raspberry venus keyboard layout


how to change the keyboard layout of the venus firmware?

Is there something similar to aspi-config?

Thanks T

sorry I am now but did not find anything related in the wiki.

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LiFePo4 2s2p midpoints


Can anyone tell me the reason that victron state not to connect the midpoints in a 2s2p Bank (to make 2p2s)?

Im having trouble getting my bank in balance, and i think temporarily connecting the midpoints for a cycle or two would help to bring them in line with each other.

Any feedback greatly appreciated =)

*edit - of course i would fuse this connection, rather blow a small fuse than have fireworks!

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VRM Dash Board View


I really like the dash board. I added a new shunt to the system to monitor my wind generator output. This has not turned up on the dash board, which has surprised me.

Does anyone know if there is any way top control which devices do appear on the dash board? If not could a feature be requested to allow the user to select which battery devices/shunts do get displayed.


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LOM causing problem - solution cost € 500 - feel left in the dark by Victron

Hi Victron team,

It turns out, after days of testing, that I have a LOM problem. Given the fact that I have power in the house (40 amps grid connection) and the swimming pool is still on and my Fronius inverter doesn't have this problem nor my neighbors SMA it puzzles me why Victron can't solve this. I know the technical background of the LOM, but it clearly doesn't work all the time. So why do I need to buy a € 500,- Zhiel to fix a problem that Victron has? Given the fact you refer to the LOM problems in the ESS manual, a video explaining more about it and a white paper, it must happen more often than extremely rare like mister Vader is saying in the whitepaper about LOM.

I would expect therefore more information and also a suggestion for a solution that doesn't cost 1/2 a Multiplus-II. Sadly I can't find that information nor any information about how to connect a Mains Monitoring relay. This disappoint me very much. I feel left in the dark while there are main protection relays on the market for € 50,-.

Hopefully there is more information available and is Victron willing to help finding a more affordable solution than a Zhiel? Can you please share at least the information you have?

Other question: the fact it's a new installation and LOM isn't working this means it are faulty products. Am I allowed to send everything back to the dealer and get a full refund? I just want to know if this is an option I have?


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Low Solar Amp Conversion from Watts?

I'm chasing another problem with this system, that I haven't been able to pin down. I'll give you a short amount of background, in case it's relevant.

The system originally was 2 quattros in parallel, 10 Victron Lithium batteries (300ah) and 8 100/30 mppts. I share this, because I observed in the previous setup before anything was removed...nearly 60amps charging and the owner at that time stated that it would get to 100 on a bright sunny day with no clouds.

As part of buying this boat, the previous owner took one of the quattros and 5 of the batteries. I have replaced that quattro since, so now the setup is

2 quattros in parallel (5000/12/220)

5 x 300ah Victron Lithium

8 mppts connecting about 3k in solar panels.

Here's where the issue comes in. In the middle of the day, when the sun is directly overhead, and I'm generating 1600 watts of soloar (as measured by the quattro on the cerbo screen) - I will barely reach 20amps charging, usually less. My idle draw is about 15 to 20 amps, but its always been that, so observing 60, means the production at that point was 75 to 80. Right now I'd expect 133 amps raw, before any loss or conversion or vodoo that happens between components. I think it's reasonable to guess while generating 1600 watts of solar, that I should see 100 amps (mins 15 to 20 idle)....Am I incorrect?

I know that the mppts will downscale, I've appropriatly measured the battery SOC so they should bulk, measured the temp so there are no temp issues (unless there's some settings that arent correct), and I have access to all the MPPT's through the VRM for their settings if those need tracked down.

I also know how complicated all the settings can be between MPPT's, quattros, batteries...etc. So I'm looking for some help tracking it down. I can been the hammer, just need the person to wield the tool and get me there, or tell me it's working as intended.

Thanks in advance, I love this community and how everyone helps.

P.S - If there's a victron "expert" in the area of Caribbean Martinique (or you are available to fly in) I would absolutely love to talk to you.

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Suitable charger


I'm looking for a suitable charger for 4 110AH batteries (Victron BAT412101084) which are in a 24V group (220AH).
I also have a SmartSolar MPPT 75|15 connected to batteries.
The batteries are located in a boat as service batteries.
From time to time the batteries are also charged by a diesel engine via a battery isolator.

Can anyone recommend a suitable Victron charger?

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Cerbo wont powerup

Powered up a new Cerbo. WiFi light flashed for about ten seconds then nothing. Checked fuse and polarity any other suggestions?

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SmartSolar external control by BMS not working? Will not feed-in excess DC-PV?

I have a Batrium BMS canbus connected to Venus GX and 3x Multiplus-2 48v 3000. This have been working fine for 1,5year. The Multiplus-2 follow the CCL from the BMS.

But now i have added a SmartSolar 150/35. Connected it to Venus GX by VE.Direct. It says "External Control" but i does not follow the CCL or CVL as the Multiplus-2 does?

I found a picture here that someone have the "Externa control" label at the SmartSolar in VRM, that i dont have? I only find it in "Remote Console"? Maby it have to be a SmartSolar with VE.bus for this?

DVCC is off and "DC coupled pv feed in" is active.




Charge Voltage is to high? My CVL is 53,4v.




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Quattro Stuck in Passthru

Hello, I’m hoping someone can help with my issue.

I have a 220/12/5000 Pair of Quattro’s running in Parallel. For the most part everything is operating as it should, and I don’t notice anything unusual. They’ve been in this configuration about 7 months now. It’s a marine configuration, so I’m not running anything related to ESS or anything requiring anti-islanding. The other questions / solutions I’ve seen with this issue all seem related to that system.

The issue has risen for a 3rd time now, and I’m really unsure how to proceed. At some point, the battery will get low enough that the inverter will shut off. Somewhere between 50 and 60% state of charge. This usually happens when theres an unexpected loss of power in the grid shore power, or generator breaker pops and we are unaware.

At this point, restoring grid power or generator power will put the quattros in passthru mode. The batteries will not charge. I usually have to wait until the MPPT’s charge the batteries back up enough to kick them out of the danger zone before I can get it back to normal.

Yesterday when this happened, I was able to remove the BMS assistant, and the BMS from the system and get it to kick into charging mode again...do I have an overall BMS problem? If I do, it will be the 3rd BMS in 7 months.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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SmartSolar 100/20 Load Momentarily Disconnecting.

I have the above solar controller. My caravan is connected to the load, the most I've had on the load is 10amps, so it's not that causing the disconnection BUT.......

When the sun fades and the input from the PV drops, the charger switches off, at this point the load is switched of for a split second and reconnected, it does this every day.

I've just downloaded the latest App for Android, and I've installed the latest firmware for the 100/20.

The problem I have is, when the disconnection/connection occurs, all my lights in my RV come on, so if I'm not there, I'll end up with flat batteries, and if I have to disconnect my battery when I'm away, what's the point of having solar as it won't charge a disconnected battery.

I live in my caravan, so I'm here most nights, to sort the problem out, I thought I was Upgrading when I put this controller in as I only had a PWM controller, wired the same, but this controller seems to be a step back for me.

Can someone from Victron please sort this out for me?



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Input current limit being exceeded - Multiplus


I have a 48/5000 Multiplus 2 with a BT Smart dongle.

I have set the Max Input Current Limit to 10a via the BT dongle but when I plug the gen set in to top up the batteries it charges at Maximum current which exceeds the generators 3,700w running capacity.


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How to reset the bluetooth PIN to connect with Victron Smart BatteryProtect 12/24V-100A

Hi all,
I've searched all questions but haven't found an answer yet:

Two years ago I've purchased a Victron Smart BatteryProtect for my RV and I seem to have changed the default PIN (000000, six zeros) to connect my iPhone via bluetooth with the BatteryProtect. Now I bought a new iPhone and can't remember the PIN I've changed it to and can thus no longer connect to the device.

How can I reset that code? I've checked this page (https://www.victronenergy.com/live/victronconnect:start#bluetooth_smart_-_resetting_the_pin_code), but the BatteryProtect is not mentioned.
Thanks for your help!


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5KVA Multiplus inverter transfer to mains when Battery alarms at LV

How can a Multiplus 5kva inverter feeding a off grid house Essential load be configured to switch the load back to mains power when the battery alarms at its LV setting .. It appears I need a separate AC transfer sw controlled by the Inverter interface . Any advice would be appreciated or where I can find any info on this ? The manual does not say anything about this mode , (just the UPS (no break mode ). which I do not want !

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How to change the data instance for BMV-712 in NMEA2000?
Is it possible to change the data instance for BMW-712 using the Yacht Devices Can Log Viewer or do i have to use root menu and command lines on Cerbo gx?

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Multiplus 24/3000 violates input current limit settings

How do I prevent the MP from exceeding the input current limit settings?


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ESS Ladeleistung begrenzen

Ich möchte meine vier US2000 Pylontech schonend aufladen (30A reichen) und die Ladeleistung begrenzen.

Aktuell wird je nach SoC mit bis zu 90 Ampere geladen und der Akku ist schon Mittag wieder voll.

Die Einstellung DVCC "Maximum charge current" wird ingnoriert.

Wenn ich die Leistung vom MPPT 250/100 in dem Menü vom Laderegler begrenze funtioniert das allerdings wird dort die komplette Leistung reduziert. Also auch die Überschusseinspeisung entsprechend begrenzt.

Was verwende ich? 3x5 335 Wp Trina, MPPT 250/100, Multiplus II 3000/35 und der Cerbo GX

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MultiPlus-II grid setpoint without external grid meter

I have a MultiPlus-II that is tied to the AC grid. I recently connected it to a GX (on a Raspberry Pi 3). I already changed the configuration from Virtual Switch to the ESS Assistant. I have no grid metering connected to the GX or to the MultiPlus-II. For the moment, I want to control it manually.

Even though the grid setpoint is set to -800W to feed 800W back into the grid, it doesn't seem to have any effect and the MultiPlus-II stays in Passthru mode.



I have searched this forum and found one similar post (https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/48014/multiplus-ii-gx-stays-in-passthru-state.html) that ended up to be a bug/singularity.

Mine was cause because of a GX misconfiguration.

See https://www.victronenergy.com/media/pg/Energy_Storage_System/en/faq.html Q4

In ESS, the conditions for the VE.Bus system to be in pass-through (ve.bus state: passthru) are:

  1. When the GX device is no longer receiving data from the grid meter. Note that this is only for systems that are configured to have an external grid meter. See the Settings → ESS → Control without grid-meter setting.

  2. ...

So the solution seems to be simple... Simply adjust the settings.


However, there is no "without grid-meter" option in Settings > ESS > Grid metering


The "without grid-meter" option is in fact the inverter/charger option. This is quite confusing. After setting it to Inverter/Charger, the Grid setpoint works as intended.


So far so good. But as you can see in the last screenshot, the "critical loads" box disappeared.

After I changed the grid metering setting back to external meter, I got the critical loads box back for a short time while it was also feeding energy into the grid.


But then the feed in stopped. Because off course, the setting is wrong. And the register has not been written for 60 seconds.


Correcting the setting feeds energy into the grid again, but then I loose my "critical loads" box again.


I have been switching back and forth a couple of times:

- if I set it to External meter, the critical loads box shows, but grid setpoint does not work

- if I set it to Inverter/Charger, the critical loads box is hidden, but grid setpoint does work.

This looks like a (reproducable) bug in the interface to me. Can someone confirm? Or point out what I'm missing?

P.S.: in case someone notices in the screenshots, I changed the Grid setpoint from -800W to -200W during the troubleshooting.

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Audible Alarm on Cerbo GX / Touch is very faint

Any way to turn up the audible alarm on the cerbogx/Touch 50? Its so faint I can't hear it. My wife, who has amazing hearing, can barely hear it.

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Venus GX Remote Console display customization

I sail on a sailboat around the world and I have a Venus GX connected to an old iPhone velcro'ed on my Electric panel and always on. During night sails that white background on the Remote Console disturbs my night vision.

Is there a way for Victron to introduce a simple "Night mode" with a black background? Or, since this is an Open Source software, is there a kind programmer that could make this feature available in the next release?


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3 ph Multiplus 2 Erratic behaviour

I have attempted to explain my predicament below. Apologies for the long story, but struggled to abbreviate and still ensure I cover everything I have seen thus far.

I have a 3ph system with 3 Multiplus II 48/5000, a Cerbo GX, three MPPT 250/100 and Pylontech US3000C battery system. I have also installed an EM24 grid meter that is connected via USB to the Cerbo GX.

I have installed approximately 20kW battery power and 13kWp between the three MPPT's.

The system seems to record incorrect data and this causes an erratic response. The EM24 seems accurate. I have a 6kW 3 phase element in the one geyser and can see when this comes on that the EM24 shows an accurate reflection of this power as can be seen in the picture below.


During the past hour the element was on while the MPPT's was charging the batteries. Midway though the time where the element was on, the system decided the batteries is sufficiently charged it can assist. As expected the grid will now reduce while the inverter is pushing back the power to the non-essential side on the AC Input of the inverters.

The concern is that AC Consumption (Total load calculated by the system) now spikes to almost 40 kW on L1 as well as on the other phases although little less. The grid meter is actually seeing that we feeding back into the grid on L1 and L2 although L3 remain stable (L3 now correctly replaced with the power from the batteries). Also the Multiplus AC Output power becomes extremely erratic, which I would believe is only the supply to the essential side and should not reflect the power drawn by the element.

Then as soon as the batteries go back to charging the system become stable again with the Grid meter showing the drawn power.

I have disabled the Grid feed-in (Both AC and DC) settings last night which seemed to have improved the situation, but it was still not stable this morning when the geyser switched on. Below is a graph from 3am to 6am


At 4am the geyser switched on and the noise started as the batteries still had capacity. Just before 5am the batteries got to minimum SOC (35%) and it started pulling from the grid. After noticing this I decided at 5am to change the Multiphase regulation back to all phases. This improved these peaks and dips seen on the both sets of graphs, but the issue still remain when the batteries are being utilized.

If anyone can give me some advice as to what to look at to improve stability during these discharging cycles of the batteries. Once I have this improved I would go back to Individualphase regulation to ensure I remain net positive on each phase as I have three single phase meters for my 3ph supply that I need to manage.


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State of Charge never gets reset - BMV700 with MPPT 75/15 and 110W Solar panel

Hi, Sorry if this is a common question, I'm very new to Solar and trying to learn. I'm very impressed with my Victron gear but there is 1 problem.

I watched the Victron video explaining to change the BMV settings and have done so however the SOC detection still doesn't seem to be working...hope someone can offer some advice.


120Ah "Fusion" brand battery

110W Solar Panel

BMV 700

MPPT 75/15

0.8A load

VenusOS on a Pi 3B+ with 2 x USB to VE Direct cables

The battery seems to be charging fine, I can see bulk then absorption then float phases. Unfortunately the SOC never gets reset at all, it just gradually declines until it's zero.

I haven't changed anything on the MPPT, it's by default at Factory default "Gel Victron deep discharge 2".

The BMV I have these settings:

Battery Capacity: 120Ah (I changed this)

Charged voltage: 13.5V (I changed this)

Tail Current: 4% (default)

Charged Detection time: 3m (default)

I set the charged voltage at 13.5V because I can't find the battery stat for this on the manufacturer's details so I looked at the average figure during absorption phase, 13.8. Based on this I set charged voltage at 13.5, 0.3 below absorption rate per video instructions here:


I guess I must have misunderstood something, can anyone help?

Thank you.

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Numbers not adding up over 24 hours


I’ve written my own custom controller to set the grid set point based on spot price here in New Zealand which has been through the roof recently because of a gas shortage.

ive been reviewing the Victron aggregated logs and have always assumed that grid input + production ~= grid export plus consumption although this isn’t the case. I was wondering if someone could explain where the remaining kWh go? I know inverters are 95% efficient but that doesn’t account from missing kWh in my mind anyway.

In the first photo you can see around 4-5kw is missing from live view based on discharge amount of battery and pv production

In the second photo you can see that this seems to also be the case in data aggregated over the last 24 hours. I consumed or exported 193kwh but produced or imported 246kwh.

Thanks for your help!


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Reinstated: Bug in Mutliplus AC Input Control? (v481)

Sorry to flip-flop on this report. I let my Multiplus cycle through two AC Input Control cycles, and the problem persists.

The problem is that the AC Input Control is not respecting the voltage trigger that I set, as you can see in this short video. https://streamable.com/u8muvp

Update: It occurs to me that perhaps the problem here is that the Mulitplus had been triggered to turn AC Input On until Bulk Charge was reached. But after that process started, my AC Timer turned off the power to the Multiplus. If so, then it is probably simply tryng to finish the last cycle that it had started.

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Current limit display won’t turn off on Digital Multi Control

I have a DCM connected to a Multiplus 12/3000/120. I also have a VE Bus BMS and an Octo GX. Recently I installed a VE Bus Smart Dongle and although the Multiplus seems to operate correctly when I turn the DCM switch to Off all the lights go out except for the numeric current limit display, this now stays illuminated in all three DCM switch positions. How can I restore the DCM to normal operations?

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Ip67 12/25 capacity

The ip67 manual sets the max battery size that can be charged at 225ah. (‘The charger is designed for lead-acid and Li-ion batteries 14-225Ah. Do not use for any other purpose‘). I am currently charging a 200ah lithium bank but would like to go to 300ah. Would this require changing the charger, and if so which charger would be suitable?



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ESS with grid parallel PV Inverter

Dear community, good morning

I have a Multiplus II GX Inverter charger configured with ESS asistant under Optimized mode.

Battery bank 48V 4 x 12V LipoFe Smart Batteries from Victron with VE.BUS-BMS.

The installation has an ET112 grid meter monitoring both Multi and load power.

Grid Set Point is set to 50W to avoid feed in the grid.

Currently I have set Schedule Charging to:

Schedule 1: Everyday Starts at 0:00 / Duration 7:00hs

Schedule 2: Everyday Starts at 7:00 / Duration 11:00hs Stop on SoC 50%

This will charge the batteries during off peak tariff from 0:00 to 7:00 am, Prevent any discharge from 11:00hs to 18:00hs and use all accumulated power during the night.

I am adding a Fronius Primo grid tie inverter with (Fronius Zero feed will be enabled).

I will change my Schedule 1 and add Stop on SoC 70% so I can take advantage of the grid tie inverter to charge the batteries.

My question is how will the system behave since from 11:00hs to 18:00hs Schedule 2 two will be running?. Will it override charge from the grid from Shcedule 2 and charge from the excess in PV Inverter?. I want to take advantage of the solar excess but prevent from charging from the grid during that time.

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

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which firmware should I update to

We have 3 24v 5000 120amp MultiPlus Victron units working with one master and two slaves

One unit is younger than the other two (it’s the one acting as the master)

We wanted to update to be able to use the VE connect windows application or the app on a I pad as at present the maretron state of charge does not work (it never has on any of the FPB boats).

So we were hoping to put VE connect or the BMV software on the helm computer.

So I downloaded the original configuration of the 3 units and saved it.

Then I updated each units firmware:

Codes on processors:

2614413 Master (went to the professional Victron site and downloaded unit multiplus 400 folder 2614481.vff) this seems to be working on this running as a single unit.

2614155 Slave downloaded under the 100 folder 2614159.vff

2614155 Slave as above

After installing this firmware I tried to reload the configuration file (the original one which makes the units talk with each other but the software complained that its could not see the slaves.

The slaves do not seem to be working.

? have I up loaded the wrong firmware? Which firmware should I upload?

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Raymarine integration in nk2 network with several Victron devices that send battery data.

I have several devices in nk2 networks that send battery data such as Multiplus, MPPT, rec-bms and smart shunnt. Without modifications, only two batteries will appear on Raymarine instruments. (I have 3 battery banks) Based on testing to display battery data correctly on Raymarine, we have used a programmable interface and changed "device instance" and "data instance" to see how data is presented on Raymarine display. Changing the device instance as described in the Victron GX manual chapter 11.5.4 does not change anything on Raymarine instruments! (Tried this from the venus os menu as well) When we change the data instance, the battery is presented correctly. This was also the case on thread eg posted about 1 year ago about data instance. The question is why device instance is made available in menu on Venus os and manual describe that change of data instance is not recommended?

Anyone have experiences to share that can confirm this? Do other manufacturers use device instance for numbering batteries?

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Multi charge cutting out

Hi my multiplus (old 24 3000 70) with analogue control panel charges my Lifepo4 batteries fine up to around 8amps of shore power (45amps @ 27.3v). Anything above that and it cuts out, charges or a few second and cuts out again. The result is I can't charge my Lifepo4 battery past about 26.9v resting voltage. Has anyone heard of this happening?

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No data alarm. relays

I just got another "No Data Alarm"
This means my 4G router has to be reset....which for me means flying across the ocean or bugging somebody to drive 30 -50 minutes to my boat


is it possible to program one of the relays to reset when there has been a 'no data alarm"

I do think the Venus reboots after it can not get a connection? Can that be used with one of the relays to reset the router?.

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