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ET340 and ABB B24 Energy Meter


I do have an installation with an ET340 and ABB B24 energy meter on the same bus. The Cerbo GX only sees one of the meters, never both at the same time. The ET340 is used to measure a third party PV inviter while the B24 monitors total import/export (Grid Meter).

What can be the cause that only one meter is seen? I did change the address af the B24 to 2, no difference.

Why can only 2 energy meters be connected to a single RS485/USB adapter. This is extremely inconvenient.

Thanks for the feedback


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EM330 - EM340 in 3x230VAC grid wrong readout

We installed an energy meter EM340 (in-line) grid meter and in another application an EM330 with current clamps. We see that if we program the meter to a 3P grid (3x 230VAC and no N), which still exists a lot in Belgium, that the Cerbo Measures 0VAC as line voltage. Therfore the internal calculation of power and consumption is not correct. Could this be a software issue from the Victron side? Because in the meter itself all values are correctly displayed.

Kind regards and thanks for the help.

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ET112 Neutral wiring UK Single Phase


When looking at the ET112 wiring diagram it shows two ways of which this can be wired. Can the ET112 have the main neutral wired through it like figure 3? My electrician wants to check to make sure these are designed to have the main neutral fed through.

This is the UK and we have a Single phase, 100amp supply fed via 25mm tails after the meter.


Many thanks

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ET112 ESS Distribution Board Installation

I am confused as to how to install my ET112 meter. I have a zigbee to send the meter info back to the Cerbo GX located in the garage.

(my setup is a DC coupled PV ESS install on a house in the UK)

Question 1: how do I wire in the meter? I need a simple-to-follow picture/diagram, my presumption is that is goes to the left of the main breaker switch and the live goes in position 1and out of position 2 with power from the Neural at the bottom?

Question 2: should I be running AC in to the inverter? At the moment I don't think I have setup the system to charge the batteries via any other means than via the MPPT. So should I run an AC in and also an AC out on the same cable that feeds the garage circuit?

Question3: I have 2 sockets running off AC out 2 - I wanted to have these as 'always on' even if there was a power cut but I can't see where you enable this output (the system isn't get wired into the house circuit which I was going to use AC out 1 for).




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EM540 grid meter?


i read some about the new EM540 grid meter. This should be supported by newst Victron Software.

And also it should be a improvement against EM24, for example because of faster Modbus Update rate.

It seems, that only 2 versions of this meter are supported:

  • EM540DINAV23XS1X

Does anyone know the difference?

Are there any downsides in using this new meter?

I ask, because my plan was to install the EM24 RS485 next week. But if the EM540 is much better, i will switch to the new meter before installing.

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Comment puis-je acquérir les données du Smart Meter de Fronius si j'utilise un simple onduleur PV ?

Bonjour, j'espère que tout le monde va bien, je suis doctorant et je travaille sur les systèmes de micro-réseaux. Pour cela j'ai besoin d'un compteur d'énergie qui me permettra de visualiser le profil de l'énergie produite par le système photovoltaïque par exemple (connecté avec un onduleur photovoltaïque simple ; c'est à dire qui n'a pas la partie de communication, juste la partie de puissance) et d'utiliser ces données pour le système de gestion de l'énergie. Pour cela j'ai trouvé le compteur intelligent Fronius mais ma question est que puis-je acquérir les données du compteur intelligent Fronius dans une carte comme raspberry par exemple pour les utiliser dans la partie gestion ou c'est adaptatif juste avec l'onduleur Fronius et pour visualiser les données on est obligé d'utiliser le site internet Fronius ? merci beaucoup


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is the "AC Load" role for meter not implemented smartly on Venus OS?

I have an ESS with Battery, 3 phase multiplus, all loads on critical loads.

3 Phase solar inverter also on critical load output. no vrm implementation possible, I think.

ET340 directly after grid. Role: Grid Meter

ET340 on the critical load output of the multiplus but AFTER the solar inverter. Therefore measuring ONLY load. Role:??? Only "AC Loads" makes remotely sense.

VRM Dashboard: Makes no sense at all:


As you can see from the MQTT read out of the AC-load (role) meter, the power it measures is not reflected on the dashboard anywhere. "AC Loads" on the dashboard has been fluctuating around 0 to 100W since day one, which never made any sense since those outputs of the multiplus are DISCONNECTED. Critical loads is 0 which makes sense, because in the moment shown above there was about 2100W of solar power. 1700 went into the battery, 450 were used by the loads in the house. As observable from the mqtt read out.

However the dashboard in VRM has none of it. The "total consumption" read out is complete nonsense since day one and still makes no sense at all.

Here the device list, to demonstrate the meters being correctly recognized and setup:


In my opinion there are two possibilities:

There is somehow somewhere a hidden setting to tell Venus OS what the "AC Loads" meter is exactly. But where?

This is simply a bug in the implementation, which is unprepared for a situation where all load and PV is on "critical load" and a load meter is being used to separate PV from Load.

Why do I not put the meter to the PV?

Because the critical load measurement of the three multiplus in 3 phase mode (by night) is not precise. It seems the multiplus have trouble with precise read out.

Furthermore only like this I can measure energy use of the loads alone.

And I do have read outs from the PV, just not in VRM, but in homeassistant, which is ultimately where I need all data.

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Cerbo GX, Meter, What does Role "AC Meter" actually mean?

Cerbo GX, Meter, Role "AC Meter".

What does it mean exactly? In my case after the Multipluses comes the house-load and the PV inverter. Its at the moment not possible to put a meter just between the house-load and the multipluses. Any meter will measure PV AND house-load.
Would that "role". "AC Meter" be appropriate for this situation?

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Grid feed-in / maximum phase current


I would like to know, if the grid feed-in setting (watts) is single- or three-phase, when you have three phase grid and only one multiplus in a system? I have a grid meter, Fronius on-grid 3-phase inverter on multi input + Easysolar 2 on phase 1, and together they could blow the phase 1 main fuse if load is low enough and there is enough solar power available. This is for outgoing energy, but the same question applies for consumption:

Is there a way to limit Easysolar/Multiplus charge current via grid meter, to avoid blowing main fuses? (25A main fuse, ATM 16A max grid charging current, but other appliances might be powered while charging and the risk of blowing the mains is real).

I've tried to search the forums and manuals for this info, but haven't found an answer yet, so I would be very thankful for any insight on this matter.

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How to connect ET112 energy meter AC In load (AC Load) and AC out Load (Critical Load)

Dear Community Team.

I am From India and built by my own knowlege with support of Community forum. But i am facing problem wth Connection of ET112 in AC Loads and Critical Load. Pleaes help me out for connection.

Note: My system is running with ESS System with Grid meter (ET112).

Please find BOM below

1. Raspberry Pi 3

2. MultiPlus Compact 24/1600/40-16

3. SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/50 X 2

4. SmartShunt 500A

5. Seplos Battery With Can support

6. USB to MK3 Converter


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trouble with ET340 connection by new Zigbee 485(DRF2659c), USB (DRF2658c) module

Hi there,

please, let me ask for help if possible with the new zigbee RS485 (DRF2659C) and USB(DRF2658C) module that I would like to use for wireless connection of ET340 to Venus OS.

I have trouble with them to be recognized be Venus OS (2.73 and 2.80). I find out that zigbee modules come with quite new firmware v8.5 and it has ID_MODEL=USB_Serial, that I have adjusted in "serial-starter.rules", in "" and I have played around also with serial-starter.conf. Without success till now.

When I do wired connection all works well and ET340 is recognized as device ID:345 with 2571291A number and is visible by Venus OS . See screenshot 1.

When I set it with zigbee, there is no info about find cgwacs device. See screenshot 2.

Any suggestion what I could try is welcome? Thank you.

Best Regards,


1. Wired connection


2. Zigbee connection


3. USB-zigbee module


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Power value on Grid for L1 different to L1 on AC Loads

In this setup we have 1 x Quattro 8kVA on L1 and an Carlo Gavazzi EM24 meter installed at the three-phase grid point of connection. Grid Setpoint is 200W.

The L1 power (W) value shown on the 'Grid' is always wrong. The L1 power value shown under 'AC Loads' is correct. Can anyway explain how to fix this?

The screen shot from VRM below was taken at 22:30 local time, so there is no PV input, and the battery is at its SOC discharge limitation.

The W value does not even compute by Ohms law.

Happy to provide more info on settings if needed.

We plan to install a Fronus Symo inverter soon for this client.


Thanks, Tim

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2 Grid meters connected to Cerbo GX

Can anyone please help me with this!!

I have two grid meters connected to my cerbo GX.One is connected directly to the grid and the other one is connected to the multiplus end point to see how much I'm charging and discharging. How do I choose what to display on the HMI of the cerbo gx. because when they both are connected the HMI shows both at the same time and the results of the HMI jumps between both gridmeters without any control.

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Can anyone please please explain the ESS Mode 1

Can anyone please explain the ess mode 1. I want my system to charge and discharge automatically whenever the grid meter is in positive or nigative value. for example if the grid meter shows that I have -1KW then I want the system to charge with 1 KW and vise versa.

is this possible and if yes how do I do that please?

my system is:

3-phase system on each phase there is 2 multiplus 2.

cerbo gx

EM530 energy meter.

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Ct clamp over ip ethernet.

Anyone know of a analog to TCP/IP transmitter/receiver?

Ct clamps are £15

Em24 £200+

So anyone know of a solution of sending ct signal over ip and then back so I can send it over ethernet. With parts less then £185....



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