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Loss of communication to ET112 Grid meter

I finished a new Victron 5KVA Easysolar installation connected to an ET112 Grid meter. The system will run perfectly for a few hours and then looses communication to the ET112 and causes the Inverter to go into a Passthru mode. I then need to reboot the CCGX that will solve the problem untill it happens again after anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours. It will also always happens after a grid failure (load shedding) when the power is restored. I replaced the ET112 grid meter as well as the victron rs485 to usb cable which didn't solve the problem. I re-routed the the rs485 to usb cable and did the software upgrade again without any success. I've done many similar installations in the past and never experienced this issue. Any suggestions to solve this issue.

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Color Control GX connection to Cerbo GX as an additional system monitoring

Dear Sirs, we set a Lithium system on a gulet and we installed Cerbo GX + 7" touch display in the engine room. We also connected Cerbo GX to Raymarine backbone to share this screen to the wheelhouse area. But we also want to install Color Control GX screen (from the old installation to put this unit in use again) which already exists onboard to monitor the system from the engine control room which the crew can easily access without entering the engine room.

1) Is anyone has any experience with such a usage of Cerbo GX + Color Control unit together?

2) Or do you have any other solution to share this screen in to control room?

If you can help us on that subject we will be appreciated it.

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Connect ruuvi to CCGX or Venus GX

Hi Victron Community

I‘m using a CCGX and I like to add some Ruuvi Temperature sensors. Since the CCGX has no bluetooth I‘m wondering, if it is possible to add them via adding a bluetooth dongle?

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GX color Screen brightness control disappeared on firmware version 2.87

This control above the "Display off time" on the "Display & language" settings was present in previous version but no longer available. This seems like a bug. Will this be addressed in the next release?



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CCGX Wi-Fi unreliable since 2.84?


I have a CCGX with USB wifi dongle (BPP900100200).

It has been working pretty well, allowing me to view my system on vrm.

When i updated the firmware to 2.87 I noted that wifi only works/connects for a short while after reboot, then says that there are no access points. Works briefly after each reboot.

I reverted to 2.84 but it is showing the same problem. I did not use 2.84 after I installed it since the system was switched off for a period of time, so I did not notice the problem.

Anyone seen this problem?

The wifi dongle may be broken/flakey. The new firmware may have an issue.

I would like to read out some system log and see if there is some error report from the device driver.

Any help appriciated!


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VRM showing incorrect live data on dashboard

I have a CCGX (v2.73) configured to log data to VRM every 5 minutes over HTTPS. When loading the installation via the VRM website, the dashboard very briefly shows current data:


But a few seconds after loading, it reverts to showing something else. I guess this might be previous data, or some example data? For example SOC shows 72%, but the historical data graph below the dashboard shows correct SOC:


All the graphs/data in the Advanced section of the VRM portal show correct data. I see the same behaviour via the VRM iOS app. I have checked the GX's timezone and clock, and both are correct.

It seems like something is "stuck" with the installation in VRM; is someone from Victron able to check VRM for my installation? Thanks!

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Color GX and Multiplus communication issues

I have a Multiplus 12 3000 50 and a Color Control GX on my boat. I was using the GX to turn the inverter on and off so I didn't have to walk so far to get to my Multi. The other day the GX would not turn the Multi on. I disconnected the comm cable between the GX and the Multi and the hard switch worked fine. I "fixed" the issue by restarting the GX. Is this a known issue with these devices? I bought the GX partly for this feature but am not inclined to use it since it seems to mess with the Multi.

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(résolu) calibrage batteries Pylontech / color control GX

Bonjour à tous

je viens de rajouter une batterie pylontech us2000c (en master) à mon parc installé depuis 3 mois contenant 2 batteries pylontech us2000

tout a l'air de fonctionner via le victron color control gx connecté via Rj45 au reste du syteme qui se constitue d'un onduleur victron 48/3000/35 et d' smartsolar mppt 150/35 victron également

J'ai cru comprendre qu'il fallait recalibrer le volume du parc de batterie afin d optimiser la charge

je suis preneur de toutes infos sur cette démarche

merci par avance !

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Cerbo/Venus GX - Set maximum charge level, e.g. 90 % SOC

Hello together,

my config is:
- 3x Multiplus 5000
- 3x MPPT 250/100
- Cerbo GX
- BYD LVL 15.4
- 45 x Sunrise Energy SR-M660340HL -> 15,3 kWp

- In plan: Fronius Symo on AC-Out

Here is my question:
I would like to limit the maximum charge level. For example, to 90% SOC. I can not find this setting in cerbo gx. Is it possible that this setting does not exist at all? Why? Many other manufacturers have this option. I think this would be a good option to save the battery in the summer. Since peaks occur here from time to time. And the battery is loaded beyond its limit. Especially if you plan to add another inverter. Even if this adheres to the 1.0 rule. Here it would be better if the battery still had reserves. And from time to time, the battery could charge to 100% to balance the cells.

Are there any efforts on the part of Victron Energy here?

Thanks for help.

greetings from germany
from an enthusiastic Victron user

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Phoenix Smart Inverter 24/5000 alarms

I do have an issue with my recently installed Phoenix Smart Inverter 24/5000. While the battery voltage is above 27 volt the inverter gives very frequently low voltage alarms in the range of 26 to 28 volts and restarts then.

Cabling checked 100mm no lose connections and voltage on the entrance measured with a digital multi meter.

It is connected with a VE bus to a Victron Color control and has also a Inverter control with a switch.

Anyone ideas what can cause these problems.

Regards Andries

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CCGX not showing any Battery History

Hi Guys

Solar up for 2 year now, CCGX, MultiplusII, Pylontech and solar.

Went into my Battery History for the first time to find my battery cycles but there is now history.


All other current value display perfect.


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CCGX not displaying alarm notification when it should

In the screenshots below:

  • My battery SoC is 16%
  • The CCGX is set to turn the generator on when the SoC is below 25%
  • The CCGX has (correctly) sent a start signal to the generator.
  • The CCGX says that the Generator Start/Stop state is "Running by SoC condition"

All the above is as it should be.

However, the generator failed to start because of a mechanical fault. Under these circumstances, I would expect the CCGX to raise an alarm notification (after a few minutes), but it has not done so. In the past, it definitely HAS raised an alarm notification under these circumstances, I think the message that I used to get was "Generator not detected at AC input".

The CCGX is on firmware version 2.81 (auto-updates disabled)

My objective is to start getting this alarm message again when the situation arises.

Screenshots below.





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Why can't I connect the CCGX VE Bus to VE BUS BMS ?

Just wondering if anyone can give a valid reason why the CCGX cannot connect to the 'remote' terminal on the VE Bus on the BMS. It says in the BMS manual to connect it to the Multi. But when I have tried it out everything seems to work as normal and I can even see the Multi on the CCGX as it is connected on the "multi/quattro" terminal of the BMS. The only thing that seems to happen is the 'Enable" light goes off on the BMS. Just asking out of interest and because the Multi is a much longer run through the boat and I had forgotten to do it when I ran the other one.

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Pylontech und CCGX

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe das Problem das mir meine 4 Pylontech Akkus nicht im CCGX angezeigt werden.

Konstellation ist:

Multiplus 2 48/5000

MPPT BlueSolar 150/30


Solaredge SE7K

Verbunden habe ich den CCGX und die Pylontch mit dem vorgegeben Typ B Kabel von Victron.

Im CCGX habe ich dann die Geschwindigkeit des BMS auf 500kbs gestellt, also alles so wie es sein soll, aber leider werden die Pylontech nicht erkannt.

Hat jemand das selbe Problem, oder hat vielleicht eine Idee woran das liegen könnte ?

Das Kabel habe ich auch schon einmal getauscht, das sollte es nicht sein.

Die Firmware vom CCGX, MPPT (über VE direct) und das Bussystem von Multiplus (474) ist aktuell, ein umstellen auf die vorherige Firmware beim CCGX hat auch nicht zum erfolg geführt.

Bin für jeden Tip dankbar !


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