Ess dumping battery charge to grid


Can somebody tell me why suddenly my battery charge has been dumbt into the grid? Yesterday evening my battery was being discharged into the grid and it kept on doing this until battery life stept in. This is not what i bought the system house should be running on that battery power during the night but now in 3 hours the battery was discharged to 50% and the rest of the night the house was run on grid power. Why did it start doing this?

I run 2x multiplus 2 48 5000, cerbo GX and a mppt rs

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Quattros in parallel - is it possible to turn one off during off-season?

Hello everyone!

Currently we're running a single 10kW Quattro off-grid, and considering to add a second parallel one to increase peak-load acceptance.

However, these peak loads happen only during the sunny summer season. During the dark winter days current Quattro is more than enough.

I assume that two Quattros use twice more energy running near idle load? Hence, I wonder is it possible/easy/how to turn off the second Quattro for the winter and leave only one running?

Thank you in advance!

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120/240 Split Phase on Auto transformer from Multiplus ii 48/5000 70a 230v

Hi everyone,

I need assistance. I would like to produce an output of 120/240vac split phase from the Victron 100a Autotransformer.

I have a Multiplus ii 48/5000 70a 230v. Which terminals do I use to connect the Miltiplus to the autotransformer to produce this this output?

Also what are the terminal to be used on the Autotransformer.

Application-completely off-grid

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What happens to the Neutral?

I'm looking at using the Quattro 15k 230v with the change to make it 240v-60.

On this diagram:

It states: The neutral white is not connected in the inverter in the special box on the top right of the diagram.

My questions are:

1 - What happens to the neutral wire... cap it? attach it elsewhere?

2 - What are the implications of not having that connected if the Quattro is then connected to the auto transformer to create 120/240 split phase?

The incoming 240v I want to send in would be from a 50amp shore power connection.

The system would not be grid connected.

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Deadlock on Multiplus II GX with VRM On/Off and Safety Assistent

My Multiplus is running offgrid and is used to load a e-car. The inverter is switched on and off via VRM. To automatically stop the inverter I use the programmable relais K1 (<20% SOC -> Off) and connect the output to the safety Assistent at AUX1, This runs fine.


To connect a Grid-Meter i bought a passive USB Hub. I plugged off my solar charger 2 from USB and plugged in the HUB. There was a „click“ and the GX device was off. This happens in state OFF of the Multiplus.

I thought Uihh... and other thoughts… broken? Defect?

I remembered the warning about a deadlock with the GX device.

1. Plugged of the GX internal from the VE Bus. Nothing changed

2. Temporarily connected the Multiplus with the grid. Nothing changed

3. Opened the Remote On/Off on the Multiplus terminals. The display of the GX device was on for a second.

4. Short cut AUX1 to enable Inverter via AUX1. That was it.

My Multiplus is running again. Puhh

Some technical background would be fine. And maybe a warning in the manual of the Multiplus GX,

I opened the Multiplus for step 1, and surprise there is a additional VE Direct port (required for internal MPPT in Easy Solar devices). Is this port usable? If yes I do not need the USB Hub

Be carefully with USB Hubs.


Edit: Changed Security to Safety and solar inverter to solar charger

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Adding new lithium battery setup

Good morning I have an Easy Solar Multiplus 24/3000/70_50 running on Agm batteries however they have reached the end of their life. I have now purchased a new Lithium battery bank 24 volts x 8.4kw. Can you please advise the new settings I require and how to change to these settings please. Thanks you

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Quattro 48/8000 et générateur ACCESS 5500XL pourquoi l'inter diff du générateur coupe


Nous avons une installation PV représenté sur le Schéma unifilaire monophasé FRONIUS et VICTRON color control batterie BYD connecté reseau.pdf

Son fonctionnement normal est tel que représenté sur le schéma, inverseur en position 1 pour un connecté pour injection du surplus au réseau.

En AC2, un générateur diésel 5kW (voir FT: DOC_02GE_IMER_ACCESS_5500XL_FR.pdf)

Puis les capture d'écran : VE CONFIG.png Capture d’écran 2023-05-30 101958.pngCapture d’écran 2023-05-30 102045.pngCapture d’écran 2023-05-30 102124.pngCapture d’écran 2023-05-30 102203.pngCapture d’écran 2023-05-30 102238.pngColor control.png

L'utilisation du générateur (démarrage manuel avec la corde) se fera lorsqu'il y a coupure du réseau elec + capacité faible batterie + peu de soleil.

Lorsque j’allume le groupe électrogène, celui-ci envoie bien du 230V en AC IN 2, mais pas d’intensité (pince ampèremétrique) au bout de quelques secondes on entend les relais du Quattro claquer et au même moment l’Inter différentiel 30mA du groupe électrogène disjoncte.

J’ai effectué le test avec une autre charge, cela fonctionne.

J’ai effectué les tests en débranchant la terre cela disjoncte

J’ai effectué le test en Coupant les batteries, cela ne disjoncte pas (mais pas de demande de charge je suppose)

J’ai l’impression que lorsque le Victron commence à demander la charge cela disjoncte, pour effectuer ces différents tests, j’ai coupé l’alimentation en AC IN1, ainsi que le MPTT et le Fronius afin de ne charger les batteries qu’avec le G.E.

Un lien avec le mode back-up du Victron ( MALT du Neutre) est-il possible ?

Merci d'avance pour votre aide.


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SOLVED - VRM Portal performance issues 2023-06-01

UPDATE 2023-06-05: issues are solved, see my comment of today below for details.

Good morning!

Or not: we are still having issues with the VRM Portal database.

Current status in detail (updated at 2023-06-05)

Everything works:

  • Ingress of data works
  • Real time data works
  • Seeing last received data works
  • Energy graphs (kWh, on the bottom of dashboard page) work
  • Graphs, both on dashboard and advanced page work
  • Certain fields in reports work.
  • Dashboard Controls work (On/Off settings and others).
  • Remote access into Remote Console, Node-RED & SignalK works.

Issues fixed:

  • Remote firmware & Remote VEConfigure issues. Fixed per 2023-06-01. Details in below comment.
  • Being logged out and having to re-login in frequently. Fixed per 2023-06-02.
  • Frequent overloads of database has been fixed per 2023-06-05.

Best regards, Matthijs

Ps. To add, there is no risk, and there has been no risk, of any data thats transmitted by the Victron installations, or uploaded manually, to get lost. There is a queue system in place for that; which is very efficient, simple, lightweight and high in its capacity. Therefor, even in situations where the database systems can’t keep up with regards to “ingress”, then still data will never be lost.

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VE.bus error #15 when connecting Pylontech US2000C BMS

The system is an AC coupled ESS system and comprises MultiPlus II GX 48 5000/70-50, a current tranformer for the grid input and 3 Pylontech US2000C batteries.

As far as I can see it is all connected up correctly but as soon as I connect the VE.CAN on the MultiPlus to the A/CAN on the master battery I get VE.bus error #15 and the display on the Multiplus also says AC Disconnected.

I also have a low battery voltage warning although the BMS is saying batteries are at 48% and 49.2 Volts.


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Mppt not charging


I am the Happy owner of a rec BMS. The installation is 2years old and has worked fine so far.

The installation is made of winston cells 700ah, two victon mppt (smart solar 150/60 and smart solar 100/50) and five Canadian solar panel 350w 2 for one mppt and 3 for the other one. A victron cerbo and a quattro.

All the devices are managed by the rec BMS (can).

The issue.

Since this morning, solar panel are not charging the battery although it is sunny

The Mppt give the following info

Pv 39,9v 0A 1W

Battery 13,5v 0,1A

More or less the same on each mppt.

I have rebooted the system without any change.


No errors on any device

As I can read the voltage of the battery and of the solar panel on the two mppt I am assuming that the connections are good. Could the issue come from the BMS sending wrong info to the mppt ?

Any ideas on where the issue could come from and how to confirm it (list of check)

I am also searching for a "plan b". i.e Removing the CAN connection so that charging from the Mppt is only based on battery voltage.

Many thanks for your help.



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VictronConnect Version 5.91 break/fix

External Smart Dongle is no longer accessible PIN code reset does not work either = Unable To Connect Message

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100/30 instead of 100/20 MPPT SmartSolar

Hello! the Victron MPPT sizing calculator tells me, based on my configuration, that I need a 100/20 MPPT SmartSolar, but I currently have a 100/30. Any issues with using the 100/30? I got a larger size because I thought I would have more room for an extra panel.

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Constant charge for Smart Lithium

Hi guys,

I have a boat with the Victron smart lithium batteries 3 x 200ah and while the boat is not being used it has a constant load of around 3amps to run monitoring systems, WIFI etc. I want to keep all this on as I want to remotely monitor the boat.

I am really trying to keep the batteries between 40% and 70% to extend their lives while the boat is sitting there but I need to keep the boat connected to shore power as the solar is not enough to hold the charge. I am using the DVCC fuction on the cerbo for the multiplus to limit the maximum charge current usually at around 4-6amps to keep the batteries between 40 and 70%. I adjust this manually. Just before I use the boat I will up the charge current to 120amps to bring them upto 100%.

I just have a few questions:

1. Do you think this is a good way to exend the life of the batteries

2. Is there a better way to float the batteries at aroud 60% without turning everything off? I was thinking of putting in a relay for 240v on the Cerbo gx in generator mode so it will connect the 230v when the charge is low and disconnect when the charge level is higher.

3. Will the constant charge harm the batteries even if the current is lowered. It seems that the voltage is also lower when you reduce the current via DVCC. Would you recommend setting a lower voltage for doing this? If so what would it be?

Thanks in advance Victron experts

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UK ESS Installer in Surrey/Home Counties

Hello - I am struggling to find someone who will fit a Victron ESS (Quattro 8 KVA 48V) with 16kWh of BYD batteries. Plenty of PV suppliers willing to charge me £5K plus for the installation (plus another 12k for the kit itself). Anyone know an installer/electrician who can do this in Surrey for a reasonable fee? I am inclined to split the supply of the inverter/charger from the PV as it feels like I am being quoted a fat margin on top of subcontractor fee

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Pass through

I have a 5kw quattro 24v, 800amp battery bank is smart lithium. Generator is running and charging the battery bank at around 52%

The charging is in bulk, then the charging has stopped and the quattro is in pass through mode after around 30 minutes.

This is a random thing that doesn't happen often, I have to manually turn off the quattro and restart it. Restart the genset and it will go back to bulk charging.

I am looking to find out why, what settings are required to stop this issue.

Thanks Michael winand, yacht NEBO

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