Water tank level sensor for cerbo gx

I have an off-grid installation in an isoated house without grid acces. I have a cerbo gx and a 4G router to connect with VRM portal.

i would like to monitor also the water tank level of the house, the water tank is 4 meters deep (12.000 liters) and it is 50 meters far from cerbo gx device.

is there any tank level sensor compatible with cerbo gx but also able to deal with the distace from the cerbo and the tank depth?


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CCGX reading micro SD Card problem

I buy my complete system from Victron in last July, & i'm so impress by now with it. The only problem I got since the beginning is the difficulty to make my SD recognize by my CCGX.

I have to insert it on & off about 25 times before the CCGX can detect it, and after couple of hour or day the communication is lost & having No storage found appear again..

It' look like my unit is to sensitive for a correct reading...

I know by far that my card format is good & im using Kingston 32GB model,

This feature is really important for me because i'm in a out of reaching location...

I also read this thread: https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/69212/ccgx-no-longer-recognizing-sd-card.html

but doesnt look to be a permanent issue!!

Wanna know if i'm the only one with this problem, & if there is something I can try before returning the unit to the retailler...

Thank you

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RPi reporting issues
I just built a Victron equipped (MPPT and smart shunt) power station/solar generator. I wanted to see how long the so-gen would run my fridge on the battery. I am running an RPi with Venous OS. While only monitoring through the VRM while at work, the Pi would only report the smart shunt for 2-4 hours and then stop reporting. I had to come home and power cycle the Pi to start reporting.

So not sure if it was wifi, the VRM, or something else, I connected my hacked laptop screen to the Pi. When the Pi stopped reporting on the VRM (reporting only the smart shunt) the directly connected screen reported voltage, watts and amp draw, but not batt percentage. (second pic)

So I connected my solar panel and power cycled the Pi. Same scenario. A bit of time later the shunt stopped reporting on the VRM. Voltage, watts and amp draw, are on the screen, but not batt percentage. (3rd pic) The solar continues to report on the VRM and screen

Not sure where to troubleshoot now. Any help would be appreciated




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Remote on off for 2 mppt controllers


I have 2 Victron Smart Solar controllers a 100/30 and a100/50 which both feed a lithium battery bank.

Is there anyway to remotely turnoff the solar when the batteries reach a certain voltage and then turn back on when the voltage drop to a certain voltage, using just one VE Direct non inverting on off cable from my shunt or any other method.

Cheers Dann

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Goal zero yeti with victron no solar watts

I have goal zero yeti lithium, I have just connected the victron 100/30 charge controller, I am not getting any wattage or seemingly no solar input.
I simply swapped charge controllers and the previous one was working, so all the wiring should be okay and fuses too.

Any ideas as to why I am not receiving solar?

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Outboard alternator charging lithium


To charge a 12V LiFePO4 from an outboard alternator charging coil, what product is suitable to regulate the charging?

System Components

Outboard: Manual start, Honda BF6, 12V 6A charging coil
Battery: Lithium (LiFePO4), 12Ah, max charging rate 0.8C (9.6A)

Research Done

Watched the Victron Q&A Webinar 1 - Using an Alternator to charge Lithium video, and understand that since the battery has a larger C rating than the alternator, alternator current must be restricted using a Smart Orion or similar.

Options Found

Using the VictronConnect app to check the interfaces via the demo mode. Nothing appears suitable:

- Phoenix Smart Charger IP43 12|30 has "maximum charge current" settings of 7.5A, 15A and 30A, the minimum is too high for the alternator

- Orion Smart 12V|14V-18A Isolated has a LiFePO4 battery preset but no current limit settings (just voltage), and it isn't clear if it's ok with the variable output from an outboard.

- Blue Smart Charger 12|5 can limit charging to 2A or 7A, but is mains powered, and the 2A lower limit loses 4A of potential charging, while the 7A upper limit is too high for the alternator.

Which Victron product will allow the charge to be limited to a safe current for the alternator?


I am in a 3m open-top inflatable boat so the system needs to be compact, light, and simple.

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48V 120V/240V charging options

Looking at options to build a system for a global boat using a 48V lithium storage system. Would like to keep the AC shore power in separate to enable global shore power capability that is frequency and voltage agnostic.

Looking at the Victron catalogue, I don't see any options to support 120V or ideally 120V/240V AC 48V battery charging.

Can you put any 24V Victron chargers in series (e.g. Skylla-IP65) in series to get 48V charging?

Any third party options that you can recommend? Prefer not to add additional weight, complexity and space with voltage or isolation transformers in the input side.

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Single line diagram review - EasySolar 5kVA / Pylontech BESS

Hello all,

I've been in solar for a good number of years but I am new to Victron and I love their gear already :-)

The attached SLD is for a 3.24kWp/28kWh off grid system with 7kVA genset.

I have used the EasySolar 5kVA model (MPPT 150/100)

The power system will be located in a shed which is 20m away from dwelling #3 and 35m away from dwelling #5. There will be MSB in the shed with feeders going to each dwelling.

The generator is Honda EU70 32A (petrol gene/inverter) with ATS. I also want to connect it with a bypass option.

Would appreciate any comments on my design. I am mainly looking for comments on the interface with the 28kWh Pylontech BESS, the transition from the EasySolar to the MSB and compatibility of the connections between the gene and the inverter and MSB.

Many thanks



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[Answer] charging details for a Hankook XV110 110AH leisure battery

Hi All,

I googled this extensively and found no answer, so I contacted the manufacturer and spoke to some suppliers.

Fortunately, all the answers came back the same, so my confidence in their accuracy is

So, when setting up your B2B for the Hankook XV110 Battery:

Bulk charge = 14.6-14.8v

Absorption = bulk charge

Float charge would be 13.4v - 13.8v

Hope this helps someone else out there.



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Solar shed + batteries + micro inverters

I'm thinking of putting solar panels on the roof of my shed, the panels would have micro inverters rather than optimisers - the roof has shading. I intend to use Enphase IQ8H microinverters when they come available in Europe.

I would also have a ~10kw battery, I intend to power a small ~100W continuous load and small intermittent loads. The battery would be charged via a Victron MultiPlus and when the batteries are too low (no solar) via the grid at night.

Can the charge rate of the MultiPlus be adapted to the varying power input from the panels and microinverters (240V) ?

I prefer Microinverters over optimisers because data from Tigo inverters isn't free (API+fee)

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Hello Can I connect my liquid lead-acid starter battery on one bank and my two AGM Trojan on another bank on a Blue-Smart-IP22-30a Charger(3). Thanks Denis

Hello Can I connect my liquid lead-acid starter battery on one bank and my two AGM Trojan on another bank on a Blue-Smart-IP22-30a Charger(3). Thanks Denis

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Can anyone help me identify the wires coming from the battery?

I am planning to add a Victron DC/DC 30amp charger to my 2014 ERA (2015 Winnebago build) to better charge and manage my new two Battleborn batteries 100Ah 12volt.
It’s not really obvious which wires go where. And I don’t see a negative cable coming through either. this is an image of the selenoid under the passenger seat.


See photo


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Multiple VE.CAN MPPTs only enter absorption one time

I recently added a second VE.CAN 250/100 MPPT to my system. They are synchronized, connected to themselves and my Cerbo GX with Victron brand ethernet cables and two terminal plugs. All settings are identical on the MPPTs, and the device instances are the same. The slowly blinking synchronization symbol is present on the MPPT screen.

With the addition of the second MPPT, absorption & float are achieved correctly the first day after connecting the batteries. However, on the second and subsequent days, absorption is skipped and they go directly to float. They also don't reset the BVM to 100% as it quickly switches to float. I've read online that they are not recognizing "nighttime" correctly. However, the state of the MPPTs at night are "off", and there's no stray light powering any of arrays. At most they produce 0.2V during the night.

So, my solution thus far is to disconnect the batteries/solar from the MPPTs to reset them, and start them back up. Not a fun thing to do on a daily basis.

What more can I check to fix this?


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Smart Battery Protect with SmartShunt


From reading the manuals the SmartShunt compared to the BMV devices is lacking the pins to set an output alarm or relay.

Which means that I cannot use the SmartShunt together with the Battery Protect to disconnect my DC loads based on the SOC of the battery.

However as both the SmartShunt and the Smart Battery Protect have bluetooth and I have seen in the app that there are networking features, can the SmartShunt talk to the Smart Battery Protect wirelessly and tell the Smart Battery Protect to disconnect my DC loads when let's say my lead battery reaches 50% SOC?

Thank you very much,


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Blue Smart IP22 Charger 230V AC 24V/16A tripping RCBO


We installed a Blue Smart IP22 Charger 230V AC 24V/16A battery charger with mains protection provided by a 6A RCBO. This RCBO is tripping from time to time. The cause is then likely to be either earth leakage being higher than the 30mA rating of the RCBO, or the inrush current being too high; the steady current is well within the rating of the RCBO. Can you tell me what the inrush current is for this product as I can't find it in the data sheets?

What is the expected earth leakage?

I see other people have had similar issues with chargers. If the data is available then we can specify an appropriate circuit protection device to stop the tripping. We thought we'd made sufficient allowance for the likely inrush current.

Best Wishes,


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2 Multis in Parallel

My system:

2 x MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100

8 x Delta Gel Batteries GX12-200 (12V, 200 Ah)

48 x 150W Solar panels

2 x BlueSolar MPPT 150/70-Tr/MC4

Color Control GX

My problem: 2 parallel units from time to time a few times a day switch to inverting without any reasons all of a sudden and sometimes are overloaded, when the real load is 2kW only – that’s what I call “moments of instability”.

I have unstable weak AC input (house is in village with rather weak transformer, which cannot quickly sustain stable voltage when someone switches on high load more than 2kW).

When I had only one Multiplus and updated it with the latest firmware 3 years ago, it started working excellently without overloading itself and without switching to inverting every time I switched high load. It worked perfectly until I had to upgrade the system and installed the 2nd Multiplus in parallel last year. Even now when I experiment and use only one Multiplus after programming it to standalone mode, it works perfectly. But when I use 2 units in parallel – my system keeps on switching to inverting – not all the time, but from time to time. And in these moments of instability I sometimes see that power, taken from my batteries, reaches 6kW – that’s what at least shortly indicated on CCGX and in reality it can be much more. This is crucial for my batteries and 2 out of 8 are dead by now. Yesterday I checked voltage on each battery under 1kW load: 2 indicated 10 V, others – 12.1V. So, I am prone to think that instable parallel work of Multiplus units caused death of batteries, since they are not intended to work in mode of sudden short and relatively high load, which all of a sudden occurs during these moments of instability.

I carefully read everything written here: https://www.victronenergy.com/live/ve.bus:manual_parallel_and_three_phase_systems.

My system is up to date, all AC wires between Multiplus units and joint point are equal in size (2.5 mm^2) and length (750 mm) – yesterday I replaced 6 mm^2 wires with 2.5 mm^2 , trying to avoid over-dimensioning , but it did not have any result.

Dear Victron team – please admit that parallel systems were not supposed to work with weak AC input and I should replace my 2 Multis with one Quattro for 10 or 15kVA. I do not know what else I could do - everytime I wait for the new firmware with hope that it will solve my issue with parallel units as it did 3 years ago for stand alone unit, but all the last firmware files, including 2624473.vff, make no difference.

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VictroConnect v5.48 Crashing on Mac

Connect to a 500A shunt and the app crashes. Started in version 5.48. On all my Macs.

Can somebody on the development/QA team look into this ASAP?

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Adding a Runtland 914 wind turbine


just wondering, I have a BMS12/200 for the alternator, a Multiplus and some solar panels with an MPPT controller.

I know the alternator, multiplus and MPPT have to go to the LB terminal of the BMS but if...

I put a rutland 915 wind turbine with its own controller onto the system does the negative from the controller also have to go to the LB of the BMS?


peter-davies asked

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BYD B-Box Pro Charge Current Limit and Temp

Hi, The BMS is reducing the charge current when the battery temp is still above the 15 deg threshold. Currently reporting battery temp at 16 deg so charge current shouldn't be limited but it looks to of limited the charge current at the point when the battery temp dropped from 17 to 16 deg. Any ideas why this is happening?




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Unidentified network when connecting my computer to cerbo GX for Grafana dashboard

I have connected my cerbo GX device to my computer in order to setup the Grafana dashboard. however, my computer does not identify the network, and does not show any data on my computer.

I am very new to Modbus TCP and appreciate your help.

dashti1995 asked

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Cannot delete a device

I am unable to delete a device from the vrm portal the delete button is greyed out, the pi2 appears to be frozen , I would like to remove it and all data

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Multiplus II and Quattro II 48/10000 horizontal orientation

Given that these new inverter/chargers are a lot taller than the older ones (e.g. 48/10000 is 677mm tall instead of 470mm) is there any problem with mounting them horizontally in applications with restricted height (like a boat)?

If this is OK (I assume it is but fans will run more often...) is there a preferred (or non-preferred) orientation (e.g. on left side/right side/back) or doesn't it matter?

(yes I know the Quattro II 48/10000 hasn't been released yet but I expect this to happen before I need it later in 2022...)

Can they turn on extra external fans when the internal fans come on?

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Multiplus 12/500 ne charge plus


J'ai installé un multiplusil y a moins 6 mois (12/500) qui fonctionnait très bien jusqu'au jour où le mode chargeur a cessé de marcher. La batterie (gel 130ah) était basse donc je l'ai chargée mais depuis toujours rien. Le mode convertisseur marche mais quand je passe en mode chargeur les led rouge et verte s'allument brièvement puis la verte clignote une fois par 2 minutes environ.j'ai vérifié le courant de 230V arrive jusqu'à l'intérieur de l'appareil mais rien ne se passe. Le mode alimentation ne fonctionne de fait pas non plus.Tous les fusibles sont OK.

Une idée sur comment résoudre ce problème ? Selon moi il y a un défaut au niveau de l'ondulateur mais preneuse de tous vos conseils.

Merci !

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Prise en charge SAV sous garantie


Est-ce normal que mon distributeur me demande de lui envoyer mon Easysolar 1200 (sous garantie) à mes frais pour une prise en charge SAV ? Ne peut-il pas faire enlever mon matériel directement chez moi ?

Merci d'avance de vos réponses.

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Orion Smart compatible charging of starter battery

We’re using an Orion Smart 30A to charge the leisure batteries while the engine is running in our van. However, we also have 500w of solar (real world output up to 30A) connected to a SmartSolar.

We’re finding after long periods stationary, particularly with use of vehicle accessories like the radio, that the starter battery can be a little low. Despite having completely full leisure batteries thanks to the solar. And had even failed to start the engine once (fixed by manually connecting leisure to starter to get engine on).

Is there a way to trickle charge the starter, with any excess power but without allowing any leisure accessories to drain the starter? And without “waking up” the Orion and creating a loop?

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Lithium Battery and Multiplus

Can I put a Lithium Battery and a Multiplus in the same box or compartment?

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Multiplus 12/500 not charging


My multiplus installed around 6 months ago has stopped working.

The inverter mode works fine but when turned on the charger mode the green and red led briefly turn on and then all goes off. The green led tgen blinks once every couple minutes. The battery was toi low so i charged it fully with another charger but still now that battery is healthy nothing changes.

I have checked and 240v current reaches inside the multiplus. Inside and outside fuse are ok.

To me it seems that there is a default in the multiplus as the current comes in but nothing comes out of it. Power suppl mode doesnt work either. Anyone has a hint?

Thanks !


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How to store a Van through the winter?

Hey there,

I'm curious how to store a van with a Victron system through the winter. The solar panels will be exposed to sun the whole time, and there is a heating pad keeping the batteries sufficiently warm.

The system uses x3 200ah Victron Smart Lithium Batteries for 600ah. There is a Multiplus 3000VA, with x4 90watt solar panels on the roof.

The van will sit for several months, unused, but I want to keep the batteries topped off and the run the heating pad all the time (it has a thermostat function to shut off if above 68*F).

What is the proper way to store this and keep the batteries healthy? Should I pull all the fuses for everything but the heating pad and keep the solar running, with the Inverter in Charge Only mode?

Thanks for your help. Let me know if anything else is pertinent.


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Multiplus dead after 2620490 firmware


My ESS with 2x 48/3000/50 (Parallel, one phase) system worked well, after updating to firmware 2620490 the second Multiplus is going to overload after switching on.

Removed the Parallel function, reset to stand alone, still the same.
(Of course removed all AC in- and out to test)

Flashing the Firmware back to 2620433 did NOT solved the problem, flashing the firmware was without problems.
You hear the Inverter wants to start, as you hear the Transformer a short period.

How can this happend? The system worked well for some years.
Is the Multiplus dead, and must be repaired? Or any other suggestions?


Sander van Noort

PS. The first Multiplus is now setup as Standalone, and is working fine with the 2620490.
In winter i can live with one, but is sommer i need the extra power for a heatpump.

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What size NH Fuses do I Need?

Here is my Offgrid Wiring Diagram. I am thinking of wiring my Pylontech batteries like this because I have researched that the Pylontech cables are only 25mm so if I bought 2 sets of Pylontech cables and by wiring it like this it makes the cable 50mm. I was wondering if someone could please tell me what size NH Fuses I should put in my Fuse Disconnect Switch. Kind Regards.


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