How to set up EasySolar II GX in a configuration which prevents feeding energy back to grid ?

Does the EasySolar II GX feed energy back to the grid by default? If so, how can i prevent that?
otherwise if it doesn't by default, can safely connect it to the grid ?

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Multiplus II 48/8000 off grid generator sizing

Hi everyone
I am trying to spec a generator for my planned offgrid setup which includes a multiplus II 48/8000 linked to a 930amp wet cell battery bank, I believe the recommended minimum for the 48/8000 works out somewhere around 11kva but my question is would that 11kva allow for any passthrough when the charger is running at full power, my rough calculations (which could be wrong) tells me there is a little kw spare but not a huge amount and obviously there are loses along the way.
With trying to keep fuel usage to a minimum I am looking to try optimise the generator size to fuel usage to the throughput I need and keep the charger going at it's best.

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Is it ok to only have 2 x Pylontech 3.55kw 48v Lithium Batteries to run a Multiplus II 48/5000?

Does 2 Pylontech 3.55kw Batteries have enough power to run a Multiplus II 48/5000 inverter charger?

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Possible to control charge state of BlueSolar/SmartSolar MPPT charge controller using MultiPlus & two-signal BMS?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to control the charging state of a BlueSolar/SmartSolar MPPT charge controller if I use a two-signal BMS setup connected to a MultiPlus II?

ie. if my BMS detects that one of the cells hits a pre-configured high voltage state and sends a signal to the MultiPlus to stop charging, is it possible to also tell the MPPT charge controller to also stop charging the battery?

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why is my MPPT not charging?

So its not a system I installed, but one we had installed.

Our setup includes:
4x 210Watt solar panels
multiplus 12/3000smartsolar Mppt 100/50Cerbo GX
500A Smartshunt
4x 100Ah LiFePo4 batteries

So as I understand how it was installed, the Lithium batteries are supposed to be charged by the solar panels, and then they in turn charge the battery that came with my trailer (which is a lead acid). I had to do the programing to get it finalized, I followed the battery manufacturers specifications.

Our system worked for a while back in April, then it stopped out of the blue. Since then, I have pulled down all my panels to test diodes, all came back good. Followed the wires and checked all inline fuses, good. Checked all breakers, good, all wiring and connections labeled correctly and checked. Reset all components to factory settings, let sit for a bit and reprogrammed for my set up. Ran my batteries down to low 12v (12.2v), and nothing still. My displays and info all just say 0-1watts, 0amps and around 22-23volts coming in from my solar and stays in bulk. I am at my wits end right now.

I have gone through so many forum posts and have tried everything on here, as well as various other forums and videos. Below are some screenshots I've taken this morning. Please if you need any more information to hopefully get this resolved please let me know and I'll get what ever I can back here for the community to look at. We are currently on shore power as well to charge the batteries back up, so if anything needs to be done off shore power let me know as well. Thank you all!

*edit* forgot to include my settings










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weak battery warning MPII + Pylontech


I have a Multiplus and 3x Pylontech US 3000 as an ESS System with a cerbo running.

configuration: Victron & Pylontech UP2500, US2000, US3000, US2000C, US3000C, UP5000, Phantom-S, Force-L1 & L2 [Victron Energy]

from time to time, I get messages in the console of cerbo with weak battery warning.


does anybody has a clue why this occurs?

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Multiplus-II 48/5000 Overload

My Multiplus-II 48/5000 throws roundabout 3/4 Overload failures a day under normal operation. When looking in my grafana-Dashboard the peak Power-Consumption values does not exceed 4000W. But why does the inverter throws the overload failures and stores them in the cerbo-gx notifiction panel?

My Installation is built up by a Multiplus-II 48/5000 and eight Pylontech US2000 Plus batteries in an offgrid installation.

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Multiplus-II grid protections and feed-in control in 3-phase configuration

Hello guys,

I am from Czech Republic and planning to use 3x MultiPlus-II 48/3000 in 3-phase configuration and DC coupled system with PV array (2 strings, 2 MPPTs) and Pylontech batteries.

Of course I will set grid code to "Europe (EN50549-1:2019)" and there are several options for over/undervoltage and over/underfrequency protections, conditions for normal connect and reconnect after trip, controlling power according to frequency and voltage and also option for use Aux 1 input as feed-in disable signal. Setting of all protection is clear for me but our electric distributor have several requirements for connecting "micro-generators" (PVE with P < 10 kW) to the grid, so I have two questions about grid code functionalities especially in 3-phase mode:

  1. If the condition for activating grid protection on one Multi is met and therefore AC input of Multi must be disconnected from the grid, is then automatically disconnected all Multis from the grid?
  2. I want to use disable feed-in using Aux 1, because our distributor must be able to reduce power feeding to grid (for these micro-generator only two states: 100% and 0% feed-in). My question is how disable feed-in function is realized in practise on Multis and whether I must used Aux 1 on all Multis (for example with 3-pole relay, each pole for each Aux 1) or if is sufficient to use Aux 1 only on one Multi (probably on phase L1) and feed-in will be automatically disabled in general for all Multis?

Thank you very much for your answers.

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Can I diagonally parallel 5 - 12.8v 330a/h Smart Batteries?

I am replacing 1600 amp/hours of AGM lead acid batteries with 5 – Smart 12.8v 330 amp/hours LiFePO4 batteries (1650 amp/hours total) in a 12v system. If I diagonally wire them all in parallel, this is a huge amount of power in one cable, and I also realize that 4/0 cable may not be big enough to accommodate all that power (it will be fused at 500 amps). If I wire each battery to the buss bar (on the Lynx Distributor) and fuse each positive, I will only have 4 positions on the buss to connect to. Since there are 5 batteries, if I break them into smaller parallel pieces, i.e., 2/3 or 2/2/1, the power won’t be distributed evenly among all the batteries. I am limited by the Lynx BMS to 5 batteries, otherwise I would use six.

Also, if I daisy chain all the batteries in parallel, total cable length will be 13’. All batteries wired independently to the Lynx Distributor, (keeping all lengths equal) it would be 36’ total cable (3.6’ for each cable X 10). I would love to hear your comments on the best way to wire this.

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ASS000020000 TEMPERATURE SENSOR TYPE C not available?

I have a new MPPT Smartsolar 100V 20AMP controller, and want to stop charging my lithium battery below a certain temperature.

The temperature sensor will be connected to Lithium battery which is around 6Ft away from controller - I assume the wired sensor is 6ft long, and hence i dont need wireless.

I cant find the ASS000020000 Temperature Sensor Type C on a popular/cheaper ecommerce site such as Amazon. It is available on another site, but it is charging significantly more - for the sensor plus shipping.

Any suggestions?

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SmartBMV Power % not Matching VenusGX %

My SmartBMV shows 74%, and was recharging at 890 Watts.

My VenusGX shows same time 93%, and recharging at 1190 Watts.

How do I get correct answer? How do I get these to match?

Low power usage for 7 hours, I have Qty 4 8d newer batteries on boat. I suspect the correct answer is between these two values.

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Raspberry Pi and official touch screen - 3-4m away from Pi

I have a Raspberry Pi running Venus OS in the battery bay, connected to a smart shunt. I would like to add a touch screen and ideally it’s the official touchscreen as I have seen all the scripts available to make dimming, auto sleep, etc work with Venus OS. The screen would be in the lounge room of the RV

The issue is the official screen is designed with a ribbon cable that expects the pi to be mounted to the back of the screen. Is there a way (or even another solution) that allows a screen 3/4m away from the pi that retains all the touch, brightness and auto sleep features?

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Why battery temperature is no longer reported on VRM Dashboard



Couple months ago


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How to charge a starter battery from leisure battery?

Goal : I want to use my vehicle's indoor lights and ventilation during the night (3A 12V).

Setup : I currently have an independant solar and battery setup (700W solar 160AH of usable LiFePO4 battery)

Proposed solution : I think I could use an Orion-TR 12/12-9 converter taking power from my leisure battery and use the cigarette lighter circuit to charge the starter battery (15A fuse so everything seem alright). (The vehicule manufacturer said it's ok to let the car at "on" for long periods if I charge the battery.)

- Will it work?

- If I start the engine and the alternator is working at the same time as the converter, will it cause problem? (alternator and converter in parallel, seems ok from the manual from the possibility of paralleling multiple converters)

- Have I other solutions?


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Relay assistant- generator manual start/auto stop.

Hi Folks.

I'd like to add a function to my multiplus whereby I can manually start my generator and have it stop automatically when bulk charge is complete, but also stop if I tell it to.

Using programmable relay assistant- would this work?

assistant1-use programmable relay. (start/run generator)

Close relay if aux input is closed for >1s (push button start)

assistant2-use programmable relay.

open relay if bulk charge finished for >300s (automatic stop)

assistant3- use programmable relay.

open relay if aux input is closed for >1s (push button stop)

Would assistant1 get in a fist fight with assistant3? I think not, as a close should over-ride an open but I'd like advice on this.



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On AC power Cerbo GX not properly registering AC consumption from grid.


Dual Multiplus-II 3000/12/50a 120x2 in parallel

Cerbo GX with GX Touch.

I have the rooftop air conditioner running a few TVs on and some lights. But am only reading (as you can see in the photo 248w. I can also turn on the microwave and a heater and it doesn’t seem to change much. How can I get the AC to show proper usage?

Thank You in advance.

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Multiplus II - AC Input suddenly 0 Watt on GX Touch 50 when connected but battery is charging


I have a strange error on my GX Touch 50 display.

I am using a MultiPlus II 48 V / 5000 / 70-50 Inverter and Pylontech batteries with a Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50 in one system.

Up to now all systems were working pretty fine. But this one system makes some mistakes.

Inverter is up to date (v481) and Cerbo GX too (v2.66).

When I just switch on AC Loads, then I can observe on my display the Watts which the system is using, see here:


But when I add AC Input (Grid), then suddenly both windows are on 0 W. Grid connection is also fine.

But looking at the battery its charging (990W). I don't get it. Settings are fine, used all the same for all the systems and in others it worked fine.


Also when I connect to that directly a cable (USB MK3) to the inverter and start VEConfig, I see in the monitor a number for watts..

Maybe someone could help me. Other systems I am doing exactly the same and are working and show me e.g. 1000 W Grid AC Input and AC loads (if I activate).

Thank you.

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MultiPlus-II with AC-Coupled Inverter and Cerbo-GX not showing negative load on AC output for AC PV Inverter

I have a MultiPlus-II 5kVA running in an offgrid system with all Loads connected to AC Out 1
The batteries (Pylontech) are mainly charged by a victron Mppt, but in addition I have an AC-Coupled PV Inverter (Solax X1-Mini) connected to AC-Out2.

In the MultiPlus-II I have an assistant installed which switchs AC-Out2 on and off by the current state of charge, because the very simple inverter has no options to reduce power output (e.g. by changing the grid frequency).

Later I've installed a Cerbo gx and enabled DVCC, from that moment on, the MultiPlus-II didn't light up the Charging LED's anymore and on the Cerbo GX I only see 0W power consumption on the AC side, when the MultiPlus-II is charging the batteries.

With ve.configure or with the Grafana-Dashboard soultion instead I can see e negative value for the AC-Out power.

Is there an option to show up these negative values on the cerbo-gx as well?

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DST Setting

I am not sure how the GX sets the time of day during the period of Daylight Saving Time. There does not seem to be an option in the menu, UTC (or GMT) is the only relevant option which is of course 1 hour out in the UK until 31st Oct when DST ends. This would not be a problem where it not for the fact that some energy suppliers time their low rates at the same time irrespective of whether it is DST or not which means changing the battery charging start time.

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IP22 Charging 2 battery banks

Hello all. I just received my IP 22 30A/3 output charger. I intend to use it to charge a 12V starter battery and the house bank (2 12V batteries wired in parallel).

Is the IP22 smart enough to charge each bank correctly even if they are at different states of charge?

What is the recommended way to wire the charger to the house bank (2 12V batteries in parallel)? Should I run a wire, from the charger to each positive pole or is it ok to run a wire from the charger to one of the positive poles?

All batteries are flooded cell lead acid

Thanks in advance


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Grid Meter to use for Split Phase 240v - 200A Service?

I'm looking for a grid meter for use with Energy Storage System design. I live in the US, with split-phase 240VAC power, my home has 200A service, phase angle is 180*.

Would the Carlo Gavazzi EM24DINAV53DISX work? I wasn't sure since it's marketed as 230VAC 3-Phase compatible which is not available in the US.

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Circuit Breaker on output side of MPPT 100/50

I have the MPPT 100/50 charge controller fed by 2 (280W) panels in parallel. I have a 20A DC circuit breaker between the panels and the charge controller. I have a 60A DC circuit breaker between the Charge controllers battery connection and the batteries. During the best sun of the day, the 60A breaker keeps opening. Even though while I have been watching I never see the amperage go nearly that high. I believe the charge controller should limit current to the battery to 50A since that is its maximum. What am I missing?

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MultiPlus II Inverter cutoff NOT at the low-shutdown voltage

I have started setting up a 48V LiFeP04 battery system with a MultiPlus II 48/5000/70-50. Before the installation, I am now doing various tests to understand all the features and parameters of setting up the MP-II. When I did the low-shutdown voltage test, I found that the MP-II shutdown the inverter before the set voltage.

I have voltage sense wire connected to the +ve and -ve ends at the battery pack. I set the low-shutdown voltage to 44v in VictronConnect. I do not use ESS Assistant. When the load is around 70A, the voltage at the battery connection terminals of MP-II is around 0.65V lower than that at the battery +ve/-ve terminals. The current drawn was kept stable at around 70A. When the voltage shown in VictroConnect dropped to 44.38V, the MM-II shut down the inverter. Before the shutdown of the inverter, the voltage was gradually/slowly dropping so the 44.38V was not caused by a sudden voltage drop. At the time of the inverter shutdown, the voltage at the MP-II battery connection terminals were 43.73V.

Can anyone help and tell me why MP-II shut down the inverter before the set voltage in my case?

Thank you.

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How to programme an alarm for powerassist

I am installing a multiplus (24/3000/70) on a large houseboat permanently connected to shore power. The boat has frankly too many systems for the 16a shore breaker, and the idea is that the PowerAssist feature will prevent startup spikes from AirCon etc. from tripping the breaker. My concern, however, is that the occupants will abuse this feature and destroy their own battery bank. Ideally, I want to set an alarm to let them know when PowerAssist has been on for more than 1 minute, or failing that, set a limit after which PowerAssist will stop and simply trip the breaker (cheapest way they’ll learn!). It seems like this should be a feature as there are three programmable alarm outputs, but I can’t find anywhere how to achieve this. Any help appreciated!

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Alarms - Automatic Reset

EasySolar 24/1600/40

I keep getting a transient battery temp alarm. This comes on and I've traced it to a heater blowing hot air over the sensor.

But the only way I can find to reset it is manual. What I want to do is firstly delay the alarm activation (something like trigger alarm if condition exists for longer than x minutes). And automatically clear when condition clears. Also with a time setting.

Searched all over, found nothing. Nothing in the manual, nothing in the configuration software. But I'm very good at not finding things. Has anyone come across this?

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VW T5 Wiring with Solar and Split charging systems

Good afternoon all,

I am planning my VW T5 Day/Fishing van wiring and would like to ask opinions to make sure that I haven't missed anything.


I have a 120W panel with Victron 75/10 MPPT controller. I think the above is correct but have the following questions/concerns:

1) With just USB (type 1 and 2.1) sockets, Voltmeters (VM), 12v Cigarette Lighter type sockets (CL) and a switched LED light will this be to much for the MPPT output?

2) Is it OK to route to grounded earth for the MPPT and outputs, or do I need a separate Earth circuit?

Thank you in advance for any comments.

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Multiplud 12/1200 not charging lithium batteries


since round about 1 weeks my lithium batteries are not being chared by the inverter multiplus 12/1200. Current status is "Float"

System Setup:

Lynx Power in & Distributor

Lynx Shunt VE.CAN (showing 13,06V)

3x 160ah victron lithium smart batteries

Victron VE.Bus BMS

Multiplus 12/1200 (showing 13.52V)

Can anyboday advice me? Why my batteries are not charged anymore by the inverter?



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MultiPlus-II 48/5000: Active AC Input in "disconnected" state.

Hi all,

We've been running a MultiPlus-II system for about 16 months now.

Our MultiPlus-II 48/5000 recently started not accepting the AC Input connection (after an 'overload' event - we get these overload shutdowns from time to time, for some reason).

The system has a Venus GX , at Firmware v2.73.

The MultiPlus is on firmware version 475. It's configured as a single unit.

ESS is set as 'external control' (I automatically/dynamically set the grid setpoint through MQTT).

The MultiPlus detects the AC input voltage and frequency fine:


Here are some VE.Bus state entries for the event in question (power off due to overload occured at 10:38):



AC In voltage and frequency is stable, both before and after the time of fault:


Any idea what could be causing this sudden loss of accepting AC in? Could it be an internal fault (main grid relay) ?

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