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Victron battery balancer wire length

Hello I am installing 12 lead carbon batteries in 48v exactly as Victron shows in the battery balancing info sheet. Due to where my batteries sit and the 3 balancers installation location the closest battery is about 2 feet away and the farthest is 10 feet. Do the wires from the balancers all need to be the same length or are they allowed to be different lengths depending how far away the battery connection is?



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Wiring: Autotransformer balancing Ecoflow Delta Pro Solar Generators

i am inquiring about balancing the loads for two Ecoflow Delta Pro Solar generators with a Victron 100a Autotransformer. I would like to validate the wiring. The two generators come into a proprietary hub where I will take a modified 30amp L14-30 cord and INPUT the L1, L2 and the ground into the autontransformer and cap the neutral. Then OUTPUT L1, L2, N and G to a 100amp breaker in my main panel with a interlock kit.


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Wiring Diagram for Multiplus 12v 3000

Hi guys,

I'm new to Victron and need help tracking down a basic wiring diagram. I found a few online but since they are also from people that are just learning about it as well, I'm a bit cautious about using them because I don't know if they are accurate.

What I'm looking for is a really SIMPLE diagram that demonstrates the hookup of the Multiplus + Solar Charger + SmartShunt + Batteries. The Cerbo GX I can figure out later. I was hoping Victron would have a sample diagram but I can't find it.

I have the following:

1. Victron Multiplus 12v 3000 (configured for LIFEPO4 batteries)

2. Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT TR VE.Can 250V 100

3. Victron Energy Cerbo GX (plus cables)

4. Victron Energy SmartShunt 500

5. 4x 100AH LIFEPO batteries configured in a 12v configuration

6. 4x 200W panels.

7. Fuses, breakers, bus bars, cables and switches.

Thank you!


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Wiring Orion Non-Iso, MPPT and BMV712

Hi everyone,

I have had a good look on here and various other places and seem to have come up short about how I should be wiring the Orion-Tr 12/12-30 Non isolated, MPPT 75/15 and the BMV 712 together.

I understand how to wire each of the components individually - as per the diagrams they each provide, but combining them seems to have me questioning myself. I have drawn the attached picture of how I believe it should all go together so the BMV can monitor everything correctly but I am unsure if I have the wiring diagram correct. Can someone please vet this and let me know if I have missed something/got it wrong and it wont work.

Thanks for the help and potentially helping others at the same time :)


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1x Multiplus connection to 3 phase switchboard

I am connection a ESS system and got this problem:

For the Multiplus 2 you need to keep AC In N and AC Out N separate or it will not pass ground rele test. How should Multiplus 2 be wired when you add one of those to 3 phase switchboard?

All N of the phases are connected together on the switchboard. Is there any other way to solve this than taking all the N separately on that phase that is connected to Multi?

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Smart Shunt Wiring Question

Hello. I want to install a Victron Smart Shunt in my Airstream. The two lithium batteries are located outside in the battery box and 2 negative wires come into the coach. One goes to the Inverter and the other to negative bus. Can I connect those two negative cables from the batteries to the battery side of the shunt? Or do I absolutely need a single cable from the batteries to the shunt? Thanks.

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Review my wiring


This is my wiring. Any critiques or anything would be greatly appreciated it. From the Batteries are 200 ah a piece. I ran 2 gauge wire from the batteries to shut off and then to the shunt. From the shunt to the inverter is 1 gauge. The DC to DC charge connects to a quick disconnect ultimately going straight to my alternator of my truck and is ran with 6 gauge wire. I turned this all on and tried to run it off the batteries and as soon as the AC kicked on it blew the 250 amp fuse. Just trying to figure out my mistake. Thank you.

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Does anyone have a wiring diagram for their inverter battery storage system they could share please??

Dear all

There is an awful lot of info on here, with people that know their stuff.

What I cannot find, and hence tthis question is where would I find a system diagram that also shows exactly where each live, neutral and earth should be connected to, and which specific sub components I should use. The system I am interested in would ideally perform a battery charge overnight and use the stored energy during the day, without solar panels for now. So a 5 or 8kw multiplus 2 with polytech or eg4 batteries. I would get a qualified electrician to perform final install to consumer unit but would attempt the rest off the build myself. (I also want to also improve my knowledge base in advance of getting a pro in)Therefore does anyone have this system operational and be kind enough to sketch their wiring diagram/ schematic for me please? Happy to be quizzed as I've probably oversimplified. My max usage in the winter average is 11.6kwh per day. My meter has a 60amp label on it, so guess that's the input fuse for info. Thanks in advance. Dave.

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Anschluss diagram ESS

Hi habe mal eine frage bezüglich des Anschließens eines Multiplus 2.

Wie muss der MP2 bei einer 0 Einspeisung angeschlossen werden? Vor oder nach dem FI? Nach dem FI aber trotzdem noch einen FI vor dem Gerät. Und braucht man auch auf der Kritischen lasten Seite einen FI? Es geht um eine Anlage in Österreich. Grüße

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Multiplus II ground relay with essential loads panel

My Grid AC comes into the main service panel as split phase 220/230. My setup has Grid AC going to the Multi AC AC IN via the main service panel (panel is earth grounded with bonded neutrals) through a 50A single pole breaker, as the Multi is the 120v model. I have the AC OUT 1 of the Multi running to a separate essential loads panel (isolated from Grid AC.)

Confused about correct grounding of the essential loads panel. The Multi's Ground Relay opens the relay when inverting, grounding the neutral to the chasis. Currently the chasis is grounded back to the main service panel. Trying to avoid a grounding loop here, but is this as simple as not using the ground conductor in the essential loads sub panel or do I ground the Multi's AC OUT 1 to the grounding bus bar in the essential loads panel? Or do i chasis ground with my other chasis grounds. Or, do i run a new ground to a cold water pipe in basement? Any thoughts or suggestion appreciated.


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Wiring help Truck with 48v system Questions

1. What fuses or breakers do i need and where?

2. Is the wiring right or does something need to be moved or added?

3. Shunts, Cerbo GX, etc needed?

4. Lynx 1000 needed?

5. This will be completely off grid

6. Is MPPT needed for EasySolar 2 GX?

7. Winch straight to battery or connected to paralleled Orion-Tr’s?


Updated down below



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What does Victron use to create their wiring diagrams?

Does anyone know? I'd like to be able to create drawings like that without spending a fortune on AutoCAD or another 3D modeling tool. Thank you.

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phoenix compact inverter 12/2000 on off switch wiring

Can anybody tell me the wiring sequence for an on off switch there are 2 poles on the switch where do they connect on the inverter

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Lithium diagram for yacht upgrade


I am planning to upgrade my sailboat electrical to Lithium. Could any body tells me if the attached diagram makes sense, and is safe . The 200 A rating of the smart BMS 200 is more than adequate for the yacht electrical needs. However the existing Victron quatro charger inverter is rated 5000 W and could only be handle by remote wires. Would this interfere with the digital multi control functionality ? My goal is to keep the system simple and safe and I would like to stay away from a VE bus bms or Lynx .

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How do I wire a 100/30 Smart Solar contoller with Smart Shunt?

Hi All, I have a Smart shunt and 100/30 Smart solar controller which I will be wiring into my camper trailer soon. I will be running when off grid 2x200watt 12v solar panels

I have dual agm batteries wired in parralell.

What's the best way to wire them in...can they be wired so that the battery + on the 100/30 goes to the + on the shunt and the - to the - on the battery or should it not be wired to smat shunt at all

Thanks in advance

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