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comptage le plus précis avec MP II pince AC ou ET112


Mon installation et constitué d'un Multi plus II 5Kva 230v/48v

actuellement le relevé des conso et fait par la pince ampèremétrique relier au MP II

le MP et régler en ESS avec un point de consigne réseau à 0W

en regardant VRM sur mon tel en réseau local celui ci m'indique des valeur import ou export de l ordre de quelle que watt mais quand je regarde sur mon linky au même moment j'ai souvent des import et j ai des valeurs qui tourne à 500Va

de même sur le portail VRM il y a un écart de valeur entre ce qui et relever par le linky et la pince du MP (environ 10KwH sur la ligne Depuis réseau) et la somme des valeur de conso ne retombe pas a zéro


Ma question et la suivante le quel des comptage et le plus précis la pince AC direct sur le multi ou le compteur ET112 connecter en rs485/usb sur le venus

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Grid Meter to use for Split Phase 240v - 200A Service?

I'm looking for a grid meter for use with Energy Storage System design. I live in the US, with split-phase 240VAC power, my home has 200A service, phase angle is 180*.

Would the Carlo Gavazzi EM24DINAV53DISX work? I wasn't sure since it's marketed as 230VAC 3-Phase compatible which is not available in the US.

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Evening, There's little information on trouble shooting these devils.

I have a cerbo gx and an et112. Works perfectly using USB to RS485. However, I'm having no luck with the zigbee's.

1. Is there an alternative way to connect an energy meter wirelessly (another energy meter if necessary)? Modbus over TCP? I need 100amp energy meter.

2. What are the LED's meant to be doing in a setup that works. If it doesn't work out of the box, following the victron instructions... What can you do?

Many thanks for any help


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Zigbee not making connection with EM24 and CCGX

Hello, i have a problem to establish Zigbee Connection from EM24 to CCGX.

The documentation of zigbee is horrible...

is there something known about the LED Behaviour of the zigbees?

my rs485 zigbee status:

Active LED: blinking rapidly

my USB zigbee status:

Active LED : on
TX/RX LED: blinking (maybe 1hz)

maybe somebody has an idea whats going wrong?
Or Maybe additional informations about LED Behavior or Button Functionality of zigbee?

best regards


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ET112 - fuse requirements?


In the manual, it's mentioned to put a fuse on the neutral wire when connecting the ET112 (, but it doesn't state what type of fuse?
There's not much information to be found. A manual from Carlo Gavazzi makes it look like this is optional (, but it's not clear at all.

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Siemens PAC2200 as Grid Meter


i've got a Siemens PAC2200 as a Grid Meter ...

The Setpoint for the Multiplus 2 is controlled by a PLC via Modbus Register 37 ... that works perfectly.

But now, i want show the grid in the remote control panel of the cerbo.

That is not working out of the box with the PAC2200

i found some threads like this ( with eastron SDM630 )

my Idea is, to simulate the EM24 with my PLC / Node red or what ever as a Modbus Master

my question is, which registers need the cerbo to work proberly, that the cerbo thinks it is an em24 ?



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Install Victron ET112 to monitor inverter usage

To no avail, I looked for videos or more thorough instructions beyond the simple diagram in the manual. I have installed the VenusGX to monitor the solar/battery and have the RS485- USB cable to connect the ET112.

Has anyone used the ET112 to monitor power usage of a non Victron inverter? My question is, I have 2/0 cable between my battery bank and the inverter and I do not see how to connect it in this system. AM I missing something here?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Problems with RS485 adapter to connect with ET340

Hi all,

I am new to this and setting up the first ESS with a Multigrid 48/3000 on Venus GX and ET340.

Unfortunately I do not get to run communication between ET340 and Venus GX via the Victron USB to RS485 adapter.

I did connect as said Data +, data - and GND between ET340 and the RS485 adapter. The left led on ET340 stays green instead of blinking red as I would expect if communication was enabled.

On the Venus GX no energymeter is available.

No difference wheter or not I use a terminator or not.

Does there need to be sth. enabled in the Venus GX? I did enable ModbusTCP, is that relevant by the way?

Hope somebody can give advice how to search for the solution step by step.

Best regards


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400 A Energy meter to Cerbo GX


Is there a way to connect high power three phase energy meter to cerbo GX ?

I have a power transfer system of 90 kW, with a PV backup system of 16 kW, and i need to measure energy transfer from Grid, PV and the power transfer system.

Some posts talked about the EM24DINAV53DISX energy meter, but i cant find if it support the transferred power.

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Energy Meter ET112 Firmware

Energy Meter ET112 Firmware B-1 OK, B-2 firmware no communications at all with controller.

ET112 this meter has newer firmware version B-2 and does not work, with the Victron mulitplus2, i used a older ET112 energy meter with firmware B-1 for testing at it works OK.
Something is different in the firmware as the Victron wont respond, But with the Carlo Gavazzi software works OK for testing etc. checked the Comms setting all the same as the older units.

The Mulitplus2 has all the latest firmware updates and the controller has the latest updates.

Rob Duthie asked
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EM24 Smart Meter read out over Modbus TCP/IP


the Smart Meter connection to the Victron controller via Modbus RTU (RS485) is only wisely in case you have a short Way between the Smart Meter and the Victron Controller.

In case you have a long way or different buildings the connection over TCP/IP is required.

To prevent to install a separate RS485 Bus Cable. (using structured cabling !)

Installation Example:

#######Buildings-A############ ###Buildings-B###

EM24 -->RS485-->Modbus TCP Gateway---------TCP/IP---------------->CerboGX

Now the Question:

How can i add the Smart Meter Connection via Modbus TCP/IP to my Cerbo GX?

(FW 2.60)

jxa asked
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Multiplus II operating with a Shelly 3EM Meter possible?

Hello all,

is it possible to get the hous power data not from a EM24 and use a existing Shelly 3EM meter in my house?

Here a Status info from my Shelly 3EM



also possible

http:///IPADRESS_SHELLY3EM /emeter/0/energy


http:///IPADRESS_SHELLY3EM /emeter/1/energy


http:///IPADRESS_SHELLY3EM /emeter/2/energy


any ideas how to couple a Multiplus II to a Shelly 3EM meter to get a zero feed

Best Regards


willi9974 asked

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Can i use a 3 phase meter with 1 phase inverter

Some electrical installations in South Africa are 3 phase 400V. The client still wants to keep his 3 phase power and only wants to install a single phase solar system on 1 phase for his critical loads. he will move all his critical loads to that particular phase.

Will the system not get confused if I install a 3 phase meter but use a single phase inverter?

So basically the 3 phase meter would there to see what all the 3 phases consume however only 1 phase will be able to feedback to non essential loads (ESS self consumption), as he cant do phase compensation or feedback into the grid.

nicholas-zenzele asked
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Victron SmartShunt as a energy meter?

Does anyone know where I can find info about using a Victron SmartShunt as a energy meter?

I have one being used as my battery monitor, and now got a 2nd that want to hook up to log DC charging from a non-victron solar/DC charger connected to it. With aim that can then include this in stats for day of PV generated vs Consumption, etc.

Went into VE Connect and under setting for the 2nd shunts I changed "Monitor Mode" to "DC Energy Meter", and then the "DC meter type" to "DC-DC charger".



It states it will show on GX Device and in VRM but can only get very basic info shown on later and nothing on my GX device (VenusOS running on a Raspberry Pi)



Searched for documentation for "DC Energy Meter" and "DC meter type" settings but nothing is showing in Victron help or in any forum discussions. So can only guess maybe this is a pretty new feature and most users haven't used or is still in development to integrate better with VRM/GX.

Anyone else successful in this or know where can find info on how to config/etc. Thanks is advance.

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Smarth shunt energy consumption

I am neavly installed smarth shunt, my main concern to learn my 24 hours energy consumption. I will decided to enlarge may solar panells and battery bank according to my 24 hours enery consumption

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ET340 spikes on L3


Im using a single MP2 at this moment for an ESS system with a ET340 grid meter. The multi is connected to L1. On L3 there is nothing connected but every now and then i got a spike of about 6000watts positive and negative, its about 3 or 4 times a day.

I recently replaced my ET340 cause i'd expect it to be broken but the same thing is still going on.

The weird thing, it is not visible on the VRM but when i read all values trough modbus TCP i find this back in my logging on Grafana.

Thanks and regards!

pieter-boomsma asked
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Multiplus II 3000 GX External Current Sensor Error 24

Good Evening Victron Community,

I have installed a Multiplus II GX in a topology with all Non-Critical Loads upstream of the AC Input. Critical Loads on AC Output 1 as usual.

When installing the External current sensor on the Main Circuit and returning from an Outage the Inverter gave an Error 24 related to the backfeed relay.

Although the error makes sense to me regarding it seeing Current (from the external sensor) while it was expecting no current (Ac-In relay open) I would think that selecting the External Current Sensor Connected tick box in VEConfigure would tell it to ignore this discrepancy?

I have since removed the Current Sensor (and unticked the tick box) and have tested the exact same outage successfully without Error24.

Although this post mostly serves as a possible bug flag, I would like to end it with a question.

Would it be possible for me to install a three phase Grid Meter upstream of the AC Input and non critical loads (Carlo Gavazzi 65A) instead of the Current Sensor and still avoid this Error 24 Situation?

If yes, would I be able to add an unpowered USB hub onto the USB port to have both an external Wifi adapter and USB to RS485 adapter on the GX portion in order to connect the Grid Meter?

Kind Regards

Randolf Wenhold

randolf asked
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PV generation L1 is seen as consumption

I have a 3 phase network, 400V +N. 1 multII on L1, an sma inverter with a single-phase energy meter on L1 and a fronius inverter on L2 that communicates via the internet. the problem is that the solar energy from the sma on L1 is counted as consumption in the AC Loads. the values that the Cerbo GX gives are not correct, a lot is injected and taken from the net, while the digital meter of society announces something completely different.

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Energy Meter ET112 using batteries to heat geyser

Hi there,

I have a Victron PV system powering my house. Originally I had this system without the ET112. I am allowed to push back into the grid so I wanted to monitor what is coming in vs going out and I wanted it to be integrated into the app - for ease of use. I asked my installer about the ET112 and he said that this would work for my purpose.

Once the ET112 was installed we run into an issue but first, my setup is pretty simple:


The only thing on my AC Loads is my geyser, the rest of my house is on Critical Loads - which is fine. (I have gas everything except geyser)

If I turn my geyser on you can see the load is taken from my inverter:


Only after the ET112 was installed did this start happening. My problem with this is obviously at night and in the morning my geyser turns on and it draws from the batteries which chews through my batteries.

My installer is saying that there is no way to have this ET112 just work as a meter and not divert the power from the batteries or PV to the AC loads. He wants to install another 3rd party meter in-front of the ET112 and have the geyser behind it so it isn't aware of it. (Take note I am not 100% clued up on these things - sorry if I don't use the correct lingo.)

I just thought I'd ask the question here as this really does not seem correct to me - how can a smart meter divert power like this and how can it not be capable to disable that? I just want it to tell me how much goes into the grid vs comes out of the grid.

Thanks for the help in advanced.

Parts list:

  • Venus GX
  • MultiPlux-II 48/500/70-48
  • 2x BSL Batt
  • SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/100 rev2
  • Energy Meter ET112

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ET340 no communication - SOLVED

Hello experts,

I am not able to establish communication in system of:

Venus OS (Raspberry pi 3)

Multiplus II 48V/3000 (external wired Current Transformer sensor connected)

ET340 Carlo Gavazzi


MK3 VE Bus USB cable

VE Direct USB cable


I am able to communicate to ET340 via recommended USB-RS485 interface with PC to Carlo Gavazzi UCS7 original SW. But no response after plugged USB-RS485 interface to Raspberry pi. Just immediately after USB-RS485 plugged to Raspberry the LED (red and green) flashes approx. 1 second. Power meter ET340 is not visible in system (Setting-Energy meters).

I have tried a lot of variants (Address, Baud...) a lot of Reboot but no communication at all.

What is wrong? Do I need to setup anything?

radim-1 asked
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EM24 on VRM for consumption forecast?

Hey there,

I'm currently planning a grid-connected UPS solution for a NGO in the Peruvian Andes, for which I work on a voluntary basis. Main goal is to secure some security and IT appliances (single-phased) in the case of power outages. The system will consist out of 3-7 kWh LiFePo4 48V batteries, a Multiplus-II (probably 3kVA) and 2 to 4 kWp of solar via an MPPT controller. And a Cerbo GX as the heart of the system.

As we are also planning to get a larger (3-phase) generator or battery setup to support the whole complex (4 buildings) later on, we want to record our exact overall consumption data so that we can then size the system sensibly.

Also, feeding energy into the local grid will probably not be possible. But of course we're interested in consuming our solar-generated energy also by devices not directly connected to the Multiplus-II.

So I have some questions to better understand the system options:

  1. Is the consumption of surplus electricity "before" the Multiplus possible without grid feeding with an EM24 or similar?
  2. Can the logged data from the EM24 be exported stand-alone from the VRM portal for analysis on mean and peak consumption?
  3. If not, is there anything against connecting the EM24 via RS485 Modbus to another data logger besides the Cerbo GX to collect the data elsewhere?
  4. Are there compatible alternatives with > 65A?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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My cerbo gx does not show an ac input



Hi I have a cerbo gx and 4 et112. Meters connected to it and I set all them up having one set as grid meter one set as generator meter and 2 for 2 separate inverter outputs. However even after setting one of the meters as a grid meter it shows no ac input but only shows it as ac loads. Is there something wrong with my cerbo gx or will the et112 not show as ac input because I would have to have a victron inverter?

lsps219 asked
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Defective ET112?


I've seen a lot of questions here, where an ET112 does not show up on a Venus system. In nearly all cases the conclusion is a defective meter. But in all cases it seems to be working on the CG-Software.

We are facing the same issue and basically everthing is 'easy' to replace, except for the meter.

How did you diagnose the faulty meter?

Is there a way to prove, that all other parts are working?

Tim Schlak asked

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ET340 at single phase system (L1) and PV at L2 - RS485 communication breaks at night


I run a grid connected ESS system:

MultiPlus II (48/3000), CCGX, ET340 meter connected via Victron RS485 to USB interface.

1kWp PV system and BMZ li-ion battery.

I use a ET 340 meter: All house loads via L1 and PV production on L2 ("Single phase dual function" as shown here:

Multi Plus II is connected at AC in.

The system runs well during day times. But at night/early morning the meter looses connection to the CCGX (via RS485 adapter) and doesn't reconnect automatically. Both grid and PV power aren't not available anymore and the system stops operating (no charging or discharging).

After a restart of the CCGX the system runs well again (until next night).

Any idea how to fix this problem.

Many thanks, Bernd Lienemann

junk asked

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Venus GX displaying incorrect power usage (Energy Meter EM24 Ethernet)

The VenusGX added the Energy Meter EM24 Ethernet just fine and started using it showing the 3 phase grid input.
However it is confused as I have my multiplus 2 on phase 3. What it does is count the measured AC output of the multiplus 2 on top of the phase 1 measured grid power. This causes it to display double the power used but I figure it will also cause a major issue with determining the appropriate feedback power.

How can this be solved?
Can you only install this on phase one?

yes I am planning to upgrade this to a set of 3 multiplus 2's one on each phase but these machines don't come cheap so I started with the phase that has the most power consumed.

EDIT: switching phase 1 and 3 on the Energy Meter solved the issue but this seems like a silly way to solve something that is ultimately a software setting. and of course now pahase 3 is reported as one and 1 as 3 which could of couse cuose more confusion in the future.

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Venus GX not detecting ET112

Lightening blew out my system. So we replaced 2x 5kva Multiplusses, the Venus GX and the Freedom Won BMS that got blown. The RS485 usb connector to the ET112 was also replaced as dead. The ET112 seemed to be alive but the Venus refused to detect it. I then replaced the ET112 with a new unit. Sadly still no detection. Is there perhaps a trick I am missing? On the VRM Portal I deleted the old ET112 Device as it was last seen on the day of the lightening strike. Was that perhaps a mistake? Any help will be appreciated.

edgar-evans asked

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>10kVA and dedicated production meter

I'm designing a 3-phase ESS system based on 3x a Multiplus-II 5000 with the solar panels feeding in on the DC bus.

3 times 5000 VA brings the total inverter kVa >10kVA and as such is no longer considered a "residential" installation in Belgium and requires special permits and requirements.

One of these requirements is the instalation of a dedicated production meter. This meter is supplied by the grid operator and needs to measure the AC energy produced by the installation.

As the loads on AC OUT, might receive power from AC IN as well, it is not OK to connect such a production meter directly to AC OUT.

The only suitable place is directly behind the inverter and this is not an exposed connection on the Multiplus.

Does anyone know if making a tap directly behind the invertor for connecting a production meter is feasible to do?
Or are there any alternatives possible?

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Connecting Multiplus-II with ET112


I have a problem establishing a working connection between the Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 230V GX an the Carlo Gavazzi ET112.

Basics about our setup: Wie have a PV Inverter feeding into the grid, we want to store overproduced Energie into batteries. So we installed the ET112 directly behind the energy meter from our provider. Then connected the data lines following the instructions from the manual, (10-15m CAT-5 cable, FTDI-USB RS485 Bridge with cable shortend to less than 20cm, etc).

When plugging in the FTDI Bridge, there is a short blinking of RX and TX Leds, but nothing else. To verify that our connection is working, we downloaded the Carlo Gavazzi Software for the meter, which instantly connected to the meter. So i guess the RS485 Bus, FDTI and ET112 are working just fine.

But there is no energy meter shown in the remote console of the Multiplus-II.

We tried multiple Configurations of the meters RS485 interface without success.

To verify that the FTDI ist recognised by the Multiplus-II we logged into the system via SSH an lsusb revealed that the USB/RS485 bridge is at least hooked to the system. A hexdump of /dev/ttyUSB1 did not show anything. No LEDs blinking on the FTDI showing that the Device is trying to transmit data.

In the Carlo Gavazzi Software, the standard RS485 configuration is 9600, parity none, stop 1, modbus id 1. Due to the fact, that a baudrate of 1152000 did not lead to any problems during the use of the Carlo Gavazzi Software, there should not be any issues with the cabeling.

So i hope that someone here might have an idea of what is wrong.

Tim Schlak asked

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Incorrect energy display in VRM portal - MultiPlus II with EM24

I currently have the following phenomenon:

In the VRM Portal the displayed sum value of the energy meter jumps between a few watts, the current power of a phase and the correct total power (see image 1).

Via the remote console, the correct value is always displayed (in the system schema as well as on the overview page).

System setup:

1 MultiPlus II GX FW: 2.72

Connection mains parallel to AC1

Energy meter EM24 Ethernet FW1.6.48 - use phase balancing 3P.n

- AC coupled PV system with power feed-in

- ESS with external meter


1) example Remote Display & VRM Dashboard with different energy sum


2) example VRM Dashboard correct sum energy


3) example VRM energy meter log

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