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BMV 602S - Negative Connections on the Starter??

I have a BMV 602S, and ACR Charging Isolator, and a Blue Systems Battery Switch. I use the monitor for both the house bank and starter batteries. I recently had the batteries replaced and see that the electrician connected three cables to the starter battery Neg. I'm assuming that this is incorrect, because I am getting very odd readings on the monitor (SOC 85%, which cannot be true). What should be attached to the Starter Battery neg and what shouldn't be. One of the cables is the neg from the Isolator. I assume that this should go to the "other loads" side of the shunt? I am not an electrician (clearly!) but can fix this with proper guidance. Help!

Steven asked

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Lithium battery monitor by BMV + GX

I have an off-grid system using Multi and Pylontech batteries and a Color Control GX. It is installed in another building outside the house. The user wants to monitor the SoC of the pylon inside the house. I was thinking about using a BMV but I have some doubts since the real SoC is on the CCGX from the BMS:

  • can I use a shunt for an independent SoC measurement? will this shunt affect in some way the BMS readings?
  • if no, can I connect the BMV to the CCGX and get the SoC data from the BMS and only read it at the BMV?

I have read in the ESS manual that using both SoC measurements can lead to a conflict, but they do not state why. So I am wondering if the conflict remains if I want the 2nd measurement only for display purposes instead of controlling as well.

By the way, there is no internet connection at the site, so monitoring through the VRM portal is not an option.

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BMV 712 shows voltage but not current, power, consumed Ah, Time remaining - Infinite

This was working but is not now. The negative terminal of the 100 ah battery is connected to the battery only terminal of the shunt. The wire running from the load and charger terminal of the shunt is connected to the chassis ground. The red wire is connected to the positive terminal of the battery.

I am using the settings provided by Battle born for lithium batteries.

It's correctly reading the voltage but is providing no other readings.

Synchronizing it hasn't made any difference although I'm not sure what state of charge the battery has to be at to synchronize/ Full state of charge for the Battle born battery is 14.4. Does it need to reach this level to synchronize?

cortttt asked
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MPPT 100/50 not using VE Smart Networking voltage

I have an install where a customer wanted to charge their RV LiFePO4 batteries via solar panels mounted on their shed and also use the RV power for running fridges in the shed, but they did not want the solar regulator mounted in the RV. A SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 was mounted on the shed wall with a 10mm2 x 5m cable length (10m return) between the solar regulator and the batteries. I knew voltage drop under load was going to be an issue, so planned on using VE Smart Networking to resolve the issue.

The customer already had a BMV700 installed in their RV, so I added a Smart Dongle to provide the BT connectivity to the Smart Solar MPPT100/50, created the VE.Smart Network on the BMV700 and connected the 100/50 to the same network, and the displays on both devices verified the voltage and current were being used (apparently).

The absorption voltage was set to 14.2V and float to 13.5V.


The displayed battery voltage on the MPPT 100/50 was showing 14.21V almost immediately on switching on the charging, the displayed voltage on the BMV700 was 13.5V (13.88V on the captured image, but that still shows it as different). The 100/50 immediately went to absorption, ignoring the BMV voltage. I would have expected the MPPT to display the BMV voltage and stay in bulk until the absorption voltage was reached.

Firmware versions:

SmartSolar MPPT 100/50: v1.53 (latest) at the time (Oct 31 2020)
BMV: v3.10 - also latest at the time

I have included screen images to verify my testing and configuration.

There appears to be a bug in the software, if someone can have a look at this, please?


trip-tracks asked
canalsman answered ·

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BMV 712 power cable

I need one more power cable for installing an starter batt to a bmv 712.

Is this available? Can you please tell me the item number?


bitcrusher asked
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BMV702 monitor 2 batteries of differing voltage?

We are planning on separate 48V (house) and 12V (start) batteries.

The BMV-702 can monitor the voltage of 2 batteries. We will have the shunt with the negative-to-12V-battery coming off on the shunt input side, and the main 48V battery is the fully measured battery. The B1 would go the 48V positive.

Can the B2 go to the 12V positive?

Will the BMV702 show the different voltages?

...or should we just get another BMV and hook it into the Cerbo GX through USB?

bluenomads asked
wkirby answered ·

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BMV-712 Smart: buttons disabled?

My 2 months old BMV-712 Smart does not respond to the hardware buttons on the display anymore. Following the latest firmware update it was initially working fine, but is now stuck showing usage / yield in Watts. The app on the other hand is still fully functional, so power, bluetooth and connection to the shunt can't be the issue. It's almost like the hardware buttons were disabled by command, but I haven't seen any option in the manual to do this. Is there a way to enable/disable the buttons?

roald-koger asked
Thiemo van Engelen (Victron Energy staff) commented ·

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BMV-700 displays always "CONNECTING" and do no responds to reset command

Dear friends,
I had a system with four solar panels Victron Energy, two 75V/15A charge regulators and two BMV-700 monitors. All was perfectly functioning. Some days ago I have added other panels to my system and I have changed the two charge regulators with two 100V/30A, cause the increased power. Now the system is well functioning: panels, regulators (monitored throught the Bluetooth app), except the two BMV-700 monitors, displaying everytime "CONNECTING". I tryed to reset them to the factory defaults, but they do not respond.
It is important to restore them, because the Bluetooth app displays only the power in Watts and in Volts entering, but not more, while the BMV-700 shows many informations more.
What can I do?
Thank you for your kind answer and have my best regards.

Alessandro Balducci asked
Alessandro Balducci answered ·

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Lost all confidence in my settings

Here are my basics:

4 100W panels in series/parallel

4 Duracell EGC2 (Deka GC-15) in series/parallel


SmartSolar MPPT 100/30

This is in an RV - no grid. We live in it.

After I rearranged where things were mounted my SOC on the BMV-712 was reset to --

I've been waiting to sync the SOC back to 100% but I am unable to disconnect everything for 12 hours to verify the actual battery voltage. In the meantime, my system has never left the bulk state of charging, in spite of multiple mostly sunny days.

Current BMV-712 settings are as follows:

Capacity: 460Ah

Charged voltage: 14.3V

Discharge floor: 50%

Tail current: 4%

Peukert: 1.27

Charge efficiency: 85%

Current threshold: 0.10A

Current MPPT 100/30 settings are as follows:

Absorption: 14.6v

Float: 13.9v

Temp compensation: -18mV/C

Do any of these settings look off?

dixonge asked
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BMV-712 firmware update issue

Hi I have a BMV-712 all was working well I connected to it via my phone and it asked to do a firmware update which I did but it stopped at 23% and now the BMV only shows BT200, I'm guessing the firmware didn't stick is there a way to reset and start again ??

bazz-robo asked
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Solar charge not reading correctly on bmv712

I have installed a bmv712 on my boat. It seems to be showing the correct voltage for both the start battery and the two leisure batteries. However the solar panel which is connected to the leisure batteries via a VictronConnect mppt charge controller seems to be showing the right amps on the solar panel Bluetooth display but always about half the amps will be shown on the bmv 712. For example the mppt charger will show 2a going to the battery but the bmv712 will only show 1a. I have made sure there are no appliances on draining the batteries whilst doing these comparisons. I can’t figure out why it is doing this? Any help would be appreciated?

steve1 asked
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How do you fix the BT200 Error Message on my BMV-712?

Just booted up my system and when starting up my BMV-712 and doing the proper updates, I have received this message. When this message goes away the screen will show the battery information but will be flashing. In my app it will show that it is connecting to the device and then will jump directly to the product information screen, and will not allow me to monitor my batteries at all. How do I get this fixed?



halia2797 asked
mkuiken answered ·

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BMV-712 "Remaining time" reading too slow to calculate

The BMV-712 "Remaining time" is not quick to calculate like my previous battery monitor. My 12v fridge turns on (drawing a constant current), and the "Remaining time" reading slooooowly decreases. Too slow. The fridge turns off before the reading gets anywhere near where it should be. My previous BMS took 2 seconds to re-calculate (once the current draw was constant). What gives?

don-b asked
seb71 answered ·

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Feature request BMV's and SmartShunts

The "Time To Go" calculation is great to have as an indication. I like it although I would prefer it goes beyond 240h, but that is not what this feature request is about.

It is about, though, adding a similar but reversed calculation. Something like "Time To Charged", "Time To Full" or "Time to 100%" when charging to get an estimate of how long it will take to reach 100% with the amp input at the current moment.

This would mean a new dbus address, it could send out null when discharging and 0 when fully charged. I have no idea about the possibility or difficulty of doing this, so take it for what it is, a simple idea.


mrhappy asked

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BMV -702 internal relay settings

Two questions for setting up the BMV-702 relay:

1. 'Setting 12' Invert relay: ON sets the relay to indicate it is open. In my view I would think On would mean the relay is ON that is closed.

So does ON mean the contacts are open?

2. How to test the relay: I am using the BMV-702 to operate a 60 amp 12V relay (NCC) which will trip all output from my Lithium battery when energised. I have set all the required settings for HV, LV, SOC and time to trip and reset.

Now I then raised the BMV-702 LV trip setting to 14V while the battery was sitting at 13.2V. No trip was activated. Setting 11 Relay Mode DFLT and Setting 12 Invert relay ON.

Can I test the BMV-702 this way or must the voltage move down to a trip value over time?


jr-blue asked
jr-blue answered ·

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Reset history on BMV-712 remotely (Apps)

Could we had this feature on the Apps?

Reset history on BMV-712 remotely (Apps)

i know we could do it on the BMV-712, it would be cool to do it remotely

fenix asked
mrhappy answered ·

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Quattro builtin battery monitor + BMV-712

I have an existing setup of a battery (large 48v/1500AH), BMV-712 and several MPPT 250/100s that I'm getting ready to add a Quattro to. The Quattro says it has a built in battery monitor, is this battery monitor essentially redundant if I've already got the 712, should I keep/rely on the 712 or toss it in favor of the Quattro's built in?


drdiesel asked
Kevin Windrem answered ·

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BMV 712 readout

How is the icon in the lower right corner of the readout display to be interpreted? Is this a visual display of state of charge regardless of what mode (e.g. voltage, current, time to go, etc.) the display is actually in? Does it have some other meaning?

rha9 asked
Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

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VE.Smart Network Support on Blue Smart Charger

Hi. Will you add VE.Smart Network support on the IP22 Blue Smart Charger?

I own a BMV-712 with temperature probe and a MPPT solar charger which works really fine with VE.Smart Networking, so i think it would be really helpful to deliver the right battery voltage and temperature via Smart-Network also to the charger for temperature compensation and so on...

Thank you very much!

Christian Lindermann asked
Martin Keogh answered ·

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help with connecting with Battery monitor BMX-712 Smart for the first time

I try setting up but i don't know if i did it correctly. I connect one on the battery terminal to the battery shunt then one on the negative 100/50 MPPT solar charge Controller. next I connect power cable to the battery postitve then B1 terminal. then next RJ12 UTP cable head to the RJ12 terminal shunt. Is that all? oh can someone show me their display in detail please.

blackdragon asked

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Battery only charges to 83% using Victron lithium battery and Color GX

Have a Color GX Controller and Victron Lithium battery with BMV 702, Smart Solar MPPT 75/15, Multiplus compact 12/1600/70-16

Van is plugged into mains and battery will only charge to 83%.

Controller says last full charge was 17 days ago but its been plugged in all day and night.

Help much appreciated, is this a setting on the color GX where i can go into the menu and change this.

Unit isnt connected to the internet so cant use the online system.



kieron-harrop asked
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Betrifft BMV 700 und 3 x 170 AH BAtterie Blöcke 24 Volt

Ich habe drei Blöcke 3 x 2 jeweils 170 AH Batterien Varta im Boot installiert.
jeweils 24 Volt, alle sind miteinander verbunden ohne irgendwelche Trennungen etc..
War schon so im Boot installiert. Frage muss ich für jeden Block einen eigenen Batteriemonitor installieren oder reicht da einer den ich bereits installiert habe BMV 700, ich habe ja bei diesem die Gesamt Kapazität angegeben.

Das wären 510AH ich bin etwas darunter geblieben und habe 480 AH eingestellt.
Danke im Voraus


Ottmar Schneider asked
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BMV 712 Charge cycle


Wondering if there is a percentage draw that needs to be met to be considered 1 charge cycle after recharge. I have solar and is only topping up approx 7ah from overnight draw then recharges to 100% but no charge cycle registered.

oz-camper asked
JohnC answered ·

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BMV 712 Bluetooth connection problem

For month the Victron app worked flawlessly with my BMV.

Now when I click on the BMV in the device list it doesn't connect and it says “Connection not possible, delete device from connected device list and reconnect (in German)“

So I deleted the BMV from the device list on my phone in the Bluetooth settings.

But nothing changed. In the app I can't do anything sensible, just changing code by typing the PUK.

Then I reinstalled the app from my phone. Nothing changed, the BMV is still in the list but won't connect.

Now I read the manual and searched here for an hour but didn't find a solution.

Please help me.

Thank you

smoo asked
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Peak Power Pack and SmartShunt: can I tie all grounds together?

I would like to track the state of charge of my Peak Power Pack, something which is sorely lacking (for the price I kind of expected something like this to be included, actually!). The difficulty is the different current paths, I have the charger connected, the car/solar connector is also connected, and of course the load is connected to the "mover" output. Can I tie all the "minus" connections together (charger, car/solar, load, and possibly even ground), connect this to a smartshunt, and then connect the smartshunt to the PPP? In other words: the minus of the charger adapter, the car and the load are connected to the load side of the shunt, and the other side of the shunt is connected to the mover output minus of the PPP.

mwi13 asked

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BMV712 Overstated Amp draws

I have a BMV712 monitor for a 300 AH lithium battery bank with 500 watts of solar panels managed by a smart MPPT 150/60. I get accurate charging amp readings on my MPPT amps as confirmed with an amp clamp, however, the amperage balance does not match the charge. For instance, I can run my fridge on battery and will see a draw of -120 to -150 amps on a fused 30 circuit. Then with a +10 amp solar charge input the BMV stated amp draw reduces to about -80 amps. In spite of this, while solar charging is active, the battery voltage continues to increase.

As suggested on the community posts, I have tried calibrating the meter to zero by pulling the load side shunt terminal and recalibrating, but nothing changes. I have checked the PCB mounting screws for tightness and nothing is connected to those mounting screws. It appears that the voltages are accurate as the inverter readout is roughly equivalent, but the amps readout is unreliable. I am at a loss as to what to check next. Thanks in advance or any suggestions!

kirk asked
Alexandra answered ·

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SOC does not increase while charging ...

I have a bmv 712. When charging via battery charger/generator, the SOC does not increase. It does show the voltage increase being created by the charger, bot there is no change in SOC. I only know the batteries are charged when the charger shows 100%

4ncar asked
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Amp draw from absorb to float


Have BMV-712 and consistently shows Consumed AH approx -0.6 when transitioning from absorb to float. Next day charge accumulates another -0.6 to -1.2ah consumed in transition from absorb to float and so on every day. Have solar and is drawing approx 7ah overnight and will fully charge next day to 0ah consumed but again loses -0.6 in going into float. New to all this but still very confusing. Battery 200ah lithium.

Tail current 4%

Charge voltage 14.2.

Any help would be appreciated!

oz-camper asked
Alexandra answered ·

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BMV712 not reaching 100% SOC after software update

we’ve updated our BMV712 as requested by the app when replacing our batteries and while adjusting the settings and ever since the SOC never reaches 100% regardless of how many hours charging under solar or engine, lingering on 94-96%.

have confirmed all settings on MPPT, all battery connections. Manually synchronised the BMV after hours of batteries being in float mode under solar and engine and every day still doesn’t get to 100% SOC on the BMV712.

current firmware v4.05 on the battery monitor BMV-712 smart

current firmware v2.23 on the BMV-7xx Smart Bluetooth Interface

fear there may have been a glitch during the update. How can we revert the update and try again?

sv-the-dream asked
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