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Strobe lights in cabin when charging

The cottage has solar electricity via an inverter 230V. If the battery level gets too low, I charge them with the Blue Smart IP22 Charger 30A charger, in this situation the entire solar system with inverter is separated from the cabin's electrical system with a mains changeover switch and the generator is used. When I plug the charger into the socket while the generator is charging, the cabin lights start flashing like strobe lights. Where could the problem be?

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Victron EV charging Station Update Fehler 733

Hallo zusammen,

  • Ich schaffe es nicht meine neue EV charging Station(evcs) zu updaten. Es kommt immer der Fehler 733! Das VRM erkennt die evcs und zeigt auch an das ein Update zu Verfügung steht. Aber sobald ich das Update starte kommt dieser Fehler.
  • Kann mir jemand helfen?? Gruß Martin



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BlueSmart Charger does not show any current in Absorption mode

Just tried to connect various batteries (from 7Ah to 60Ah) to charge with new BlueSmart 12/7 charger and the process is always the same:

1) when battery is connected, it is tested and mode is determined. I think it's OK.

2) although remaining power in batteries differs - no one (from 6) stayed in "Bulk" mode more like for a second. I think it should last longer for empty batteries.

3) when "Absorption" mode is on, current and voltage on Android App is displayed. While voltage showed some meaningful numbers, current was always showing zeroes. I think it should not be 0.00A in any condition.

4) after some time Float mode is on, then voltage and current showed meaningful numbers (i.e. 13V, 0.5A) but no zeroes. It shoul be OK.

5) if 60Ah battery is 10V before charging or 10Ah 12,5V - the charging till "Float" mode longs no longer than 2 hours. I think charging time should be longer thant 2h for empty 60Ah battery.

I'm not sure that my charger is OK. What do you think? Will appreciate any comments.

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IP65 12V/15A blue smart charger with AGM battery bank

I have the IP65 12V/15A blue smart charger and would like to use it to charge a bank of two Optima D27 AGM batteries 66Ah each. (Wired in parallel)

Is it ok to use the single IP65 to charge both batteries by connecting it to positive of one battery and negative of the other.

Thank you

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No auto charge with EV Charger


since some days I'm desperately trying to connect my new EV Charger to my (off-grid) cerbo system.

The charger works without problems in manual mode, and I get a WIFI connection: the display of the charger shows my system components as they work, the solar power, too, and all correct. But in the car icon I read: waiting (for) sun - though the sun brings f.e. 5kW and I consume only 500W. The battery's charging state is correct (put it to >90%), and the system connection to cerbo display (remote console) as well as to the VRM online portal works. The IP of the cerbo is correct and the modbus TP-Server ON.

Victron's manual is rather scanty and does not explain all details or this sort of problems. Also the movie on youtube brings no more information.

Any idea what to check and try?

Martin Krahn

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SmartShunt DC Meter for Bidirectional Inverter/Charger

Hello! If I were to connect a SmartShunt in DC Meter mode to monitor a bidirectional inverter/charger, which DC meter mode would be the best to select? I want to be able to see both when my inverter is drawing power from my battery as well as how much power is going into my battery when I am plugged into shore power and am charging via the same inverter/charger. Is this possible?

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Need more watts, Orion DC-DC Charger to EcoFlow Delta Max

Have installed a 12/12 30 Victron Orion isolated DC-DC charger connected to a Delta Max. When I plug the Delta into lighter socket from a Toyota Sienna minivan I get about 99watts charge. When I charge via the Orion, I only manage about 10 more watts at about 111watts. That's a far cry from the 360 watts I thought I would be getting. I did notice that sometimes it will go up to about 165watts for a second or two before resetting back to about 100watts again.

I'm hoping changing some settings in the app can help and looking for advice, tips, thoughts and suggestions please.

Thanks for your time!

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Battery charger IP43 3 individual loading of outputs

Hello, everybody,

I run a boat with 2 engines and also two batteries for the start.

Both are operated independently of each other.

I have read in other threads that the IP22 with 3 outputs cannot charge 2 batteries with different states of charge individually.

Can the IP43 with 3 outputs meet this requirement?

Greetings Jürgen Lux

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Victron Blue Smart Charger 12/15

How many phones can connect to a Victron IP22 12/15 smart charger via blue tooth?

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IP65 Blue Smart Charger VE.Smart networking


Will VE.Smart networking ever be available for the IP65 Blue Smart Charger at some point?

Best regards,


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blue smart ip22 connect to VRM?

Is it possible to connect the ip22 chargers to VRM for stats? I have a cerbo GX and that doesn't seem to support the ve bluetooth network. Seems that the fact that the ip22 can connect to and create a ve bluetooth network suggests I should be able to get this data out to VRM somehow.

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Multiplus 3000/12/120 recharge up to 85% and stop.

Good morning everyone,

I have a simple system installed on my Camper.

The Multiplus 3000/12/120, combined with an SmartSolar 100/50 and an Orion 12/12/30, interfaced on a Cerbo GX together with a Smartshunt 12/500A. The battery is a 200Ah LiFePo4 with integrated BMS. The temperature and voltage sensor of the Multiplus and Smartshut are installed correctly.

The MPPT manages to bring me the recharge up to 100%, then maintain and compensate with the loads present at the moment.

The Multiplus unfortunately not.

Fast charge up to 85% after changing to float.

I can't figure out where I made the wrong settings and why if all the devices read the SOC from CerboGX it's like making an exception.

Thank you all.



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Gen Input Data Not Showing Up?

I've got an off-grid w/ the following: (1) Kohler 14RESA 240V AC Gen, (2) MPII 3048 120V I/Cs for combined 240V AC buss (In & Out), CERBOGX, Touch50, DC PV Input via CC's, DC Buss w/ Loads, DC SmartShunt, AC LoadCenter w/ a few small Loads.. DC Storage is LFP.. Focus issue is w/ Gen's Production/Data not showing up at all in the Gen Tile, nor the Data when I look @ details? No Power or Energy showing and/or recorded via VRM or directly on the Touch50 even though when the AGS runs in Auto or we Manually control Gen (whenever the Gen is inputting), the Charging is working, as we see the DC Amps go positive & we see the Total Net Power #'s on the Battery Tile, but still nothing shows in the Gen Tile or in the data?.. Why is this?.. The "moving line graphics" and the label "charging" even shows on the Inverter tile when the Gen is running/charging, but we have no data showing how much Power the Gen is producing w/ out some "process of elimination math" w/ re: to what shows in the Battery DC Tile.. Any insights?... Thanks!

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Redarc B/B charger BCDC1240B

Hi there I have the Redarc B/B charger BCDC1240B (40amp output) Question is : can anyone tell me roughly how many amps I can expect as a norm when charging my auxiliary battery from chassis battery? My auxiliary battery is a Roamer 100Ah lithium I’m also running the victron shunt with the app running along side. Just wondering what the amps should be reading at best ? Many thanks DM

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EV Charging Station - No connection to BMW i3s

We tried to connect the EV Charging station to a BMW i3s. It is our first test of the EV charging station.

The station shows "EV Disconnected".

We tried to this with 1-phase and 3 phase supply and in standalone mode (Wifi as AP).

Firmware Version CERBO GX 2.90

Firmware Version EV Charging station V3.3/1.19-beta-14

What can we try ?

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