Batterie cells in series

HI every one,

i have 16 LifePo4 Cells, 15 of them are very good but 1 is not as good as others.

the bad one is not so bad to return it , the others are just slightly better.

in which order should i put the cells in series together?

which of the following answers could be correct?

-the bad one next/ before the best one?

-the bad one as the first cell and connected to the (+) pole?

- it really doesn't matter where to put the bad one?

can someone help me please? Thanks

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Generator Automatic Start and Stop, which cables from the generator?

I have a simple question and I didn't find it here in the documentation.
If I want to use a generator with Victron, what must have the generator to start automatically? I mean obviously a starter and a battery. But most of the generators have a key to start. So do I have to disassemble the panel of the key and connect the cables to the relay of eg. an Quattro?
I read the documentation and I know there a are two different types of signal, but do I have to buy a generator which has a kind of signal input connector? Or is it enough if this generator has a key to start?
As far as I understood it right, I can use any generator (size, quality, AVR, settings in VenusOS are different topics) with a starter to start it automtically with a Quattro.

Sorry, if I missed the answer in other existing questions, I couldn't find it.
Thank you !

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remote console enabled and online but no access

Hi I enabled the VRM remote console, it is online, enabled 2 way communication and disabled password check, updated to the newes firmware at a new system, but cant get remote access - access to remote console only within the home-network by ip.

I need a remote access and it doesnt work. Someone any idea what the problem is?

Thank you!


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Multiplus and DMC + Cerbo does not work - any advice?

I have a working Multiplus 12/3000/120 system, which includes a Cerbo GX.

When I try to also connect a 200/200 Digital Multi Control Panel GX, it simply does not work. The MP will not turn on. If I disconnect the Cerbo, then the DMC works. With both connected, the MP simply does not turn on, no lights, nothing.

FWIW, I've tried this with two DMC units; I assumed the first was bad.

Others have had this problem: but that post did not have any solutions. Are there any? Are they supposed to work together? That post indicates they should. Thanks!

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Inverter mini power cut / power loss for seconds / Ups not working

Good day,

I have a 25kva Generator running a 10kva Multipluss II with 10kwh of battery capacity.

the system has been running ok unto Christmas, (4 weeks)

I have tried to replicate it by starting and stopping the generator and under different loads,

however it seems to happen without any 'Trigger'

I have attached the Excel file showing when the power blip happens i have a loss of data on the Logging on VRM Download.

the generator is used to power the home and when the builders come in the site as well,

however it is only connected via a 32a plug, (and its been working with a current limit of 30a set)

i have the issue sometimes were the ac input is not accepted, even when it is at 52hz and at 233v, however i have linked this to when i do a ve config upload, i have to re-set the ve bus to not have this issue.

batteries are bms connected to the cerbo, and they don't have any issues i can see, I have tried to run the system without the bms connected as well. and have no issues except the 15s power blip, which is still random,

any help would be appreciated, (the attached is all i have been able to get to prove it happens, prior to this I didn't really know if I believed the client)

time today 08.01.23@ 15.41

gen snip 1.PNG

gen snip 2.PNG

gen snip 3.PNG

gen snip 4.PNG

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Same old issue with power assist

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) I have seen several topics or questions on the same issue with no solutions regarding power assist. I have 2 multiplus2 2x120 24/3000 in parallel in an RV. Input current limit set @ 18.6 (the lowest it can go with power assist on) with loads @18.2 the inverters are only pulling 10amp from shore with the rest being pulled from batteries. I let it go for several minutes in hopes that it would level out somewhere closer to the input current limit but it stays at 10amp. Obviously this is not optimal as it will just continue to drain the battery bank. I would expect to see maybe a few amps difference between the input limit setting and the current drawn for a safety margin but this seems very excessive, about 46% if my math is close. This seems to be an issue that has been brought up repeatedly with no real answer or solution. Is victron working on this?

Both inverters are running 498 firmware, imbalance on the ac side is within about 15 watts and DC side within 2 amps. Power assist and dynamic current limiter are ticked, weak ac input is not.

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Error on MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 230V - error 11 step 6

Dear all,

i put into service a MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 230V in october, using only the AC In coming from the grid and AC out 1 going to my home installation.

There are 3 US3000C and 3 US2000C batteries connected to it, along with a Cerbo GX. On the Cerbo I have an EM24 and a ET112 for the grid surveillance and photovoltaic production.

The Multiplus is programmed via MK3 on ESS assistant and french VFR2019 grid code as well as changes in voltage to fit the Pylontech batteries config.

Everything went allright until november, so about one month of service, when all of a sudden and without any changes in the installation and in the cables the Multiplus stopped working.

The error message is :

VE.Bus Error 11: Relay test fault on VE.Bus System
VE.Bus Error 11
BF safety test in progress - failing step 6

I spent two days checking everything, including going through all the points mentionned on the Victron site regarding the error 11.

No success. I contacted my vendor who sent the Multiplus to Victron as it was still under guarantee.

It came back the other day with a paper stating that the unit works fine and i have to pay for the error search.

However when I connect the Multiplus back in my installation, the error is still there.

I ended up connecting only the grid on AC In and nothing an AC Out 1 and 2, and also connected the batteries to + and -. The error is still there. The grid is at 240V and 50,1Hz, MK3 shows me everything in green.

Here are some tests done :

I switch on the unit with grid and without batteries
→ the unit is starting. It indicates Low battery which is normal.
I switch on the batteries
→ the unit goes in error (bulk and inverter on flashing, float stays on)

I switch on the unit with grid and without batteries
→ the unit is starting. It indicates Low battery which is normal.
I wait a coupe of minutes
→ lights for mains on and bulk go on, always low battery
I switch on the batteries
→ only the mains on is on
I disconnect the grid
→ the light for inverter on is on
I connect back the grid
→ the unit goes in error (bulk and inverter on flashing, float stays on)

I switch on the unit with grid and with batteries
→ the unit goes in error (bulk and inverter on flashing, float stays on)

I switch on the unit without grid and with batteries
→ light inverter on is on
I connect back the grid
→ the unit goes in error (bulk and inverter on flashing, float stays on)

Victron refuses to send me any checklist or test protocol, despite the fact that i paid for their „service“. So I don't know if they even tested the configuration that I used. When the unit came back it was reset to the default configuration, but that is not the way I need it to work, it needs to be in ESS and with VFR2019 grid code.

The vendor only says there has to be an issue in my installation, but everything else works fine. Also they do not give any information as where to look at exactly.

I was searching the forums including this one and there is absolutely no information what exactly step 6 is, the only thing i found is it may be a „communications error“. But what is supposed to communicate where and with what?

Also there is no explanation why it worked smoothly for one month and all of a sudden it does not anymore.

Any one have an idea what I should try next to find what the issue is? Any help yould be greatly appreciated.

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Multiplus Inverter fault code

Hi everyone

I have a pair of Multiplus 24/5000's and am experiencing a failure when the mains is under medium load, or when my generator (acting as "shore supply") is charging over about 10A.

The system trips out and slave shows LED codes for Error17 - Suggesting its master has failed. The slave displays exactly the correct codes for Error 17.

The master is flashing both bulk and float LEDs but not mains on or inverter on. It's in an error state with no mains output. I cant find this particular LED combination failure code anywhere.

System is extremely stable and reliable when shore current limit is set to 10A and under light/medium mains demand.

It seems like when a higher charge is attempted or higher mains demand exists, something trips.

From memory, the fans automatically kick in under load or at high rates of charge but they arent even getting to that point. Switching off and back on restores power and everything appears normal again.

Does anyone know where to find a full list of LED codes? (master is flashing both bulk and float LEDs but not mains on or inverter on. )

Any assistance greatly appreciated


East Sussex


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Rx port control of SmartSolar MPPT 100/30

I have a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 which I am attempting to control remotely using the relay on a BMV 702.

In the online manual Item 5.2.5 states the following;

Remote on/off:
This is the default setting. This functionality will switch the solar charger on or off via the RX pin.
- RX pin to GND will switch the solar charger off.
- RX pin floating or to battery positive will switch the solar charger on.

However this does not appear to work, when I short Gnd-Rx nothing happens?

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EasySolar II 5kVA runnigng generator via SOC state using relay

The main thing I'm missing is a Relay1 that I could use to control the generator based on the SOC status.
If the GX is highlighted in red in the picture, is it possible to use its pins to control relay 1? Which are obviously not used.
If so, what relay is used by default (parameters) ???

Or is it possible to control the running generator via the SOC state, via the contact Aux relay ??? Item D in the attached image. :)
Or if it is not possible to use the options described above, is there another option than run the generator via SOC state?



Thanks for help.


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MPPT RS 450/100 bricked?

I am failing to updae the firmware on the MPPT both through VRM and Bluetooth - I fear it is bricked.

Any suggestiuns to fix the problem are welcome - details below....

The MPPT shows "update active" at its display within less than one second after powering up.


It can be accessed via Bluetooth and the cerbo gx. When I try to update the firmare it starts to do so, but fails at a certain point. Current firmware version is 1.05.

Update trials via VRM: The MPPT was connected via the VE.can bus to the Cerbo GX (tried with as well - same behavior). The procedure works nicely up to 75% then it stops


and quits with an error message -


retrial results in such a message at the VRM (waiting for some task to be finished):


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MPPT power drops when battery voltage drops due to high load

My cabin is equipped with 2x 100Ah LiFePo4 batteries, a SmartSolar 100/50 MPPT, and a Phoenix Inverter 12/1200. The system performs very well, but recently I noticed that the MPPT appears to get confused during high loads where the battery voltage sags a bit.

The below screenshot shows the effects of a induction cooktop cycling on and off in order to keep a certain temperature while boiling potatoes. The MPPT output is steady at maximum output until the cooktop turns on, at which point the output collapsed to 0 watts. At the same time the battery voltage drops due to the 1000w load of the cooktop. The MPPT output does not recover until the cooktop turn off again.


Once the potatoes were cooked and the cooktop turned off, the MPPT output returned to its maximum output level and the output remained stable.


Is this expected behavior? It would be ideal if the MPPT actually delivered maximum power when it is needed the most i.e. during high load.

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cerbo gx remote console android tablet full screen?

Is there a way to make the remote console bigger or even full screen on an android tablet?

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BMS to control remote on/off?

I just bought a Multiplus II 3000/48v and 16 LifePo4 cells. Im researching what BMS to get and leans to 123BMS.

I wonder if I need to get a power relay (to break connection between MP II and battery) for the BMS to control when to not allow charge/discharge or is it safe to let the BMS control the Remote On-Off switch of the Multiplus II? Or is that a stupid idea that I should just forget?

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Multiplus II 48/10000 parallel operation

Hello All,

Sorry since this question must have been asked a 1000 times, but actuallly the Victron documentation is not clear at all. Question is :

Can Multiplus II 48/10000 be paralleled?

English Manual say no on some parts (not a real no, but not mentionned, page 28), yes on others (page 32), and paralleling is mentionned in numerous pages never excluding the 10000.

French manual (I am french by the way, so this is the one I referred to when buying my units!!) says yes everywhere in the manual, in no way there can be a doubt that it is possible or not. But French datasheet says no....

But I am reading in some places (on this forum) that it is not possible.

So Mr Victron, could you please make all that clear?

Thank you,


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