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Could the map on the VRM portal be made bigger?

At the moment its small and no option to open to a larger view.


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Cable Size Difference for 12V/3KVA

I was looking at the recommended cable size in the manuals for the MultiPlus 12/3000, the Phoenix Inverter 12/3000 and the Phoenix Inverter Smart 12/3000 (230VAC versions). All of them have 3KVA inverters but the recommended cable sizes are different.

Multiplus manual recommends 2 x 50mm2

Phoenix Inverter recommends 1 x 90mm2

Phoenix Inverter Smart recommends 2 x 95mm2 (with a note saying one cable must be able to carry full fuse rated current without overheating)

All 3 recommend a 400A fuse

Is the recommendation for the Phoenix Smart a bit over kill or is there a good reason for the much larger cable requirement? The 95mm2 cable doesn't fit into the cut outs in the Phoenix Inverter Smart body, the small plastic cut out liners need to be removed in order to fit 95mm2 cable into the inverter. The 95mm2 cable not fitting the cut outs and being double the recommendation for the other two devices seems strange. Can anyone let me know why the Phoenix Inverter Smart requires the extra cable size?

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SmartSolar pairing fails

Can't pair SmartSolar controller with iPhone. Using default PIN of 000000 (six zeros). iOS 14.4. SmartBMV works using PUK and then setting PIN.

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BMV 712 connected with shunt at b2 instead of b1.

I've recently got a BMV 712 installed by someone else. I noticed that the power cable is connected to the B2 terminal at the shunt instead of B1. Is this a problem and do i need to switch this? I have only one battery. Thanks in advance for your replay.



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Blue Smart IP22 12/30 (3) - Error LED

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.What does this error means. Happens after connecting to AC. See attached video.

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" Mandatory " Smartsolar update v1.56 killed VEDirect to VEDirect cable communication?

Early this morning I was presented with V1.56 " Mandatory " update on 150/60 Smartsolar that connects to my Multiplus II via VE direct port.

Immediately after the update finished , the controller vanished from VRM.

I have two other SmartSolar 150/35 , both of these are connected via VE.Direct to USB , that goes on a USB hub , that connects on the USB port on the MultiPlus II.

I have also updated both of these 150/35 to same V1.56 and both of them still reporting to VRM.

I swapped cables over , and 150/60 does indeed work on the VE.DIrect to USB.

Also tried the VE.Direct to VE.Direct cable on both of the 150/35 controllers , no joy, no connection.

So, this update definitely must have done somerhing that effects VE-Direct to VE.Direct link communication.

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Cerbo GX bluetooth connection lost.

Hi all,

I accidentally hit "forget this device" for the bluetooth connection to my Cerbo GX and from that point i am not able to find Cerbo GX in my bluetooth list on an iphone running the latest OS version.

I tried restarting both Cerbo and the iphone with no luck. I also tried to change the Cerbo GX name but again this failed although i am able to connect to it using bleutooth using another phone or any other bleutooth device (i.e. my laptop).

It seems that resetting my network settings on the iphone will fix this issue but it will also delete all my wi-fi settings which i want to avoid.

Anyone had this issue before?

Thank you in advance.

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Orion converter - buffer battery min/max sizes?

I can't seem to find much information on the "buffer-charge a battery" feature. I'm assuming I can place a small Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery in parallel with the output + and common - and it can handle surge loads.

My question is, can I place a small 12v 20 AMP Hour battery to this? I'm guessing at a voltage setting of 13.2, it won't quickly charge the battery beyond it's 20% suggested limit. Any references to other materials regarding this would be helpful as I can't seem to find much. Thanks.

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MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 overload and invert

Two multiplus 12/300/120 inverters running side by side from a 50 amp US service. One leg of service goes to inverter 1 the other leg to inverter 2. Every 2-5 minutes inverter 1 shows “inverting“ and “overload“. Constant load on inverter is about 800 watts. Doesn’t really change when load varies up to 1700 watts. Inverter appears to be trying to boost. This has been occurring since startup- around a year. Does not see to occur when not connected to shore power
Dealer says it’s a wiring problem. And offers no further suggestions. All connections have been tested for tightness, given wiggle test (grab cables and pull) and tightened. This occurs across dozens of sources. We travel roughly every two weeks, using different supply sources, so it’s not a supply issue. All 12v wiring is 4/0 and shows no heat or connection issues. This seems like an issue with the inverter but I don’t know how to test further or get assistance.
Have video of install and the rattling sound when this occurs.

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Multiplus 12/2000 van install, ground relay connects neutral/ground causing paneltronics circuit breaker to trip.

This is a new vehicle install. I have two lithium 148 Wh/I batteries running the MP12/2000. The AC output is thru a Paneltronics model 9972313 circuit breaker. When the inverter is turned on, relay H is activated. This causes the Paneltronics to trip, indicating incorrect connections.

I have checked my wiring multiple times, pulled the inverter, and ran the inverter off of house power, but relay H causes the Paneltronics to trip. I removed the Paneltronics and wired it to house power with no tripped lights.

Do I disable relay H? Why is relay H activating? Remove the Paneltronics from the system?

I’m at a loss as to what to do or check next.

Thanks for any help.

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No data on VRM ?

Dear all,

No data on VRM despite successful registration of the CCGX

This is the first time this has happened to me, what could be wrong or what should I do? CCGX firmware 2.66. Ethernet connection and and I tried with another ethernet cable. Please see image below, yet it's connected.


- the power plant works fine. It was commissioned on February 16/2021 and I connected to VRM on April 12/2021 (the house was in the final phase of construction, it had no internet when I commissioned).

- power plant with PV 21kWp, 4 x MPPT 250/100 + 1 x MPPT 100/20_48 + 3 x Quattro 48/5000 + 7 x Pylontech US3000.

Thanks for your help.

Yonas Kiflom


Thank you in advance for your help.

Y. Kiflom

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Difference in Solar wattage between 24V and 48V system

Background: I'm on a boat with a 48V system and a 24V system. I have the means of charging the 24V system from the 48V system (not covered in this post). I have one set of solar panels which are connected to two MPPTS (I only activate one MPPT at a time), one is on the 48V system, one is on the 24V system. *

What I noticed was odd. When I switched from the 48V to the 24V, I noticed a doubling of wattage. Here are some graphs:


ID 256 is the 48V MPPT, ID 258 is the 24V MPPT. During this time, the MPPTs were in bulk. The lithium batteries are configured to push up to 56.8V/28.4V.**

Here's the voltage on the solar side:


I'm not sure why the voltage is held ~constant on the 48V (but solar) side. However at just above 60V it's still above the 56.8V needed to push to the battery, so I don't expect this is why the wattage is half. But I'm not sure. I do suspect the solar panels could be arranged differently, better (and probably arranged differently to take advantage of whether I'm pushing to 48V or 24V), but I suspect that might not be related to why the wattage is half.


[* Further background if you're curious: I'm on a boat with 48V propulsion. When I'm underway, I want the solar feeding into the 48V directly. When I'm not, I want it feeding into the 24V house battery bank instead of feeding it first into the 48V then charging the 24V off the 48V. Additionally, this lets me charge the battery over more time during the day.]

[** The 48V battery is a Valence which could be configured to charge up to 58.4V, but since we're not even to 56.8V, I suspect that isn't the issue here. The 24V is a Victron Li and 28.4V is the correct number here.]

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Max cable length between devices?


the plan is...

Smart Shunt and Blue Smart IP 22 connected to Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50 ...

What are the maximum cable length between the devices connected to Cerbo GX?

What are the maximum cable length between Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50?

Your answer will give me an idea where the Cerbo GX should be installed.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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Can two IP22 chargers pair with Victron Connect?

I am considering using two IP22 12V/30A 1 output chargers in parallel for charging two 12V 100AH lithium batteries that are wired in parallel. I would want to have access to both IP22s at the same time via Victron Connect (for example to reduce the charging load, use night mode, etc.). Is there a way to pair and access two IP22s with Victron Connect (or will they only pair one at a time)?

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MPPT 100/50 Controller not connecting

I have a solar charging system with 2 banks: 4 panels on the roof and 2 on a wing at the stern. They connect to 2 x MPPT 100/50 controllers charging 3 x 200Ah Lithium batteries for house supply.

This morning the controller for the roof panel reads "connecting" and I have not been able to rectify this. On visual inspection nothing has changed, all connections look good. The installation is only a few months old. Powered everything down at breakers and restarted but no joy. Found no reference to this error message in the manual.

The bulk light is on and flashes once every 10seconds or more. The wifi connection to the roof panels shows normal operation.

Hoping someone can help or send a link to steps to fix. TIA



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Centaur 12V 50A charger

I have a Centaur 50A battery charger which has stopped working. I have tracked the fault to an open circuit resistor, on the circuit board marked R116, which appears to be a current sense feedback resistor. I am having difficulty reading its value - looks to be 600 ohms, but that's not a standard resistor value. Grateful if somebody could confirm what value it is so I can source a replacement.


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Data shawn on VRM dashboard cannot be trusted #2


Next step in my trying to understand data shown on the VRM dashboard.

As you can see my system is in the "bulk" charging state and, believe me, those blue "ants" are traveling from inverter/charger towards the battery.

You can also see that the battery is currently discharged with 1.5A current.

So which one is it, charging or discharging?


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Is there a possibility to share data beetween two GX devices ?

I would like to use second GX device in system, but I need to use some data from first one. Is it possible to get for example battery current form first GX device and set it on second one as com.victronenergy.system Battery Current (841). I have noticed that there is new setting "ModBUS TCP Devices", but when I setup connection the result is






Or maybe other sugesstion for data synchronization ?

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Lynx Distributor Red LED - But Fuse Not Blown.


Hoping I can get some help here, I am installing 2 new Multiplus-II in parallel system and all seems to be working well except i get all LED lights as red on the lynx distributor when I have AC power on and the inverters are charging. I have tested all the new fuses just via continuity test and the batteries are getting charged.

The even stranger thing is this: When I put the 120x2 3000 12v 50a Multiplus in standalone operation, they light will be green, then turn red after a period of time, then green again, but as soon as I put them in parallel and they are both charging the batteries from AC power, the led's on the lynx distributor stay red.... I have the battery protect connected to one slot on the lynx, 2 inverters (multiplus-II) each in its own slot, and the final slot is taken up by my BIM to chassis battery/alternator. The batteries are connected to the Lynx shunt via the end posts (where most people would connect the lynx power in). All the components have shutoff switches in between them.

Any help in understanding the Red LED's when under load would be greatly appreciated. As soon as I turn off the load the led's go off, and only the one green in the center of the distributor is lit. The lynx shunt stays green in any scenario.

Update - Even in standalone when the lynx distributor is under load the lights turn red. I have taken everything back apart and verified every connection but no matter what, under load, I get red lights on the lynx distributor. @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) - Either load from chargers or load from the coach, ie when I turn on a microwave and a heater, it happens every time. I have ordered another lynx distributor to see if maybe it is a hardware board fault? I can't think of anything else it would be... Thanks for any advice in advance.

I have raised this with my retailer (CR for multiplus, and another company for the lynx) and they stated they would open a ticket with Victron, but have heard anything. I think this is an odd one, but maybe Victron staff have ran across this before?

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GX Error #48 DVCC with incompatible firmware


I have a installation with the following alarm: GX Error #48 DVCC with incompatible firmware: Warning.

The installation consist of a multiplus, a cerbo, a touch display, 4x pylontech us 3000c batteries and a oldiesh 70/150 amp blue solar mppt.

The MPPT runs on ve-can port @ 250kbit/s, the pylontech is running on bms-can port 2 @ 500kbit/s

What does the error mean and how do I get rid of it.

The system seems to work fine

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Multiplus II – Ground relay test failed #8 - Error 11 0x24

Hello everyone,

This device worked perfectly over the past two weeks and today it started dropping the AC loads.

This notification is displayed – “MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 - #8 Ground relay test failed”

The VE.Bus Error report shows – “Last VE.Bus Error 11 report 0x24/Error occurred/GND Relay Error”

When I restart the Multi it produces the error right away. The bulk and absorption LEDs are also on.

Current firmware version is v471 (Multiplus II software version: 2623471)

I have done the following:

-Verified that AC-in GND is properly connected to grid earth.

-Tested for voltage between AC-in GND and AC-in Neutral. Ok - no voltage measured

-Verified that earth and neutral is not connected somewhere. All ok.

-Physically disconnected all cables from AC- out1 and AC-out2 to verify that there is no problems with any of the loads.

-Switched loads directly to grid via change over switches - all loads functions properly.

-Tested RCDs all ok.

Thank you,


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Multiplus compact 12/1600 Identify component

Hello, ref pics, trying to identify the circled component to source a replacement. Any assistance greatly appreciated.





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Smart Solar MPPT 100/20-48 disables load output about once a day


My Smart Solar MPPT 100/20-48 disables load output for a few seconds about once a day. I'm running the latest firmware. It get's really annoying as I have a gass alarm that beeps LOUDLY 5 times when it's gets power back, really fun when it happens while were sleeping.

Any idea what's causing this? Is there an event log I can review somewhere?

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SmartSolar 100/20 Load Momentarily Disconnecting.

I have the above solar controller. My caravan is connected to the load, the most I've had on the load is 10amps, so it's not that causing the disconnection BUT.......

When the sun fades and the input from the PV drops, the charger switches off, at this point the load is switched of for a split second and reconnected, it does this every day.

I've just downloaded the latest App for Android, and I've installed the latest firmware for the 100/20.

The problem I have is, when the disconnection/connection occurs, all my lights in my RV come on, so if I'm not there, I'll end up with flat batteries, and if I have to disconnect my battery when I'm away, what's the point of having solar as it won't charge a disconnected battery.

I live in my caravan, so I'm here most nights, to sort the problem out, I thought I was Upgrading when I put this controller in as I only had a PWM controller, wired the same, but this controller seems to be a step back for me.

Can someone from Victron please sort this out for me?



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Multiplus Compact en parralèle

Bonjour. Est-il possible de mettre un MultiPlus Compact 12/1200/50 et un Multiplus Compact 21/1600/70 ?

Ou pour mettre en parallèle faut-il exactement les même modèles de MultiPlus ?


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cerbo GX battery percentage false reading

Hi, I have a client with a 12v 3kva multiplus unit connected to a cerbo gx screen with a smart shunt. He has sent me a video of the battery percentage readout on the cerbo gx screen which while charging, it jumps from its actual percentage (74%) down to 1% and back constantly. It only does this while charging and it is mimicked on the VE connect app via bluetooth. Any thought as to what could be causing it?

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VRM is not showing energy sent to the grid


I moved my PV inverter from AC input to AC output of my 3F MP-II system.

I could see the energy being fed into the grid, but on the VRM there is a 0.0kWh in the "To Grid" box.

Why is that?






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Solar Charge Controller to load 2 Batteries


Currently I have a solar controller Sunware Fox 320.

This controller can load 2 different batteries, currently the starter battery for 10 minutes und the consumer battery for 50 minutes.

Is there a similar controller in the viltron portfolio?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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2 strings panels at an angle

Trying to improve power from an existing roof installation.

We have an EasySolar II GX, which has a Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 inverter plus a SmartSolar MPPT 250/70 solar controller.

We have 6x 320 W Trina Honey panels mounted on the roof of an ISO 20' (6m) shipping container. Because of the space constraints of the container roof, they are oriented about 20 degrees east of the meridian so get morning sun but lose it in the afternoon.

This is not producing enough power, so we have bought another 6x the same panels. We have 2 more 20' shipping containers at about 90 degrees from the original container (close enough that you could consider it one big roof).

Conventional wisdom seems to be that the new panels must be oriented exactly the same imperfect angle (azimuth and elevation) as the existing panels. Is there a better alternative?

I have seen some comment that two strings of panels back to back, facing respectively east and west, will not 'interfere' with each other so you effectively get separate morning and afternoon charge sessions from them.

Is that a better solution? How about having the two strings at 90 degrees, so facing respectively 45 degrees east of the meridian and 45 degrees west? What is the theory around this? What are the EasySolar's constraints?

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Smart Shunt 500 and Smart Battery Sensors

Hi in my van system I am having the batteries. One Starter Battery, the first Leisure Battery charged and controlled by the MAN controllsystem and my new Lithium Leisure battery 2.

Battery 1 and 2 are connected via a Smart Orion with alternator recognition. To measure my power consumption I would like to use the Smart Shunt on battery 2.

From my former car Iam having 2 Smart Battery Sense Devices. Should I use the Smart Battery Sense Devices for the Starter Battery and Battery 1? then I should by the temp. sense for the Smart Shunt?

Uncertain what is the easiest way of having voltage and temp information from all batteries?

Thanks Kirsten

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