Pheonix Smart 12/3000 Showing False Current and Overloading

I noticed that the fan was running on the inverter so I went to have a look at it. On the app it was saying that it was pulling around 2300 watts. I checked my monitor and it was only showing 6A. I removed all the load from the inverter and the fan kept going and the reading stayed the same. I turned it off then back on and the reading went up to 2400 without any load. I connected the load back to the inverter and it instantly went into overload and shut down. It has been running perfectly set-up like this for about 9 months until now so I can't see it being a set up issue. Any help will appreciated.

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Why am I getting a low battery alarm?

I keep getting a low battery alarm but my batteries are at 96% 13.25v and the inverter keeps cutting off every time I use a high power appliance. This just started today. At first I got a error 17 code along with a Low battery alarm. But now it just says low battery alarm. Can someone help?

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Split phase generator and single phase shore connection

Onboard, i have a split phase generator (which i did no know) and i recently installed a Multiplus II 24/3000. The generator zero is connected to the hull, since i only use 230v. There is 120v between L1 and N and L2 and N there is 230v between L1 and L2.

Here in NL the shore connection is 230v ac single phase. On the output of the victron i have a GFCI breaker installed and 4 breakers after the GFCI.

The Shore connection is connected to a 5000Va isolation transformer. secondary is connected to a high current three way switch. (L1 & N) in the isolation transformer secondary side N is connected to the hull. There is no shore ground

When i put the switch on 1 the shore is connected to the Victron input. (Single Phase)

on imput 2 of the switch i would like to connect L1 & L2 of the generator for a 240v input

When i put the swich in pos 2 the generator is connected to the victron input (Split phase L1 & L2)

Can his be done? (Safe) so i can use the Victron and charge the lifepo4 battery from the genset when sailing? And will my GDCI still work.

The victron Neutral relais need to be disabled i think, otherwise 115v will be on the victron casing when genset in running.

When disabling ground relay using 230v from battery, there is no closed ground relay which is also a problem. Maby make a external ground relay which connect victron output N to ground when there is no ext power source?

What are my options? I am struggling with this question for some time, and affraid to start my genset at the moment.

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Can „SUN INVERTER“ (12/250) provide solar power („without battery“) to „AC loads“ directly?


I have read the user manual of SUN INVERTER here:

In the user manual – I have found this paragraph:

2.2. Solar charge controller: The SUN inverter is equipped with a PWM solar regulator. Solar panels can be directly connected to the SUN inverter. Solar power will be used to charge the batteries or help to provide energy to the inverter AC load.

I would like to ask - whether I understood it "correctly"? Can the SUN INVERTER convert the solar power („DC“) from solar panels "directly" into (230V) alternating current („Without“ battery connected)? In this example - the sunlight would have to be available “intensively” (and for a longer period of time) – of course.


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2 - multis in stand alone.

Will two multiplus in standalone be recognized by the Cerbo GX?

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charge batterie LifePO4


Sur une config standard, 12 panneaux sur MPPT, MPII 5000, Cerbo et connexion réseau avec ESS installé.

Avec du soleil et une puissance solaire assez importante, l'onduleur ne rend pas prioritaire la sortie AC Load de l'onduleur. L'intégralité de la production est prise pour la batterie. L'onduleur alimente les charges AC depuis le réseau.

J'ai d'autres sites ou l'onduleur alimente les charges AC puis utilise le reste pour charger les batteries et paramétrés de la même façon (batteries identiques)

Une idée ??



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Programing Multiple with VE Bus BMS using Victron Connect and getting inverter alarm

I am trying to get my Multiplus 12/2000/80-50 (new model) up and running and to work with the VE Bus BMS without showing the solid red inverter/charger alarm. The manual states the inverter is switched off due to one of the following: overload, or battery voltage low, or inverter temperature high, or DC ripple voltage too high.

I programed the Multi as per the blog posts and videos by PKYS and Vanlife Outfitters using Victron Connect and a Mac.

When the VE Bus BMS is on it shows the blue led lights that it is enabled and that cells are greater that 2.8v.

The (2) 200a Victron Smart Lithium 12.8v batteries show ready for use, voltage 13.47v, cell status balanced, individual cells of 3.37v, 3.36v, 3.37v, 3.37v.

When the VE BMS is connected to the Multi via the RJ45UTP communication cable the Multi will show the solid red alarm both when the VE Bus BMS is powered on and or powered off.

When the Multi is turned on without being connected to the VE Bus BMS it appears to function properly. All led lights flash on. Solid green inverter led comes on and then if connected to shore power the solid yellow charge led comes on.

But when the Multi is connected to the VE Bus BMS via the RJ45 cable the solid red alarm will again come on and stay on.

I am wondering if I need a pc with the Victron VE Configure app and to load the VE Buss assistant to the Multi to fix this problem?

Help is always appreciated

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MPPT + Orion DC-DC = problems for directly wired loads?

Hello, all and thanks for all the helpful information I've gleaned thus far from this forum.

Context would be sailboat where previously 200W solar MPPT controlled to 12V AGM house bank entirely isolated from 12V AGM engine start battery which was charged exclusively by the alternator. Then we had three weeks of cloudy weather on our last trip.

So now have an Orion TR12/12-30 to allow the alternator to charge both the start (with priority there) and then also the house.

What remains (forgive my ignorance here) is a basic electrical engineering question: while my house panel loads are connected to and regulated by the MPPT load output (less than 15 amps altogether) there are higher amperage loads (inverter, fridge, and then bilge pumps that I never want cut out by MPPT) directly connected to the house bank by a separate fuse box. With the Orion charging output maxing at 40 amps to the house bank, what keeps all that current from frying the loads downstream? All are fused appropriately, just want to learn something here--does the battery itself act as an effective buffer to absorb that current? Is the bilge pump going to be fine because it's going to draw only what it needs in terms of amperage and as long as the voltage is regulated appropriately nothing gets fried?

Appreciate the help and again, please forgive my ongoing learning process here.

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Ess dumping battery charge to grid


Can somebody tell me why suddenly my battery charge has been dumbt into the grid? Yesterday evening my battery was being discharged into the grid and it kept on doing this until battery life stept in. This is not what i bought the system house should be running on that battery power during the night but now in 3 hours the battery was discharged to 50% and the rest of the night the house was run on grid power. Why did it start doing this?

I run 2x multiplus 2 48 5000, cerbo GX and a mppt rs

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Correct Firmware to use Victron Connect with older Easyplus 1600

Would like to use Victron Connect with an older Easyplus 1600 firmware 1906132 instead of VE.Configure as my Mac pc emulation is failing. Victron Connect says "Multiple-Plus compact firmware version not supported use VE.Flash to upgrade to *200 or higher"

I see a firmware 1906209. (in addition to the 1906159 pre assistant version).


-Is this the right firmware to use Victron Connect successfully?

All running great except for the PC VEConfigure vs Mac/IOS capability of Victron Connect, and so I don't want to do this unless it solves that problem.


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High voltage alarms
  • High voltage alarms

Hi ... been running Quattro inverter with 6 pylontechs for 3 years. Few months ago had high voltage alarms signals when batteries reached 100%. Found 1 battery swollen. Firmware on batteries and all components were updated. Now struggling to get batteries charged. If there is no loads solar production drops. Charging of batteries only between 200 to 500w at any soc level. Excuse my lack of knowledge. I am not an installer. Thx

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Multiplus II 3000 send more power to one leg

I have the 2-leg version of the Multiplus II, is there a way to provision more power for one single leg? Or does it do that automatically? If needed, my specific model is PMP122305100

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Multiplus Solar and mains preference - battery for standby only

I need some assistance with optimizing my Solar system.

My system is as follow:

1. Multiplus 24V/3000KVA/70Amp

2. Bluesolar 150/80 MPPT

3. 8 x Narada 200aH Batteries (Strings (2x2)+(2x2)

4. 9 x 340 W solar pannels (3 Strings).

My chalenge is how to Ignore Mains (with virtual switch) and use batteries for backup only. Basically prioritizing solar during the day and on Mains at night. Batteries only for our famous loadshedding (I live in South Africa).

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"Input Current Limit" on VRM Dashboard

I noticed something odd on the VRM Dashboard and wonder if it is bit of a temporary display glitch or is a setting somewhere?

Dashboard when I have my AC Source defined as Grid. (Generator shows the same.


If I change the source designation to "Shore" I see the same screen in the main - but I get a new section (I highlighted in a red box) called "Input Current Limit"


Not sure why that appears only when AC In is "Shore"? or why it is 3.2A. The Watts in is actually around the 3.2A mark (230V input) but that is more coincidence I think.

The only setting I can think of that limits the AC current is within the Multiplus (an EasyPlus 12/1600 in my case) and that is set as 12.0A (see below - set at 12A as using a domestic plug).


Any pointers to this odd 3.2A window? Would be a pain if that was actually 3.2A and stop me using anything of reasonably high power!

EDIT: Just turned on the Water Boiler (850W) and checked screen again ...


It looks like the "Input Current Limit" actually shows the approximate AC current being pulled into the system, not an actual limit? and is fluctating as the battery charge current is dropping as approaching full.

So it is good that it is not limiting the current, but what is it meant to mean?

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VRM Input Current Limit

At the new VRM screen, the Current Limit vs Actual current is not realtime:

1099W cannot be 0.8 A ;-)


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