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Victron Multi RS Solar 48/6000 connect to VRM (CCGX or RPi)

Hi everyone,

Can someone give a bit more clarity on how to bring the Multi RS in VRM?

The manual is... limited in this regards.

I have a CCGX (on my existing quattro installation) and just bought a RaspberryPi on which I installed VenusOS and I also purchased a MK3 adapter.

From what I can tell, only VECan is available on the Multi RS, but when I connect to CCGX it won't show anything. Do i need the little RJ45 end plugs (which didn't came with any device...) ?

What would I need to connect it to RPi?



iromeo asked

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Controlling a 120V outlet based on temperature using Venus OS on RPi

What's the easiest way to control a 120V outlet, based on outdoor temperature, using the Venus OS running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+?. I've updated the OS to version 2.92, and have ordered several Ruuvi sensors. I also have the Victron Smart Battery Sense module installed.

I store my off-road camping trailer high in the Colorado mountains, where we have many nights with temperatures below the 25F threshold for my LiFePO4 battery. It's plugged-in though when stored, and I have a battery warming wrap -- I just don't want to leave the wrap plugged in all the time.

I'd love to be able to use something like a TP-Link smart outlet (WiFi), or anything Zwave or Zigbee would be fine too. I'd also consider using DuPont wires off of the GPIO pins on the Pi, though that would be my last choice as the length of these control cables seems pretty limited.

For those that have something like this setup -- what are you using, and has it been reliable?

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Is vedirect-dbus open source - where to find ?

Hi, I can see vedirect-dbus running on my rpi4 and am interested in the source code but can't find any reference to it. Is this open source - and where might I find it ?

majh asked

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Adding a additonal SmartShunt .. will it show in the Raspberrypi


I am looking to gather the data in my Home Assistant Dashboard for the Orion-TR smart 12-12 30AD c-DC I know that the data is fed with the Bluetooth but Victron don't give us the possibility to connect to I was thinking adding an additional Shut at the output of the DC-DC with the Ve-cable

- It this feasible?

- Will it disturb the overall electrical system?

- If yes, will the additional shut be displayed on the RaspberryPI 7 inch screen?

- If yes, will it be possible the get the information via the MQQT mapping


fenix asked
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Venus OS 2.90~27 et Raspberry pi 4 v1.5, Comment booter ?


J'ai vu que les nouvelles versions beta de venus OS devaient être compatible avec les raspberry pi 4 v1.5, donc je prend une sd card que je formatte, je télécharge la version 2.90~27, que je met en utilisant Belena etcher et quand je boot le raspberry, le logo Victron energy apparait, puis se bloque avec une ligne de commande en mode texte en bas à gauche de l'écran... si quelqu'un à une idée de quoi faire à part attendre la version finale !

Merci, bonne soirée


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Utiliser Linky comme compteur d'energie


je dispose d'un véhicule possédant une installation solaire (BMV 702, Multiplus 800Va, MPPT 100/30, MPPT 75/15, VenusOS) et pour lequel j'ai configuré l'assistant ESS. une simple rallonge est branché entre le véhicule et le logement dont je suis locataire.
Le mode ESS marche a merveille ! Je souhaiterais pour ne pas modifier le réseau électrique existant du logement utiliser les données fournies par le compteur Linky afin de transmettre ces dernières à l'installation solaire afin de limiter la quantité de surplus injectée dans le réseau. Je sais qu'il existe l'ET112 pour ce genre de cas mais je souhaiterais ne rien modifier et donc utiliser la téléinfo du linky pour récupérer L1 et ensuite le transmettre au VenusOS via modbus pour piloter l'assistant ESS.
Quelqu'un a-t-il déjà mis en oeuvre ce genre de chose et pourrait m'aider à reproduire celà ?Je suis inculte en python et modbus donc un p'tit coup de pouce serait vraiment apprécié ! D'avance merci à tous pour vos retours !

vanupied asked
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[NOT SOLVED] Raspberry Pi and Zigbee link for ET112

Raspberry Pi 3B running the latest Venus OS 2.89. Connected to Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50.

The system is connected to a 48V LiFePO4 pack with 250A Daly BMS.

Everything working, I can power up the unit and configure it, inverter comes on, ESS assistant installed via VEconfig, I am in the UK, country code entered, system test successful etc..

I have an ET112 and Zigbee units one USB and one RS485. I have the USB inserted into the Raspberry Pi, which is connected to the multiplus II via Mk3 USB cable to VEBus.

However, in the "setting" > "energy meters" screen on the RPI there is no energy meter showing. The zigbees have a blue tx-rx light flashing?

Any ideas?

djdemond asked
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VRM page reloading

Hi, got some issue with VRM. The page is always reloading. 5 or 6 times before getting the page opened. Is it a bug? Can work properly


Koul Alim asked
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VE.Direct Multiplus II GX - to Raspberry with Venus (German/English)

Hallo an alle hier im Forum,

ich bin neu hier und habe schon sehr viel gelesen. Ich hoffe in Zukunft weitere Infos zu finden und anderen Mitgliedern ggf. auch mit Rat und Tat zu Seite stehen zu können.

Aktuell rüste ich meine bestehende PV Anlage auf (Bestehend: Fronius Symo WR on Grid mit 9,3kwp – Erweiterung: 3x Multiplus II + Speicher + MPPT…)
Da noch nicht alle Komponenten vor Ort sind und ich auf den Elektriker warten muss, habe ich bis jetzt nur den Mulitplus II GX probeweise angeklemmt und ein Raspberry PI mit Touchscreen montiert, um die Kommunikation vorab zu testen.

Nach erfolgreicher Installation und konfiguration der Raspberry kann ich meinen Symo Wechselrichter sehen, aber den, über VE.Direct angeschlossenen Multiplus II GX, sehe ich nicht.
In der Online Konsole sowie im VRM sehe ich mein Raspi und auch den Multiplus.

VE.Direct am MP II GX:
Hier habe ich getestet ob 5V zu messen sind, zwischen den äußeren PINs -> keine Spannung

Kann es sein, dass man das GX Modul erst aktivieren muss? Ich kann im Netz und in der Anleitung nichts dazu finden.

Viele Grüße


Hello to all here in the forum,

I am new here and have already read a lot. I hope in the future to find more information and other members may also be able to help with words and deeds.

Currently I am upgrading my existing PV system (Existing: Fronius Symo Inverter on Grid with 9.3kwp - Extension: 3x Multiplus II + storage + MPPT...).
Since not all components are on site and I have to wait for the electrician, I have so far only the Mulitplus II GX test connected and a Raspberry PI with touchscreen mounted to test the communication in advance.

After successful installation and configuration of the Raspberry, I can see my Symo inverter, but I do not see the Multiplus II GX connected via VE.Direct.
In the online console as well as in the VRM I see my Raspi and also the Multiplus.

VE.Direct on the MP II GX:
Here I tested if 5V can be measured, between the outer PINs -> no voltage.

Can it be that you have to activate the GX module first? I can't find anything about this on the net or in the manual.

Many greetings

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Generator Monitor Victron Energy Meter Et112

I want to monitor my Generator output. I am using the Venus OS on my Raspberry Pi. I found the Victron Energy Meter Et112 and have a few questions. 1. Which CT do I use to get amperage reading. 2. Does it read frequency?

thegrandpoohbah asked

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Bluetooth BR/EDR bluetoothctl


I had already started another post, but I think it is better to start a new one after my new findings.

I have the following problem:

I want to connect my ANT BMS to my Raspberry Pi4 via Bluetooth (Venus OS Large 2.90). The ANT BMS uses Bluetooth BR/EDR.

In Bluetoothctl I only find Bluetooh LE devices (Low Energy).

When I connect a bluetooth dongle, I find the desired BR/EDR device in hciconfig/hcitool.

It seems to me that bluetootctl under Venus OS only uses the onboard bluetooth controller under hci1 and does not allow any others. The dongle can be found under hci0.

This is not really the problem, because the Rpi4 with Raspberry Pi OS finds the BR/EDR device immediately with the onboard BT controller.

My possible solutions are as follows:

Venus OS also allows BR/EDR devices to be found / connected, or it would be possible to use dongles connected via USB in bluetootctl (the dongle is not recognised under bluetoothctl on a Pi2 without integrated controller, but it is recognised under hci).

Can anyone say anything about this?



equi asked
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Configuring Setpoint on Multiplus II via MK3-USB

I am using a Raspberry Pi setup to connect via MK3-USB to my MulitPlus II.

Now I am looking for a possibility to configure the AC power setpoint via software.

Is there a solution with Venus OS or by direct serial commands as described here: https://www.victronenergy.com/live/ess:ess_mode_2_and_3#using_the_mk3_directly_instead_of_via_gx_device

Or do I really need to buy the CCGX or Venus GX, and if yes, what is it, that makes the functional difference? My Raspberry can already collect all required data (energy meter, battery state).

When reading the RAM IDs from the MultiPlus, no HUB4 Assistant register (i.e. ID=3) is found.

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Multiplus II gx with raspberry due HDMI ?

Hi everybody.

I am using Multiplus II with GX but I want to have touch display on wall to easy monitoring of state. It is possible to connect raspberry Pi with Venus OS to Multiplus II GX only for HDMI output? Thanks for answer.

ope01 asked
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USB to cat5e extenders - anyone used them to extend VE USB cables?

I want to put my Raspberry Pi and touchscreen a long way from the locker the VE kit is installed in - about a 10 metre cable run. There is a single cat5 e cable in there already, so I want to use that, rather than pull any more cables.

I've not used VE stuff before so I'm not entirely sure what I need to connect the kit I have to Raspberry PI.

I have a
Multplus 2
MPPT 150/100 - Tr VE.Can
REC BMS Active BMS (which interfaces with VE kit
DC/DC charger
self built battery (8xEVE 280ah cells in 2p/4s configuration

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Raspberry Pi 2 Wifi Dongle


I have installed Venus OS on a Rasberry Pi 2 but it does not recognise any of my wifi dongles. Is there a way of installing suitable drivers? I remember doing this for Raspbian a while ago before it recognised them automatically.

I have a TP-Link TL-WN725N and a TL-WN723N dongles.



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