How to tell why system is dropping grid

The last couple of days my 3 phase multiplus II 5kva system has been deciding around 11am to disconnect from the grid and run off of battery/solar until around 4pm.

I presume the system is upset about grid voltage or something, but I can't actually spot any place inside the Cerbo GX that may indicate what it considers to be the problem.

As far as I can tell, the grid voltage on all phases is less than the overvoltage 10 minute average value configured in ve.config for each multiplus.

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AC Power Requirement - Victron Blue Smart IP65 24V 13 Amp Battery Charger

In order to maximise the output from a Victron Blue Smart IP65 24V 13 Amp Battery Charger, what AC input power is required @240v in watts ? The info is required so I can assess the size of generator required to run the charger remotely.

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Solar Controller consumption data no longer displayed in Android app after update.
After the most recent update my solar controller (MPPT 100/15) no longer shows the consumption current in the android app.

I was monitoring the consumption immediately before and after the update. It is powering all the lights in my Airstream so it is obviously still working. Immediately after the last update it started displaying 0 and has been at that level since when it should be at 40-100 watts. The power is still being consumed, the unit is still operational, it is just that the app does not display it.

The total daily consumption is still displayed in the history section, it is only the the status page that displays nothing for load output. Solar and Battery states are still displayed normally.

Any way to revert the last update? Any other way to resolve this now?

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Fronius Error state 107 - Off grid with Fronius on Output

Hi All.

I have a Fronius Eco on the output of 3x 15kVA Quattro inverters.

PV Inverter assistant is loaded and the GX device picks up the Fronius inverter successfully.

The Fronius give error state 107 - The AC grid outside the allowed limits.

Please assist?




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SmartSolar-MPPT 2 string or 1 string


I have 2 diffrent angle panel strings becasue of my setup only 1 set can be angled at 35deg south facing and the other string only 12deg south facing. All panales are the same 1p5s 365w 40v VoC

My question is there any benerfit of 2 strings and there for using the RS 100 over 2s5p on a 250/60
There is no option to place them both at 35deg due to space.

Im in the uk hence the 35Deg optimum, the shed its on has a 12deg roof and not enough room to set them all to 35deg.

Obviously I could also go for twin 250/60 but being slightly more cost then the Rs100 it doesnt make sense to double up.

I'm making an assumption that the RS100 can take 450v on each tracker? as I coudlnt work this out based on the spec sheet. although possibly in the manual/setup if i looked harder



Edit: I can also see that while the 250/60 have 4xMC4 connectors as it only has 1 tracker it only really assist in connecting higher AMPs parallel settings by deviding them across 2 input pairs and I dont think it would assit with 2 diffrent angle string albeit they are both same south facing. I'm also expecting the lower ones on the roof to suff shading issue during winter and want to avoind them dragging down the other string which should have this problem

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Connect both multiplus and alternator to Argo FET input?

I currently have my multiplus connected directly to my service battery and the alternator connected to the input of my Argofet. The service battery is conencted to output 1 of the argofet, the engine battery to output 2 of the argofet and the battery of my bowthruster to output 3
In this configuration :
- when the alternator runs all 3 battery systems are charged : service, engine and bowthruster.
- when the multiplus is charging (connected to the grid), it only charges the service battery. The engine battery is charged as I connected the connnector meant for that on the multiplus directly to the engine battery.
- however my bowthruster battery is not charged at that moment.

However, I was thinking : why don't I connect the multiplus also to the input of the Argofet instead of directly to the service-battery, that way when the multiplus charges, it will also charge the bowthruster-battery?
Is this possible?

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Proper ADD Setup for 4 Pylontech US3000 Connected in Parallel

I'm not sure what this part of the manual means. I have one group of 4 batteries in parallel. How should I set this up?




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Class T fuse speed for Multiplus

My Multiplus 12/3000 calls for a 400A Class T fuse. Many suppliers are out of stock but I find that some Class T fuses available are slow blow and some are fast acting JJN and extremely fast acting TJN. What type does Victron recommend?

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Symo Hybrids with Multiplus-2

I would like to use a Fronius Symo Hybrid in an AC-coupled system with a Multiplus-2.

Is it possible to use the Symo Hybrid for that? And if so, can i configure it to only use its inverter?

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Suitability of 2 x multiplus 3kVA in split phase configuration to run 1 HP pump

I've asked this question through a dealer channel but no response from Victron for over a week so hoping I can get an answer here.

I have a 115/230V 1600w jet pump in an off-grid application. I'm considering using two Multiplus 3kVA units in a split phase configuration to run the pump at 230V.

The concern is whether the Multiplus system can handle the inrush current of the pump.

The pump starts and runs fine with my 5kW 240V generator, and using a clamp meter I measure 34.5A of inrush. That's 8280W of surge.

According to the Multiplus specs, a 3kVA unit can handle 6000W of surge. With two units in a split phase configuration that provides 12000W of surge.

It appears there is suitable headroom to do this but I'd like some assurance before moving forward.

Is my math correct? The other unknown is how long of a surge the Multiplus unit can handle.

And if it does handle it, will a warning be generated every time the pump starts?

Thanks for any advice!

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Victron Connect to GX connected devices times out

Trying to use Victron Connect via the VRM tab and it hangs up on the "connecting" at 40% and then times out with an "unable to retrieve" message

I can access the system via VRM normally, see all the devices in the device list, run the Remote Console, all the usual things, but just cannot connect to any VE.Direct devices via Connect/VRM.

Tried rebooting the Cerbo but no difference. Also tried running Victron Connect from Windows PC, Tablet and Phone and identical results - hangs up on 40% and then times out.

Is this a local installation issue or VRM system glitch? (worked fine always until today).

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VRM on iPad2 is not loading


Just noticed that VRM portal stopped working on my iPad2.

I got a blank screen.

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VRM Download - columns keep shifting

I am wanting to link a Pivot Table and Graph to downloaded data. But every time I download a new CSV, the column position of the data fields have changed!

Is there any reason why this is happening and is there any way to stop it? it is very frustrating to have to go in and edit multiple columns each and every time I do a download :(

I thought I would provide some examples ....

Went into the download and selected random time ranges, downloaded, then another range, downloaded, and repeated a few times. sometimes the column positions didn't change but usually they did.

Below is a screenshot of three CSV files and a random set of columns, but with some of the data I am needing to extract (Ah consumed, current and voltages)

Columns on bottom sheet shifted one place left compared to top sheet. What is not good at all is that the fields in the middle and the bottom sheets look the same - except they are for different Battery Monitors! - that really screws up the analysis :(

(and note this is just some columns I picked on to show. I didn't check all (around 12) columns I am interested in).


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AC Coupled PV Fronius 8.2 with a Quattro 15kv too slow to throttle

Quattro 15kv, Fronius Primo 8.2 with 7900w PV, 3 x Kilowatt labs 3.55kw modules, 2300w PV running thru a 150/70 Victron charge controller, Off Grid MG50

Maximum charge voltage of the modules are 54v and if they are fully charged and the AC PV is supplying 4000w with 4000w Quattro loads and the loads drop off, The system is way too slow to react in shifting the HZ to throttle the AC PV. (3 to 5 min)

I had to reduce the max charge voltage of the modules via the Quattro to 53v to allow a full volt of slow down time. Seems to be working at the moment.

Is there any way to increase the speed the Quattro ramps up the HZ to throttle the Fronius?

(I’m using the standard settings in the VE configure assistant to control the Fronius)

Should I Adjust Victron HZ shift values in the inverter to suit the Fronius values?

What are the correct Fronius Primo 8.2 inverter HZ shift values ?

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Connexion bluetooth

Bonjour. J'ai un victron mppt75/50 et je n'arrive plus a me connecter au dongle. La led erreur au moment de la connexion (qui n'aboutit jamais) puis redevient fixe. Il semble que le problème soit arrivé après l'installation de l'avant dernière mise a jour. Je voudrais réinstaller une version antérieure de victron connect pour voir si le problème viens de là. Savez vous où je pourrais la trouver? Merci

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SimpliPhi LiFePo4 Batteries

Has anyone in the community used Simpliphi 48V 3.8 kWh batteries with any of the Victron inverter chargers?

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Charge characteristic adjustment in the Impulse charger


I need help. I have an Impulse 12 / 24V 8A charger. I can set the charging characteristics by changing the DIP switch. I just don't have a table that should be set by the DIP switch. Can I use the settings for Impulse S12 because I only have them. Thanks.


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Control CerboGX relays via CZone with VE.Can to NMEA2000 ?


I want to connect my Cerbo GX to the NMEA2000 network using the VE.CAN->NMEA2000 cable (ASS030520200). Would it then be possible to control the relays of the CerboGX via the NMEA2000 network (i.e. via CZone) ?

Would it also be possible to read out the binary-inputs of the Cerbo GX via the NMEA2000 network?


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I get negative values when reading "inverter current" via modbus, can I adjust that ?

name: Inverter Current

hub: victron

slave: 236

register: 3100

unit_of_measurement: A



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Alternator and solar panel to PPP 40 (not or)?


I would like to connect both, alternator and solar panel to my PPP 40 (not or). Can I do this with Schottky diodes (max. 30A, see specs attached)? Or do I need to selected the charge input (alternator or solar) via a switch, which of course is less comfortable. Thank you for your feedback. Damian


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Lynx Shunt VE.Can mV values

What are the Amps -> mV values for the Lynx Shunt VE.Can 1000?

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Error Message: 'Incompatible VEBus configuration' Error: mk2vsc-61

I commissioned a 135kVA (9 x 15kVA) system on Friday and am trying to adjust settings but getting this error when trying to download configuration:


I see there is something in Gitmemory about this being an issue > 6 units but it seems solved:

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Venus Docker Grafana 64-bit Images

Good day

I have a 64-bit Raspberry Pi 4 with an Ubuntu operating system on which I have installed a 64-bit Docker system.

Now I am wondering if anyone can help me to find the venus-docker-server, venus-docker-grafana and venus-docker-upnp images that I can use, if such images are available.


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Bluetooth connection problem

Does any one have an idea when the Bluetooth connection problem will be solved?
Since I updated my smartsolar and BMV I have to keep putting my phone(Android) in airplane mode every time.
It's so bad and annoying, I have 4 devices and as soon I connect the first one all others go Busy and appear grey.

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IP22 - Lead from charger to battery


I was recently gifted a VICTRON Blue Smart Battery Charger 12V 30A IP22 (3) Outputs to replace an old Euro style charger for my caravan.

Unfortunately, the gift did not include a lead to connect from the Charger screw terminal (AwG6) to my battery. I would prefer a lead without clamps.

All I can seem to find is IP65 accessories.

What lead do I need to go from the IP22 to the battery?

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Ve.bus BMS and Multiplus in Passthru

On a boat installation, I have an existing 3k/12/120 Multiplus (current firmware) and have just swapped out AGM batteries for Victron LFP batteries and added a ve.bus BMS plus a Cyrix Li-ct.

BMS assistant installed in Multiplus.

At first startup, I am getting a low battery led on the Multi, even though voltage across the multi's battery terminal shows 14.5, and the Multi is stuck in Passthru mode.

No charging and no inverting functions.

The BMS V+ voltage is 14.6, but the Load Disconnect and Charge Disconnect outputs are low, 0V.

Is it possible the BMS is defective? How would I bench test the BMS.

There was a Cerbo in the system, but it is disconnected at the moment.

Victron Connect thru the MK/USB interface shows everything normal in the Multiplus.

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Thermal breaker on AC IN of Multiplus

Hi dear community, I know this question has been asked before, but I didn't see any answers. I want to check whether the thermal breaker has tripped on a Multiplus Compact 24/2000 at one of my clients´ installation. The charger is not taking the generator input and I have already done all the recommended generator parameters adjustments on the Multiplus via Remote Config. The problem has to be something else. The manual says to reset the thermal breaker if the charger is not working, but the front plate of the Multiplus does not have any sign of a breaker. It must therefore be on the inside I presume. I am not physically close to the installation, so I want to guide my customer on how to do it.

Thanks for any pointers.

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BlueSolar PWM arrow fast blinking

I have a BlueSolar PWM Charge Controller – LCD - USB and a generic PWM charing the same LiFEPO battery with build in BMS (LionTron).

Very often when the sun shines, the BlueSolar 's arrow between the Solar Panel icon and Battery starts blinking fast. ( not the slow float blinking, but fast like 4x per second ). The charge current is also low (but not zero).

When I reset the PWM ( disconnect solar panel and battery / Or switch between B4 and B5 and back, so PWM reboots ) the blinking stops and the PWM charges maximum current.

I wonder why it is doing that. There is no mention about fast blinking in the manual. I asked the question to Victron through my reseller, but that did not get me an answer.

Does anybody know what this blinking means ?


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