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SmartSolar MPPT disappears from config of EasySolar5000 Mk-II

The SmartSolar MPPT frequently disappears from the config of my EasySolar5000, resulting in no charging from the sun.

2021.10 Purchased
2021.12.23 Installed
The problem started within a few days of installation. Now it occurs probably everyday, often more than once. Maybe I am noticing it more because I check more frequently. Rebooting the ES5000 from the Remote Console fixes it for a while.
2022.01.18 firmware upgraded to newest version on all ES5000 components
2022.03 finally got around to writing this.

Occasionally the whole unit crashes and needs to be power-cycled.

Victron EasySolar-II 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250/100 GX Firmware Version 2.64
Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50 Firmware version 49
SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/100 Firmware version 3.07
SmartSolar Bootloader v1.07

12x solar panels in 4 strings of 3. 2 types:
3+3 AmeriSolar 280W Policristalino
3+3 290 Wp REC TwinPeak2

4x BYD B-Plus LV battery 2.5KWh v5.0 (bought in 2018 and previously used with Victron EasySolar3000)

Any help appreciated, thanks









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No Solar production when Solar MD BMS plugged into CCGX

On my easysolar 5kva system i'm not getting any solar production. Disconnected my pylontech batteries today and connected 2x solar md 14.3kw units as i upgraded my batteries. Communication via can bus from solar md bms to CCGX. No solar production. Under Battery details - Installed/Available capacity shows 560Ah 560Ah however batteries are sitting at 47% charged. Please can Victron support assist me

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No Solar production when Solar MD battery Logger is plugged into CCGX

Hello all,

A bit of a puzzle here.

I have a 5kva easy solar installed. It has been working great as an ESS system with a Pylontech us3000 bank.

The grid has been permanently removed by some budding entrepreneurs recently with no hope of being restored we decided to change batteries to Solar MD.

The Inverter has been reprogrammed for the new batteries and ESS removed as we are now off grid permanently. CCGX dutifully rebooted after the Pylontech removal.

The problem began when we decided to add the logger v2 for the MD batteries as we are thinking of paralleling a few for more storage.

Wired up the logger using the manuals and the article https://www.victronenergy.com/live/battery_compatibility:solar_md plugged the logger into the CCGX and the inverter switches off. No problem it restarts but now there is no solar, the ccgx does recognize the bms and reads data off it though. It is sitting at 56% yet no solar for charging, the yield before the plug in is about 2700w. Yet if a larger load switches on in the house the solar kicks in and runs for a bit then goes down to 0w again.

Charging the batteries is a priority and we unplug the BMS- reset the mppt as it has error #67 and reprogram it. Solar charging back to normal.

Have tried several times now plugging and unplugging and repeating the reprogram process on the mppt each time. Rebooting the CCGX after plug in and unplugging.

Initially we thought it was because all we did was change voltages between the two batteries. Had reset the whole system to defaults and started again.

Tried then updating all components and treating it as a fresh install, update all firmware and reprogram. Still no change. If the logger is plugged in there is no solar yield.

I have been in contact with Solar MD and the logger settings have been checked out the wiring and tweaked settings, the bridge is ok, and the logger is ok and reads the data from the GX correctly. Their customer service is great. The logger is viewable on the myPower Portal so connecting to the internet fine. The only thing that seemed out of sorts is seen on the VRM where the battery monitor is seen as Pylontech the device was deleted. But i see when i reconnected the bms again today it shows a Pylontech again


Any other ideas? Or anything we may have missed?

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How to fix 120Volt output on AC1 out when programmed for 230VAC

Installed Easysolar II 3kW 48V 250-70 yesterday for 230VAC output - when 1st started there is 230V then after 3 seconds it falls to 120V and stays there - appreciate any explanations or fixes you may have come accross

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Low battery alarm on Easysolar II GX

Hi everyone.

I've got a probleme wich I don't understand the root cause.

My Easysolar 2 GX (48 volts) was running fine until today.

The configuration is simple. I'm still on testing purpose.

The inverter is ruled with the VS switch dedicated ignore AC input

This morning the battery voltage level was more or less around 49 volts and started accepting AC input to charge the battery bank.

However after a while it stopped since the voltage level reached 51 volts (wich is too low)

As a result I tried to connect my laptopn with the MK3 device to raise this level higher and make sure the battery bank is correctly charged.

Unfortunately I was unable to connect with VE configure since the system must be (my understanding) on (I mean AC input active).

After many tries (connecting/removing the cable from the VE port on Easysolar an alarm occured.

Since then the system won't start (HUB- is off) with alarm: low battery level.

However the batterye bank shows 49, 9 volts.

Could anybody provided advice ?

Many thank's

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EasySolar 2 won't power up with pylontech battery


I'm having issues with easySolar 2 48/3000 and pylontech US5000.

Able to start the US5000 and the run light blinks (idling), but when I flip the breaker to connect to the easysolar, the battery goes straight into an internal error on the pylontech BMS with the easysolar screen lighting up for about 0.5 seconds.

I have checked the battery voltage and it is 49.3

This is my first install, so not sure if this is something I am doing wrong or an issue with the easysolar or the pylontech.

Any support would be appreciated, thanks


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EasySolar not Charging from shore power

Looking for suggestions of cause please System Easysolar 24/1600 in campervan. CCGX Orion 12/24 10 from alternator to batteries. BMV712 mains hookup. Solar working fine throughout EasySolar switched on, no trips tripped. I disconnected shore power, went for a drive, came bac, reconnected shore power. Noticed a couple of days later that AC in was not working, despite 247V being recorded. EasySolar was clicking, apparently trying to go into charge, but not succeeding. Inverter working throughout. Tried all the obvious, setting no ignore AC in, replugged shore power, which although high, is within spec. No errors/warnings. Eventually found shore power was showing disconnected in the CCGX. Managed to clear this using Victron connect via MK3 adapter. Switching off using Victron connect dashboard didn't help. Switching off at the easysolar didn't clear it. System has been working fine for over a year. So any suggestions as to possible cause? Easier way to recover?

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3.8kw Offgrid: Victron EasySolar 2 48v.35 with mppt 250/70 3000w Design + Fuses

Is the below correct before I go further? Thanks in-advance

PV 3.8kw Offgrid: Victron EasySolar 2 48v.35 with mppt 250/70 3000w

  1. Panels = 10 x JA SOLAR JM60S20 380/MR 380W VOC 41.62 V VMP 34.77 V ISC 11.47 A MP 10.93 A CLASS II MAX SYS 1000V, MAX AMP 20 TOTAL 3,8KW

  2. two strings 5 x 2 in series and wired series parallel, only one mppt and costly for another so all panels same direction height etc.PV Wiring = 6mm x 10m to inverter from shortest end 17m from last panel. 2 shocty diodes inline on each string + 1000v/20a to prevent reverse polarity. Then 32a 1000v disconnect before going to inverter

  3. Storage Pylontech 3000 and 3000c with 2m pylontech victron cables of correct size with 2 x 120a fuses on each pole.

  4. AC As this is not mains connected I am wondering what sort of consumer unit as have a few given to me but only need one ring main - .2 at the most for garden tools, But note easysolar has 2 ac outputs, does this mean no consumer unit is needed?

Does this configuration sound ok?

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Easy solar 48/5000 delay in output when grid fails

Hi guys

I have this one installation 48/5000 easy solar with a 5 kWh Dyness battery (recommended the 10kwh to client) with Ess which seems to work fine for a few loadshedding cycles and then after just go back to not switching over fast enough when the grid fails. (Did happen twice now that I get it sorted for a few days )Time delay is about 20 seconds before the loads come on. When I simulate grid lost by switching off main switch the system works 100%

This problem only happens when Eskom strike loadshedding

I have read previous chats on forum but just can’t seem to get this one sorted out. I have 2 other exact shame installations which is working 100%

Just need some advice or what you guys might think it could be.

Thanks for your time

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1 Answer

Is it possible to create a three-phase system with easy solar?

I have an installation where the client bought three easy solar 48/5000 150/100 gx, (although I told him to go for the multiplius) and he wants to connect them to create a three-phase system, I have searched for information about this specific model but I find nothing, is it possible to connect them this way? thank you

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SEPLOS 48V 100AH Energy Storage Battery Compatibility?

I saw this video on YouTube. And thought their design not bad and Price acceptable. So I get connected with this supplier located in China. Called SEPLOS. It's a third-party manufacturing brand that not listed on Victron website.

Anyway, They told me that their packs could communicate with the Victron inverter. And they send me this picture of their pack and Victron inverter. Currently, I've got the Victron Quattro 48v 5000VA. And I'd like to have a try with their PUSUNG, which is a 48v 100ah pack.


Did anyone get a battery from this company before? I would like to know your review before formal purchase.

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Solar charger shuts down EasySolar-II GX


My system includes a REC Q BMS controlling 8p14s 41kwh batterypack, 12ea 275w solar panels and i EasySolar-II GX 3000/48-32.

During solar charging, expecially during 1500w+ charging and high SOC on batteries, the solar charger shuts down and is no longer visible in VRM interface.

I usually have to Remotely reboot the Easysolar to get it to work. Can then work some hours, or days.

Any ideas?

Regards Stig



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EM24, Fronius Gen24 Plus 5k on AC in

Hi everyone,

I have a Fronius Symo Gen24 Plus 5k which is on AC in and exports to grid, I have a fronius smart meter but it is used only for getting the statistics in Solarweb, no export limitation. The system is three phase.

I have a single EasySolar II which I use mainly for critical loads. I purchased an EM24 and I want to put it next to the Fronius Smart meter. I want to see the Fronius on AC in, AC loads, critical loads etc. I do not think this should be a problem. Question is can EasySolar II also give surplus solar to the AC loads on AC in without exporting to the grid? If Fronius exports to the grid the EM24 should see that but I am not sure how this can influence how much power EasySolar sends to the loads on AC-in.

Thank you!

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Easysolar 2 gx display views old info, not responding to button press

As the title says, just noticed that my display shows old info and is not updating or responding to button press in any way. Is this a problem that needs replacing the unit under warranty? Or is there some other way to make it work? VRM displays everything OK, so does remote console.

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Easysolar-II not charging LiFePo4 smart battery

I have tried to read all the possible documents and gone through lots of threads here in the forum, but I really couldn't find a solution to my problem.

I have 2 pieces of smart LiFePo4 batteries (nominal voltage 51,2V, 16 cell, master-slave) connected to my EasySolar-II 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250GX 5000VA through the BMS Can 500Kbit/s, that have an average voltage of 52.5V and a 57%SOC, that can be observed in the menu of the built-in Venus device, like in the picture:


I also managed, to force to broadcast this information SOC and voltage infromation from the built-on GX device to the built-in Multiplus-II (it was not too easy, I had to upgrade all of my built-in components within the EasySolar-II in order to get it functioning). Even the built-in MPPT device seems to be informed well.



I added DVCC


and enabled battery monitor on CAN-bus



I use the HUB-1 configuration, and I would like to charge my batteries from AC-in until my PV panels will be ready, but the battery is never ever charged it is always Idle 0W. (AC-Input is not conditional)


Charger voltage levels are set as followes:


My question is, how is it possible to start the battery charging from AC-IN in HUB-1 configuration?

(I also tried the grid parallel installiation with ESS, and keep battery charged with no success, batteries logs do not show any errors, they are is normal state, no errors or warnings are present)

I would appriciate your help.

Thank you in advance!

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