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Pv-Anlage mit Victron Multiplus und Speicher inkl Überschusseinspeisung


Ich bin gerade bei der Planung einer kleiner PV-Anlage für mein EFH.

Einen Elektriker für den Anschluss und die Anmeldung ist da und die Lust/Zeit/Geld und der Gedanke endlich etwas Energie Sauber zu Produzieren auch :)

Zu meiner Frage:

Ich hatte vor einen Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 mit einer 3,2kwp Anlage zu verbinden. Als MPPT habe ich mir den SmartSolar MPPT 250/70-MC4 ausgesucht passend zum Aufbau.

Als Speicher nutze ich erstmal einen Pylontech Us2000C.

Das ganze läuft dann mit Cerbo GX und kleinem Display im Hausflur.

1. Habe es jetzt so verstanden, dass es möglich ist die 70% Reglung anzuwenden mit Hilfe einer Einstellung?

2. Ich möchte das Vorrangig der Strom der Anlage in den Speicher geht und das wiederum eingespeist wird im Haus wenn Lasten entstehen. Klar ist mir das ich durch den Pylontech limitiert bin was die Entladeleistung geht solange ich nicht mehr davon ins System einbaue. Sollte aber der Speicher voll sein soll der Victron einfach den "Überschuss" ganz normal mit der 70% Reglung einspeisen. Die Vergütung nehme ich gerne mit und der Ökostrom verpufft im nichts.

Stehe ich da vorm Baum oder verstehe ich was falsch?

Der Victron wird wie alle anderen Verbraucher mit dem AC OUT an die Verteilung gehängt. Ist die Einspeisung ins Hausnetz also immer auf 70% gedrosselt oder nur wenn er keine Lasten erkennt? (Lasten sind ja immer da, siehe Kühlschrank etc.)

Ich freue mich schon auf eure Ratschläge. Falls noch was fehlt ergänze ich gerne.

(Warum der Multiplus hier gewählt wird ist einfach das ich die Anlage so gerne testen würde und verstehen möchte, dass ich sie in 2 Jahren auch in meinem Waldhaus (Ohne Netzausbau also reine Insel) montieren kann)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Chris

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Read energy charged/discharged or power from Pylontech


I am trying to figure out how much energy is storged to and retrieved from the battery on daily basis. Could somebody help me with figuring out how to read this values from the CerboGX? It also would be fine if I get the active power reading of the battery so that I can do a rieman calculation to figure out the energy.

I tried to read modbus register 301 and 302 on slave 225 (my Plytontech) but it always returns zero. On the CerboGX itself (slave 100) the registers do not seem to exist at all. So how to get the information?

Thanks in advance

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On the calculation of the power values


My Victron system uses two power meters and has a fronius PV with AC-1-out coupled.

The first power meter is on the handover point to the grid, hence its configured as role gridmeter. Needless to say that the fronius is configurd as inverter. Now comes the tricky part. Before the Victron System came I had an AC-coupled Varta Element 6 battery. This battery I still have. I wired it like the Fronius - so its coupled to AC-1-out but with the second power meter which has the role "AC Loads".

I know this is already a bit odd. Yet I have four questions, which I hope somebody can enlighten me.

How does the Cerbo calculate the values I see on the remote console? The values for PV and grid seem to be valid, but AC loads is always always 0 .. 200 and "Critical Loads" seems to be all what is pulled from AC-out (of the inverter).

Can the Cerbo distinguish between loads on AC1-out and loads on AC2-out? I ask because "Critical Loads" seem to be both for. Regardless if I draw power from AC1/2-out, all seems to end under "Critical Loads".

Obvious question: I know the Varta Element 6 is odd man out, especially AC-out coupled, but is "AC Loads" a good role for this? Or should I go for somthing else?

I tried setting the Varta Battery Meter to role "PV Inverter", yes, it added to the Fronius, but I still had "AC Loads" in the diagram. What actually is the meaning of "AC Loads", compared to "Critical Loads"?

Odd questions, for an odd system...

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Pylontech US3000 Upgrade (Should change BMS Type Cable?)


I'm offgrid user and today added 2 pylontech us3000c to my existing us3000b. Since us3000c is now master battery i read that should be use victron bms type a cable. Since i have previous victron bms type b cable i connected with it and is working (5 modules recognized). I'm planning to change it when i travel near a victron dealer as per documents recommendation, but is unsafe using like this meanwhile? what is the function of pin "gnd" where i notice is the cable difference?

Thanks, attached some pictures. (balancing cells before connect to cerbo. cerbo gx information after connecting) winter time patagonia-southamerica.





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Mayday -> MPPT BMS Controlled NO to YES


ich verzweifle und ja es ist mein Fehler.

Ich habe BMS Controlled von YES auf NO gestellt, da ich immer wieder diesen dämlichen Err67 erhielt. Aus einem der Beiträge in diesem Forum und aus den Einstellungen "External Control" dachte ich, dass mein Cerbo GX den MPPT steuert, also bezüglich Ladestrom etc.

Dem scheint nicht so zu sein, nun habe ich aber eine Zelle, die etwas driftet und mein BMS fragt nach Leistungsreduzierung. Der MPPT pumpt aber fröhlich mit allem was geht rein.

Nun habe ich alles erdenkliche versucht, wie bekommt man dieses Mist Ding dazu, wieder auf BMS Controlled = Yes zu gehen? VE.Direct Kabel da, Cerbo über CAN angeschlossen.

Einstellungen bei MPPT auf Default gesetzt, Gerät ausgeschaltet (PV und Batterie), 3 Min gewartet, aber er zeigt mir fröhlich den Mittelfinger und bleibt bei NO...

Besten Dank und Grüße


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Use GX Touch 50 as read only monitor with Cerbo GX

I have Cerbo GX install on my sailboat which is in charter service. I would like to add a GX Touch 50 to my system.

Question: Is there any why to set up a user with read only rights to see just the Dashboard?

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Are there any plans for BlueTooth connectivity between the Cerbo GX and SmartShunts / SmartSolars?

Given that the Cerbo GX, SmartShunts and SmartSolars all have BT capabilities, it would eliminate a while lot of cabling if these capabilities could be harnessed to transfer data between the devices and the Cerbo. It would also overcome some of the limitations imposed by the number of physical inputs on the Cerbo.

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VRM. Duplicate Fronius in device list and missing data


I have developed a strange situation in the last weeks with VRM portal. The system was installed in January and until now there was no such issue.

The system is grid connected 3 phase Multiplus II with AC coupled Fronius Symo 12,5. I have Cerbo GX with USB stick connected to it. I connected the stick after these issues started. First I thought that the memory will get full on CerboGX when there is no connection. This has not solved the issue.

My VRM portal ID is 102c6b9d0131 (maybe Victron VRM team can check)



I have duplicate Fronius device in the device list.


I have tried to delete both of them separately and together, they both appear back.

I am missing dashboard historical data. Advanced data is all correct and there is plenty of sun. Production is usually 90 - 100 kWh with this kind of day. Dashboard shows only 13 kWh though. Other values seem suspicious as well.



I think it is just a visual issue. The data actually seems to be there.

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Cerbo GX WiFi Issues

Hi Guys,

My Cerbo GX has been having issues with WiFi hanging, it was originally doing this after a few weeks/months but lately it has been happening more often. Days and sometimes even hours.

It seems like the WiFi is just stalling, going to the VRM menu I always get a "#153 Connection error" with the latest message being "<urllib3.connection.VerifiedHTTPSConnection object at 0xb59e14d8>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution"

I then go to the WiFi Menu and always see that it's connected to the WiFi Network, well the last WiFi connection it was on.

If I click on the WiFi Network, it will reconnect and VRM starts uploading again.

As this unit is in a vehicle, it does not have onboard Internet and instead goes between WiFi Connections.

I don't have "Reboot device when no contact" on, as I'm imagining that this will mean it will continuously reboot when not connected. Am I right on that?

I have tried hard resetting the Cerbo and it hasn't improved.

I've checked the antenna, it must be a later model as the antenna is in the correct position.

Is anyone else having the same issue? or is my unit faulty?

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Installation en AC coupling avec un cerbo + Gx touch + fronius 3.0 + multiplus 2 8kva 48v + 4 batterie pylontech US2000C

Bonjour, j'ai une installation en AC coupling avec un cerbo + un Gx touch + un primo fronius 3.0 + un multiplus 2 8kva 48v + 4 batterie pylontech US2000C. J'ai démarré mon installation et je penses qu'il me manque un paramétrage car mon multilplus 2 s'allume et se coupe au bout de quelques secondes et il m'affiche low batterie. Aurais-je oublié un paramétrage dans le GX Touch ou dans le logiciel Victron ?

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Smartsolar MPPT 150/85 VE.Can rev2

Guten Abend,

über mein Cerbo GX wird der tägliche Verlauf nur für heute und gestern angezeigt. In der App direkt mit dem MPPT verbunden sind alle Tage seit Inbetriebnahme vorhanden. Firmware v3.10


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Ruuvi tag anyone?

Hi all!

Anyone is using the Ruuvi tag (https://ruuvi.com/ruuvitag/) with the Cerbo?

Any experience/hints/recommendations with anything welcome!

Mvader was playing with it early this year but the GIT is now down :(



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VictronConnect Mobile and Dashboard

This is not a question, more of an idea for a dashboard specifically for the mobile app.

The mobile app (android) has two tabs. Local and VRM under the heading Device List.

Challenge: It is difficult to find the content all in one spot. Particularly if you cannot access the GX Touch console screen. VRM Portal is not particularly well formatted in a browser (and it polls data slower than glaciers move).

Add a Dashboard option. Let the available devices populate a series of widgets. And allow users to configure the dashboard with the widgets they want. The widgets will can connect via bluetooth or VRM Portal, whichever is available automatically. Data from VRM Portal should be close to real time. In a multi-cloud world these days, it isn't difficult to make this happen, at least for many of the important data points. (Bat Voltage, Solar, AC Input/Output, Inverter Mode, etc)

Widget Ideas:

  • State of Charge
  • Battery Voltage
  • Current
  • Power
  • Consumed AH
  • Time Remaining
  • Solar Voltage
  • Solar Watts
  • Solar Current
  • GX Touch Page 1
  • GX Touch Page 2

Let users configure Widgets there way (meter, counter, graph etc). And make this dashboard cloud configured. Meaning allow the Dashboard configuration to be stored in the cloud for this user so they don't need to reconfigure next time they reinstall app.

Make the Dashboard configuration a responsive design and therefore usable through the mobile app, and any HTML 5 browser. This will allow users to configure one way and still access it any way that is convenient.

If any one widget is offline line, indicate it as such, grayed out with offline in text below.

I recognize this is a considerable amount of work, but this will help users access the information that is important to them quickly and easily.

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Cerbo GX - internal Wifi password


The Cerbo GX can both connect to my home WIFI and it has its own Wifi Hotspot (SSID=venus-HQ2128MP2RW-ea5). Side of my box has no QR Code or password. I have a PN & SN.1) What is the Cerbo's password?
2) How do I change the Cerbo's password?
3) How do I change the Cerbo's SSID?

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Cerbo GX ESS Mode 2 Intermittent Code 2 "Connection Error"

I have a Multiplus-II, SmartSolar MPPT, with a Cerbo GX for the brains. I've written an ESS mode 2 control program that runs on a dedicated Raspberry Pi. The program queries the Cerbo on a one-minute cycle using Modbus TCP, sleeping between queries, and gets an intermittent code 2 (Connection Error) communicating with the Cerbo several times over the course of a 24-hour day.

The error has shown up at all times of day and generally lasts for 10 minutes or less. I know the Raspberry Pi is still online because that's how I access it during the error. I know the Cerbo is still online because I can see it on the router. I suspect the Cerbo is not locked up or rebooting because it still feeds data to the VRM portal while the code 2 is going on. My program has code to retry querying the Cerbo up to four times over the course of 12.5 minutes -- all the retry loop does is reissue the "read register" request, it doesn't close or open the connection.

Any ideas? All firmware is current as of this date.

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