MultiPlus current reading incorrect

On the CerboGX, my MultiPlus is providing some weird readings. I've tried a couple different loads, and the wattage is in line with what I'd expect, but the amperage is giving very strange readouts. This is inverting only, after about a minute of letting the readouts stabilize.


17w / 120v = 0.14a


39w / 120v = 0.325a


165w / 120v = 1.375a

But when I look at the AC loads directly (main page, via GuiMods) the seem a bit more accurate.


17w / 120v = 0.142a (or 0.1a rounded)

Confused... Any ideas?

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12v 3 bank charger and BMV 712 in 24v system

Hello, I have an 12v 3 bank charger and a two 12v battery bank in serial for my 24v trolling motor. I want to install an BMV 712 Smart to monitor the 24v bank.

The problem I have with this setup is the 3 bank charger that connect to each battery.

Thanks for helping me


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Multiplus firmware for DVCC

Hi everyone, trying to sync voltages maybe I'm missing something?

Just have a couple of questions is DVCC okay to use with the 415 firmware on the multiplus as it requires 422 firmware I'm trying not to update it unless really have to (the multi is around 8 years old with new chip)

Or, is it best to either use the VE smart network instead it's mostly just to sync voltages

The system spec

Victron multiplus firmware 415

Two Victron smart solar mppts, 150/85 (10 series)which needs the latest Bluetooth dongle for the VE smart network to work and 100/50 (11 series) which has option already.

Victron Smartshunt


Lithium battery bank with heater inbuilt not Victron

Would it just be easier to just buy the BT dongle for the 150/85 mppt so to connect smartshunt/mppts to VE smart network or is there another way to sync voltages

Any ideas would be great thanks

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ESS fully charging batteries with solar first?

Hello everyone,

We just installed a system with two Multiplus II 2kW 48VDC and Cerbo GX. The system is configured with ESS and every night the batteries are drained to the lowest SOC so the grid supports automatically. That's fine.

Early next day the MPPT controller begins charging the battery bank, and at the same time powering loads. I am wondering if it could be possible that the solar charger takes batteries at a full charge first, and meanwhile the inverters power loads from grid until the batteries reach 100% SOC. I mention this because batteries are not reaching 100% SOC. There is enough PV power to a full recharge but the power is shared at the same time with the loads. The idea is to charge batteries with solar first, without being discharged since early morning and keep them charged to be used at night.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Battery Bank

BPC123047102 Blue Smart IP22 Charger

Can a "bank" consist of more than one battery? My house bank is two 200Ah LFP batteries.



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MultiPlus II Excess Solar

Designing a system and I have a question about how the MultiPlus II handles solar with full batteries.

Assuming AC charge connection, and the battery is full, and I have a 1200W load…. How is PV power used? Will PV power be used to power the load and given solar is not available or insufficient will it use the battery or grid to make up the shortage?

Basically I want to build a UPS type system, which has its run time extended by Solar during an outage, but during regular operation the load is offset by the solar…. Basically I don’t want the PV doing nothing whenever AC is connected.


cantechit asked

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Reading more standard NMEA2000 devices

Do anyone can explain how we can read more standard NMEA2000 PGNs on Venus OS?

For example this device:

The device outputs all power parameters Voltage, Current, Hz, Power, Power factor, etc., and can be connected to a generator or shore power and possibly displayed on Venus to be monitored if one does not have Victron Inverter.

I don't understand why the system will not read more PGNs. How difficult will that be as it is already reading and writing from the NMEA2000 bus?

The PGNs that AOS AC Monitor device outputs are

PGN 127744 AC Power / Current - Phase A
PGN 127747 AC Voltage / Frequency-Phase A

There is another device that can be used for alternator current monitoring:

this one outputs PGN 127508 for current

These AOS devices also have WiFi connectivity and can be connect to the WiFi network and provide data over the network for integration with AOS.

There must be a way to add more devices to Venus OS
Can someone please explain?

seamaster asked

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12/1600 Easy Solar slow shore charge

After 10 months of use with no problems, my EasySolar unit has run into problems when trying to shore charge at home/campsites.

I have a 200ah Victron LifePo4 battery, BMV-712 Smart and 16/1600 Easy Solar, connected to three 175w Victron Panels and controlled via a Multi-Control unit and the victron app.

A few weeks ago when on shore power I noticed that the charge was incredibly slow. (1-2% per hour). I suspected the campsite might have limited amps, but have encountered the same issue now at home and elsewhere. It seems to be constantly stuck in Float on the multi control panel.

I read in the manual that you can kick the unit into forced absorption by flicking charger only on / off four times which I tried and indeed the unit will then kick into a higher amp charge (40amps) but will tail off over the next 20-30 minutes.

Therefore to get a full charge I have to force absorption 5/6 times in order to get the battery up to the required voltage. This is impractical as it requires staying in the van and is obviously not best practice for the system.

I have the setting a for lithium battery and haven’t changed any other settings via bluetooth, but cannot tell what the issue is or how I could connect to the multiplus to change the settings.

I have no issue charging via MPPT or with the Orion, just when I plug in.

Feeling a bit stuck!

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Inverter/charger radio button does not show up in VRM

Within VRM there is an option for “inverter/charger control”. I have this toggled on but when I go to the VRM dashboard the option to turn my Phoenix 12/800 inverter on or off does not show up. I have done some searching on the Victron community page and I see that there was an issue with this last year where the feature was temporarily removed, but it looks like that was subsequently restored. The inverter is connected to my Cerbo via a VE direct cable and otherwise works (works via remote console, MFD app, etc). My Cerbo and inverter are both running the latest firmware versions.

Anyone have any tips on what I might be missing?


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Connecting EG4-LL V2 server rack to Cerbo

Anyone know the correct cable to connect the EG4-LL V2 server rack batteries to the Cerbo GX? There is a CAN bus and RS485 port on the battery. Signature Solar has a video o them doing it. They say in the video you need a modified cable to do it, but don't give any information about the cable.

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2nd energy meter "ac load" for logging heat pump

Hi, I'm running an ESS with an Em24 connected via USB to Rs485 Adapter as grid meter and an inverter connected via modbusTCP. Everything shows nicly im the remote console and the VRM.

Now I want to use a 2nd energymeter for logging my heat pump power consumption. The 2nd meter is running and in the VRM I can get a graph.

But is that 2nd meter interfering with the ESS setup? I configured the rule of this meter as "ac load". though I don't have a clue how the system is using that additional information.

A nice thing would be showing that 2nd energy meter im the dashboard. Is that possible?

Thanks Markus

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MultiPlus II in box


my friend has a PV plant in operation with a Victron Energy system.

Three MultiPlus II 3000/48 inverters are installed, the connection is according to the picture.

Everything is in a closed metal box. Including 2x MPPT 150/100. Battery box 10 kWh is below.

Is this implementation ok?



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Is cerbo's power connector standard?


Has anyone figured out if the little plastic connector at one end of the cerbo's power cable is something standard that can be found on, say, digikey?

(and, yes, I've searched the forum and I've seen the posts with the standard "just ask your local dealer". They don't have the little connector or even the whole cable as spare parts)


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MPPT charge reduces to zero for no reason

I have recently fitted a new EasySolar II GX and have a problem that I don't seem to be able to resolve. The unit is fitted with an MPPT250/70 solar charger which no reason that I can see, just stops charging on a nice sunny day - see attached graph from today.


As can be seen, a nice sunny day and suddenly the current drops off to zero and will sit there until I turn the MPPT off and then back on again.

System is 24v, charge current set at 50amp max (calcium lead batts), load output set to always on. 6 x solar panels 1800w max.

As can be seen the solar voltage rises slightly when the charger goes off, and when reset comes back on. This happens most days, but there is no tie-up between when it goes off each day. Its a new system thats only three weeks old, and has done this from new - I'm begining to think its actually faulty or is there some setting I'm missing?

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Multiplus 1 12 3000 instellen nooit meer dan 250 ah

Hoe stel in de victron config in dat mijn Multiplus 1 12 3000 nooit meer dan 250 ah(ca 3000 watt verbruikt ook niet bij een piek?

200 ah lifepo4 met zekering van 250ah. Deze brand al door bij een verbruik van 185 ah ca 2100 watt. Blijkbaar zijn er piekspanningen. Hoe ervoor te zorgen dat hij geen pieken meer heeft boven de 250ah? Ik heb een 3000 multiplus en ik wil niet naar 400ah batterijen met bijbehorde zekering.

Wat me ook opvalt is dat de multiplus 37 watt verbruikt als hij alleen maar aan staat. Hoe stel ik m in zodat hij minder verbruikt?

Dank u wel :)

jules-pieter asked
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