Black Start scenario/recovery.

Hi, all

We recently design standalone power system using quattro 10 kVa inverter and venus gX controller and a UPS. Client need a report for black start scenario/recovery. I do not quite understand this question, Anybody has a idea. Many Thanks

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MultiPlus II overload on grid failure

I have a MuliPlus II 5kVA 48V which I installed to mitigate regular load shedding. The system has been idle for about 6 months after which it has had a trial by fire of about 20 events in the course of 2 weeks. It handled everything great except for on 2 occasions where the MultiPlus tripped and reported an overload as the grid failed. In both cases the load was minimal at the time of the trip +- 200W. In both cases I reset the system and reconnected the exact same load and the system came up fine.

Can anyone explain how this can happen? Is it possible for the grid itself to cause something that is reported as overload condition?

A portion of the cable run that feeds the Multiplus power from the grid shares a conduit with the cables that return power to the house. Could this be an issue (ie an induced eddy current)?

Thank you.

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MultiPlus-II discharging to grid slows down and even stops (before minumum SoC is reached)

I am discharging to the grid at a rate of up to 35A@48V. But as the voltage of the battery goes down, the discharge rate goes down and eventually stops completely. Here are a few screenshots of the readings on the GX device.

The battery voltage can be between 36.0V (0% SoC) and 50.4V (100% SoC). Battery is approx. 10 kWh @48V (220 Ah).

The minimum SOC (unless grid fails) is set to 10%.

The grid set point is set to -500 W.



As you can see, the battery voltage is 40.5V, so there is energy left in the battery...

I have set dynamic cut-off values to 39.0V (0.005C), 37.5V (0.25C), 36.9V (0.7C) and 36.0V (2C).

Sustain voltage is set to 36.0V (during the first 24 hours) and 39.0V (after 24 hours).

My question has two parts (that are probably related):
1. why does it slow down so much (only 2.4A discharge rate @ 40.5V)
2. why does it stop discharging?

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Tracking stolen Multiplus II GX

Good Day

I had a incident where they stole some stock from my shop.

Is there a way to track a stolen inverter if you have the serial number? Is it possible for Victron to flag the inverter and check to what account is it registered when/if it comes online? Is there a GPS in a Multiplus II GX? Can I add it to my VRM using a serial number (with the help of Victron if needed)


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Password for Firmware update Multiplus 48/3000 with VictronConnect 5.11 mac

I need to update the firmware of my multiples (2622408.VFD)

The Victron.Connect-App asks for a password what I don´t know.

How can I solve the problem ?

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Best setup for lithium batteries (580Amp), charging while driving, and shoreline. No Solar.

Hi everyone,

My first posting and wonderful to have such community and help! I am new to van life, and I am working on getting a Sprinter van battery house (Chinese lithium batteries: 8 cells @ 3.6V 280Amp) which will give me 560Amp 12V house bank. I would like to be able to charge my house batteries while driving (using the Sprinter alternator battery), and also while parked in my garage or campgrounds using AC plug. I don't plan on using solar. I like what i have read so far about Victron products, and I would like to know what will be the best package to order and install (there seem to be many products and options doing the same thing: i.e. the Multiplus vs EasyPlus, etc. I plan to have a small induction stove (1200W), small portable 120V air conditioner (6 Amp), and the Bosch electrical water heater (120V, so these would be my three 120V AC load. Any advise is greatly apprecaited.

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How do I know if my Orion is charging?

Hi there,

I am trying to figure out some basics of my system. I have a 12 12 / 30 Orion that is not the “smart” newer one. I have it hooked up to a remote switch so that it turns on (green light) when the alternator is running.

I have a battery monitor hooked up as well. When I shut the batteries off and turn them back on it always says “100%” regardless of how much was used previous time. Im guessing 100% is just whatever is currently in the battery bank when battery monitor starts up?

I just want to see if the Orion charges and how much! Any tips much appreciated.

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Cerbo GX Turn off Wifi?

My Cerbo GX (v2.63) is connected via an Ethernet cable to the router (very stable now). Is there a way to turn off the WiFi on the Cerbo GX?

I've been looking in the menus and this forum, find references to the reset button, etc. but still confused if can turn it off.

Thank you

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Configuration of the MultiPlus 3000 to allow AC load only when plugged to shoreline.

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if the MultiPlus 3000 can be configured to allow the ac load only when plugged to shoreline? I want to make sure that my ac load is only working when I am on shoreline, and save the lithium house batteries for the dc load.


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Multiplus shuts down when trying to use Air Conditioner 24/2000/50

Hey all,

I just setup my Multiplus 24/2000/50 Compact and all seems to be working fine until I tried to turn on my AC.

while leaving the Multiplus in “on” position and plugged into 30amp shore power I turned my AC on and the surge when the compressor turned on made the multi shut down.

I have had my rig parked in the same place for the last 4 months and have had to run my Air con a few times before I setup the Multiplus.

I also tried to run it while my generator was running and that didn’t work either. But I used to run my Air Con off the generator no problem before.

I do have to switch on the “weak AC” setting to get the generator to work but still won’t allow the Air Con to work.

Should I be running the multi on “pass through”? (not sure how to set that yet)

Do I have something wrong in the settings?

does the Victron only allow me to use 2000 watts when I am connected to shore power? (Doesn’t make sense to me)

My generator is 4000 watts and still doesn’t let it happen.

I tried it with everything in the rig off except the Air Con and it still didn’t work.

I am running a 24/2000/50 multiplus compact and a 24 volt 206ah prismatic battery set from LYNX batteries out of Washington state. The battery connections use 4awg wire. Battery is rougly 2 foot away from the multi.

Is the only way to make this happen is to get a soft start for the air con?

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MPPT only charging battery and not supplying loads

Hi everyone

My setup is a grid-connected Multiplus 2 with a SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 and 19.2kwh of Pylontech batteries. I also have an ET340 meter connected

I only want the batteries to kick in during a blackout so "keep batteries charged".

The issue is the MPPT will only come on when it needs to charge the batteries and doesn't supply any PV to the loads during normal daytime operation, as seen below, the PV is only charging the battery when there are tons of loads that need solar. This stays like this all day, never going over 150w unless the batteries dip down and it cranks up to it's 5kw so I know the PV is working.

I have DC feed-in enabled as well.


Does anyone know why the solar won't feed the loads?


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State of Charge never gets reset - BMV700 with MPPT 75/15 and 110W Solar panel

Hi, Sorry if this is a common question, I'm very new to Solar and trying to learn. I'm very impressed with my Victron gear but there is 1 problem.

I watched the Victron video explaining to change the BMV settings and have done so however the SOC detection still doesn't seem to be working...hope someone can offer some advice.


120Ah "Fusion" brand battery

110W Solar Panel

BMV 700

MPPT 75/15

0.8A load

VenusOS on a Pi 3B+ with 2 x USB to VE Direct cables

The battery seems to be charging fine, I can see bulk then absorption then float phases. Unfortunately the SOC never gets reset at all, it just gradually declines until it's zero.

I haven't changed anything on the MPPT, it's by default at Factory default "Gel Victron deep discharge 2".

The BMV I have these settings:

Battery Capacity: 120Ah (I changed this)

Charged voltage: 13.5V (I changed this)

Tail Current: 4% (default)

Charged Detection time: 3m (default)

I set the charged voltage at 13.5V because I can't find the battery stat for this on the manufacturer's details so I looked at the average figure during absorption phase, 13.8. Based on this I set charged voltage at 13.5, 0.3 below absorption rate per video instructions here:

I guess I must have misunderstood something, can anyone help?

Thank you.

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Has DC system - how to setup alt chargers

I have a Cerbo GX, 24v system, Quattro 8000 with a SmartShunt for the 24v. I also have a 12v system with a bmv that is powered using 2 Orion 24-12 TR chargers. The 24v side is also charged using a 12-24v Orion TR when the alternator is running. How do I show the correct voltage and amperage in the GX for both the 24v battery and the DC display?

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Cerbo GX Gas Alarm Question

New to this so please bear with me.

Does anyone have any thoughts on configuring a gas alarm with solenoid shut off valve via the digital inputs and relay port on the Cerbo GX? I'm looking at a gas alarm setup (BEP Gas Detector) with two sensors and solenoid but its working out very expensive, £300+. Wondering if there may be a better way to use a simple gas detector and solenoid (gas rated) for this with the Cerbo GX?

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Orion-TR Smart 12/12V-30A Isolated Charger in non-isolated design

I want to use a Orion-TR Smart 12/12V-30A Isolated Charger on a new install in a motorhome.

The chassis and house batteries both use the chassis frame as ground. I want to simply tie the two negative sides of the Isolated charger together and use a single cable to ground. I can't see the need for two separate cables to ground. Am I missing something?

Or is this just a bad idea and I should get a non-isolated charger?


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Add Motorhome inverter

I have a MPPT 75/15 with Bluetooth already installed with 2 x 100W solar panels and 2 x 95 amp AGM deep cycle batteries.

I would like to add an inverter to charge e-bike batteries (2 x 2 amp chargers) from solar. If I use a Phoenix 12/500, can I monitor/control the inverter from the App. If not, what else would I need to allow inverter on/off control and battery monitoring.



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VRM Portal: improved installation overview

Hello everyone!

Per a few minutes ago, the VRM Portal has been improved. The main goal behind this redesign is to better handle managing multiple installations. I'll briefly explain the changes:

The new main table

First of all, the amount of clutter has been reduced, and by having it organised in a table with very clear headings, its very quick to understand what part of the system(s) is doing what. The headings are made as common language as possible: no tech-talk. The are Battery, Grid, Load, Solar, Generator and Tanks.

Then the sorting was modified: installations with an active alarm are now shown at the top. And, hovering with your mouse over the alarm status on the right shows a tooltip with details of the raised alarm(s).

Installations that were last seen three months ago, and longer, are moved to the bottom of the table - making space for the more active items.

Also its sortable, by clicking the table headings, and sparklines (small graphs in the box) give a bit of extra information.


Hovering over the tank box shows all tank data in detail:


Color coding boxes with green vs red

For some cells in the table, portal determines if they need attention or not, and makes that clear by making them green versus red.

  • Grid: if there is an active no grid alarm, the cell will be red, otherwise green. (see Cerbo GX manual for what that alarm is and how to enable it)
  • Load: if the inverter is switched on, and its off, the cell will be red. otherwise green.
  • Generator: if the generator is supposed to be running, but its not (fuel empty, starting issue, otherwise) then the cell will be red; otherwise green. See Cerbo GX manual for how the alarm with regards to automatic generator start/stop works in detail.

Seeing all active alarms

By clicking on the top of the VRM Portal, you see an overview of all currently active alarms. Until now, this wasn't available at all. You'd have to go into an installation to see its active alarms, and go to the next to see them for that one. Here is a screenshot:


Detailed mode and column configuration

On the top right there is a button that will open a configuration pane. Here is what it looks like:


Enabling / disabling the detailed mode will show/hide the spark lines.

Thats all for now. If you have any ideas, see any issues, have a question, comments or just a compliment to the developers that have been working hard to get it to this level, welcome to drop it below.

All the best, Matthijs

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Current limit display won’t turn off on Digital Multi Control

I have a DCM connected to a Multiplus 12/3000/120. I also have a VE Bus BMS and an Octo GX. Recently I installed a VE Bus Smart Dongle and although the Multiplus seems to operate correctly when I turn the DCM switch to Off all the lights go out except for the numeric current limit display, this now stays illuminated in all three DCM switch positions. How can I restore the DCM to normal operations?

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Orion TR and Alternator heat regulation

Working on a new install of a 3x100ah LFP house bank and a FLA start battery here on my sailboat.

Wanting to use the Orion TR Smart BtoB charger to interface all the batteries from my Balmar100 amp alternator through my FLA bank into the Orion and then onto my lithium house bank.

My concern is protection for my alternator.

Since there is no temperature sensor on the Orion I’m considering some external regulation to my Balmar to control voltage based on alternator temperature. I realize the Orion cycles on and off to sense voltage between batteries, but is this enough to protect the alternator from overheating.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Using both a DC/DC and a MPPT Charger


I am planning on using the Victron Orion TR-Smart 12 12 30 Isolated to charge a LiFeP04 House Battery from the Start Battery of an outboard Alternator.

However, I am also planning on adding solar, to top up the house battery when we are not running the outboard. For this purpose, I am considering the Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30, but I am now wondering how the charging would switch between the two systems? Does Victron have a Smart integrated MPPT/DC2DC Charger? Or can it be achieved differently with Victron devices? I know of other branded products that do this.

Can I connect simultaneously both Victron units to the House battery?



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RS Smart Solar 48/6000 problem after firmware update

Hi all!

I'm new to the community, this is my actual configuration:

-2 strings of 6 x 250W Poly Total 3 KW

-48 V 320Ah C5 lead-acid traction battery

-RS Smart Solar 48/6000

After updating the firmware to the version 1.03 for connecting the > USB interface, the inverter sometimes go in fault condition, with the alarm codes 53 (Inverter internal DC level) and 29 (Overcharging protection). Moreover these alarms are not included in the alarm list site. If anyone knows if there is a list of specific alarms for this Inverter, please let me know, Thanks!

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Victronconnect Multiplus display watts amps incorrectly

AC In 1: 122V, 1.38A, 35W

AC Out 1: 122V, 0.06A, -12W Battery: 13.52V, 3A

For both AC displays W does not equal VxI.

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Quatrro inverter shutdown on Pylontech low battery


Recently got a system consisting of:

1x Quattro 48/3000/35

2x Pylontech US3000c

2x BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/35

1x CerboGX

As part of my testing I ran a load until shutdown. What happened is that the whole system turned off at the low voltage point. The Pylontech shows the RED alarm LED. The Victron setup does not seem to see any DC power at all at that time (touch display off etc).

It would be nicer if there is a shutdown mode where the inverter is disabled (but still powered, just not generating AC). That way the display still shows what is happening. At some point the batteries are going to turn off completely and then whole system will be down.

I've had bad experience (with another vendor) where it becomes a real struggle to get the inverter/charger to wake up when there is (generator) AC, but not DC yet.

Is that not an issue with the Victron, as soon as I apply AC the system comes back to live?

Also, when the system was in shutdown, non of the console commands on the Pylontech seemed to indicate a powered down state :) I must be looking at the wrong command since the inverter saw low voltage over CANbus. What is the correct command to see historic shutdown reasons?


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PV_ Insel / Heizstab Regelstrategie / SPS Kommunikation


seit drei Jahren läuft mein Halbinsel-Setup, basierend auf:

6kWp PV,

Multiplus 5000,

2x smart Solar 250/65

BMV702 und

ca. 30kWh OPsZ Batterie (Hoppecke)

sehr erfolgreich.

Ich habe Venus GX auf einem Raspberry Pi laufen und mein Monitoring hat nach anfänglichen SD-Karten Problemen nun seit über einem Jahr gut funktioniert.

Nun hat man ja immer neue Ideen und, mehr aus Lust an der Sache als auf Basis wirtschaftlicher Erwägungen, habe ich mir nun weitere 3,3 kWp auf einer Dachfläche installiert, die nach PV schreit.

Ich habe bereits vor einiger Zeit einen 48V DC- Heizstab (1500W in zwei Stufen je 750W) in meinen Pufferspeicher für Heizung und WW-Bereitung installiert. Direkter Anschluss an der Batterie über 2 Schütze. Hintergrund ist meine Pellets Heizung, die an warmen Sommertagen zur Brauchwassererwärmung läuft uns damit mein Wohnzimmer weiter aufheizt.

Da ich generell meine Heizungssteuerung auf SPS Basis neu aufsetzen möchte, möchte ich natürlich eine Regelstrategie für die Heizstäbe programmieren.

Ich wende mich an das Forum , da ich möglichst mit der einfachsten der vielen möglichen Lösungen starten kann.

Meine Bedürfnisse:

Datentransfer vom Raspberry Pi ( Venus ) oder den Einzelkomponentenauf die SPS ? (Siemens Logo oder S7, ich habe auch noch einen Wago 750 controller rumfliegen, aber ich würde lieber bei der Siemens Range bleiben.)

- Hier sind folgende Werte wichtig.

MPPT-State (Smart solar Charger)

Batterie Spannung (BMV)

ggf. Netzeinspeisung des Multiplus. Dies ist aktuell möglich, wenn die Anlage jedoch ohne Netzanschluss betrieben wird, ist das keine Option.

Grundsätzlich ist es interessant zu wissen, wann die Solarladeregler nicht alles aus den Modulen herausholen, was aktuell geht. Andererseits kann man auch den Batterie SOC nehmen und ein Zeitfenster festlegen, in dem theoretisch noch die Sonne scheinen könnte. Was ich nicht will ist der Betrieb der Heizstäbe aus der Batterie sondern lediglich (hauptsächlich) aus überschüssiger Solarenergie.

Die einfachste Regelung wäre eine Relaiskontakt am MPPT, der mir sagt, wann er mehr rausholen könnte. Dann könnte ich eine gewisse Zeitspanne für den Heizstab vorsehen. Wenn das Relais in der Zeit nicht abfällt, könnte ich die zweite Stufe auslösen und so lange laden, bis das Relais abfällt.

Gerne würde ich aber in Form eines kleinen Brain-Drain Eure Meinungen hören.

Beste grüße,


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Need some help translating charge parameters for SOK LiFePO4 batteries...

VE people -- I bought some batteries and the charge parameters they sent me don't use the same terminology as is listed on my Multiplus "charging" configuration page. SOK lists "boost" charging as a setting. However, when the Multiplus is tagged for Lithium, the config fields are listed as "absorption voltage and absorption duration." Does [SOK] Boost Voltage/Duration = [VE] Absorption Voltage/Duration? From SOK: Over Voltage Disconnect 14.7 V Charging Limit Voltage 14.6 V Over Voltage Reconnect 14.6 V Equalize Charging Voltage shut off or 14.4 V Boost Charging Voltage 14.6 V Float Charging Voltage 13.6 V Boost Reconnect 13.3 V Low Voltage Reconnect 10 Under Voltage Warning Reconnect Voltage 11.5 Under Voltage Warning 11.5 Low Voltage Disconnect 11.0 Discharging Limit Voltage 10.5 Equalize Duration 0 Boost Duration 180 minutes

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Battery Protect 220A + Phoenix Smart IP43 problem

Ι have a Battery Protect 220A on a LIFePo4 system that controls the charging

The Battery Protect is set at Li-ION mode

The BMS is not Victron

The charger of the system is a Phoenix Smart IP43 50/3

The problem is as follows

The Battery Protect is off (via the BMS – charge is complete)

Connect the Phoenix Smart to mains power

Enable the Battery Protect (The BMS thinks it is time to recharge)

The Battery Protect throws error E1 (Short Circuit Detected)

The above is not the case with other charger (but the charger is 25A – not 50A as the Phoenix Smart)

If the Battery Protect is enabled before the Phoenix Smart is connected to mains power, then no error on Battery Protect. Everything works as intended

The battery protect has a peak current of 600A, so I was not expecting this

Any suggestions?


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MPPT Solarregler 75/15 nach Firmwareupdate ohne Funktion - wann kommt eine Stellungnahme des Herstellers

Hallo Team Victron Energy,

Ich habe sehr viel Geld bezahlt für meine ganzen Victron Energy Systeme und war bis lang auch davon überzeugt.
Seit dem letzten Software Update funktioniert nicht nur mein MPPT Solarladeregler nicht mehr. Im Netz haben viele dieses Proplem.

Wann kommt eine Lösung. Wenn keine kommt, wie bekomme ich die alte Firmware wieder auf mein MPPT Regler aufgespielt.

Ich hoffe auf eine zeitnahe Reaktion des Herstellers. Es ist offensichtlich das hier was schief gelaufen ist wenn so viele USER die gleichen Propleme haben.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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ESS soll nicht durchleiten !

hallo, ich bin deutscher,

bitte um hilfe,

habe multiplus2 ess, steht immer auf -durchleiten- die batterien werden nichtgenutzt, was mach ich falsch ? vielen dank

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Will it be safe to use a 330W 19.5V 16.9A laptop charger for my 100/20 controller?

I have seen online people rewiring laptop chargers for their MPPT controllers, and I'm assuming that I can use a charger which has 16.9A. It would be very useful for me as this setup is in my van, and being able to swiftly disconnect my PV and connect a charger to the same input would be great.

It seems it would work but there is always a space for the unknown so thought I would post here. Besides I also saw something online that suggest that the controller could try to pull in more power of the laptop charger and would go into overcurrent. Anyone to validate this?

Thanks in advance!

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How to fit a remote switch to inverter - for dummies


I'd like to add a remote switch to my MultiPlus 12/500. I was intending to get a 3 position rocker switch but am now pondering the digital multi control because it might be nice to have the extra info on what the multi is up to.

I don't know if my system is ve bus or non, but only have 1 AC source.

Is one switch better than the other? Apart from the extra monitoring?

Is one going to be easier to fit than the other?

Will I just be running 1 utp cable for the digital control?

Thanks in advance!


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