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How suitable is a Smartsolar MPPT 100/20 controller for handling a (spinbike) generator input?

So the intended application is a spin bike generator - so a 3 phase brushless ac motor (from a skateboard) run off a flywheel of a spinbike with the intention to charge a 12V lead acid battery.

Input voltage is expected in the range of 20 - 40V dc (via a 3 phase bridge rectifier). Don't expect any overvoltage as the flywheel will keep the speed and hence voltage in check.
Will the unit handle the input? I calculate input is likely to be below 200W so shouldn't be close to the 290W max. with a 12V battery. I can't imagine any overspeed, hence overvoltage scenarios like might be the case with hydro generator or combustion engine generator

Battery charging: I'm assuming once the battery is full, will the controller autoamtically ramp up the impedance to reduce current drawn from the generator. (I assume this is how it reduces current drawn form a solar panel?) i.e. Pedalling will become easy
If the battery is very low charge, then I assume the controller will try to draw more current from the input - so pedalling will become heavy.
Does this sound reasonable or have I missed something?

Reason for using the MPPT controller is that I might use a solar panel later as an alternative input

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger with Honda EU2000i Portable Generator?

I am trying to determine if the Honda EU2000i Portable Generator will work with my Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger and I can't interpret the specifications of the charger. Does anyone know if that 2000 watt generator will work with the Phoenix?

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Missing data from production report

Hi all/Victron.

Was hoping i could get some assistance.

When downloading the VRM Production Report, I no longer get the data for the Gen Run hrs.

Is this a bug? or something that has been removed?

Any thoughts or help welcomed, thanks for reading.

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is there any way to make the Dynamic Current limiter last longer


Is there any way to make the dynamic current limiter function to last longer so the inverters reduce the impact load on the generator?

At the moment this function last about 4-5 seconds, it is good for big generators but not good enough for small ones 20-40kVA, moreover when they are cold and also the new stage V generators that can not handle impact loads very well.

It would be really good if the power assist could transfer smoothly the load to the generator for lets say 30 seconds or 1 minute.

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Quattro 15kVA / 230V with a Small Generator


I desperately need some help.

I have a Quattro 15kVA 230V with 15kWh of LiFePO4 batteries. I also have a 7kVA generator wired to AC1 and mains wired to AC2.

The idea was that when mains failed - the batteries and the generator would cover the load and share it proportionally.

For the life of me - I cannot get the generator to sync when there are no mains.

Here are the settings in place:


AC1 input current limit 13A (13 x 230 = 2990W) - Should be comfortable for a 7kVA generator.
Dynamic current limiter is checked.


AC input 1 - no LOM detection
Accept wide input frequency range is checked
UPS function is unchecked


PowerAssist is checked with a boost factor of 2


Weak AC input is checked


charge current control is active to change the DC charge current to zero when AC input 1 is active and the charger is also disabled. The idea of this was to prevent the generator from trying to charge the batteries and instead divert its power to the load.

ESS assistant is active.

If anybody can shed some light on this situation - I would really appreciate it.

I have tried to adjust the PowerAssist boost factor from 0,8 right up to 3,5 with no success. I have also tried to modify the AC1 input current limit to 22 Amps; also with no success.

I have uploaded the VRM settings pack if anyone would like to see the complete setup at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

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MultiPlus2: 3phase vs. Single phase 3 AC inputs

Hi all

There are many topics re 1ph generator & 3ph system, but can't find concrete answer :(

See bitmaps please, now it works as 3ph system, no problem:



What (bad) happens if switch it to "Single phase/3 AC inputs" (in ideal case without re-wiring)



The main idea/problem - how to connect 11kVA 1ph generator to 3 MultiPlusII 5000. If connect it to L1 with "switch as group is OFF", it will use only, say, 5kWt from generator for L1 and charger, but I need more, say, 2.5kWt per phase. No "real" 3ph devices.


Thank you

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Quatro is raising the load to quickly

Is there a way to have a "soft start" on the generator load, my vitron Quatro is raising the load to quickly, would like to raise from 0 - full load over 2 min.

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Using L2 on Multi

Hi All. I have an off grid system with a 8kva generator and a 5kva Multiplus. We have all our mains electrical demand feeding off L1 on the multi. We also have an electric pottery kiln which draws about 16amps (for 8-11hrs per load) direct from the generator - not via the multi. Currently, we drop the max amps (on multi) to 12 thus allowing generator space for the kiln. My question - Could I connect the kiln to L2 (live only on generator) on the multi; set the max amps to 28 ( to protect the generator) and let the multi control the flow of power between L1 and L2? The kiln has an on/off program (15sec on then off) for the first few hours, and am concerned this may put excessive pressure on the multi. Any thoughts, concerns or comments welcome.

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Remote generator start with 4 wires

I'm currently installing a Multiplus II/Smartsolar system in an off-grid setup and intend to use my generator as a backup using the relay function on the Colour Control. However my generator (a Lister Petter Alpha series) has a 4 wire remote start (grey, black, blue, brown). Does anyone know whether it is possible to re-wire/bodge this so it will be compatible with the 2 wire remote start relay from CC? Unfortunately there is no information that I can find from Victron or Lister as to whether this is possible

Many thanks

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How to enable Generator statistics in VRM portal?


I am using a Multiplus II 48/5000 with a Cerbo GX and Pylontech batteries.

Venus GX Version is 2.89 and the other firmwares are also the latest release.

AC1 Input is configured as "Generator" and it is shown correctly in the live view.

But in the summary it is saying "From Grid" and there are no statistics on Generator power delivery.

See also the attached screenshots.

How can I fix this?

Thank you!


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Generator shown as grid in VRM

Why my generator is showing as grid in VRM? We are off grid, so basically this is not a problem, but is there any way to change this?


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View power generated from generator in VRM App

Is it possible on the VRM app to view how much power has come from the generator? It used to show it as from grid but since I changed ac1 to be generator I can’t seem to find anything to say how much power has come from the generator. I have a Multiplus ii gx and am totally off grid.

many thanks.

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Start Stop generator using APP

Hi, I am assuming, after extensive searching, that you cannot start or stop the generator using the VRM app? Can some one confirm this or am I overlooking something. Also, if it is not possible, is there future development of this capability?? Thanks all

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Low Voltage with Two Quattos on Generator Power

I have a Northern Lights 9kW 2X120V marine generator with two Quattros (one for each leg of the generator output). When the Quattros are charging/inverting with generator power, voltage drops to around 110V when it's loaded with 50amps.

In troubleshooting this, I bypassed the Quattros and loaded the generator directly with 50amps of load from the boat and the generator voltage did not drop. This makes me think there's something going on with the configuration of the Quattros. They're currently set up as Dual Phase 180 with L2 Floating to Orginal Phase.

Does anyone have an idea what might be going on? Thanks!


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stop battery charging from generator only

hello guys

I have a little bit complicated setting for a system with a quattro 10 kva and 2 ac input, the system is working in ESS mode. I would like to stop my batteries from being charged by the generator since it is a housing complex and the generator KWH is higher than the grid KWH cost so I don't want to charge the batteries with the generator but i need the generator for some essential load and i want to charge the batteries only using the grid is this posssible

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