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Bluetooth Pairing with new iPhone

I have a MPPT 75/15 (HQ1811NTQ3F”) connected to a single battery and a single solar panel. With my iPhone 6 I could connect via Bluetooth using the VictronConnect app. With my new iPhone 11 I cannot pair with the controller. The app recognizes my controller and requires that I “enter the code shown on my “SmartComtroller HQ1811NTQ3F”. I cannot find any code either in the front panel of the controller or in a window on the phone. I have entered my 6-digit pin but it was not accepted. I have removed and re-downloaded the app with no effect. The blue led on the controller is flashing, showing a bulk operation.

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Bluetooth Issue: Connect until 95%, then fail

Bluetooth connection issue in 2 of 3 devices:

I cannot connect to the following devices anymore:

- SmartSolar MPPT 100/30

- Smartshunt 500A

on my new Phone Nokia G11.

- Orion Tr Smart connects and works as normal (always)

- Pairing works on all 3 devices, but full connection only works on Orion, on SmartSolar and SmartShunt connection every time stops at 95%, tries three times and fails in the end (always).

What I tried: Disconnect and re-connect via VictronConnect app (several times). Deleted cache, uninstalled and re-installed VictronConnect app.

Do the devices have different software versions?

What can I do furthermore? Could you please help with that issue?

Best regards


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Why buy a Cerbo ?

We build overland van electrical systems - solar - battery - DCDC charging, and shore power. I use Victron products almost exclusively and know most of them fairly well. For the most part less is more on these builds , but lately I am getting more than a few requests for remote montitoring options as many people store their vans and want to keep an eye on their battery state / security cams etc while they are not there. Most of my builds have an LTE modem with WiFi, multiple security cams and we use either a Victron or Simarine Pico BMS. We have been using IP22, MPPT 100 | 30 and Orion Smart devices. After looking at the CERBO device , it seems like a great option to use to tie all the products together, so I decided to purchase one and do some experimentation on . Sadly, I immediately discovered it is ABSOLUTELY USELESS with most Victron products - especially all those above that have V.E. Network capability. Why ?

I guess the glaring question I have here is if Victron has gone through the trouble of allowing comms with smart devices through the VE Network , why didn't they tie that also to the CERBO ? There are many benefits of being able to remote control, setup or monitor the devices above and many would like to do so- except they can't. To make matters worse, it seems that the VE Network really does not do much either. I had all the devices that support it tied to a network and I did not see one single thing that would be of use for my customers.

So - if one is outfitting a Prevost and spending $10K in power gear the Cerbo might work on those devices - but the rest of the Victron product line is severly lacking support for it so if we are using IP and Orion chargers we are out of luck on remote monitoring ?

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BMV-712 Smart Bluetooth Missing

My BMV-712 Smart is not showing up in my connection app. Also the Bluetooth setting 71 is missing on the BMV-712 Smart. What’s my next steps?

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Victron SmartSolar MPPT Laderegler 100/20 Bluetooth Connection Problem

The whole winter my solar system was completely shut down. Yesterday I connected the battery, the MPPT 100/20 and the solar panel as usual. Everything works fine, battery is loading, but I can't connect via bluetooth to the MPPT. The MPPT won't be listed in the app and is not visible via bluetooth devices (Android Phones). I tried the following:

On my phones(s)

1. Released the Bluetooth Pairing

2. Reinstalled the Victron App

3. Tried 3 different Phones. Location service and Bluetooth switched on on every device

4. No device visible in the Victron Connect App and in the Bluetooth search

Afterwards I tried the following:

1. Disconnected the solar Panel

2. Disconnected the battery

3. Waited some minutes and then only connected the battery. Still no bluetooth device visible within the app oder via bluetooth search

Are there any options I could try?

1. Is there a way to reset the MPPT without the app?

2. Maybe a VE Direct Cable could help to find the problem?

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Advertisement vs Instant vs Broadcast

What are the differences between:

a) Live data advertising

b) Instant Readout

c) Broadcast data

Or are they just different terms for the same functionality?



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CerboGX bluetooth bridge

Hi, are there any plans to enable Cerbo's bluetooth to connect and control devices like Smart Battery Protect or smart lithium batteries?

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Blue Solar MPPT programming options (dongle vs GX vs ....)

Dear All

I am still new to the Victron equipment, so apologies if my questions were asked previously, but I did try to look at old posts for possible answers.

My Victron vendor sold me a 150/45 blue solar mppt, but I only "discovered" after the installation that I should have taken the SmartSolar unit as I need fine tuning for the (Lifepo) battery pack.

My question (s) :

  1. Can I adjust the MPPT through the GXCerbo (VE-Direct connection), or is programming only possible with the Dongle? (not sure if new software is available via VRM/Cerbo that allows this, and if so, direction how to do this would be highly appreciated).
  2. Also, if I have multiple Bluesolar MPPT's, will they change automatically if I activate DVCC or should they be individually programmed though the dongle (out the box) before accepting DVCC? (or is DVCC only possible via dongle)
  3. I prefer communication via VE-DIRECT, but would you say that the dongle is necessary all the time or is it only applicable when doing programming?
  4. Should I just return the MPPT and get a new SmartSolar to eliminate problems down the line.
  5. Or am I missing some setup steps i.e. create a network with Victron App and all (non Bluetooth) MPPTS can be adjusted? (please share any extra steps if you think it will benefit the equipment (i.e. MP2, MPPT, Shunt, cerbo, etc)

I think I would most probably fine-tune initially, but after I have found the "ideal setting", I wish to set and forget and let the MPPT do the work.

Thanks in advance

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Cant get to enter pairing PIN on Note 9

Hi guys

Just installed an IP22 smart charger

When I launch VictronConnect on my Samsung Note 9, it sees the IP22, goes through communication process (IP22 lights flash) but stops at 80% and never gives the option to enter the pairing PIN.

I have reinstalled VictronConnect and still fails.

Have installed VictronConnect on both my Tab A and Galaxy Tab S4, and both ask for PIN and connect.

Problem is Note 9 not asking for PIN, but waiting for it before completing connections.

Any ideas?

Alan asked
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Blue Smart IP67 Charger Waterproof won't connect via Bluetooth in Windows

Hello, I'm using a Blue Smart IP67 Charger Waterproof, model: 12V 7/13/17/25A. I'm able to get it to successfully connect to my MacBook Pro using Victron Connect and also on my iPhone 12 Mini. Yet when trying to do the same on a windows 10 IoT server the Victron Connect app shows no device even when its connected via Bluetooth in Windows. Tried it on my personal windows laptop and same issue as the server. It seems like its just a windows problem. Didn't try it on an android device as I don't have one. The firmware is v3.25 which says its the latest per the iPhone app. Bootloader is v3.15. I haven't changed the default Bluetooth code its still 000000. Did no customization to settings. Has anyone had this issue before in just Windows only? Is it a new firmware bug? Any help is appreciated!

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iPhone replaced today, all devices now wanting to pair and won't accept the pin 000000

Ive tried to find a thread that already has the fix for this but can't find one,.. I have a replacement iPhone 12 max today running ios16.3.1 and I have restored this from a backup

now when I try to connect to any of my victron devices

dc-dc charger

smart shunt

mains charger

800 eco inverter


it initially tries to connect with the default password 000000 which I have never changed ,,, but then comes up with the message

XXXXX would like to pair with your iPhone enter the code shown on your xxxxx

I have downloaded the victron app for my MacBook and its doing the same

if you open up bluetooth on the phone you can not see any of the victron devices listed to remove them as they do not connect like Apple Watch or airbuds as they are meant to connect by the victron app,

I just don't know what to do?

I can not get at the PUK codes at all as all the boxes inverters etc are installed under my passenger seat and the smart shunt is screwed to the floor under there …. there must be a solution to this

nils1084 asked
Thiemo van Engelen (Victron Energy staff) commented ·

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Cerbo GX - USB Bluetooth / How can I make sure that Cerbo is using the USB Bluetooth dongle ?

Hello folks,

I have installed some Ruuvi tags to my trailer to work with the Cerbo GX for temp and humidity data collection. It is recommended to use a USB Bluetooth Dongle for better comunication with the Ruuvi tags so I purchased one of the recommended BT dongles (TP-Link 400xx). I have inserted this into one of the USB ports on the Cerbo but I'm not sure whether Cerbo is using this USB dongle or its internal BT. I have dug into the settings but failed to see a menu where I can switch from the internal BT to the external one.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.



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Interface Bluetooth to Does it exist ?

System in my sailing boat:

  • Cerbo GX
  • 2 lithium bateries in the service bank 100 + 100,
  • Orion Tr- Smart 12-30 isolated
  • BSC IP22 12/30 Li-ion charger
  • SmartShunt HQ2224U7
  • MPPT 100/20 SmartSolar charge controller

I manage to control through VRM online portal the MPPT charger and the SmartShunt that are linked to Cerbo GX by Ve.Direct.

To control the Orion Tr Smart and the BSC IP22 charger that are not linked by Ve.Direct could perhaps be possible through an interface Bluetooth/Ve.Direct.

Does such an interface exist, or is technically difficult to build ?

Thanks for any answer !

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger Instant Readout / GlobalLink 520

I purchased a Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger, and connected it to my smart Bluetooth network. It communicates w/the temperature sensor, smart shunt, mppt etc.

But it does not have instant readout, thus not compatible with a GlobalLink 520 via Bluetooth. Why? @Victron will this come in the future over Bluetooth? Very hard for me to connect the devices with a VE direct cable.

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Connect App not asking for bluetooth PIN when attempting to pair device

I have been able to successfully connect my mobile phone to my Smart Solar charging controller (75/15), and changed the bluetooth PIN.

Now I try to connect from my notebook, using the AppImage for Linux (v5.82).

The controller appears in the list of devices in the VictronConnect app. However, when trying to connect to the device, I never get asked for entering the PIN of the controller (it seems to try connecting with the default PIN 000000), hence I am not able to pair the computer to the controller.

I tried to "forget" the device, and restart VictronConenct, but again, I am not getting ask for entering a PIN (instead it always tries to connect using the default PIN).

Anyone an idea how to call a dialog for entering the controller's PIN, or how to manually overwrite the PIN the app uses when attempting to connect to the controller?

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