adding a multiplus 24/3000/70 and 24v 18650 battery bank to my 12v system

through a chain of events as payment for a debt I have acquired a MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 and a 2.1kw Battery bank of 18650 cells. my 5th wheel trailer has a 12v system and a 2.8kw battery bank of A123 nano-phosphate cells. with no charger or inverter. I thought why not use both battery banks and mutiplus so I purchased an Orion tr smart 24/12 dc to dc charger, smart battery protect 12/24-220 , battery protect BP 12/24-100 my thought was to have the Multiplus charge the 24v bank and use it to provide AC when boondocking and when needed have the 24v bank charge the 12v bank.

secondly ... I also have 800watts of solar and a Victron 24/12 - 30 mppt smart controller I would like to install. my thinking there was to use 24v

does anyone have an opinion on this ? or is there a better solution? I have read several posts here that touch on nearly similar questions but were not definitive

thank you


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What Ah battery requirements do I need to power a Victron 2av inverter?

Current set up has 1 x 110ah LA, there’s only room for one battery! Looking at a 220ah Victron gel but at £500 it’s not worth a guess.

(The inverter is overkill as it’s only running a 1200 w hairdryer)
please help

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LiFePo4 battery voltage variation


I have a MPPT SmartSolar 100/50 with a LiFePo4 200ah 12V battery Voltage is constant when sun is covered and there is less sun, but voltage seems to vary more when sun is at its best and MPPT is in absorption mode with voltage sometimes hitting 13V which can turn of my skylight roof vent/ 12V fan at times. Would you know where the issue can come from? I have the base LiFePo4 battery preset configured on my MPPT regulator
Many thanks for your help


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BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 not charging


I have issues with my MPPT as it is not charging the battery. On the attached screenshot you can see that the AGM battery is supplying the load but the charger is not starting. It was days with pure sunshine and it was only charging the first two days. This is now present from more than two weeks.

I know, that the panel needs to be +5V compared to the battery to start charging but to me it seems, that there is a voltage drop and the panal voltage is following the battery voltage.

I already checked the fuse and it is ok. Also the input voltage at the controller is the same as measured in the app.

It would be great if you could tell me, what I am doing worng or what am I missing here.

Many thanks in advance!


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Remote VEConfigure Grid Guard Code not accepting usual code

Using Remote VEconfigure - Multiplus Firmware 403

CCGx with v2,57 FW

Remote VEconfigure asks for Grid Guard password code when uploading the amended VEConfigure file.

However, it is not accepting the "usual" one..... (i am not changing any grid params, only battery parameters)

Help plz....


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Random grid tripping, but ACin 1 Voltage still present...

Hi all

I have a very odd issue which has happened maybe 2 or 3 times in the last 4 months, today was the last.

What it looks like is the grid falls away for 0.15-0.3 seconds, when I review the data I can see the current going to zero but not the voltage. See the image below.

I can only assume the system is acting as it should, and that either the dip is just too small/ too quick to be picked up by the Quattro's monitoring, or the voltage sensitivity is set too high. South Africa is known for many things, one of them being an unreliable network, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a voltage dip.

So I guess first and foremost has anyone else experienced anything similar?

And secondly, is there any way to verify exactly why the system started inverting?/ to what extent did the voltage dip?





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Cerbo GX cannot connect to VRM


Anyone with a Cerbo GX had any issue getting it connected to VRM?

I installed mine today and it is on the WiFi properly and has internet connectivity (able to do firmware update/checks). It has IP Address, Gateway, and DNS all showing properly. I can access the Remote Console over LAN without issue. The network has wifi connectivity without issue and there is no captive portal signin required. I am using a USB connected StarTech wifi adapter through a powered USB hub. I was using this same adapter with my Color Control GX before this and it was working flawlessly.

I have an error code 150 and no VRM Portal ID showing in the console (but there is one on the side sticker - trying to register installation using that is failing since VRM is not communicating to the GX). This has been pretty frustrating so any assistance is appreciated.

This happens with both the latest stable VenosOS release (v2.57) as well as the latest release candidate (v2.60-37). I believe the out of the box version was v2.50 which did work.

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Battery voltage readings

We have an MPPT 100/30

at night it reports a zero or near zero battery voltage. This cannot be right as we still have power. During the day this reading is 13 to 14 volts.

Any idea what is happening?

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Pin ändern

Mppt 75/15 seit dem letzten Update nimmt er die geänderte PIN nicht mehr an, und setzt sie immer wieder auf die Standart PIN zurück. Am Dongle blinkt zusammen/gleichzeitig die blaue und die Rote Lampe

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Victron Multiplus could be used offgrid??

All this time I believed the Multiplus needed any sort of AC input to work as an inverter, but I just read that the Multiplus could be used on offgrid applications or if there was loss of power on the grid. Does this mean the multiplus actually works like a Phoenix inverter if there's no AC in?

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Change active soc

I couldn’t find an answer to this in the threads.

Due to the SOC getting out of sync with actual charge, batterylife raised the active soc limit. There is plenty of solar available now that the soc is correct, so how can I reset the internal limit as it is preventing me using the batteries properly at night.

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Quattros in parallel system not accepting shore power?


We have a system set up in a motorhome, consisting of 2 Quattro 24/5000/120 units in parallel. We have a single 120v circuit running loads inside. The system works great in ON mode, running off the batteries.

When switching to Charger only with shore power on, I'm getting a flashing 'Mains' light on the master for about 10 seconds, then a loud relay noise and the lights go dead. The slave is flashing 'Float', and keeps flashing after the master goes dark. Stays like this until restarting both units. Will work fine in ON mode, just using inverter only.

I have a Color Control GX hooked up, and it is not showing any details about shore power. From what I'm reading it looks like it doesn't like my shore power, but can't figure out why. Tests 119.6v at each inverter on AC-In 2. Tried adjusting current with Digital multi control, no change.

Thanks for any ideas - system is as follows:

12.8 LifePO4 batteries

Digital Multi Control

Ve.Bus BMS

Ve.Bus Mains Detector

2x Quattro 24/5000/120 units - setup as master/slave parallel, both have Vebus BMS Assistant

Color Control GX

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SOC en dessous du SOC mini

Bonjour à tous

J'ai un problème avec le soc mini de mes batteries Byd qui étant réglé à 20% descend parfois en dessous (18%) et provoque la charge des batteries à partir du réseau. Ce problème intervient surtout en fin de nuit et provoque la coupure du disjoncteur réseau car la charge des batteries (48v 80A limité par DVCC) et mes autres charges sont supérieures au réglages du disjoncteur réseau.

Si je descends DVCC en dessous de 80A, je ne bénéficie pas de la pleine puissance PV en journée pour recharger mes batteries.

Est-ce que l'on peut régler le problème du soc qui descend en dessous du soc mini ou bien est ce que l'on peut interdire la recharge à partir du réseau?

Quattro 48/10000/140 firmware 475

CCGX 2.54

Batteries Byd pro 20Kw (2x(4x2.5))

18 Kwc PV parallèle ACin L1

200/300w en ACout 1



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COMMISSIONING Quattro/Eco4840p Powerplus with BMV

I've just installed lithium Eco 4840p powerplus battery with Quattro

i have 6 x 4kw batteries + bmv and want to set up with latest firm ware and settings with 2 solar chargers 250/70 mppt and color controler. Included is auto generator start

Ive installed plenty BYD set ups and haven't had to many problems so hoping ther was some directions similar on victron website some one and point me towards.

I have all battery parameters from power plus ready to fill out.

This being a Aus Battery can some one help with the steps of programming as i see this a great option going forward

COMMISSIONING Quattro/Eco4840p Powerplus with BMV with color controller and two SMART SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS 250/70 MPPT asked
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Skylla Titan 48/25 with Gel battery bank, powered by 240v generator

The Skylla Titan charger comes with factory set values. My understanding is gel batteries shouldn’t be equalized. The charger IUoUo characteristic is 3 stage, boost, equalise, float.

My question is, should the equalize stage be switched off with these batteries? In The manual, it’s called equalize-charging mode. Options for 0, 4, 8, 12 hrs before switching to float. Factory setting is 4hrs.

If set to zero, it would then go from Boost to float before fully charging? Is that correct or is the equalise-boost meaning absorption?

Or keep 4 hrs and it will finish the last 20% of the charge with reducing voltage (not an over charge)?

Hopefully it all makes sense.

Thanks, Mic

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How can I use the voltage free contact on PowerPlus to trigger an alarm with my Cerbo GX?

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

Hi Guy - We've had several Victron installers who use Powerplus batteries that have an alarm pin in their (optional) RJ45 connector, voltage free contact, normally closed, Opens if the breaker trips. Most installers just want to get an email to let them know. Could we recommend the Venus and use the Potential Free Contact, (one of the 3 inputs) or similar on the Cerbo. Then set up an email notification in VRM.


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Making Enphase IQ connected with AC input work with the Multiplus in ESS

Hi all, My system is 1.8Kw panels with enphase IQ microinverters and enphase envoy controller. I have the enphase set to no export with two CTs on the grid input. That works fine with no issues.

The system has to be AC coupled, I added a Multiplus 48/3000/35-50, 220V and used a 32A Victron autotransformer to get the split phase system to work properly. also have 8 x 6v GNB Marathon Element AGM batteries.

My issues with the system are:

*Optimized Without "Batterylife" mode, the charger doesn't reset after a discharge to minimum SOC, so effectively stays all the time to the latest status it had(eventually remains in float forever), Here in my region I don't like Batterylife changing the "active SOC limit" on daily basis because some days are cloudier than others. But cant use it without Batterylife, because the problem with charging.

*The Enphase no export limit seems to be around 50W, this cant be changed, so I had set the ESS "Grid setpoint" to 120W. During day time, after the ESS detects loads getting under the grid setpoint, it does start charging, but immediately enters self consumption any time the loads are greater than panel generation. This keeps interrupting the charge on cloudy days, there is some claims that is better to charge the batteries to 100% before using them on the next cycle.

The solution could be using a schedule to set the daytime as charge only, not allowing self consumption to kick in. And also for the inverter to use the battery when the tariffs are higher, or to allow the batteries to rest in float mode for a while(there is also claims on this to be good for the batteries). Basically something that tells the system when it is allowed to kick in the inverter.

A work around I found is setting the "Maximum inverter power" to 0W every night after battery is discharged to "Minimum SOC", with "Limit inverter power" enabled. Then I have to set it back up for the inverter to start back. But I see no reason why couldn't be automated.

*When the grid is gone the Enphase envoy seems to command the microinverters to shut down, because it does detect 0 Watts on the grid input. I had to manually change the enphase profile to allow export, for them to come back to life. I plan to test a relay that activates a load to trigger the current transformers to report a fixed load above the grid setpoint on the envoy. I think I have to wrap several turns around the CTs to achieve this with minimum load.


Alex V.


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BMV Instantaneous power fluctuates; how to tell power draw?

I’ve noticed that while charging via solar, the BMV-702’s value for watts being used fluctuates with the power coming from the charge controller, even when the load is steady. What might I be doing wrong?

I’m using a Raspberry Pi to read the data from the battery monitor. When I say `watts being used` this is the “P” value, which they document as `Instantaneous power`. Overnight when not charging this value is stable at about -19w which is a bunch of AC devices like cell modem, wifi, Rpi, etc. I understand this as it’s negative because it’s drawing power. As soon as the sun comes out, this value goes above zero, as expected because it’s now generating watts, but if I take the value that the charge controllers says is charging and subtract P-value, I still get a much higher number than roughly 19w and the graphs track with the intensity of the solar charge.

Obviously I’m not understanding something here?

300ah AGM (3x 100ah) batteries

Renogy Rover 60a Charge Controller

Renogy 2000v Inverter

Victron BMV-702 Battery Monitor


Shunt wired between batteries and bus bar, everything else connected to the bus bar(s)


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SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 output fluctuation since update to fw1.49 using VictronConnect v5.21beta5.

I just updated a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 to firmware 1.49 using VictronConnect v5.21beta5 (iOS TestPilot says beta 5 but settings shows beta 4), the solar harvest starts fluctuating and also the DC voltage starts to show some disruption. The output will slowly increase and then suddenly drop to 0 after which it starts up again slowly. It would continue this cycle until the sun is down.

After the update, VenusGX showed a notification that there was an unsupported DVCC firmware so I updated the connected Phoenix MultiPlus 800 to FW 474. I also updated the ESS assistant. I have restarted every single component in the system, disabled DVCC to no avail. Eventually I removed the load and disabled feeding back into the grid to safeguard the battery because this was the only thing I could do to stop the DC voltage fluctuation.

I also have a BMV700 in the system which is already running latest firmware.

I did do a factory reset for the SmartSolar MPPT to no avail. Could something have gone wrong during the firmware update? It halted for a few second during the update process and then started over. Is there a possibility of downgrading the MPPT to a slightly older Firmware just to check?

This system had a perfect was working perfectly before, there were also no clouds in the sky that could explain the behavior.


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Wire sizing 75/10 for single panel on a boat

Have a Smart Solar 75/10 with a 100 W, 12V panel with a Imp of 5.7A. No shore power, no inverter. Just the boat's engine alternator.

What AWG wire size would you recommend for 2% V drop?

Panel to Control: 13' one way distance.

Control to Battery- 10' one way distance.

Control to Electrical Panel buses- 5' one way distance. Is this sized assuming all loads are turned on at the same time and go thru these wires?? That would be around 11A.


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Multiplus not using full shore power limit

Running the air conditioner in the RV with AC input current set at 15 but muliplus will only use around 9.5 and is using power assist to make up for this. See screen shot 1


If i turn off power assist it will then fully uses shore power and even has a little left over for battery charge. See screen shot 2


I have tried turning on/off the weak ac and the ups functions. How can i fix this? I need to have the power assist on so even though with it disable it does pull the full amount from shore current. With it off i am unable to run other interment ac loads.

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skylla i 24/80/3 erroneous nmea bus readings

brand new skylla i, just installed,

all working correctly - except that displayed current readings when charger in “storage” mode are incorrect.
channel/bank B displays a varying current between 1-2A ... even when bank is disconnected from battery!
channel A/bank A - varies also but by smaller ammount ... however is “corelated” inversely to movement of B. (eg as bank A varies from 0 - 0.5A ... the displayed value from B reduces by similar ammount.
bank C displays constant 0.0.
in case of Bank A & B ... the readings are incorrect - as compared to actual measured current.
Bank B displays ... even when battery disconnected (garunteed zero current!)

readings are displayed on two different raymarine axiom MFD, AND cross checked & verified using nmea2000 bus monitoring disagnostic tool ... the displayed readings on the nmea bus are varying as described and displayed.

when “forcing” the charger into a period of absorption - the displays read a more constant current & displayed agrees with actual measured.

the problem appears to be with display behaviour when charger in storage mode..

Q: is this a hardware fault (in brand new unit).. or software?

Distributor has advised to post question in forum .. before initiaating warranty/return process

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Can I parallel a Phoenix with a quattro?

Can I parallel two Phoenix 5000's with a Quattro 5000?

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CERBO GX causing multi to quit

Got a question that hopefully someone can help with. I have 600Ah BB, Victron Multi 3000, 3 Victron solar chargers and the cerbo and GX monitor. Everything is hooked up and working, I went in to VE config and set everything up as well as added the Hub-1 assistant so that I can use solar as primary even when plugged into shore power. (in an RV). Everything was unhooked as Victron said and the send went fine to the multi. I then unplugged my computer (but left the cable plugged into the multi), plugged the cerbo back in and turned on the AC power. that is where it goes south. When I plug the cerbo in it causes all the loads to the subpanel to be lost and causes the multi to flash invert, low battery and bulk/absorb all alternating. When I unplug the cerbo, reset the multi everything goes back to working. Now until today the cerbo has been working fine. So I unhooked everything again, went back in and restored everything to default, hooked it all back up and I still have the same issue. What in plugging up the cerbo is now causing the multi not to work? Also I have tried multiple RG cables, no difference. As long as the cerbo is not plugged in the system works fine.

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Help with Assistants to use AC2 as dumpload

If I connect my 1000 watt water heater to AC2 of my Multiplus 48/3000 and use the assistants in below screenshot, is it correct that it will do the following?

  • Start the boiler when above 70%
  • Stop the boiler when at 60%
  • Stop the boiler when overall load is above 2400 watts
  • Only start the boiler when overall load is below 1500 watts


I found this thread that I've used as reference. My system is Easysolar 48/3000 with BMV712 battery monitor running 14kw lifepo4 batteries and the reasoning is that I'll never need more than 60% of batteries for other vital loads.

Thanks a lot!

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How resistant to harsh vibration are victron products in offroad trailer

I see a lot of installs of victron products in camping trailers, rvs and caravans etc. There is even a documented victron “van” install design.

i live in Africa, have used multiplus in my house for years, but am considering installing one in my offroad safari trailer.

Before i do, can anyone comment on their performance in this environment of very rough roads, corrugations, pothole tarmac etc.

The trailer suspension is probably a little harsher than the towing vehicle to add insult to injury.

Thoughts appreciated.


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Can I use the MPPT with a small panel to maintain my gel batteries while not in use for long periods of time?

I have a setup consisting of 2 x 330Wp panels connected to a blue solar 100/50 controller to charge 2 x 190Ah 12 batteries. This setup is for an off-grid cabin that will not get use during many months (6-9). During these months, the 330Wp panels will be disconnected and stored. The question is: Can I use a small 20W (21.5Voc) panel to maintain the batteries topped during these 8-9 months via the MPPT charger?

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BlueSolar 100/5 lifert bis 21Volt

Hallo, ich habe einen Multiplus 3000, und einen BlueSolar 100/50 an 2 LIFEPO4 ( 12Volt) angeschlossen. Der Multi lädt die Lifepo sauber (nicht über 14,6 Volt). Bei 14,6 Volt schaltet der interne Batterie Manager der Lifepo die Batterien ab. Wenn ich nun den Bluesolar dazu schalte und die Batterien voll sind geht die Spannung langsam über 14,6v, die Batterien schalten intern ab und die Spannung steigt rapide auf über 20 Volt an. Trenne ich die Solarpannels, geht die Spannung wieder zurück auf die Lifepo Spannung von 13,6V. Der BlueSolar steht auf Stellung 7 für Lifepo.was kann hier die Ursache sein? Ist es nicht so, dass egal was ist, der Ausgang des BlueSolar auf 14,2V begrenzt sein sollte? Gemessen wurde das ganze mit einem BMV 712 und 500A shunt. Die folgenden Bilder sind die Panells abgeschalten.



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Settings Depth of discharge offgrid


My setup:

Multiplus 2 5000

Byd b box pro 13.8

Im searching for the settings for depth of discharge setting. I can only find it at ESS but its not allowed to activate it running an offgrid version

I would like to shut down the system at 15% and reactivate the inverter at 18%.

Thanks it andance

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