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Ondulation CC élevée


Lorsque je charge une batterie lithium 200Ah avec un Multiplus 12/500, au bout de quelques temps le chargeur se coupe et l'alerte "ondulation CC élevée" apparait. Impossible de la charger à fond. J'ai sorti la batterie et le Multiplus du système électrique pour les relier directement entre eux, mais le problème persiste ...
Donc j'imagine que l'erreur vient soit de la batterie, soit du multiplus ?

Avez-vous déjà rencontrer ce problème ? Quelle est la cause d'après vous ?

Merci d'avance

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Multiplus not using full shore power limit

Running the air conditioner in the RV with AC input current set at 15 but muliplus will only use around 9.5 and is using power assist to make up for this. See screen shot 1


If i turn off power assist it will then fully uses shore power and even has a little left over for battery charge. See screen shot 2


I have tried turning on/off the weak ac and the ups functions. How can i fix this? I need to have the power assist on so even though with it disable it does pull the full amount from shore current. With it off i am unable to run other interment ac loads.

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AC Coupled Solar issues

Good Morning,

My question is around AC coupled solar. We currently have 3x PV inverters and 1x Quattro 48/10000 and 2x DC MPPT's (Victron 100/20, Victron 150/45)

our first inverter (Solax 5kw) is on AC input 1. the other 2 (Fronius Galvo-3.0.1) are on AC output 1.

our quattro is not set to back feed the grid its excess power.

We see constant issues when the battery goes to absorb. when i have zero feed in enabled the two Fronius galvo constantly stop producing (they appear to reset). I believe its because the solax inverter is feeding the grid its excess. therefore the fronius are told to reduce there output. am i right in this assumption ?

We only have 35kw of batteries and we can only charge at a max of 140a but we normally limit it to 110A. what i would like to do is tell the victron to prioritize charging from the fronius and only use the solax as a last resort. Also is it possible to exceed the factor 1.0 rule if you use the AC Out 2 for additional solar ?

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New Quattro Series coming soon ?

My Dealer tells me there is a new Quattro Inverter coming soon. The dealer says it is a revamp of the current Quattro line - one thing he says is the transformer will not be as big and heavy.

To me the point about the Quattro line was the toroidal transformer being able to take heavy loads and handle peaks up to 2x its rated output.

Will this new Quattro line be as robust as the current (very old series) ?

Anyone prepared to spill the beans on this new inverter line coming ?

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Adding 2nd Quattro

I have single 3kw Quattro and 3x 200Ah 12v Victron smart lithium batts. I’d like to add a 2nd Quattro for faster charging with genset, but I don’t need additional inverting capacity. I also don’t want the standby current drain of the 2nd Quattro when using inverter. Is it possible to program the system so that one unit is used when in “invert” mode, but both when in “charge “ mode?

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Tension élevée en mode charge sur multiplus compact

Bonjour, dans mon véhicule aménagé j' ai un multiplus compact 12/1600 qui charge une batterie lithium Ultimatron équipée d' un BMS.

lorsque le BMS stoppe la charge, le multi alimente toujours le frigo à compression et autres (éclairage, etc). A partir de ce moment là, la tension CC de sortie du multi varie entre 13.6V et 15.45V, ça m' inquiète une telle variation.

j' ai baissé de 14.40V à 14.20V le multi avec ve config, c' est quasiment pareil.

la charge est paramétrée sur 25A.

Y a t'il une manip à faire? Merci


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Quattro, non inverter output delay.

If we consider a Quattro used on a boat it is ideal to handle shore power and generator changeover. The inverter output is very useful but the 2 minute delay on the non-inverter output is very disturbing for many boat owners. The way around the 2 minute delay is to not use the second output on the Quattro and simply bypass it using a normal changeover switch.

The problem with this design is the input current management of the Quattro cannot be used as the Quattro is not aware of the bypass shore/generator current. In this case if the Quattro is heavily charging batteries the shore power breaker can be tripped as the Quattro does not know to back off battery charge until the current surge has passed. Two things could be done to fix the issue.

1. Quattro software could allow the second output to be available within seconds of the shore or generator power being applied. That would be perfect. For the average marine application, 2 minutes is simply way too long. The average boat owner thinks they have a serious problem if the power takes that long to reach the high current loads. I realise it is to allow settling time for a generator but it is painfully too long. I would suggest instantly for shore power and 5 seconds for generator would be fine for most applications.

2. The Quattro could use an external current sensor to "see" the total current being drawn from the shore or generator and reduce battery charging to keep the input current below the threshold. I have tried reading the ESS documentation to force the use of an energy meter so the Quattro could see the total current but it seems to be ethernet connected and I wonder if the Quattro would work with the external energy meter the way we would like. It seems a little silly to use this technique to overcome the 2 minute delay on the second output but that is what is required for most boat owners.

Any ideas of a resolution to this issue would be appreciated as the two minute delay on the second output denies us using the Quattro to its full potential.

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My "distributor" is a joke. Where can I get some help with my Quattro system.

I have been trying for MONTHS to get help from the distributor. All I get are excuses.

Where can I get some real help with my system? I am willing to PAY for support.

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Do I need an Anti-Islanding box for my ESS? (Sweden)

Greetings all, I'm in the process of getting my solar installation fully operational but after reading a bunch about Anti-Islanding I am still not sure if I need to have that. I'm planning to have a setup where I use all of my energy production locally with no feeding back to the grid. I do want the Quattro device to be able to leverage the grid when solar output is low. Diagram attached shows my setup. Anyone able to shed light on how to proceed?


mwerme asked
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battery bank upgrade- 56v and 24v banks how to connect?

My battery bank is 24 OPZS bats (with goes up to 56V) i bought another bank of 11OPZS (24V) is there any way / possibility to hook it up or do i need more batteries to make both banks 56v?
My old bank is 130a per battery, new bank is 350a per battery.


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Multiplus charger - Alert "high DC ripple"


When I charge a 200Ah lithium battery with a Multiplus 12/500, after a while the charger switches off and the "high DC ripple" alert appears. Could not charge it fully. I took the battery and the Multiplus out of the electrical system to connect them directly to each other, but the problem persists ...
So I imagine the error is either from the battery or from the multiplus?

Have you ever run into this problem? What do you think is the cause?

thanks in advance

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Multiplus feeding power back into grid

I have a multiplus 48/3000/35-50 inverter with a battery pack acting as redundant power for a server room. I have a problem where when the site is running on generator power, the inverter is apparently feeding power back into the grid (the "grid" wattage goes negative)

When this happens, the inverter throws overload warnings and will sometimes throw an alarm and disconnect my loads. (production servers) Once this happens, the power on the inverter needs to be cycled.

The load is relatively small at this point (300W) but the grid/genset is very large (100s of kW)

How do I configure the inverter to not transfer power back into the grid under any circumstances?

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Ignore AC Input 1 But Not 2

Hey Guys hope all is well

I need Some assistance on the following:


15Kva Quattro

2 x 450/100 Mppt

1 x 40/32 Freedomwon Lithium

Prepaid Utility Eskom AC input 1

Gen AC Input 2 (Manual Start)

I Need to Configure the following:

OFF Grid Site with Utility AC Input 1 as backup

Generator when started to be pulled in if ac 1 input is available or not

AC Input 1 Must be ignored until Battery is on 50% Then AC1 must come in to 54Volt or 60%

but if client starts Gen it must be Priority whether AC 1 is avaliable or not or if Battery higher than 50% OR NOT

Thanx in advance

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Help defining specs charger/inverter and battery protect CAMPERVAN

Hi all! :-)

I am a young an enthousiast girl buzy with a camperitzation of a van (not sure how far I will get but I'll try!) and I saw and read a lot of information, but I have some doubts about which criteria to follow when choosing Victron equipment. Hopefully someone can help me! My apologies upfront if I'm asking stupid questions :(

My system will have:

- 2x320W solar panels

- 2x170 Ah 12 V batteries (link 1 or link 2, to be decided) --> are these ok for the application?

- 1x Relay RL-180/200 12 V to connect to the alternator

- 1x SmartSolar charge controller 100/30 (because max current both panels is 21 A)

But I am not able to define what are the specs that I need for the:

- Multiplus inverter/charger from Victron:

First question is, do I want a module that does alltogether or shall I buy separate components? Second question: which is the power that I need for the charger and inverter side?

My consumers in 230 V are:


Total A/day = 23,73; Total W/day = 5458

My consumers in 12 V are:


Total A/day = 102,88; Total W/day = 1234,6

Third question is: I want to install an outer power take off to connect to the camping 230 V socket and charge/use the 230V consumers with the electricity of the camping mains. If I would connect the vehicle to the camping socket, will the multiplus inverter/charger charge the batteries and allow me to use my 230 V consumers at the same time? I want to avoid the situation of connecting to the camping grid, batteries not full and using 230 V consumers and not having enough power, since with a 10 A socket from the camping, I can only consume 2300 W (3680 W max with 16 A). Like: I plug to the camping socket and I plug my hairdryer, does the inverter charge at the same time the auxiliary batteries? If so, with a 12/1600/70 model and a 1000 W hair dryer, I could not connect many more things since the inverter can deliver max 1300 W!

Is the 12/1600/70 indicating the max charging current of the battery? What is the maximum charging current of the batteries? 170 A?

Also not able to define which:

- battery smart protect: fourth question: which of these 65A/100A/220A ? or another?

Sorry for my lengthy email, but I am new in this field. Every help is very appreaciated!

Many thanks in advance,


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Virtual Switch Ignore AC not working on Multiplus with Firmware updated

Hello Dear Community and Staff,

We have a 3 phase system with Multiplus 2000VA inverters, Smart Solar Chargers, a CCGX and a Battery monitor BMV712. We want our system to use the grid only when batteries SOC is below 50% and when Load exceeds 1600W after a couple of seconds.

Somehow the Virtual Switch is doing its job for the battery SOC condition but not for the load condition, we tested with a constant 1800W for 60 seconds and the AC inpunt won't come in. This is important for us, as some loads in the house come in really fast and take the inverter inmediately to overload.

Does any have had this problem? what could be missing?

Please finde below some screenshots of the Virtual Switch configuration at VEConfigure for L1 Inverter.

Thank you!





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Problem with Ignore dedicated AC input in three phase system.

Hello, I have a problem with a three-phase installation consisting of 3x Multiplus 48/5000/70-100. It is an off-grid installation with a Pylontech lithium battery bank and SmartSolar controllers, all controlled with a Cerbo GX through DVCC. The system works smoothly off-grid. But a three-phase electrical network connection was installed in the sector, and with this the house was connected to the network and increased consumption with the intention of using the electrical network.

The idea of the new operating mode is to use the solar system as a priority (and complete backup in case of grid failure), and to leave the grid as support at times when the loads exceed the capacity of the inverters or the batteries are low. For this, the virtual switch was configured in "Ignore dedicated AC input" mode, according to manuals this instruction must be configured only to Master L1 and when doing it in this way the instruction really works but only responds to the values of L1, and when it is exceeded the power (4500W) in L2 or L3 the system does not transfer, generating an overload in inverters and cutting the system. When configuring the virtual switch with the same instruction to ignore AC input in each inverter, the instruction of (no) ignore AC input definitely does not work or operate in any way, the AC input is always ignored and does not transfer at any time.

Is there a way to ignore AC input in 3 phase system and work for all 3 phases, and the system can immediately switch from inverter to main when the loads for any phase exceed the established power limit? (All devices are with updated firmwares.)

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Multiplus 5k ignores input current limit with power assist

I have a Multiplus 24/5000 that I am using to run the dive compressor on my boat (2.7kw) and a Honda 2kw generator connected to the AC1 input to provide the power when solar doesn’t keep up.

The Multiplus runs the dive compressor (3 phase motor driven by a single to three phase VFD) easily on its own.

When I’m not running the dive compressor, the multiplus honors the 8.5A input current limit I’ve set, however when I fire up the dive compressor it seems to ignore that limit and will try and pull all of the power from the generator, with little to no power assist.

Running the compressor at full speed the generator will overload and trip. If I lower the compressor speed with the VFD I can get it to a point where the genny can just keep up at around 10A, with the multiplus saying it’s assisting by maybe 200W on top of the 2000W from the gen. It's not ideal running the compressor this slow.

So it appears that power assist is doing a little bit, but no where near enough and the input current limit is being ignored. I can turn the input current limit right down to 4 and the behaviour doesn't change at all.

The minimum input current limit for my 5k is supposed to be 3.9A and I’m on firmware 430. Any ideas?

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Multiplus 800 inverter settings ( DC input low shut down etc..)

Hello everybody.

Guys I am setting a Multiplus 800 connected to a 100 A Lithium battery with EXTERNAL BMS.

I have few questions about the default "inverter settings" that are the following .

Under the "Inverter tab" :

DC input low shut down=9,30 V

DC input low restart=10,90 V

DC input low pre-alarm 10,90 V

1# it seems to me this default setting is too low to protect the Lithium battery from a deep discharge > DC input low shut down=9,30 V > should I change it to a higher value like 11 V for example ? What do you recommend ?

2# the same for the other two values below . Are they too low ??!!

DC input low restart=10,90 V

DC input low pre-alarm 10,90 V

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Quattro 15000VA and Pylontech US3000 high voltage alarms

I had this setup running flawlessly without alarms (except due to imbalance at start) for almost 1 year and in the last month I started to get High Voltage alarms. I have been in touch with Pylontech and tell me that is victron causing it due to high charge voltage... But I have all the settings lowered twice in the last week and I still get this issue.


  • 2 x Fronius 6Kw
  • 1 x Victron Quattro 15000VA
  • 6 x Pylontech US3000

Looking at battery voltage-current graph, on the left we can see how in the night the battery gets charged (with the grid) and regulates very well and keeps the max voltage on batteries around 51,52V quite stable.

On the right we can see how the battery its charged during the day, with excess solar but firstly it does not charge as smoothly as with grid (even it is charging at less amps) then once charged tthe battery voltage keeps shooting up until sometimes reaches even 54V.

What is causing victron to work differently during the night and day?


Here are the limits configured in VEconfigure and even limited on DVCC too. As pylontech support recommended.



Should I even lower more the maximum charge voltage? I even limited the charge current to 2A during a few days and still got overvoltage alarms.

I have checked and all cells are balanced thus no idea what else might be going on.

Looking forward to some experienced Victron member to illustrate me why during the night and day is different.

Javier San Juan Costillas asked
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7 Answers

adsorption time extended?

Victron Techs,
I just noticed my adsorption time nicely stopped after exact 1h, however restarted again for another 8 minutes.
What could cause this behaviour?



harold asked

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Inverter Serial nr from a Remote VE.Bus system


I have recently installed a VE.Bus system in a remote location. (Color Control, 2 x MultiPlus1 inverters, Smart Solar etc.)

I would just like to know if it is possible to obtain the serial numbers of both inverters. Normally I would just get the device serial numbers from the VRM portal but since it is a VE.Bus system it does not show the serial numbers of both inverters.

Thanks in advance!

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Multiplus 3000VA: Problem MK3 USB and VE.Bus Smart Dongle connected at same time?

When I have connected my Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 via RJ45 cable to an MK3 USB to my Notebook and also have connected the Multi via VE.Bus Smart Bluetooth Dongle, then the Multi is not working at all. Even the hardware switches on the Multiplus are ignored. The Multi and all devices have the latest Firmware via Victron Connect. Is this a known problem and is there a solution for that?

My final intention is to get the Multiplus data to my Raspi4 running Victron OS to have the Multi considered in the Remote Console (MK3 to the Raspi USB) and also being able to switch it On/Off via bluetooth on my smartphone running Victron Connect.

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Mixing Battleborn and SOK Lithiums in parallel?

I have the Multiplus 3000 12V, Victron Solar Charge Controllers, Smart shunt, etc. and 2x Battleborn 100AH lithiums in parallel (1 year old). I'd like to add an SOK 200AH battery in parallel with the Battleborn batteries. Will these work OK together and are there special settings I need to be aware of to make them safe to work together? Thanks!

flatlander asked
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3 Answers

Energy Quattro- A/C input to output question?

Looking at using the Energy Quattro 5000 Watt 48 V Inverter/Charger on my boat for a Solar, Lithium upgrade. The Quattro has two A/C input's (Shore Power and Generator).

Question - Does the size of the inverter (5000W) limit the amount of A/C power you output from the inverter, if that power was received from one of your A/C inputs (Shore/Generator)?

Example... if I'm connected to shore power (Inverting is receiving shore power A/C) and the boat draws more than 5000 watts, is the inverter going to limit me to the 5000 watts?

Thank you for your responses!

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Quattro builtin battery monitor + BMV-712

I have an existing setup of a battery (large 48v/1500AH), BMV-712 and several MPPT 250/100s that I'm getting ready to add a Quattro to. The Quattro says it has a built in battery monitor, is this battery monitor essentially redundant if I've already got the 712, should I keep/rely on the 712 or toss it in favor of the Quattro's built in?


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Multiplus TR Charge with Lithium (leisure) and leadacid (starter)

Hi There,

In my motorhome I have a Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-30 230V running on a 300Ah Lithium battery.Also a Buckboost (50A) to charge the lithium while engine is running.

Starter battery is a "normal" one that was already in the car. (I think lead-acid, or AGM)

When I connect the TR-Charge output of the Multiplus, I can measure a small current even if the charger in the Multi is not connected to shore power grid.

Even if the multi is switched completely off, there are e few milli amps floating to starter batt.

Is that normal? I thought the two cicuits (starter and leisure batt) are isolated? Normally it should only load the starter, when shore power is connected and the charger in the Multi is running?

When I measure the output voltage of the TR pin there are about 13V.

Could it also be possible that current flows back from starter batt, when the voltage is higher there, than in leisure batt?

thanks for your help!

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Quattro 8000 overload - not connected

I have a 3 year old Quattro 8000 that is overloading whilst not connected to a load.

The unit went into overload alarm this morning with our night load at about 300w. The CCGX is showing that the load spiked at 5800w at the time it faulted but nothing that produces a high load was turned on.

I have disconnected the generator input and AC output and reset the unit.

It briefly had 230v on the output terminals with no fault showing but then resumed going into overload fault. When switching to On I can hear relays click and a static type sound from inside the unit. I did check the resistance between the AC output terminals and they are now showing 0 ohms between them.

It has also recently developed an issue where it would stop charging from the generator, with stable AC/ frequency being supplied, and I needed to turn it off and back on to restart the charge. No alarms have been triggered.

It is still charging no worries from solar.

I have ordered a VE bus to USB but don't have one atm.

It looks clean inside but I have not pulled any cards to delve any deeper.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Flicker and wild voltage and frequency variation of Quattro output when operating with generator


We are experiencing this same issue on multiple sites. Both with AC connected PV and sites with charge controllers.

Quattro 5kw off grid system. 50hz 230v

When the backup generator is operating, the output from the Quattro varies wildly and also it appears so does the load placed on the generator - to charge the batteries (from the VRM portal data)

This is backed up up by the display on the generator (Hyundai DHY6000) which shows frequency.

Frequency output from the quattro is so unstable it cases the Fronius PV inverter to cut out and also the washine machine on site to go into fault. Also voltage is all over the place, and all this causes lighting flicker too.

UPS function setting is off

I have tried lowering the shore power setting.

I have tried lowering the output voltage slightly on the Quattro. (output on the genny when unloaded is 230v)

Dynamic current limiter on or off makes no difference.

Accept wide frequency range is on.

I am assuming that the quattros inverter attempts to track the AC input frequency and doesnt do a great job of it.

If powerassist was disabled - would this prevent the inverter output from trying to track whats happening with the AC input ?

Any ideas?



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HELP! Multiplus Still Charging Lithium Below 5C

I have a Multiplus 3000 which is set up for LiFePo4 batteries and has a temperature sensor connected. My LiFePo4 batteries have a BMS, but it does not have low temperature cut-off.

This morning, my battery temperature was nearly 0C and the Multiplus was charging.

Did I miss a setting somewhere or was the information I was given incorrect and there is no low-temperature cut-off protection in the Multiplus for LiFePo4 batteries?

I was lead to believe that in LiFePo4 mode, the Multiplus would not charge if the temperature is below 5C.



Example of my batteries charging at below 5C.


My VE Configure Settings:


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2 Answers

MultiPlus 3000 clicking / buzzing

One of our customers recently had a MultiPlus 12/3000/120 installed and he sent me a little video where a very noticeable clicking (almost buzzing) sound can be heard. Sounds a bit like a relay rapidly clicking on/off.

The customer says the sound is audible with or without a load on the MultiPlus, and the inverter works normal other than that sound.

Any ideas what could be causing this, and how to resolve it?



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