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After deep battery discharge, victron shows fix floating light instead of bulk charge, how to solve?

After deep battery discharge, victron bluesolar 75/15 shows fix floating light instead of bulk charge, how to solve?

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Full Solar power does not seem to be feeding my batteries through my multiplus

Hi all,

I have a shipboard system, a MPPT100/50 being fed by two 380W panels in series. This is then fed into a multiplus 12/3000/120-16 which is monitored by a bmv702 and a colourGX.

I have been running the system for a while now and all has gone well, until I started taking an interest in my readings… as we are nearly ready to start our sailing journey. We are alongside at the moment and experimenting with just using our house batteries (690A of Victron AGM’s).

what I noticed today was that we were producing 650Watts of solar power, our AC loads were around 100 watts, but I was only getting 300W into the battery. I will try and attach a screen shot.

I am uncertain if there is any “throttling” occurring somewhere, but I seem to be missing 250 watts or so of power.

does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you in advance,



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RFI problem MPPT 150|35

Hello I have been testing the MPPT150|35 and have found that it produces RFI (radio frequency interference) on the lower HF bands notably on the 40mtr band.

Is there any way to reduce the RFI or even eliminate it completely?

Shouldn't European products have statements of EMI/RFI performance?

Interestingly my Orion TR Smart Non-Isolated 12/12V-30A is very quite as far as RFI is concerned and going to the MPPT 150|35 I kinda expected the same or better RFI levels.

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Understanding Victron MMPT Readings


We will use bar chart '5 days ago' for reference.

Question 1: Yeild, does this mean my solar panel yielded on average 40Watts per hour or a total of 40Watts throughout the entire day? I have a 50W panel and would assume I should be yielding at least 200W per day i.e. 50W*4hrs = 200W

Question 2: Consumption, does this mean power draw consumed 40Watts per hour or a total of 40 watts in the day? My equipment only yields roughly 5watts (sunset switch disconnects load at night time).

The way I am interpreting it right now is that I consumed 40Watts per hour and the battery charged 40Watts per hour which doesn't seem like the correct interpretation to me - especially considering the battery was in float the majority of the day.

Note the battery is LifePo4 9Ah in capacity.

Your help would be much appreciated!

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comment rajouter un 2 eme regulateur de charge mppt ?

Bonjour à tous

Je possede actuellement un systeme pour site isolé comprenant 4 PV de 400 w ( connectés 2X2 orientés sud) connecté à un regulateur smartsolar 150/35 lui meme relié à un MultiPlus 48/3000/35-16 raccordé à un parc de batteries pylontech ( 3 modules US2000 , 48 v ) le tout géré par un Color control GX ( smartsolar en ve direct , batteries et multiplus en rj45 )

Je souhaite rajouter 3 PV supplementaires via un 2 eme smartsolar 150/35 qui eux seront orientés sud ouest afin de "soulager" mon parc de batterie en fin de journée et augmenter ma capacité de production par temps gris

Je précise que le parc de batterie se trouve à 7 metres ( en 50² )du coffret ou se trouvent le multiplus / mppt / ccgx

Mes questions sont plus précisement les suivantes :

Puis raccorder directement le 2 eme MPPT au meme endroit que le premier sur le multiplus ?

Dois je modifier la position du bouton rotatif sur le nouveau regulateur ou la connexion au CCGX en ve direct selectionnera t elle automatiquement les meilleurs parametres ?

Merci par avance pour vos réponses/conseils


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Victron MPPT 150/35 not powering up when connected to batteries only

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem, and maybe found a solution. I recently acquired a BlueSolar 150/35 MPPT, brand new and updated to the latest firmware, however the device seems unable to power up when connected to batteries only. The moment the solar power is removed, the entire unit switches off. This is especially cumbersome at night, when solar is not available.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Tigo optimisers (TS4-O) compatibility with Victron MPPT's

Hi, has anyone installed Tigo panel level optimisers (TS4-O) with the Victron MPPT's? Interested to see if the Tigo MPPT voltage sweep interferes with the Victron MPPT. I have Tigo's installed on several strings (various MPPTS) and it has been successful but observed some strange behavour including some unusual current spikes towards sundown (causing DC breakers to trip).

Background- The system is off-grid with some (growing) shade issues from trees so the optimisers greatly improve performance in partial shaded conditions.

Interested to hear if anyone else has installed Tigo optimisers with Victron MPPT's?

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Mppt problem in ESS

dear experts! in my system the problem is with two mppts (150/100 and 150/70) System composition: easy solar 5000/48 mppt 150/70 mppt 150/100 (inside easy solar) solar panels 2.5 kw west and 2.5 kw east. battery Dyness power depot H5 100ah The system is configured as ESS. The problem is that a very small generation. a lot of sun. Now I found that both mppts see different voltages on the battery (I'm attaching a photo).

for two months, the maximum that I have seen is 1.5 kW from both controllers at the peak, although the SOC battery is 30% and there is a load. What can limit generation? Thanks

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MPPT battery fuse required

Have a Smart Solar 75/10, working fine. Is there a need to install a fuse between the controller and battery? Didn't see it in the instructions. What fuse rating?

Though I installed a switch back up to the panel after advice, I think I'll also add a switch between the controller and battery as well to de-power the controller when not in use.


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Battery Fusing with DC DC Charger and MPPT

I've got a quick question regarding fusing when using both a DC DC charger and MPPT Controller I'm planning to set up a system in a camper to charge a LiFEPO4 battery from both a DC DC charger (Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-18 isolated) and a SmartSolar MPPT (100/20). The DC DC charger specifies 60A fuses on both batteries which I have purchased and installed (battery post mount style). But, the MPPT controller manual specifies a max fuse of 30A.... Am I good using just the 60A battery post fuse, or should I add an additional 30A inline fuse between the MPPT and battery? Planning to use 8AWG stranded copper everywhere.


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Oversizing 100/20

How much can I oversize a 100/20. 12-48.

Running 12v bank for now. Had two but added a third 150ah agm.

How many watts and or volts can I feed this controller safely?

Currently haven’t seen over 283w @ 72v on the app.

If adding more pv, is it okay to have one pair in series, like it is now facing south, and just add one more panel on the east side?

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MPPT 100/20 virtual load output max current


How much current can the virtual load output (alternate TX function of the uart) provide. Will it be enough to drive an optocoupler?

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Did the MPPT destroy my batteries because of faulty BMV?

When I came back to my boat after being away for 6 months, the voltage on my lead batteries was about 3V. I could not understand what had caused this, as everything except the BMV and the MPPT with solar panels was disconnected.

I bought new batteries, and then I saw that the BMV displayed 0,2-0,3V lower voltage than the MPPT. The BMV was tested by my dealer with same result, and has now been sent to Victron.

I had set the MPPT to use the voltage from the BMV, as adviced in the manual. I guess this means that the MPPT constantly thought that the batteries was not fully charged, and probably have overcharged them.

Does this seems like a plausible cause for the death of my batteries?

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How to connect bluesolar mppt 150/85 and smartsolar ve.can 150/85 together on same Ccgx

System : Color Control GX, MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100,SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/85 rev2

I want to connect a spare bluesolar mppt 150/85 with new panels for the east side, as my north-west generation only fully performs around 13:30.

Is it possible to connect and "old" bluesolar and smartsolar ve.can together on the same Color Control GX?


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Bluesolar 75/50 faulty/broken after firmware update (error #116)


My MPPT 75/50 (HQ13298TQZ) was working well for about 8 years. I bought it on AMAZON from the following dealer:

Today I received the blutooth dongle and connected it to the the MPPT charger.

In the app I was ask to make some firmware updates for both the dongle and the MPPT charger.

The dongle update went flawlessly, my MPPT was still working and I was able to connect to it. No error at all.

I was then asked to update the MPPT firmware from V1.13 to V1.52 which I did.

I now get an #116 error, telling my MPPT is faulty and need replacement.

I’ve read the forums and saw several cases with the same problem. Apparently there is no easy fix displayed on the forums for that particular problem.

It’s now winter in France, I’m 100% off-grid, and I can’t charge my battery because of… an update. I’m going to run out of power in a few days.

What should I do now?

Thanks for your replies.


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