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Problem recharging batteries with generator.

I have a new standalone solar system with the following:

10 x Longi LR4-60HPH-370M Solar Panel (3.7 KW)1
1 x 24V 3000W Victron Easysolar Inverter/Charger
2 x PowerPlus LiFe Eco 24V LFP 3.8kWhr Battery

I was told I would require a 5.5kva generator to recharge when necessary, and purchased a 6kva Gensafe. Problem is, the inverter will not accept charge from it. I'm told it is because it does not have a clean sine wave as it is a "construction" generator, but a Toolex 8kva borrowed from a neighbour is accepted.

When I attempt to charge with the Gensafe generator there are a couple of audible clicks coming from the inverter, repeated several minutes later. The manufacturer describes the generator as "A stable sine-wave alternator with ± 5% harmonic distortion" Here's a link to info on it:

I am very grateful to anyone who can offer me some guidance with this, as I am not well versed in this area.

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RCD Typ B am Ein- und Ausgang des Multiplus nötig?

Ist am Ein- bzw. Ausgang des Multiplus ein RCD Typ B (Allstromsensitiv) nötig? Mindestens Typ A am Ausgang ist klar. Anschluss des MP netzparallel mit wichtigen Verbrauchern am Ausgang.

An einem Wechselrichter ist ja grundsätzlich ein Schutz nötig, falls hier ein nicht sinusförmiger Fehlerstrom auftritt - es liegt dort ja ein Gleichstrom vom PV-Sting bzw. vom Akku an.

Hat der Multiplus II einen entsprechenden Schutz bereits eingebaut oder ist der hier bauartbedingt nicht nötig (evtl. weil die Batteriespannung nur 48V beträgt oder weil ein gewickelter Trafo genutzt wird der kein AC durchlässt?)

Wenn nötig müsste ein RCD Typ B ja am Ein- Und Ausgang angeschlossen werden, da in beide Richtungen eingespeist wird und dort Verbraucher (über einen RCD Typ A) angeschlossen sind.

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Quattro: Set charge current depending on AC-IN ?

Am I the only one to miss this feature?

Quattro 5kVA, AC-IN1: Generator AC-IN2: Grid

I would like to set the max. charge current for the generator somewhere below its nominal capacity (somewhat around 8A), I would like to keep the charge current setting for grid as is - which is 1A.

In other words: When connected to grid, charge the battery as little as possible, when connected to generator, charge with generator capacity.

VEConfigure: No dice. Only one global galactic value can be set here for the charger.

Any ideas how to achieve that feature or shall I include that in my Victron prayers?

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Generator running indication? (manual start... for now)

Hi folks,

New to all this, stem less than 24 hrs online.

Easysolar 5000, BYD 13.8

Seems to be working well but not showing generator running when charging.

I am assuming that is because I am not starting the gen from the system, yet, but I wanted to know if I can get it to recognise when the gen is running base on the AC state.

I am off grid so there is no AC unless the gen is on.

If there is no setting for this, is ther an aux input I can configure to do it?

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Multiplus II - Dc Ripple with generator

I built a stand alone system consisting of 1Kwp of solar panels, a Victor mppt charge controller, a Multiplus II and a 16s 48v 176Ah lithium battery pack.

the system has been running for about 12 months and is working great and I'm really happy.

In the last days I tried to connect a Honda ex4000s generator, I made the necessary changes to get the generator working.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that if I switch on the generator I have a DC voltage ripple.

This problem occurs especially when I switch on the generator when the solar panels are also producing current. In this situation you can see on the ccgx that the voltage varies continuously in a few seconds from 51v to 53v, after which the system goes into protection and shuts everything down.

I was able to solve this problem by inserting a relay that disconnects the solar panels when the generator is switched on. after about 20 minutes of operation, the problem occurs again.

The cable cross-section is adequate and all connections are correct and stable.

do you know what could be the problem ? the generator current not clean ?

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Multiplus With Generator And Residual Current Device


I have a Multi 48/5000 and a very cheap but good working 2.5KW gasoline generator connected to AC IN.

At final installation tests, I found out that the Residual Current Device does not work, when the generator is running and supplying power, even though I connected a good earth to the generator.

It seems, the generator is not capable of a RCD.

Is it OK to hard wire PE and Neutral on the Multi? Or what is common practice?

Thank you.


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CCGX Genset auto Start/Stop


we just figured out, that it is impossible to interrupt the auto start of the CCGX. If the autostart is enabled, we can only stop the genset by the Fischer Panda genereator panel. When stopping by FP-panel, the autostart function of FP is automatically disabled and must be switched off an on again to enable the autostart function.

It would be very helpful to have an option to stop the genset by the CCGX while it runs due to the autostart.

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Skylla-i 24/80 won't bulk charge!

Can anyone help me please? New Skylla-i 24/80 charger won't charge batteries at all. Jumps to ABS each time! There must be some way to force bulk charging (I've tried all the settings I can think of).

(Batteries: 12x2V TOPzS)

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Kohler 7.5 Quattro Cerbo GX With Load Sensing Gen Start

My genset is controlled "start/stop" by sensing the presence or absence of a load on the line. It also has a two wire start/stop. The two wire will not stop the genset if there's a load present. My question is, will the Quattro AC IN-1 contactor open and close as necessary for my genset when programmed with the gen start/stop features in the Quattro or Cerbo GX or do I need to add a external contactor?

Thank you

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Generator/ multiplus2 synchronisation
If you enable generator pass through to support loads with a Multiplus2 in 3 phase configuration- how long does it take for the generator to synchronise and take the load?

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Split phase 24/5000/120 dual Quattros with single phase-240v generator

My current motorhome system uses two 24/5000/120 Quattros wired in split phase, these are fed from a Lynx BMS & distributor from five 25.8v Victron Lifepo batteries. I do not have any 240v loads to power. The motorhome has a 50 amp shore power connection and my generator is a 240v single phase Cummins Onan 8000QD (two same phase 33 amp feeds).

I have unselected grouping for L2 and set the input limits for shore power to 50amps and generator to 30amps. My power assist factor is set at 0.9. With the generator running the master Quattro connects to the generator mains and provides passthrough power and battery charging. The slave unit never switches from inverter mode. Is there a way to also have the slave unit connect to the generator mains? From the generator, I have wired the Quattrros with the black leg and split neutral going to the master Quattro and the red leg and split neutral go to the slave Quattro.

When connected to shore power, everything works as expected. The L1 and L2 values show on the Cerbo GX Touch screen and under Victron Connect (MK3 connection). When connected to the generator feed, nothing shows on the Cerbo GX and under Victron Connect, the AC2 shows connected, but doesn't have any other information. The outgoing L1 and L2 show values under both connections.

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Onan generator split phase compatible with Quattro

I have an Onan 120/240 VAC split phase 9.5 MDKBM generator that I would like to wire to a (yet to be purchased) Victron Quattro. The other AC in will be connected to the shore power (single phase 240VAC).

My question is: will the Quattro accept the split phase 2x 120 VAC as a valid 240VAC source next to the single phase 240 VAC shore power?

The current Victron Centaur charger works fine with both Generator and shore power (via manual switching), but needs to be replaced because of an LFP battery.

I was thinking of a Quattro or Multiplus, but prefer the Quattro because it switches grid/generator automatically.

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victron quattro 24/8000 Relay program

Hallo. I have a victron quattro 24/8000 with a victron cerbo gx connecete to the system. is it possible to program one of the relays to pull ON when switching to generator (AC1) and stay on? i can not find an option in VE. Config 3. That would be a good thing in the Marine world.

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Victron Quattro-II 48/5000/70-50-50 QUA482504010 certifications for german grid?


as the Multiplus-II does not accept generators if configured for the german grid we need to use Victron Quattros-II 48/5000/70-50-50 QUA482504010. They can be bought in Germany but seem to lack certifications for the german grid.

When will the certifications for the german grid be available?

It would be sad if we have to switch to another manufacturer than Victron because of the lack of generator-support/certifications.

Thanx for any hint! :-)

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On-Grid PV Inverter als Generator für Multiplus II ?


ich möchte ein AC-ESS mit einem Multiplus II 5000, Pylontech-Akkus und dem EM24 realisieren. Als PV Anlage habe ich noch eine Anlage von 2010 im "Überschussmodus".

Soweit, so gut. Leider habe ich aber keine Autarkie-Möglichkeit, sollte das öffentliche Netz mal down sein. Ich habe dann lediglich die Akku-Ladung da sich mein Wechselrichter (Mastervolt XS4300) nicht mit dem Multiplus AC-koppeln lässt.

Nun aber folgender Gedanke: am Multiplus stelle ich AC In1 auf "Generator" und schließe dort den PV-Wechselrichter an. Dieser synct mit dem Multiplus und lädt dadurch primär den Akku.

Start/Stop des PV-Inverters ließe sich über den Relaiskontakt schalten, wenn der Akku voll ist, wird ein Relais geschaltet und der Wechselrichter vom Multiplus getrennt, wird eine bestimmte Akkuladung unterschritten, dann wird der Wechselrichter hinzugeschaltet, synchronisiert und lädt dann den Akku.

Das wäre vielleicht nicht die eleganteste Lösung, sie soll ja aber auch nur im Desasterfall funktionieren.

Wäre das prinzipiell möglich oder habe ich einen Denkfehler?
Besten Dank!

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