Help connecting REC-BMS to Raspberry Venus OS with RS485 cable

Hi, I am looking for some help to write a script that allows the Venus OS to show all the REC-BMS data parameters.

The RS-485 Communication Protocol and the RS-485 instruction set is listed in the REC manual: REC-ABMS manual (page 10)

Can anyone help?


@Kevin Windrem

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12 volt wanted when lithium battery switched off

Can I get 12 volts via my multiplus compact when my battery is switched off but am still connected to shore power. This is so I can use the 12 volts on my RV without having to have the heating on to keep the battery warm, TIA

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ESS slowly discharges my battery with Keep Batteries Charged

My system slowly discharges my managed battery over a couple of days even while the Keep Batteries Charged option is selected. Currently it's down to 94% and doesn't seem to stop any time soon. My PV Charger is out of commision (Panel Maintenance) so the only charge source is the Grid - which is fine.



Freedomwon 10/8

SmartSolar 150/35/1.54

ESS/Keep Batteries Charged

No Power Assist or anything strange selected. Pure UPS at this point in time.

Any ideas why it would keep on discharging my battery? At some point I am going to need the capacity for grid failures.


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I have a blue smart IP22 12/30 Interrupted over and over again

I have a blue smart IP22 12/30 my battery bank is 4 300ah lifpo4 battery's,

I have set the charge voltage to 14.6v with the custom setting as recommended by the battery manufacturer.

removed the charge time limit as its a large bank.

The charger charged to 1kah and has moved to absorption charge at 14.6v but keeps being interrupted over and over again after charging around 0.5AH.

what is wrong have I set something wrong or could there be a fault with the charger.

Regards Rob

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VictronConnect On / off control

I am researching the ip22 charger and wonder if it can be turned on and off using the victronConnect App. I could not find a way to do this in the app demo. Thanks - Tim

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Best Quattro settings for lead acid floaded batteries

Hi everyone,

I'm going deeper in knowledge about the Victron systems. As I said in previous topics I have an UPS system composed by:

1. Quattro 48/10000/140 (only inverting) - HUB1 assistant - NO ESS (this is a problem I know)

2. two Charge Controller for separate solar panel string: Smartsolar MPPT 150/85 and Smartsolar MPPT 250/100

3. 48V floaded lead TAB batteries

I don't have internet connection so for now I cannot perform or check settings on my Quattro.

The charging voltage limit imposed in MPPTs are:

- ABS:59.6V

- FLOAT: 55.20V

- COMP: 60.2 V


Moreover, virtual load setting on MPPTs is "Batterylife".

The installer was pretty bad in explaining and giving me instructions, and before asking directly to him I want to have a better idea about the best settings.

What I'm asking you is if you can give me some info about the settings of my Quattro Inverter for my configuraztion, expecially regarding the Min and Max battery's voltage in order to have good battery power to the loads in evening after a sunny day... I know it is a "rookie" question and that those settings depends from a lot of different factors, but just to have an idea when I will finally link my system to the VRM.

Thanks so much for those who will try explain me!

Here some pictures of the system.20210115_181808[1].jpg20210115_181824[1].jpg20210115_181842[1].jpg20210115_182925[1].jpg

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Solar Box Off-Grid & On-grid

Hello VE community.

I am a solar developer professional but not as technical as I pretend ...
I have a personal project to create a "Solar Portable Box" with Lithium batteries to run amplifier and speakers in remote areas with a MiltiPlus 800VA + SmartSolar 75/15.

If I have no doubts regarding the functionality in "Off-grid" mode, I would like to know if I can :

(1) - Do a rapid charge of the batteries from a wall power outlet without waiting from solar.
(2) - In order to amortize the costs, use the solar box to inject energy (solar + battery) at my place in self-consumption using a wall power outlet of the house. The grid would take the peaks and back-up. I don't want to perform some BTM cabling each week end.

If both of these on-grid modes work, I would really appreciate your support with the AC ports to use and eventual settings to be adjusted (if any).

Thank you very much for your support

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System Overcharging

I have a site with a battery going into overvoltage alarm. I have updated all firmware and checked the charging parameters.

It apears that the VENUS GX connected is the one 'dictating" the incorrect charge settings.

System config:

Venux GX FW 2.60 DVCC enabled
Quattro 15kVA FW 476 (was 430 with same issue) with ESS
150/70 Smart MPPT
250/70 Smart MPPT
2 x BlueNova 52V 8kWh (to make 16kWh battery)

Charge absorb settings are set to 56.2V, Float at 55.5V.

When Venus GX is disconnected Charging on all devices stops at 56.2V

The moment VE.Bus is connect to the GX the charging (on Generator) goes up over 60V (battery cuts off at this point). This also happens with the battery comms disconnected.

Any pointers on how to fix this?

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Details of my MultiPlus


The Multiplus I have installed doesn’t have the same format of serial numbers as those I’ve seen online. I’m trying to as ascertain date of manufacture, firmware etc...


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Multiplus II discharging battery under min. SOC

Hi !

My Multiplus II sometimes discharges the battery with 4W or 9W when min. SOC has been reached. It switches between 0W, 4W and 9W in undefinable minutes, or even hours. I´ve set the min. SOC to 15 % .

As I looked into the system after about 12 hours later, the battery has been discharged to 11 %.
I don´t know if it would go under 10 %, because system started to charge at 11% at morning.

I´ve installed the system just a few days ago, so I don´t have much experience with it so far.

Does anyone face the same issue ? Did I set somehing wrong in the setup ?

System is running in ESS optimized mode without battery life, no scheduled charging.

1xMultiplus-II 3000
Venus GX
2x Pylontech US2000 4,8kWh
AC coupled PV-Inverter Fronius IGTL 4.0 connected to AC-in



Thanks in advance for your help !



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Help! I stripped my lithium battery threads!

I disconnected my battery to install battery hold downs and upon reconnecting my victron smart lithium battery’s negative cable, the bolt seems to have gone in at a slight angle and stripped/offset the thread in the batteries female post connection. I stopped tightening with the ratchet when I could feel it slipping.

Basically what I’m left with Is that the bolt bypasses the first 1/8 inch of threads then engages for two or three turns and then gets extremely tight when reaching the orginal thread spacing. What are my best options here? I could/and will eventually need to use a slightly longer bolt anyhow but I don’t wanna force it into the remaining good thread and risk ruining it. If worse came to worse, will the entire female receiver be replaceable? This is a brand new 160 amp hour victron smart lithium battery.

I very much appreciate any advise.

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MPPT relay trigered by charging


In my aplication i need detection of charging by MPPT. I was going to use the build in relay, but there is no such option. The perfect solution would be to trigger it when charging power is for example 50W or higher. As i saw in configuration its not posible to detect charging, so for sure its not posible to detect specific power of charging. Now im using Day detection option, but its also not working - if there is some not natural source of light its always trigered.

Summarizing i need to detect day of charging from MPPT, prefered without any other devices.

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BlueSolar PWM-LCD&USB 12/24V-30A is it ok for this configuration?


Is this PWN controller "BlueSolar PWM-LCD&USB 12/24V-30A" ok for 2 panels with the specs:

Polycristalline, 280W

Open Circuit Voltage(V) 38.5 V

Short Circuit Current(I) 9.54 A

Maximum Power Voltage(V) 31.7 V

Maximum Power Current(I) 8.83 A

Module Efficiency 17.2 %

And charging a 12V battery.

Thank you!

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Phoenix Multiplus charger/inverter compatibility with LiPo batteries
On a recently acquired boat, I would like to replace my six AGM deep cycle 335Ah 6V batteries with three ACES AL12V400HFA-BT LiPo 400 Ah batteries. These batteries have internal battery management, and the following specs (per cell, and there will be three of them):

capacity 100 Ah
Cont. Discharge Current 100A
Peak Discharge Current 350 A
Max charge current 100A
Rec. charge current 10-50A
Nominal Voltage 12.8v
BMS cutoff voltage 10v (internal BMS)
charge end voltage range 14.2 - 14.6v
charge characteristic CC / CV

I would like to know if the following battery charger will work with these batteries:

Shore Power charger/inverter: "Victron Phoenix Multiplus 12v 3000VA 120A VE.Bus Inside”

If not, I would like to know what equipment changes need to be made in order to use the LiPo batteries.




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Cerbo has recorded a high voltage input that exceeds the uk limit of 253V

My Cerbo has recorded a high voltage input that exceeds the uk limit of 253V

BS 7671 Appendix 2 section 14.

The UK supply 230 V +10% - 6%

Help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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MultiPlus II overload on grid failure

I have a MuliPlus II 5kVA 48V which I installed to mitigate regular load shedding. The system has been idle for about 6 months after which it has had a trial by fire of about 20 events in the course of 2 weeks. It handled everything great except for on 2 occasions where the MultiPlus tripped and reported an overload as the grid failed. In both cases the load was minimal at the time of the trip +- 200W. In both cases I reset the system and reconnected the exact same load and the system came up fine.

Can anyone explain how this can happen? Is it possible for the grid itself to cause something that is reported as overload condition?

A portion of the cable run that feeds the Multiplus power from the grid shares a conduit with the cables that return power to the house. Could this be an issue (ie an induced eddy current)?

Thank you.

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Where is serial number on MultiPlus 12/2000/80?

I’m researching whether the 12/2000 is UL 458, or if it at least meets the criteria even if it is not certified as such.

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Using AutoTransformer to create 120v/240v split phase from single phase 120v input

I have a use-case for the AutoTransformer that is different from what I see generally discussed. I want to use it in my RV to take in 120v 60 Hz from either my Onan Generator (2 separate 120v legs that are SAME phase) or the shore power inlet (30/15 Amp which are 120v 60Hz single phase). I have those 2 inputs going to an automatic transfer switch so whichever one is "on" will pass through to the AutoTransformer. I would like for the AutoTransformer to step up the voltage from 120v single phase to 120v/240v split phase. I will then pass that split phase into the input side of my dual inverters (one inverter for each 120v leg) so that when I have a single leg input, I still get both inverters charging instead of one side passing through voltage and the other rejecting the phase and inverting to make the "correct" phase.

So, my question is, how should this be wired up to the inverter. It has labeled "input" and "output" sides but the "input" side only has 240v Line and Neutral labeled connectors. The "output" side has 120v Line 1, Neutral, 120v Line 2 connectors.

My intuition tells me to disregard the input/output labeling and connect my source 120v power with:

source 120v Line > AutoTransformer "output" Neutral

source Neutral > AutoTransformer "output" 120v Line 1

Then my output would be the 240v wave form stepped up via transformer as measured between the "input" Neutral and "input 240v Line connectors. I would need to carry over the neutral from the other side to provide 120v/240v split phase.

It is this last part I am unsure of and need some guidance on.


Diagram attached of my planned whole system that hopefully makes clear what I am trying to achieve.


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Energy meter not recognised/displayed on color controller GX


Wondering if any one has had issues or can help with energy meter not recognised on CCGX.

I have a Carlo Gavazzi em 24 energy meter. It is over 65 amps so using CTs and 3 phase installation. There is a direct connection to the CCGX from the energy meter using victron RS485 to USB interface cable. Meter works fine.

Connected terminal 41 yellow, Terminal 42 orange and terminal 43 Black.

When connected there is only a solid red led light at the USB connection to the back of the CCGX, and will not find/recognise the energy meter.

I have since taken the meter to my distributor and we have experienced the same issues when connected at their work shop. Tried new RS485 to USB interface cable.

Would appreciate any feed back if others have come across this issue or have a solution. I understand this is the only meter compatible over 65 amps for the CCGX?



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CCGX: Current limit only 15.5?

I have a Color Control GX controlling two MultiPlus 24/3000/70s in VE.Bus single-phase. When I try to dial down the input current limit, it only goes as low as 15.5 do I get it lower? Do I need to do something in VE.Configure? I notice for each individual inverter lets me go as low as 6. I've read something about PowerAssist limiting how low a VE.Bus setup can go, how do I configure that?

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Orion-TR 12/12 30A as a charger


I have the following situation: I made a camper with a new housebattery, 300A lithium. I wanted to charge it with the engine of the car, so I bought the victron orion-TR 12/12 30A (360W isolated). I connected the car battery with the orion but it does not seem to work. Have I bought the wrong product? Or am I missing something?

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Cerbo GX Water Tank Level Sensor Recommendations Needed

Hi Folks,

I am excited about the tank monitoring capabilities of the Cerbo GX but I see so many different and highly technical posts. I really am hoping that by now there is a "plug and play" recommendation. I have three fresh water tanks and would prefer outside sensor install but whatever is proven and most accurate. I have access to all tanks from the top and sides. I also have the Cerbo connected to a BMV-712 and a Multi-plus inverter by the appropriate wire cables and then on to the Raymarine Axiom Pro(where I will hope to read the water levels in addition to the phone app or VRM).

Appreciate your recommendations.


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Is there a Victron Quattro 24/3000/120-50/50 120V

Or is there and where can I find them? Id go with the 48 volt version but that makes it difficult to charge the house bank off the engines as the dc/dc chargers are all 12/12, 12/24, 24/12...

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Integration between Color Control GX and Sodium Battery 48TL200

Hello, i want to integrate the Color Control GX with my sodium batteries (Fiamm 48TL200), but, unfortunately the Collor Control GX does not support this batteries BMS, i want to develop the support. There's some tutorial or some kind of documents i can use to do this integration?

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BMV-712 suddenly reports wrong high current

I have an RV trailer with single LiFePO4 battery, solar charger and AC input. BMV-712 works fine most of the time and reports sensible numbers. Occasionally though it enters some bad state when it reports approx +17A current (as if the battery is charging). Voltage readings are still good. The only way to get it back in good state is disconnect the power. Current reading fluctuates as the actual load changes. It seems the readings are shifted up ~17A or so.

I saw the same problem earlier when I had an AGM battery and a bit different wiring. All the cables are connected to large nuts of the shunt. The battery alone to one side, all consumers to the other.

I suspect it breaks down when there is a good charging current. Last time it did that when I left my RV with solar panels plugged in. (I use MPPT 75/15 controller.) Not sure how and when exactly it happened, I found it in 17A state when I returned. The other time I plugged the AC power, the battery started charging at about 30A, that gradually went down to 17A and I figured it is stuck. On the other hand, most of the time AC charging goes without a problem. Last time it even started charging at over 50A and BMV worked fine.

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How to reset pin codes

I have just purchased a used RV with the devices below. I loaded the app and tried '000000', did not work. Read the manuals and couldn't find where to reset pin number. Also no button on Smart Dongle.

BMV-712 Smart

SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 Controller

VE.Bus Smart dongle

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BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 and LiPo batteries

My boat has BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 solar panel controller and AGM deep cycle batteries. I would like to replace the AGM batteries with LiPo batteries with the following characteristics:

capacity 100 Ah
Cont. Discharge Current 100A
Peak Discharge Current 350 A
Max charge current 100A
Rec. charge current 10-50A
Nominal Voltage 12.8v
BMS cutoff voltage 10v (internal BMS)
charge end voltage range 14.2 - 14.6v
charge characteristic CC / CV

Can I use this solar controller with the LiPo batteries, and if so, do I need to change the settings?



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My Agm Camper life duration

Good evening, this is the story of my Agm battery for cyclic use.

We have been living in a camper for almost 3 years.

The battery is almost exhausted.

I mean, with loads of 2/4 amps it is still good.

But with a load of 15 amperes (C 0.15), it only returns 25/30 ah.

I took a test with the recently purchased victronenergy smartshunt.

Is this normal after just 2 years and 8 months of continuous daily use?

The battery has about 1000 light cycles.

It discharges daily at approximately 12.5 / 12.6v.

He only suffered 3 or 4 deep discharges.

It is always charged at 100% every day, from a 300watt panel with a 30 amper mppt regulator.

The charge is set as follows:

- maximum current phase

- absorption phase of 90 or 120 minutes at 14.5v

- floating phase at 13.7 / 13.8v.

- temperature compensation at -3mV / C / 2V (about -18mV / C)

The working temperature has always been between 15 and 30 degrees. So very good.

The charging parameters are correct right?

On the battery it is written to charge at 14.7 / 14.9v in cyclic use and 13.8v in buffer use.

But my cyclic use is very light, almost a buffer use.

So I decided that 14.9v is too much.

Also I have seen that charging at 14.5v, the tail current is reached at the same time as at 14.9v.

In few words, monitoring the absorbed amps, I noticed that 14.5v equals 14.9v.

So I preferred 14.5v because it generates less gas.

The battery is designed for 1000/1200 discharge cycles (70%).

It actually has less than 1000 cycles at 80% now.

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Charnging LFP from two alternators

Hi everybody. I need to charge a Li battery bank from 2 different alternators. System configuration is as follow:

Engine 1 24V 60A alternator with internal regulation connected to its start lead battery

Engine 2 24V 60A alternator with internal regulation connected to its start lead battery

House battery back is 2 x 25,6V LPF Smart 200Ah with Ve.BUS BMS.

The idea is to send two alternator positive to the busbar and put a cyrix Li-charge between them and the lithium battery bank. is there any synchro issues?

Boat owner would like to use Buckboost but I have no knowledge ho to manage with two alternators. Do you have any advise?

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BMV-712 Smart on VE Smart Network

I have just installed a BMV-712 Smart to my solar system and added it to the network with my SmartSolar MPPT and Smart Battery Sense.

I did not purchase the optional temperature sensor for the BMV as I (and my dealer) believed that the BMV-712 would get temperature from the network, it does not.

The BMV allows for monitoring only one of either start battery, battery temperature or midpoint battery voltage.

Now that I have already wired and set my BMV to monitor battery midpoint, I can no longer have battery temperature, even with the extra optional sensor.

What information does the BMV see and use from the network? Is there any benefit having it connected to the network at all?

Victron – can this be changed in firmware?

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