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CCGX Generator Start-Stop "Do not run genset when AC 1 is in use"

I'm not sure I get the logic behind this?( )

I thought the best practice was to connect the genset to AC1 and shore power to AC2?


"Two AC inputs; integrated switch-over system between shore voltage and generating set The Quattro features two AC inputs (AC-in-1 and AC-in-2) for connecting two independent voltage sources. For example, two generator sets, or a mains supply and a generator set. The Quattro automatically selects the input where voltage is present. If voltage is present on both inputs, the Quattro selects the AC-in-1 input, to which normally the generating set is connected."

Would it be possible to add "Do not run genset when AC2 is in use" as well? (given people are probably already relying on the version with AC1 I understand just changing it to AC2 may not be possible).

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ignore generator auto start, when shore power is connected

Finally I will install my auto start/stop panel of my generator.

And now I would like to use the functionalities of the CCGX!

But how to ignore the the auto start, when shorepower is connected to AC2?

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Multiplus 3 Wire Generator Connection- 'Common' where should it go?

Hi there,

fallowing 3 wires from switch, i know where should i connect start and stop wire from multiplus to generator but not sure where 'common' should go / how?

My gen has start stop system with remote and all so it's not complicated but 3rd wire aka common is what im not sure and i dont really want to blow up anything.

thank you

I believe @Matthias Lange - DE ll know the answer hah.

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EasySolar/ Multiplus 48/3000 Power generator issues.


I would like to ask if this is normal that after i have generator connected bulbs on my inverter every 60sec changes from;

'Charger: Mains ON/ Bulk ' to 'Inverter: Inverter On'

I would like to ask someone to correct me as well if my configuration is not correct.

I cannot upload file so i give link;

I would like to set up generator to start when batteries hits 50/55% so it can charge bats a bit.



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Multiplus or Quattro in parallel cascade - How do they operate to cover increasing loads?

Just for the sake of clarity... ( i thought i understood this - but as ever the info is grey or not specific)

Multis or Quattros working in parallel for a larger output capacity. (single phase)

Do the paralleled units mirror each other and operate in the same fashion


Is it a cascaded arrangement, where the master is loaded up first, then the second unit starts to come in to cover the load... and so on....?

And then so.....

Shore / generator AC input

Can this be connected to the Master alone , or does it have to connect to each paralleled unit ? (there are schematic examples for both arrangements - ie. two AC sources, but then other information "infers" symetrical connections required.) There is the note about the shore power setting needs dividing by the number of conencted units.



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Open AC-input relais in ESS mode on MultiPlus-II

Is there a way to open the AC-input relais on MultiPlus-II by a command submitted to GX-device or with an input signal on MultiPlus-II when using ESS- instead of a virtual switch application? I would like to avoid placing an additional motor-switch or relais in between grid and MultiPlus device.


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Multiplus 5k ignores input current limit with power assist

I have a Multiplus 24/5000 that I am using to run the dive compressor on my boat (2.7kw) and a Honda 2kw generator connected to the AC1 input to provide the power when solar doesn’t keep up.

The Multiplus runs the dive compressor (3 phase motor driven by a single to three phase VFD) easily on its own.

When I’m not running the dive compressor, the multiplus honors the 8.5A input current limit I’ve set, however when I fire up the dive compressor it seems to ignore that limit and will try and pull all of the power from the generator, with little to no power assist.

Running the compressor at full speed the generator will overload and trip. If I lower the compressor speed with the VFD I can get it to a point where the genny can just keep up at around 10A, with the multiplus saying it’s assisting by maybe 200W on top of the 2000W from the gen. It's not ideal running the compressor this slow.

So it appears that power assist is doing a little bit, but no where near enough and the input current limit is being ignored. I can turn the input current limit right down to 4 and the behaviour doesn't change at all.

The minimum input current limit for my 5k is supposed to be 3.9A and I’m on firmware 430. Any ideas?

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Parallel operation of two buck-Boost DC-DC Converter 100A

Hello, is it possible to operate two converters in a parallel relay to provide a charging current of 80 amps in total, the system consists of a 100 ampere generator 24 volt system?

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Flicker and wild voltage and frequency variation of Quattro output when operating with generator


We are experiencing this same issue on multiple sites. Both with AC connected PV and sites with charge controllers.

Quattro 5kw off grid system. 50hz 230v

When the backup generator is operating, the output from the Quattro varies wildly and also it appears so does the load placed on the generator - to charge the batteries (from the VRM portal data)

This is backed up up by the display on the generator (Hyundai DHY6000) which shows frequency.

Frequency output from the quattro is so unstable it cases the Fronius PV inverter to cut out and also the washine machine on site to go into fault. Also voltage is all over the place, and all this causes lighting flicker too.

UPS function setting is off

I have tried lowering the shore power setting.

I have tried lowering the output voltage slightly on the Quattro. (output on the genny when unloaded is 230v)

Dynamic current limiter on or off makes no difference.

Accept wide frequency range is on.

I am assuming that the quattros inverter attempts to track the AC input frequency and doesnt do a great job of it.

If powerassist was disabled - would this prevent the inverter output from trying to track whats happening with the AC input ?

Any ideas?



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Multiplus II with Grid Connection and Gen with ATS

Is it possible to connect an ATS into "AC In" on the Multiplus II that switches to genset when there is a power outage and have the GX device know that it can not export any power as it has changed to Genset instead of Grid?

Or is there a better way of having Gen backup on a grid connected ESS system?

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How can I add a cool down delay on a generator, such as Venus disconnect AC IN 1 when Generator signal is sent to shutdown the generator?

In a system with six(6) Quattros 10K configured in 3Phase and parallel, the backup generator we has a needs of 5 minute cool down period when the generator start signal is removed.

When the Venus relay removes the start signal in relay number 1 the Generator needs to be disconnected from the Quattros, is there a way to have the Quattros Disconnect AC IN 1 so that the generator continues running in its cool down period without load?

FYI we are using ESS, this issue happens when the grid has failed for a long time (days) and generator is turn on for its weekly excessive or when the battery is too low and needs to be charge enough to reach the next solar cycle.

In essence we would like the generator to run without load for a period of 5 minutes after the generator is not needed any more.



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Why is my multiplus 48/3000 not accepting generator input?

Hi, I have a new off grid set up including generator. Problem is my multiplus 48/3000 is refusing AC input I have compensated for weak ac etc. But still no joy. Any ideas?

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Distorted waveform from Quattro with generator

I have just completed an installation with a Quattro 15 and DC charging via 2 @ 250/100 Mppt's.

The customer is experiencing flickering LED lighting throughout the building when the generator is running and charging the batteries. When we put an oscilloscope onto the L1 output of the Quattro, we see a blip on each zero crossover of the sine wave.

The Quattro on its own has a good sine wave and the 18kVA generator has a reasonable sine wave too. Both together is a problem.

Any ideas on how this can be eliminated as I have not had this problem before.


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Generator problems

I'm setting up a Quattro 24/8000 and it refuses to accept AC from my Onan 10kw genset. It tries to switch over when the generator is running but when I watch it in VEconfig it reads "L1 not in phase"

I have tried the ususal settings, UPS dissabled, Dynamic current limiter enabled, the max min voltage and current settings are well within the output of the genset, so is the frequency. Extremelz frustrating, anz further advice?

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ESS system with Generator on AC input 2 and Quattro 5kva is not stable

Good day all .

I have a victron quattro 5kva setup with a mppt 250/100 and 10kwh of lithium batteries. Ac input 1 has mains electricity. Ac input 2 has generator input. Now with out the ess assistant geneator charges batteries and supplies loads through the inverter with no issues .

When i enable ess assistant the system functions with solar and grid energy as required. However should the user require generator to backup power or charge the battery the inverter will constantly flip on and off between charge and not charging . The relays will stay on for about 2 mins and off . Then on again then off again. To try all options we have disabled ups mode. And enabled weak ac input. This still doesn't make a difference. I can only assume that this has something to do with grid feed in which is set to grid type other with no feed in . Loss of mains on both ac input 1 and 2 is set to type b safe .

Would changing the type b to disabled on the ac input 2 correct this problem with no adverse effects on the 14kva generator input 2 ??

Or should i be looking for another solution .Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.

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Generator size and harmonics (THD)


I would like to know what is the minimum size of generator that can work without problems with a Victron Multiplus 48/5000/70.

I know the following link:

in which it is recommended that the minimum power be 8 kVA, but below the data table it is indicated that """if your generator is smaller than the recommended size for your inverter/charger, you will definitely need to adjust the settings ...""". From this, I can deduce that a smaller generator can work properly.

I cannot find the minimum value from which the system will work correctly.

On the other hand, I can choose between two generators: one with a THD<5% and the other with a THD slightly greater than 7%. (There are other features to consider, of course)

Is there some recommended maximum level of Total Harmonic Distortion?

Thank you for your attention.

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Generator connection problems

I have a multiplus 3000 12v/240v system. My generator is hard wired to unit with a 3 pin plug to generator. When pluged into my diesel generator the unit works fine but when i change to my petrol generator using the same cable the multiplus unit swictchs to genrator for 1 sec then switches back multiplus and keeps tring to conect generator but fails every time. Yet works fine when connected to my diesel generater. The generator brand is Ducar made in china.

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Limiting Honda Gen power input via CCGX

I have acquired a new to me yacht, equipped with...

- Victron Multiplus 12v/3000va/120amp Inverter/Charger

- Blue Power Colour Control system

- Victron BMV-600s battery monitor

To avoid running engines to charge batteries I bought a Honda Eu2000i.

My problem is it goes into overload and shuts down, presumably because it is drawing too much power.

I have downloaded and searched through the manuals and also the Community forum but I cannot find how to limit the power coming out the Honda / into the Victron system.

1. Can this be achieved?

2. If so, can you tell me how?

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2 Phase Quattro 48/5000/120 setup will not take Genset Input on AC1 in

Hi, I currently have an OFFGRID system comprised of 2 Quattros configured as master & slave into a 2 phase floating phase arrangement. Recently got a hold of an used Genset and hoped to integrated it into the system. The Full System is as follows:

  • 2x Quattro 48/5000/120
  • 1x Color GX
  • 24x 12v/230Ah Batteries in a 4S6P arrangement
  • 32x 445w PV Modules
  • 2x MPPT 250/100
  • 1x 15KVA 3 Phase 120/220v Diesel Genset



Here a Screenshot of my current status, Voltage & Frequency are almost identical, but still no Passthrough or Charging of Batteries occurs, have tried to use an ESS, no assistant, Self-Consumption Hub, without any luck,

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Cerbo GX Gen / Start Stop for a cooling fan

Hi, I've installed a cooling fan in my camper to cool the Orion TR Smart during the drive. I've connected it successfully to the Cerbo GX relay 1. The relay is set to Gen/Start Stop. I've defined the relay to start when the current that draws in the battery is above 20 A.

Manual Start works but the automation does not close the relay when the Orion TR Smart charges the battery with 30 Amps. Do I have a logical mistake here?

Best Kirsten

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1 Answer

Which brand automatic starting generator icm cerbo gx?

Are there particulary brands of automaticly starting gensets which work flawlessly with the cerbo automatic switch on/of/automatic relay?

I am looking for a generator in de range of 5 kw-10 kw.

Please some advice or directions.

Thanks in advance.

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Generator neutral floating or bonded

I have a Multiplus 3000 installed in my RV. I use a generator to charge the batteries. Does it matter if the generator has a neutral floating or the neutral is bonded to ground?

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1 Answer

Suitable Generator Multiplus 3000/48

Hello Folks,

I have a 3.3 Kw system with Multiplus 3000/48, MPPT 150 and 8 Trojan SPRE255 batteries.

I hope this question hasn't been asked before. I am looking for a list of suitable generators to hook up to my system for cloudy days. My current generator (low quality, 1,5KW) does not charge the batteries, something is tripped and they don't charge.

Since there are countless generators out there and no reliable resource as to what I can couple with my Multi 3000, I am hoping to get some hints from you.

I have been eyeing the following generator, maybe someone has experience with this model?

Thank you in advance, I appreciate hearing about hints or positive experiences with generators.

Best wishes,


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Victron Litium Super Pack

Can I unplug my 100 Ah AGM and plug in a Victron Litium Super Pack 12,8 V 100 Ah without any alterstions? Charging through 1) Mercury Outboard alternator 65A or 2) Solar panel and MPPT or 3) CTEK 100 12V battery charger. In case 1 charging will be with Li battery in paraller with 75Ah LeadAcid starter battery. At what voltage will the Li BMS cut out voltage from battery?

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Onan Auto Gen Start with CCGX

So i have read what i can find on Victron's website about setting up the Auto gen start via the CCGX relays. I have an Onan that operates via a mom/off/mom(Start/off/Stop) switch. I saw the $80-$100 time delay relays that they reference and i understand their design but is there a better option for way to make the generator start and stop through the CCGX?

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Split Phase dual Multiplus with generator

Hi all,

I could use a little help planning my setup. I have a pretty standard US configuration in my RV 120v/240v split phase. My mini split AC is 240v so I need 240v. I have a 12.5kw Onan that says 120v/240v 1 phase *picture attached*. I would like to put in an inverter system but I'm pretty confused about what functionality is possible.

Ideally I would like everything to passthrough the inverters. Generator, 50A 240v split phase shore power, 30A-15A 120v single phase all passing through the inverters so I can utilize the charger and power assist features of the multiplus's.

My current understanding is that I will need 2 Multi's and 2 autotransformers. One autoT to balance the genset and one to balance the inverters but I'm not sure exactly how to hook them up. Where my understanding really stops is at the single phase input. How do I add the ability to charge from 120v hookups without a separate bank of chargers?

Thanks for any help!


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Generator size (limited options) for Multiplus 3000/12v

Hi Folks,

I hope someone can help me here with a plain answer. I have read Victron's generator Best Practices WP/post but I am looking for some practical answers. I have a Multiplus 3000/12V and 8 cells of 280A LIFEPO4 which will be connected into 4P2S to get 12V bank of 8 cells. I will be traveling this fall up north in BC/Alaska, and most likely will be limited to cloudy conditions for days, hence a need for a generator to top-up the battery bank. Due to various reasons (weight, size, space and available stock) I am limited to smaller size generator options from 2000W to 3000W. I know this is below recommended size, but I am not planning to use it to run a load while charging the battery, except maybe a hydronic heater. But I will need to top-up the battery for about 3-4 hours a day (on average). Since my solar build is not ready yet and I will be boondocking in remote areas, a generator is the only option I have. Travel-wise, a Champion dual-fuel 2000W/1600W running would be ideal, but I can stretch into getting a 3000W Generac with 30 Amp/120v plug, if this is the absolute minimum. Another appealing option is the new Yamaha 2200W with 30 Amp plug, but I doubt it will be in stock before I have to depart. I have very minimum of power usage since it's a travel Van, not a live-in. Some LED lights, 2 pumps, a hydronic heater, a small fridge, and USB chargers are the only things I will be using while on the road. What is the minimum size of the generator that can work for me under these conditions? Is any of the listed above acceptable options? My main concerns are Multiplus compatibility and (a cold-weather start and duty cycle. But that is probably a question for another forum.)

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Honda EU2000 and two Multiplus 12/3000 120-50 120V in Parallel Mode

I have two Multiplus inverters in parallel mode. I have set the input current limit to 15A. When i plug my Honda EU2000 into the 50A plug on my RV. I get an inverter overload message, the Honda only provide 120V 15A Single Phase.

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RCD tripping
I have installed a Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-16/230V inverter in my widebeam boat, AC is fed from a diesel generator. With the inverter in the on position AC is fed through an RCD to the consumer unit supplying the boat’s domestic circuits. This works fine no problems.
With the generator running and the inverter on postion, it trips over to charge the batteries; bulk,absorption and then float. Or with the generator running and the inverter in charger only, it goes through the bulk, absorption and float.
The problem is when the generator is running, the slightest AC load trips the RCD. I understand that an unbanlanced load would trip the RCD, but this does not happen when the inverter is fed from the battery bank, and in the on postion. Neither does it happen when the generator is running and fed through the RCD to the consumer unit.

Any help as what to do would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

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i have a yamaha efi gen with an autostartmodule installed, can cross the 2 wires to start the gen, disconnect to stop...inside the easysolar there are a number of ports aux 1 aux 2 etc, which one do i plug the 2 wires into for the gen start/stop

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