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BMV Settings on a 24V Lithium System with Solar

I have 2x 200Ah /24V Lithium batteries, a Smart BMV-712 and a 400wpeak solar system connected via the SmartSolar MPPT controller all systems are from Victron.

Could you please confirm the rights BMV settings?

Attached is a pic of my current settings.

The charged voltage should supposed to be 0,3v below absorption voltage.

The absorption voltage on these batteries is 28,4V correct?

I received mid voltage errors as well.


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Lithium battery on old 19 chipset multi

So I have 2 x 5kw 24v multis with the 19 chipset. Latest firmware 209 with assistants..

My lead acid batteries are coming to end of life and I want to buy new lithium batteries. Such as master battery or pylontech

I see there is an assistant for lithium... so does than mean I can install any lithium such as above or even BYD without issues with bms ?

I had been looking at 24v lithium with built in bms but choice is very limited.

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Unused Victron Lithium Battery Storage


We purchased a system called power in a box for our conversion van. Due to some circumstances we have not been able to use the power in a box and we are unsure of how to store the (3) 200ah Victron lithium batteries. They have been in our storage area for about a year now. We have never plugged them in to use. Can we continue to store them just as they are or should they be plugged in occasionally to charge? If so, what charging unit would you recommend? Thank you very much!

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MPPT 75|10: Should I rather connect my devices to "Load" output or to a Bus-Bar together with Battery to "Battery" output?

Hi there, I am setting up my MPPT 75|10 SmartSolar charge controller for use together with a 12V Battery and two devices that work on 12V and require about 50W in total. I am furthermore using a 110W Solar Panel (max. Voltage: 18.27V, max. current: 6.03A). Let's get to my question.

I was advised to connect my devices and the battery to the charge controller by connecting two bus bars (for + and -) to the battery output of the controller and all devices and the battery onto these bus bars. I am however now realizing that there is a Load output where I could connect my devices to. So I am wondering if I should rather connect my devices directly to "Load"? What is the advantage and disadvantage of each method? Is it safer to connect directly to Load?

An insight to this would be very much apprechiated, thanks in advance!

PS: I also understand German ;)

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24V / 100AH LiFePo Battery not charging fully with IP67 24Vcharger

I have a 6 month old 24v / 100AH lithium battery that I can't seem to charge fully. I have been through 20 cycles with the Victron IP67 24v charger and the most I can get is around 10 amp hours. Charge mode is always the default Li-ion mode. I should not the first time I charged it took almost the full 100AH after purchase from store. The voltages all look correct but the charger goes into storage mode after about 1-2 hours. At most I get 3-5hrs of use with a draw of around 4-5AH, and then the battery dies. I have even hooked up to portable fridge / freezer, and it also gives out over the same time period. This is the second battery I have had the same issue with. All charger diagnostic looks good but can't get more than 10AH per charge even after leaving on for days.

The battery can take 40AH input ...


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2 Unterschiedliche Akkus am Multiplus


ich betreibe derzeit an meinem Multiplus zwei US3000C Akkus und würde das System nun um zwei Tesla Akkus mit entsprechenden BMS erweitern.

Kann ich diese ohne weiteres parallel betreiben ?



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System Showing Incorrect Charge Info & issue with CCGX Generator SOC Settings


I have just Upgraded my battery bank to Pylontechs (updated Multi Firmware 497) & am seeing Strange Behavior of system components so am trying to find where the issue may be. hoping someone else has seen this & may have an answer/suggestion

Biggest issue in not being able to start a genset & Stop it at a defined SOC below 100

SYSTEM 24 x 270w Panels CCGX Multiplus 5000 2xMPPT 250/100 solar chargers 40KWh Pylontech US5000-B Batteries Backup Generator 12KVA

Issues I am Am seeing with Pylontech Batteries Installed

incorrect charging values on CCGX 98% PV-0 Gen-0 but 2689w @ 0.7Amps & inverting ??



In the CCGX when Gen start/stop conditions are set to SOC start 30% stop 80% or less & with Manual or Auto initiated Charging Batts get Stuck & Gen wont stop charging going to 89% and then does NOT increase beyond (Gen Continues to Run)

If I set this to 100% then charging continues to (98 % only) with recommended settings as below & in Graphs (Gen Continues to Run)






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Do I have to configure MPPT if battery has BMS?

I have just installed a MPPT 150/45, multiplus II, Blue Nova 52V 77 Ah connected via a Colour control. The BlueNova has a BMS and connected via Ve. Can port and is recognised.

1. Do I have to configure the MPPT with the same BlueNova parameters as the Multiplus for float, Lithium etc. or can it pick it up from the Colour Contro/lMPPT?

2. Which device controls/should control the charging overall? MPPT, Cololor GX or Blue Nova BMS?

3. I understand the MPPT cannot be managed remotely? Is this correct and I will need someone to do it as I am now 8000 miles away?

Some guidance will be appreciated.


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MultiPlus-II sudden low battery alarm while battery is full (BSL stubby)

Update 25/11

The battery once again gave a low voltage alarm while about 80% SoC, causing the inverter to restart. There is clearly something wrong. My best guess (based on many informed opinions) is a serious BMS firmware bug or design flaw. It could also be severely unbalanced cells, or a faulty cell. BSL is apparently working on improving the firmware (they're aware something is wrong).

I'm working with the installer to have the battery exchanged for something that actually works reliably. I would not recommend buying a BSL stubby for the time being, at least not until they sort the BMS issues out.



Hardware details:

Setup details:

  • Grid connected to AC-IN
    • Grid feed-in is disabled.
  • AC-OUT-1 is feeding essential loads (no more than 2000W, average about 300W-700W)
  • AC-OUT-2 is feeding geyser (on timer 10:00-15:00) and stove.
  • ESS mode: Optimised (with BatteryLife)
  • The system is less than a week old and has been running perfectly up until a few hours ago.

Issue description:

The inverter suddenly shut down and started up on its own after a minute or two. The battery was about 99% SOC when this happened.

The following alarms occurred:


On VRM I can also see there was a "High DC ripple" warning at the same time.

The system ran fine after that for a while after which the same thing occurred again, but this time it coincided with a grid failure (load shedding). The same alarms occurred:


During both occurrences, the load on the inverter was at most 500W (nothing was switched on additionally when it happened).

Does anyone have an idea what the cause could be? I'd appreciate any input.

VRM images (please let me know if other log data could be useful):





I did also notice on the MPPT daily history, the minimum voltage for the battery today was 44.72V, which seems very wrong:


Usually it discharges to about 45% throughout the evening, and then the minimum voltage hasn't fallen below 51V before today:


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Adding a battery to an existing bank

I want to add a 3rd battery to my existing 2 battery bank. I currently have 2, 200ah, 12 volt batteries that have been in my boat for a year during the refit. The boat has been consistently on shore power, the battery bank is complete and tested. Can I add a 3rd battery to the system OR when is it too late to add a 3rd battery to the system?

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Multiplus above LiFePo4

Working with limited space in my camper, and have my system designed with the MP 12/3000 directly above my two 300ah lifepo4 batteries. I know the manual states not to mount directly above batteries, but if I'm correct, that is due to off-gassing with other battery chemistries. Since lifepo4 batteries are fully sealed and do not off-gas, I'm thinking that mounting the inverter above them is totally fine, obviously with precaution to cover battery terminals so nothing is ever accidentally shorted.

How does this sound? Okay to mount above the lifepo4 batteries, or find a different place (which would be extremely difficult at this point)? Anyone from Victron have a say on this?

Thanks all

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Battery Balancer (BMS012201000) lithium

Hi All

I have just purchased some 12v lithium batteries that have internal battery balancers but they do not connect to each other. There is two 12v batteries in series for a 24v system. In total 4 batteries 200ah each so 24v system with 400ah. As the internal BMS dont talk to each other I have installed a balancer.

System is charged from victrom MPPT solar charger with about 27amps of pannels, set to lithium

Is this a good or bad idea?

I have been getting error higher voltage on lower battery but if remove two batteries it seems to work normally, Do I get a second balancer and parallel it or remove the victron balancer from the system?

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Freedom Won Lite Li battery

Can someone please explain to me what happens under the following conditions. I have set a minimum SoC limit via ESS of 40%. If I then have loadshedding and the load drains the battery continuously below the 40% limit. When and what happens if the loadshedding continues way beyond the expected few hours? ( to the battery and to the inverter - Victron 48/10000). Thank you. Colin

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Initial Top Balancing Lifepo4 24v configuration

I have 4 SOK 12v 206ah batteries going into a 24v 412ah configuration to a Victron MP 3kw/24v

The SOKs have in-built BMS and have been sitting unused (in their shipping boxes) since late last year when I ordered them.

The voltage for each individual 12v battery is currently ~13.07 (two are at .07, one is .06 and one .08).

My question is what would be the best approach to do the initial load top balance? Should I use a bench charger device to bring each one up to proper voltage separately or will the Victron MP do the initial top balance correction even if they are in their ultimate 24v configuration? If the Victron MP will take care of it, are there settings I need to adjust from default for this to occur?

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Charging lithium whit alternator


Im looking a way to ad one more altenator to charge a 10x 200AH 24V bank.

My goal is to get at least 120A on 24 V from it, but cant find a curent limiter or dc-dc charger so big that it will do the job.

I dont want puting 20 of orions for that 2 altenators ( 2 engines), so im looking for single device it can do that.

Money is not a problem, just to have some simpliest and solid solution.

Any advice will be good.

P.s. there is 2 banks of agm motor battery for preventing a spikes if bms cut of servis.

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