Connecting an older solaredge inverter and then adding future PV


I'm looking to purchase a Multiplus II - GX, 5000, which I would plan to use with 2 banks of 2 Pylontech 3000C batteries.

We have an existing solaredge inverter limited to 3.2kw output, about 5 years old. Do I understand correctly that I can't put this on the backed up AC side?

In relation to the above, does the factor 1 rule include generation on the non-backed up side - I don't think so from reading about it, meaning that I can add up to 5000wp on the backed up side at a later date - again with another SE inverter due to partial PV shading (keeping my existing solaredge inverter on the non-backed up side). Is my understanding correct?

Thanks in advance,


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Multiplus II - GX - pre-purchase questions


I'm looking to purchase a Multiplus II - GX, 5000, which I would plan to use with 2 banks of 2 Pylontech 3000C batteries. I would like to know about the supply RCD:

I see in the installation manual, it says that the MP2-GX should be installed with a 32A RCD. But, my specification for the 5000 is based on the switching capacity, so I can supply up-to 50A downstream during normal operation (when the grid is up). Shouldn't it be installed with a 50A RCD (and the manual just relates to the 3000 version)?

Thanks in advance,


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NEED HELP! Van build electrical system experiencing array of issues

Hey everyone, we built a very nice electrical system for a customers 2021 Ford Transit and it seems to be plagued with some problems. I have racked my brain, double and triple checked everything, and can't come up with any answers. I'll give a breakdown of the system, then the issues they are experiencing:

200ah Battle Born Lithium batteries
Victron Orion Smart 30amp DC-DC charger
Victron SmartSolar 30amp MPPT charger
Victron Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 Inverter/Charger
Victron SBP-100 Smart Battery Protect
Victron BMV-712 battery monitor
2 X 100watt Renogy panels
All wiring is Ancor Marine, fusing is Blue Sea Systems

The biggest loads on their system is their Webasto AT2000 heater, and Dometic CFX-65DZ fridge: around 50watts total


Battery drain - while traveling they will regularly wake up and the batteries be at 70%. The heater may kick on a few times at night, but this seems like excessive battery drain.
Battery low voltage - they are getting low voltage warnings from the BMV-712 as well as their fridge; batteries are at 75% charge, but showing low voltage. This seems odd; our experience is that LiFePO4 batteries can maintain high voltage even when discharged.
Odd charging patterns - the other day they drove for an hour in bright sunlight. They should have easily topped off the batteries from the alternator plus solar charging. BMV-712 showed 62% charge. Then 5 minutes later it updated to 100% charge. Is it possible there is a communication error with the battery monitor?

In general, it doesn't seem like their system is charging as well as it should, and the batteries are draining way too quickly. We are out of ideas, as everything seems to be put together perfectly. Any thoughts? What kind of checks can we do? Could there be a parasitic drain on the system, and if so, how do we find that? Could we have a bad ground somewhere? And lastly, could these batteries be damaged if experiencing low voltage?

Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions.

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Main Switch on Multiplus

Hi there,

I have two simple questions about the main switch on Multiplus 12|3000.

1.) If the switch is "OFF", will any externally connected AC-power go through to AC-out 1?

2.) If the switch is "ON", but on the Digital Control the switch is "OFF", will any externally connected AC-power go through to AC-out 1?

Would be pleased to receive a clarification

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SmartShunt and time remaining for charging


The SmartShunt approximate end time of charging is not displayed during charging. Can this be fixed somehow?

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Venus GX - FzSonick battery disconnecting and reconnecting after FW 2.72

After the firmware upgrade to version 2.72 of the Venues GX it no longer has a stable connection to the RS485-USB serial cable. The Serial cable is connected to the battery and the external smart meter. As a result the ESS stops and starts. No changes have been made to the cable or serial devices. The only change was firmware. If you log into the cat /data/log/dbus-fzsonick-48tl.ttyUSB0/current you can see the unit open the port connect and get data, then disconnect and start the process again.


@40000000610ca1860d8186f4 changes['Text'] = self.GetText()
@40000000610ca1860d9950cc File "/opt/victronenergy/dbus-fzsonick-48tl/ext/velib_python/", line 474, in GetText
@40000000610ca1860da270bc return self._gettextcallback(self.__dbus_object_path__, self._value)
@40000000610ca1860dd730a4 File "/opt/victronenergy/dbus-fzsonick-48tl/", line 169, in <lambda>
@40000000610ca1860df1e0ac gettextcallback=lambda _, v: sig.get_text(v))
@40000000610ca1860e1a8ad4 File "/opt/victronenergy/dbus-fzsonick-48tl/", line 86, in get_text
@40000000610ca1860e1e9dcc return "{0}{1}".format(str(v), unit)
@40000000610ca1860e21e98c UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xb0' in position 0: ordinal not in range(128)
@40000000610ca18c052a6534 INFO:root:watchdog_task: killing main loop because update_task is no longer alive
@40000000610ca18c05460f3c INFO:root:gobject.MainLoop was shut down

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Venus OS - FzSonick battery RS485-USB not working with FW 2.73


Since the new update, the victron rs485/usb cable between BMS and cerbo gx doesn’t work anymore. In FW2.65 there is no problem, downgrading the Fw from 2,72 on a new device to 2.65 is possible, however then vrm portal id goes blank and the WiFi doesn’t work anymore.

Ethernet connection works,

connection to vrm not,

(new eeprom reading in 2.65 not possible?) the bms has a driver within the OS and works stable on all cerbo gx’s until now.

Updating to 2.73 resolved WiFi, vrm id
Usb/rs485 - BMS doesn’t work

Any solution?

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Multi / Multiplus 12 500 20 inverter/chagers

What are the differences between a Multi 12 500 20 and a Multiplus 12 500 20? Thank you

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Phoenix 24/5000 inverter parallel installation question

Hi folks,

I want to install two phoenix 24/5000 inverter in parallel operation. I consulted the manual, but there is no information in the manual how to configure it. It is only possible with the software ?

Thanks for advice

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Propose suggestion for ESS "Auto Recharge" settings

I understand there are charging schedules, but I dont see anything that would automatically prevent an auto recharge. Such as "SoC has been below SoC limit for more than 24 hours" or "Recharge, SOC dropped 5% or more below MinSOC". For instance, If its two hours before typical peak sunlight time. I dont want an auto recharge right before max PV input. Give the panels a chance to charge the batteries. If this fails then recharge at some off peak hours (night?). This would seem to maximize efficiency.

Suggestions or comments?

Similar to this previous feature request

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I keep blowing 400 amp t-fuses when charging at 240 amps

Hello everyone,


10 KW onan generator

cerbo gx set to accept 50 amps

800 amps renogy batteries

2 multiplus 3000 wires in split phase.

400 amp t fuse

I set both inverters to charge at 120 amps the 400 amp t-fuse blows. If I set them both to 100 amps charging it seems ok. Why is this happening?

I thought it was because my solar charger was on at the same time when the first fuse blew, but it is still happening. I was bringing the power up from 62% charge and it got as far as 71% before the last fuse blew. This time it even melted the fuse holder.

Can I not use the full 240 amps charging? It seems I could do this before but can not do it recently without the fuse blowing.

Why is 200 amps charging blowing a 400 amp fuse?


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Quattro lowering AC voltage?

I've noticed that my quattro lowers voltage of the system, without apparent reason.

Case - Grid with 5kw connected to AC IN 1. Fronius + house loads connected on AC OUT 1 (ESS config). For some reason, i can't get the batteries to charge with excess, as they should, so I manually switch "keep batteries charged" in the evening. Even if I have 1kwh charge on the batteries, the grid voltage drops to ~180-185v and during evening my fronius disconnects.

If I add 2-3 kwh loads, but not trough the quattro, the voltage only drops to 195v (from 205-210v).

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Propane generator recommendations

Hello Victron Community,

I am looking for permanent install, propane generator recommendations. I have two Victron Multiplus invertors running in parallel operation at my house. And I want to supplement the solar power with a generator.

I would like the ability to manually initiate the generator, via blue tooth or wireless. I would also like the ability for the Multiplus to automatically turn on the generator.

Do you have any recommendations for a high quality unit?

Thank you!


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overcurrent protection between PV and MPPT

After spending hours going through the forum, I still have my question. For an installation on a sailboat with a fiberglass hull, why is a double pole circuit breaker required in the PV+ and PV- wires between the panel and the MPPT? The DC distribution system is grounded with the battery negative to the main grounding plate in the hull.

Not only that, but why is overcurrent protection needed at all? The panel fault current is much lower than the MPPT allowable input current, and the wires are oversized even for the MPPT input current rating.

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VE Configure 3 grid code selection password

I was able to setup grid code standard to Europe without password with VE Configure 3 on a "remote" file, but now if i want to disable it and set it to "none" it always ask me for a password, that is a bug right?

how to disable it again without the password? i cannot allow feedin, but i was playing first with ess and there was a must to have gride code specified...

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Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 overload on 800 watts

We have a Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80; the Multi Control GX unit is lighting up an overload fault when trying to run a 800 watt percolator. The unit is supposed to be able to output a continuous 2000watts. Even if the percolator is using much more than it's spec'd 800watts, I can't understand why this would overload the inverter.

Is it possible there is a setup issue with the Multiplus?


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Error Message: 'No VE.Bus product was found' Error: mk2vsc-33 and then Error: 1391

having major issues trying to update my multiplus 122/3000/120.

im getting an error No VE.Bus product was found' Error: mk2vsc-33 and then i get error 1391.

I have a

Product Cerbo GX

Firmware version v2.73

and ALSO

MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16

Firmware version 430

Last connection 2022-01-22 20:41:52

Product id 2609

VE.Bus connection VE.Bus

Hardware configuration Single unit

VRM instance 276


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My Lynx distributor has no led lights yet everything is activated??

My Lynx distributor has no led lights yet everything is activated. Using Victron Smart Shunt .This is a simple setup with just a V 3000-12v inverter hooked up to the distributor. Using Cerbo GX and Touch Display thay work fine??

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Can Phoenix VE.Direct work without batteries ?

I have a micro hydroturbine which gives a variable cc voltage between 40 and 70v and up to 1kw of power. I wonder if I can connect the Phonenix Inverter VE.Direct 48v 1200VA directly to the hydro turbine for producing 230v AC to act as an electrical generator for my off-grid solar inverter which is connected to my batteries and the house.

During the winter, there are days where the solar panels don't produce enough energy and a I have plenty of water running through the creek.

In short my question would be: could the hydro turbine be a battery in disguise for the Victron inverter and produce AC as an electrical generator would do?

Thanks in advance.

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Multiplus 3000VA: Problem MK3 USB and VE.Bus Smart Dongle connected at same time?

When I have connected my Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 via RJ45 cable to an MK3 USB to my Notebook and also have connected the Multi via VE.Bus Smart Bluetooth Dongle, then the Multi is not working at all. Even the hardware switches on the Multiplus are ignored. The Multi and all devices have the latest Firmware via Victron Connect. Is this a known problem and is there a solution for that?

My final intention is to get the Multiplus data to my Raspi4 running Victron OS to have the Multi considered in the Remote Console (MK3 to the Raspi USB) and also being able to switch it On/Off via bluetooth on my smartphone running Victron Connect.

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VRM Instance Number Changed


Amongst a couple of firmware upgrades and factory resets to my Cerbo GX, two devices have changed VRM instance. E.g. Smart Solar MPPT changed from 278 to 279. This also affected a GX Tank 140 input.

Is there an explanation for this, and is there a way to move VRM history from 278 to 279? I do not want to lose the history for the original VRM instance device.



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Gibt es eine Änderungsübersicht zu den Firmwareversionen?

Hallo zusammen,

gibt es bei Victron zu den einzelnen Geräten eine Änderungsübersicht in welcher die Inhalte der neuen Firmwareversionen beschrieben sind?

Sehe gerade, dass es für meinen Multiplus II eine neue FW (V492) gibt und ich möchte zuvor gerne wissen, was bzw. welche Änderungen in dieser beinhaltet sind, bevor ich diese möglicherweise aktualisiere.

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micro-inverter and Vcitron

Hi there,

I plan to build a Victron system with Pylontech storage. I also have another 8 solar panels that are connected via micro-inverters. For example the Hoymiles. Is it possible to connect the PV with the microinverter to the Victron so that the electricity from this is also stored in the pylontechs?

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Does Victron support API or FTP services.

I want to use a third part monitoring platform to monitor Victron inverters.The platform requires use of API or FTP for remote connectivity.

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SmartSolar 75/15 not showing in app after firmware update

Hi everyone,

I opened the app today to check the solar and it asked me to perform a firmware update, which I did. All seemed ok, now when I try and access it, it doesn't show up, and the blue blinking light has gone.

Anyone got any ideas what's happened.

Thanks, Jamie

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Phoenix inverter 24 500 issue with dimmer lights

Phoenix inverter 24 / 500 is giving me problems with the dimmer lights

The lights flickers when on inverter mode if I dimm them a bit but if I leave them on max output they work fine, if I move the lights to the grid they work perfectly either dimmed or at max output.

Any help on this?

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Error Loading file: #9 - trying to reload multiplus settings file

I just saved my multiplus settings file. Then immediately tried to reload it, but get this error message. Any work arounds or solutions? Hey Victron, its useless to save a setting file if I cannot reload it.

Multiplus 12/3000/120 , firmware 490.


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AC coupled Quattro + Fronius (microgrid) + Huawei inverter

Hi folks,

I have a quattro + fronius microgrid that's not working very well (tried on output of quattro, tried on input... it's limiting the hell out of fronius output), so i'm currently using the fronius smart meter to limit injection to grid (undesirable as I pay for export).

But next week, I will install another 3Kw system with Huawei inverter (this will also be grid-tied and approved by the power co. for export).

Below is the diagram that I though on using. Basically just inserting the 3Kw Huawei inverter between the grid and the smart meter.

After this new installation, I can inject a bit more to grid from the fronius, or victron, as long as anti-islanding is obtained.

PS - my victron is acting up under heavy loads ( i need to warranty is someday...) from battery, so I am forced to user the EV charger directly form Grid or whenever I do have solar enough to discharge from battery less than 2-3kwh, hence the location.


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Gx doesn't discharge battery at night


I'm new here, thank you for having me.
We are running a victron setup for a few weeks now. So not very experienced yet.
The setup we are using is 3 multiplus units (48/5000) for a 3 phase network (+ carlo gavazzi energy meter) and a mppt 450/100 unit as PV charger.

The problem is that the battery only discharges when the solar panels are charging the batteries.
When the battery has 74% at night, it will still have 74% the next morning.

Why doesn't it discharge in stead of using the grid?
Maybe a small setting but can't find it at the moment.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards

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I need a schematic for a 3 pole switch with a Cyrix-ct 120A and 2 batteries powered from an outboard


The image above is how Blue Sea would have the connections Without the Cyrix-ct connected.

Here is a 4 pole setup, but I need a schema for a 3 pole where the #2 Pole originally had the output to the fuse box and busbar. There is a Pole #1 and a middle pole of {#1 & #2}combined. I have the Cyrix connected between the positive terminals of the starter and house batteries. Thanks all.


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