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Can I use 2 ET112

I’m currently using a Carlo Gavazzi energy meter on my ess install supplying all my loads with 66kwh of battery and it works really great. I was asked today if I could do a single install supplying 2 separate houses each with their own grid supply using an ET112 on each house supply. I can’t imagine this would work but just wanted to check before saying it wasn’t possible.

Also wanted to ask if the zigbee works well or not.

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ET112 Generator AC adds to AC Loads


I have ET112 connected to Cerbo GX as Generator that measures AC that goes to battery charger.

I run the charger when the battery voltage drops bellow a treshold, it is simple AC to DC charger. There is no victron AC inverter so I measure load by DC Power.

My problem is that no matter what I configure, it always shows in AC Loads. It looks like it charges with 800W and also discharges with 800W at the same time with imaginary AC Loads that does not exist. DC Power shows correctly charging with -800W. From technical point of view it works, but shows nonsense.

Is there a way to show the generator only as power input?

My system is pretty simple, SmartSolar, BMV-712, no ESS, just DVCC, no victron inverters.


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PV Strom mit Victron Stromtransformator Messbar?

Ich habe meine WR An AC1 Angeschlossen.
Leider wird der Ertrag bei mir nicht angezeigt in der remote Console.
Da meine Leitungen direkt zum Victron laufen, hatte ich die Idee ob es nicht möglich ist den Victron Stromtransformater zu benutzen um den Strom zu messen. Dieser wäre günstiger als ein ET112.
Ich spreche von dem Gerät mit dem 3,5mm Klinkenanschluss

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Carlo Gavazz ET340 used in Single phase but available for later 3 Phase Grid Upgrade


Thanks in advance

have single phase grid supply

I have a Carlo Gavazz 112 single phase meter used as Grid Meter installed before AC1IN of Multiuplus 2

Set to no grid feedback

However I have many non critical loads that are connected after grid in meter that are not being fed by excess PV power because I have set 112 to 0watts ie no feedback back along AC! IN .

So I need to install a Carlo Gavazz just after meter. I dont want feedback past that new Carlo Gavazz which I will also set as grid meter @ 0W .

Ill change the 112 which Ill leave installed before the AC1IN froim GRID METER to AC LOAD measure .

Now for the questions

1.Can I use a Carlo Gavazz ET340 as a single phase Grid meter so that if and when I upgrade to 3 Phase GRID SUPPLY in the future ill not have wasted the purchase of another 112 and can simply change the Carlo Gavazz ET340 - used in single phase to being used in 3 phase ?

2. Upgrading to 3 phase will also enable maximum grid future feedback if rates become more attractive - is this assumption correct ie use 3 phase to allow maximum power feedback?

This will now allow me to perform feedback to local main board ( and power all those loads via reverse AC1 IN ) which are currently unaccounted for from excess PV Power but stop feedback at the Carlo Gavazz ET340 ie no GRID feedback ?

3. Would this ( Carlo Gavazz ET340 ) be adequate or will I need to install a Schneider and contacter backup power blocker as per NRS 097-2-2:2017 as set out in the attached pdf. I ask becauee when I try and but the Schneider and Contactor the local wholesaler says they dont sell them. Sop it seesm like the Carlo Gavazz ET340 and grid code for Mukltiplus which is on cetified list is good enough


redundant power blocker .pdf

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P1 to RS485 converter instead of ET340

I have a smart grid meter with DSMR v5 so it transmit a p1 telegram every second. I'd like to use this data as grid meter in ESS. In my understanding this is even more accurate then an ET340 which has a refresh rate of 2 seconds.

I'm thinking of the following solution:

  • I found a p1 to RS485 converter P1MB - P1 to Modbus converter | Xemex
  • After converting I could use the Victron Zigbee <-> RS485 bridge to transmit over the air
  • Connect the other end of the Zigbee bridge to my Cerbo.

What do you guys think? Is this feasible?

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Energy Meter ET112 + Cerbo GX


It is recommended in the ET112 manual to use an RS485 to USB cable. This is what I'm going to do to be Ok.

But I read at the bottom of page 4 (pdf): "The red, green and brown wire coming out of the USB to RS485 cable are not used. Note: You can wire on a RJ45 plug which can plug into the front of either RJ45 socket of the Energy meter, it has the same pin out. "

It is understood that it is to lengthen the cable.

I'm curious and my question is in two parts:

- what are the two RJ45 sockets on the front of the ET112 for?

(Matthis replied in another post that these are not ethernet sockets).

- can we connect an ET112 and a Cerbo GX in RJ45 to RJ45 (Cerbo's BMS-Can socket)?

Thank you in advance for your answers which may help other people.

Kind regards

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SmartShunt DC Energy Meter question

I know this is still brand new and may not be in a production release yet but is anyone using a SmartShunt in DC Energy Meter mode to monitor a 3rd party solar controller? Does it show up on the monitor screen (CCGX/Touch 50)? How about the VRM? I would assume there is or will be a Voltage/Current widget for it?

I'm running the V2.80~33 beta of Venus OS on my Cerbo.


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Siemens PAC2200 Grid Meter Modbus TCP


I have a Cerbo GX.

I would like to use my Siemens PAC2200 as grid meter for my GX.

Is there someone how has experice white this and help me connect this by modbus TCP?

Regards, Niels

niels asked
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ET112 energy meter 25w offset

Hi i have a inverter wich cannot communicate with victron but used a energy meter instead.

Now it seems that there is a 25W difference between what the energy meter is detecting and what the inverter reports. Is there some way to adjust this somewhere?

In the screenshot i see -17w but this is actually 8w positive...


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2 orange leds ET340 and not working

The ET340 has been in my system for several months now. The last few weeks I see that data from this meter is regularly missing in VRM. When I look at the Cerbo I don't see any data on the USB-rs485 connector. No flashing LEDs to indicate that data is coming in. If I take the usb-rs485 out of the cerbo and plug it in again, it doesn't solve the problem. If I leave the system alone, sometimes it suddenly works again. It is now the case that the ET340 no longer gives any data at all. ET340 appears to be in a fault state with 2 steady orange LEDs on the front. I cannot reset the ET340. If I disconnect the blue neutral wire with fuse, this has no effect on the meter. the 2 orange leds remain lit. What could be the cause of this? I would like to return the meter as defective, but then I have to be convinced that the error is not in my system.


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Second Grid meter


I have ET340 in my garage where Multis are and it works well, but not measuring AC loud to the house. I would like to add second ET340 measuring the AC loud to the house from the grid. Will adding a second EM340 work if both are called Grid Meters (combined measurement?) or will the Cerbo get confused? Any other suggestions ? (cannot install grid meter to "Grid Distr. box" - not allowed) thank you

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Energy Meter EM24

my energy meter is nog showing up in the device list on the GX remote console? It is visible under the energy meters Tab. thx

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Link to Download the "DTK zigbee Application software" Zigbee DRF2658c

Hello, can someone tell me we're I can found the "DTK zigbee Application software" to configure the USB Zigbee DRF2658c as an coordinator, Thanks

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CT on Quattro II

Dear community, I am currently connecting PV inverters to AC-IN.
I planned to install an ET112 meter to measure what is coming from / sent to the grid.
However, I was told that a CT ( would be quicker and cheaper.
It is supposed to replace the internal CT.
However, my Quattro II does not seem to have a CT input, neither via "microphone" jack, nor via another terminal.
I read that that there were problems with those connectors, so they were removed.
But how would I then install the external CT?

The bottom of my Quattro II looks like this sketch from the manual:


There seems to be an Assistant for "External Current Sensor", allowing connection at AUX1, AUX2 or T-Sense, but I am unsure if this will also work with the CT linked above.

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Multiple Energy Meters on US 400A service (2 feeds)

I have a Dual Quattro 5k 120V USA split-phase configuration with EM530 energy meter and Cerbo GX. It works great! However, the house has two independent 200A feeds from the meter base, so I am only metering one of them. I’d like to feed excess solar into the other feed for the remainder of the house, but never ever export anything to the grid. Will adding a second EM530 on the other panel work if both are called Grid Meters (i.e., will they add up?) or will the Cerbo TX get confused?

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