Mppt goes to absorption before set voltage

Hi all, I'm struggeling to figure out this problem.

As you can see my batteries are not near full, my batt voltage is 55v, should hit absorption at 56.7v using 18650 lithium cells.

But system went from bulk to absorption already at 55v, that means the mppt is holding back on charge current.. If I turn on a 2kw heater you can see the PV power goes way up, and goes down when I turn it off.

Here's a video I took from last weekend, trying to illustrate it. I would want all the current going into my batteries, I only charge to 4.0v / cell currently at 3.9v so should just dump all it can at the moment. It's quite weird to me, bms charge target is 100a atm.

If I set absorption and float higher in the app, it kinda ignorer this, I just tried to set it to 58.8v for both abs. And float and reboot mppt, same goes directly into abs. Mode. And tapers down current

I hope some of you can help me out with this strange problem :-)

Have a great day


Rasmus Mikkelsen asked
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VRM: How to get rid of "AC Loads" on input?

Hi All

My VRM is showing an "AC Loads" on the input to my Quattro.

What is this?


The Touch GX / remote console show the smae thing:


There is an ET112 on the grid connection, but there are no loads connected between the grid connection and the Quattro.

I'm guessing this is some kind of calculated value based on what the Quattro thinks the input is, and the value measured by the ET112 - is that right?

Is it possible to remove this "AC Loads" from the displays?

In addition, is it possible to rename the other tiles?

Many thanks

Kind regards


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SmartShunt Missing in Action!

Hi all

I have a SmartShunt connected via VE.Direct cable to a Cerbo GX.

It has been working fine, but this evening it has disappeared from the GX touch/remote console and VRM is not showing it.

I can connect to it with VictronConnect and it looks OK, but why has it disappeared from the devices on the GX?


Kind regards


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Is it usual for batteries to drop 20% in 2 mins?

I have 20kWh Lion batteries on a Multiplus II 5kva 48v Every night at the start of cheap rate the batteries start charging they jump from 35% SOC to 55% SOC after 2 mins of charge. Then the moment charging stops they drop from 100% to 80% immediately. This system has been in for only 1 month, but it just seems very odd. Is this normal or to be expected? any ideas on what is going on? Much appreciated.

busta999 asked
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Error 67 very frequently

I’m having the above problem with error 67 with following configuration:

  • Cerbo GX with GX Touch 50 // Firmware 2.91
  • SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/85, connected via VE.Direct to Cerbo //Firmware 3.11
  • Winston LiFEYPO4 1.200 Ah, controlled by a REC ABMS //Firmware 2.6
  • ABMS connected via Can-Bus BMS (500 kbit/s) Rx and Tx no errors at all
  • Multiplus 12/3000/120-16, connected via VE-Bus //Firmware 2609497
  • DVCC is “on”

The error appears always early in the morning (almost every morning), when SmartSolar should be about to commence charging. Some times for a few seconds only, sometimes for a bit longer

I have reset the SmartSolar to factory defaults (VE.Direct disconnected) and re-connected it, then it goes automatically to external control.

Before the 250/85 was installed a 150/50 was used via VE.Direct and then there were no such problems at all! Since Solar panels were renewed and larger capacity, the bigger charger became necessary.

I understand that MPPT pre 2019 are not supported for the feature to work with a BMS, but from which serial number on this is supported? (Bought it in late 2020 but who knows how long ago it was produced)

Is there any possibility to prevent to go to external control for SmartSolar?

Does anybody has a solution or a workaround for this annoying situation?

Appreciate your support

Best Regards


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[Answer] charging details for a Hankook XV110 110AH leisure battery

Hi All,

I googled this extensively and found no answer, so I contacted the manufacturer and spoke to some suppliers.

Fortunately, all the answers came back the same, so my confidence in their accuracy is

So, when setting up your B2B for the Hankook XV110 Battery:

Bulk charge = 14.6-14.8v

Absorption = bulk charge

Float charge would be 13.4v - 13.8v

Hope this helps someone else out there.



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1 Answer

While posting an answer : /static/csrfAttackDetected.html : "Unable to execute your request"

This is related to the forum usage itself. It happens sometimes and is really annoying.

I happen to leave my browser tabs open for weeks, while the computer itselfs goes to sleep/suspend. I usually just refresh pages on existing tab. That's the way I use this forum too.

Today, I refreshed some search result page to see if new questions or answers appeared. There was an unanswered question, which I openned in a new tab. I did see my avatar on the upper-right corner, which seems to confirm I am actually logged-in.

After typing my long answer, I was greated with the page... Going back to the previous page left the answer text editor empty... There is no way I can retreive the text I typed, and I'm not enclined to type it a second time.

I'm now copying this very text elsewhere before submitting my question, just in case.

Since this is not the first time, and leads to lost answers, I guess this problem should be solved by the forum software...

nhuillard asked

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Mppt firmware V3.11

I update the firmware at night and now at full sunshine Mppt is off, in Absorption but no load is sustained


clauberty asked

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What is the recommended Room Temperature for Victron Inverters /MPPTS to operate safe?


I have 3 * 24/3000/70 Multiplus , 3 * 250/100 MPPT controllers and 6 * 220ah gel batteries in a 4 sq meter room.

The room currently is at 25 degrees on a cool day and up to 40 degrees on a Hot day. Here is South Africa we have alot of hot days,


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1 Answer

AC consumption displays in part as DC consumption

400w AC load, no DC loads:


177w - 201w ac - 91w dc = 115w total consumption, vrm shows 153w, 38W error.

Why would this be?

AC loads off


Same goes if disable "Has no DC system":

AC load on


AC load off (the only one that is almost without error)


jj-o-jj asked
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4 Answers

Grid Tied Inverter on existing Quattro Inverter


I have 2 Victron Quattro inverters of 15 kVA dc coupled with a 48 V Lead Acid Battery bank.

We wish to synchronize 3 x Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-L1 with the Victron system. The Victron system will act as grid and the Huawei inverters will be configured for net zero export. However from the response time of the net zero export, for a brief time of 5s, power is exported (as shown in figure).

Can someone please confirm if such a system will work without damaging the Victron inverter?



yashtir asked
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1 Answer

Is it possible to restart Quattro automatically using a generator after an overload?

In our three phase Quattro system, we have both grid power and generator power available. Sometimes when the grid power is connected, the power being used is more than the capacity of the inverter. When the grid switches off, the inverters can go into overload if the power being used is close to or exceeding the capacity of the inverters. The generator is automatically started in that situation, but the inverter will not restart because the error must be manually cleared. When it does restart, it starts in inverter mode and then changes to generator. Is it possible to configure the inverters to restart automatically in passthru mode after the generator has started? As it is, the generator is started but because the inverters cannot restart it just burns fuel doing nothing until the system is reset.

kw4np asked
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Missing MPPT 150/100 two pin terminal block. Ideas for replacement?

Not sure how it got lost.

Distributor has none and says it's not available from Victron.

Gotta believe this is a "standard" part.




snoobler asked
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VC for Win and WiFi/Lan

Hello to all.

I have connected my CerboGX to my Router via WiFi.

VRM is working.

All devices are in the same Network.

VC on AndroidTab there is no problem, all devices are on the list (WiFi/BT).

VC on Win10 show no device(CerboGX) in the list, not via WiFi, not via Lan.

If i look in the WinNetwork, my CerboGX is listed.

If i tab on ,the RemoteConsole is started.

I don´t no why VCWin find no device.?

Thanks for any hints.


solarmike asked

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24/24 17amp what input fuse size

Have a 24/24 17 now its fes from a 100amp generator/alternator should it have a fuse on the imput cant find anywhere that says so or size.

Dave Coman asked
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2 Answers

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