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Multiplus 'Ignore AC Input' Assistant - How can I override it on demand?

I have now programmed the Multiplus with the assistants as shown in the picture. Everything works fine


. Only one problem has arisen. If i set the "only charger" function on the digital multicontroll and shore power is connected, it will not start. The blue LED lights up "Mains on". What is missing?

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piéce métal coincé dans multiplus


En voulant connecter le temperature sensor dans les connectiques vertes et orange, j'ai du ralonger mes embouts de cable , et j'ai fait une betise puisque un morceau de la cosse est resté coincé au fond du - de temperature sensor dans le multiplus.

J'ai tout essayé mais impossible de l'extraire et impossible de brancher quoi que ce soit puisque la petit bout de cosse coince le mecanisme.

Est que je peux peut être démonter la cage du multiplus pour pour avoir accés par dérrière des connexions vertes ?


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Fronius Symo 6 integration with Victron

This question might seem a bit odd, but please cope with me for a moment.
I will have my Fronius Symo 6 inverter coupled at AC-out of a 3-phase Victron Quattro system. There will be a smart meter (EM24 ethernet) right at the Fronius to allow reading of its output.

My question:
How does Victron interface with Fronius here? Is there some need to talk to the Fronius inverter at all? If so? Why?

Why I am asking this?
In case I put a load between the Smart Meter and the Fronius, this might lead to an issue, if for example the Fronius, via modbus TCP, tells it delivers 4000W, but the smart meter reads only 2000W (because the other 2000W go to the load in between). Right? Wront? Weird?

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Trickle charge multiplus 12/3000 wont charge?


I have a brand new multiplus 12/3000

The trickle charge output is connected to a 12 volt 140 ah battery. The voltage is 12,87

When i turn on the multiplus the trickle charge wont charge (i have a smart shunmt connected to the starter battery) and when the multiplus goes into float status also nothing will happen.

When i disconnect the trickle charge cable i measure 4 volts on the trickle charge outpul.

Is this supposed to be? Will trickle charge only charge when reached a certain battery voltage level?

Best regards and thanks in advance!


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Flickering diode lamps in invert mode

Hello everyone! Calculating. for your help!

There is a backup power supply system.

1. Three Quattro 8000/48 inverters

2. Pylontech 800 Ah batteries

3. Cerbo GX+Touch panel.

The problem is the flickering of the diode

lamps in the "invert" mode. When the mains is on,

the lamps do not blink. These lamps are dimmer controlled.

I am attaching a photo of the lamps and the dimmer.

Question: how can this be cured / corrected? Thanks!

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Multiplus Aux trickle charge function

Does the Multiplus trickle charge function operate when there is no AC connection to shore/generator power? Hopefully it will still top off the vehicle battery while off grid.

Thanks for any info/experience you have had.

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TR-Charge 12v liegen an ohne Landstrom
  • Hallo,

am TR-Charge Anschluss liegen 12V an obwohl kein Landstrom angeschlossen ist. Das führt dazu, dass am CBE Bedienpanel die Landstromkontrolle leuchtet obwohl kein Landstrom angeschlossen ist.

Kann mir das jemand erklären?



Multiplus 12/1600/70

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Multiplus Won't Turn on after using Remote VEConfigure

Hello all, I attempted to use VRM remote configure to add the Self-consumption Hub-1 assistant to my Multiplus | 12v | 2000 | 80. It is connected to a Cerbo GX running latest firmware and connected to VRM.

The hub assistant was set to prevent feeding energy to grid. I used the standard assistant default settings.

After saving and uploading the file it went through several steps, including writing the settings. At the end I received an Error 1300. This seems to be a general error message.

Now, the Multiplus will only flash the lights briefly, click, and then turn back off when the switch is turned to either charger only or invert mode. I have tried disconnecting power, and also the VE.Bus connection to the Cerbo with the same result.

What would be my next steps for troubleshooting or attempting to restore this Multiplus?

Thank you.

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Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70 auf LiFePo umstellen


mein Name ist Frank und ich bin neu hier.

Wir haben uns ein gebrauchtes Wohnmobil gekauft, in dem ein Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70 inklusive Digital Multicontrol verbaut ist. Nun möchten wir die AMG Batterien in LiFePo4 Batterien austauschen. Hierzu müssen ja auch die Ladeeinstellungen des Multiplus angepasst werden. Zu den Möglichkeiten, wie ich das durchführen kann, habe ich unterschiedliche (widersprüchliche) Infos gefunden. Es gibt ja zwei Anbindungen: MK-3 USB oder VE.Bus smart Dongle - letzteres wäre mir lieber, da ich damit den aktuellen Status des Multiplus auch über mein Android-Handy anstehen kann. Ich habe aber auch gelesen, dass über Bluetooth nur Werte aus dem Multiplus ausgelesen, aber nicht Einstellungen verändert werden können. Die sei nur über die USB-Anbindung (MK-3) möglich. Stimmt das?

Im DEMO-Modus der Victron Android App sehe ich jedoch unter "Ladegerät" den Umstellschalter für "Lithiumbatterien". Reicht diese Einstellung aus oder müssen noch weitere Parameter umgestellt werden, die nur über den MK-3 Anschluss möglich sind?

Bei den neuen LiFePo4 Batterien handelt es sich um Batterien mit eingebautem BMS und Zellheizung - das heißt es sollte vom Multiplus keine Ladebeschränkung oder gar Abschaltung bei geringen Temperaturen erfolgen, da sonst die Zellheizung nicht funktioniert.

Frage: Reicht es aus, über die Android-App unter "Ladegerät" den Umstellschalter für "Lithiumbatterien" zu aktivieren oder müssen/sollten weitere Parameter umgestellt werden, welche nur über dem MK-3 USB Anschluss zugänglich sind?

Vielen Dank im Voraus!

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Main Switch on Multiplus

Hi there,

I have two simple questions about the main switch on Multiplus 12|3000.

1.) If the switch is "OFF", will any externally connected AC-power go through to AC-out 1?

2.) If the switch is "ON", but on the Digital Control the switch is "OFF", will any externally connected AC-power go through to AC-out 1?

Would be pleased to receive a clarification

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Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 overload on 800 watts

We have a Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80; the Multi Control GX unit is lighting up an overload fault when trying to run a 800 watt percolator. The unit is supposed to be able to output a continuous 2000watts. Even if the percolator is using much more than it's spec'd 800watts, I can't understand why this would overload the inverter.

Is it possible there is a setup issue with the Multiplus?


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Multiplus 3000VA: Problem MK3 USB and VE.Bus Smart Dongle connected at same time?

When I have connected my Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 via RJ45 cable to an MK3 USB to my Notebook and also have connected the Multi via VE.Bus Smart Bluetooth Dongle, then the Multi is not working at all. Even the hardware switches on the Multiplus are ignored. The Multi and all devices have the latest Firmware via Victron Connect. Is this a known problem and is there a solution for that?

My final intention is to get the Multiplus data to my Raspi4 running Victron OS to have the Multi considered in the Remote Console (MK3 to the Raspi USB) and also being able to switch it On/Off via bluetooth on my smartphone running Victron Connect.

Dosheimer asked
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Error Loading file: #9 - trying to reload multiplus settings file

I just saved my multiplus settings file. Then immediately tried to reload it, but get this error message. Any work arounds or solutions? Hey Victron, its useless to save a setting file if I cannot reload it.

Multiplus 12/3000/120 , firmware 490.


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New Dual Multiplus Inverters RV Setup - 50AMP

Hello Smart folks,

Hoping I can get some thoughts/assistance if anyone wouldn't mind verifying what I am thinking isn't nutty...? I am only showing the AC side diagram I created as that is where most of my questions come into play.

Currently I have a stock RV 2021 Forest River GT7 36K7. I have purchased a dozen solar panels a Victron 150/100 charge controller and a single 3000 Multiplus. I want to be able to run everything (should I chose to go this route) as I would today off of the battery power even if it is just for a short time. I have 6 105ah Lion Energy ut1300's which I know wouldn't run all of this for very long, but want the flexibility to be able to if I wanted for even an hour.... My question is based on the below drawing, will this accomplish the goal of that?

What I want to be able to do:

1.) On 50 amp shore power run everything as I can today.

2.) On 30 amp or less shore power run everything from the AC panels with the shore power and the power assist kicking in for the additional required power.

3.) If I so choose try to run anything (or everything) off of battery only power (even if it is only for a short period).

4.) The Victron Cerbo Touch Screen Energy Control GX System w/Color Display that I ordered to be able to monitor my single 150/100-tr Victron charge controller, and my two multiplus inverters, along with my lynx distributer (future I heard it can send info back to the gx, but not current).

In the setup below if the above 4 are covered, is that considered parallel or split phase? I am not an electrician (obviously lol) but I am reading and trying to comprehend as much as possible, I get hung up on things I don't fully understand in some of the other threads on similar topics such as setting these up in parallel vs split phase ect. Since I don't fully understand the terminology and what each fully mean, I have a hard time telling if the below is true split phase or actually what this would be considered?

In the thread here there are 3 options presented. Which I admit I don't fully understand and maybe I should present my questions on that thread for that side, but didn't want to hijack his thread and it is a year or so old, so not sure how much it is being followed. Does the below diagram fall into this category [3}?

[3] You can run them in a split-phase pair. There are two advantages of this approach compared to stacking. First, your two units are wired to each phase when on a 240V supply, so you have access to the full 12kW at the pole, subject to the internal limits of your MultiPluses. (They won't be able to charge that much, for example.) Second, if you have a single phase supply (120V 30A, 20A, 15A), you can feed it to one side and the other side will reject incoming and stay in inverter mode. You will have seamless load support on both legs, but you will be going through the battery for the second leg. A consequence of this setup is that if you have a large 120V generator, you may not be able to fully utilize it, because it can only feed one of your two units.

Finally, the above bold/underlined statement makes me feel I would not be setting this up with option 3 via the below diagram? Mainly because I see my diagram below representing these operating as individual units each controlling a phase (or leg) of the load and then the phases remaining separated as individual legs, and I assume the AC panel in my drawing keeps each phase individual (ie one 50 amp leg operates 1 side of the panel, the other operates the other side of the panel).

Please be kind, I am not masquerading as if I know this stuff I am only trying to learn and apply what I have learned to my situation. I am a DIYer and don't want to higher someone because I find this stuff really fun, but I also don't want to do something terribly wrong... The hand drawn diagram (that says CURRENT in left column) is how the current RV is wired from the factory (other than the batteries which I replaced the stock ones day one).

Please let me know if there is a better way to accomplish this, I also have drawn up a diagram to try to do this same thing with a "Smart Phase Selector" and a single inverter (since I only have an order in for 1 right now). But then the wife sprung on me "I want to be able to run other things besides what is on the small subpanel from battery if your going to be spending this type of money". So I will ultimately either do what I have suggested below (if you guys agree it will work and fulfill the needs.

My options as I see them now:

1.) The diagram in color (pending your review as to if that will work, and covers my needs) Most expensive as it requires me to buy another inverter. Or any recommendations you guys give me to adjust this setup.

2.) The hand diagram below that says "Smart Phase Selector" in left column which is the second most expensive, and you can't find the "Smart Phase Selector" anywhere in stock. More info on this item:

3.) The third and least expensive option is to use one of these This is the drawing that is had drawn with Future #2 on the left side. The Pin out wiring is on the same drawing with the circle numbers for the switch representing each position and how I think I would have to wire it to make it work. Position 1 of the switch for 50 amp Shore Power. Position 2 for all other single phase connection or Inverter for entire RV. I would use position 2 when connected To 15 amp 20 amp or 30 amp.

Do I gain much on via option 1 to option 3 for the price difference? ect.

Thank you all in advance, and if you made it this far, I hope to hear back :)





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Quattro for 6kw monophase


ich habe einen 6kw einphasigen Anschluss für mein Haus,

muss der Inverter dann auch auf 6 kw limitiert sein oder kann man auch einen größeren verwenden?


helmut-oberhollenzer asked
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Restart in Island Mode with low battery and AC coupled PV

Assume the following:
Over night the power is drawn from the batteries, coupled with the inverters, to a point were it reached the low level of the battery, hence the inverts stop working - power goes out. The PV inverter is AC-coupled.

How is this system supposed to restart as soon as the sun has sufficiently risen?

The AC-out has no island grid up, so the PV inverter will not input power. The GX does not know that the PV inverter could provide enough power to load the battery and power the load (and its not terrible reliable I guess).

My working assumption is that I have to manually restart the vicron system once I am aware that the sun is reliable enough to keep the system up, but as the power from the grid is not availale and the battery is on low (e.g. 5%) - will this even work? Or is this the case were you either need a gen-set or at least some DC-coupled PV panels with MPPT?

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Problème limite d'état de charge VICTRON MULTIPLUS II GX


Quand mes batteries ont une limite de charge inferieure au réglage sur la console a distance (limite actuelle d'état de charge) le MULTIPLUS II recharge les batteries la nuit pour atteindre la limite supérieure (c'est normal) le problème est que cette recharge intervient aussi en heure pleine ! (mes heure creuse de 21h a 23h et 2h 8h) peut on choisir une plage horaire en heure creuse pour faire cette recharge ?


Système photovoltaïque en ESS autoconsommation MULTIPLUS II GX batteries PYLONTECH et onduleur FRONIUS

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Quattro AC-out control

This may sound like a weird question, ... I understood from the Quattro's documentation that AC-2-out is only supplied with power if either AC-in-1 or/and AC-in-2 have an active source connected. However, can this be changed or is it fixed that way?

I idea would be that in case of grid failure (AC-in-1, AC-in-2 being genset off by default) the Victron system checks if it can supply both AC-outs and if so, both stay on. If one inverter (3-phase-system) is going to overloaded, then AC-out-2 is dropped.

Once AC-out-2 is dropped, I would like to ensure that once at least one AC-in is back (e.g. Genset kicks in) or I decide manually to try, that AC-out-2 is put back on. Is that possible (maybe with Assistants) or too far-fetched?

As always, thanks for taking time :)

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piece of metal stuck in temperature sensor


I made the mistake of changing the electrical socket for the temperature sensor that goes on the multiplus.

i made two terminals on the - cable to make it longer as it wasnt long enough to hold inside the green temperature terminal. And a piece of metal got stuck inside the green minus temp terminal.

I cant get it out now. Do you think i can open up the blue cover to get it out. I have tried everything , even shaking it upside down and pushing the orange switch.

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LG Chem RESU Plus and Multi Plus 2 not inverting

Been running a ESS system for some years, Multi Plus 2 and LG Chem RESU 6.5, it's all been working fine.

To add more capacity i have added a RESU 10 via a RESU Plus (bonding the two batteries togeather).

I have changed the capacity in VE Configure = to 315 Ah (sum of the two batteries). Changed the relevant DIP switches on the batteries.

Also running colour GX, the battery is recognised, and last night scheduled charge worked as expected. However the inverter will not invert. Grid power = AC load and battery is not discharged.

I have reconfigured the battery DIPs, connected directly to the inverter (not via RESU PLUS) and system works as expected with each battery in turn.

I have asked LG Chem for the latest BMS firmware, but in the mean time any ideas?

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Quattro 48/15000 grounding Question for AC-In 1, 2 and AC-Out 1, 2

Dear Community,
I am about to wire my 3-Phase Quattro-15k-Setup and did not find the required answer in the Manual (also pictures googled... did not lighten things up yet)


- ESS-Setup is planned with a coupled grid, but no Generator (yet, maybe in future)
- Grid delivers L1,L2,L3 and a PEN!
- PEN is connected to earth of the Building and splitted into PE and N from there onwards.

So far so good... from there onwards I want to connect my three Quattros 15K, but I am not sure how to wire the "four" grounds of each device (in total 12 Grounds-Connectors)...
Each Q-15K has...

1) a Ground at Connector "J3"
Q: ? --> Only "Input" for AC-1 and with "Building-PE"

2) a Ground at Connector "J6"
Q: ? --> "Input" for AC In-2 or "output" for AC Out-1

3) a Ground at Connector "J11"
Q: ? --> "Output" for AC Out-2 ?

4) a Ground at the Enclosure underneath the connection-Area
Q: ? --> Most probably intended to be connected to the "Building-PE"?

Probably the essential Question is: Is PE somehow "switched" (and needs serial connection in which way), what kind of makes me nervous..., or can PE`s (1,2,3,4) just get connected in parallel? I don't get it yet... and I did not find a picture showing/explaining the Situation for the 15KVA-Model...

I probably need advice from someone understanding the internals of the device... 100%


Cheers, Daniel

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Sharing temperature from MultiPlus Compact via Dongle to other devices with VE.Smart Network

I had MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/50-70 with old temperature battery sensor.
If I add Dongle I would like to share temperature between other devices like:
Orion-TR Smart and Solar MPPT Smart via VE.Smart Network. Is it possible?

tomf asked
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Three Phase off grid and single phase generator

Hi Victron team,

An installer/customer of DPA Solar is designing a 3 phase off grid system (possibly 3 x Quattro 8kVa) and has asked me if a single phase generator can be connected to AC IN on the master? I've read through the tutorial on VE SystemConfigurator and see that a similar example (3 phase gen with single phase shore power) requires 4 Multis.

Do we need 4 Quattros if the customer wants to keep his single phase gen? Or do we tell him to purchase a 3 phase gen?



David asked
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Ground Relay with Isolation Transformer


I am installing 2x, 24/5000 Quattro's in split phase with an Autotransformer on a boat with an isolation transformer. My question is regarding the ground relay settings.

I understand the standard instructions are to disable the relay in the inverters and enable it in the autotransformer. Is this also correct for a marine application with an isolation transformer?

Thank you.

brian-new asked
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Multiplus VE.Bus Error 8/11 report page blank

Hi everyone and thanks for your help in advance. I have a brand new Multiplus 1200/50 which is bringing up the V.E.Bus error 8/11. Also installed is the Cerbo GX and touchscreen. On the touchscreen I can navigate to the fault report page but it is blank??

The unit inverts fine and shows incoming voltage on the screen, but when the charger only function is selected it clicks and seems to repeat a cycle 3 times then triggers the error code above.

My understanding is there should be information on the report page to decipher further the issues but as it is blank i cant.

I can return the unit butI just wondered if I am doing something wrong as its hard to believe something so expensive would turn up dead on arrival? I have tried it connected in to the system wired in the camper van and on a separate battery system in the workshop.

All firmwares are up to date as a note.

Thanks again for your input

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Quattro 48/8000/110-100/100 220v

Once you disconnect the mains voltage the converter outputs is 144v instead of 220 v what could be the reason

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From mainland to island

I will soon have a 3-phase setup with a Fronius inverter AC coupled on the output of the victron system. The system operates grid-tied with ESS and in case of grid failure should then form a island with continued solar operation.

I know that the Fronius inverter is setup with a country code (for Germany) to be in compliance with the loca grid. So my, maybe stupid, question. What happens if the system goes from mainland (grid) to island mode?

Will I have to then change the config of the Fronius to work with the island setup? Or does it have to be changed already during setup of the AC coupling? Will the Cerbo GX handle the all changes in case of island mode or when mains comes back?

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Offgrid PV Inverter Support Assistant and the fixed 13.5V / 27V / 54V limit

To prevent DC and AC voltage overshoots because of varying solar irradiance and/or load fluctuations, it will limit the charge current already before battery voltage has rised up to the absorption voltage. It will derate the maximum charge current from 100% at 13.5 / 27 / 54V to 10% at 14.4 / 28.8 / 57.6V. These thresholds are not related to the configured absorption voltage.

Hello, knowing this has already been increased a few years ago and is somehow necessary, I'm still wondering about the reasonableness of the fact the voltages are fixed.

In my opinion this should consider capacity:inverter ratio and especially battery type and voltages! Using a relatively small inverter in a big sized lead acid offgrid installation this makes the AC-coupled power pretty useless for charging, although lead acid doesn't care much about overvoltage!

Now let's look at the Pylontech or other 15s Lithium-Storages, that probably don't even have a GX. Their absorption voltage is below 54V so there is no derating at all, although Li can be damaged by overvoltage? Further this means 15s systems can use the full power for charging while 16s or lead acid systems are extremely disadvantaged. Due to the fact that this is for protection I don't understand why some systems can use the full power up to absorption voltage and others cannot.

Can someone tell me the technical background of the fact that the voltages and the derating are fixed and anything else isn't considered? Probably @Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff)

Thank you very much!



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Multiplus No Lights - no response

This 12V/3000VA/120A/Multiplus has been great for the past two years and died trickle charging my two 100Ah, 12V, Battleborn LiFePo batteries. The inverter was in charger mode in my RV plugged into an extension cord from the house when I happened to notice while polling the BMV 700 that the battery SOC had dropped to 56%. There are no LEDs illuminated and the weather is cool. I have been able to charge the batteries with the Victron mppt 100/50 Smartsolar charge controller. There are no tripped breakers and the 400A fuse with the 4/0 3ft cables are fine.

The AC source seems fine @ 120V. The DC batteries are at 13.5VDC. A cursory examination finds all the ribbon connectors to be secure, no burned boards, nothing discolored as if it got hot. Everything seems nice and tight inside, no loose bus bars. The two 20A fuses on the charge board measure fine. There had been no load on the inverter for two months prior to the failure and it never sees more than a 900W microwave on the inverter side, that it handles easily. I have contacted my vendor in Flagstaff, and they had no idea. They are inquiring to Victron. I have scoured the internet and can't find an identical failure mode. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance for your input. ---- Scott

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RCD Tripping randomly

I have just about installed Multiplus 48/1200/13 and hooked it up to Li-ion 14s1p batteries.

It has been working perfectly in UPS mode and pass through. To test the capacity, I turned off the mains and the UPS kicked in, I let the system run - till the cut off voltage was reached.

When I turned on the grid/mains - the RCD (on the mains consumer unit) tripped. It did this a few times. I disconnected the load and the same happened (rocker switch in ON position). Then I switched it to charger and it did not trip.

I tried various combinations and unfortunately - the RCD tripping is very random and not reproducible.

AC in comes from the grid

AC out goes to feed a total of 250W (a few pumps)

Any input or help would be appreciated.

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