I have a Victron Pheonix Multi plus 12V 2500 VA 120Amp Inverter charger. Overload, low battery, high temp lights on.

I woke this moring to find the Overload, low battery, high temp lights on. Plus the float light is also on. None of the faults are taking place now. Its possible battery was low in the night. I have disconnected all inputs and outputs to see if it will reset, but it has not. Does nybody have ideas on what to do about it please?

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Smart Battery Protect does not allow charging from MPPT 100/50

I am using 2 SBP in my setup. One for my loads (works like a charm) and one for over charging protection for my MPPT and Buck Boost DC DC Charger.

The SBP used for charging determines the voltage produced by my solar panels as the current battery voltage and shuts off, when <14.2V. It thereby prevents me from charging my battery. Can someone tell me, how to get around this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Old Copy of VE Configure 3?

Where can I get an older version of VE Configure 3 for testing? I have a very strange issue that I am trying to resolve and would like to exclude VE Configure 3 as a possible cause.

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Auto start Generator

I have a victron quattro 48/5000 system. Has anyone used a Honda EU3000IS generator with Auto start if the panels are not enough and the batteries need a charge? Does my inverter offer this option for autostart

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Is there any issue with connecting the battery protect to the DC output of a charger controller?

Is there any issue with connecting the battery protect to the DC output of a charger controller, instead of directly to the battery terminals?

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VE.Smart Networking Unidentified Network

I was installing one of my Smart Solar MPPT VE.Can devices today, and browsing the menus to see what was around. Having never used or looked at VE,Smart I opened the menu and selected join existing and found an unknown network, "Olaso UNO".

The only thing in my Yacht that has this name is the Cerbo GX and VRM Portal. Any ideas what this is?



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Does the CCGX remember the timed run for a generator if it is restarted?

In the VRM online portal menu in the CCGX there is a setting titled "Reboot device when no contact". I currently have it switched off.

When I remotely start my generator I always make it a "Timed Run" fearing that if i just start it and then the internet falls over the generator could run for days, until the fuel runs out.

So if I start a timed run and the device reboots due to lost contact will the CCGX still remember the timer setting and turn of the generator?

Thanks in advance

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GX 50 Touch Screen not responding

I recently bought a GX 50 touch and Cerbo GX.

The GX 50 touch screen won't respond to touch inputs. I can adjust the screen display and settings using the VRM portal and it displays correct data but I'm unable to interface with the GX touch without using another device to access the VRM portal.

Am i missing a setting somewhere to enable the screen?

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GX Touch 50 Non Responsive to Touch

Hi All

Just added a GX Touch 50 Monitor to my Cerbo.

All the data displayed is correct, but the screen is not responsive to my touch at all and only displays the main screen.

I removed the protective film, and still no change.

Is this a setting or something to "Activate" it?


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Orion-Tr Smart 12-12 reversing input with output

hello, i have 12-12 orion smart and i use it to charge battery bank 1 from battery bank 2. sometimes i need to charge bank2 from bank1 as well. what currently i have to do is switch the input and output cables and adjust settings. what would he the easier way of doing this ? external switches ? can it be done by mobile app like direction setting ? any other options ? its painful to arrange cables of input/output everytime i need to do it.

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Blue Solar MPPT 150/35 gives over-voltage error, but voltage is nominal on both sides

I have a BlueSolar MPPT 150/35 that gives the over-voltage error (the Absorption and float LED quick flashing continously) when it is turned on. However, I have measured the voltage on both sides, and it is well within the nominal range. Battery side is just over 48v while the solar side is ~120v. I have six REC310TP2M panels, arranged in two strings of three. These have an open circuit voltage of 39.8V, and should be within the acceptable voltage range well below 0 degrees F.

I've called my distributor, and they had no suggestions. Any help?

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CCGX stopped communicating with Multiplus 24/3000

Day before yesterday out of the blue my CCGX showed the Multiplus as OFF with no usage data on AC Loads side.

I did the following

Upgraded both CCGX and MP to latest firmware

Power cycled both, multiple times including turning off the MP at the DC source

Verified that I can talk to the MP via my MK3, both direct to MP and via the second port on the CCGX while the first port is connect to the MP (read about that in another post)

Any other suggestions?

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Victron Phoenix 12v-50a Charger

Hi The Victron Phoenix 12v-50a Charger has 2 x main battery charging output circuits I have 2 x 12v 230Ah batteries connected in parallel my question is, do I use both circuits and connect one to each battery or do I just use one circuit which would connect to both as they are wired in parallel ?

Thank you in advance


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VE.Bus BMS verses smallBMS and signalling charge disconnect to MPPT controllers

As I continue to investigate the possible connection options to get my system working as I require and following on from my question about VE.Bus BMS verses smallBMS. I hope someone can help with this part of the communication flow and if any functionality is lost be using a smallBMS verses a VE.Bus BMS.

I am aware that the Cerbo is able to signal via VE.Direct or VE.Can to connected Smart MPPTs that a charge disconnect event has happened. This is confirmed in this post where Guy has stated "Yes, it works. The VE.Bus BMS will signal to the Multi on the VE.Bus, and then that will be sent to the GX device which will control the MPPTs via VE.direct or VE.Can (>2019 models only) cables."

However there is nothing about the smallBMS. The above post has a link to another post where Matthijs says "Regarding connecting: the Venus GX cant retrieve data directly from the VE.Bus BMS. So, even though they are on the same network (VE.Bus); you still need an inverter/charger in that same network to make it work.". This implies to me that the MultiPlus sends the charge / load disconnect to the Cerbo and not the VE.Bus BMS itself.

While I have a VE.Bus BMS at present it is not connected to the VE.Bus and I am using a 2-wire assistant on my Multiplus. The Cerbo shows this and when the pin on the VE.Bus BMS goes high, the Cerbo state changes too yes. So I know the Cerbo is getting the information.


So the details are getting to the Cerbo. Therefore with a smallBMS or VE.Bus BMS using 2-wire assistant, will the MPPTs still get a charge disconnect via VE.Direct or VE.Can. I am unable to test at the moment as while my MPPTs are installed the Solar panels are not yet installed.

I would like to know if when using the smallBMS, the VenusOS will still signal charge disconnect to the MPPTs, and how I can tell if the signal is getting through to the MPPTs. For info I have two VE.CVan 150/70's connected via VE.Can.

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ESS and scheduled charging

I want to use scheduled charging to ensure I have 40% battery in the morning but I also don’t want to draw power from the grid during the scheduled if the battery is over 40% because it has been a good PV day. I can achieve this by using K1 to drive a contactor to disconnect the mains if the battery is say between 41%and 95% but the I lose the stability of being connected to the grid.

ideas please

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Wiring for BMV 712.



Hi All just looking for confirmation of the correct connection for the shunt for my new BMV 712 battery management system.

Above is a photo of the main battery switches (back and front) with the negative in the middle. The connection on the right of the first photo as you look, is the cable from the batteries. Is this the cable that should be connected to the shunt? And an additional cable from the shunt to the switch?

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Engine start sluggish

Some advice please. We have a set up on our yacht with a Victron phoenix multiplus 12/3000/120, BMV700, and three Victron MPPT'S from three sets of solar panels and a 6kva generator which is all working well and showing correct charging and discharging characteristics, the only problem I'm having is that the alternators are not showing a charge rate at the BMV, I have the alt neg connected to the load side of the shunt, but that doesn't seem to work, if I connect the engine ground to the load side of the shunt then it shows the alt charge but then the engines are very sluggish to start as if the batteries are flat, which there not, return the eng neg to the batteries and the starting returns to normal, good start power, can anyone suggest a different approach or where to connect the eng neg.

Cheers Rod

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mppt charger in parallel not syncronized

we have a system composed by two victron mppt charger working in parallel not syncronized as per victron datasheet . in this case the charging phase of the two charger will be not the same.it is safe for the battery?what do you suggest?

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Quattro 48/10000/140 excessive idle power consumption

My Victron 48/10000 consumes more than 115-130W while in an idle mode (drains nearly 2.4A), is something wrong with the settings or is it faulty unit?

This is a newly installed off-grid system, that is not connected to house AC circuits yet, so zero AC load. The Victron data sheet says the consumption should be 60W, so it seems that my unit consumes twice as much, literally wasting ~2.8kWh daily just for its own operation.

Please tell me it's not normal? I just find it a bit far too excessive, and very frustrating, considering that I won't use more than 7-8kWh per day for all other appliances combined.. What is the point then of searching for and buying energy efficient fridges/freezers and other appliances if Victron itself consumes more than them all combined?

Anyone else has similar issue? Has it been resolved by your dealer/installer or Victron themselves?

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SOC measurement issues

With a BMV712, shunt that is correctly wired and an ESS MP2/Smart solar MPPT setup (victron gel batteries), I have continuous issues with reported SOC and what it does with system performance.

I only use the top 30% of battery for use overnight.

On a good day, SOC gets to around 97/98% when the shunt will sync the SOC to 100% (my shunt charge voltage is midpoint between float and absorb at 55.4V).

The problem comes in if there has been a bad light day, or like now in warm temps (31C) the inverter decides to not do a bulk/aborb cycle as the voltage is at a temperature adjusted float voltage and can't trigger the sync. The only change in the environment is temperature and with increased cooling loads ESS hits the minimum SOC threshold very early in the morning.

The inverter stays permanently in float. Unless I manually sync the SOC, it will continue to slowly leak, which means there is less discharge by night.

I have several installs all doing the same thing where before the increase in power required at night and the increase in temps it worked fine.

Trying to get assistance with this is near impossible.

The shunt should be able to do a better job of measuring the SOC.

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DC current or energy measurement with Venus GX

In an upcoming project there will be a need to measure DC current up to about 90 A also from sources that are not controlled with Victron equipment and/or to loads. Does anyone know how to use a DC current sensor or DC energy meter with Venus GX/VRM? I would like the system owner to be able to monitor at least the DC current (A), but power (W) and/or energy (kWh) would be even better.

I have seen that some AC energy meters are supported by Victron (https://www.victronenergy.com/live/energy-meters:start), but I can presently not find any DC energy meter listed there.

Example of DC energy meter, which seems to be available e.g. with Modbus TCP communication: https://www.measurlogic.com/product/dts-dc/

Example of USB current sensor: https://calibike.com/product/calisense-usb-acdc-current-sensor/

Example of current transducer that I have good experience of from other applications: https://www.seneca.it/en/linee-di-prodotto/energia-e-misure-elettriche/trasformatori-di-corrente-serie-t201/t201dc/

Or could anyone consider to add such functionality to Venus OS, e.g. an an open source project (https://www.victronenergy.com/live/open_source:start)?

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Pylontech and Victron (New Build)

Hello Everyone,

I have just joined this community so please bear with me.

I recently had a battery installed removed from my property as it did not do what i expected off the shelf. It was manufactured by a company called GivEnergy and it was a very poor product with many development issues.

Now i have decided to go out this myself.

I am looking at utilising either the Multiplus or Quattro Units along with Pylontech Batteries and wondered if you had any advice, comments or examples of system design/schematics.

The system is to integrate with an already install SolarEdge 6000 HD Inverter for my PV.

I am looking for storage capacity of approximately 21kw, so utilising the Pylontech 3000 Series batttery. The biggest request i have for the system is having a large discharge power as I have a Air Source Heat Pump which can take up to 5kw for Water Heating.

My idea was to use the Quattro 8000 Unit having the batteries wired in a stack of 8 with a ring circuit back to a DC Distribution. The batteries are to be controlled using a GX Device.

My question really revolves, any lessons learned? Does anyone have any advice on the Quattro and GX Devices.

Am i doing the right thing with this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Multiplus 12/1200/50 does not charge (Alarm LED when connected to AC)

Dear all,

yesterday my Multiplus stopped charging the batteries. It has worked without problems for 4 weeks.

The following can be observed:

  • The Alarm LED (red) is constantly on and the Charger LED (orange) is also constantly on (picture 1).
  • On MultiControll panel Mains LED is constantly on and Bulk LED blinking (picture 2)
  • Once I disconnect AC input Multiplus LED switches back to normal (only green constantly on) (picture 3)

I have checked AC frequency and voltage via VictronConnect and both seem okay (picture 4).

What could cause this problem?

Is there a comprehensive manual for what the LEDs mean?







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Maximum charge current limited with Multiplus II 5k + 3 x Pylontech US3000 in ESS

Hi all,

I have installed an ESS with a MPII and 3x Pylontech US3000 (10,5kWh).

I have set the maximum charge power to 70A and I remember, that in the beginning this worked fine.

A few weeks ago, I changed from 70A to 30A to save the battery - now, i wanted to go back to 70A, but whatever I configure in MPII or cerbo GX, the maximum charge power remains at 50A.

does anybody has an idea?


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Loss of grid meter connection - no PV input now

I have had intermittent loss of signal from E24 meter (single phase ESS system) This causes the PV input to disappear off the ccgx and no charging of batteries so system is in Passthru.

I suspect the Cat 5 cables which are a real pain to get into the terminals of the E24 and with some fiddling I got the PV back but then it failed again. I had to reboot several times a day to get the PV back onto the system. The red and green lights on the USB interface flash as they should but then go off - then reappear and the go off and no PV input is showing.

Now I have rewired from the USB cable back to the E24 in 3 core cable so I know I have 3 connected cables back to the CCGX but it does not work. No PV is showing and I am running on grid not solar or batteries.

How do I check the fault cause? Is it the USB cable interface, or the meter or the CCGX?

How can I bypass the meter to at least get some solar charging input?

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Quattro 48/8000/100: switches Genset to Throughput, but charges with 0A


my Quattro does not charge from the genset anymore. On the left LED row "Main" + "Bulk" LEDs are on. The internal switch passes the power from the genset to the load. VictronConnect tells me, it is Bulk-charging. But the charge current is 0A.

There is no current limit hit, I downloaded the latest firmware, checked the wiring, did a lot of adjustments like "weakAC", "UPS-Mode", voltage levels, ...

Any ideas? Is my Quattro broken? It went well for a year now. Inverting still works good.

Thanks in advance,

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Does a 48V Multiplus support 12V charging?

I'm planning to slowly upgrade my sailboat to a 48v system for electrification, and I'd like AC shore power as soon as possible, hence I'm looking at a new-style Multiplus. If I get the 48v version, would that be able to charge my current 12v bank until I upgrade the batteries? I couldn't get a clear answer to this from the manual.

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Is this normal condition for a new multiplus unit?



Having purchased a new multiplus 24/3000/70-16, i have immediately noticed a scorch (arc) mark on a positive battery terminal and also screw marks on the paintwork as though the unit has already been mounted to a wall or such. Should a new unit look like this from factory testing or have i been conned?

Thanks for any opinions offered.

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