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My NMEA network looses instance ID when cerbo looses power.!
  1. Currently we use Cerbo GX to read data from the smart shunts (500A) and Bluesolar regulators (MPPT 75/15). The regulators data instance ID goes to default whenever I lose the power to the Cerbo GX. But this doesn't happen to the smart shunts, they come live and start to send data when it again powered. I got three smart shunts and 7 regulators. All my smart shunts are connected to Cerbo directly using VE direct cables and the regulators were connected through powered USB hub.
  2. ( Here, am using NMEA reader to set the data instance). Whenever I lose the power, I have to reconnect the actisense and set the data instance again.
  3. I'm using Empirbus system to monitor all these data and the end result is no info from regulators due to this. The PGN number is 127 508.
  4. From my understanding, the pgn is forgetting the data instance ID whenever a power outage happens in Cerbo. But this only happens with mppts.

Is there any fix for this?

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Ethernet cable

In a marina with marginal wireless internet connection. Apparently not robust enough to satisfy the Cerbo Gx/Touch 50 requirements for firmware updates or VRM connection as I can't get a connection. Seems like a temporary work around would be an ethernet to USB cable. Can anyone suggest a specific cable. I suspect there are several different types.


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GX 50 Touch Screen not responding

I recently bought a GX 50 touch and Cerbo GX.

The GX 50 touch screen won't respond to touch inputs. I can adjust the screen display and settings using the VRM portal and it displays correct data but I'm unable to interface with the GX touch without using another device to access the VRM portal.

Am i missing a setting somewhere to enable the screen?

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What Temperature sensor can I use with the Cerbo?
  • Hi, is there available information on what type of temperature sensor can be used on Cerbo? Thanks Knut

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Connexion entre Cerbo GX et Onduleur RS 48/6000


Dans la liste des appareils reliés au Cerbo GX, j’ai le SmartShunt et les batteries Pylontech, mais l’onduleur RS 48/6000 n’apparaît pas. Il est écrit « off » sur le graphique du GX Touch alors qu’il est allumé. Je l’ai relié au Cerbo GX d’un port VE.Can à un port VE.Can, avec un câble UTP RJ45 cat6, standard.

Avec le Cerbo GX est fournis deux embouts RJ45. J’en ai alors mis un dans le VE.Can inutilisé du Cerbo et l’autre dans l’onduleur. Ça ne change rien au problème. À quoi servent ces embouts au juste ?

Voyez-vous une solution ? C’est une nouvelle installation.

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Cerbo makes strong radiointerference. What to do?

I just installed a citizens band radio. Due to strong interference from the Cerbo i can’t receive anything. The interference is such strong that even outside out the camper (5m) it is interfering radio.

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Cerbo GX - Temperature activation of relay.

Greetings All , Question is . When using a Venus GX or Curbo GX . I need to activate one of the relays based off one of the Temp Sensors plugged in to the Venus or Curbo . I can get an alarm via the VRM as well as an email notification and that works fine but I need the relay on the Curbo to be activated . This is to enable a backup system for the refrigerator . Any advice would be great if this can be setup .

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Cerbo GX Digital inputs - Pulse counter not supported?

I'm updating my Venus GX to Cerbo GX so it will now support a battery BMS and VE. can bus.

The Cerbo GX manual, section 12.1 Configuration Note for Digital inputs, "Pulse Meter is not supported in Cerbo GX." then give examples of configuring to "pulse"

What does this mean? I can configure all D1-4 as "pulse", and they do seem to count (sometimes) when I earth the Digital inputs - 3.3 Volts but not all pulses are counted.

It would appear if ground pulses are occurring in under many seconds between pulses the pulse counter is not incremented? Is this the correct operation?

What is the minimum ground pulse width needed for the pulse counter to count reliability?

Why the lack of backward compatibility in the more advanced and powerful Cerbo GX?

I used the pulse counter on the Venus GX to record water meter flows and rainfall (tipping bucket) which do not work reliably now on the Cerbo GX which is the replacement for the Venus GX. Can this be fixed?

If the Cerbo GX manual could be a bit more technically specific on the accepted pulse width for the reliable operation of the pulse counter would be much appreciated.

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Cerbo GX Tank Senders - non Resistive Senders (Via - Analog/Dig Inputs)

I understand the tank sensor inputs accept Resitive type senders only. Unfortunately my black water tank is a different type of sender. See attached. It has three senders that send three separate signals; one for empty, half full and full.

I was told there is a way to customize the analog/digital inputs to interpret those signals.

Has anyone done this and can provide tips?

Thanks in advance


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Cerbo GX output N2k from temp senders?

I just added on a couple temp senders to the Cerbo unit and have it reporting on VRM. I have other data from the Cerbo reporting on my NMEA 2000 network such as inverter power, battery voltages and such. I have not been able to see the temp sensors on my N2k network. In the cerbo device menu the temp sensor shows it has an instance number assigned of 25 but from my maretron screen there is no temp data available other than known other devices. Any one else been able to get this to work?

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ESS system keeps going to Passthru and ignoring battery and DC PV Input.

Hi All.

System consist of 3 * Multiplus II 48/5000 units in Single Phase.

This happened right after u[update to FW 2.73.

I downgraded the fw to FW 7.72. And problem still active. Reset system , still no success.

The error comes and goes, then it works as it should, access PV Feedback etc. when ESS is set to optimized to 35% UGF.

Other issue I picked up is when I set It to keep battery full it works complete opposite for a while(then it feeds back and uses battery).

Inverters FW update to the same versions.

Any Advice?

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Generic touchscreen on Cerbo

I just acquired a Cerbo GX and the companion Touch 50. I've been using a Waveshare HDMI touch screen on my Raspberry Pi running Venus. It communicated touch information via USB unlike the Touch 50.

As a test, I connected the Waveshare display to Cerbo. Works out of the box including touch. No overlays or any other software needed. No calibration necessary.

This might provide an alternative for those trying to locate the display a long way from Cerbo when the Touch 50 cable isn't long enough and an extender doesn't function.

The display I tried is this:


Others may also work

Note: you can NOT use the USB port closest to the HDMI connector as this is a power only port.

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Cerbo Alarm Reporting

WIthin Cerbo, is there a way to specify that alerts should be only emailed, and not displayed on the Cerbo screen? For me, I want to know if grid power is lost when I'm not at the boat - but I don't want the display to show an alert every time I disconnect from the dock or turn off the generator. I'm ok with the emails, but the display is not needed. Also, it seems it sets off a little alarm sound until it's acknowledged.

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Multiplus II - AC Input suddenly 0 Watt on GX Touch 50 when connected but battery is charging


I have a strange error on my GX Touch 50 display.

I am using a MultiPlus II 48 V / 5000 / 70-50 Inverter and Pylontech batteries with a Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50 in one system.

Up to now all systems were working pretty fine. But this one system makes some mistakes.

Inverter is up to date (v481) and Cerbo GX too (v2.66).

When I just switch on AC Loads, then I can observe on my display the Watts which the system is using, see here:


But when I add AC Input (Grid), then suddenly both windows are on 0 W. Grid connection is also fine.

But looking at the battery its charging (990W). I don't get it. Settings are fine, used all the same for all the systems and in others it worked fine.


Also when I connect to that directly a cable (USB MK3) to the inverter and start VEConfig, I see in the monitor a number for watts..

Maybe someone could help me. Other systems I am doing exactly the same and are working and show me e.g. 1000 W Grid AC Input and AC loads (if I activate).

Thank you.

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Can i use DVCC if i have a NON Victron lifepo4 battery ?

Can i use DVCC if i have a NON Victron lifepo4 battery ?

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DC Cut off when Battery Soc is below 25%


i want to cut off my dc lines, when the soc of my pylontechs below 25% percent.

i want to connect a high current relais to relais 1 of my cerbo gx...

how can i do that ? Only with the generator start / stop function ? in my opinion, the menu for that is much overloaded ...

is there another chance to do that easily and maybe for relais 2 as well ?



stricky asked
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Cerbo GX using the second relay


When will an update for Cerbo GX be available, which makes it possible to use the 2. relay?

Right now it is kind of useless.

Regards Martin

martinkem asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

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EM24 Smart Meter read out over Modbus TCP/IP


the Smart Meter connection to the Victron controller via Modbus RTU (RS485) is only wisely in case you have a short Way between the Smart Meter and the Victron Controller.

In case you have a long way or different buildings the connection over TCP/IP is required.

To prevent to install a separate RS485 Bus Cable. (using structured cabling !)

Installation Example:

#######Buildings-A############ ###Buildings-B###

EM24 -->RS485-->Modbus TCP Gateway---------TCP/IP---------------->CerboGX

Now the Question:

How can i add the Smart Meter Connection via Modbus TCP/IP to my Cerbo GX?

(FW 2.60)

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GX Tank 140

Good morning,

I read a lot about the GX Tank 140 converter box which could be used to read voltage or current sensors at the Cerbo GX. This box has been announced by YE 2020.

Any update on the availability of the converter box?


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Battery Temperature sensor(s) with Cerbo GX

I currently have a:

1. Smart Solar MPPT 100/50 using a smart battery sense via blue tooth.

2. Multiplus 12/3000/120 hard wired to its battery temperature sensor on the negative battery post.

3. Orion Tr Smart 12/12-30 dc/dc charger with no temperature sensor.

4. SmartShunt with no temperature sensor.

I am on back order for the Cerbo GX. Once the Cerbo is installed with the MPPT and SmartShunt VE Direct connected, and the Multiplus VE Bus connected do I need both existing temperature sensors? Do I need a third directly connected to the Cerbo?


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WiFi and BT lights blinking/flashing

The WiFi and Bluetooth lights ony Cerbo GX are flashing. Think they’ve always flashed. Should they be flashing?

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Cerbo gx with Tank Sensor CBE SPE

Hi there,

I like to install a Cerbo GX. I already hava a freshwater sensor, manufactured by CBE,(CBE SPE Drinking water electronic tankprobe)

looks, like it is resistive? but I don't find ist resistive range.

Does it work with the cerbo gx?

thanks for your help!

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Cerbo gx reset


Je souhaiterais savoir si je procède au reset du cerbo gx est-ce que 1ma centrale fonctionnera normalement ?

Faudra-t-il reprogrammer la liaison entre batterie, onduleur, régulateur etc...?

ced971 asked
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How long does the Cerbo GX store our data if the network connection is lost?

Sometimes my coach loses its intenet connection and I still want that data to get into VRM. How many days will it store on the Cerbo before it is lost and won;t ever get uploaded to VRM? -Bill

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Cerbo inputs for Dummies - Digital Inputs, Relays, Temperature Sensor, Pump, etc

Hello Everyone,

I just got a Cerbo up and running and the thing is so fun and I can't stop wanting to hook up things to it. The problem is I dont really know enough about things to feel confident in hooking everything up. I have read a lot of posts about digital inputs and sensors and it seems like they either arent answered or the answers are rocket science. So I'm hoping this post will be a dummies guide to everything. We all have these questions and so lets all make a resource thats easy to understand.

I currently have 3 MPPT systems, 150/70, 100/50 and 100/30, connected via VE Direct and a BMV-712 connected via VE Direct to USB.

I added a GPS via USB, GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver and that was plug and play and showed right up.

I've ordered three Victron temperature sensors, Victron Energy ASS000001000 Temperature sensor QUA/PMP/Venus GX. I'll be using one for the battery, one for room temp and one for outside temp. Those look to be plug and play but get mixed reviews. Does anyone know what other temperature sensors could used instead of the Victron? Are there better ways to get room and outside temp? Can I extend the temperature sensor leads by soldering on longer wire? Will that kill whatever resistance or whatever its using to get the signal.

I've also researched tank level sensors and the only ones I can find are the resistive level senders that mount from the top of the tank. I ordered a KUS Boat Fuel/Water level Tank sensor for the water tank and a Kus Boat Black Water Level Sensor / Holding Tank Sending for the grey tank. Are there any better options that you guys have found? There doesnt seem to be much out there for resistive sensors.

Here is where I'm stuck. I'd like to be able to control my water pump from the Cerbo. Theres a place on the display where I can turn the pump on and off. I think this is the tank pump function in the settings. All I can figure out is that I can use the Relay 1 for this but I dont know what kind of relay to buy or how to wire it properly so that it doesn't cause problems. I already have the pump wired separately to the battery bank but theres no switch so I would like to cut in the relay and send it a signal. The pump uses 7.5A 12v and its a 12v system.

Ok now Digital inputs. How do a set up a smoke alarm, CO2 alarm or a door alarm? How do I control the bilge pump? I dont understand how the digital inputs works. What sensors work for these? What should I be searching for to find sensors that work? I dont want to use NMEA or Modbus.

Thanks for any help you can provide. Hopefully we can all figure out the best ways to set these up.

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Is there anyway to turn on/off relays without having to go into Remote Console?

Would be a nice feature if relays could be controlled directly via the VRM GUI or VRM Connect

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Cerbo GX Digital Input / Active Role

I'm looking for confirmation that the digital inputs on Cerbo GX are 5VDC (as in will not support 12-15VDC). I saw this in one image but have not found further confirmation. If that is the case I would need to drive the inputs with relays that are triggered by the 12V action I wish to monitor.

2nd Question - With a Multiplus charger/inverter, smartshunt, MPPT, and lead acid batteries - exactly what active role does the Cerbo GX take? It looks like active roles are generator start (I'm not interested in this) and DVCC. DVCC with no ESS and lead acid, from the chart in the manual - continue to use internal charge algorithms. Unless I misunderstand what ESS is, but this installation is on a boat - nothing is going back into the grid. I see it can share voltage, current and temperature (perhaps someone can explain why this is critical or valuable vs using each devices own values).

I'm struggling to understand what the Cerbo GX will do for my setup. I'm already a SignalK user, so while the reporting and VRM is awesome, I already have that functionality. The hardware is nice, I can see value in the ease of installation, with the VE.direct ports and VE.can. Also the temperature and digital IO could be useful. So, I'm likely to purchase the Cerbo GX (without monitor), use it as a connectivity hub and pull the data into SignalK for display and graphing. I love the open source flexibility of Victron gear, and as such may opt to install SignalK and NodeRed on the Cerbo GX to run a small display in the salon, so I can report on both legs of my AC input.

I can justify Cerbo GX just for the hardware connectivity and extra inputs alone, but I would really like to understand how or if it will actually co-ordinate the MPPT and Multiplus to do a better job of keeping my batteries charged.

Please don't see this as argumentative, I'm simply trying to understand.

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Multiplus - adjusting shore power limit

I expect to adjust the shore power limit on my Multiplus (3kva) fairly frequently.

Q1: Can I adjust the shore power limit using Victron Connect app & Cerbo?
Q2: Can I adjust the shore power limit using Touch 50 & Cerbo?

I am aware of the DMC, and how easy it would be to adjust the shore power limit using it, but would rather purchase the more fully featured Touch 50 over a DMC, if the Touch 50 supports this. And I would prefer to use the Connect app and not purchase either DMC or Touch 50 if the Connect app supports this.


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Comment renitialiser le mot de passe de la Console à distance sur Cerbo GX

Comment renitialiser le mot de passe de la Console à distance sur Cerbo GX

J'ai ajouté un mot de passe pour le console à distance sur un cerbo gx et lorsque j'ai essayé de me connecter, le mot de passe est incorrect. Et depuis Impossible d'accéder à la console à distance via victron connect car le mot de passe est non valide. Alors existe-t-il un moyen de réinitialiser le mot de passe ou d'essayer d'accéder d'une autre manière ?


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