Global Link 520 VRM Data Display

I just spotted the new Global Link 520, aside from the obvious negative that in the UK we will have to wait for network support, I was curious as to how the data would be presented in VRM.

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MultiPlus 12/3000/120 overload thresholds

What are the AC1 overload thresholds for the MultiPlus 12/3000/120? I know the stated 2400 continuous number and I believe a 6000 watt peak but am looking for more detailed surge specs. My old Magnum gave various inverter wattage ratings per time limit (i.e. 5 sec, 30 sec). Can this not be published for this unit?

This evening while running a 7500 watt generator to charge LiFePo4 540AH @12v while also doing some cooking I got an overload fault and shutdown even though it doesn't appear I ever even exceeded 2400 watts on AC1. Any ideas why the fault?

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Cerbo & DC generator

Hi All,

A couple of questions. Today I hooked my fisher Panda dc generator onto the cerbo relais, works like a charm. (Not via a bus because of the age of the genset) The cerbo doesn’t have an option for a DC generator only AC, correct? Might be a future software upgrade? Nevertheless, it works.

The question is, do I need to connect it to the charge disconnect of the BMS or will the Cerbo pass that signal on to the generator via the relais (set to ‘no’ for off en ‘nc’ for start). It is set to operate within a certain SOG range. But does the cerbo switches it of in case of a bms charge disconnect? When the bms shuts down, the cerbo is down too so in that case the relais will be set to ‘no’ again.


It could be usefull to have the generator as backup power supply for the vessel in case something happens at sea and the bms switched the load off or alternatively a (mayday only;) bypass for the load disconnect in case of a urgent situations at sea where safety is more urgent that the lifespan of the lithiums :).


Gert Jan

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Currently available and cost-efficient USB Wifi adapter for **GX devices

It would be good to have an updated list of Wifi modules that the CCGX supports. Because the article about it on the Victron website ( is almost 3 years old and for example the ZyXel NWB2105 isn't available anymore!

I tried 3 other USB Wifi modules: 1 works, but doesn't fit in the CCGX housing (Sitecom WL-344), 1 doesn't work (Sitecom WLA-2100 v1001 > no driver support, isn't recognized), 1 sort of works, but is very slow and unstable. (Generic Nano USB)

Could someone please provide the brand/type specification of a few USB Wifi modules that work with the CCGX and that are generally available. (I am curious which USB Wifi module Victron uses in house for testing purposes at this moment.)

What would help me (and other users) mostly is the specific brand and type of USB Wifi module that 100% works well with the CCGX and is generally available at this moment in time.

I have been trying to figure out which currently available USB Wifi module is a good replacement for the ZyXel NWB2105 (antique by now), but the "buy-and-test" approach is costing me a lot of money and time, as I am down to my 3rd module that doesn't work...

If other users have good tips (with a link to the shop that sells them. I am in The Netherlands, BTW, but we should aim for a Wifi module that can be bought everywhere), that would be appreciated as well! ;-)

Thanks in advance! :-)

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Warranty Claim When Amazon Seller Wont Respond?

My MPPT purchased on Amazon is failing and is still under warranty but past the standard return period.

The seller isn't responding to my attempts to contact them using the Amazon tool.

What do I do to resolve my warranty issue?

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Feature request: Allow Multiplus to be switched on&off from the VRM Dashboard

Hi there,

I'm using - and loving - the VRM portal, live controlling my installation (the new layout is great).

As I must spare any lost watt, I'm often switching on&off my multiplus C. Somebody knows if, in the future, it would be possible doing it directly on the main page, without opening the console?

That would be awesome !




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Mijn Multigrid 2 48v 3000 should be able to produce an outputpower of 2400 watt. At 25 Celcius and colder my Multigrid is producing a maximum of 2250 watts. Why is this?u

Mijn Multigrid 2 48v 3000 should be able to produce an outputpower of 2400 watt. At 25 Celcius and colder my Multigrid is producing a maximum of 2250 watts. Why is this?

And what kind of configuration is necessary to produce the maximum of 3000 watts. The multigrid is build into my boat and I can use my boat now as a powerbank for my solarpanels. The boat builder says it is not possibel to have an output power of 3000 watts

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Why do the solar charge controllers not have GFPD?

I am trying to understand why the Victron solar charge controllers do not come with GFPD built-in since this could add considerable cost to every Victron charge controller having to add an external device for this depending on your legal requirements. To protect the 250V SmartSolar controller in the USA it appears the "safest" option is the $350 Morningstar 600V GFPD which is nearly half the cost of the controller itself. I know Midnite Solar charge controllers have this built-in so it is possible to do this without significant cost. I realize this may be tricky question to answer but am generally trying to understand the reasoning for it not being built into every charge controller if it is in fact a safety feature whether or not it is installed in a location that legally requires it.

I know other parts of the world are installing these in residential stationary settings. Are most of these locations not required to have GFPD and/or is there something considerably cheaper that is being used for that protection especially for the 250V controller?

Is Victron working on a solution to make it easier to install these in markets requiring this feature?

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Odd behavior of easysolar-II GX when sun is strong.

Setup: easysolar-II GX, the Smartsolar 250/70 has been replaced once already as it failed in three months.. needless to say I’m a little paranoid of it doing it again.. today for the third time the solar charge “disappeared” from the VRM and off console.. rebooted the GX, and it could see the charger but not the Multiplus.. second reboot of the GX and everything returned to normal..

Solar panels are Canadian Solar CS6P-250P connected 2Px6S VoC is well below 250v and should remain so down to -5C (it rarely goes below 4C here so should be safe from extremes).

BVM-712 connected ( and monitoring 4x200ah flooded batteries + midpoint.

Load is a bunch of computers and networking equipment (around 2000w continuous... 24x7).

What I am seeing which concerns me is is everything is fine and stable until high clear sun (hazy sun is fine).. generated wattage goes up to around 2500w (mostly around 2000w)... however today was watching and when the sun was clear and strong it would generate 2800-2900 and immediately drop to as little as 4w before ramping up again, then dropping, then ramping... littlehaze or cloud comes across and it ramps up to less than 2550w and it’s stable again... that clears and back again to completely unstable over 2700w.

Anyone else seen this? Any idea why? Victron staff you’re welcome to remote connect or check the data in VRM... I don’t want to see this blow the solar unit again and I am getting concerned as if there is a fault in the inverter it’s going to be a real pain in the proverbial as the computers are part of a global server farm and it provides UPS services for the farm. (Hopefully will have 2 more soon so it won’t be such a problem if one dies.. but also worried about reliability in all cases.)



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Control maximal Charge Current from SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 with BMV 712

Dear Victron,

I have installed an oversize PV System in relation to the battery in my car (Old VW T2), which I use to demonstrate PV opportunities in Indonesian rural areas. ( All installation is private financed by us and we try to promote renewable energy to rural places in Indonesia without any payback. But step by step the local media ask us for interviews and talks in the television and we start our blog in Indonesian on YouTube :D

1. The Panels can produce 1,16 kWp under STC. Size was chosen based on the maximal allowed space on the roof.

2. SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 charge my battery with an additional SmartBatterySense and BatteryProtect BP-100.

3. Just one Luminious SMF 12V 200h is installed due to weight and lack of space (I know this is not ideal, but it is an old car and 69 kg for each battery is just really heavy)

4. SUOER FPC D1000A Pure Sinus Wave Inverter (1000W continuous power/2000W peak power)

To increase the maximal life-cycle of the battery under tropical high temperature I reduce the maximal charge current to C10, which means 20A. When I demonstrate it to the people I put some big load to my Pure Sinus Wave Inverter. Since my PV System can easily produce more than 80 A on the 12V site at daylight, I need a device which can change the maximal charge current depends from the load.

The BMV 712 can easily read the current and direction of the current which going in and out of the battery and it can be easily connected via Bluetooth to the other devices.

Is there a possibility to drive the MPPT from the SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 with the measured current from BMV 712 so that the net current to the battery is limited to 20 A?

Or is there another device which can do this which is available in Indonesia, because Victron parts I bring directly from Germany? I didn't buy the BMV on those time due to lack of money, but now because of the response and the interest I need a solution.

It is so great to see the people step by step understanding renewable energy and with my background as a physicist i can explain them a lot :D

I am really happy for any advices or helps.

Thank very much.

Best regards,


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Blue Sea 7603 Replacement - MultiPlus, Cyrix-ct, SmartShunt & RPi


I’ve currently got a ‘Blue Sea 7603 - 10A BatteryLink Charger’ and an APC UPS. I purchased the Blue Sea because it can use AC shore power to charge two isolated battery banks with a 3 Stage 10A battery charger but also it can use DC power from the alternator to charge both the Start and the Auxiliary battery through an integrated 65A ACR (Automatic Charging Relay - Automatically combines batteries during charging, isolates batteries when discharging and when starting engines).

The problem with it though is that there is no monitoring or visibility of what's going on apart from a panel mount 'display' consisting of a couple of LEDs. I've recently had a problem with my Auxiliary battery not seeming to hold charge and I'm struggling to troubleshoot and having to use a multimeter, etc.

I recently learnt that the MultiPlus 12/500/20-16 has a second output intended for charging a starter battery albeit limited to 1A. Therefore would a MultiPlus and a Cyrix-ct be a suitable replacement for the Blue Sea and an APC UPS?

I've added a SmartShunt, VE.Direct to USB Interface (for the SmartShunt), MK3-USB (for VE.Bus on MultiPlus) and a Raspberry Pi with Venus OS to meet my requirement of greater monitoring and visibility of what's going on. However how will I know the status of the Cyrix-ct?

Is there a panel mount display which can interface to my configuration?

Thanks in advance for your advice.



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BCS IP67 24/5 makes clicking noise

Hi there I have 3 blue smart charger. 2 are 24/5 and one 12/25. today I installed the last one. A brand new 24/5. I noticed that he makes a clicking sound every 10 seconds. All my other chargers don’t make any noise. Is it broken?

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Ip67 charger

Hi i just installed the ip67 charger 12v/7amp in my vehicle.

When the unit is in bulk or absorbtion modes, it does not keep the voltage or current steady, the unit audibly clicks on and off every 10 seconds or so and the current goes from 0 to 7 amps.

Charging 135ah agm battery. No load at the time.

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VE.Bus BMS and MultiPlus

I am hopping someone knows the answer to this as I am not near the boat and so can't test.

If the RJ45 VE.Bus cable between the MultiPlus and VE.Bus BMS is disconnected or the communication path is somehow interrupted such that the MultiPlus can't see the VE.Bus BMS what happens to the MultiPlus from a charge and load perspective. Does it shut down because the VE,Bus BMS Assistant is not talking the BMS or does it just keep working.

I have searched all the manuals and forums and can't find an answer.

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Genset with 5 wires

Good day, I have a Quatro and a genset with 5 wires on the linking cable. The installer connected and tested and said everything works fine, but I noticed that the controller light stays on (like being switched on). This should only happen when the genset has to start. Any help will be appreciated.

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Victron awesome software updates and openness

This is not precisely a question but I wanted to make sure Victron management is aware of this. I am in USA and specifically purchasing a Victron solar charge controller(s) and Inverter (Quattro) along with Cerbo GX and other tidbits precisely because I see Victron continually updating their software (even macOS!) and making their monitoring and communications "open" for others to fully customize. It was really a breath of fresh air to see this and should be more openly marketed since I find this to be a huge advantage compared to other companies on the market that have fully closed systems and/or haven't updated their software in years.

So my question could be, can Victron make sure they take advantage of advertising these features (openness and continual software updates)?

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ACOut2 Relay Status on VRM Portal (Workaround)

While I am also waiting on Victron to find time to add the ACOut2 Relay Status to VRM portal and the Modbus Registers I thought I'd use a workaround to get what I need.

The following is a workaround to get a Quattro ACOut2 Relay status on VRM portal and also to check it via Modbus/TCP. Below is what it will look like.


What you need:

1. GX device with Digital Inputs. Refer to the following link to compare different models.

2. Two to Six core Mains rated data cable depending on how many inputs you want to use, that you can legally use inside a distribution cabinet. I used some spare CBus Pink data cable that has an isolation voltage of 4KV. It has 4 cores but only used two for Digital Input 1 and Ground.

3. A suitable connector, to plug into your GX device's Digital Input port. I'm using a Venus GX and it requires a RJ12 connector. Refer to your GX device manual to see what is required.

4. A Mains rated DIN relay like a Hager EN146 Humfree relay.

Venus GX Setup

1. In your GX setup, go to Menu -> Settings -> I/O -> Digital Inputs and Enable Digital Input 1 and select Door Alarm.

2. Go back to the the Main Menu and you should see the Digital Input now visible on the GX screen. Go into the Digital Input 1 menu and select Setup. Make sure you Disable the Alarm and select Invert otherwise the state will show Closed when in fact it's disconnected or unplugged.

3. Go one step back in the Menu and select Device. In this menu you can rename the input to EG. 'ACOut2 Relay'.

VRM Setup

At this point the new Digital Input should be visible on VRM Portal under Devices.


To setup VRM Portal to show the status you need to go to Advanced and then select the Widgets icon in the top right hand corner. Scroll down to the new Digital Input and select the two options as per below.


You now have VRM Portal reporting on the Digital Input 1 you enabled.

Wiring Setup

1. To wire everything together you need to install the Relay coil between ACOut2 and Neutral after your ACOut2 breaker. The relay will engage when ACOut2 is active and disconnect when you are in EG. Inverting Mode or any other mode that disconnects your main ACOut2 Relay.

2. Wire the NO/COM contacts of the new relay back to the GX device's Digital Input 1 using the mains rated data cable and you are ready to roll.

Final thoughts

I know this method is a workaround but at least you can monitor the state of the relay via VRM Portal as well as Modbus/TCP. In my particular case I wanted to know when it engages or not as I suspect a controller failure on my Quattro is not handling ACOut2 Relay as it should (fix in progress...)

To check the status of the relay using Modbus/TCP just connect to the GX IP address and use the Digital Input 1 ID and Register to read the Holding Register value. It should be either 6 or 7 as per the documentation.


I am not an electrician and any work done from the above suggestion is at your own risk and I am not responsible for any damage it might cause. If you feel you need verification or assistance with the above then please contact your Victron installer/reseller/distributor or electrician.

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Managing multiple charging sources for max charge current

I have a set of FLA batteries on my boat that can accept 200 amps of charge current at 12V in bulk mode.

For charging underway I have a 150 amp alternator and am also expecting to add solar in the near future.

If I use a inverter/charger (for example 2 miltiplus units or a single Quattro) will the Cerbo controller back off the charge current to that of a programmed acceptance rate for the batteries?

I want the capability to charge even if not underway at my full 200A but do not want to exceed my batteries charge current acceptance rate.


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MPPT 100/20 turning load on/off every second

Good afternoon,

after the firmware update few days ago, the solar MPPT controller now turns load on/off every second. It happens most often in voltage scenarios around 11.5V or lower. My Custom minimum voltage is set to 11.0V so before it used to keep load on until Voltage dropped below 11.0V for about 1-2 minutes.

The connected load is light with only some LED light bulbs about 10W. After the MPPT turns load off, the voltage goes up a bit (for example from 11.5 to 11.6V) and the MMPT turns load on again one second later which causes Voltage to drop a bit and the MPPT turns load off again. This repeats every 1-2 seconds. Even turning Load Output to "Always On" continues this repeating cycle.

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Can the multiplus with ccgx override a bmv relay via ve direct?

We have a multiplus with ccgx as a backup power supply that is monitored by a bmv via ve direct cable , when battery capacity reaches 95% the bmv alarms and triggers a charge light.

Is it possible with programming that when the multiplus is turned on it will override the bmv alarm and relay?

I understand this can be done with extra wiring but am trying to avoid this.

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How to get a "production/no production" signal from an off-grid system with a CCGX, Victron Quattro and Fronius Primo?

Hi guys

I have an off-grid system with a Victron Quattro, 2 fronius primo, BYD Box batteries and a CCGX.

I need to get a signal of "production/no production" from one of the components of the system so I can control my Heat Pump and disconnect it when the solar production is off.

Can you please help?


João Morais

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Any solutions to reduce AC input current on Multiplus 3000VA 24V 50A unit?

We have installed a Multiplus 3000VA 24V 50A inverter/charger on a site where the 'shore' supply is from a community hydro system. The output of the hydro system is variable according to recent rainfall so the community members are required to restrict their power use accordingly. At times where rain has been scarce the power available can fall as low as only 200w or so, around 1Amp. The minimum ac input current on this model is fixed at 4.5Amps so the system will draw more power than is available.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to get round this physical minimum input current limit and restrict the power draw in some other way?

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How to reset SOC to 100%?

There is one past thread about this issue in which I participated, but it seems the recipes mentioned (and that I've been using) for some reason don't work anymore:

For the last weeks I never got my system to show 100% again (or 85% for that matter). I've set MPPTs to have absorve voltage higher than what is set on Multiplus, I also made sure the absorption time was higher, but nothing seems to work. Never get to the 85% or whatever is set on the Multi.

I have run out of ideas...

My system is Venus based, no BMV, but no DC loads or charges.

Current Multi Settings are like this:



MPPT vales are what you wish.. tried even with 28.8V in absorption today.

See graph:


Why can't the SOC be recognized as 90% ?

Venus is running 2.60, not since too long ago. Could be something within Venus OS?

I also tried Multi connecting to GRID -> Goes straight to FLOAT, SOC continues at ~30%

This is an old issue... but for the moment, besides trying to figure out the root cause for the system not resetting every day to 85/90%, what I would like to ask now - as a workaround - is how to manually force the system to reset to 100% ?

I used to do the trick of commanding the Multi to Equalize from Grid and then Interrupt -> go to absorption / Float. It used to reset to 85% (that was at the time set). But now even this is not working.

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Orion Tr Smart Isolated 12|12|30 2019 Sprinter Install

Hi @Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA, wondering if you have any experience in installing the Orion Tr Smart Isolated 12|12|30 in a 2019 Sprinter? From reading the manual it seems very plug and play but I don't know what I don't know. My question is it as simple as connecting the Negative and Positive to the starter battery terminals directly? Does this interfere with any of the factory computers since the onboard computers don't talk to the Victron and produce error codes?

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MPPT 100/30's not cooperating and only one charging.

System: I have 3 SmartSolar MPPT 100/30's connected individually to (3) 335W panels. They are networked together with a BMV-712 and connected to an 800ah LFP battery, with smartsolar battery setting on LFP. I just switched my battery bank to lithium from AGM, but I had the same issue with the AGMs. In the past, my shore charger was mostly charging the bank, but now I need to switch to solar and Multiplus as I will be leaving the dock soon.

Problem: Only one of the chargers is producing significant wattage (264W currently), and it seems to be charging the battery, although network total power shows 0. The other 2 chargers flicker some wattage and then back off to 0. It seems like the master controller is telling the slave controllers to not charge. In the smartsolar history, one can see that the all the chargers are working as they each have history on some past days of significant charging. I need all of the chargers to work together to charge the lithiums which are currently at 13.18v. Another anomaly is that 1 hour ago I was showing total network power of 255W. I removed each controller and the BMV from the VE network to try to reset it and then rejoined them all, BMV first. Now, total network power shows 0W, but the BMV shows positive wattage (175W) going into the batteries. Mostly, I need the chargers to all work together, instead of just 1 at a time, to bulk up the lithiums during the day. It seems like synching between controllers and the app may have glitches that prevent synchronized charging and also an issue with showing total network power.

On a sunny day this system should be pushing 900W plus into the batteries. Any suggestions?

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multiplus SoC not syncing to 100% (mains backup system)


I have a system with:

1 x MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 firmware 476 (but problem predates this firmware too)

4 x Trojan SAGM 06 375

for mains backup.

The SoC indicated by the system will not sync to full for long periods of time, which results in the system always showing well less than 100% even when in float. Please see the VRM screenshot below.

I raised this issue somewhere on Victron community/disqus a good while back, but can't find it anymore! We never got a resolution, but I recall it was discussed that the reason was:

i) the battery voltage doesn't drop low enough under the brief discharges/small loads to trigger a full bulk/abs cycle (the SoC does reset to 100% on the rare occasions this does happen).

ii) the repeated absorption feature (which is set at every 7 days on this system) does not trigger a SoC reset on completion

I'd be very grateful for any ideas on how to resolve this, especially now as the system is using the new "shut-down on SOC" feature, which means the batteries will be cut off sooner than necessary due to starting with an already low SoC.

Many thanks


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Why doesn't ESS supply the load required from the MPPT controllers (Full battery & EV charging)

My setup:

Victron Multiplus 48/5000/70

Bluenova 490ah 52v LiFepho4 battery bank

2 x Victron Bluesolar 150/70 MPPT controllers connected over can bus

5kva panels

CCGX running ESS

I am running into an interesting problem. My battery bank is usually fully charged by 11am if we have good sunlight. Once it is fully charged, I plug in the granny lead for my I3 to let the excess power charge the vehicle. What I expect is that the 3.5kw load will be supplied by the MPPT controllers, as there is more than enough sunlight to do so.

What I find however, is that something is throttling the mppt controllers, so that they will only suplly 50 - 60% of the load, even though they have supplied way more than that earlier in the day. Should we have a cloudy morning, they would supply 4kw easily until 3pm, so I know they are capable of supplying the load. So why would they limit their output and draw from the fully charged battery rather than supplying the load from the sun?

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Easysolar 24/1600 PV-Module

Wir setzen 4x qCells - Q.Peak- DUO-G6 345 PV Module ein.

4x 345 W P // 10,73 A I-SC // 40,49 V U-OC // 10,22 A I-MPP //

33,76V U-MPP// 1000 (IEC) V U-SYS

Wir setzen Easysolar 24/1600 ein.

Wie müssten wir die Module richtige angeordnet werden ?

Wir würden gerne 2xModule in Serie und 2x Parallel schalten,

diese über DEHN-Überspannungsschutz gehen und am Klemmkasten zusammenschalten

und als 1 String anschliesen.

Was ist das optimaleErgebnisse zu erzielen?

Oder alle 4 x Serie ?

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Herstellererklärung Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 nach VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-1 und AR-E 2510-2


Mein System:

Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 GX
LiFePo Pylontec US2000
Blue SolarMPPT 150/35

Die Anlage soll als ESS angemeldet werden, (mit Umschaltung auf USV).

Die TEN möchte noch folgende Zertifikate/ Erklärungen von mir haben, um die Anlage zu genemigen:

- VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-1
- AR-E 2510-2

Ich bin nun alle Zertifikate durch, die ich gefunden habe, da stehen diese Nummern aber nicht.

Verstecken sich diese Normen unter einer EU-Norm ?
Diese Kombination wird so verkauft.

Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe !!!!!

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Changing solar priority in ESS

Is there a possibility To control when the batteries will be charged by the solar, maybe a specific time or when PV is that the specific high. The batteries is currently being charged in the morning as soon as PV is available and is not used by the grid I will have excess pv later in the day then The batteries can be charged


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