MTTP, Lithium and dump load

I am planning a solar system for a camper van RV with with 500w solar with lithium battery storage. Once the batteries are charged, I want to use the "excess" solar (dump load) to heat water in a hot water tank.

What MTTP controllers are able to do this?

Is this advisable?

Are there recommend configurations (panel watts, controller, switches) that would make this plan a better solution?

If possible I would also like to use the power from the moving van to charge the batteries (I know I can do this part) and once charged have the water heated in this way.

Thanks in advance for your wisdom.


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Difference between centaur and Phoenix charger?

Stuck in Panama without a charger, I installed a 12/50 Phoenix charger. My 1050 ah AGM bank can take so much more than 50a. I also want to run my watermaker off my Phoenix 3000w inverter which draws ~90ah. If I’m running the genset while making water I’m putting in 50 ah by way of the charger but drawing 90ah and therefore still pulling a significant amount from the battery( base case scenario 40ah but usually more). If I installed the centaur 12/100 I would be putting in 100ah into battery with genset on. Then I’d meet my power needs of 90 ah to run my watermaker plus a little extra to put in the battery bank (all hypothetical based on efficiency and other items drawing but you get the idea). Question. Does my logic make sense? What is the difference between the Centaur 12/100 and the Phoenix 12/50 besides charging amps?

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Help I want to connect a 12v multiplus with a 24v multiplus.
Multiplus12v and 24v.pdf
Can you connect two multiples, one 12v and one 24v as in the attached diagram?

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Correct Firmware for Quattro 12/5000/220 2x100 230vac

I have the above model. it is the old chip . it is running firmware 1933209. but it shows as a 12/5000/220 2 x 75 . and that is the only firmware I can find in the downloads . is this correct or is there another version somewhere that I can't find. any help would be appreciated . Regards Rob

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Single Phase Charging/Supplying in a Three Phase System possible?


Hello together,

we installed a Three-Phase System in a Truck for sewer rehabilitation.

Following Components are in the system installed:

3x Quattro 24-3000

1x MG Master LV 1000A

4x MG HE 24V/200Ah

1x Cerbo GX

1x DMC

1x Battery Protect 220A

1x Fischer Panda 8000x 3ph 400V with CI-Interface

Now my customer wants to have the option to charge the system in his vehicle hall with 230V 1ph. I tried to configure this with the VE.Bus System Configurator but failed.

I heard of a possible solution in the online-training at victron professional to configure a three phase system with a 1ph 230V supply and a 3ph 400V outcome at the inverters.

Is there anybody who can tell me if it's possible (and how to do) to combine a solution using the ACin #1 (of only Inverter 1 for example) to charge/supply with 230V and alternatively using the 3 x ACin's #2 of all Quattros together for charging/supplying the system with 400V?

Thank you very much for your support!

Sebastian from


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ESS, why the Battery is used for an AC load ? which does not go through to the multi plus !


One question on the ESS and the AC load from Grid.

Previously I had a question with the ESS and an energy meter that I have exposed here. Is resolved

Now I don't understand why the ESS used batteries to supply energy to the load located on the Grid and which does not go through to the multi plus ?

The multi only provides critical charges via the AC1. The load like heater are only on the Grid.

I will empty the batteries !!! justo to turn on the heater !

Why does the multi supply the AC loads knowing that I have a grid ?

In the ESS parameters : no injection and Grid value at 0 watt.


Thanks you.

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Help chosing the right MEGA Fuses for this set up

Hi everyone. I am having some doubts about which fuses should I chose for this set up and I would like to know opinions.

The set up is:

-4x Pylontech 2,4kWh US2000

-Multiplus II 48V 5000VA

-MPPT 250V100A

-Lynx Distributor for the mega-fuses

-3S3P 490Wp (Voc 153,9V Isc 36,42A)

I have been checking some videos and I see 3 mega fuses that I would need:

-For the battery bank: 125A? Checking these q&a I determined this is the right one needed.

-For the MPPT: xxA?

-For the MPII: 200A? According to the Manual, page 11 4.2, says 200A recommended DC fuse.

I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks a lot

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Multiplus 24/3000/70 Replacement fan(s)


I just noticed a lot of noise from the fan when it starts rotating in my multiplus.

I need to get a spare one, does anyone have the specification please?

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Orion 12/12-30 Isolated with BMV712


I've had a bit of trouble finding example diagrams for using the Orion 12/12-30 DC-DC charger with the BMV712 battery monitor. Could someone take a look at this diagram and tell me if I'm on the right track...?



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Victron Remote Console on Head Unit (Cerbo GX and Android Car Audio interface)

Hi guys. Anyone managed to get VRC to work on your car audio interface? I came across this YT video on the Venus GX and was wondering if Cerbo GX interface could be accessed via an Android car audio interface?

Any tips on how to do this would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

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Old multiplus with new multiplus

Can I add a new 3000/24/70 multiplus phoenix

to a 2010 3000/24/70 phoenix in parallel

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Smart Battery Protect BP-65, internal LED.

Hello world :-)

I want to use a Smart BatteryProtect BP65 just to protect the 120Ah LiFePo in my caravan while my caravan is in its winterplace from Fiday until maybe end of march,

(During winter season, only thing connected to the the battery is the GPS tracker.)

I had no problems with connecting or function of the BÜ65 yet but i miss something in the manual: there is an internal blue LED left below the 7-Segment display that has a differnet behavior to the LED IN the 7-Segement display that is described in the manual.

Atm on my desk, connected to battery without load, the LED in the 7-Segment Diplay blinks once every 5 secs (what shows Output status = on). The LED below blinks once a second.

Does anyone have the missing description for what this LED shows?

Best regards from Germany...


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Question on BMV and Battery Capacity Setting

Hello everybody, I wish you all well!

I have a question I hope you can help me get answered.

Suppose I have a 100Ah battery and a BMV Battery Monitor.

Suppose I want to keep this 100Ah battery at a minimum charge of 80% (for reasons of well being of the battery).

To make this clear to me, Suppose (again, sorry) I want the BMV's SoC to tell me 0% when it has in fact only reached 80% ...

2 questions:

Would I accomplish this by setting the battery capacity (of my 100Ah battery) to 20Ah?

Would this ("faulty" setting) create havoc in any way (I mean would this stop my batteries from properly charging, cause it to self destruct or cause any other devastating activity?

Thanks for your thoughts, I'm trying to understand how to set up this thing to my personnel liking.

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Has anyone had trouble with iPhone connecting to BMV 712?

Have new BMV-712 that trying to connect to my iPhone. It does not connect, getting to around 60% and restarts attempt again.

Have tried "normal" BT linking through Victron Connect, have tried deleting from iPhones BT list and have tried accessing it via iPhone BT direct.

Are there known problems with iPhone connectivity.

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Isolation Transformer Mounting

Can the 7000 Watt Isolation transformer bo mounted sideways? Meaning the back is mounted on a vertical wall with the glands of the cables facing right and the top of the unit facing left. Or can it be mounted on a horizontal surface lying on its back? Thanks, Ken Hargreaves

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Bluetooth issue with VictronConnect v5.35

I believe this started with 5.35 (Android), but perhaps something else. I have two SmartSolar 250/100s and a 150/35, and today when I attempted to connect they all say connecting, reach 80% then ask for the PIN code? I've not changed the PIN code from 000000 on any of the devices and that code no longer connects, just keeps asking me for the correct PIN.

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SOC not working on Multiplus 2 48/5000/70

I have just setup my new Multiplus. The SOC just reads NA. Looking at the battery monitor in the remote console it says automatic. I have tried changing that to Multiplus as well as it still says N/A.

As its brand new (only been running a few hours does it take time to come up with a reading? I dont have a BMV or anything just the Multiplus 2.

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BMV712 switches back to 100%

When my fridge is on the BMV712 appears to be working fine capacity is going down and the ah is increasing but when the fridge cycles the capacity returns to 100% and the ah shows 0

What am I doing wrong as I’m very new to this


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2 Answers down?

I can't connect to today and also verified on that it can't access the site either.

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Firmware update old MultiPlus

I have an old Multi Plus 3000/70/24 from ca 2015 that I need to update the firmware on number 2612157 VFD. If you could email the answer to

Thank you

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ArgoFET unused output ok?

I have twin Cummins 6CTA 8.3 motors with 150A alternators. I purchased 2 ArgoFET battery isolators to recharge the house bank from the alternators. I purchased the 1 input, 3 output battery isolators (starboard engine starting bank, port engine starting bank, house bank) however I think I only needed the 1 input, 2 output battery isolator.

It seems simpler to have the starboard alternator recharge the starboard starting battery and the house battery, and the port alternator recharge the port starting battery and house.

Can I leave an output on the battery isolator unused with a rubber cap on it? Or are they designed to require being wired to a battery?

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Victron EasySolar II less output

Hi everyone

I recently swapped an EasySolar 48/3000 for the new model EasySolar II 48/3000 GX. Since swapping it out the customer is reporting that whenever he uses the vacuum (1800w) the vac only operates at about half power, have tested the vac at home and works fine, also worked perfectly on the original EasySolar. The system does not trip and a 2200w kettle also operates just fine.

Anyone know what could be causing this to happen.

While vac is in use, the battery is at 22 degrees and only discharging 2.9a.

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How to change owners of Victron CCGX?

Good day all

I have resently got a easy solar inverter with a coler control. Unfortunately the system was already registered on the vrm portal and do not have access to the portal for that specific CCGX unit

Who can advise me to remove it and change ownership of the portal ID. I find it on a regular basis where the installer registered the product and the system falls in new hand and no one can access the vrm portal

It would be wonderful if someone can advise me on this matter


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BMV-702 voltage reading

I have a Victron-702 used in a solar system, 640W solar panels, 60A MPPT controller, 2 x 200AH batteries, wired for 200AH @ 24v. My problem is that the Victron consistently under reads voltage cf controller. eg controller 28.4v cf Victron 27.6v, this creates the problem that the batteries never reach 100% capacity according to Victron. I have checked the true voltage with a multimeter and controller always shows correct voltage. Does this indicate that the Victron has a fault?

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Victron LiFePO4 cell voltage not balancing


I have 6 batteries in a bank comprised of Victron 300amp LiFePO4 batteries. Two of the batteries have voltage balance issues. The problem shows up 2 ways:

1 - When charging reaches Absorption one cell is behind the others. The battery is at 14.2v but the cells are at 3.62, 3.62, 3.61, and 3.35. I have this same condition on another better. One is Cell 1 the other is Cell 4.

2 - When charging reaches 98% (per the CCGX display) the troubled cell is running very fast to 3.74v while the other cells are at 3.40, 3.37, and 3.37. The BMS does its job and stops charging. The voltage drops down to 3.6 then the charger kicks back on and the cell quickly rises to 3.74 and charging cuts out again. This repeats until the battery reaches 14.2 and goes into absorption.

I have the following components and firmware:

* Lynx Shunt 1000A VE.Can - v1.08

* SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/85 rev2 - v1.53

* Quattro 12/5000/220-2x75 - v474 Product ID 2633

* CCGX - v2.53

* VE.Bus BMS

Per the advice of the Victron certified installer I have deeply discharged the battery bank to 30% SOC per the CCGX display dropping voltage to 12.8v while under some load and charged it back to 14.2v and absorption. The cells do not appear to be coming up in line with the rest of the cells in the battery.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?


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MPPT 100/20 fuse blows repeatedly


I am using MPPT 100/20. Initially i connected with a 12V battery and everything worked fine. Then, i wanted to check the function with a 48V battery [My PV panel capacity - 58V]. But as soon as i connected the 48V battery, a spark came at the battery terminal and the 25A fuse in my MPPT blown off. And the app also stopped functioning. After this i replaced fuse and connected 12V battery again. Surprisingly, the fuse got blown again. When i checked in detail, seems like there is a short circuit between the battery + & - ve terminals of the MPPT (without any wires connected to battery). When the fuse is removed, however, there is no continuity between the MPPT battery + & - terminals.

Someone kindly help to understand this issue and please support to solve this issue. Can someone share the contact details of technical support team of Victron?



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VRM Dashboard shows old data

Hi, our VRM Installation shows two different values for a very basic information, the SOC. See the images below.

Example: The correct SOC-value is 97,7%, as visible in the advanced section. However, the dashboard shows 64,9%.

The reason for this contradiction is, that in this example the VRM-dashboard shows data of 8:00am, while the data in the advanced section is of 1:57 pm ... Why is there old data shown in the dashboard?




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VRM grid lost alarm will not clear

I labelled my Quattro AC input 1 as ‘shore power’, then set up an alarm rule on my CCGX where all input labels (not available, grid, generator, shore power) were enabled.

When I disconnected my shore power, the CCGX and VRM gave me ‘grid lost’ alarms. I acknowledged the alarm on the CCGX and reconnected shore power but it took a reset to clear the CCGX, and I can’t clear it on the VRM.

I’ve tried deleting the rule and setting up a new one, re-labelling my input as ‘grid’ to see if that’ll clear it - no luck.

Any advice appreciated - would like to clear from the VRM.

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Pylontech UP2500 with Easysolar 24/3000


does anyone know if i can run the Easysolar 24/3000 with two Pylontech UP2500 (parallel connection)?

Unfortunately i can't find any information on this page:

Data of the UP2500 (24V):

Charge/Discharge Current(A ): 56(continuous) , 111 (Peak@15s)


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DC to DC charger parallel installation

Is anyone using more than two units in parallel for more charge current? I will be installing two Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12/30 units in my van but may want more than 60A charge capability for my 500Ah lithium setup. Thanks in advance for any experience you can offer.

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