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Will the trickle charge disable when main charge is disabled?

I plan to control my multiplus 12/3000 charging via a BMV 712. So charging of my Lithium stops when reaching wanted voltage. Will this chat down the trickle charging to? I cannot find any information on this.

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bmv -700 dual displays

hi everyone, newbie here. I'm wondering if it is possible to run two displays from one shunt on my truck'. One in the alloy canopy for camping, and another in the dash. Would this work via a double RJ45 adaptor on the shunt? TIA



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BMV 712 and Busbars: Wiring Diagrams

I have an offgrid residential system comprising of 2 strings of PV, with each array connected to different mppt charge controllers (each string has a different orientation), two 51.2V 200AH LFP batteries connected in parallel, a 5KVA inverter and a BMV-712 with temperature sensor.

The BMV shunt can no longer accommodate the negatives of the loads and charges. Same for the positive terminal of the battery. Hence, the decision to use busbars.

1. Is there any other option than using busbars?

2. I would appreciate wiring directions/diagram of using busbars with the BMV with

  • each battery connected to the busbars
  • both batteries paralleled, then a single +ve & -ve connection to the busbars.

3. Where do I connect the temperature sensor to? The busbar, a positive terminal of any battery?

Note: I am not interested in midpoint voltage.

Any other input in this situation will be appreciated.

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Why is vrm charts smoothed?

edit post to clarify.

1. VRM shows useless presentation of data.

2. Short peak data is not even in the raw excel data.

for problem 1. See the picture of SOC over a month Periode.

when looking at this you think the all charges goes to 99-100%?

but they do... where ever you zoom in, will show the same as picture 2.

Beside that is a problem that the system really not catching peak loads for analyzing.

question is for Victron... as its not a support question, but in bug categori..

here is marked in the view what have zoom, compare to non zoom view.
as you can see, the presentation of soc in the one month overview is useless.

same problem for all other data. Load, kwatt, peaks etc. Its really useless for actual analyzing work.




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MPPT reaches float when battery monitor voltage is not charged at all

All three screenshots are from this morning with the sun jus coming up. Last night the voltages read practically the same on both MPPT and Battery monitor but as soon as the sun rose the mppt went on bulk for a second and suddenly said my battery voltage was at 14.6 and hit float when clearly on the battery monitor it’s no where near charged. I am feeling a little hopeless as to what to do because I’ve followed the entire build process correctly and can’t figure out why this won’t charge my lithium battery properly.

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SmartShunt Install Question

Pardon this novice question, but I just purchased a SmartShunt to monitor my two trailer batteries (12v / parallel) and have read though all the installation instructions and also viewed a number of the installation videos. I understand that the SmartShunt needs to be installed on the negative lead out from the battery, but in my case there are two negative leads. One negative traces back into the trailer itself and the other goes out to my solar panels. Will the SmartShunt monitor the batteries correctly if the "To System" terminal is only connected to the main negative lead for the trailer or do I also need to connect the negative solar panel lead to that "To System" terminal? The circular metal connector on the negative solar panel lead isn't large enough to fit the SmartShunt terminal so that will be a little more challenging if required. Thanks in advance for your help!

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BMV712 no historical Trendline anymore

I have a BMV712 battery monitor installed in my camper. Until a few weeks ago, I was shown a historical trend line (approx. 30 days of recording) in the VictronConnect App (Bluetooth-Connection) under Trends. Now I suddenly only see the live trend and no longer a historical trend line. Is this a known problem? What can I do to get the historical, recorded trend line displayed again? Was this feature deleted with the last firmware update? I would be very grateful for your help.

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Pourquoi le BMV indique 85% au lieu de 55%?


J’ai une batterie AGM de 225Ah pleinement rechargée. Après quelques semaines sans utilisation, avec une décharge constante de l’ordre de 0,1A, le BMV712 indique 85% de charge.

Comme il y a eu -95.5Ah de perdu sur les 225Ah total, je ne comprend pas pourquoi le BMV n’indique pas une valeur de charge autour de 55%.

De plus, si on considère le voltage (12,00V) de la batterie, le % de charge devrait être encore plus bas.

Merci de m’éclairer,




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Can I use a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50" instead of "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700"

Hi, I am installing a new system with the core components being a Multiplus 12/3000 inverter/charger, 2 x LiFePO4 Smart Batteries (12V/200Ah) & a VE.Bus BMS. I have been recommended to include a "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700", but I'm wondering if it would be better to replace those 2 items with a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50". I would like the ability to monitor/control things remotely, and I have read (in other posts here) that you cannot change any settings remotely (nor via the touch panel), that can be set via the physical switches on the DMC (which takes priority).

So my question is really, can you do everything via the Cerbo GX & Touch 50, thus doing away with the need for the DMC & BMV altogether?

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BMV-712 blank display

Twice in the last couple of months I've found the BMV display blank. The first time I didn't have time to look into it and then a week later the display was back on. Now it's dead again. All connections at the shunt check out fine. I'd like to test the RJ12 cable. Or at least the DC power feed. Is there a pinout for that cable?

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Peak Power Pack with BMV 712

Hi, i have a BMV 712 Smart connected to a Peak Power Pack 40Ah. The PPP is either charged via power adapter (230V) or via the cars alternator. The values that i see on the BMV and the App don‘t seem to be correct. The BMV is showing values of a few consumed Ah and a state of charge of ~80% although the battery is empty (switching off due to maximum discharge). Are these 2 devices compatible or are there any special settings needed in the app (despite the described settings for lithium in the manual)?

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Peak Power Pack and SmartShunt: can I tie all grounds together?

I would like to track the state of charge of my Peak Power Pack, something which is sorely lacking (for the price I kind of expected something like this to be included, actually!). The difficulty is the different current paths, I have the charger connected, the car/solar connector is also connected, and of course the load is connected to the "mover" output. Can I tie all the "minus" connections together (charger, car/solar, load, and possibly even ground), connect this to a smartshunt, and then connect the smartshunt to the PPP? In other words: the minus of the charger adapter, the car and the load are connected to the load side of the shunt, and the other side of the shunt is connected to the mover output minus of the PPP.

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BMV 501 voltage error ?

I am on a sailboat and we have four 100 Amph AGM batteries that are powered by six solar panels and alternators on the Diesel engines. That butteries are less than 5 years old. I did not install the system and am beginning to learn how it works. A Phoenix Multiplus controls the charging input. Right now the BMV 501 meter says the batteries are at 97% but voltage says 11.0V. A multimeter reading at the battery bank shows a reading of 13.0V under no charge/discharge condition. Can anyone help me start to investigate what’s going on? Thanks Rob.

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Why BMV-712 % of charge % doesn't match the battery state ?


I have a 225Ah battery fully charged. After some weeks of slow discharge the BMV indicates 85%.

Considering that -95.5Ah has been consumed and that the voltage is 12.00V, I don't understand why the BMV doesn't indicate something around 55% based on the Ah or something even lower based on the voltage.

Thanks you for enlightening me,



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BMV-712 Relay not working as desired

I am trying to get my BMV-712 relay to function as follows:

1) remain normally closed.

2) When the SOC drops below 20% (Victron Smart Lithium 150ah batteries), I would like the relay to open.

That would cause a generator / charger to start (beyond the scope of this question) and charging would initiate.

3) Once the batteries are charged so that the SOC is above 55%, I would like the relay to close again.

Here's what I've tried, with no success:

Use Victronconnect

Enter Settings/Relay

  • Relay Mode: Charger
  • Invert Relay
  • Low SOC relay
    • Set value 20%
    • Clear value 55%

I consulted the manual and it said that I needed to set "Clear Low Voltage Relay" and I tried to set that to 1.1v and that did not help.

What settings so I need to enable to allow the relay to be normally closed, open when SOC drops below 20% and closed again when SOC goes above 55%? Thanks!

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BMV 712 Amp-Hours reset to 0?

We are attempting to assess the ability of our solar panels to recharge (“refill”) our batteries and are confused by the Amp-Hours being reset to 0. Example: over last night the Amp-Hours consumed were 21.6 (-21.6 showing in the app). When sun hit the solar panels the current and power moved to positive values and the Amp-Hour reading started slowly moving back to 0- exactly what we were expecting to see. Later the Amp-Hours displays as 0 while the current and power are both still positive. No where near enough charging had happened to fully recharge the batteries. What is going on? It would seem the Amp-Hour display should show cumulative totals until fully charged again, but obviously not. Help please?

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Bmv-712 connecting to CCGX

My system includes smart shunt and color control GX . I want to add Bmv-712 to the system and install the display different location .my question is ; where do I connect bmv-712 to ? Can I connect to smart shunt or use another shunt parallel to smart shunt ?

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SmartShunt Weak Bluetooth?

I have a Victron Smart Solar charger (100/30) installed in a basement compartment in my RV and can connect my smart phone and tablet via Bluetooth anywhere in my RV and all around it.

Today I installed a Victron SmartShunt in a basement compartment and have trouble connecting via Bluetooth unless my device is very close to the shunt. In the RV I must be directly above that compartment and outside I must be at the door to the compartment where it's installed.

So, the bluetooth signal seems to be much weaker than the Smart Solar controller. Is this normal? Or so I have some other problem?

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How to measure two DC Inputs On CCGX

I am looking to install a Victron system on my RV that will be using a third-party DC-DC charger to charge 48v house batteries from the vehicle's 12v alternator. If I were to connect this charger through a dedicated BMV battery monitor (with a second one for the system's DC loads), is there any way to have one show up as an "alternator" input on the CCGX display screen?

I know I could connect it through the BMV-700 and presumably just have the CCGX show it as power flowing from the "DC loads" box to the battery. My primary concern is ease-of-use for the end user, so I would greatly appreciate any way to configure thte CCGX for this display.

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How to connect a windturbine (primus air 40) to monitor through venus OS. Bmv-712

I am confused please assist.

I have a BMV-712 with its shunt.

I have installed a Primus Air40. 24v windturbine and there wind generator control.

This gives me voltage, current and combined power accumulation. It also has a MCB and a brake.

I have had alot of back and forth with Primus as they insist that I need to wire the the positive and negative directly to my batteries positive and negative on the bank.

From Victrons side, I understand that all of the loads negatives should be connected to the shunt. This is to get reading.

Yesturday i got my PI with touchscreen running Venus. I am not sure if I can see anything from the turbine.

Currently the turbine is wired as Primus insisted I have it. Directly to the battery bank.

what is correct?

To the shunt or direct?

Hope someone knowledgeable can advise

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BMV700 suddenly only showing 100% SOC and around 2 amps

Hi, my monitor has been working fine for 3 years but has suddenly stopped showing the correct SOC, it’s always 100% even when the battery (lithium) was discharged. it also only shows around 2 amps regardless of any current draw or charge, day or night (I have a solar system).

Having read other posts I’ve done factory resets and reset the charged voltage to 14.1, also reduced the tail current to 3, but to no avail.

Any help greatly appreciated as I’m living in my camper and need everything working.

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BMV-712 smart and Multiplus 24/5000

Hi Folks,

I have an off grid setup with a Multiplus 24/5000, my battery performance is relatively poor so bought the BMV-712 smart to monitor usage as have been relying on my solar controller and a big chunk of guesswork to work out where my power is going. So the BMV is installed on the negative side of the consumers, but the Multiplus needs to be connected directly to the battery, which means that my BMV will only monitor the consumers and not the inverter, how do I monitor total usage? Can I run the negative from the inverter to the bus bar and have the shunt between that and the battery, if not, can the BMV harvest the usage from the Multiplus? At present I don't have a way to store historic data from the Multiplus and don't really have time to sit and watch what it's consuming. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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Multiplus 3000 - What else do I need

I have a Multiplus 3000 and a Victron Orion B2B. I am running a Nations 280 amp charger setup for AGM batteries, shore power, and no solar. I'm confused about what I need to monitor and control the inverter. Do I need the BMV712? Should I use a Cerbo GX and Touch 50? Will that do what the 712 would do or do I still need that. Will that give me everything I need? Do I need to purchase a shunt too? HELP! I have a guy who will be doing all this but I don't think he's familiar with all the Victron options.

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BMV RS232 interface

Hi all,

I have a fully operational new system but currently without monitoring.

Multiplus 2 48v, BMV 700, automation system

The bmv has a 4 pin serial port on the rear.

5v, Rx, Tx, Gnd.

I have the victron cable 9pin rs232 to the BMV

In the said cable there is circuitry in the 9 pin end, the other end is sealed. see photo.




1; Are the electronics in the lead converting VE bus signals to RS232?

2; Is the output from the BMV’s Rx, Tx, & Gnd standard RS232 protocol or proprietary and only RS232 after the electronics?

3; Does pin 1 on the BMV need 5v or is it supplying 5v?

4; Is the Gnd common to signal & the 5v line?

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App Settings

Can someone please help me with the Victron Smart Shunt Bluetooth app settings for my battery specifications?


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Multiplus AC Ignore, can a BMV712 send SOC?

I have a Multiplus 24/3000/120 that I want to prioritize solar charging from a SS-250/100. Grid power is available, and is to be used as a backup for solar issues.

I am using BattleBorn 12V LiFeP04 batteries in a 2S2P configuration.

I have found the voltage setting option for AC Ignore to be unusable with LiFeP04 batteries because voltage doesn’t fall as precipitously with SOC as it does for lead-acid or AGM chemistries. For example, at <30% SOC, voltage is still at or slightly above 26VDC.

I have a BMV712 monitor on the system, and wondered if it can be paired with the Multiplus to provide SOC data. Any info, along with required cabling, would be most useful.

Otherwise, it appears my only option is a rather expensive addition of a Color Control GX or Venus GX.

Thanks in advance!

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Are Multiplus voltage sense cables still required when using a BMV?

Just trying to work out.. I have a 24v Multiplus, a BMV600S and a CCGX, DVCC is enabled. My understanding is the BMV is now the main source of voltage and SOC, current draw etc. But I think the system would benefit from the voltage sense cables on the multi since the BMS could still experience voltage drop if I'm not mistaken..? But if I connect the voltage sense pins will the system ignore them and still use the BMV for voltage measurement? Thanks

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Wiring BMV-712 for 24v system?

I need a clear wiring diagram for installation of a BMV-712 (Smart) to a 24v PV system that's using 2- 12v LiFePo batteries in series (Battle Born).

The instructions, while good, aren't clear enough and have me concerned I'll wreck something.

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Which absorption Tail Current Indicates Real 100% Soc?
Good morning.
I'm trying to maximize the charge of my agm victronenergy 110 Ah.

I made some considerations:
Solar charging can never complete 100%.
Because time is not enough.
Correct solar charging reaches 99%.

My battery is exclusively maintained by solar mppt.

I stop ABS when the tail current on the smartshuunt drops below 2%, i.e. below 2.2A, for at least 15 minutes.

This usually occurs after 1.5 hours / 2.5 hours of ABS.
In fact, my previous dod is always 15/20%, no more.
My mppt allows a maximum abs time of 3 hours. Or an all day ABS, raising the floating voltage to the ABS value.
After 3 hours of ABS, the tail current manages to drop to 1.5A.

I have read that many battery manufacturers believe that 100% is reached only after 16/20 hours of charging.
When the tail current drops to very small values. Much, much smaller than 2%.

Is it better to stop Abs with tail current of 2-2.5%, or wait for tail current of 1-1.4% ??

Do you think it is preferable to keep Abs time for 3 hours every day? ?
And once a week even do an abs time all day long?

I thought that if my recharge reaches only 99.x% and not 100%, my battery will experience an inevitable and slow sulfation.
Because the 0.x% that is not recharged every day will slowly transform the sulphate with irreversible crystals.
It's right?

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SmartShunt battery bank capacity setting

I have two 12 V 100 Ah SLA batteries that will be connected in parallel (recommended by Will Prowse, ) to be monitored by a SmartShunt. Is it correct that I would set the SmartShunt battery capacity setting to 200 Ah? Any comments on my off-grid cabin design are welcome as this is my first solar system install.


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