How do I know if my Orion is charging?

Hi there,

I am trying to figure out some basics of my system. I have a 12 12 / 30 Orion that is not the “smart” newer one. I have it hooked up to a remote switch so that it turns on (green light) when the alternator is running.

I have a battery monitor hooked up as well. When I shut the batteries off and turn them back on it always says “100%” regardless of how much was used previous time. Im guessing 100% is just whatever is currently in the battery bank when battery monitor starts up?

I just want to see if the Orion charges and how much! Any tips much appreciated.

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BYD B-Box Pro 7.5 unable to start.

Last year (Nov 11 2020) I posted a question regarding my BYD B_Box that within 2-3 days SOC dropped from 90% to 7%. I got an answer from Guy Stewart that said:

This model of batteries have an issue where they are not very good at measuring very low power demand, anything less than 50W ~1A per module is not very reliable.

This is not normally an issue if the battery is recharging to 100% - 55.1+ V. At that voltage, it will recalibrate the SOC reading.

It seems like something has changed in that time that meant the battery was no longer reaching that 'recalibration' voltage threshold.

I can only speculate why that might be the case, but that is surely the explanation for inexplicable SOC drop

So I shut down the inverter (remotely) and only left the charger and the CCGX on and since this is an off-grid system up in the mountains in Norway I haven't been able to visit before now.

When I arrived yesterday the batteries was totally "dead" the solar charger MPPT 250/60 said that it was not charging due to lost connection to the BSM and the CCGX did not list the BYD box at all.

The BYD BSM module have a blinking green led that blinks two times and then have a pause. According to the manual this means lost connection to the batteries - no surprise since they don't turn on.

Then the question - Is the batteries totally dead or is there a way I can get the batteries back to life? Like trying to charge each battery individually by bypassing the BSM or telling the MMPT to ignore the BYD "BSM"....?

The system consists of the following components:

•Color Control GX

•MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48

•BYD B-Box Pro 7.5

•SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/60



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Battery maintenance charging voltage

I have a Multiplus setup at my cabin with two AGM sealed batteries wired for 24v. I decided to remove the batteries when I winterized the cabin since I was concerned about charging when temps were below freezing. I had planned to maintenance charge them at my primary home during the winter but put it off. Now hoping I didn’t mess them up too bad and eeger to get them on a charge.

Question is can I hook them to a 12v charger in parallel while I have them off the system for winter? Or should I pick up a 24v charger to keep the batteries series charging in sync? Planning to purchase a blue smart charger as an “offline” charger but figured a 12v charger would have more purpose when not charging the cabin batteries.

Thanks Bob

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VE.Direct PID

The VE.Direct protocol gives PID codes for BMV devices thus:

BMV-700 0x203

BMV-702 0x204

BMV-700H 0x205

But what is the PID for a BMV-712?


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Washing machine runs on multiplus from batteries but not when charging from generator

So, I seem to have the opposite problem to everybody else. I have a 24/5000 multiplus and 838ah FLA

Multiplus runs my washing machine perfectly off the batteries, including heating the water.

As soon as I connect my generator to charge, the washing machine fails in varying degrees. It sometimes resets the cycle, LEDs come on and off and there doesn't seem to be any set regime to it, it throws up the problems when the batteries are charging or in float.

This is frustrating because I have to run the washer off the batteries, which, during the heating cycle, if there's no solar, pulls the voltage down to below where I feel safe. I cannot supplement with gen power and so have to pause the wash cycle to let the batteries recover, and then let it continue heating the water.

Is this a generator frequency problem? Is there a way to stop the multiplus passing through the gen power, use the gen solely to charge and invert the power from the batteries? I know this is wasteful but it seems my only option.

This leads to my last question, what voltage is it safe to draw my batteries down to when heating water. Given that once the element in the washer is off, the batteries bounce back to 25.4/5 in a matter of minutes, but if allowed to heat for the full duration the voltage could be as low as 23.6. I cannot find any info on what is a safe voltage for quick but heavy discharge. The victron low battery cut out is 18v which seems very low!


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Feature request: Dynamic Grid-Setpoint in ESS, based on top SOC.

Currently the Grid-Setpoint in ESS is a static number (in watts) that controls how much system power is allowed from grid, with the remaining load being served by incoming solar and/or battery capacity, down to a tolerable SOC. While that works great in the assumption of keeping batteries @100%, every day, it’s not so good for long-term health and maintenance of lithium batteries, in a (stable) grid-tied system.

I would like to suggest an upper limit to the SOC (other than default 100%), at which point the ESS would dynamically shift the load more/less (by changing Grid Setpoint) to charge the batteries when they’re below the high mark, and otherwise running the load off of solar or battery capacity, down to the existing minimum SOC (as normal)... or similar type of functionality.

Currently, I’m constantly changing the Grid Setpoint down, to serve the system loads from the incoming solar preferentially, as much as possible. Then resetting it up again at night, to keep the batteries above a reasonable SOC. While workable, it is way more manual than it needs to be.
I believe adding a simple top SOC to the algorithm that controls when to shift to using solar would greatly simplify and automate this process.

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Monitoring individual consumers with Cerbo GX

Hi community :)

Today I came across the SCQ25 QUADRO DIGITAL SHUNT MODULE from SIMARINE ( This module can monitor up to 4 different consumers like AC, fridge, etc. to monitor their individual loads on the system. So, I was wondering - is there is any solution from or that works with the Victron Cerbo GX?

Could find any topic in the forum so decided to ask right away :)

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SmartSolar 100/20 Load Momentarily Disconnecting.

I have the above solar controller. My caravan is connected to the load, the most I've had on the load is 10amps, so it's not that causing the disconnection BUT.......

When the sun fades and the input from the PV drops, the charger switches off, at this point the load is switched of for a split second and reconnected, it does this every day.

I've just downloaded the latest App for Android, and I've installed the latest firmware for the 100/20.

The problem I have is, when the disconnection/connection occurs, all my lights in my RV come on, so if I'm not there, I'll end up with flat batteries, and if I have to disconnect my battery when I'm away, what's the point of having solar as it won't charge a disconnected battery.

I live in my caravan, so I'm here most nights, to sort the problem out, I thought I was Upgrading when I put this controller in as I only had a PWM controller, wired the same, but this controller seems to be a step back for me.

Can someone from Victron please sort this out for me?



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Advice for my off-grid setup!

Hello everyone. I have made a final setup that im going to install shortly. I would love to hear some advices about the setup, i am no expert so anything will help :)

-12x450Wp Trina solar

-Multiplus II 48/5000

-Smartsolar MPPT 250/100-Tr Ve.Can

-4x US2000B Pylontech

-Cerbo GX

-GX Touch 50

-And maybe the Lynx Power In to be able to install MEGA Fuses.

What do you think of this system? Thank you in advance!

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Simple wiring diagram for temp sensor inputs Victron ASS000001000 to Cerbo GX

I have a Cerbo GX and Color GX screen. I want to add temperature sensors for my two batteries. 1. Does the sensor go on + or - terminal of battery? 2. Appears only one input on Cerbo and there are two wires from sensor? How do I connect wires to Cerbo unit. Thanks!

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DC Ripple error on Multi when charging from Fischer Panda Inverter generator

We have been using a Fischer Panda Neo 5000i inverter generator to charge a 600ah lithium battery using a 24/5000/120 Multiplus for two years. (Both the FP and Multi were purchased at same time) All of the sudden two days ago we started getting DC Ripple error (overload + low battery lights) and shutdown. We turned off all AC load and just ran charger but still happened. Then the generator and charger acted as if the current limiter was being dialled down (charge current fluctuated and dropped) until the charger stopped charging alltogether.

All other functions of the Multi work, and the generator works on the AC circuit through the Multi (large AC demand will activate and ramp up the generator) The only thing that does not work is the charger.


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How to contact the Community Manager & Site Admin

What is the best way to get in contact with the Community Manager for site administration issues (accounts, emails, file attachments, etc)?

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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New VE.Can MPPT charger doesn't use BMV current value for tail current

Hello Community,

in december 2019 a great feature was added to the firmware 1.47 of the MPPT chargers:

tail current mechanism improved: it can now use the real battery current. The current can be received via VE.Smart Networking (Bluetooth) as well as from a GX Device

This is a useful feature I'm using in most installations since it has been released. A week ago I tried to do the same with a VE.Can SmartSolar and unfortunately it doesn't seem to work at all.

The system consists of a CCGX, BMV700, Multiplus 5000 and VE.Can 250/100 SmartSolar. Other devices have been removed to keep things more simple.

There is no ESS/HUB assistant installed and therefore no active external control of the charger. Also no bluetooth smart network has been created and the firmware is up to date on all products. In the system the BMV is set as the default battery monitor to use and SOC syncs well with the multiplus. DVCC and SCS are enabled and SCS status is active. In the carger the absorption time is set to a fixed time with a tail current of 10A. If the current value falls below that value for more than one minute the charger should end absorption stage earlier and pass over to float. But it doesn't. Nevertheless DVCC is working with voltage, temperature and even current (tried a limit on the system). It seems the charger just has no use for the value "battery current" sent from the BMV and uses it's own current value instead to end absorption.

I have asked dealers, distributors and victron support, but all of them told me the charger would be able to do this without testing it. So I'd really appreciate if someone with a new CAN system (the old chargers can't) could test this. Of course a load must be switched on to have different current values between charger and BMV. I just want to know if this feature is working or has not been implemented yet and victron doesn't know about itself. If it works probably someone finds a mistake in my settings? I would prefer I made a mistake.

Thank you very much!


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Cascading 2 Multiplus with two battery banks

Can I feed the second Multiplus into the AC IN of the first multiplus. I do have got 2 different battery banks with individual solar chargers and 2 multiplus. What configuration is suggested?

Is there a possibility to limit the AC OUT from the second multiplus goiong into AC1 from the first one?
(I do not need to get more max AC power out, just using both battery banks )

Thx for helping!

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Plug in extra 100w panel directly into mppt charge controller


I have 2x100w flexible panels on my roof. The max wattage I get through these is roughly 50 watts (my advice, never buy flexible panels, too much efficiency loss in heat). Amperage is thus around 4. I would like to add another 100 watt panel (rigid). Can I run the wires of the new panel directly to my mppt 75/15 controller and join them there with the existing ines? Or do I need to join them before?

I think the 75/15 could handle 3 x 100 watt panels (12v) if two of the panels mostly operate at 25% efficiency, right?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Re the ET340 Grid meter and a GX Color control and VRM data displayed

Is there a way to get Frequency and Power factor to display on the GX or on the VRM graphs

Also the Gateway VRM does not seem to log the Voltage and amps in its graphs for the Energy meter, is there a way to turn this option on



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Bluetooth Dongle Firmware update not possible - does not show old Firmware version


I'm using the bluetooth dongle together with my mppt 75/15 in my RV. Worked fine until November last year.

Reactivating the RV last week, every Victron component asked for update (BMV, Battery etc.) Despite Blutooth dongle updates worked fine.

Was not able to update the bluetooth dongle. Bluetooth- connection looks good, update stops at 10 to 34%.

It's strange, that dongle does not show the former version number.

Tried all recommanded error handling methods - dongle does not work. Also clear button do not work.

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks for help


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BMV 712 Smart resetting to 100%

I have installed two LiFePO4 batteries in my Polaris EV and wired the BMV-712 Smart as per the wiring instructions for two batteries. As I am not the sharpest tool in the shed understanding some of the terminology, I am struggling to find the correct setting on the BMV which tells me how much juice I have left in these two batteries. For example, the monitor is currently set on State-of-Charge and is at 100%. When I take the EV for a run it ticks down % as I am driving along. As soon as I turn the 'ignition' off, it returns to 100%. I have tried to comprehend the 'Synchronizing' section of the manual but what I really want to know is how much juice is left!!!! The only way I can tell the SOC of the two batteries ATM is to physically look at the little LED monitors on the front of them... a pain in the a... as they are under the EV seat.

Anyway, can one of you gurus advise me how to get the BMV to not reset to 100% and to tell me what the batteries are at percentage wise, just like the now redundant one that came in the Polaris (but was for 8 x LA batteries).

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Ah settings in BMV

The BMV 712 manual gives a C20 Ah setting as a rule. But in a self powered house, I never get under 80% soc in 24Hours which gives a C120 setting eventually C60 for peak load hours. On rare days I may be down to 70%SOC which gives C80 and C40 for peak hours.

Using C20 as advertised leads to SOC being overvalued and power intake being limited.

Should we not use C120 instead?


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Error installing VE config

I am installing VE Config for the first time on a an older windows Toughbook with windows 7 operating system which I run as it is compatible with some older Navigation software I have on the machine.

The error I am getting with installing VE confi is:

Fatal error:
Cannot find VERSION.DATfile!

I am a mac user so not sure if its a windows thing or and issue with VE Config

Thoughts on this appreciated. thanks in advance.


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RAL number for Victron Orange?

Can anyone tell me the RAL number for Victron Orange please?



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SmartSolar 100/30 strange behaviour when overcast

The morning and early afternoon of 4th March were unusual in that, rather than brilliant sunshine, they were overcast with heavy tropical rain showers throughout.

At 14:20, when I went to check how my two SmartSolar 100/30s were doing I was expecting to find them both still in bulk mode but instead I found them both in float mode and, further, the absorption time appeared to be minimal. See screen shots taken at 14:23/24. (I’ve included the screenshots from only one controller as the other one was essentially the same.)

At 07:40 the battery voltages were 12.6v, pretty much the same as always at that time in the morning.

The yield at 14:23 was 310 Wh. By the end of the day this was 580Wh. On a typical day, the yield is in the range 800-1050Wh and the controllers go from bulk to absorption when the yield is 500Wh or thereabouts. (Any other day where the yield is below 800Wh (eg 27 Feb and 1 & 3 March) I can tie back to having the boat’s engine on. And 6-12 Feb, we were in a marina connected to shore power.)

The 100/30s are connected in parallel. Each 100/30 supports 2 * 135 watt panels connected in series. The battery bank is 4 * 125Ah 12v Lifeline AGMs (in parallel). The set up is just over 18 months old.

Can anyone:

  • explain why both controllers went from bulk to absorption when the yield was only 100Wh (vs 500Wh on a typical day) and why the absorption yield / time was so small (it barely registers on the histograms),
  • suggest any tweaks to my 100/30 settings (second screenshot) that might improve things the next time.

Thank you



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Configuration of the MultiPlus 3000 to allow AC load only when plugged to shoreline.

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if the MultiPlus 3000 can be configured to allow the ac load only when plugged to shoreline? I want to make sure that my ac load is only working when I am on shoreline, and save the lithium house batteries for the dc load.


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VRM-details for Dc and Solar (Feature Request)


is there a way to display the details for Dc and Solar just like

would be nice to have the Voltage and Current at those place



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CANvu-GX does not update to show the status/operation of the Skylla-i.

From NZ Defence Force.....

I’ve got our new Victron Power System all together. Everything is working well except the interface between the CANvu-GX and the Skylla-i. I am able to get the information from the Skylla-i to come through the VE.CAN bus so it can be read on the CANvu-GX, but despite this the graphic display (the main reason I wanted the CANvu-GX) does not update to show the status/operation of the Skylla-i. (Display page example shown below – my setup only shows the Battery Information, not the AC input Power or any battery charging animation that shows the Skylla-i charging the battery bank).


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Cable size fro BMS to batteries

I am installing new VE smart lithium’s 12.8 200 amps X 2. I have run a single 4/0 from my multiplus 12/3000 120v to a positive bus that is fused correctly. I cant fit 2x70 mm in the cable path, I am using 4/0 to a battery switch from the lithium’s and then on to the positive bus bar. . Do I need to use 4/0 from my BMS to the positive bus bar? I am only using 2 awg for my starter/alternator battery hookup And would use the same size cable from the start battery side of the BMS to the start battery.

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No Retry-After header with 429 response from API

The VRM API documentation says that 429 ("Too many requests") responses should provide a Retry-After header specifying how many seconds to wait before trying again ( but in our testing we haven't seen that header appear. Should there be a Retry-After header with a 429 response, or is the documentation off?

Also, a colleague of mine tried to create an account on this forum today to ask this question and was unable to; when he submits the "create account" form, it asks him to "please correct the error on the page" or something like that, but no error is highlighted. Are there any known issues with account creation?

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Multiplus 12/3000/120 Overload in cold weather (under 10°C)


I have a solar-powered 12-volt system with Multiplus 12/3000/120 Invertor used only for AC loads. The system works great at normal temperatures but when it gets colder at night the inverter can't start in the morning and shows an overload warning with no explanation or description (I use VE.Bus Smart Dongle Bluetooth). This happens almost every time the temperature drops under 10°C. I have researched this and was not able to find anything useful. I only found that the MultiPlus works ok even at -20°C as some users report. This is quite frustrating as I plan to use the inverter full time and can't afford to let it do this number on me occasionally.

Can someone point me in the right direction to solve this? I'm in the US and bought my MultiPus through Amazon and support there is useless.


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Can I connect 2 victron systems together?

Thru upgrades of some components, I am left with enough parts for 2 PV systems.

- MPPT 150/60, 12 x 285W panels
- Quattro 48/5000
- Pylontech batteries
- Cerbo

- MPPT 150/60, 4 x 450W panels
- Multiplus 48/3000
- BMZ batteries
- need another Cerbo?

The question is: how to connect these 2 systems? One option would be to use System2 AC Out to connect to System1 AC In-1. System1 AC In-2 would be connected to the grid. System2 would not be connected to the grid (or should it?).

This is the best I can think of on my own, but I'm sure there are better options. My goal is the best possible energy management. System1 panels are primarily active in the morning, whereas System2 panels are active in the afternoon.

Can you please comment? Thank you...


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