IP22 skipping Bulk, straight to Absorption

I have 2x Victron Smart 100Ah LiFePO, managed by a 12/200 BMS & SmartBMV. I connected the IP22 today as they were at 50% (102Ah discharged). Usually the solar keeps everything topped off, but we've been somewhere shady for a week.

Bulk - 1m57s - 0.7Ah
Abs - 1h56m - 42.2Ah
Storage - 10m - 3Ah
at which point I pulled the plug.

I've checked the fuse. All the connections are good, straight on to the BMS. Voltages (currently 13.47 &13.48 with all cells balanced) are correct and agree on the different devices.

Reconnecting the charger again starts the process again; this time Bulk for 4s, then straight to Abs.

I think that this started when I installed firmware 3.40. It definitely didn't do it when I first purchased it in December. Looking at the History tab, it's only been the last 5 cycles where this has occurred. No changes have been made to the setup since December.

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Modbus-TCP register for generator no net KWH

Hi is there any reason why we cant have net energy received in the TCP list for the generator? like there is for the grid?

Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 13.09.42.png

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Comment réinitialiser le calcul du pourcentage charge du Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32


Je bataille depuis quelques jours avec le paramétrage de mon Multiplus pour essayer d'obtenir un pourcentage de charge juste. Le pourcentage a été à 100% lorsque j'ai paramatré pour la première fois il y a 1 semaine, et depuis il baisse (inférieur à 50 %). CE qui est faux car tous les jours en milieu de journée j'atteints la phase float et une tension de 55 V. Je voudrais réinitialiser le calcul du pourcentage du niveau de charge, mais je n'ai pas trouvé cette fonction, ni dans les menus du Multiplus via VictronConnect, ni dans ceux du régulateur de charge, ni dans le Color GX. Auriez-vous une idée ?

Quelqu'un sait pourquoi le calcul du pourcentage devient farfelus ?

Merci d'avance pour votre aide.


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cerbo gx bluetooth disappeared

I have two cerbo gx devices on different battery banks, they have been set up almost identical aside for voltages, both are connected to the same wi-fi, both have REC BMS integrated. They were both working fine for some time, then oneday the bluetooth on one of them just stopped working. No blinking blue light. I have searched and can't find where to re-enable it nor does reset work.

I can still access it [the cerbo] via the cerbo inbuilt wifi but can't find where to enable the bluetooth again. The other cerbo does not have this issue.

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Multiplus II automatic on/off with cerbo gx and VE.BUS

Hi I know similar has been asked in the past, but I have not yet been able to find a solution. Maybe someone else has come up with something?

I am two lithium, a 48v bank and a 12v bank, on my sailboat. I normally live aboard, but this winter I will be leaving the boat for an extended period. I would like to run a far infrared heater and dehumidifier whilst I am away. I have 1.2kw of solar so should be able to handle almost continuous use. Though what I would like to do is only run them when the batteries are charged up to say 70%, thus ensuring that if there are a few days of no sun and the battery drops bellow this level the inverter (and devices it is running) won't running the battery down.

Is there a way I can do this? Note that I am running REC BMS which controls the charging via the cerbo gx.

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No ground connection in SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 ?


I see that the bigger SmartSolar MPPT models have a ground connection on the side of the mounting plate.


What about the SmartSolar MPPT 75/15? It does not look like it has a ground connection?


Is the grounding only made on the battery side?

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401 error invalid token

Able to togin and get a token using Postman, however when doing subsequent requests I am getting

{ "success" : false , "errors" : "Token is invalid" , "error_code" : "invalid_token" }

This is what my headers in postman look like


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generator erattic charging with quattro fronius AC coupled off grid

Hi, i'm wondering if anyone can help with my generator to quattro charging issue. I have an AC coupled off grid system with 2 x fronius primo 8.2 ( each carrying 8700w of PV ) feeding into a Victron Quattro 15000va inverter and a 27kwh Kokam lithium battery.

The generator is a 25kva which is all hooked up to auto start. At first it worked fine but recently when it starts the quattro is drawing the power very erratically and the charge current from the quattro is all over the place but at a much lower rate than its capable of. Sometimes the generator will level out as normal if I start a big load such the mig welder or the toaster and kettle together would do the trick and other times nothing works.

Also sometimes during the day the fronius's will shut down several times and if we are drawing more than the Victron can handle it will shut down due to overload as the fronius aren't helping anymore and needs to be restarted.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Thanks lee

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Multiplus overheating before overload

Greetings, I have a multiplus 48/3000 which has been working fine for years. I have now installed a 2.5kW load, which I need to run for an hour or so. After half an hour I get temperature warnings, the multiplus goes offline for a few minutes, restarts, operates for 5 minutes, another warning etc.

There are no other loads on the system, and vrm portal is showing a consistent load of 2500W.

The multiplus is installed with lots of free space around it, and the ambient temperature is about 22C. The fan is working hard.

Any ideas how to correct this?

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Multiplus 12/3000/50: 400W difference in VRM

Good morning,

I have a multi 12/3000/50 installed on my sailboat. Connected to 230V/16A shore power and loading Smart Lithium 330Ah at 74,3A (no other AC loads connected), the VRM is showing a difference of around 400W between shore power input and consumption (please see sceenshot):


The input of 1428W seems to be correct as this also is shown on my Shelly 1 PM (directly connetced at shore power input).

Any ideas about the 400W? Seems to be quite high for inverter own consumption or is this normal?

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Dropbox size reduction?

Hi - is there a way for you to try and reduce the size of the dropbox sync. I'm sure, like many of us are hitting the 3GB limit now with the firmware and product files. I only use dropbox for Victron syncing, so don't necessarily want to have to pay for extra space.

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SBP-65 controlled by Remote BMV Temperature AND High Voltage?


I'd like to use a SBP to control a 24v seawater airconditioner for cooling lithium cells while charging.

The Smart Battery Protect shall power the airconditioner as long as these two conditions are met (logical AND):

High Battery Temperature via Remote Port (Smart BMV-712 alarm/relay)

High System Voltage (as approximation of Solar absorb phase) via SBP internal sensor (e.g. >3.35V@Cell or >26,8V@24V)

Can this be done with a single SBP or would I need to use two SBP in series? (1: voltage, 2: remote)

Or even better: Can I use two remotes (H&L) from Smart MPPT Absoption relay and Temperature from BMV on a single SBP?

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Orion-Tr isolee 12/24 15A


J'ai remarqué que le câblage de mes 2 convertisseurs orions étaient particuliers.

Ils rechargent un parc de batterie en 48v.

1- Le Négatif du 24v ( sortie ) était branché sur le Negatif 12v ( entrée).. cela peut endommagé les batteries ?

2- que signifie isolated pour mon cas ?

3- pour la recharge du parc en 48v les 2 orions doivent être réglé sur quelle tension exactement? 27.6v ?

Merci de vos conseils

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Mppt max Wattage input

Hi , ive tried and find my answer many places but cannot get it anywhere .

Im looking at getting an MPPT whose spec says as follow

Max. Photovoltaic System Input Power 550W/12V

1040W /24

It seems to be very easily archived to reach 550W with just a couple of panels and was wondering in order to benefit best from the mppt i would like to go into a 24 V so that i can input 1040W .

Would this count as 24 V if i was to put the panels in series and up the voltage? Or do the panels have to be 24V themselves ?

24V panels seem a lot more expensive and a lot harder to get which is why i would rather go the 12 V way but also would like to maximise the utilisation of the mppt .


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Bluesmart charger and VE.Direct

Ok , more a whinge , why don’t victron add a VE.Direct mechanism to the blue smart chargers. It seems to me a deliberate decision to prevent it encroaching on the Phoenix unit. The blue smart mppt , the bmv 712 all have both but this charger doesn’t

In my case , I want a simple VE.smart network initially , but long term want to go to a VE.Direct monitoring , now I neither buy a much more expensive charger a and Bluetooth dongle , or I buy a better Blue smart charger but it will not integrate

Grrrrr. Victron, you need to have a standardised policy so that devices work across networking solutions.

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Firmware update of battery mgmt controller IP22 failed

I tried to update the firmware of the IP22 24/48 V battery mgmt controller with the VictronConnect app. I think the update failed.
Now when I try to switch on the system the status LED is continuously flashing red and nothing happens.

In VictronConnect I cannot see the IP22 anymore… :-(

What can I do?

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Can I use 2 Solar controllers in the same system?


I realize that this question was asked and answered a few years back however I am confused by part of the accepted response:

"Any MPPT (or PWM) solar charger, has a limit to how much Wp it can handle, eg. the max Wp of a 100/150 or 100/250 SmartSolar is 5 800Wp.

It also does not have to be the same size MPPT's, or the same size panels.

But make sure that all the panels on a single MPPT, is the same size. You don't want to mix sizes in a single array, as they will all be derated to the smallest panel. Eg, 2 x 150Wp, mixed with 2 x 250Wp in same array, will all be derated to 150Wp. As if you had 4 x 150Wp."

Regarding the underlined part, is there something special about Victron MPPT controllers that do not allow mixed wattage panels in parallel? To be more specific, in my case, I have 3 x 170W (8.6A ea.) and 1 x 100W panels and they are all 12V (the 180s are fractionally lower in V than the 100). I was planning to hook two 170W panels together in series and feed my 200Ah LiFEPO4 battery via a Victron 20A SmartSolar MPPT controller then run the 3rd 170W and the 100W panels together in parallel through a 15 A MPPT to the same battery. Is there any problem with that? What derating would occur?

As a less preferred alternative, can I not hook them all up in parallel and use a 35A controller?

Any help with this would be appreciated,


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VRM API Demo Access results in 401


we are working on a project with a small solar station but don't have the victron hardware yet. To gain some experience with the vrm api, i tried to work with the demo login. I am able to get a bearer token for the demo login and the api documentation sais the user id for the demo login is 22.

I set the header as follows (of course with the real bearer token without the sq. brackets):

X-Authorization: Bearer {[the_bearer_token_here]}

Unfortunately, every attempt to access any API endpoint like https://vrmapi.victronenergy.com/v2/users/22/installations results in 401 and

  "success": false,
  "errors": "Token is invalid.",
  "error_code": "invalid_token"

I tried this with curl and Postman without any success.

Is there a way to get access to the demo data or am i doing something wrong?

Many thanks in advance


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Multiplus II ESS with generator and transfer switch aux contacts


I use Multiplus II (Quattro II does not exists?) and CerboGX as ongrid ESS/UPS system with generator backup.

How connect transfer switch aux to that system for change input from grid to genset on information display? And if possible, also change charging limit settings (and disable feed in ofcource).

Thanks, Karl

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IP22 charger cycling between BULK and ABSORPTION too quickly


I'm charging a 250 AH li-ion batterie equipped with an internal BMS.

When connected to mains, the charger start in BULK charging at 30A, and quickly switches to ABS (around 3A, which is correct).

But a few dozen of seconds later, it goes back to BULK charging at 30A, and a minute later back to ABS, and cycles like this.

Load on the battery is light at this time (around 10W), and from my understanding, ABS should maintain a fixed voltage and provide the current absorbed by the battery (+load). No reason to switch back to BULK charging.

I see alternating BULK (buzzing) /ABS (silent) every minute. I'm providing four screenshots of the app with phone's time to illustrate.





Any idea on what could be causing this ?

Thank you !

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IP22 Going Straught to Absorption

I have a Victron BSC IP22 12/30 charger and a 120AH Lithium battery When I connect to 240v power, the charger immediately shows a voltage of 14.2v goes straight to Absorption, irrespective of the actual voltage. The charger is set to the Li-ion profile. Below are screenshots from both the IP22 and Smartshunt.

Can anybody suggest how I can get it to Bulk charge before going to Absorption?



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EM24 and ET112 on same USB Dongle

I have a EM24 on the USB Dongle and it workes fine. Then i added a ET112 (and changed the Modbus ID of the EM24 from 1 to 2 as described in the manual).

Now no Meter is recognised. If i disconnect one meter (EM24 or ET112) the other one works fine. So both meters are OK (and the cable too).

What can i do?

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Multipluss II - Is "External Control" ESS Mode 2 or 3?


There are 2 Modes which allows to controll the Multiplus II with an own Script.

ESS Mode 2 and 3

But how to enable them?

The answer I found to this was set the ESS mode to external control.

If there are 2 Modes why there is only one Setting? If I set ESS Mode to external controll is this enabling Mode 2 or mode 3?

The victrom ESS description is not answering that.


Thanks in advance

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Best way of integrating a battery switch with a lynx bus

Since Victron refuses to release the visio shapes (on the wrong grounds in my eyes - it has NOT hurt other like Cisco) I cannot provide a sketch which would have explained this better so I will have to try in words instead.

I'm looking for a good design that contains a Power in module first, followed by the shunt VE can module. After that there should be a battery switch and the chain then ends with one or more distributors.

suggestion to the product team: A Lynx power switch would be a nice extension to the product range

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VictronConnect on Linux Mint 20.2 unable to access VRM systems

Hi, I have installed the Victron Connect appimage on Mint 20.2 successfully. However when I try to access VRM within the app, I'm directed to sign in to VRM. Clicking the button brings me to the VRM login page and I log in successfully.

A button appears that says " Authorize VictronConnect". Clicking the button returns a message that says:

"Redirecting you to VictronConnect...Don't see the VictronConnect app? Focus the VictronConnect app from your taskbar."

Doing so returns me to the VictronConnect app with no change in the app, or connection to VRM. I'm unable to connect.

I am using Firefox and editing the .desktop file found in $HOME/.local/share/application,

from: Exec=/<path>/VictronConnect-x86_64.AppImage

to this: Exec=/<path>/VictronConnect-x86_64.AppImage %u

Makes no difference, Any leads on this issue....seems other people have battled with this too.

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MultiPlus-II 2x 120V - Feed grid and use as ups.

1. Can this model feed solar energy back to the grid in the USA?

2. Assuming I already have Victron mppt controller and a 48v battery, do I need a separate grid tie inverter (for example Solaredge) to use this model with the grid?

3. Can this be wired up to the main breaker box? The following data seems to imply that it’s connected to a panel with major appliances. If my “critical loads” are just the 120v outlets, then I should not need a separate breaker box, correct?
The MultiPlus switches to inverter operation when no AC source is available. The inverter output is also 120V single phase. In inverter mode, the MultiPlus-II 2x120V internally connects both lines L1 and L2 together to provide 120VAC to loads on either output. Therefore, in all connection circumstances, both sides of a distribution panel will be supplied with 120V. However, 240VAC is only available when the MultiPlus is supplied by a split phase 120/240VAC source. This prevents heavy loads such as water heaters or 240V air conditioners from discharging the battery.

4. what are the advantages of ac coupling this model with a pv inverter like the solaredge vs using this model by itself?

5. will this model allow the Victron controller to provide solar power and charge batteries during an outage?

6. Are there any victron installers in the Dallas Texas area?


If this can supply power to the grid, is it limited to 3,000 VA of power going back to the grid? let’s say I have 4,500 watts of solar panels, how much of that can be sent to the grid?

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SmartSolar not using VE.Smart current sense

I have a setup where a SmartSolar 150|70 is connected to a BMV-712 on a VE.Smart network. The BMV-712 monitors the battery bank.

As shown on the pictures below, the SmartSolar is taking external battery voltage and temperature from the VE.Smart network, but not external battery current, which mean the SmartSolar is not able to detect the tail current during absorption if any load is present on the DC circuit causing the current at the SmartSolar sensor to be much higher than actual charge current in the battery.

Is this a known issue, is there a reason why the SmartSolar does not use external current sense? Is Victron planning to add this as a feature in the future? That would be really helpful to help the charge controller manage end of charge much more accurately...



Smartsolar view of VE.Smart network: it uses external battery voltage and temp as expected, but not external current sense


BMV-712 view: as expected, BMV-712 does send current sense, but it is not being used by SmartSolar:


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Auto Transformer

I have a question regarding the capabilities of the 100A Auto Transformer that Victron make.

I want to make sure my understanding of this unit is correct and this is hopefully a basic question for somebody. I notice that it states that the neutral continuous current capability is 28A AC and from the documentation it implies this is effectively the limit of the imbalance the system can absorb. My two hypothetical questions are:

1. If this transformer was being fed by a 12KVA 240V supply with the output exclusively feeding 120V loads balanced across L1 to N and L2 to N. With the maximum imbalance limitation of 28A would the maximum theoretical UNBALANCED load it could provide on it's outputs be 64A on one leg and 36A on the other?

2. If this same transformer was feeding a system exclusively made up of 120V loads on L1 to N and L2 to N i.e no 240V loads. If absolutely NO loads were present on L2, would the theoretical maximum current on L1 of the transformer be limited by the neutral imbalance limitation of 28A. So this would limit any current to 28A (3.36KVA) on any leg if the opposing leg was 0A?

Appreciate any guidance on this please. Thanks

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Retrieve data from VE.Smart network

Is there anyway of getting data from a VE.Smart network into a third party device?

I'm looking for:

- Panel and charge data from MPPT SmartSolar

- State of Charge and battery data from SmartShunt

- Current values from Smart BatteryProtect


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Is my MPPT cactus?

I am wondering if my MPPT Solar Charge Controller either is faulty or has bad software?

Video Link: VictronConnect Screen Capture

It is constantly fluctuating between full and no power as per the attached video. My setup is as follows:

12v LiFePo4 Battery -> Victron BMV-712 -> 16mm2 [50cm] -> 300A BusBar 8mm studs

Victron SCC MPPT 150/35 - 16mm2 [50cm] - 300A BusBar 8mm studs - (note: 16mm2 is max for MPPT 150/35 SCC)

Victron Phoenix 12/500 Inverters x 2 - 10mm2 [50cm] - (note: 10mm2 is max for Phoenix 12/500 Inverter)

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