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Rate my campervan schematic, does this look okay?
Hi! me and my partner are planning our electrical system in our campervan. Does this look okay? Does anyone know what diameter of cables are needed? 
We are both newbies at this :P !


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Drawing Number in the Description Please

The system Schematics is useful resource but some of the descriptions are so similar and linked from multiple products so difficult to differentiate, would it be possible to preceded the description with the drawing number for ease of reference.

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Victron Wiring Example - MultiPlus II with Lithium, Cerbo GX and new Lynx Smart BMS

Victron Energy produces loads of great schematic drawings to help you plan your wiring. This is the first in a series of schematic drawings and it features the new Lynx Smart BMS together with the MultiPlus II with two 120v circuits. You can see there is solar and alternator charging as this is would be a complex install for an RV in the US for example.


Here is a link to the full-sized pdf.

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Orion TR smart charger bypass

Hi community,

A question in regards to installing an Orion in my van.

Based on the schematics from the van, there are components which rely on starter battery input while the engine is not running. To make this work, I'm planning to make the installation as described in the simple schema below (fuses,... are left out by purpose).

As you can see there is a bypass relay which will connect the orion IN and OUT while the engine isn't running. The relay and Orion will be triggered by the D+ signal when this becomes high and breaking the 'short circuit' and start the Orion when the engine is running.

Will the IN and OUT circuit shortage be of any problem for the Orion when the engine isn't running?


Another potential solution would be to place a SPDT relay between the Orion OUT and the EBL in the schema below. When the engine isn't running, the starter battery will be directly connected to the EBL. When the engine is running, the Orion and the EBL will be connected.

Can this solution work, due to the fact that while the engine is OFF, the Orion will not 'see' the leisure battery until the relay is switched by the D+ high signal.


Another question. When I start the Orion based on the H trigger, will it start immediately or is there a delay?

Thanks in advance!

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Simple Overlanding Schematic, Solar + DC-to-DC Charging

Looking for a quick review on this schematic, though not sure if this is the right place for it. Can someone experienced give me some feedback? Thanks in advance.


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Stand Alone Power System SAPS schematic drawing


For an off-grid SAPS project I like to use solar panels, a generator, "MultiPlus-II" and "SMART SOLAR MPPT-SS" to achieve below requirements. Is any schematic drawing available?

1. The system shall supply energy via solar panels, with excess energy stored in the batteries. When solar panel energy is unable to meet the load, energy shall be drawn from the batteries first, and then from the generator.

2. Full autonomous operation as a SAPS, maximizing solar resource and minimizing losses (for example enabling solar to supply load directly when available to reduce battery cycling).

3. Ensure minimal requirement for the operation of the generator.

4. Inverters or control system shall manage loads and ensure appropriate availability of power from batteries to support the load.

5. Inverters and control system shall ensure the generator connection to the SAPS system is fully automated. The system shall only call on the generator in the following instances:

• When the battery state-of-charge is low

• When the battery voltage is low

• When the load on site is too high to be catered for by only the inverter/solar PV system/energy storage system

• In the case of SAPS failure

• For regular boost charging of the batteries (no more than once per month)

• Operational testing of the generator (no more than once per month)

The inverters and control system shall enable automatic starting of the generator and fully synchronized operation. The system shall alarm upon a failure of the generator to start. The system shall allow for a simple remote start and a manual start of the generator as a first line of backup if the automated process fails to operate. This remote start shall be available within the Customer Connection Switchboard.

The system shall be able to automatically stop the generator as part of the control methodology. The system control should ensure that the generator run time is optimized to ensure that there are not multiple starts of the generator during the day. The system shall ensure that the generator is adequately loaded when operating in automatic mode to prevent premature failures and additional maintenance for the generating set.

6. Remote control and monitoring to control the system, log and monitor data.

Thank you.

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schematic verification

Hi all,

I've attached the wiring diagram I'm planning to implement.
I would greatly appreciate anyone taking a look and letting me know if I've miswired something, overlooked a safety concern, have redundancies or did something that will initiate a fusion reaction. :)

Control lines for the Cerbo GX and between the smart battery protect (SBP) and the inverter are not shown.
Thanks so much!

design with all components-rev1.pdf

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Another schematic review


Hi everyone - was hoping some kind folks could do me a massive favour and look over my campervan schematic. I've been a bit confused about wire gauges and fuses in particular, but between consulting other schematics and the Victron manuals have come up with this. In general all cable runs are short as everything is super compact in the one under-bed cabinet, excluding the starter battery to B2B charger run which is approx 2.5m. So perhaps the cable gauges are over the the top here, but it's a starting point. (This is my first time doing anything like this so please bear that in mind!)

One question I do have here is do I need to run both positive and negative cables from starter battery to B2B or can I just run the negative from the chassis into the B2B? This would help my cable run be easier/neater from the cabin to the load bay.

Thank you so much (and a happy new year!)

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Van schematic

I've assembled a few systems but this is the first system I've specced. It's designed for a small van (Renault Trafic) with a fairly small demand - USB chargers, fridge, heater.

Orion-tr 30A, SmartSolar 75/15, BlueSmart 12/17, BatteryProtect 12/24-65A, BMV-700, 100Ah AGM battery.

I'm not sure whether I need a BMS or not.


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Searching System Schematics?


I would like to search the schematics downloads for all schematics for sailboats. I only see how to search by product used.

Are there other search methods I don't see?

Thank you!


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Please check my Schematic for our RV

Hi All,

I think I have the drawing kind of sorted, but it would be great if others could give it a sanity check before I build it.

A quick explanation of why I am doing it like this:

1. 24V Inverter and IP22 chargers used instead of DC-DC 24|12 charger because the DC-DC does not talk to the other chargers and could overcharge the batteries if left unattended.

2. Parallel IP22 chargers used (only at 15A each) to reduce the heat generated in the charger, 30A total to the batteries but from two chargers.

3. VE.Direct BT Dongles used on inverters to have visibility with all other BT devices on my iPhone.

4. Front, Centre, Rear and Top Cupboard are locations within the RV where 12V power is required.

5. Battery Protect inline for all consuming devices.

6. Wondering how much power will be consumed by the 24V inverter when the ignition switch of OFF.

7. 50A Circuit breakers used on each long power run to protect wiring.

Happy to hear any suggestions or ways to make it better.


Our RV Schematic.pdf

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Schematics software

Hi I am answering my own question really , i asked about software for doing schematics, i have downloaded Smartdraw and must admit it looks nearly as good as the Victron ones albeit i have had to download images of the components from the web and they are not always that good but with a bit of messing about not too bad at all.

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Victron product image library?

I see so many nicely drawn system schematic diagrams - is there a Victron product image library available?

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Shunt Wiring Diagram

Hi have never installed any solar work or any kind of wiring for that matter, so I am wondering if my wiring schematic with a shunt is correct. Or, is therer anything else that I should include in the layout.

None of the Victron schematics show a ground, so I was not sure if I need to ground the system. I am more concerned with small charges that might harm sensitive equipment than I am with electrocution.

It is a 24V system with some devices running at 5V after a step down buck. None of the individual connected devices will be pulling more than +/- 0.2 amp. Do I need to ground any specific devices, or install any fuses? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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