Isolation Transformer Frequency Conversion 230V (50Hz) <=> 115V (60Hz)

I understand that the isolation transformer can convert the voltages, but does it also alter the frequency? For example 230V (50Hz) to 120V (60Hz)? This one is important because the frequency will affect my devices that require 60Hz if they are getting 50Hz.

If the isolation transformer does not change the frequency, what can I use to change the frequency?

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BMV700 connected to NMEA2000 Network / Raymarine i70 can't scan the network


I have bought the VE-Direct Cable (ASS030520310 ) to connect a BMV700 to the NMEA2000-SeatalkNG network of the boat

I can display the Voltage, Ampères,and SOC on each display (Raymarine Axiom and i70, B&G Triton), this is OK.

But since, the Raymarine i70 can't scan the network anymore to define data sources. So I can't choose the RS150 antenna as speed (SOG) source, and the i70 displays "---" as speed.

If I disconnect the VE-Direct cable, the i70 works fine again.

The i70's firmware is updated. The version of the VE-Direct cable is 1.00. Is there a newer version ?

Best regards.


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Multiplus charge current control? assistant/ESS

Hi Folks... This is going to raise a few eyebrows I expect but none the less...

I have two Multi's 5000/48/70-100 and 5000/24/70-100.

They are connected in series, as in, the output of the 48 feeds the input of the 24. I have done this to take advantage of the assist feature, giving me more overall output whilst retaining the ability to use either system independently, external manual changeover switch, in the event that either system has an issue or needs to be switched off for maintenance/modification.

My solar is DC coupled to the 48 system and managed by the BYD battery ( Standard config :-) )

We are completely off grid so my system needs to be as fault tolerant as possible.

The configuration works well, AC input limit on the 24 protects 48 and can be used to determine which battery is actually supplying my loads, assuming that the load is les than 4kW at the time and I anticipate using charge current limit, dynamically, on the 24 to determine the balance of available charge current between the batteries.

I discovered that I cant directly connect both Multi's to the same VE.Bus as they immediately try to go parallel which isn't the goal and as far as I know would not work anyway.
I have connected the 24 to my CCGX via an MK3, which seems to work locally and within VRM.I
(I cant access the registers on the 24 via Modbus but that is a different question.)

I need to control the charge current limit and am aware that there is an assistant which I think will allow me to do so with an analogue input or potentially 1 or more digital in's

I am also aware that ESS is replacing this kind of functionality and was wondering if treating the 48 as a grid and running ESS on the 24 is possible and if it is weather it would be a better, more integrated, approach.

Questions In summery...

1) What options do I have for managing charge current limit remotely/externally?

2) Is ESS an option?

3) Is it possible to handle the second Multi, 24, as an AC coupled charger for the first Multi, 48, like AC solar?
In an ideal scenario it would be good to be able to cross feed energy in either direction and manage where available charge is going, as a system.

4) Is there a GX variant that will allow both Multis to be directly connected, so I have full access to parameters and remote config, whilst keeping the two systems from trying to parallel up?

Sorry this is a bit long, I wanted to provide an accurate context.


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ESS VE Config query when using current sensor instead of grid meter.

Hi All,

Quick question on VE Config setting.

Set Up - Parallel grid tied AC ESS, Multiplus II, Venus OS (pi4), 30m external Current Sensor connected directly to the Multi, existing PV with grid tied 'dumb' inverter using victron AC current sensor, (NO power meters).

Question1 - In VE Configure General Tab - 'External current sensor connected' - should this be ticked ? -

Question2 - Now in the ESS settings on the VRM portal after loading the assistants what do we select under 'Control without grid meter' - On or Off ? We have no grid meter as we are using the current sensor, however its a parallel system so the house loads are not installed on the AC out as stated in the ESS manual ?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any help you are able to offer.

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Color Control GX connection to Cerbo GX as an additional system monitoring

Dear Sirs, we set a Lithium system on a gulet and we installed Cerbo GX + 7" touch display in the engine room. We also connected Cerbo GX to Raymarine backbone to share this screen to the wheelhouse area. But we also want to install Color Control GX screen (from the old installation to put this unit in use again) which already exists onboard to monitor the system from the engine control room which the crew can easily access without entering the engine room.

1) Is anyone has any experience with such a usage of Cerbo GX + Color Control unit together?

2) Or do you have any other solution to share this screen in to control room?

If you can help us on that subject we will be appreciated it.

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Two different Lynx Shunt, one bus, one Cerbo

I have two different battery banks and two Lynx Shunt.

Both are visible with the Cerbo GX with ID 0 and 1, and also seen in VRM

But for the moment only one bank/shunt can be monitored.

How to get the two Lynx Shunt be monitored ?

I also have a VE.Can/NMEA cable and it is unusable. Data from both shunts are seen under Battery Bank 0 by different NMEA displays, instead of Battery Bank 0 and Battery Bank 1.

Any help will be welcome.

stephane-silvestre asked

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RS450/100 High pitch sound when charging?


I have a RS450/100 that is about a year old and started to make a very high pitch sound while charging. It's not excessively loud but very noticeable nonetheless. It started doing this in the last month or two.

Is this something to worry about, as a prelude to future issues, and have it looked at by a certified installer or ignore just it?



Ingo asked

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Overload and Low battery LED come on when i connect Temp Sensor

I have a Multiplus 3000/35/16 inverter connected to a cerbo GX. I had not connected the temperature sensor and recently when i tried to connect this to the temperature terminal block on the inverter i immediately got an overload + low voltage blinking LED status on the inverter. Curiously as well the inverter output voltage shot to around 270V. When i disconnect the sensor everything goes back to normal. Any one experienced this and any solutions for this?

arboldoly asked

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RCD placement in Multi-II ESS

Hi - on a 3x MPII 5000 ESS system, Victron requests a RCD Type A on AC-Out-1. We have realized that with a 4phase RCD 300mA. Does this RCD need to sit immediately at the AC out or can there be a distribution block in-between?

Background: we have a thick cable running back from the installation in the garage to the house, so the AC Out RCD is in line with the then following house connection. However, between AC Out and RCD in the garage, we have a block connecting AC out with solar inverter AC, wallbox (with separate 30mA RCD), some plugs (with separate 30mA RCD).

Any trouble/disadvantage with such an arrangement?

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Isolation Transformer, internally fused against overload?

Hi, is the current line of isolation transformers internally fused/protected against overload?

About to install a 2000W isolation transformer. Is there an internal fuse/protection? From the datasheet: "Input circuit breaker: yes". Meanwhile no information is provided in the manual about an input circuit braker, only the soft start.

Should there be an RDC/automatic fuse before and/or after the isolation transformer rated to protect the isolation transformer itself agains overload?

What current rating RDC should be installed to be sure that isolation transformer itself will not be damaged if too much current is drawn? 6A 8A 10A? Will think that the characteristic of the fuse be important here? ( A, B, C etc, C=1,45*Current rating for up to one hour use)

Thank you for any help :)

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CO2 Saving Calculation

Hi All,

I am in the planning phase of a big project that includes hundreds of off-grid solar systems, I have an issue with calculating the CO2 saving Targets. I relied on two sources of the calculation equations 1st is a document from the SMA company and the other is the data output from VRM of running a 22kWp system for 6 months. I found that the VRM result is 5 times the other ref.

I am kindly seeking your advice on the equations VRM uses to calculate the CO2 saving or other trustworthy references.

Appreciating your support.

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SmartShunt App/Alarm notifications

I have a BMV-712 in our Class C RV, when driving and/or camping the display is never used except for the audible alarm, otherwise I open the App on my Android phone

Our new travel trailer now comes into play. The audible alerts from the display are of no value when driving as we are not in the RV. When camping, since the batteries are up front, the display would need to be installed in the bedroom, not ideal

Do we know if Victron is working on Push/Text alerts when a display is not installed, such as with a SmartShunt?

Thanks, Rick

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VRM - Remote Console can't see SOc Pylontech Force L1

Hello everyone,

I connected a Pylontech Force L1 tot a Victron Cerbo GX.

As soon as the cables are plugged into "BMS Can" I see in the Remote Control Device list a Pylontech battery but the SOC, voltage and Amps are all 0 .

Any ideas why the Cerbo can't display the values?

Thanks in advance.



davidvm asked

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GX color Screen brightness control disappeared on firmware version 2.87

This control above the "Display off time" on the "Display & language" settings was present in previous version but no longer available. This seems like a bug. Will this be addressed in the next release?



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Pv-Anlage mit Victron Multiplus und Speicher inkl Überschusseinspeisung


Ich bin gerade bei der Planung einer kleiner PV-Anlage für mein EFH.

Einen Elektriker für den Anschluss und die Anmeldung ist da und die Lust/Zeit/Geld und der Gedanke endlich etwas Energie Sauber zu Produzieren auch :)

Zu meiner Frage:

Ich hatte vor einen Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 mit einer 3,2kwp Anlage zu verbinden. Als MPPT habe ich mir den SmartSolar MPPT 250/70-MC4 ausgesucht passend zum Aufbau.

Als Speicher nutze ich erstmal einen Pylontech Us2000C.

Das ganze läuft dann mit Cerbo GX und kleinem Display im Hausflur.

1. Habe es jetzt so verstanden, dass es möglich ist die 70% Reglung anzuwenden mit Hilfe einer Einstellung?

2. Ich möchte das Vorrangig der Strom der Anlage in den Speicher geht und das wiederum eingespeist wird im Haus wenn Lasten entstehen. Klar ist mir das ich durch den Pylontech limitiert bin was die Entladeleistung geht solange ich nicht mehr davon ins System einbaue. Sollte aber der Speicher voll sein soll der Victron einfach den "Überschuss" ganz normal mit der 70% Reglung einspeisen. Die Vergütung nehme ich gerne mit und der Ökostrom verpufft im nichts.

Stehe ich da vorm Baum oder verstehe ich was falsch?

Der Victron wird wie alle anderen Verbraucher mit dem AC OUT an die Verteilung gehängt. Ist die Einspeisung ins Hausnetz also immer auf 70% gedrosselt oder nur wenn er keine Lasten erkennt? (Lasten sind ja immer da, siehe Kühlschrank etc.)

Ich freue mich schon auf eure Ratschläge. Falls noch was fehlt ergänze ich gerne.

(Warum der Multiplus hier gewählt wird ist einfach das ich die Anlage so gerne testen würde und verstehen möchte, dass ich sie in 2 Jahren auch in meinem Waldhaus (Ohne Netzausbau also reine Insel) montieren kann)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Chris

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