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VRM grid lost alarm will not clear

I labelled my Quattro AC input 1 as ‘shore power’, then set up an alarm rule on my CCGX where all input labels (not available, grid, generator, shore power) were enabled.

When I disconnected my shore power, the CCGX and VRM gave me ‘grid lost’ alarms. I acknowledged the alarm on the CCGX and reconnected shore power but it took a reset to clear the CCGX, and I can’t clear it on the VRM.

I’ve tried deleting the rule and setting up a new one, re-labelling my input as ‘grid’ to see if that’ll clear it - no luck.

Any advice appreciated - would like to clear from the VRM.

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Fridge/Freezer temperature sensors for ccgx

Hello All-

I just watched the latest Victron Webinar ( and at 5:11, they talk about the Ruuvi wireless temperature sensor that works with the Color CCGX.

I was curious if there were any other wireless temperature sensors that would work, or is it currently just limited to the Ruuvi brand?

There are many different wireless temperature sensors out there, so I was wondering if any of them would work? Being based in the US, I was looking for something easier to get ahold of.

Thank you-


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Quattro 48/8000/110-100/100 220v

Once you disconnect the mains voltage the converter outputs is 144v instead of 220 v what could be the reason

david-z asked
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MPPT no showing in CCGX

My MPPT will not show up on my CCGX via the VE.Can ports. If I use a VE.Direct, it shows up just fine. My problem with the VE.Direct cable is, it's only 5' long and won't reach my MPPT, so I have to use ethernet. My CCGX firmware is up to date, my MPPT firmware is up to date. The only devices I can see in the devices section of the VE.Can settings are the CCGX and The Quattro.

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Connect ruuvi to CCGX or Venus GX

Hi Victron Community

I‘m using a CCGX and I like to add some Ruuvi Temperature sensors. Since the CCGX has no bluetooth I‘m wondering, if it is possible to add them via adding a bluetooth dongle?

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How often does the compatible battery list get updated?

Was wondering how often this list gets updated? I’m looking to replace my run of the mill LifePO4 batteries with “smart” LifePO4 batteries that will work with the cerbo. I saw gyll got rebranded as EG4 and offer rj485 and can ports. Wasn’t sure if anyone had experience with those. Thanks!

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Equalisation Using Advanced Setting for Multi/Quattro in CCGX

Now that we can remotely trigger an equalisation charge with the CCGX (Start Equalisation button to the Multi/Quattro menu. See Device List -> Multi or Quattro -> Advanced)

Can anyone confirm what the settings are for this equalisation? Does it prompt you to set a voltage, current, charging time etc. and does it / can it also autostart the generator for this purpose? If not I assume it does the 1 or 2 hour equalisation at absorption voltage. My concern with testing this would be if it used the settings for tubular plate traction batteries as indicated in VE Configure. Hence why I'm hoping for an account from someone who has tested it!

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Orion-Tr Smart, VE.Direct and integration with GX devices?

Hey there, as I commented on the blog post,

"I'm curious if future versions will have VE.Direct or some sort of integration like that with GX devices? Currently, it seems that the MPPT and MultiPlus are able to coordinate their total charge rate with external BMS via the GX devices. But it seems that the Orion-Tr does not participate in this?"

I'm wondering if there's a way to integrate the Orion-Tr Smart chargers with the CCGX. In particular, as far as I understand, GX devices can coordinate with external BMS via CANBus to determine the charging parameters of a battery. It seems that the Victron MPPT and Victron MultiPlus can respect these limits via VE.Direct and VE.Bus respectively, which is great and a big reason why I bought this BMS and the suite of Victron product.

Now I'm considering purchasing Orion-Tr Smart chargers, however I noticed that they don't have any VE.Direct connectivity, or any other VE connectivity aside from the Bluetooth one. Is something like VE.Direct, VE.Bus or VE.Can planned? Will Orion-Tr Smart chargers integrate with GX devices?

aybabtme asked
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How to measure two DC Inputs On CCGX

I am looking to install a Victron system on my RV that will be using a third-party DC-DC charger to charge 48v house batteries from the vehicle's 12v alternator. If I were to connect this charger through a dedicated BMV battery monitor (with a second one for the system's DC loads), is there any way to have one show up as an "alternator" input on the CCGX display screen?

I know I could connect it through the BMV-700 and presumably just have the CCGX show it as power flowing from the "DC loads" box to the battery. My primary concern is ease-of-use for the end user, so I would greatly appreciate any way to configure thte CCGX for this display.

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onan 2.5lp wiring to ccgx relay for autostart

Newb here so be gentle.. i have a 2018 Arctic fox 811 that i have installed 800w of solar on with all victron componants. Everything is installed and working as it should except for the wiring to the ccgx relay. I wired the momentary start stop onan remote switch to two crouzet mur3 timer relays as per the wiring diagram on the victron site but i am stuck at the two wires coming out of the crouzet relays that go to the ccgx relay. Do I need another automotive relay between the timed relays and ccgx? i don't understand the wires going to B+ and B- then to the ccgx. what is the rectangle box with the diagonal line?


dexter asked

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Pylontech High Voltage Alarm

Hi I'm getting hIgh Voltage warnings on the CCGX. I understand the cells need to internally balance as it's a new system. They are, slowly, day by day.

My issue is that I have set the DVCC to 53.2V to mitigate the alarms and to allow the cells to balance but it's not stoping the alarm!.

Any ideas?

The alarms currently trigger just above 52V.




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How to remove location from VRM

Temporally I connected a USB GPS to my CCGX.
But now it is not connected anymore, it's location still stays in the VRM portal.

Not so logic, on a boat ;-)

harold asked
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Recover data from ccgx

recover data from ccgx old installation deleted by mistake

sato asked
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CCGX reading micro SD Card problem

I buy my complete system from Victron in last July, & i'm so impress by now with it. The only problem I got since the beginning is the difficulty to make my SD recognize by my CCGX.

I have to insert it on & off about 25 times before the CCGX can detect it, and after couple of hour or day the communication is lost & having No storage found appear again..

It' look like my unit is to sensitive for a correct reading...

I know by far that my card format is good & im using Kingston 32GB model,

This feature is really important for me because i'm in a out of reaching location...

I also read this thread:

but doesnt look to be a permanent issue!!

Wanna know if i'm the only one with this problem, & if there is something I can try before returning the unit to the retailler...

Thank you

Alain Ross asked
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Boat system monitoring through CCGX

Hi all -

I have a boat with a Color Control GX, 2x MPPT 100/30 Smartsolar controllers, a Multiplus Compact and Smartshunt. While on the boat, I can use Victron Connect (iOS version) to monitor the system. I have no solid wifi connectivity from the boat's location. What I'd like to do is to be able to remotely monitor the current system, as well as add a bilge counter, bilge alarm, and indoor temperature sensor.

I understand I need to get a USB modem or cellular router to provide a solid internet connection. Are there additional sensors to do the above that can be connected to the CCGX and configured through it, and if so where do I get them?

The alternative would be to get something like a Siren 3 that provides the functionality, but that comes with a subscription and additional hardware cost. I'd like to use VRM to provide something close to the same functionality.

Thanks for any advice,

- Clay

sv-astraya asked
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Are Multiplus voltage sense cables still required when using a BMV?

Just trying to work out.. I have a 24v Multiplus, a BMV600S and a CCGX, DVCC is enabled. My understanding is the BMV is now the main source of voltage and SOC, current draw etc. But I think the system would benefit from the voltage sense cables on the multi since the BMS could still experience voltage drop if I'm not mistaken..? But if I connect the voltage sense pins will the system ignore them and still use the BMV for voltage measurement? Thanks

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Mise à jour firmware CCGX - Procédure en version française

Si vous avec besoin de mettre à jour le firmware d'un Color Control GX d'une v1.x vers une v2.x, pour profiter des dernières options disponibles, voici la procédure traduite en français.

Ayant fait allemand 1ère langue, j'ai encore du mal avec la langue de Shakespeare...

Update CCGX - v1.x vers v2.x - Fr - V1.0_2021.12.23_PS.pdf


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never mind

never mind


tmartin000 asked
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Colour Control GX stopped sending data to VRM

The CCGX has been working perfectly with the VRM for over a year up to 14/10/2021. The CCGX is connected by WiFi dongle, presently there is no updating of the panel or historical data to the VRM. The remote Panel facility is not available but I can get into the remote Firmware Update and it shows that it is connected and lists the connected equipment. I have also queried the WiFi router on board and this is showing the CCGX on the connected equipment list.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

rogero asked
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Remote console fails in Samsung Internet browser


I recently updated the Samsung Internet browser (version on my Samsung S8 phone. Suddenly, reading my CCGX locally over LAN does not work. It does however work by using my PC or Chrome for Android which both work over my local network browsing to the same IP address. For the updated Samsung browser I get this:


I guess the software in the GX device does not like the new browser's user agent, just a guess. Hope this can be fixed!

s-forsberg asked
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GX File Upload to VRM Portal for 2nd Hand Color Control GX does not display any data in VRM portal.

I completed the first installation of a 2nd hand color control GX in a off-grid installation. I used a sd-card to upload data to the VRM portal for the first time today (without any errors). The uploaded file had a size of 4807 KB. The issue is that the uploaded data is not being displayed. Subsequent uploads do not work. The following error message is displayed at further upload attempts:
"Failed to process data file. Supplied installation identifier is invalid for the current user."
I created an installation in the VRM portal and added the CCGX.
The VRM portal says that no widgets are available.
The CCGX is not connected to the internet so far. I plan to use the Victron LoRaWAN modem to upload regularly data to the VRM portal in near future.
1. How long does it usually take until uploaded data is being displayed?
2. Could it be that the CCGX is still registered with the previous user (user's installation in the portal) and I therefore cannot see the data?
Thank you very much for your support on this.
Best Regards,

fjf130 asked
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I no longer receive an e-mail notification on loss of shore power

My CCGX is configured to "Monitor for shore disconnect" Enabled. However, I no longer receive an e-mail when the shore power is lost. I am running firmware V2.73. This was working correctly previously. The last e-mail message "Grid Alarm" was generated on the 16th Oct 21. I have re-booted the CCGX but an e-mail is still not generated when the shore power is removed. Is this a problem with my installation and the CCGX is not generating a message, or is the VRM receiving a message and failing to sent me an E-mail?


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when batteries being charged from alternator the volts jump up to 14.1 but the battery % continues to decrease

I have a multi plus 12/3000,connected to a BMV battery monitor and a CCGX colour screen - when on shore line the batteries charge normally and the CCGX shows 100% charge batteries full. However when I disconnect the shoreline and run the engine over a four hour period the batteries are going down as well as the percentage - have had the alternator checked and the cables from the batteries to the shunt have been tested with a clamp meter for the amps and voltage but the equipment is not detecting any amps volts etc - any ideas?

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Requirement to remotely (local) shutdown 3 multiplus II and BYD battery system

I have a regulatory requirement, on my house build, for the building power to be shut off from the building by using an emergency stop button, located at my main entrance door. The button and wiring is in position and I can issue a command/signal in many different ways, through my KNX/Control4 control system, including using the Victron modbus register through the an Intesis gateway.

Question is; what is the actual process to make the Cerbo do what I want. I have tried using the writable MODBUS commands (limited) with no consequential actions. Can I issue a signal direct to the programmable input on the MP's?

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Victron Compatibility with Dyness Lithium Batteries

Good morning, hope everyone is well?

I am using a CCGX (with firmware version 2.33) to try and connect to two Dyness B4850 lithium batteries. According to the battery supplier, Victron and Dyness are compatible but I cannot seem to get the CAN communication between the two up and running. As a result the batteries are continuously going into protection mode because charge from the 3kW Multiplus and the BlueSolar 150/35 is not regulated by the CCGX.

Are the two products compatible and if so, what can I do to get them working together?

Thank you in advance.

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CCGX not displaying AC Loads

We have an a Quattro 5000 inverter/charger, battle born batteries and 1260 solar array. We don't see the AC input, inverter switch is showing off when it's on and no AC Loads on our CCGX display.

This is a photo below our system connected to shore power.


I have rebooted, unwired, rewired system many times with no luck.

CCGX did work at on time.

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4 x Freedom Won Batteries and CCGX device

The system has 4 x Freedom Won Batteries and 2 x 250/100 chargers.

Won't the batteries be daisy chained to the master and only the master connected to the CCGX?

The advise I got was to to replace the CCGX with a Cerbo GX i just need to understand exactly why this is needed and if it will work with 4 freedom won batteries and VE.Can MPPT


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Color control GX: no connection

So I tried but I cannot connect my CCGX to internet anymore. It was connected for a while: it downloaded the last firmware and even was recognized on my vrm portal but shortly. Now: no connexion. I have put a 3g dongle and it seems to be connected: it says for example: "no new firmware" when I check.

But my application doesn't recognize it.

The firmware was 2.11. I was able to download the new 2.33.


Maybe because of a bad setting.

So I put in copy the captures of the settings



If you can see something wrong, please, tell me. Thank you.











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Multiplus wont start with CCGX connected

A new site with CCGX, Multiplus-II 48/5000, MPPT 250/100 and self managed lithium battery. The Multiplus wont turn on unless the CCGX is first unplugged. The CCGX can then be plugged in and the system works as expected (System is on VRM) until the Multi is turned off, then the CCGX needs to be unplugged again to power up.

Look forward to thoughts


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