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Can someone please clarify the following:

The Pylontech 2m external power cables (both + and -) is labelled 4AWG. The Pylontech US3000 manual (page 12) rates this as a 120A cable. AWG 4 translates to a 21.2mm2 cable with a current carrying capability of 70A at 60 deg C. (

A Pylontech US3000 battery (page 4 of manual) has recommended charge/discharge capacity of 37 A. This cable should work fine with a single module. However 2 modules in parallel will double the current capacity while voltage remain at 48V. Are we really using a 70A cable on a 74 A supply source? Obviously the max current per single US3000 is much higher.

The Pylontech cables does not appear to be a copper cable. The wire strands are silver.

Thank you


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Overpowered MPPT with Pylontech batteries?


for my house I will install PV during next spring and I want to use Victron devices with Pylontech 48 V LiFePO4 batteries (4x US2000C or 3x US3000C). I will have 2 strings - one string to south-east (10 panels 330 Wp, 5S2P - 2 parallel sections with 5 panels in series, 3300 Wp in total) and one to south-west (12 panels 330 Wp, 4S3P, 3960 Wp in total).

I was planning to use MPPT SmartSolar 250/60 for S-E string and 250/70 for S-W string. For example type 250/70 is (according to datasheet) suitable for nominal power 4000 W, but its apparently valid for charge "absorption" voltage approx. 57 V. For this voltage max. output current of 70 A should be sufficient without any significant PV power limitation according to my calculations including losses (<70 A for panel temperature >10°C). If I will use Pylontech batteries I must set charge "absorption" voltage only to 52 V (due to problems with overvoltage warnings), so theoretical PV max. power with 250/70 will be only 3640 W (practically <3600 W due to MPPT efficiency.

So I must use more expensive 250/85 (which is only in VE.Can modification) instead of 250/70 only due to Pylontech batteries, if I am right? Similar situation is also for S-E string with 250/60...

Many thanks for you answers!

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DC Cut off when Battery Soc is below 25%


i want to cut off my dc lines, when the soc of my pylontechs below 25% percent.

i want to connect a high current relais to relais 1 of my cerbo gx...

how can i do that ? Only with the generator start / stop function ? in my opinion, the menu for that is much overloaded ...

is there another chance to do that easily and maybe for relais 2 as well ?



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Bug report: Pylontech 2500 Battery-Remote Console-Details &VRM data errors

I'm commissioning three Pylontech 2500 batteries with a new Cerbo GX and came across two problems with the remote console "Details" display of data and the data reported by the VRM data widget. (the battery operation is working nominally)

1/ the Details screen (remote console) description has the first two labels of the "Lowest cell voltage" and "Highest cell voltage" reversed. The VRM widget display also has these labels reversed.

2/ Something is very wrong with the display of the Lowest and Highest cell temperatures.
The Details screen is also reporting the "Minimum cell temperature" and "Maximum cell temperature" incorrectly. For an ambient temperature of 24C and battery temp of 24C and a small charge current 7.5A @ 26.88V for 3 units (333Ah) the reported max and min cell temperatures are -33C and -43C. The next day when the ambient temperature had dropped to 21C, reported -63C & -73C.

I tried each of the brand new batteries separately (i.e. not connected together via RS232 cable) moving the CAN cable to each in turn and each of the "Cell temperatures" was the same i.e -33C. I would have expected the cell temperature should have been (under the operating conditions) to have been very close to the battery temperature at 24C plus/minus no more than 1C.

I also have observed that the reported battery temperature resolution is 1 degree C (no problem with this), with the cell temperature incremented in units of 10C. This might hint at the possible cause of the problem.

The battery otherwise seems to be operating nominally and the local LED display is not showing any problems. Otherwise, the Pylontech 2500 BMS CAN bus connection to the Cerbo GX was simple and quick commissioning, complements on making it so easy.

I'll try to post screenshots of the problem, for some reason the current session does not allow images.

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HUB Pylontech problem, red light, CCL limit changing and battery error

Hello, after adding 4 US2000 Pylontech and HUB batteries for a total of 12 US2000 batteries, I have the following problem (see video)

Thank you.

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Pylontech stacks in parallel installed with LV-Hub incorrectly reporting charge / discharge current & limit

System - Single phase - 2x 5kw Multis in parallel.
2x stacks of 5 Pylon US2000 in parallel with LV-Hub
Cerbo GX
It would appear that the LV-Hub doesnt correctly report the correct available charge / discharge current to the GX.

The GX is showing 125A. (which follows the 5x25A mentioned in this doc:

It should report 250A ?

The LV-Hub, also does not correctly report the operating charge / discharge current the the batteries into the system. (Noticed this as we also have a BMV in the system)



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Pylontech L-V Hub problems with Quattro 48/15000

Hi all. I have an off grid set up with a victron 48/15000. Up till now I had a single stack of pylontech batteries and everything functioned fine.

When adding a second stack and wiring up the LV hub to both stacks, the hub keeps getting a red flashing light error. The dip switches are correct and all wiring is perfectly done.

Each stack connected independently works fine but when put both through the hub they don't work. The error is also present if the hub is not connected to the colour controller. Does anyone have any ideas?

The sellers puntoenergija have no idea. Not much documentation online either. Pity cause pylontech batteries are very good quality.

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Quattro 15000VA and Pylontech US3000 high voltage alarms

I had this setup running flawlessly without alarms (except due to imbalance at start) for almost 1 year and in the last month I started to get High Voltage alarms. I have been in touch with Pylontech and tell me that is victron causing it due to high charge voltage... But I have all the settings lowered twice in the last week and I still get this issue.


  • 2 x Fronius 6Kw
  • 1 x Victron Quattro 15000VA
  • 6 x Pylontech US3000

Looking at battery voltage-current graph, on the left we can see how in the night the battery gets charged (with the grid) and regulates very well and keeps the max voltage on batteries around 51,52V quite stable.

On the right we can see how the battery its charged during the day, with excess solar but firstly it does not charge as smoothly as with grid (even it is charging at less amps) then once charged tthe battery voltage keeps shooting up until sometimes reaches even 54V.

What is causing victron to work differently during the night and day?


Here are the limits configured in VEconfigure and even limited on DVCC too. As pylontech support recommended.



Should I even lower more the maximum charge voltage? I even limited the charge current to 2A during a few days and still got overvoltage alarms.

I have checked and all cells are balanced thus no idea what else might be going on.

Looking forward to some experienced Victron member to illustrate me why during the night and day is different.

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Victron-Pylontech high voltage alarms

I’m having what seems to have been a common Victron-Pylontech problem, namely high voltage alarms. I am off-grid, and have an EasySolar II with two US3000 Pylontech batteries, which I installed a few months ago. Because initially I only had a few panels (needed to build a verandah so the rest could go on its roof) the SOC rarely got much above 80%, and I kept the show on the road with a generator. Last week I switched on the full complement of panels and since then, whenever batteries reach about 51.5V or 90% SOC, I receive repeated high voltage alarms.

I looked at the Victron-Pylontech set up document:

A suggestion in Section 9 (FAQ and known issues) was to allow cell charge levels to balance out by temporarily limit the maximum charge voltage, and it showed the screen:


However when I use Remote Console to look at the DVCC menu I see no option to do that:


Am I perhaps missing something here, or has that override capability recently been removed?

Any suggestions would be welcome, especially if they don’t involve doing things that might affect the battery warranty, like disabling DVCC.

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Adding Pylontech US2000C

I have a Multiplus II installation v459 with venusGX and 2 existing Pylontech US2000. Now a new US2000C is installed soon. Some questions still before i will do the installation.

* Is it important to update the Multiplus?

* Pylontech said that the C-Model needs to be the master and the others as slave.

* Is it correct that the CAN-Bus cable needs an update in terms of Pin1-3 should not be linked anymore between Pylontech Master and VenusGX ?

Kind Regards


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Pylontech High voltage: 53.96V when DVCC set to limit at 52V...

Good day!

I have an existing Pylontech installation that suddenly started pushing voltages too high.

The only change was ESS set from "Keep batts charged" to "Optimized with battlife"

By returning it to "Keep batts charged" does not help

The errors then started. It seems to be the MPPT not following the set voltages.



All settings were confirmed with this guide:

System details:

  • Venus GX
  • Quattro 48/8000/110-2x100 rev2
  • SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 rev2
  • 2x Pylontech US3000B
  • 3x Pylontech US3000C
  • All firmwares updated to latest when errors started - did not help.

Venus GX settings


(Charge voltage was set here to 52V only as a test, it did not help)

Quattro settings:


MPPT Settings:


Any assistance ill greatly be appreciated!


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Pylontech battery 33% not discharging

Hi, I have recently installed 2 Pylontech batteries. They work fine except that 2 green lights remain on, on each battery all the time. Yesterday was very cloudy so the batteries hardly charged. The 2 lights were on last thing last night and first thing this morning. During the night I seem to be drawing all my power from the National Grid. My question is that the 4 lights equate to about 33% of the total capacity which is not used. Is this a fault or do the batteries retain a third of their capacity as a buffer ? Thanks for any tips.

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SMARTSOLAR 100/20(48v) Not charging pylontech batteries

Multiplus ii 48/3000 35-32


Pylontech 3000US x 2

BMV 712

Suntech 370w modules x 2 (total VOC 75V)

The Solar charger is only yeilding around 200Wh/day,

It seems the charger starts to ramp then stops and cuts out around 60-70w (.7A-.8A)

Can you get live support on the VRM portal?

VRM ID-0281a66e8f0e (0281a66e8f0eWILKO)

Kind regards

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SmartSolar MPPT not chargin Pylontech battery


I have:

  • Cerbo GX
  • MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48
  • Pylontech battery
  • SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/85 rev2

And I set it up for ESS:

And I think most of it works. But the MPPT is not charging the battery. I have no idea where to look for the problem. There are so many settings. Maybe someone can help me. A few screenshots:





I am happy to provide more information but I am not sure what is helpful.

There are 4000W of solar panels connected. Which works. They were on another inverter before. But it only shows something around 20W now? Strangely it is not 0?

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Sicherung zwischen Multiplus-II und Pylontech US2000C LiFePo4

Nach meinem Verständnis sollte zwischen dem Akku (in dessen Nähe) und dem Multiplus 48-3000 eine Sicherung sein - finde ich aber in keinem Anschlussplan, und hat auch kaum ein Händler von Victron-Geräten im Angebot. Und auch das original Pylontech Kabel hat keine Sicherung auf Akkuseite vorgesehen. Oder haben die Pylontechs eine eingebaute Sicherung?

Bei 3 Akkus mit je 50A zulässigem Entladestrom (kurzzeitig das doppelte) dann also 150A?
Der Multiplus 48-3000 hat ja ein Peak von 5500W (also 115A) somit sollten die 150A passen.

Sind hier die Trennschalter mit eingebautem Sicherungsautomat geeignet?

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Pylontech us3000c internal failure

I have a single pylontech us3000c that is hooked up with a multiplus, blue solar mppt, and cerbo gx.
The system was initially ran for a couple days and then an alarm happened indicating an Internal Battery Failure. Upon troubleshooting I found that the DVCC was not turned on and the battery is at 54v. So I’m assuming it alarmed internal failure because of over voltage.
I changed the DVCC to on and adjusted the voltage to 52v, but the battery is still in alarm. Is there a way to discharge the battery while in alarm? The max charge and discharge rate has gone to 0A.

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Running a Multiplus II 48/3000 35 with only one US3000 Pylontech battery in an Off-Grid System?

Hi Victron Comunnity!

I am installing the following system:

1 Multiplus II 3000/48 35

1 Pylontech US3000

1 MPPT Bluesolar 150/70

1 Venus GX

3000 watt in solar panels

The question I do have right now is: Would the system work? Given that the peak current limit of pylontech batteries are 100Amp per 15 seconds, and the Inverter peak watts surge ratting is 6000W (125 Amps for a 48Vdc configuration)?

Thanks a lot!

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CCGX with two can.bus inputs

I have a CCGX with a Smartsolar and Pylontech batteries, both of which require a CAN.bus connection on the CCGX. As far as I understand the CCGX can only accept one such connection and this is what I am experiencing when trying to commission; Either the batteries as viewable with the 500kbs BUS setting, or the MPPT is viewable (250kbs setting).

My dealer insists that BOTH can be connected if setup correctly, can anyone confirm this and how it's done? I've read the Pylontech, Smartsolar, and CCGX manuals and the only info says that they cannot be connected; I'll require a Cerbo or similar.

Any help and clarification would be welcome.

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How to charge a Pylontech US2000 with SmartSolar 150/50 ?


is it possible to charge a Pylontech US2000 with a SmartSolar 150/50 ?
What do i need to make communication between Smartsolar and battery ?

Thank you

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Intermittent VE Bus state OFF, no warnings. Lost power 30seconds

Any gurus out there have any ideas on this problem?

8kW Quattro, 7 x Pylontech Force 1, 2 x Blue Solar chargers commissioned this week. System ticks away quite nicely then randomly the inverter appears to switch off very briefly. Owner complains of losing power for around 30 seconds. Happened twice yesterday and twice the day before. Can see the event in advanced logging (VE Bus state briefly off) but no warnings generated. Rest of system unaffected. Doesn’t seem to correspond to anything unusual… no large loads at the time, etc. We’ve had storms the last day or two, not sure if this would be a factor. Anyone have any ideas??

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Pylontech modules blocking charge / discharge

I have 4 x 3000 pylontech and 4 x 3000c batteries connected together with one of the C models as master. I have noticed on the Venus GX under the Pylontech section that sometimes it indicates that only 4 batteries are online and 4 modules blocking charge / discharge. This mostly happen at night but during the day it indicates 8 modules are online. Is there a problem with my configuration?


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RS 48/6000 and Pylontech batteries (how many?)

Hello everybody,

I have an offgrid installation with RS 48/6000 and 2x US2000 Pylontech batteries and I am wondering if two batteries is enough.

I can see that Victron has suggestion on how many batteries one needs for a properly functioning system depending on what Inverter/Charger one has. But the latest RS 48/6000 in not on the list!

It would be greatly appreciated if someone can provide any suggestions on how many Pylontech batteries are needed in a system with RS 48/6000.



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Pylontech battery shows as not connected

I have 2 modules of pylontech US2000C and it shows not connected, I cannot see the parameters, in the cerbo GX it is connected to the BMS-CAN with can type A cable. How can I solve see the batteries connected?


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Pylontech & ESS problem

Good day,

I am having difficulty with my Pylontech & Quattro setup with ESS....

Current Frimwares:

Quattro 48/8000: 2655469

SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 rev2: v1.46

Venus GX: v2.52

The installation was done precisely as described here:

Current ESS settings on GX:



BUT with the above settings, the ESS runs like this:


When I set the Minimum SOC to 90% for example, the ESS acts like this:


Disabling "Feed in excess solar" also works but only when I had the minimum SOC to 90% for example:


It seems like when the battery hits the minimum SOC, it prevents the MPPT to work....

Thank you in advance!

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Please Clarify the Victron-Pylontech Compatibility Manual for me

I read the Victron-Pylontech Compatibility manual. Every page. My conclusion is that I just hook my batteries to my Smart Solar 250/100, Multiplus 48/5000 and CerboGX; and the Pylontech BMS and the Victron system takes care of everything automatically. No setting of parameters required via VEConfigure as long as I've updated all my Victron components with the latest firmware.

I have 4 Pylontech US3000 batteries in parallel, and according to the Victron-Pylontech Compatibility manual, I dont even need to adjust the dip switches on the batteries.

Are my conclusions correct? If so, why does the manual have all the sections about configuring with VEconfigure and VictronConnect if everything is automatically configured already?

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Pylontech (with needed ESS?) in an offgrid-installation


in the Victron product compatibility-list the pylontech batteries are listed to only can be used in an ESS-system. I think this is necessary of the CAN.Bus-Communication. This means that communication only works with the ESS assistant (why)?

I have to wait further 6 months for grid-connection to be built. For that time I want to build a small DC-Coupled PV and a Multiplus with Pylontech-Batteries. A big AC-coupled 30kWp-PV will follow next year. Since I wanted to install a Victron-ESS anyway I am wondering if I could use the pylontech also in an offgrid installation until the grid is ready?
Alternatively I wanted to install the ESS-Assistant offgrid and hoped i can use the pylontech without discharging them to 0% when grid isn't available at no time. I also don't know if a generator would be accepted in the AC-In then when a grid code has to be chosen.

I red that ESS shouldn't be used in an offgrid-installation neither. I know that ESS doesn't make sense in that situation, but it has du be used to use the pylontechs?
So is there a solution to use these components until grid will be available?

Thank you!

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Victron Multiplus 5000 24v 120A and Pylontech UP2500 24V Batteries

I have the above inverter with Rolls 5000 6CS25P batteries (supported with PV panels) which are 14 years old and have done great job. I am thinking of replacing them with Pylontech UP2500 24v batteries but cannot find any confirmation that they are OK with Multiplus as above. All advertising notes them as suitable for backup or UPS but not for daily cycle solar power. My alternative is to get a new 48v Multiplus, which would be a shame as this one is only 3 years old, with the Pylontech US2000B or US3000B batteries. Any thoughts much appreciated.

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High charge current warning with Grid feed-in


every day when my battery charges and is at around 97% I get the error "Cerbo: High charge current warning on Battery Monitor". The error clears when the battery is at 100%. This only happens when Grid feed-in is enabled. If I disable this the error doesn't appear.

I think all the firmwares are the latest version available. Feed-In settings see screenshot. I have 4 Pylontech batteries connected to my MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 with 2x SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/85 rev2. ESS.


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Multiplus II entlädt die Batterien nur bis 97%. Ohne Solareinspeisung MPPT 150/35 wird überhaupt nicht entladen. Gelöst.

Das Problem hat sich mit der neuesten Firmware gelöst!



Ich werde es noch ausgiebig testen und berichten. Die Sonne geht gerade bald unter.

Hallo an alle.Ich habe seit Oktober einen Multiplus-II, Cerbo GX, MPPT150/35 und 3 Pylontech US2000. Auf dem Dach sind je 6 Solarmodule an der Ost- und Westseite montiert.

Alles zusammen funktioniert soweit problemlos. Gedacht ist es als UPS für kritische Lasten (Server, Telefoanlage, Heizung, Beleuchtung, Gefriertruhe). 50% der Kapazität der Batterien reicht für den unabhängigen Netzbetrieb über die Nacht aus, bis wieder Solarenergie zur Verfügung steht.

Der SOC Mindestwert ist ist im ESS auf 50% gesetzt. Das hat aber keinen Effekt! Steht Solarenergie zur Verfügung und ist die Ladung bei 100%, wird kurzfristig die Last aus der Batterie und Solarenergie versorgt, bis der Ladezustand bei ca. 97% ankommt. (49,7V an der Batterie). Danach wird die Batterie wieder geladen. Kommt mehr Solarenergie an , als benötigt, wird in das Hausnetz eingespeist. (Gridmeter soll auf 0W gehalten werden.)Bleibt die Solarenergie aus, wird die Batterie nicht mehr entladen und bleibt bei anfangs 100%.

Ich würde gerne die Batterie über Nacht bis zu der eingestellten Grenze von 50% entladen und erst dann Energie aus dem Netz nutzen.

Das gelingt mir nur, wenn biem Multiplus-II "Netz ignorieren" aktiv ist.(Trennung vom Netz bis eingestellte Grenze erreicht ist) In dieser Einstellung funktioniert das Einspeisen ins Hausnetz aber nicht mehr. Bei guter Sonneneinstrahlung wird der MPTT gedrosselt und ein Teil der Energie geht "verloren", den ich im Hausnetz hätte nutzen können.

Die Firmware habe ich bei allen Komponenten im Oktober aktualisiert.

Ich habe schon zahlreiche Konfigurationen durchprobiert, kann aber den gewünschten Ablauf nicht erreichen. Stehe ich hier selber auf "meiner Leitung"?
Irgenwie finde ich den Einstellknopf nicht!

Für Hilfestellung bin ich dankbar.

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