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Bluetooth Dongle voltage not reporting correctly

I have a bluetooth smart dongle connected to a MultiplusII inverter. It is reporting about .5-.6 volts higher than actual battery voltage. I have confirmed with multiple meters (that are used daily and correct), it is not a voltage loss or connection issue. I have spoken to battleborn batteries (who i purchased through), they said they and victron are both aware of this issue on a batch of the dongles and that a firmware issue would be released to fix the issue. That was months ago and still no update or fix that i am aware of. Anyone have any information?

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Is there a Phoenix 12 1200 model with no bluetooth or VE Direct?

I'm just looking to confirm that there was a Phoenix 12 1200 model made that had neither VE Direct port or built in bluetooth? I can't easily find a definite answer to this online. Previous owner of my boat install the inverter, hence I don't know exact age and there doesn't seem to be any more specific part / serial number on it.


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Bluetooth not connecting after Firmware / App update.


I hope you may help me with an issue/s that I am having with a Smart Solar 75/15 with in-built blue tooth. I purchased this a little over three years ago for a camping setup and it has had limited use due to COVID (no more than 6-8 uses). Up to this point I have had nothing but praise for this unit as it hasn’t missed a beat, so much so a couple of friends have bought this controller on my recommendations. This week I went camping and as I connected to the VictronConnect App, I was presented with a message to update the firmware. I did this and it installed as expected.

From there I was presented with numerous Error 21 messages. This is an error with current and I was asked to disconnect all leads and reconnect. This did not solve this issue. I then proceeded to update the app. Since then, I have been unable to connect via Bluetooth. Mostly it gets to 20%, sometimes 60%, sometimes to 80% and very occasionally to the point of putting in the passcode. Each time it doesn’t connect and requests that I remove the Bluetooth connection from the phone which I have already done.

I have followed the trouble shooting guide which has included, reinstalling app, turning off phone, resetting the PIN (via PUK which doesn’t work as it won’t get through the connect phase before indicating to remove the pairing even though it already has been removed).

I have also tried some other potential solutions as found online which includes ensuring no other Bluetooth devices are in proximity, connect the battery to the controller first and then try and connect before connecting the solar etc…

The issue continues and I am out of ideas. Other information of note is in-regards to the lights on the controller. The blue light flashes about every 3-4 seconds. After a period of time both the blue and yellow lights flash in unison quite quickly which indicates and “Internal Error”.

Is there any solutions that I have missed.

Thanks in anticipation. Cheers Rod

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Venus GX, what happened to bluetooth?

Hi Guys,

What ever happened to the inbuilt Bluetooth that the Venus GX has?

The last mention of BT was about 2 years ago in the DQ area. BT has totally dropped of the Venus feature list.

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MPPT 100 20 Not bluetooth to phone after software update

I've had a MPPT installed in my ute for the last 2 years to connect the panel for lights, fridge etc when camping. I just hooked up the panel & fridge to make sure everything was working prior to an up coming trip when a notification came up to update the software which I did. The unit no longer bluetooths to my phone. It is shown on the bluetooth connections page in the settings menu on the phone as being available but when I open the screen to input the pin (000000) it connects, the connection get to about 80% then it goes to the pin input again. Looking at the LEDs on the unit it appears to be charging ( solid blue) & when disconnected the light is blinking. I'm hoping its a straight forward reset thing but I'm no computer/ phone/ electronics guru so if I get any replies assume your talking to a bit of a techo monkey! Thanks

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What to do after failed firmware upgrade

I was forced to do a firmware update of my VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle at a time when my cell phone connection was not at full strength. The update failed, and now I cannot connect to the dongle (and thus, my charge controller either).

The dongle shows one blue light. Holding the "Clear PIN" button down for 5 seconds (or any length of time) does nothing.

Is there any chance of recovering this device, or do I have to throw it away and buy a new one?

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VictronConnect on macOS 12.1 Monterey is not connecting devices

All devices are visible (BMV 712, Orion Smart loader, Multiplus. However when entering connection code repeatedly asking for code and then stops.

Tried also to reset the code to 000000 same error. works well on I Pad and Phone.

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VictronConnect Bluetooth pairing on macOS 12.1 aka Monterey broken?

Ive just upgraded to Mac OS 12.1 and VictronConnect is still not paring with devices it seems. Has victron registered the issue with Apple? As a developer its likely to have more clout than us as users. It would be really useful to get this sorted. Im using the Beta Test version of the connect app.

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Connect ruuvi to CCGX or Venus GX

Hi Victron Community

I‘m using a CCGX and I like to add some Ruuvi Temperature sensors. Since the CCGX has no bluetooth I‘m wondering, if it is possible to add them via adding a bluetooth dongle?

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cerbo gx bluetooth disappeared

I have two cerbo gx devices on different battery banks, they have been set up almost identical aside for voltages, both are connected to the same wi-fi, both have REC BMS integrated. They were both working fine for some time, then oneday the bluetooth on one of them just stopped working. No blinking blue light. I have searched and can't find where to re-enable it nor does reset work.

I can still access it [the cerbo] via the cerbo inbuilt wifi but can't find where to enable the bluetooth again. The other cerbo does not have this issue.

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Victron SmartShunt bluetooth is busy


I have been using my SmartShunt for some time successfully. This weekend while monitoring my battery from the app it suddenly disconnected and greyed out in the app. Now when I try to connect it says bluetooth is busy.

Here's what I tried, nothing has recovered:

1. Turning off bluetooth on my phone, waiting couple minutes then turning on

2. Setting airplane mode, turning back on after a couple minutes.

3. Rebooting my device

4. Powering off device, leaving off overnight, turning back on

5. removing the SmartShunt from bluetooth settings

6. Clearing app cache/data

7. Removing and re-installing the app

Here's my log:


Can anyone assist?

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Lynx Smart BMS Weak Bluetooth.

In comparison to my BMV 717, My New Lynx Smart BMS has far weaker bluetooth signal, So weak that I have to stand right next to the unit to connect the VC app and view data, and more crucially activate the remote contactor to isolate the batteries.

Tha same goes for the Battery Protect 220A, Orion Smart Isolated 12v 30a.

This is obviously quite frustrating, especially given my Boat is only 40ft long, and that these re all new products.

Is there anyway to boost the signal strength? is it to do with the app or the hardware?



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Victron Connect failing to pair - latest version bug?

Victron Connect V5.47 installed on an Android smartphone and Android tablet: When using Victron Connect to access a new Phoenix Smart 12/2000 - connected first time (using the six zero login). After exiting the App and then trying to re-connect later it fails when the pin is requested (at 85%) with the comment "unable to pair". Re-starting the App, checking all settings (location etc) makes no difference. Re-installing makes no difference. Same problem trying to connect to a SmartSolar MPPT. Exactly the same problem trying to connect via a Samsung (Android) tablet to the same products and we have 2 other customers this week reporting the same issue. Is there a bug in the latest version of Victron Connect or the latest implementation of bluetooth?

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Smartshut Won't Stay Connected...

I have a smartshunt attached to the battery of our camper trailer. The first few weeks connectivity was fine, and since then it has been terrible. This is the second time I've been unable to connect via bluetooth, standing right next to the battery and smartshunt (maybe 1 foot away with no metal objects in between). I guess I can un-pair it and re-pair it again, but if I have to continue doing this every time I want to see what is going on with my battery it is going to get old really fast. Any ideas or tips would be much appreciated. I know these devices get very good ratings, but so far my experience has not been good. Thanks.

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Bluetooth Pairing with new iPhone

I have a MPPT 75/15 (HQ1811NTQ3F”) connected to a single battery and a single solar panel. With my iPhone 6 I could connect via Bluetooth using the VictronConnect app. With my new iPhone 11 I cannot pair with the controller. The app recognizes my controller and requires that I “enter the code shown on my “SmartComtroller HQ1811NTQ3F”. I cannot find any code either in the front panel of the controller or in a window on the phone. I have entered my 6-digit pin but it was not accepted. I have removed and re-downloaded the app with no effect. The blue led on the controller is flashing, showing a bulk operation.

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New Iphone 13Pro will not pair

I see lots of questions on this ...and it would be nice to have a summary of a fix for the issue.

I have summarized from the various posts and know that there are 6 basic steps ( which have not resolved my problem)

1. Deleted all previously synced smart devices from the phone

2. Deleted the Victron Connect App

3. Hard Boot the iphone

4. Reloaded latest Victron App

5. In the App - all devices are displayed and are available to pair

6. Connect with the smart device (in the app) and it tries to sync and gets to the pairing mode (all of my devices us the default code: 000000) - I insert the code and it spins and then gives me "unable to pair" error with explanation telling me to do 1-5

Now here is where I get really confused with all the threads .....and PUK codes, can someone tell me what I can do to make this work?

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Venus GX bluetooth conectivity

Is it or when will it be possible to use Bluetooth connectivity with the Venus GX range?

For example to connection to the Victron Connect Bluetooth app.

Currently the Venus GX range has Wi-Fi support for connection to VRM but is not Bluetooth.

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Bluetooth stops working shortly after MPPT reboot.

Have de-powered our MPPT 250\150 smart controller and have regained Bluetooth signal twice now. However, each time the Bluetooth signal drops back off or dies after approximately 24 hours of time.

This unit is 3 years old, has been working perfectly. The MPPT controller itself is still delivering power to our BMV 712 unit. None of our Android devices see the MPPT unit when Bluetooth is down. Our BMV is consistently connecting with our Bluetooth devices as usual. I am using 5.51 version of the victron connect software, which was updated in late November. This COULD BE SOFTWARE RELATED? Or the unit is going through a slow death or other....

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BMV712 bluetooth not showing up

We have a BMV-712 with bluetooth that has suddenly stopped showing up in the VictronConnect APP. When i go into the settings menu on the module, the menu item #71 which is bluetooth on/off is missing. It just rolls over from #70 to #01.

I have tried reinstalling the app, on both and Iphone and an Android device, and clearing all paired bluetooth devices with no luck. We have a second BMV-712 on another system that shows up perfectly on both phones, so i'm positive it has something to do with the unit. I know it has worked before.

Basically i have the same problems as the guy in this thread "(Solved) BMV712 Bluetooth missing" , but i have had no luck with the solutions that was provided.

Any thoughts on how to get this working again? Can it be a firmware install that got corrupted?

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iphone wont pari to BMV 712

I had not used my system for a 2 months and recently disconnected my batteries. I then tried to connect to my SmartBMV712. It would go to about 40%, then start over and go to 1%. Then it would say it is unable to connect and to input the code on the screen to pair with my phone. But there is no code displayed. When and where do you add this code? When the Bluetooth Pairing Request is displayed ("Smart BMV HQ..." would like to pair with your phone. Enter the code shown on...Do not do anything on SmartBMV HQ..."until pairing is complete)? I tried entering the PUK, but it has letters. I tried the pin and nothing. Seems I am locked out and can not pair. PS it is an iPhone SE

thank you

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Orion 12-12/30 Bluetooth gets stuck, fix?

I have the 12V DC-DC non isolated 30A charger installed in my camper between the truck battery and the camper battery.

Sometimes the Orion gets stuck thinking a BT device is (still) connected to it. It will no longer show up in Victron Connect, and the blue light is flashing relatively quickly implying it is already connected to some device.

I turn off BT on all devices, but nothing changes.

The only way I can get it working again is to reset the unit by removing the source power from it for 15-30 seconds, then reconnecting. Then it shows again on Victron connect and all is well, until it gets stuck again.

I use two Android devices with VictronConnect, one a phone and one a tablet. I am always careful to "back out" on Victron Connect to avoid the issue, but it still happens enough to be quite annoying....

Anyone else with this problem?

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SmartShunt “cannot connect, Bluetooth is busy”

The SmartShunt is greyed out and now says another device is connected to it. My phone is the only device I’ve used. I’ve disconnected, restarted my phone, airplane mode etc. I installed the app on my iPad and it’s the same deal with the greyed out SmartShunt, so it’s definitely that. I don’t know what to do. I looked at similar questions and there are no solutions.

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Repeated Bluetooth reset on smartshunt

I keep getting a repeated disconnect and followed by an error that the shunt is connected to another device. This is a problem with the shunt as when this happens I cannot connect any device to it. I use the smart shunt to talk to an old android cellphone to use as my data monitor it works great but randomly it looses connection and won’t reconnect. Through my own debugging The only solution I’ve found is to crawl into my battery compartment and reboot the shunt by disconnecting it to power cycle it. This is the only answer I’ve found while searching the q&a. This has become quite annoying. Are there any other options?



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No Devices Found for Android Phone App - MPPT 150/35

My phone used to monitor the MPPT 150/35 controller for our RV. After several months in storage, the Android ver. 10 phone running the VictronConnect ver.5.51 app no longer finds the device. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app. My permissions allow the app to find my location. My Bluetooth paired devices for the phone do not show the VictronConnect device either. When trying to select the "Specific documentaion for MPPT Solar Chargers" from the Help menu on my phone, I get this message, "Oops. The page you're trying to reach does not exist." The Blue LED light on the controller indicates that it is charging in bulk mode. Can someone help me re-establish connection to the app on my phone, so it sees the deice.?

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Can you connect the smart shunt to the CERBO GX via bluetooth?

Is there a way to connect the smart shunt to the cerbo gx via bluetooth so it can be monitored remotely via VRM portal????

OR does the smartshunt have to be connected to the CERBO GX via a VE direct cable???



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Poor bluetooth connectivity with Orion-Tr Smart


I've just installed an Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC charger to my camper van. It's installed under the bonnet along with my Victon SmartShunt and SmartSolar MPPT controller.

I can connect to the SmartShunt and MPPT from up to 2 metres away and inside the vehicle no problem. However, the Orion-Tr will only connect if my phone is literally about 20cm away from the device and even then it's unreliable. It will not connect from inside the vehicle at all.

Is there something wrong with my Orion-Tr? It's very disappointing that a premium product from a well respected company has this problem. Also a little disappointed that it does not support VE networking.

Hopefully there is a solution?


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Bluetooth Verbindung MPPT 75/15

Bluetooth Verbindung MPPT 75/15 android.

Ein freundliches Hallo an alle Forenbesucher!

Meine Bluetooth Verbindung hat zu Anfang 100% funktioniert. Nun bekomme ich einfach keine Verbindung mehr. Ich hatte keine Passwortänderungen vorgenommen und die vorgeschlagenen (000000, 0000, 1234) wiederholt ausprobiert, dann mein Androidhandy neugestartet, schliesslich die Victron-Connect-App deinstalliert und wieder neu installiert: immer mit dem selben Ergebnis: es läd erst auf 20% dann kurz auf 80% und dann kommt die Fehlermeldung. Ich bin gerade länger untetwegs und wäre für eine Hilfe sehr dankbar! Diomedesscreenshot-20211129-101616-comandroidsettings.jpg






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smart shunt bluetooth problems

i had my smart shunt paired to a phone i upgraded my phone and now i cant pair the new one i think from what i have read i should have unpaired the old phone before i upgraded anyway to reset the shunt so i can pair my new phone

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