Grafana dashboard - Ideas

I have finally got my VICTRON-Grafana dashboard running :-)

The devices in use are:
Venus GX
Quattro 48/8000
2x SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/85 &
BYD Battery & BMS

I am using a Raspberry Pi4 running DietPi, InfluxDB, Telegraph plugin and Grafana Server.

I also installed the following plugins on grafana:

SUN and Moon (data source)


Carpet Plot

It is still work in progress but I am quite happy with outcome so far.
I have created a "Overview" dashboard where basically everything should be "green" - when OK.
So a quick look should tell me that everything is OK.


There are more detailed dashboards for other things like the inverter:


or Battery


or charger - current data & history


I borrowed some ideas from other dashboards and added some of my ideas.

This is just to give you some additional ideas for the layouts


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Grafana CCGX Win10 - no data collection

I have installed Grafana/Docker on my Windows 10 laptop using the detailed installation instructions. I added the local IP address of my CCGX device as shown in Option B of the instructions. It all seems to work as described except I have no data being collected in the Home/Dashboard screen . I can access and control my CCGX via my browser at the inputted address.

I enabled the two MQTT services on the CCGX.

Is there another setting on the CCGX that enabled data output?

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Docker Venus/Grafana on Raspberry Pi 4 installed, but not reading serial from /dev/ttyUSB0

Good morning,

I've cruised this and other forums for resources but can't seem to get un-stuck. When Venus OS is loaded to the Pi it works fine, but I'm hoping to use the Pi for more than just that purpose, so I'm trying to use the docker container with Grafana.

The containers install fine, but no measurements are picked up:


When I run cat /dev/ttyUSB0 I get this result, so it looks like the MPPT 75|15 is outputting as it should:


I've tried a few options but none seem to achieve the desired effect:


The log isn't reporting any errors, but when debug us turned on, it looks like its rapidly connecting and closing connections through the USB cable.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here's my .yaml file:

version: '3.4'



image: "victronenergy/venus-docker-server:armhf-latest"


- "8088:8088"


- "config-storage:/config"

restart: always


image: "victronenergy/venus-docker-upnp:armhf-latest"

network_mode: host

restart: always


image: "influxdb:1.7"


- "8086:8086"


- "influxdb-storage:/var/lib/influxdb"



restart: always


image: "victronenergy/venus-docker-grafana:armhf-2.0.0"


- "grafana-storage:/var/lib/grafana"


- "3000:3000"

restart: always





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Disconnecting Internet to VRM causes interrupt datatransfer to victrongrafana.

My Cerbo GX is via ethernet connected to VRM and from the same switch I receive data to victrongrafana. When I cut the internet connection to VRM the influxdb stops getting dataafter 16-23 hours after disconnecting the internet. After reconnect the internet VRM and (mostly) inflxdb gets data again. With an installation with a color control I didn't had this problem. May the proplem belongs to the wifi-configuration which I don't need and is different to my color control installation?

I run the victrongrafana installation in docker on a raspberry and also on a QNAP TS-253D without problems combiened with the color control.

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Issue with Venus Docker Unraid with existing Influx Grafana

Have the Venus server and UPNP dockers installed with a existing Influx 1.8 and grafana installation. The server can find my Cerbo via local discovery but I get a error in the log after a minute or so.

FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT

The address if the Cerbo is

No data is ever logged. I had the same Cerbo set up with a Pi and had it working well. MQTT plaintext is on.

I am also getting constant grafana connection issues. The server successfully created the influx DB.



influxdb Attempting connection to



influxdb Connected

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Grafana CCGX docker Win 10 some data null, but visible in MQTT Explorer

I have a Batrium controlling my CCGX. It is passing data back to the GX and VRM. However not everything gets passed to VRM. I have installed Docker/Grafana in an effort to track the missing data.

The information in question is WHICH cell of the battery is the high voltage and which is the low voltage. VRM and Grafana readily show the min and max cell voltages, but not which cell is each.

If I run MQTT Explorer and connect to the CCGX, it reports the min/max cell IDs consistent with what the BMS is reporting:


My Grafana queries are identical, but plots for "MinVoltageCellId" and "MaxVoltageCellId" show "No Data".

Can anybody provide a suggestion?

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Venus Docker Server Standalone - Difference between Github and NPM Install

Hello Everyone! :)

In the last few weeks i tried to install the Service victronenergy/venus-docker-grafana ( from Victron without Docker on a Debian 11 Linux.

Todo so i pulled the master Branch of victronenergy/venus-docker-grafana-images: See .

Then i installed InfluxDb and Grafana manually. Connected Grafana to Influx by the Datasource.

The next step was to start the Server Node JS Application.

This also worked as expected with the proper Nodejs Versions and NVM.

The logoutput said something like this one (Copied from Victron)

[info] [influxdb] Attempting connection to v-7c242b35567af6a044fcaae432a98bb7f25cdf68-influxdb:8086/venus

[info] [venus-server] running at

[info] [influxdb] Connected

[info] [influxdb] Set retention policy to 30d

As the log output says the Server connected to the influx and started the server itself on . Now the static websites should also be available on .

But this was not the case and i started searching for the issue.

After hours of reverse engineering i found out that the Server Application can also be installed via npm install with the command "npm install g unsafe-perm venus-docker-grafana-server"

The installation will be placed in usr local lib node_modules venus_docker_grafana_server

Starting this venus-server in the usr local lib node_modules venus_docker_grafana_serve bin folder will start the Server Application also accordingly AND will load the static websites as expected. With the Websites on 0 0 0 0 8088 all the configuration can be set as needed and will therefore be placed in the config config.json file.

If the configuration is valid,the Venus OS data will be collected form the Server.

Shutting down the "npm Server" and restarting the "Github Server" will result also in proper working Server and pushing data to the InfluxDB. Just the Static Websites are not loaded.

The reason is that there is a Difference between the "npm Server" and the "Github Server"

The "Github Server" only has the folder "public_src" instead of the "public" folder with the static websites.

Now after the long explanation my Question.

Why there is a difference between the npm install and the pulled Github Server?

It may be a dump question due to my lack of nowledge in NodeJS and Docker ;-)

PS: Hier are my used Versions:

Node v8.17.0

npm v6.13.4

Influx v1.8.10

Grafana v9.0.8

Greetings, Lukas

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Home Assistant Victron VRM Grafana

Is it possible to run the InfluxDB database in Homeassistant and get the data from VRM ?

What are the settings for de database to connect ?

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Visualisierung eines bestimmten Wertes in Grafana (auf der Suche danach)

Hallo zusammen,
Die Überschrift ist vielleicht etwas verwirrend, aber fällt nichts Besseres ein.
Mein Problem:
Ich erstelle mir gerade ein Dashboard mit Grafana und Influx. Das klappt super und ich habe auch alle Werte, die ich visualisieren möchte und bereits habe. Bis auf einen, ich suche nach dem Wert, der mir den täglichen Zukauf Watt aus dem Grid anzeigt.
Im Victron Portal sehe ich den Wert unter "Aus dem Netz", aber in welcher Variable steckt der Wert? Der wird ja offensichtlich ausgelesen und verwendet.
Ich lese alle Daten aus dem Cerbo mit einem Node Red Node aus (N/48e7da8997fd/#), mach da raus ein CSV und lenke das in eine Datei um.
Dann kann ich auf der Konsole suchen, finde aber nichts. In der Datei fínde ich dann glaube ich alles was der Cerbo "weiß" in Form von
Beispiel: "N/48e7da7787fd/grid/40/Ac/Power,4.7" (40=EM24)
Wenn ich nun weiß nach welchem Wert ich suchen müsste, könnte ich den in die Infux pumpen und mit Grafana auslesen. Ich habe mein Dashport fertig mit Ausnahme dieses Wertes.
Kann mir jemand Helfen mit der Information, welchen Wert ich auslesen muss?

Schon mal Danke, in der Hoffnung jemand weiß es.

viele Grüße
der Lexx

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Two PV Inverters & Grafana

Is it possible to get yield from both PV inverters (AC -In and AC-Out) separately using Grafana/Nodered ?


At the moment I have a Grafana query like below and it works if there is just one PV Inverter - AC-Out or AC-In side:

SELECT mean("value") FROM "venus_default"."pvinverter/Ac/Power" WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(null)

This gives me, depending on wich on is faster, either yield from first or second one, but it does not sum up.
150W (180W at the moment of printscreen) + 120W should be 320W but grafana shows just one of them at a time.


sma-1.jpg(116.1 KiB)



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Global Link data to grafana (or other)

Hi community,

is there any possibility to feed the data from my global link to a service like grafana to have extended visualizations? I love the VRM portal, but I need more flexibility, the excel export option is my current work around. A direct data flow would be much better.

Thanks for your input!

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My Grafana Dashboard free to use

Hello everybody,

I use Grafana professionally to monitor servers in our data center and servers of our customers.

Since our data center should use 100% photovoltaics, I came to Victron Energy. The test project was the expansion of our mobile home with all the necessary components: battery, MPPT solar charge controller, inverter, shunt and other things.

Victron Energy offers a fantastic interface with VRM. I wanted to see more data and created a Grafana dashboard.

I published this dashboard at Grafana. Everyone is welcome to load the dashboard and see how I set up the displays and how the values are calculated. Maybe you can find some ideas for your own installation.

I am very happy if other ideas are proposed here and I will try to implement them.

Grafana dashboard:


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Venus Docker Grafana 64-bit Images

Good day

I have a 64-bit Raspberry Pi 4 with an Ubuntu operating system on which I have installed a 64-bit Docker system.

Now I am wondering if anyone can help me to find the venus-docker-server, venus-docker-grafana and venus-docker-upnp images that I can use, if such images are available.


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