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Phoenix 12/1200 reporting high VA value and trips

So we have a a new Phoenix 12/1200 hooked up to our new Victron lithium battery in our van. We have a very simple AC solution. The issue we are seeing is that our new travel water tea kettle is causing the inverter to trip into overload when it should not.

Here are the details.

Single AC outlet wired into a busbar which is then wired to the AC outlet on the Phoenix. Short runs and everything is new. The tea kettle is advertised "rated" for 800W. I clamped on an amp meter and it is pulling 8A so about 960W. The Phoenix shows anywhere from 1280-1400VA and trips with an overload alarm.

Would not a tea kettle be a resistive load and a power factor near 1.0?

Either way the data sheet for the Phoenix said it can sustain a 1000W load and the tea kettle is at or below that.


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phoenix 24/5000 ve bus hooked together

Hi i want to hook 2 phoenix 24/5000 ve bus inverters together Do they have to have same number (245020000 ) or can you just buy one and put them together Thanks in advance Ted

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Smart Shunt and Phoenix strange behavior



I use in a Island setup a Victron Smart shunt (500A/50mV) to measure the current from the battery to a Victrom Phoenix without and a 48V/12V Inverter for 12V LED lighting.

If the 48V/12V Inverter sucking energy, everything is a s expected, the Smart shunt shows a negative energy consumption. But if the Phoenix sucking energy, the energy consumption is POSITIVE!!

What is wrong here, someone have a idea, what is the problem?

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24v 5000 watt phoenix ve bus how to turn eco on

Hi i have a phoenix 24v 5000 watt ve bus inverter and i want to put it in stand by mode Have bought a MK3-USB interface but cant see where to change to eco mode on computer also phoenix 24/5000 dosnt appear to be on there Cheers Ted

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what remote can you use with phoenix 24v/5000 ve bus inverter

Hi i have a phoenix 24v/5000 watt ve bus inverter bought on/off switch for in house run it out to battery shed The instruction book says l and h on and off on remote but when you take covers off inverter the only place you could put wires is a blue 3 point connector on circuit board with a black jumper wire { no i or h on there to tell you which is which } Thanks in advance Ted

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using MPPT solar inverter DC input with an AC generator


I have a question regarding the possibility of using an AC generator with an MPPT solar inverter.

So basically I have a wind power turbine, the generator is a 3 phases permanent magnet synchrone generator.

In order to have a DC voltage, I will use a diode bridge with a DC/DC converter to meet the requirement of DC input of the inverter.

Lets say I will use the Victron EasySolar-II GX (who handle a DC input between 38V - 66V) without battery, and I'm able with the diode bridge and the DC/DC converter to convert the voltage of the AC generator to a DC voltage that oscillate between 38V - 66V. Will the inverter be able to generate power and behave normally ?

I want to know too how the MPPT will work under those circumstances. Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken, from what I understood, the MPPT algorithme changes the value of the voltage on the DC input in order to find and drag maximum power. In the system that I explained above, the source imposes the voltage I believe, how the MPPT algorithm will be able to find the maximum power point?

Feel free to ask more questions if I misexplain something.

Thanks in advance


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Do I need to connect the earth wire on inverter when only using Solar?


Can anyone confirm that I still need to attach an earth wire from a Victron 1200w inverter to a van chassis where am intending to just charge a power station type leisure battery (200Ah) with roof top and portable solar panels?

ie: no DCDC type charger being used


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Phoenix 24/3000, 2.3kW load, high temperature alarm at ambient of +8°C


I have tested my Phoenix Smart 24/3000 connected to a battery to charge a car with 10A at 230V and at a cool ambient temperature of +8°C. The Phoenix is mounted on a concrete wall and there is plenty of free air below and above the Phoenix. The air and the wall did not heated up significantly during this test.

The remote console showed 2.25...2.3kW during the test. But after ~2h the Phoenix sent a temperature warning and turned off completely some minutes later. I did not expected a high temperature shutdown at this low ambient temperatures. For sure in summer I would have expected this behaviour as Phoenix is rated for 2400W up to +25°C ambient temperature. But it looks like I have to reduce the charging current even in the winter season (need a new charging cable to test).

Does anybody can confirm this behavior or is it possible my Phoenix has an cooling/efficiency issue and should be claimed at Victron?

Thanks in advance, any hint is appreciated.


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12/375 inverter and starlink, power goes on and off.

Ok, this is really weird. I built a box for portable power, for a starlink internet system. I'm working on clearing land and don't need internet there 24/7/365, only when I'm there. So got a plastic truck box, put in a new lithium ion 12vdc battery, Victron mppt 75v/10A charger, Victron Smart Energy Sense and Phoenix 12/375 inverter. Battery is fully charged, holding between 13.2 - 13.9vdc.

I first plugged the starlink in and it kept booting up, then losing wifi, then restarting etc.
Today got to messing with it and thought.. hmm. plugged the starlink into regular mains power and it works fine, boots up, stays up.

Ok, so this inverter has an eco-mode where it looks to see if there is a load, and if so, then comes on.. but I don't have it in eco mode. Maybe it is doing that anyway. Tried both ways, eco and regular, same thing.

Then I unplugged the starlink and plugged in a small flat panel tv, like small computer monitor size. Powered that up and it came on and never went off. Inverter just idling about 20-30 watts.

Added two loads. no problem, but.. as soon as I plug the Starlink into the inverter, alone or with another load.. the inverter goes off for a bit, starts up, goes off, starts up. It's the darnedest thing.

I'll try to get some video if needed to prove what I'm seeing.

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Will Eco or AES Mode work for a Refrigerator - There MUST be an answer!? Victron, a little HELP?

Will the Eco or AES (Phoenix Compact) mode work with a new AC Refrigerator?

Well after scanning this forum, asking my Victron Dealer, and scouring a dozen RV user groups - yep hours and hours - no one has an answer to the question above. Victron Energy Corp - come on, this should be something you can step up and help us answer!?

Users have concluded that the scanning in the Eco (or AES?) is not enough to let the fridge controller fire up, start working, then request more power to run / start the compressor. However, some of these users have only a 500w version which may not be enough, or they don't seem to really dive into the all the programing options for these modes. I have read plenty of 500w Victron inverters in regular mode being reported as "no problem". But in combination with the Eco or AES mode - maybe an issue with not enough power?

I have yet to see a user that reported they went extensively into testing the program variables the Eco mode - they talk about increasing the scan mode from 3 seconds to 30 seconds, but that seems to be where their testing ends. It seem that a proper balance of wattage, scan time, and frequency would work. Maybe a 5 minute scan every 30 minutes being the answer, but honestly, I am a newbie and trying to find solutions before diving into investments and installations and committing to an AC Fridge over a 12V (Concerned a 12V in my 115 degree summer heat will not perform as well as the AC version, plus the AC cost is a fraction and replacements / repairs are easy). It's all a balance.....LOL.

SO - Victron Engergy - how about some help here!?!? Users have no idea, Dealers have no idea, I suggest you could increase your inverter sales 100x IF the Eco or AES modes could be confirmed to work on a newer AC Fridge (especially the 10cuft sized units). And, then tell how to properly program these energy modes to work.

Thank you!


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Pheonix 12/1200 showing wrong/low battery voltage, continuous low voltage alarm/ shut down


I've been running a victron pheonix 12/1200 inverter connected directly to a 100ah LifeP04 Lithium battery successfully for some weeks. Recently the victron app has been showing low battery voltage and immediately shuts down with low voltage alarms, however the battery is completely topped up. My volt meter reads the battery at 13.8volts at the battery and at the inverter however the reading on the victron app shows the batter at 11.8v. The low battery shut down settings are at default (9.3v) and low batter restart & alarm is at the default of 10.9v so why is the inverter shutting off with a reading of 11.8v?

I hadn't managed to connect the grounding in the weeks it was in use but would this confuse the readings? I've also been running a compressor mini freezer which at startup did surge but I had never had an overload warning from the inverter.

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Phoenix 12/2000 Bluetooth Reset

We sold a Victron Phoenix inverter to a customer. PN: PIN122200000

The customer has now forgotten / lost his Bluetooth password.

Customer finds in the manual no way to restore the delivery state.

A PUK code is not found on the product sticker on the back.

The described version of holding down the mode button for 10 seconds does not work either.

Please tell us how to reset the BT code.

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Phoenix Inverter Compact 24/2000 — connect a remote switch


I use a Victron Inverter Phoenix Compact 24/2000

In the manual was shown a different board with other connectors then i have inside my inverter. The manual told me to connect a remote switch on terminal "H". On this position i haven't a terminal, that place is free. What i have, that are two 3 Pin connectors. The left one was named as "remote switch" with "CH" - "COM" - "IN". How i have to connect there my switch or otherwise the relais output from my bms712?

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks a lot and best regards from me - Markus

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Broken M8 Bolt at DC connection


did somebody install a Phoenix Smart Inverter with 24/5000 in the past and check the DC Connection Bolts?

I wanted to install a brand new Phoenix yesterday.

But it wasn't possible.

Both positive bolts got loose.

The torque was only 10Nm.

The negative bolts are super strong. 12Nm without problems.

Because only 90cm of length is used, Instead of 2x 95mm² wire, 2x 70mm² for positive and negative with M8 Terminals from Klauke.

Absolut no tension or spring force on the wire.

(i use super flexible wire from Titanex H01N2 D70)

After removing the Phoenix from the wall i wondering why the Busbar what´s goes inside is less than 2mm thick and the smallest cross-section is only 20x2mm

I hope my dealer can order a spare part.

Best regards Robert








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Phoenix Compact Victron Multiplus Inverter Charger 24/1200/25... not working at all!

I have a 24v off-grid solar system on-board my Barge... installed about six months ago. All was working fine until I installed an electric water pump which tripped the shore line AC breaker and now the inverter is dead! Checked fuse but no luck... I did notice that when I toggle the inverter main switch – the LEDs flash on briefly. The inverter is old, but maybe it can be fixed? Any help would be appreciated.

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