multiplus 5000/24 transfer swich 50 or 100

Good afternoon, I have a technical inquiry buy a Victron Multiplus in 2014 5000/24/120/50 but both in the housing and in the attached serial number of the equipment, it says that it has the transfer switch of 100A internally the chip that carries is the 50 the 2649151.hex. I bought a new quattro 24/8000 and I want to sell the old MultiPlus but it's complicated by that problem, it makes people suspicious. Any explanation? It happens often? Thank you

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Random loss of AC out1 - why?


Had this about 4 times over the past 3 months, the most recent being this afternoon. It lasts enough time to make things beep and clocks reset.

2 x MP2 48/5k - grid on ACin all loads on ACout1

6 x US5000

Running from batteries, pulling about 4kW today but in the past (about a month ago) it has been at night with about 500W.

I currently charge at night and discharge in the day and SoC today when it happened was 84%

I got no loss of grid alarm or any other alarms but when I looked in the data from VRM I see some odd values at the same time.


Why does the output voltage phase 1 drop to zero as this would appear to be the problem especially as I am pulling nothing of interest from the grid - which is aparently disconnected.

I have coincidentally been stood by the inverters during an actual grid fail and I heard the relays open and close, but nothing this time as I was in earshot of them (could be mistaken) and when I checked with the neighbour they had no issues (but they might be on a different phase) so this time it does point to the ACout being a problem not the ACin.

Even so, can anyone explain why the ACout drops?

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Setting DVCC volts for LFP 16 cells battery

I have LFP 100Ah 16 cells from "XD battery" and MultiPlus 48/5000. Both connected via Cerbo GX, via VE.Can configured as BMS Can. Related configuration already done in VE Configure.

XD Battery datasheet (got it from the vendor).

I always getting over-voltage error, as on Cerbo GX, as on battery BMS.

I started from 56V and went to 54.9V charging voltage. The last one is not enough to have 100%.

Whole process diagram:


At the point (1:12) where lowest voltage goes down, the inverter stopped charging.



Is there something wrong with BMS or/and VEConfig settings, or anything else?

Why highest voltage raises and lowest goes down after stop charging?

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BSLBATT voltage too low

Hi, I have a newly installed MP-II 48/5000 with 3 x BSLBATT B-LFP48-100-RM in ESS configuation. The system is working, but isn't performing well as it goes into Sustain mode when at around 50% SoC with only a modest discharge current due to voltage dropping below 48V.


When freshley charged, the battery is only just hitting 51V, and quicjly drops down. I am not convicned my Charger settings are correct, they are:


and accoring to the Victron manual they should be


Should I change the charger settings to match Victron's manual?

Many thanks

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Quattro II - Wrong advertising promise or misunderstood ESS with generator?

Hello friends of the blue devices,

is there a false advertising promise from Victron?.

I bought 3 Quattro II, a Cerbo GX and 6x MPPT 150/70 VE.Can. Then I installed 14kWp PV and a 11kWh battery with diyBMS. Everything has been going great for about 2 months - except for the advertising promise with the generator.

Of course I installed the ESS Assistant in all 3 Quattros - there's no other way if you want to use the PV power yourself and want to store excess power in the battery. My 8kVa generator with Honda motor and AVR on each phase is connected to AC In1 as the owner's manual recommends.

Germany with internal NS protection is set as the grid code. LOM activated at AC IN 1+2. The generator is not recognized. LOM disabled at AC IN1 - nothing! Then I found that the generator is set to 52Hz, so I set it to around 50Hz - the generator is recognized after a very long time and serves phase 1+2+3. But no charging of the battery - which is the most important thing for me. After this connection was not stable either, I switched to EXTERNAL NA protection. This keeps the generator stable in the system. However, there is no PowerAssist and no support from the Quattro II inverter.

IF I suddenly switched on 4000W the Quattro II throw the generator out of the system again. I only want to charge the battery with the generator and the other consumers as before with an inverter using MPPT and battery power. So as if the grid is available on AC IN2 and no generator is connected. It works there too. I've tried everything with the generator - minimum SOC set to 100% or always keep the battery charged - all the setting options...nothing. You can only use the generator to operate connected consumers in the house without any support from the QUATTRO II. That sounds somehow different in the advertising. It doesn't say "all this will only work with your generator if you don't install an ESS". Then I should have saved a lot of money and would have bought 3 Multiplus II and 3 additional power supplies with a total of 7kW to charge the battery with the 3-phase generator.

Is there someone among you who knows more about this and can help me?


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Possible to remote start generator with bluetooth on Cerbo GX? Honda Eu70is BLE remote starter.


I have a 2020 model Honda Eu70is generator, which is equipped with a bluetooth BLE remote starter. Since the Cerbo has a built-in bluetooth module, I was thinking that some smart guys here might have some experience with the bluetooth capabilities.

I already have my cerbo connected to ruuvi BLE temperature sensors, so the cerbo should be able to pair with the Honda as well. How to start to look at this, any suggestions?

I can't find any way to search for bluetooth devices in the Cerbo Gx console.

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DVCC compensation du courant des charges CC

bonjour, j'ai une config suivante en site isolé :

MPPT 150/35 pour 1600Wc de PV

Multiplus 1600/48

BMV-712 en contrôleur de batterie

Orion 48/12

des charges en 12v DC et 230v AC

batterie 48v, courant de charge max 19A, donc il peut rester potentiellement 16A a distribuer si la prod solaire le permet.

tout est connecté au Cerbo GX et bien visible

J'ai donc activé le DVCC pour avoir la compensation de la charge AC rapportée par le Multi, mais pour les charges en DC, il faut basculer le BMV-712 en contrôleur de charge CC.

Quid du contrôleur de batterie ? Est ce que j'aurai toujours les infos qui sont rapportée quand il était en contrôleur de batterie ?


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one RS450/200 or better split to 2x RS450/100

Hello guys,

i have a questrion regarding the purchase of RS450 equipment. Is it better to use only one RS450/200 or better split to 2x 450/100?

I was told, that it is better to use the 450/200, when various directions of the panels are used (N, S, E, W), because the 450/200 limits the output of the power over all 4 mppt trackers to 200. If 2x 450/100 are used, it could be that 2 mppts of the first 450/100 produce 120A and will be reduced to max 100A and the second produces 80A... so i can load only with 180A. When I use the 450/200 in the same constellation i would charge with 200A.

Is that true?

which setup would you advice?

Best regards


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Are 50vdc solar panels wasted on a 12vdc system?

Hi, I am just trying to get my head around this and wonder if someone can confirm it please?

For a 12-15vdc battery off grid system needing to charge through a charge controller via a solar panel array of course which the panels are rated at around 55Vdcmax.

With the cheaper Ebay MPPT controllers (link to example type bellow), they cut off the solar panels inputs if the solar panel voltages are above around 15Vdc, so effectively the panel would only charge the system when the panel voltage is within the 12vdc - 15vdc, effectively only for a VERY short time in the morning and again at sunset.

With a Victron charge controller like (link of example type below), to charge the 12-15vdc from the panels (55Vdc). Does the Victron charge controller cater for the full 0-55vdc from the panel or does it also have built in cut out solar voltage cut offs, resulting in the same issue as the cheaper Ebay charge controllers?

I guess I am looking to have some device which converts the 0-55Vdc to a more usable 12-15vdc range so as to charge the batteries. Is the Victron charge controllers able to do that, regardless of the voltage from the solar panels are producing?

Kind regards



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Console à distance...Connexion à distance impossible

Bonjour la communauté,

J'ai un soucis pour passer en mode "Console à distance" avec un Cerbo GX-S lorsque je suis sur VRM ("Echec de la connexion au GX. Vérifiez votre connexion et essayez à nouveau.").

Avec victronConnect, en local donc, je n'ai pas ce soucis.

Le Cerbo est bien connecté au net soit par le câble ethernet, soit par le réseau WIFI.

Avez-vous une idée ?

Merci pour votre aide.

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PWM LCD USB 12V 5A : 1.1v voltage at PV terminals while PV disconnected


Equipment : PWM LCD USB 12V 5A + PV victron 30 wc + battery superpack 12.8v lithium.

With the PV (30 wc) disconnected, there is always 1.1V displayed by the "PV voltage display" and by voltmeter measurement of the +/- PV terminals of the controller. The battery is 100% charged. Is this normal? Is this residual voltage coming from the battery?

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Can I remotely access Cerbo Gx over Ethernet by giving IP address?

There are mppts connected to the cerbo that we use in different areas. I want to watch the data of MPPTs on a single pc. I need to use IP address for this. Can i do this with Cerbo and MPPT or any recommendation..

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Multiplus GX 3000/48V ET112 et micro controller enphase


je viens de faire l'installation de :

- mutliplus II GX 3000/48

- 8 micro controller enphase, branché sur AC IN

- 2 batteries polyntech

- 1 compteur ET112, branché en tête de compteur

tous focntionnement presque, sauf que je n'arrive pas à charger les batteries. Le compteur detecte la production des panneaux (avec -xxxW) mais cela ne déclenche pas la charge. voir impression d'écran.Screenshot_20230119-132421 (002).png

Est-ce qu'il y a des paramètres que j'ai mal réglé?

ou est-ce qu'il faut que je mets les micro onduleurs sur AC OUT?

Merci de votre aide,


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alimentation lynx distributor


je viens de mettre en route mon installation solaire (multiplus II + RS450/200 + lynx distributor + sectionneur bipolaire + lynx power in + 8 batteries pylontech + cerbo gx).

Je constate que les leds du lynx distributor restent éteintes. Existe t-il à la vente, un câble pour alimenter le power distributor ? Depuis le Cerbo gx par exemple.


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MPPT charge reduces to zero for no reason

I have recently fitted a new EasySolar II GX and have a problem that I don't seem to be able to resolve. The unit is fitted with an MPPT250/70 solar charger which no reason that I can see, just stops charging on a nice sunny day - see attached graph from today.


As can be seen, a nice sunny day and suddenly the current drops off to zero and will sit there until I turn the MPPT off and then back on again.

System is 24v, charge current set at 50amp max (calcium lead batts), load output set to always on. 6 x solar panels 1800w max.

As can be seen the solar voltage rises slightly when the charger goes off, and when reset comes back on. This happens most days, but there is no tie-up between when it goes off each day. Its a new system thats only three weeks old, and has done this from new - I'm begining to think its actually faulty or is there some setting I'm missing?

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