Smart Battery Sense data in VRM through MPPT75/10


My setup is Smart Battery Sense with bluetooth connection to MPPT 75/10, which has a VE.Direct USB cable to Raspberry Pi.

The MPPT can see the data from the smart battery sense, and in VRM I can see the MPPT. But I cant see the data from the Smart Battery Sense. Is this normal? I expected that the MPPT would pass on ALL data to the VRM portal.



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ESS Schedules don't take daylight saving into account

Hi all,

I'm in the UK and have a Cerbo GX configured with a timezone of GMT Standard Time. The UK has just moved over to BST and you can see from the screenshot that the correct local time is shown.


However, the ESS schedules appear to be using UTC time which is an hour off. Is this a known issue or could I be missing a setting somewhere?

It would be so much easier if I could set the ESS schedule based on the current local time.



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Soft starter for 1,5 kW Pump

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience with installing a soft starter between a Quattro / Multiplus and a 1-2 kW pump? I tried 2 solutions but both systems destroyed my 230V network.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good working soft start solution?


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apk not compatible with os on pixel 7

Hello all,

I pixel 7 pro with grapheneos.

When i tried to install this, get a "Not compatiable with os" message and can't install.

I pretty much tried all of the victron site apks with the message for all, but think pixel is the ARM64 apk.

Are these 32bit or 64 bit on in these downloads?

If not, where can i get the 64 bit versions other tan the gplay store?


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Smart solar MPPT 100/20 48V

Our VW camper has leisure battery, solar panel, electric hookup setup. Following installation of the leisure electrics, everything worked as expected for about a year. For the last 6 months, I noticed on the Victron app that the MPPT charger is "off" almost all the time. I assumed during the UK winter that this was due to low light and short days. We're now in Spain. The charger seems to come on for about an hour at sunrise, and the panel voltage gets up to about 18-19v. However, the leisure battery state of charge continues to diminish, and then the MPPT switches off as the sun gets higher. There is bright sunshine in the middle of the day, but the app shows no solar voltage generated. This pattern seems the same whether we're plugged in to a campsite EHU or not. Can anyone suggest what might be happening?

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Victron monitoring solutions with 3rd party BMS integration ?

Hi Forum. Thanks to previous posters as it helped me to find the names of some BMS manufacturers with interesting products. Towards that end, I'm probably going to purchase the Orion BMS to use with a Victron monitoring solution that also includes Victron solar controller, inverter/charger, DC-DC converter, etc. Is this any integration possible ( out of the box or with programming ) that can utilize the CAN interface available in both Orion and Victron ? If with some programming then I would enjoy seeing any examples of something on Venus that allowed for use of CAN node not previously possible.

Thanks, Sven

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Powering off BMV 7-series , what will I lose?

I have a Multiplus-II hooked up to LiFePO4 in a portable box. I'm considering replacing my DROK voltage readout with a BMV 7-series (likely the BMV 700) so I can actually track amp-hours in and out. This box isn't used often, it's for local power outages, camping, events, etc. So I hooked up one of those big red marine/RV round switches to connect/disconnect the battery from the Multiplus. The switch goes has OFF, Precharge, ON positions, giving me a pre-charge circuit to avoid the "big spark from capacitor charge up" problem.

Since I leave this box sitting for months at a time, I'd like to be able to completely turn it off, with a BMV-700 (and the others in the family) what info/settings do I lose if the BMV unit loses power? It would be great if amp-hours isn't lost, but I suspect it will be. If overall settings are lost, that's kind of a deal breaker.

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Mppt float too early on tail current

I'm using a 150/85 and set 13.85V Bulk with a 6hr fixed absorb time as I often get heavy cloud during the day, and a tail current set to 14A.

On bright full sun days the mppt goes to float very early like at 36A tail.

On dull days, it behaves its self.

I also have a 100/50 that is set up exactly the same settings.

I usually run it together with the 100/50 over VE smart network where they work well until I get a full sunny day and the 150/85 takes us to Float way to early before reaching the tail current limit!

When I turn off the 150/85 and run the 100/50, it does what I want and cuts off when tail reaches 14A.

Why is my 150/85 going to float early??

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Self Installed Multiplus-II with Pylontech Batteries Help needed getting ESS Assistant Running

Hi all,

I have a self installed Multiplus-II with Pylontech batteries which I've tried setting up with the ESS Assistant via VEConfig, following these instructions:, but when I go to the Crebo GX, it shows 'No ESS Assistant Found', no matter what I try.

I have micro inverters connected to the AC-Out1, so no external sensor is required, according to the documentation.

I'm finding it impossible to find anyone local to do the final configuration, so the question is, is there anyone on here that could do it please?

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GlobalLink 520 connection to Smart Battery Protect

I have successfully installed my GlobalLink 520 and connected to MPPT and BMV 712 via VE direct cables I have also connected to Ruuvi sensor via Bluetooth, however can’t seem to connect to my smart Battery protect. Not sure why it doesn’t show up under the GlobalLink

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Battery Modbus Data


I connected a battery with Pace BMS to a CerboGX via CAN Bus.

Its working, i get data from the BMS displayed in the Cerbo.

Now i tried to read those through Modbus in ioBroker like other Sources (MP2, Gridmeter), but i get the following error:

Error processing function Code 4, Unit id 225, start adress 13, quantity 2, src Error finding service with device type vebus at device instance 512

Any ideas?



dragonfreak asked
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vrm online but no history

I have a client with a system that is online, can look at it realtime, but since 19/3 there are gaps in the history, and since yesterday the history is completly empty. The ESS system is working normal.

Any fixes for this?

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smallBMS, control multiple charger

Setup is:

1. smallBMS

2. Orion 12 12 18 DC Charger

3. Progressive Dynamics Li Charger

1. is controlling 3. via Cyrix-Ct-Li.

How can 1. also control 2. in this scenario? Can I just daisy chain the Control cable coming from the smallBMS "Charger" port and use the non-inverting remote on-off switch to control the Orion charger?

sto asked

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Charge curve

Hey guys,

I have a Seplos BMS directly connected to the multiplus II GX 48/3000; so it can retrieve data directly from the BMS; I thought that was worth mentioning before asking stuff.

I have a 58v lifepo4 battery but it continues to charge until it reaches the point of 'total voltage overvoltage protection' which is 57.6 volt; In this case the BMS decides to shutdown the charging as it should and allow only discharge.

I was expecting it to continue to charge it with 56.8v and then keep it at 54v (100%)

When looking at the settings, I have this setup.


Am I getting something wrong here? because I wasn't expecting it to force it to continue until the BMS gives an cut-off message.

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optimize usage of solar over grid

I have a complete victron system with stacked multiplus inverter/chargers, dual solar charge controllers, and a BMV on a boat.

When the grid input to the multiplus units is present for example the 90% of the time that I am connected to shore power, the multiplus units connect the incoming AC to the load side.

The result is that any AC loads are supplied from the grid and do not benefit from my solar installation.

I want to eliminate that. Right now when I am on the boat, in the morning I just trip the breakers that feed shore power to the multiplus units and then reset them in the evening when solar power goes away. This maximizes my solar production.

How can I automate that process?


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