Blue Solar MPPT and Smart Solar MPPT network issue


I’ve created a network for 3 off Smart Solar MPPT controllers and one off Blue Solar using a Bluetooth dongle, does the Blue Solar have synchronised charging via the dongle or is it only read by the Smart Solar Chargers?

I cannot see the blue solar in the “Network Total Power” and it was in Float while the Smart Solars were still in absorption.

Do I need to update the old blue solar charger to smart solar charger to get synchronised charging and see it in the total network power?


Smart Solar charger showing synchronised charging


Blue Solar not showing synchronised charging


In Adsorption and shows total network power


Blue Solar in Float and not showing Total network power

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Multiplus 12|3000|120 AC-Out-1 wire size

Multiplus 12|3000|120 AC-Out-1: 75A possible. AWG 6 recommended.

AC-In says to use three-wire cable, AWG 6 gauge. Rated for 50A.

I've seen 6/3 cable say 55A per conductor, so is 6/3 cable sufficient for AC-Out-1? Or use three AWG 6 wires, or a lower gauge like 4/3?


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Quattro 15000VA and Pylontech US3000 high voltage alarms

I had this setup running flawlessly without alarms (except due to imbalance at start) for almost 1 year and in the last month I started to get High Voltage alarms. I have been in touch with Pylontech and tell me that is victron causing it due to high charge voltage... But I have all the settings lowered twice in the last week and I still get this issue.


  • 2 x Fronius 6Kw
  • 1 x Victron Quattro 15000VA
  • 6 x Pylontech US3000

Looking at battery voltage-current graph, on the left we can see how in the night the battery gets charged (with the grid) and regulates very well and keeps the max voltage on batteries around 51,52V quite stable.

On the right we can see how the battery its charged during the day, with excess solar but firstly it does not charge as smoothly as with grid (even it is charging at less amps) then once charged tthe battery voltage keeps shooting up until sometimes reaches even 54V.

What is causing victron to work differently during the night and day?


Here are the limits configured in VEconfigure and even limited on DVCC too. As pylontech support recommended.



Should I even lower more the maximum charge voltage? I even limited the charge current to 2A during a few days and still got overvoltage alarms.

I have checked and all cells are balanced thus no idea what else might be going on.

Looking forward to some experienced Victron member to illustrate me why during the night and day is different.

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Gestion de deux pack de batteries LFP de marque différente

Bonjour à tous.

je n'ai pas trouvé la réponse à ma question. si c'est que j'ai mal chercher effacez mon message.

j'ai un multiplus II 48v 5000 avec un pack de 6 batteries

Pylontech US2000C 48 Volts 2,4 6 Kw/h dim:442x410x89 6000 cycles

un color control avec connexion au réseau et du photovoltaïque sur le toit.

on me propose d'autres batteries des DLG E-BOX-48100R qui ressemblent comme deux goutes d'eau aux Pylontech et qui sont LFP aussi.

me question est la suivante.

est il possible de gérer deux pack different avec le Victron ou même en ajoutant du matériel ?

merci par avance de votre aide.


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Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct connection to grid

Dear community,

I want to build a mobile solar power station - with a protector case (Pelican), a Solar Charger Victron SmartSolar, an inverter Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct 12/800 and a 100Ah LifePo4 Battery. When I am at home I want to connect the system to an AC grid distribution to feed in power for AC self consumption. When I am traveling I want to use the system as an offgrid installation to provide some devices with power.

In the manual of the Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct there is a warning:

"Never connect the output of the inverter to another AC source, such as a household AC wall outlet or a generator. The inverter does not have a fuse in the AC output."

Would it possible to connect a schuko (germany) cable to a AC circuit breaker / fuse by modifying the cable? Or do I need to get another inverter (Phoenix Compact or even Multiplus) for my use case?

Thank you very much in advance,


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Can I connect to vrm with 2 Cerbo boxes in one LAN

I have a 2 installations of off grid systems and both have a Cerbo of they own. They seem to be same tcp / port while they are with separate ip. The router wan is static and sigle ip. Can I have Cerbo to run on custom ports? One in 80(default) and another in - let say 81 ? it would be much easier to configure on my RUT955 router that way.

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Missing VRM advanced data

When I view my installation dashboard it shows battery, consumption, and solar data back over the entire life of my system, but when I view the advanced page (or try to export from it) I only get data from the Battery SOC widget.

How do I get the rest of my data?

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Why battery temperature is no longer reported on VRM Dashboard



Couple months ago


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Multiplus II Minus durch BMS getrennt - Problem ?

Hallo, ich bau mir grade meine China Wechselrichter um auf ein neues Victron Multiplus II 48/3000.

Ich habe nur mal gelesen, das der Minus nicht getrennt werden darf, da der Multi II sich dann woanders den Minus holt.

Aber was passiert wenn das BMS die Minusleitung unterbricht, was bei mir schon mal vor gekommen ist ( hat abgeschaltet )?

Habe mal ein Bild:


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Raspberry Pi and official touch screen - 3-4m away from Pi

I have a Raspberry Pi running Venus OS in the battery bay, connected to a smart shunt. I would like to add a touch screen and ideally it’s the official touchscreen as I have seen all the scripts available to make dimming, auto sleep, etc work with Venus OS. The screen would be in the lounge room of the RV

The issue is the official screen is designed with a ribbon cable that expects the pi to be mounted to the back of the screen. Is there a way (or even another solution) that allows a screen 3/4m away from the pi that retains all the touch, brightness and auto sleep features?

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Free relay pulse


I am trying to trigger a remote pulse relay via the aux relay in a color control unit. Does anyone know if the aux or free relay can send a pulse instead of a signal when certain conditions are met?

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VictronConnect "switch to grid" timer - software glitch?


I tried to work it out somehow but no matter what I set up its switching to grid after 15 maybe 20sec.

I need it set something between 2-5mins.

Changing loads etc no makes any difference.

15sec, top 30 and switched.

It's under multiplus 48/3000

Check out please.


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weak battery warning MPII + Pylontech


I have a Multiplus and 3x Pylontech US 3000 as an ESS System with a cerbo running.

configuration: Victron & Pylontech UP2500, US2000, US3000, US2000C, US3000C, UP5000, Phantom-S, Force-L1 & L2 [Victron Energy]

from time to time, I get messages in the console of cerbo with weak battery warning.


does anybody has a clue why this occurs?

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Multiplus 12/3000/120 & ELCI

It looks like my new shore breaker is an ELCI. I'm getting nuisance trips. Sometimes once per week, sometimes every two weeks. Twice this past weekend. These are happening with very low load on the system, like 3A. Looking at VRM doesn't show any shift in mode that precedes the trip. Nothing appears to be turning on that is causing the trip as almost everything is off when it occurs (nobody on the boat).

Has anyone run into this? Seems like it's going to be hard to troubleshoot given the sparadoc nature of it.

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Victron Pylontech BMS Dropping SOC Daily Trend
Hello, I have a Victron systemsl in a remote location with poor utility grid supply.
BBIC: Quattro 48/8000/100, SCC: Smart solar 2x 150/70, S olar PV: 5.94 kWp, B attery: Lithtech (brand) LFP 3x 100ah 16s (300ah 51.2v) which shows up on VenusGX as with a "Pylontech BMS". Software unknown.
Monitor Pylontech BMS on CAN-Bus. There's no BMV installed.

Location is mainly used as a UPS during the week with low weekday loads of about 270w. Weekends are busier with regular family loads. It connects to the grid via a transformer

The system is currently on Virtual Switch settings which limit grid input to events of heavy loads or low SOC.
I have tried successfully ESS when the system is totally off-grid. However DVCC doesn't work well with the bad-grid mains power.

28 August: system shutdown when the Grid-In breaker tripped off apparently due fault on the grid supply transformer. Location changed from ESS back to Virtual Switch. Grid-In breaker was left off so the system became totally off-grid.
20 September: (chart attached) a trend of dropping %SOC was noticed. Despite the batteries reaching full absorption and float voltages (54.8v and 54.2) and current reducing to 0.00A by midday, the SCCs would enter float and merely supply the AC loads. Battery would idle at 0w. But max SOC trend was down daily: 100, 98, 97, 95, 93, 91, 89, 87, 85... About 2% per day.


21 September: I used remote veConfigure to increase the BBIC absorption to 55.2v and float to 54v. SOC jumped from about 63% the previous night to 100%. But the following day, SOC declines returned. By 5 October, at 3-4% daily decline!
Daily overnight discharge is about 7.0A (chart attached). The batteries report full charge voltage and 0.00A current around midday.


I have tried without further success to revive the daily dropping SOC trend by
(1) tweaking BBIC or SCC settings back to absorption 54v and float 54v; (2) changing the moniter from Pylontech BMS to Quattro device; or (3) connection of Grid-In supply; or
(4) increasing solar charge current limit up to 70A. (This results in faster charging but doesn't shift the dropping % SOC.

All Victron kit have the latest firmware.
Lithtech cannot provide updates for the "Pylontech" BMS in its batteries. Lithtech also seems incapable to diagnose the problems or perform other quality technical support.
2 of the battery 3 units 5.12kWh packs are unresponsive to onsite scanning by Pmodbustools software. Perhaps these 2 packs have weak cells that are dragging down the average daily %SOC?

Suggestions of alternative Pylontech-compatible software will be very welcome, especially if capable of remote monitoring.

At wit's end! Apologies for the long post. I have searched the Victron community, Diysolarforum, powerforumcoza and online, but cannot discern a solution. What else could be wrong? How to resolve the falling %SOC?

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SOC Always Decreasing

Connected to shore power the SOC goes down more everyday. The system hovers over 13.5. Would love any help I can get. The MPPT is inside the RV and the batteries are under the coach about 10ft away. I am using the biggest recommended size cables for everything. I am thinking about getting the Smart Battery Sense Sensor since they are not both in the same enclosure, but I thought the 712 would send the voltage and temp info across the network to the mppt. Anyway the SOC has never gone up without me having to sync it to do so.


RV Setup

4X100AHU Battle Born Batteries LIthium

800 Watts Solar 4 200W 18V Panels in Parallel


12/3000 Multi Plus

712BMS With Temp Sensor

150/85 MPPT Smart Controller

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Quattro 3000 No Pass Through

Hi. I'm new to this. I have two 3000 Quattros tethered together. On a recent (first) RV trip I plugged in shore power and 240V from the distribution box. I had lots of yellow lights flashing incl the inverter light. I suspect the batteries are flat and the shore power, being input 2, will not charge the batteries, only the input 1 which is from the bus alternator. Is this a fair guess? And if so, why didnt the 240V shore power 'go through' and energise the system? Do the inverters 'shut down' in this scenario so input 2 isnt passed through? That was more disappointing as I had no vehicle power whatever despite being plugged in.?

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Victron Phoenix Multiplus 12/3000/120 Setup.

Victron Energy Phoenix Multiplus 12V/3000VA/120A, V.E. Bus Multi Controller, Victron Battery Monitor.

I would be grateful for advice regarding setup because according to Victron

All DIP switches are OFF position; does this indicate system has been configured using V.E. Bus ?

My Laptop has a LAN Cable connection; will a Lan Cable be sufficient to communicate with Multiplus or will I require additional interface?

Regards and Thanks


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MultiPlus Three Phase Setup with Option for Single Phase Mode?

I am installing a 3phase Setup with 3 Multiplus 24-3000 in an offgrid camper setup.

Input will be single phase. I will not need the 3phase configuration all the time.

Is there any way to switch to single phase mode with only one Multiplus active and back to 3phase if needed? Therefore saving standby power of 2 Multiplus when 3000VA would be enough?

I understand that if I switch off 2 Multiplus the system will give a failure and not work at all.

Best Regards

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MultiPlus 3000 bricked during failed firmware update

One of our customers tried updating the firmware of his Multiplus 12/3000 using (initially) VictronConnect and an MK3-USB. This failed halfway, and since then the inverter will show all LEDs flashing when switched on. He tried redoing the update with VE.Configure to no avail, at this point the MK3 won't even see the inverter any more.

I've read through all the posts on this forum that describe a similar issue, but none seem to have a solution for my customer's dilemma.

Is there a way to get the inverter to revert to an older firmware, so we can get it to communicate again? Any other suggestions to recover from this?

Thank you!


Solacity Inc.

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MPPT 250/60

hallo, bitte um hilfe, so meine anlage läuft im sommer super, reicht aus, möchte im frühjahr erweitern, habe jetzt einen mppt 150/60 4 strings je 3 module a 330wp, 40v, 10a,

wenn ich einen mppt 250/60 nehme und nochmal 12 module komme ich auf tasächlich ca, 5000wp wens gut geht, da ost .west ausrichtung, laut victron datenblatt schafft der 250/60 max 3440wp, kann der mppt dadurch kaputt gehen ? habe gelesen das er abregelt und gut is ?? vielen dank.

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comptage le plus précis avec MP II pince AC ou ET112


Mon installation et constitué d'un Multi plus II 5Kva 230v/48v

actuellement le relevé des conso et fait par la pince ampèremétrique relier au MP II

le MP et régler en ESS avec un point de consigne réseau à 0W

en regardant VRM sur mon tel en réseau local celui ci m'indique des valeur import ou export de l ordre de quelle que watt mais quand je regarde sur mon linky au même moment j'ai souvent des import et j ai des valeurs qui tourne à 500Va

de même sur le portail VRM il y a un écart de valeur entre ce qui et relever par le linky et la pince du MP (environ 10KwH sur la ligne Depuis réseau) et la somme des valeur de conso ne retombe pas a zéro


Ma question et la suivante le quel des comptage et le plus précis la pince AC direct sur le multi ou le compteur ET112 connecter en rs485/usb sur le venus

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Buck-Boost Temperature via CAN-Bus


I might to know the answer already, but is there a possibility to get the battery temerature which is on the CAN-Bus into the Buck-Boost for low temperature cut off?

Thanks for your help



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IP22 BLU Smrt Chrgr parameter adjust for Parallel batteries

I have four Crown CR-260 batteries in the typical 12VDC series/ parallel combination. I will use the IP22 30Amp charger with a custom configuration to maintain batteries during storage and perform equalization so generally they will be nearly full charge. Trying to follow Crowns charging instructions from their data sheet and videos I find information conflicting and hard to comprehend. So far little help from Crown customer support. As I understand it, Bulk Stage should terminate at 2.37VPC; Absorb Stage terminates at 6 Amps (which I believe is the return amps) and Float Stage terminates at "Normal transition to END OF CHARGE at 115 – 118% of AH returned". So that was clear, NOT. I did find a video from Crown that float voltage was 2.25VPC. Crown also defines equalization as " Every(7) days. Four additional hours at normal finish rate of 6.0 amps." I guessing 2.37VPC At max of 6 amps for four hours. A crown video has equalization at 2.58 VPC for 2 to 3 hours. So any idea how to setup the charge parameters for the IP22 custom configuration?

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How to set up EasySolar II GX in a configuration which prevents feeding energy back to grid ?

Does the EasySolar II GX feed energy back to the grid by default? If so, how can i prevent that?
otherwise if it doesn't by default, can safely connect it to the grid ?

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Alarms - Automatic Reset

EasySolar 24/1600/40

I keep getting a transient battery temp alarm. This comes on and I've traced it to a heater blowing hot air over the sensor.

But the only way I can find to reset it is manual. What I want to do is firstly delay the alarm activation (something like trigger alarm if condition exists for longer than x minutes). And automatically clear when condition clears. Also with a time setting.

Searched all over, found nothing. Nothing in the manual, nothing in the configuration software. But I'm very good at not finding things. Has anyone come across this?

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Power off Multiplus II when lost communication to Color Control

Good day.

Is it possible to implement immediately inverter (MultiPlus-II 2x 120V) power off when the lost connection (Ve.Bus cable) to Color Control?

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Blue Smart IP65 conecting issues with Connect App


My Blue Smart IP65 12/15 charger does not connect reliably to the Victron Connect App. Three off five connecting attemps fail! The App does not find the charger. That's anoying and disappointing. According to the comments at the app store, many users do have such issues!

The App developer recommended to switch the phone to airplane mode, wait +10sec, switch airplane mode OFF, and try to connect. That helps sometimes, but often not. Sometimes I have to do that up to 10 times to get a connection! Clearing the app memory cache seems to help, but not always.

The App developer also recommended to disconnect mains and battery when the connecting issue occurs. I tried that, the app connected, but trying to reconnect after an hour did not work. Connetion issues again. The App did not find the charger
The charger is built into the cabinet of my camper car and therefore hardly to reach. At such applications bluetooth makes really sense! Always diconnecting wires to get a BT connection is not an option,

I like the charger and the app, as long as it works. But the connecting issues suck! I bought Victron especially for the bluetooth funtionality. But with regular connecting issues it is not worth the money!

Disconnecting wires to get a bluetooth connection can't be a permanently workaround. 10 attemps with fiddling at the android settings only to get the app to connect, is also pain in the ass!

Phone is Motorola G5 with Android 8.1, distance to Victron is less 2... 3 meters, other BT devices are not connected, Victron firmware and App are the newest versions.

Please advice for a reliable solution. Will there be a firmware update to fix that issue?



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Easy solar 2 GX which i have just connected to a 10kw generator,

I have a Easy solar 2 GX which i have just connected to a 10kw generator, how do I know its charging the batteries ?

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