Centaur temperature sensor

Hi to all from a newbie on the community board.

I wonder if anyone has any knowledge regarding the temperature sensor on a Centaur 12/40 charger which is fitted to a Dutch barge I have purchased? As soon as I connect 230V to the charger the fans (both) start to run and then run continuously. The charger is connected to 2 battery banks both 12v (one battery @230Ah and a bank of 3 @230Ah total 960Ah). I appreciate that the charger is well below that recommended for a bank of this size but budgetary constraints mean that, for the moment at least, I have what I have.

I assume that the problem is with the temperature sensor, but this is just an assumption. Trawling the internet has offered no solution so far.

I have checked throughout the charger for hotspots but none are apparent with the largest temperature differential being about 2C above ambient level. The batteries all appear to be charging fine and are all less than 10 months olds.

I have tried emailing Victron directly but have received no response.

Any thoughts on how to proceed would be gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance.

Chas Roberts

MV Liza

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High DC Ripple, Quattro 48/5000/70 and BYD Battery box 13.8

Actualmente tenemos una instalación con 4 inversores Victron Quattro 48/5000/70 y dos BYD Battery box 13.8, el sistema esta configurado como back up.

La residencia mantiene fluctuaciones de voltaje durante el día, y en algunos casos, las mismas dan problemas de High DC Ripple.

El sistema esta conectado de forma correcta con su cableado y torque correcto.


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VE.Smart Orion-Tr Smart networking

Any update on VE.Smart networking for the Orion Smart Tr DC to DC chargers? I'll have an MPPT and two 30A DC to DC chargers and it would be excellent if they all knew each other on the same battery bank.

[moderator's note: edited to show "VE.Smart Networking" rather than "VE.Bus Networking"]

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Mini BMS Not Charging

Hi - I have a question on Mini BMS installed in my camper van.

I have a 25W heater on my LiFePO4 battery to keep it warm for winter operations, and it's reading 10 degC and 13V via bluetooth. No errors or warnings shown. The 10degC is backed up by my battery heater thermostat controller / thermistor.

The battery is connected to a Mini BMS via the circular connectors, +12V, GND. The load and charge control leads are connected to the remote inputs on two separate Battery Protect devices (one for charge, and one for discharge). The system works fine (charges and discharges) during normal temperatures.

The battery temperature and voltage seem fine, yet the Mini BMS "Temp or OVP" light is illuminated and the charge output to the Battery Protect is off. The ambient air is cold (~0 degC) right now. Does the Mini BMS also sense ambient and shut down charge on cold ambient???

I am stumped at the moment.



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Orion Tr isolated charger- remote cable function

I'm trying to understand On/Off options for the charger before purchasing. I couldn't find much information about the choices that you have on the victron app. However, I do understand there is a choice between "converter" and "charger" mode.

*I will be using it on my boat between the house bank(charged by alternator and an AC/DC charger) and a seperate Bow-thruster bank.

Question 1: are "converter" and "charger" the only options for triggering on the unit?

Question 2: does this choice effect anything else besides the activation and deactivation of the unit? For example, I would like to choose the "converter" option and leave the remote terminals permanently bridged. This way the unit will only kick in while the alternator is working. However, I will be using the unit to charge a battery bank. Is the "converter" option ideal for accurately charging batteries?

Thanks to all in advance!

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How Can I connect a VE.Bus smart dongle to a Phoenix multiplus 3000VA

Searched around and cannot find the simple answer. Is it possible and how

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Batteries sat unused for years, having issues.

Hi everyone!

For a multitude of reasons, I have a couple of Victron LiFEPO4 12.8v 90Ah batteries that sat completely unused for a few years. Since the day I received them they were never connected to anything. No load or charge.

A few days ago I threw them into my system, one at a time, to charge and try to revive them. I've got a MultiPlus, CCGX, BMV-702 and VE.Bus BMS.

I noticed that my BMV-702 and CCGX's voltage fluctuates between 6V and 10.3V and different states of charge that slowly drops when it switches voltage. At no point do they read a higher voltage. My BMV-702 is set to 90Ah and 13.2V.

I charged both batteries overnight and they seem to be holding a charge. After 24 hours with no load they hover around 13.4V on the meter.

What's the deal with the CCGX and BMV-702 displaying incorrect voltage? Are the batteries shot despite what my meter's telling me?



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Mijn inverter blijft ingeschakeld ookal staat het knopje van de Digital Multi Control op charger only.

Mijn inverter blijft ingeschakeld ookal staat het knopje van de Digital Multi Control op charger only. Dit doet ie sinds kort, waar ligt dit aan? Kan het komen door de kou, want als de verwarming een tijd heeft aangestaan, gaat ie uit. Tot voor kort deed ie precies wat ie moest doen, ik heb niks gewijzigd. Wie weet raad?

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Cyrix-ct VSR- over current protection?

I read that this product has over current protection

Does this mean it will disconnect the battery banks when it senses more then 120 amps? Or 180 amps? Or will it just limit the current that flows through?



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Earthing and Solid Red Alarm EasySolar 12/1600 MPPT 100 / 50

Hi All,

We purchased an Easy Solar

12/1600 MPPT 100 / 50

We installed it in a caravan with two 230amp Victron super cycle AGM batteries.

We are having issues getting the system to operate. The red alarm is staying on all the time. We commissioned it using the dip switches as per the manual. Will it only function if we commission it with the MK3 tool ?

I am getting conflicting information on what it could be.

AC input voltage is correct. We have no AC voltage on the output side ( inverter charger )

Battery Voltage is low 11.9v but the MPPT solar charger is not functioning. The light is staying on bulk but we have over 28v charge from the solar.

We have been trouble shooting the installation by removing the AC input, making sure the Victron is the MEN ( should the Victron be earthed to the van ? )

We also removed the DC solar / MC4s from the MPPT.

The van was originally wired up with 12v circuits to the batteries, these have just been re connected.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, the dealer we purchased it through don’t have any technical knowledge when it comes to electrical.



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Victron Multiplus 12/1200 does not charge

Dear Community,

i have a fairly new Victron multi 12/1200 (charged 3 times with it already) and I run a LiFePo4 200 Ah with BMS in my camper. Now all of a sudden, the charger Relais clicks when I plug external power in, but the Relais flips back out and does not charge the battery. Temperature is above 7degree and the votronic booster charges fine, so the battery is not the issue. I did not change the settings either after it initially worked nor did I fuck up the wiring... also, the settings fit the German power grid and leave enough room for

can anybody please tell me your thoughts on my issue? What could be the reason for that and how donI fix it?

thank you so much in advance. Btw - this is my first post in any forum ever so please do make this a wonderful adventure ;-)

best regards,


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Victron Battery Balancer for 24V battery system
In the boat I have 4 x 180Ah batteries that are connected in series 2 x 2 to 24 volts. Has mounted Victron Smartshunt on the battery bank so I can follow the charging status. There are indications that one, some or all of the batteries are defective. Have not disconnected yet and measured one and one battery yet. The batteries are not more than 3 years old.  

After searching online, I have come across several discussions about damage that can occur to batteries that are connected in series, including different charging and difference in voltage between the batteries.  

The following happens when shore power is disconnected and battery charging is terminated:  
18:00 Charging ends, battery voltage before charging is stopped is 26.94V and 100% charged 
19:00 Battery voltage 23.7V and 99% charged 
20:00 Battery voltage 22.96V and 98% charged 
21:00 Battery voltage 22.85V and 96% charged 
22:00 Battery voltage 21.23V and 95% charged 
23:00 Battery voltage 20.68V and 94% charged 
06:00 (After 12 hours) Battery voltage 16.67V and 82% charged  

It's something I can not live with, it does not take long before equipment turns off. Based on this data, what is the most likely thing that has happened to my batteries?  

When I need to replace the batteries, I need a 24 volt solution. Victron has a product called "Battery Balancer for 24V battery system". Could this be the salvation for a configuration with 2 x 2 12 volt batteries for a 24 volt solution?

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Quatto indicator low battery

Hello I need help not the manuals! I'm desperate! It turns out that this morning we miscalculated and we have used up all the batteries. We have run out of energy. We are off the grid. We have no alternative to energy.

The batteries began to charge but the electricity did not return home. I have been touching in the app where the programming is and I think that the error code is not eliminated in the Quatro device and the indicator of low batteries continues flashing but there is 64% of the charge but The electricity is not coming home and I am on the verge of an attack. The food is going soon to the trash and we don't have water either because it goes through the electric pump.

Does anyone know what I can I do in the programming so the quatro returns to its programming and does not continue giving low battery error?

Has anyone had this problem?

Thank you



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VRM shows double the grid power after ET340 installation


Hi Yesterday I've managed to replace my main electrical panel of the house. I have a 3 phase grid, but I'm powering the house with only one phase (in the new panel, I have installed also a phase selector). Still, ET340 is installed to measure all 3 phases between the grid and the phase selector. The connection to Color GX was done via Victron RS485 interface. The ET340 is visible on ColorGX, is showing all the phases connected (yes, the L2 is done since long time), counting the power (the left led is turning green/red) The only question I have: is it normal that on VRM portal the consumption to be shown as: 2 times the grid + pv inverter? See some pictures below







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Which of the RJ12 wires supply power to the BMV 702?

My BMV 702 has stopped working (blank screen). I have confirmed there is power at the shunt and now want to check if there is power at the monitor end of the RJ12 cable. Can anyone tell me which of the wires/pins in the RJ12 cable supply the power?

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MPPT SmartSolar Disconnects via Relay

I’m using thee Victron SmartSolar MPPT charge controllers to charge my DIY LiFePO4 battery bank. I’d like to have my non-Victron BMS turn off the charge bus via a relay with contactor switch when it detects a high voltage limit with any of the cells. Can the SmartSolar charge controllers handle having the charge bus disconnected if it is in Float charge mode? If not, how can I automatically shut down the SmartSolar charge controllers when a high voltage limit is reached? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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Alternator Visual Input GX device. DVCC compensation for alternator charge.

Hi, I am looking for a very visual input for the alternator power source,

I am considering buying an Orion smart charger for the alternator, to have everything compensated and properly measured, but to my surprise DVCC can't include the alternator charge, neither with the "smart" charger that I thought was meant for this use.

Also, In my case, I share the boat with my father (67 y/o) and my brother, and they don't have that big technical knowledge, would be great to be able to see the alternator charge as another "device" in the bubbles graphs, to be easier to see at a glance the alternator charge.

Same applies for VRM Portal.

Victorn has gone very far to make this great products that we love, and can't leave it there, It's just a very little step in the natural direction to integrate this and make the perfect combo.





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Kurzschlußstrom MultiPlus-II zu gering

Wir haben einen MULTIPLUS-II 48/5000 montiert, der durch von einer PV-Anlage gespeisten Batterie versorgt wird.

Der MultiPlus-II arbeitet in dieser Inselanlage (kein Netzanschluss eines Energieversorgers) eigentlich einwandfrei.

Allerdings regelt sich die Ausgangsleistung nach dem Verbrauch der Anlage, was zur Folge hat, daß der für eine sichere Abschaltung einer 10A Sicherung nicht genügend Kurzschlußstrom vorhanden ist.

Wir haben dies getestet und einen Kurzschluss an einer Steckdose erstellt.

Sicherung löste nicht aus.

Zwar geht der Wechselrichter auf Störung was ja immerhin etwas ist, aber eigentlich sollte die Sicherung innerhalb der vorgeschriebenen 0,4 Sekunden auslösen.

Wie kann man den MultiPlus-II einstellen, das dieser immer so viel Leistung erbringt, daß der benötigte Kurzschlußstrom zum fließen kommt um einen sicheren Betrieb der elektrischen Anlage zu gewährleisten?

Vielen Dank im voraus für eure Antworten.

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CCGX to MPPT connection over 40 ft

Hello, I have the CCGX and the BMV 712 installed in the front of a Class A, and the Victron MPPT 100/30 and Multiplus 3000 installed in the rear next to the batteries. The cable run between the two locations is about 40 FT. Everything is connected and working, but I don't know of a way to connect the MPPT to the CCGX. I believe the longest VE.Direct cable is 30 FT. Is there another way for me to get the MPPT connected to the CCGX?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Victron Phoenix Charger 24v /16amp and 12v Battery Bank

Hello, I own a Victron Phoenix 24v /16amp battery charger that I use to charge my 24v battery bank.

I want to use the 24v charger to charge my new 12v battery bank. Is there a Victron product that will help me do this?

Would a Victron ORI241225020 Orion 24/12-25A DC-DC converter IP20 Non isolated, work?

Or is there another product I can purchase without having to buy a separate battery charger for my 12v system

Thank you for your help

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Keeping the battery parameters in normal operation

Hello, how does the MultiPlus switch off in normal operation without emergency (intervention by BMS) when the battery is empty?

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Cerbo GX interfacing to Bellmarine motor controller via NMEA2000

I'm doing some future planning for a possible electric/serial hybrid narrowboat, plan is to use a Quattro 48/10000 with Cerbo GX/Touch50 to connect/control a 10kVa 230Vac generator, 2 BYD LVL 15.4 LiFePO4 batteries (30kWh), 2kW solar/MPPT, and drive a 20kW Bellmarine Drivemaster controller/PMAC motor.

It seems that the BYD batteries are no problem but the motor is, the controller uses NMEA2000 not VEbus or CANbus. The Cerbo can act as an NMEA2000 gateway (slave) to relay data from the VEbus equipment onto the NMEA2000 bus, but it doesn't seem that it can act as an NMEA2000 master to control and monitor the motor and controller -- is this correct?

If so I'll have to fit another (very expensive!) NMEA2000 controller/display (e.g. Garmin or Raymarine? or the dedicated Bellmarine display for motor only) to do just for the motor pretty much what the Cerbo does for everything else -- which seems crazy since the Cerbo obviously has the hardware to do this.

Is this correct -- the Cerbo can't control/monitor NMEA2000 hardware? If so it seems like a huge oversight, especially for a product which says:

“The new NMEA 2000-out support has the GX easily integrated into any boats network.”

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Victron Multiplus 12/2000 in RV requires a surge protector?

I'm looking at the specs on the Multiplus 12/2000 and am unclear as to whether it has internal protection for both voltage surges and wrong voltage input (too low/high). Can anyone point me to an answer here? I don't want to spend the money on a stand alone protector unless I have to.

Thanks in advance

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Does VE-BUS BMS protect against LOW temperature situations

Hi all,

After a definitive answer on the above please, we have 4 older (non Bluetooth) Victron LifePo4 batteries daisy chained to the BMS and I know that it will stop charge and draw on a high temperature event, but what about cold temperatures??

Can anyone let me know please?

Many thanks in advance!

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Quattro Three Phase - UPS Mode not working


i have a setup with 3 quattro 48 10k connected in a three phase mode with PV connected on AC OUT. All seems ok except for UPS function which does not seem to work when switching on and off from grid; basically all load gets disconnected for less than a second. Load on the quattro's is less than 50%.

If i switch to single Quattro and monophasic, UPS function works ok.

any suggestion's?

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CCGX restarts when contactor to charger switches

Update 30 Nov - So, having had apparently fine operation since installing the SSR. The ccgx suddenlty started frequently and apparently randomly restarting, then just wouldn't come on at all. Turns out the fuse holder on the + supply was cracking and the connection was bad... Hence I'm accepting JohnC's answer. My guess is something about when the contactor switched was exacerbating issue.


Update 19 June - I ended up installing a Fotek SSR-40 type solid state relay in place of the contactor, driven by the battery bank. So far so good! Unfortunately it means I'm not able to confirm any of the answers given below, though I'm sure they're right!


Please see image below for overview of the system.

The CCGX relay output is used with generator control to switch a charger based on SoC. Mains supply voltage is unreliable/variable, hence this configuration.

I've noticed often (but not always) the CCGX will restart itself when the contactor is switched off. This has been the case for perhaps 2 years now (I keep "meaning" to do something about it!).

Today, there was an apparent further progression of this problem, which I have not seen before. The system became stuck in a loop: contactor switches on -> small delay before xantrex starts charging -> ccgx trips/restarts -> contactor switches off due to ccgx turning off -> repeat.
I was able to break the loop by turning off the mains briefly until the ccgx had restarted and settled, then turing mains back on.
In this case the loads on the Multiplus where quite high 3.5kVA at the time.

Inverter/battery cables are undersized - 35sqmm (Again, something I've been meaning to rectify!).

I realise I should probably sort this out first, but I wondered if anyone might have any further ideas?

Many thanks


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Efficiency between Multiplus and Fronius doing DC -> AC ?

I did see some of the videoes where you go trough Fronius and Victron where you discuss AC and DC coupled systems. In the video you say the Fronius is very efficient at doing PV DC to AC whereas Multi is not or that's how i understand it, why is that ?


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L3 overload with practically no load.


I have 3-phase system build on EasySolar-II GX (phase L1), 2x Multiplus-II (phase L2 and L3)

There is no ESS assistant loaded only Two-signai BMS.

First time this system reported overload on phase L3 twice.

It happened when there was grid loss for less than a minute.

System is under development and there is practically no load (50-60W)

Why this overload happen?



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Orion-Tr with "Battery Boost" switch

Hi, My motorhome has this battery boost switch which closes a solenoid between the house and chassis battery to assist in starting the coach if the chassis battery is low. I am installing a Orion-Tr which basically goes in parallel with this boost solenoid. My question is: will the use of this boost solenoid damage the Orion-Tr? It will basically short the output to the input.

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GX Compatibility with Murata Fortelion


We plan to build an ESS system comprised of a Multi II GX and a couple of IJ1001M Fortelion Murata batteries. These batteries are relatively unknown and we do have first hand experience with them, so we'd have two questions please to Victron tech teams :


- Can you confirm the good functionning of the Murata system with latest Venus OS ?

- Which specific CAN BMS cable should we use ? Type A or B?

We heard that some improvements regarding communication with Murata were made with Venus OS 2.53v. We have been told however that one user experienced communication issues with the GX, we just need to double check before we move forward with that project...

Thanks in advance for the insights !

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