Smart shunt reads negative current


Iam installing a solar system in an airstream.

Mppt 100/50

Multiplus compact 12/1200

Iam having trouble with the smart shunt reading negative current/power, the polarity appears to be correct all loads go to my negative dc bus, to shunt, direct to battery and no load between shunt and battery negative. Would anyone have an idea what is going on?

Many thanks


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EV charger scheduler

I have just used my EV charger for the first time, scheduled to use cheaper electricity at night. Worked as expected/advertised but for a small and puzzling point. The charger turned on and was heading to turn off 1 hour late, as if the system (Multiplus 2, Cerbo GX, Battery ESS) is running on British Summer Time but the charger is on GMT. Anybody any ideas? I can see no option to change time zones.



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[MQTT] Looking for topic for Tank 140 sensor reading

I have a Tank 140 with connected 4-20mA water level sensor. I'm receiving data for the sensor but I'm struggling to find the readings in the MQTT server. Anyone have any pointers?

In fact, in more general terms, is there any documentation on how the MQTT server is structured?

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GlobalLink 520 location

Dear Community,

Is a GlobalLink 520 intended to determine its location via LTE-M triangulation and report that location to VRM? Or is VRM supposed to do this work? In either case, I do not get location information for my GlobalLink 520. If it is supposed to do so, is there something I need to enable?


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Does OPzV EOL?

In the past, the OPzV (2V cell) was part of the AGM/GEL datasheet.

I just observed it is not there anymore.

Does Victron just decide to give up on this battery chemistry?


PS: I am just curious. This is not a blame.

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Looking for a sanity check on my installing of 2 multiplus II charger / inverters

I am finishing up my AC Wiring diagram and wanted to get a second set of eyes before I start purchasing and installing.


Sailboat single house battery bank - 24V 400a

2 x Multiplus II 24v, 3kVA, 70a Charger / Inverters

1 Northern Light Generator 120v 50a

Available to me is 240v 50a shore power pedestal


The best approach is to let the Multiplus II inverter manage the AC output. To me this means both the AC Pedestal and Generator 120v 50a power is connected to the Multiplus II and the Inverter output is connected to the AC Panel. Each Multiplus Inverters should be connected to a separate AC panel because of potential out of phase AC Frequency scenario.

I can connect the Neutral (White Wire) from Panel 1 to Panel 2 so they share a common Neutral Wire?

My Approach:

To use a selector switch to select from Shore / Off / Generator. Blue Sea has one that will let me take 240v and split it into 2 x 120v outputs. On the output side of the Selector Switch would be a Voltmeter, Amp meter and two 50a breakers (1 for each Multiplus II). On the output side of breaker I would add a jumper so the White Neutral Wires where connected. Some diagrams show a busbar, not sure if that is required or showing your need to connect both Mutiplus unit to the same Neutral Wire on the charger side.

The Multiplus II Inverter AC-out-1 will have it's own dedicated AC panel with a 75A isolation breaker. Same goes for the second Muliplus II Inverter.

One remaining question is: Can I connect AC 1 Panel Neutral (White) to AC 2 Panel Neutral White to ensure both Inverter Neutral Legs are connected?

I would separate my AC loads to that each Panel was balanced.

Inverter's AC-out-2:

I am a sailboat so out side of my galley AC needs. The only other loads are two A/C Units, Water Heater and maybe a Washer / Dryer Combo. It would seem that I could manually just manage these loads via AC-out-1 by turning on and off the breakers / switches. There would be no need to have a separate AC-out-2 AC panel. Thoughts?

Any information and suggestion will be much appeached.

Thank you in advance

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Cerbo GX Setup Help

My shows up in the portal but is asking for WIFI Mac address which they state is on the sticker of the Cerbo. Not on mine it is not. Have 2 MPPT's, 12l12-30 dc to dc charger, smart shunt, Multiplus. lynx distributer, smart dongle and cerbo. the cerbo is only seeing one of my MPPT connected VE direct but not the other and not my Multiplus or shunt so naturally nothing shows on the screen. Really frustrated and need help please.

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Wind only ESS system, will it work?


I have designed this system, will it work for ESS?

We want to use only wind gen for now, add solar later. Use surplus wind to charge battery and/or export to grid. Top-up battery overnight when rates cheaper if not enough wind. Power site loads during the day.

Schematic of wind charge controller:


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SOC percentage scheduled charging

Why is it not possible to charge per 1 percent with scheduled charging? It go's in steps of 5% which causes some overvoltage issues with my BMS when it charges to 100%. 95% is a bit low, I would prefer to have the possibility to charge it to 99% if I want it to. Seems like a very simple change in the setting to apply

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One Phase Smart Meter with Ethernet for Cerbo


I use EM24 Ethernet Smart Meters to connect various players to my GX system (3 Quattro Units). These are made for three phases. Is there a one phase smart meter which connects via Ethernet to the CerboGX? I cannot use RS485.

PS: Victron should think about using MQTT to provide smart metering values to the GX, the support list of smart meter directly by the GX is .... too limited.

Thanks :)

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Bug or real consumption



in the VRM i can observe something strange in my ESS, see embeded picture. (black = strange consumer, blue = Phase where Multiplus2 compensates consumption from Grid)

System = Cerbo GX + Multiplus2 + Pylontech + EM24 Smartmeter -> Grid-connected.

Seems during certain time a ~280W consumer is turning on and off... (time-base for datapoints is 5min... i do not know whether that can be change so see more?)

In some of this timeframes the ESS finally states "i had to consume 0.1kWh from Grid", despite battery full / barely load.

Loking to the consumption the official Grid-meter reads ... i would claim that my ESS is better than consuming 0.1kWh per 3 day = i guess the EM24 counts a bit more pessimistic.

I like to get your opineon... is there somewhere a Bug or Real Consumption?



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EV Charging Station - feature request


I'm working on review of EV Charging Station for my YT channel - the first one with lcd, and to be honest... it's not the best victron product that i've seen.

Nevertheless I have small feature request that will improve the readings of power - if you have connection with cerbo, could you add voltage reading from cerbo? You already have those values in the system so it seems to be very easy to add that feature. Without this showing the charging power it's completly useless with this const power calibration parameter. Voltage in the system fluctuates... especially if you use power from the grid... in a sunny day here in Poland it could be 20V more than during the night. So 20V multiply by 16A and multiply by 3 phase it will give us almost 1kV of misreading ;(

@Lucian Popescu (Victron Energy Staff) - is it possible for you to add this kind off power calculation?


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Graphing information on soc vs active soc

Anyone know how to use the portal to graph the active soc over time?

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Maximum in-rush current for Quattro 24V/8000W

I am after the maximum inrush current for the Quattro 24V / 8000W, and the Multiplus 24V / 3000W

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VRM Commercial Assistance

Hi - I have 40+ VRM instances and require assistance from time to time. I am based in Australia and would generally like after hours // weekend assistance. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a commercial provider who can oversee any errors on my system and help troubleshoot for a fee? Might even be better if they're not based in Australia as the time zone difference could help. Thanks!

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