Can you paralell two MultiPlus, one charging from grid, the other from generator?

Hi everyone,

Hopefully the title explains it all, but if not...

I've read through the manuals and some online articles looking for specific clarification on this, but the information on Multiplus/VEWhatever is very fragmented and poorly organized, and the search function here isn't much better. I'd like a definitive answer before we outlay such a premium price.

We're looking at buying one Multiplus (24v 3000VA) for now, due to budget limitations, to serve as our inverter and the primary 'bad weather' charge source from our generator. But when grid connection becomes available at the property in the next few years, we'd like to add a second Multiplus to the same battery bank, outputs in parallel (single phase) just to boost general inverter capacity, but also to enable grid-charging/passthrough via one Multiplus, while keeping generator charging/passthrough on the other. Ideally, so that we can charge the batteries and/or pass through power to loads from either generator, or grid, or both, depending on circumstances. No plans/interest in feedback to grid.

Is this possible? If so, do we NEED a GX device to manage this?


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MPPT 75/10 charging only in low light

Hello, the following setup to the question: motorhome, semi-flexible, monocrystalline 100W module, SmartSolar controller 75/10, offgridtec gel battery 100Ah. The panel provides power even in low light. If the voltage is 5V above the battery voltage, the regulator turns on. If it then becomes sunnier, the controller switches off again, for example in the low 2-digit range. Then the PV voltage always remains slightly below the battery voltage - switching on impossible. When driving, the following has happened: in a shady forest, the controller suddenly switches on, charging current immediately there and, out of the shadows, over 40W. Since I like to be self-sufficient, the system should of course supply as much electricity as possible, especially in the sun. Can anyone tell me anything about that? Thank you in advance.

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twin motor boat with two alternator how it use for charge battery


I need to know, how I must connect two alternators, charger, and battery.

I have two battery - single starter battery for both engines and single service battery.

I want to use battery isolator (smart relay) for isolate starter battery from service battery but what I must do with alternators? I think I can use simple parallel connection without any diodes.

But may be You can tell me best practice for twin engine boats?

Thank You!

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ESS with an option to Ignore AC input

Hi All

We have been coming across sites with high grid voltage, where we have some ESS systems installed these sites have PV on the Output side of the inverter. Due to our local requirements for PV inverters the grid voltage is so high that the PV won't ramp up to produce enough to charge the batteries.

We still have some legacy systems that run with the HUB2 v3 Assistant and its great for ignoring the AC input with PV on the output side.

Just checking to see if anyone else is in need/or there is a demand of a Ignore AC input on the ESS assistant when there are AC coupled PV inverters on the output, seen as though HUB2 has been depreceated.

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VictronConnect Demo Library anomalies

This is more an observation than a question…

I find the Demo Library in VC a very useful tool for selecting the right product for a project and understanding the capabilities and limitations that are not always so evident from reading the manuals or datasheets. It provides a virtual ‘test drive’ of the product before committing to purchase it. Sometimes I even pre-configure a device in the demo library, save the file and just load it when I install the device. But mostly I use it to check or cross-check product features. For example, I want to use a programmable relay in an MPPT to do some switching based on certain conditions and need to understand what options I have. Doing a 'test drive' helps confirm I can do what's intended.

That’s when I noticed some oddness in the Demo Library…

In the Solar Chargers section there are quite a lot of duplications and a couple of errors. Perhaps the duplications stem from the two versions (Tr and MC4) but they functionally identical as far as configuration is concerned and shouldn't be there.

In sequential order, the problems I noticed are:

· BlueSolar MPPT100/30 – listed twice

· BlueSolar MPPT100/50 – ditto

· BlueSolar MPPT150/35 – ditto

· SmartSolar MPPT150/100 – listed 3 times and last one incorrect*

· SmartSolar MPPT150/45 – listed twice and both incorrect*

· SmartSolar MPPT150/60 – ditto*

· SmartSolar MPPT150/70 – ditto*

· SmartSolar MPPT150/85 – listed 3 times and last one incorrect*

· SmartSolar MPPT250/100 – listed twice

· SmartSolar MPPT250/60 – ditto

· SmartSolar MPPT250/70 – ditto

· SmartSolar MPPT250/85 – ditto

· SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/100 – ditto

· SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/70 – ditto

· SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/85 – ditto

· SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/100 – ditto

· SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/70 – ditto

*These devices don’t list the Relay in the Settings menu. I’m pretty sure they have the same relay as the 85A and 100A versions – unless the manuals and datasheets are wrong. (I've only used the 150/100 so not 100% positive about the /45, /60 and /70 models).

And in the Inverter/Charger (VE.Bus) section..

· MultiGrid 48/3000/35-50 – listed twice

· And the MultiPlus-II 24V version is not there (yet?)

There may be others but these are the ones I noticed.

I know it would be a big job keeping everything up to date but I think this tool should be treated as a 'source of truth' - ie accurate information - about product capabilities.



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Optimisation de la consommation et des micrologiciels


J’aimerai savoir s’il est possible d’éteindre et d’allumer l’écran du RS Smart Solar via un appareil GX. Dans un système DVCC, ce qu’il indique semble avoir peu d’importance et je suppose que son éclairage n’est pas pour rien dans les 20 W qu’il consomme à vide.

L’écran du GX Touch, en luminosité minimale, reste trop éblouissant la nuit. Est-il possible de diminuer davantage la luminosité ?

Enfin, mon système ne comportera jamais d'entrée CA et se serait bien de pouvoir personnaliser un minimum l'affichage sur le GX.

Existe t-il un endroit où l’on peut faire remonter des suggestions d’améliorations comme celles-ci ?

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Using the GX LTE 4G as failover.


Just bought a GX LTE 4G modem and have connected it to my CCGX. The CCGX is already connected to my LAN which has a router connected to the Internet. The router however needs 230V which it gets from my Inverter. The plan is to use the LTE modem to power the inverter on and off to save power in the winter.

The LTE modem is working fine, but I have to reboot the CCGX to make it switch between the LAN router and the modem. So if the CCGX uses the router and I shut down the inverter I loose connection because the CCGX needs a reboot to switch to the modem.

The manual states that there is a failover between the modem and WiFi, but not between modem and LAN..

Any bright ideas out there? :)



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Pylontech battery cable spec


Can someone please clarify the following:

The Pylontech 2m external power cables (both + and -) is labelled 4AWG. The Pylontech US3000 manual (page 12) rates this as a 120A cable. AWG 4 translates to a 21.2mm2 cable with a current carrying capability of 70A at 60 deg C. (

A Pylontech US3000 battery (page 4 of manual) has recommended charge/discharge capacity of 37 A. This cable should work fine with a single module. However 2 modules in parallel will double the current capacity while voltage remain at 48V. Are we really using a 70A cable on a 74 A supply source? Obviously the max current per single US3000 is much higher.

The Pylontech cables does not appear to be a copper cable. The wire strands are silver.

Thank you


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IP65 12/25 2021 inrush current and save fuse size?

Based on a ‘zeilersforum’ topic I found this question discussed: “Blue Smart IP22 charger trips automatic fuse” in this community.

Summary: a IP22 12/30 will trip a 6A and 10A fuse and not a 16A. So, you may need an inrush limiter as proposed by Victron.

In the same discussion Victron added that this phenomina has been discussed while preparing the IP65 design.

Old harbours may be fused at 6A or 10A rather than 16A. The shore fuse may not be accessable after it trips (a reset will do, if accessable).

1:-is the IP65 12/25A model year 2021 adapted in a way to limit the inrush current to 5A or such that a 6A fuse will not trip?

2:-to which save fuse size have the IP65 improvements result in: are 6A and 10A tested?

3:-if not, is Victron willing to test this (or these) charger(s) in order to document needed fuse level and inrush limiter recommendation?

4:-is there a Victron approved hardware interface or schematic with component list available for save use at 6A fuses (a 5A inrush limiter)?

5:-neither manuals are prescribing an “aansluitwaarde” (current supply level) and do not warn for low level harbour fuses. The charger will only take 1.5A average so this inrush is very unexpected. Will you update the manual or supply an addendum on the product tab of the website?

We have a seagoing trailer sailer located in the Netherlands and are planning sailing from remote locations next year, where neither 16A nor 24/7 harbour master may be obvious. The IP65 12/25 is the main charging source for the lfp battery.

Please add the question numbers as a reference to your answers. Thank you.

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Terminals connections screw does not ajust anmyore clamper. How to solve?


On my SmartSolar MPPT 75/10 on of the screw has left the position to adjust the bottom plate from terminals connections. I'm not able to get again to adjust. Anyone know to solve the problem?

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What does Victron use to create their wiring diagrams?

Does anyone know? I'd like to be able to create drawings like that without spending a fortune on AutoCAD or another 3D modeling tool. Thank you.

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two multiplus one battery

hi all

i have two multiplus 48v inverters, one 5000 and one 3000

can i have them running from the same battery and cerbo?

ive been told on facebook, i can not link the outputs as they have to be same size and firmware, just checking that is correct

many thanks

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Adding Solar to Sprinter RV

The coach (WB Navion) is equipped with: (2 * 100) Zamp panels on a 30A PWM Controller, (2 * 125 Ah,) Lithium Batteries. and a Zantrex 2KW Inverter/Charger.

So here's my plan:

1) Connect the (2 *100) Zamp panels in Series and feed them to a Victron MPPT 100/20 Controller.

2) Add (2 * 210) Newpowa panels (Voc=39.6V, Imp=6.24A) and feed them to a Victron MPPT 100/50 Controller.

Did not want to mix panels, so opted for separate Controllers... Please ignore the "extra" stuff: Lynx Distributor, Smart-Shunt, Cerbo GX, and GX Display/Touch.

Question: Is 620W of Solar overkill for this system?


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GX tank 140 connection to CCGX color

Is it possible to connect the GX tank 140 to the color CCGX display via the USB or is there another method. I tried it but it doesn't show up in devices

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successfull login but invalid token

I managed to log in to the API using my credentials and I have received a token.

(Indeed, as has been pointed out in previous posts, if one uses Postman, one has to include the credentials in the body of the request. Their Authentification tab does not work!)

However, if now, I want to do a basic request using the Bearer token, e.g.

setting the header

X-Authorization: "token"

I receive the follwing error message

"success": false,
"errors": "No valid authentication scheme sent",
"error_code": "invalid_token"

How is this possible?

PS: I have also tried the Authentication option provided by Postman to set the Bearer token an it does not work either.

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Low voltage on a LiFePO4. Is it dead?

I just bought 3 x 12.8v 160AH victron batterys, sold as 'good'.
Two are indeed fine, and I've connected them (separately) to a BMS 12/200 as they haven't been used for a while, to re-charge & re-balance.
The 3rd however is reading 9.8v, and the BMS won't allow it to charge, presumably a low voltage protect.Is it dead? or could I try applying a normal charger, to try & boost the voltage above the low voltage limit?I'm guessing its dead, but I told the seller I'd see if anything could be done.



Also, I can't seem to find any info specific to this battery on the Victron website, just the smart batteries, which look a little different, so could someone tell me more about this battery? ie, is it a 'Smart Battery'? I guess its an older, non-smart one, but I'm not sure.
Also, does it have a BMS built in? so I can just charge it with any charger? or do I always have to use the BMS 12/200?
One more thing :) does that mean it doesn't have the bluetooth monitoring?
If thats the case, is a BMV700 the best kind of monitoring system?
Basically, I have one working system in a camper, with bms12/200, which is great, but doesn't have any monitoring yet, and I'm looking to build a second, larger one, with solar, and monitoring for both.

Thanks in advance.

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SmartSolar 100/50 lädt nicht

ich benötige ihre Unterstützung. Ich habe den SmartSolar 100/50 verbaut, parallel ein Ladeboaster 1212/30 und ein Ective SSI30 an zwei LiFeP04-Akku Ective LC150L BT. Diverse passive 12V Verbraucher direkt an den Akkus.

Seit nun mehr als einer Woche dieses Bild, volle Sonne, 450W PW, aber keine Ladung. Was muss ich ändern um Ladung zu erhalten?

Zusatz, bei der Inbetriebnahme hatte ich vollen Ladestrom, das letzte Mal vor 21 Tagen. Seit dem gab es keine Veränderung am System. Mit dem Ladeboaster wird bei der Fahrt mit 30A geladen. Firmware ist V1.57. Fotos siehe Antwort 1.




Gruß Ralf Gericke

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Ondulation CC élevée


Lorsque je charge une batterie lithium 200Ah avec un Multiplus 12/500, au bout de quelques temps le chargeur se coupe et l'alerte "ondulation CC élevée" apparait. Impossible de la charger à fond. J'ai sorti la batterie et le Multiplus du système électrique pour les relier directement entre eux, mais le problème persiste ...
Donc j'imagine que l'erreur vient soit de la batterie, soit du multiplus ?

Avez-vous déjà rencontrer ce problème ? Quelle est la cause d'après vous ?

Merci d'avance

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RS 48/6000 victron connect bug, not recording history properly.

I just thought to report this here, it was recording history for a while now for some time it's only showing me the current day I'm on. Anything I can do?

Using latest update on iphone. Unit seems to be working well otherwise now.

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My NMEA network looses instance ID when cerbo looses power.!
  1. Currently we use Cerbo GX to read data from the smart shunts (500A) and Bluesolar regulators (MPPT 75/15). The regulators data instance ID goes to default whenever I lose the power to the Cerbo GX. But this doesn't happen to the smart shunts, they come live and start to send data when it again powered. I got three smart shunts and 7 regulators. All my smart shunts are connected to Cerbo directly using VE direct cables and the regulators were connected through powered USB hub.
  2. ( Here, am using NMEA reader to set the data instance). Whenever I lose the power, I have to reconnect the actisense and set the data instance again.
  3. I'm using Empirbus system to monitor all these data and the end result is no info from regulators due to this. The PGN number is 127 508.
  4. From my understanding, the pgn is forgetting the data instance ID whenever a power outage happens in Cerbo. But this only happens with mppts.

Is there any fix for this?

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MPPT 75/10 lädt nicht trotz Sonne


folgendes Setup zur Frage: Wohnmobil, Semiflexibles, monokristallines 100W Modul, SmartSolar Regler 75/10, Offgridtec Gel Batterie 100Ah. Das Panel liefert schon bei geringem Licht Strom. Ist die Spannung 5V über der Batteriespannung schaltet sich er Regler ein. Wird es dann sonniger schaltet der Regler wieder ab, so etwa im niedrigen 2-stelligen Bereich. Dann bleibt die PV Spannung immer leicht unter der Batteriespannung - einschalten unmöglich. Beim fahren ist nun folgendes passiert: in einem schattigen Waldstück schaltet der Regler plötzlich an, Ladestrom sofort da und, aus dem Schatten heraus, über 40W. Da ich gerne autark stehe soll die Anlage natürlich gerade bei Sonne soviel Strom wie möglich liefern.

Kann mir jemand etwas dazu sagen?

Vielen Dank im Voraus.


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MPPT Control repeatedly into ‘connecting’ status after firmware update

After using the MPPT Control in conjunction with the Smart Solar 75/15 for about a year the MPPT Control had the ‘CONNECTING’ issue in november after updating the Smart Solar to firmware v1.53. Disconnecting/connecting the VE cable resolved the issue for about a day... Every time the ‘CONNECTING’ message renders the display inoperable. An update to v1.54 made no avail.

After contacting the dealer did an update at their workshop of the MPPT Control but afterwards the display mentioned ‘UNSUPPORTED F ’_’ VERSION’. In the end the display was swapped for a new one. The new display has functioned for a few days until I checked it again yesterday (11 days after installing).

some (maybe useful) info:

-The smart solar still runs v1.54 (VictronConnect v5.35) and has no problems.
-The camper unit is placed under a carport so the (2x 80wp solar panels parallel) have no input whatsoever.

-running a LiFePo4 4-cell Chinese brand fully balanced battery with a VictronConnect blue smart IP67 12V/17A mains charger. The battery is floating @ 13.52V.

Is this issue software or hardware related? Hopefully fixable with a new firmware?

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Error with history tab in connect app

Hi folks. Recently had a 48/6000 MPPT 450/80. We have been very careful with the system, (off grid) and ending the day around 90%.

I took a look at the history in the connect app and from ‘3 days ago’ and older, there was some very worrying data which did not reflect our daily usage. Then I looked closer and every day was exactly the same. The same peaks, lows. All identical. Then I saw that ‘yesterday’ and ‘2 days ago’ also never changed and always remained the same figures.

I reset history in the app and yesterday has again replicated the same figures which always display in the yesterday column and I assume tomorrow, I will see the same data which also appears in ‘2 days ago’

anyone else experience something similar?

also, sometimes the history tab in the app doesn’t appear. Other times it does.

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MPPT Control “connecting”

I have the same issues as noted on several other threads. We have the MPPT 100/20 with the MPPT control. The first control ordered earlier this year showed "connecting" after a week or so of being installed and was replaced under warranty. The replacement did the same. Now the third unit, which the supplier said they updated before shipping it to me, now also simply says "connecting" after a week or so of being installed. I would be very grateful if Victron could please advise a final solution as 3 controls haven’t worked since bought new.

Thank you

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Using SmartShunt 500A with starter battery on car

Forgive me for being a novice here, but I'm trying to find an easy to install, safe Amp and volt meter to monitor the battery on my car that has an intermittent draw. I need to have something permanently installed that will give me the voltage on the battery as well as the amp draw so I can see 1) if the draw is active so I can trace it, and 2) how long I have before the battery dies. The battery is under the passenger seat, so it is basically impossible to check this with a handheld meter without taking the seat out. Thus the advantage of the bluetooth permanent install here. Can the bluetooth SmartShunt be installed on the starter battery or just a house battery on an RV, or does it even make a difference? And, it looks like I can get all the data I need from this device, am I missing something? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Float voltage is too high when ac charger on

When batteries in float,

Float voltage goes to 30v when ac charger turns on. Easysolar 24/1600.

Without ac charger from pv only it is around 27.30v which is were it suppose to be. What could be causing the wrong reading every thing is in default settings.

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GPS Sample Rate

I have a 4GModemGPS fitted with an external antenna connected to a Cerbo GX. When downloading my GPS track history KML file through VRM, Google Maps shows only some partial blue tracks. Do I need to increase the sample rate and if so, how do I do this?

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VRM Remote Console not working via VRM app or website

Hi everyone,

I just recently installed Cerbo GX with the latest firmware (v2.61).

I've connected up my Victron gear via VE direct cables (SmartShunt, SmartSolar and Inverter).

I can log into my VRM account on my computer and use the VRM app on my iPhone, however neither my computer VRM or VRM app allow access to the remote console. I see a screen that says "remote console connecting..." and then after several minutes I get a "cannot connect" error.

I tried to follow the troubleshooting page but the links have moved. Seems a bit buggy which is a surprise for Victron...

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Cerbo GX touchscreen won't turn on Multiplus via RJ45 cable

My Cerbo GX touchscreen will not turn on the Multiplus via the RJ45 cable after I turn it off from the Cerbo Gx touch screen. It seems to lose the connection. With the multiplus in the inverter mode, If I manually disconnect the RJ45 cable and connect again, then I regain the connection and able to operate the Multiplus. Once I make that connection, I am able to operator the Multiplus from the Cerbox GX touchscreen and as long as I don't turn off the Multiplus from the Cerbo GX, it stays connected but once I turn off the Multiplus with the Cerbo GX, I lose the connection and can not turn back on the Multiplus unless I unplug the RJ45 cable from the Cerbo and re-connect. Any ideas on how to fix. I have re-booted my system several times, I have the most current firmware.

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Ethernet cable

In a marina with marginal wireless internet connection. Apparently not robust enough to satisfy the Cerbo Gx/Touch 50 requirements for firmware updates or VRM connection as I can't get a connection. Seems like a temporary work around would be an ethernet to USB cable. Can anyone suggest a specific cable. I suspect there are several different types.


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