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Problem with my IP22 12/30 charger.

My IP22 had been working well but just went off the rails. My battery SOC is 65% and battery voltage is 13.41.

Plugged in charger and it immediately went into Absorption mode with over 16 volts! It has never done this and the charge voltage is way high.

First it should be in bulk and secondly the absorption voltage is set at 14.1.

Why is it not in bulk mode and why is the voltage in absorption so high.

It is in a network with a BMV 712 Smart Battery Monitor and Smart Solar MPPT 100/30 charge controller.

I don't want to use the IP22 charger because it messing up so bad.

Any ideas?

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Weekly Timetable programming

Are they working on a system that you can click on weekly timetable where you can set when you use from grid/pv/battery or pv/grid/battery or pv/battery grid ?

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Blue Smart Charger IP22 12/30 configuration with LifePo4 Battery

Which set up should be used for this LifePo4 battery parameters (Creabest 120Ah):

Nominale Spannung: 12.8V

Erhaltungs Ladespannung: 13.8V +-0.2V

Empfohlene Ladespannung: 14.4V - 14.6V

BMS Ladeschutzspannung: 14.8V

Spannung wieder einschalten: 14.4V

Ausgleichender Strom: 30mA

Sorry for German wording, the data sheet is only available in German language.

Thank you in advance

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victron alarm #27


I found this today in the VRM portal logs:


The victron error description says:

Err 27 - Charger short circuit
This condition indicates an over-current condition on the battery side. It can occur when a battery is attached to the unit using a contactor. Or in case the charger starts up without a battery connected but connected to an inverter that has a large input capacitance.

This error will auto-reset. If the error does not auto-reset disconnect the charge controller from all power-sources, wait 3 minutes, and power up again. If the error persists the charge controller is probably faulty.

I didn't stop the system, I didn't change anything, I didn't do anything at all.

Just saw the message.

The system was and still is running, so the error was auto-reset.

Should I be worried ?

Many greetings


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No output from Blue Smart IP67 12/25 charger yet the Bluetooth App shows the charger has an output of 12V DC

We have a Blue Smart IP67 12/25 charger that has been used both as a battery charger and as a power supply while at our workshop. When we have taken the charger to site and used the Bluetooth App to set it up as a Power Supply we get no output voltage at the load when using a multimeter to read the voltage. The information on the Bluetooth App shows that the charger has an output voltage of 12.8V. Even after doing a factory reset and then re-configuring the charger as a power supply there is still no output from the charger yet the App says it has an output voltage of 12.8V. If the unit has suffered from reverse polarity and the internal fuse has blown would the App pick this up?

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battery charger settings for an EasySolar 24/3000/70 when changing to a LifePo4 battery

I have just replaced an AGM battery with LifePo4 & Daly BMS. I have changed the MPPT settings ok but haven't been able to find information on how to change the battery charger settings. Can these be done with dip switches or is connection via the VRM port required ?

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Multiplus 24/3000/70 50a charge limit

Hi all! I connected my laptop to the inverter and configured all the parameters for my system and battery type/capacity. However, connecting to the inverter via the Victron Connect app shows that the charge limit is set to 50a. When I try to increase this to 70a in the VC settings, it wont let me go above 50a. What am I missing here? How do I allow the system to fully utilize the 70a that the charger is able to handle?

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Blue Smart IP67 12/17 not going to float

I connected a new IP67 12/17 charger to motorhome chassis batteries, 2 group 31, that were partially discharged at 12.4 volts. These batteries are one year old. Unit would go from bulk to absorb and move to 14.4 volts and 1.4 amps. Instead of going to float it would start all over again with a short bulk charge, same absorb charge, over and over again. I removed Victron and successfully charged with a CTEK charger.

I returned the unit to Amazon. I order the Victron for its 7 day refresh and then turn off. I felt this was perfect for a motorhome not in use that does have a small parasitic drain on the chassis batteries.

Should I order another one? How hot does the unit get at 12v/17amp?

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Phoenix Smart Charger 12/50 3x parallel, not full output on genset

Hi all,

I've got a 12vdc system setup in a trailer (component list below). I've got 3x Phoenix Smart Charger 12/50 1+1's in parallel charging a 1200ah battery bank. I've noticed that I get full output on bulk charge using mains power 150a up to abs charge voltage - the building I've connected to has a 20kw solar array & I've measured 250vac/50hz at a GPO.

I have an auto start Kubota 5ka diesel genset, setup to run off SOC. Which at offload idle produces 240vac/50hz. Onload it drops some RPM and produces 230vac/48-49hz (it is allowed to fall to 225vac/46.5hz before under volt/frequency alarm but doesn't under the load of the 3 chargers alone.) When the set is onload I've only ever seen 110a up to abs charge voltage.

Related components list:

- BMV-712 - VE Smart Network enabled

- 3x Phoenix Smart Charger 12/50 1+1 - VE Smart Network enabled

- Cerbo GX

- Kubota 5kva diesel with autostart controller

- Mains/Gen transfer switch

- 4x 12vdc 300ah internal BMS battery

Cable size, fusing & bussing is all adequate for the current & cable lengths. Have adequate cooling on devices, air temp in trailer while set runs is around 40c.

What could be causing this? Should the VE Smart network effect this?

My suspicion is that the lower voltage & frequency produced by the genset are causing the lower charge output. But I welcome any thoughts.

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Blue Smart Charger not charging

Hi, I have a Blue Smart 12/17 and 12/5 charger. I'm trying to charge a 12v li 84 ah battery. Using the 12/5 charger appears to work fine. However I can't get the 12/17 charger to draw any current. I'm measuring the voltage at the battery with a multimeter and voltage reading does not change when I switch on charger. I've measured the voltage from charger on +ve wire when disocnnected from battery and reads higher voltage but when I connect to terminal it drops to battery voltage. App say charging Absorption at 14.2v / current 0A. I've tried 12/17 charger on lead acid battery and the same problem occurs. I'm switching within app between standard default charges for Li and lead acid. I think the 12/17 charger is problably faulty? Any insight into what the problem may be would be appreciated!

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Blue Smart IP22 charger trips automatic fuse

My Blue Smart IP22 charger (12 V / 30 A - 3 outputs) sometimes trips the automatic fuse of the shore supply when starting up. The fuse is 10 A , B-curve type. No other equipment than the charger is connected at that moment so the charger must be the cause of this. When the charger does not trip the fuse, it functions normally.
What could be the cause ? Is this a known issue ? Any suggestions for a solution ?

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CHARGER + BMV 700, Disconnect other cables when charging ?


The seller couldn't answer me and i couldn't find any wiring diagram for my current setup, so i'm asking this to you guys:

Here's a diagram of my setup


Question: Do i need to disconnect every other cable on the battery when i want to charge it with the IP67 charger? I'm afraid of damaging the shunt or the inverter if i leave all the cables on while charging, i'm pretty new to this.

I was thinking of using the circuit breaker and then start the charge, but still, i'm not 100% sure that it'll prevent the inverter from being potentially damaged.

(It's obvious but just in case: on the diagram, the negative cable of the IP67 charger is connected on the "LOAD and CHARGER" side of the shunt.)

(I'm only willing to charge the battery when the inverter is off.)

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Multiplus noise level


I currently have a Mastervolt Chargemaster 12/50-3 which is mounted in a cabinet in the salon of my sailboat. I find it to be extremely noisy and the fan hardly ever shuts off even when floating.

As part of a larger upgrade I would like to switch to a charger/inverter which would eventually interface with new Victron LiFePo4 batteries and a VE. bus BMS. A major concern then is the noise level of the charger/inverter. My first choice would be the Multiplus Compact 12/1600, is anyone able to relate their experience with the noise level of this unit? My main concern is with the fan noise of the charger part, the inverter would be used only intermittently so I can tolerate some noise from that.

Another option could be the new Phoenix Smart charger which I assume is silent with no fans, combined with a Phoenix Compact inverter, but this unit is the same size as the Multiplus Compact so it would only be an option if it's much quieter than the Multiplus.

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Offgrid Solar System

Hello everyone, Please help me to select suitable Vectron products to fully off-grid solar solutions to achieve the following requirement. Peak power consumption 16kW. daily energy consumption is 145kWh. Day time -40kWh and night time 105kWh. waiting for your help.

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Multiplus II 48/3000 with 42V battery (7x6V) possible

Hello, I was trying to find a thread with this question but didn't find it. So hopefully it is fine to open a new thread. My situation is that I have a 48V battery bank with 8x6V lead batteries. One of these is damaged and the others seem to be in very good state, still. I am planning to run now 7x6V in series with a Multiplus 2 48/3000. The nominal input voltage is defined as 38-66V according to the data sheet. My question is if I can change the voltage-settings for the battery charger like absorption-voltage or float voltage to adjust it to the 42V battery bank? And are there other issues why I should not do this (except a smaller power)? Thanks a lot!

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