Why do Blue Smart IP22 chargers have no support for VE.Smart?

I have seen others have asked this question for a long time!

What is happening Victron designers? This appears to be a very big omission from your system thinking!!!

All the other components in my system can talk to each other with VE.smart but not the mains charger. :(

Can you please provide an update.

Thank you.

humax asked

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Synchronized charging


My question is if there are known problems with synchronized charging between Bluesolar and Smart Solar devices (in my case both mppt100/50)?

I expanded my system with additional panels and a new smart solar mppt 100/50 charger. I already had a Bluesolar charger, also an mppt100/50 with a BT dongle. They are connected together over the VE Smart networking (Bluetooth) for the purpose of synchronized charging. There is also a Smart Voltage/Temperature sensor attached.

As far as I can see the synchronized charging does not work at all. The switch together into absorption mode, but apart from that they behave totally different. Despite having the same settings, the absorption/float times differ sometimes quite drastically.

I have compiled a very detailed description of the setup and the problem. It can be viewed here under this link.

danmannale asked
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Quattro Inverter short circuit current

Hi, All

Our client wants to know the short circuit current delivered by victron quattro 10 kVa inverter. This is for circuit breaker selection. For example, if victron inverter can deliver 160 A short circuit current, will cause 10A, 16A sub circuit breaker trip within 400ms, a 32A circuit breaker will not trip. Does anyone know this value and or from some publish document.


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ANL fuse prices / quality

Is there a difference in quality between various makers of ANL fuses? I see single 150A fuse prices ranging from $5 to $25. Does brand matter or are they all the same? (Other than some being ignition protected, some not.)

Also, the Multiplus manual recommends 2x pos and neg cable connection. Should each positive cable be fused for 50% of total current expected?

TexasCharlie asked
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No data from pylontech battery but connection is made?

Hello all,

I have a Quattro 24/5k/120 x (2), and Cerbo GX, and (3) Pylontech compatible batteries with 400Ah for about 1200AH total. I connected per Victron's Pylontech documentation and see that the Pylontech registers as a present. I'm just not seeing any voltage, current, temps, etc...

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas where to start looking?

I've confirmed the cable pinout on CAT6 + shielding (run-length about 10'), dip switches on Pylontech batteries, CAN termination, etc...

Quattro firmware is 276 and Cerbo firmware is v.2.60

Pylontech battery reads 0s


Plytontech batteries are connected and talking - not sure if talking properly


Quattro is registering DC voltage from batteries:


High-level system schematic:


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Temperature Alarm in 15kVA Quattros going off with 10 kW load

HI I have 3 x 48/15000 Quattro units 3 Phase connected wit Solar MD lithium Batteries 50Kwh capacity. Busy testing the system .

The Temperature Alarm keeps on coming up when we pull loads of at least 10Kw per phase . The temp coming out of the units does not feel excessive as well we have a Air-conditioning system in the room . I try to establish at which temperature the Quattro triggers as this is of major concern now , and I do not have any of these issues on other units running definitely at higher temperatures.

Will appreciate assistance in this regard


Johannes Cronje asked
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ESS with Solar grid inverter on input to Multiplus

Are there and Assistants where one can improve self consumption with a Multiplus where the Solar Grid inverter is on the input to the Multiplus and where there is no requirement to limit grid feed in power. Obviously an Energy meter and a Venus device is required. Seems to restrictive that it appears that this is not possible presently

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Where do i find the best deal on Multiplus II, SmartSolar and GX devices in europe ?


I am looking to buy

  • 1 x Multiplus II 3000 48V,
  • 1 x Cerbo GX,
  • 1 x SmartSolar 150/60 Screw Terminals
  • SmartSolar 150/45 also with screw terminals.

Who was the best deal on these devices in Europe and can ship to Denmark ?


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Manually Rebooting Venus GX Controller

How do I manually reboot my Venus GX Controller. It has been offline for the past 18 hours so I am unable to see the current battery and solar status. I cannot find a restart button on the device.

AndrewLindstrom asked
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Grid-Tie Options for Quattro 48/15000/200-2x100 in SA

<span style="font-size: 14px;">I have a Quattro 48/15000/200-2x100 with 32 panels with the opportunity to Grid-Tie through a smart meter to the Local Grid. How do I add my Solar System to the Grid and limit the amount of energy passed back to the grid. We have a maximum allowable limit of 5kWh we can push into the local grid. My system generates over 10kWh.</span>

AndrewLindstrom asked

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Fronius zero feed-in with DC Coupled solar


I would like to limit my Fronius Galvo export to zero , but have "Feed-in excess solar charger power" turned on as to only use the DC coupled solar for export, not the AC coupled.

Would this work?


Isaac Shannos asked
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Installing a Smart BatteryProtect SBP-220 within a Multiplus 3000/24/120/70 system?

I am considering installing a Smart BatteryProtect SBP-220 in my Multiplus 3000/24/120/70 system to protect my 24V/250AH battery bank. The SBP-220 installation manual has an illustration of a typical install between an inverter and the battery. My question is, how is the SBP-220 installed between a multiplus and the battery bank given that the SBP220 does not accept charge current?

Glenn Matthiesen asked
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Quatro 24/5000 with smaller than recomended 200 AH Battery Bank

I am considering a Quatro 24/5000 and have a 200 AH battle born battery bank. In the manual it says 400AH is the minimum. Would I need a soft start for this and are there any other problems that could occur from using a smaller battery bank?

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Updating firmware MPPT 150/100 VE.Can using VE.Direct + PC software


MPPT 150/100-Tr VE.Can connected to PC using VE.Direct port & Victron serial adapter cable.


When connecting to Equipment via the VE.Direct port with Victron serial cable + PC with VictronConnect software, we are prompted to update the firmware on the device, which then fails (see attached error message: "Update failed! Result: X88 - Communication Error. Vreg Ack timeout. Please check the connection and try again". See photo for error screen.



Any idea how to fix this so we can update firmware via PC and configure settings?


  • We are able to connect with the Android App and perform the update via Bluetooth. Subsequently the connection using the VE.Direct port + PC works fine.
  • We're using the latest version of both the PC VictronConnect software as well as the Android app

If you have any ideas on how to fix this it would be appreciated, as we're expecting to be programming many of these devices and doing so via bluetooth is very time consuming.

Thanks kindly,


Allen Upward asked
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Multiplus continuous power limits with non linear loads

I am designing a solar system to charge electric lawn equipment with a Multiplus 24V 3000w. When all 3 lithium battery chargers are on they will pull 2700 Watts which is over the continuous rating. It is to my understanding that these lithium tool chargers are non linear loads. Under the specifications 3000 watts is the continuous rating for non linear loads. Am I correct in thinking that as long as the temperature is kept in check the system wont overload?

mrcc11 asked

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Disabled when VE.Bus BMS is connected

I get the VictronConnect Screen below when i go to Settings fo Multiplus 12|2000|80-50 connected with VE.Bus Smart Dongle. I have not gone to VE Configures to setup as I was hoping to not need to purchase a MK3 and simply use my iPhone as i am doing for everything else. All devices have the latest firmware according to VE Connect.

I am guessing there is a setting I must set to enable mobile to make settings? Or, what am I missing?



VanMan asked
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short on MPPT 75/10 pv input?

i have a MPPT 75/10.

it has a short across the terminals pv inpts.

is this a sign of over voltage?

the max voltage i have exposed it to is 30 v as far as i know.

saxfin asked
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Minimum Amps value to trigger the Phoenix VE.Direct inverter


I have a very simple question : I have a battery to be connected to the Phoenix VE.Direct Inverter. What is the minimum value of Amps that shall be delivered by the battery to trigger the inverter ?

GregTabuteau asked
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Is it possible to use MPPT 100/50 Solar Charge controller just like a DC-DC-Converter without MPPT?

I want to use my MPPT 100/50 1) with a bicycle powered alternator (0 to 75V and 36A, up to 1000W but 100W normal power) at the input and 2) different electrical consumers or battery charging at the output. Actually I need a DC-DC converter with very wide input voltage range.
1) This seems to work fine (with battery at the output) but the MPPT should be switched off to get this working like a normal DC-DC-converter. Otherwise, the MPPT will never find the right point because the input voltage changes to fast. Can I switch MPPT off somehow via VE.direct settings or custom firmware?
2) I didn't try that yet because I fear to destroy the device. Is it possible to directly connect different consumers (e.g. DC-AC inverter, 12V Car Mobile Charger, Car Hifi)?

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Use Realy 2 to start Diesel heater on Cerbo GX

I can seem to figure out how i setup the second relay on the Cerbo GX. I want to use it to start my diesel heater in my boat. Is that possible to have.a custom button in the Venus interface that can name diesel heater ?

Jimmy Bergetun asked

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Bluetooth Pairing with new iPhone

I have a MPPT 75/15 (HQ1811NTQ3F”) connected to a single battery and a single solar panel. With my iPhone 6 I could connect via Bluetooth using the VictronConnect app. With my new iPhone 11 I cannot pair with the controller. The app recognizes my controller and requires that I “enter the code shown on my “SmartComtroller HQ1811NTQ3F”. I cannot find any code either in the front panel of the controller or in a window on the phone. I have entered my 6-digit pin but it was not accepted. I have removed and re-downloaded the app with no effect. The blue led on the controller is flashing, showing a bulk operation.

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Solar Wattage so low.

I have a 305w solar panel connected to victron 100/20 to two 12v 100ah batteries.

On day 1 and 2 of all powered up I was getting 100-180wat showing on the victron connect app and can see batteries charging. Today on a very hot sunny day the app is only showing solar panels at 22-35w which cannot be right. All wiring and breakers are ok, and it appears im still charging the batteries as I can see 13.8v showing.

Talisman asked
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MPPT 75/15 does not load my LiFePo4

I shortly bought an MPPT 75/15, a LiFePo4 12V/100Ah and a Wattstunde 200W Solarkoffer.

I used the cables set that was delivered with my Solar Panel and I believe, they are sufficient for the job.

The battery had a voltage of 13.48V when I connected it. So I thought it was not really empty.

The VictronConnect App shows a solar input of 60-147 Watts.

I expected to see a charge voltage of 14.2V. I expected the charge voltage to be constant.

However the battery stays in bulk mode with voltage between 13.17 - 13.63 V depending on actual solar input. Battery current is up to 7.5A

I also expected the bulk mode to end after some hours, (after a harvest of near to 500Wh in the last two days), as the battery was not empty.

What am I missing?

Thanks for your support


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Line and ground, 230v

I have installed an Multiplus 3000/100/12 and only! connected 12v. I measure 230v between line and ground. Is this normal?


JonE asked
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Firmware upgrades infos en genereal: V2.25 any issues?


I've not found were to get information about fw upgrades like a readme ,not even any post in the forum about new fw?

Today I wanted to connect to my MPPT SmarSolar 100/15

and it want me to upgrade from 2.23 to 2.25

Any one having any issue with this upgrade?

The only I see is about a float issue with batteries.

Can I go back to lower fw? I have in parallel a "normal" battery charger which is connected directly to the battery to get battery up at night...

I not even find from which date is this fw...

Any info would be appreciated.

tkmbe asked

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Multiplus Quattro AC frequency Hz variations

I've been trying to get to the bottom of why we have some flickering LED downlights in our house, especially those on dimmer switches. Dimmer switches are notoriousely sensitive to frequency variations.

I've been looking at my Multi's AC Output metrics from the VRM and I noticed that the frequency can sometimes drop as low at 48.34 Hz.

According the Multi's specs, there should be about a 1% variation on the 50 Hz output, which I calculate should only go down to around 49.50 Hz.

Can anyone tell me if this frequency variation that I am having is unusual for a Multi, or is that normal? I am wondering if this points to some type of fault?

This issue is occurring when we are running off the grid on ESS settings.

See screenshot below:


Nicholas Wessels asked
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Upgrade to Bluetooth with Victron Controller?


Recently purchased a VW Camper with Victron Solar installation. I wanted to upgrade to enable Bluetooth option with iOS but not sure if its possible.

The following controller is installed and working, but wondering if I can add/install the Bluetooth dongle if compatible hardware. OR something else?

Controller: Victron Energy BlueSolar 20A PWM-Light Solar Charge Controller 12/24V 20 Amp

Any help appreciated?

Thanks Matt

Matt Little asked
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Multiplus2/Bluesolar limited/throttled solar production


2 x Multiplus ii 48/3000/35-32 in parallel

1 x Bluesolar MPPT 150/70

8 x Trojan T125

18 x Renesola 300w panels 6 strings with 3 panels per string

Running ESS feeding excess to the grid.

I started off with 1 multiplus and 9 panels with average output as per graph.


I then upgraded with another 9 identical panels. The output was capped at just over 2kw.


And after adding another multiplus it is now capped at 3,6kw from 10am to 2pm.


Thinking that the inverter current is derated due to temperature as the internal fans switch on at 09:30 in the mornings already with room temperature between 20-23 degrees C, I have installed 2 120mm ac fans on each inverter and another one on the mppt ducting air into the bottom intakes. Before the mppt was almost hot to the touch, and now cool after installing the fan from 10-4pm. The fans made practically no change to the solar output.

MPPT current at the peak readings is 108V and 33A that is just over 50% capacity. At 3,6kw production the inverter is running at exactly 60% of the rated output. Any suggestions as to why production is limited or capped?

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Venus OS v2.60 & Pylontech batteries generating high voltage errors


After updating my ColorGX to 2.60, the Pylontech batteries (installed and configured since more than 1 month according to Victron document), the charging voltage is getting now up to 52.5V and generating high voltage errors. Before this, the maximum voltage was 52 - 52.1V. No other changes were done on the system after batteries were installed, and yes it took 3-4 days for them to balance each other.

So, anyone else experiencing this? Is this a known error?


Cristian Miclea asked
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Will MPPT 75/15 draw down battery in winter with no panels attached

Will MPPT 75/15 draw down battery in winter with no panels attached?

Getting ready to store the boat for the winter and I am taking the panels down. Do i need to disconnect the MPPT's from the house bank?


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