Can I use 24 volt solar panels to charge 12 volt batteries through MPPT Controller

I’m trying to spec a system using all Victron kit and looking at the 100/30 MPPT charge controller. Does that controller accept 24 volts from solar panels and charge 12 volt batteries?


SteveCounsell asked
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Wind Turbines and victron charge controllers

hi, i would like to know if victron mppt charge controllers support wind turbines? if yes could i run 2 controllers in parallel, one with solar and one with a wind turbine?



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Tesla Model S battery + Multiplus = Can not turn on inverter below 50% SOC.

Anyone else using a Tesla battery? I'm surprised to find that I can not turn on my inverter below 21.8V. Do I have to return this inverter?

The tesla battery is supposed to be 20% SOC at 19V, 100% SOC at 25V. Please help me utilize my full battery. Thanks.


rockatron asked
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Why is my maximum State of Charge (SOC) stuck at 85%?

The Problem: SOC from the inbuilt battery monitor never goes above 85%, climbing down from 100% at installation. (I think the rotary switch is set to Position 1 battery type - flooded.)

Here's my offgrid setup, installed 2 weeks ago:

PV Panels: 15 Jinko 270w panels in 5 strings of three (in series)

Inverter/Charge controller: Victron EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 MPPT 150/100 Color Control

Batteries: 16 Trojan T105 flooded cell (2 banks of 8 x 6v in parallel) with combined 20 hour capacity of 450ah, or 10 hour capacity of 414ah

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks!

John Berger asked
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3 Answers

100/30 wiring diagram

I brought the 100/30 mppt charge controller wanting a full wiring diagram picture how to wire it up as I'm not sure. solar panels to unit to battery and do I need to put a fuse or circuit breaker somewhere what size if I do any help would be great thanks I have 1 300w solar panel and two 12v batteries

donkeydave1980 asked
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Connecting a charger to Load (Out) side of a BatteryProtect


I have two questions:

  1. is a BatteryProtect able to handle reverse current when connected as shown below in case of the BP220? Reverse current would be up to 30A while charging, and Vout >Vin.
  2. In case 1. is possible, let's now now assume the BP220 disconnects due to cell under voltage ( and thus BMS Load Disconnect output being set free floating). When connecting the charger (14.2 or 14.4V) thereafter, what would the voltage drop between Vout and Vin be? Can the BP220 handle 30A reverse current in that case, up to the point when it connects again after 30sec?

Note: the design intent of the layout below is to protect the SmartLithium battery from standby current drawn by the charger in case of cell under voltage. With the original design from the manual, this could only be achieved by a main switch (or pulling the fuse) between battery+ and BP. I cannot use a Cyrix-Li-Charge because my charger applies a IU1oU2oU3 charging characteristic with U3 being below the Cyrix-Li-Charge 13.7V engagement level.


Image: BatteryProtect Manual figure 5, modified (second BP out connected to 1st BP out instead of 1st BP in as in original diagram).



stefan.cs asked
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Can I use an MPPT as a dc to dc charger for an alternator?

Can I use my MPPT 75/15 solar controller as a dc/dc charger to charge from my alternator to my secondary deep cycle battery in my 4x4?

Luke Rossi asked
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7 Answers

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MPPT 100/20 Lithium Battery Configuration

Hi, I've just connected a SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 (version 1.37 firmware) to a 12v 100AH Lithium Battery and can not find a battery setting to use.

I only have 4 presets (AGM spirel cell, Gel Victron deep discharge(1), Gel Victron deep discharge(2), & Gel Victrol long life (OPzV)

I have the latest Apple IOS, the latest IOS Victron app and connect via Bluetooth . I normally charge the battery from 240V AC with a Victron BlueSmart 30A charger set to Lithium with no problems

Greg asked
thanar edited ·

6 Answers

Why doesn't the documentation warn that multiple MPPT controllers don't play well together and is there a fix in the works?

I've got a 12v 320Ah Narada Lead Carbon battery bank, a Multiplus 1200/12/50 and 3 SmartSolar MPPT 75/15's connected to 3 separate solar arrays.

The problem I'm having is the MPPT controllers tripping over each other going into float WAY too early. So on the daily chart I'll have one controller yielding as much as 1300Wh while the other two will yield as little as 200Wh each. At the end of the day the battery is not fully charged either.

The dominant controller can be any of the controllers on any given day. The wiring and settings are the same for all three controllers. I guess it just a software race condition which one detects the 1A float first. As soon as is does that 1A load goes to the remain controllers.

Is it possible to have them share better. Does the BMV or Smart Sense Synchronise them at all. As it is they are operating at about 30% efficiency once two drop out.

Seems that only one MPPT controller can be the only charge source in the circuit. Otherwise once any one hits the 1A float threshold it go to sleep and doesn't wake up again. Leaving just one controller to do all the work and the battery no where near charged.

The situation is exacerbated as the Muliplus charger starts up when the generator is fired up. All the MPPT go to sleep because the generator is providing all the charge current. Then when it is turned off often only one charge controller comes back to charge and the other two stay on float even though the battery might only be 30% charged because the float voltage being reached does not wake them all up.

These MPPT charge controllers do not play at all well with other charge sources. Including their own kind. Is there any way to have them act as a simple power supply? That is just providing a voltage to battery and allowing the battery to simply absorb what it can? Or maybe get rid of the 1A threshold or have a timer that checks periodically if the battery can now accept greater than 1A and go back to absorption.

Basically modify the algorithm somehow so they're get back to work when they can. At the moment it's like having an employee that gets things done in the morning then goes to sleep and doesn't bother checking if more work has arrived because the other bloke is doing it all by himself and struggling at it as a result.

Seems theses things are too smart for their own goodand as a result are constantly tripping over each other. After which they don't get up and back to work again for the rest of the day! If it was an employee you'd fire them for not being team players! Lol

Is it possible for me to just move the charge leads from the battery connector to the output connector? If the MPPT can output 15A at say the float setpoint voltage to the output without a battery in the battery connection then that would be better charge controller than all the current "smarts" before the battery connection terminals!

Any solution would be appreciated.



Troy asked
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7 Answers

Mixing lead acid and lithium

My Lead Acid OPzS battery bank is "becoming smaller" as I continue to load the system more an more. Initially I sized the system for 20% DoD, but now in next winter I am afraid it may reach 40 to 50% or even more.

I have now the chance to get a good priced set of Winston LiFePO4 90Ah cells and I was thinking to build a smaller independent system to offload some of the work of the main system.

I allways thought it would be not advisable to put lithium in parallel with lead acid, but the more I think of it, the less crazy it seems. My LA system is 24V based, the 8 cell Winston would be 25.6V nominal. I would source a 3rd party BMS to manage the lithium. Maybe the BMS can take care of the issues - disconnect in low and high side of the daily swings.

I actually have found a product to make hybrid battery banks (BOS - LE300) so maybe this isn't so crazy after all.

To install in parallel and monitor the 2 strings I was thinking if it would be possible to use a separate BMV on each string (Lithium and OPZS). Is this possible, using 2 BMVs on same Venus device?

Elimac asked
Alistair Warburton answered ·

6 Answers

Battery to Battery Charging.

I Have a Motorhome 12V system (2 x AGM 110AH) with 100W Solar via MPPT 75/15, Mains hookup Amperor 3 stage charger and a VSR split charge from the crank battery with standard alternator. There is also a BMV 700 & Venus GX. I am looking at ways to prolong the life cycle of the batteries after the current batteries lasted only one season. I have identified that the VSR split charge is a crude method of charging and could be improved with a battery to battery charge system. There are plenty on the market but I would prefer to use Victron products. I have found a Victron Energy Orion 7-35/12-3 Buck-Boost regulator that looks to be something like what I need but am unsure if it will give a charge quality comparable to say a Sterling Power 4 Stage Battery to Battery charger. I would be grateful for any advice or recommendations on the system and suitable products. Any tips on system setup improvements would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Paulio asked
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13 Answers

Will the MPPT 75/15 smart solar handle 2, 100 watt 12v panels in parallel?

I ran the math with the max panel voltage of 18.4v and a 25% safety margin and it looks like it should be okay. I wanted to get real world input. My RV forum is saying I should run a 30 amp controller to handle 2, 100 watt panels in parallel. One will be fixed on the roof, and I'll eventually buy a portable to hook up to it.

zimm asked
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19 Answers

What should I set Lithium Battery Absorption Time to?

They say that Lithium batteries don't need to be charged in absoption mode. I've heard that when charging Lithium you should go from Bulk straight to Float. Will setting the absorption time to zero achieve this? What about setting the absoption voltage to a really low voltage that is never achievable? What do others on this forum know of this? What settings do others use when charging their caravan Lithium battery? MPPT Bluesolar 100/30, Sentry 300AH Lithium, 300W solar.

RedRover asked
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5 Answers

Official Depth Of Discharge Recommendations For LiFePO4

Having recently had a 4 x 100 Ah LiFePO4 system installed, I am finding hard to shake off the habits learned from a crappy lead acid system & allowing the state of charge to dip to 50% goes against the instincts learned from past experiences.

What am I safe to use out of these batteries?

Lots of hearsay, not too many hard facts.

Dave asked
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4 Answers

MPPT Load output switches off

Hi There

I have an issue on my SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 Charger controller, When the controller is in the "Float" state , The national luna DC fridge i have connected to the load output on the controller seems to "trip" and then comes back on and the fridge will run , Then when the compressor turns off and then back on again the same happens again and again while in the " Float" State.

But when the solar charger is charging the Battery in " Bulk" or "Adsorption" states the fridge runs no problem , The compressors can start and stop all day with no Issues , The issue only arises when the system is in the " Float" stage.

Why does it only happen when the charger is in the "Float" state ?

I Bought the SmartSoalar 75/15 Controller so i could track my consumption and Solar output.

but now seems i have wasted my money on this controller if i cant run my fridge on it . I need the solar controller to manage the load to make sure the fridge doesn't drain the battery to far during the evening

Install Detail

2 x 100 Watt Solar panels in Parallel

1 x 105 AH Royal 1150K Battery

1 x National Luna fridge / Freezer

SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controller

Justin asked commented ·

15 Answers

What is the password to edit VE.Bus MultiPlus settings on VictronConnect?

MK3 multiplus v5.8beta1., mac os VictronConnect. password ?

foto asked
warwick commented ·

2 Answers

AGM Battery Charge Settings

I have Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/60-tr charge controllers connected to 6 West Marine AGM batteries (group 31, 105 amp hr) for a total of 630 amp hrs and was wondering what the charge settings would be on the controller. I noticed there isn't preset settings in the VictronConnect app.

Raymanak asked
Mark commented ·

1 Answer

BMV Charge status still 100%. Voltage down to 12.3V

I have a BMV connected to GX. There is a steady draw from the batteries which is dropping the voltage slowly but not registering on the state of charge. The state of charge works when under heavy load. Is there a reason for this please as at 12.3V I would expect less than 100%. The full charge settings are correct and I have performed a factory reset.

Paulio asked
NeverForever commented ·

9 Answers

Installing the Multiplus 3000

With a 50 amp electrical system in my RV, I'd like to install a Multiplus 3000 inverter/charger. I have three Battle Born LiPO4 batteries in parallel. My shore power is a 4-wire and there are two legs on the distribution panel. One of the companies that sells Victron adds a "Smart Phase Selector" in their 50 Amp RV upgrade. Can I install the Multiplus 3000 without this added device?Will the inverter/charger work in this regard?

cgjog182 asked
Tom answered ·

5 Answers

Wiring Unlimited - a new book

Hi all,

Margreet Leeftink, Sales Manager & trainer in Australia has compiled the second Victron book: Wiring Unlimited.

I'm posting it here on Community as a preview; please put in your comments so we can make it even better before publishing more publicly.

Download your copy here.

I could of course here tease more with whats inside; but better just click the link and see for yourself. I think its a great step forward of bringing all information together as opposed to it being scattered around.

Thank you Margreet for this excellent piece of work! Wie schrijft die blijft :-).

Best regards,


mvader (Victron Energy) asked
Margreet Leeftink (Victron Energy Staff) commented ·

19 Answers

Charging Lithium Batteries from an alternator.

I am using 24v 200AH HE Lithium batteries, I want the option to charge from the truck alternator whilst driving, According to the Victron information you can just connect them to the trucks lead acid batteries via a Cyrix Li-ct. Is there a better option?

Christyler asked
Stavarda commented ·

3 Answers

Can I use the MPPT to Dump Load?

do the victron mppt charge controllers have a dump load option?

lief ryan asked
Ian Hamilton answered ·

11 Answers

How do I know when my battery is fully charged? How does the MPPT know?

I have an Victron 150/45TR MPPT charge controller being fed by 600 watts of Renogy panels wired in series.

This is hooked up to two, wires in parallel Renogy 170ah lithium ion batteries.

According to their spec sheet they are "recommended" to be charged to 14.6 volts. I don't want to do that and would prefer charging to 14.2

Looking at the spec sheet, Renogy says the following.

Standard Charge shall consist of charging at 0.2C constant current rate until the battery reaches 14.6V. The battery shall then be charged at a constant voltage of 14.6V while tapering the charge current. Charging will terminate when the charging current has tapered to a 0.02CA. Charge Time is approximately b7 hours. Safe Charging consists of temperatures between 32 ºF and 113 ºF.

Does the battery stop accepting charge from the MPPT once the current has tapered? Does the MPPT know when to stop charging the battery? How do I know when these are full? How does the system know when these are full?

Lastly, what should my absorption voltage and time be? How about the float voltage? Battery University says these batteries should really just be charged in bulk phase to ~90 or 95% capacity and then turn off charging. What does the MPPT aim to charge these at during bulk phase? That doesn't seem to be a setting I can adjust.

Sorry for so many questions, this I am new to all this.

Thanks in advance!

Evanjs asked
Evanjs commented ·

4 Answers

Comparing BMV 700-702-712

Does anyone know if there is a comparison paper or chart for the BMV lineup? After getting the Raspberry Pi working with my current Victron Controllers I am considering switching from a Bogart Trimetric to the BMV to have that info included in VRM too. I guess hearing that should make Victron happy...


bigbillsd asked
bigbillsd answered ·

4 Answers

How many MPPTs can I connect in Parallel?

How many 100/30 mppt could I put in parallel to charge the same battery bank?


djibi asked
debug commented ·

3 Answers

Low battery warning continuaslly appeare on Quattro while SOC is high?!

Using Quattro 5000 / 120 V with an updated firmware and ESS assistant for a 48V system.

We are facing the problem of while having a high AC load and there are no available solar Energy inputs so we are running purely on batteries "having ALWAYS a low battery warning LED flashing - and of course on the CCGX- even that the SOC of the battery from the BMV is higher than 90% and the voltage is ok as well"

  1. is there a way to avoid this wrong indicator on the inverter?
    • Taking into account that the ESS settings for the dynamic battery control is modified already based on our battery type and the low voltage alarm reseat value for the inverter is set to 3 V (instead of 1.2 V default).
  2. In case we have to live with this fake warning, How can we avoid getting this warning on the CCGX?

Appreciate your advice

Mohamed Mamdouh Elkadragy asked
Jaco Reinecke commented ·

12 Answers

Visio stencils for Victron products

Hi all, does any body know if Victron have made stencils for Visio for their Victron Products?

Or if any body else made it and made it free to use.

It makes lite so much easier when making my schematics.


vetobus asked
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13 Answers