Difference between centaur and Phoenix charger?

Stuck in Panama without a charger, I installed a 12/50 Phoenix charger. My 1050 ah AGM bank can take so much more than 50a. I also want to run my watermaker off my Phoenix 3000w inverter which draws ~90ah. If I’m running the genset while making water I’m putting in 50 ah by way of the charger but drawing 90ah and therefore still pulling a significant amount from the battery( base case scenario 40ah but usually more). If I installed the centaur 12/100 I would be putting in 100ah into battery with genset on. Then I’d meet my power needs of 90 ah to run my watermaker plus a little extra to put in the battery bank (all hypothetical based on efficiency and other items drawing but you get the idea). Question. Does my logic make sense? What is the difference between the Centaur 12/100 and the Phoenix 12/50 besides charging amps?

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Help chosing the right MEGA Fuses for this set up

Hi everyone. I am having some doubts about which fuses should I chose for this set up and I would like to know opinions.

The set up is:

-4x Pylontech 2,4kWh US2000

-Multiplus II 48V 5000VA

-MPPT 250V100A

-Lynx Distributor for the mega-fuses

-3S3P 490Wp (Voc 153,9V Isc 36,42A)

I have been checking some videos and I see 3 mega fuses that I would need:

-For the battery bank: 125A? Checking these q&a I determined this is the right one needed.

-For the MPPT: xxA?

-For the MPII: 200A? According to the Manual, page 11 4.2, says 200A recommended DC fuse.

I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks a lot

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Multiplus 24/3000/70 Replacement fan(s)


I just noticed a lot of noise from the fan when it starts rotating in my multiplus.

I need to get a spare one, does anyone have the specification please?

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Orion 12/12-30 Isolated with BMV712


I've had a bit of trouble finding example diagrams for using the Orion 12/12-30 DC-DC charger with the BMV712 battery monitor. Could someone take a look at this diagram and tell me if I'm on the right track...?



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Victron Remote Console on Head Unit (Cerbo GX and Android Car Audio interface)

Hi guys. Anyone managed to get VRC to work on your car audio interface? I came across this YT video on the Venus GX and was wondering if Cerbo GX interface could be accessed via an Android car audio interface?


Any tips on how to do this would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

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BMV-702 voltage reading

I have a Victron-702 used in a solar system, 640W solar panels, 60A MPPT controller, 2 x 200AH batteries, wired for 200AH @ 24v. My problem is that the Victron consistently under reads voltage cf controller. eg controller 28.4v cf Victron 27.6v, this creates the problem that the batteries never reach 100% capacity according to Victron. I have checked the true voltage with a multimeter and controller always shows correct voltage. Does this indicate that the Victron has a fault?

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Pylontech UP2500 with Easysolar 24/3000


does anyone know if i can run the Easysolar 24/3000 with two Pylontech UP2500 (parallel connection)?

Unfortunately i can't find any information on this page: https://www.victronenergy.com/live/battery_compatibility:pylontech_phantom

Data of the UP2500 (24V):

Charge/Discharge Current(A ): 56(continuous) , 111 (Peak@15s)


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Replacing a CBE CB 516 with a IP22

I am replacing a defunct CBE CB516 charger in my motorhome with a new IP22 12/15(1) charger. The old charger has a small single core wire on a separate terminal as a NET feed. It is labelled +12v . It takes a signal to the motorhome control panel to show that the charger is 240v powered on. As the IP22 only has one +12v terminal ,would it be ok for me to put the small 'net' cable into the same + terminal? Worried about damaging the new charger? Also if the 240v is off would this way of connecting always show it as powered on?

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Considering a Victron MultiPlus IP21 24-500 10-16


I'm considering the small Victron MultiPlus IP21 24-500 10-16 in the following setup and I'd like to verify with you if my understanding is correct before I buy. Let me explain;


I installed 6 ~ 24v 105w Solarpanels in series/parallel connected to a Victron 100/30 MPPT

The solar charger charges a single Jehu 24v 700w (~ 24Ah) 70x18650's Lithium pack, monitored with a BMV 702 (with BT dongle). In addition a LoRa Victron Monitor (for the freak in me).

Discharging is done by means of a cheap Chinese MPPT Grid-Tie inverter and to protect my Lithium pack I use a constant voltage DC-DC converter and a 24v battery protect, otherwise the Chinese inverter suck the live out of my battery pack in a matter of time.

As such I want to replace the Chinese Grid-Tie inverter with the small MultiPlus and during off-peak hours recharge the pack again.

Basically, right sizing my energy consumption versus production to an equal level of almost zero.

Grid is Dutch and the MPPT can charge the pack in a approx 4hours on a sunny day, so I got some room to extend the Jehu pack. (as 24Ah is quite small)

I appreciate your reply,



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How many amps on float mode for agm battery?


How many amps should Orion TR 12/12 30 be pushing into Victron AGM battery on float charge?

When float charge starts I am getting 5-6 amps in for the first 30 minutes and then slowly down to 2.5 amps but that would take an hour or so,

Would that mean the battery is still getting charge for the first 30 minutes?


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Cerbo GX and Sevcon Gen 4 motor controllers

Does anyone know if these will work together, so the Cerbo GX + Touch 50 can be used to display motor drive information like rpm/current/power/temperature? The controllers use the CANopen protocol over the bus, does the Cerbo support this?

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What happened to the live PV panel test?

The Which solar panel test seems to have concluded only 4 weeks after being announced.

What exactly was the conclusion?

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Fronius Zero Feed In - Network Loss

I am considering adding some additional capacity to a setup that currently consists of an EasySolar-II.

I asked in https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/67594/feeding-one-easysolar-into-another.html about feeding one EasySolar into another, but it seems this is not such a great idea.

To recap what I said in that thread about the setup, currently an EasySolar in ESS mode supplies the house (blending grid power with inverter where necessary) and I do not want to feed into the grid. The idea is to add some generation capacity on one of the circuits (which goes to an outbuilding) coming from the existing EasySolar (so this setup would be on an AC-Out of the EasySolar).

The Fronius Zero Feed In system came up in that other thread, but I have looked further into how this works and have some concerns.

https://www.victronenergy.com/media/pg/6292-ESS_design_and_installation_manual-html5/en/configuration.html#UUID-44102771-a07a-55eb-b676-772c0d78e5fa describes using ModBus TCP to expose the Fronius control loop so that the EasySolar/Multi can control it by turning down generation on the Fronius when the power can't be absorbed by upstream loads and batteries.

The documentation also describes frequency control, but that can only be used during a grid outage (when the EasySolar can dictate the frequency of the AC waveform) and during normal operation with the grid connected to the EasySolar the only way the Fronius can be controlled is through ModBus TCP.

My concern is, what happens if the TCP link between the Fronius and the EasySolar/Multi fails. Is this a fail-safe system (meaning that if ModBus communication is lost the Fronius shuts down or regulates down to zero generation)?

I can see that this system is fail-safe from the point of view of battery state of charge, because if there's no grid to export power to, the upstream multi will vary the frequency and the Fronius will definitely receive this command on its AC lines, so can be relied upon to regulate down when there's no grid to prevent overcharging batteries.

But I'm not sure if it's fail-safe from a "no feed in to the actual grid" point of view. If the ModBus connection drops but the grid is still present, then if the Fronius kept producing excess power that the Multi didn't have battery capacity or load to dissipate, then that power would have nowhere to go except feeding in to the grid.

What happens to a Fronius configured as described in that page if the modbus TCP link is interrupted, does it shut down or regulate down, or does it keep generating power?

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When will Victron start to supply a AC to DC regulator for windturbines?

you can use the DC to DC charger with a windturbine. I connected my 400W AC wind turbine to a rectifier. The output I connected to a spare 200Ah battery. From there I took the input to the DC to DC charger and connected the charger’s output to my 1000Ah AGM battery bank. I switched of engine detection set the aborption to 14,1V and the float to 13,5V. Input switch off at 10,5V restart at 11,0V It works perfect. My question. When will Victron start to supply a AC to DC regulator for windturbines?

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Centaur temperature sensor

Hi to all from a newbie on the community board.

I wonder if anyone has any knowledge regarding the temperature sensor on a Centaur 12/40 charger which is fitted to a Dutch barge I have purchased? As soon as I connect 230V to the charger the fans (both) start to run and then run continuously. The charger is connected to 2 battery banks both 12v (one battery @230Ah and a bank of 3 @230Ah total 960Ah). I appreciate that the charger is well below that recommended for a bank of this size but budgetary constraints mean that, for the moment at least, I have what I have.

I assume that the problem is with the temperature sensor, but this is just an assumption. Trawling the internet has offered no solution so far.

I have checked throughout the charger for hotspots but none are apparent with the largest temperature differential being about 2C above ambient level. The batteries all appear to be charging fine and are all less than 10 months olds.

I have tried emailing Victron directly but have received no response.

Any thoughts on how to proceed would be gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance.

Chas Roberts

MV Liza

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High DC Ripple, Quattro 48/5000/70 and BYD Battery box 13.8

Actualmente tenemos una instalación con 4 inversores Victron Quattro 48/5000/70 y dos BYD Battery box 13.8, el sistema esta configurado como back up.

La residencia mantiene fluctuaciones de voltaje durante el día, y en algunos casos, las mismas dan problemas de High DC Ripple.

El sistema esta conectado de forma correcta con su cableado y torque correcto.


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VE.Smart Orion-Tr Smart networking

Any update on VE.Smart networking for the Orion Smart Tr DC to DC chargers? I'll have an MPPT and two 30A DC to DC chargers and it would be excellent if they all knew each other on the same battery bank.

[moderator's note: edited to show "VE.Smart Networking" rather than "VE.Bus Networking"]

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Victron Multiplus 12/1200 does not charge

Dear Community,

i have a fairly new Victron multi 12/1200 (charged 3 times with it already) and I run a LiFePo4 200 Ah with BMS in my camper. Now all of a sudden, the charger Relais clicks when I plug external power in, but the Relais flips back out and does not charge the battery. Temperature is above 7degree and the votronic booster charges fine, so the battery is not the issue. I did not change the settings either after it initially worked nor did I fuck up the wiring... also, the settings fit the German power grid and leave enough room for

can anybody please tell me your thoughts on my issue? What could be the reason for that and how donI fix it?

thank you so much in advance. Btw - this is my first post in any forum ever so please do make this a wonderful adventure ;-)

best regards,


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Cerbo GX interfacing to Bellmarine motor controller via NMEA2000

I'm doing some future planning for a possible electric/serial hybrid narrowboat, plan is to use a Quattro 48/10000 with Cerbo GX/Touch50 to connect/control a 10kVa 230Vac generator, 2 BYD LVL 15.4 LiFePO4 batteries (30kWh), 2kW solar/MPPT, and drive a 20kW Bellmarine Drivemaster controller/PMAC motor.

It seems that the BYD batteries are no problem but the motor is, the controller uses NMEA2000 not VEbus or CANbus. The Cerbo can act as an NMEA2000 gateway (slave) to relay data from the VEbus equipment onto the NMEA2000 bus, but it doesn't seem that it can act as an NMEA2000 master to control and monitor the motor and controller -- is this correct?

If so I'll have to fit another (very expensive!) NMEA2000 controller/display (e.g. Garmin or Raymarine? or the dedicated Bellmarine display for motor only) to do just for the motor pretty much what the Cerbo does for everything else -- which seems crazy since the Cerbo obviously has the hardware to do this.

Is this correct -- the Cerbo can't control/monitor NMEA2000 hardware? If so it seems like a huge oversight, especially for a product which says:

“The new NMEA 2000-out support has the GX easily integrated into any boats network.”

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Quattro Three Phase - UPS Mode not working


i have a setup with 3 quattro 48 10k connected in a three phase mode with PV connected on AC OUT. All seems ok except for UPS function which does not seem to work when switching on and off from grid; basically all load gets disconnected for less than a second. Load on the quattro's is less than 50%.

If i switch to single Quattro and monophasic, UPS function works ok.

any suggestion's?

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Battery balancer alarm out to Cerbo

Quick question,

is there a way how to wire Battery balancer alarm output to Cerbo Gx and configure Cerbo to remotely monitor if alarm raises?

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Victron Blue Smart 12V 30A - easy exchange possible with present recharger?

Hello everybody,

in our new motorhome, I found a simply CBE CB516 battery recharger (16A). I'd like to mount two gel batteries instead of the ordinary one that was delivered with the car - and so I need to replace the battery recharger with a better one. I'd like to integrate a Victron Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A recharger. The old CBE device is responsible for a) recharging the battery and b) supporting 12V DC power to the car when AC230V is plugged in. But it's a really simple box with only one DC outlet... can I easily replace it with that Victron device?

Thanks for hints & help!


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Dc leakage

Good day,

We have built one ups with Eaton rectifiers modules and inverter Phoenix 800VA. We noticed that when we switched on the dc inverter mcb there was detected one leakage on the minus. We measured the voltages and on the plus side we had 22V and on the minus almost 0V! Do you think that we can eliminate this leakage by installing one big resistor maybe?

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charge, VenusOS and Lithium

I have been searching the internet to understand how the IP43 Smart Charge integrates into a VenusOS and Lithium based system. There seems to be a lack of information, or I'm looking in the wrong place ;)

Does anyone know if the VenusOS will via the VE.Direct port turn the charge on and off based on the BMS state information, as it does for the MPPT Smart Solar?

I don't believe that it is included in part of the DVCC Maximum Charge current yet.

Dose anyone know if the VenusOS can supply voltage sense information, through DVCC.

I don't really want to just buy a unit to test and find these things do not yet work. Anyone have any ideas on how well the VenusOS and Phoenix Smart IP43 Charge work over VE.Direct?

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Can I parallel the load output on mppt controllers?


I have the MPPT 100/20, can I buy a second one and connect it in parallel (solar, battery and load) to achieve 40A load output? (load output 'always on')

I realise there will be some cadveats to this config, and that I could use an external relay however I like the load monitoring capabilities.


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App says Orion Smart charging is disabled, current meter says otherwise.

My Orion Smart 12v/12v-18a charger is set up for LiFePo4 batteries. The iPhone app says charging is disabled, but my clamp-on current meter shows 10-15 amps. If I flip the remote switch, the app reports that immediately so it's not a Bluetooth connection issue. I've verified that the current meter is working, and I've power-cycled everything (including the phone).

If I turn off charging via the remote switch, I see the current go down to zero. So that's working at least.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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Using 200AH LFP bank to charge my “dead” FLA starter battery

This is a hypothetical situation but it’s winter here and the boat’s in storage, so... Here I am, sitting on the boat, at anchor. No shore power, but the 370W PV is keeping the LFP bank happy via the Victron 100/30 MPPT. I control both the starter/engine bank (FLA) and the house bank (2 100AH Battle Borns in parallel) with a 1-2-All-Off switch. BUT, I forgot to switch the circuit to “2” (house bank/LFPs) when I anchored, and the loads drained my FLA engine battery. The Orion 12/12-30 is off because the engine is off. Can I switch to “ALL” to allow the LFPs to push amps into the FLA battery to give it enough juice to start the engine? Yes, I’d measure the voltage at the FLA battery to be sure I had enough power to start the engine without compromising the LFP bank. Advice and suggestions, please?

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Monitoring suggestion: Cerbo GX vs (MK3-UB plus VE.BUS Smart Dongle plus Smart Battery Sense)?


I am narrowing down to an overall system design for my RV that will consist mainly of the following components:

+ MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80

+ SmartSolar (or BlueSolar) MPPT 100/20 (12/24V-20A)

+ NoName - Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12V 200Ah with active BMS

The end result should be monitorable and configurable from an iPhone or Mac. As far as possible I would like avoiding the installation of control panels for this time being.

Also, the system should take in care of both leisure and starting battery charging and status.

I had in mind 2 solutions:

A) Point to point - Accessed/Managed only with VictronConnect

+ MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80

- Accessory: MK3-USB interface (for cable configuration/monitoring on Mac i.e grid current limit)

- Accessory: VE.Bus Smart Dongle (for Bluetooth monitoring of the Inverter/Charger/Battery on iOS and Mac)

+ SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 (12/24V-20A)

- Accessory: Smart Battery Sense (for propert charging and Bluetooth monitoring of the MPPT/Battery on iOS and Mac)

- NoName - Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12V 200Ah with active BMS

- Accessory: ?

B) Centrally coordinated - Accessed/Managed with VictronConnect/VRM

+ Addition: Cerbo GX

+ MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80

- Accessory: VE.Bus Cable Connection to Cerbo GX

+ BlueSolar MPPT 100/20 (12/24V-20A)

- Accessory: Ve.Direct Cable Connection to Cerbo GX

+ NoName - Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12V 200Ah with active BMS

- Accessory: ? Some kind of connection to Cerbo GX

There is an evident extra expense for the Cerbo GX, at the same time it looks like I am saving using a BlueSolar instead of SmartSolar and also not needing a VE.Bus Smart Dongle and Smart Battery Sense

There is a gain i ncentral management and expansion possibility using the Cerbo GX also being able to connect it to tank levels monitoring and so on.

I am in doubt of the following:

is the MK3-USB interface is still needed to program the MultiPlus ?

How should the leisure 200 Ah be managed from the Cerbo GX?

How should the starter battery be managed from the Cerbvo GX

Are there missing components in the picture?

Any expert eager to comment on the two a) b) setup and maybe pointing out missing pieces? (like shunts, bms, lynx distributor..) .I am also concerned in how much the managing system (Cerbo GX) would consume.


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VE.Bus BMS and MultiPlus / Cerbo combination

I have wanted to be able to control the Multiplus via the Cerbo, but the VE.Bus BMS and VE.Bus BMS Assistant on the Multiplus block the Cerbo from changing the invert state between On / Off / Invert Only / Charge Only.

Having done some testing I have reverted to the 2-Wire BMS assistant on the Multiplus and wired the VE.Bus BMS Charge Disconnect to the Aux 1 port and Pre-Alarm to Aux 2, using an Inverting remote on-off cable. I am now able to change the status of the Multiplus from within the Cerbo Screens. The Cerbo correctly shows the VE.Bus BMS status through the relevant MultiPlus screen. Both disconnected at the moment.


I also had a VE.Bus Smart Dongle and found I could modify the status of the Multiplus via my phone as well. When status changed the Cerbo reflected that changed status. So I have a system working as I would like, but not using any functionality of the VE.Bus. I guess I could have achieved the same thing using the smallBMS with pre-alarm.

What I was wondering is if anyone can advise what functionality I might have lost by disconnecting the VE.Bus BMS from the VE.Bus?

I have noticed during my testing today that there is no Alarm or Error that is logged when the VE.Bus BMS signals load or charge disconnect, simulated by disconnecting the signal. The Cerbo clearly isn't triggering on the change of the Multiplus VE.Bus BMS status. I am not sure if it ever did alarm/alert when the VE.Bus BMS was connected via the VE.Bus port to know if I lost functionality. I do know a few weeks back I had a VE.Bus BMS Charge disconnect event and never saw anything on the Cerbo.

Hope people find this useful and it would be good to understand what functionality has been lost by taking this approach and not have the VE.Bus BMS communicating on the bus.

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BMS 12/200 and mppt connection

Hello, is it correct to connect the negative MPPT with the alternator to the AB socket of the BMS? this in order to also recharge the starter battery with the MPPT? thanks for your answer.

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