Charging lithium whit alternator


Im looking a way to ad one more altenator to charge a 10x 200AH 24V bank.

My goal is to get at least 120A on 24 V from it, but cant find a curent limiter or dc-dc charger so big that it will do the job.

I dont want puting 20 of orions for that 2 altenators ( 2 engines), so im looking for single device it can do that.

Money is not a problem, just to have some simpliest and solid solution.

Any advice will be good.

P.s. there is 2 banks of agm motor battery for preventing a spikes if bms cut of servis.

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2x EM24 1x Cerbo GX 1x Multiplus

Moin Moin

Nach meinem Zähler der Verplombt in einem Gemeinschaftskasten(Doppelhaushälfte) sitzt gehen 2 Kabel durch das Haus 1x Stromversorgen Haus und 1x Nebengebäude.

Mit einem EM24 wäre ein Riesen Umbau nötig damit er die Messung beider Kabel möglich machen kann.

Als ich den Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 und Cerbo bei einem Händler bestellt habe, versicherte mir dieser das ich 2 Zähler nutzen kann und der Cerbo Addiert diese Werte.

Ich habe das System nun in Betrieb und leider wird ein Zähler immer Ignoriert.

Der Händler von dem ich den Multiplus habe ist quasi kaum Erreichbar und der Kollege der mich dort beraten hat ... scheint nicht mehr im Unternehmen zu sein.


kann man 2 EM24 als Grid anschliessen ?

Falls das nicht geht:

kann ich dann einen 2. Multiplus an den Cerbo und Pylontech anschliessen und jedem Multiplus einen Grid zuweisen ?

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Komische PV Kurve

Hallo habe eine frage zu meiner PV leistungs kurve. Ist es normal das hier lie leistung so schankt? Es sind keine wolken am himmel. Ich habe einen 150/70 und dieser gurkt bei ca 1400Watt rum. Es ist ein 24V System und der MPPT ist mit 2200Wp bestückt.

Wenn Ihr mehr infos braucht sagt bescheid.



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components needed to charge batteries and then go to hot water heater

Good day all.

I am new to this technology and am getting conflicting answers in the "retail world".

I would like to set up a solar system (2x350 Watts) to charge 4x100aH LiFePo4 Batteries and when those are topped up to switch over to start a hot water heater (Bosch or Rheem) to heat the water. Of course at a set temperature I would want to switch off the heater and not have it switch on again until it dropped several degrees so it is not cycling on and off too often.

What components do I need (and what specs) to make this work efficiently. I am thinking I would like to use the Cerbo GX to monitor all of these (and more) devices.

I would appreciate the solution details and any things I should be concerned about that could go wrong.

Many thanks,

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setting up multiplus for solar priority with external grid-linked solar?

Due to irritating conditions with my grid provider, I can't touch my grid-linked inverters - they can't be moved behind my multiplus-II or the grid provider will terminate my feed-in contract and replace it with a very rubbish one..

So - my question..

I have two inverters (physically separate sets of panels) feeding the grid, I have rs485 metering on the solar feed to grid as well as the overall grid. I am happy and allowd to feed to grid from the inverters, but not the multiplus (else the above feed-in rate change), but want to prioritise battery charging and self-consumption.

What is the best way to do this? I plan to setup a Raspberry Pi with Venus OS and the Node-red image.


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Energiemesszähler aus Remoteconsole löschen


hatte bisher einen ET340 Energiezähler. Da die dieser nicht saldierend ist, habe ich nun umgestellt auf einen EM24. Funktioniert auch soweit, allerdings ist immer noch der ET340 in der Remoteconsole, obwohl nicht mehr angeschlossen. Habe keinen Menüpunkt gefunden, den ET340 zu löschen.


Wie werde ich den alten ET340 wieder los? Kann man den irgendwo auf dem VenusOS löschen? Der erste Eintrag mit der Seriennummer 360324U ist der ET340.

Vielen Dank für eure Tips.

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Loss of communication to ET112 Grid meter

I finished a new Victron 5KVA Easysolar installation connected to an ET112 Grid meter. The system will run perfectly for a few hours and then looses communication to the ET112 and causes the Inverter to go into a Passthru mode. I then need to reboot the CCGX that will solve the problem untill it happens again after anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours. It will also always happens after a grid failure (load shedding) when the power is restored. I replaced the ET112 grid meter as well as the victron rs485 to usb cable which didn't solve the problem. I re-routed the the rs485 to usb cable and did the software upgrade again without any success. I've done many similar installations in the past and never experienced this issue. Any suggestions to solve this issue.

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Ct clamp over ip ethernet.

Anyone know of a analog to TCP/IP transmitter/receiver?

Ct clamps are £15

Em24 £200+

So anyone know of a solution of sending ct signal over ip and then back so I can send it over ethernet. With parts less then £185....



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Multiplus compact version, smartsolar and ESS

Hi, this is what I would like to achieve, see picture also with schematics.

Daytime (green arrows):

- Run load on solar - power from MPPT through inverter to load

- Charge battery on the leftover solar current (split solar charge current to inverter and battery, is the split configurable in some way?)

Nighttime (orange arrow):

- Run load from battery through inverter

- If battery SOC is too low use grid power (light blue arrow from grid through Multiplus)

Equipment I already have:

- Multiplus Compact - mfd. 2013

- Smartsolar 150/60 MPPT - mfd. 2021

- Solarcells and battery

The question is can I create this configuration with the multiplus compact I have if I purchase the Cerbo GX controller? I also read something about gen2 processor on multis needed and some firmware version limitiations. But I could not get the grips of it. So I try to ask here:

1. what should I check with my multi compact to be sure I get this to work as I plan.

2. And can this be done with the cerbo GX and a multi compact?



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Multiplus ac out 2 not working

Hi there

I have a multiplus 3000/230v and I do not manage to get any voltage on the AC Out 2 when connected to the grid.

Is there any magic to get this to work??


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Easy solar and Multiplus in 3-ph or parallel

Hi! Easy solar includes Multi plus, MPPT and CerboGX in one package.

Can a similar multi plus be used for a parallel configuration vith Easy Solar?

Is it possible to use Easy Solar and some Multi Plus to create a 3 phase configuration?
Thank you for answer.

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Smart Battery Senser, MPTT and VE.Direct

Hi all!

I have Victron SmartSolar 100/30 and Smart Battery Senser installed. I also added VE.Direct connection to the SmartSolar to connect to my own systems.

However, I found that the temperature data from Smart Battery Senser isn't available. Is there a way to get it available to VE.Direct? I think it would be smart addition to the system that the SmartSolar would send that data if it's available.

Thank you!

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ESS System not feeding in grid :-(

I got a 5k MultiPlus II running with a set of 10kWh BYD LiFePo4 batteries (with their own BYD BMS) en two DC-connected MPPT's with a total PV-capacity of around 2400Wp and a Cerbo "running things"..
The Cerbo is updated to the latest firmware (automagically through the internet). The MultiPlus II is on firmware 2623470 and runs the ESS-assistant more or less with the default values of the German gridcode with internal NS protection.
The only thing I didn't let the assistant change, is the type of battery (because of the BYD-specific settings for Absorption and Float).
This time of year I have quite a surplus of PV-energy so I started experimenting with ESS (Optimized with BatteryLife).
For some reason the system is NOT feeding the surplus of PV back to the grid :-(
Only if I set the grid setpoint to a negative value, the system starts to feed back the PV to the grid at the height I set the negative grid setpoint to....
Otherwise, the BMS (I think) switches off the MPPT's so they don't deliver any PV anymore :-(
For some reason it does that when the BMS says (at VRM and in Remote Console) that the batteries are at 99% instead of 100%. I have no idea why it does that but this doesn't bother me too much ;-).
I set the minimum SOC (unless grid fails) at 95% otherwise apparently the system thinks it should feed the loads from the grid, even when there's still enough PV to do that and even enough to charge the batteries.
So not the actual surplus of PV energy is fed into the grid, but the value set with the negative grid setpoint...
So when there's a cloud before the sun and the batteries are still above the minimum SOC (unless grid fails) then the system feeds the grid from the batteries if the PV drops below the value set in the negative grid setpoint....
I probably have some setting "wrong" to get this result, but I can't seem to think of what could be wrong....
If someone has suggestions..... they are more then welcome.

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ajout ESS sur installation avec Ohmpilot et zéro injection

Bonjour à tous,

J'ai une installation de 6kWc qui fonctionne en "Zéro Injection", monophasé. Elle est en réseau "MODBUS RTU" . Elle comporte uniquement des appareils de marque Fronius :

¤ Un GALVO 3.0-1 ( onduleur esclave )

¤ Un PRIMO 3.6-1 ( onduleur maître )

¤ Un Fronius Ohmpilot qui utilise une partie du surplus pour le chauffe-eau

¤ Un compteur intelligent Fronius "63A - 1" en tête du tableau électrique

Il me reste une bonne quantité d’énergie que je voudrais stocker et utiliser en dehors de l'ensoleillement.

Je voudrais y ajouter :

¤ "Multiplus 2" de 3000 VA

¤ 2 batteries 48V de 2.5 kW

Il faudra sûrement ajouter un compteur / ou capteur de courant Victron ?

Comment brancher ces appareils pour rester en "Zéro injection" et pour que les batteries ne servent pas à chauffer l'eau.

Dans l'ordre, les priorités que je voudrais avoir:

1/ Consommation directe

2/ Chauffe eau

3/ Charge des batteries

4/ Hors soleil, utiliser l’énergie des batteries

Je remercie tous ceux qui peuvent m'aider sur ce sujet. Et si possible les utilisateurs de ce type de fonctionnement.

Très cordialement.

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Multiplus charge current control? assistant/ESS

Hi Folks... This is going to raise a few eyebrows I expect but none the less...

I have two Multi's 5000/48/70-100 and 5000/24/70-100.

They are connected in series, as in, the output of the 48 feeds the input of the 24. I have done this to take advantage of the assist feature, giving me more overall output whilst retaining the ability to use either system independently, external manual changeover switch, in the event that either system has an issue or needs to be switched off for maintenance/modification.

My solar is DC coupled to the 48 system and managed by the BYD battery ( Standard config :-) )

We are completely off grid so my system needs to be as fault tolerant as possible.

The configuration works well, AC input limit on the 24 protects 48 and can be used to determine which battery is actually supplying my loads, assuming that the load is les than 4kW at the time and I anticipate using charge current limit, dynamically, on the 24 to determine the balance of available charge current between the batteries.

I discovered that I cant directly connect both Multi's to the same VE.Bus as they immediately try to go parallel which isn't the goal and as far as I know would not work anyway.
I have connected the 24 to my CCGX via an MK3, which seems to work locally and within VRM.I
(I cant access the registers on the 24 via Modbus but that is a different question.)

I need to control the charge current limit and am aware that there is an assistant which I think will allow me to do so with an analogue input or potentially 1 or more digital in's

I am also aware that ESS is replacing this kind of functionality and was wondering if treating the 48 as a grid and running ESS on the 24 is possible and if it is weather it would be a better, more integrated, approach.

Questions In summery...

1) What options do I have for managing charge current limit remotely/externally?

2) Is ESS an option?

3) Is it possible to handle the second Multi, 24, as an AC coupled charger for the first Multi, 48, like AC solar?
In an ideal scenario it would be good to be able to cross feed energy in either direction and manage where available charge is going, as a system.

4) Is there a GX variant that will allow both Multis to be directly connected, so I have full access to parameters and remote config, whilst keeping the two systems from trying to parallel up?

Sorry this is a bit long, I wanted to provide an accurate context.


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