Orion 24/12-40 short circuit

Is the unit short-circuit proof, or is a separate fuse required at the output?


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ORION DC DC Charger replaced by a MPPT Charger

Hello all !
Not really a question but more a result of my reshearch on how maintain a Small motorbike Lithium Battery (CA: 300A) in a correct state for starting a genset. and linked to that post : https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/48306/lithium-starter-battery.html?childToView=183762#answer-183762

The truck is powered in 24V as the van part... so 2 set of 24V batteries are available...

At the begining I was powering the Genset on with two DC/DC 24/12 70A Orion converter... It works !! but some power was still missing and the starter engine was not runing so good !!

So since today, here the setup for my genset management with the Cerbo GX....

The Dometic Genset have an Automatic mode status where it is possible to power it up and down with a simple NO relay. (i.e: Venux or Cerbo GX relay).

The point is, in this mode, with the space I have I was only able to place a 5Ah motorbike lithium battery. After 5 days in automatic mode, the battery is discharged... and not enough power is remaining to power on the Dometic TEC40D genset. one detail.

So the goal is to keep the battery in good health with a charger... but witch one ????

The defect of standard charger is 230V AC power is needed... unless I have it in the RV... I don't what to keep it all the time plugged on....

The Orion DC/DC charger ... interesting as it can act as a charger or generator (as well for the standard charger) but... no real communication is possible but with the BT..... and no DC DC charger really compliant with a 12V/5AH battery..

Then after some brainstorming... some figures drawing.... I look on my truck solar implementation and the MPPT charger give me an idea....

Why not using a MPPT charger for the purpose I need.... :

- input 24V output charger12V

- lithium compliant with all settings needed (voltage, current, temperature)

- BT and Ve.direct communication (ve.direct to connect it to a GX device....;-) ) or remote power off/or

So that's it ... since today, I use a 75/15 MPPT charger as a genset 12V 5ah batterie managment (with the help of a small BT battery sence) ... let see with coming days,weeks and months...

So here some screen shoot with the victron connect app, I do not yet integrated with the GX device as this is a test/experience. (so please no comment with the temporary/quick wiring :-( )

I also change the min temperature from 5 to 3 for testing purpose but also because the temp sence is not inside the batterie... so I suppose 1-2 °C of difference... I will tune it later...

the list of devices....


just connected...


Batterie status


After some minutes...


the quick setup and wired up !!! (We can see one orion DC/DC 24/21 still in place as start assist)



So now some weeks of testing and the next step is to implement the same features but with a smart dongle + temp sensor + the MPPT + the ON/OFF remote cable... and there is also a tirth version that will imply more work on my side...

here the schematic / electrical figure principle and draft


So if some Victron experts could give some feedback or comment !


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System design. In Buckinghamshire

Hi everyone

im struggling with system design and what I need. ideally I would like everything to run off of backup batteries as well But my system is split already.

So I have a Henley block from the main income splits the garage consumer unit and the Houses consumer unit. I have a 3.3kW array, solis ac coupled inverter to the houses consumer unit. The Batteries and Victron Inverter would be installed in the Garage.

ideally I would like the solar, loft kitchen and the garage sockets to operate in a grid down manner still ie so I would have to split out the house consumer unit or run the mains to the garage and take it back to the house from the inverter but also have provisions to switch back to grid in the event of inverter replacement.

I looked at the 48/8000 Multiplus which is capable of 100Amp switch so would run the house without overloading, the 48/5000 is another option but would see me having another consumer unit in the garage and another in the house inorder to split the garage sockets , and in the house the loft, kitchen and solar.

I am aware I’ll need to run SWA cable depending on the options of inverter. I’m capable of running two 25mm SWA cables to satisfy 100Amp draw. I could run Cat5e Cable to the garage for the ESS but I have no idea how many pairs I would need to run to the cerbo GX so that I could monitor the solar as well as the incoming from the grid. Also how many Pylontec batteries would I need for each Multiplus 2?

Any help with design would be appreciated and PS is there Victon installers in Buckinghamshire?

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Cerbo GX on wired LAN, sensor on same LAN far away?

Is it possible to have a sensor supply data to a Cerbo GX over a wired LAN despite being far from the Cerbo? Or do sensors have to be wired into the Cerbo or connected via WiFi or BlueTooth?

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CCGX not communicating to Pylontech US3000C batteries through 'VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A' Cable

My CCGX is not seeing my Pylontech US3000C batteries, not showing under Devices

- CCGX firmware v2.92

- VE.can Port Settings: CAN-bus profile - CAN-bus BMS (500kbit/s)

- 'VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A' Cable between A/CAN port on master battery to VE.can port on CCGX (with terminator in other port)

- 3 x Pylontech US3000C batteries master/slaved through LINKPORTs

Got any ideas?



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Node Red: Relais on Smart Solar


I would like to control a heating rod in Node Red. To do this, I would need to use the relays from two Smart Solar. Everything should actually fit in my Flow, but I can't switch the relays. Do I have to make a presetting in the devices themselves, as I have to do with the Cerbo (setting: Manual)?
Or is it because the Smart Solar are currently "Off" due to the lack of solar input?
Or what could be the reason that the relays do not switch?

Greetings from the Ambergauer

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AC charger for shore power: solar electric tiny houseboat

Hello folks, completely new to the forum, and indeed the topic of charging. I am working on a tiny solar houseboat with 24 145W solar panels on the roof. I am looking for some advice on AC shore-charging the 48v battery system comprised of two 24v LiFePo4 batteries wired in series. Each battery is 150Ah, and I will have two banks of these batteries. Thus, each bank has 300Ah for a total of 600Ah of storage.

Because I don’t want to be limited to 240v AC supply, I have not considered the 48v Skylla TG. Right now I am thinking that the IP-65 24v model 24/35 with three outputs is what would work well for our situation. When I want to shore charge, I would isolate each battery from the other, hook up one of the outputs from the charger to each battery, and simultaneously charge each battery in the bank. If I wanted to charge both banks simultaneously (four 24v batteries total), I would need two chargers.

Considering charging time, I think that with the Skylla IP65 24/35 charger’s maximum output of 35A, it would take about 10 hours of charge time to fully charge each 300Ah bank from zero to 100. Of course, I’d hope to generally stay above about 15%, so charge time would be a bit shorter yet. If I were to have a charger for each bank, and sufficient shore power for both, I could do both banks simultaneously during an overnight dockage. Or, if I have just one charger that I would move from one bank to the other, my charge time would double.

I’d appreciate anyone with experience pointing out any place where my assumptions or conclusions may not be correct. If it’s useful and of interest, I’m happy to provide more details on the system or the boat but I wanted to keep things relatively simple if the above is enough information for anyone to give their opinion.

Thanks much!


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SmartSolar MPPT chargers begin BULK mode when MultiPlus-II 3000-50 2x120 in FLOAT

I understand the SmartSolar chargers will go into BULK charge when they wake up in the morning and the PV voltage increases. This is what you would want if you don't have any AC Input. However the MultiPlus-II 3000-50 120x2 is maintaining the FLOAT voltage overnight when the SmartSolar chargers wake up and start charging in BULK mode. The MultiPlus continues to indicate it is in FLOAT. This can go on for some time >1hrs. if it is a cloudy day and the absorption voltage is not reached (cloudy day). They could be sitting at 14.5v for an extended amount of time. Might this be hard on the lithium batteries? Maybe I don't have something configured correctly.

Multiplus-II 3000-50 2x120, SmartSolar 150/85 MPPT (x2), Smartshunt 500a and a Cerbo-GX with remote display.

Firmware is up to date on all components. The Cerbo-GX sees all other components.

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Multiplus 2 powerlimited to 600W: Critical load power limiting behavior?

I have an Multiplus II 48/3000 GX as the core of my ESS. All the PV is DC coupled with SmartSolar. The Multiplus is connected grid parallel. The EM24 is used for energy metering. Due to german laws, I have limited the inverter power to a maximum of 600W.

Recently I added a possibility to connect devices to the AC Out of the MP2. When I have a full battery I disconnect the MP2 from the grid and run it in inverter mode to supply loads with more than 600W like the dishwasher.

The thing I can't get my head arround is the behavior of the MP2 in the case I leave the grid connected and run a critical load at the output with e.g. ~2000W. Then the MP2 runs with a power of something between 1000W and 2000W and i still use 300W to 900W from the grid, althought the MP2 is not running at full power. It is not a transiant behavior. I would have expected the MP2 either to

  • stay at a limited power of 600W since it is still grid connected or
  • to fully supply the cirtical loads and limit the AC IN power to maximum of 600W. (In this case run at full power with 2400W)

Has someone experience with this scenario and can explane this behavior to me?


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Can I trigger a relay based on scheduled charging times?

I am running a Victron ESS system (Multiplus 2 with CERBO GX, Pylontech batteries and SolarEdge inverter). I have a local situation which could be solved/improved if it were possible to program one of the Multiplus relays to operate according to whether the system is within or outside a set scheduled charging period. That output would then be used to operate a high current relay to switch part of the load. Does anyone know if something like this is possible? I can't see a way of doing it but it feels like it should be possible.

Many Thanks

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DC loads/DC system in ESS


I have a 3-phase system 3x5kVA MPII, 1xMPPT, 2xFronius Symo, BMZ lion battery 48V with BMS, everything is controlled by Cerbo + ESS assistant. Everything has current FW, AC Coupled feed in excess - ON, DC Coupled feed in excess - OFF. Now I canceled home UPS APC (for home server, CCTV...) installed Phoenix inverter and SmartShunt. I turned it on in Settings - System - Has DC system ON. I set the SmartShunt as DC Loads. Unfortunately, I have two problems.

The first problem - the DC loads field does not appear on the display. It only appears immediately after a restart, or on the display that I'm not using.

Normal view ( No icon DC Power displayed ):


Display after restart Cerbo: (as soon as ESS assistant starts, the DC loads field disappears)


Another screen I don't use, here is the DC loas to see:


Would it be possible to modify the FW to show the DC load on the "primary" screen like here?


The second problem - if the battery is charged, CCL 0A. When I turn on the DC load, the battery discharges and micro-cycles (100% -> 97% -> 100%...). Unfortunately, the MPPT does not supply any power (to balance the draw from the battery), the Symo supplies power to the grid. Is this normal behavior? Shouldn't the MMPT regulator supply the same power as the Phoenix draws so that the battery is not constantly being discharged and charged? It can be seen in the pictures above.

Thank you for the responses, or for the advice.


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PV inverter support assistant and DVCC


I have been succesfully using the PV inverter support assistant of a Multiplus 2 to control an external heater (excess solar energy dump in off grid system) via frequency shifting. My system had lead acid batteries.

Now I changed to Pylontech batteries. Charge control is now done via DVCC.

This caused the PV inverter assistant to stop working. I can configure the assistant, and as long as I don’t plug in the VE.bus cable of the inverter in the Cerbo unit, it works: ac output frequency is increased by Multiplus, as expected.

However, as soon as I plug in the cable, and thus establish communication with the inverter, the DVCC seems to overrule the inverter and PV inverter assistant stops frequency shifting.

Is there a way to make this work?



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Warning for users relying Solaredge APS

I tested my SolarEdge SE5000 HDwave response to the frequency rise. The battery was 100% and it still continued putting out maximum power requiring manual intervention with myself. Both technical notes from Victron and SolarEdge were followed. The Solar Edge technical team confirmed my settings were correct when I contacted them. They updated all firmware and it still doesn't work. So if you have a SolarEdge connected on the AC out you might find it doesn't work as advertised when you really need it to. For safe testing you can follow my answer to this question https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/184775/can-i-control-the-frequency-output-of-the-quattro.html so you are not running close to 100% SOC.

I would strongly recommend testing the response in island mode with a less than full battery to avoid damaging lots of equipment. Right now I am considering playing safe and moving it back to the input side of the Quattro.

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Android App: How to change default program/action for Share button?

I tapped Share in the History section, but wasn't sure which program to pick, as I didn't know what sort of file it would generate. I picked a notepad application, but I accidentally double-tapped, which set that to be the "always use" choice. Now the Victron app always tries to use the notepad app, and I can't change it. (The notepad app simply freezes when this happens; I guess it can't handle the file that Victron's generating)

I didn't see anything in the app's options to change the default program.
I've done Clear Cache + Clear Data for the Victron app, and also completely uninstalled and reinstalled it, but this program/file default association persisted.

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Venus OS 2.92 and Smart Solar bluetooth connection

I just got Venus OS installed and running on a RPi 4, is was able to connect and get data from multiple Ruuvi Tags but can't find my Smart Solar MPPT. Isn't bluetooth connection to Victron's own devices still implemented? Connecting using a VE.Direct cable is not an option.

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