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3 x 48V victron battery/multiplus in series for electric vehicle?

After completing a few offgrid installations with victron systems and having converted a vehicle to fully electric in the past, i was thinking through the possibly of building another EV using victron components. 3 x 48v systems in series gives 144v and with a 400a discharge limit (200a cont.) via 6 x series 24v 200ah victron batteries - this corresponds to about 57kw peak and 30kw continuous which is within the acceptable output for a small-medium EV.

since victron equipment only works with up to 48v nominal systems, 2 options could exist to use the multiplus & associated components;

1. parallel the 3 x 48v strings with 350A anderson plugs before charging with a single multiplus

2. or have 3 x 48V multiplus running independently but with the connection to shore power paralleled and 240VAC outputs paralleled?

option 1 requires more steps to charge but only requires 1 large capacity multiplus unit

option 2 however may be subject to ground loops since multiplus 1 would see 0V&48V, multiplus 2 - 48V & 96V, multiplus 3 - 96V & 144v. another post on here suggests the multiplus are infact isolation transformers however i can see a few scenarios where where a ground loop could occur (ie when EN relay reverts to the grid). i also assume multiplus outputs couldnt be paralleled as they are designed to do.

i would be interested to hear from a victron engineer on how this could work ? having a dual-use battery pack could make the investment more justifiable.

look forward to any relevant comments!

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Enormes Betriebsgeräusch Multiplus II (48/5000/70) ?

Hallo zusammen,

habe einen Multiplus II (48/5000/70) am Mauerwerk meines Kellersflurs in unmittelbarer Nähe meines Stromzählers/Verteilung montiert. Dabei fällt mir auf, dass dieser im Betrieb, extrem schwankende Betriebsgeräusche erzeugt, ohne dass sich währenddessen die Last an diesem verändert. Hiermit meine ich auch nicht den Lüfter, wenn dieser in Betrieb ist, sondern den normal Betrieb ohne Lüfter.. Dieser schwingt sich teilweise mit dem Betriebsgeräusch extrem hoch und es ist im ganzen Haus extrem zu hören und sehr störend..

Habe mal das Gehäuse demontiert und kann keine Auffälligkeiten/lockere Teile etc. feststellen. Der Ringtrafo ist auch mit dem Gehäuse festverschraubt. Habe das Gefühl, dass dieser Trafo nicht ausreichend entkoppelt ist vom Wechselrichtergehäuse und sich diese Schwingung darauf übeträgt.

Was sind Eure Erfahrungen bzw. gibt es da Abhilfemassnahmen?

Dank Euch vorab für Die Rückmeldungen.

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Gx doesn't discharge battery at night


I'm new here, thank you for having me.
We are running a victron setup for a few weeks now. So not very experienced yet.
The setup we are using is 3 multiplus units (48/5000) for a 3 phase network (+ carlo gavazzi energy meter) and a mppt 450/100 unit as PV charger.

The problem is that the battery only discharges when the solar panels are charging the batteries.
When the battery has 74% at night, it will still have 74% the next morning.

Why doesn't it discharge in stead of using the grid?
Maybe a small setting but can't find it at the moment.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards

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Will the trickle charge disable when main charge is disabled?

I plan to control my multiplus 12/3000 charging via a BMV 712. So charging of my Lithium stops when reaching wanted voltage. Will this chat down the trickle charging to? I cannot find any information on this.

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Will the AC-in of the multiplus transfer straight to the AC out in the event of a total failure of the inverter/charger?

Will the AC in of the multiplus transfer straight to the AC out in the event of a total failure of the inverter/charger.

I know the transfer switch is normally open and the multiplus performs some voltage and frequency tests before closing the transfer switch and allowing power through.

I also tested and know this will happen when there is no battery power to the multiplus. There was still a delay in the transfer switch operating which suggests it still performs tests even without the battery input.

I would like to know whether it is a good idea to install a manual bypass switch in case of a total inverter failure so the loads can still be supplied directly from the generator.

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BYD Premium LVL 15.4 - weird approaching to 100% SOC while charging

Hi (and a happy new year, of course),

running 2 of the BYD Premium LVL 15.4 in a 3P config with MultiPlus II 5000 shows weird characteristics while approaching the 100% SOC - after updating to the latest BYD battery firmware levels. While charging (with relatively low current 10-20A) below 100% SOC all looks fine (max Voltage (CVL) 58.4V max Charge Limit (CCL) 468A) - once running at 99% for a while - so shortly before reaching the 100% - the max charge voltage (CVL) abruptly dropped to 56.9V (CCL to 0A) and the Inverters start to discharge with >160A for about 10-20 sec before start charging (low charge current) again. This hasn't been observed with previous BYD firmware levels and the same levels on the MPII and Venus. This happens now during all charging cycles reaching 100%, no exception. Is there any mitigation/workaround going back to a smooth approaching the 100% SOC ? Looking more at the nasty details i also saw that charging (~5A) continous at 100% SOC level while the BYD BMU reports a max charge (CCL) of 0A, the voltage is still below CVL - is that Ok ? Is the voltage level the important one and the mac current (CCL) could be ignored ? just to be sure the batteries staying healthy ;-)

best regards,


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Can a Multiplus II 50A be used in a 30A RV?

Hello. I recently bought a Victron Multiplus II 50A, with PE, N, L1 and L2 connectors on the AC lines. However, my RV has a 30A system, with PE, N and L. Can I use the Multiplus II with such a system and wire only the L1 circuit?

Thank you.

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ESS flapping between absorption and discharging

In the ESS System, when there is a stable situation with enogh exceeding energy - Bulk Charging is working well – but as soon as the batteries are sufficiently charged to switch to absorption, the Multiplus is flapping between absorption and inverter (discharge) mode in changing intervals of 10sec to 1 minute and with changing amplitudes up to +/- 10 Amps. I would expect a stable absorption mode with constant voltage and decreasing current for the configured absorption time of 2 hours – but no negative current at all.
I already have posted the problem in german language "ESS springt zwischen Absorption und Discharge alle paar Sekunden" but unfortunately no solution yet and therefore i repost in english language and with extended documentation.
I have done a lot of measurements and tests - see attached documentation also including configuration parameters. 2022 01 14 Absorbtion Problem Doku.pdf

Looking forward to your recommendations - Manfred

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Multiplus 2 GX Communication problem


I have several installations in which i used a Victron Multiplus 2 GX and I had some problems in most of these installations, i think the problems that I am facing are related to the communication with the built in GX device.

These are some of the problems that I faced:

1- The screen turned off in 2 installations,

2- The Connection with the GX device embedded in the inverter is not good, no data is transferred to the VRM, noting that all the connection cables are new, it works only after rebooting the remote console, but after some time, the problem returns,

3- The icon of the PV solar charger disappeared and then appeared after rebooting the remote console, but after a few minutes it disappeared, the system saw that there was no PV so the batteries were discharging, Also noting that the connection cables (VE direct in our case) between the chargers and the inverter are new as well,

4- The GX reboots randomly, and in the VRM the inverter appears OFF, the client thought that there was no electricity in the house while is was ON.

Hoping to get some help regarding this topic

Thanking you

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Pylontech US2000C und OPzS Batterie an MultiPlus-II?

Hallo in die Gemeinde,

ich nutze seit Mai 2021 einen MultiPlus-II mit angeschlossener Pylontech US2000C (4x2,4kWh -> 9,6kWh), sowie einen Cerbo GX. Bin sehr zufrieden!

Ich bekomme jetzt kaum gebrauchte "12V 2 OPzS 100LA" Batterien. In Summe 8 Stück. Diese würde ich gerne in zwei Blöcken á 4Stück in mein bestehendes System mit einbinden. Die Nennspannung wäre damit ebenfalls 48V und die Leistung 200Ah.

Ist das möglich? Welche Einstellungen sind fürs Batteriemanagement einzustellen (im Cerbo GX bzw. Multiplus-II)?

Grüße und vielen Dank,


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Issue with ESS taking power from Grid


I am an installer who has installed THIS system more than 30 times. Total of about 60 installs on VRM.

The problem is ESS keeps on taking power from grid instead of DC/battery/PV. Day and night. It also does not export power to 'non-essential' loads ("AC Loads" as per VRM).


We have:

  • MultiPlus II 48/5000/70
  • Smart Solar 250/70
  • Lynx Distributor
  • Cerbo GX + Touch
  • ET112
  • Freedom Won 5/4 battery


  • See attached VE.Config file.20220106 MPII 48-5000-70
  • ESS as per manual for Freedom Won, set to 35% SoC in 'with battery life'
  • DVCC as per manual (I will gladly give access to VRM if needed)
  • NRS097 country code selected
  • Victron cables, no crimped cables

What I have done so far:

  • All items display 100% correct on Cerbo (MultiPlus, MTTP and Battery)
  • Contacted 2 Victron distributors, neither can help me (one who I bought the inverter from, and the other the battery);
  • We had the latest firmware on inverter, but distributor recommended to roll back to 481 (last stable version) to test, not difference;
  • Check all AC cables one by one;
  • System work 100% when AC is disconnected;
  • If I discharge batteries, and chage ESS to 'keep batteries charged' it works 100% to charge from grid;
  • Tried it both with and without 'battery life';
  • I checked all RJ45 cables with a tester, even tried a new cable between inverter and Cerbo;
  • exchanged the Cerbo;
  • I have bought another MPII, but distributor told me I would waste my time, try the community first;

I understand the normally way for anyone to help me is to check basics, and I know I might have not given all info one might need to check all this. I will gladly comply, pictures, just ask. However, have spend 2 days checking everything over and over. I am convinced it is something else I might have missed. I hope another installer of someone from Victron has come across this, as both my distributors who is massive in RSA, is stumped.

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Multiplus II with Cyrix-ct

Is it possible to put a Cyrix-ct between the house battery bank, which is charged by the Multiplus II, and the starter battery which is charged by the second charger output which is limited to 4A. This will allow the starter battery to charge faster once the house batteries are fully charged.

Thank you,


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MultiPlus-II 2x 120V Not working with Generator as AC input

It was a long day but the install of the MultiPlus-II 2X 120V went pretty well. Running of battery is flawless. Switching between Shorepower and battery works perfect. The problem lies in using it with generator. I have a Furion Transfer switch before the MultiPlus that is fed from a factory installed Onan 5500 gender. When the generator is running r as my primary source for power the Multiplus wont carry the AC load through. It just sits on inverter even getting confused. Prior to installing the multiplus the get set would start and after about 20 seconds the transfer switch would engage and AC would come on. Not sure what I’m missing.

Separate but perhaps related question. If the inverter switch is off, the AC doesnt pass through. It really just shuts off the entire coach.

Any help will be appreciated. I’m kind of new but working my through this.

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Limit grid battery charge current when AC-coupled

So, this has been asked before:

But I'm piling on with a related problem: In Cape Town, grid-tied hybrid (i.e.ESS-like systems) are not allowed to charge the batteries from the grid by more than 25% of the main breaker capacity.

So, for a 60A breaker, I need to limit the grid usage for battery charging to 15A. I know I can limit the charge current and it will work fine when combined with DC-coupled MPPTs which can charge the battery directly with no limit.

However, in my case I have an AC-coupled Fronius on the output of the Multi, so I want the Multi to charge at full capacity when using solar, and 15A when those amps are coming from the grid. It does not seem possible to limit "grid amps for battery charging" in that configuration. Everything limits the entire charging process or the entire pass-through current, even from solar.

Any way to achieve this?

(In ESS, charging from the grid is rare, but when it happens I need it to be limited to 15A to comply with regulations, without harming overall system performance.)

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Generatorintegration in bestehende Victronanlage


Hallo an alle Victroneigner

Zu mir,
ich habe seit 2008 eine PV Anlage mit 7,14 KW und Volleinspeisung auf dem Dach. Bringt leider nichts bei Stromausfall, deshalb habe ich mir 2019 einen 17KW Notstrom Diesel-Generator besorgt.(diesen hier: .Im Mai 2021 kam dann folgende Anlage dazu:

3x Victron 48/3000 Multi Plus
1x Smart Solar MPPT 250/85- TR VE. Can
1x Smart Solar MPPT 250/100- TR VE. Can
1x Victron Kommunikations Set
1x BYD Anschlussbox
1x BYD LVL 15.4 System (15,4kW)
9,8 KW Photovoltaikmodule aufgeständert im Garten als Sichtschutzzaun.

Ist es möglich bei meiner PV-Anlage (der Victron) den 3-Phasigen Generator (400V, 17KW) so einzubinden, das der Generator bei Stromausfall anspringt, das Haus mit Strom versorgt nebenbei die Batterie auflädt und bei voller Batterie wieder abschaltet, sodass die Batterie wieder übernehmen kann?

Vielleicht hast ja jemand eine Idee, wie und ob man das einfach umsetzen kann. (Im Bild ganz links erkennt man noch den Generator)

Frank Lomp

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Differences VictronConnect and VEconfigure3

I am configuring a Multiplus II.

VEconfigure3 allows me to load assistants when virtual switches are not used.
It is clearly stated in a popup note from VEconfigure3 that enabling the virtual switches and therefore the AC input control disables the assistants and vice-versa.

VictronConnect does not have a section for configuring assistants and allows to configure AC input control, even after loading the ESS assistant with VEconfigure3.

It seems that the two programs are currently not consistent?
It seems that VEconfigure3 should be used for the Multiplus configuration with assistants?

Some more background:
I wanted to configure under Linux.
VEconfigure3 is available only under Windows, while VictronConnect has a build for Linux.
Anyway, there seems to be some problem with VictronConnect under Linux. With Manjaro Linux installed on a newer Hardware, VictronConnect detects the Multiplus connected over the USB-MK3 interface. With the same version of Manjaro Linux installed on an older laptop, VictronConnect does not detect the Multiplus connected over the USB-MK3 interface. There is no problem with the detection of the Multiplus under Windows though (it is a dual boot system).

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Can’t get full charge current out of MultiPlus-II

Hi all, I have a 230V MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120 connected to 650Ah of lithium. I have the charger set to 120A but I can only get the charger to pump out 85A for some reason. I notice that at 85A charge current the input voltage is down to 219V. Could the reduced charge current be due to voltage drop measured at the input voltage?

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Multiplus 1600 not working

Hi everyone. I have a multiplus 1600 that has been faultless for 3 years. Its suddenly stopped working. The batteries are fine and fully charged. The fuse on the front hasn't tripped. The big fuse behind the front panel hasn't blown the unit has full DC power going into it but there are no lights on and no power out and no hum from the unit. Anyone have any ideas for what the problem could be and any possible easy fixes?

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Multiplus 2 Clacking under medium load
Hello, my name is Florian and I am in the process of converting our mobile home to Victron products. I started installing the Multiplus 2 today.
During a test run, the noise occurred under low load (5-600 watts). At high load (1.6-1.8Kw) the multi is silent.
Does anyone have an idea what that could be. It's not quite as loud in real life as in the video, but that's definitely not normal. Does anyone of you have a tip what I can check?
Many Thanks

Greetings Florian

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Which equipment to purchase ? New Project

Hi All,

My current system is a solar edge generating on average 4.6MWh per year and more than enough power to cover my demands 100% during at least 6-7 months of the year.

I have been looking at battery systems for a while and want to use Victron

I would like to install a Multiplus-II inverter I am looking at the 48/8000 to have enough power to cover the peak demands of my electric Hob & oven.

In the future, we will extend so will want to add some more panels, to improve the winter months.

I am looking for your support/advice to create a shopping list for my requirements.

many thanks



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Multiplus II Ignores "Low Temperature Shutdown" Threshold


I am creating this post on behalf of a fellow client of ours. Our client recently bought 2 Multiplus II's and configured them into split-phase (master/slave). Both units seem to work well except the slave unit or Leg 2 (the second Multiplus II in the set up) seems to ignore the Low Temperature shutdown threshold. Our client reached out to us about the problem attaching a YouTube video describing the issue and the specific set up that we will link as well. After inspecting the video and specific Victron Configure programming settings we asked the client to send us for BOTH units, it appears that both Multiplus II's are set up with the proper and identical settings however leg 2 (or the slave unit) completely ignores the threshold. This seems like it might be a firmware like issue, but incase anyone else is dealing with this issue, we'd like to shed light on it in hopes we can either find a fix through the community, or hopefully this brings enough attention to come out with a firmware update fixing the issue.

Link to YouTube Video:

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Difference between SmartShunt and Multiplus-II charging readings

Hi dear Victron community!

I have a three phase AC-out-coupled system with Multiplus-II, CerboGX, SmartShunt, Lynx distributor and battery balancers. Battery pack is 48V 600Ah made from 12 pcs of 12V lead acid GEL batteries. Pictures attached. I am interested why I get so different charging values from SmartShunt and Multiplus. The difference is usually around 100 W. And this is 70% difference when battery is full.

The SmartShunt shows correct power when calculated with a simple formula N=UI but the Multiplus power is much higher. Can somebody think of any reason why that is?

Thanks in advance



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Excessive noise while charging via new Multiplus-II 12/3000/120 2x120v

I haven't found any other comments about this here so I am thinking I may have a defective unit or nobody has theirs mounted where the can hear it. I installed the new MP 2x120v and when charging the noise coming from the inverter is excessive (over 50dB measured 6" above the unit). It is significantly more than when inverting. I do have it mounted lying on its back but have the same noise when positioned vertically. The noise is immediate once you "Enable Charger" and stops immediately when it is disable. We can call it a hum if we like but it is way too loud to be considered normal or as designed in my opinion. I never even heard the unit when I used the old MP 12/3000 mounted in the same place. Can those with this new unit comment on how the noise compares while charging vs inverting? Is it significantly greater or similar? Trying to ensure Victron will agree it's not right before I go through the warranty process.

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Problem setting up wanted configuration


I have 3 MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 with firmware 477 and identifification 2629

BYD Premium LV battery

5kW in panels and smartsolar mppt

and not allowed to feedback in grid.

I was trying to setup 3-phase system, connected to grid only on demand of higher loads or battery less than 30%.

I already tried virtual switch, with only one value of higher load than a number, but it was not connecting to grid, but because of higher load, system was shutting down.

I tried HUB-1 but again, without success, it is only in mode only charger, I dont why, here is the setup:


I tried also this:

and this:

Non of these was doing what I expected.

I dont know what else to try. I have 2 other installation working correctly but with older CPUs and firmware on multiplus with HUB-1 assistant ...

Thank you for any suggestion

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Multiplus 2 gx will it power from battery to ac-in


I'm thinking to buy a multiplus 2 gx 3000 (48v) system.

The setup I have in mind is the one on the picture below. Without using any ac-out of the inverter.

My questions about this are.

1. Will it power from battery to ac-in if there is demand on my internal grid?

2. Will it charge my battery only from the ac coupled pv and not charging battery from the grid power ?

3. If the battery is fully charged will the excess power be injected to the grid?

4. If my demand is higher then the 2500 watt provided power by the inverter(multiplus 2 gx 3000 48v), will the grid provide the remaining power needed ?

I just want to maximize my generated pv power use. By storing it in pylontech batteries and using as less as possible power from the grid. If this is possible then this would be the ideal setup for my home.


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MultiPlus-II not going into float when Pylontech batteries are charged

Hey guys,

So I am trying to workout why my Multi stays in absorption mode (when batteries are 100% SoC), sits at roughly 28V constantly and never goes into float mode. I would like the batteries to sit at a lower voltage over long periods, around the 26.5V-27V to prolong the life of the batteries, even if I lose a few percent.

I have DVCC turned on in my Cerbo.


-2 x Pylontech UP2500 batteries - Nominal Voltage: 25.6V

-Smart Solar MPPT 150/100 (Not yet operating as no PV array hooked up yet)


-Cerbo GX

This is going to be an off-grid system but until I install my PV array I just have mains plugged in at all times.

Current Multi configuration:

-Absorption Voltage: 27.8V - As per the Voctron/Pylontech setup guide for 8S LiFePo4.

-Float Voltage: 27V

-Absorption time: 1 Hr

-Lithium mode on.

-Fixed charge curve.

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Polarity protection Using Multiplus 2 with Schuko


I'm in the design phase my sailboats power system and was thinking about using a Multiplus 2 as the charger / inverter on the boat.

I know that this question has been up before but no satisfactory answer has been posted.

The manual states that it's important not to get the phase and the neutral mixed.

Normally this is not a problem most marinas has 16A 1-phase land power connection and its not a problem with them. The problem is that many marinas still have the Schuko connection only.

I know how to measure what is what, but I just know that there will be a time when I get in to port wet and tiered and there is only Schuko connection and I will forget to check and just plug the thing in.

The question is what will happen? I can live with it just not working and needed to switch the connection around, but I don't want to damage the unit. If there is a risk of damage does any protection device exist that can protect the unit from this?



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Continuity and DC Voltage on inverter input

Victron Inverter 48/8000/110

Attempting to connect 53.2v battery puts battery into fault mode.

Once battery is disconnected completely,

• I am testing 32v on inverter's DC input terminals

• Continuity on inverter's DC input terminals

(Yes, getting these readings with absolutely nothing connected to inverter)

Please advise

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ESS (Mode 3) - 3 phase - different MultiPlus 2 sizes


I am interested in adding a ac-coupled battery-system using a set of 3 MultiPlus 2 inverter to a already working pv-system.
Since there is a asymmetry in pv-inverter sizes (and in consumption too - heatpump on 1 phase) my favourite configuration would be the combined usage of 5kVA (L1, L2) and a 10kVA (L3) MultiPlus 2 units. Is this „asymmetric“ configuration in ESS mode 3 possible?



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Re Multigrid2 & Multiplus2 parallel mode ?

One inverter is Ver # 2625 and the newer one is Ver # 2629

Both are 230v 48/3000watt Mulitplus2 type units.

The 2625 was a Mulitgrid 2 before they changed the name to Multiplus2

What is the difference? can they be paralled or not?

I know you have to have the same first 4 numbers to be compatable to be used in parallel modes


Rob D


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