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Grid Tied Inverter on existing Quattro Inverter


I have 2 Victron Quattro inverters of 15 kVA dc coupled with a 48 V Lead Acid Battery bank.

We wish to synchronize 3 x Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-L1 with the Victron system. The Victron system will act as grid and the Huawei inverters will be configured for net zero export. However from the response time of the net zero export, for a brief time of 5s, power is exported (as shown in figure).

Can someone please confirm if such a system will work without damaging the Victron inverter?



yashtir asked

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Can inverters be connected in parallel for 3 phase setup

Is it possible to connect 6 units together in configuration two per phase ?
Are there any differences between MultiPlus, MultiPlus-II, Quattro, and Quattro-II ?

Goal is to provide redundancy in case of single unit failing.

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Quattro G99 setup?


I'm looking at using a Quattro 48/8000 for a grid tie ESS setup in the UK. I would neeed to apply for a G99 Type A connection. Has anyone done this already? I see that the Quattro shows as "Awaiting Assessment" in the ENA Type Test registar so just wondering on the chances of it being accepted?

I want to use the Quattro model for the higher AC throughput, and also the two AC input and Output feeds so it would be better than multiple other models.


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Utilisation optimale du surplus de production PV vers chauffe-eau ( site isolé )

Bonjour !

je possede actuellement un systeme PV composé de 1600w crete de panneaux PV ; un regulateur de charge smartsolar 150/35 , un onduleur Multiplus 48/3000/35 ainsi que 3 batteries Pylontech US 2000

Tout fonctionne parfaitement mais j aurai besoin de conseil afin de connecter un chauffe-eau qui ne fonctionnerait que lorque le parc de batterie est plein ( c a d lorsque le regulateur limite la puissance fournie par les panneaux )

Actuellement je branche/debranche le chauffe eau manuellement sur ma sortie "generale" CA un fois le parc plein mais j aurai souhaité créer un circuit independant pouvant profiter du courant "non exploité" un fois ma conso courante " assouvie "

peut on dans ce cas de figure utiliser la sortie prevue initiialement pour la reinjection reseau ou cela risque t il de creer un probleme ?

Merci par avance pour vos 'lumieres"

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False overload alarms

Good day,

I have a AC coupled 5kW system.

Every now and again, during a power outage, I receive a overload alarm and once a system shutdown when the system switched over to inverter power. The thing is, there was no loads to justify the overload.

I have noticed during the triggering of the outage, it takes some time for the grid inverter to react and that value that was feeding back into the grid starts to show on the load-side.

I am just wondering, due to the time delay, the system sees the generation in the load and thinks it requires the batteries to meet that load, which is in fact the generation.

I have also seen this on a few of my systems and wonder if anyone else has experienced or noticed this.


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Charger en continue

Bonjour ,

je possède le Convertisseur/Chargeur Multiplus 24V/2000VA/50-32 230V - Victron Energy

Hors réseau (edf)

Avec 2 batteries ultracell 12V 250Ah

Un groupe électrogène brancher que je démarre manuellement pour l'instant (pas encore branché au relais)

Ma question quand je démarre groupe pour recharger les batteries tout ce passe bien il passe en mode charge ok , je vois bien la tension monté à l'écran du BMV qui monte à 28V et des poussières.

1.Comment savoir quand la batterie et pleine ?

2.Est-ce que le chargeur Multiplus arrêteras le chargement bien que le générateur continue de tourné ?

3.Ou y a t'il un risque de surcharge ?

Merci à vous pour vos réponses

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What is the temperture measurement accuracy of Victron sensors?

I've purchased a new MulitPlus II with included battery temperature sensor but the sensor is reading many degrees high, while I'll be using the sensor on LifePO4 batteries the low-temperature reading is the most critical in my situation. What accuracy should I be expecting from Victron temperature sensors?

Can the temperature sensor be corrected with software?

What temperate sensor is glued into the battery sensor? is it just a simple LM335?


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Quattro surge when charging

Hi everybody,

I am coming to you because i got a recent issue with my Quattro 8000VA.

Since yersteday, when charging, it seems some over tension are appearing on the all system. Inverter side is working well : i got all my consumption plugged on it and no issue.

On charger side, when generator is starting suddenly the lights (in the house) goes up once the Quattro starts charging then after few seconds Quattro shut down the charging, and it goes like this again and again...

Strange part is that there are no error message or leds on quattro. I can not detect this over tension when measuring on several point. I did some testing by phisically disconnecting the output of quattro and it does not want to charge neither. And finally, even if i plugged my house directly on generator (nothing on quattro output) once the charger is starting overtension on lights goes again...

I checked everything on myside, but could not find and no more ideas ... maybe anybody already noticed something like this ?

Thank you in advance !

alexis-chalopin asked
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Issues with smart shunt?

Hi folks,

I recently installed a 24/5000 multi on a none Victron LiFePo4 pack, 300AH by the spec.
6 Ultramax 100Ah at 12.8V Nominal in 3 strings.

I added a SmartShunt connected to the Cerbo Via VE.Direct.

The Smart shunt is set up as the Battery monitor, charging is only via the Multi, the Cerbo and my WiFi/Ethernet network kit is a DC load. Nothing, other than the shunt is connected to Bat -.
Currents and voltages look reasonable.

I have two issues. (And little idea what to ask)

1) The console seems to report erratic DC load as max as +50% and -100W. The network power requirement will be fluctuating but the power meter on the buck converter that supplies it never gets anywhere near 200W peaks I see on the console.
There is never a DC charge current that isn't coming from the Multi, so I am assuming DC load should never be negative, is that right?

2) My system has shut down a couple of times with the battery capacity showing a little over 50%
The shut down is due to the batteries internal BMS protection tripping, at 9.5V!! Although I could mitigate that with a low voltage disconnect setting/logic it isn't going to help with the capacity meter error. The multi is set to disconnect at 21V, which I am about to lift, but at 21V the DC load still pulls the battery down quickly when the inverter is off.

I have 90A Bulk to 28.8V Absorb and then 27.6 Float set in the Multi, 'Charged Voltage' was originally a little low, its now 27.4, but the tail current was set to 3%,so 3A, which the pack is always well under by the time the 1Hr Absorb time has passed.

Looking at the history, the deepest DOD was 88% which if it accurate suggests my batteries are not matching the spec. Possible I guess. However it doesn't explain the low voltages and internal BMS disconnects at above 50%, metered.

What I need to know is if I am missing something? Because if I am not then the only other explanation is that my batteries are only holding about 55% of the rated capacity which is an argument I ma not looking forward to having with the supplier.

I am unsure how to proceed here. It would be great if someone pointed out how silly I am being and which settings I have wrong. Failing that some a advice on the best way to run a capacity test would be good.

Currently I have the battery monitor in the Multi disabled, assuming the Smart Shunt was a better option. However I am questioning that decision and now wonder if I am missing some fundamental point. Looking at the documentation again I am not even sure now if 'Has DC' should be on or if it will work as I thought.

I have attached a Lash Hour screen cap from VRM showing the negative DC load reading and what the rest of the system was doing at the time.

Happy to look silly here folks but need some help.


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Quattro II erkennt AC IN 1 und 2 nicht

guten Tag,

ich habe ein dreiphasiges System mit drei Quattro II installiert. Firmware ist aktualisiert und per VE Config alles eingestellt.

Generators auf AC1

Landstrom auf AC2

Folgende Phänomene treten auf:

Wenn der Generator läuft gehen die drei Wechselrichter in Betrieb

wenn der Generator nicht läuft passiert gar nichts

Wenn ich mit dem Gerbo GX in die Einstellungen gucke sehe ich das Schalter gesetzt sind für das Ignorieren von AC eins und AC zwei , die kann ich jedoch nicht verändern

Wer kann helfen?

Beste Grüße von Thees Thiel

thees-thiel asked

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MultiPlus Settings for LiFePO4 2x 200ah Ampere Time Battery Bank


I have just purchased all the parts for a Victron branded solar setup on my motorhome.

Im using two Ampere Time 200ah LiFePO4 batteries in paralell for my bank. What should I set the absorption, float and bulk to when I set up my MultiPlus 3000VA 12v inverter?

I've read a few similar posts and they all sound very forign to me. This is my first solar setup.

If you dont mind... please explain to me like im 5.

outerspacemannn asked
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Programmable Relay Assistant not working correctly

Hi there,

I'm trying to realise a two-phase load shedding functionality for overload situations. It should work as follows:

  1. Turn AC-Out-2 off when a Pre-Alarm exists for at least 2 seconds
  2. Turn AC-Out-2 back on 60 seconds after Pre-Alarm has been cleared
  3. Turn Primary Programmable Relay on as soon as a Pre-Alarm occurs
  4. Turn Primary Programmable Relay off 300 seconds after Pre-Alarm has beed cleared

Assistants 1. and 3. seem to work as expected, but 2. and 4. are executed way before the configured timeouts of 60 and 300 seconds.

I'm very grateful for any suggestions!


phtr asked

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Series Inverters

I have a customer system on a farm I am doing some work on. Is it possible to feed input 1 or 2 of a Quattro with output from a inverter? The system ideally would be the Victron Quattro 15kva with 10kwh lithium storage at one and of the farm then 400 meters away there is a 12v battery bank of about 30kwh with lots of panels and a MPPT 250/100 Victron solar charge controller.

Ideally I would like total an inverter off this system and feed the output of the inverter into the Quattro setting the current limit of the Quattro to match the inverter.

Any thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated and perhaps does anyone know if the out put of a Quattro or Phoenix inverter can be fed to the input of another Quattro


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Multiplus strange operation

Multiplus 24/1200/25 when the switch from generator is first turned on the Charger light flashes , tried leaving it a minute or two but continues to flash . Turn Multiplus off then to charger only without disconnecting generator and after 30 seconds which I assume is for it to synchronise it constant yellow and charging . Turn Multiplus off again then on to normal running position for Inverter/Charger and steady Yellow Light , constant charge .

Each time i use it for charging the first 30 minutes the output is erratic then settles down to steady Bulk Charge then Adsorption . All settings other than Voltage set-points are default .

The Multiplus doesn't appear to be regulating from the Cerbo Temperature Sensor . The DVCC is on and shared Temperature sense is selected but not the shared Voltage sense as I think the Multiplus gets its own from the Busbar but the VE Bus Summary shown the Multiplus is going from Bulk to Absorption at the Voltage set points and not at a lower Temperature compensated voltage .


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ac input always connected to ac output

in a quatro 15kva the ac input 1 and ac out 1 always connected the internal relay of ac input 1 is always connected to ac out1, when we test inusing the multi-meter we find always a continuty beteewn the l1 in ac input1 and l1 of ac out1 how can i solve this issue ?

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