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Pv-Anlage mit Victron Multiplus und Speicher inkl Überschusseinspeisung


Ich bin gerade bei der Planung einer kleiner PV-Anlage für mein EFH.

Einen Elektriker für den Anschluss und die Anmeldung ist da und die Lust/Zeit/Geld und der Gedanke endlich etwas Energie Sauber zu Produzieren auch :)

Zu meiner Frage:

Ich hatte vor einen Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 mit einer 3,2kwp Anlage zu verbinden. Als MPPT habe ich mir den SmartSolar MPPT 250/70-MC4 ausgesucht passend zum Aufbau.

Als Speicher nutze ich erstmal einen Pylontech Us2000C.

Das ganze läuft dann mit Cerbo GX und kleinem Display im Hausflur.

1. Habe es jetzt so verstanden, dass es möglich ist die 70% Reglung anzuwenden mit Hilfe einer Einstellung?

2. Ich möchte das Vorrangig der Strom der Anlage in den Speicher geht und das wiederum eingespeist wird im Haus wenn Lasten entstehen. Klar ist mir das ich durch den Pylontech limitiert bin was die Entladeleistung geht solange ich nicht mehr davon ins System einbaue. Sollte aber der Speicher voll sein soll der Victron einfach den "Überschuss" ganz normal mit der 70% Reglung einspeisen. Die Vergütung nehme ich gerne mit und der Ökostrom verpufft im nichts.

Stehe ich da vorm Baum oder verstehe ich was falsch?

Der Victron wird wie alle anderen Verbraucher mit dem AC OUT an die Verteilung gehängt. Ist die Einspeisung ins Hausnetz also immer auf 70% gedrosselt oder nur wenn er keine Lasten erkennt? (Lasten sind ja immer da, siehe Kühlschrank etc.)

Ich freue mich schon auf eure Ratschläge. Falls noch was fehlt ergänze ich gerne.

(Warum der Multiplus hier gewählt wird ist einfach das ich die Anlage so gerne testen würde und verstehen möchte, dass ich sie in 2 Jahren auch in meinem Waldhaus (Ohne Netzausbau also reine Insel) montieren kann)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Chris

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Pylontech US3000 Upgrade (Should change BMS Type Cable?)


I'm offgrid user and today added 2 pylontech us3000c to my existing us3000b. Since us3000c is now master battery i read that should be use victron bms type a cable. Since i have previous victron bms type b cable i connected with it and is working (5 modules recognized). I'm planning to change it when i travel near a victron dealer as per documents recommendation, but is unsafe using like this meanwhile? what is the function of pin "gnd" where i notice is the cable difference?

Thanks, attached some pictures. (balancing cells before connect to cerbo. cerbo gx information after connecting) winter time patagonia-southamerica.





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Batteries Now Only Charge to 88%

I've had my system set up for a year now. No problems. Using CerboGX with Touch50, Smart Solar 250/100, Multiplus 48/5000 and a battery bank of 4 Pylontech US3000.

Looks like I've encountered my first hiccup. I have the touch screen display for my cerboGX, and check it every so often. Today I noticed the MPPT was not sending any more electricity to the batteries. It seemed to be treating 88% charged as if it were 100%. I confirmed this by running a pump in the house. The sun was shining outside. When the pump was on, I could read the (-) amp draw from the battery bank, and when the pump cycled off, the MPPT compensated accordingly and sent an equivalent amount back to the batteries, until it reached a full 88% charge again. Battery health on the monitor states 99%.

I certainly haven't changed any settings lately. Actually, I haven't made any modifications since the installation one year ago. The only thing I can think of that might be causing this is about a week ago, I was moving a floor fan in the room, and the back of it accidentally touched the switch on the inverter, which turned it off. I turned it back on promptly. Maybe I've been having this problem since then, but can't say, because today was the first day I payed attention to the display since then.

What do you think is causing the system to treat 88% charged as if it were 100% charged? It will not go above 88%. The six LED charging indicator lights on the front of the batteries also only show 5/6 lights illuminated.

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How to connect a PylonTech (UPower) hub to a Venus GX?

Hi there!

After swapping the Venus (replacement) I can see all devices BUT the PylonTech US2000 stack.

Three stacks 4 batteries each going to the hub as before.


CAN iin Venus s at 500kbs.

If I connect only one single slave battery (DIP0000) it shows up right away in the Venus. If I connect one stack (DIP0100) nothing shows up. Same for the hub (DIP000001)

Before swapping the Venus it worked as it is!!! So what detail in programming the Venus am i missing..?

Have a nice day and hopefully til soon, Flow

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Installation en AC coupling avec un cerbo + Gx touch + fronius 3.0 + multiplus 2 8kva 48v + 4 batterie pylontech US2000C

Bonjour, j'ai une installation en AC coupling avec un cerbo + un Gx touch + un primo fronius 3.0 + un multiplus 2 8kva 48v + 4 batterie pylontech US2000C. J'ai démarré mon installation et je penses qu'il me manque un paramétrage car mon multilplus 2 s'allume et se coupe au bout de quelques secondes et il m'affiche low batterie. Aurais-je oublié un paramétrage dans le GX Touch ou dans le logiciel Victron ?

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ello guys,

Given the difficulty of correctly configuring an LV HUB with GX and several clusters of US2000C/3000C, I thought it would be good to lay out our parameters that have been successfull with our Victron systems, after many trials and tribulations. LV HUB manual lacks clarity.

  • VERY IMPORTANT : Adress of the LV HUB must be : 000111 (not shown in any Pylontech manual !)
  • [image]

  • Cable used : Victron Type A (from "CAN OUT LV HUB to GX).
  • Cable used to connect Master US3000C battery (group 1) to the LV HUB port "1" : specific cable supplied by Pylontech (PIN 1/3 : null), with blue tag on it.
  • You need to use straight UTP cable to connect each stack (B/RS485 to ACAN to slave, and so on). You can use the Pylontech cable with the blue tag on it shown "battery connection parallel". BE VERY CAREFUL on the quality of the UTP cable, it can otherwise mess up all CANBUS communication between each stack.
  • You have for example 38x US3000C, 3x stacks of 12x US3000C. You let all ADD of the batteries as defaut (all UP). Here's the procedure
  • Disconnect LV HUB from master battery.
  • Boot up every single battery, sequence 1-2-3 .... to the last battery.
  • Then you should hear an alarm buzzer which goes like this " bip, bip, bip" (three times). That means every battery is online and connected.
  • Then you change the DIP of ONLY the master battery of GROUP 1 to 0010. (please find pictures attached).
  • Then you connect the master battery to the LV HUB (using proprietary RJ cable with PIN 1-3 null). Use that specific cable, otherwise communication won't work.
  • Then you boot up the LV HUB. You will hear the LV HUB rings. Then all the groups connected shall be shown on the LED.
  • Once it is done, you connect the LV HUB to the GX device with TYPE A cable only (Type B will NOT work and will put the LV HUB in error mode). Do not forget to use RJ45 120 Ohm terminator on the BMS CAN unused of the GX device.
  • You're all set.

Hope this helps !

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ESS-managed batteries on 230V split single phases

Hi all, here in the UK I’d like to buy an ESS system to provide PV battery storage on our 2 x 230V/100A split-single phase grid supply. I’m thinking of dual MultiPlus-II 48/10000/140-100 units plus Cerbo GX.

My question is, can each MultiPlus-II be connected to the same battery array? It would be great to be able to significantly reduce the problem of frequently exporting on one phase (with no financial gain) whilst importing on the other (at large financial cost!).

For the batteries I’m looking at Pylontech or BYD but would welcome any opinions and suggestions especially if there’s a specific type of battery which could be connected to both phases at the same time and still be managed by the MultiPlus units. Our PV is 26 kWp with grid usage at about 50 MW/year.

If anyone can help with my battery question or offer any other comments, please let me know!

I also need to find a distributor/tech support.

Many thanks,


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Unexpected discharge, float not reached


I am observing the systemn how here and there and I noticed that the "float" state is never reached. It seems to move between "charging", "absorption" and then "discharge". Below you see that excess energy is feed to the grid, but still the battery discharges - if not much, but it does. Is that some configuation issue? I would have expected the battery (pylontech US2000C - 8 units) to float.


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3 x Multiples II 5000 & 8x US2000 - 15Kw Verbrauch


Ich habe 3 x Multiples II 5000 & 8x US2000 (Hardware EM24, RS450/200)

Wenn ich das E-Auto mit 11Kw Lade und eventuell noch 2-4Kw vom Hausverbrauch dazu kommen. Also ca 11-16Kw gebraucht werden. Können die Batterie das nicht liefern. Aber die Multiples

Muss die Maximale Entgeltleistung aus den Batterie beschränkt werden & muss das eingestellt werden? Die Batterie können ca 9Kw dauerleistung liefern bis zu SOC 10%. Und wird der überschüssige Strom aus dem Grid automatisch gezogen ?

Ohne 11Kw Ladestation war der gedanke bis jetzt nicht nötig.

Vielen danke fur die antwortet


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Can't turn of DVCC to balance Pylontech Cells

Hi Guys,

We had some strange high voltage (49,12V) alerts on a Pylontech battery set (6 x US2000C). 3 batteries were a few month's old and 3 new batteries.

We got some internal error's and high voltage alerts, so we contacted Pylontech technical support.

They told us the following:

"OK, please try the following method first:

1. Please use a DC charger with 53.2V and 2-3A to charge these battery together for over 8 hours. This will help balance the cell voltages. This is the best solution.

2. If you do not have a DC charger, please set the inverter in force charging mode for over 8 hours. This will also achieve the effect of cell voltage balance."

I wanted to go with option 2, so I can do it remotely..

Through remote VE configure, i changed the settings in the multi.

But the systems overwrites this... Because I can't turn off DVCC.

I don't think it's possible to do this another way?

So the only option I have is.
Go back to Venus OS 2.73 So I can turn off DVCC.

But the last to stored software versions are 2.87 and 2.85..

So I can't do that remotely? And I still have to go to the location to use a dc charger or use an sd card/usb to put software version 2.73 of venus os in the system.

Or am I missing something?

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How many Pylontech US5000 are recommended from a performance perspective


I have (is due to be installed) the following:

  • 16 x Hyundai 485W HiE S485VI panels
  • 2 x Victron MPPT 250/100-Tr VE.Can
  • 1 x Victron Quattro 48/10000/140-100/100 230V VE.Bus
  • 1 x Victron Cerbo GX
  • 1 x Victron GX Touch 50
  • 1 x Victron Battery switch ON/OFF 275A
  • 1 x Victron Energy Meter ET112 - 1 phase - max 100A
  • 1 x Victron Lynx Distributor
  • 1 x Victron Lynx Shunt VE.Can
  • 3 x Pylontech US5000 batteries

What do you think about this configuration (panels will be mounted on ground facing south)?

Also what is the number of batteries recommended from a performance perspective given the above setup?

Thank you

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Ausgleichsladung Pylontech US3000C


ich lade im Moment meine 6x US3000C Batterien nur über den MPPT RS 450/100 das erste mal auf 100%.ladung.JPG

Weiß jemand ob die Pylontech US3000C mit ihrer vom BMS vorgegebenen Ladeschlussspannung von 53,2V funktioniert ohne Überspannungsabschaltung?

Pylontech BMS.JPG

Oder wäre es besser, den Laderegler der im Slave arbeitet, ohne BMS laden zu lassen, um die Ladeschlussspannung manuell auf einen kleineren Wert anzupassen?


Ich freue mich über jede Rückmeldung.


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VRM - Remote Console can't see SOc Pylontech Force L1

Hello everyone,

I connected a Pylontech Force L1 tot a Victron Cerbo GX.

As soon as the cables are plugged into "BMS Can" I see in the Remote Control Device list a Pylontech battery but the SOC, voltage and Amps are all 0 .

Any ideas why the Cerbo can't display the values?

Thanks in advance.



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Muliplus 2 48/5000/70-50 and Pylonteck UP5000 batteries

Hi all

Looking at installing a Multiplus 2 48/5000/70-50 with Pylontech UP5000 units. Reading the following it seems the minimum number of US2000C batteries is 4 for a 48/5000. It's going to be configured as a ESS system with no essential loads

Victron & Pylontech UP2500, US2000, US3000, US2000C, US3000C, UP5000, Phantom-S, Force-L1 & L2 [Victron Energy]

I have a 4kw PV, AC tied which is an East / West split so it never goes above 2.2kw of PV at anyone time, however, at some point I may add another 2 * 375w panels to a MPPT charger

Is it ok to start off with 2 UP5000 batteries on this inverter and add a 3rd / 4th later?

By my calculation I need at least 3 UP5000's, each one's surge discharge is 4320 watts so 2 only gives 8640 watts where the inverter max surge is 10,000 watts

Edit. looks like my info for the 5000 was incorrect, looks like the surge discharge is actually 120-200 amps which is 5760w - 9600w, so, in theory, 2 UP5000's should be fine

Anyone installed this inverted with only 2 UP5000's to start with - any problems at all?


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procedure pour rajouter une pylontech sur un pack de 4, installation multiplus2 5000 avec venus.


j'envisage de rajouter une pylontech sur un lot de 4 deja en fonctionnement, ces batteries sont branchées sur un multiplus 2/5000 avec venus,

je voudrais être sur afin de ne rien oublier.


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