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VRM Portal and Personal Access Tokens

Where on VRM Portal can we manage 'personal access tokens' for usage with external services?

bww asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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VRM Portal performance issues 2023-06-01

Good morning!

Or not: we are still having issues with the VRM Portal database.

Current status in detail (updated at 2023-06-02 at 13:31 CET)

  • Ingress of data works
  • Real time data works
  • Seeing last received data works
  • Energy graphs (kWh, on the bottom of dashboard page) work
  • Graphs, both on dashboard and advanced page work sometimes, but not always: we’re frequently disabling during peak hours / database overload.
  • Certain fields in reports don’t work either.
  • Dashboard Controls work (On/Off settings and others).
  • Remote access into Remote Console, Node-RED & SignalK works.

Issues fixed:

  • Remote firmware & Remote VEConfigure issues. Fixed per 2023-06-01. Details in below comment.
  • Being logged out and having to re-login in frequently. Fixed per 2023-06-02.

My apologies for this ongoing issue; its (still) being worked on at max effort.

Best regards, Matthijs

Ps. To add, there is no risk, and there has been no risk, of any data thats transmitted by the Victron installations, or uploaded manually, to get lost. There is a queue system in place for that; which is very efficient, simple, lightweight and high in its capacity. Therefor, even in situations where the database systems can’t keep up with regards to “ingress”, then still data will never be lost.

mvader (Victron Energy) asked
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VRM Grid calculation not correct with PV and Multiplus storage

Hi all!

I'm very happy with my combination of a Kostal Piko 20, Cerbo GX and Victron Multiplus II 48V/14kWh

All values shown in VRM live are looking good:


But it seems the summary page shows way too high values for energy from grid:


During the timespan selected the official grid meter shows 15kWh from grid while VRM shows 115. The difference seems to match the amount taken from the battery during nights. I guess I have some glitch in my configuration. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your help,


gunnarha asked
tobs answered ·

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GlobalLink 520 location

Dear Community,

Is a GlobalLink 520 intended to determine its location via LTE-M triangulation and report that location to VRM? Or is VRM supposed to do this work? In either case, I do not get location information for my GlobalLink 520. If it is supposed to do so, is there something I need to enable?


danapple asked
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What's going on with VRM?

VRM has not worked properly for weeks and today I've lost my installation from the menu, it's just a blank screen saying Add Installation.

Does anyone at Victron have an idea of timeframe when it will be back or know how I can see my system in the meantime? I guess I do need a backup of some sort.

Does anyone have a Node-RED dashboard showing ESS basics for example. Most of my flows are solar forecasts or modifying ESS behaviour for utility tarrifs, I didn't expect to need to use the dashboard to see VRM-like stats.

markess asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

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VRM app logout iOS every few days

Why is the app logging out every few days? Really annoying and unnessecary, its not a bank app! Even with the remain logged in toggled it still logs out every few days. App is up to date. Why is this happening and why cant it remain logged in forever? iOS 16, iPhone 13

Same thing happens on browser, logs out every few days.

banne asked
mvader (Victron Energy) commented ·

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Anyone getting a 401 error from VRM API?

Suddenly with no software changes from my side, I'm getting a 401 error when I fetch:


Tokens are correct... Can it be a ACL/CORs change from Victron?

Any info/help is appreciated...

Thanks in advance!

abascuna asked
kiwibrew answered ·

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Multible Installations VRM access for owners (family & friends)

Hello all,
I now have four installations in my "VRM Portal". Up to now, they were family members who received my account access data. Now I am adding installations from friends, who should not be able to view the existing installations.
Is this the right way to "share" individual installations?
Would it be possible to give the user the authorisation to access their "Remote Console", for example?

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Is there a trick to get PV current in a custom widget in VRM?

When I select PV current in a custom widget:


I get:


However, the standard MPPT widget reports both PV voltage and current:


Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

I have tried all obvious options including the PV current from trackers 1 - 4.

snoobler asked
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Is VRM down?

For the past two days I've been getting a "Something went wrong, please try again later" error when accessing the VRM dashboard and Advanced settings. The graphs don't show but the instant consumption seems to reflect. Is VRM down?

ralf-ct asked
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Is there a VRM portal problem again? 'No data to display'

Is there a VRM portal problem again? Some graphs are taking a long time to load and some just say 'No data to display' - Last time, someone in the VRM team put a screen pop-up at the top of the page saying there was a problem... This was very useful information to be able to display the status of the portal.

kaypea asked
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Inconsistency in Grid vs. Battery Consumption in VRM portal

I've a pretty standard ESS system with a MP II 48/3000/35 on L1 with a Battery and an ET340 Energy meter. For whatever reason, even though the system is working correctly, it does not show the right sums of energy consumption on the overview graph. The "Advanced" statistic page is correct.

It kind of seems to me like the "Battery" and "Grid" values are actually swapped. Could that be?

I originally didn't have "multiphase regulation" in ESS Setting set correctly, but that's now fixed for 2 days (and shouldn't effect the reporting).

I've two pretty similar setups where this is just working correctly. Installation ID 231115 if someone can

Any ideas. Maybe a way to "reset" the VRM dashboard?

Power consumption "today"


Consumption as reported "today"


ESS Setting


jan-dittmer asked
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Cerbo not connecting to vrm and external sd card installed


I have an AC coupled systems with a Quattro and 5 200ah batteries. It has been up and stable for a year.

About 12 days ago, it stopped logging onto the VRM . I tried everything. At the time it had 2.94 firmware. I was suspicious that it had done an auto update and something had changed.

I did a full factory reset and re installed everything. .. no luck.

It had loged on for a minute or two, but then nothing.

I let the system just run with internal logging to the external SD card.

A Few days later update 3.0 was released. I upgraded to that.. nothing

I factory reset to 3.0 . During this I left my external SD card out…. And guess what.. it connects to the VRM..

It is repeatable. If I eject the SD card from the screen, it starts to log onto the VRM

I have checked the SD card in a laptop and it reads and works fine.
Has any got any ideas?






Mike asked

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VRM api returning 500 instead of 401

About 45 mins ago I started experiencing a situation where the VRM API started returning status code 500 when the token expired.
Usually it returns a 401 which triggers code to generate a new auth token.

Did changes get made to the API?

toby-mills asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

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VRM Portal performance issues 2023-05-22

UPDATE: for latest status, see 5th update below.

Good day. Since a few hours, and same as past few Mondays (...), the VRM Portal is having performance issues.

And as a temporary measure we have disabled the state graphs on the Advanced page, since they cause for an extraordinary high load, compared to all the other graphs.

We're working hard on this; and I expect it to be solved in the coming hours.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Matthijs Vader

mvader (Victron Energy) asked
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