VRM re-register device, do not receive email to confirm new installation

Trying to register device after I reinstalled Cerbo-gx, but do not receive email to confirm new installation. Trying to "forget password" does not solve this problem. Receives email when resetting password, but not to register new device. Uses g-mail and I have checked the spam filter.

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Multiplus 48V 3000VA 35AMP - Multiplus AC IN not charging from generator after thunderstorm

I have a standard Off grid solar configuration been running with it for 4 years now. Since the last thunderstorm, my Multiplus is not charging through AC-IN connected to my Diesel Generator but is charging through the battery input.
While my multimeter read 230 on AC-IN VE-Configure read 0V when the Diesel generator is ON.

How should I proceed to investigate further the root of the problem ?
A friend of mine suggested to it might be the relay is KO but i don't know how to test it and if I can replace it.

Thanks in advance!

mrizak asked

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Haben smartMeter unterschiedliche Reaktionszeiten?

Haben smartMeter unterschiedliche Reaktionszeiten oder ist eine Color Control langsamer als ein Cebro GX?

Mein Onkel speist deutlich mehr ein und zieht sich viel mehr als ich aus dem Netz.

Gruß Felix

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VE.Direct Dongle with BlueSolar MPPT connects but fails at 95%

I have a new bluetooth dongle connected to an existing BlueSolar MPPT MPPT 150/35. It's visible in VictronConnect, and shows the correct solar controller. However, it always fails connecting at 95%. I've reproduced on Android, iOS, and Mac.

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Fine tuning - Grid connected system still importing power from the grid


Hi all

I have 2x MultiPlus-II 48-5000 in parallel.

I have set to my grid feed in to -70w.

My batteries are never below 50% Lithium.

But i keep or should i say, victron keeps sucking from grid about 2KW per day

Has any one else got this problem or more so how to fix this ??

I just dont understand, spent good monies and still sucking from grid especially when i dont need to, it just frustrating

Cheers all

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Ruuvi tag anyone?

Hi all!

Anyone is using the Ruuvi tag (https://ruuvi.com/ruuvitag/) with the Cerbo?

Any experience/hints/recommendations with anything welcome!

Mvader was playing with it early this year but the GIT is now down :(



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Overload issue

I have a 48/10000/140 Quattro when i overload the system it does not come back on. I need to reset it manually.

michael98 asked
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2x Multiplus setup - one per phase


I have a few question about Victron setup. And hopefully someone can help me.

At this moment I have a 3 phase power connection to my house. I don’t use 3 phase equipment.

At phase 1, a Victron multiplus 24/2000/50-30 is connected. This Victron will power some groups to my house. A PV is connected on the AC-OUT. The 1:1 rule is followed.

For management I have a Victron Venus and BMV-702 to control my 2 batt (12v/220AH). The SOC is managed by victron venus and not by the multiplus. as assistent i use the ESS.

Question 1:

Is possible to add a second Victron multiplus on the second phase. So this unit can also power some groups that are connected on phase 2. So this is not a parallel or 3 phase configuration. There will be no equipment behind the victrons that will use both phase.

Is this possible? And if so, is allow to use a different model like multiplus-II for example.

Question 2:

Is possible to connect both Victron at the same battery set. Of course the DC power must be the same.

I wondering about the how the charging will take place, or will the Victron Venus control this process on both victrons.

Question 3:

The last one…but I think already know the answer.

Is there also a 1:1 rule for mppt that is connected on the DC site of the victron multiplus. I read on other post that there is no power limit. (https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/16442/rule-11-pv-power-plant-victron-inverters.html)

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Lithium battery monitor by BMV + GX

I have an off-grid system using Multi and Pylontech batteries and a Color Control GX. It is installed in another building outside the house. The user wants to monitor the SoC of the pylon inside the house. I was thinking about using a BMV but I have some doubts since the real SoC is on the CCGX from the BMS:

  • can I use a shunt for an independent SoC measurement? will this shunt affect in some way the BMS readings?
  • if no, can I connect the BMV to the CCGX and get the SoC data from the BMS and only read it at the BMV?

I have read in the ESS manual that using both SoC measurements can lead to a conflict, but they do not state why. So I am wondering if the conflict remains if I want the 2nd measurement only for display purposes instead of controlling as well.

By the way, there is no internet connection at the site, so monitoring through the VRM portal is not an option.

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Netzgekoppelte Inselanlage ohne einspeisung Gerät?

Hallo zusammen,

bin recht neu in dieser Szene und bin von der Software von Victron ganz angetan.

Ich möchte gerne eine Solaranlage, die direkt den Strom quasi an den Verbrauchern weiter gibt, solang sonne da ist, aber ohne Speicherung, jedoch den fehlenden Strom bei wenig Sonne mit Netzstrom füllt.

Solarstrom 50% Netz 50%
Solarstrom 20% Netz 80%

Gibt es die Möglichkeit dazu, ohne den Strom ins öffentliche Netz einzuspeisen?
Falls ja, könnt ihr mir paar Geräte nennen von Victron.

Vielen Dank

tonydiematrix asked
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Different panels on 150/100 Mppt sets?

Hi fellow solarians,

I've got a Easysolar with built in 150/100 mppt.
The mppt has 3 sets of MC4 connectors.

I had the setup running the last 3 years on 4 LG NEON 320W panels (LG320N1K-V5).
Wired in P/S combo.
Worked excellent. But now i'm rebuilding the house and need more power.

So i'd like to add 8 more panels on the other two available sets and get almost 4 KWH on a great day!

Problem is the LG's are very hard to get in Spain, plus it's an older model and they only sell the 330 or 340 types.

My question is can i put in 8 * 340W panels on the other sets in the same P/S combi setup or do i need panels with the exact same specs as my original 4 LG's?

If other brands and/or other W's are also possible it's a cheaper and better option (I can wire in series and get more V.)

Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.


marcel-solar-spain asked
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SEPLOS 48V 100AH Energy Storage Battery Compatibility?

I saw this video on YouTube. And thought their design not bad and Price acceptable. So I get connected with this supplier located in China. Called SEPLOS. It's a third-party manufacturing brand that not listed on Victron website.

Anyway, They told me that their packs could communicate with the Victron inverter. And they send me this picture of their pack and Victron inverter. Currently, I've got the Victron Quattro 48v 5000VA. And I'd like to have a try with their PUSUNG, which is a 48v 100ah pack.


Did anyone get a battery from this company before? I would like to know your review before formal purchase.

cz0911 asked
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Cerbo GX - broken

Hello I have connected a brand new Cerbo GX to the my battery (lifepo4) 302ah at 62v.

I managed to connect and turn on the cerbo GX 2 or 3 times, no problem.

In one last time that I have to disconnect and connect to the battery, the cerbo made a sound like a internal spark and "died"..

The fuse in the power cable is ok didn't trigger.

Why as this happen? To much power, the volts was in the range for the Cerbo, 8vdc to 70vdc.

Many thanks

ditmarco asked
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ESS with an option to Ignore AC input

Hi All

We have been coming across sites with high grid voltage, where we have some ESS systems installed these sites have PV on the Output side of the inverter. Due to our local requirements for PV inverters the grid voltage is so high that the PV won't ramp up to produce enough to charge the batteries.

We still have some legacy systems that run with the HUB2 v3 Assistant and its great for ignoring the AC input with PV on the output side.

Just checking to see if anyone else is in need/or there is a demand of a Ignore AC input on the ESS assistant when there are AC coupled PV inverters on the output, seen as though HUB2 has been depreceated.

ciaram-granger asked
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MultiPlus Ignore AC settings

I have a MultiPlus C12/1600/70 and 200AH LiFePO4 battery system in a caravan. When not travelling, the caravan lives in a shed so solar panels provide no charge and I leave the MultiPlus running in charger mode. I have some small PV panels on the shed roof but insufficient to keep the battery charge. There are a few DC loads on the battery and nothing on the AC side of the inverter.

With the charger running the battery was sitting at 100% SoC for extended periods and I believe that is not good for lithiums. So I explored Ignore AC function in Virtual Switch and after a bit of fiddling with thresholds the battery now cycles down to about 25% then the charger kicks in and recharges it. Perfect. Exactly how I wanted it to behave - use whatever PV power is available and only use grid power when necessary.

However I realised this configuration works against us when travelling because we DO want the charger to be able to get the battery as full as possible - eg if we stop overnight on a powered site (especially in bad weather and low SoC), we want the charger to fully recharge the battery from the grid, not wait until it drops to 20-30%. In other words when travelling, we need to disable the Virtual Switch configuration (that works so well at home) and have the charger run whenever grid (or generator) power is available.

I know I can (and do) change this in VE Config but I wonder if there's another way without having to fire up my laptop and Mk3? I looked at the options within Virtual Switch but can't see anything that could be triggered manually (eg with a switch). The MultiPlusC has no aux input so that was a dead end. Can anyone suggest a solution I've missed?

Ideally it would be nice to have this available via Victron Connect and VE.Bus dongle - eg the ability top remotely enable/disable a VS configuration. Feature request??

Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated.



dunnp asked
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Findet VRM Portal ID nicht mehr.

Hallo, bekomme Fehler bei der Installation meines Multiplus 2 GX auf VRM Portal. Hat kurzzeitig funktioniert, als ich über einen USB-Switch einen USB Stick eingesteckt habe. Nach dem Wechseln des Sticks ging kein VRM Portal mehr und erkennt auch kein USB Stick mehr. Findet VRM Portal ID nicht mehr. Bitte um Hilfe. Weiterhin Buchse Ve.direct keine Spannung, funktioniert nicht. ich bitte um hilfe.


sirrolf13 asked

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Peak Power Pack and SmartShunt: can I tie all grounds together?

I would like to track the state of charge of my Peak Power Pack, something which is sorely lacking (for the price I kind of expected something like this to be included, actually!). The difficulty is the different current paths, I have the charger connected, the car/solar connector is also connected, and of course the load is connected to the "mover" output. Can I tie all the "minus" connections together (charger, car/solar, load, and possibly even ve.direct ground), connect this to a smartshunt, and then connect the smartshunt to the PPP? In other words: the minus of the charger adapter, the car and the load are connected to the load side of the shunt, and the other side of the shunt is connected to the mover output minus of the PPP.

mwi13 asked
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Connection Venus to Chinese hybrid PV inverter


Have you tried to connect Venus (Raspberry Pie) to Chinese hybrid inverter (known as EA Sun, MPP Solar and many other brands)?
With his WiFi module, inverter should support Modbus TCP, Victron Venus could scan devices for Modbus TCP support – I’m quite wonder is that possible to read some data from that kind of inverter?
Do you have any experience with that?

Maybe any modyfications are prepared for that?

jurekz asked
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Keine Einspeisung in Netz erlaubt.


wie kann ich die Einspeisung verhindern am AC In bei einem MultiPlus2 bei


Da in Deutschland keine Einspeisung auch die 0 Watt Einspeisung ohne Genehmigung

des Netzbetreibers nicht erlaubt ist.

Hub4 funktioniert auch nicht ohne Einspeisung und HUB1 ist wegen der

Spannungssteuerung keine Alternative.

Meine Anlage ist DC verbunden.

- 2 Mppt Laderegler

- 1 MulitPlus-II 48/3000/35-32

- 3 Pylontech US2000

- Venus GX

- ET340

Wozu gibt es im Multiplus bei Grid Code - Settings die Einstellung

-> Use Aux1 as disable FeedIn signal.

Freue mich auf eine Antwort.

knut asked
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MPPT RS 450/100 and Cerbo - no connection? + VRM no refresh


I have some small problem with RS and VRM,

I cannot add MPPT to Cerbo via BT or VE.Can on top of that VRM is completly not refreshing my data.

I think i tried everything, i saw there is more people struggling with this but i didn't find any fix yet.

IS it something from inside of Victron and need to wait for fix or its problem with my system?

magicmike asked

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MultiPlus 12/1600/70 - DIP setting for AGM batteries

I recently changed to AGM battery and accordingly changed the charging programme using the DIP settings on my MultiPlus 12/1600/70 which I operate together with the multi control unit. Following the instructions I used the device only with the inverter on and unplugged from the shore line. I set DS1 off and DS2 on and toggled DS3 one time. According to the manual this should provide an absorption voltage of 14.7V. However, I never can see this voltage on the batteries which are continuously monitored using a voltmeter provided with the solar panel controller. Without sun - thus only the MultiPlus charger - the max voltage is about 14.2V and then the device goes into float (13.8V). The solar controller (with sun) goes up to 14.75V as set.

Is the setting as provided in the manual correct? Is ON where the DIP says ON? Is the DIP changes not been stored with the Control Unit connected? Thus - do I need to unplug the Control Unit before toggling DIP3 to store the setting? Maybe somebody has an advice.

drmberger asked
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Could not get the remote control working with Phoenix Inverter Compact 24/2000


I want to control my Phoenix Inverter Compact 24/2000 from the remote switch.

The DS switches are configured with factory settings:

- DS1 is off

- DS2 is on

which should make operable the "on-off/charger only" switch.

However when I short the the right terminal with the middle terminal in 'remote swicth' connector, the output alternating current is still there.

Did someone face (and solve!) a similar issue ?

thank you!

ericsf asked

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Earthing a Victron 500VA inverter

I have just purchased a Victron 500VA inverter and in the instruction manual, it states that the device must be earthed. Could someone who understands the product explain why please?

My application is as follows:

I have a small (2 m X 2m) wooden walled concrete floor remote building in the U.K. with no a.c. mains power. It houses some equipment related to astronomy -

a telescope mount requiring 18V DC supplied by a switch mode PSU

A camera requiring 12v DC supplied by a switch mode PSU

Some microcontroller related control hardware 5V DC - supplied by a switch mode PSU

a 300W , 240V dehumidifier for sucking the moisture out....

Because there's no a.c. mains, I've set up two 12v lead acid batteries in parallel and I charge these via solar panels and an MPPT controller.

The Victron 500VA inverter will be used to provide mains power from the 12V batteries and the SMPS mentioned above are powered by this.

Thanks very much for an explanation of why the Victron must be earthed.

paulkirk asked
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Victron solar charger stops working

I have seen a similar question posted here, but no response. My smart solar controller stops working (no charge or Bluetooth). A reset using the breaker after the sun goes down works, but it has happened 3 times now.

bpierce815 asked
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Losing Amps??


I have an off grid fixed system with no AC in, connected to 4 battleborne batteries in parallel to a Lynx Power In. Its about 9 feet (2 feet using 2 AWG to Lynx then 7 feet much thicker 4/0 AWG) from the actual batteries to a Multiplus 12/3000/120.

When I look at the display for the inverter inside VictronConnect software app under "current" for the AC OUT it will display around 1amp, but under battery "current" it will say from 5-7amps.

Is this actual loss? And if so is that a normal loss rate?

I have networked my MPPT, shunt, and inverter. And I'm pretty sure all my settings are correct BattleBorne guided me through it.

mikedonner asked
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Victron Connect unable to find my mppt 100/50 solar controller

After a recent app update my MPPT 100/50 cannot be discovered by the Victron Connect app. I have disconnected from the battery and solar panels and re-installed the app on my iPhone 6 to no avail! Any new ideas to help would be great.

peteryt asked
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Quattro does not comply with VDE 0126...

It is obvious that a Quattro does not comply to the VDE 0126. Is there any anti islanding protocol that it complies with? I am trying to install a system in the Greek public grid, but the device will not be accepted anywhere in the country without an anti islanding protocol

Vangelis Beligiannis asked
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multiple cerbo gx to connect 6 mppt 150/35 solar controllers

The project that I am currently working on has 6 mppt 150/35 smart solar controllers. I would like to have them all being monitored using the cerbo gx and Victron Connect. I would like to use VE.Direct to connect all 6 smart solar controllers. Would it be possible to add an additional Cerbo GX on the same network, giving me the additional 3 VE.Direct ports needed to monitor all 6 mppt smart solar controllers.

Chad Petersen asked
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AC coupled 1:1 question


If the AC PV export counter is in such a place, and total AC PV limit set to equal the 1:1 rule would such a setup be in theory possible?

Tom h asked
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