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Installation en AC coupling avec un cerbo + Gx touch + fronius 3.0 + multiplus 2 8kva 48v + 4 batterie pylontech US2000C

Bonjour, j'ai une installation en AC coupling avec un cerbo + un Gx touch + un primo fronius 3.0 + un multiplus 2 8kva 48v + 4 batterie pylontech US2000C. J'ai démarré mon installation et je penses qu'il me manque un paramétrage car mon multilplus 2 s'allume et se coupe au bout de quelques secondes et il m'affiche low batterie. Aurais-je oublié un paramétrage dans le GX Touch ou dans le logiciel Victron ?

mobilvolts asked
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Victron and PLC

Dear community,

I have a PV with 3x Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000, 2x Victron MPPTs, PylonTech battery and Cerbo GX.

I would like to programm a PLC to manage loads based on current yield from PV, battery SoC and load of the inverters.

Is there a way to output information in the real time about battery SoC, PV yield, load, etc. from the Victron system into the PLC?

Thank you for your advice

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How to program aux relais on Cerbo GX or Multiplus2 depending on Grid feed

Hello community,

I'm using a ESS with Cerbo GX, Multiplus2 and EM24 Energy Meter. I want to use the relais Output on the Multiplus 2 or Cerbo GX to trigger an external device when the grid feed out exceeds e.g. 2000Watt and stop it when it goes below e.g. 1500Watt. Can someone explain how to do this? I just had a look in the assistants, but found no way to use the feed in/out power from the EM24 as a signal.

Thank you for your help.


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Cerbo GX and multiple battery banks

My sailboat has two battery banks. One is for my engine (it is an electric boat, so this would be a 48V 440A bank) and the other is for the house (12V 800A bank). Both have separate charge sources. Would one Cerbo GX handle this, or would each bank require a separate Cerbo GX? Also, would I require two GX Touch 50's?

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Anchor light and relay output


Could we program relay output to turn on anchor light at sun down etc..

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Inverter data reported to Cerbo incorrect, dual Multiplus II system

The system is made up of dual Multiplus II units in split phase (180 degrees), wired to a Victron Autotransformer (for inverter output balancing).

When connected to grid, in this case 50 amp split phase, L1 is displayed at zero or slightly negative on both input and output. L2 is displayed correctly. When inverting both L1 and L2 are displayed correctly on the output.

In previous systems using the regular Multiplus or Quattro, this issue has not been present.

Screen shots below taken moments apart. Same load throughout.


with grid power


without grid, same load


solseekerssolar asked

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Plein de relais DC sur le cerbo?

Existe-t-il un moyen de commander une multitude de relais électriques directement à partir de l’écran de GX cerbo? J’aimerais pourvoir faire toute la gestion électrique de mon véhicule à partir de la tablette. Merci

niconahla asked
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Flows without Cerbo GX

Hello guys, I have a doubt. I am going to install a regulator for the solar panels, an orion smart, an inverter/charger and the smartshunt in my camper.
The question is, if I do not put the Cerbo Gx, what can I see from the victron application? Will I be able to see the energy flows?


klann asked

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Indepently powered cerbo shutting down

Following up with my previous question I tried powering the cerbo exclusively out of a 12vcar battery. Still the cerbo shut down by itself. Managed to measure continuous 49.9v out of the pylontechs. Mppt went into safety 48v mode. Multiplus recorded low battery. Not sure why of 49.9v is above its 48v minimum.

Unplugged cerbo from car battery and plugged in again, system turned on as normal


Following is the information from my previous question. Opened a new one as now I believe I have an issue in the cerbo. Is this correct or am I doing something wrong

I have a cerbo with touch, multiplus 48/5000, smartsolar mppt 150/85 and 5xpylontech us2000

After 1 year with no issues, the cerbo has started to shutdown without recording any kind of error, the multiplus also shutdown, taking my house power with it. This appears to be happening when the batteries are above 90%.

Cerbo fully off, nothing on its leds or on the touch screen. Multiplus off with steady Red led on "low batery" ( battery at 93%). Mppt green led on float. Batteries, simple blink on run led as usual.

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Variable charging current adapted to load on inverter

MPPT RS 450|100
MultiPlus II 48|5000
Cerbo GX

Hello, and best regards.

Can I limit the charging current for the battery only? And when there is a load on the inverter, increase the charging current by the load? The same for feeding into the grid?

In order to protect the battery, I only want to charge the battery with 20A, but if there is an additional 30A inverter load, I would like to call up 50A from the charge controller.
(20A into the battery .... 30A into the inverter)
The charging current should adapt automatically
(20A + 30A are examples and can be changed as desired)

same text in German
Variabler Ladestrom angepasst an Last am Wechselrichter
Hallo, und liebe Grüße.
Kann ich den Ladestrom nur für den Akku begrenzen? Und bei Last am Wechselrichter um die Last den Ladestrom erhöhen? Gleiches beim Einspeisen?
Um den Akku zu schützen möchte ich nur mit 20A den Akku aufladen, kommt nun zusätzlich 30A Wechselrichter Last dazu würde ich gerne vom Laderegler 50A abrufen
(20A in den Akku …. 30A in den Wechselrichter)
Der Ladestrom müsste sich automatisch anpassen
(20A + 30A sind Beispielzahlen kann beliebig geändert werden)

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Bug? Quattrtro II (Gen) Algorythum too Aggressive

Hier I think is a Bug! Generator is running @3kW on a Quattro II. Should be 5kW. The genny needs a less radical ramp-up time. If I set the input @10A input and gradually bring it up to 23A all works as designed(5kW)! Set the Quatto II to auto it throws the generator out >20 times and get only 3kW! after sync.

System: 3Ph MP2, RS450/100, Quattro II (Genny) All FW' up to date.

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Reduce charge current based on SOC Multiplus

I want to reduce the charge current from the Multiplus II based on SOC from smartshunt using NodeRec via Cerbo.

I have tried in NodeRed but cannot find a setting to change charge current.
Have anyone tried this?
I see that I can reduce charge current via an analog in and use an assistant in the MP, but this is not a desired solution.

Any advice?

slapperia asked
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Remotetly turn assistants on or off

I'm using assistants on my Quattro to ignore AC to maximise solar charging by keeping my (Lithium) battery bank between 80% and 95% charged.

However, in order for my (passive) battery balancing using my BMS (Batrium) to occur I need periodically to allow the AC to fully charge the batteries and keep them there for an hour or so for the full balancing process to complete.

Is there a way to turn an assistant on and off remotely using a Cerbo and NR, MQTT, etc.?

I can't see any MQTT topics relating to Assistants, could I maybe use the relays some way?

Of course, ultimately using the "Irradiated" setting on the MPPT relays would be nice so that the assistant(s) are ON when the sun is out and OFF when it's dark!

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J'ai une sonde température d'un BMV702 sous la main, puis-je l'utiliser directement sur l'entrée ANALOGIQUE INPUT TEMPERATURE de mon CGX ?!

Alexandre PY BLOUCH asked
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condensateur sur entrée alimentation cerbo GX

Bonjour, je viens de recevoir mon cerbo gx et une petite feuille volante jointe à l'appareil stipule l'ajout d'un condensateur pour les systèmes en 48V afin d'effacer un défaut sur une série d'appareils dont le mien fait partie.

Possédant un parc batteries pylontech en 48V, je comprends donc que je suis concerné. Par contre il n'est pas indiqué la référence et les spécifications de ce condensateur ?

Est ce que le staff Victron a des infos sur ce composant ?


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