Lithium interconnection


In 24v system, with 4 lithium batteries does the order of the battery interconnection with M8 circular connector matter?

Thank you!

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Smart Battery un-balancing zero load

Hi Everyone,

I recently got a 100Ah smart battery. On initial receiving the battery before i took it out of the box cell #2 and #3 were 0.3 Volt lower than the Cells #1 and #4.

This was a bigger difference than i expected on a brand new premium battery but I figured it was within tolerance.

I've ran the battery on a very slow charge and got all cells balanced to within 0.01 V.

I've used the battery a for one small discharge test of maybe 15 or 20% taken out of the batteries.

let the charger recharge back up to 100% and it was balanced within 0.1V across all cells after the charger went into float.

I've now left the battery and charger in float for 2 days and I'm back to a cell voltage difference of 0.05 V in just 2 days with no load on the battery at all.

0.05 V in-balance in 2 days with no load looks very poor.

This worries me. it looks like i might have a couple of bad cells.

Any thoughts?

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Venus gx VRM portal battery voltage data

Hey everyone,

I’m looking to get battery voltage data as a data point on the vrm portal, I can see the information on the 1hr chart but not on the daily or weekly information it only shows me battery capacity %age

as the BMV 712 only really give you an estimate battery capacity I like being able to look at battery voltage as data point as a fail safe. How could I make this happen? This is what I want to to see but across all points of time history.

Thanks in advance x


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Trickle Charger Information

Where can I find the technical information regarding the built-in trickle charger of the MultiPlus/Quattro?

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2 devices (MPPT 100/30 + Multiplus 800) via one VE.connect dongle: is this possible?


I bought a ship on which an Multiplus 800 with a Digital Multi Control panel is installed and also a MPPT 100/30 with a VE.Direct Bluetooth dongle. With the app I'm able to monitor the solarpanels/MPPT but I really would like to monitor the Multiplus 800 also via the app via the same bluetooth dongle (otherwise I have to buy a second dongle and switch between bluetooth-instances?).

Is there a possiblity?

Kind regards,


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SolarEdge AC coupling

I'm looking for a off-grid inverter that would handle a 20 kWh Tesla battery bank (2p2s 5.3kw modules) with a 8.8 kW solar system. I would like 10 kW peak power capability. Can I use a SolarEdge inverter and AC couple a Quattro inverter. I like the optimizer technology for dealing with partial shade issues. Any thoughts?

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Victron 90AH AGM on BlueSmart IP22 12/15/3

Hi All,

Unlike my previous charger (a Mastervolt) this slick Victron charger does not give me an option to select battery type (other than Li). I have two Victron AGM 90AH batteries and want to know if I should charge them 'Normal' or 'High' (or other??)

On this forum I read AGM doesn't like voltages over 14.4, on other fora I read they should be charged @ 14.7 V. Sadly there are no manuals around for these batteries. (at least not on the Victron site)

I bought the Victron charger under the assumption it would be a better match, but now I am not so certain.

So any help would be appreciated.

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PV Inverter assistant. What effect do the settings have on frequency regulation?

I use the PV-Inverter assistant in an off grid setup with lithium battery. At end of charge when the BMS doesn´t admit more charge, the battery voltage still rises more quickly than the Victron increases the frequency. This leads to an unstable system. Therefore I try to tune the frequency response of Victron by adjusting the values in the PV-Inverter assistant. Especially I would like to understand the effect of the values "PV inverter power" and "PV panel power" on the frequency regulation.

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AC Coupling and BYD premium LVL 15.4


I would like to know if there is any possible way to speed up frequency regulation by modifying the settings of the PV inverter assistant.

The system is off grid and consists of

- BYD LVL premium 15.4

- Bluesolar MPPT 150/60

- Quattro 48/8000

- Solaredge SE6000H (maximum expected PV-contribution is << 4500W)

The P(f) ramp at the Solaredge side is defined from 50.2Hz to 51.7Hz and disconnect @ 52Hz.

The Victron PV-Inverter assistant is configured for the same band with disconnect @ 52.1Hz. With 6000W inverter and 6400W PV.

I observe that once 55.2V are reached BYD sets the charging parameter to zero. However charging continues as the frequency ramp only rises slowly and therefore the SE inverter does not reduce its output fast enough. For now I throw off (via AC-OUT 2) the SE inverter once the voltage gets higher 57V. By that time frequency has only risen to 50.4Hz. Can the ramp rise time be shortened? Am I too carefull with the 57V limit? (cell details show almost 3.8V for the highest cell). Thank you in advance for your help and input!!

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No remote Console in Victron Connect

With a Cerbo GX firmware 2.54 and new Iphone SE OS 13.4.1 and on a macbook pro with OS Seirra, the Rremote Console is NOT available. The Cerbo gets seen, connected via bluetooth, but there is no option to get to the remote console, the only way to control the Cerbo, is via VRM and that is painstakingly slow. Has anybody seen this ? the fact that it seems to happen on several devices makes me believe this could be a bug. All devices are also on the same wifi network and trying the venus.local/app/ wont work (ip address subsitute also will not resolve anything)

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Increase of self-consumption and zero feed-in export


I have a solar kit which is supposed to increase self-consumption of energy and to supply the electricity in grid failure, which contains:

1x PV On-Grid (3-phase) inverter Solax X3 MIC 10.0

1x Multi Plus II 48/3000

4x Polyontech US2000 2.4kWh lithium batteries

1xCCGX Victron energy

1x patch cable for connecting battery with ccgx

1xInterface MK3-USB (VE.Bus to USB)

1xRS485 to USB interface

1xRJ45 3m patch cable

1xRJ45 10m patch cable

1xET340 energy meter

36 Trina PV modules of 280Wp

DC cables, dc breakers, mounting construction etc.

I wanted to know if I can use the system for the increase of self-consumption and as a back-up supply, where the PV on-grid inverter and the battery inverter does not feed into the grid.

I'm confused because we have only one energy meter and I don't know how to connect the Multi Plus II and the Solax On-Grid inverter to that energy meter.

Can someone help?

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LiFePO4 regulator settings & 3 port BMS connections???

@Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA

I am still waiting for anyone to confirm I am correct on the new battery presets (which I have been told don't exist), (see pics attached).

Or am I missing something?

I also have had no reply in about 6 weeks regarding confirmation of my BMS connections being correct or otherwise, I am not comfortable proceeding with the final connection of the BMV-712 to the battery positive until I receive same.

I have marked up a picture with labels for for all cables, hopefully that makes it clearer.

I actually just followed former advice to another person put the shunt in the Blue Bat Neg cable here:

I also included a picture of the battery & BMS before any connections for clarification.

Stay safe folks.






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How much is too much?

I just recently finished building a system in my RV that consists of a solar array (not a part of my problem) 6 100AH 12v Battle Born batteries wired as 300AH 24v, mated to 2 24v 3000w Multiplus inverter/chargers wired in parallel.

My question is how much wattage should I be able to pull from this system when the batteries are fully charged? Currently I'm running into issues where the entire system will overload and spontaniously shut down or just give me an overload warning when I have one A/C unit running (consuming 1400w with 300w to other loads) and I try to use something like an electric kettle, hair dryer or toaster all in the 1400 to 1800w range. This seems very low even if a parallel system doesn't give me a combined 6000w it should be more than 3200-3500 shouldn't it?

Have I wired something wrong? I don't have a colorGX so I only use the Victron Connect app and it doesn't show me that they are running in parallel but they do only show wattage and usage numbers on one unit after I switched to parallel (the switch did not improve my ability to use electricity btw) I've attached a schematic of how I wired my system if it helps. Once the two inverters output their power it's combined at a breaker and then each leg powers one side of my breaker box. I've tried placing the load on breakers on both sides and the issue exists no matter if the load is on the same leg as the A/C or the opposite.


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Centaur not charging

Just installed a new Centaur 12/30 on two LA banks totalling 300Ah . On applying 120vac the led lights, fan runs but outputs sit at battery voltage only. No charging happening. I’ve checked the wiring and disconnected and reconnected in the correct order according to the manual. No impact.

Any suggestions before I box it up and take it back?


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MPPT 75/15 bulk current

I have 4 MPPT 75/15 working in parallel with the latest software allowing them to all go into the various modes at the same time. In the manual under equalization it says "The current is limited to 8% or 25% of the bulk current" would that be 25% of one controller as they are woking together or add the 4 together and take 25% of that?

thank you


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Using 2 GX devices in one system - can one GX's control be disabled?

Dear Victron Community,

I have a Multiplus II GX which I would like to use with a CCGX system monitor.

I understand that the Multiplus II GX device is already capable of controlling the system without the CCGX, but I would like to add the CCGX to provide a display next to the Multiplus II GX, as I prefer it as opposed to the Android App and using a phone or tablet to monitor the data.

If this is possible, can either of the Multiplus II GX or the CCGX be configured to become the "master" while the 2nd GX device then becomes redundent? If possible, I would prefer to have the CCGX as the master.

The rest of the system includes 2 x Smart Solar MPPTs (non- VE CAN version) as well as a LiFePO4 battery with a BMS system which I would then connect to the CCGX.

If the simultanious use of a CCGX & Multiplus II GX (but with one's GX function disabled) is possible in one system, which communication ports should be utilized between the CCGX and Multiplus II GX? Is there a specific procedure to be followed for set-up?


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13,3 V but says charge

Hi! Just installed a bmv-712 in my boat. Use to my 12V 100ah liPo4 Battery. I use it to my trollingmotor but don’t need to charge the battery after every session so I disconect it and Like-well disconect the +pol from the battery . When l conect it again to synchronize the battery to my bmv 712 it says 13,3 v but indicate to charge the battery so i can’t synchronize the bmv to the battery and set the right precent remaining.

Someone who have a clue?

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Can't Zero a BMV600S


I have a BMV600S that reads -1.5A when there is no current flowing through the shunt, as verified by two ammeters. I have tried the Zeroing procedure but it makes no difference. I understand that I should select Zero in the setup, then press the setup button for 3 seconds and I should get a response saying "ok". I don't get the "ok", it just goes straight out of setup. Any ideas?



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Orion dc dc charger

I have just installed the Orion-tr dc dc charger 360W , I thought the alternator could handle the load but apparently it can't, the charger killed my starter battery in 5-10 min whist the engine was running, it cycled on and off as the voltage quickly went up and down. The starter battery is just a box standard lead acid battery and the battery bank im trying to charge is a lithium bank, changing the alternator is no small job to replace as it's pretty well integrated into the engine, so my question is ... is there custom firmware available to allow you to choose the charge rate ? I thought this option would have been there as standard but maybe it can be added in a future firmware release ?

Update * the alternator is rated at 60A asked edited ·

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Orion-TR Smart 12/12 30 Charge Disconnect Question

Hi there,

i just purchsed a Orion-TR smart 12/12 30A isolated to istall it into my Van. I would like to enable low temprature charge disconnect as my lithiums could get below 5 degrees from time to time.

The manual states that i should connect it with a "Isolated remote ON/OFF cable" to the charge discconect of the VE.Bus BMS. Unfortunately i cannot find this kind of cable anywhere, could anyone point me in to the exact cable i need? Also, could this special cable be replaced with a simple wire from the VE.Bus BMS charge disconnect to the H-Pin of the Orion-TR?

As an alternative, could i also connect the VE.Bus BMS charge disconnect to the COM Port of my BMV712 and then connect the NC relay of the BMV712 to the H-Pin of the Orion-TR in order to remotely turn of the Orion-TR in case of low temperature?

best regards,


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MPPT Control scrolls "Fetching History" continuously

I have an MPPT 150/35 BlueSolar charge controller and a MPPT Control Unit v1.0 (SN:HQ1746JQ9M5). The MPPT Control continuously scrolls "Fetching History" and it can only be stopped by disconnecting the MPPT Control cable from the MPPT 150/35 charge controller. I have taken it to the Airstream dealer from whom I purchased it and they say all they can do is unplug and re-plug it to reset it. Otherwise, they insist that it is because I am pushing too many buttons (even when I have pushed no buttons at all). I am frustrated and would like to fix this problem. The MPPT Control software version is 20 50, the MPPT software version is 5 1. Can you help me with this problem?

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Bluesolar 100/50 & YUASA battery Preset, new to victron please help!!

Hi Guys/Girls :)

I am new to the victron community, I just aquired a bluesolar MPPT 100/50 and bluetooth dongle.

I am trying to set up the battery but I am confused as to what preset to use. can you please help, I have attached my battery specs below.

I have 8x of these batteries wired in parralel and the wiring is balanced :)

what is the cyclic charge? in my case does it mean absoption or equalization.

how shall I set the settings below:

- Maximum absorption time
- Rebulk Voltage offset
- Equalization voltage
- Equalization current percentage
- Automatic equalization
- Maximum Equalization duration
- Tail current
- Temp compensation

and the rest of the settings

I have attached the battery specs below as well as screent victron connect battery setting.

I will very much appreciate if you can help me with the preset.

Many thanks for your help :)




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Quattro Inverter in Passthru

Hi There,

I have a Victron Quattro system that goes into "passthru" and then stays there for extended periods of time. I have noticed that this is somehow related to communication with the ET112 single phase grid meter which is connected to a color control gx.

Enabling and disabling the energy meter as well as restarting the color control solves the issue consistently.

Below is a list of components with the current firmware versions

Color Control GX - v2.54

5kVA Quattro - 2657430

Freedomwon Battery Monitor - v6.8

250/70 MPPT - v1.50

3.6kVA Fronius Inverter - 3.13.2-2

Please let me know if I'm missing something.

Best Regards


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Venus GX-Deleted on VRM

Hi! i have a venus gx that was installed on one site and added on VRM now i have used the same gx on another site ,deleted it on vrm , but when i try to add it again on VRM it says :error the site with the specified VRM portal ID or IMEI could not be found.

I have tried resetting the network setting to factory default it makes no difference, i still cant add the gx on VRM please help

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Combining AC coupling and DC coupling off grid system

Are there rules to combine Fronius inverter ( AC coupling ) with Solar charger ( DC coupling ) other than rule 1.1 in the ac coupling side ?

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BYD B-Plus module without BMU?

Hi! Here's my doubt about the BYD BMU...

I'd like to use 1 or 2 B-Plus modules of my BYD B-Box Pro 7.5 system in another application, but I only have 1 BMU (the one that comes with the case). Is the use of a BMU mandatory, even if only 1 B-Pus module is used?

Can it be replaced by a shunt (ex. BMV 700 + shunt) or another BMS technology, like the VE.Bus BMS?

Thanks in advance!

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Help with small system design question

I am looking for the best setting for my set-up , currently I have 2 6v AGM is series with 2- 12v 100w panels in parallel . I will be adding another 12v 170w panel in parallel. I have the smartsolar 100/30 controller set to the default setting.

thanks for the help and advise.

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AC wiring Multiplus 48V 1200VA

I have a basic question - or confirmation

Is there a schematic of the L, E and Neutral wiring for the AC In and AC out. This is for the newer Multiplus 48v 1200 VA 13

It uses GST 18 male and female connector -


Can someone please anotate it on the diagram - just wanted to double check before I wire things up

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Multiplus 12/3000/120 Overloads in Charge only

Hi All,

I have an issue with my 12/300/120 Multiplus. When on shore power, and set to Charger Only mode, (majority of time), there have been three occasions now when the unit has tripped to "overload" for no apparent reason.

AC loads are minimal, probably 2-300W, DC loads also low, 3 - 11A depending status of fridge / freezer and any lights on.

I had thought the first time that "UPS Mode" may have been a factor but this has been disabled.

Batteries are 4 x Rolls 400 series flooded lead acid, 130Ah ea. Other Victron in the system currently just the BMV712, with 100/30MPPT and Colour GX controller to be fitted soon.

I can give more detail and photos when I get back to the boat in a week or two, including current firmware, which I know is not the latest.

The unit was not installed by me but already installed in the boat.

Many Thanks.

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VictronConnect-Remote (New Feature) not Connecting

Hi. I have a RPi running Venus OS temporarily since I can't get get Cerbo GX in stock just yet and would like to demo the system before I go to far. I cannot get the Victron Connect App to connect to the new VictronConnect-Configure feature they recentely released to fully control the devices remotely. It fails at 40% with error "MQTT-RPC Unable to connect to the RPC broker. Configuring the device is not possible. Error Code: 8"

-Venus/RPi connected to VRM and logging data every 15 min as expected

- Remote console is working as I can change *some* settings via the online portal

- VRM portal shows connection to Venus "Online" with green check mark

- Venus OS v2.54, 2-way VRM connection is enabled

- Using MPPT-->VE-direct cable --> USB converter --> RPi. Not 100% clear if this is supported

One of the big reasons I purchased this system is to remotely control a fridge connected to load of MPPT. I really need to know if this will work with Cerbo GX or if I'm dealing with some network issue which I am not sure how to debug

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