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Un-managed Battery with ESS

Hi everyone! After reading a lots of posts here and watching videos on youtube and going through Victron Professional online videos I do not seem to find a proper answer on how to setup a LIFEPO4 with multiplus 2 and ESS if the battery has an internal BMS in a box with no possibility of communication. Right now It is set as AGM but the fact that it is showing as float when it should be bulk is annoying and I am not sure if there may be other implications.

I have an EasySolar2, SmartShunt 500Amp, 4x455w half cut panels and 48v 15s 100amp Chinese battery with internal BMS. I use 52V for charging and 51 for float. I use AC Output 1 for critical loads, mostly computers routers and stuff. This is mainly for backup because there are a lot of power cuts.

I have another Fronius Symo Gen24 plus 5k with 14x455w panels AC coupled but they do not communicate (no integration with Victron).

I do not want to spend money now for a new battery and I am looking for the best way of making use of what I have.

I read that for lithium when it goes down 0,8 V from the charging voltage is going back to bulk but probably for AGM this is different and this is why it stays on FLOAT.

I can upload the config if anyone wants to have a look.

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Easysolar II GX generator charging stopped working

System: Off-grid Easysolar II GX (3000, early 2020 model) with 2x Pylontech US3000 batteries and a Honda EU22i generator for charging in the winter. The system has been more or less stable during the past couple of years.

The issues started when I plugged in the generator for the first time this autumn. The generator was visible as AC in 240V 50Hz but the input power stayed at 0W and charging didn’t start. I checked with a different charging cable and tried the generator with other devices (seemed to work ok). No help from that.

I also contacted the dealer that sold me the batteries and solar panels. He tried to remotely upload new settings (as far as I know, there were no changes since the settings hadn’t been changed from the previous season when everything worked fine). After a restart of the system, the inverter refused to power on. Leaving the Easysolar off and the batteries on overnight seemed to help and the inverter turned on in the morning.

So the current situation is that there’s about 20% of charge in the batteries, the inverter works, the solar charger works (albeit at minimal power this time of the year), the Multiplus charger does not work.

Changes from the last time it worked are that I have updated the solar charger firmware through bluetooth and the GX firmware through VRM. As far as I know, the Multiplus firmware is unchanged (v. 473).

Any ideas on what to check or how to proceed with this? The installation is in a remote location so it might not be feasible to get a technician to the site.

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Victron 160AH Lead carbon batteries

Hi I've seemed to have lost a lot of capacity in my battery bank 8x 160 AH Victron lead carbon, they were new in mid 2019 so just over 3 years old, the BMV has recorded 104 charge cycles and 507 full charges ( sync to 100,%) our average discharge is 107ah, we now get a low voltage warning around 80ah, basically we have to run the generator in the evening to get something like 90% change if the solar hasn't got it above 90% or we end up with low battery warning in the morning or shutdown with voltage about 38 volts, the battery settings are hopefully in the picture below with the history page.

I've spoken to my dealer he's essentially said out of warranty and buy new lithium! I'm off grid so totally dependent on the battery bank, I've checked and cleaned all the terminals my next option is possibly removing 4 of the pack and getting them tested and charged with mains power to see if they are still usable, interested to know if this is normal for 3 year old batteries or if something is setup incorrectly?


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Easysolar 48V 5000VA Remote Site Connectivity

We have a Easysolar 48V 5000VA on a weekender block,
Currently we have no internet or modem on site.
We have tried using GlobalLink 520 only to find that they're not compatible with the GX Devices,

We'd appreciate some suggestions on the best way to connect this system to VRM,
Other than putting an 4G Modem on site, are there any simpler options?
Would a GX LTE 4G be the best option?

Thanks in advance!

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How do I configure an Easysolar-II GX?

I have just bought an Easysolar-II GX and before I install it I want to make sure I have all the necessary accessories. I've looked through the manual and online, but am uncertain as to how I am supposed to configure settings like the charging parameters for the Pylontech batteries, or the start switch for generator backup. Do I run VE Configure on my PC and need to buy a USB to RS232 converter? Or perhaps I can do the configuration via wifi or Bluetooth without any accessories?

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mise a jour et reglage d'un easysolar 48 5000

bonjour, actuellement une installation d'un easysolar 48-5000 chez mon cousin. config par défaut en HUB1 a priori. réseau EDF en AC in AC out sur tableau maison PV sur MPPT et parc batterie 48V (8x12v 200Amp)

question 1/ quelle est la procédure de mise a jour avec MK3 et Ve config? (coupure AC in de EDF etc... pour ne pas faire de bêtises)

question 2/ suite a achat MK3 il n'y avait pas de câble RJ45 livré avec, un câble RJ45 de la box orange peut il faire l'affaire?

question 3/ actuellement quand EDF est en AC in, les PV n'alimentent pas les charges, est ce dü au fait du réglage de base en HUB1? (modif à venir en ESS)

le but de la manipe, donner la priorité a l’autoconsommation et au chargement des batteries par les PV et n'utiliser EDF seulement en cas de nécessité ou de soutien.

je vous remercie par avance.

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red led on EasySolar 12/1600/70


anyone can tell me what this red led (see screenshot) is used for?

It is on - anything to worry about?

Any idea what is wrong?



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add RS 48/6000 to EasySolar II GX 48/3000/35-32?

I have an EasySolar II GX 48/3000/35-32 with 12x 320W nominal solar panels, 8x 12V sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle batteries and a BMV-700. We are 100% off grid in northern New Zealand.

The inverter component struggles when using power tools (we are building a home off grid) despite a soft start device. I also wonder why a soft start capability is not built in to every solar system?

The system also struggles when the sun is shining and I use excess power to charge my electric vehicle (standard mains charging unit, draws ~1800W continuous). It raises high temperature alarms which (if I don't disconnect the EV charger in time) result in a shutdown. I don't understand why this should be given that the load seems well within the advertised parameters.

So my thought is to add a more powerful 'compatible' inverter to the system that gives us much more reliable power draw- short term for electric motor loads, and also sustained to charge the EV when the sun is shining. As I understand it the RS 48/6000 would be DC coupled (connected to the batteries in parallel with the EasySolar) in this circumstance but would need a data connection back to the GX component of the EasySolar.

I am keen to hear

* whether I am trying to solve the wrong problem, or

* what would make the RS 48/6000 not a great fit to the situation?



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Cerbo and LCD GX

Setting up a new system. Ordered a Cerbo/Touch 50 and Easysolar. Dealer tells me the Easysolar 48/5000 is only currently available in the Mk Ii versíon with built in GX device. I need the Cerbo for the screen and extra inputs. I didn't find any documentation saying it can or cannot be done.

Can these run together? If not, can the LCD GX be disabled?

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SEPLOS 48V 100AH Energy Storage Battery Compatibility?

I saw this video on YouTube. And thought their design not bad and Price acceptable. So I get connected with this supplier located in China. Called SEPLOS. It's a third-party manufacturing brand that not listed on Victron website.

Anyway, They told me that their packs could communicate with the Victron inverter. And they send me this picture of their pack and Victron inverter. Currently, I've got the Victron Quattro 48v 5000VA. And I'd like to have a try with their PUSUNG, which is a 48v 100ah pack.


Did anyone get a battery from this company before? I would like to know your review before formal purchase.

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multiplus-ii 12/3000/120-50 2x120v - Mounting issues


Hello - I have an RV with a compartment that is 23" tall. The inverter is 22" tall, so it will not fit. Is there any reason why the device cannot be mounted in the orientation I have taken a picture of? Also, can it be mounted flat on its back on the rubber feet if I was to put it on a small table laying down?

Is there any other mounting options available other than the picture frame style hanger that is on the inverter.

Thank you! - Travel Tech RV Delray Beach FL

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EasySolar II GX

I have an issue with an install of the EasySolar II.

My plan was to utilise as much of the solar to both charge the batteries and invert to the loads, with the grid connected also to suppliment excessive loads, if the batteries got too low draw additional power from the grid to topthem up and in the off chance there were excess, then export it to the grid.

The system comprises of the following components;

EasySolar-II GX 48|3000|35, SmartShunt 500A, 48V360Ah Lithium Ion Battery Bank

I have the grid on ACin1, Loads on ACout1 and solar panels solar in.

I enabled grid for Australia without external neutral, installed the ESS assistant and configured it. Whenever the grid is connected, the EasySolar only charges the batteries and runs the loads from the grid.

I left this running this afternoon thinking perhaps the EasySolar wanted to charge the batteries, not sure why considering the setting in it but never the less I thought id let it continue. At 10:30pm I notice that the power had dropped out all together.

Since this happened I have now removed the setting for Australian grid and the ESS assistant till I can work out whats wrong with the setup.

This has the EasySolar in bypass and is just charging the batteries.

Any help in sorting this out would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.



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State of Charge not exceeding 25% even thought Charge Controller on Float?

I'm advice on a 24v Easysolar Unit, Charge Controller 150/35 and BMV712.

Our SOC (on all devices) does not exceed 25% even though the MPPT Charge Controller & Easy Solar are getting to float every day.

We recently replaced the batteries so I dont think it's those.

It feels to me like perhaps the unit is not setup correctly? Perhaps as a 48v system or something?

Any ideas?

Screenshot 2022-11-08 192958.pngScreenshot 2022-11-08 193010.pngScreenshot 2022-11-08 193029.pngScreenshot 2022-11-08 193231.pngScreenshot 2022-11-08 193538.pngScreenshot 2022-11-08 193550.png

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Generator advice needed please

Hi All,

I have this Easy solar setup in my coffee truck (horsebox) i have 560ah of battery storage, in summer when we're doing events we have never come close to running out of power 300ah solar panel on roof. but we're about to start with winter/xmas events, we came close a couple of times recently to dipping below 50%, so what id like to know is what power generator would i need to help keep the batteries topped up or give them a boost,

List of kit we're running

Double door fridge (not working as hard though in winter)

Coffee grinder

led lights

water pump

Our coffee machine is LPG, but i can switch it on 240v 1kw if we start to get busy and its temperature starts dropping


Cheers Tim


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EasySolar 48/5000 and AC coupling with Multiplus II 48/5000

I have an off grid installation with an EasySolar 48/5000/70 MPPT 150/100 running at full output power. I've installed a new Multiplus II with its own PV and batteries so completely separated from the EasySolar. Is it possible to do AC Coupling with both installations ? AC Out 1A of the EasySolar with AC Out 2 of the Multiplus II or install the Multiplus II AC out as a power Assist to the EasySolar ?

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