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Multiplus-II 230v 12/3000/120 - components to use on AC-In, and AC-Outs

I'm hoping the collective mind can help me here.

I've just purchased a Mutliplus-II 12/3000/120, the 230v version as I'm UK based, for my campervan. I think I'm clued up and understanding the 12v side of things, but the AC side of things has got me all confused. Rest assured that I will be getting my system signed-off by a qualified electrician before using it, but I'm hoping to save some money by wiring it all myself so I need to order all of the consumer units, RCDs, MCBs, RCBOs and/or RCCBs but there seems to be very little on the web (unless I'm missing something!) that tells me exactly what's needed, and/or what I do read is conflicted on the next webpage that I read.

Here's what I'll have in my system...

  • Mutliplus-II 12/3000/120 - 230v
  • Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX
  • 3000kw inverter generator (max 13a output)
  • shore connection

Here's what I think I need to purchase...

  • AC-In
    • RCD (32 Amp, Type A) - for shore power input
    • RCD (32 Amp, Type A) - for generator input
    • both above will feed a 2-way changeover switch
    • MCB (32 Amp, Curve C) - Multiplus
    • MCB (16 Amp, Curve C) - one socket

  • AC-Out 1 (inverter and gen/shore passthrough, max 45 Amps)
    • RCD (63 Amp, Type A)
    • MCB (16 Amp, Curve C) - passenger's side sockets
    • MCB (16 Amp, Curve C) - driver's side sockets
    • MCB (16 Amp, Curve C) - front sockets

  • AC-Out 2 (gen/shore supply only, max 32 Amps)
    • RCD (32 Amp, Type A)
    • MCB (16 Amp, Curve C) - hot water heater
    • MCB (16 Amp, Curve C) - vehicle battery charger
    • MCB (16 Amp, Curve C) - TBC

Have I understood correctly? If not, please can someone tell me what's wrong and what I should order instead?

In case it helps in any way, here's a picture of my wiring diagram (yes, I know, I have too much time on my hands!) - if you open it in a new window you will be able to zoom in.


Thanks in advance!

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Wiring 5 parallel batteries with IP22 w/3 outputs


First of all apologies for my ignorance on this topic, I'm trying the DIY :) I hope this diagram helps...

Battery charger: Victron Energy Blue Power Charger IP22 3 Outputs 12V


  • Are the Positive busbar(s) correct? Is it possible to wire it like this with the objective of charging 2 batteries from 1 Victron Output?
  • What would be the size of the wire (AWG) I would need for the positive connections? I saw 6AWG for a distance of 8 feet. Is that correct?
  • Would be the size also for the wires in section2 (blue rectangle)?
  • The fuses should be 30A?

Thank you in advance!


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Victron Wiring Example - MultiPlus II with Lithium, Cerbo GX and new Lynx Smart BMS

Victron Energy produces loads of great schematic drawings to help you plan your wiring. This is the first in a series of schematic drawings and it features the new Lynx Smart BMS together with the MultiPlus II with two 120v circuits. You can see there is solar and alternator charging as this is would be a complex install for an RV in the US for example.


Here is a link to the full-sized pdf.

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Do I need a circuit breaker?

I'm putting together plans to add solar to my RV and I think I have figured out what I need, but have one open question. I'll be splicing-in the the new power system to the existing AC input line.

Question is: do I need a 30A circuit breaker added to my schematic? The shore power will come out of a 30A breaker, and there's a 30A main breaker on the existing AC/DC distribution panel.

So is it necessary to add yet another breaker where I'm splicing-in the Multiplus?


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Cross-section of the internal PE connection between AC-In, AC-Out1 and AC-Out2

Hi guys,

Does anyone know what cross section the PE connections from the AC-in, AC-out1 and AC-out2 are connected to internally in the unit?
I want to connect the Multiplus 2 with a 5x10mm² cable. Wire 1+2 for AC-in and wire 3+4 for AC-out1. PE is then only connected to AC-in.
In my opinion, this should also be perfectly sufficient, right?
In addition, the Multiplus 2 is grounded via the separate PE screw.

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Will solar power be enough? Newbie here



Does anyone know if this idea below will work? (note: I am a newbie to 12V electrics)

I want to power off JUST SOLAR for a small camper van. That is build a system with 1x solar panel and 1x leisure battery only to power a small fridge (30L), some LED lights, MaxAir fan, 12V cigarette & USB sockets plus an inverter (1000W).

I figured if I oversize our battery and go for a 150-200Ah plus the largest wattage fixed panel to match and see if we can travel and power most of our appliances using just solar. If solar charging is not enough then I will add a DCDC charger later to this system.

I have chosen to go with the Lynx distributor (incl fuses) to make wiring more compact instead of separate positive and negative busbars and circuit breakers.

Have I missed anything in my attached wiring diagram?

The sizing of wires, fuses, Solar charger are still to be finalized but initial calcs indicate a 130-150Ah battery would be enough for our camping needs.

Thanks in advance for any comments

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I am looking for the pinout of RJ45 UTP Cable

When I use an ordinary LAN cable to connect VE-Bus from the MPII Inverter to Cerbo-GX my system shows an error on the MPII-3000-35-48 and stops charging from MPPT250-70.
So what is the pinout of the VE-Bus cables please?

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MultiPlus II AC bypass switch help

I've just read the Wiring Unlimited guide - what an amazing and educational resource! Thank you so much to Victron and Margreet Leeftink for writing this, I've really learnt so much about some basic electrical theory.

There's an interesting section in the guide where it suggests running a bypass switch.


This makes complete sense in order to isolate the inverter from the grid and loads in order to be able to do maintenance etc. but I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is a "bypass switch" the same thing as a "changeover switch" such as the Hager SF463? https://www.hagerelectro.com.au/e-catalogue/energy-distribution/control-indication/manual-changeover-switches/changeover-switches/sf463/18978.htm
  2. If it's the same as a changeover switch, how would the switch be wired logically? I've tried working this out but it's not making sense to me and I'm hoping someone might be able to help me understand how this should work?

I've got a diagram below which is how I think it should be wired but I'm trying to understand where the AC-In would be wired to.

I thought maybe that AC-In would be wired into the changeover switch in parallel with the AC-out but I thought this might introduce a loop and this would be a bad idea?

Then I thought maybe it should be wired into the output of the MCB but then I'd have to add an isolator and this didn't make sense and doesn't follow the schematic depicted in the wiring unlimited guide.

Would really appreciate some help here from some experts :)


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Orion smart engine Switch


I'm getting a bit confused by the wiring diagram in the Orion smart manual. In this figure (most are very hard to see in the manual it show the ignition switch wired to the engine ignition power and them going to the H pin. but it also shows a bridge to the L pin. If im not mistaking adding this bridge will keep the unit always on..

I would like to have the unit charge from my house bank to my starter and bow thruster bank. I would like this charging to happen only when the engine is on.


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Victron battery balancer wire length

Hello I am installing 12 lead carbon batteries in 48v exactly as Victron shows in the battery balancing info sheet. Due to where my batteries sit and the 3 balancers installation location the closest battery is about 2 feet away and the farthest is 10 feet. Do the wires from the balancers all need to be the same length or are they allowed to be different lengths depending how far away the battery connection is?



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Wiring: Autotransformer balancing Ecoflow Delta Pro Solar Generators

i am inquiring about balancing the loads for two Ecoflow Delta Pro Solar generators with a Victron 100a Autotransformer. I would like to validate the wiring. The two generators come into a proprietary hub where I will take a modified 30amp L14-30 cord and INPUT the L1, L2 and the ground into the autontransformer and cap the neutral. Then OUTPUT L1, L2, N and G to a 100amp breaker in my main panel with a interlock kit.


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Wiring Diagram for Multiplus 12v 3000

Hi guys,

I'm new to Victron and need help tracking down a basic wiring diagram. I found a few online but since they are also from people that are just learning about it as well, I'm a bit cautious about using them because I don't know if they are accurate.

What I'm looking for is a really SIMPLE diagram that demonstrates the hookup of the Multiplus + Solar Charger + SmartShunt + Batteries. The Cerbo GX I can figure out later. I was hoping Victron would have a sample diagram but I can't find it.

I have the following:

1. Victron Multiplus 12v 3000 (configured for LIFEPO4 batteries)

2. Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT TR VE.Can 250V 100

3. Victron Energy Cerbo GX (plus cables)

4. Victron Energy SmartShunt 500

5. 4x 100AH LIFEPO batteries configured in a 12v configuration

6. 4x 200W panels.

7. Fuses, breakers, bus bars, cables and switches.

Thank you!


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Wiring Orion Non-Iso, MPPT and BMV712

Hi everyone,

I have had a good look on here and various other places and seem to have come up short about how I should be wiring the Orion-Tr 12/12-30 Non isolated, MPPT 75/15 and the BMV 712 together.

I understand how to wire each of the components individually - as per the diagrams they each provide, but combining them seems to have me questioning myself. I have drawn the attached picture of how I believe it should all go together so the BMV can monitor everything correctly but I am unsure if I have the wiring diagram correct. Can someone please vet this and let me know if I have missed something/got it wrong and it wont work.

Thanks for the help and potentially helping others at the same time :)


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1x Multiplus connection to 3 phase switchboard

I am connection a ESS system and got this problem:

For the Multiplus 2 you need to keep AC In N and AC Out N separate or it will not pass ground rele test. How should Multiplus 2 be wired when you add one of those to 3 phase switchboard?

All N of the phases are connected together on the switchboard. Is there any other way to solve this than taking all the N separately on that phase that is connected to Multi?

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Smart Shunt Wiring Question

Hello. I want to install a Victron Smart Shunt in my Airstream. The two lithium batteries are located outside in the battery box and 2 negative wires come into the coach. One goes to the Inverter and the other to negative bus. Can I connect those two negative cables from the batteries to the battery side of the shunt? Or do I absolutely need a single cable from the batteries to the shunt? Thanks.

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