ESS fully charging batteries with solar first?

Hello everyone,

We just installed a system with two Multiplus II 2kW 48VDC and Cerbo GX. The system is configured with ESS and every night the batteries are drained to the lowest SOC so the grid supports automatically. That's fine.

Early next day the MPPT controller begins charging the battery bank, and at the same time powering loads. I am wondering if it could be possible that the solar charger takes batteries at a full charge first, and meanwhile the inverters power loads from grid until the batteries reach 100% SOC. I mention this because batteries are not reaching 100% SOC. There is enough PV power to a full recharge but the power is shared at the same time with the loads. The idea is to charge batteries with solar first, without being discharged since early morning and keep them charged to be used at night.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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MultiPlus II Excess Solar

Designing a system and I have a question about how the MultiPlus II handles solar with full batteries.

Assuming AC charge connection, and the battery is full, and I have a 1200W load…. How is PV power used? Will PV power be used to power the load and given solar is not available or insufficient will it use the battery or grid to make up the shortage?

Basically I want to build a UPS type system, which has its run time extended by Solar during an outage, but during regular operation the load is offset by the solar…. Basically I don’t want the PV doing nothing whenever AC is connected.


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Reading more standard NMEA2000 devices

Do anyone can explain how we can read more standard NMEA2000 PGNs on Venus OS?

For example this device:

The device outputs all power parameters Voltage, Current, Hz, Power, Power factor, etc., and can be connected to a generator or shore power and possibly displayed on Venus to be monitored if one does not have Victron Inverter.

I don't understand why the system will not read more PGNs. How difficult will that be as it is already reading and writing from the NMEA2000 bus?

The PGNs that AOS AC Monitor device outputs are

PGN 127744 AC Power / Current - Phase A
PGN 127747 AC Voltage / Frequency-Phase A

There is another device that can be used for alternator current monitoring:

this one outputs PGN 127508 for current

These AOS devices also have WiFi connectivity and can be connect to the WiFi network and provide data over the network for integration with AOS.

There must be a way to add more devices to Venus OS
Can someone please explain?

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12/1600 Easy Solar slow shore charge

After 10 months of use with no problems, my EasySolar unit has run into problems when trying to shore charge at home/campsites.

I have a 200ah Victron LifePo4 battery, BMV-712 Smart and 16/1600 Easy Solar, connected to three 175w Victron Panels and controlled via a Multi-Control unit and the victron app.

A few weeks ago when on shore power I noticed that the charge was incredibly slow. (1-2% per hour). I suspected the campsite might have limited amps, but have encountered the same issue now at home and elsewhere. It seems to be constantly stuck in Float on the multi control panel.

I read in the manual that you can kick the unit into forced absorption by flicking charger only on / off four times which I tried and indeed the unit will then kick into a higher amp charge (40amps) but will tail off over the next 20-30 minutes.

Therefore to get a full charge I have to force absorption 5/6 times in order to get the battery up to the required voltage. This is impractical as it requires staying in the van and is obviously not best practice for the system.

I have the setting a for lithium battery and haven’t changed any other settings via bluetooth, but cannot tell what the issue is or how I could connect to the multiplus to change the settings.

I have no issue charging via MPPT or with the Orion, just when I plug in.

Feeling a bit stuck!

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APS: Document states SolarEdge back end needs changing. SolarEdge state it doesn't.

Hi, I've set up my new Quattro as per the instructions in this document and in normal use it's all working fine. However there is a line in section 3 that states

"Note: In addition to the settings above it is important to contact SolarEdge Support to change a parameter in the backend to allow the frequency shifting with APS mode."

Having contacted SolarEdge they seem to think everything is set up fine on the machine and there is nothing to do from their backend. Does anyone know what that might be referring to please? I will often be running with a full battery and a lot of export so don't want to damage anything if there is a power cut in the summer.



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High charge current alarm

Hello, hoping someone can advise me with a High charge current alarm.

I have an off grid system

Fronius inverters

Victrion multi plus

and Pylontech battery's (30kwh useable)

The problem I am having is when the Batteries are full and my inverters are restricting the power off the roof until a large load is being used (e.g kettle) then the inverters step up to provide for the load.

Once the load is switched off the power is diverted to the already charged batteries causing "High charge current alarm"

any help would be appreciated (-:

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Possible to remote start generator with bluetooth on Cerbo GX? Honda Eu70is BLE remote starter.


I have a 2020 model Honda Eu70is generator, which is equipped with a bluetooth BLE remote starter. Since the Cerbo has a built-in bluetooth module, I was thinking that some smart guys here might have some experience with the bluetooth capabilities.

I already have my cerbo connected to ruuvi BLE temperature sensors, so the cerbo should be able to pair with the Honda as well. How to start to look at this, any suggestions?

I can't find any way to search for bluetooth devices in the Cerbo Gx console.

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PWM LCD USB 12V 5A : 1.1v voltage at PV terminals while PV disconnected


Equipment : PWM LCD USB 12V 5A + PV victron 30 wc + battery superpack 12.8v lithium.

With the PV (30 wc) disconnected, there is always 1.1V displayed by the "PV voltage display" and by voltmeter measurement of the +/- PV terminals of the controller. The battery is 100% charged. Is this normal? Is this residual voltage coming from the battery?

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PWM LCD USB 12V 5A : tension de 1.1v aux bornes PV alors que le PV déconnecté


matériel : PWM LCD USB 12V 5A + PV victron 30 wc + batterie superpack 12.8v lithium.

Avec le PV (30 wc) déconnecté, il y a toujours 1.1V d'affiché par « l'écran de tension PV » et par mesure au voltmètre des bornes +/- PV du régulateur. La batterie est à 100 % de charge. Est-ce que c'est normal ? Cette tension résiduelle vient de la batterie ?

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ZTT Batteries

Good day friends. I bought Victron Quattro II 5000 cause in Ukraine now very big problems with electricity. This is very good item and I'm very happy with it. But I have some problem. My wife bought two Lithium batteries 100Ah per one 48v from ZTT LLC ( This is good factory and ZTT is the general partner of Ukrainian Electricity Systems - Ukrenergo and DTEK. When I connected batteries to my invertor, batteries are working, charging but from time to time goes down to alarm. I see that no connection between BMS-CAN of invertor and batteries. I call to tech support of ZTT and they helping me now to connect this everything. But they told that I need to buy RS485 to RJ45 Convertor. I also make an order for it but maybe somebody know is it really need this convertor or maybe I need to make normal cable? Or maybe somebody know how to connect Victron with third-party batteries. I also read manual about 3d-party batteries and no one article can't help me. Please help with some information cause this invertor help for me and my family to make heat in my house. Thank you

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Doubt about battery tower connection
Hello, we have a question, we have recently installed 4 Pylontech US5000 battery  with a capacity of 100AH each (400AH in total). 

The four are in parallel and we have thought that the 35mm paylontech cables are scarce since they would only hold about 70 AH of discharge. 

Do we put the batteries two by two to a busbar where they join or do we put the first and the last with two cables each?

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Why has the new Quattro 2 not been submitted to ENA for G99 approval yet ?

Is there someone from Victron that can answer this please? I really need to know if the model is going to be submitted for approval for G99 . If it's been delayed waiting for the other models to get approval then i can wait .

But if there are no plans to submit it then i will need to sell the model and get something else , and i'd rather do that sooner than later .

A wall of silence concerning the issue doesn't really inspire customer confidence.

I can see the 3 bigger Quattro models have now gained approval which is great news.

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Victron ESS with Solaredge zero feed in?


There is a system:

3 х MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48, PV Inverter Solaredge SE7K-RW0TEBNN4 PositionAC output

All settings have been made as per the document:

Cerbo GX has all settings and restrictions set

As a result, there is generation into the grid


Question: How do stop generation into the grid?

Thanks to everybody willing to help!

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Raspberry Pi VenusOS shows ‘off’


Hello I’ve recently installed VenusOS on a Raspberry Pi 4B. v2.90 installed, updated to v2.92. Using VE.Direct to USB cable, I've connected to a SmartShunt. Battery information is being logged in VRM. On the remote console, things do not look right - the ‘off’ status in particular.

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Can PWM Light Stay Connected During Generator Engine Start?

I'm curious if my PWM Light bluesolar (for 12v battery) charge controller is okay to stay connected with an autostart feature on the 32kva genset. Or should I keep the generator off until disconnecting the two solar panels before using the battery to start? Normally this setup is for a battery for camping, but the generator batteries usually are dead before I need the generator and tired of having to jumpstart from a vehicle.

I'm currently using the PWM on H (manual) setting, but if there is a recommendation of a different setting for my setup would appreciate hearing. Thank you

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