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Multiple Pylontech Banks connected to cerbo

Can I use the two BMS ports for two separate Pylontech banks and then connect a third bank of Pylontech for a third a bank on the CAN-bus? Will I still have full communication between battery and GX with normal operation?

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Pylontech amp hours and cell voltage not shown


I have installed Pylontech batteries with a MultiPlus 5000 and everything is working fine but the Amphour consumption and single cell voltage is not being displayed in the VRM Portal.

Am I missing a setting?

Config is:
MultiPlus 5000
Color Control GX
PylonTech Phontom-S

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Pylontech US2000C und OPzS Batterie an MultiPlus-II?

Hallo in die Gemeinde,

ich nutze seit Mai 2021 einen MultiPlus-II mit angeschlossener Pylontech US2000C (4x2,4kWh -> 9,6kWh), sowie einen Cerbo GX. Bin sehr zufrieden!

Ich bekomme jetzt kaum gebrauchte "12V 2 OPzS 100LA" Batterien. In Summe 8 Stück. Diese würde ich gerne in zwei Blöcken á 4Stück in mein bestehendes System mit einbinden. Die Nennspannung wäre damit ebenfalls 48V und die Leistung 200Ah.

Ist das möglich? Welche Einstellungen sind fürs Batteriemanagement einzustellen (im Cerbo GX bzw. Multiplus-II)?

Grüße und vielen Dank,


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Sizing inverter/charger

Hi all, completely new here to apologies if this is in the wrong place, or the wrong platform altogether -please move or redirect if either are the case!

I am planning a whole-house ESS/UPS comprising 8x Pylontech US3000C for 26.99kWh useable storage. Initially this will mainly be used to time-shift Octopus Agile/Intelligent/Go, but in future will also have PV input (size TBD). House has a 100A DNO fuse, UK 1P 240V/50Hz nominal.

Where I am struggling is:

  1. How many/which Victron inverter/chargers do I need if I have 4hrs in which to charger the bank from empty to full? More relevantly so I dot clutter the forum further, why? Currently looking at a single Multiplus II 5000/70 or equivalent EasySolar
  2. If this time is cut to 3hrs (Agile), how's does the answer to (1) change?
  3. How is this picture affected if I also have an EV charge point running in the same time window?

Off the back of this, I'll be looking at the PV side to understand crossover points as regards payback period etc. - but somewhere!

Thanks for any help; happy to provide more detail if meeded

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MultiPlus-II not going into float when Pylontech batteries are charged

Hey guys,

So I am trying to workout why my Multi stays in absorption mode (when batteries are 100% SoC), sits at roughly 28V constantly and never goes into float mode. I would like the batteries to sit at a lower voltage over long periods, around the 26.5V-27V to prolong the life of the batteries, even if I lose a few percent.

I have DVCC turned on in my Cerbo.


-2 x Pylontech UP2500 batteries - Nominal Voltage: 25.6V

-Smart Solar MPPT 150/100 (Not yet operating as no PV array hooked up yet)


-Cerbo GX

This is going to be an off-grid system but until I install my PV array I just have mains plugged in at all times.

Current Multi configuration:

-Absorption Voltage: 27.8V - As per the Voctron/Pylontech setup guide for 8S LiFePo4.

-Float Voltage: 27V

-Absorption time: 1 Hr

-Lithium mode on.

-Fixed charge curve.

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Offgrid PV Inverter Support Assistant and the fixed 13.5V / 27V / 54V limit

To prevent DC and AC voltage overshoots because of varying solar irradiance and/or load fluctuations, it will limit the charge current already before battery voltage has rised up to the absorption voltage. It will derate the maximum charge current from 100% at 13.5 / 27 / 54V to 10% at 14.4 / 28.8 / 57.6V. These thresholds are not related to the configured absorption voltage.

Hello, knowing this has already been increased a few years ago and is somehow necessary, I'm still wondering about the reasonableness of the fact the voltages are fixed.

In my opinion this should consider capacity:inverter ratio and especially battery type and voltages! Using a relatively small inverter in a big sized lead acid offgrid installation this makes the AC-coupled power pretty useless for charging, although lead acid doesn't care much about overvoltage!

Now let's look at the Pylontech or other 15s Lithium-Storages, that probably don't even have a GX. Their absorption voltage is below 54V so there is no derating at all, although Li can be damaged by overvoltage? Further this means 15s systems can use the full power for charging while 16s or lead acid systems are extremely disadvantaged. Due to the fact that this is for protection I don't understand why some systems can use the full power up to absorption voltage and others cannot.

Can someone tell me the technical background of the fact that the voltages and the derating are fixed and anything else isn't considered? Probably @Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff)

Thank you very much!



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Where to download Pylontech BatteryView Softaware (Linux)

Hey guys,

Trying to balance the cells in my Pylontech UP2500 batteries. I can't find where I can download Pylontech's BatteryView Software. Can anyone share where they got this? And preferably for Linux?

Also what cable is needed to use the program?


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Pylontech High Voltage Alarm US3000


We have just replaced batteries with Pylontech US3000 x 2 on an existing off grid solar system. We are getting a high voltage warning with the SOC at 81%. We have updated all the firmware to the lastest release as directed on the victron and pylontech page.

Here are the details of the system

Victron easy solar with 48V, 3KVA Multiplus, 150/70 blue solar MPPT, 2 x US3000 Pylontech Batteries.

Firmware Versions

CCGX - V2.63

MultiPlus 3KVA - V2620459

MPPT 150/70 - V1.54

VRM Portal ID - 508cb1e4251b

Please Help

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Pylontech UP2500 100% charged but staying in absorbtion

Hey guys,

I have recently installed 2x Pylontech UP2500 batteries, Multi-Plus-II, Smart Solar MPPT 150/100 & Cerbo GX.

I am currently in the process of cell balancing the batteries. I am charging them through the Multi at the moment due to PV array not installed yet. I am balancing them individually.

I have set the current to 1A and have slowly been increasing the voltage up from 27.5v which has worked to get the battery to 100% charged. I should note that I have been changing the charge settings using Victron Connect with DVCC turned off on my Cerbo GX. The reason I am doing it like this is because that is the only way I can control the voltage due to my DVCC settings not having the "Maximum charge voltage" control option (Firmware is up to date). And to my understanding, If I turn DVCC on, the voltage adjustments I make in Victron Connect will have no effect and be overridden by the Pylontech BMS.

Anyway, once the battery had hit 100% charged, it stayed in absorption for another 20 minutes or so before giving me the high voltage alarm. Shouldn't the Multi have gone into float mode well before this?

Sorry for the ramble on but I have 3 main questions:

1. Shouldn't the Multi-Plus go into Float mode before the SoC reaches 100%? Or at least once it hits 100%?

2. It's my understanding that the best way to balance LiFePo4 batteries is to get them fully charged and them keep them fully charged for a little while to help balance them, then the high voltage alarms should go away in future charges. Is this right? If so how long are you supposed to leave them fully charged?

3. My first battery is 100% SoC. Can I call this battery charged for the sake of this exercise or should I be leaving it hooked up to the Multi and lowering that voltage again until it goes into float mode?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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1200 kWh Pylontech battery


Does anyone have experience installing, commissioning and operating a large system with Victron and Pylontech (around 120 kWn of Victron Quattros and 1200 kWh of 48V Pylontech batteries).

Can someone share their experience, challenges faced, etc.?

Thank you


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Pylontech and BMV-712


I'm thinking of getting 8 Pylontech US2000 Modules. They will be in 2 banks of 4. I will also be geting a Venus GX.

Do the Pylontech have the same problem as some other lithium batteries with the SOC being inaccurate at load loads? Is there be any benefit to having a BMV-712 with the Pylontechs?

Many thanks


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Pylontech LV hub disconnects from Cerbo GX when the inverter receives mains


I have a system with 12 x US3000 batteries connected in series of 3 (4 banks) via an LV hub-CAN to a Cerbo GX device.

Initially, we had challenges with the LV hub staying connected to the Cerbo GX. After a few days of operation, the Cerbo GX would no longer see the batteries and the inverter (8000va/48V) x 2 connected in parallel would shut down. We fixed this by updating the firmware of the LV-hub to V1.7.

Now we observed that the system is stable in off-grid mode. I.E. No active grid connected. but when the grid is active the after a few minutes the GX will lose connection with the batteries and the inverter and charge controller will shut down as a precaution.

Has anyone experienced this before, kindly advise on what the issue might be? See full system specs below

Pylontech - US3000 x 12
Victron 8000va/48/230 x 2 (parallel)
Victron 150/100 VE.can & 250/100 VE.can
400W units of PV modules x 35
Cerbo GX
Lynx Distributor

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) @Ned Yu (Pylontech)

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UP2500 With Multiplus

I am adding 2 x UP2500 Pylontechs to my Victron Multiplus system. I am struggling to find the charge settings (Bulk and float)

Can anyone help?

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Victron with Enphase System Build

Hello All, I currently have a 4kw solar system with enphase m250 micros. We suffer constant power outages in the area and I would like to add on a storage solution. I was hoping I could get a little input on system requirements;

Currently I am planning to order the following:

1x Quattro 48v 10000va

1x Smartsolar Charge Controller

1x GX Touch

1x Cerbo GX

5x Pylontech US3000c

1x VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable

Anything I am missing? Would you change anything in this list?

I appreciate any input!

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Pylontech High Voltage Alarm

Hi I'm getting hIgh Voltage warnings on the CCGX. I understand the cells need to internally balance as it's a new system. They are, slowly, day by day.

My issue is that I have set the DVCC to 53.2V to mitigate the alarms and to allow the cells to balance but it's not stoping the alarm!.

Any ideas?

The alarms currently trigger just above 52V.




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ESS Mode - With or Without BatteryLife


I have a Multiplus II with Pylontech batteries (1 x US2000 and 1 x US3000) and MPPT with solar

I am struggling to find out which mode should be used. It is currently configured with BatteryLife but I have seen some users saying it should be configured without BatteryLife?

Can anyone confirm which option should be used?

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Can you change the battery type in Multiplus II without MK3-USB Interface?

I have just installed my Multi with 2 x Pylontech batteries with a Cerbo GX. I am aware the default battery setting is not set to Lithium. Is there a way I can change this parameter through Cerbo GX without needing the USB interface? Or is it possible that the parameter changes on it's own given that the Cerbo thats connecting everything is reading all the info from the Pylontechs (battery info is all showing up on the Touch 50 display)?

I will order the MK3-USB interface but it looks like it's going to take a week at least to get to me and that means I am unable to charge/use my batteries for that long due to the charge profile being wrong and I don't want to damage the batteries, which means I have limited power..

(PS I don't have access to the internet where I am at the moment either)

Thanks in advance.

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Mixing Pylontech 3000 and 3000C using LV-Hub


Extending a Pylontech battery from 4 US3000 to 4xUS3000 + 8xUS3000C using an LV-HUB. Connecting to Cerbo GX via BMS cable type B. So far not able to make the Cerbo see all 12 batteries (Total capacity and live currents) at the same time. I can get up to 8 batteries showing by eliminating the LV-HUB from the setup. I can also get 8 showing with the HUB but not 12.

I realise the LV-HUB comms set up is very different for US3000 and US3000C. Hence I have also tried to create 2 stacks of 4 3000C followed by 2 x 3000. This means each stack is limited to 6, and both stacks are using 3000C as master battery. No joy getting both stacks to show on the Cerbo. (Even though one stack does show)

Has anyone managed to mix US3000 and US3000C with a Cerbo GX in a single system ?

I'm out of options but still keen to be able to monitor and control charging as a single 12 battery system via Cerbo GX

Any hints / tips / suggestions welcomed,


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Pylontech us3000 High Voltage Alarm


I know this Issue has had quite a lot of coverage and I have studied all the previous questions but still can't find a solution to this issue.

I have 18 pylontech us3000 battery modules connected to 3 x 15KVA Quattros, a Venus GX and a pylontech LV hub and I am running a single phase ESS system with a grid meter. I also have a 24Kw wind turbine on-site and the excess wind is captured by the ess until the batteries are full.

The system has been running now for a couple of months and is working great, however over the last few days we have had a lot of wind so the batteries have been at 99/100% charge for an extended period of time and this is when the warnings have occurred. I should say that at no point has the system shut down due to high voltage, I just keep getting high voltage notifications ranging from 53.57V to 53.59V.

When the system was first commissioned, the notifications appeared for a couple of days until the batteries balanced then the notifications stopped and everything was fine for weeks. The firmware is up to date on the GX and the Quattros, and I am aware of the higher voltage setting on the GX firmware v2.60 and I haven't tried using the older firmware to rectify the issue.

The reason being I was wondering if I could override the BMS and just charge the batteries to around 85-90%, basically to give the batteries an easier life. Is it just a case of dropping the float and absorption voltages on the quattros from 51.0V and 52.0V? Also what would be a reasonable level to set the "SOC unless grid fails" setting if battery longevity was my primary concern? - I currently have it set at 20% Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


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Pylontech L-V Hub problems with Quattro 48/15000

Hi all. I have an off grid set up with a victron 48/15000. Up till now I had a single stack of pylontech batteries and everything functioned fine.

When adding a second stack and wiring up the LV hub to both stacks, the hub keeps getting a red flashing light error. The dip switches are correct and all wiring is perfectly done.

Each stack connected independently works fine but when put both through the hub they don't work. The error is also present if the hub is not connected to the colour controller. Does anyone have any ideas?

The sellers puntoenergija have no idea. Not much documentation online either. Pity cause pylontech batteries are very good quality.

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Link the DC of three Pylon stacks on a three phase Multiplus?


Is it vital to link the DC Side of three stacks of 5 Pylon US2000? I guess so, just want to make sure.

It's a three phase system (3 MultiPlus 5000) with 5 Pylon for each inverter.

Thank you for your short answer!

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MultiPlus II GX disconnecting devices

Hi All,

I have a Victron ESS that consists of the following:
MultiPlus II GX 48/5000
1 x Victron BlueSolar 150/35 (Connected via VE.Direct) - 2kWp Solar Array
1 x Victron SmartSolar 150/35 (Connected via VE.Direct) - 2kWp Solar Array
2 x Pylontech US3000B Lithium Batteries
1 x ASS030720018 - VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type B Cable 1.8m
1 x Carlo Gavazzi ET112 Grid Meter

The GX device is frequently losing connection to all of the peripherals - The 2 solar charge controllers, the grid meter and sometimes the canbus battery.

The worst is when it disconnects from the Pylontech battery, because then the battery is not receiving the "Keep-alive" signal and the system will consequently trip/shut-down after some time.

To resolve this, I need to reboot the GX device each time using the Remote Console.

The inverter has been updated to firmware level 482 and the GX device is on firmware level 2.66.

Does anybody have insight into this problem?

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Multiplus-II GX not obeying Discharge Current Limit

Hello everybody,

my Multiplus-II GX, combined with 2 Pylontech US2000 (new) and an EM24 is configured as a grid tied ESS system (AC IN connected only). There's also a grid tied PV micro inverter (Hoymiles). The Multiplus II GX detected the batteries correctly. The Discharge Current Limit (Pylontech battery -> Parameters) is 50.0A.

The batteries are connected to the Multiplus-II GX via the supplied wires, there's a DC circuit breaker (80V 63A, CBI Electric QYD18U263B0) in the positive connection.

Today there was a higher load (baking oven), the Multiplus-II GX supplied power. The circuit breaker tripped, what surprised me. The Multiplus-II GX does not seem to obey the Discharge Current Limit. Is that the normal behavior?

If that's the case, why is there no Limit discharge current setting?

What's the maximum power the Multiplus-II GX will deliver (if there's demand) in a grid tied ESS configuration (AC IN connected only)? The peak power of 5500W?

So the workaround seems to be activate Limit inverter power and set the Maximum inverter power to 2000W?

(expected dissipation of about 200-250W and a safety margin;

I read that Victron recommends a 125A circuit breaker, but I want the Multiplus-II GX not to exceed the Discharge Current Limit of 50A (recommended by Pylontech).

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Pylontech Force-L2 and Victron compability

Dear All,

I am looking for information which confirms that Victron is compatible with Pylontech Force-L2 series battery.

Can someone confirm that for me?

Can someone explain to me that I am wrong?


Best Regards,


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Ausgleichsladung Pylontech US3000C


ich lade im Moment meine 6x US3000C Batterien nur über den MPPT RS 450/100 das erste mal auf 100%.ladung.JPG

Weiß jemand ob die Pylontech US3000C mit ihrer vom BMS vorgegebenen Ladeschlussspannung von 53,2V funktioniert ohne Überspannungsabschaltung?

Pylontech BMS.JPG

Oder wäre es besser, den Laderegler der im Slave arbeitet, ohne BMS laden zu lassen, um die Ladeschlussspannung manuell auf einen kleineren Wert anzupassen?


Ich freue mich über jede Rückmeldung.


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What size NH Fuses do I Need?

Here is my Offgrid Wiring Diagram. I am thinking of wiring my Pylontech batteries like this because I have researched that the Pylontech cables are only 25mm so if I bought 2 sets of Pylontech cables and by wiring it like this it makes the cable 50mm. I was wondering if someone could please tell me what size NH Fuses I should put in my Fuse Disconnect Switch. Kind Regards.


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Pylontech Internal Error Alarm

A little over one month ago I installed Pylontech US2000C batteries in my system. All was well for 3 weeks and then 2 weeks ago the first Internal Error appeared.

Having scoured the internet and following the advice from Victrons own documentation I lowered the DVCC Maximum voltage to 51.2 (15 x the voltage of the lowest cell voltage seen in the remote console)

I could see in the VRM Portal that there were multiple spikes in the Min/Max Cell Voltage's when there was no corresponding spikes in the AC Load (perhaps someone from Victron or Pylontech whould care to eloborate on that)

Over time the number of spikes diminished, until yesterday when they were back and today, once again, an Internal Error Alarm happened.

Looking at the data from the VRM Portal I can see that the spikes only happen when the cell voltages reaches 3.27 and the alarm happens when the Max cell voltage hits 3.89, a difference of 0.62 volts. This behaviour has been consistant for all of the alarms, to date there have been 12 of them in a 2 week period.

I am now somewhat at a loss as to what can be done to mitigate this problem.

Screenshot 2021-11-18 095632.jpg

Screenshot 2021-11-18 095535.jpg

Screenshot 2021-11-18 100340.jpg

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HUB Pylontech problem, red light, CCL limit changing and battery error

Hello, after adding 4 US2000 Pylontech and HUB batteries for a total of 12 US2000 batteries, I have the following problem (see video)

Thank you.

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Cell balancing in a Pylontech battery

Hello Victron friends
I am installing a third Pylontech US3000 battery to boost the storage capacity of my off-grid system, and am once again getting high voltage alarms. The battery arrived with SOC = 39% and I am charging it by itself using solar panels via the EasySolar II. The high voltage alarms started at 73% SOC & 50.6V and so I used the option in Remote Console DVCC settings to limit the charge voltage to the max possible without triggering alarms, ie 50.5V. I have included a screenshot from BatteryView.exe which shows what I presume is the problem: Cell 3 is at 3.51V, much higher than the others which are 3.3 - 3.4 V. The situation has changed little from yesterday to today, and I have some questions to ask of anyone who might know more about the internal cell balancing processes than I do.

- Is an external current input necessary to charge the low voltage cells, or do the cells redistribute charge among themselves? If they can redistribute internally, does it also happen when the battery is disconnected but switched on?

- I understand that cell balancing uses quite small currents. Am I going to have to wait for all of the other cells to catch up with cell 3? That would be a lot of amp hours and presumably will take a long time.

- Would the cell balancing be adversely affected if I connected the three batteries together? Running off three batteries rather than one would be more convenient as it would give me enough capacity to last through the nights and I wouldn't have to juggle the batteries.



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