Fonctionnement du limiteur dynamique de courant QUATTRO 8000


Je souhaite utiliser le limiteur dynamique de courant sur 3 QUATTRO 8000 en parallèle et 1 GE de 22kVA brancher sur AC-IN-1 pour 2 fonctions distinctes :

1- ne jamais dépasser le courant max de sortie du GE (32A/phase). Réglages à 30A shore limit AC1? Faut-il cocher le "Déterminé par panneau de contrôle"?

2- limiter le courant de charge de la batterie en fonction de la puissance soutirée par les consommateurs. En cochant le "limiteur de courant dynamique"?


Pouvez-vous m'aider car je ne suis pas sûr des réglages à paramétrer?

Merci à vous.

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How to set up EasySolar II GX in a configuration which prevents feeding energy back to grid ?

Does the EasySolar II GX feed energy back to the grid by default? If so, how can i prevent that?
otherwise if it doesn't by default, can safely connect it to the grid ?

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Multiplus II 48/8000 off grid generator sizing

Hi everyone
I am trying to spec a generator for my planned offgrid setup which includes a multiplus II 48/8000 linked to a 930amp wet cell battery bank, I believe the recommended minimum for the 48/8000 works out somewhere around 11kva but my question is would that 11kva allow for any passthrough when the charger is running at full power, my rough calculations (which could be wrong) tells me there is a little kw spare but not a huge amount and obviously there are loses along the way.
With trying to keep fuel usage to a minimum I am looking to try optimise the generator size to fuel usage to the throughput I need and keep the charger going at it's best.

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comptage le plus précis avec MP II pince AC ou ET112


Mon installation et constitué d'un Multi plus II 5Kva 230v/48v

actuellement le relevé des conso et fait par la pince ampèremétrique relier au MP II

le MP et régler en ESS avec un point de consigne réseau à 0W

en regardant VRM sur mon tel en réseau local celui ci m'indique des valeur import ou export de l ordre de quelle que watt mais quand je regarde sur mon linky au même moment j'ai souvent des import et j ai des valeurs qui tourne à 500Va

de même sur le portail VRM il y a un écart de valeur entre ce qui et relever par le linky et la pince du MP (environ 10KwH sur la ligne Depuis réseau) et la somme des valeur de conso ne retombe pas a zéro


Ma question et la suivante le quel des comptage et le plus précis la pince AC direct sur le multi ou le compteur ET112 connecter en rs485/usb sur le venus

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How to charge a starter battery from leisure battery?

Goal : I want to use my vehicle's indoor lights and ventilation during the night (3A 12V).

Setup : I currently have an independant solar and battery setup (700W solar 160AH of usable LiFePO4 battery)

Proposed solution : I think I could use an Orion-TR 12/12-9 converter taking power from my leisure battery and use the cigarette lighter circuit to charge the starter battery (15A fuse so everything seem alright). (The vehicule manufacturer said it's ok to let the car at "on" for long periods if I charge the battery.)

- Will it work?

- If I start the engine and the alternator is working at the same time as the converter, will it cause problem? (alternator and converter in parallel, seems ok from the manual from the possibility of paralleling multiple converters)

- Have I other solutions?


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Relay assistant- generator manual start/auto stop.

Hi Folks.

I'd like to add a function to my multiplus whereby I can manually start my generator and have it stop automatically when bulk charge is complete, but also stop if I tell it to.

Using programmable relay assistant- would this work?

assistant1-use programmable relay. (start/run generator)

Close relay if aux input is closed for >1s (push button start)

assistant2-use programmable relay.

open relay if bulk charge finished for >300s (automatic stop)

assistant3- use programmable relay.

open relay if aux input is closed for >1s (push button stop)

Would assistant1 get in a fist fight with assistant3? I think not, as a close should over-ride an open but I'd like advice on this.



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MultiPlus II Inverter cutoff NOT at the low-shutdown voltage

I have started setting up a 48V LiFeP04 battery system with a MultiPlus II 48/5000/70-50. Before the installation, I am now doing various tests to understand all the features and parameters of setting up the MP-II. When I did the low-shutdown voltage test, I found that the MP-II shutdown the inverter before the set voltage.

I have voltage sense wire connected to the +ve and -ve ends at the battery pack. I set the low-shutdown voltage to 44v in VictronConnect. I do not use ESS Assistant. When the load is around 70A, the voltage at the battery connection terminals of MP-II is around 0.65V lower than that at the battery +ve/-ve terminals. The current drawn was kept stable at around 70A. When the voltage shown in VictroConnect dropped to 44.38V, the MM-II shut down the inverter. Before the shutdown of the inverter, the voltage was gradually/slowly dropping so the 44.38V was not caused by a sudden voltage drop. At the time of the inverter shutdown, the voltage at the MP-II battery connection terminals were 43.73V.

Can anyone help and tell me why MP-II shut down the inverter before the set voltage in my case?

Thank you.

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Orion-Tr Smart 12/12 30A absorb voltage exceeds configured value

I just bought an Orion-Tr 12/12 30A charger to charge my lithium batteries from the alternator (this is on a boat). In a way that I cannot understand, absorption voltage consistently exceeds the value I configured when the input voltage is higher than the configured value. See the following screenshots (Absorption voltage is set to 14.00 but Absorption charge is at 14.3V):



I am running v1.06 firmware.

Is this a known problem? It renders the charger completely unusable for me since this voltage causes a cell over voltage situation for the batteries I have.

Thanks a lot.

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VictronConnect "switch to grid" timer - software glitch?


I tried to work it out somehow but no matter what I set up its switching to grid after 15 maybe 20sec.

I need it set something between 2-5mins.

Changing loads etc no makes any difference.

15sec, top 30 and switched.

It's under multiplus 48/3000

Check out please.


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Battery Protect not waiting 90 seconds

I have a Battery Protect 220. The loads are all on the correct side.

I have a charger/inverter (not victron, sadly) and that is not protected with the battery protect because it's a charger. Thus, I was hoping to use the relay contact on the BP to disconnect the charger/inverter. I haven't done that yet.

The issue is when the charger/inverter line is reconnected, the BP disconnects and reconnects. It does not wait 90 seconds. It does not display anything on the segment display. Neither the BP nor the smartshunt register a drop in voltage. I don't have an ammeter capable of measuring the inrush current.

Any ideas?

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Skylla-IP65 Parallel not connecting to Cerbo GX

I have a couple of Skylla IP65 1+1 chargers "24v/35a 1 output model" connected in parallel. I have them linked together via the VE.Can and a Cerbo GX. They were operating normally until I connected I put online a Quattro 5000. Now they say not connected... I have tried everything I can think of. If there is anything I may be missing please let me know.

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Can Bus / MCP2515 / Raspberry Pi 4

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been covered but i've not found anything.

I tried with a RP4, v 2.73, and it runs but the Wavestore Hat RS485/CAN doesn't work, I can't get the CAN (MCP2515) to load at all.

I've booted normal Ubuntu and got the CAN interface up, so I know the hardware is ok, it just seems like the overlay or something just won't load.

I've tried loads of different things, like changing overlays, naming, etc, disabled bluetooth, don't seem to be able to get the driver loading.

Anyone got a fix or clue what to look at?

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BYD premium LVS and Victron multiplus ESS questions

I don't understand a few things.
This is a test setup and only a switch is connected as a load.

1. I see that I supply back to the grid, but why does it say 0.0 kWh to grid?


2. I have a BYD premium lvs 12.0, which is charged to 100% daily.
Every morning the battery is at 96% with a constant load of 5W + the self-consumption of the Victron Multiplus.
Every day 2.0 kWh is charged to get the battery back to 100%.
How is it possible that the battery loses 2 kWh per day with a constant 5 watt load ?

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After replacing GX device, all instance ID’s change

After replacing my GX device, all VRM instance numbers have changed. I did the procedure as told, installed new GX device, all other devices, got the new device up and running on VRM, and then when both showed up, I went to old devices general and the place where I selected to replace with new one. All historibis there, but on different Instance ID. So I dont have uninterrupted solar power history, i have old devices instance id history and the new ones started from nil… how do I combine those?

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VRM re-register device, do not receive email to confirm new installation

Trying to register device after I reinstalled Cerbo-gx, but do not receive email to confirm new installation. Trying to "forget password" does not solve this problem. Receives email when resetting password, but not to register new device. Uses g-mail and I have checked the spam filter.

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Multiplus 48V 3000VA 35AMP - Multiplus AC IN not charging from generator after thunderstorm

I have a standard Off grid solar configuration been running with it for 4 years now. Since the last thunderstorm, my Multiplus is not charging through AC-IN connected to my Diesel Generator but is charging through the battery input.
While my multimeter read 230 on AC-IN VE-Configure read 0V when the Diesel generator is ON.

How should I proceed to investigate further the root of the problem ?
A friend of mine suggested to it might be the relay is KO but i don't know how to test it and if I can replace it.

Thanks in advance!

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VE.Direct Dongle with BlueSolar MPPT connects but fails at 95%

I have a new bluetooth dongle connected to an existing BlueSolar MPPT MPPT 150/35. It's visible in VictronConnect, and shows the correct solar controller. However, it always fails connecting at 95%. I've reproduced on Android, iOS, and Mac.

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Findet VRM Portal ID nicht mehr.

Hallo, bekomme Fehler bei der Installation meines Multiplus 2 GX auf VRM Portal. Hat kurzzeitig funktioniert, als ich über einen USB-Switch einen USB Stick eingesteckt habe. Nach dem Wechseln des Sticks ging kein VRM Portal mehr und erkennt auch kein USB Stick mehr. Findet VRM Portal ID nicht mehr. Bitte um Hilfe. Weiterhin Buchse keine Spannung, funktioniert nicht. ich bitte um hilfe.


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MPPT RS 450/100 and Cerbo - no connection? + VRM no refresh


I have some small problem with RS and VRM,

I cannot add MPPT to Cerbo via BT or VE.Can on top of that VRM is completly not refreshing my data.

I think i tried everything, i saw there is more people struggling with this but i didn't find any fix yet.

IS it something from inside of Victron and need to wait for fix or its problem with my system?

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Could not get the remote control working with Phoenix Inverter Compact 24/2000


I want to control my Phoenix Inverter Compact 24/2000 from the remote switch.

The DS switches are configured with factory settings:

- DS1 is off

- DS2 is on

which should make operable the "on-off/charger only" switch.

However when I short the the right terminal with the middle terminal in 'remote swicth' connector, the output alternating current is still there.

Did someone face (and solve!) a similar issue ?

thank you!

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Why Steady 'Green LED' on Vic 12/30 DC/DC Orion If Setting is on "Charge" and Tundra Is 'off'?

'05 Tundra, on Battery Tender, Smart Alternator, motor off, DC/DC setting on 'Charge' but steady green LED is on....when I open the breaker the green LED goes out and no 'output' then shows on the Vic Connect DC/DC screen....

2 possible meanings according to Victron....In 'Power Mode', it is not or in " 'float stage' [battery charged]".

Sooooo, what is happening?


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Two way House/starter charging

On my camper van I have an easysolar unit charging the 24V house batteries.

There's a basic Orion 24/12 for the light 12V loads which also feeds the a votronic trickle charger for the starter battery. With 600W solar, this would be enough without mains hookups.

As winter draws in I realised that if I want to spend a lot of time off grid, the solar feed won't be enough.

Was thinking of adding an Orion 12/24 10 smart charger to charge the house battery when I'm driving.

Anyone done this? Anything to watch out for?

kevgermany asked

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Consumed Amphours not showing in VRM

I have just installed Pylontech batteries and everything is working fine but the Amphour consumption is not being displayed in the VRM Portal

Am I missing a setting?

Config is:
MultiPlus II
Blue Solar MPPT
Cerbo GX
PylonTech US2000C


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Multiplus starts charging from grid when SoC limit is reached


lately I discovered a strange behaviour of my Multiplus. When the battery reaches the SoC limit at night, it will start to charge the batteries with around 120W from grid. It will not stop to do so even if the SoC is above the limit.

My install:

3x Multiplus II 48/3000 running Firmware 481

1x Cerbo Gx running v2.80~16-large-21

8x Pylontech US2000C

2x Fronius Galvo



How can I prevent this behaviour?

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ESS Sustain current 2k BMS

Ich verwende Multiplus 2 GX mit einem ESS und konfiguriere das 2-Kanal-BMS.

Wenn die bms das Signal UVP geben, beginnt das Multi mit dem maximalen Strom zu laden. und es wird nie aufhören.

das ist ein Problem. gibt es dafür eine lösung? Ich würde, dass das Multi mit einer max. 5 Ampere Strom und stoppen Sie den Ladevorgang bei der Erhaltungsspannung. Oder kehren Sie zum normalen Gebrauch zurück, wenn das UVP-Signal verloren geht.

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Long term power off - settings saved?

Hi, my motorhome is going into storage for a few months - (no solar, no shore power). I have Victron LiFePo4 batteries on board with a Multiplus, VE.Bus BMS, Cerbo GX, smartshunt, Lynx Power In, Orion.

I had planned on the following

0. Turning the multi off at the DMC panel

1. flipping the breakers (off) for the charge input (solar and orion), and load output.

2. Pulling the main fuses from the Lynx so that the batteries are isolated from all load/charge

Anything else I've forgotten?

Will my settings on my MultiPlus and Cerbo GX be saved if they are without power for several months?


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HTML5_app---- Fronius inverter off grid setup

Hi is it possible to show the Fronius PV inverter details in an AC coupled off grid system when viewing system information with the HTML5 app?

Cheers Drae.

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Autotransformer output voltage different

I just purchased a 100A Autotransformer, with 240V input from a generator and expecting two equal split phase outputs. Below are my readings (5v difference)


Generator output 235VAC

L1-N is 115VAC

L2-N is 120VAC

Loaded ~226VAC



I have swapped my loads on the output and no help. Also removed PE coming from generator to remove any question of N/PE bonding in the home electrical panel. I see other posts where differences were noticed but none connected to 240 on the input. I can only explain this by the center tap of the transformer is not accurately placed. Any ideas? I have started RMA process.

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Catch 22: must upgrade but can't upgrade 100/20 in remote location as Venus is powered by load output 100/20?


I have a small remote solar powered system using a 100/20. The loads are powered by the 100/20 so the loads can be disconnected to protect the LFP batteries.

I'd like to make a change to the settings but VictronConnect (via VRM) does not allow me saying "Settings disabled. Update to the latest firmware version is required in order to view, modify, load or save settings".

Clicking "Update" however appears to power the loads down (which includes Venus and the internet link) and hence the update can't proceed. A power cycle is required to turn everything back on and then we're back to square 1.

Traveling to this remote unit, for example to hook up a BT dongle so I can upgrade the firmware, is not feasible every time I'd like to make a change to a setting.

Is there a way to override the requirement to update? If not, should there be a way?

Or (maybe better): is it possible to not power down the loads while the upgrade is happening? A reset after the upgrade is obviously necessary and it's fine to power cycle the loads but only after the upgrade is done (and Venus/internet is not required for the upgrade at that stage).


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