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successfull login but invalid token

I managed to log in to the API using my credentials and I have received a token.

(Indeed, as has been pointed out in previous posts, if one uses Postman, one has to include the credentials in the body of the request. Their Authentification tab does not work!)

However, if now, I want to do a basic request using the Bearer token, e.g.


setting the header

X-Authorization: "token"

I receive the follwing error message

"success": false,
"errors": "No valid authentication scheme sent",
"error_code": "invalid_token"

How is this possible?

PS: I have also tried the Authentication option provided by Postman to set the Bearer token an it does not work either.

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VRM Advanced page widgets

I have a problem with the VRM advanced pages widgets. I can't get any of them to stack horizontally and the only option is to have them stacked vertically.

Can this be fixed?

OS: macOS Big Sur v11.5.2
Browser: Google Chrome v93.0.4577.63 and Safari v14.1.2

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Victron Updated VRM Portal Dashboard


I have an Multiplus II 48/10000, AC coupled to a Fronius Primo 8.2, full offgrid setup. On the new VRM Portal Dashboard update i have noticed that the voltage flow graphic has changed from the Fronius, it used to go straight into the blue Victron inverter icon, now it goes straight into the AC load flow line graphic, hence now it does not give a graphic representation of bidirectional flow from the Fronius back into the Victron inverter, just a continuous flow from the Fronius to the AC load regardless of the AC load demand and battery charge state. Where the Fronius AC output & Multiplus II output graphic flow lines intersect there should be bidirectional graphic flow of the animation blocks both to & from the Multiplus II as is the case still on the input graphic from the Battery & MPPT DC coupled side. Maybe I’m being a bit picky just though I’d bring it up, anyone else noticed this? Is there a direct way of reporting this glitch to the DEV team?

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Absoption not shown in VRM

Does anyone has the same issue that Absorption period is not shown in the MPPT state graphs in VRM?


muro asked
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VE Bus State for Multiplus not showing correct Information in VRM

Hello all

VE Bus State for Multiplus ok on VRM dasboard but not in VRM advanced

The correct state is Absortion as showing in dashboard but the state is OFF in the advanced view



steve777 asked
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Solar First with Multiplus II

I have a setup with 3 X Multiplus II's running in parallel, 450/100 MPPTs, solar panels and pylontech batteries.

The batteries drain to 20% during the night and the solar panels are sized so that at around 2pm in the day the batteries are fully charged again.

What happens in the morning is that for the first two hours or so, the system charges the batteries and uses power from the Grid for the AC loads. This is completely unnecessary, the solar power early in the morning should be used to power the AC loads and not to charge the batteries.

How can I change it so that the solar power first thing in the morning is used to power the AC loads, and not to charge the batteries?

There will be plenty of time later during the day to fully charge the batteries.

Thank you

philipl asked
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1-Phase ESS on 3-Phase Grid with Phase Regulation: "Total of all phases", Error displaying correct consumption


I run multiple installations on multiple sites, all on a three phase grid connection (Germany: phase compenastion: "total of all phases") using a single Multiplus II on L1 with batteries in ESS mode. Some sites use an EM24 others ET340, they all have one problem in common:

as soon as any generator (PV) is connected to any other phase than L1 (or also three-phase, in this case usually Fronius SYMO), the summation of "power used" or "power origin" on the VRM goes completly wrong.

In the last case there were two "dumb" inverters, which I connected through two ET112, also these I had to both switch to L1 due to the fact that there is no easy way to set the ET112 to tell the Venus "I am L2 or L3".

The setpoint is fine, so purley cosmetic but to show customers their real data is important.

Is there a way to fix that? I see a huge potential in those small systems with 4.8 or 7kWh capacity, as this in the average household apprx. doubles self consumption and in most cases is enough to cover the night and some peak-loads during the day.

I know there are some more threads covering he problem of "sum of all phases" in the German market, I found none with this specific one though.

Thank you very much for your help!

Johannes Fleißner

jfleissner asked
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PWS (Personal weather station) integration.

now that wunderground supports API, it should be a simple integration.

In fact the output of the pantech is pure JSON so that way could be easier.

It would be nice to directly integrate into the venus os, however I could settle for VRM.

alan asked
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VRM - remove fuel tanks

Hi, I see VRM recently started showing fuel tanks, which is annoying if you don't have any.

How can we remove them from the config to prevent this displaying?

nickdb asked
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VRM portal registration not working


The “register for free account” option ont he VRM doesn’t appear to be working.

Filled out the form with 2 different email addresses yesterday both said check your email for the confirmation email. Neither received confirmation emails...

Checked the mail server logs neither saw emails for those email addresses from Victron servers... in fact checked all mail servers for all domains and can’t find any emails from a victron servers.

Please help.


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Inverter Serial nr from a Remote VE.Bus system


I have recently installed a VE.Bus system in a remote location. (Color Control, 2 x MultiPlus1 inverters, Smart Solar etc.)

I would just like to know if it is possible to obtain the serial numbers of both inverters. Normally I would just get the device serial numbers from the VRM portal but since it is a VE.Bus system it does not show the serial numbers of both inverters.

Thanks in advance!

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Why vrm not showing connected devices?

Hello, I am sorry if someone question that. Today, I saw that again. When I open FRM APP to see battery percentage and with how many watts charge PV, I am not saw PV, battery and invertor consummation. I am using Raspberry Pi 3b plus version to run VRM. I reboot device from VRM Remote console, and after reboot all show up. How to fix that? I am connect raspberry pi power supply to invertor, can that is the problem about that.

My setup is 2x PV solar panels, mppt charge controller 100/30, invertor Phoenix 24/800 l, smart shunt 500, two batteries and raspberry pi3b plus.

Thanks for answer in advanced.

hrischo asked

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VRM AC Input

My AC Input widget on VRM is empty. What shall be shown there usually?


Thanks upfront for info!

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How long does the Cerbo GX store our data if the network connection is lost?

Sometimes my coach loses its intenet connection and I still want that data to get into VRM. How many days will it store on the Cerbo before it is lost and won;t ever get uploaded to VRM? -Bill

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VRM showing a note in Dutch (possibly Dutch)


My VRM portal is set for English but I noticed the above when I change the dates in the historical data, not a big issue but thought I would see if there is a fix

marky01 asked
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Easiest way to get on VRM

I have just started using my new Smart shunt 500, and my Smart Solar MPPT 150/60, using Blue tooth and the Beta App. So I am hooked, I would like to upgrade to a multiplus II someday. I have a cellular WiFi modem on board. How can I get VRM access now? Thanks.

R Robinson asked
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VRM access to local GX LAN address.

This is a minor issue, and possibly just a bug. But it's new.

My system sometimes resets it's lan address (my fault, not Victron's). VRM rolls on relentlessly, as expected. So sometimes when I need to access the GX screen locally, I have to ask for the new address via 'Device list' in VRM. Except now it doesn't cough the new address, and retains the old one.

To find the new one, VRM can provide it via 'Remote Console', but from the other side of the world, a little sluggish.

Might impinge few, but for me a little disconcerting when Device List isn't showing the truth - even in underlined blue, click on it and it 'errors'. Sure a GX reboot might fix it, but hey..

2.42 GX firmware. For you Teun, should be a yawn.. :)

JohnC asked
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Digital Input State no longer has data in VRM - Looks broken?

I have the 4 Digital IO ports in use on my Cerbo and I could see graphs on when a state was on/off or running/stopped on VRM, but today all I see is "no data available" including any previous dates where I had seen graphing.

The Digital IO ports are still working and I can see in the Remote Console the state and changes, and also in VRM I see data in the "Digital Input Summary" which reflects the state of the IO correctly.


wildebus asked
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Can multiple MPPT solar chargers be displayed on VRM dashboard?

Can the VRM dashboard display the breakdown of 2 (or more) MPPT solar chargers?

Further system details:

Venus GX

Quattro Inverter



2 x SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 controllers (1 connected via VE.Direct and 1 via VE.CAN)

The dashboard is a little confusing at the moment as the "PV Charger" displays the total watts from both chargers but the volt and amps values are from one of the chargers.

Also what is the best/recommended way to connect the MPPT chargers to the Venus GX (the solar arrays are pointed in different directions and are of a different size etc.)?

zack-golenia asked
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VRM lock layout

Does anyone else wish there was a ‘lock layout’ toggle switch on their VRM page? I use my iPad and when scrolling I accidentally alter the tiles..

kareemmagill asked

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Phoenix Inverter 24V 1200VA 230V Does not follow lowest voltage cut-off

Dear All ,

I have a peculiar issue that the inverter even with hard coded lower voltage cut-off at 18.7V
and alarm at 20V ( Via VictronConnect and latest FW )

and still the inverter cuts off at 24 V exactly.

The current shunt and MPPT controller reports the same voltage during the shutdown

I hope someone could provide some light ?

Thank you

The Harvester

helios-harvester asked
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Why not show me real watts AC Load on VRM

Hello, today I setup my solar system and I saw that. I have connected raspberry pi for Venus OS and monitoring and consummation is 13w. My question is why that 13w not showing in AC Load? But when I connect other consumator like 200w I see that 200w in AC Load.

Thanks for advanced.

My system is 2x445w solar panels, invertor Victron Phoenix 24/800, smart charger controller Victron 100/30 l, smart shunt 500 and two batteries.


hrischo asked
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Connect two banks with different voltages 12V and 48V to the Victron Venus and have them both on the VRM monitoring screen.


I have a boat with two battery banks, 48V for propulsion with a Victron BMS-712 and a 12V for services with a SmartShunt. I also have smart solar and an inverter that goes to the 48V bank. I want to know if its possible to have everything in the same dashboard. As I read in this forum, the system only expect one battery, is there any other more complicated option to have both batteries in the dashboard? Ex. raspi, grafana, etc.

joanbr asked

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I have one mppt charge controller. Why do two mppts show on the vrm dashboard?

Trying to get smarter and understand how this all works. I have only 1 mppt, but as shown in the screen capture, mppt-0 and mppt-277 are displayed. Can someone explain?


Ken Serack asked
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Feature request PLEASE ALLOW Absorption time less than 1 hour

DC DC 30a charging lithium, I want to set less than 1 hour Absorption time, so I can keep my batteries ~70-90% max soc then float. I use it in my car so it's rare that I run it more than 1 hour at a time. I see this is a big issue with victron range. Love the product, just this one issue will force me to look elsewhere.

kaz-oz asked
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VRM dashboard showing “discharging” whilst in scheduled charge



my VRM dashboard is showing “discharging”, at the bottom Inverter section when in actual fact the battery is being charged under schedule. it does this and I noticed it a few days ago. see image

is this correct? should it not say “inverting” instead?


bonie-wanda asked
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VRM suggestion: track of FW updates

It would be not just nice, but actually very useful for professionals if VRM could track (keep log of) FW updates of devices in the installation.

VRM monitoring is good, but it is missing this information, where one could see e.g. "oh - the Quattros got updated from FW 465 -> FW486 on August, 22nd - that could explain behavior Y from August 23rd on..."

Graphically it could show simply as a small bar in VE.Bus Warnings and Alarms, so one could easily zoom into a time frame before / after the FW update.

petajoule asked
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EM24 on VRM for consumption forecast?

Hey there,

I'm currently planning a grid-connected UPS solution for a NGO in the Peruvian Andes, for which I work on a voluntary basis. Main goal is to secure some security and IT appliances (single-phased) in the case of power outages. The system will consist out of 3-7 kWh LiFePo4 48V batteries, a Multiplus-II (probably 3kVA) and 2 to 4 kWp of solar via an MPPT controller. And a Cerbo GX as the heart of the system.

As we are also planning to get a larger (3-phase) generator or battery setup to support the whole complex (4 buildings) later on, we want to record our exact overall consumption data so that we can then size the system sensibly.

Also, feeding energy into the local grid will probably not be possible. But of course we're interested in consuming our solar-generated energy also by devices not directly connected to the Multiplus-II.

So I have some questions to better understand the system options:

  1. Is the consumption of surplus electricity "before" the Multiplus possible without grid feeding with an EM24 or similar?
  2. Can the logged data from the EM24 be exported stand-alone from the VRM portal for analysis on mean and peak consumption?
  3. If not, is there anything against connecting the EM24 via RS485 Modbus to another data logger besides the Cerbo GX to collect the data elsewhere?
  4. Are there compatible alternatives with > 65A?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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VRM instance number duplicated??

As I have slowly added new units to my Venus GX for some reason the device instance number is duplicated in the VRM device list... I have two [261]'s


Is there any way to change the VRM number for my VE Bus System (2x Multi II 48-5000-70 in parallel) perhaps to [250] so my mppt controllers remain [260] & [261] respectively?

Here is my Venus GX setup


Any help much appreciated...

PS I tried deleting the whole installation but all that did was delete all the data stored in the VRM. When I rebooted the Venus GX all the devices came back with the exact same numbers including the duplicate [261]

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Adaptive absorption after deep discharge several days ago

Hi, I do have two AGM batteries with a total of 190Ah, 200W Solar Panels and a SmartSolar 75/15. It happens that my batteries go down to 50% and due to not enough sun the charging back to 100% takes a few days. But then only 50 minutes of adaptive absorption is applied. As far as I understand 4 hours would be preferable after a discharge to 50%. But as there are other days where the batteries only move down to around 80% and are fully charged again the same day, 4 hours absorption may not be the best option for every day? Do I understand correctly? And what is the best setting to use? Should I change the setting once a while to get a full 4 hours absorption?


The image shows a 50 minute absorption time today, after 6 days of bulk loading. The batteries where down to around 50% on the 17th. Thats when I turned off the fridge to get them charged again.

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