus 48/5000

1 x 250/100 Victron MPPT charge controller

6 x Canadian Solar 405W Solar Panels

1 x Venus GX Controller

1 x BMV 712 Battery Monitor

4 x 120Ah AGM Batteries

1 x ET112 Energy Meter

We have our setup feed excess power to the Grid. If the grid fails (Which was less than 5 minutes) it works with solar and the batteries to supply energy to the loads. Once the Grid is restored it no longer feeds excess power to the grid. It will just supply from grid to loads after this. The panels are basically ignored. They do give a bit of power, but nothing like before the grid fails. I have to reset the Venus to enable feed back to the grid.

I have the following ESS Settings:

Mode : "Keep Batteries charged"

Inverter AC output in use: ON

Feed-in excess solarcharger power: ON

Limit charger power: OFF

Have I got a missing setting somewhere or is this a bug?

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VenusGX MQTT Topic reflecting Charging State (Bulk, Absorption,Discharging)...

Does anyone know if one of the MQTT Topics on the VenusGX reflects the charging state/algorithm currently in use? Maybe its hidden behind a specific number, tried all of them but could not see one. Thanks a lot Norbert

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configuration Multiplus 24/3000/70


We have deployed two solar trackers with different solar panel technologies installed. Each technology is attached to a MPPT150/35 or 250/60 charge controller. A set of 2x4 Hoppecke batteries in parallel is loaded by the current coming from the charge controllers. The batteries are then connected to the inverter.

As long as the Multiplus is not connected to the grid it works fine. The problem comes when I do connect the Multiplus to the grid. The grid charges the batteries and stops the load from the charge controllesr, even if the batteries are fully loaded.

My question is: is there any specific configuration to enter in the Multiplus via VEConfigure3, such that the Multiplus switch to the grid for a low charge of the batteries and switch back to batteries when those reach a min load?

Many thanks for your help


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Quattro 8kVA/24v LED error code meaning?

on a quattro 8000/24 the leds absorption and float are blinking together, but the device seems working in his functions of charger, inverter and power assist

- the blinking started after the Multicontrol panel has been connected-

the search gave me 2 (not applicable) answers:

1) temperature sensor error but the blinking remain even if sensor is disconnected

2) battery overcharging:

When AC power (main or genset) is applied, the bulk led stay on for a while, then goes off (battery 100%)

Data present on the VEConfigure panel are all OK

metered tension and current at the battery are OK

.. and the blinking remain if panel disconnected and battery at 40% SOC

- The reset to default done via VEConfigure does not solve.

What else could it be ?

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Victron/Simpbms/Tesla Setup Van build


Starting a new van build and have some questions regarding battery setup.

I have 1 Tesla model s module (might upgrade to 2 in the future), I'm using Victron Buck boost dc dc 100a for alternator charging and a Mltiplus 3000w inverter.

For BMS I want to use the SIMP BMS together with a Victron gx type, this is where I have some questions and in need of some tips.

Anyone in here that uses a similar setup? Experiences?

Do you use contactors, precharge contactors as fail-safe system or Victron battery protect?

Current sensor via simp bms or victron battery monitor?

Charge enable/disable for temperatur high low, any way to trigger a heating pad?

Anyone tried simp with the cerbo gx?

A lot of questions here. Not much info on the simp bms/victron setup.

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Pylon Tech shutting down my system - HELP PLEASE!

I have a single phase system with 2 x Mulitplus II 5000's and 8 x US3000 Pylon Tech batteries.

The Pylon BMS seems to hit a standstill at 88%, glitch???

The system started shutting down sporadically without any fault indication or errors reported.

I looked into it and saw that the systems charges up and when it gets to 88%, the SOC doesn't advance but current is going into the batteries, it then jumps up after a while to 96%, so it seems the SOC is not reporting correctly in this time. This is happening every day, but once in while the whole system will shut down in exactly this time period for a completely unknown reason.


This is the typical scenario when the system shuts down:


There are no errors or notifications I can see of why the system turned off.

Also of concern is that the max charge and discharge currents show under battery parameters are 296A, indicating the data for 4 batteries and not 8. This was like this before I installed the hub and after.

I spoke to a local victron support agent and he said he had the same issues on a site and installing a Pylon Tech LV communication hub sorted out his problem. I installed the hub and everything seems the same. The max charge and discharge currents are still 296A and the system still get's stuck at 88% and the very next day the system shut itself down again without any fault indication.

The hub seems to be working correctly as it's showing a blinking light on the second light, indicating 2 connected banks, all 8 Pylons are all flashing lights in sync.


The DVCC settings are as follows:


The only thing I changed is that SCS - Shared current sense was OFF, I turend it ON to mach the settings that is working fine in my BYD system. I did that today after this last system failure.

I have many sites running with Pylon's and GoodWe hybrid inverters that haven't given me a day's problems, I also a have a 3 phase site with Multiplus II's and 3 x BYD 11.8 B-Box's that is running perfectly.

I really need help understanding how to solve this issue.



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Pylontech US2000 x2 && Multiplus II - SOC never reaches 100%

Hi, any explanation why my two US2000 do not reach 100% even if at 3pm the excess of PV-generated energy already goes to the grid. Is this normal/on purpose.
Typically it ends at 99% - but never goes to the final 100%

Thanks if you have an explanation or idea why it behaves like this

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5.22 update frustration!

I've had my 150/100 for 6 months & just decided to connect it to my windows 7 laptop. I downloaded the latest version, installed the drivers & when I open the program it say cannot run it without an update but strangely it says current version 1.37 & needs version 1.50 but I installed 5.22? So I guessed it would update automatically but 1/2 hour waiting & nothing happens. So I looked for a download of this 1.50, found nothing. This is not the kind of problems I'd expect buying the most expensive prestige controller. What should I do? This is most frustrating!

Update: My mistake, I started out with 5.22 & got the update msg, then tried 5.26 & got the same notice. I see there's a 5.27 now so I'll give it a try. If that doesn't work I guess I'll try the android app.

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Smart BatteryProtect BP-100 Remote doesn't work

I recently installed my new Smart BatteryProtect BP-100 for a pure resistive load (Orion-Tr 24/12-20 and a bunch of 12V lamps and a small fan for a toilet, max load about 6A).

I have a ElectroDacus SBMS0 BatteryManager that controls the Remote input via an optocoupler.
When testing the system in a testbench at home everything worked as planned, BP-100 switched off at 2.9V at one of the LiFePo4 cells

Now the BP-100 is installed with a Ground wire to the negative Busbar, The IN to the positive Busbar, via a 100A fuse. The Remote contacts are connected to the SBMS0 optocoupler output.

Testing the function by disconnecting the Remote plug reveals that the load is still On (batteries are fully charged so the output from the SBMS0 is not a viable way of testing).
Testing via the VictronConnect App by deactivating the Load Output yields the correct result, i.e. Load is turned Off, activating Load turns the Load On.

But the removing/replacing the Remote plug doesn't do anything.

Tested the various settings A, B and C in the App, no change whatsoever.

The BP-100 is NOT used to control my Victron 24C1600 Inverter.

When removing the power to the SBMS0 (BMS) the inverter is disconnected (separate optocoupler that opens) but the BP-100 is still on.

// Patrik

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New MPPT 100/20 bluetooth will connect but not show statistics/settings

Im experiencing issues with my smartsolar 100/20 bluetooth connection.
I can connect to the device with my phone but can only see generic information and PIN changes.
Tried to connect to a 100/20 unit of a friend, that works fine.

When connected to PV and Battery, charging works fine indicated by the LED's, just cant monitor through BT.

Cannot find firmware updates in the library, it is empty. Any suggestions? MANY THANKS!!


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Supplying solar power to starter battery in a car

I am planning on adding a few 12 Volt accessories (like a small fridge) to my car and wanted to mount a Victron 75/15 MPPT directly to the starter battery as I do not have an auxiliary battery and do not plan on getting one. My intention with this is to allow my 90 AH starter battery to power a few 12 volt electronics when the engine is not working. Is it safe to set up the MPPT with the starter battery? Will my starter battery charge through the alternator (when the engine is running) like it normally would?

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Multiplus II 48 volt. Low battery alarm vs turn off inverter voltage

So I am running a 20 kWh lithium pack , I set my low voltage turn off for the inverter . But the alarm minimum setting is minimum 4 volts higher . The problem I am having is if I turn off my inverter when I’m not using it I can’t turn it back on untill it’s above the low voltage alarm . Which in my case is an enormous amount of energy .

How can work around to set the low voltage alarm with in 1 or 2 volts above the inverter turn off voltage ?

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BMV-712 SOC accuracy

I have a 100/20 solar reg, 30amp victron charger and Bmv712, the 712 reads solar voltage and gives an inaccurate SOC. Is there anyway to get an accurate Soc

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CerboGX does not display battery percentage using the Lynx ion BMS


The GX touch50 main screen does not display battery charge status information, the battery is connected to Lynx ion bms, bms is connected to CerboGX. I would be grateful for your help.


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Connect Smart charger direct to battery or through the BMS?

Hi Guys,

Finally got the BMV-712 installed and updated, waiting on a temp sensor to arrive in the mail.

Now I have a question, as my van lives in a shed with no sunlight falling on the panels I need to use my Victron Smart battery charger to keep the batteries up to snuff now and then.

Considering I now have the BMV-712 my question is this:

Should I continue to connect the charger directly to the main battery positive and negative terminals? OR should I connect the negative to the third charging lead on the BMS (solar), that leg input is good for 50 amps by the way.

B.T.W. I was told by Victron that I could leave the charger permanently attached (storage mode) if required.



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Can't connect a BlueSolar Charger MPPT 100/50 to cerbo

Can't see the BlueSolar Charger Mppt 100/50 Ser.Nr. HQ153FGM1l Firmware v.150 on my Cerbo GX Firmware v2.54 the MPPT ist connected to the VE.Direct.

A BMV-700 connected to VE.Direct works fine.

The only difference that I found : BMV 700 gives 3.5V on the VE.Direct connector and the MPPT has 5V on the + connector. so also the data lines on the MPPT has an higher level than on BMV-700.

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US3000 not shown on venus

I have installed 3 x Pylontech US3000 an a Venus GX device. CAN Bus BMS is sset according to but I don't see y pylontech entry on venus. I checked the wiring of the can cable as in all OK, terminator set. What can be the reason that the battery is not shown on venus?

Do I have to set anything else? Are there any settings on multiplus needed that the battery is shown?

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Converting a LYNX Power In hold MEGA Fuses (LYNX Distributor without circuitry)

Having watched Journey With Jono's video:

39. Lithium Battery Management & Monitoring Install:

I just wanted to confirm the LYNX's M8 Bolt length and material when modifying the LYNX Power In to hold MEGA Fuses to perform like the LYNX Distributor.

The M8 bolts appear to be around 30mm in length and look like Stainless Steel.

Considering M8 Brass Nuts, Bolts and Spring Rings.

Anyone able to clarify/recommend?

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BMV702 shows charging despite main switches off

My BMV702 shows charging between 0.2.and 0.3 A despite all main switches is off.

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Multi 12 1600 70. Alarm red light

Alarm red LED on continuously on multi 12 1600 70. All else seems ok.

what is significance ?

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MPPT Controllers not communicating

I have

VictronConnect APP on IOS 13.5.1
Two MPPT75/15 Controllers V1.50
Two VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongles Rev2, V2.23 Bootloader V1.10

Since the last update one, and sometimes both Controllers appear dimmed
in the Victron Connect App. When clicking on the controller icon, I get an error
message that a connection would not be possible because of an other Bluetooth
device already connected to the controller. When in this state, the blue LED on the dongle
is steady lit, i.e. does not blink anaymore.

Remedial action is to pull the plug of the dongle and re-insert the plug.
Then the controller is accessible again for some hours until the same error reappears again.
The controllers have the BT paring code changed and there is definitely no othe connection.

Any clue ?

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BatteryProtect BP220 OverVoltage activating at 14v instead of 16v

I'm having an issue with multiple BP220s where they disconnect power for just 1-2 seconds and then reconnect.

I have a 12vdc saw, hydraulic pump, and air compressor connected to the output of the BP220. There are 2x 12vdc batteries in parallel on the input side. If the battery voltage is at 13.9vdc or higher and the hydraulic pump is run, the BP220 immediately disconnects the power and then comes back on in a few seconds. There is no error code displayed.

I have tested 3 different BP220s and all have behaved the same way.

If the battery voltage is lower than 13.9vdc, the BP220 does not disconnect power when the hydraulic pump is used.

I've connected a multimeter to the input and output of the BP220 and the voltage does not go above 14vdc or below 12vdc (multimeter set to capture min/max voltage spikes as short as 250us).

I've also changed out the hydraulic pump with the same result.

This is installed in a 2019 Dodge Ram Promaster 3500.

I have an additional 8+ vehicles with this configuration that are not experiencing this problem.

I have re-detected the battery voltage by going to mode d on the BP220, same result.

I'm wondering if the BP220 is detecting a very short spike in voltage above 16vdc (faster than my Fluke multimeter can detect). Or if the BP220 has a bug which causes it to shut off on overvoltage at 14vdc instead of 16vdc. Or is there some other problem I'm missing?

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we have a customer requesting a solar system for oxygen pumps in his fish farm, he has 4 oxygen pumps each of 2.2 kW rated power and they are three-phase he needs to operate them 24/7 there is also grid in the site for 8-10 hour per day and there is also a generator, he wants to operate using solar during the day time and about 2 hours battery backup at night or during a cloudy winter day, and the Genset will start when the batteries are empty and there is no grid.

can we offer him a solution with Victron at this big back-up capacity, also note that there is no suitable place for the battery so we have to create a small cabin and cool it with a small 12000 BTU AC

I thought of :

19.44 kWp solar (54 panels 360 watts divided for three sets each 18 panels for each inverter)

3 x 5 KVA Quattro

3 X 250/100 MPPT charger (1 for each inverter)

24.576 kWh battery ( 12 X LiFePO4 Battery 12,8V/160Ah Smart ) considering 85%DOD


1- can this combination (especially the inverter) stand the starting current of this load ( I don't know the starting current the pumps are installed and I couldn't find their datasheet online but I attached the nameplate photo)

2. can I replace the batteries with LONG LIFE GEL OPZV 2V with considering 60% DOD, will they stand the discharge current of the load since the load during the battery back up?

- I attached the load calculation and the motor nameplate


WhatsApp Image 2020-07-07 at 1.29.04 AM.jpegCapture.PNG

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Multiplus II - Which Australia grid code?




Which grid code for the above installation wiring diagram? Neutral path externally connected or not externally connected?

I am leaning towards neutral path not externally connected. So that the ground relay will connect AC output neutral and earth when there is a loss of grid. The manual says the back-feed relays open disconnecting AC input so I assume the input AC MENS connection is lost.

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Marine App shore / generator display

The marine app shows Shore supply voltage, but when the generator is started the shore supply voltage shows not connected. How can we display shore power is present when the generator is running.

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I have managed to connect the MPPT to VictronConnect Via BlueTooth on my Samsung Galaxy S7. But how do I connect the system via wifi? I can not see any settings to connect to my wifi. there are no changeable settings on the 2x 16 character display.
I would like to register my system on the VRM so that I can monitor/control via wifi.

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ESS with external control and 3PH Multiplus, sometimes ignoring setpoints

All, i have a new victron ESS with pylontech and 3x5kw Multiplus, plus (independent) production.
For several reasons i want to control the system externally.
Nothing connected to the power output. No meter connected.
This works well most of the time, and the actual power reported on "Grid Power (modbus regs 820..) is closely matching the setpoints set via MQTT and validated by reading from (vebus ID) registers 37,40,41.
However, there are times where the multiplus seem to do what they want. I might give instruction to charge the batteries with 4kW each, but one of them "produces" and the battery discharges ..
Often in that situation also the "AC Input" tile does only show a bar and no more data.
I have to say i have some 5kW+ water pumps which may kick in and stop at any time, which is of course not a really stable load .. as they are (like everything) on the "grid" side of the inverters, this is handled by the public grid, providing power until the multipluses eventually provide the power.

- Are there any accessible registers which i should look at in this situation ?
- is there a limit how often a setpoint update should happen - over MQTT, over Modbus/TCP ?
- how fast will/should the Multiplus usually switch from new setpoint to "do" what is asked for ?
- from charging the battery to generating output power ?
- from 4kW charge to 1kW produce ?
- anything i have wrong in my thinking ?
Happy to get some logs, showing the modbus read responses on the AC Input vs Setpoint values, where one can see that they seem to be "disconnected", at other times, they are following by few W ..


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