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14 point Venus GX Phoenix Connector

I’ve lost the original green connectors for my Venus GX. I’m interested in adding temperature probes. I’ve found a place to buy it but there are 3 distinct sizes they come in. 3.5, 3.81, or 5.08mm.

Can someone tell me which one will fit the Venus GX?


jasonandress asked
Paul B answered ·

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MPPT RS 450/100 Error 117 Firmware incompatible


one of my MPPT RS 450/100 shows in my Venus (version 2.73)


the firmware ist 1.05


there is no newer version availiable.

i tried

- mppt rs to factory defaults

- reboot of all devices

i have 2 other mppt rs 450/100 with the same(!) firmware, and i got no error in the venus.

is there a way to downgrade and new upgrade the mppt rs ? or reupdate with the same version ?

Or other idea ?



smueff1970 asked
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How to get Venus GX to show two LG resu 6.5 batteries at the same time

Hi All, we have an off-gird system using two LG resu 6.5 batteries in parallel with each other which is monitored with a Venus GX. The LGs also get tied to a large AGM setup at certain times of the day to share the charging. Overall the system is monitored and controlled by many Sonoff switches and a few Orange Pi's running a common bash script which works pretty well for us.

One very minor outstanding issue is the Venus GX only shows one LG battery at a time. If we unplug a canbus cable from one of the batteries, the VGX will show the other and vice versa, but the VGX will never show both at the same time. The VGX shows them both as Product: LG resu battery and Product ID: B004. Is it because they have the same product details? Do they need to be daisy chained rather than each connected directly to a canbus port on the VGX?

Its surprising the VGX can't tell it has two batteries connected to it..

petekat03 asked
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CANBus interface on GX
I have mainly a Victron system installed in a 5th Wheel RV; 1020W of Solar panels thru a 105V/100A MPPT solar controller, and a 12V/3000W/120A Inverter/Charger for shore side charging with a Bluetooth VE buss smart dongle. I installed it myself and used a MK2-USB to set up the Mulitiplus for the 500 Amps of AGM batteries I have. I also have a BMV-712 to monitor the system. I'm interested in upgrading to Lithium batteries and also adding one of the GX devices to be able to remotely monitor my system (I currently only use bluetooth locally).

I'm looking at Lithionics batteries, their internal BMS models have an output cable that supports RVIA RV-C and CANbus information, specifically it provides battery Voltage and Current data, battery Temperature and SOC data, remaining Ah capacity, desired charger state and charge specs, HVC and LVC status, total Ah capacity and current Power, accepts ON/OFF/Charge-ON commands and a few others. The link for the information specifications and protocols is here.

I've tried asking and looking around, but can't find anyone with answers. I would like to know if any of the Victron Venus GX or Color Control GX or Cerbo GX interfaces can accept this data from the Lithionics GTX12V315A batteries internal BMS using the CANBus data interface. And if all I would need is the Lithionics cable (75-H1FCR-CS2 Ampseal 8 Harness Kit), to plug into one of the GX's.

Also, is specific programming required for the GX?

green-monster asked
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Venus GX, what happened to bluetooth?

Hi Guys,

What ever happened to the inbuilt Bluetooth that the Venus GX has?

The last mention of BT was about 2 years ago in the DQ area. BT has totally dropped of the Venus feature list.

klim8skeptic asked
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Connect ruuvi to CCGX or Venus GX

Hi Victron Community

I‘m using a CCGX and I like to add some Ruuvi Temperature sensors. Since the CCGX has no bluetooth I‘m wondering, if it is possible to add them via adding a bluetooth dongle?

re18 asked
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VRM Portal issue trying to add new installation (Venus GX)


I'm writing here because I have some problems with VRM Portal and my installation...

For 2 years I didn't go to VRM Portal because I didn't need. It seems that my account has been deleted (I asked for forgotten password but I never received any e-mail). So I created a new account. I did a firmware update on the Venus GX (now 2.73), "she" is now on the internet via wifi. I try to add it on my "installation" (on VRM) using VRM Portal ID but nothing happens. A short message indicates that I will receive a confirmation e-mail but... nothing happens too. Really, I spent a lot of time trying by myself but I have no solutions yet.

Thank you per advance if you think to have a solution !

metivier asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Tank level sensor update interval is too slow on Venux GX

I have a resistive tank level sensor (similar in design to this one) installed in a header tank, and connected to a Venus GX. It works fine so long as the tank level is relatively static - however, if the tank level is rapidly rising or lowering, the Venus can't seem to keep up.

So for example, if I turn on the pump to fill the header tank, it is overflowing by the time the Venus is even reading 80%. Once I turn the pump off, the Venus reading continues to tick upwards gradually until finally reaching 100%, but this seems to take a few minutes to catch up.

Because I want to use this reading to control the pump, it is obviously an issue. I'm fairly sure it's not the sensor, since connecting a multimeter and actuating the slide manually seems to produce instantaneous change in the resistance reading. Is there a way to get the Venus to update the reading more rapidly?

aeneby asked
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Tank level sensor for deep water tanks - Venus GX


I'm using a Venus GX and would like to incorporate tank level sensors for our domestic water tanks. The tanks are around 2.5m deep and I would like to be able to use the tank level sensor input of the Venus GX to determine the volume inside the tanks. I've not come across any sensors that can cope with this depth. Does anyone have any options?

Thanks everyone.

casper asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

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How do I use the digital inputs in cerbo GX

Community, I’ve installed a Cerbo GX. I think I’m happy with the relay functionality. 3v3 octocouple relay to allow power to a 12v fan. The digital inputs are a whole other issue and are doing my head in.
I’ve read the manual and some background stuff but I think I’m not getting it.

1. Are the inputs powered at 3v3? Do I just need to complete a circuit to change the input state, I.e. short across the digital inputs (I don’t think this is the case but I need to check)?

2. So what I‘d like is a digital signal when the bilge pump goes on. Here’s what I think I need to do… Put a relay across the pump power. Have that provide a 3v3 signal to the cerbo digital input. I’m aware that I need a diode or octocouple to protect the cerbo from inductive current/voltage due to the relay coil. The problem is I can’t find such a circuit anywhere.

3. Because I can’t find anything it makes me think I’m way off with my plan. Can you guys suggest a better way of getting an on/off output from the bilge pump?

Thanks in advance,

rupez1 asked
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Venus GX Bilge alarm maken

Ik wil op een Venus GX een Bilge alarm maken. Dit lukt, maar ik wil ook een email ontvangen dat er een bilge alarm is. Het lukt om een algemene email te krijgen, maar niet om een email te krijgen met de melding van een Bilge Alarm. Wie kan mij helpen?





ajvisser asked

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MPPT RS 450/100 connect via VE.can to Venus GX


i've 3 MPPT RS 450/100 connected via VE.Can to Venus GX.
At the end of the VE.Can bus are resistors connected.
I used normal UTP Network cabel cat.6. Max. Length of the cable is 3 meters.

Firmware MPPT 1.05
Venus 2.73

Remote Console
Settings/Services/VE.Can i cannot see any devices.

It seems the VE.Can is disabled ....

With the VictronConnect App connected via Bluetooth to the MPPTRS i found
no settings about VE.Can.

I hope everybody has an idea.

Thanks Thomas

smueff1970 asked
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Renaming Relays in Venus GX

Hi. Is it possible to rename the relays in Venus GX - From Relay1 and Relay 2 to something user friendly? Manty thanks, Tom

tommorganrolfe asked
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VE.Bus BMS and BlueSolar MTTP solar charger

Will VE.Bus BMS disconnect solar charger if it is connected through Venus controller in stead of direct connection between VE.Bus BMS and solar charger? It is 3 parallel Victron MultiPlus 48V, Victron VE.Bus BMS, 2 Victron smart LFP batteries in series, 2 Victron MTTP BlueSolar chargers all connected to Victron Venus controller in heart.

bskz asked
bskz answered ·

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Venus GX bluetooth conectivity

Is it or when will it be possible to use Bluetooth connectivity with the Venus GX range?

For example to connection to the Victron Connect Bluetooth app.

Currently the Venus GX range has Wi-Fi support for connection to VRM but is not Bluetooth.

handy asked
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Remote controlled Venus Gx

Hello, good afternoon,

I have a photovoltaic system that I want to control remotely.

I have a Multiplus II 5000va, 2 MPPT 250 chargers, 8 Pylontech batteries.

All this is centralized with a Venus GX that I would like to access remotely (from a computer or mobile phone from outside the province).

What should I activate in the settings?

Would I have to enter through a fixed I.P?


thank you

Rafa Gómez asked
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Venus gx relay outputs


Is it possible to use the the two relay outputs of the Venus gx independently ,for example relay1 is used for a generator and relay 2 used for a pump or Temperature

I currently use relay 1 for generator but would be useful to use relay 2 aswell

If the relays can be used independently could you please advise how this can be achieved


@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff

@Guy Stewart (Victron Energy Staff)

solarone asked
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Et340 to Venus GX connectivity issue

Hi Guys. I recently installed an ET340 Energy meter to my ESS system. I've been running ESS for quite some time without any problems and decided to compliment the system with a External energy meter about a week ago. I printed and read the instruction manual thoroughly before installing the meter. The process went without problems and the GX immediately registered and showed the meter. I left it running until the next day to make sure there was no teething problems before tidying up.

I plugged out the USB side of the cable (Genuine Victron RS485 to USB cable) and routed it through the existing trunking, as far away possible from existing power wiring. When I plugged it into the Venus GX again, there was a spark from the cable and then smoke coming from the chip side of the cable. I could clearly see that it was burnt black on the inside of the USB housing.

Seeing that a USB device normally can be plugged and unplugged while the host device is on, I didn't think that this would be any different so I thought it might have been a faulty cable.

I ordered a new one, connected it exactly the same as the other one, re-checking the manual numerous times, powered off the meter and GX device and then plugged it into the USB port. I powered everything up but do not get any communication now. The USB cable's red LED (one closer to the back) is on constantly and the red one closer to the front occasionally flashes a few times, trying to probe the meter I guess, but nothing else happens. The ET340 has got a constant green LED on and the red KWH LED flashes according to electricity usage.

The energy meter still shows up under "energy meters" in the remote console but does not register anywhere else, like when the meter would not be powered up.

I've also tried connecting to the meter with the cable and 2 separate laptops but no success. There is still no communication with the meter. I've checked and re-checked the wiring over and over again.

Can anybody maybe give me some suggestions??

czauto asked
czauto answered ·

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Lithium / Multiplus - Allow to Charge (low Temp)

Hi All

Set.up (all Victron)-

  • Lithium Batteries
  • Multiplus
  • Venus GX
  • VE.Bus BMS

Situation -

  • temperate on yacht, for days, has beeb above 5c
  • the multiplus was in FLOAT and was keeping batteries at 13.5v
  • temperate on yacht, yesterday morning, dropped below 5c
  • at this time the multiplus stopped charging (in float) and now show BULK on VRM
  • Venus GX is showing in VE.Bus that ATC is NO - makes sense at temp has been <5c
  • the temp inside yacht is now >5c
  • but the ATC is still NO
  • I was expecting the multiplus to start a charging cycle

Questions -

  • is it normal when ATC becomes NO due to <5c for multiplus state to show as BULK even thought is not charging and current to batteries ?
  • I am right to expect the ATC to change to YES - when the temp becomes >5c ?

Thanks all and happy Xmas !


miya asked
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IMT Irradiance Sensor dropouts randomly when grid lost

Have the IMT Irradiance sensor connected ( Via RS485 - USB ) to Multi ( 433 ) / Venus ( v2.66 ) setup and all works beautifully when all running ESS. When grid is lost the Radiation sensor looses connection with Venus , then reconnects for 1-5 mins and then loose connection again - this then repeats continuously. Further if grid is present and I disconnect the RS485 link to my Et112 EM ( connected to PV inverter ) is also disconnects / reconnected all the time ! It still does this if I "remove the connected device " once I disconnect the ET112. Weird behavior - has anyone else seen this behavior before ?

merlepeter asked
merlepeter answered ·

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MultiPlus II GX disconnecting devices

Hi All,

I have a Victron ESS that consists of the following:
MultiPlus II GX 48/5000
1 x Victron BlueSolar 150/35 (Connected via VE.Direct) - 2kWp Solar Array
1 x Victron SmartSolar 150/35 (Connected via VE.Direct) - 2kWp Solar Array
2 x Pylontech US3000B Lithium Batteries
1 x ASS030720018 - VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type B Cable 1.8m
1 x Carlo Gavazzi ET112 Grid Meter

The GX device is frequently losing connection to all of the peripherals - The 2 solar charge controllers, the grid meter and sometimes the canbus battery.

The worst is when it disconnects from the Pylontech battery, because then the battery is not receiving the "Keep-alive" signal and the system will consequently trip/shut-down after some time.

To resolve this, I need to reboot the GX device each time using the Remote Console.

The inverter has been updated to firmware level 482 and the GX device is on firmware level 2.66.

Does anybody have insight into this problem?

Nicholas Herbst asked
julzb answered ·

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Earth issue when adding a second VE.bus system using mk3 USB?

I intend to add a second ve.bus system to a venus GX, using an mk3 usb interface. The purpose is to be able to get information from this second system using the modbus protocol, I make my own dashboard.

I'm now wondering about potential earth issues. I read that the USB connection is not isolated. Is the mk3 USB interface isolated? Or is the VE.bus interface isolated on the side of the multiplus? Otherwise I would be connecting the minus of the two battery banks through the VE.bus cable and Venus power supply cable, or am I missing something?

leonvdk asked

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How can I add a cool down delay on a generator, such as Venus disconnect AC IN 1 when Generator signal is sent to shutdown the generator?

In a system with six(6) Quattros 10K configured in 3Phase and parallel, the backup generator we has a needs of 5 minute cool down period when the generator start signal is removed.

When the Venus relay removes the start signal in relay number 1 the Generator needs to be disconnected from the Quattros, is there a way to have the Quattros Disconnect AC IN 1 so that the generator continues running in its cool down period without load?

FYI we are using ESS, this issue happens when the grid has failed for a long time (days) and generator is turn on for its weekly excessive or when the battery is too low and needs to be charge enough to reach the next solar cycle.

In essence we would like the generator to run without load for a period of 5 minutes after the generator is not needed any more.



Carlo asked
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Venus GX not detecting ET112 via RS485 but can see it on laptop


I have a Venus GX and trying to use a ET112 via a RS485 cable when I plug it into a laptop that RS485 cable lights up and I can see the ET112, but when I plug the USB into the Venus GX I get nothing on the meters section and the RS 485 cable does not light up.

Should the RS485 cable light up when plugged into Venus GX device ?

Do I have to switch the RX\TX cables around between using it on a laptop to the Venus GX ?

Any help would be great.


techguru asked
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Can I connect a Multiplus II to the ve.bus on my EasySolar system?

I have recently purchased a MultiPlus II 24/3000/70-32 and I intend to connect it to the ve.bus on EasySolar 24/3000/70-50 system. And have both devices powered from a single battery supply. Both systems will be feeding it's own ac circuits that are independent each other (i.e. not configured as a parallel/split system). Both devices are running on V490 software. I've connected the MultiPlus II to the EasySolar, this results in both system shutting down reporting an Error 10. I do have a VGX, can I use this device for monitoring rather than the Color Control GX on the EasySolar? Is there any I can configure the system to be monitored by the one GX device?

Artthur Naidoo asked
Paul B answered ·

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What can I do with the digital inputs on the Venus GX or Cerbo GX?

I really like the Victron products but I started looking around and really like the aspects of the Simarine Pico system monitor and was wondering if some of the thing I see on that can be implemented on the Cerbo GX. I am looking for a system for Sprinter Van and the pitch and roll display that the Pico can do is something I would like. Also looking at the current draw of individual appliances is cool to. I would like to know what the current draw for the inverter/converter, refrigerator, lights, water pump... etc. are. Can I get any of this functionality in the victron system and if so how?

socaladventure asked
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check when VenusGX updated (LG RESU issue)

We have a Multiplus with a VebusGX connected to an LG Resu+ with 2x LG RESU 10's and an AC coupled Fronius.

This has been operating for several years, but just stopped working. The battery breakers are tripping every 5 mins, which means they do not have a CAN connection to the VenusGX- and I can see remotely that the LG battery is not showing up in the device list on the Venus.

Someone onsite has checked the cabling, and it all looks fine (ie unchanged). I am looking at the Venus firmware updates (which were set to automatic in VRM) as its running 2.73, which is fairly new.

My primary question is, can I tell when a VenusGX installed a firmware?

bryn asked
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Venus gx, the Smartsolar MPPT is not recognized.?

At a installation with a Venus gx, the Smartsolar MPPT is not recognized. Firmware is up to date everywhere. MPPT will be produced in 2019. Cable is fine too. Connections too. I checked with the BMV. This works with both cables used as well as on both VE Direct terminations of the Venus GX. ?????

Robert M.O. Seidel asked
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CCGX/Venus feature request: Override Multicontrol

Hi, In my boat I have a Venus, a Mulitplus Compact 1600 and a Digital Multi Control (+ some other stuff). When I am onboard, I use the Digital Multicontrol to control the Multiplus, and this works fine. However, when I am not onboard, it would be nice to use the Venus/VRM to remotely control the Multiplus (to start/stop charging the battery, to make 230V available to start a heating fan, etc.). This is not possible when the Multi Control is attached to the Venus, and if I want to achieve it, I need to detach the Multi Control from the Venus before leaving the boat (and re-attach it when I am back).

This is a bit cumbersome, and it would be nice if I could override the Multi Control with the Venus, when I wanted to do so (maybe implemented with an extra control question, if that is needed). Is this something that you would consider to develop (if it is possible) and implement in future versions of the Venus?


B/R Eirik

eirik asked
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Venus GX, custom names on tank and temperature sensors?

Is it possible to set custom names on the temperature sensor inputs on the Venus GX? Where now it just says: Generic temperature sensor (1) and (2).


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