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Multiple Tank 140 to CCGX


Can I connect multiple Tank 140 to a CCGX. How many Tank senders would the CCGX recognise ? The CCGX has two USB inputs, meaning 2 Tank 140 ? or can I connect more via a USB hub ?

The question is answered for the Cerbo GX, but is the CCGX the same ?



gmd asked

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Registered CCGX on VRM

Good day, we have received a CGGX which has been registered on VRM platform, we have requested access to this CCGX, but whoever registered this unit is no where to be found, how can i get access to this unit?

Gerrie Rossouw asked
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Need help : No ESS assistant found following to Multiplus II upgrade


Materials : Multiplus II 5KV + CCGX v2.90+ 4 Pylontech batteries.

Everything was working fine except some recent alarms rise on High voltage battery.

I took the opportunity to upgrade Mutliplus II from V459 to V497 using VRM. The ESS that was ok is now empty menu with No ESS assistant found.

I tried to use VE configure 3 to re-initialize the ESS assistant but no way, VE configure 3 does not see my CCGX and the Multiplus while VictronConnect is able to see the CCGX.

Please drive me to the right direction to re-engage the ESS mode on the CCGX, I am lost now.


zak asked
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Multiplus II et chauffe eau thermodynamique

bonjour, j'ai un multiplus II avec CCGX et je voudrais savoir si je peux commander mon chauffe eau thermodynamique (Atlantic calypso) en fonction de la production solaire. le chauffe eau a une entrée qui peut être commandé avec un contact sec donc avec le relais du CCGX cela devrait fonctionner. je m'explique, je voudrais savoir si l'on peut par exemple dire au chauffe eau de ne pas démarrer avant qu'il y ait 1000 W de production ou d'autre paramètres? ou dois je utiliser un assistant du système ess. car quand il y a de la production il monte volontairement la température de l'eau pour stocker de l'énergie. merci pour vos réponses.

axelfolly asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Offgrid - Anzeigen optimieren


zuerst: alles läuft hervorragend. Was ich jedoch bei Victron nicht gefunden habe, sind zwei Kleinigkeiten. Vielleicht weiß da jemand einen Rat.

Für die 3-Phasen verwende ich drei MultiPlus-II. Für die Anzeige vor Ort ist ein CCGX installiert. Läuft. Was mich stört ist, dass die Lasten über AC-Out 2 laufen müssen, weil AC-Out 1 ohne AC-In nicht funktioniert.

Dadurch werden die als kritische Lasten angezeigt, während AC-Lasten leer sind und AC-In als NA angezeigt wird.


Wie bekommt man bei einem Off-Grid System die Anzeige AC-In aus dem Display gelöscht?

Wie bekommt man einen nicht benutzten AC-Out Anschluss aus dem Display gelöscht?


Vielen Dank.

sascha asked
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CCGX not showing MPPT 150/70

I have lost the MPPT 150/70 on the colour control. I have changed the cable,tried connecting another device through MPPT and the second device shows on CCGX but not the MPPT 150/70

leigh horton asked
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ccgx power tu USB

at 1740 in the southern french alps, my house is solar powered all managed by victron's devices. Il intend to measure irradiance with a Si-RS485_TC-2T from Ingenieurbüro as advised by Victron.

That device is about 15m from my ccgx so a 12m usb cable is needed. Can I use a simple USB cable about 12m eventually auto amplified using the power from CCGX?

Lionel SEYDOUX asked
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I'd like to propose a change to VRM and venus-OS system diagram DC bus

Please see the attached image for details. Thanks

Edit 2022-09-16
thanks dagamma and Eric M for your comments - the mods community looks awesome, hopefully someday I'll get round to properly delving in there!

My beef is only that I find the current diagram to be misleading (or dare I say straight up wrong?) in that it implies that somehow the DC element somehow goes into the battery first before then being extracted. When in fact the electrical currents balance on the DC bus (Kirchhoff’s Current Law, if memory of my long ago school days serves me right?)


colin asked
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Multiplus II won#t charge and shows #6 and #7

I have a three-phase system with two multis on each phase. they are connected to the victron cerbo gx and to the batteries. I'm trying to control the system with ESS mode 3 through modbus tcp. the system info screen shows #6 and #7 on the buttom and the whole system is not charging or discharging the batteries. in addition the low battery LED is flashing on all of the 6 multipluses.

alawwirbilal asked
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Unable to remove color gx gateway from VRM

I have a color gx gateway device on my VRM account that was sold about 4 years ago , I was able to remove other devices but not the color gx, have tried to delete ( clicking on red delete device tab) but get the message pop up that it was unable to remove device, any suggestions? I want to get this cleared out before adding an easy solar gx device, ( VRM portal ID 8030dcbe89d4) Thanks

mcizauskas asked
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CCGX Firmware update over v2.18 results in stuck at Victron Boot Screen logo

Hi all,

I'd like to update the fimware of the CCGX unit in my EasySolar 24/3000/70 to the latest version.

Anything over v2.18 results in the CCGX being stuck in the Victron logo Splash screen on boot.

I tried updating it via Wifi, the SD card via the 3 button boot menu procedure and with and without the CCGX connected to anything as suggested here.
Tried replacing the USB cable aswel to no avail...

The SmartSolar and Multi plus units inside the EasySolar never gave me any issues and I could update them to their latest versions.
(Currently both running on the latest stable release candidates.)

With v2.18 running the CCGX sometimes looses all readings on the SOC and/or spontaneously reboots.

I'd like to update the CCGX to the latest version (v2.98), any idea's what I might have overlooked or can try?

Thanks in advance for your input !

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RS 48/6000 battery SOC discrepancy between CCGX & Inverter

System is including:

  1. RS 48/6000
  2. CCGX
  3. BYD LVS

RS 48/6000 is connected to the CCGX via VE.Direct

Problem: CCGX shows 49% SOC but Inverter shows 98%

Dose anybody know how I should fix this problem?



aydin-1 asked
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CCGX, EasySolar II and Pylontech

Hi all.

Salesmen have sold a job that I'm a little unsure about on paper. Have a 3kW EasySolar II with Pylontech setup (straightforward as have done many of these), alongside this though is a separate Colour Control GX device which will be situated in the living area of the home to allow for easier monitoring of the system.

Having a read through the manual I noticed it mentions difficulties setting up the CCGX if using VE Bus managed batteries. However with Pylontech being BMS Can, I'm just curious if it will be as simple as running a VE Bus and power cable from the EasySolar II out to the CCGX, standard VE Can to BMS Can on the battery and away we go as per usual? Or if there is anything else that might cause me some hiccups?

Cheers in advance.

solarsam asked

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CCGX Generator Start-Stop "Do not run genset when AC 1 is in use"

I'm not sure I get the logic behind this?( )

I thought the best practice was to connect the genset to AC1 and shore power to AC2?


"Two AC inputs; integrated switch-over system between shore voltage and generating set The Quattro features two AC inputs (AC-in-1 and AC-in-2) for connecting two independent voltage sources. For example, two generator sets, or a mains supply and a generator set. The Quattro automatically selects the input where voltage is present. If voltage is present on both inputs, the Quattro selects the AC-in-1 input, to which normally the generating set is connected."

Would it be possible to add "Do not run genset when AC2 is in use" as well? (given people are probably already relying on the version with AC1 I understand just changing it to AC2 may not be possible).

elvistherv asked
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VRM showing incorrect live data on dashboard

I have a CCGX (v2.73) configured to log data to VRM every 5 minutes over HTTPS. When loading the installation via the VRM website, the dashboard very briefly shows current data:


But a few seconds after loading, it reverts to showing something else. I guess this might be previous data, or some example data? For example SOC shows 72%, but the historical data graph below the dashboard shows correct SOC:


All the graphs/data in the Advanced section of the VRM portal show correct data. I see the same behaviour via the VRM iOS app. I have checked the GX's timezone and clock, and both are correct.

It seems like something is "stuck" with the installation in VRM; is someone from Victron able to check VRM for my installation? Thanks!

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