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Open ground on Victron 12/500 Inverter

I have a Victron Energy Phoenix True Sinewave Inverter 12/500 120V VE.Direct NEMA 5-15R , on the 110v side I am getting an open ground, I have tired grounding everywhere recommended, when I swap out to my old inverter it tests fine and shows it is grounded..Do you have any ideas of what could be wrong with the Victron?

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Phoenix 12/1200: How to connect the output neutral to ground

I need to ground the output from my Phoenix 12/1200. I see the diagram in the manual appendix but it's a bit too abstract for me. Has anyone seen better documentation or a video that explains this better? Thanks!

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Is there a Phoenix 12 1200 model with no bluetooth or VE Direct?

I'm just looking to confirm that there was a Phoenix 12 1200 model made that had neither VE Direct port or built in bluetooth? I can't easily find a definite answer to this online. Previous owner of my boat install the inverter, hence I don't know exact age and there doesn't seem to be any more specific part / serial number on it.


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Phoenix 24/5000 inverter parallel installation question

Hi folks,

I want to install two phoenix 24/5000 inverter in parallel operation. I consulted the manual, but there is no information in the manual how to configure it. It is only possible with the software ?

Thanks for advice

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Phoenix inverter 24 500 issue with dimmer lights

Phoenix inverter 24 / 500 is giving me problems with the dimmer lights

The lights flickers when on inverter mode if I dimm them a bit but if I leave them on max output they work fine, if I move the lights to the grid they work perfectly either dimmed or at max output.

Any help on this?

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inverter mppt Master and salve config

Hello ,

I am new user of victron and I know that we can connect 2 inverter together to the same AC .

My question is bit more complicated than that .


The Australians law said we can connect the mppt inverter to the grid it's forbidden except if we ask the fournissor and let an electricians to do it .I don't want that .

My ideas is simple to respect the law and be connected to the grid ,I got an ideas I saw some power supply 240v to 400V 50A .

One mppt inverter will have a power supply 240V to 400V 50A connected to the solar panel inputs off course no solar panels will be connected on this inverter and the inverter will not see the difference .

Second mppt inverter will be connected to the solar panels 5KW .

both will be connected in parrallel to have 240V in the house .

1) if my house use 2KW ,I want to get this power from the second MPPT inverter and turn on the first MPPT inverter to not use any electricy from the grid .

2)in case that the solar panel produce 5KW and my house is using 8k the first MPPT can come to help and produce 3k on the top of that ?

Please tell me which MPPT inverter can do .
Thank you

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Phoenix inverter 24/3000 230v overload LED flashing with no load then shuts down

Hi, thanks for letting me join your community. Apologies that my first post is a problem question, but hopefully as I learn more about these devices I will be able to contribute something as well!

I recently purchased a used Phoenix 24/3000 inverter with the following identification information:





MCU Firmware 1812144

PCB 010021

PIN 24/3000



It worked perfectly for the first two weeks, but now it has developed a fault where it will not power-up. I have not overloaded it (max load has been around 1000w and fan was heard cycling normally).

The symptoms are that immediately after switching on (even with output terminals disconnected) it does one of the following:

  1. Produces correct output voltage for about 4-8 seconds with green LED on and overload LED flashing, then shuts down with only the ‘Overload’ LED is lit solid.
  2. Does not power up at all and only the ‘Overload’ LED is lit solid.

I’ve checked all the obvious things like battery connections and voltage at busbars, tightness of all nuts/bolts in the DC bus, re-seated all internal connections between circuit boards, looked for any obvious internal damage or signs of overheated components on the PCBs. There is no evidence of thermal stress on the PCBs or transformers, no corrosion or any other damage.

There are no unusual noises, just the usual quiet hum of the transformers until it shuts down.

I was hoping to get some useful diagnostic information via the RS485 port and Victron software as I have a generic RS485 to USB converter, but I cannot find the pinout for the connector on the control PCB, nor the baud rate used by this device.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Reset after putting cerboGX in 3 parallel phoenix 24/3000 120 V

So when i connect a system (just 3 parallel single phase phoenix 3000) on cerbo, master inverter just reset every 10 sec. In my mind there is a bridge on PCB, but ill will check

I will try tomorrow whit other Cerbo and whit Color Control, try to make other inverters master, change all RJ45 cables, check a PCB and after that I am whiteout solution more or less

I update all 3 inverter, make new bus, and this happens after installation new Cerbo in system

any advice will be more than welcome

neki asked
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Phoenix Inverter Smart 12/1600 Eco Mode Overload


I'm experiencing an issue with a new install of a Phoenix Inverter Smart 12/1600. The device works absolutely fine when in normal mode, but when I switch to Eco mode, the red Overload light comes on and after a short period it disables. I can restart it, but same issue.

On my AC side I have the output going into a small garage type consumer unit, and when this units main fuse it switched off - guaranteeing no load at all - the device still behaves the same, so where is the overload coming from?

Anyone else had an issue with the Eco mode?


Stephen Roche asked
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phoenix inverter smart 1600va: overload & humming noises

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
i must admit am in love with the new Phoenix inverter smart design,But i sincerely dont think its as durable as the former .I have successfully installed 2 of the 1600va models. one stopped working after an hour and the overload light has forever been on,even though its been restarted severally.the other one still works but there is annoying humming noise even when there is no load on the inverter . What could be the cause ?It looks as if this model is not as durable as the previous ones. has anybody had a similar experience? Is the phoenix inverter smart repairable at all? @Johannes Boonstra

nocheski asked
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VE.Bus BMS with non VE.Bus Phoenix Multiplus

I have a VE.Bus BMS and a very old Phoenix Multiplus inverter charger that doesn't have VE.Bus.

My concern is:

- how can the VE.Bus turn off the charger to protect the batteries against overvoltage when charging?

- Can I put a battery-protect in-between the phoenix and the batteries?

- Will the charger be damaged if the BMS disconnects the batteries via the battery-protect mid-charge?

- Are there any other options?

charlie-pank asked
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Victron Phoenix Inverter auf Filax2, Schutzleiter am Inverter

Hallo zusammen,

gestern wollten wir, mein Elektriker und ich, den Victron Phoenix Inverter mit dem Umschalter Filax2 verbinden.

Wobei der primäre Eingang durch die PV-Anlage belegt ist, der sekundäre Eingang mit dem Hausnetz.

Dabei ergab sich die Frage, wie der Schutzleiter mit dem Inverter am AC-Ausgang zu verbinden ist.

Ist es möglich, den Schutzleiter aus dem Hausnetz mit dem Inverter über das 3-adrige Zuleitungskabel zu verbinden?

Ich bitte um Unterstützung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


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Low voltage alarm on inverter

I am getting av low voltage alarm from my inverter. It seems to go off at 12.4v. But when I check my settings in Victron connect, it says 10,9 V. Is there somewehere else I need to adjust this as well? I use a Cerbo GX v2.73 and a Phoenox Inverter 12 V 800VA 230V V1.21

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Mise en défaut d'un onduleur phoenix


j'ai un convertisseur Phoenix 12/2000 230V smart installé dans un camping car. Celui-ci est alimenté par une batterie Lithium de 180 Ah qui est complétement chargée au moment du test. J'ai des câbles à batterie de 75 mm2 qui relient les deux composants via un fusible de 300 Amp. J'allume mon convertisseur est sur la sortie 230 Volts je branche un sèche cheveux qui fait 1700 Watts au maximum. J'allume cet appareil en position froid, je vois sur mon application Victron connect que je consomme environ 250 Watts, je passe à la première position de chauffe, la consommation monte à environ 1050 Watts et là au bout d'à peu près 10 secondes, mon convertisseur se coupe. J'ai la led rouge qui est allumée en fixe et la led verte qui clignote 2 fois rapidement. Si j'attends un peu, le convertisseur se relance mais le même scénario se reproduit. Quelqu'un a t-il la solution à mon problème ? D'avance merci.

chris76 asked
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phoenix 12/1200 connectivity to a cerbo gx

I have a customer that wants to install a phoenix 12/1200 ve. direct inverter into his coach with a cerbo gx and gx touch 50. will the ve. direct port allow him access to turn the inverter on and off. or do i have to install a remote switch to turn it on and off from. They want the gx touch for the visibility of items to include the solar that I will be installing on there roof. Main question is just is the phoenix 12/1200 capable of communicating with the Cerbo GX and GX touch.

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How much airflow per watt of inverter load?

As much as I'd love to mount my Phoenix 12/1200 in free air, it just has to be in a compartment. I can add all the fans I like, though. How much is enough?

The Phoenix datasheet quotes its "max" efficiency at 92%, I'm going to be a little pessimistic and figure 85%. If 15% of 1200 watts is turning into heat, that's 180 watts I need to move.

Hey, that's pretty similar to the TDP of an average PC, which is adequately cooled by a pair of 25cfm case fans, so I figure something like 50cfm ought to do it. I'm looking at a fan rated at 62cfm, maybe I only need one of those.

There MUST be a more rigorous way to figure this, but all the formulas I find require you to know things I don't know, like the thermal resistance of my heatsink. (Okay, that's internal to the Phoenix, and anyway, it has its own fans so I'm lost at how to even begin.) Does my cocktail-napkin math sound sane, at least?

Also, since I don't have the unit in-hand yet, does anyone happen to know which side of the Phoenix is its intake and which side is the exhaust? The manual says not to mount it with the fan on top, but I can't tell from the photos which side that even is.

Thanks in advance!

nbezanson asked
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Minimum load power to start

Hello everyone,

I would like to know what is the minimum Watts the load needs to be in order to allow the inverter to work.
I'm asking this because a client of mine needs a 24V-1600 Phoenix Smart to power a 9W LED light 24/7 + other loads only a few times a day.
Actually the question arose due to another site where a 7W LED light doesn't turn on if no other load is connected as well.


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Output of Phoenix Smart Inverter feeds AC input of Multiplus II (Off-Grid). Possible?

I currently have a Phoenix Smart inverter 48/3000 and also just got a Multiplus II 48/5000 delivered.

The interesting question arose if I can use the smart inverter as the AC input of the Multi and activate Power Assist in the assistant. Obviously I have to turn of the charger in the Multi.
Both inverters are connected to the same battery which is charged from MPPTs only. There is no grid connection at all and no AC coupled solar.

The Multi can handle all sort of AC inputs from what I understand, so would such piggy-back solution work? It should synchronise to the Smart inverter's output, right?


Andy from the Off-Grid-Garage asked
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Victron phoenix inverter fan

Hi. I am using a 375w phoenix inverter and plan on plugging in a 250w heater. It works fine but as the unit is under load the fans come on and stay on as long as the heater I have plugged in is running. Is it going to be bad for the fan if I run the heater overnight so the fan will be run constantly for several hours at a time. With how fast and loud the fan is I feel that running it so hard for so long over a period of time will just kill it. Any advice welcome.

steve-moore-vale asked
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Phoenix Inverter Smart 12/2000W stopped working

My 9 months old Phoenix Inverter Smart 12/2000W (1600VA | 3000VA) have stopped working all of sudden. It is connected to 12V/200Ah Lithium battery and when switched on, all 3 lights on the panel comes up for couple of seconds and then goes off, without any humming sound (that it used to have when it was working ok). Lithium battery is fully charged. I have checked the circuit breaker ok (200amp heavy duty MP brand and to make sure replaced with another brand new one).

What more troubleshooting can I do?

Thanks in advance.

bris31 asked
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Minimum specification for Phoenix 24/5000 inverter.

Is the minimum 400Ah 24v pack recommended in the manual for the Phoenix 24/5000 inverter based on lead acid battery chemistry?

Would I be correct in assuming that as LiFePo4 chemistry has more than double the usable energy of lead, that a 200Ah 24v LiFePo4 would suffice (with a BMS of 1C continuous / 3C for 1s burst) ?

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Phoenix and Multiplus sharing the same Neutral


I'd like to connect two water pumps on one Phoenix 24/3000 and the rest of the house to a MultiPlus 24/3000. Same battery bank.

So far so good and no problem at all. BUT since Earth, Neutral and battery Negative are connected together anyways, I assume there's no issues having two separate inverters sharing their Neutral connections.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Sincerely, Flow

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Inverter 12/800 Roter Alarm wenn Netzteil eingesteckt

Phönix Inverter 12/800: Hallo liebe Community, meine ca. 5 Jahre alter und selten genutzter Inverter 12/800 wirft einen Fehler. LED Lampen im Ferienhaus sind angeschaltet kein Problem. Sobald ich ein Netzteil in die Steckdose der Hausverteilung stecke leuchtet das rote LED langsam und nach einiger Zeit geht der Strom für ca. 30 Sekunden aus und dann wieder an. Hausverteilung ist ok-was kann das sein? Gruß! Stefan

swedenuser asked

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Phoenix Smart inverter versus Phoenix inverter

Worin liegt der Vortei eines "Phoenix Inverter" zu einem "Phoenix Smart" Inverters für einen 1 Phasen betrieb?

Haben die Geräte die gleiche Leistung und Startstrom?

Worin liegt der Preisunterschied?

WINGGIS 42 asked
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Trying to connect my Phoenix 12/500 inverter to CERBO Gx.


I currently have a Phoenix 12/500 inverter with a ve.Direct port on it. I am trying to connect this to my Cerbo GX but cannot read any information from the inverter. I have a cable plugged into my MPPT controller which operates fine and my inverter also plugged in the exact same way but cannot receive any information?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

danny9380 asked
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Connecting to old phoenix multiplus 12 1600 70 through mk2


I want to set up two old phoenix multiplus 12 1600 70 inverters to operate in parallel.

I am running VEConfig/VE.Bus System Configurator/VE.Bus Quick Configure on a Win 7 machine. The MK2.2b is connects with a "USB to Com Port RS232 LogiLink Adapter" to the Win 7 machine and with a ethernet cable (cat5) to the multiplus.

The inverter switches off (green light turns off and the humming sound stops) as soon as the connection is made from the inverter to the MK2. ´The victron software sees the MK2, but can't find the inverter.

What am I doing wrong?

Do I need a special RS232 cable?

laurens asked
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Geen 220V wanneer geen walstroom

Ik heb sinds kort een nieuwe boot en daar zit een Victron Phoenix Multiplus 24 1600 40 in.

Nu blijkt dat ik, wanneer ik van de walstroom af ben, geen 220V heb als ik de omvormer aanzet. Het lampje gaat aan van omvorming, maar er is geen spanning.

Wanneer ik de walstroom erop zet is er weer 220V

kan het zijn dat ik te weinig accu vermogen heb staan?
er zitten 2 accu’s in, Beaut AGM260-12, 12V 260ah.

Moet er wellicht meer in?

ik hoop dat iemand een antwoord heeft.

jorts asked
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Phoenix 48 500 shutting off

Set up inverter with 10mm* cables to a 48v battery bank. Plenty of ah in batteries. Good thick cables. Running no more than 48w output. Auto shutoff is set at 15w. Output power does not fluctuate. Inverter gives a "voltage overload" warning and cuts out every 1 or 2 minutes. This thing is currently unusable, brand new too. Any advice in settings? Currently set at 50hz 230v output.

laika asked

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Connexion entre l'Onduleur VICTRON Phoenix C 24/1200 et le VE.Bus Smart Dongle


Je souhaite connecter l'Onduleur VICTRON Phoenix C 24/1200 et le VE.Bus Smart Dongle.

Dans l'onduleur il y a deux RJ45 (une notée J302 et l'autre J17 ou JL7) ; voir photo.


Sur lequel des deux RJ45 dois je connecter le câble ?

Le câble en question est-il un simple câble Ethernet ?

Merci d'avance pour toute réponse.

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