GPS Sample Rate

I have a 4GModemGPS fitted with an external antenna connected to a Cerbo GX. When downloading my GPS track history KML file through VRM, Google Maps shows only some partial blue tracks. Do I need to increase the sample rate and if so, how do I do this?

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Charging LiFePo4


I have a 16S LiFePo4 160Ah as with following data :


In VE.Config i have left everything default for LiFePo4 but i am not sure it's correct. Right now the battery has been in Bulk for 3-4 h but should it not charge it to 56,8V per the default settings ? Does everything look fine to you ?




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Victron 24/8000v inverter won't accept shore power

Hi Community new here am having a problem with my new syatem i put shore power on, last night it shut down when i put 2 heaters on the inverter was sitting at 4400w with shore power for about 7min then shut the shore power of saying overload and loss of grid power i have the quattro 24/8000 after that i reset the notifications rebooted the gx and swithed inverter off then back on still not working then i changed ac 2 in as shore power and iton ac 2 in either is there aomething else i need to reset i am on our trip and in toowomba the inverter has not missed a beat been great every stop we have been at,i can here the imverter click when i put the shore power in again also so its registering that the shore powers being connected and then throws up the notification in picture attached,oh also charge only does not work either

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If battery is fully charged, shouldn't load provide power at night?

My battery is fully charged.

For testing purposes the Load setting is set to "Always On"

When the sun goes down there is no load output.

I would expect power to feed from battery to MPPT and out the load terminals.

What am I missing?

Thank you.

MPPT 100/20

LiFePO4 Deep Cycle 12V 100Ah Built-in BMS

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VE.Bus System [276] - Low battery: Alarm

Hi im getting a VE.Bus System [276] - Low battery: Alarm and i down't know why its comming up every time. It starts beeping and sends e-mails.


The min discarge is 75%


Thanks for any help.

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Victron Multiplus 12/ 3000 /120 Spannungsausgang zu niedrig

Hallo und Guten Tag

Ich möchte ja nicht mit der Tür ins Haus fallen , aber ich komme nicht weiter . Und würde mich freuen wenn mir jemand hier helfen würde.

Ich habe folgendes Problem .

Mein Multiplus zeigt mir auf dem Cebro GX im Spannungsausgang nur 140 V an . Mit einem Multimeter habe ich 123 V

Er hat vorher geklappt , und nun wandelt er nur von 13,4 V nur Wechselstrom der nicht reicht .

Hat jemand einen Vorschlag ? Oder muss ich zum Vertragshändler ? Ich habe keine Garantie !

Über eine Antwort würde ich mich freuen .Lg. Mike

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MMPT RS 450/100, MP2 and Fronius

Hello to all,

I had the following “On grid” configuration:

  • 1 Fronius Symo 10.0.3
  • 1 Multiplus 2 GX - 5000/48 “hooked” on phase 1
  • 1 three phases Smartmeter
  • 1 Smartshunt 500/50ma
  • 220 Ah Li Ion batteries
  • 18 solar panels 370 wh each in two strings – 10 on one string and 8 o the other. (intention is to install another 10 panels)

As this year the grid electricity starts dropping every week (they are replacing the old network) I decided to get an MPPT 450/100 to make it work in parallel (Off-grid during the electricity outages) therefore I disconnect the 8 panels string from Fronius and I connected it to the MPPT.

MPPT and Smartshunt are connected to the MP2 via VE.Direct.

The main issues are as you can see in the prinscreen of VRM or console:

  • When there is a high load, the system is getting the power from the batteries and the MPPT goes to 0
  • Is throttling the Fronius inverted to 50-60% of normal production and is getting the difference from grid.



The funny part is that if I am connecting to the MPPT via Bluetooth or in the console and I am looking for the production of MPPT is shows about the right amount but somehow this is not showed in the VRM neither console Pages. I have no idea which ones are the right values.



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Mppt 250/100-mc4 ve.can what is+ on the pv 3 mc4

+ - pv mc4 there no labels on it at all don't know what is what so if anyone could help I would be gracefully for it

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Is this the correct use of the BMS CL 12/100 in a van system?

Hi everyone,

I can't find a lot of detailed information on the Smart BMS CL 12/100 and was hoping for some insight on how I've applied it to my system. The main reason I wanted to use it was it provides more amperage than the Orion.

(I have yet to add wire size, fuses and breakers to my diagram)

Any help, insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(Van is a MB Sprinter, 2 x 200ah Lithium Victron Batteries, BMS is connect directly to start battery)


MB Diagram.jpg

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Lots of problems with ESS multiplus 2 (error 24)

I Installed a multiplus 2 with 10kWh of BYD batteries in an ESS system first half of the year, it worked well for a month or two then started bringing up error 24, I followed the instructions for what to do for error 24 and sent them off to my victron distributor, victron decided to send me a new unit, I intsalled the unit and instantly had the same problems, after lots of return visits and firmware updates in the hope the issue had been found and resolved which is costing me lots of time and money ive realised that the unit will go straight into error 24 with the current sensor plugged in, If i remove the sensor and restart the unit it starts fine then plug it in it begins to act as an ESS system should with no error code, the problem being that i simulated a power cut by turning the AC isolator off and then back on, and as the sensor is in it goes into error 24, i have updated the firmware twice and replaced the unit. Its a real shame as its also costing the customers confidence in the system i have installed for them, and I cant keep going back to resolve this I have seen on the VRM it is in error 24 again today and i went to them on friday. It has the latest 2629 467 firmware intalled and the UK G98/G99 grid code. Please can you sort a resolution for this ASAP.

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What victron charger for lifepo4 + lead/agm? + Argofet question.

I am planning to upgrade the 12v house bank in my boat to lithium. In the process I need a new 230v charger, with 3 outputs to charge this new lithium bank, plus agm starter batteries, plus windlass/thruster battery.

looking for high capacity as well as keeping it on more or less constantly to maintain and keep all batteries topped up and in good shape.

the Skylla 12/70-3 was recommended to me but then I was warned that it would not cope with batteries of a different type.

Also, I already have the Argofet 200-3 mounted, and it works great. But again, someone said it would not work with one battery bank being lithium. As that bank is so power hungry the theory is that no charging current from the engine will reach the two other banks until the lithium bank is full.

Is it true? Or will it work? This lithium upgrade is turning into a headache before it started.

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Is it safe to turn off a MultiPlus under load via VRM?

I have a MultiPlus 24/2000/50 connected to a VenusOS device which allows me to connect to it via VRM.

About the only thing I will be using with the inverter is a small air conditioner that uses 420W while the compressor is on.

Is it safe to connect to VRM and tell it to turn off my inverter while the A/C is running? This is just incase I end up being away from the trailer unexpectedly for a few hours and realize I left the A/C on.

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Smartsolar mppt 450/100 mounting holes



How am i able to mount the mppt without access to the upper mounting holes? Bracket can't be used as this will be used in a moving vehicle.

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Bluesolar 150/70 (older unit) temperature sensor part number

Hi everyone,

Does anybody happen to know what the part number is for the temperature sensor for the Bluesolar 150/70 units? It's the older unit, not the new smaller one. It's the same unit as pictured here. Thanks in advance.


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Cerbo GX connection to multiple MPPT not parallel

Hello everyone, I am almost confuse about to monitoring 3 MPPT Smartolar charge controllers that we are going to connect to the Cerbo GX. Because the solar installation is more than 20 years old, "unfortunately" we have 3 string of solar panels connected with 3 battery banks and after by schottky diodes to the load (MM.WW. system), but we can´t optimize the banks because the space of each one is limited to joint them on one battery bank. for that reason we should monitor each MPPT Charge controller separately. Is it possible to monitor each MPPT (PV power, BAT power and load consume) or each MPPT should be connected to a GX device?.

Thanks for your support.

Jonathan Carrasco from Chile

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DC Leakage via Protective Earth Conductor

I'm have this weird problem that during a no-load condition with an Smartsolar MPPT charging, I'm seeing a phantom load of around 22 W that doesn't seem to exist. The MPPT is mounted in a cabinet along with a Multiplus, and the whole cabinet and both devices are tied to a protective earth bus bar, which is bonded to battery negative, aka before the SmartShunt in the system. The Multiplus and the MPPT are then grounded on the load side of the SmartShunt. I also measured the current in the earth conductor, and it's around 1.4 A, which correspond quite well to the 22W phantom load on the system (12V system). There's also an equal discrepancy between the battery + and - conductors of the MPPT. So, is there an issue with my MPPT charger, or should I bond the protective earth bus bar on the load side of the SmartShunt?

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BMV-712 Firmware update wiped all data


just update to the latest firmware 4.07 and my 2.5 years of data is gone! Thank you! I’d like it back. You don’t allow data logging or downloading of the data and now your recent update has wiped it. Previous firmware updates have never done this, even a device reset has never done this, therefore I didn’t take a picture.

What can you do?

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Multiplus II Questions - Humming and adding power with other inverter

Hi. I am the lucky new owner of a Multiplus-II 24/3000-70/32. Just installed it and started using it. I have two questions, the first purely informative and the second more practical.

1. It's humming loudly (relatively). The less load on the inverter the louder. As I go long days with low loads (50-250W) it seems that it will be humming a lot under my ownership. I'm just thinking - sound means vibration and vibration means wear. How will all the solder joints, capacitors and everything hold up with that constant vibration. Maybe I am just paranoid but no other inverter I have used before have had that kind of hum constantly. Can someone put my mind to ease about this and explain if it is just the way they are designed and that it is ok, or otherwise?

2. I have PowerAssist in this inverter which is supposed to combine the inverter ac current with incoming current from the grid or genset if needed upon high enough demand. I have a 900W 24V sine wave inverter from another brand laying around. I wonder if, in the situation I needed it, I can connect that other inverter to the battery pack and feed it into the multiplus to get 2400+900=3300W? Is that a dumb idea or a reasonable thing to do in a pinch?

Best Regards,


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Buzzing sound Phoenix 12/1200 inverter


I have an Phoenix 12/1200 in my motorhome, and it makes a buzzing sound when it`s turned on. And when I put a load on it, when charging our e-bikes with 160w AC, the buzzing gets really high.

I did return it to the seller in Germany, But they said it is like that with Victron inverters… so they sent it back to me and they also send me some rubber ”feets” to put between the inverter and the wall so The sound dont get amplified from the wall

Is this normal?

is there anyone else with similar problem?

//Mikael Trevik

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Bluesolar MPPT 100|30 conflict with MPPT 150|70

I have an MPPT 150|70 charging my batteries and connected to CCGX.

I have a backup solar units connected to an MPPT 100|30 connected to the batteries.

as long as the MPPT100|30 is not connected to the CCGX I can see the MPPT 150|70 on the CCGX and it work properly and I can connect the MPPT 100|30 to my laptop using Victron connect and see that it is working properly.

But once I connect the MPPT 100|30 TO THE CCGX it takes few seconds and I get error# 66 (incompatible device) on the MPPT 150|70

I can't clear this error message.

It looks as if both controllers continue to charge.

The firmware:

CCGX= V 2.72

MPPT 150|70= V 2.00

MPPT 100|30= V 1.56

To my best knowledge these are the latest releases of the products firmware

Is this message a real problem?

If "yes" what is the problem and how to fix?

If it is not a problem how do I disable and remove the error message?

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MPPT controller

I currently have a 600w solar array with one 100/50 MPPT controller. I need to increase my solar array to around 900w which obviously means more solar panels, but do I need an extra MPPT controller. Thanks

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MultiPlus Compact 24V 2000W 50A lädt nicht am Generator

Der MPC ist im Boot verbaut. Mit Landstrom funktioniert alles einwandfrei. Wenn unser Generator läuft, lädt er aber nicht, sondern arbeitet weiterhin als Wechselrichter.

Die Spannung am Generator wird gesteuert und hat 230V

Die Frequenz am Generator wird überwacht und ist zwischen 45 und 65Hz

Alle Geräte an Bord, vom Ladegerät über Pumpen und Computer funktionieren mit dem Generator.

Woran kann es liegen? Was kann ich tun, damit es klappt?

vielen Dank im Voraus.


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mppt panel and battery setting

help please :)

My solar panels are only producing 16amp at peak

I've left the charge setting at max on the battery tab of MPPT setting (70amp)

but the battery info at bottom says charging at 70amp.

how can the battery be charging at greater than panels are producing.

Mppt is red hot and alarm buzzer on multiplus for over temperature


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MPPT 100/30 float issue

Hi all,

I've had a look through the masses of previous questions and unfortunately couldn't find any that were quite the same as mine.

Recently I have noticed that my SmartSolar 100/30 completes it's bulk and absorption stages and enters float mode. When in float it will match any current draw from the battery for roughly an hour and then will suddenly no longer keep matching the battery and it will then start dropping down from 100%.
It says it is in float mode, there is plenty of sunlight and panel voltage present, however it doesn't output any charge to the battery. No other chargers connected to the battery.

I have the float voltage set to 15.8V and even when the loads connected to the battery increases it does not kick it back into bulk.

I then have to reset the controller by disconnecting the solar, then battery and reconnecting, which it will then it go back into bulk mode, absorption mode and then eventually into float again.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is it potentially a firmware issue?






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Can a CCGX be used with a Venus GX

We live on a boat. We are 12v and mainly on shore power. Currently use VRM or bluetooth to get information from our Venus GX.

However, to keep my wife happy she has seen the CCGX which is the same as what we have except ours is either through our tablet or PC. She would like me to fix a screen like the GX Touch or CCGX, so she can just press a button and have the information to hand. Yes I know we already have that information via VRM/web/bluetooth, but she has seen the CCGX on someone else's boat and wants the screen fitted to ours, or a similar Victron product that has a screen.

Can I fit a Victron product like the GX touch 50 or CCGX and plug it directly into the Venus GX which already has everything plugged in and receive the same colour screen infor.

System - Quattro/MPPT/BMV702 etc.


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Matching SPD to MPPT

This is a question I have been discussing with colleagues and there seems no clear answer.

I have noted that most of the SPDs on the market are either Uc 600VDC, 1000VDC or 1500VDC. But our MPPTs are 150V MAX, 250V MAX or 450V MAX.

It seems thus, that a 600VDC SPD might protect something in the system against over voltage but that would not include the MPPT which would be exposed to over-voltage before the SPD had begun protecting (Uc).

Should we not be getting 145V, 245V and 445V SPDs manufactured which match the Victron products to properly protect MPPTs against over voltage? I have spoken to a manufacturer willing to do this but MOQ is 250 units which is a bit much for me to "test" the concept with.

Any insight would be valued.

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Orion DC-DC overheating

My Orion Tr Smart 12/12-30 Charger runs hot, and the output current folds back considerably. Anyone else with this problem? When cold, it will output 33A. When hot, it will fold back to 26A or less. Parts of the case may exceed 134dg F, in a cool (60dg F) environment. By adding a 80CFM fan above the fins, the case temperature is lowered by 20 degrees F, and the unit will continuosly output 30A. It would appear that the heat sink is undersized. Comments?

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BMV-700 what am I missing

My system includes Multiplus charger inverter, CCGX , BMV700 , Shunt and the AGM batteries.

All equipment is Victron batteries are Lifeline AGM.

All equipment is connected on the "load" side of the shunt only the batteries are on the battery side.

When I shutdown the charger the BMV-700 and the CCGX show -4.5 Amp which to my understanding indicates that the batteries are being discharged.


When I turn on the Multiplus charger inverter it can for example show on the CCGX DC current of +30amp but the BMV-700 on the CCGX continue to show almost the same current around -4.5 amp.

While I expected it to show +25.5 amp.

It is clear that I am missing something since I know that the charger in fact charge the batteries and it is connected on the "load" side of the shunt.

In fact I think that the BMV-700 always shows minus values for current.

I appreciate help understanding this issue.

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Quattro 12/5000 does not charge anymore from generator

Until yesterday all was working fine. No error lights on the Quattro. Since today of we want to charge by generator, the Quattro stops charging. Quattro is first switched to charging mode from gender and then switched off again (we can hear the clicks). Generator is working fine, that is tested. All other functions working fine (solar comes in, Quattro is inverting). Both BMV and Venus work well and show all other functions. Does somebody have an idea what we can do?

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Pas de Grid "France vde0126" sur un Quattro 10000


Sur un Quattro tout neuf qui sort de sa boite, mise à jour du dernier firmware puis dans Grid, pas de "France " dans la liste. Comment le faire apparaitre ? Est-ce lié à la version du Firmware ?

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