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Using Phoenix 12/1200 with Krups Essenza Mini capsule coffee maker

Hi all,

I am trying to use the above capsule coffeemaker withe my Phoenix 12/1200. The coffeemaker is modified and has a prolonged heating phase so that it uses 700-800 Watt
problem is that the inverter goes into overload reboot 90% of the times I try to draw a coffee. I also have the fluttering sound effect described here and here.

The inverter is connected to a 150Ah LiFePo battery via 50cm of 25mm2 wirering run over a high power fuse.
in this setup I am able to deploy a 1000W electrical waterboiler as well as a hair dryer on the Phoenix 12/1200 without problems.
the capsule Maschine runs without any problems on a Votronic SMI600-NVS, 600-1200 Watt.
Any ideas why this isn’t working aus expected?

Cheers Arne

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Help defining specs charger/inverter and battery protect CAMPERVAN

Hi all! :-)

I am a young an enthousiast girl buzy with a camperitzation of a van (not sure how far I will get but I'll try!) and I saw and read a lot of information, but I have some doubts about which criteria to follow when choosing Victron equipment. Hopefully someone can help me! My apologies upfront if I'm asking stupid questions :(

My system will have:

- 2x320W solar panels

- 2x170 Ah 12 V batteries (link 1 or link 2, to be decided) --> are these ok for the application?

- 1x Relay RL-180/200 12 V to connect to the alternator

- 1x SmartSolar charge controller 100/30 (because max current both panels is 21 A)

But I am not able to define what are the specs that I need for the:

- Multiplus inverter/charger from Victron:

First question is, do I want a module that does alltogether or shall I buy separate components? Second question: which is the power that I need for the charger and inverter side?

My consumers in 230 V are:


Total A/day = 23,73; Total W/day = 5458

My consumers in 12 V are:


Total A/day = 102,88; Total W/day = 1234,6

Third question is: I want to install an outer power take off to connect to the camping 230 V socket and charge/use the 230V consumers with the electricity of the camping mains. If I would connect the vehicle to the camping socket, will the multiplus inverter/charger charge the batteries and allow me to use my 230 V consumers at the same time? I want to avoid the situation of connecting to the camping grid, batteries not full and using 230 V consumers and not having enough power, since with a 10 A socket from the camping, I can only consume 2300 W (3680 W max with 16 A). Like: I plug to the camping socket and I plug my hairdryer, does the inverter charge at the same time the auxiliary batteries? If so, with a 12/1600/70 model and a 1000 W hair dryer, I could not connect many more things since the inverter can deliver max 1300 W!

Is the 12/1600/70 indicating the max charging current of the battery? What is the maximum charging current of the batteries? 170 A?

Also not able to define which:

- battery smart protect: fourth question: which of these 65A/100A/220A ? or another?

Sorry for my lengthy email, but I am new in this field. Every help is very appreaciated!

Many thanks in advance,


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MPPT power drops when battery voltage drops due to high load

My cabin is equipped with 2x 100Ah LiFePo4 batteries, a SmartSolar 100/50 MPPT, and a Phoenix Inverter 12/1200. The system performs very well, but recently I noticed that the MPPT appears to get confused during high loads where the battery voltage sags a bit.

The below screenshot shows the effects of a induction cooktop cycling on and off in order to keep a certain temperature while boiling potatoes. The MPPT output is steady at maximum output until the cooktop turns on, at which point the output collapsed to 0 watts. At the same time the battery voltage drops due to the 1000w load of the cooktop. The MPPT output does not recover until the cooktop turn off again.


Once the potatoes were cooked and the cooktop turned off, the MPPT output returned to its maximum output level and the output remained stable.


Is this expected behavior? It would be ideal if the MPPT actually delivered maximum power when it is needed the most i.e. during high load.

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inverter phoenix 12v 1200
idunne asked · 6 minutes ago

set up .....victron phoenix 12v 1200 inverter

3 feet 25mm2 cables positive inline circuite breaker 150a to battery all DC

2 x 110 ah batterys led acid pararell

battery level full

PROBLEM IS when i connect a 12v 1000w kettle to boil for a tea it trips the circute braker after about 5 sec

if i take the circuite breaker out of the cable it all works boiling the water

the iverter i no has a 200a fuse inside i was told.. am just trying to add a bit more safe by adding the breaker outside why is it tripping

i have tried it it with a microwave 800w with the inline breaker and that works

any help please

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3 Answers

asking again

set up .....victron phoenix 12v 1200 inverter

3 feet 25mm2 cables positive inline circuite breaker 150a to battery all DC

2 x 110 ah batterys led acid pararell

battery level full

PROBLEM IS when i connect a 12v 1000w kettle to boil for a tea it trips the circute braker after about 5 sec

if i take the circuite breaker out of the cable it all works boiling the water

the iverter i no has a 200a fuse inside i was told.. am just trying to add a bit more safe by adding the breaker outside why is it tripping

i have tried it it with a microwave 800w with the inline breaker and that works

any help please

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Orion Tr Smart 12-30 and Phoenix 800 - Common Minus/Negative

Hi all

Fairly new to Victron equipment and absolutely very much appreciate the quality of what I’ve seen so far. I’m just embarking on a new project and this one includes an Orion TR Smart (isolated) charger plus a Phoenix Inverter.

My question relates to the negative/minus wiring arrangement. Since this installation will be vehicle-mounted with chassis as battery negative, should both the input and out of the Orion (negatives) be common with the system side of the setup?

Or would you common all of the system side (from the Orion, leisure battery, accessories etc) back to the leisure battery negative and not the chassis?

thanks for any tips or advice

mrrikp asked

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Phoenix 12/1200: How to connect the output neutral to ground

I need to ground the output from my Phoenix 12/1200. I see the diagram in the manual appendix but it's a bit too abstract for me. Has anyone seen better documentation or a video that explains this better? Thanks!

erictstahl asked

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Phoenix 12/500 undervoltage reset


I have a Phoenix 12/500 which I tried to use with a 500W load. The app showed that the inverter was under high load but the voltage drop on my battery was significant, it went from 11.5V to 10.1 or lower.

So at that point the undervolt protection kicked in. After this the inverter seems to be stuck in the 'OFF' state. I have tried now to charge the battery to at least 13V hoping the inverter would turn back on, but no success so far.

I saw the 'charge detect' setting that is on 14V on factory settings, and tried to lower this to 13V, but that didn't help either. Is there any way I can reset the transformer from this error state? The battery voltage should be high enough now to use it again with the inverter.


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Red and Green LEDs flashing 12/800 Inverter

Phoenix 12/800 inverter no longer puts out 240v and red and green LEDs started flashing slowly alternatively. It's possible I may have had too much current draw connected to the inverter. I have had the inverter turned off and back on again overnight but no change. Help anyone? Perhaps a reset? Thanks.

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Phoenix Inverter 24V 1200VA 230V Does not follow lowest voltage cut-off

Dear All ,

I have a peculiar issue that the inverter even with hard coded lower voltage cut-off at 18.7V
and alarm at 20V ( Via VictronConnect and latest FW )

and still the inverter cuts off at 24 V exactly.

The current shunt and MPPT controller reports the same voltage during the shutdown

I hope someone could provide some light ?

Thank you

The Harvester

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how to disable "low voltage warning" on phoenix inverter smart?


as the title says, how can we disable the very annoying "low voltage warning" in the victron app? i never wanted to set this warning and i can not find any option in the app to disable it. (please see, that this is warning is different from the "low battery voltage alarm")


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Isolement des arrivées réseaux

Bonjour à tous,

à l'état de simple réflexion, j'envisage d'installer du matériel solaire dans un chalet de montagne qui est relié au réseau (EDF).

L'idée est de faire tourner prioritairement l'énergie qui est contenu dans des batteries qui seraient rechargées quotidiennement en solaire (sans chargeur). Cette énergie serait convertie en 230 Vac avec un inverter. Le point d'entrée serait alors le tableau électrique ou arrive le réseau. L'idée est de se passer du réseau EDF autant que faire se peut, en fonction de l'installation et son niveau de charge.

Si je n'ai aucun problème à choisir les composants adapté au générateur solaire, je ne sais en revanche pas comment isoler les deux entrées de courant sur mon tableau ; en effet, si mon générateur (solaire + batterie + inverter) est simplement relié à mon tableau, ça veut dire que "j'alimente le réseau", ce qui est dangeureux pour un éventuel intervenant RTE ; il penserait le courant coupé au transfo local mais un habitant génère du courant et l'a branché en aval sur son tableau ... Voyez l'idée.

Un solution simple consisterait à mettre un sectionneur localement, pour switcher sur l'une ou l'autre des sources, mais j'aimerais un dispositif automatisé, et je ne trouve pas ce genre de périphérique sur victron. Ou alors c'est une fonction dans les phoenix smart mais, n'étant pas familier de ceux-ci, j'ai pu passer à côté dans la fiche technique.

Avez-vous des conseils ?


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Victron Phoenix inverter 24/1200 with Ve.Direct to Generic Venus Device how to change lower Voltage cut off.

Dear All ,

As far as I understand there is a way to change the inverter lower cut-off values for battery voltage.

when I installed the Inverter I didn't change any of the default settings ( I think, I couldn't get the software to work on my pc ), and now I have an issue with the Inverter not working under 24V when the battery bank gets drained under 24V

The main question is, IF I can change the setting for the lower cut off value from my raspberry pi running the official Generic Venus Device image and uploading data to the vrm of Victron.

and this preferably to be done remotely since I can't physically get to it.

Thank you in advance

The harvester.

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Phoenix 12/3000/120 Inverter low power message

I was recently doing some work on my boat and I shut down my LiFePo4 house bank. Btw, house bank is 550a total. After I powered everything back on, my Phoenix inverter was showing a "low power" message in my Cerbo GX console, and only outputting 76V, not 120V. Prior to this the inverter was working fine. I've included screenshots of the remote console below. I did go to the advanced menu and tried all 3 reset options listed. Thoughts or comments appreciated.



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Puissance max d'un onduleur Victron ?


Petite question qui peut vous sembler bête mais j'ai un doute.

Si je prend un onduleur Multi 5000, on est bien d'accord que sa puissance maxi en mode "backup" c'est a dire sur batterie sans réseau est de 5000VA. Mais lorsqu'il est connecté au réseau (grid), est-il également limité à 5000 VA ?

lalluyn asked
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Phoenix and Multiplus sharing the same Neutral (Floating)

In my setup I'm using a Phoenix 24/375 inverter and a 24/3000 multiplus inverter/charger.

Can I share the N-lines of both inverters in my breaker box? (it's for an RV)

I would say: when not hooked up to shore power, the Multiplus connects Neutral to earth, then it should be no problem, but when the RV is hooked up, the neutral is disconnected from earth, and I have two floating suppliers.

- 1st: The red one is the main switch
- 2nd: The RCD's are combined double pole 16A breakers,
- 3rd: followed by specific equipment breakers


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Need system recommendation.


I need a system recommendation. System is Offgrid 48V 350A Lithium. 6 x 465w Solar panels. AC Generator. Original I was going to put 2 Easy solar 2 3000. As I need the 2 mppt, need the GX and need the 6000 inverter charger.

Now I read I cannot put 2 in parallel because only 1 GX is allowed. So I can replace 1 easy solar for 1 multiplus 3000 but have to add another mppt.

I check about RS 48/6000, it has it all for me except Charger and cannot plug the AC generator.


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1 Answer

Groundin Battery Minus?

I install an offgrid system withe an Easy solar II GX 48/3000/35-32.

I have a question to the grounding. I have to connect the ground (eath) toi the chassi of the Easy Solar. But do I have to connect even the batty Minus to the ground (earth)?

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i have a VICTRON 12V 1200W INVERTER when i plug in hobbs travel kettle in 1000W it trips the fuse breaker 150a should this be right i have tried a microwave 850w and is fine,,,,,,cables 25mm2 length 30 "inchs any help please

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Honda EU3000IS hooked up to the Victorn inverter problem?

Any one ever use the honda inverter generator EU3000IS hooked up to the Victorn inverter to charge the battery bank on cloudy days. I am being told they dont work good together. Please let me know if you have had successfully ran them together with no problems or what you did to fix it.

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Multiplus II 2X 120V Connecting to Raspberry Pi2

I’m learning every day. I have a Raspberry Pi. It’s loaded, configured and working. I know how to connect my mppt. I know how to connect my BMV 712 (although I have to make a long cable to get from the head unit to my control wall). What I can’t figure out is how to connect my Multiplus II 2X 120. Can I just use my MK3 adapter.

I also bought bluetooth dongle to use but the inverter doesn’t have a ve connect port.

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Victron phoenix 12/375 inverter goes into overload

After turning on the inverter it will go straight into overload. Red light on, green light blinks 2 times fast.

Nothing is connected on the ac site.

They inverter is connected to a 200ah lifepo4 battery. 13.3 volt comes out.

Do I have to change the setting in the inverter?

I checked the cables everything seems to be OK.

Anyone have any ideas what is wrong? Thanks

wit asked
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Need help troubleshooting - Inverter and buck-boost

Our inverter won’t turn on, we’ve been on the road for less than a week, it was working fine and then it suddenly died. We tested the connection to the DC, the fuse is good, it’s a 400amp fuse.

The data cables are connected, the light on the external BMS went from blue to red last night. We have 2 smart lithium batteries 200amp and a Victron VE bms and Oroin buckboost 100amp

PLEASE HELP. Is there any victron experts out there?

kristinabodhi asked
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Phoenix VE.Direct and Cerbo GX work fully together?

Do Phoenix VE.Direct and Cerbo GX work fully together? Or are there differences with VE.Bus? Do I have any restrictions with VE.Direct regarding Cerbo GX and VRM Portal?

meda asked
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1 Answer

Phoenix Inverter 24/800 turns off red LED blinking

I have a simple system off-grid. When I power on the inverter the red LED starts blinking and the power/green light goes solid and red led continues to blink, then green led turns off and red led continues blinking and system powers off, check video. Any possible solution? I will really appreciate your input

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1 Answer

PP30 need to use with Phoenix Inverter 12/500 120V Ve.Direct Nema 5-15R - sugestions please !

Need a 120V source in my car for some camping usage. Is it a good solution to connect theese two for inverting É


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Phoenix inverter and electric towel radiator.

hi all.

My system is running for more then year now.

I decided to connect my electric towel radiator to use excess power

After all connected to fuse board I have some issue with inverter.
it’s working but very bad when radiator is on very strange noise coming from inside inverter.

It’s someone’s have like this problem ?

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Phase Cut power regulator

I have a small 250VA victron phoenix inverter and trouble using a phase cut power regulator. When connecting said regulator, the inverter makes a very loud humming noise and voltage level rises about 20V from 230V to 250V.

It sounds (and the values look) very unhealthy, so I disconnected it immediately.

Without that regulator the inverter works normally....

Any ideas what is wrong?

muelli asked
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Have I killed my phoenix 3000 24v?

I've tried setting up a parallel system, but made an error. I chose the option "add to an existing system" rather than "create a system". I followed all the instructions, turning the 2 units on and off when told, but when I finished, one of the units (the slave) no longer powers on.

If I connect to ve config, I can see the unit, and it shows readings in the 24v section, but nothing in the 230v inverting section. There are no lights showing on the unit.

Have I killed it?

kevinnorth asked
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