Solar chargers don't work under ESS

Good day,

Two solar chargers Smart MPPT 150/70-Tr and Smart MPPT 250/70-Tr don't charge the batteries under ESS mode. On VRM the system shows this:


I have set the system to not sell any PV excess to grid. However if I set the system to sell the excess, controllers do start to charge and export PV excess to grid:


Moreover, if we disconnect the VE.Direct cable from both controllers to Venus GX, they do charge battery bank but system doesn't run under ESS:


Any clue of what could be wrong on configuration? I need to set the system up properly for ESS and I have compared all parameters with other systems I have installed that seems to run properly on ESS.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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UK ESS Self-install MCS certification


I am looking to install my own ESS - Multiplus II with Pylontech US3000C batteries, solar on MPPTs on the DC side. I am happy to do all the design and install work myself, however I would ideally like to find someone who is MCS certified to sign it all off afterwards and give me a shiny certificate.

Does anyone know of anyone that would be willing to do this kind of thing in the South East of the UK?

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Isolation Transformer Frequency Conversion 230V (50Hz) <=> 115V (60Hz)

I understand that the isolation transformer can convert the voltages, but does it also alter the frequency? For example 230V (50Hz) to 120V (60Hz)? This one is important because the frequency will affect my devices that require 60Hz if they are getting 50Hz.

If the isolation transformer does not change the frequency, what can I use to change the frequency?

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Isolation Transformer 115<=>230 ?

normaly i was asked, but now i have to ask because i definitly don't know, and i never had one in my hand, and i also can't read out of the manual.

Is the Isolation Transformer only isolating between same Voltage or do the transformer can also do an Transformation between 115 => 230 and 230 =>115. In manual is just written about auto switching and output and input 115 "or" 230, but it doesn't explain if the "or" in Datasheet is depending or independing to supply Voltage.

Best regards


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In what way the Victron made UTP (RJ45) cables are better then regular ones?

First I am not asking about DIY cables.

I am asking about the standard LAN RJ45 cable that one can buy in any computer store.

Why the Victron made cable so expensive?

In my country, the 0.3m Victron made (blue) cable cost over $10.

The standard CAT 5E 0.5m cable in computer store costs 60 cents.

What is so different in those "blue" cables.

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Communication Problems with ET112: Modbus number not being shown

My system is not showing the Modbus Channel and other problems.


My system is a fairly standard ESS set up with Solar PV linked through to Batteries and grid metering via a Multiplus.

  • My set up is as follows:
  • 4kW grid tied Fronius PV inverter;
  • ET112 Carlo Gavazzi meter;
  • 3000VA Multiplus@48V ( ~V.xxxx494);
  • 2 x Pylon US3000 Batteries
  • Venus GX on v2.87 with ESS mode.

The Start of the Problems

The system was working well until I started getting "PassThru" errors. After some research this was fixed temporarily by simply unplugging the Victron RS485 lead and plugging it back in again. However the errors returned. I shortened the 5 metre RS485 cable down to the minimum needed of 50cm but this only cured the problem intermittently, and the GX and the ET112 would not communicate. I also tried different combinations of direct wiring to the ET112, and via the RJ45 port. Although I tried termination of the RS485 cable, (by shorting pins 3 & 5 with a cut down Ethernet cable). Given the short lengths of cable this did not seem necessary, and it made no difference.

I've now replaced the RS485 cable (for a newer style one). The ET112 is now recognised by the Venus GX, but not exactly as it should. It won't show the Modbus Channel under the "Energy Meters" menu in the GX. It does show the serial number of the ET112 (as checked from the Carlo Gavazzi software), but not the Modbus address, ie 257341A, per screenshot).

Phase type 
Grid meter 
Single phase 

I've managed to communicate with the ET112 directly via the Carlo Gavazzi software, and it appears that the modbus channel that the ET112 is now on is Channel 1 (and not 30, or 32 etc).

I have tried getting the Venus GX to "forget" the existing ET112 and try to recognise it again when I have manually changed the Modbus channel to 30 via the Carlo Gavazzi software. However the GX and the ET112 will not communicate with the ET112 when the channel has been changed to 30, even after rebooting and "forgetting" the Grid Meter and rebooting again.

I am not sure that the GX has completely forgotten the ET112 even after I press "Remove Unused Devices" (or whatever words it is) under the Device list of the GX. The same serial number of the ET112 still appears in the Settings\Energy Meters section of the GX.


So while the system is working, I am not sure exactly what is happening - how do I get it to completely forget the ET112, or how do I get the GX and the ET112 to talk to each other when the Modbus address is manually changed to eg 30?

What is the significance of the Modbus channel number being missing from the GX\Settings\Energy Meters section (even when the Devices List shows there is a working Grid meter)?

I bought a new ET112 in case the meter was the problem, but there is no evidence that the ET112 is at fault. I am reluctant to swap out the old ET112 as this needs me to get involved with the AC wiring and I don't want to if I don't have to.

I would like to get the system to recognise more than one meter eventually as I can then put the spare ET112 meter on the PV side of the set up too.

Thanking you all in anticipation of your assistance.


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Charging lithium whit alternator


Im looking a way to ad one more altenator to charge a 10x 200AH 24V bank.

My goal is to get at least 120A on 24 V from it, but cant find a curent limiter or dc-dc charger so big that it will do the job.

I dont want puting 20 of orions for that 2 altenators ( 2 engines), so im looking for single device it can do that.

Money is not a problem, just to have some simpliest and solid solution.

Any advice will be good.

P.s. there is 2 banks of agm motor battery for preventing a spikes if bms cut of servis.

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victron quattro 24/8000 Relay program

Hallo. I have a victron quattro 24/8000 with a victron cerbo gx connecete to the system. is it possible to program one of the relays to pull ON when switching to generator (AC1) and stay on? i can not find an option in VE. Config 3. That would be a good thing in the Marine world.

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Victron Quattro-II 48/5000/70-50-50 QUA482504010 certifications for german grid?


as the Multiplus-II does not accept generators if configured for the german grid we need to use Victron Quattros-II 48/5000/70-50-50 QUA482504010. They can be bought in Germany but seem to lack certifications for the german grid.

When will the certifications for the german grid be available?

It would be sad if we have to switch to another manufacturer than Victron because of the lack of generator-support/certifications.

Thanx for any hint! :-)

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BMV700 connected to NMEA2000 Network / Raymarine i70 can't scan the network


I have bought the VE-Direct Cable (ASS030520310 ) to connect a BMV700 to the NMEA2000-SeatalkNG network of the boat

I can display the Voltage, Ampères,and SOC on each display (Raymarine Axiom and i70, B&G Triton), this is OK.

But since, the Raymarine i70 can't scan the network anymore to define data sources. So I can't choose the RS150 antenna as speed (SOG) source, and the i70 displays "---" as speed.

If I disconnect the VE-Direct cable, the i70 works fine again.

The i70's firmware is updated. The version of the VE-Direct cable is 1.00. Is there a newer version ?

Best regards.


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setting up multiplus for solar priority with external grid-linked solar?

Due to irritating conditions with my grid provider, I can't touch my grid-linked inverters - they can't be moved behind my multiplus-II or the grid provider will terminate my feed-in contract and replace it with a very rubbish one..

So - my question..

I have two inverters (physically separate sets of panels) feeding the grid, I have rs485 metering on the solar feed to grid as well as the overall grid. I am happy and allowd to feed to grid from the inverters, but not the multiplus (else the above feed-in rate change), but want to prioritise battery charging and self-consumption.

What is the best way to do this? I plan to setup a Raspberry Pi with Venus OS and the Node-red image.


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Cerbo GX > No Analogue input option showing


Hi. I’m a new Victron user. Hoping I’m missing something obvious. Tanks are no longer showing on Cerbo GX. And no Analogue input options. Have installed firmware 2.84. No change. No rollback option to previous versions. Any help appreciated. Ps Dealer is on standby for when boat is next accessible so loathed to try anything radical, given my lack of skills!

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components needed to charge batteries and then go to hot water heater

Good day all.

I am new to this technology and am getting conflicting answers in the "retail world".

I would like to set up a solar system (2x350 Watts) to charge 4x100aH LiFePo4 Batteries and when those are topped up to switch over to start a hot water heater (Bosch or Rheem) to heat the water. Of course at a set temperature I would want to switch off the heater and not have it switch on again until it dropped several degrees so it is not cycling on and off too often.

What components do I need (and what specs) to make this work efficiently. I am thinking I would like to use the Cerbo GX to monitor all of these (and more) devices.

I would appreciate the solution details and any things I should be concerned about that could go wrong.

Many thanks,

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Loss of communication to ET112 Grid meter

I finished a new Victron 5KVA Easysolar installation connected to an ET112 Grid meter. The system will run perfectly for a few hours and then looses communication to the ET112 and causes the Inverter to go into a Passthru mode. I then need to reboot the CCGX that will solve the problem untill it happens again after anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours. It will also always happens after a grid failure (load shedding) when the power is restored. I replaced the ET112 grid meter as well as the victron rs485 to usb cable which didn't solve the problem. I re-routed the the rs485 to usb cable and did the software upgrade again without any success. I've done many similar installations in the past and never experienced this issue. Any suggestions to solve this issue.

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Ct clamp over ip ethernet.

Anyone know of a analog to TCP/IP transmitter/receiver?

Ct clamps are £15

Em24 £200+

So anyone know of a solution of sending ct signal over ip and then back so I can send it over ethernet. With parts less then £185....



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