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Victron SmartShunt bluetooth is busy


I have been using my SmartShunt for some time successfully. This weekend while monitoring my battery from the app it suddenly disconnected and greyed out in the app. Now when I try to connect it says bluetooth is busy.

Here's what I tried, nothing has recovered:

1. Turning off bluetooth on my phone, waiting couple minutes then turning on

2. Setting airplane mode, turning back on after a couple minutes.

3. Rebooting my device

4. Powering off device, leaving off overnight, turning back on

5. removing the SmartShunt from bluetooth settings

6. Clearing app cache/data

7. Removing and re-installing the app

Here's my log:


Can anyone assist?

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Raymarine Axiom Victron App


I have the Bluetooth smartshunt. Does anyone known if it is compatible with the app on my Raymarine Axiom? The chart plotter says it detects no hardware. You’d think it would Bluetooth right the the plotter.

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Bluetooth locking up at 20% on load MPPT

I have two MPPT 75/15 smart solar.

Since yesterday one is stopping Bluetooth connection at 20% level

Same with the battery sense.

only one MPPT is still working and shows that both other are in the network and working.

But I can not reach them, which is a shame, because I have to change some settings.

Software issue? Even after a reset the issue is not gone.

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3 Orion-TR-Smart 12/12 30A communicating over Bluetooth

With 3 Orion-TR Smart 12/12V 30A's paralleled, how does communicating over Bluetooth work with selecting each device individually to set them up, do they appear as unique device names? Anything else required for 3 devices on the same 12V bus?

Thank You.

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Blue Smart IP22 30A Charger - Minimum 1 hour Absorption Time ?

The latest versions of the VictronConnect app now allows a multitude of settings via Bluetooth. Thank you.

I note that the minimum absorption time unless I have missed a setting is still restricted to 60 minutes minimum. Is this a firmware limitation or could it be reduced via a software update?

I use this charger with a 4 cell 300Ah LiFePO4 battery and have my Victron MPPT controller set to just 1 minute at 14.2V for the last 6 years of daily use. The battery has usually reached 100% SOC at that point.

The 1 hour minimum absorption period on this charger is just a little concerning and unecessary for our setup.


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No Bluetooth signal (Smartshunt ) - even from inches away

I'm having zero luck getting either my iPhone or MacBook Pro, or the Vitron ConnectApp (Running on the MacBook Pro) to see any Bluetooth signal from the Smartshunt 500 - and I've tried 2 different Smartshunts so far and have held my Apple devices inches away from the Smartshunt.

I've also tried the Smarthshunt with and without connecting a load to the 'System Minus'. Neither arrangement works. The Bluetooth light flashes but neither of my Apple devices sees any Bluetooth signal, nor does the Connect App see any Voctron device.

I haven't tried the Connect App with my iPhone, as I only want to connect via the Mac OS on my MacBook (and don't feel like experimenting using the iPhone under the circumstances).

I'm running OS 'Sierra' 10.12.6 on a 'early 2011 13" MacBook Pro. When I ran the Connect App, downloaded and installed from the Apple AppStore, it caused my computer to get so HOT that I couldn't touch it. So I trashed that app and downloaded the ConnectApp V5.8 from Victrons web site - which ran without issue other than that it also sees no Smartshunt device.

As my iPhone and MacBook are able to see each other's Bluetooth signals, I know their Bluetooth circuity is working. I also reset the Bluetooth in the MacBook and removed all options in preferences to use a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard.

I ordered a VE Direct Smart Bluetooth Dongle to see if that helps any.

Am I missing something?

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SmartShunt “cannot connect, Bluetooth is busy”

The SmartShunt is greyed out and now says another device is connected to it. My phone is the only device I’ve used. I’ve disconnected, restarted my phone, airplane mode etc. I installed the app on my iPad and it’s the same deal with the greyed out SmartShunt, so it’s definitely that. I don’t know what to do. I looked at similar questions and there are no solutions.

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MPPT smart 3 Stück connect to CCGX

Moin !

at first - please see the drawing

I have two questions:

1. 3 x smart MPPT data connection to easysolar, there is no way (?) because is in use by MPPT 3, the other one ät CCGX by BMV 700

2. what is the easy way (by costs) in my drawing to connect the mobilehome to the internet ät home ?

The mobile home is in function without failures since 1/2 year. Now I want to add on a Homebase functionallity to use the hardware every time mobile / station at home.11.png

thanks for your assistant


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Bluetooth Extender

I have a IP22 and an IP65 battery charger that is set up in my garage and Bluetooth signal doesn't reach the house, is there a Bluetooth repeater that anyone can recommend?

Hannes Swart asked

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Why is disabling the Lithium Smart batteries Bluetooth Connection permanent?

Catching up on reading and come across this in Help for Victron Connect. Anyone know why it is irreversible?

Lithium Smart batteries

The product page can be found here.
Once Bluetooth is disabled, it is disabled permanently and is irreversible. This means that VictronConnect will ask for a confirmation code displayed in the dialogue; if you are sure that you want to permanently disable Bluetooth, enter the code displayed and choose “Ok”.

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Repeated Bluetooth reset on smartshunt

I keep getting a repeated disconnect and followed by an error that the shunt is connected to another device. This is a problem with the shunt as when this happens I cannot connect any device to it. I use the smart shunt to talk to an old android cellphone to use as my data monitor it works great but randomly it looses connection and won’t reconnect. Through my own debugging The only solution I’ve found is to crawl into my battery compartment and reboot the shunt by disconnecting it to power cycle it. This is the only answer I’ve found while searching the q&a. This has become quite annoying. Are there any other options?



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Reset PIN Code Blue Smart IP67 Charger

I got an Blue Smart IP67 charger 24/8 and pairing is failing. When I try to reset the Pin Code, it gives me the error: "PIN Code reset is not possible, contact your Victron dealer" after a Busy message.

I tried two different phones. I was never able to connect so there is no bluetooth connection to forget. Tried to poweroff/on the unit and for the first 30 seconds it says that is not able to reset the PIN and that I should wait 30 seconds.

The green light is steady on and the yellow is slow blinking, There is no battery connected as I need to setup the battery type first (lithium)

What else can I do to reset the PIN?


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Why can't Victron Connect see my charger?

I've just bought a Victron Energy Blue Smart IP 65 charger for my leisure battery. As a charger it seems to be fine, but I can't get a Bluetooth connection to my phone.

I've installed the Android Victron Connect App from the Google Play Store and granted it the permissions which it wanted (Location and Storage). However, when I fire it up it says it can't see the charger. The list of devices to which it offers to connect is empty. This is despite the fact that if I do a Bluetooth browse from the OS Bluetooth page it can see the charger just fine (and indeed, pair with it).

I've tried restarting both charger and phone but the problem persists. I tried using an older phone and it worked on that, but I don't want to have to carry a separate phone just to use this one app.

Although I can see the charger from the OS pairing dialogue, and successfully pair with it, the app still won't talk to it. I then do a "forget" from the OS before going back to trying to establish a pairing within the app.

My phone is a Moto G7 Power, running Android 9.

Attached is a service report from the app.


As a suggestion - and in the light of the multiple complaints from other users about the app requiring unnecessary permissions - it would make sense to stop trying to do the pairing from within the app. Let the OS dialogue handle the pairing in the way that's intended, then just use the device once it's been paired.

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How to Reset Bluetooth on CerboGX

So, I lost the WiFi remote console to my CerboGX, and like in the past, I powered off the CerboGX to reset the unit. WiFi remote console came back but not the bluetooth. How do I reset the Bluetooth (seems powering off does not do that) so I can connect using the Victron app?

BTW, I have a SmartShunt and it connects using Bluetooth just fine.

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Cerbo GX wifi issues

I have had my Cerbo GX with touchscreen installed in my motorhome for a couple months now. Most of the time it won't stay connected to my WiFi, which is about 8 ft above it. I use a Pepwave Max Transit Duo WiFi modem, so it's a pretty strong unit and the Cerbo shows around 75-80% signal strength. I can force it to connect, and sometimes it stays connected, sometimes it doesn't. Even when it's connected, I can't connect to the remote console much of the time. I'm on Firmware 2.57. Any suggestions?

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RESOLVED :Smartshunt and smart solar Bluetooth beta firmware 2.33 fails to install.


A new beta came out today that includes smartshunt 2.33. It failed during the upgrade. I now cannot connect. I get the message to install the firmware. Tried the officially released version and it fails also. the smartshunt is connected to my color control and appears to be reporting fine. I just can’t connect to it via Bluetooth without getting the message to upgrade the firmware.

Anyone know where I can obtain the Bluetooth firmware file? I logged into the Pro section but it doesn’t have any Bluetooth files.

Resolved: I placed my device within 3 inches of the mppt and then the SmartShunt. The Bluetooth firmware updated successfully. Prior attempts were about 3 feet away. Go figure.

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Victron Energy SmartShunt 500 amp Battery Monitor (Bluetooth): Help with settings

I have two Lithium batteries for my RV. Model: Lion Safari UT1300. What should I use for settings. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to electrical stuff. This is what it says on the product specification page:

  • Battery Type Lithium Ion
  • Battery Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Rated Capacity 12.8V / 105Ah / 1344Wh / 150A
  • Cycle Life 3500+ & 100% DoD
  • Weight 23 Pounds
  • Dimensions 10.2" L X 6.6" W X 8.8" H (9.8" H to top of post)
  • Max Charge Rate 100A
  • Max Charge Voltage 14.6V

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1 Answer

How to monitor and control MultiPlus and SmartSolar, and adjust the AC input/shore current limit?

I have a MultiPlus 3000 inverter and a SmartSolar charge controller and may purchase a Victron (Orion) DC - DC at some point.

I also have the USB converter to talk with the inverter with a laptop.

I'd like a monitor that would let me easily change charging current in the inverter when I change between generator and shore power. And it would be nice to see battery voltage solar wattage and daily solar watthours.

I can use Bluetooth on the smartphone for the charge controller and the USB adapter on a laptop for the inverter. Is there a way to connect the devices so that Bluetooth can see both of them?

Is there a control panel that can see both of them that doesn't require an expensive interface?

jameswade asked
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Problem with Bluetooth connection. Mppt 100/30

I have a brand new Mppt 100/30. and the connection via Bluetooth was ok for 3 days. After that, the device list was dimmed, it showed a reacable bluetooth, when I click on the Device it whrites "cannot connect, Bluetooth is busy.

What to do?

Jørgen Lykke Aagreen asked
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No charge from SmartSolar controller MPPT100|50 - blinking bulk

I had solar panels and lithium batter upgrade over last winter. It worked flawlessly over the summer however the starboard side did not 'wake' up again once the batteries were put back on board. There is a blinking blue LED for Bulk. I have confirmed that the Rotary Switch is on 7 for Lithium and have restarted the charger by removing all wires and returning them with no change (blinking blue). I cannot find it on Blue Tooth to turn it back on for charging and can't get any response... Any ideas?

boatnut asked
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Should I still use Bluetooth MPPT synchronisation when also connected with Venus OS (RPi)

I have 2x SmartSolar MPTT 100 | 30, and a BMV 712.

I first used Smart Networking over Bluetooth to synchronise with the more accurate voltage from the BMV712, and have both chargers running in sync.

I have since added a RPi running Venus OS and also have VE-Direct connections to the 3 devices.

All is working well in Venus, but not sure if that now runs the show in terms of the synchronising via VE.Direct and the Bluetooth function is now redundant?
If redundant, should I leave the smart networking configured should be RPi go belly up?

rljonesau asked
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Smartsolar charge controller not connecting to bluetooth

Mppt 100 15 charge controller will no longer connect to any devices. I was using this perfectly fine up until a couple of months ago when all of a sudden it stopped reading. I have tried disconnecting everything and reconnecting and even tried multiple devices but nothing works. Is there a way to manually setup in victonconnect app so I can at least see my controller? Not sure what else to do but I am getting frustrated haha....

victronuser16 asked
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No Bluetooth connection between Blue Smart IP67 Charger 12/13 an Android / iOS Smartphone

I connected my new Blue Smart IP67 Charger 12/13 with with my Galaxy S10e Smartphone. Connection, firmware update and changing Bluetooth PIN were successfully.

After installing the VictronConnect App on a second device (I-Phone 7), the connection was also successfully.

Then I tried to reconnect to the Galalxy. Result:

No device ist listed on both smartphones! Aft

I tried the following on all devices: delete the bluetooth entries, delete cache, restart smartphones and Blue Smart Charger, uninstall an reinstall the Victron App.

Result: No bluetooth device is available on both smartphones. Also the installation on a third device (Android Tablet) was not successful!

Any ideas or solutions?

rasc asked
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2 Answers

Not able to connect any device via Bluetooth with the SmartSolar charge controller MPPT 75/15

I completely restarted my Android phone (Galaxy S20 FE, Android 11), unpaired the Charge Controller, completely isolated and re-connected the Charge Controller, and tried to reconnect the Victron Energy app via Bluetooth, but the Bluetooth connection won't work. It stops at 80 Percent and wants the PIN to be entered, we've tried 000000, but it won't work. We did not change the PIN anyway so I guess it is a software problem. I clicked on Reset PIN, but then the app wants a PUK to be entered which I do not have either. Like this the app is completely useless. Please help!!!

petramueller-mutlangen asked
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2 Answers

Can't change the PIN of my BSC IP22

Now my setup is working for several weeks and I want to secure the setting an change the orginal PIN 000000 to a secret one, but when I go in the Menu to chnage the PIN Code, I always get the message that the old pincode is incorrect, but I never changed it and the connection works propperly.

What is wrong?

Thank you

Best regards


andi-hp asked
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bluetooth problems !!

Hello , This is my first post and i'm hoping the forum can help.

I have a victron 12/30 (3 ) battery charger and have had that paired to my phone. This pairing works fine until a victron smart shunt. The charger works fine and has certainly given my house batteries in the caravan a boost. I have 2 X 220 Ah agm batteries to look after the requirements of my caravan. I also have now just fitted a Victron smart shunt ( 500 Amp/50mv ) and this is also paired to the phone. My phone also shows in the Victron app and the phone sees both the Battery charger and the smart shunt.

But this is where the problem lies. while i can open the app and look at the smart shunt, when i go into the app and try to look at the battery charger it keeps asking for the password or times out and i have to go back to the start and try again. I sometimes get to around the 20% load and then the app tries to re start again. The battery charger asked to update the firmware, this was done and the same with the smart shunt, so both have had the firmware upgraded. The other thing that is a problem is that the range of the bluetooth is very poor and i basically have to be sitting on top of the battery charger or the smart shunt to get a good signal.. The batteries along with the charger and smart shunt live under the bed in the caravan. I decided to go down the bluetooth parth as it would make it easy to see how my house batteries are going during the day. Better that lifting the bed !!

I also have tried to turned my phone off and re started it. i also have removed and reinstalled both the battery charger and the smart shunt. This has not helped !!

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VictronConnect to Cerbo via bluetooth

I have discovered a bug in Cerbo's bluetooth PIN mechanism for use with VictronConnect.

A PIN that contains leading zeros is not handled properly. For example, 012345 does NOT work but 123456 does.

Entering a PIN of 000000 DOES work.

Changing the PIN from with VictronConnect appears to have the same issue with leading zeros.

Venus v2.72~4, VictronConnect v5.42, iOS 14.6

Also tested on a Raspberry PI 4 running the same version of Venus. Same results.

I've tried using dbus-spy to change the PIN but this has it's own set of problems. Alpha-numerics are accepted. Leading zeros are lost. E.g., entering 000000 results in 0; 0123345 results in 12345.

dubs-spy also prevents adding a 6-digit code again from the Cerbo menu IF I enter less than 6 characters or numbers that contain zeros at the beginning. E.g, 000000 results in 0, then the menu only allows a single number !!!!!

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MPPT 100|20 48V firmware update incomplete no longer pairing with bluetooth

Tried to update the firmware for unit to version V1.56 through bluetooth. The update got to 95% then stopped, now we are no longer able to pair through bluetooth and as a result MPPT is not working.

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2 Answers

MultiPlus C12/2000/80-30 and Bluetooth remote switch issue

Hi all, having an issue on a new install where the Bluetooth dongle is affecting the remote on/off switching. Everything works fine without the dongle connected but once the dongle gets plugged in the inverter goes into a continuous cycle of switching on and off about every 10 seconds. The remote on/off was set using DIP switches 1&2 and then applying the change by toggling switch 8. Is there any reason why the Bluetooth dongle would affect this?

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Bluetooth Pairing with new iPhone

I have a MPPT 75/15 (HQ1811NTQ3F”) connected to a single battery and a single solar panel. With my iPhone 6 I could connect via Bluetooth using the VictronConnect app. With my new iPhone 11 I cannot pair with the controller. The app recognizes my controller and requires that I “enter the code shown on my “SmartComtroller HQ1811NTQ3F”. I cannot find any code either in the front panel of the controller or in a window on the phone. I have entered my 6-digit pin but it was not accepted. I have removed and re-downloaded the app with no effect. The blue led on the controller is flashing, showing a bulk operation.

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