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Auto Generator start possible with Victron EasySolar-II 24/3000/70-32 MPPT 250/70 GX ?

Hi all,

as posted im wondering if it possible to arrange Auto Generator start on the Victron EasySolar-II 24/3000/70-32 MPPT 250/70 GX ? Or do i need a cerbo gx in addition?

many thanks

christoph-janssen asked
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Adaptive charge, absorption time, temperature compensation & sensor.


I am getting a bit confused with the amount of information I am trying to take in so I thought I would join the community for some guidance, so thank you in advance.

I am on a easy solar 1600 24v system, 2x Rolls 290a, 50 Charge controller.

When using the formula, I managed to calculate an absorption time of 46mins (rounded up to 1hr)
Does this sound right?
T = 0.38 x C /I
0.475 = 0,38 x 260ah / 208

If this is incorrect then where have I gone wrong? Also, if I am using adaptive charge then does this figure matter?

I also was confused regarding temperature compensation - I saw that the compensation should be set at -4mV/ºC/Cell - so i have set this at-32V/ºC - is this correct?

The system has a temperature sensor, how do I know that it is even working?

Could you also advise on the absorption and float voltages please?
After looking through the manuals I settled for -
Absorption Voltage - 29.40V
Float Voltage - 27.60V
Max Charge Current - 50A

Also, i set the system to 'charge only' when I got to bed, in the morning despite the batteries reading at 24.8+ the system wont turn on until there is a bit of sun to top up the charge, or i need to turn the gene on to allow a top up... It could be for 5 mins and the system turns back on again and doesn't seem to be lacking charge at all.. is there something I have accidentally mis-configured when I was using veconfigure? I've noticed Victron connect app is not a comprehensive as Veconfigure or am i missing something by plugging into the charge controller?

Please excuse the basic questions but I have already fried one set of these batteries in 3 years and it was an expensive mistake i can let happen again... trying my best to get studying again : )



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Are rapidly fluctuating current loads harmful for off-grid inverter?

I recently purchased a single plate induction hotplate for use on my 5kw off-grid system. When using this appliance even at a steady and specific wattage (displayed on the unit from 800 - 2100w), I've noticed that on my Victron inverter display panel, the AC draw fluctuates up and down within a range of about 1000w. I assume, without much research, that this is a characteristic of inverter cookers and how they maintain certain settings. My question is: will semi-rapid and quite broad fluctuations in AC draw be harmful to the inverter?

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EasySolar-II-GX not charging

Hi to all,

I have an EasySolar-II-GX 48/3000 system that went live yesterday and won't charge the battery bank. There is sufficient PV voltage. System parameters are:

- PowerPlus Energy (Aust) Lipo battery bank installed, user defined battery settings as per spec.

- Off grid system & no generator. A.C charge capability disabled.

- Multiplus firmware V471

- MPPT firmware V1.46

- GX device firmware V2.53

It appears the MPPT controller is stuck in OFF state as the remote input to it is held LOW by the GX device. Remote input voltage level checked with multimeter at 0 volts.

If I remove the remote control link wire from GX to MPPT and bridge MPPT remote input (H to L) as per manual then the MPPT operates as expected and charges batteries.

My question is, under what circumstances does the GX device inhibit the MPPT charge operation?

I have updated all firmwares and may have inadvertently upset one of the settings somewhere so an incorrect setting may be the cause.

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards, Andrew.



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Single line diagram review - EasySolar 5kVA / Pylontech BESS

Hello all,

I've been in solar for a good number of years but I am new to Victron and I love their gear already :-)

The attached SLD is for a 3.24kWp/28kWh off grid system with 7kVA genset.

I have used the EasySolar 5kVA model (MPPT 150/100)

The power system will be located in a shed which is 20m away from dwelling #3 and 35m away from dwelling #5. There will be MSB in the shed with feeders going to each dwelling.

The generator is Honda EU70 32A (petrol gene/inverter) with ATS. I also want to connect it with a bypass option.

Would appreciate any comments on my design. I am mainly looking for comments on the interface with the 28kWh Pylontech BESS, the transition from the EasySolar to the MSB and compatibility of the connections between the gene and the inverter and MSB.

Many thanks



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Off-grid EasySolar-II SOC dropping

Hi, I have an off-grid system using an EasySolar-II 3kVA paralleled with a MultiPlus-II 3kVA. Connected to 4 of 48V 50Ah Dyness lithiums and 4000W of solar panels. Everything is working perfectly except the SOC shown on the EasySolar is dropping a little day by day. It’s down to 86% today when it hit the full battery voltage of 52.0V which is set by the battery via CAN-bus. I’ve seen the threads saying to set the MPPT slightly higher to trigger the reset of the SOC but my MPPT says it’s under ”External Control” so nothing I change raises the charge voltages etc. Is there a way to force the SOC to 100% at a certain voltage eg. 52.0V? It’s never shown 100% but it used to be pretty common to see 97 or 98% but now it just seems to be dropping a little day by day.

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EasySolar 2 restart, GX broken
Hi, I have an Easysolar 2 which is restarting in the last few days every 2-3 minutes. During this time he does not read anything in VRM. I made all the available updates. I think the GX device built into EasySolar is defective. The problem is from 2-3 day aftre 2 month of working.

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Easysolar 24/3000 inverter fault

I've got a victron easysolar 24/3000 that's been installed for approximately 4 year's and never had a issue.

In winter I sometimes struggle to get enough solar to charge the batteries so have a large 3 phase generator feeding the easysolar set with a maximum 50A charger limit.

Occasionally, when the generator is running and a welder is used at the same time, the multiplus inverter side goes into fault mode and shuts down the input from the generator, it's never been an easy issue and I can just switch off the inverter off and back on again either locally, or by remote console and the fault resets.

Over the weekend, the inverter on ebay again tripped into fault mode, but this time switching off then back on again did not reset the fault, I ended up having to use the advanced setting to force a redetect and then switch their inverter on again and the fault cleared.

Well, it's just happened again, but this time, using the redetect option whilst allowing me to reset the fault, when I switch the inverter back on, it is remaining in the off position and will not turn on.

Can anyone advise why this has suddenly started happening, what can I do to reset this time and what can I do to prevent the fault from reoccurring the next time



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Anti ilotage Easy solar acheter en décembre 2021


J'ai acheté un easy solar 48/5000 mppt 150/100 au mois de décembre 2021. J'ai acheté ce produit car un Distributeur internet m'a donné le conseil et l'information qu'il y avait bien un anti ilotage! En plus sur toutes les docs pdf de ce produit, il est mentionné et stipulé : voir site internet. j'ai beau éplucher le site internet et y mettre des requêtes, je ne trouve pas l'info. Pourriez-vous s'il vous plait me confirmer s'il est implanté dans cette version de l'easysolar (en sachant qu'il existe dans l'easysolar II Gx) ? Vous remerciant par avance de vos informations. Bien cordialement. Philippe.

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Easy Solar Stuck on V/E Blue screen.

Hi All,

Yesterday the P/V read-out was switching between 28w and 31w .I disconnected the P/V array and the batteries, turned it off on the "toggle"switch.

Powered it up today and it seems stuck on the V/E blue-screen.

Any suggestions ?

Cheers Ian.

ian-barwick asked

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Connect easysolar Gx with lynx shun and VE BMS

Dear Team

I am new on this forum and i believe i have made a mistake with my installation. I have a Victron easysolar GX, a lynx shun and a VE can BMS connect to my 25.4 Victron batteries. How do connect the shunt to the BMS and then to the easy solar?Do i connect the RJ45 from the shunt to the BMS and then connect the BMS to the easysolar? i can't find a wiring diagram for this configuration

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Easy Solar 5kva fan does not switch off

Hello clever people, I hope you can help. Four weeks ago the fan on our Easy solar system stopped turning off, it runs constantly, even at night. The days have got hot (45 deg C), but night temps are mild (23 deg C). We are off grid. I contacted the installer and they said this is normal cooling, but the unit dosn't feel hot at all during the night. The system is mounted outside our bedroom and its very noisy. Is the installer right, is it normal for the fan to run all night?

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Multiplus Mounting Orientation

Does anyone know if is is OK to mount a 3000VA Multiplus on its head? I have seen some installation that did this and would like to do the same for the location I am trying to fit.

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problème Mise à jour du multiplus d'un Easysolar 2013


Je suis Philippe et je cherche à faire la mise à jour de mon multiplus d'un easysolar de 2013. C'est un EASYSOLAR 48/5000/35-50 MPPT 150/100 COLOR CONTROL. J'ai tenté de faire la mise à jour avec mon câble MK3 et en utilisant le logiciel VeFlash du package VEconfigure3. Je me suis branché sur la carte directement à la place du branchement RJ45 du Color control. J'ai bien sûr changé les 2 premiers dips et pressé 2 secondes sur le bouton up de la carte.

Ma question, s'il vous plait : Comment faire une mise à jour et accéder aux assistants pour un Multiplus 2624 en version logiciel 158 datâtes de 2013 ?

En vous remerciant par avance.

Bien cordialement,


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EasySolar-II GX Protokollierungsintervall

Nachdem mein Wissen nicht genügend ist, sowie bisherige Versuche Ergebnisslos waren, hier meine Frage:

Wo bitte ist das Protokollierungsintervall von Standard 15min am EasySolar-II GX änderbar?

Unter Remote-Konsole“ in VRM zu „Menü“ (Geräteliste) > „Einstellungen“ > „VRM-Onlineportal“

sagt das Handbuch, aber der Menuepunkt: „VRM-Onlineportal“ ist dort bei mir nicht sichtbar,s.Screenshot



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EasySolar II GX Display Keeps Reseting when the System is Connected to Grid

My EasySolar II GX keeps reseting as shown on the display when connected to grid and charging the batteries. It doesn't disconnect the power from the AC output, but the screen shows that the system is restarting.
This only happens when the system is charging from grid and not when charging from PV.
Any ideas please one what might be causing this please?

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3 Answers

Limiting ac charger voltage

Can you limit charging voltage on internal ac charger manually without out going through software settings.

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Multiplus II not showing in VictronConnect

I have EasySolar II GX,
Am looking to configure some settings on the Multiplus II via VictronConnect,
however when i open the app, i can only see the SmartSolar and EasySolar-II,
any ideas why the Multiplus is not showing ?

Was asked
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1 Answer

SEPLOS 48V 100AH Energy Storage Battery Compatibility?

I saw this video on YouTube. And thought their design not bad and Price acceptable. So I get connected with this supplier located in China. Called SEPLOS. It's a third-party manufacturing brand that not listed on Victron website.

Anyway, They told me that their packs could communicate with the Victron inverter. And they send me this picture of their pack and Victron inverter. Currently, I've got the Victron Quattro 48v 5000VA. And I'd like to have a try with their PUSUNG, which is a 48v 100ah pack.


Did anyone get a battery from this company before? I would like to know your review before formal purchase.

cz0911 asked
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EasySolar Disconnecting When charging from Grid

Anyone can give me tips on how to fix this issue with my EasySolar II GX please. The system simply disconnects and connects again all the time when it is charging from the Grid.
I was told that it is a hardware issue, but can i know specifically how can i fix it myself as i can't get in contact with the dealer here?

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Software attenuation for home excess PV charging of EV while keeping ESS battery consumption minimal

I work with an EasySolar II with 4x12V Deep Gel batteries of 220Ah each. The ESS is connected in parallel to the grid and a power meter is mounted single phase and connected to the ES USB port. Solar PV give max 4000W power so not enough for the 7KW need of the standard single phase charger of the EV.

Charging EV is a pain as it draws a lot of power from the batteries even in cases of maximum PV power available… I am at -3000 KW, not considering the house consumption averaged at 1KW.

In order to prevent discharging the batteries during the charging of the car I setup a script which monitors the power drained from the batteries and adjust dynamically the Grid Setpoint in order to reduce to minimum the previous value. This way the ESS raises the power taken from the grid and no longer needs to supply it’s own power from batteries. I do a running average to smooth out all the values and update these parameters every second and leave -50W as a buffer for the PV panels to step in if more solar is available.

The results look promising as I have maximum 10 seconds of ESS powering the EV from batteries until the running average catches up, then system stabilizes at -80W at battery, all the rest comes from the PV.

Not only this is usable for EV car but also for large consumers in the house, as in bad weather they cannot be charged from PV so battery draining is probable.

Not sure if this is appropriate usage of Victron, or if other options are possible for my setup… I leave the thread as a request for your comments.

Registers used: 2700 to write grid setpoint, 810 for Grid Input L1, 842 for battery load.

Download ev.py from this link and use it on your own risk


/var/log/evvictron.log where the logging goes.

Script should run directly on the EasySolar through ssh.


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Easy solar 5000 wired interface for configuring and monitoring

Is it possible with one wired interface to be able to monitor and configure both MPPT and inverter with

  1. EasySolar 48/5000/70 MPPT 150/100 Color Control
  2. EasySolar-II 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250/100 GX

If so which is the interface to do so for the above two units?


prithvi asked
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2 Answers

Could this ve temperature compensation gone wrong or firmware / settings related?

EasySolar 1600/24/40, victron agm deep cycle batteries 4 pcs 12v 220Ah each, connected as two 24V packs to get 440Ah capacity.

Two generator aided loading scenarios. Both started after slowly discahrged to arpund 23,9V

First one was 5th of december, temperature went -27 celcius degrees and 2000w generator ran for few hours, i started it several times cause every time voltage hopped up, and charging power went rapidly down. Strange voltage, almost immediately absorption mode because voltage so high.

After I got home, i upgraded latest firmware to easysolar and double checked everything. Believe that only setting I altered was UPS functionality on. Checked charger voltage and max charging amps…

Second try. Temperature around 0 degrees celsius. Same setting, now it workef just like it should. Amps went up to >33A and voltage hopped 24->27 and SLOWLY reached absorption voltage a litte under 30 (default voltage settings for victron AGM from vconfig software) After hitting absorption mode, voltage flatlined and current dropped more rapidly.

question, did I have something terribly wrong on first run or was there some known firmware bug causing this or could the temperature be the reason, I read that victron VRLA battery such as AGM should have -4mV/c temp compensation per cell, so would that mean -48mV for 24VDC pack? I remember that default compensation in EasySolars vconf is not -48mV but rather somewhere around -30mV? Thats default when I choose AGM deep cycle victron battery preset. Could that affect this much?


Yellow is current blue voltage. Started and stopped generator several times wondering why it jumped immediately over 30V


Also, the charger mode seemed a little restless


And the better run shown here. Few stress tests for genset with coffee machine and microwave oven shown here. ;-)


More peacefull mode changing here

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1 Answer

multiplus-ii 12/3000/120-50 2x120v - Mounting issues


Hello - I have an RV with a compartment that is 23" tall. The inverter is 22" tall, so it will not fit. Is there any reason why the device cannot be mounted in the orientation I have taken a picture of? Also, can it be mounted flat on its back on the rubber feet if I was to put it on a small table laying down?

Is there any other mounting options available other than the picture frame style hanger that is on the inverter.

Thank you! - Travel Tech RV Delray Beach FL

traveltechrv asked
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1 Answer

which all in one product (charger/inverter)
I would need an all in one 24V solar charge controller/inverter/battery charger for off grid solar system. I would like to power AC 240V loads around 2000W - only during daytime, and some 12V small loads - 10-50W). Option to charge 24v batteries with generator and/or to power AC loads directly with generator is needed (power assist?). Also, i would like a device that does not need additional BT dongles/GX devices/USB interfaces in order to program battery charging voltages and power assist, so full programmability of the device thru BT or wifi is needed. Compatibility with BT Smart Battery Sense would also be nice. Battery charger should have low temp charging disconnect for lifepo4.

I dont know which is the correct one for me: EasySolar, EasySolar II GX, Multiplus Compact, Multiplus I or II (+separate solar charge controller) or something else.

I tried contacting Victron representative for our region, but he is "AFK".

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Pylontech Force-L2 and Victron compability

Dear All,

I am looking for information which confirms that Victron is compatible with Pylontech Force-L2 series battery.

Can someone confirm that for me?

Can someone explain to me that I am wrong?


Best Regards,


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6 Answers

Connect 2x EasySolar-II GX 48/3000 together


I'm looking to expand my system, and i do have a similar easysolar-II unit on hand.

Have anyone done this?

I guess it should be straight forward to connect?


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EasySolar-II GX Verbindung zum VRM-Portal

Nachdem die sog.Fachhändler in D bei dieser Frage alle versagen meine Frage hier:

Ist die Verbindung zum VRM-Portal beim EasySolar-II GX nur Ethernet-Kabel oder WLAN alleine angeschlossen am Internetfähigem Router , möglich? Oder wird CERBO GX benötigt?

Lt. Inrenethandbuch,https://www.victronenergy.com/media/pg/EasySolar-II_GX/de/installation.html Pkt.

8.6.8. Verbindung zum VRM-Portal ist dies nicht eindeutig erkennbar.

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Parametrage AC-in


Lorsque je charge mes batteries (24v 400ah), avec mon Multiplus (24/3000/70) avec mon groupe électrogène, c'est réseau qui est affiché sur le résumé du CCGX, plutôt que generator. Cela a t il une importance ? Si oui y'as t il un paramètre pour préciser au chargeur du Multiplus que c'est spécifiquement un groupe électrogène et non edf qui le charge ?

Merci d'avance


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Mixing Parallel and Series 40V Panels with Victron MPPT Controller


I am planning to use 7 panels in a 5kw Easysolar Controller.

Configured as 3 panels in series, 40Voc 385W panels on the 150/100 Easysolar controller

Then 4 x 40Voc 385W panels on a separate 100/35 Controller in 2 x 2 Parallel in series with each other 2p2s configuration.

The reason being that 7 panels n series would be too hight for the Easysolar Controller so i need a second MPPT controller and the 4 panels in series would be 160V. I don't want the voltage to be that high for safety reasons and the 250V controller would be £500 instead of £250.

My questions:

1. Is it ok to put 2p2s configuration together?
2. Will the MPPT function of the controller work efficiently with 2p2s?

3. Should I use any shading diodes in either String 1 (3s) or String 2 2p2s.?

thanks very much for your thoughts.

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