Bonjour Thierry, j'ai fait installé il y a 5ans deux phoenix inverter 48/5000 avec batteries plomb défaillantes aujourd'hui pour 2 sur 24

Bonjour Thierry, j'ai fait installé il y a 5ans deux phoenix inverter 48/5000 avec batteries plomb défaillantes aujourd'hui pour 2 sur 24 l'installateur est décédé du virus comme je ne trouve personne pour venir me régler le niveau minimum de voltage pour éviter une mise en alarme du système je vais télécharger l'application pour descendre a 40 Volt, les inverter sont montés en parallèle pouvez vous m'aider a ne pas faire d'erreur . merci

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Cerbo GX & SmartSolar MPPT communication problem


I've got small issue with communication beetwen mppts and cerbo.

10 mppts are connected to cerbo by ve.can.

MPPTs got their own unit ID : from 1 to 9 so thats ok, but the last mppt got unit ID 100 - same as the

com.victronenergy.system .


I dont know it is correct.

I'm a commisioner and thats my first time with mppt.

I want to communicate cerbo with automation server by modbus tcp.

Unit ID is slave addres of device for modbus, right ?

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SolarEdge optimizer on MPPT

Hi all,

Working on my new Vitron energy system (MultiplusII/CerboGX) and I would like to convert my existing 8 panel Solaredge system with optimizers to a Victron MPPT setup. I already removed the Solaredge inverter and was planning to plug the exisiting PV-leads in my MPPT 250/60. Will the MPPT accept this or will it damage the MPPT? Hoping I do not need to remove all the optimizers from the panels. TIA!

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Multiplus II Baterie inactiv but - 0,4A current ?


I have seen that the multiplus displays a current of - 0,4 A but the batterie state inactiv is displayed .

So now in winter the SOC of the batterie is lower and lower even no real current is flowing .

Also I have the display ESS #1 SOC is low and ESS #2 batterie life is activ.

Is there a reason for this ? Ore need the smart shunt to calibrated to zero ?

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Cerbo/GX50 is not showing AC input or AC loads

Set Up a cerbo and GX 50. PV data is showing, Battery info from smart shunt is good, however with the shorepower connected I am not seeing the AC input. I also have and AC load that is not showing anything. I checked all my connections but still no luck.

Any ideas what it might be?

Thanks all

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MPPT No Longer Connects to VictronConnect

I have 2 MPPT 75/15 controllers. After changing the float voltage setting of one from 13.02V to 13.10V, it has decided it no longer wants to talk to me. VictronConnect reports "No devices found" when I plug the cable into that controller. The other controller, using the same cable, is fine.

I have a small program I wrote that can communicate with the controller. It can show TEXT protocol messages, asynchronous VE.Direct messages, and allows getting and setting of registers via VE.Direct messages. The affected controller continues to send TEXT protocol messages which look correct (I should note that the controller continues to function). I also get asynchronous messages. However, any attempts to read register values with GET, change register values with SET, get device information with PING, APPVERSION and DEVICEID messages, are met with stony silence.

I tried sending a RESTART VE.Direct message, writing to the 0x0004 (Restore default) register, and disconnecting the controller from power, but it still doesn't listen to me. Does anybody have any idea what might be happening with this controller?

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Bluetooth not connecting after Firmware / App update.


I hope you may help me with an issue/s that I am having with a Smart Solar 75/15 with in-built blue tooth. I purchased this a little over three years ago for a camping setup and it has had limited use due to COVID (no more than 6-8 uses). Up to this point I have had nothing but praise for this unit as it hasn’t missed a beat, so much so a couple of friends have bought this controller on my recommendations. This week I went camping and as I connected to the VictronConnect App, I was presented with a message to update the firmware. I did this and it installed as expected.

From there I was presented with numerous Error 21 messages. This is an error with current and I was asked to disconnect all leads and reconnect. This did not solve this issue. I then proceeded to update the app. Since then, I have been unable to connect via Bluetooth. Mostly it gets to 20%, sometimes 60%, sometimes to 80% and very occasionally to the point of putting in the passcode. Each time it doesn’t connect and requests that I remove the Bluetooth connection from the phone which I have already done.

I have followed the trouble shooting guide which has included, reinstalling app, turning off phone, resetting the PIN (via PUK which doesn’t work as it won’t get through the connect phase before indicating to remove the pairing even though it already has been removed).

I have also tried some other potential solutions as found online which includes ensuring no other Bluetooth devices are in proximity, connect the battery to the controller first and then try and connect before connecting the solar etc…

The issue continues and I am out of ideas. Other information of note is in-regards to the lights on the controller. The blue light flashes about every 3-4 seconds. After a period of time both the blue and yellow lights flash in unison quite quickly which indicates and “Internal Error”.

Is there any solutions that I have missed.

Thanks in anticipation. Cheers Rod

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Blue Smart IP67 and AGM batteries

I recently purchased IP67 13A for a small sailboat with A 12V AGM battery. I completed the installation and do not see a setting in the app which denoted AGM. Does the charger “know” that it is AGM? Or did I purchased the wrong charger. The green lite is steady and the yellow lite is flashing in absorption mode Connected to 30amp shore power. I did not stay long enough to see it go into float mode. I‘ve heard AGM’s are very particular about charge rates. Is there some setting I need to adjust on the app that I’m not seeing?

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multiplus conform to g99?


does the multiplus 5000 48v conform to g99? if so where can i find certificate?

(not multiplus 2) thank you

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BlueSolar missing data

I have a 2 x BlueSolar 150/35 chargers on a system and one unit (the older one - serial HQ1425...) never reports data after sundown (see image top), whereas the newer model (HQ1540...) reports data through the night (ie battery voltage - image bottom). Both have the latest 1.59 firmware.

Why could this be the case?



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lynx smart BMS - error in manual


FYI : error in lynx smart BMS manual page 18

details attached

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vrm detail displayed on remote console?

Hi to all

On the VRM portal it is possible to display, or not display the extra detail of the system by clicking on 'Show Details' or 'Hide Details' and for me this works fine on a Win 10 PC. I also have remote console display in the battery house on a Win 7 laptop but I can't see how to view the extra detail on this display. I am using Venus GX v280-38


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Pheonix 12/500 - does repeated overload stress unit to failure


I have a 12/500 Phoenix inverter. I run a small AC compressor fridge from it. It's nominally 70W, but I see around 660W when it initially turns on. Although 500VA continuous, it's 1000VA peak, and equates to 700W peak by my reckoning (not sure how they work that out). It would always start first time, although I would get that momentary hum when first starting. But after only a few weeks reliable running, I now get a permanent "overload" fault, even with no load connected.

I was told that the overload protection diodes may have failed through stress (a fail safe state). Does that seem fair?

For a time I was running the system from an old battery, and I can well imagine the voltage was very low at times (may have got a low voltage cut out fault on occasions). Would running the (momentarily) high load mean at low input voltage more current flowed, causing accelerated stress?

I'm now running from a Lithium pack which will be well charged at all times, and more than capable of supplying the power needed. But I'm worried that even if I have the inverter repaired, the same thing will happen again - repeated overload, even if momentary, will stress the inverter to failure.



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Victron Multiplus 3000 not turning on/causing voltage drop

Hi all. I am having trouble with my Victron Inverter/Charger in my new electrical setup. My battery bank is showing a voltage of 13.2 all along the terminals. I have 4/0 cables going from my lynx distributor to my inverter/charger along with the 400amp fuse. I have read the Victron Manual front to back. The problem is that when I power my system on (master switch), nothing happens. My DC power doesn't work, my battery monitor, solar charge controller, NOTHING powers on. The voltage drops at the battery terminals and ALL other connection points to 2.37 volts!! When I disconnect the inverter cables from the lynx, everything works and voltage is consistent with the battery 13.2V... I have DC power and my solar and everything works beautifully (which is a relief since it's a new setup). But I'm beyond frustrated with the inverter charger.. I have tested the cables and I've even made new ones and swapped them out because my first thought was faulty crimps. I've tried everything. I cannot find an answer after days of "google" research in addition to the manual. Now I'm beginning to think there's something wrong with the inverter? It's brand new and has not powered on.. the lights won't flicker or anything. I have a shore power plug wired to it with nothing plugged and a breaker box with the main breaker turned off. I have thought about trying to plug into shore power, but I'm nervous about doing that. PLEASE can someone help me figure out what's going on, it's driving me crazy.

There's a picture of my system below but note that I've added a second battery since that photo was taken thinking that my battery bank could be the issue. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the BMS, perhaps my batteries aren't charged enough to power the load? How much power does the Multiplus require to turn on? I am getting 13.2V at the terminals though indicating a 70% or so SOC.. but the batteries weren't "resting" for long when I checked that voltage with my multimeter. My SOC on my Victron shunt isn't accurate yet since I just set up my system and haven't had a full charge yet. But I would think that the Victron would still turn on?? I'm going to charge the batteries fully tomorrow to see if that works, but I doubt it at this point.

Here are some specs of my solar electrical system in my camper van:

Victron Multiplus 12V 3000 Multiplus inverter/charger

2x206AH SOK lithium batteries

2x Victron lynx distributor (bus bar system)

1 Victron Orion 30amp DC-DC charger

600 Watts of solar panels

60 MPPT Renogy Solar Charge Controller

Victron SmartShunt


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lynx BMS with smart lithium MPII configuration

I have a question about the multiplus config when used with a lynx BMS and smart lithium batteries. I changed the battery type to "smart lithium with VE Bus BMS" and once doing that, I got all kinds of errors on my GX device. the errors would go away if I unplugged either the MPII or the BMS from the cerbo but the config did not like having both connected at he same time. My assumption is that the lynx is not technically a VE bus BMS but actually a VE Can bms so having the "configured for VE Bus BMS" box checked was causing issues. After changing the battery type to lithium batteries the errors went away. I am wanting to know if my assumption is correct and lithium is the option that needs to be checked or if it should work under my previous configuration?

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Blue Smart AC charger as general use LFP charger?

Hi all!

I have a Blue Smart AC charger 12V/13A. Initially I bought it to mount inside a mobile 1.92KWh LFP battery I've built.

But I'll be building some smaller LFP batteries for different uses.

Is there any downside to using this charger as a general use LFP charger (presuming, of course, it's within the charging specs of the cell and BMS I use)?

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Batteries show full chage on Mulimeter, but SOC says less than 30%



Hi all, I'm have some issues with the way my setup seems to be reading the SOC for my battery bank. the system seems to be saying that I only have a 30% SOC however when I test the individual batteries with my Multimeter they all have 13.5v which I beleive means they are at 100%? is there something I need to reset within the system?

System set up as follows:

Off-Grid system

Product MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 (ACOut2 switchable)

Firmware version 478

SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/70 rev2

Firmware version v3.07

battery bank made up of 2 parallel banks of 4 12v 100ah Lithium-ion batteries

using a

Color Control GX

Firmware version v2.73

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Smart shunt settings


I’m struggling to read/understand the smart shunt, any help is appreciated

It was recently installed along with 4 brand new 110ah sealed lead acid batteries (hankook xv110 dual purpose), then plugged into the mains to ensure 100% charge and synced.

Today it shows I’m at 91% SOC after using 62ah out of my 440, which I calculate as 86% SOC

However when my fridge starts and has been running for 10mins my volts drop to 12.34v, then with fridge off and for 5mins the volts jump back to 12.5v

So….. what reading should I be using?
Percentage seems wrong, Ah used doesn’t seem to match the voltage when in use.

I’m so confused? I don’t want to damage my brand new batteries?

***Batteries are charged by both solar and running the engine and currently battery temp is 5*c



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Decreasing state of charge despite able solar

We have a 210w solar panel with a MPPT 75/15 solar controller connected to 2 AGM 6v batteries in series for a total of 400Ah. When plugged in the batteries are at 100% state of charge and are in float phase. When we take our camper out on a trip, each day the Smart Shunt readings show the state of charge decreasing by about 4-6% each day. When I go to the history page for the Smart Charger it shows between 210-300Wh of power generated each day from our solar panel. It also shows that we consume between 10-30 Wh per day. With these figures I would assume that we generate more than enough power from our solar panel to fully recharge our batteries. Would you please explain why this does not occur and why we see a steady decline of our state of charge?


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Argo FET for 2 alternators, 3 batteries

Replacing an old diode battery isolator here. The original was simple, with two inputs and 3 outputs.

Argo does not have a FET isolator with two inputs.

I was suggested to use two Argofet 100-3, and connect the outputs in parallel. I created a simple schematic of my understanding. Can someone with expertise on those boys to chime in?


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Issues seeing a GPS (BU-353S4) plugged into a Cerbo USB port.

I have poked thru all the menus. Including the GPS menu. How do I tell if the Cerbo can see that GPS? I was thinking it would show in the device list like a temp probe does. But I don't see it that list. Where is it supposed to show up? Thanks, Bill

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Bluetooth Dongle voltage not reporting correctly

I have a bluetooth smart dongle connected to a MultiplusII inverter. It is reporting about .5-.6 volts higher than actual battery voltage. I have confirmed with multiple meters (that are used daily and correct), it is not a voltage loss or connection issue. I have spoken to battleborn batteries (who i purchased through), they said they and victron are both aware of this issue on a batch of the dongles and that a firmware issue would be released to fix the issue. That was months ago and still no update or fix that i am aware of. Anyone have any information?

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Smart BMS 12/200 with Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70

I have a setup with a Multiplus 12/1600/70 and a Smart Solar 100/30 MPPT which I am planning to convert to lithium using Smart Lithium batteries and a Smart BMS 12/200. My question is about the System+ port on the Smart BMS. The documentation is unclear about how use the System port, and where charge sources should be connected. The manual shows the following two setups, which would seem to contradict each other. Which is correct? If I connect the charge sources to the System+ port, do I need to connect the load disconnect to the charge sources, or will the System+ port handle the load disconnect?

In the appendix, the manual says:

"If These MultiPlus models are not connected directly to the System+ port, they can also be controlled from the Load Disconnect and Charge Disconnect outputs by using the Smart BMS CL 12/100 to MultiPlus cable"

It is unclear in the manual which setup one should choose or what the benefits and drawbacks of each are. It is also unclear whether I can connect other charge sources such as the MPPT to the System+ port with no load disconnect. This is important as my MPPT does not have a remote disconnect port, and the VE.Direct port is already connected to a Cerbo GX.


Example 1 - Multiplus connected to System+ port, no remote disconnect:


Example 2 - Multiplus connected to batteries w/remote load disconnect


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Adaptive charge, absorption time, temperature compensation & sensor.


I am getting a bit confused with the amount of information I am trying to take in so I thought I would join the community for some guidance, so thank you in advance.

I am on a easy solar 1600 24v system, 2x Rolls 290a, 50 Charge controller.

When using the formula, I managed to calculate an absorption time of 46mins (rounded up to 1hr)
Does this sound right?
T = 0.38 x C /I
0.475 = 0,38 x 260ah / 208

If this is incorrect then where have I gone wrong? Also, if I am using adaptive charge then does this figure matter?

I also was confused regarding temperature compensation - I saw that the compensation should be set at -4mV/ºC/Cell - so i have set this at-32V/ºC - is this correct?

The system has a temperature sensor, how do I know that it is even working?

Could you also advise on the absorption and float voltages please?
After looking through the manuals I settled for -
Absorption Voltage - 29.40V
Float Voltage - 27.60V
Max Charge Current - 50A

Also, i set the system to 'charge only' when I got to bed, in the morning despite the batteries reading at 24.8+ the system wont turn on until there is a bit of sun to top up the charge, or i need to turn the gene on to allow a top up... It could be for 5 mins and the system turns back on again and doesn't seem to be lacking charge at all.. is there something I have accidentally mis-configured when I was using veconfigure? I've noticed Victron connect app is not a comprehensive as Veconfigure or am i missing something by plugging into the charge controller?

Please excuse the basic questions but I have already fried one set of these batteries in 3 years and it was an expensive mistake i can let happen again... trying my best to get studying again : )



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IP65 accesories

Will the charger fit in the wall mount with the rubber "bumper" attached?

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Gx doesn't discharge battery at night


I'm new here, thank you for having me.
We are running a victron setup for a few weeks now. So not very experienced yet.
The setup we are using is 3 multiplus units (48/5000) for a 3 phase network (+ carlo gavazzi energy meter) and a mppt 450/100 unit as PV charger.

The problem is that the battery only discharges when the solar panels are charging the batteries.
When the battery has 74% at night, it will still have 74% the next morning.

Why doesn't it discharge in stead of using the grid?
Maybe a small setting but can't find it at the moment.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards

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NEED HELP! Van build electrical system experiencing array of issues

Hey everyone, we built a very nice electrical system for a customers 2021 Ford Transit and it seems to be plagued with some problems. I have racked my brain, double and triple checked everything, and can't come up with any answers. I'll give a breakdown of the system, then the issues they are experiencing:

200ah Battle Born Lithium batteries
Victron Orion Smart 30amp DC-DC charger
Victron SmartSolar 30amp MPPT charger
Victron Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 Inverter/Charger
Victron SBP-100 Smart Battery Protect
Victron BMV-712 battery monitor
2 X 100watt Renogy panels
All wiring is Ancor Marine, fusing is Blue Sea Systems

The biggest loads on their system is their Webasto AT2000 heater, and Dometic CFX-65DZ fridge: around 50watts total


Battery drain - while traveling they will regularly wake up and the batteries be at 70%. The heater may kick on a few times at night, but this seems like excessive battery drain.
Battery low voltage - they are getting low voltage warnings from the BMV-712 as well as their fridge; batteries are at 75% charge, but showing low voltage. This seems odd; our experience is that LiFePO4 batteries can maintain high voltage even when discharged.
Odd charging patterns - the other day they drove for an hour in bright sunlight. They should have easily topped off the batteries from the alternator plus solar charging. BMV-712 showed 62% charge. Then 5 minutes later it updated to 100% charge. Is it possible there is a communication error with the battery monitor?

In general, it doesn't seem like their system is charging as well as it should, and the batteries are draining way too quickly. We are out of ideas, as everything seems to be put together perfectly. Any thoughts? What kind of checks can we do? Could there be a parasitic drain on the system, and if so, how do we find that? Could we have a bad ground somewhere? And lastly, could these batteries be damaged if experiencing low voltage?

Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions.

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Multiplus II 48/5000 Firmware


Where can I find the changelog for the new firmware v492 for the Multiplus II?

Thank you

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VRM doesn't show voltage if Multiplus is off.

The Multiplus is connected to the Cerbo via VE bus utp. The BMV712 Smart is connected to the Cerbo via VE-direct. BMV712 is connected with the householdbattery and also via the auxiliaryport with the vehicle-batteries.

On the advanced tab of VRM i can see both voltages all the time and also on the dashboard but i can only see the voltage of the householdbattery in the box below when the multiplus is on. If the multiplus is off the box is blank. The question is what connection or setting do i have to make to see the householdvoltage all the time in the box below on the dashboard?


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Incorrect battery temperature displayed on VRM


Pylontech batteries sitting at 15c degrees on ccgx,however the VRM is indicating -273 c degrees!


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