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Wiring 120v 50amp Shore Power between 120v and 240v charge.inverters using a step-up transformer

How/where to wire-in the Step-up 120v to 240v autotransformer. My boat is a mix of 120v (Outlets) and 220v (AC units, Water Heater, Stove) I have a 120v 50amp cord coming off the dock. For 120v system I have Victron MultiPlus 3000VA 12-volt sitting on 12v battery bank with Victron solar too. I have a MultiPlus 230v 3000VA 12v with 12 volt battery too (not installed yet). Now, I just bought a Autotransformer 120/240V AC with 32amp breaker, in the hopes of being able to use 220v to run water heater and a single AC unit. Anyone know where I can find recommended wiring diagram for such a situation? My marina cannot provide 208v, so I'll have to step it up myself, Any ideas on where to place the step-up Victron, should I install the MultiPlus 230v charger/inverter with it's own battery bank, please? Kell

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