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Can not access Cerbo via LAN -IP:1881 any more. Receive 504 Gateway timeout

Cerbo appears to be running. It is on firmware 2.94. Remote Console is running, shows Node Red enabled in venus Large, Ethernet state is connected, IP address is present, as is gateway IP and DNS. VRM portal in Remote Console shows no errors in connect, etc.

VRM Dashboard is also running and updating

Node Red was always accessed vie, with no problem . I had node red running my flows no problem - for weeks now. I added some flows that I was testing - Dashboard buttons, etc, all linked only to debug nodes. When I deployed, the red deploy button became a mobile little bar chart, showing deploy active, and never stopped. 1/2 hour later I exited the browser, and tried to restart node red via - returns 504 Gateway timeout error. Trying to enter node red via Venus OS Large on the VRM portal also just hangs up forever. However, it seems my existing node red flow is still in place and running - I control Cerbo relays with certain temperatures, etc, and that is still happening, but I cannot get into Node red.

I can ping the Cerbo in a cmd window and it returns in 4ms

I have re-booted the cerbo, and turned it off and on again - no change.

Any Ideas?

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start automatique Flow node red after reboot venus os ?


is it possible to start node red flow after reboot raspberry pi venus os large ?

thank you

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Access to nodered via vrm portal is very slow

Hello, I am trying to develop an application in nodered but access to it is very slow from vrm, sometimes it accesses quickly and most of the time it is too slow that some idea cannot be accessed. Thank you very much for your attention.

I already restarted the cerbogx, but still the problem persists

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MultiPlus-II stuck with old max charge current setting

Max charge current is set depending on a variety of factors using NodeRed, and has been working flawlessly for months. I recently noticed that it stopped fluctuating as expected, and checked the code to see if it was still set correctly, as well as whether or not it made it into the "remote console" (in DVCC -> "Maximum charge current"). I also checked that there was no interference from the BMS, and that the current voltage wasn't close to any of the limits either.

When disabling the NodeRed code and setting the charge current manually in remote console, this didn't have an effect either.

Ultimately, since I couldn't make sense of the situation and none of the data I reviewed gave any explanation, I decided to restart the VE.Bus system which - as expected - returned things to normal.

The MPs are running firmware 498, I checked the changelog and it doesn't seem that there have been any changes pointing to what I'm describing above (except maybe for "miscellaneous changes"). Is anyone aware of a firmware change that would fix the issue I have described?

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Using Nodered without switching off ess an changing to external control


i need nodered for several controling flows, e.g. switching on/off of an big external ventilation for the battery room by the difference of Temperatur between outside/inside temp. Or switching on some heatings when there is too much sun and Soc and so on.

many important things, that can be easy implemented in nodered for a 100kwh battery USV system.

But i don’t want to change from ESS to external control and Programm all the ESS things that are working fine …

thank you

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Victron Multi RS Solar 48/6000 connect to VRM (CCGX or RPi)

Hi everyone,

Can someone give a bit more clarity on how to bring the Multi RS in VRM?

The manual is... limited in this regards.

I have a CCGX (on my existing quattro installation) and just bought a RaspberryPi on which I installed VenusOS and I also purchased a MK3 adapter.

From what I can tell, only VECan is available on the Multi RS, but when I connect to CCGX it won't show anything. Do i need the little RJ45 end plugs (which didn't came with any device...) ?

What would I need to connect it to RPi?



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Venus OS 2.92 and Smart Solar bluetooth connection

I just got Venus OS installed and running on a RPi 4, is was able to connect and get data from multiple Ruuvi Tags but can't find my Smart Solar MPPT. Isn't bluetooth connection to Victron's own devices still implemented? Connecting using a VE.Direct cable is not an option.

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go-eCharger integration in Venus OS

Hi community,

I just finalized my integration of the go-eCharger as a evcharger into the Victron OS. You can find my project on github with all you need to setup:




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No Phase values for PV Inverter in Overview


I have a EES consisting of an Multiplus 3000, Cerbo GX, EM540 Grid Meter, Et340 PV Generation Meter and a DIY Battery Pack.

Everything is working fine, i am only wondering why the cerbo isn't showing the Power values of the PV Generation Meter for each phase: As you can see, it only shows the Sum of all Phases.


In The Settings i can see all Values for each Phase:


How can i force the Venus Os to show me the Phase Power values in the yellow rectangular of the Overwiev.

I am using Venus OS 3.00.14

Thanks in Advance

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Value too large for defined data type

I got goe-charger addon running and it seems it made the log file too big, rendering the /data directory useless as it's 100% full now, and the log file is not accessible.

/data/dbus-goecharger/current.log: Value too large for defined data type

How can I get rid of that file now?

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Venus OS v2.94 / power units inconsistent


Just noticed that the units of the different devices are not consistent.

The grid meter just shows no units.

The acload meter shows a whitespace before the unit

The pvinverter shows without whitespace (I believe this is the correct display, like the solar loader)

In the MQTT, the values are displayed/saved without a unit:




Is this a general problem with the display (and with everyone). Or can this still be configured somewhere else?

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MQTT not updating enabled flag in ESS charge schedule

Cerbo GX v2.94

Action: Using MQTT to modify ESS > Scheduled charging.
e.g. W/XXX/settings/0/Settings/CGwacs/BatteryLife/Schedule/Charge/0/Day

Result: Most modifications work as expected and the changes are reflected in the Cerbo GX UI. However, when changing the day value between a positive & negative value via MQTT, which should enable or disable the schedule, the change is not reflected in the details page of UI. The enabled switch is stuck in it's current state. If stuck in the on state, the Day field changes to --


The overview page of scheduled charging does however reflect the correct state.


jameswest asked

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BeagleBone Black Venus OS hardware question.

Hello lovely people,

I am a complete noob and apologise in advance...sorry.

I'm mostly looking for some confirmation before pulling the trigger on buying hardware to attempt Venus OS install on. RPI's are obviously pretty hard to find at the moment so I've been searching for a reasonably priced alternative: leading me to the Beaglebone Black.

Can anyone confirm for me that this: is the correct board for the job before I drive down to RS components to purchase?

I have read through the github wiki several times and confused myself :D am I correct in thinking I can install Venus OS on BBB, and then connect my 3x ve direct/usb cables to a 3rd party USB hub, and from there connect to my RPI4 which is running my Homeassistant OS.

really appreciate if anyone can help me clarify whether my intended plan is doable.


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Alternator disconnect alarm on Venus OS to prevent load dump

I have setup 4 X 300AH LiFePo4 batteries with 4 X JK BMS connected and talking to Venus OS thanks to dbus-serialbattery on RPI. This battery bank is located on a boat, but the same potential issue exists on VAN installations. Here it is:
There is a major concern if at any point the battery BMSs disconnect due to high voltage or another reason while the alternator is running, there will over voltage of way over 100V that is going to spike through the system (aka load dump) and possibly fry other equipment on the boat. In this setup I'm using WS-500 smart alternator regulator that could stop the alternator charging when the BMS is about to disconnect due to hight voltage. Even if the WS-500 executes stops charging, the alternator require about 500mS to stop generating to prevent the load dump. Right now Venus OS alarm and relay triggers ant the exact time the BMS issues disconnect command to it's MOSFETs. Obviously there is not enough time for the alternator to shutdown.

The question is can I trick JK BMS or Venus OS to trigger an alarm before any FET disconnect command is issued and is it possible to delay the FET disconnect let's say by 2sec just to be on the safe side? I'm thinking of setting the alternator stop change if possible for 50mV lower setting then the BMS disconnect voltage is set for e.g.

BMS cell over voltage protection: 3.600V

Alarm to be triggered (to stop any charging): 3.550V

Not sure if that could be currently set on Venus OS. Any thoughts?

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suppress "high cell voltage alarm" from BMS (


is there any option to suppress the "high cell voltage alarm" display in the remote conlole of the VenusOS (v2.94)? (I dont need this alarm, cause the BMS Overvoltage is set very low (to 3.47V) to force the very unexact SOC of the BMS to reset to 100% so it will drift away less. But the high voltage alarms are annoying.

MP2, JK-BMS; with serialbattery driver

Thank You


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