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Victron 100/30 mppt question

Just bought this device and was planning to use with 4 100w solar panels.

  • Max Power Output(W): 100W
  • Voltage MPP Vmp(V): 19.06V
  • Current MPP Imp(A): 5.26A
  • Voltage Open Circuit Voc(V): 21.82V
  • Short Circuit Current Isc(A): 5.55A

I wanted to know if I will be able to connect the panels series?

waronett asked
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BlueSolar MPPT 250/100 temperature sense

Dear all,

I searched, but failed to find an answer - I apologise if I am repeating a question.

Recently I was surprised to find that on a sunny winter day there was no current going from the charge controller to the battery. Connected to the controller through bluetooth to find that the controller had cut off due to a low temperature being sensed.

The controller stated that the temp was <0degC, but in reality (confirmed with an actual thermometer) was at least 10deg higher.

My interim solution was to set the min charge temperature to -10degC.

Where is the controller getting it's temperature from?

Thank you!

eerskie asked
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Are you adding fans to your MPPT Controllers ?

Hi All,

If you have a Victron MPPT Charge Controller you most probably noticed it can get very hot to the touch. I have seen some guys add fans to the unit like below.

I have checked my 250/100 MPPT controllers with Thermal imager and I have recorded +- 56 degrees at times.

Victron says there units can run "Operating temperature -30 to +60 °C (full rated output up to 40 °C)" .

Are you cooling your units down and how?


denzel asked
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Does MPPT know it current maximal output without load?


I'm still waiting for my solar system to be installed but already writing home automation system scripts, so the answer to this will help me a lot.

Let's say that load is 300W only. But there is enough sunshine that MPPT can draw 1000W from the panels. Does MPPT know it, or is it possible to know only after load increase to more than 1000W?

In other words, do I need to increase the load until I know I draw more than sun can provide or is there a better way?

I guess MPPT has no way of knowing it but I want to be sure.

Thanks a lot!

info7060 asked
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Smart Solar Regulators Excel Calculator SpreadSheet with 450/100/200???

Has anyone got the code to unprotect the VE MPPT Calc - Smart Solar Regulators Excel Calculator Spread Sheet so I can add in the 450/100/200???

sunwisegwh asked
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Connaitre la puissance solaire disponible sur un mppt en temps reel ?

Bonjour a tous

est-il possible de conaitre la puissance disponible d'un mppt en temps reel ?

le but etant de savoir ce qu'est capable de produire le mppt en fonction de l'ensoleillement et de rediriger la sureproduction sans avoir a activer la reinjection reseau ou pour un systeme hors reseau.

malheuresement je ne trouve pas d'infos sur ce sujet

pour l'instant, j'essaie de deduire cette valeur avec un capteur de luminosite mais la precision reste aleatoire...

akoirium asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

1 Answer

balanced battery charge

did anyone get a good setup of the DIYBMS with Venus?
For me, it is discharging around full charge, charging again and doing so at high power.... instead of pulling the current at sufficient PV power from the MPPTs.

buddhafragt asked

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overpowered mppt - bad or not

I got an 250/100 on our modules on the north-side of the roof.
The modules only make 1500w peak, and i assume that they'll do only 3500 in Summer

Does it make sense to switch to 250/70 or doesn't it matter?

n-dee asked
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BlueSolar 150/45 overvoltage survival

I was called out to a premises today to look at a faulty install where two problems became immediately apparent. 1 - the batteries were at the end of their life and 2 - Someone had connected 10x 200w panels in series, delivering well over 300v to each 150/45 Bluesolar. It seems they have been this way for some time, but amazingly once I reduced the connected PV voltage to below 150v, they still work.
My questions are - how have they survived this? I understood that overvoltage, especially twice the rated voltage, would be terminal. Also it looks like they somehow delivered some charge to the batteries while in this state. How is this possible?

Steve Byrne asked
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Error 33 on SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 every morning while dew is on the panels

We have two SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 solar chargers in our off grid power system. Each is powered by eight 300 watt panels in a 4s2p configuration (two parallel strings of 4 panels in series). They are charging a 48v battery bank. Every morning when the sun first hits the panels, they produce around 155v while the dew is burning off. This lasts for 30-60 minutes each day. Once the dew burns off the voltage drops to around 120-140v and stays there as long as there is sunlight.

While the dew is on the panels and they are producing over 150v, the solar chargers throw error 33 (panels over 150v) and will not charge. Once the voltage drops below 150, the chargers clear the error and start happily charging.

Two questions:

  1. Will the overvoltage cause damage to the solar chargers, or do they handle it gracefully? They appear to handle it gracefully, but our dealer is worried it will cause damage long-term.
  2. Would we be better off reconfiguring the strings to keep the panel voltage always below 150 (perhaps add a panel to each and run 3s3p)?

half-moon-bar-lodge asked
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MPPT issues


I’m receiving volts but zero watts. Iv checked all the wires and fuses etc but nothing.

What is confusing is that I have a log of charge during the day but now nothing. I could be wrong but I think what it has gone to float charge.

Any thoughts would be brilliant.

Also panels are wired in series and had no issues in the last 18 months.




benc987 asked
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Bonjour. Comment transformez-vous le courant alternatif?

Bonjour. Comment transformez-vous le courant alternatif d'une turbine pelton, d'une éolienne ou d'un génératrice à hélice dérivante derrière un voilier pour ne pas perturber le MPPT ?


fred-forget asked
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1 Answer

MultiPlus Compact and MPPT non agreeing on Bulk/Float


I have a 200Ah LiFeP04 battery being charged by both MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70-16 and by SmartSolar MPPT 75/15

When the system is attached to the mains, I have seen situations (i.e. early morning) when the MPPT start charging in Bulk mode while the Multiplus is in Float mode. why is this happening?

The MultiPlus is connected to the same VE.Smart network as the MPPT using the VE.Bus SmartDongle. In the system, we also have a SmartShunt 500a

VE.Smart Network details:

  • MultiPlus (SmartDongle): transmits battery voltage and battery temperature
  • SmartShunt: transmits battery voltage and battery current
  • MPPT: reads battery voltage and current from SmartShunt and BatteryTemperature from SmartDongle

Any suggestion? Thanks

amidships asked
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MPPT power is limited for DC feed in if battery is full


MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 / FW: v501
BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/35 rev3 / FW: 1.61 with 2kWp solar panels
GX Device / FW 2.92
48V CAN Battery connected to the GX device
EM24 Ethernet smart meter
PV inverter at AC IN

I have configured ESS with DVCC for the system. As long as the battery is charging, the MPPT provides full power (even if battery takes less power than the MPPT provides). But as soon as the battery is full and the excess power shall be feed in to the grid, the power of the MPTT is limited (about the half of the theoretical available PV power.

Battery is charging (MPPT DC power is 1021 W):


Battery is no longer charing (MPPT DC power is limited to 602W)


Do you have any suggestions?

Best regards


This is my configuration:








blackmarlin asked
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15 Answers

MPPT doesn't connect

I have installed a MultiPlus II GX and a MPPT 450/100, the issue is that i can't find the MPPT in the victron software and i want to configure it. I have a LAN cable that is connecting the MPPT with the MultiPlus, is it right? Or should i use another cable? The MPPT is on and connected correctly with the battery. Thanks, Manuele.

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