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Battery not showing in VRM portal

I have wired up a 3phase using 5KVA with a Freedom Won LiTE 20/16 battery. Everything is working perfectly from the measurement to the AC in.

When I log in the VRM portal I'm unable to detect the battery we have connected the CAN BUS cable from the battery to the Cerbogx can anyone assist me with this?

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Pylontech Modbus Addressing Recovery

Hello everyone,

I'm doing a large installation that consists of 242 Pylontech US5000 batteries. For maintenance purposes, it seems important to us to be able to act quickly on a defective battery or one that has a too high temperature for example. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to find a solution that would accurately indicate a defective battery.

Recently I noticed that the remote console was indicating the address of the coldest/hottest battery or the lowest/highest voltage battery as shown in the attached picture.


Max cell temperature : Battery 0101 - 19°C

If the Cerbo GX indicates these addresses, there must be a way to retrieve all the battery addresses. In this way we will be able to associate the address of the battery with its number and its location in the battery bank.

For the communication with the batteries we will use several LV Hubs. The next step will be to ask Pylontech how the addressing of the batteries is distributed.

Do you have any idea how I can enter in the Cerbo GX and retrieve the address of a battery? I will also need to find a way to display the temperature status of each battery in the VRM...

I have never tried to get the Modbus address of the batteries so I don't know yet the tool to use for that... Can you direct me to the method?

I saw that there is the Node-Red tool but I don't know if it will be able to help me and I haven't dug into the possibilities of this tool yet.


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Orion on alternator without starter battery

Hi everyone !
I am writing to you to know if some people have already connected an isolated Orion tr smart to a vehicle alternator without a starter battery? and if it worked and charged proprely?
I explain the vehicle contains 2 alternators, the second alternator was mounted specifically to take advantage of charging a large auxiliary lithium park (mechanical assembly + belt, no electrical wiring).
The excitation of the alternator is given by the starter battery.
I have a problem concerning the output voltage of the alternator which is 8.7V at no load (belt tightened everything is ok). The wiring is quite classical (+ and - input on + and - alternator). The negatives, alternator housing, are well connected to the truck chassis, R=1 ohm. Then I tried to connect to the input of the Orion and there my multimeter shows me 32 V DC (and the Victron application too)!
I wonder if the alternator has a defect because according to me the alternator is supposed to provide a stable voltage and therefore the Orion should work quite normally. I wanted to know if some people have already done this type of assembly with an isolated Orion on an alternator without starting battery and if it worked.
I would like to specify that this is not the first Orion I have installed.
Thank you all for your help.
Sorry for my english i'm not native.

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LiTech Power LiFePo4

Dear All,

Currently I am busy with setting up an Victron ESS system based on a multiplus II and Cerbo CX module. I want to add to this system a third party battery set. Does anyone has experience with the Litech power LiFePo4 48V 100Ah Powerwall Energy Storage system (LPPW48V100AH16S1PF001) ( ??

see also the following link: LiTech Power LiFePo4 48V PowerWall Energy Storage System - LiTech Power Co.,Ltd

I was wondering if someone has experience with these battery's or maybe already is using these? Particularly if the communication between the Litech BMS with the victron system is functioning fine.

I want to connect three of these 48V/100Ah in parallel.

Many thanks in advance for replying,


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Is it possible to use Pylontech batteries with mppt + venus + phoenix inverter for an offgrid application?

Is it possible to use Pylontech batteries with mppt + venusGX + phoenix inverter for an offgrid application?

Do I need to use a multiplus instead?

Fernando Kitsuta asked
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DC to Dc and Solar 12v

Do you supply a DC to DC charger that has an inbuilt solar regulator also?

I want to set up DC to DC 12/12 30 or 50 with solar capabilities for future use.

Lithium leisure battery a 300 AH to a max 460 AH


dart asked

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Why is LG Chem Resu only compatible w MultiPlus 48/3000/35?

why is it compatible w Multiplus 48/3000/35 and not w Multiplus II 48/5000?

yaute asked
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Phoenix Multiplus 24/3000 (firmware 1912209) compatible with lithium batteries?


My current inverter/charger Phoenix Multiplus 24/3000/70-16 works well with 12pcs of 2V OPzS batteries. Because of the weight, footprint and 'maintenance' of these batteries, I want to switch to lithium. Does anybody know of this inverter/charger is compatible with lithium batteries? I have installed the latest firmware version 1912209.

Thanks and regards,


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Smart Lithium Batteries in series - balancing issue


I have 2x Smart Lithium 150Ah batteries in series.

When almost charged, there is a big difference between the batteries voltages (14.33V and 14.17V)
The individual batteries themselves successfully balance their cells.

Anything to be done?

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48V LiFePO4: modular, but at which level?

I have been wondering about 48V LiFePO4 battery implementations. I have searched the site but have not found a post addressing this issue, so thought I would post it.

Generally speaking, most 48V batteries that are available on the market for home use can be considered a 2.5kWh – 15kWh module. They usually consist of 16 LiFePO4 cells (in 16s1p configuration, or sometimes 32 cells in 16s2p) and a controlling BMS, where the BMS resides within the module and communicates with the inverter/charger through RS485 or CAN. Victron publishes a list of compatible/supported batteries.

When more storage capacity is needed, 2 or more identical modules are connected in parallel. As the inverter/charger needs to know the status of all the battery modules installed, many manufacturers designate one module's BMS as master, which communicates to the inverter/charger. The master BMS supports a limited number of slave BMSs that are connected to the master BMS.

So, when 15kWh is needed, there is the choice of installing 1 x 15kWh module or 6 x 2.5kWh modules (or 3 x 5kWh, etc). Using only one 15kWh module reduces complexity as there is no BMS – BMS communication required.

A similar solution is not so easy to implement when considering larger systems (say 100kWh), because to my knowledge all manufacturers use the modular approach at the 48V level to achieve higher storage capacities.

Assuming a 10kWh module uses 16 x 200Ah LiFePO4 cells, a 100kWh battery made up of 10 of these modules would consist of 10 x (16 x 200Ah + BMS).

What happens when we parallel at the 3.2V rather than 48V levels?

Rather than using 10 x 48V 200Ah 16s1p modules (each with an internal BMS that need to communicate with each other as well as the inverter/charger), the installer would use 16 x 3.2V 1s10p modules (if available), connected to one external BMS that is sized for the particular application (if available).

I realise that the market for 100kWh batteries is limited, but have been wondering if a 16s10p battery configuration, with a suitably sized BMS,as described above would not make things a lot easier.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

Note that the 100kWh above was arbitrarily chosen as an example to illustrate the point I am trying to get across.

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SOC fall down over night


In my system (Multiplus 2-48, GWL 4,8 kWh, Venus OS) falls des SOC overnight quickly from 75 % to 10 %, but no big consuption or feed was observed. Battery life was activated.

What can be the reason?

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Pylontech US2000C battery setting on Multiplus 48/5000

Hi everybody,

I have a system composed of two Pylontech US2000C batteries, victron color control gx and Multiplus 48/5000.

I tried to follow the settings as indicated on the Victron website but without success, the multiplus always indicates low battery, even if I set a minimum soc of 40% (the batteries are 91% max charged) they do not discharge but always remain in Idle.

in all likelihood they are the wrong settings, can someone more experienced than me help me configure these batteries in an optimal way?

thank you

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Compatibility between batteries

I have an off-grid system composed of:

PowerACU 7.2 MAX Inverter and one battery Pylontech US2000 (2.4 kw)

I know one battery is not enough and I'm planning to purchase at least another 2-3 starting with one this month. The problem is I can't find a US2000 model, I can only find US2000C model and I don't know if they're compatible (the US2000 and US2000C models).

Thank you for your help!

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LiFePO4 balance


Hi Guys,

Just wondering on what constitutes "balanced" when it comes to LiFePO4 batteries.


As you can see from the attached pics I have one cell slightly lagging behind the other three in all states of charge. However, the little balancer I am using runs to four digits, on my multi-meter they all look exactly the same, so how close is good enough! The balancer does actually balance the pack, but it goes out of balance pretty shortly after with some use.



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VRM manual alarm rules not alerting if battery module offline?

Hi all,

I am setting up a new CerboGX with EG4ll V2 batteries (3 of them) I am trying to setup a manual alarm rule to alert me if one of the battery modules drops offline. Below are screenshots of my current settings but I have had no luck getting these to send me an email from the VRM(Test emails are working great). I can get the rule to display that when I unplug a module that it is indeed not registered.

Let me know what I might be doing wrong!

Best Regards




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