How precise is the sunset/sunrise detection delay with the Streetlight function?

I use the load output of my BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 to power my anchor light and it is set with a 30 minutes sunrise detection delay using the Streetlight function. It works as expected except for the delay being somewhat short. As can be seen in the screenshots in February 13th the sunrise detection voltage was reached at 06:38:37 and the load output is switched off at 07:06:12.

My questions are by which means are the delays enforced and what accuracy can I expect?


Threshold is reached at 06:38:37 …


… load output is off at 07:06:12


Streetlight function configured values

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Direct support?

After purchasing some rather expensive Victron products for my boat, these from several distributors, I realized (too late!) that direct support from the manufacturer is unavailable. In fact, one of them (I won't name yet) is simply failing to give my question the respect of a simple reply. I'm convinced the distributors are inadequate support providers. Crowd-based support seems shaky and unreliable. As these are Victron's product and applications support structures, I'd suggest this is not a winning strategy for such a highly technical and expensive product line.

I feel as if out on a thin limb: my system needs a few other pieces to complete it, while my experience of standing alone without help grows, and lowers my confidence. Now I'm seeking alternative products, while very concerned about interfacing with different equipment.

I read the posting guidelines and with some disappointment that discussion of whole systems and design problems are discouraged, while this is precisely the kind of help and advice I need! So I am also further prevented from getting answers and system design advice.

Other than here, with single and brief questions whose answers are not directly from Victron, where can I go for help?

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Generator Starter Battery Trickle charge

I have searched the site but can't seem to find the correct information I am looking for, so when you use relay 1 on the cerbo for the auto start on he generator will one of the connections trickle charge the starter battery for the generator and if so which connection please. looking for the correct wiring diagram to connect our generator to our Cerbo GX using Relay 1, including being able to trickle charge the statrer battery in the generator

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Multiplus UK G98 G99 non-compliance update

Dear Victron,

It seems very likely, from the email below (names and some details omitted) that the docs you submitted to ENA in early October will not be sufficient to gain compliance "due to important information being either incorrect or missing altogether".

Please could you provide some kind of timescale for when you will be able to provide updated documents? I note that NGED are, helpfully, willing to liaise with you in order to speed up the process.

Providing a response on this forum would, I'm sure, be very welcome by customers like myself.



Good afternoon,

I have been asked to contact you, to explain the current compliance status, with regard to ENA EREC G99/1-9, for the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX (which share a common compliance report).

As you may already be aware, as of 1st September 2022, any device that is recognised as an Energy Storage System (ESS) had to meet the full technical requirements of ENA EREC G99/1-8 (and subsequent revisions), where they were previously exempt from some of the newer requirements, that were introduced by the European Network Code: Requirements for Generators (RfG). This requirement was communicated well prior to September 2022, and was published in EREC G98/1-5 and EREC G99/1-7 in August 2021.
Many manufacturers pre-empted this change, and made their ESS compliant before need. Others waited until the deadline to submit renewed compliance documentation.
Where an ESS device had not met the requirements on 1st September 2022, it was marked as ‘non-compliant for new installations’, by WSP, in the ENA’s Type Test Register, and manufacturers were pushed to renew their compliance documentation.

The ENA, WSP and DNOs have the authority to determine Generating Unit compliance under (to name just one document, to avoid confusion) ENA EREC G99, which is an Annex 1 document of The Distribution Code of Great Britain (DCode).
DNOs have a statutory obligation (and licence condition) to abide by the DCode and (in particular) its Annex 1 documents.

As the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 (ENA Type Test Register reference: VICEN/02689/V2) Energy Storage Device’s current status is ‘awaiting assessment’, in the ENA’s Type Test Register, I have conducted an in-house assessment, in order to provide our customers with a response sooner than we would be able to if we were to wait for WSP’s assessment. My assessment is based directly upon the requirements within EREC G99/1-9 alongside prior assessments by WSP (what they will be looking for), and my own experience.

I have assessed the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX as being ‘non-compliant’ with ENA EREC G99/1-9, as things currently stand, due to a number of shortfalls in the compliance form. As Victron have made their form publicly accessible, via the ENA’s Type Test Register (i.e. it’s not a restricted document), I believe that I can elaborate upon this:

Advisory and failure points:

[information which could be considered commercially sensitive omitted]

Hopefully, you will be able to see that this compliance status has not come about due to minor inaccuracies, which could be forgiven, but due to important information being either incorrect or missing altogether.

As a consequence of these findings, National Grid cannot accept the connection of the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 or Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX, in parallel with our Distribution Networks, until such a time that Victron have provided alternative or additional information that demonstrates compliance with the latest version of ENA EREC G99.

I am comfortable with you informing Victron of the above, either directly or indirectly (through your equipment supplier), so that they may complete and provide alternative or additional evidence of compliance. They should do so primarily to the ENA, but National Grid Electricity Distribution would also be willing to take an early look at any documentation, should Victron see this as desirable.

I am confident that, given time to complete the documents accurately, Victron will be able to make these devices compliant (perhaps with another firmware update) but, unfortunately, we will have to wait until they have demonstrated this before we may accept these on our networks.

Kind regards,

Engineering Policy

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12V/15A Blue smart charger problems

Gday ppl

I have a 12V/15A charger and was charging a 100ah lithium battery, the last i tried to charge my battery it stayed on bulk mode for over 3 hours and very hot (almost to hot to handle). Is this normal? When I look at the history of the VictronConnect connect app the figures were:

Elasped 3.16hrs

Charge 49.8ah

does this appear normal?

my apologies if this is a silly question as I’m a newbie to batterie/chargers



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VE Multiplus II 5kVa, House Earth leakage trip when grid is restored

VE Multiplus II 5kVa installed with a cerbo GX, GX Touch 50, 2x Smart Solar 150/35 MPPT's, 6x 455Watt PV Panels and a Hubble AM2 48V 5.5kWh LiFePo4 battery

System was originally setup as a battery back-up (UPS) with an auto changeover switch before solar panels where added is now setup with ESS. The changeover switch is set to manual operation and inverter remains on

Previously auto changeover fluctuated between grid or inverter depending on grid availability. The changeover switch now remains on inverter feed.

My challenge is the house earth leakage trips when the grid is restored following a loadshedding. This did not happen in the past while on UPS mode with the auto change over switch fluctuating between inverter and grid when grids available

Any advice what may be the cause and how I can try resolve the issue

Thank you for your willingness to assist

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MultiPlus2GX + Pytes E-BOX 48100R + ve.CAN

Hi, not sure what I am doing wrong. I am trying to connect Victron MultiPlus2GX (MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 (ACOut2 switchable)) via ve.CAN with MPPT (SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/70 rev2) and battery (Pytes E-BOX 48100R). But I can’t see the battery.

I tried all combinations = direct connect the battery only via ve.CAN + terminator on Multiplus2 side and battery according to this manual. And I can’t see it on the menu. Cable, I did myself like any other hundreds of cables. But nothing.

Victron wiring for CAN and battery (A/B variant)

Manual from Pytes, how to connect battery and Multiplus.

Manual for battery (wiring on page 19.)

Of course the ideal solution is to have connected all via ve.CAN = MPPT + Battery + inverter.

Has anyone the same issue?

I have to setup MPPT manually, but I will be happy to make it work and use all features of “smart” battery.

Recommended setting for battery.

Thanks for advice


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What does the Temperature L1 Alarm on VE.Bus System mean?

We have a AC coupling off grid system with a Quattro 48/8000 together with a Fronius Symo 8.2, a 14,4 kWh Pylontech battery system a 5kVA genset and a Color Control device.

Today we have recieve the following alarm message:

Temperature L1 on VE.Bus System.

Looking teh system through the VRM we can see that alarms in teh alarm register, but don't see anymore details about this alarm.
Checking the battetry temperature log doesn't show any problem, so looks like the alrma doesn't refer to the battery temperature.

Could someone tell me what is this alarm about?

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MPPT RS 450/100-Tr reduces current on generator input

Why the solar charger MPPT RS 450/100-Tr reducing current to charge the battery bank, when a generator input (e.g. 9,5A) is added via Quattro 48V/5000VA ?


It happens always, even when the battery voltage is low (48,5V) and a lot of current would be required to charge the battery bank 480Ah (6 x 12V 240Ah Victron AGM deep cycle batteries).

As soon as the generator is stopped the solar charger restores the current.

In MPPT settings the maximum charge current is set to 96A.

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Fake High temperature Alarm Quattro 10,000VA


when I turned ON the AC input 1 or AC input 2 in my Quattro 10Kva, the red light " high-temperature warning " blinked, but this warning is fake and the Inverter is cold and working well.

- this fake warning appears only when the battery is full or between 97 to 99 %, if the batteries need to charge from the Quattro no problem, and no warning appears.

Cerbo Version 2.89, Quattro V497, Smartshunt V4.08, ESS mode.

If the Power from AC1 or AC2 is used for Load or to charge the batteries, no warning light, and no problem. but if the batteries are full and have low load consumption this is the problem. In ESS mode, the "Keep batteries charged " option creat to many fake high temp alarms, but "Optimized without BatteryLife" with minimum SOC = 90 to 95% is ok and working without Warnings.

batteries used : SUNLIGHT RES- 6 -SOPZsS - 965 A

Any Help Please?



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Permanent Temperature Alarm

Anyone had any problems with the internal temperature alarm? My system has a permanent temperature alarm. I suspect it is the internal temperature chip that went faulty. Also can someone advise what the chip details is?

My system details. Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120/50

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Multiplus II not charging batteries to Float/absorption setting

Last fall I installed a Multiplus II, BMV-712, and Smart dongle with 4 lion energy 105 AH lithium batteries in a fifth wheel. I do not have solar. This is the first time I have installed this type of equipment, so I am learning. From the time I installed the unit there has been about a .6 volt or 5% difference in the voltage readings between the MP2 and the BMV. The BMV was always lower. It did not matter what I set the absorption rate or float to. If the MP2 was set at 14.4, the BMV would read 13.78 or very close to it. If the MP2 read 13.88, the BMV would be 13.25. I used a pretty good multi meter to check the battery bank, one battery by itself and the cables going into the MP2 and its readings were always the same as the BMV.

Additionally when I would be hooked to 30 or 50 amp shore power there would be a negative current reading on the BMV, -1 to -2.34 amps. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but while hooked to shore power shouldn’t the pass through relay close so the power comes from the shore power and not the batteries?

I unhooked the MP2 and isolated the battery bank. I unhooked the 12volt wire from the bank at the lynx. There was nothing to draw any energy from the batteries. I checked the BMV and there was zero draw which leads me to believe the batteries are fine and the issue is with the MP2.

I sent this unit back the distributor to have it tested. They said it tested within their specs but are making more inquires to Victron. Their tech support does not know why my system is preforming this way.

Does anyone have an idea why this unit is not charging to what it is set to and what the remedy is? Thanks for your help.




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Generator connection to cerbo

We want to connect relay 1 on the Cerbo to start and stop our generator automatically whenever the system decides that the battery bank voltage is too low and the solar panels are not providing enough input on a cloudy day and it needs to charge the batteries.

We also want to have 1 wire for keeping the generator battery charged.

The generator auto start has 1 positive connection, 1 negative connection and 1 for keeping the battery charged.

Can all this be done through relay 1 and if so which wire do we connect where ?

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How to connect the MPPT 100/30 (VE.Smart) solar controller to an existing VE.Can network?

I want to upgrade my existing RV solar system by 370 watts. I want to use a Victron SolarSmart MPPT 100/30 solar controller for the new panel. How do I connect the new controller to my VE.Can connected system? What is the difference between VE.Can and VE.Smart? I plan on upgrading my system in November 2023, so I'm looking for information before ordering. The proposed upgrade kit also includes the Victron Energy Smart Battery Sense Long Range Voltage and Temperature Sensor (which only seems to support VE.Smart). Is this compatible with the VE.Can network? Thanks

12V System: 600 AH Battle Born Batteries, 1110 watts solar panels (3 * 370 watts), Victron SolarSmart MPPT 150/85 controller, Victron 12V/24V 220A BatteryProtect, Victron SmartShunt 500A/50mV, Victron Cerbo GX w/display - installed in 2020. Connected via VE.Can. I also have the VictronConnect app to connect to relevant devices.

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Cell balancing question

Hi, I am trying to balance a 200 Ah LiFePO4 battery with a Blue Smart Charger. The voltages have remained static like this for several hours. Is this normal behavior? At what point would I have to consider the balancing unsuccessful?


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