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BMV700 connected to NMEA2000 Network / Raymarine i70 can't scan the network


I have bought the VE-Direct Cable (ASS030520310 ) to connect a BMV700 to the NMEA2000-SeatalkNG network of the boat

I can display the Voltage, Ampères,and SOC on each display (Raymarine Axiom and i70, B&G Triton), this is OK.

But since, the Raymarine i70 can't scan the network anymore to define data sources. So I can't choose the RS150 antenna as speed (SOG) source, and the i70 displays "---" as speed.

If I disconnect the VE-Direct cable, the i70 works fine again.

The i70's firmware is updated. The version of the VE-Direct cable is 1.00. Is there a newer version ?

Best regards.


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BMV712 not showing time remaining on app

Just posting on behalf of a mate who is not au fait with using computers.
He has a BMV712. Working for a bit over a week now. The physical display shows the Time remaining as infinite, however in the app it shows with two dashes. It has only started doing this today.
I've seen similar posts but they show two dashes in the Consumed Ah field while still showing infinite in the Time remaining field.
He's worried his app is out of date but I've checked that it's all good. He also thinks it's a bluetooth issue so has restarted bluetooth, the app, his phone etc...
I don't think it's bluetooth otherwise he wouldn't be getting all the rest of the information, which is all good.


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BMV-712 Main Voltage Showing 0.02V

I have a BMV-712 connect to 2xVictron Super Cycle batteries, today my monitor started reporting an incorrect battery voltage of 0.02 or 0.03V. This is on both the device itself and the android app (via bluetooth), nothing has changed in my system except for taking a firmware update on the app.

I've checked the voltage with a meter and its reading 13.08 from the shunt to my fuse where the power supply for the BMV is located. I also unscrewed the inline fuse and looks to be intact, just to be sure i checked the voltage from the end of the fuse to the shunt and again was 13.08V so seems to definitely be a software / device issue? I've done a number of factory resets without any joy always just displays the .02V after the reset.

Kind of out of ideas here and would welcome suggestions.


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BMV-700 Showing zero voltage

We purchased a boat that had a BMV-600S. It is displaying current fine, but voltage displays 0.00 (sometimes 0.01).

How could this be? Seems like if the unit is powering up and displaying current there must be no problem with any of the wiring to the shunt or +.

Could an errant setting cause this?


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On my app there are no "three little dots" next the product description so I cannot reset the PUK code Code!

I had the Vectron Connect App working for nearly two years with a BMV-712 Smart monitor. Then this week, I changed the chassis (car battery). The unit needs to be re-paired but the pin does not work as it wants the PUK code. Well after two hours to disassemble the battery compartment to get to the physical device and see the code, I cannot enter the alphanumeric code. I found on the previous community messaged that it is possible to get to an alphanumeric keypad by clicking on "the three little dots" to the right of the product description. My IPhone 7plus does NOT show the damn dots, nor does trying it on my wife's phone. I have wasted six hours on this and am really disappointed. Can anyone give me advice? Thank you.

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BMV 712 Smart Low Voltage showing 0.02v


I have just installed a BMV Smart to monitor 12v 525ah house bank and auxiliary starter batteries. Both banks are showing Min Battery Voltage in the history page of 0.02v. What did I do wrong?

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Can the Smart Shunt 500 satisfy ESS requirements.

Working on setting up an ESS system and currently have a Smart Shunt 500A ve Direct into the Cerbo. Generally speaking, will this satisfy the battery monitoring requirements for most ESS applications or do I need to upgrade?


Multi II 48v 3000/35 120v

150/45 MPPT

Smart Shunt 500A

Lynxh Dist

Cerbo GX

200Ah AGM bats

1.5 kw Solar

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MPPT Throttling with Multiplus II GX + SmartSolar MPPT

Hi All,

I have the following setup:

- Multiplus II GX

- SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/100 rev2

- BMV-712 Smart

- 48V 200AH Lead acid battery bank

Firmware on all devices is at latest. ESS assistant is enabled. MPPT and BMV are attached to the MP2 via Ve.Direct cables over USB.

BMV is set as the system battery monitor.

I have a strange issue where the MPPT is stuck at 0W, even when the panels are insolated. Yet isolating the MPPT from the battery and reconnecting seems to clear this fault.

I will add that the MPPT seems to work absolutely fine in standalone mode.

Has anyone seen this before? Or can any folks from the Victron side shed some light?

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Several questions to BMV700

First of all I want to say how happy I'm that I bought my first Victron product and entered a new world.

Since years I know the blue products but I never knew that they have venus OS. The VRM portal and sooo much more.

Thank you guys!

But of course some questions. I have several systems in Germany and Gambia.

On my weekend camp I have a small system with cheap chinese crap and I just added one victron BMV700 and changed that into a smart installation.

I'm running Venus OS Large on a PI3. I feed the portal via a mobile connection with 64KB speed, the required bandwidth is absolutely ok for the victron data.

Now I can control everything in direction battery. At night I even can measure the consume of a single bulb or a radio inside my caravan, even it is just one Watt. The shunt works so precise, really impressing.

What I would like to have of course is, also to have control over the PV input, or my total DC load.

So I'm thinking about a second shunt. Either another BMV700 or a "smart shunt". I read here in the forum that it is possible to declare a second shunt as DC load, so that Venus OS is not doing no calculations on the receiving data. Just measure V and A and done! Would be great.

I could place the second shunt so that it measures the input coming from the charge controller. Or is it better to place it at the exit in direction inverter/DC load of my caravan?

The missing value in both cases I could calculate inside a flow within RedNode. I've created already some flows for my mobile where I display the for me most important data of the system.

I know that this way I cannot see the losses of the system which I would see if I would use a victron inverter (as AC load). But maybe is even better not to see the loss ;-)

Would the DC load be displayed inside the vrm portal?

If I would buy a "smart shunt" with bluetooth, could the connection to the PI3 base on bluetooth (like this fantastic roovi tags, currently I'm using 4 of them).

Or I have to use a USB VE cable like the connection to the BMV700?

I have another question regarding the BMV700. I'm using sealed acid batteries and observed that after the system reports a full charge still a lot of current goes in direction batterie.

And also another effect, every morning the SOC suddenly jumps to 100%. I saw that one can adjust that inside the setup (which has to be done on the BMV, it has some buttons which allows one to change several settings).

I read here in the forum that one should set another value there, some even set it to 14.4. So the manual recommends a value bit smaller than that.

So which value is best for sealed acid?

Thanks for advice!


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BMV-712 SMART Bluetooth connection fails

I just installed a new BMV-712 SMART. The unit display voltages, currents etc correctly. When trying to connect my Iphone SE (iOS 15.5) to the VictronConnect app via Bluetooth, the app is searching but fails and says "No devices found". In order to follow "Troubleshooting Bluetooth connection issues" I:

  • Restarted my Iphone
  • Checked that my product has a Bluetooth symbol
  • Tried again with my Iphone held as close as possible to the BMV-712
  • I do try to connect from within VictronConnect. Nothing shows in the Iphone list of Bluetoth units either.

On the back of the BMV-712:

PN: BAM030712000R


What can I do to solve this?

excellent asked
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Proper Setup for BMV-712 on 12 volt RV Solar System


I am by far a solar expert. Someone set it up for us at our trailer. Here is what we have:

- Four 6 volt batteries paired in two to make a 12 volt system. Our Batteries are Crown Deep Cycle CR-430 with an amp rating of 430 Amp Hours. Since they are paired in two we have total amp hours of 860.
- Four 330 watt solar panels.
- Charge controller is Epever (model Tracer 10415AN).
- SolarEngine 3000 watt inverter.

We have had our Victron BMV 712 battery monitor for a couple weeks and it is yet to auto-sync. I am not sure I have set it up correctly. Can anyone give me some advice? I would be grateful. Also, I'm not expert so I sort of need it in plain speak.

Attached are screenshots of our current BMV 712 settings and history taken today. Skies are overcast. No sun in sight. Also attached are pictures of our equipment. Thanks in advance for your help.







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Pairing New iPhone to BMV 712

Lost phone so cannot unpair. Downloaded app on new phone but it does not pair with the SmartBMV712. Others who have asked this were told to enter the PUK code. When and where do you add this code? When the Bluetooth Pairing Request is displayed ("Smart BMV HQ..." would like to pair with your phone. Enter the code shown on...Do not do anything on SmartBMV HQ..."until pairing is complete)? And since the PUK is alphanumeric, do you just use the number key for the appropriate alphabet? Thank you for your help.

@Thiemo Van Engelen

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SOC 100% but only 12.1v

Hi Guys - I have 4 120ah sphere lithiums charging off 8 x 180w solar panel on my basestation - solar charger is a victron smart solar 150/100 and i also have a Smart BMV 712 - I had to put the van in my shed to do some maintenance so it wasn't in the sun - normally the system is continuously charged so never had a problem before and had it made to be able to survive in storage mode for at least a week - after 2 days the my ph lost Bluetooth connection but then it came back on again and was on 78% so didn't worry the next day all the power had shut off and nothing worked so i went to get a 3pin plug to hook up the caravan lead to the house and when i came back it was back on again and now says 100% SOC but only at 12.09 volts . I havnt plugged it into the mains yet and want some advise what to do as I havnt seen this before and usually sits between 13.2-14.2V and it defiantly isn't 100%SOC as hasn't had a power source or sun for 4 days now

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BMV-712 voltage level versus state of charge in old AGM batteries

I just installed a BMV-712 for my bank of 2 Victron AGM 6V-225AH batteries. I used to use the voltage level on my old meter to determine my SOC. I followed the values in this chart followed advice to try to never run my batteries below 50% (12.05V). I did a test by leaving on a ~3A DC load for about 24 hours. After doing so, my BMV-712 told me I was at 77% and 12.25. That's approximately a .2V discrepancy from the chart (where 80% = 12.5V)... not too big a deal. Then I removed the load and waited 25 minutes and the voltage was up to 12.47V. That almost directly lines up with the chart... all good. I'm just wondering if I'm reading this right. These batteries are pretty old (~6-7 years) and seem to be in great shape, but how would I track them for degradation. Would the V to SOC numbers stop lining up so well or will it just lose energy quicker? Is the BMV smart enough to account for degraded batteries?

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