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Easy Solar 12v 1600 Battery monitoring and Profile on Shore power.

Hello All,

My easy solar is plugged into shore power. My Lithium batteries are float at 13.3V and the state is saying "Storage" I have smart shunt also in the system and a CerboGX. The shunt is selected as the battery monitor. Reading some documentation. Should I have DVCC enabled? I have Itechworld 2x 200amp hour batteries installed. The VEbus configuration guide seems to indicate that I need to enable.

10.1.6. Battery capacity

10.1.7. State of charge when bulk finished

10.1.8. Charge efficiency

10.4.10. Lithium battery mode

Is this something support can enable from remote on the VRM portal?

My specific batteries are not on the approved qualified list. If DVCC is enabled will it pull the settings from the MPPT that are configured for Lithium? In order to set these settings "if support are unable to from remote." I will need to purchase a cable for VEConnect?

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EasySolar II - Network Reset?

Hey Victron Community,

We recently had an Easy Solar II installed at our house.
While trying to connect to the local WIFI, I have unchecked the "Create Access Point"... (yeah rookie mistake Im now aware of :) )

Ive tried connecting to the device via the LAN connection, but remember while browsing the settings prior to disconnection that LAN was disable (how it was installed).

So... Is there a means to reset just the Network Settings outside of the Digital Control panel?
I see there is a reset button on the Easy Solar II, and I have tried to search online for what this button does, but have come up short.
Is this a factory reset button? Reboot? or Network reset?
I do not want any of my other settings (charge level/battery settings) to be lost if possible.

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Easysolar-II GX ESS Error in DDC Program

Hi there !
I just installed an Easysolar-II GX with 2 x Pylontech US2000 batteries and have "Error in DDC program" alarm.
I added the ESS Assistant with VE-Configure but it does not appears on the GX Remote Console.
Also, on the Easysolar LCD, HUB-1 is displayed.
So maybe there is a conflit between HUB-1 an ESS Assistant ? (But I do not have HUB-1 assistant setup in VE-Configure).
Any help is welcome
Thanks in advance

PS/ Public access to my installation : https://vrm.victronenergy.com/installation/181865/share/b5dfc2b8





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Install BMV-712 so that solar shows positive amps?

I have installed a BMV-712 Smart on a two battery setup using the #11 quick install schematic. While my solar panel is raising the voltage back to a full charge, no positive amperage is being shown on the Victron while doing so. I should be seeing positive amps as the batteries charge - correct? Any suggestions please.

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Easysolar II GX 48V/5000 250/100 Absortion/VRM
I have an Easysolar II GX 48V/5000 250/100 installed in April 2022, with a LiFePO4 48V 16Kwh battery pack.
The system was working correctly for about 2 months (since I updated the batteries), but now, when it comes to absorption, the information that appears in the VRM is erratic.
When I download the excel, countless blank lines appear, and the battery charge count, solar production and consumption "freezes", because of these periods of apparent failure of communication between the various components of Easysolar.
However, in Victron connect, the solar production information continues to update and appears to be correct, giving a difference of about 2Kw at the end of the day.
When the system goes into Float, everything seems to work ok again.
Furthermore, when I turn on the AC input of the grid, after a few seconds, the SOC goes straight to 95%, that is, the percentage that appears in the VRM is wrong.
The system settings are normal, offgrid system (I only connect to the grid when the batteries reach a capacity of less than 25%), it charges up to 95%, goes into absorption at 56.80V and remains for 2 hours and then goes into Float at 54V.
What will be happening ???Screenshot 2022-06-30 at 14-57-39 - VRM Portal.pngVictron Connect.pngReport_20220630-0000_to_20220630-1455.zip

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Easy Solar training how?

I don’t intend to sound flippant, but I bought an easy Solar because I thought it would be well “easier” but despite being directed to the victron training there doesn’t seem to be anything specifically for the easy Solar. Which makes it very difficult to get the picture of what I have bought. I have looked for weeks at cerbo gx. Mppt etc but there are no direct examples of how this links into or is preinstalled in an easy Solar. Can anyone help me to understand where to find all about the easy Solar. I have searched the internet and YouTube but feel this should be available on victron training. Am I missing something or is victron?

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UPS Funktion

Hello i use a Easy Solar 12/1600/70 i want tu use the UPS/USV funktion.

My primary energy is my Lifpo4 and not the grid.

It is possible to use the UPS/USV funktion in this direction ?

Primary Grid, secondary Lifepo4 works fine but i want to use the othe direction

Many Thanks Jan

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Easy Solar 12 1600 Lithium Charging

Hello all,

I have an easy solar 12 1600. I am installing it in my Van and waiting for the AC to be connected. I have the easy solar connected to a Cerbo GX and a 500amp Smart shunt. All devices are connected with Vebus or Vedirect cables. The system is also added to the VRM Portal.

I was going through the manual and looking at the charge profiles. The unit seems built for AGM Gel ect but i don't see any Dip Switch profile for Lithium.

So my question is. Do i need to set any of the Dip switches for Lithium?

Or is the setup Via software sufficient?

If the system reset for some unknown reason would the software config remain or would the system drop to Dip switch defaults?

After changing any of the Dip switches and saving the settings is a power restart required?

Thank you so much for all your help. I know this post dragged on and there is more than one question.

Best Regards.

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Easy solar and Multiplus in 3-ph or parallel

Hi! Easy solar includes Multi plus, MPPT and CerboGX in one package.

Can a similar multi plus be used for a parallel configuration vith Easy Solar?

Is it possible to use Easy Solar and some Multi Plus to create a 3 phase configuration?
Thank you for answer.

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Easysolar 24/3000/70-50 earthing issues


I have an Easysolar 24/3000/70-50 running at 230V 50Hz. I appear to have an earthing issue. Firstly i am an electrician so don't hold back with technical answers please. When i measure the voltages, i get the following; P & N 234V, P & E 92V, N & E 142V.It doesn't make any difference if the ground relay is open or closed. Is this just a phantom voltage and i can put a hard bridge between N&E (AC in is from a generator, so not earthed independantly) or is there something more serious going on.

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Easysolar not diconnecting my system when the batteris are low.
My solar system is EasySolar24/1600 and BMV-700.
However, last week the batteries went down to %0 (because the solar panels got disconnected by accident for 2 days).
My understanding was that the Easy Solar need to disconnect the system at factory setting to protect the batteries from ever going down to %0.
Any thoughts on what is wrong here ?
Thank you very much


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Esy Solar 12 1600 MPPT Solar panel layout Wiring

Hello All, Thank you so much for all your help. I am super excited to get stuck into my new project and switch to an awesome Victron System. I have on order an Easy Solar 12 1600 and just have a question on panel layout. I have ordered 4X https://au.renogy.com/renogy-200-watt-12-volt-monocrystalline-solar-panel/ and wanted to find out my best options on wiring them to my 2X 200ah 12V Litium Batteries that will be in Parallel configuration. Am i better to have the panels in Parallel or series configuration to the Easy Solar input. Also can these 4X panels be plugged into just one of the 3 input plugs for the MMPT on the easy solar?

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Can I start my generator from my phone?

I have an EasySolar-II managing my home’s off-grid solar power supply. Backup power to the EasySolar is provided by a Honda EU30iS generator with a two-wire remote start. In VE Configure I have set the virtual switch to start the generator if the battery state of charge is low or the current load is high and that works fine. However, sometimes when I am away from home I would like to manually start and stop the generator from my phone. I can’t see a way to do this. Is it possible? Thanks

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New ESS setup for Easy Solar 2

Could someone please answer the following. I am currently setting up the above and have taken the following steps

Installed Easy Solar 2 48/5000

Wired AC In from main consumer unit on 32Amp MCB via a 63Amp double pole isolator using 4mm cable

Connected victron current sensor to mains side of above isolator (not sure if it should be placed before consumer unit????)

Wired AC 1 back to main consumer on 50Amp MCB via a 63Amp double pole isolator using 6mm cable

Connected network cable to the internet

Created login via VRM portal

Updated all components to latest firmware

I am wanting to load the ESS assistant so that I don't feed back to the grid as there is currently no financial incentive to do so.

I have 10 X Canadian Solar 455w panels in place ready to connect to the MPPT

I have 2 X Pylontech US5000 that arrive next month that eventually want to be able to fill them up with excess solar.

My question is, what is the best way of setting the system up so that I can use the current solar without feeding back to the grid whilst my batteries arrive in 6 weeks time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Leistung EasySolar II


ich habe eine EasySolar II 3000 GX mit 2 x US2000 Pylontechs dran Alles funktioniert bestens. Nun meine Frage: Die EasySolar ist mit 2400 Watt Dauerleistung angegeben. Mehr als 2200 Watt Leistung konnte ich jedoch noch nie beobachten. In dem Screenshot sieht man, wie die Leistung bei knapp 2000 Watt liegt, die Batterie liefert ca. 2250 Watt. Ich habe mein E-Auto an die Wallbox angeschlossen, so dass ordentlich Leistung gefordert ist. Ist das in Ordnung so, oder stimmt da was nicht?


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