Dual Multiplus II 2x120v units in split phase configuration

Can two Multiplus II 2x120v units be put in split phase configuration? The manual only describes using in parallel or three phase. I'm thinking of using just the L1 output from each inverter, similar to how the diagram shows for three phase operation. Any reason this wouldn't work?

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Is there a minimum power of the battery bank for a Victron Energy Multiplus inverter/charger?

Hello, I hope you are well. I am Rahmouni Ayoub a PhD student engineer and I work on microgrid systems. One of our objectives is to realize a laboratory prototype that will contain a photovoltaic emulator that will produce a power of 3kWp connected to the AC bus via a photovoltaic inverter brand "Fronius", a group of batteries with an inverter charger "Victron energy" and other backup sources. According to the rule of the factor 1.0, the inverter charger must have a minimum power of 3kW because our photovoltaic source is 3kWp. but in our case since we use a photovoltaic emulator and even the load is a programmable load so we can simulate our day in some minutes. For this we don't need a battery capacity equal to the one used in a real model (that is to say we need a capacity of about 100ah maximum for our prototype). So my question is, is there a problem if I use a low capacity compared to the one used in real conditions with a 3kW inverter charger? (the capacity in real conditions is about 400Ah/24V).

Thank you very much!

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AC Current Limit when using ESS as a grid parallel system

I have a Multiplus II GX system which is installed with the ESS application. It's connected to the UK grid via a single phase 100A supply, connected to AC IN of the Multiplus.

All loads and an AC coupled solar inverter are also connected to AC IN of the Multiplus.

The Multiplus is able to balance the grid supply close to zero, charging the batteries off of solar and discharging them as required. I also have time of use tariff which enables the Multiplus to charge the batteries over night.

The issue I have is that I run a lot of loads over night in the cheap period of my tariff including a 32A electric car charger. This regularly take my load over 50A.

The Multiplus needlessly regulates its own charger down in this period and on occasion supplements my grid supply from batteries. This is needless and results in me not having a full battery bank at the end of the cheap time-of-use period.

I can't increase the current limit beyond 50A on the Multiplus or seem to disable it. It is not needed in a parallel grid connection as I have it, as far as I can see.

Can somebody advise me as to whether I have missed a setting or if this is something Victron need to consider in a future firmware update. I want to be able to heat my water, charge my car, batter bank, run my dish and clothes washers during my off peak period!

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Multiplus 12/3000 brummt

Hallo liebe Gemeinde,

ich habe einen neuen Multiplus 12/3000 gekauft. Alles funktioniert normal, aber wenn ich meine kleine Bauchheizdecke oder die Frostschutztauchsieder im Wassertank einschalte, fängt das Gerät an zu Brummen (Netzbrummen). Die betreffenden Geräte liegen auf verschiedenen Sicherungen. Auch beim Nackenmassagestab brummt der Victron.

Mein Nachbar hat den kleineren Victron verbaut, der brummt genauso.

Die Geräte sind aber in Ordnung.

Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen?

Viele Grüße


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Multiplus ac out 2 not working

Hi there

I have a multiplus 3000/230v and I do not manage to get any voltage on the AC Out 2 when connected to the grid.

Is there any magic to get this to work??


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GX color Screen brightness control disappeared on firmware version 2.87

This control above the "Display off time" on the "Display & language" settings was present in previous version but no longer available. This seems like a bug. Will this be addressed in the next release?



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batery monitor

Hello! I have a Viktron system in which there is a 10 kW color control quattro inverter and a lithium battery (from another manufacturer). In the viktron connect settings (settings/general/enable battery monitoring) Can I adjust the percentage of battery charge and temperature without using the BMV-700 device?

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Victron Smart Solar MPPT 150/85
I have 4 panels each 275W. The Voc of one panel is 38,8V and Inc is 9,17A. All panels are identical.

I have connected the panels so that two panel are connected in series and then these two two panels group is connected in parallel. Then I have a solar panel group with Voc 77,6V and Isc 18,3A. The total power of the system is 1420W. From that system I can get in to my battery bank of 12V a current of 118A. Is it so that I can get only 85A because of my existing 150/85 solar charger? The 33 A is not allowed to let in the battery bank from the solar charger?

If I will get all the current that is possible from my panel system of 1420W I have to buy another solar charge controller and connect that with two panels of 275W connected in series and connecting the other two panels connected in series with my existing MPPT 150/85 charge controller.

The solar chargers right size would then be 60A? The maximum current that is available from two panels of 275W  into my battery bank of 12V would be 59,2A.

A little bit cheaper would be a MPPT solar charger with maximum current of 50A? 

If I now have two solar chargers both connected with two panels is that system operating correctly so that both chargers are charging correct the battery bank? The connection with the battery bank and both solar chargers I will dot with my Victron LYNX IN busbar.


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Multiplus 3000 inverter turning off then back on repeatedly

I installed my multiplus 3000 over 2 years ago and has worked perfectly.

a few days ago the inverter switched to OFF on its own then restarted and back to ON.

it was only off for about 30 seconds to a minute.

We are connected to shore power on a 30 amp connection and i have the input set to 26amps

Last night it happened again at 4am, it turned OFF then ON again 6 times over a 40 minute period.

I downloaded the info from the VRM and it shows the VEBUS switching to OFF.

At the time of the shut down we had no excessive loads, only about 900 watts from the refigerator.

I turned the fridge to propane, which brought the load down to about 300 watts.

the inverter shut down again

We have a southwire surge guard 50amp surge protector built in, it had no alerts or alarms while on shore power.

Looking at the data, in shore power was consistently 122 v and 60 hz

I cut off the shore power to see what would happen on inverter/battery power alone.

the system worked perfectly and no shutdowns while on inverter alone.

Looking at the VRM data several of the chart have weird spikes and valleys

Please look at the vrm data below, I have no idea why this is happening

Our system


Victron Multiplus 3000 12 Volt Inverter


Battleborn Lithium 100ah 12 volt batteries x 4

50 Amp Connection to RV Panel

AM Solar - Smart Phase Selector to allow feed to both sides of 50 amp


Victron Color Control GX Display

Solar Controller

Victron Smart Solar Charge Controller MPPT 150/100 - TR

Battery Monitor

BVM 712 Smart Battery Monitor

Solar Panels Watts VMP VOC IMP ISC
New Powa 200-24V 200 34 40.46 5.88 6.23

Panel Mounts

AM Solar Rocker Mounts

Combiner Box

AM Solar C-Box and Heyco liquid tight strail relief for 10/2 round cable

Solar Panel Cable

10 gauge duplex round cable with UV resistant jacket

Combiner Box to Charge controller cable

2 gauge duplex 2/2 cable

Battery Cable

4/0 Red and Black Welding Cable with 4/0 - 3/8th lugs


400 Amp Fuse between battery and invetrter and 12v loads

VE configure settings


VRM screens last 6 hours

See all the activity from 3:42 to when i cut off the shore power at 4:09




This spreadsheet from the VRM download shows the inverter going off 6 times from 3:45 to 4:05


The inverter has been running perfectly off of inverter/batttery since i shut off shore power

Please help with any reasons why this would happen

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Victron Multiplus II AC charge control
Hi all,

I would like to use a multiplus 2 as a charger (without PV). I would like to charge the battery from the grid (AC-in). When the battery is full, it should supply all connected AC loads up to a SoC e.g. 20 percent. The battery should then be charged again via AC-in.

Can I achieve this with ESS or do I need additional logic (e.g. Node-Red or similar)?

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MPPT 75/15 charging 2 batteries

i have a mppt 75/15 smart solar charge controller.

can i use it for charging two batteries at the same time or it works only for one?

how should i connect them to do so?

what are pros and cons?

in case i can't i have to buy another mppt and connect it to the battery, but then how can i switch the PV energy for the two mppt controller?


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Installation en AC coupling avec un cerbo + Gx touch + fronius 3.0 + multiplus 2 8kva 48v + 4 batterie pylontech US2000C

Bonjour, j'ai une installation en AC coupling avec un cerbo + un Gx touch + un primo fronius 3.0 + un multiplus 2 8kva 48v + 4 batterie pylontech US2000C. J'ai démarré mon installation et je penses qu'il me manque un paramétrage car mon multilplus 2 s'allume et se coupe au bout de quelques secondes et il m'affiche low batterie. Aurais-je oublié un paramétrage dans le GX Touch ou dans le logiciel Victron ?

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utilisation compteur d'énergie RS485


Je suis en possession d'un compteur d'énergie fonctionnant avec le protocole RS485 et j'ai essayé de le connecter a mon color control GX via la prise USB-RS485-WE-1800 mais je ne vois pas mon compteur apparaitre dans les compteurs d'énergie.

Je ne vois aucune possibilité de réglage ou de configuration dans les menus.

Comment puis-je faire pour que je puisse le voir sur le CCGX?

Merci de votre aide.

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Remote Console Data (not VRM) via a HTTP GET?

Is there an (easy) way to receive data from the Remote Console (not VRM) e.g. via a HTTP GET request (SSL). I am using Venus OS.
I need it for a local ESP32 data logger which saves the grid data (Pmin, Pmax, P) every 10 seconds. To dedect consumer analysis (peaks).

Or does anyone know a good local data logger (SD-Card) extension for the Raspi?

I assume that the remote console is only a web server or? If not is there a call/protocol description?

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Cable specified in manuals

Hello peolple, in the victron manuals, it specifies that the installation must be done with flexible multifilament cable.
Each of the filaments must have a diameter less than 0.4 mm (0.016 inches) or a section less than 0.125 mm² (AWG26).
For example, a 25 mm² cable must have at least 196 strands (class 5 strand or higher according to VDE 0295, IEC 60228 and BS6360 standards). An AWG2 gauge wire should have at least a 259/26 strand (259 strands of AWG26). Example of a suitable cable: triple-approved class 5 cable (complies with three standards: the American (UL), the Canadian (CSA) and the British (BS)).

Where can I find this type of cable? In all the places I have asked, they do not know what type of cable it is (and I have asked in all kinds of places...reference electrical stores...on multiple internet pages. ..etc)


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