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DC Input Low Restart vs Solar Input

I have an odd use case, I am hoping the assembled smart people can help me. On my boat I have a Multiplus II 3000, a MPPT 50/100 with 300w of solar panels, 600ah of lifepo4. I am storing the boat on land in a humid location for hurricane season in a place without 120v shore power. I have a dehumidifier I want to run on board and I have come up with the following case.

Set the low input cutoff to 13v (30% Soc on lifepo4), set the restart at 13.3v (90%). The dehumidifier can run until it gets to 13v and shuts off, then the solar can refill the batteries until it’s at 13.3v at which time it will re-engage the inverter allowing the dehumidifier to run.

One question is - while the solar panels are receiving sunlight will the ‘line voltage’ from the solar input rise above the 13.3v restart level causing the inverter to come back on and use the current from the solar instead of charging the batteries?

If this is the case, I could use a lamp timer to make sure the dehumidifier can only run at night.

If anyone has a more elegant solution than this, I am happy to hear it. Thank you all.

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MultiPlus 12/800/35 overload alert with no load connected

Hi There,

just bought a MultiPlus-II 12/800/35 for a small installation in my planned camper.

Today i wanted to test the device but MP-II shows an overload alert when cutting of AC power an switching to inverter mode.

It's just a testbuild with a LiTime 100Ah LiFePo4 battery and no other device connected.

Updated firmware to v502 and used VictronConnect via MK3-USB-Adapter to check configuration an alert messages.

AC throughput works.

Charger starts in bulk mode but with 0A and does not change to absorption or float.

Battery fully charged an voltage is at 13,55V. No powerloss between battery an MP-II connectors. Cables (25mm²) are short with a mega fuse and mainswitch to cut off battery connection.

Configured MP-II via VoctronConnect to LiFePo4 and checked voltage settings.

Missing informations?

Any hint is welcome!

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Multiplus-II 48/5000 efficiency curve

Hi Victron team - are you able to share the efficiency curve for the Multiplus-II 48/5000. I realise you have one for the 24/3000 in your whitepapers - a similar curve for the 48/5000 would be greatly appreciated



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After Scheduled Charging Multiplus pushes to the grid


MUltiplus 2 - 2 x 5kva units in parallel

LiFePO4 cells with no canbus connection

Scheduled charging ends at 0530

Just recently after scheduled charging has finished my Multiplus starts pushing to the Grid at up to 3kw. The house loads at this point are low.

The inverter continues to feed the grid until the coffee machine comes on at 0600. Once it seems a load on the house it suddenly starts working again.

Also, swapping to ‘keep batteries charged’ back to optimised without battery life’ has the same effect.

I’ve recently tried stopping on a SoC (85%) however once the batteries are up to 85% the power is used and pushed to the grid until SoC reaches 80% then starts charging again. And so it continues to cycle.

Pictures attached


Image Caption

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AGM voltage drop under load with high SOC - Multiplus 2

I have a Multiplus 2 with a smart shunt and five 100AH AGM batteries connected in parallel. I also have solar panels with two MPPTs that charge the batteries when not on shore power.

The problem - the batteries can be at a full state of charge with a voltage of 12.8V. If I run a heavy load like the microwave, the voltage will drop instantaneously to ~12.1 volts which will cause a low voltage alarm to trigger. When the heavy load is removed the voltage returns to 12.8 volts.

I measured the voltage at the batteries and confirmed that there is less than 0.1V drop between the batteries and Multiplus 2.

Is there some way to dynamically set the low voltage cut off based on the battery state of charge to prevent this from happening?

I don’t want to just lower the threshold since under a light load and low SOC the batteries would be over discharged.

I appreciate and help that you can provide.

Thank you,


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Batterie bleibt seit ein paar Tagen immer auf ~100%

Anlage: 3x MultiplusII 5000, 3-phasig, 3x Pylontech US3000, Cerbo GX

seit ein paar Tagen bleibt der Akku immer auf ca. 100% und entlädt sich auch nicht wenn die Photovoltaik Leistung runtergeht. Er holt sich den kompletten benötigenden Srom aus dem Netz. Egal ob ich dem Modus: Optimiert (mit BatteryLife) oder Optimiert (ohne BatteyLife) auswähle, es bleibt immer gleich. Was könnte das sein ?



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Rotation de phase


J'ai un problème depuit quelque jour, j'ai un message d'erreur sur le cerbo qui me dit "rotation de phase incorect détectée" les notification peuvent être à plusieur heure d'intervalle et jamais au même heure

Je suis sur 3 multiplus 48/5000 configuré en triphasé

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MultiPlus-II 48/8000 48/10000 - Certificates available ? (VDE-AR-N ; NA Schutz) German Grid

For the Victron 48/3000 and 48/5000 MultiPlus-II Series there are enough Certificates.

We want to install a System with the 48/8000 or 48/10000 MultiPlus-II.

I only can find the DOC Certificate.

We need for example the VDE-AR-N 4105 or VDE-AR-N 4110.

When these Certificates will be available ?

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Grid feeding with Multiplus ii 48/15000 c10/26 lijst synergrid list

I would like to use 3 multiplusses II 48/15000 for ess with mppts rs 450|200.

Is it compatible for the Netherlands or on short term compatible?

Because the specific model is not aknowledged.

The other multiplussen are already in the list en and the quattro range also.

With kind regards, Marc

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PV inverter disappeared from CerboGX console

My PV inverter (SMA SB 4) has always appeared correctly in the console. From yesterday, it disappeared. Victron multi and the SMA are on a local hard wired network and they both respond to ping.


And the PV inverter parameters:


AC load is not correct because PV production is not considered. Any idea of what could be the problem?

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Anyone with a Grid Tied Victron system in Australia or NZ?

Is there anyone in this community that has a Grid Tied Victron system that is subject to the regulation requirements in Australia or New Zealand?

I would like to understand what you did & how it was done.

For example:

  1. Did you have to use a Grid Protection Relay? What Make/Model? Did that satisfy electrical inspection?
  2. Are you doing any grid feed in of excess solar?
  3. Do you have diagram of the install that you are willing to share?
  4. Which Grid Code Selection did you make in VE Config? N-bypass or No N-Bypass? How did that decision impact your distribution wiring or bypass/isolation switching?
  5. Any other features of the install that Victron documentation doesn't cover?

Hoping to start a discussion around what has worked & what doesn't work.

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Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 and CEC Approval (Australia) - ESS Not Allowed

Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 Inverter is CEC listed as approved as Stand Alone Inverter With Generator Input Battery Only. This means my local electricity distributor will not allow it to be grid connected in an ESS configuration.

The approval certificate is Certificate SAA181339.pdf.

That certificate shows compliance with:

IEC 62109-1 Ed 1.0,
IEC 62109-2 Ed 1.0,
AS 62477.1:2016 and
AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 Inc A1

The CEC document CEC-inverter_listing_categories_2021.pdf (p2) indicates the Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 Inverter meets the requirements as a Multiple Mode Inverter and hence approved as a Grid Interactive inverter.

As I have just acquired 2 Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 in Jan 2022 for use in a parallel ESS system with Fronius inverter on AC1 Out, this has become an issue.

Is there any reason the Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 Inverter is not listed as a Multiple Mode Inverter?

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Fluctuating between Bulk and Absorption

Two weeks ago we installed a 48V 3000 Multiplus II, Cerbo GX and Pylontech US3000C. For two weeks the system functioned without the CAN cable between the Cerbo GX and Pylontech. Charged voltages were at around 50.98V and the system would 'bulk, 'absorb' and 'float'.

Yesterday the correct CAN cable arrived, voltages are now fluctuating between 51.07V and 52.60V. However, the system alternates between 'bulk' and 'absorb', never reaching 'float'. Is this normal? According to remote console the lowest cell voltage is 3.374V, and the highest 3.388V (around 0.014V). Will it stabilize after a few days and 'float'? DVCC is now 'forced on'. Input current limit is 15A (it was 10A without the CAN cable). Should I lower the input current to 10A?

Firmware is v.3.00 on the Cerbo GX and 502 on the MultiPlus.

Many thanks.

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Multiplus 2 5000, combien de pylontech US5000


J’hésite entre une installation de 4 batteries pylontech us2000c et 2 batteries pylontech us5000.

Les 2 us5000 sont elles suffisantes pour le Multiplus 2 5000 ?

Merci de votre aide

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Mutiplus 2 5000, 4 pylontech 2,4, Quelle taille de câble

Bonjour à tous,

Je souhaite m'équiper d'un multiplus 2 5000, avec un pack de 4 batteries pylontech us2000 2,4 kwh.

Entre les batteries et le multiplus je vais mettre ce boitier de protection (Coffret protection DC 125 A) ==>

Ma question concerne la taille des câbles à utiliser.

1) entre les batteries et le coffret : 25mm2 est il suffisant ?

2) entre le coffret et le mutiplus, que faut il prévoir ? car sur le coffret je n'ai pas l'information.

Merci de votre aide

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