Bluetooth Dongle voltage not reporting correctly

I have a bluetooth smart dongle connected to a MultiplusII inverter. It is reporting about .5-.6 volts higher than actual battery voltage. I have confirmed with multiple meters (that are used daily and correct), it is not a voltage loss or connection issue. I have spoken to battleborn batteries (who i purchased through), they said they and victron are both aware of this issue on a batch of the dongles and that a firmware issue would be released to fix the issue. That was months ago and still no update or fix that i am aware of. Anyone have any information?

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Multiplus Compact 24/2000 Trojan T125


We have a Multiplus Compact with a house bank of 8 Trojan T125's in a 24V series/parallel configuration.

How to configure the Equalisation Voltage?

With VEconfig we are able to set the Absorption and Float voltage, the Equalisation voltage is a fixed voltage 2V above Absorption (according to the Multiplus manual).

According the Trojan recommendations this is not OK for the T125.

If we set Absorption to 29.4 the Equalisation will be 31.4 instead of the recommended 32,4V

And Trojan recommends a 2-4 hour equalisation.



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Different numbers from MPPT calculator. What is system voltage?

I'm installing a total of six 210W panels. The panels are 24V each and I plan to connect pairs in series so that I have a 48V system with 3 branches in parallel. Per panel characteristics are Imax = 6.24, Vmax = 33.54, Voc = 39.66, Isc = 6.55. The system will charge a bank of 12V batteries.

On the MPPT calculator I need to enter system voltage, is that the 48V solar system or the 12V battery system? When I enter 48V it recommends the 100/20 MPPT controller, when I enter 12V it recommends the 150/60 MPPT. There's a huge cost difference between the two and of course I want to design for safety. Thanks in advance!

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ESS - Keep Batteries Charged in United States?


I am in the US using Multiplus-II + CerboGX in a RV setup with batteries, solar, and shore power. I would like to use shore power to power loads, charge the battery. When I have solar, I would like to use solar first and reduce my shore power load, but NOT feed any excess power to the grid.

This aligns with "Connect to mains, no Feedback" in Self-consumption Hub-1. But the materials say that is deprecated in favor of ESS. This aligns with "Keep Batteries charged" in ESS. However, I can't install ESS without selecting a grid code... and there is no Grid code in for the USA.

Solar priority seems like a common configuration with other solar/inverter systems, how do I do this with Victron?

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Multiplus Wiring Schematic - vintage travel trailer...

Hey guys, I have a late Curtis Wright Clipper or an early Silver Streak. Long story... But it's currently wired up like a typical camper with a converter/charger and a 100AH Battle Born Lithium battery.

Everything works great, but I want to upgrade to a Victron 12/2000/80 Inverter/Charger that a buddy gave me after he upgraded. I'm pretty handy with my hands, but I've never enjoyed the electrical side of things. So, I've studied up as best I can and then came up with this schematic:


Could some of our more accomplished electrical guys look this over and tell me if I'm on the right track? I'm mostly concerned with wire size, fuse placement/size, etc... you know - the things that could kill me.

One thing not mentioned on the schematic. The trailer has AC. My plan is to keep it wired into the original AC distribution box and just make sure it's turned off before switching to batteries rather than running another distribution box of some kind in an already cramped area.

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100/30 wiring diagram

I brought the 100/30 mppt charge controller wanting a full wiring diagram picture how to wire it up as I'm not sure. solar panels to unit to battery and do I need to put a fuse or circuit breaker somewhere what size if I do any help would be great thanks I have 1 300w solar panel and two 12v batteries

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Opportunity loads

Hi, I am building a setup in my van and wanting to know if I can use power from my mppt when my battery is fully charged without using my battery.

For example, my idea is to have 12v electric underfloor heating in my van. If my battery is fully charged I want to power the heating but don't want it to deplete my battery.

Same theory to heat my water tank.

So when I come back to the van, I have a full battery and possibly hot water and a warm van. I have a diesel heater if it gets cold.

If possible, how do I wiring this?


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Macbook, Parralells MK3 USB driver not available

I have a new 2021 M1 Macbook, running Windows 11 on Parallels.

I need to add a PV inverter assistant to a three phase Multiplus system.

The MK3 USB connected seemlessly with Victron Connect in Apple but no matter what I have tried I cannot get the MK3 USB to be recognised - "Driver is unavailable" by Windows or Ve configure tools.

I have have read numerous community posts and searched Victron information manuals, reinstalled the configure tools, rebooted, updated, set the USB drive, tried through VE Configure 3, tried numerous ports, tried through apple terminal, tried through windows many times and no luck.

The VE config says use the "found new hardware" assistant to specify the location but I can't find such an assitant any where.

How do I get the driver and MK3USB recognised ?????

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Multiplus - bare bones install

Here is a simple ask for the right person— I have a new Multiplus 3000/12, 4x 100amp battleborns, and a longer-term dream to upgrade our rigs existing lead-acid batteries, 1000w inverter/converter/charger, and maybe even add solar.

But today, I want to just do a bare bones plug-in of the multiplus to the battleborns and a simple power strip .. so I can use our 1200w hot pot or coffee maker (immediately).

Is this possible? I don’t see why not but I’m used to being wrong.

How will the batteries charge? Later, I’ll actually deal with connecting to the rigs current 50a panel, AC system, etc.

But for now, we are getting on the road in a few days with the current system. Basicaly, I want to run the two systems in parallel until I have the time, knowledge, and other hardware to do the full upgrade which I know will require much more time and detail.

Thanks in advance —

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Alternator charging lithium

Sorry if this is already covered somewhere but I can’t seem to find a simple answer. Maybe there isn’t one?

I have a hitachi 80A alternator and want to charge my bank of 400A Victron lithium batteries. (I also have 4 x 175w solar panels running through 4 independent smart solar MPPT).

Is there a regulator I can add to the alternator or what is the best way to set this up?

I also have a Fischer Panda AGT4000 12v generator which I would like to add in to the mix.

(Starter battery is a standard lead acid battery)

any help really appreciated

many thanks


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Only charge batteries when the grid is overloaded In ESS

hello, in my situation there is an overload of the grid in the region causing the grid connected inverters to fail due to overvoltage.

at the moment this happens the batteries are already fully charged, so my question is, is there a way to configure ess in such a way that the batteries are only charged at a mains voltage above 253v? so that the batteries are used as a dumpload?



2x multiplus2 48/3000 parallel

2000Wp DC coupled(mppt)

4500Wp connected to grid(measured by em24s)

1500Wp AC coupled

ESS parallel (em24 in meter box)

lithium storage 14kwh (2-wire bms)

thanks in advance!

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VRM grid lost alarm will not clear

I labelled my Quattro AC input 1 as ‘shore power’, then set up an alarm rule on my CCGX where all input labels (not available, grid, generator, shore power) were enabled.

When I disconnected my shore power, the CCGX and VRM gave me ‘grid lost’ alarms. I acknowledged the alarm on the CCGX and reconnected shore power but it took a reset to clear the CCGX, and I can’t clear it on the VRM.

I’ve tried deleting the rule and setting up a new one, re-labelling my input as ‘grid’ to see if that’ll clear it - no luck.

Any advice appreciated - would like to clear from the VRM.

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Feedback on Victron/Solaredge documentation


Can I suggest the following improvements are made?

1) Section 3.3 images to not match text. Text instructions P0 to be set to 50.5Hz, images instruct 50.2Hz, not clear which one is correct. Same problem exists with the 2nd(!) iteration of section 3.1 that is below item 3.3. Perhaps this iteration of 3.1 should be relabeled to 3.4 or 3.2.1 something?

2) Figure 5 & 6 indicate you can link directly from a Multiplus II K1 relay to the Solaredge PRI connector and shows a picture of a Multiplus II Problem is K1 is not a relay in the Multiplus II, you need to use the AUX relay instead. It's also not obvious that the AUX relay is the Primary Programmable relay (you would assume it's the AUX1 relay) when programming the assistant.

3) consider linking to the Solaredge documentation for the feature at

4) Finally a section should be added about testing and how to see if its working at the solaredge end. The trick here is that the country code on the Solaredge should change from whatever it is configured to when you trigger the relay. Eg in my case it changes from "Country: AUS" to "Country: DG" You should short out the pins on the solaredge and check that the country changes, then release them (and go back into the screen that shows country) and check that it changes back. There are some useful details/images you may want to lift from the solaredge pdf in 3) page 9, section Alternative Power Source mode – Self Test


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Batteries show full chage on Mulimeter, but SOC says less than 30%



Hi all, I'm have some issues with the way my setup seems to be reading the SOC for my battery bank. the system seems to be saying that I only have a 30% SOC however when I test the individual batteries with my Multimeter they all have 13.5v which I beleive means they are at 100%? is there something I need to reset within the system?

System set up as follows:

Off-Grid system

Product MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 (ACOut2 switchable)

Firmware version 478

SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/70 rev2

Firmware version v3.07

battery bank made up of 2 parallel banks of 4 12v 100ah Lithium-ion batteries

using a

Color Control GX

Firmware version v2.73

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Cerbo GX - Temperature activation of relay.

Greetings All , Question is . When using a Venus GX or Curbo GX . I need to activate one of the relays based off one of the Temp Sensors plugged in to the Venus or Curbo . I can get an alarm via the VRM as well as an email notification and that works fine but I need the relay on the Curbo to be activated . This is to enable a backup system for the refrigerator . Any advice would be great if this can be setup .

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Multiplus 24/5000, et générateur 20 kVA Tri

J'ai un système triphase en site isolé, avec 3 Multiplus 24/5000 et un generateur 20kVA tri

Le système à bien fonctionné depuis 5 ans, mais depuis un mois, le générateur ne charge plus les batteries; il n'apparait même plus sur le GX. J'ai l'impression qu'il y a un relais qui bat sur le Multiplus maitre

Quand je branche le generateur sur l'installation ça fonctionne: donc pas de problème avec le générateur

Quelqu'un a t'il déjà rencontré ce problème

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Is "Continuous Power" as specified in my Victron Manual the same as "Active Power"?

Is "Continuous Power" as specified in my Victron Manual the same as "Active Power", as in vs reactive power?

If not, how do I calculate the available ACTIVE power of my off-grid inverter?

Victron Easysolar 48/5000/70-100


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Cerbo GX Setting Amperage Limit based on Generator

Howdy- I'm setting up an RV install with 2x Multiplus, a Cerbo, pre-existing automatic transfer switch (ATS), and pre-existing 220V Onan genset. Okay- so the transfer switch takes shore (50A service) and generator haven't tested which it favors. So my thoughts are ATS L1 going to one multiplus and ATS L2 going to the other multiplus. What I'm confused about here is if I can setup decently smart amperage limits based on the input. Eg, can I say that for shore I'm at the house and hooked up to a 15 or 20A, but if the generator is on use all the available 45 amps. I know that since the ATS is out of the CAN system (is there any integrated ATS?) it won't know which source is active. But my thought is if the system is kicking the generator on itself, that it would set it to 45A. After the generator goes off, set it back to previous amperage. Is this something that the Cerbo can do or something that I might want to write an MQTT script for? Though- if I recall correctly, since the gen is 5.5KW with 2 lines, the input amperage should be ~22.5 which is close enough to the 20A in this example and on a 50A service or 30A service switching to the genset doesn't make sense. So I'm probably just over thinking this 15/20A service situation but am curious if others have answers.

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Einstellung bzw Konfiguration mit Generator

Guten Morgen,

Es geht um folgende Anlage:

3 multiplus 5000 / 48v (3 Phasen System)

Cerbo gx mit Display

2 Smart mppt für Solar

Lifpo4 Speicher inkl. 123bms zur Überwachung

die Anlage läuft problemlos aber jetzt soll im Falle der Fälle ein Generator mit angeschlossen werden! Kein Automatik Start oder ähnlich soll alles von Hand gehen! Einfachste Variante ein Umschalter vor dem AC In und gut ist! Wie kann ich aber sicherstellen das nur als Beispiel je Phase 2kw gezogen werden ?

bei anderen Ideen gerne vorschlagen


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Multiplus 'Ignore AC Input' Assistant - How can I override it on demand?

I have now programmed the Multiplus with the assistants as shown in the picture. Everything works fine


. Only one problem has arisen. If i set the "only charger" function on the digital multicontroll and shore power is connected, it will not start. The blue LED lights up "Mains on". What is missing?

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piéce métal coincé dans multiplus


En voulant connecter le temperature sensor dans les connectiques vertes et orange, j'ai du ralonger mes embouts de cable , et j'ai fait une betise puisque un morceau de la cosse est resté coincé au fond du - de temperature sensor dans le multiplus.

J'ai tout essayé mais impossible de l'extraire et impossible de brancher quoi que ce soit puisque la petit bout de cosse coince le mecanisme.

Est que je peux peut être démonter la cage du multiplus pour pour avoir accés par dérrière des connexions vertes ?


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AC shore power availability for Multiplus output

I've searched extensively and am still confused. In this link @markus suggests "switch to charger only and now the AC shore supply will still be on and the inverter will be off, leaving ...AC shore supply available for DC charging and AC power...".

Another post from @JohannesBoonstra to this blog states "[for] ... Multi and Quattro the inverter always works (and the ACout is powered) when the unit is charging"

However, currently the experience I'm having with my multi (purchased Sep 2021) is that the ACout is only available if the unit is in the full on mode. The 'charger only' mode eliminates ACout to the receptacles. The problem with the full on mode is that if the shore power is unknowingly disconnected, the batteries drain very quickly due to the standby current draw. I did try the AES function but the modified sine wave didn't help much and the AES surge mode caused issues with the microwave.

What I want is to configure my multi so the following happens:

* When shore power is connected/ON (120V up to 15A)

Ability to use ACout to power receptacles

Inverter is off (eliminating standby current draw)

Battery is kept full or charging

* When shore power is disconnected/OFF

Battery is prevented from discharging

Inverter is off (eliminating standby current draw)

(which also means no power available at ACout power receptacles)

To do this what is the configuration I need? @markus references an article suggesting setting the multi to 'charger only' and the current to zero. Can someone clearly confirm this and whether I need to actually purchase a Digital-Multi-Control to achieve the above behavior? Are there other alternatives?

One would think the default behavior with a 'charger only' configuration would be to allow any ACinput to pass through (if present). In the 'charger only' configuration it does not make sense to me that the current limiting function should have any bearing on pass-through ... a value of zero seems to imply there is no current available/allowed for charging (i.e. the multi is equivalent to fully off). Any explanation as to why this is not the case is greatly appreciated.

thank you.

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Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 Not Seeing DC voltage from battery & Not turning on.

My Victron Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 isn't outputting AC voltage any longer. I updated firmware to the newest (2708492) and it no longer outputs AC from the inverter or passes through AC power from AC In.

I can connect to it using Ve.Configure and the MK3 Device. The display shows AC input power but no AC output or DC voltage. I have reset all settings back to factory.

When I turn on the inverter all three lights flash then go off. If I cycle dip switch 8 to store the dip switch settings it will also flash all three lights. It is just outside of the warranty. So, what should I do?

Here is the list of things I have done.

Reinstalled Firmware (Most current and previous firmware) using ve.flash. I have tried reverting to older firmware but still have same not working inverter.

I have used to different MK3 devices.

Check and replaced the Mega Fuse. I have also checked the barrel fuse next to the transformer.

I have used Two 12V batteries and 12v power supply.

I have checked all the connections (ribbon cables and temp cables)

The Dip switches are all in default position

I have checked the PCB board and couldn't find any damaged or distorted component.

Here are some pictures. When I took these pictures, the inverter was connected to a power supply outputting 13.4 volts DC. AC in was also connected to 125V AC.








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Pylontech LV Hub Communication protocol

What cable do you use between the Pylontech LV hub and Cerbo GX. I am getting no comms using either of the Victron BMS Can cables (type A or B)

marc-1 asked

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Multiple Pylontech Banks connected to cerbo

Can I use the two BMS ports for two separate Pylontech banks and then connect a third bank of Pylontech for a third a bank on the CAN-bus? Will I still have full communication between battery and GX with normal operation?

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Fronius, Multi & generator


I have off grid, AC coupled system with Multiplus 3000 and Fronius Primo 3.0, 24 V battery and generator.

Generator is switched on manually. Problem is when I turn on generator, after half minute on Fronius is error code "105 AC freq too high" and fronius going to reset.

After reset again coming new reset..

Does anyone have an idea what the reason is?

Also, I am afraid about returning power from PV to generator in case of sun coming.

My idea for solve problem is install AC/DC 230/24 V charger directly from generator to charge battery in case of empty battery (few times per year)

What is your opinion?

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Fronius Symo 6 integration with Victron

This question might seem a bit odd, but please cope with me for a moment.
I will have my Fronius Symo 6 inverter coupled at AC-out of a 3-phase Victron Quattro system. There will be a smart meter (EM24 ethernet) right at the Fronius to allow reading of its output.

My question:
How does Victron interface with Fronius here? Is there some need to talk to the Fronius inverter at all? If so? Why?

Why I am asking this?
In case I put a load between the Smart Meter and the Fronius, this might lead to an issue, if for example the Fronius, via modbus TCP, tells it delivers 4000W, but the smart meter reads only 2000W (because the other 2000W go to the load in between). Right? Wront? Weird?

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Victron mppt 75/15 Anschlußklemmen zu klein für 6 qmm Kabel

Am Victron MPPT 75/15 habe ich zunächst meine 6 qmm Kabel (ohne Aderendhülsen) angeschlossen. War schwierig, da die Klemmen zu klein sind. Jetzt musste ich wegen dauernder Abstürze des Reglers die Kabel immer wieder entfernen und neu anschließen.

Resultat: die Kabelenden sind vermurkst

Daraufhin: alle Kabel mit 6 qmm Aderendhülsen versehen

Jetzt: passen die Kabel nicht mehr in die Klemmen!!!

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Trickle charge multiplus 12/3000 wont charge?


I have a brand new multiplus 12/3000

The trickle charge output is connected to a 12 volt 140 ah battery. The voltage is 12,87

When i turn on the multiplus the trickle charge wont charge (i have a smart shunmt connected to the starter battery) and when the multiplus goes into float status also nothing will happen.

When i disconnect the trickle charge cable i measure 4 volts on the trickle charge outpul.

Is this supposed to be? Will trickle charge only charge when reached a certain battery voltage level?

Best regards and thanks in advance!


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Flickering diode lamps in invert mode

Hello everyone! Calculating. for your help!

There is a backup power supply system.

1. Three Quattro 8000/48 inverters

2. Pylontech 800 Ah batteries

3. Cerbo GX+Touch panel.

The problem is the flickering of the diode

lamps in the "invert" mode. When the mains is on,

the lamps do not blink. These lamps are dimmer controlled.

I am attaching a photo of the lamps and the dimmer.

Question: how can this be cured / corrected? Thanks!

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1 Answer

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