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VE Direct to USB data to VRM Portal Advanced Tab

I have 3 VE Direct cables to my Cerbo (from 3 MPPT controllers) and 1 VE Direct to USB cable (from a MPPT 100/20) all to my Cerbo GX. I receive detailed data on the VRM Portal for the 3 MPPTs connected by the VE Direct cables, but I do not receive any of the detailed information on the Advanced Tab on the VRM Portal for the MPPT that is connected to the Cerbo GX by the VE Direct to USB cable. How can I add that detailed info to the VRM Portal from the VE Direct to USB cable and MPPT? Thank you.

Gordon Scriba asked
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CO2 Saving Calculation

Hi All,

I am in the planning phase of a big project that includes hundreds of off-grid solar systems, I have an issue with calculating the CO2 saving Targets. I relied on two sources of the calculation equations 1st is a document from the SMA company and the other is the data output from VRM of running a 22kWp system for 6 months. I found that the VRM result is 5 times the other ref.

I am kindly seeking your advice on the equations VRM uses to calculate the CO2 saving or other trustworthy references.

Appreciating your support.

basheer-alzedaar asked

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Y-axis single custom scale.

somehow the scaling on the Y-axis is always separate from the the data gathered. Example.

I pulled these two sets from my Pylontech battery. The blue one is the lower temp but is shown higher on the graph due to having a different scale. I want them to both use the same scale so the graph is in the right position relative to the upper temp.

Ditto goes for DC and AC voltages, frequencies, etc... All get their separate scaling. Is there a way to combine them?


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Main Grid Failure Alert when Inverting

Can someone tell me why I get a Main Grid Failure Alarm when the Multi goes back and forth from an 'Ignore AC' condition.

Periodically, when the Multi is inverting (but connected to grid) and dedicated AC Ignore is selected in VS tab I get a Grid Failure Alarm. But the grid hasn't failed and VS functions properly, switching between Inverting and passing through Grid AC when conditions are met. In VRM portal dashboard system overview, the Grid box will show ' - ' when inverting, which I figure is normal since it's not drawing any current, but it's odd I keep getting a Grid Failure alarm. Is this the Multi's current sensor mis-reading things or is there a setting I missed somewhere? Thanks!


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VRM login issues "Invalid Credentials"

I can only log on to VRM portal using my main computer and I can see my system remotely from my house, but when I try to log into vrm.victronenergy.com using the same name and password on ANY different computer or phone, I get a popup red box that says "invalid credentials." I am using Windows 10 laptops and and Android phone with current software. I am not using the 2FA because that looks like it could be even more of an issue.

I tried the alternate email address 'solution' (creating a second email and using gmail to authenticate) and was able to log in via my android phone, but it worked for only ONE day; now I cannot use it with my phone to see my system remotely anymore, which is the whole reason why I upgraded to the Cerbo GX, to have remote access.

I can be on the same wireless network that accesses the internet that my system Cerbo GX is connected to, or I could be separately using the Phones data connection and accessing it from a completely different IP route and address, but I still get the same issue with the "invalid credentials." I'm not doing it at the same time my main computer is logged in. I can access the GX via bluetooth or it's internal WiFi (which I had to shut off as it was disconnecting from the local wifi when this was turned on).

I got one response from Guy for my initial post here and he said he'd follow up because this shouldn't be happening, but it has been about a week now and I still can't remotely access the system from my phone. Other commenters have said they have no issues, but I can't figure out what I'm doing that is any different.

I wish there was a phone/email/person I could contact about this issue, as it is VERY frustrating and while my dealer can help with equipment issues, but cannot help with login issues to Victron's VRM site.

And this is going to become a much bigger problem if I ever have to change my main computer.

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VRM - Remote Console can't see SOc Pylontech Force L1

Hello everyone,

I connected a Pylontech Force L1 tot a Victron Cerbo GX.

As soon as the cables are plugged into "BMS Can" I see in the Remote Control Device list a Pylontech battery but the SOC, voltage and Amps are all 0 .

Any ideas why the Cerbo can't display the values?

Thanks in advance.



davidvm asked

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Change of vrm password not working

Hi, tried to change my password and now cannot login to the vrm portal.

mhuusko asked
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Getting "Another export was started[...]" for every CSV download from specific VRM Installation

While trying to download CSV exports from the VRM portal for a specific installation, all I got in the export was the error message "Another export was started; since only one export may run at any given time this export was cancelled." I've confirmed that no one else with access had tried to download an export at the time, and tried re-downloading from this installation multiple times over 4 days with the same result. Interestingly, this problem isn't present in the other installations and I have been able to download from them just fine.

I also tried automating the downloads using a script and the VRM API which has downloaded every hour over the past 4 days with the same results: the downloads from the other installations worked except for this specific installation. I'm suspecting it's a system issue but still unsure. Would appreciate any input on this!

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Global Link 520 VRM Data Display

I just spotted the new Global Link 520, aside from the obvious negative that in the UK we will have to wait for network support, I was curious as to how the data would be presented in VRM.

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De-registering product from VRM Portal

Hi all, first post here. I have just bought a used system from a friend, I need to de-register it from the original installer's account so I can use it.
Problem is that my friend has lost contact with the installer so I have no way of contacting them to ask them to deregister it.
Is there a way forward for me please?
System is a Quattro 48 | 10000 | 140, a Color Control with f/w 2.18 and 2x MPPT 150 | 60 -Tr.



andylinton asked

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VRM app suddenly lost ability to switch inverter on and off

Up until a day or two ago, I was able to use the VRM App on my Android mobile to switch my Multiplus inverter between Off / Charger Only / Inverter Only / On states remotely.

Now when I view the installation in the app and click the "switch" icon to the right of the displayed local time, the "Controls" screen opens but there is nothing on it except the word "Controls" and the "close" icon. There used to be "buttons" here to do the switching.

I don't have any idea why this has happened. The system continues to work superbly and the data is being transferred without issues. It is only the controls that don't work or appear, the app doesn't seem to have any other issues.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, to no avail.

Can anyone help or advise?

glasses asked
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VRM showing incorrect live data on dashboard

I have a CCGX (v2.73) configured to log data to VRM every 5 minutes over HTTPS. When loading the installation via the VRM website, the dashboard very briefly shows current data:


But a few seconds after loading, it reverts to showing something else. I guess this might be previous data, or some example data? For example SOC shows 72%, but the historical data graph below the dashboard shows correct SOC:


All the graphs/data in the Advanced section of the VRM portal show correct data. I see the same behaviour via the VRM iOS app. I have checked the GX's timezone and clock, and both are correct.

It seems like something is "stuck" with the installation in VRM; is someone from Victron able to check VRM for my installation? Thanks!

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Custom Widget Beta Feedback

You can now add a customisable widget to the advanced page in your VRM.

While this feature is in BETA, we would like to hear your thoughts, and through your feedback improve it.

You can leave your comments below.
If this is your first time visiting Victron community, please create an account to make a comment.

Edited to add: Great suggestions, please keep them coming, I am taking them all to the team.

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CT accuracy

Is there anything that would affect the accuracy of the CT?

I happened to compare the total consumption on the VRM portal with my smart meter. Typical daily total grid consumption at the moment on VRM 0.3KWh per day v’s 1.1 KWh per day on the Smart meter. (yes very low consumption, ESS and solar working nicely) Whilst not overly bothered by the 800Wh the inaccuracy of 366% does.

I assume the consumption total in VRM is derived from the CT Sensor?

bm97ppc asked
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"Last Updated" in VRM

I've got a customer who is logging into the VRM and seeing that it was "last updated" 5-7 hours ago sometimes, though other times it says "a few seconds ago". Refreshing the page, clearing cookies and cache etc on the device don;t fix the issue.

The customer installed a booster for his wifi and get's a good signal at the victron and internet access with other devices on the network.

Just wondering if this is just a Victron Server thing or an indicator of something else we could change.


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