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Quattro: Set charge current depending on AC-IN ?

Am I the only one to miss this feature?

Quattro 5kVA, AC-IN1: Generator AC-IN2: Grid

I would like to set the max. charge current for the generator somewhere below its nominal capacity (somewhat around 8A), I would like to keep the charge current setting for grid as is - which is 1A.

In other words: When connected to grid, charge the battery as little as possible, when connected to generator, charge with generator capacity.

VEConfigure: No dice. Only one global galactic value can be set here for the charger.

Any ideas how to achieve that feature or shall I include that in my Victron prayers?

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Blue Smart IP65 12/10 - Power supply mode => no 10A ?


I purchased a Blue Smart Charger IP65 12V/10A due to the fact, that it can be used as 10A power supply as well. But when I set it via bluetooth to "power supply Mode 10A" an connect my mobile cooling box the voltage drops and the charger supplies not the desired current.

I verified with another programmable power supply with OCP set to 5A that the cooling box does not reach that current. I measured that even the peak current during start is less than 4.5A

So, is the charger defect or is that a software issue within the firmware?? The app says "no new firmware update available".

appreciate any help.

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Multiplus 12/1200 not switching to AC input


Just installed a 12/1200 and it will not switch to AC input. I AC out works tried putting 800W load on it without a problem.

When applying AC in relay toggles periodically. IN CHG-only mode it goes into fault after a number of relay toggles.

Charger is configured as default LiFePo4 with VE.configure

Connected battery is a drop-in 200AH LiFePo4 voltage is at 13.1V SOC 40%

I have an Orion connected to the engine it charges fine with 28A.

Have tried reducing the charge current to 10A no diff.

Have tried disabling charger no change.

Any ideas what could be the issue?


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Multiplus 12/800/35 to trickle charge Lead Acid starter battery.

Is it ok to use the 1A trickle charge output of the Multiplus to charge a lead acid starter battery when the main batteries house batteries are Lifepo4?

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Phoenix Smart IP43 (1x 50A) unangenehm lautes Brummen beim Laden

Hallo, ich habe das Phoenix Smart IP43 50A Ladegerät heute erhalten und direkt in Betrieb genommen. Ist es normal, dass das Gerät über mehrere Meter Entfernung deutlich wahrnehmbar brummt? Ich hatte auf Grund des Designs ohne Lüfter auf einen komplett geräuschlosen Betrieb gehofft.

Vielen Dank im Voraus für die Beantwortung!


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MultiPlus Compact charger problem

Hi, I have Multiplus Compact 12/3000 230V inverter charger. The charger do not operate. I have read "MultiPlus Generator FAQ" instructions. According it I made the following changes to my MultiPlus Compact inverter charger: "Disable UPS mode", "Enable Dynamic Current limiting", "Turn on Weak AC". Is it worth doing a "Disabling LOM" as well? The max current of my HONDA generator is 8.7A. So I thought to adjust the "AC1 input current limit" to 0.75% * 8.7A = 7A. And finally, "Charge current" to 400Ah * 10% = 40A according to the size of my battery bank, 2*12V/200Ah in parallel" . Is this good? Do I still need to put 75W of extra power to operate with generator. I will also try to send you a diagram of my system. Solar Power system 2022.pdf? What shall I do with the "Ground relay" position? ON or OFF?

solar-power-system-2022.pdf (831.2 KiB)

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Skylla-i 24/80 won't bulk charge!

Can anyone help me please? New Skylla-i 24/80 charger won't charge batteries at all. Jumps to ABS each time! There must be some way to force bulk charging (I've tried all the settings I can think of).

(Batteries: 12x2V TOPzS)

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how many chargers required

i have a battery bank of 6x115 ah wired in series and parallel to make 3 strings of 24volt and i have 1 24/16 victron battery charger, my question is this,do i need more 24v chargers to fully charge my bank of batterys, as i have set my charger to expert mode and user defined in order to increase bulk time, which is set to 10hrs, at 16amp, but it only stays in bulk for 2hrs then into absorbtion at 2amp but i need to bring up my specific gravity hence the long bulk time,

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Blue smart charger 24/8 while updating switched dead

Yesterday the charger was asking for an the middle it switched off it is dead..what could have happened?

Was connected to power and to batteries. is there any internal fuse?

Please need help

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Blue Smart IP67 and a Phoenix Inverter vs MULTIPLUS12/500/20.

I need to install some batteries that work as ups. As input, we have the AC grid and as load, we power some communication antennas. The battery pack is 12V. My question is if it is possible to use a charger Blue Smart IP67 and a Phoenix Inverter for this case which is simple or it is better to use a MULTIPLUS12/500/20.

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Invert / passthrough without charging on Multiplus 12/2000?


I have a MultiPlus 12/2000 in our RV. We have an imbalance issue with our lithium cells that causes an overvoltage condition when absorption charging. Obviously this is not an issue when inverting off the house bank, but connecting to shore power and setting the inverter "On" (in order to energize the relay that connects the MP's AC input to the AC output) also inevitably turns on the charger, eventually tripping the OV relay and shutting down the whole rig. The cell balance issue will get resolved in time, but meanwhile I would like to be able to use shore power.

I see that someone else asked about this issue here, and was told they could use an assistant to set the charge voltage to 0V. I looked in VE.Config and found the "charge current assistant". This seems to allow me to set the charge current to 0V, but also allows "disabling the charger when the charge current should be zero". Does anyone know whether to check this box; i.e., whether disabling the charger would also disconnect the passthrough relay?



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Trickle charge starter Lead acid battery from lithium house battery bank


I'm in the process of fitting electric affairs to VW Crafter and chose victron products. So far I fitted smart solar mppt 100/50 controller, 630W solar array, 360ah 12v lifepo4 battery bank, Orion isolated 12/30 charger, BMV712 monitor and Multiplus 12/2000/80A inverter /charger.

Now looking for solution of maintaining starter battery whilst car is not used and multiplus inverter won't be running. I don't see any easy setup which would offer multi-stage charging /maintaining except BLUE SMART IP65 CHARGER 12/5 plugged into inverter which requires running inverter 24/7/365

I understand that multiplus inverter /charger doesn't offer reasonable solution.

Just wondering about the interference of following setup :

Currently running intermittently Orion isolated DCDC 30A charger when solar is not producing enough. How about using Orion DCDC converter the other way from house batteries to starter? I have the feeling it's possible only once DCDC charger is off, maybe double latch relay connecting / disconnecting both systems respectively from ignition feed /running engine feed?

Still would rather use car charger 5A with 7 stage then converter (size, weight, price difference).

Also how is the multiplus gonna be happy with only charger drawing measly nothing when run virtually without load for months?

Thank you


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230V Charger before Argofet 200-2 it works?

Argofet 200-2 and 230V charger, can you clamp the charger parallel to the alternator on the input of the Argofet and then charge both batteries with the alternator and the charger?

Background: If this works without problems, then I need a charger with only one output.

Greeting André

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Setting up Phoenix 12/30 charger

I hope you can help me out!

When programming the Phoenix 12/30 charger I got stuck. I’m trying to program the charger without the remote (with the buttons on the circuit board).

I followed the manual and disconnected al the cables and sensor from the charger, so only the 230V supply is connected. After that I connected the voltmeter to the – and +1.

When the charger is in ‘’Standby’’ I read a voltage of 16.07V.

After that I used the up and down buttons and the on/standby switch to put it in the mode where you can program the bulk-current / absorption voltage / float voltage. The flashing pattern of the LEDs is correct. When I try to change the current or voltage with the up and down buttons nothing changes. The value stays 16.07V

Can somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong or help me to search in the right direction?

Thanking you in advance for all your help!

With kind regards, Mark

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IP67 outputting zero amps

I have an IP67 12/25 that I've been using regularly to charge my SOK 12volt/206ah battery. This past weekend when I hooked it up (I have an anderson connector on both the charger and battery and disconnect the battery from my power panel when charging) to charge the Victron Connect app was showing that the charger went immediately into absorption mode at 14.4 volts and 0.0 amps.

Given the reputation anid quality of the Victron products, and the fact that there's virtually no serviceable parts of the IP67 I thought there must be something wrong with the battery. After speaking with SOK about the problem, and doing some troubleshooting steps they agreed and sent me a replacement BMS, I got the BMS today and installed it and the charger is still showing 14.4v/0.0 amps.

Is there some kind of troubleshooting I can do with the IP67 to see if there's something wrong with the charger, or the settings?

Also note, I tried all of the different modes on the IP67, including putting it in power supply mode at various voltage settings. I'm at a loss for other things to try with this so any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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