Mega Fuse 32V for 48V system

hi all! is it possible to use mega fuse 32V for 48V systems. Needed to protect MPPT 250/100. Thanks

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Voltage drop and mid-point voltage deviation spike on AGM

Hi all

Newbie here, first post and I'm not v technical - please be kind!

I have 2 x Trojan AGM 200Ah 6v batteries connected in series that have been well maintained, they are 14 months old. 4 days we saw our inverter had switched off overnight. When we checked the Victron app the voltage had plummeted in the early hours, and simultaneously the mid-point voltage deviation had rocketed, the system then returned to normal after approx. 2 hrs (and we manually restarted the inverter) – screen shots below. The situation has occurred again early this morning, screen shots also attached. Please would someone be able to advise what our issue may be?

Many thanks in advance

Laurie Voltage_Mid Point 041022.jpgCurrent_Mid Point 011022.jpgVoltage_Mid Point 041022.jpgCurrent_Mid Point 041022.jpg

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How to best wire up 2 battery banks and 4 charge sources?

Hi, I am trying to figure out to wire up two battery banks (house batteries, and starter battery) with multiple charging sources in my boat and getting confused about how the charge sources work out what to do and when to connect/isolate the batteries to avoid discharging.

I only have mains and alternator charging at the moment and am looking to add an MPPT solar charge controller, then later a wind charger.

Is this a typical setup?

Any help/guidance much appreciated.

Existing set up

Mains: Currently the battery banks are normally isolated and the mains charger has two separate outputs for each bank.

Alternator: It looks like there is a relay that connect the starter and house batteries when the engine is running.

Target setup

1. Mains charger when on shore power

2. Alternator charging when engine is running

3. Solar power during the day/no wind

4. Wind power when there is more wind than sun.

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MPPT BlueSolar 75/15 battery life light flashing?

Have a Bluesolar 75/15 MPPT that has the battery life light flashing. We have connected another new MPPT, and every thing works fine. Hook the original MPPT back on, and the battery life light flashing again?? Any pointers or ideas on what this could be?

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VRM nur noch auf niederländisch


Ich wollte vor einigen Tagen die neue Funktion mit den Wiggets auf meinem Smartphone austesten. Da es nicht funktionierte, habe ich die vrm app aktualisiert. Seit dem ist egal ob ich mich mit dem Handy anmelde, dem PC, oder meine Freundin sich mit ihrem Handy die Sprache in vrm auf niederländisch. Wir wählen am Anfang deutsch, dann geben wir Name und Passwort ein und VRM ist anschließend auf niederländisch. Es funktioniert übrigens auch nicht wenn ich die Sprache auf Englisch stelle, das Ergebnis ist immer niederländisch.

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Which AC port to use for grid-parallel ESS system?

I am putting together a grid-parallel ESS system using a Mutiplus II 5000/70/50 unit plus a 460Ah 48V LiFePO4 battery.

I only have one mains connection to make to the buildings existing consumer unit.

Should I be using the AC IN 1 or AC OUT 1?

I have tried both. When using AC IN 1 the startup is less dramatic, I presume there is inrush current limiting on AC IN 1? Using AC OUT 1 the MCBs are prone to tripping initially, it takes a bit of coaxing to get it to start up.

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Different solar panels om smartsolar mppt 100/50

On our boat we have 5 80watt Victron monocrystaline solar panels in parralel of which the charge controller stopped working I have replaced it with a smartsolar 100/50

Tgere is also an extra set of two older 80 watt bp solar panels also in parralel that are on their own older charge controller. Is it possible to connect the two bp panels together with the victrons all on the smartsolar mppt. Thanks in advance.

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Energiezähler EM24/RS485 "No Grid Meter Warning"

Hallo zusammen,

ich erhalte immer wieder sporadisch die Fehlermeldung von meiner Victron Anlage, "No Grid Meter Warning" meines Energiezählers EM24 mit RS 485 Schnittstelle. Jedoch spätestens eine Minute, nachdem dieser Fehler kam, ist er auch wieder behoben... Hatte ich diese Fehlermeldung vorher ca. 1-2 mal die Woche, hatte ich diese nun 8 mal am Tag, welche dann auch gleich wieder verschwand..

Der Energiezähler wird als ESS Zähler betrieben, welches Ansich tadellos funktioniert.

Habe die Verkabelung überprüft und diese ist von meinem Energiezähler EM24 zu meinem Colour Control Fehlerfrei.. Hat jemand einen Tip, was diesen ständigen Fehlerwurf vom Energiezähler verursachen könnte?

Danke vorab!

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Victron Inverters no longer approved for GB DNO grid connection?

Are Victron Inverters no longer approved for DNO grid connection in GB? All the previous G98/G99 approvals on are now showing Non-compliant for new installations. Im specifically looking to get DNO approval for the Multiplus ii 48/5000 but its no longer approved for GB. It is for NI

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ESS and scheduled charging

I want to use scheduled charging to ensure I have 40% battery in the morning but I also don’t want to draw power from the grid during the scheduled if the battery is over 40% because it has been a good PV day. I can achieve this by using K1 to drive a contactor to disconnect the mains if the battery is say between 41%and 95% but the I lose the stability of being connected to the grid.

ideas please

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Clarifying DVCC

I want to just make sure I have my thinking correct here:

DVCC is only relevant in systems with an external BMS. With batteries that do not have BMS Comms eg. lead or unsupported Lithium, whether DVCC is on or off, the programmed parameters on the inverter/charger/mppt are used and any limits set in the DVCC menu are ignored.

Is this table accurate:


Further to this, the presence of a SmartShunt has no effect on DVCC at all.

We have a site with a Lithium battery (in a golf cart) which does not have BMS comms and we want to use DVCC to set charge current limit between MPPT and MultiPlus but it is being ignored. We noted also that programmed Maximum charge voltage in DVCC was ignored when we tried to lower the voltage from DVCC menu. We have a SmartShunt installed.

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Monitoring second battery bank of 2

I have a house battery and two (2) engine start batteries that are in parallel.

Installed SmartShunt. House battery connected to "Vbatt+", VictronConnect App shows data perfectly.

Connected second red cable between one engine start battery positive terminal with "Aux" (to monitor voltage of "second" battery), however, it only shows half the voltage (i.e. 7.2V, when battery actually has 14.4V). This happens when connecting either of the two engine start battery. See image of configuration.

Am I missing something in the VictronConnect configuration? Is it possible to monitor the two engine start batteries that are in parallel ?


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Quattro-II 48/5000 QUA482504010 - no current sensor input?

I just installed my inverters on the wall and was wiring everything up until I became stuck on the current sensors, I have 3 of the 100A:50ma current sensors from victron and when I was wiring them only 1 of my 3 quattro's has the 3.5mm jack input the other 2 don't.

I purchased all 3 togerther last July and asked the dealer to give me the same model because of a 3 phase setup. so I checked and all 3 have the same PN: QUA482504010

anyone else have this issue? this seems like production error.

Kind regards




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ESS- When load is greater than maximum inverter power- what happens?


I'm looking at setting up a DC-coupled ESS system with RS 450s. It will be 3 phase: 10kVA per phase with 3 x Quattro 48/10000.

All loads will be on the AC Out. However, there is a 40kVA supply and I wonder what happens if at some moment, some 35kVAs are drawn from the system- and if there is sufficient battery capacity, will the inverters provide their maximum (30kVAs) and the remaining 5kVAs come from the grid with no problem? Similarly, if more than 10kVA is pulled from one of the phases- will the remaining load be powered seamlessly from the grid on that phase?

(I'm only talking about in ESS mode, obviously if there is a black-out, I understand that in back-up mode, the power will be limited by the maximum inverter power)



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