3Phasen System in ESS Mode bei Brandfall

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe ja schon seit einiger Zeit ein 3-Phasensystem mit den 10K Multiplus und 40KW Pylontech US5000 mit einer Enphase Microinverter Anlage am laufen. Heute geht es jetzt weniger um die Lauffähigkeit der Victronanlage selbst, sondern um einen Möglichen Brandfall.

Mal angenommen es würde in meinem 2-Fam Haus zu einem Brand kommen, warum jetzt auch immer, und es muss die Anlage abgeschaltet werden. Im Normalfall wenn ich zuhause bin, kein Thema, Netz abschalten, Mp aus, 1200A Lasttrenner und nochmals die 125A Lasttrenner jeder einzelnen Batterie ziehen. Dann ist die Victronanlage auch mit USV Funktion tot. Da langt aber normalerweise keine Feuerwehr dran, weil Sie nicht abschätzen können was los ist. @Matthias Lange wie macht Ihr das so bei einer derart großen Anlage um einen solchen Fall abzudecken?

Wenn man es genau betrachtet müsste vor und hinter der Victronanlage mehrere Sicherheitsschütze und auch in den Speicher auf DC Seite und diese sogar noch doppelkanalig. Dies könnte ich dann über ein Sicherheitsprogramm meiner SPS abfragen und über einen Feuerwehrschalter bei Betätigung sofort trennen. Nur macht sich jemand einen derart großen aufwand bzw. ist der vielleicht schon irgendwo in einer Norm festgehalten und "muss" sogar eingebaut werden? Gibt es Feuerwehrleute hier mit einer solchen Anlage und können aus Erfahrung sprechen?

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Production photovoltaique plafonnée

Depuis la mise en place de notre système de batterie / multiplus 2, la production photovoltaique se limite nettement sans qu'on comprenne quel paramètre pourrait générer ce phénomène.

L'installation se compose de 24 panneaux 400 wc + 2 fronius primo 4 kw initialement adossée à un smart meter pour la zero injection et un ohm pilot alimentant notre résistance de chauffe eau elec.

et désormais 4 batteries Pylontech - LiFePO4 US2000C 2.4 kWh - 48 V 50 A + VICTRON ENERGY - MultiPlus-II GX - Puissance onduleur (W ou VA) : 5000 .

Nous avons scrupuleusement respecté les consignes de montage et paramètres d'installation.

Les 2 fronius et le multiplus ne sont pas branchés en cable ethernet mais via le wifi. Ils se voient, pas de pb mais on a vraiment l'impression que les Fronius se limitent dans leur production sans comprendre pourquoi.

En pleine période solaire, ils produisent uniquement ce qui est demandé par le réseau, les batteries ne se chargent pas. Parfois, en générant des appels de charges au niveau des batteries , cela 'débloque' la production PV qui augmente momentannément mais revient ensuite à une production = charge CA.

Quelqu'un parmi vous pourrait nous indiquer les paramètres sur les Fronius ou le Multi plus qui pourraient influencer cette situation ? On a passé en revue tous les paramètres de la console à distance Victron .... et on ne trouve pas, Vous remerciant par avance, cordialement, CG


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How to use VEConfig with an MK3 via TCP on a local network using ser2net and com2tcp

Just want to share some wisdom about this topic as I was able to get it to work today:

While a lot of configuration on a VE.Bus system can already be done with Victron Connect or via VRM Remote VE Configure, there is still a few occasions where I want to hook up VEConfig directly with my Multis. One reason is to look at the VE.Bus monitor which shows additional information when e.g. a generator won't sync properly (If anyone knows how to get the same directly from the GX device please let me know):


In order to do this on any PC on the LAN or even remotely via VPN I was looking to tunnel the serial data (VE.Bus is based on RS485) over TCP/IP.

I have been using ser2net on other occasions before, so tried it with the MK3 today. My setup looks like this:

- MK3 USB adapter from Victron connected to some Linux machine via USB (this could even be the GX device itself - haven't tried that yet). VE.Bus side of MK3 adapter hooked up the free VE.Bus port on my Cerbo GX

- ser2net installed on the Linux machine - should be available in most distros like

apt-get update
apt-get install ser2net

The config for ser2net in /etc/ser2net looks something like this:

# Note that the same device can be listed multiple times under different
# ports, this allows the same serial port to have both telnet and raw
# protocols.

# The original config file shipped with the upstream sources can be
# found in /usr/share/doc/ser2net/examples,3001:raw:600:/dev/ttyUSB2:2400 8DATABITS 1STOPBIT

assuming the MK3 is enumerated as /dev/ttyUSB2 on the Linux machine. You can find the port number assigned to it with dmesg.

- com2tcp and com0com installed on a Windows PC on your local network that can run VEConfig tools

In the com0com setup tool on the Windows PC configure a Virtual Port Pair like this - make sure to tick "use Ports class" on the local com port, otherwise VEConfig won't detect the port. A reboot might be needed after you have configured the port pair:


Then open a command window and start com2tcp like this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\com0com\com2tcp.exe" --baud 2400 \\.\cncb2 3001 is the IP address of the Linux machine which has ser2net running (see above).

Now you can start VEConfig or VE.Bus System Configurator and it should see COM3 and be able to talk to your VE.Bus system components.

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Why multiplus II 48/5000 reject the public network when configured every 03 in parallel with the ESS

Hi guys, I urgently need your help!!!

I installed a single-phase system with 03 multiplus II 48/5000 configured in parallel, a BYD 15kWh battery, a cerbo GX, 02 150/85 regulators and 30 330Wp solar panels.

The problem is the converters reject the public network (connected to the AC in) when installing the ESS. However, I followed all the instructions for the installation of the ESS (I specify that I have already used the same configuration on other installations and it works). I also checked individually for each converter if with the ESS installed the covertisseur accepts the AC in and it works.

The other point to emphasize is that when I configure only 02 multiplus in parallel with the same configuration, the AC in input is not rejected by the converters.

In summary, the system works correctly (accepts the AC in input) when using the ESS configuration with 02 multiplus II 48/5000 in parallel, but not when configuring the 03 multiplus in parallel.

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Multiplus-II GX throttling down PV inverter on grid loss

Hello all,

I have a grid-tied home ESS system with a MultiPlus-II GX, a PV array with a Fronius Primo inverter on AC OUT, and a BYD battery connected to the Multiplus.

Each time there's a grid loss (happens very often over here) all the PV power from the Fronius inverter is instantly throttled down to zero, even in case of full sun exposure. Consequently, for all the duration of the grid loss, all the backup power is provided by the battery only.

I have the feeling it's just a waste of solar power. Why can't the Multiplus allow the Fronius inverter to continue its operation in case of grid loss ? Its power added to the battery power could sustain much more loads than just the battery alone.

Is that a bug, is there a reason, or am I missing a hidden setting somewhere ?

Thanks everybody for your insights.

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BMV-712 Install on multiple batteries

I'm trying to install my BMV-712 on a 2016 Georgetown 364Ts. It has 4 12V house batteries. The coach already has a battery monitor installed. Attached is an image of the layout. I'm not sure where to make my connections? Do i need to remove the existing battery monitor first?

So far I've tried running the battery side of the shunt to battery 1. and I put the ground wire to the load side of the shunt. I also put the small red power cable to battery 3 but do not get power.

Any help on how to connect it would be appreciated!


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Smartsolar: how often does it scan mppt

Hi All,

I have two parallel strings with 4 panels in series connected to a smartsolar 150 35. The shadow situation is not always super simple therefore one question: how often does the mppt charger search for the perfect spot?

Test: I shadow one of the panels.

  1. If I only have 1x4: Power immediately drops to zero, after around 10 seconds a value of little less than 3/4 is reached => good and as expected
  2. 2x4: power drops to the power of one string (4/8). The mppt scanner does not readjust in 2 min (not. Expected!). After manual restart (activate / deactivate) the power drops to around 6/8 - 7/8 (expected due to voltage drop on one string).

==> it seems as if the mppt scanner is not recognizing power drops in a 2 string environment immediately.

Is there sth I can do about it? Will the smartsolar do regular rescans and if yes in what time period?


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Problem with Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70

Recently bought above secondhand to add to other Victron kit in campervan. it won’t work. When powered up from batteries all 3 leds flash briefly ( when switching on to inverter or charger) and then go off and unit won’t work. Victron Connect recognises unit using mk3 cable. Screen shows no output frequency. So unless anyone has any ideas I may have to sell this unit for parts and buy a new one- expensive.

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EM24 Ethernet - lockup issue

Hi Everyone,

I am running an ESS, everything fine, BUT: My EM24 Ethernet is regularly losing the connection to the LAN. This is not a DHCP issue or such, it clearly hangs.

After disconnecting the EM24 from power (cold restart) it works again, but only for 1-2 weeks.

I would like to update the firmware and then see whether the problem goes away. This is just a way of saving time from further troubleshooting.

My problem is: Nobody will help me to get newer firmware. Victron Dealer says to contact Carlo Gavazzi. They say to contact Victron. And Victron says to contact the Dealer. Stuck in a loop.

Anyone here to help my get new firmware for the EM24 Ethernet?

My Device is a EM24-DIN.AV2.3.X.E1.X


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Sustain Mode EasySolar


The EasySolar goes to Sustain Mode. At 4:00 in the morning a bigger Load switches on (washing machine). The reason for Sustain Mode is the Battery Voltage? Best regards Thomas

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IP22 12/30 Absorptionsladung mit 0.0A

Ich habe eine Lithium Batterie für meine Solaranlage im Wohnwagen. Ich möchte die Batterie mit dem blue smart IP22 12/30 laden. Es zeitgt mit Absorptionsladung an mit Stromausgang 0.0A. Ich hatte die Batterie bereits mit dem IP22 geladen, da finktionierte es. Was kann ich tun?
Bin für jeden Tipp dankbar, denn ich habe ohne Batterie keinen Strom im Wohnwagen.

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Off grid winter optimum production with trees at 50m near Dublin


I would like to optimise the production in winter of 3 solar panels (360W) horizontally put one above each other at a 60° slope (so the highest would be at about 3m high, and lowest at about 1m high). I live near Dublin in the countryside and I'll be off-grid.

I'm surrounded by trees, the house is 55m from the South, 20m from SE and 40m from SW (see below picture). The good thing is that they loose their leaves in winter and I would say they are more bushy at the bottom than the top.

The question is how do I connect these panels (in parallel or in serie), is there anything special I would need for this scenario ? How smoothly can I add an extra 3 panels to this system to put the number at 6 panels.

I attached some pictures and technical details (the panel would sit on the right of the door starting at the "gutter")

If I'm completely wrong at how to tackle this, you can tell me :). (I have a single slope roof at 11°, pretty bad for solar production in winter ...)

Thanks in advance !!

Olivier Wouters




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increase the power

The current system : EasySolar II GX ( 48i / 5000 / 70 A ) , MPPT250 / 100 + 12 x 415W panel + 12 x battery 12v 100Ah. During the summer I use the system without grid and sometimes I need more power than 4000W.

Can I connect to the current system in parallel a MultiPlus II 48/3000/35-32 + SmartSolar charger controller 250/ 70 -Tr with the related panels without unbalancing the system ? Or it is necessary to connect a Multiplus II 5000VA ?

Thank you very much !

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Multiplus 2 verbinden sich nicht mehr mit dem Netz


Ich habe ein eigenartiges Problem mit meinem Victron System. (3x Multiplus II 5kW, Cerbo GX, 3x MPPT SmartSolar, 4x 5kWh Taico LiFePo4 via CAN verbunden und DVCC aktiviert)

Nach 2 Monaten problemlosen Inselbetrieb habe ich letzte Woche auf ESS umgestellt. Grid Code Austria TOR-Erzeuger A. Die ersten Tage habe ich mit begrenzter Einspeiseleistung von 800W getestet. Dann habe ich die Begrenzung deaktiviert. Einen Tag lang hat das System einwandfrei funktioniert. 86kWh erzeugt, 63kWh ins Netz eingespeist, 20 verbraucht und 3 in die Batterien geladen.

Am zweiten Tag hat sich das System gegen 15Uhr vom Netz getrennt.

Seit dem versuchen sich die Multis alle paar Minuten mit dem Netz zu verbinden, sind dann zwischen einer und mehreren Sekunden verbunden, dann fängt es kurz an zu brummen, das Netz wird getrennt, der Relais Test wieder ausgeführt und die Multis sind wieder im reinen Invertermodus. Es blinken keinerlei LEDs an den Geräten und im Dashboard werden keine Fehlercodes ausgegeben.

Ein weiteres Problem habe ich wenn ich mich via MK3 und Victron Connect auf die Multis verbinde. Nach ca. 1min melden alle 3 Multis "low battery" und schalten sich aus. Das Verhalten ist reproduzierbar und ist auch schon vor dem Problem mit der Verbindung zum Netz aufgetreten.

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Autotransformer output different

After connecting the Victron autotransformer from a 240 inverter for solar I noticed a voltage difference of 117v on one leg and 123v on the other. what could be causing such a difference and is this a concern? Should it be returned and exchanged?

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