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ESS Multiplus ll exporting battery power to grid

Hi all,

I have a Multiplus ll setup for ESS. It has been working fine for about a year. .

For some reason it has recently taken to randomly exporting battery power back to the grid, at full power!

As far as I’m aware, nothing has been adjusted. The only reason it came to light is I happened to look at VRM when it was happening.

I decided to monitor it with a Shelly EM clamped on the incoming mains feed - set up to alert me when there was an excessive export to grid.

I started getting alerts multiple times a day.

Turning the system on or off doesn’t rectify the fault. The only thing I can do remotely is go to advanced settings & reset the system.

All I can do for now is leave the system in charger only mode & switch it to On at night, when it doesn’t appear do it.

I have 600Ah of prismatic cells, controlled by an electrodacus BMS and an ET112 on the incoming mains feed.

Any advice would be very welcome, as I had become used to having a system that was pretty much fit & forget which has now become a daily chore of checking, switching & resetting - particularly on sunny days.

Thanks in advance,


Multiplus-IIess discharging
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Double check your ESS settings in the gx. After that, scroll down to the inverter in the device list and select advanced and reset Vebus. After that reboot the gx. If you have done all that and still have problems, try turning the invert switch off and back on. I had a similar issue recently after changing some settings in the multi with an mk3 and the only fix was to do all of the above.

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robster avatar image robster commented ·
I’ve tried all of those at various stages of the diagnosis.

However, it won’t hurt to give it another go. :0)

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