Cleaning MultiPlus Internally.

Has anyone got any recommendations on "How To Clean The Internals of MultiPlus Units" ?

Unfortunately one of my units has been collecting Diesel Soot from a blowing exhaust !

Answers on a postcard, (for those of a certain age )lol.

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Multiplus in ESS mode aansluiten op Belgisch net voor thuisbatterij.


Ik heb thuis een multiplus II GX aangesloten op het Net met een 10Kw lithium batterij.

Alles in mooi aangesloten zoals het in de manual beschreven staat en het systeem werkt ook gewoon perfect, Maar nu is de keuring langs geweest om het systeem te keuren en dat wilde hij niet doen omdat de omvormer in serie was aangesloten met het electriciteitsnet en niet in parallel. (Ik vertelde hem dat dit systeem enkel maar in serie kan worden aangesloten en dat alle meet apparatuur vanbinnen in de multiplus aanwezig is, en dat dit toestel aan alle veiligheids voorzieningen voldoet en gekeurd is door Synergrid belgie)

Kan iemand mij helpen met info of voorbeelden van iemand anders die dit ook zo gedaan heeft thuis, zodat ik dit kan voorleggen aan de keurder? Of heb ik zelf iets over het hoofd gezien?

In bijlage de schets van hoe het is aangesloten:



Met vriendelijke groeten


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Multiplus II Auxiliary power supply 12 V 100 mA

Hi everyone. First post here. I searched for quite some time, but couldn't find an answer.

I have an Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 working fine as an ongrid system. Just one small problem:

There is no power on the "Auxiliary power supply 12 V 100 mA" (Terminal J). Is there a fuse (wich could have blown, though there was never any load connected) or any action nedded to activate the power?

I appriciate any help!

Thank you


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How to physically remove temperature probes

Can anybody tell me how to physically remove the positive and negative temperature probes from the little socket on a Multiplus (or any other Victron product) . I've tried but dont want to destroy them. They do not want to budge..


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Generator Warm Up, Charger walk in

Is there a way to gradually increase or limit charge current on a Multiplus / Cerbo GX to allow Generator to warm up ?

Only presenting FULL charging load when it is warm.

Ideally it would be based on a Cerbo GX temperature input.

Any Help would be much appreciated.

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Reinstated: Bug in Mutliplus AC Input Control? (v481)

Sorry to flip-flop on this report. I let my Multiplus cycle through two AC Input Control cycles, and the problem persists.

The problem is that the AC Input Control is not respecting the voltage trigger that I set, as you can see in this short video.

Update: It occurs to me that perhaps the problem here is that the Mulitplus had been triggered to turn AC Input On until Bulk Charge was reached. But after that process started, my AC Timer turned off the power to the Multiplus. If so, then it is probably simply tryng to finish the last cycle that it had started.

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Autotransformer to be used to correct voltage drop?

Can the victron autotransformer be used to help correct a voltage drop issue? I am looking for an autotransformer to correct voltage drop over a long power feed to my RV hookup location. Second part to this question is what is the environmental rating for the autotransformer enclosures? NEMA1?

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ESS: MPPT does not supply the load together with Grid


We have just finished installation of a Quattro 15KVA, Smartsolar 250/100 with 4KW PV, 400AH lead acid batteries, CCGX.

Set-up should be in ESS and mode: Keep batteries Charged. Load is around 6KW continuous (pump). PV is only 4kW. So our expectation was for the PV to be supplying the load with the grid providing the remaining shortfall. When we tried it, the battery indeed charged the battery. But when the battery reached 100%, the system disconnects the grid and the PV and battery supplies the load by themselves.

We also tried Optimized (w/o Batterylife) mode. But still the same operation: PV and battery supplies the load until it reaches the SOC setpoint. Afterwhich, grid supplies the load and PV exclusively charges the battery. When it reaches 100%, again grid is disconnected by the system and PV and battery supplies the load.

We have updated the firmware of the Quattro and CCGX. But still have to check if the MPPT controller firmware is updated.

DVCC is disabled. Is this the possible reason why it is not working as what we expect for the system to do?

There is no internet connection at the site, so it is quite difficult to troubleshoot with me not there and I am just giving instructions to our installer there.

Hope to hear any suggestions/comments from anyone.


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3 ph Multiplus 2 Erratic behaviour

I have attempted to explain my predicament below. Apologies for the long story, but struggled to abbreviate and still ensure I cover everything I have seen thus far.

I have a 3ph system with 3 Multiplus II 48/5000, a Cerbo GX, three MPPT 250/100 and Pylontech US3000C battery system. I have also installed an EM24 grid meter that is connected via USB to the Cerbo GX.

I have installed approximately 20kW battery power and 13kWp between the three MPPT's.

The system seems to record incorrect data and this causes an erratic response. The EM24 seems accurate. I have a 6kW 3 phase element in the one geyser and can see when this comes on that the EM24 shows an accurate reflection of this power as can be seen in the picture below.


During the past hour the element was on while the MPPT's was charging the batteries. Midway though the time where the element was on, the system decided the batteries is sufficiently charged it can assist. As expected the grid will now reduce while the inverter is pushing back the power to the non-essential side on the AC Input of the inverters.

The concern is that AC Consumption (Total load calculated by the system) now spikes to almost 40 kW on L1 as well as on the other phases although little less. The grid meter is actually seeing that we feeding back into the grid on L1 and L2 although L3 remain stable (L3 now correctly replaced with the power from the batteries). Also the Multiplus AC Output power becomes extremely erratic, which I would believe is only the supply to the essential side and should not reflect the power drawn by the element.

Then as soon as the batteries go back to charging the system become stable again with the Grid meter showing the drawn power.

I have disabled the Grid feed-in (Both AC and DC) settings last night which seemed to have improved the situation, but it was still not stable this morning when the geyser switched on. Below is a graph from 3am to 6am


At 4am the geyser switched on and the noise started as the batteries still had capacity. Just before 5am the batteries got to minimum SOC (35%) and it started pulling from the grid. After noticing this I decided at 5am to change the Multiphase regulation back to all phases. This improved these peaks and dips seen on the both sets of graphs, but the issue still remain when the batteries are being utilized.

If anyone can give me some advice as to what to look at to improve stability during these discharging cycles of the batteries. Once I have this improved I would go back to Individualphase regulation to ensure I remain net positive on each phase as I have three single phase meters for my 3ph supply that I need to manage.


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Ip67 12/25 capacity

The ip67 manual sets the max battery size that can be charged at 225ah. (‘The charger is designed for lead-acid and Li-ion batteries 14-225Ah. Do not use for any other purpose‘). I am currently charging a 200ah lithium bank but would like to go to 300ah. Would this require changing the charger, and if so which charger would be suitable?



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Two different models of Multiplus in parallell

Is there a way to Connect two different models of Multiplus in parallell in the same system?
My system contains of Venus GX, two MPPT charge controllers .
its all BMS controlled (REC Q-bms 16s)

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Warning! Voltage cutoff not working on SmartSolar. Many expensive batteries destroyed.

Hi. I have over 100x SmartSolar 75/15 controllers. I have discovered that when used on a 24v system, even though the jumper is on pins 2+3 (Cutoff should be 23.6v). It does in fact not cut at all. On many of my systems there has been voltage drop all the way down to 17v. I have lost $1000s in destroyed batteries.

Is this a known fault? What can I do about warranty?

I bought them from Access Antenna in Perth, Australia. They have provided no support other than directing me to ask my question here.



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Grid Failure alarm - how to get from VRM

I have activated the Grid Failure facility on my Venus G device - now how do I set up the reporting of it on the VRM portal? There is no such alarm in the pull down menu for the Venus device

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Remote console run for x minutes not working


When trying to start the generator and using the Run for x minutes its virtually impossible to adjust the run time, the scroll buttons do not seem to work, its possible when using a PC and mouse, but accessing via a phone makes it very difficult to adjust

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Looking for old Doc "VE - Interfacing with the Phoenix Product Range”.


im looking for an old doc regarding interfacing with old VE.9Bit Devices

It is referenced in an stil lavailable document about interfacing with an mk2 adapter

For communicating with older (VE 9-bit RS485) products, refer to “VE - Interfacing with the Phoenix Product Range”.

i know old devices can not communicate with venus but i also know old devices can talk to the current victron config 3 app through an mk2 adapter talking ve.9bit.

i have an old multi around where i can configure and connect trough the current victron config 3 app with an mk2.2b usb to serial adapter (for communication handling see the linked pdf chapter 3.4.

with the old doc i hope to get more insight about the communication to create an open source driver for venus integration in combination with an mk2 adapter.

any help/info is greatly appreciated, victron won't supply the old doc sadly.

if anybody could send me the doc i would be very thankful -


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ESS 3phase 80A per phase et340 meter max current or CT's

what to use as an import export meter if main power supply is rated at 80 A per phase. ET340 meter is rated at max 65A per phase. is there a bigger meter there or meter where CT's can be used ? thank you

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ESS - 3 Phase system feeding back to grid


I have a 3-phase system consiting out of 3 Mulitplus 2 GX 5kVA inverters, a Cerbo GX, Pylontech batteries and 3 MPPT's.

When Inverters supply non-essential loads on AC Input side, the one inverter (L1) frequently feed power to the grid although I have a similar 1.8kW load on all three phases (3-phase element). The second inverter (L2) also pushes a bit back, but not as bad as L1 and then L3 is perfect. The Grid-meter (EM24) seems OK as when I deplete the batteries and it supplies the same 3 phase from the grid then all is good.

I have set grid feed-in to 0, and minimum set-point to 150W. Any additional items I could check?



I have tried to elaborate in another post, but seems I was just not descriptive enough and not found a solution.

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Do I need a Isolation transformer with a Blue Power Ip22 charger


The sail drive on my boat suffers from electrolytic corrosion. I just have a Blue power IP 22 charger connected. Do I need a isolation transformer?

I was told the charger itself is a transformer and thus isolated as well so I don't need one. However the corrosion is there?

Many thanks for your opinion.


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Remote switch + Venus GX

Hi, I have a Multiplus 48/3000 in an off-grid system with BYD batteries and a Venus GX.

It seems that if the Multiplus is connected to the Venus, the remote ON/OFF switch doesn't work. It does work with the VE Bus cable disconnected.

Is this the way it works?

Is there any chance to have both the Venus connected and the remote switch working?


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Frequency shift affecting AC unit

I Have a Quattro 10KVA DC coupled with a 250/100 and AC coupled with a Fronius 8.2kw with 6 x power plus 4KWH Eco batteries, the problem I am having is the house has a ducted panasonic AC system and works fine until the batteries reach 100% and the frequency shifts upwards and drops out the AC unit on high frequency. Is it possible either turn off the frequency shift and use AC out 2 to drop out the Fronius inverter on say 95% or battery voltage or ajust the frequency shift settings so it doesn't go so high.

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No data alarm. relays

I just got another "No Data Alarm"
This means my 4G router has to be reset....which for me means flying across the ocean or bugging somebody to drive 30 -50 minutes to my boat


is it possible to program one of the relays to reset when there has been a 'no data alarm"

I do think the Venus reboots after it can not get a connection? Can that be used with one of the relays to reset the router?.

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Multiplus Stops Charging

I'm at the end of having any idea what to do next. Here's the setup...

Victron Multiplus 12/ 3000/ 120

Smart Solar MPPT 150/100


4 Battleborn 100ah Batteries

4 325W solar panels

This is installed in a 2004 Tiffin Phaeton

Connected to shore power

Solar is switched off for testing Multiplus

I am 67 and have an extensive electronics background

The Issue
The past several months, and it seems like this happened after installing a BIM in place of the charging relay, the Multiplus will run as expected for roughly 48 hours. After that, the charging stops, and batteries begin to discharge.

If I switch off the Multiplus - or disconnect it from shore power - for a few minutes, the Multiplus will begin charging again (Bulk @14.4v) for several hours and then drop to 13.56V. Eventually, I will see there is a zero amp draw, even with all our equipment running, it occasionally drops to -.5a for a short time and returns again to zero. Batteries are then fully charged and all 12v systems we have running are supplied by shore power.

It will stay this way for 36~48 hours and then, a 7 or 8 amp draw shows up, the system stops charging, and the process repeats.

Looking at the color monitor, the marching dots show the Multiplus is supplying power to all A/C. However, the batteries are actually supplying the power because they are quickly being drained.

If I disconnect from shore power, there is a change in the display. Marching dots from batteries to the inverter to coach outlets.

Reconnecting shore power, the inverter starts charging again. Marching dots to a/c load and also to batteries (bulk charging at this moment).

Smart Solar voltage: 13.22v
BMV Voltage: 13.02v
Shouldn't these be the same???

What I've Tried
For starters, I fully disconnected the BIM. The charging system seems to remain fully active for days. I reconnect it, and within roughly 36 hours or so, the Multiplus charging stops. At that point, I switch it off and on or switch shore power off and on at the receptacle... Ready to run again for a few days.

Like you reading this, I thought the BIM was the issue - and maybe it is. But what I have been told about this device tells me it is either switch on or it is not. I have checked dozens of times. It is switched off. That mentioned, it will occasionally click on for a brief time (less than a minute) and switch off. I'm told this is expected and would not cause the issues we have.

I removed each battery to check voltage. Fully charged, 13.56v. During discharge, it goes as low as 11.8v.

As I write this, there is a strange 5.8 amp draw, though nothing has been switched on and different since noon today when all was well and the draw was 0.5 amps. Currently, my voltage is 13.06v. The charge shows at 88% and dropping slowly. It was at 100% three hours ago.

The starter battery trickle charge is connected to the starter batteries from the Multiplus. It drops to 12.55v during failure times and returns to 13.49v for a short time, then on to 12.7v when all is working well after a restart.

I have no idea what this issue is. Is the Multiplus faulty? Is the MPPT faulty... though the solar panels are currently switched off, the MPPT is connected. Is this issue due to the BIM we bought from Battleborn?

One final item; The color monitor (Victron) will not show there are any traveling beads going from the inverter to the batteries during the failure. Likewise, while watching the Victron app while all is working correctly, if the amp draw drops below 0 amps the system shifts rapidly from "Infinite" to "nanm" to 10 days. If charging is working correctly, it jumps back to Infinite within a few minutes. However, when it fully fails, ten days drop over a few hours to only a few days or a few hours... all the while connected to shore power.

I simply can't figure out WHAT to look at or test next.

The shore power switch (permanently mounted inside a bay on the coach) is brand new. Shore power, as I have carefully monitored it, never changes at the Multiplus or the pedestal.

I've taken this apart so many times, checked every connection, and carefully reconnected according to the schematic we originally used to install this system...Which worked flawlessly for nearly two years before this happened.

I'm thinking the Multiplus is failing... But how do you test something like this???

Does anyone reading this have any ideas... If so, thanks in advance. I really am at the end of reasoning this out.

Jerry Wills

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Multiplus Aux trickle charge function

Does the Multiplus trickle charge function operate when there is no AC connection to shore/generator power? Hopefully it will still top off the vehicle battery while off grid.

Thanks for any info/experience you have had.

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Blue Smart IP67 AC ground

Is the AC ground connected to the DC negative on the BlueSmart IP67 25A charger?

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Shore power not showing in Color Controller

I tried some settings in the Color Controller menus in an attempt to limit the power the batter charger was using.

Something I did have turned off the shore power completely. The overview screen shows no AC input and the boat is running on the invertor.

I assume.some.setting I changed did this, but I can't find one that fixes it Any ideas?



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Hoping for opinions on full Victron RV system plan

Dear all,

as I am new with all Victron components and quite francly electrics in general, I would really appreciate some opinions on my system plan. I have already put a lot of effort into this and read lots of articles and info but in the end every system is individual in itself and I am by far no expert yet.

I am planning to install all this into a bus that I am currently converting into an RV in Germany. I'm saying that to make clear that there is no current "house electricity" in the bus except cables throughout the walls to all appliances and outputs. For all 12V wiring I ran positive AND negative wires, so I guess the Orion DCDC converter might be an unneeded add-on in my case.

I don't really have many specific questions anymore. I was more hoping for someone with experience in Victron equipment to approve/or help improve my plan.

The only specific questions I am left with concerns the 4A trickle charge output of the Multiplus. Is it okay to just hook this up to my start battery positiv or do I need to be concerned about overcharging this battery once full?

I thank everyone who might get involved and look forward to any input you all might have.




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MultiPlus-II grid setpoint without external grid meter

I have a MultiPlus-II that is tied to the AC grid. I recently connected it to a GX (on a Raspberry Pi 3). I already changed the configuration from Virtual Switch to the ESS Assistant. I have no grid metering connected to the GX or to the MultiPlus-II. For the moment, I want to control it manually.

Even though the grid setpoint is set to -800W to feed 800W back into the grid, it doesn't seem to have any effect and the MultiPlus-II stays in Passthru mode.



I have searched this forum and found one similar post ( that ended up to be a bug/singularity.

Mine was cause because of a GX misconfiguration.

See Q4

In ESS, the conditions for the VE.Bus system to be in pass-through (ve.bus state: passthru) are:

  1. When the GX device is no longer receiving data from the grid meter. Note that this is only for systems that are configured to have an external grid meter. See the Settings → ESS → Control without grid-meter setting.

  2. ...

So the solution seems to be simple... Simply adjust the settings.


However, there is no "without grid-meter" option in Settings > ESS > Grid metering


The "without grid-meter" option is in fact the inverter/charger option. This is quite confusing. After setting it to Inverter/Charger, the Grid setpoint works as intended.


So far so good. But as you can see in the last screenshot, the "critical loads" box disappeared.

After I changed the grid metering setting back to external meter, I got the critical loads box back for a short time while it was also feeding energy into the grid.


But then the feed in stopped. Because off course, the setting is wrong. And the register has not been written for 60 seconds.


Correcting the setting feeds energy into the grid again, but then I loose my "critical loads" box again.


I have been switching back and forth a couple of times:

- if I set it to External meter, the critical loads box shows, but grid setpoint does not work

- if I set it to Inverter/Charger, the critical loads box is hidden, but grid setpoint does work.

This looks like a (reproducable) bug in the interface to me. Can someone confirm? Or point out what I'm missing?

P.S.: in case someone notices in the screenshots, I changed the Grid setpoint from -800W to -200W during the troubleshooting.

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