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Phoenix Compact 24/1200 meldet zu früh schwache Batterie


wir haben umgerüstet auf LiFePo4. Im Inverter ist die Dynamische Abschaltung aktiviert mit folgenden Einstellungen:

1A = 25.00V

26A = 25.00V

74A = 24.60V

210A = 24.00V

Wobei wir die 210A sowieso nier erreichen werden, selbst die 74A nicht aber okay

Neustart & Alarm bei schwacher Batterie steht auf 25.60V

Nun meldet mit die Remote Konsole einen Alarm mit niedriger Batteriespannung bei 26.01V

Wie kann das sein?



micha854 asked

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Groundin Battery Minus?

I install an offgrid system withe an Easy solar II GX 48/3000/35-32.

I have a question to the grounding. I have to connect the ground (eath) toi the chassi of the Easy Solar. But do I have to connect even the batty Minus to the ground (earth)?

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Phoenix 12/800 Overload Issue Resolved

I have been using this unit since 2 months in my camper van and was very satisfied with it's delivery until the day my electrical skateboard's charger, once doing it's job, as in recharging the skateboard battery at 350w, would constantly trip on and off... headscratcher.

I first stripped down the manual and appart from the fact that the inverter was not grounded, it was the only thing I could think of.

Then I came here and found many posts with Phoenix (and other inverters) complaining of overload and shut downs being resolved because of one load being difficult with the inverter. Eg: Electric blanket, souldering iron, LED lights and did not find any post that covers issues with chargers.

Then I remembered that I did recently ad a new load to my van, an (el cheapo) 60w small fridge that I had to plug up to the inverter as I did not have a cigarette lighter plug with me at the time (3 weeks ago) and that indeed, my problems started at this very moment. I then unpluged the AC input from the inverter and voila, no more overloads.

Interesting isn't it?

The fridge was in a sort of conflict specifically with the skateboard charger, making the Phenix to trigger to Overload, when all the other loads worked fine with it, as in 120w laptop charger, phone charger, fan etc.

I'm glad that I somehow fixed that up myself by adding things together according to timing leading me to that new load (the fridge), elementary my dear Watson!

Perhaps one of our electricsl specialists will find this case somehow interesting and will bless us with some good old science so we go to bed smarter tonight?

Kind regards.


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Is Phoenix Inverter 24/1200 noisy?

I installed one such inverter on my home and, when powering it up without any consumers it has a light hum, no issues with that unless you stay really close to it.

If you turn on a few lights .. the same hum, still ok but when I start the computer (and I see the consumption around 180-190 W on the app) it starts to be really noisy (and the fan is off so the noise is not from it).

Is it normal? or should I return it?


sorin-t asked

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Phoenix Inverter 24/2000 230V to power an Split phase Air conditioning?

Anyone have tried to power up an American Split phase air conditioning with a 230V Phoenix inverter with the 60hz option?. is it possible.?

sebastianlehmann asked
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Blue Smart IP67 and a Phoenix Inverter vs MULTIPLUS12/500/20.

I need to install some batteries that work as ups. As input, we have the AC grid and as load, we power some communication antennas. The battery pack is 12V. My question is if it is possible to use a charger Blue Smart IP67 and a Phoenix Inverter for this case which is simple or it is better to use a MULTIPLUS12/500/20.

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Pheonix 12/2000 Inverter

Hi group

This is my first post and apologies if this has been asked previousy but i cannot find the answer in other posts.

I am building my 1st Campervan/ RV here in the UK and after completing my wiring I tested with shore hookup for the first time, immediately i noted when i hook up to 240v i see an alarm on my inverter (Victron Pheonix 12/2000).

I was under the impression my iverter was passthrough and would accept the 240v AC when hooked up.

Can someone help me please

Bryan Mclean asked
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Phoenix 2000W inverter firmware update to version 200+

I'm working on 2 Phoenix compact 230V 2000W inverters that are paralleled. They have an overload light on the slave with nothing connected to the output. I'm hoping an update to the firmware would address the issue or at least eliminate variables. I cannot use Victron Connect because the firmware is V159 and it needs to be over V200. Looks like I need to use Victron Flash to update but I can't find the firmware flash file (.vff) on Victronflash website. I emailed them requesting the file as the instructions say but they are not responding. Any ideas?

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Phoenix Inverter 12/375 230V - Batteriespannung zu niedrig

Hallo, habe mir einen oben beschriebenen Inverter gekauft. Habe einen kleinen Kühlschrank mir 230V und 170 Watt (0,6A) anhängen wollen. Egal was ich mache, die App zeigt mir immer, das die Batteriespannung zu niedrig ist, aktuell 13,34 Volt. Auch die Leuchtdioden zeigen das an. Der inverter ist mit ziemlich dicken Kabeln am Zigarettenanzünder im Auto angeschlossen aber auch direkt mit Klemmen an der Batterie kommt dieser Fehler.

ich denke 13,34 Volt sollte doch reichen, und 170 Watt sollten ja locker zu schaffen sein.

Gibt es noch Einstellungen in der App, die diesen Fehler beheben oder was kann es sein.

eldorado asked
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How to limit current in Phoenix Inverter 12/1200

Please forgive me in advance as question reveals a gap in my understanding.

To address a 12v vehicle to. 48v house battery scenario - instead of a dc-dc charger I would like to consider using a phoenix inverter to go 12v->AC going into the MPii-48/3000 to charge 48v battery

Is there a way to limit the maximum power the phoenix will put out even if the MP is accepting of more (e.g. in active charge mode).

I know I could use a dc-dc like the Sterling however I really want to understand if and how this scenario could work.

thank you

mattsimonnewman asked

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Phoenix Multiplus 12/2500 schaltet 220 Volt verzögert
Leider haben wir seit Kurzem ein Problem mit dem Inverter, der beim Einschalten zwnar das blaue Lämpchen anzeigt und auch den üblichen Stromverbrauch zieht aber es kommt kein 220 Volt an.
Manchmal dauert es ein paar Minuten, manchmal bis zu einer Stunde, bis das Bordnetz mit 220 V gespeist wird. 
Es gibt keine Fehlermeldung oder andere LED, die etwas anzeigen. Es passierte in diesem Jahr erstmalig aber auch nicht jedesmal, sondern eher gelegentlich.
Die 600 Ah AGM-Batterien sind immer mind. 90% voll. An den Einstellungen und an der Verkabelung habe seit 10 Jahren nichts geändert. Hat jemand eine Idee? Vielen Dank vorab

im-radeberger asked
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Ecoflow Delta Pro overloading Phoenix 1200 above 300w

HI there,

I've got a Phoenix 1200 hooked up to my CCP on a 2020 transit. I had hopes of using it to charge my Ecoflow Delta Pro via the 120v plug. I tried running the set up the other day and I couldn't get Phoenix to stop overloading unless I set the Delta Pro to a charge rate of 300w (it's adjustable from 100w-1800w I believe). Am I missing something about why this wouldn't work at a higher wattage?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! JT

clevergreen asked
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Multiplus 12/2500/120 Inverter sometimes failed

From time to time our Charger Phoenix Multiplus 12/2500/120 does not supply 220 Volt as the switch "Inverter On" is activ. The blue LED control is on as usual but no 220 Volt is supplied. No other light or warning. It happens from time to time although we did not change system or any settings for years. After a while of up to 1 hour 220 Volts is finally supplied. It happened this year first time after many years of reliable service. Batteries 600 Ah AGM are always min. 90 % charged.

Any idea what's wrong?

Thanks for any information

im-radeberger asked

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Broken inverter, Phoenix 24/1200, help needed

Hello, my inverter suddenly started giving an output of 300VAC, it burned out a couple of small appliances that were connected at the moment... It doesn't give any red alarm light, just the normal operation green LED.

It isn't under warranty and I work with electronics so I opened it to see what is going on.

The board has a burned capacitor and I cant see the value...


I'm going to measure and replace any other damaged component that I can find, but I need to know the reference or value of that burned capacitor to start the shopping list.

Could anyone help me? It is very easy to open the top part of the inverter to chech it, just the top screws on the front and back. Maybe someone has a technical diagram or something.

I'm in a very tight spot right now and I must resolve this economically.

Thank you very much in advance.

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