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SmartShunt DC Energy Meter question

I know this is still brand new and may not be in a production release yet but is anyone using a SmartShunt in DC Energy Meter mode to monitor a 3rd party solar controller? Does it show up on the monitor screen (CCGX/Touch 50)? How about the VRM? I would assume there is or will be a Voltage/Current widget for it?

I'm running the V2.80~33 beta of Venus OS on my Cerbo.


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Victron SmartShunt as a energy meter?

Does anyone know where I can find info about using a Victron SmartShunt as a energy meter?

I have one being used as my battery monitor, and now got a 2nd that want to hook up to log DC charging from a non-victron solar/DC charger connected to it. With aim that can then include this in stats for day of PV generated vs Consumption, etc.

Went into VE Connect and under setting for the 2nd shunts I changed "Monitor Mode" to "DC Energy Meter", and then the "DC meter type" to "DC-DC charger".



It states it will show on GX Device and in VRM but can only get very basic info shown on later and nothing on my GX device (VenusOS running on a Raspberry Pi)



Searched for documentation for "DC Energy Meter" and "DC meter type" settings but nothing is showing in Victron help or in any forum discussions. So can only guess maybe this is a pretty new feature and most users haven't used or is still in development to integrate better with VRM/GX.

Anyone else successful in this or know where can find info on how to config/etc. Thanks is advance.

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et112 energy meter with 120v

im in US so i have 120/240v power, I have a grid tied 48v quattro system to provide backup to critical loads + solar array which produces a lot more power than my critical loads need, i wanted to add et112 energy meter at my grid input and push power back to other loads but not the grid (seems pretty standard setup) so i ordered et112 + usb serial cable, it got here and on et112 it says 230v not 120v, manual states av0 part number is for 230v and av1 part number is for 120v, problem is that i cannot find this av1 part numebr anywhere, victron only shows one model number and doesnt specify voltage just amperage, so will 230v part number work on 120v system or do i need some special part? anyone can help i would appreciate it



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ET340 keeps disconnecting, after every reset it works again

This is my second installation with same problem.
Do I need to change something in the ET340? How?



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ET340 or EM24 - phase information

I have another, probably newbie, question about the Energy Meters to use.
As I am in Germany I assume Victron recommends the usage of the EM24. The description says it calculate the power over all phases and does not do it by adding up the three individual phases.

Does that mean it is not able to deliver the load information per phase to the GX device?
The curious person in me would like to see what happens on each phase, even if that is no inhertent added value.

I am planning with 3 smart meters in a three phase Quattro II system.
One Grid-Meter, one for the existing AC-coupled PV system and one for the generator.

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GX different values grid vs AC loads


My setup actually looks very simple and is just for updates and tests:

1xMultiplus2 5k:

  • AC-IN1 = grid
  • no AC-OUT1/2 connected
  • switch: charger only

PV charger = no PV array connected

no battery connected, PV charger is powered by Multiplus2

to measure grid loads a smartmeter is connected via modbus-tcp.

the problem is, there's a difference between grid L1 and ac-loads L1, but ther shouldn't
L1 ac-loads shows always min. >10W more consumption than the power meter/grid. L2 and L3 show's correct values.


Does someone know the cause of that? the value looks to me calculated, but why and where?


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ET112 to Cerbo 50 rs485

Hi. Is it possible to connect ET112 to Cerbo with 50 metre rs485 to usb cable

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EM24: 250mA fuse for neutral connection


for a planned grid-connected PV system with a MultiPlus 2 I am about to install the EM24 Ethernet after the official energy meter.

Now I just found in the EM24 manual, that a 250mA fuse is necessary in the connection to the neutral wire.

I found almost no information about this fuse? What kind of fuse do you normally use that fits on a DIN rail with only 250mA?

Or does nobody use a fuse for the EM24?

Best regards David



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Remove AC meter from VRM portal

The AC meter was added as a feature in the firmware for the CerboxGX a while ago for the ET112. I change my energy meter role from Grid meter to AC meter for testing purpose on the CerboGX. When finnished testing I changed it back to Grid meter, but now I have an offline AC meter in the VMR portal. If I delete it with the Delete device button, it will reappear, even if the CerboGX is offline. Is there any other way to delete this missing device from Device list in VRM portal?



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Self powered ET340 And Generator

is it possible to connect an Et340 meter to measure the output of a generator when there is only voltage when the generator is running? in other words, because the meter is self powered it is only on when the generator starts. Will this work? How is this shown on GX touch 50?

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Multiplus ii DC Coupled

Hi All
I hope I can get some clarity. I have yet to implement an ET112 meter. I would like to add an MPPT and PV modules to a system that is currently installed as a UPS.

Multiplus ii 5kVA, SolarMD 7.4kWh lithium battery, Cerbo GX ect. AC-Out 1 is used to supply Critical loads. All lights and certain plug sockets for WiFi and TV. AC-IN is fed from AC mains.

My question is this : I want surplus PV energy to supply loads on the input side of the Multi. So I should install the ET112 between the main MCB and the Multi. I am familiar with the wiring and settings on the Cerbo.

I am however uncertain how this will be displayed in VRM? I do not wish to feed the energy into the grid as there is a prepaid meter installed. I only want the surplus energy to supply the larger loads on AC IN.

Combined loads may exceed 5kVA on the input.

The other option is to rather use a PV inverter on the input side.

Any suggestions, advise would be appreciated.

Thank you

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

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Loss of PV reading from grid meter on CCGX

Hi I keep loosing PV reading on CCGX from grid meter just shows 2 dashes, gradually got worst so now not working at all. If unplug rs485 cable and reconnect comes back for bit then goes off again, have bought new cable but doesn’t work, grid meter doesn’t show in device list, leds flash when first connected then goes to single red led (old cable doesn’t have single red led just tx rx leds) should new cable just work or does it new setting up in some way? Thanks

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Venus GX not detecting ET112 via RS485 but can see it on laptop


I have a Venus GX and trying to use a ET112 via a RS485 cable when I plug it into a laptop that RS485 cable lights up and I can see the ET112, but when I plug the USB into the Venus GX I get nothing on the meters section and the RS 485 cable does not light up.

Should the RS485 cable light up when plugged into Venus GX device ?

Do I have to switch the RX\TX cables around between using it on a laptop to the Venus GX ?

Any help would be great.


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How to see values of EM24 energy meter


I recently started to build up a ESS System with Cerbo GX, EM24 energy meter and a Multiplus 2. Since batteries are not yet delivered, I mounted, connected everything except for them. unfortunately I am not able to see the values of the EM24.

- In cerbo GX menu und energy meters, the EM24 is displayed so it should be connected correctly

- in the remote portal, I only see very small values for the grid like 1-10W. These values cannot be true.

Q1: What do I have to do to see the overall power consumption or feed-in power on the EM24?

Q2: What are the values on the EM24 display for? I found no explanation. I there a way to display overall power consumption or feed-in power directly on the EM24?

Many thanks for your feedback

best regards


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possibel to use 2 systems on 1 grid meter ?


I want to combine a wallbox pro ev charger wich has smart charging functionalities with an ESS system. (EM340 in this case).

Can i connect the 2 upt wires on 1 meter, or will this cause malfunctions? (don't know if this is potential free).

If not, it will be a 2nd em340 to be installed i guess.

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AC Coupled Grid tie Inverter with ET112 on Multiplus - Freq lock

I now have configured a Multiplus 5 kVA with a grid tie inverter on the output aka "Ac Coupled" . It is running firmware 433 and ESS. The grid tie meter has an ET112 associated with it to measure its output as the inverter does not communicate modbus to GX device - all good . When I get a grid failure , the multiplus immediately goes to max allowed frequency - the frequency set to "disconnect PV inverter" . When the PV inverter comms back on line it syncs to the multiplus however with 0 power output ( as expected as Multiplus is at disconnect frequency ) . Multiplus never comes back to nominal frequency even when there is a high load on the battery. Now if disconnect the ET112 RS-485 link just prior to the grid disconnect this does not happen and the Multiplus connects to PV inverter at full power and nominal 50 Hz frequency as desired. It appears as the ET112 perhaps is still sending power information to the multiplus briefly after the grid disconnect and the multi tries to command it to shutdown ?? Will a firmware to latest fix this? I'm reluctant to change firmware as system is otherwise stable

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CerboGX, ET112 and Shore power


I have a setup with the Cerbo GX, ET112, BMV712 and a Quick 12v battery charger in a boat. I have the ET112 in-line on the shore power to monitor load. No inverter or Victron charger in the setup by now.

On the GX I can see the ET112 and the power passing through it, and it reports itself as grid. Is there any way I can change this to shore and configure an alarm/notification if disconnected?


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Vrm Alarm Rule stop working for ET112


On yacht with a Cerbo GX, 2 ET112 and a smart shunt

One of the Et 112 is used for monitoring the grid (shore power)

On the VRM was configured an alarm in Settings/ Alarm rules/ Grid meter / Grid L1 power low alarm at 5W clear 6W and high at 2250 W clear 2200W.

It was working from the installation at 10/2/2021 Until 07-10-2021 at every disconnection of the power had an alarm

Grid meter - SHORE POWER [31] Alarm rule Grid L1 - Power

from then on i had 2 more disconnections the last one for more than 16 hours with out alarm

I test it on an other installation and after the disconnection the value on the devise was the last known.

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ET340/ PV on output

I think this question is what i am asking, the answer seems to be yes, its fine, but then some issues arose, so i thought i'd double check.

I want to use a single ET340 to both monitor total grid usage, for both direct loads and via the multiplus, and also monitor solar production on 'output' connected ac coupled PV.

Is this connection acceptable?

(Electrically, i don't see it as any different to 3 phase going off to multiple multi-pluses. )

Unfortunately, while the microinverters report their production via a console, the noise from the multiplus seems to disrupt the power line communication, so they typically report very infrequently. I'm hoping the ET340 will show (more) accurate production. I realise ESS will sort it out anyway, but i'd like to know what is going on.


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EnergyMeter not detected

I'm in the process of building an ESS system. I have not installed the Multiplus as it has not been delivered yet. I have installed 2 EM24 and connected the Cerbos GX to the network and the energy meters. The second one is configured to Modbus ID 2. To make sure the connectivity is fine, i wrote a small program for Linux to read out modbus registers from the EM24 and that works fine.
Should the Cerbos show the meters or does it work only after configuring ESS on the Multiplus and connecting the Multiplus ? The serial to USB adapter (tried the original FTDI and a CH340 one) are detected by the GX.

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Where are the Energy in and out Counter for Battery ? (Pylontech BMS -> GX -> MQTT)


where can i find the Energy in and out counter for the Battery.
(mean's from Battery in kWh and to Battery in kWh)

I can see them on VRM Portal :



but they are not on MQTT Tree ...

i need them to determine some forecastcalulation ....

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How to get an EM24 CG Energy Meter showing under the 'Energy meter' list.


Installed an ESS system. Have an EM24 (Ethernet) Energy Meter to regulate.

Its visible on the CERBO GX device list, but not under the energy meter list.

I am also unable to see the grid on the far left of the home screen on the Touch Display, and the AC figures are not correct.

The energy meter is on the network, seems to be communicating correctly, as we are able to see load figures.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue, and managed to overcome ?

Thank you

The system is showing the energy meter on the list of equipment


(Its present in the device list on VRM)


(And it all seems connected ok)



But for some reason it’s not showing under energy meters


I have seen on some feeds on the community that people have an image of the grid in the top right, I have the red box but no info and all the AC loads show 0W.



Thank you

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Link to Download the "DTK zigbee Application software" Zigbee DRF2658c

Hello, can someone tell me we're I can found the "DTK zigbee Application software" to configure the USB Zigbee DRF2658c as an coordinator, Thanks

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Energy Meter ET112 for PV-Inverter on phase L3


the PV-Inverter is connected to L3 , the ET112 is working:


bit shows L1, how can i select L3 ?

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trouble with ET340 connection by new Zigbee 485(DRF2659c), USB (DRF2658c) module

Hi there,

please, let me ask for help if possible with the new zigbee RS485 (DRF2659C) and USB(DRF2658C) module that I would like to use for wireless connection of ET340 to Venus OS.

I have trouble with them to be recognized be Venus OS (2.73 and 2.80). I find out that zigbee modules come with quite new firmware v8.5 and it has ID_MODEL=USB_Serial, that I have adjusted in "serial-starter.rules", in "" and I have played around also with serial-starter.conf. Without success till now.

When I do wired connection all works well and ET340 is recognized as device ID:345 with 2571291A number and is visible by Venus OS . See screenshot 1.

When I set it with zigbee, there is no info about find cgwacs device. See screenshot 2.

Any suggestion what I could try is welcome? Thank you.

Best Regards,


1. Wired connection


2. Zigbee connection


3. USB-zigbee module


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Multiple Energy Meters EM24 +ET112

I am currently using a EM24 as a Grid connected meter ( actually an SMA EM made to look like a EM24 via software in Venus GX v2.66) and would like to add an ET112 to measure output from my non compatible SMA inverter . Do I have to change any settings on the EM 24 - addresses to get the two to work together?

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ET112 as shore power meter, wrong values ​​in MultiPlus

Hello, i have an installation in which an ET112 measures the shore power. The 230V for the AES refrigerator and the AC input from the MultiPlus are taken in parallel behind it.

It is strange that the load of the refrigerator is displayed in the AC-Out tile of the MultisPlus.

So more precisely. For example when

  • ET 112: 222 W.
  • Fridge: 189W
  • AC-In: 33W
  • AC-Out: 16W

Then that would be mathematically correct. However, the following is displayed:

  • ET 112: 222 W.
  • Fridge: 189W
  • AC-In: 207W
  • AC-Out: 178W

I hope the pictures say more than my explanation

  • vic1.jpg -> fridge off
  • vic2.jpg -> fridge on
  • vic3.jpg -> detailed view of the MultiPlus at the refrigerator







normally AC-OUT L1 should actually be displayed in the green tile (AC Loads).

Which settings would be correct here?

Thanks very much!

(PS. excuse my bad English.)

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Multiplus II 3000 GX External Current Sensor Error 24

Good Evening Victron Community,

I have installed a Multiplus II GX in a topology with all Non-Critical Loads upstream of the AC Input. Critical Loads on AC Output 1 as usual.

When installing the External current sensor on the Main Circuit and returning from an Outage the Inverter gave an Error 24 related to the backfeed relay.

Although the error makes sense to me regarding it seeing Current (from the external sensor) while it was expecting no current (Ac-In relay open) I would think that selecting the External Current Sensor Connected tick box in VEConfigure would tell it to ignore this discrepancy?

I have since removed the Current Sensor (and unticked the tick box) and have tested the exact same outage successfully without Error24.

Although this post mostly serves as a possible bug flag, I would like to end it with a question.

Would it be possible for me to install a three phase Grid Meter upstream of the AC Input and non critical loads (Carlo Gavazzi 65A) instead of the Current Sensor and still avoid this Error 24 Situation?

If yes, would I be able to add an unpowered USB hub onto the USB port to have both an external Wifi adapter and USB to RS485 adapter on the GX portion in order to connect the Grid Meter?

Kind Regards

Randolf Wenhold

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comptage le plus précis avec MP II pince AC ou ET112


Mon installation et constitué d'un Multi plus II 5Kva 230v/48v

actuellement le relevé des conso et fait par la pince ampèremétrique relier au MP II

le MP et régler en ESS avec un point de consigne réseau à 0W

en regardant VRM sur mon tel en réseau local celui ci m'indique des valeur import ou export de l ordre de quelle que watt mais quand je regarde sur mon linky au même moment j'ai souvent des import et j ai des valeurs qui tourne à 500Va

de même sur le portail VRM il y a un écart de valeur entre ce qui et relever par le linky et la pince du MP (environ 10KwH sur la ligne Depuis réseau) et la somme des valeur de conso ne retombe pas a zéro


Ma question et la suivante le quel des comptage et le plus précis la pince AC direct sur le multi ou le compteur ET112 connecter en rs485/usb sur le venus

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Grid Meter to use for Split Phase 240v - 200A Service?

I'm looking for a grid meter for use with Energy Storage System design. I live in the US, with split-phase 240VAC power, my home has 200A service, phase angle is 180*.

Would the Carlo Gavazzi EM24DINAV53DISX work? I wasn't sure since it's marketed as 230VAC 3-Phase compatible which is not available in the US.

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