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Venus GX does not accept static IP gateway


My Venus GX seemingly cannot accept a gateway when using a static (manual) IP address. I can enter the gateway, but it reverts to when I click Return.

No problem entering Gateway...


...but it's not saved correctly.


I can the Venux GX at the Static IP via LAN directly and indirectly (through a switch). I can also access other remote nodes via a VPN service, but not the Venux GX. Thus while it could be a VPN problem, my first suspicion is the Venux GX gateway.


I'm relatively new with IP networking, so please let me know if I'm missing another possible solution.



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Cerbo GX Digital inputs - Pulse counter not supported?

I'm updating my Venus GX to Cerbo GX so it will now support a battery BMS and VE. can bus.

The Cerbo GX manual, section 12.1 Configuration Note for Digital inputs, "Pulse Meter is not supported in Cerbo GX." then give examples of configuring to "pulse"

What does this mean? I can configure all D1-4 as "pulse", and they do seem to count (sometimes) when I earth the Digital inputs - 3.3 Volts but not all pulses are counted.

It would appear if ground pulses are occurring in under many seconds between pulses the pulse counter is not incremented? Is this the correct operation?

What is the minimum ground pulse width needed for the pulse counter to count reliability?

Why the lack of backward compatibility in the more advanced and powerful Cerbo GX?

I used the pulse counter on the Venus GX to record water meter flows and rainfall (tipping bucket) which do not work reliably now on the Cerbo GX which is the replacement for the Venus GX. Can this be fixed?

If the Cerbo GX manual could be a bit more technically specific on the accepted pulse width for the reliable operation of the pulse counter would be much appreciated.

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Getting real time data from GX without using VRM portal

I am looking to get real time data from the CCGX without using the VRM Portal.
Reason is that the internet here is not reliable and could cause issues.


* 2 each of 10 x 315W panels with SmartSolar MPPT 250/60
* 2 x Multiplus 3000
* 1 x Fronius 5000
* Color Control GX
* 24KW Li-Ion batteries

Reason i ask - i would like to be able to detect when power available is less than demand and shut off via smart switches the heavier using appliances such as the electric geyser, dishwasher, dryer, washer, compressor, pool pump

ie: Cloud cover suddenly reduces available power from the Fronius and demand would exceed the capacity of the 2xMultiplus 3000 (4200W). Say the Fronius is pushing out 5000W and demand is 6000W - meaning the MPs are supplying 1000W. Cloud cover comes along and reduces the Fronius to 1000W, which would result in the MP having to supply 5000W, which it can do for a few seconds, but would ultimately overload it. In this case, would need to react quickly and shutoff the heavier loads until stable sunshine returns.

is this possible?


(Edit: I should mention we are completely off-grid)

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OLD SMA in AC Coupled Multiplus system

I have an older SMA Sunny Boy I would like to AC couple to my Multlplus however the Venus does not recognize it as its latest available firmware ( V2.80 ) does not meet the criteria of V 2.81 ( ) . It obviously does not appear on the Venus or VRM but can I still use it in AC coupled mode with the Multi controlling power via frequency shifting?

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Is there anyway to turn on/off relays without having to go into Remote Console?

Would be a nice feature if relays could be controlled directly via the VRM GUI or VRM Connect

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Victron info in Home Assistant Energy dashboard

With the new release of the Energy dashboard in Home Assistant, I've been trying to surface the Victron data into it.

But I'm using modbus TCP to get data from my installation (through the Venus GX).. and those sensors apparently don't have the state_class attribute defined for them (which is ok i guess, as modbus is a generic protocol) but i also can't add such in the modbus sensor configuration in HA.. so this does not work. Link

Is there any other way (than using modbus) to get information from Venus GX in a way it would be useful in the Energy dashboard from Home Assistant?

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How can I add a cool down delay on a generator, such as Venus disconnect AC IN 1 when Generator signal is sent to shutdown the generator?

In a system with six(6) Quattros 10K configured in 3Phase and parallel, the backup generator we has a needs of 5 minute cool down period when the generator start signal is removed.

When the Venus relay removes the start signal in relay number 1 the Generator needs to be disconnected from the Quattros, is there a way to have the Quattros Disconnect AC IN 1 so that the generator continues running in its cool down period without load?

FYI we are using ESS, this issue happens when the grid has failed for a long time (days) and generator is turn on for its weekly excessive or when the battery is too low and needs to be charge enough to reach the next solar cycle.

In essence we would like the generator to run without load for a period of 5 minutes after the generator is not needed any more.



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Energy Meter ET112 using batteries to heat geyser

Hi there,

I have a Victron PV system powering my house. Originally I had this system without the ET112. I am allowed to push back into the grid so I wanted to monitor what is coming in vs going out and I wanted it to be integrated into the app - for ease of use. I asked my installer about the ET112 and he said that this would work for my purpose.

Once the ET112 was installed we run into an issue but first, my setup is pretty simple:


The only thing on my AC Loads is my geyser, the rest of my house is on Critical Loads - which is fine. (I have gas everything except geyser)

If I turn my geyser on you can see the load is taken from my inverter:


Only after the ET112 was installed did this start happening. My problem with this is obviously at night and in the morning my geyser turns on and it draws from the batteries which chews through my batteries.

My installer is saying that there is no way to have this ET112 just work as a meter and not divert the power from the batteries or PV to the AC loads. He wants to install another 3rd party meter in-front of the ET112 and have the geyser behind it so it isn't aware of it. (Take note I am not 100% clued up on these things - sorry if I don't use the correct lingo.)

I just thought I'd ask the question here as this really does not seem correct to me - how can a smart meter divert power like this and how can it not be capable to disable that? I just want it to tell me how much goes into the grid vs comes out of the grid.

Thanks for the help in advanced.

Parts list:

  • Venus GX
  • MultiPlux-II 48/500/70-48
  • 2x BSL Batt
  • SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/100 rev2
  • Energy Meter ET112

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VRM instance number duplicated??

As I have slowly added new units to my Venus GX for some reason the device instance number is duplicated in the VRM device list... I have two [261]'s


Is there any way to change the VRM number for my VE Bus System (2x Multi II 48-5000-70 in parallel) perhaps to [250] so my mppt controllers remain [260] & [261] respectively?

Here is my Venus GX setup


Any help much appreciated...

PS I tried deleting the whole installation but all that did was delete all the data stored in the VRM. When I rebooted the Venus GX all the devices came back with the exact same numbers including the duplicate [261]

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ASS000001000 Temperature Sensor

Does it matter where I place the temperature sensor? Positive or Negative terminals?

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Alternator Visual Input GX device. DVCC compensation for alternator charge.

Hi, I am looking for a very visual input for the alternator power source,

I am considering buying an Orion smart charger for the alternator, to have everything compensated and properly measured, but to my surprise DVCC can't include the alternator charge, neither with the "smart" charger that I thought was meant for this use.

Also, In my case, I share the boat with my father (67 y/o) and my brother, and they don't have that big technical knowledge, would be great to be able to see the alternator charge as another "device" in the bubbles graphs, to be easier to see at a glance the alternator charge.

Same applies for VRM Portal.

Victorn has gone very far to make this great products that we love, and can't leave it there, It's just a very little step in the natural direction to integrate this and make the perfect combo.





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Venus GX - Modbus TCP - incorrect values for "User yield"?


I am connecting via Modbus TCP to a local Venus GX.
Everything works fine except for the readout value of Register 790 - "User Yield"

The "Victron Connect" app shows the CORRECT values and the readout works as expected
BUT the
2nd MPPT charger connected to VE.Direct 2 port. show different value.

According to the "CCGX-Modbus-TCP-register-list.xlsx"

Unit ID /DeviceInstance Remark
245 258 CCGX VE.Direct 2 port, Venus GX VE.Direct 1 port (ttyO2)
243 260 Venus GX VE.Direct 2 port (ttyO4)

I compared the readout via QMod Master and here are the results .
the first charger shows the correct value via Modbus:


The 2nd one shows different values:


According to the register list:

Address Type Scalefactor Range
790 uint16
10 0 to 6533.6

The readout value is at least 1 digit to short!
The value should have been ~ 72670 or so

This is not critical
but I was wondering if this is just a "small bug" in the
ModBus TCP mapping on the "Venus GX" ?

As far as I can tell, all the other values seem to give the correct values!

Can anyone confirm this behavior or am I wrong here?

Best regards

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2.72 MPPT issue

I have noticed that 2.72 on a Venus GX seems to have a problem coordinating MPPT use.

My two 150/45 MPPTs were active but one went to "sleep" with an idle load when there was a small enough load for one to cope with.

When the load increased, the MP2 went to grid and the second MPPT never kicked in and produced nothing more than 7W.

A restart of the GX resolved the issue.

MPPTs on current code and MP2 on 4.81.

The second USB-vedirect MPPT is a rev2.

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Venus GX disconnects from WiFi after some days and has to be rebooted

For over a year I've been happily using a Victron system comprising Multiplus II (5kW), BMV712, Two Smartsolar chargers, and a bank 8kWHr, 48V PbA batteries. All connected to Venus GX, which connects to house Access Point.

The Access Point is reset every 24 hours to prevent build up of sessions with other devices. The GX behaves fine for days, but recently stops being seen through the VRM, requiring me to go to battery shed and battle through cobwebs, to physically power cycle just the GX. All is then fine again for a few days more. Are there any diagnostic checks I can run, or settings to change to overcome this?!

Thanks in advance to anyone out there who can throw light on this

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Time to go not changing

I just installed a BVM 712. I set the battery capacity and everything appears to be working but the time to go does not change. i ran every light and the fridge for over 12 hours last night and this morning the time to go is at 240 H which is the same as it was last night prior to running these things. The battery charge percentage came down from 100% to 93% so it seems to me that the time to go should have changed as well. What am I missing?

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Venus GX Burned Out

Venus GX unit has been running for about a year.

I installed a Freedomwon battery today. Connected it to the VE Can Port. 2 existing MPPTs connected to the VE Direct ports

System ran for approximately 2 hours. I connected a LAN (cat 5e) cable to a new MPPT from the other VE Can port. As soon as I made the connectiong, BMS coms lost, MPPTs stopped generating and Venus GX began to smoke.

Any idea why this would happen?

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Irradiance on World VRM

Does anyone have or know of a Victron system with the IMT irradiance sensor that's connected to VRM World and is shared on the portal? I'd like to see it in operation

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Venus GX loses Remote Console via VRM

Over the last couple of weeks. My Remote Console via VRM loses connectivity. The Venus is online and reporting and I can use local Lan to connect but it takes a reboot to solve which I can’t do remote. Seemed to start after firmware 2.72.


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Is there a time/clock function to use in programming ACOut2 virtual assistant?

Dear all,

In case there is grid power available I would like to turn of my ACOut2 at 22hrs and turn it back on at 5.30hrs. So the geysers and fridges are not working through the night. Is there a way how I can manage this in a virtual assistant?

I have the following assistant rules in place in case there is no grid available to turn of ACOut2 to avoid my batteries run flat before the sun comes up. (and alarm goes off etc) With these settings the ACOut2 will go off between 19-20hrs. (and come back when the sun is blazing around 8.30hrs) That is fine in case there is an issue with the grid, but not for structural use. Any tips?

Or is there another workaround to create an assistant with "AND" logic iso "OR" for the rules?



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Defective ET112?


I've seen a lot of questions here, where an ET112 does not show up on a Venus system. In nearly all cases the conclusion is a defective meter. But in all cases it seems to be working on the CG-Software.

We are facing the same issue and basically everthing is 'easy' to replace, except for the meter.

How did you diagnose the faulty meter?

Is there a way to prove, that all other parts are working?

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Can Cerbo GX disable 4 x Smartsolars on digital input?

I'm on a catamaran and I am soon to install a Cerbo GX and have 4 x Smartsolar MPPT's. (2 via DE.Direct, 2 via USB).

I need to disable the SmartSolars whenever my engine-powered alternator is providing power because the regulator gets confused by the power put out by the solars and does not produce peak power (150A).

I assume I can disable the Smartsolars through the GX Touch manually, but can I hook up something to a digital input and disable/enable from there?

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Tank 140 Pump Relay Action when supply tank is empty

I plan to use the pump action to replenish a main tank from an auxiliary tank for as long as the auxiliary tank is not empty. Therein lies the question: Is the Tank 140 going to stop activating the pump if the auxiliary tank is empty?

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Data storage while Venus Gx is disconected from WIFI

If there is no WIFI connection, will the datas be temporarily stored on a USB stick ?

Unfortunatley i could not find out this and i see a gap in the data recording.

Thanks in advace for your feedback!


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Venus GX displaying incorrect power usage (Energy Meter EM24 Ethernet)

The VenusGX added the Energy Meter EM24 Ethernet just fine and started using it showing the 3 phase grid input.
However it is confused as I have my multiplus 2 on phase 3. What it does is count the measured AC output of the multiplus 2 on top of the phase 1 measured grid power. This causes it to display double the power used but I figure it will also cause a major issue with determining the appropriate feedback power.

How can this be solved?
Can you only install this on phase one?

yes I am planning to upgrade this to a set of 3 multiplus 2's one on each phase but these machines don't come cheap so I started with the phase that has the most power consumed.

EDIT: switching phase 1 and 3 on the Energy Meter solved the issue but this seems like a silly way to solve something that is ultimately a software setting. and of course now pahase 3 is reported as one and 1 as 3 which could of couse cuose more confusion in the future.

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Alarm Relay Function - Set Alarm Relay On via dbus

I am trying to programmatically set the state of Relay 1 on & off on a VenusOS on an RPi via sending the following command but the change is not applied. Relay 1 function is configured as an Alarm Relay.

dbus -y com.victronenergy.settings /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState SetValue %1

While dbus command returns a successful result the "Alarm relay on" toggle switch in the UI under settings->relay does not reflect the issued command.

I can programmatically change the Function & Relay Polarity and the change is reflected in the UI immediately.

I looked at the var/log/localsettings/current file and confirmed that the UI and CLI command is affecting the same setting.

@400000006106581304f7c444 INFO:root:Setting /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState changed. Old: 1, New: 0 //UI "Alarm relay on" Setting Change
@4000000061065c1c04621bc4 INFO:root:Setting /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState changed. Old: 0, New: 1 //CLU dbus Setting Change

Has anyone else had the same issue before?

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Venus GX VE Direct Ports Failed

I have a Venus GX with a BMV 702 & an MPPT 75/15 connected to the VE Direct ports. I noticed the MPPT on port 1 was off line. I swapped it to port 2 and it was back online but none of the devices would show on port 1. I concluded port was faulty. Later after swapping and changing round the devices a few times port 2 seems to have also failed. I'm wondering if one of the devices has a fault that has damaged the ports. Is there any way to test further or reset the ports? If the ports are damaged can they be repaired or does this mean replace the Venus?

Thanks in advance

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Can a CCGX be used with a Venus GX

We live on a boat. We are 12v and mainly on shore power. Currently use VRM or bluetooth to get information from our Venus GX.

However, to keep my wife happy she has seen the CCGX which is the same as what we have except ours is either through our tablet or PC. She would like me to fix a screen like the GX Touch or CCGX, so she can just press a button and have the information to hand. Yes I know we already have that information via VRM/web/bluetooth, but she has seen the CCGX on someone else's boat and wants the screen fitted to ours, or a similar Victron product that has a screen.

Can I fit a Victron product like the GX touch 50 or CCGX and plug it directly into the Venus GX which already has everything plugged in and receive the same colour screen infor.

System - Quattro/MPPT/BMV702 etc.


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Systeme coupure de decharge batterie suivant un créneau horaire (FR/ESS/EDF-HP-HC)


voila mon architecture et la suivante

- j ai un Multiplus 5Kva raccorder à une batterie plomb carbone en 48V de 440ah

- un régulateur MPPT 150/85 avec 2640w de pv

le but serai de désactiver la décharge de la batterie sur le créneau horaire des heures creuse en France de 23h à 7h.

actuellement pour se faire je suis obliger de le faire de façon manuel en allant tous les jours dans le menu ESS de mon venus Gx et modifier le SOC minium (sauf défaillance réseau) pour qu'il arrête de décharger la batterie et repasser sur le réseaux.



here is my architecture and the next

- I have a Multiplus 5Kva to connect to a lead carbon battery in 48V of 440ah

- an MPPT 150/85 regulator with 2640w of pv

the aim will be to deactivate the battery discharge during the off-peak time slot in France from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

currently to do so I have to do it manually by going to the ESS menu of my venus Gx every day and modifying the SOC minium (except network failure) so that it stops discharging the battery and going back to the networks

thank you

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