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connect more than 4 resistance tank measuredevices on Cerbo?


I have 5 tanks in the boat.

how can I connect more than 4 resistance measure devices to the Cerbo?

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Broken - Cerbo GX - Factory reset doesen't work

Hello together,

my Cerbo keeps stopping its tasks. Sometimes it works as it should, then not for hours. Sometimes it accepts settings permanently, sometimes it loses them after a restart. If I can no longer access the system, I restart, then sometimes everything works again, or not.

What have I already done to troubleshoot.

* Factory settings via file venus-data.tgz (does not work, everything is unchanged after the restart

* Firmware update to 3.0 (It worked, but didn't fix the error)

* Firmware downgrade back to 2.9 (It worked but didn't fix the error)

* Deleted mods manually (DBUS for JKBMS and Kostal PICO) (It worked but didn't fix the error)

Is there a way to completely erase and reload the system? I really don't see any other way. Or can I throw away the Cerbo after 4 months of use and swap it for a Raspberry Pi?

For a little backround My config:

3 Phase System with 3 Multipluss 48/5000

Victron Lynx distribution System with Shunt

EM24 energy meter

2x 16S 280ah Battery Packs with Eve LF280 cells and JK-BMS

Kostal PICO 20 and 20kwp PV

Hope someone can help!



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Connecting EG4-LL V2 server rack to Cerbo

Anyone know the correct cable to connect the EG4-LL V2 server rack batteries to the Cerbo GX? There is a CAN bus and RS485 port on the battery. Signature Solar has a video o them doing it. They say in the video you need a modified cable to do it, but don't give any information about the cable.

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"Self-consumption above limit"

Bonjour à tous,

Dans le menu ESS, il y a un paramètre dans Schedule que je ne comprends pas bien. Est-ce quelqu'un peut me l'expliquer svp ?
"Self-consumption above limit" - "PV" ou "PV & battery"

Merci !

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Connecting Cerbo-gx to Windows using mk3-usb dongle adapter

Would I be able to adjust settings (like I can do on my Android cellphone for connected Bluetooth devices) by connecting my Cerbo-gx to Windows PC (running Victron Connect software) using mk3-usb dongle adapter? Thanks

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Multi RS 48/6000 + cerbo gx pylontech battery. incorrect SOC in MultiRS

Hi All

I have a "pylontech" (reality unbranded but shows up correctly in cerbogx CANBUS). connected to cerbogx

also multi RS connected to the VE.CAN on cerbo gx.

Cerbo GX shows correct battery state of charge.

however, the Multi-RS still shows the incorrect "state of charge" for the pylontech battery in its own "victron connect connection".

how do I rectify?

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Failed swapping Color Control GX. Is it already transferred?

I replaced my CerboGX and I would like to transfer the old data to the new installation.

I followed the procedure, but I still have 2 installations in the VRM

- the old: ID c0619ab38582 - USEDASREPLACEMENT
- the new : ID c0619ab38582

I have this message if I renew the replacement.

Failed swapping Color Control GX. Is it already transferred?

Someone can help me?

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Controlling/Viewing Cerbo GX w/out a GX touch?

Hi, I already have a 16" touchscreen on board. It has video-in via HDMI and touchscreen-out via USB. Can I use this screen to control a Cerbo GX? I'd prefer not to add another device like a GX touch if I don't have to.

If I haven't given enough information about my screen to know whether it is a compatible controller for the Cerbo GX, what additional information do I need?

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How do I use the digital inputs in cerbo GX

Community, I’ve installed a Cerbo GX. I think I’m happy with the relay functionality. 3v3 octocouple relay to allow power to a 12v fan. The digital inputs are a whole other issue and are doing my head in.
I’ve read the manual and some background stuff but I think I’m not getting it.

1. Are the inputs powered at 3v3? Do I just need to complete a circuit to change the input state, I.e. short across the digital inputs (I don’t think this is the case but I need to check)?

2. So what I‘d like is a digital signal when the bilge pump goes on. Here’s what I think I need to do… Put a relay across the pump power. Have that provide a 3v3 signal to the cerbo digital input. I’m aware that I need a diode or octocouple to protect the cerbo from inductive current/voltage due to the relay coil. The problem is I can’t find such a circuit anywhere.

3. Because I can’t find anything it makes me think I’m way off with my plan. Can you guys suggest a better way of getting an on/off output from the bilge pump?

Thanks in advance,

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NMEA2000 and Venus OS

@mvader (Victron Energy) Hi Matthijs,
I hope you will find few minutes to answer my question.
Is there a plan to implement reading of more NMEA2000 PGNs to be able to better interface Cerbo GX or Venus OS to vessels' electronics?

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Generic touchscreen on Cerbo

I just acquired a Cerbo GX and the companion Touch 50. I've been using a Waveshare HDMI touch screen on my Raspberry Pi running Venus. It communicated touch information via USB unlike the Touch 50.

As a test, I connected the Waveshare display to Cerbo. Works out of the box including touch. No overlays or any other software needed. No calibration necessary.

This might provide an alternative for those trying to locate the display a long way from Cerbo when the Touch 50 cable isn't long enough and an extender doesn't function.

The display I tried is this:


Others may also work

Note: you can NOT use the USB port closest to the HDMI connector as this is a power only port.

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Which Victron components should be connected directly to the battery?

Hello! I have a 12V system in my RV with two 12V LiFePO4 batteries wired in parallel, a SmartShunt operating in Battery Monitor mode, a Smart Solar MPPT 150/45 solar charge controller, and a Cerbo GX with GX Touch 50 connecting everything. I also have a battery disconnect switch that currently disconnects all of the non-Victron loads in my system. I have some questions about best practices with respect to wiring each of these components and would greatly appreciate your help!


I have my SmartShunt wired into the negative side of my circuit, directly between the negative terminal on my battery bank and all other loads. I have the Vbatt+ terminal wired directly to the positive terminal of my battery bank using the optional battery temperature sensor (with black wire connected to the aux terminal and configured correctly). I don't think I have any questions or concerns here. The manual is very clear about how to wire everything. This results in the SmartShunt being "always on" regardless of the battery disconnect switch position.


I have my MPPT charge controller wired to the battery bank's positive terminal directly (always connected, even if battery disconnect switch is turned to off) currently unfused, but in reading the manual more closely, it looks like I should add a 50A fuse to this connection. The negative connection connects to the load side of my SmartShunt. Regardless of fuse, is it recommended to have the MPPT connected directly to the battery, as I do now, or should I put it on the "load" side of the battery disconnect switch, such that if that switch was turned off, no power would be able to go into the batteries from the MPPT (assuming solar power was supplied)? Or is it a personal preference? I see pros and cons either way, and don't think it would make a huge difference for me in either case, but would love to hear your thoughts.

Cerbo GX (main question)

I currently have my Cerbo GX powered directly from the battery bank's positive terminal with the supplied fused cable such that if I turn off the battery disconnect switch, the Cerbo GX remains powered up. (Negative side goes to load side of SmartShunt.) This has the downside that turning off my battery disconnect switch does not get rid of the power draw on the battery of the Cerbo GX (which appears to be ~3-5W). This has the upside of always keeping the Cerbo GX on and monitoring. My main question is: Is it problematic to turn off the Cerbo GX when I turn off the rest of my loads in my RV? This is usually when it is in storage and not in active use. While the idea of having the tracking of temperature sensor data and battery voltage is nice during storage, it doesn't seem critical to me. I just can't find anything within the manual that specifies whether it is better to keep the Cerbo GX "always on" or if it's okay to disconnect when not in use. Compared to say, the SmartShunt, which is "always on" but has such a small power draw that it seems like a non-issue. Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated! (I unfortunately just accidentally drained down my battery, I believe in part due to the draw of the Cerbo GX, which is why I am wondering if I should remove the parasitic drain.)

Thanks kindly for your reading and assistance!

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Advantage of Touch50/70 over tablet or ... vice versa

Dear All

My Cerbo is approximately 10 meters to my kitchen and I was thinking to hook up a Touch 50/70 especially when the "heavy" equipment is used (oven, kettle etc). I guess the most useful information would be the total wattage being used as not to trigger an overload.

My question : What is the advantage of a touch 50 over a wall mounted tablet or should I ask rather, will a tablet be better then a touch 50? (or what would you recommend, even if it is something different i.e. a small computer screen with ......). Maybe I can take the tablet with me when on a road trip, so it might be an advantage?

I do all my settings via VRM (phone) or occasionally plugging in the laptop, but I do not think that I will do changes with the touch 50.

Also, as stated above, I would need a external power source as my GX is +- 10 meters from the kitchen. Seeing that I would need a power source for a tablet also.

(it is a 48V system)

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Too many connections for Cerbo GX

I have a system with 2 Skyllas, 2 Quattros split phase, and 2 CanBus enabled regulators similar to Wakespeed. The batteries are managed by 2 Lithionics BMS's that are canbus enabled. There are not enough connections on 1 Cerbo. How can I setup this system?

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Hello,Is it possible to connect a "VICTRON VE.NET BATTERY CONTROLLER" with connected display "VE.Net Panel (VPN) " to a GX device.

Regards Arnold

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