possible to add wind and alternator (both via shunt to VRM)



I would like to know if you can ipdate the VRM web based to be able to add besides solar also other energy sources in the dashboard for example I have a shunt of the engine alternator and a shunt on wind silentwind turbine. it would be great






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night/sunrise detection problem mppt 75/50 with firmware 1.59


i have a problem with one of my mppt 75/50 and this is the only with the newest firmware 1.59 all other have version 1.17 and one 1.19.

to get date in the night, i install a little circuit to get power to the mppt und this works fine with all mppt 75/50 only this with the newest firmware makes problem to detect the new day. i reduce the supply voltage to less then 15v in my 24V system, but this don't help, next i will try to reduce it to less then 10V.

why does the mppt don't detect a new day, if the pv-voltage is over 5v under the battery-voltage over more then 12 hours ?

i don't like it, if i must insert a circuit, which set the voltage for a short time to 0 V.


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schematic verification

Hi all,

I've attached the wiring diagram I'm planning to implement.
I would greatly appreciate anyone taking a look and letting me know if I've miswired something, overlooked a safety concern, have redundancies or did something that will initiate a fusion reaction. :)

Control lines for the Cerbo GX and between the smart battery protect (SBP) and the inverter are not shown.
Thanks so much!

design with all components-rev1.pdf

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Lithium - mixing old and new batteries

Is it OK to expand a one year old set of two 330Ah Victron Lithiums Smarts with one new 330Ah Lithium Smart to upgrade to 990Ah capacity?

The older set has done somewhere between 50-100 cycles.

The installation is on a sailboat with discharging and charging currents typically less than 0.1C

If yes, after how many cycles/years would you no longer do an expansion in such a way?

Would the answer be any different if I do redundant load and discharge buses, i.e. every Lithium battery gets its own BMS + ATC Battery Protect + ATD Battery Protect?

Thank you!


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GX Touch 50 keeps rebooting

My GX touch 50 keeps rebooting. I did post this on another thread as was told it was being investigated and then that thread was closed. Reposting and hoping it’s picked up again

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SmartShunt miscalculating Consumed Ah

Hi folks - I recently built a cabinet for a LiFePO4 house battery and Victron Orion-Tr Charger in the back of my truck, primarily to supply a Dometic 12v fridge. The setup works great, but the SmartShunt is miscalculating the amount of current used.

For example, yesterday, the SmartShunt went from 66% SOC to 100% SOC in three minutes. I anticipated it would, because the voltage was increasingly nearing the charger's specified Absorption voltage (14.4v) as I drove. The charger had already been on Absorption charge for nearly an hour of driving; and as I watched, it steadily increased voltage and decreased current, as it should. It was still reporting 66% SOC and -19.7Ah right before hitting the absorption voltage, and then it jumped to 100% SOC once the conditions for a full charge had been met (charge voltage, tail current, 3m wait).


I believe the discrepancy has more to do with discharge calculations than charge calculations: in another experiment, the SmartShunt showed a 0% SOC at 12.58v which should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 5% SOC for the LiFePO4 (and where I don't intend to take it regularly); but more to the point, it was showing that I had used 72.8Ah, from my 54Ah battery. So somehow the calculations are off in a way that reports more current loss than has actually occurred. I observe that the reported SOC is always lagging on each and every recharge cycle.

I'll post my settings below to see if there's something I can adjust to get accurate measurements.


- I don't believe the issue is with any of the full charge settings like Charged voltage, Tail current, or Charged detection time, because based on indicated voltage, full charge is being reported at the correct time.

- I don't know much about the Peukert exponent but perhaps it's something to look at. I've read here that the PE doesn't account for temperature, but I don't know how significant a factor that could be.

- Charge efficiency factor is set to 99% as a default for LiFePO4 batteries - we can adjust that if it could help.

- I don't know how the Current threshold is used, but this is the default, and we can adjust it.

- The Time-to-go averaging period is 3m by default; I changed that to 12m trying to even out the cycles of the fridge's compressor - when it's running versus when it's off - which report very different Time-to-go values.

- My battery is a Dakota Lithium 54Ah LiFePO4

Any help appreciated - I've read here on the Victron support forum that the defaults are only starting points and that massaging the variables is necessary in some cases - but this is off by such a significant amount.

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Inverter/charger radio button does not show up in VRM

Within VRM there is an option for “inverter/charger control”. I have this toggled on but when I go to the VRM dashboard the option to turn my Phoenix 12/800 inverter on or off does not show up. I have done some searching on the Victron community page and I see that there was an issue with this last year where the feature was temporarily removed, but it looks like that was subsequently restored. The inverter is connected to my Cerbo via a VE direct cable and otherwise works (works via remote console, MFD app, etc). My Cerbo and inverter are both running the latest firmware versions.

Anyone have any tips on what I might be missing?


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I have a Balmar 618 regulator without their smart shunt. I do have the VICTRON 712 battery monitor with its shunt. Can I use the 712 smart shunt instead of the Balmar one. if not, how do I add a second shunt to the system?

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Determining ESS mode scheduled charge?

I have a time of use tariff with multiple times in the day. In normal ESS mode, it will charge and discharge from the battery as solar becomes available or not. In this period I want maximum charge.

I then have scheduled charges in the cheap rate to boost the battery to get me through the expected power demand of the next expensive period. If I leave the settings as is then when the scheduled charge starts it will charge the battery at the maximum charge rate. I might not need this maximum charge rate and in fact want to spread the charging at a lower rate during this period. a) It is more efficient and therefore better for the grid/world. b) It is a lower strain on the local transformer/grid. c) It is less heat to get rid of from my shed. see (a)

So if I dynamically set the lower charge rate now if the sun comes up I have a problem.The quattro starts feeding back to the grid since the battery charge rate is now set at a lower level than that being produced by the PV.

Currently I have a node-red set up that changes the charge rate at the start/end of each scheduled charge. I have also fleshed out a loop in node red to dynamically adjust the charge rate if there is extra solar available during a scheduled charge but I can't seem to find any easy way to determine if I am in a scheduled charge period.

Is there a state flag somewhere that I have missed that can give me this information? I have checked through dbus-spy but couldn't find anything useful apart from the raw times of the scheduled charges. ie /Settings/CGwacs/BatteryLife/Schedule/Charge/0

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At what voltage is a Victron Lithium battery at 100%?

Hi Everyone,

At what voltage is a Victron Lithium battery at 100%?

I have a 160Ah LifePo4 Victron battery, and I am trying to understand to what % of the battery my voltage corresponds.

I am struggling to get it charged at more than 13.3V - 3.33V/Cell with the Orion 12/24V non-isolated - 30A.

Don't feel like buying and installing a BMV and find it a ridiculous that we don't get this information on the battery information on the app. This seems fairly basic information.

I did not find much informaiton in the manual and my only references are:

  • 14.0V = 100% - 3.5V/cell (last time I saw my battery fully charged after I installed it)
  • 11.2V = 3% - 2.8V/cell (information provided on the user manual)

But, I am not an expert and there might be some technical limitations.

Would anyone know or have an idea.

Thanks in advance,


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Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 and CEC Approval (Australia) - ESS Not Allowed

Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 Inverter is CEC listed as approved as Stand Alone Inverter With Generator Input Battery Only. This means my local electricity distributor will not allow it to be grid connected in an ESS configuration.

The approval certificate is Certificate SAA181339.pdf.

That certificate shows compliance with:

IEC 62109-1 Ed 1.0,
IEC 62109-2 Ed 1.0,
AS 62477.1:2016 and
AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 Inc A1

The CEC document CEC-inverter_listing_categories_2021.pdf (p2) indicates the Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 Inverter meets the requirements as a Multiple Mode Inverter and hence approved as a Grid Interactive inverter.

As I have just acquired 2 Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 in Jan 2022 for use in a parallel ESS system with Fronius inverter on AC1 Out, this has become an issue.

Is there any reason the Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 Inverter is not listed as a Multiple Mode Inverter?

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Random loss of AC out1 - why?


Had this about 4 times over the past 3 months, the most recent being this afternoon. It lasts enough time to make things beep and clocks reset.

2 x MP2 48/5k - grid on ACin all loads on ACout1

6 x US5000

Running from batteries, pulling about 4kW today but in the past (about a month ago) it has been at night with about 500W.

I currently charge at night and discharge in the day and SoC today when it happened was 84%

I got no loss of grid alarm or any other alarms but when I looked in the data from VRM I see some odd values at the same time.


Why does the output voltage phase 1 drop to zero as this would appear to be the problem especially as I am pulling nothing of interest from the grid - which is aparently disconnected.

I have coincidentally been stood by the inverters during an actual grid fail and I heard the relays open and close, but nothing this time as I was in earshot of them (could be mistaken) and when I checked with the neighbour they had no issues (but they might be on a different phase) so this time it does point to the ACout being a problem not the ACin.

Even so, can anyone explain why the ACout drops?

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How close together can I mount 2 Skylla-IP65 Chargers?

My Multiplus II requires 4" (10cm) of clear space all around it for cooling. But the manual for the Skylla-IP65 makes no mention of clear space, it only stipulates that air flow freely behind the unit.

So, can I mount 2 Skylla-IP65s side-by-side with no clear space required, as long as air flows freely behind the unit?

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VRM portal realtime dashboard not longer working

Hi all,

yesterday afternoon my dashboard just stoped showing realtime updades, even the realtime logo is shown in the upper right corner.

I already checked the device list, cerbo vrm portal settings and the vrm realtime setting. Everything looks fine. The advanced section and the remote console in the vrm portal are working fine.

Any ideas why this is happening and how it can be fixed?




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Multiplus UK G98 G99 non-compliance update

Dear Victron,

It seems very likely, from the email below (names and some details omitted) that the docs you submitted to ENA in early October will not be sufficient to gain compliance "due to important information being either incorrect or missing altogether".

Please could you provide some kind of timescale for when you will be able to provide updated documents? I note that NGED are, helpfully, willing to liaise with you in order to speed up the process.

Providing a response on this forum would, I'm sure, be very welcome by customers like myself.



Good afternoon,

I have been asked to contact you, to explain the current compliance status, with regard to ENA EREC G99/1-9, for the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX (which share a common compliance report).

As you may already be aware, as of 1st September 2022, any device that is recognised as an Energy Storage System (ESS) had to meet the full technical requirements of ENA EREC G99/1-8 (and subsequent revisions), where they were previously exempt from some of the newer requirements, that were introduced by the European Network Code: Requirements for Generators (RfG). This requirement was communicated well prior to September 2022, and was published in EREC G98/1-5 and EREC G99/1-7 in August 2021.
Many manufacturers pre-empted this change, and made their ESS compliant before need. Others waited until the deadline to submit renewed compliance documentation.
Where an ESS device had not met the requirements on 1st September 2022, it was marked as ‘non-compliant for new installations’, by WSP, in the ENA’s Type Test Register, and manufacturers were pushed to renew their compliance documentation.

The ENA, WSP and DNOs have the authority to determine Generating Unit compliance under (to name just one document, to avoid confusion) ENA EREC G99, which is an Annex 1 document of The Distribution Code of Great Britain (DCode).
DNOs have a statutory obligation (and licence condition) to abide by the DCode and (in particular) its Annex 1 documents.

As the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 (ENA Type Test Register reference: VICEN/02689/V2) Energy Storage Device’s current status is ‘awaiting assessment’, in the ENA’s Type Test Register, I have conducted an in-house assessment, in order to provide our customers with a response sooner than we would be able to if we were to wait for WSP’s assessment. My assessment is based directly upon the requirements within EREC G99/1-9 alongside prior assessments by WSP (what they will be looking for), and my own experience.

I have assessed the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX as being ‘non-compliant’ with ENA EREC G99/1-9, as things currently stand, due to a number of shortfalls in the compliance form. As Victron have made their form publicly accessible, via the ENA’s Type Test Register (i.e. it’s not a restricted document), I believe that I can elaborate upon this:

Advisory and failure points:

[information which could be considered commercially sensitive omitted]

Hopefully, you will be able to see that this compliance status has not come about due to minor inaccuracies, which could be forgiven, but due to important information being either incorrect or missing altogether.

As a consequence of these findings, National Grid cannot accept the connection of the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 or Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX, in parallel with our Distribution Networks, until such a time that Victron have provided alternative or additional information that demonstrates compliance with the latest version of ENA EREC G99.

I am comfortable with you informing Victron of the above, either directly or indirectly (through your equipment supplier), so that they may complete and provide alternative or additional evidence of compliance. They should do so primarily to the ENA, but National Grid Electricity Distribution would also be willing to take an early look at any documentation, should Victron see this as desirable.

I am confident that, given time to complete the documents accurately, Victron will be able to make these devices compliant (perhaps with another firmware update) but, unfortunately, we will have to wait until they have demonstrated this before we may accept these on our networks.

Kind regards,

Engineering Policy

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