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Cerbo GX - Temperature activation of relay.

Greetings All , Question is . When using a Venus GX or Curbo GX . I need to activate one of the relays based off one of the Temp Sensors plugged in to the Venus or Curbo . I can get an alarm via the VRM as well as an email notification and that works fine but I need the relay on the Curbo to be activated . This is to enable a backup system for the refrigerator . Any advice would be great if this can be setup .

Stephen Phillips asked
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Cerbo GX Setting Amperage Limit based on Generator

Howdy- I'm setting up an RV install with 2x Multiplus, a Cerbo, pre-existing automatic transfer switch (ATS), and pre-existing 220V Onan genset. Okay- so the transfer switch takes shore (50A service) and generator haven't tested which it favors. So my thoughts are ATS L1 going to one multiplus and ATS L2 going to the other multiplus. What I'm confused about here is if I can setup decently smart amperage limits based on the input. Eg, can I say that for shore I'm at the house and hooked up to a 15 or 20A, but if the generator is on use all the available 45 amps. I know that since the ATS is out of the CAN system (is there any integrated ATS?) it won't know which source is active. But my thought is if the system is kicking the generator on itself, that it would set it to 45A. After the generator goes off, set it back to previous amperage. Is this something that the Cerbo can do or something that I might want to write an MQTT script for? Though- if I recall correctly, since the gen is 5.5KW with 2 lines, the input amperage should be ~22.5 which is close enough to the 20A in this example and on a 50A service or 30A service switching to the genset doesn't make sense. So I'm probably just over thinking this 15/20A service situation but am curious if others have answers.

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Multiple Pylontech Banks connected to cerbo

Can I use the two BMS ports for two separate Pylontech banks and then connect a third bank of Pylontech for a third a bank on the CAN-bus? Will I still have full communication between battery and GX with normal operation?

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Fronius Symo 6 integration with Victron

This question might seem a bit odd, but please cope with me for a moment.
I will have my Fronius Symo 6 inverter coupled at AC-out of a 3-phase Victron Quattro system. There will be a smart meter (EM24 ethernet) right at the Fronius to allow reading of its output.

My question:
How does Victron interface with Fronius here? Is there some need to talk to the Fronius inverter at all? If so? Why?

Why I am asking this?
In case I put a load between the Smart Meter and the Fronius, this might lead to an issue, if for example the Fronius, via modbus TCP, tells it delivers 4000W, but the smart meter reads only 2000W (because the other 2000W go to the load in between). Right? Wront? Weird?

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Remote Console on Local network

I am assembling my new victron system at the moment and I am planning where to put wires, how many and which type. It will be that the Cerbo GX will be in the basement beside the inverters and connected to ethernet locally (no bluetooth, no wifi). No VRM connection as I do not want my data to leave the house - I will use the docker-grafana on a Promoxx node in my home rack.

However, I still want to have the overview about what the system is doing. I obviously can logon via my PC, but I thought it would be great to have also a little monitor hanging in my living room for quick checks. Maybe somebody already have done something like that and could tell me if there are any restriction between the actual GX Touch Screen and the Remote Console in the WebGUI.

My plan would be to either have a Raspberry Pi with screen in an enclosure mounted and connecting via Wifi or use something like an HDMI extender to get the Cerbo's HDMI output directly transmitted (will touch work?). I am more or less leaning to the Raspberry solution.

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SmartShunt Battery Settings??


I have a 12 V battery bank consisting of 8 6V 370 ah FLA batteries.

Other than changing the battery bank AH size, I think all the other settings are the defaults.....See below attached.

Can someone comment if the settings are accurate?

Thanks in advance.


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VRM Instance Number Changed


Amongst a couple of firmware upgrades and factory resets to my Cerbo GX, two devices have changed VRM instance. E.g. Smart Solar MPPT changed from 278 to 279. This also affected a GX Tank 140 input.

Is there an explanation for this, and is there a way to move VRM history from 278 to 279? I do not want to lose the history for the original VRM instance device.



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Lynx BMS - GX Not going into float ( kinda)

Hello ,

My set up , i have just finished my install and have run into a few bugs/ settings i cant figure out . I

3 x 200 li smart

Lynx smart BMS,

multiplus 5 kw

several lynx distro's and smart battery protects.

Firmware on all devices is currentI have read all the manuals both the GX and Lynx bms. DVCC is forced on .

The BMS is working well, I was super impressed it balanced the batteries on the first charge. when you start charging the GX displays as it should , bulk then goes to Absorbtion at the correct voltages. What is weird is that it will go to a float voltage of 27.2 and float but not indicated float on the GX or the lights on teh multi.




the GX is showing the status of the Mulit not what the status of whet the BMS is doing.

Have i missed something here?


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Cerbo is not updatable via VRM?


Although i can update the Cerbo via the Cerbo itself it seems not to be updatable via VRM. Is this normal?

thtruck asked
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Cerbo GX and multiple battery banks

My sailboat has two battery banks. One is for my engine (it is an electric boat, so this would be a 48V 440A bank) and the other is for the house (12V 800A bank). Both have separate charge sources. Would one Cerbo GX handle this, or would each bank require a separate Cerbo GX? Also, would I require two GX Touch 50's?

ftlsailor asked
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Cerbo unknown password User/installer


I want to change the acceslevel to user only but it requires a password i don't have. All the usual password like 000000 and 123456 do not work. How can i change the accesslevel?

thtruck asked
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Cerbo GX to measure AC current on sailboat

For what seems like a simple feature, I am having a hard time finding an answer. Retrofitting a Cerbo GX & Smart shunt onto a smaller sailboat. I am looking to place an AC current transformer on the shore-power inlet to measure AC volts and amps.

The boat already has a AC charger I will not be replacing. I can find these two Victron products https://www.victronenergy.com/accessories/current-transformer-for-multiplus-ii and https://www.victronenergy.com/accessories/ac-current-sensor but neither seem to work only with a Cerbo. Is there another option for AC ammeters with the Cerbo?

evan-drinkwater asked
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Issue with ESS taking power from Grid


I am an installer who has installed THIS system more than 30 times. Total of about 60 installs on VRM.

The problem is ESS keeps on taking power from grid instead of DC/battery/PV. Day and night. It also does not export power to 'non-essential' loads ("AC Loads" as per VRM).


We have:

  • MultiPlus II 48/5000/70
  • Smart Solar 250/70
  • Lynx Distributor
  • Cerbo GX + Touch
  • ET112
  • Freedom Won 5/4 battery


  • See attached VE.Config file.20220106 MPII 48-5000-70 2623481.zip
  • ESS as per manual for Freedom Won, set to 35% SoC in 'with battery life'
  • DVCC as per manual (I will gladly give access to VRM if needed)
  • NRS097 country code selected
  • Victron cables, no crimped cables

What I have done so far:

  • All items display 100% correct on Cerbo (MultiPlus, MTTP and Battery)
  • Contacted 2 Victron distributors, neither can help me (one who I bought the inverter from, and the other the battery);
  • We had the latest firmware on inverter, but distributor recommended to roll back to 481 (last stable version) to test, not difference;
  • Check all AC cables one by one;
  • System work 100% when AC is disconnected;
  • If I discharge batteries, and chage ESS to 'keep batteries charged' it works 100% to charge from grid;
  • Tried it both with and without 'battery life';
  • I checked all RJ45 cables with a tester, even tried a new cable between inverter and Cerbo;
  • exchanged the Cerbo;
  • I have bought another MPII, but distributor told me I would waste my time, try the community first;

I understand the normally way for anyone to help me is to check basics, and I know I might have not given all info one might need to check all this. I will gladly comply, pictures, just ask. However, have spend 2 days checking everything over and over. I am convinced it is something else I might have missed. I hope another installer of someone from Victron has come across this, as both my distributors who is massive in RSA, is stumped.

Schalk van der Merwe asked
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Victron Energy GX Touch 50 unresponsive

I just installed a Victron Energy GX Touch 50 in tandem with my new Cerbo GX. The touch screen was working fine but then I used the remote console. After that, the touch screen will only show the last thing I did in the remote console and is unresponsive to touch gestures.

Is this a known issue?

How can I get the touch feature working again?

jonmarinello asked
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Cerbo temp sensor scale

My temperature sensors are off on my Cerbo. So I adjusted them in room temperature with offset. But now thay are off when its cold outside. So I need to scale them. Around what temperature is the scale placed? The scale has to be 1 somewhere. The first that comes i my mind is that its around 0 degrees. But it could also be something else?

0 degrees x 1,2=0

4 degrees x 1,2 =4,8

So zero is the most mathematical logic?

jon-norberg asked

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cerbo GX power from Orion -TR not visible in total calculation

on touch 50 display only the BMV712 current results (totals) are visible and not the power consumed / delivered by multiplus 12/500 and the calculated difference delivered from orion -TR smart.

expected to have visible:

currents to from multiplus inverter/charger

and from BMV717 the battery current

The difference would be then the current out of the orion-TR

Is this a correct assumption, also the item DC load is not visible on touch 50.

kuperusron asked
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Cerbo GX Wi-Fi dongle

Hi I’ve just plugged in a Netgear A6100 dongle into Cerbo GX & rebooted the device. I’m connected to the router but am not sure if the dongle is working! Am I missing something!

big-ste asked
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Cerbo WiFi Won't Auto Connect to WiFi

My Cerbo will not automatically connect to any wifi source. All connections have to be manually initiated through the menu. Rebooting the Cerbo or the WiFi router does not help. Other networks and phone hotspot all show exactly the same behavior. Connections can be manually initiated, but never automatically.

The installation is on a sailboat where the wifi environment is challenging. A connection rarely lasts more than a few hours, so having a lack of automatic reconnection is more than a bit of a pain.

Is there a setting I am missing?

billknny asked
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Cerbo does not boot anymore.


I have two systems with a Cerbo GX and both died in the last few weeks.

On both systems is connected:
- Multiplus via VE.Bus
- GX Touch
- BlueSolar via VE.Direct

When I disconnect everything, the cerbo's still don't boot.
A week later, I tried powering them up again and one of them did. 10min later it died again.
When I opened it up I saw that the small CR2032 battery holder came off.
In the second one, that is not the case so that cannot be the main problem.



Any ideas?

luppensg asked
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Configure Multiplus without a PC

Is this possible yet? Id rather not buy a Windows PC just to change my Multiplus settings.

The system will have a Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50. Is there any other way to accomplish changing setting on the Multiplus without buying a PC? Bluetooth dongle?

showtime3 asked
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Can I use a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50" instead of "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700"

Hi, I am installing a new system with the core components being a Multiplus 12/3000 inverter/charger, 2 x LiFePO4 Smart Batteries (12V/200Ah) & a VE.Bus BMS. I have been recommended to include a "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700", but I'm wondering if it would be better to replace those 2 items with a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50". I would like the ability to monitor/control things remotely, and I have read (in other posts here) that you cannot change any settings remotely (nor via the touch panel), that can be set via the physical switches on the DMC (which takes priority).

So my question is really, can you do everything via the Cerbo GX & Touch 50, thus doing away with the need for the DMC & BMV altogether?

solarboat asked
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VE.Can - who’s the Boss when the Multiplus II is off.


dear brains trust,

I have two MPPT controllers connected to my VE.CAN bus along with a Cerbo GX and Lynx Shunt. My batteries are AGM and unmanaged. I also have a Multiplus II interfacing with the CerboGX. My understanding is that when the Multiplus is inverting/charging it takes control of the charge algorithm as indicated by ‘External Control’ display on the MPPT controllers. This continues even when the Multiplus II has been turned off for several days. I have tried to configure Bluetooth VE.Smart to no avail. So what I want to know is when the Multipluss II is out of town who is wearing the pants (and where do I change the maximum absorption time - as the devices do not revert to float mode - I have also changed the maximum absorption time settings in both MPPT controller with no impact. Devices are configured for Victron AGM batteries with a maximum 6 hour absorption and adaptive charging). I have an 1180 AGM 12 v bank and after a day of absorption battery charge is minimal yet no float. All software is up to date including Venus 8.89.36.
kind regards


Sarah asked
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Reading fuel levels from Mercedes Arocs

Hi Victron Community,

my expedition vehicle is built on a 2021 Mercedes-Benz Arocs and using various Victron components. I´d like to integrate my diesel fuel levels into my Venus OS (CerboGX). Would that be possible?

Thank you


atmanxp asked
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cerbo gx bluetooth disappeared

I have two cerbo gx devices on different battery banks, they have been set up almost identical aside for voltages, both are connected to the same wi-fi, both have REC BMS integrated. They were both working fine for some time, then oneday the bluetooth on one of them just stopped working. No blinking blue light. I have searched and can't find where to re-enable it nor does reset work.

I can still access it [the cerbo] via the cerbo inbuilt wifi but can't find where to enable the bluetooth again. The other cerbo does not have this issue.

luckybeanz asked
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Cerbo GX can’t see Victron MPPT Charger

Hi, I bought a Cerbo GX few days ago, all is fine except that it doesn’t show MPPT charger (150/35). It sometimes shows it as a DC Power. I also have the BMV in this setup and I can see it on device list. Any ideas what could be wrong?

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Where to get replacement Terminal block for Cerbo GX

Dear All,

does anyone know, where to buy those terminal blocks for the Cerbo GX? Victron doesn‘t show them on their products website and I don‘t know if this is a standard product or propriety from the chinese manufacturer Wanjie.




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Modbus TCP register 820 returning 64k not minus numbers Cerbo GX


im seeing the data returned from my

Product Cerbo GX

Firmware version v2.73

when using Modbus register 820 +64k when it should be showing minus numbers, so when the register should be showing exporting numbers eg minus im getting +64k which is odd.

the Spreadsheet for this int16 should be

-32768 to 32767

But I'm getting 0 to 65535


is this a bug in v2.73?



Noisy Boysie asked
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Is a Phoenix 12/50 120V charger compatible with Cerbo GX?

Hello. I am new to the community and Victron products in general. I currently have a Phoenix 12/50 charger (120V) that is brand new purchased January 2022. Sorry, I don't have the S/N handy. I also plan to purchase a MultiPlus 3000 inverter charger soon and will add solar in the future. This is a marine install with 3 battery banks. I will use the Phoenix for the 2 smaller banks and the MultiPlus for the large house bank. I would like to connect all these to a Cerbo GX w/ a Touch 50 panel.

I am finding it challenging to determine if the Phoenix charger will communicate with the Cerbo GX. I know the Multi will and am sure the future solar will but the Phoenix is a mystery.

Can anyone help me out>



scott-coles asked
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Pylontech LV hub disconnects from Cerbo GX when the inverter receives mains


I have a system with 12 x US3000 batteries connected in series of 3 (4 banks) via an LV hub-CAN to a Cerbo GX device.

Initially, we had challenges with the LV hub staying connected to the Cerbo GX. After a few days of operation, the Cerbo GX would no longer see the batteries and the inverter (8000va/48V) x 2 connected in parallel would shut down. We fixed this by updating the firmware of the LV-hub to V1.7.

Now we observed that the system is stable in off-grid mode. I.E. No active grid connected. but when the grid is active the after a few minutes the GX will lose connection with the batteries and the inverter and charge controller will shut down as a precaution.

Has anyone experienced this before, kindly advise on what the issue might be? See full system specs below

Pylontech - US3000 x 12
Victron 8000va/48/230 x 2 (parallel)
Victron 150/100 VE.can & 250/100 VE.can
400W units of PV modules x 35
Cerbo GX
Lynx Distributor

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) @Ned Yu (Pylontech)

julzb asked
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Unable to connect to Cerbo GX in anyway

Hi Everyone,

I have a Cerbo GX and it has been working fine with the Venus OS Large running on it for months. Now all of a sudden the Wifi access point is continuously flashing red. I can no longer connect to the unit by LAN or by the VRM portal. I tried re-adding the device back into the VRM but I am presented with the portal ID can not be found. When I tried to connect to the device in the browser with the local IP address I am presented with a message "Failed to connect. Make sure to enable Remote
Console for LAN, and reboot the device.". Has anyone experienced these issues and can anyone suggest a fix?

Thanks in advance.

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