Phoenix 12/375 remote switch not working

Just bought a Phoenix 12/375 and want to use my Smart Battery Protect to control the remote switch on the inverter. The inverter is connected directly to the battery and a cable from the SBP output is connected to the left hand terminal of the remote switch.

Do I leave the remote link wire in place or should this be removed?

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Can't turn Multiplus on after alarm

I can set the Multiple to on/charger/inverter as I like. I can turn it off as I like. But if I'd had a low voltage alarm, while hooked to shore power, even if I acknowledge the alarm, I can't change the inverter from off to any on/charger/inverter setting.

Can someone let me know the solution?

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Phoenix inverter 24/5000 and VE.Bus to NMEA2000


We have purchased a Phoenix 24/5000 inverter in order to integrate it with our system using a VE.Bus to VE.CAN interface and a VE.CAN to NMEA2000 interface. Is this connection possible as we didn't receive anything in our CAN bus system. In what status we have to put the Remote Switch?

We know this connection is deprecated and we are going to use the VE.Bus to NMEA2000 interface instead.

Thanks in advance.

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CCGX Ethernet Issue - Both lights on even when cable is disconnected


I have Ethernet connection issue.

The CCGX can't make the connection finally..

Before all was good.

The situation is:

The both LED's on Ethernet connector is always ON (no difference LAN cable connected or no),

Message on the screen: Retrieving IP adr.

LAN connection is possible only via WIFI, but WIFI connection droppings accrue..

Solutions how to repair Ethernet connection will very welcome.






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AC Output Issue


I have a system consisting of 3 pieces of Multiplus5000VA. My system doesn't work properly. As in the photo below, AC loads are 9,1kW. And I have PV power 9,6kW at that time. But system still draws 988W from the grid. By the way grid set point 10W. What can I do? What is wrong? I don't know. Can you help me.


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Victron 3000, 30 amps vs. 50 amps, Shore vs. Solar, Batteries not charging when off, of course

New to the group. To lay the groundwork for the question:

  • We have a 50 amp fifth wheel.
  • We bought the unit used from a private seller, very happy overall.
  • The solar / Victron was installed by the seller or he had it done.
  • We have 4x Battle Born 100ah LifePo4, 4x 190W solar panels, 2x MPPT, SmartBMV and the Victron 12/3000/120-50
  • We (the wife, the dog and I) are fulltimers, three months now!

We have been, in the past three months, mostly on shore power, and always on (confirmed) 50 amps. We found that one of the monitor panels (not listed above) showed us at 30 amps continually. Reached out to seller, he indicated that if I had the inverter on, I'd be limited to 30 amps. Turned it to Off, and I'm back to 50 amps and I can run the air conditioners. Excellent for the Texas heat we'd been dealing with.

Two days ago, we relocated to a park, and were fortunate enough to park in the shade. Sure, solar will be very much reduced, but that's okay: we have 50 amps.

Tonight...the generator kicked on. Turns out we ran down the batteries to 50%. Direct DC usage in the rig, like lights, whatever else is straight DC, ran them down. With the Victron set to off, the shore power doesn't recharge the batteries. If I turn the Victron to just "Charger" (not Inverter), it will recharge the batteries, but I will still be limited to a 30 amp system.

This feels wrong to me. I'm a programmer, have been for 30 years. I'm decent at debugging, but I haven't examined all the the wiring and gotten a deeper understanding of the layout. It just feels wrong that it's this way.

When we have good sun, the batteries always get charged up the next day, even on cloudy days. We've been here, in the shade, for... two full days, I think.

I'm trying to determine if one or more of the following are true:

  • Is this a standard solar implementation scenario? That there is only ONE possible charger/converter to replenish the batteries installed at one time?
  • Is there a possible wiring / schematic / system design oversight or bug. (I don't have a schematic yet, I have reached out to get one, if available.)
  • There would have been an original charger/converter installed on the rig, before the Victron, etc. was installed. Does anyone ever have that still wired into the system?
  • Really, my only choices are "have sun" or "be limited to 30 amps even when 50 amp shore power is available"? This cannot be right.

I'm trying to determine that, if the Victron being on limits me to 30 amps, is there a different way to charge the batteries when on shore power? I know my question might be difficult to many without y'all knowing more about how it's wired up. But I'm hoping I kept my questions as free of the implementation as possible and focused on generalizations, and typical scenarios.

For the moment, there's a chill coming into the area tonight and I don't need two A/C's. I'm okay with the 30 amps for now, and I'll get my batteries replenished. Not a long term solution.

I truly appreciate any help anyone can put forth, or any education I can glean out of your answers. I did do extensive research into solar, DC, AC, converters/chargers, inverters, MPPT, etc. before we bought the rig. I feel sort of comfortable in my general knowledge. I was a little sad I didn't get to do the install myself so I'd REALLY know it, inside and out, but the deal was just too good to pass up and our seller was a pleasure to work with. But I lack the intimate knowledge that installing it myself would have gained.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

- Will B.
Somewhere in Kansas at the moment.

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How to connect the alternator to the shunt bus bar for Victron BMV 712

I have a sailing boat with BMV 712 connected to a service battery bank and a crank battery for the engine. The main battery bank which BMV is full monitoring is the service one with 460AH. I have a Perko switch where the two positives of the banks are connected. Where I turn my engine on and uses battery 2 bank on the switch I was supposed to see the alternator charge to this bank (I Have an Yanmar 29hp engine), which is not happening. I did not connect any alternator cable to the battery 2 bank where the BMV shunt is connected, where I think the problem resides in.

Can you help me and let me know what alternator cable I should have wired to the bus bar that connects to the shunt?

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Under voltage alarm on only Quattro not on BYD


I had multiple Undervoltage alarms/warnings on L1 Quattro in 3 phase setup out of sudden.

The LOG file shows BYD reporting normal 54.7 V voltage There was a normal load on the system and no overload recorded. The alarms were getting triggered randomly and the log shows wildly fluctuating VE bus voltage

Does the Ve bus take the voltage only from L1 Quattro?

I checked cable tightness in Quattro ( all three phases ) as well as on the LYNX busbar.

Will check later today the breakers and the individual battery module tightness. What else should I check? The system worked for the last 1 year without any major issues.

The system is ONgrid /ESS with 10 KWH BYD pro and 3 ph 5 KVA Quattro with 6 KVA Fronius and 250/70 Smartsolar

The Log is attached - Relevant entries around 10.30 AM are marked in yellow battery alarm

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Intermittent VE.Bus Low Battery Warnings, but DC Volt is OK?!



I think, but I’m not sure, that the “VE.Bus System” listed above in the alerts is probably referring to a Multiplus II unit. I keep seeing intermittent warnings like this for no apparent reason. All Physical connections seem fine and actual battery voltage is nominal.


2 x Ve.Can MPPT working together in parallel

1 x Networked CCGX

1 x 712 battery monitor
1 x Latronics LS-5048 Inverter (5kVa 48V) as the primary inverter

1 x Multiplus II (to be used as a 70A battery charger)

All the Victron gear is communicating with each other perfectly.

I have shared voltage sense turned ON

The Multiplus isn’t always charging the batteries (in charger mode) when the generator automatically starts up so we have it switched to inverter/charger mode and that’s working as a charger even though it’s wasteful being left ON all day and night with no inverter loads.

Q. 1. What is this alert referring too usually?

Q.2. Does anyone know why the charger mode wouldn’t be working but the inverter/charger mode does work to charge the batteries when the generator runs? (Sometimes there are no Led lights on the Multiplus II)

Q. Are intermittent alerts like this normal?

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Multiplus or Multigrid for off-grid

Hello, I had a question about Multiplus and Multigrid. I am building a small off-grid system with 4 solar panels off 300 watts each that will charge battery's using an MPPT charge controller. I also want a backup generator to charge the battery's if they get under a certain level, and I will be using an inverter to make 230VAC 50Hz from the battery bank. At least I am also using a wind turbine that will give me a peak of 600 watt.

So a short list of items.

- 6x Solar panel 300 watt

- Battery bank

- Multiplus or Multigrid?

- Inverter

- Backup generator

What will be the right choice? Multiplus or multigrid.

And is this a realistic setup? Or is there a more efficient way?

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AC Coupling with Solaredge, requirements for pure off grid


currently I am setting up an off grid PV-system and try to integrate AC coupling with Solaredge SE6000H and Quattro 48/8000. (Battery is BYD premium LVL)

I followed the instructions in Victron documentation: Integrating with Solaredge

The only difference is: There is no public grid available and zero feedback is not required. Therefore no Solaredge Energy Meter is installed.

My question: is the use of the Energy Meter mandatory for the correct working of frequency based power reduction by the SE inverter?

Which country settings (on the SE inverter) did you use in your test environment?

I ask, because my test run failed.

First I used "Spain" as country setting and noticed, that in the SetApp Power Control-->Active Power the P(f) menu was missing. I reconfigured country settings this time to Czech Republic 16A and was curious to see that P(f) was back again.

(Although I doubt, that this setting is at all relevant for my setup as I will not be working in that specific country mode, but in APS (Alternative Power Source) mode.

But to follow the documentation I set P(f) in both menus: In Power Control-->Active Power-->P(f) and Power Control → Alternative Power Source → P(f) and ranging P0 100%@ 50.2Hz and P1 0%@ 51.2Hz.

On Victron side I use the assistant PV-Inverter and with the same tresholds and disconect @ 51.5 Hz.

However the test run failed. (And yes, SE status said I was in APS mode). No power reduction on SE-side happened. Victron modulated the frequency up to 51.5Hz and luckily and thanks to the relay assistant and SE on AC-Out 2 it got thrown off when BatV got too high.

Thanks for any inspiration!!

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BetaGen / DSE Integration
I have a BetaGen 7 generator with a DSE 7310 control panel, to be installed in a narrowboat. (See The boat will use Victron batteries and controls.

I see that Fischer Panda have established interfaces with Victron kit, but is the equivalent interface to DSE/Beta generators either available or in development? I am loathed to start developing one myself if this would be duplicating effort.

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BMS and HE Li-ion capacity messed up after updates

Hi recently returned to the boat which had been on shore for past 10 months (not connected to power). 2x Li-ion HE Batteries (2x200Ah) seemed okey so started updating all systems (Venus GX, multiplus, mppt, BMS400 etc).

I notice in the past week that the battery level seems to be wrong. I reset consumption stats but still at about SOC 60-65%, voltage will be <24.5v indicating it is much closer to empty.

At this 65% SOC level the multiplus also turns off by itself and no longer inverts... again suggesting SOC is wrong!

I am not getting multiple low cell voltages and have no idea how to solve this?!!

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Genset starting

2x 48/5000 multi s in parallel,gx bmv712

Is there a way of settting gen start for entering the night time period with fully charged battery? As well as set for overload and low battery ?

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Cant get to enter pairing PIN on Note 9

Hi guys

Just installed an IP22 smart charger

When I launch VictronConnect on my Samsung Note 9, it sees the IP22, goes through communication process (IP22 lights flash) but stops at 80% and never gives the option to enter the pairing PIN.

I have reinstalled VictronConnect and still fails.

Have installed VictronConnect on both my Tab A and Galaxy Tab S4, and both ask for PIN and connect.

Problem is Note 9 not asking for PIN, but waiting for it before completing connections.

Any ideas?

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CCGX Ethernet Issue

I have recently installed a Quattro, AC coupled to a Fronius for a complete off grid system, when it came to commissioning the ccgx could not find the fronius. After eliminating the Fronius as a problem (was discoverable on the network) looked at the ccgx and and could not find it on the network. Went to the ethernet settings and found it had generated an IP address starting with 169. Unplugged the ethernet cable from ccgx and plugged it into my laptop and internet worked fine. Then noticed the ccgx ethernet lights were still on although there was no ethernet cable plugged in, i then navigated to the ethernet menu and it said it was still connected. So i did an offline update to the ccgx, it was successful but after the reboot the ethernet lights were still on and it said it was still connected even though it was unplugged. Just wondering if anyone had a solution or any ideas?

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Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120 mit Multicontrol / keine Ladefunktion

Beim einschalten des Multiplus leuchten die "Mains on" und die "Float" LED´s kurz auf, gehen dann aus und der Multiplus schaltet in den Inverterbetrieb.

Beim Einschalten von "Loader only" geschieht nichts.

Die Batterien werden nicht geladen.

Batterien sind komplett neu. Das Sytem hat bis vor kurzem noch funktioniert, ist keine neue Installation.

Wo ist der Fehler zu suchen ?

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Bluetooth locking up at 20% on load MPPT

I have two MPPT 75/15 smart solar.

Since yesterday one is stopping Bluetooth connection at 20% level

Same with the battery sense.

only one MPPT is still working and shows that both other are in the network and working.

But I can not reach them, which is a shame, because I have to change some settings.

Software issue? Even after a reset the issue is not gone.

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Multiplus 24/5000/120 settings: search mode, max charge current, input current limit


I have the above Multiplus, BlueSolar MPPT 100/30, 2x200W/12V serial PVs, 2x200Ah/12V serial AGM batteries, Honda EU2200i generator and have the following questions about three settings:

1. If I have both the search mode and AES switched on, which is over-riding the other or can they work together?

1. For the 400Ah/24V battery set it doesn’t seem possible to set the maximum charge current as low as the generators continuous output 1800W/230V=7,8A. The lowest setting is 25% of something (percentage of what is still unclear? Maybe 100A x 25% = 25A?).

3. The input current limit can only be set to the following values:6,3A (1.4kVA at 230V),10A (2.3kVA at 230V),12A (2.8kVA at 230V),16A (3.7kVA at 230V),20A (4.6kVA at 230V), 25A (5.7kVA at 230V),30A (6.9kVA at 230V), 50A (11.5kVA at 230V). The question is how this setting affects the charging on different loads. It is clear that I should not have this setting to more than the generator’s continuous output power. But is it so, that 1) at no load the genset is charging with current of the setting (e.g. 6,3A), 2) when there is load up until the setting (6,3A), the load will be supplied 100% by the genset and the rest is used for charging and 3) when the limit setting (6,3A) is passed then the load will be covered by the genset AND the batteries and no charging will happen?


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Device id changes on venus gx

Hello all,

I have a venus gx and a battery monitor, a smart 100/30 Mppt connected to ports. I also have a gps and smart 100/20 mppt connected to usb port via usb hub. All devices working and communicating properly with venus gx. However, 100/20 gets device id sometimes 288 and sometimes 289. Therefore, I have mixed data on vrm. Do you have any suggestions to correct it or prevent it to happen?

thanks in advance,

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Replacing VE.Bus cables in Multi parallel setup while operating

Hello, I need to change the UTP cables of the VE.Bus of a 2x Multiplus Parallel System that is managed by a VenusGX.

I would like to avoid turning the system OFF. Is it safe to interrupt the VE.Bus communication for a shot period (some seconds) while I change the UTP cable? Specially between the Master and Slave, I have some doubts if the system keeps working stable. I need at least 30 seconds.

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Multiplus 2 stops accepting the grid and then overloads ESS


We have a customer that's their Multiplus 2 occasionally(3 times in the last month) stops accepting the grid and then goes into overload and cuts out. Meaning they lose their emergency circuits, while the grid powered circuits stay on...the opposite of what we want.

When the overload takes place, there is not a lot of current being drawn through the inverter.

Has anyone experienced this?

Voltage and frequency input is normal.

Thanks Dean

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Advice with ESS system, external control and phase balancing

Hello, i am new on this forum. Professional experience with Modbus/TCP, comms, energy, MQTT and all relevant technologies but new with Victron.

Yesterday my installer finished a larger ESS system for my farm (16 pylontech batteries, 3x multiplus 5000, i have 3 solar production systems of total about 15kw, plus many consumption points to control).
MY ET340 is hundreds of meters from the battery installation (this is a quinta), so i cannot really run RS485. But for fine grain control i rather want to use the ESS system "semi dumb" anyway in that i can just use it as a great battery management system and fine tune/control the carging/discharging of the battery by MQTT or Modbus/TCP.

I see there is Modbus/TCP but the amount of writeable registers is rather small ... and i cannot see how i can command the multiplus inverters separately to draw or produce a certain amount of power (to both use the batteries efficiently as well as to do phase balancing).

Can someone help me with those ?


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Argofet and MPPT compatibility question

HI guys,

Can someone with expertise with the Argofet help me, I want to add an Argofet to split charge my VRSLA start battery and my LFP house bank. Easy so far. I want to connect an MPPT controller to the input of the FET and utilize the alternator energize circuit to tell the MPPT that there is voltage. The solar controller needs to see voltage at the battery terminals or it wont start charging.

This is what I had in mind, will it work?


The following is from Victron ArgoFet documentation...

Alternator energize input
Some alternators need DC voltage on the B+ output to start charging.
Obviously, DC will be present when the alternator is directly connected to
a battery. Inserting a Diode or FET splitter will however prevent any
return voltage/current from the batteries to the B+, and the alternator will
not start.
The new Argofet isolators have a special current limited energize input
that will power the B+ when the engine run/stop switch is closed.

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Autotransformer output not 120v

Hello. Is my brand new 100a autotransformer defective?! It is putting out 120v and 114v on each leg.

Can I fix this? What do I do?

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MPPT 250 earth fault monitoring

In general I am very happy with your MPPT controllers, but I do have the same problem as the author of "Earth Fault Alarm Monitor in parallel to the MPPT250/100". Since there was no real solution within the answer, I suggest you built a monitoring system into the controller as all the grid inverter manufacturers do for the Australian market.

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Victron Quattro Aux ports not working


I have a 123 Smart BMS connected to the Aux1 and Aux2 ports of my Quattro. I'm using the ESS assistant only to control the Charger. Problem is, even though the BMS is signaling the Quattro to stop charging it simply doesn't stop. It looks as if the Quattro is ignoring the commands on those doors ...

Anyone have a clue why this is happening ? I've contacted several Victron dealers in Portugal but they dont know jack shit about the products they're selling.



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Relays and Battery Data on Venus GX Disappeared

My Venus GX has been installed for 4 months and working perfectly - using both relays to switch generator and a pump. Until today...

First Issue: Now, for no reason, the relay setting has disappeared from the settings menu. And I have no access to see or control the 2 relays. Why would the settings for relays disappear from menu? Normally, even with nothing connected to the relay inputs, they showed up as a menu item.


Second issue: The main screen no longer shows data for battery levels, PV levels, DC current etc (but they do still show up correctly and update correctly in the device list page so it is receiving all battery and MPPT data as per normal). This happened at same moment that relays disappeared.


And Last issue: the VRM Portal is not updating data. The Venus GX is online, and connecting every 30 mins - so I can see it - but the last data is from 5 hours ago (when relays were lost)

So what has happened ? Is it software or hardware of the Venus GX device?

Basically only half of the system is now working and they are not related (ie. relays going missing are not related to the main screen missing the battery voltage)... So it seems like a a software failure?

Using latest firmware on all connected devices. Tried rebooting, unplugging power etc multiple times.

Any advice appreciated

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Ladestrom zu hoch?

Hallo, auf meinem Boot habe ich einen Phoenix-Lader 50 A und ein MultiPlus 12/70/1600 sowie ein MultiControl in Betrieb.Folgende Symptomatik ist aufgetreten: am MultiControll blinkte die Temperaturwarnung wiederholt 1x, 2x und 3x auf. Der Ladevorgang war auf der Stufe Absorption. Nach Erreichen der Float-Stufe schien alles wieder normal. Am Folgetag stellte ich fest, dass die Lader in der Stufe Float über 8 Stunden mit ca 8-12 A geladen haben. Frage: was hat das Blinken der Temperatur-Warnung zu bedeuten (Fehlercode?) und zerstört eine Stromstärke von 8-12A mir nicht die Batterien. die ja bereits voll geladen waren? Ich freue mich auf eure Antworten und Erfahrungen

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LiFePO4 Smart Midpoint Monitoring and Battery Balancer


is there anything to be gained monitoring the mid point voltage, or using a battery balancer, with 2x 12.8v Lithium batteries in series and a ve.bus BMS with Venus?



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