relais AC-OUT2 piloté par relais Cerbo

Bonsoir a tous , je vous contacte car je souhaite commander manuellement le relais AC out2 de mon MP2.

comme ca n'est pas possible directement et a distance j'aimerai passer par les relais du cerbo.

j'ai donc paramétré dans le MP2 le relais AC OUT2 asservi sur "signal d'entrée auxiliaire 1" en ON quand FERME et OFF quand OUVERT pendant 1s ou 0s .

j'ai connecté l'entrée auxiliaire1 directement au relais du cerbo, et je me sert de l’interrupteur qui est sur l'interface VRM pour l'activé manuellement.

oui mais ce ne fonctionne pas.

je ne comprend pas pourquoi.

pouvez vous m'aider ?

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Can „SUN INVERTER“ (12/250) provide solar power („without battery“) to „AC loads“ directly?


I have read the user manual of SUN INVERTER here:

In the user manual – I have found this paragraph:

2.2. Solar charge controller: The SUN inverter is equipped with a PWM solar regulator. Solar panels can be directly connected to the SUN inverter. Solar power will be used to charge the batteries or help to provide energy to the inverter AC load.

I would like to ask - whether I understood it "correctly"? Can the SUN INVERTER convert the solar power („DC“) from solar panels "directly" into (230V) alternating current („Without“ battery connected)? In this example - the sunlight would have to be available “intensively” (and for a longer period of time) – of course.


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MPPT 100/50 Off state: #OR1: Insufficient PV power

My system was working fine until 3 days ago the solar stopped charging the 2 x Victron 150Ah Lithium Smart Battery, I have 3 x Midsummer Energy 150W Flexible Panel.

I didn't turn the system off, although in the past I have turned the battery isolator off without diabling the MPPT via the app.

Here are the readings from the app:





I believe I need to check the voltage and current at the MPPT positive screw with a multimeter, then check the cables when removed from the MPPT? But currently I am on the road and was wondering if anyone could infer anything from the above images please? TIA.

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Clarity required on 48V 3000 MPII operation

We recently installed a 48V 3000 MPII, Cerbo GX and Pylontech US3000C.

When running on AC with the heater on (1,000W) and basic consumers (375W), the system switches to inverter when turning on the kettle (2,400W). Today I briefly accidentally switched the heater to full power (3,000W), instead of turning it off while the kettle was on, showing almost 5,000W in VRM.

1. Is switching to inverter under these circumstances normal? 2. Will such 'peaks' damage the inverter?

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Qualibration écran tactile 7" AliExpress




J'ai acheté cet écran tactile car on m'a dit qu'il fonctionnait sans modification sur le Cerbo.

L'écran fonctionne, mais le tactile n'est pas du tout calibré.

Je ne sais pas faire et j’ai peur de faire des bêtises... Est-ce que vous pourriez m'expliquer ce qu'il faut écrire comme ligne une fois que je suis dans « root »? Ça me permettrait de comprendre.


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Bruit ventilateur Multiplus II

Hello les Victroniennes et les Victroniens :)

Apparemment il est normal que nos Multiplus II génèrent prés de 60db lorsque leurs ventilos se déclenchent, je trouve cela excessif mais Victron l'a voulu ainsi...

Autant dans une usine voire un container cela est jouable autant dans un espace clos non isolé phoniquement cela est TRES pénible.

De plus que les ventilateurs ne se déclenchent par avec une sonde de température mais lorsque la demande électrique dans un sens ou l'autre est importante et c'est dommage car dans un salle climatisée à 24° avec une température de 33° au sommet du Multi, les ventilos se déclenchent quand même...

Donc bouteille à la mer, une ou un d'entre vous aurait-il une idée pour diminuer drastiquement cette nuisance bien inutile sans devoir démonter le Multi, remplacer ces ventilos par des plus silencieux et ainsi perdre la garantie?

Bien à vous

Victronement vôtre :)

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Connect raspberry pi4 with cerbogx ( join datas vessel with energy)

Hello good day , Is it possible to connect raspberry pi 4 to cerbo gx to repeat the data that cerbogx shows me on raspberry pi4 with signalk , my idea is join my datas cerbo gx ( battery , tanks datas, etc) with my datas navigation ( wind , depth ,speed ,etc)from my vessel ? , thank you sou much

polonioli68 asked

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VRM web page not working properly

Just recently I noticed that in order to get current "historical data" graph I have to reload the VRM page.

Graph is not updating from the moment I turned my computer on at 9AM


After reloading the VRM page at 16:30, I get it updated.


Every time I want to see the current data graph I have to reload the VRM page.

Also the left side bar is not working without reloading the page.

In order to see advanced page (or any other for that mater) I have to reload the VRM page. Without reloading nothing works.

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Cerbo GX dont show remote console button

After installing the Cerbo GX and connecting via Bluetooth i can see the device in the Victron connect App. But the last piont in the Device, which offers the possibility to open the remote console is missing. Firmware is v2.56

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trying to connect a PWM pro charge controller to Venus OS

Im trying to connect a PWM pro charge controller to Venus OS, but Venus OS does not see it.
I have a RPI running Venus OS large. It happily runs an MPPT , inverter and 2x BMS.
Im now trying to connect a PWM pro charge controller which runs a second solar and 12v Pb in the same remote location. I have the victron cable RS485 to USB. but it does not show in the device list.
Using SSH to the RPI i can run
$ lsusb i can see the device as: Bus 001 Device 011: ID 04e2:1411 Exar Corp.
The Victron Manual from 2015 talks about installing the drivers using their free Windows program. My problem with this is i dont have any Windows machines only lynux/ubuntu/rpi.
All other documentation relating to the PWM pro just says that it is programmable via Venus OS with no mention of drivers or other.
I have victronconnect and VRM all setup with Venus OS Large on a Raspberry pi.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

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MultiPlus II SOC reading incorrect

Hi all, I have the MultiPlus 2 with 7 AKKUTECH ( batteries. The Multi is connected with VE.CAN - CAN type-b to the battery CAN port. (The batteries all all connected together via RS485 jumper cables) The Multi can see all 7 modules on the GX.

I have selected to have the SOC read from the Battery CAN.

An example of an issue i have now: If I log into the battery or just observe the battery LCD screen, it shows a SOC of 85%, but the SOC displayed on VRM is say 100%.

Sometimes its correct (shows the primary battery SOC), other times its just way off. I want to resolve this discrepancy.

How do i solve this? Other than it being annoying in VRM, im worried that the incorrect values may prematurely shut down the invertor or prematurely stop charging - leaving me with quite an inefficient system.

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Cerbo GX on VRM

Hello, i just bought a Cerbo GX and trying to connect with VRM, it is said request access. need approval from administrator. i'm lost. i tried to contact the Seller, seller don't have knowledge. tried to contact Area Manager, he gave me distributor contact. tried to email the distributor but no luck. i need to setting ESS on my Multiplus II 48/3000. can't do that without VRM remote access. thank you

my running firmware is 2.84.


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Cerbo GX WiFi Frequency

I am unable to see my 5GHz WiFi networks with my Cerbo GX. I can’t find any documentation specifying what type of WiFi networks the Cerbo can connect to. Does it only support 2.4gHz?

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RS MPPT 450/100 & 450/200 three units all error 200 faults. Anyone having similar issues?

We have install several RS 450/100,200 MPPT units. However 2 x 450/100 error 200 and 1 x 450/200, same error 200. Only two units out of all the installed units actually worked on startup.

We have checked and double check our installations, they are all according to specifications.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue or is there something we are simply missing?

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VE.Bus BMS v2 not powering up

I have problem with powering up VE.Bus BMS v2. I guess there should be some kind of LED status powering up, but there is nothing.

Battery is connected with communication cables.

Cerbo GX is powering through GX-Power terminal only when AUX in is also connected, but from same DC source. From what I understand BMS uses battery + or AUX in which ever voltage is higher. So this is already indication that there is something strange happening.

Remote L H is bridged.

Same behavior whether BUS devices are connected or not. I think there should be some kind of error LED indication if there would be communication error.

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