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APS: Document states SolarEdge back end needs changing. SolarEdge state it doesn't.

Hi, I've set up my new Quattro as per the instructions in this document and in normal use it's all working fine. However there is a line in section 3 that states

"Note: In addition to the settings above it is important to contact SolarEdge Support to change a parameter in the backend to allow the frequency shifting with APS mode."

Having contacted SolarEdge they seem to think everything is set up fine on the machine and there is nothing to do from their backend. Does anyone know what that might be referring to please? I will often be running with a full battery and a lot of export so don't want to damage anything if there is a power cut in the summer.



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Inventer/charger pour Quattro 12kw 240v loss programmation varaibles

After two or tree day the variables of the master reset to défaut

We have to Quattro in parallèle (master/slave)

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Why has the new Quattro 2 not been submitted to ENA for G99 approval yet ?

Is there someone from Victron that can answer this please? I really need to know if the model is going to be submitted for approval for G99 . If it's been delayed waiting for the other models to get approval then i can wait .

But if there are no plans to submit it then i will need to sell the model and get something else , and i'd rather do that sooner than later .

A wall of silence concerning the issue doesn't really inspire customer confidence.

I can see the 3 bigger Quattro models have now gained approval which is great news.

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Multiplus 1 48/3000 : interdire la charge depuis le GRID (EDF)

Bonjour à tous

Je débute avec mon Multiplus.

Multiplus 1 + ET112 + enphase sur ACIN + batterie:

Tout fonctionne sauf que de temps en temps, le multiplus charge la batterie depuis le réseau EDF et décharge juste après.

Savez vous comment interdire la charge depuis le réseau ?


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Charge des batteries incomplète

Bonjour à tous,

Je voudrais comprendre la raison pour laquelle mon Multiplus (12v/230 v 800 VA/35-16) passe en mode "Float" alors que les batteries (3 batteries Superpack lithium fer phosphate 12,8V/100Ah en parallèle) ne sont chargées qu'a 92 ou 93 % ?

Merci pour vos aides... si précieuses !

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Victron multiplus 3000 maximum operating temperature?

Hi there - does anybody know the operating ambient temperature range for the Victron multiplus 3000w inverter? Specifically, does the inverter have a built-in high temperature shutoff? What temperature is it triggered at?

I recently installed one of these inverters for a client in a space with less-than optimal ventilation. I installed a temperature-controlled fan in the space to help with ventilation, but just want to verify at what high temperature the inverter will cut off at. Thanks in advance.

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Temperature at which Multiplus fan cuts in

Hi all,

Does anyone know at what temperature the Multiplus's internal cooling fan kicks in?

Many Thanks

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Quattro 2 48v/5000 G98 and G99 compliance certificates.

Does anyone have any idea when the Quattro 2 48/5000 is likely to be approved for G98 and G99 in the UK ? I will most likely have excess electricity available in the spring so would like to get ready for export. Currently system is off grid only .

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MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 and Lithium SuperPack Batteries

We have been supplied a MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 and 2 x Lithium SuperPack 12,8V 100Ah, the system is all connected up (it's been set to the closest battery settings as marked on the side of the battery as the manual doesn't suggest anything specifically for LiFePO4 batteries), however the MultiPlus when connected to external 230v supply will not charge the batteries (just shows Mains On light) and the Invertor side does nothing other than flash low battery warning. The system also has a Victron Solar PV MPPT set LiFePO4 batteries and that seems to provide charge to the batteries. Can anyone advise what the issue may be with the MultiPlus?

Many Thanks

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Intermittent VE Bus state OFF, no warnings. Lost power 30seconds

Any gurus out there have any ideas on this problem?

8kW Quattro, 7 x Pylontech Force 1, 2 x Blue Solar chargers commissioned this week. System ticks away quite nicely then randomly the inverter appears to switch off very briefly. Owner complains of losing power for around 30 seconds. Happened twice yesterday and twice the day before. Can see the event in advanced logging (VE Bus state briefly off) but no warnings generated. Rest of system unaffected. Doesn’t seem to correspond to anything unusual… no large loads at the time, etc. We’ve had storms the last day or two, not sure if this would be a factor. Anyone have any ideas??

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Three Phase System and Splitphase system from one LiFePo4 battery bank

Maybe it sounds strange.
I will build here in Panama a splitphase system with 2 Quattros. There will be a LiFePo4 battery with 290Ah/48V(600A max) with Lynx, Cerbo and MPPT RS.
Thats the easy part.
The battery is connected via VE.Can (its using the Pylontech protocol) to the Quattros.

But I have wood working machines from Austria, which run on three phases 380V.

Now the question:
Would it be possible to buy additional 3x Mulitplus 5000VA , configure as three phase, connect them seperate with the battery cables to the same Lynx (Distributor) system?
The second VenusOS could run on a Raspi. Maybe a smart shunt is needed for the Multiplus system?

As the MPPTs are loading the batteries (it distributes DC power to the system) it should work. Or, am I wrong?

Then I would have the split phase in my house and the three phase system in my workshop.

Of course it is expensive. But changing all the motors of the woodworking devices is also expensive.

btw: Can I use the Phoenix inverter smart 5000/48V. I mean can I configure it as three phase? Would be cheaper instead of 3 Multiplus...

Any concerns?
Thank you!

ps.: the workshop will be build new. Ie. the cables would be like in Europe additionally to the 120V in separate hoses.

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Batrium Victron integration

I have setup a 24v lifepo4 battery bank on my boat. I am using Batrium Watchmon core with K9 cellmon. I am using all Victron equipment. I have a Cerbo Gx and Quattro as well as MPPTS and shunts and other chargers. I have followed Batriums set up advice by using pins 3,7,8 for ground, low and high. I have connected the rj45 to the BMS-CAN plug-in port. I can see the Batrium device on my Cerbo gx touchscreen. This shows some communication between the devices. What I don't seem to have is proper communication between the BMS and the Quattro. It does not control the Quattro charger and I don't seem to get data back from Victron. On the Batrium software I get a TIMEOUT fault on the CanBus connection screen and on the remote screen I don't get real live voltage and current readings, also the parameters set for the charging profiles are not followed. Would anyone know what causes this?

Is there a cable needed on the Victron Cerbo side between the BMS-CAN and the VE CAN OR or the VE BUS? On the Cerbo Gx I have one RJ45 in the BMS-CAN from the Batrium BMS and I have a RJ45 in the VE BUS going to the Victron Quattro. Am I missing a comms cable linking these ?

Is it the setup on the VE configuration that is causing the problems. I'm going in circles and would love some advice.

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3 phase system wont restart

I have a 3 Quatrro 2 units (5kVA) making up a 3 phase system. It has a Cerbo GX with touchscreen. Also a smart shunt connected to the Cerbo.

With battery and mains connected I was doing some output load testing to check operation. The system was working as expected when it suddenly shutdown. Nothing will restart. Battery voltage is present. There are no LEDs on anything. The Cerbo does not even show wifi or bluetooth lights. I am thinking the Cerbo has failed and the inverters are waiting on a signal that is never coming. Can anyone suggest what might have gone wrong?

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quattro 10 KVA grid return

I have a 10 KVA quattro solar system with 2 Mppt controllers and batteries, it used to return power to the grid now it does not, what are the settings that should be used

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Multiplus se coupe après chargement batterie lifepo4 ultimatron


j'ai besoin d'un petit coup de main concernant le multiplus compact 12/800.

J'ai fait l'acquisition d'une batterie lifepo4 ultimatron 200ah

cette batterie dispose d'un BMS intégré qui coupe la charge automatiquement quand la batterie est pleine. il n'y a donc pas de float ou de bulk sur cette batterie si j'ai bien saisi le principe.

Ma batterie peux toléré une tension de charge de 14,6 d'après le constructeur.

J'ai brancher la batterie sur le multiplus, celuici activé en mode chargeur uniquement, il a chargé sans problème, il a ventilé tout le long de la charge...

La batterie a atteint les 14,6v et puis après quelques minutes le multiplus c'est éteint...

il reste éteint 1 a 2 minute puis se rallume et relance la charge, et ainsi de suite.
J'en déduit qu'il se coupe car le BMS a couper la charge de la batterie et qu'il ne peux pas entrer en charge d'entretient.

Y a t il un réglage a apporter au multiplus pour remédier a cela?

merci de vos réponse.

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