Multiplus AC output voltage dips on load peaks


I'm having a small issue since the beginning of my (near) offgrid installation. Everytime the fridge compressor needs to start, it is very much noticeable on the lights. They flicker a little too much compared to what I wanted to be ideal.

Of course, this is expected to some degree. One must design system with a sufficient margin for the load peaks. My inverter was initially a 24/3000. I later added another one in parallel. They are fairly balanced, so I expect that now I have a system better or equal to an 24/5000. Further down the road, I improved the cabling to batteries from 50mm2 to 70mm2, and just about 1m lenght to busbar + 50cm to inverters. Even the fuse I passed from 250A to 300A to reduce resistance. Later on, I even changed to LiFEPO4 batteries (14kWh), with reduced internal resistance...

Well, even with all these improvements, although it got slightly better after each step, I never managed to remove the flicker on the lights to the extent I really wanted. In fact, I have a small impression (hope I'm wrong) that is getting slowly worse rather than better. Does anyone believe that is anything wrong with my system? Only about 3 years old. Could it be Multiplus capacitors or any other component is showing "tireness" due to the fridge constant startups all day long during the past years?

Below an example that makes the lights flicker. The voltage seems to go too low with too much ease for this kind of load. It's a ~150W fridge. I'm kinda worried. Or am I expecting too much?


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VE Direct - chain devices for monitoring?

I just got my first Victron controller (BlueSolar 75/15) and am very pleased with it, and finally decided to swap out my old and junky inverter with the very solidly made Phoenix 12/250 unit. So far so good - basically I only need to charge my laptop and tool batteries with 220v when working in the garden.

However I do want to know how much current my inverter is pulling and have that tracked on the Android app (I'm a techie and a bit of a control freak - it's why I'm replacing my garden setup bit by bit with better equipment) and am a bit dismayed that the BlueSolar charge controller is not able to poll the Phoenix inverter for status and current amp consumption (I know now that this is approximate, but hey, it's a garden!). I understand that VE Direct is a bidirectional serial bus, so it would make total sense that a user can chain the devices using VE Direct instead of having to buy a € 50 Bluetooth dongle - or the € 150 smart shunt! Actually, I'd even be willing to pay €2 a month for a premium app version instead...

I am positing that a vast majority of the first-generation users of Victron tech are like me - two batteries, maybe 100w of solar, a good charge controller and matching inverter. So why can't I have the BlueSolar charge controller front the inverter for monitoring?

Am is missing a trick?

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Effect of low voltage under load on charging

Hi there,

i got a off-grid system i build but got to the point i need a bit of info.

Got a equivalent to 560watt of solar panels and might expand on that soon, on a 100/20 mmpt charging a 100A/24v lithium batteries pack.

Phoenix 1200/24v inverter in use for inhouse , tv , pc or other.

This setup been going good for a year but because of not wanting to risk of damaging the batteries i always only had it to deliver power in evenings and nights.

The reason is because i struggle with this:

When under load the voltage drops a good part, like from 28V to 26.5v for example.

Now i worry that if the panels during peak give more power then what im pulling from the batteries , the batteries would still be full but because of the lower volt the regulator would try charge them anyway and overcharge the batteries right? asked
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Why does MPPT throttle to zero?

System is running ESS, Victron Multi II 5kVA and 2 x 150/35 MPPTs. The MPPTs throttle down to 5W randomly and for weeks now we have been trying to find a pattern. The only thing I am quite sure of is that it does not seem to happen when the inverter is turned off. In other words, if I allow the battery to discharge and then let the MPPTs charge but leave the inverter off, they work perfectly.

The MPPT (one or the other) will just stop producing and after typically 10 minutes will work fine again. Sometimes it takes much longer like 30 minutes.

I pride myself on being a very good trouble shooter but I must say, this is so seemingly random it is proving to be very difficult to find a pattern or nail down the cause. What I am 99% sure of is that the instruction to throttle comes from ESS and it stops happening when the Multi is turned off.

How can I get access to a Victron resource that can look behind the scenes at the messaging happening between the components to identify the cause of the throttling?

I have three large Victron systems coming up (two 90kVA and another 30kVA) and getting really concerned that we cannot get this issue resolved.

Many thanks for reading!


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Pv array voltage drops as soon as it's connected to mppt controller

Hi All,

Before posting this question I looked through the existing posts, unfortunately it didn't help me getting an answer to my situation

I have 2x second hand 180w solar panels on the roof of my van wired, which are in series. The leads feed into a bluesolar 150/35 mppt charge controller with an dc circuit breaker in between. On the battery side I have a self build 18650 7s28p lithium ion battery.

My problem is as follows: I measured the open circuit voltage of the panel array while disconnected from the rest of the system. On a sunny day it produced 60V. As soon as I engaged the circuit breaker to connect the panels to the charge controller the voltage dropped to around 23V, just below the voltage the battery was charged to. Doing the same procedure but with the battery disconnected from the mppt controller the voltage dropped to around 6V. Why does this happen?

Some notes:

- Even though the array produced 60v, with the battery disconnected the mppt seemed to get too little power to operate properly (when connecting over bluetooth it would disconnect randomly).

- I double checked the polarity, but it should be wired properly. + from PV to + from mppt and - to -.

Thanks in advance,


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Fronius keeps giving error state 112 on MG50

My fronius keeps tripping to error state 112 in my MG50 setup of 10kva quattro, 8kw fronius primo, and victron 250/100 mppt. The unit has been working fine since February 17, this issue started two days ago. I have checked the voltage output of the victron inverter and it's fine.

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SmartShunt SOC synchronization with SmartSolar MPPT

I know! This question have been asked before, and I think I have read every answer twice...and I am still not able to get my system to behave as I want.

System consists of 2x24V 100Ah LiFoPo4 batteries wired in parallel, SmartShunt, SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/50, MultiPlus-II 24/3000/70-32, Cerbo GX and some other bits that are not important here.

I tried to configure the SmartShunt as per. the manual:

Charge Voltage: 26,7 ( SmartSolar float - 0,3v)

Tail Current: 2%

Charged detection time: 3 minutes

But this resulted in SOC resetting to 100% every morning when the SmartSolar started charging.

Based on the description of what the parameters does, and the graphs I could pull from vrm, I then tried to set the charge voltage to 28V and lowered the detection time to 2 min. But now the SOC does not reset even when the SmartSolar is done charging.

Below are graphs of such a scenario:


I do not understand why the SOC was not reset to 100% when the voltage was >28V and amperage was close to zero for many minutes?

Settings for the SmartShunt are:


Settings for the SmartSolar are:


I hope you guys can help here, because I don't understand it :)

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Orion TR Smart 12|24-15 Alternator Instal

Good day

I have two 70 Amp 12 Volt alternators on a buss bar feeding a Orion TR Smart 12|24-15 Unit.

The Orion is set at Lithium default (I have Lithium House Bank).

The problem is that the Orion does not switch on (charger).

This is on this Victron Connect App.

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BlueSolar 75/15 no load output on initial setup

Hello everyone.

I have just installed my BlueSolar 75/15 MPPT and am getting no load output whatsoever.

The battery voltage is 13.8V

The PV voltage is 27.6V

But load voltage is 0V

I have a steady amber light indicating 'float'

And a blinking green light indicating 'Batterylife' mode.

Does anyone have any idea as to why I'm not getting any load output please?

Many thanks

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Blue Smart Ip22 30a not bulk charging

Hej! I have a 240ah lithium battery bank(three 80ah). Even when the battery's are at 50% soc the charger only stays in bulk mode for 2-3 seconds. Then goes into absorbation and eventually stop charging before they are full. If I turn on the engine the the generator charges at around 60amps so something is not right. Any ideas?

Sorry if the language is off, English is not my native language.

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BMV 602S appears dead, what can I try?

I have bought a BMV 602S secondhand that has thusfar shown now sign of life. I have tested the shunt and the cable and both are OK (cable tested with cable-tester and shunt is giving out some values). However, the monitor shows no sign of live.

Any Idea of what I could try?

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How to re-enable BLE on Smart Lithium

The previous owner has disabled BT on the Smart LiFePO4 battery’s on my boat. I want to re-enable BT.

According to Firmware v1.20 it is now possible re-enable Bluetooth again.

Has anyone tried this?

Anyone knows which specific pin of the BLE module that has to be connected to the module shield for 5 seconds inorder to re-enable Bluetooth?

In the v1.20 text : See the manual for more detailed information.

I have not been able to find this manual. Has anyone else ?

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Regard sur ma future installation


Je viens de terminer le schéma de l'installation que je souhaite obtenir. Je le soumet à votre critique pour savoir si elle est correcte, améliorable ou complètement fausse, avant de passer diverses commandes.


Notes : La puissance totale des panneaux est correcte pour mes besoins. Un seul MPPT 150/45 semble suffisant avec le calculateur Victron, mais j'en ai mis deux pour parer à d'éventuels problèmes sur un panneau solaire ou un MPPT. Je ne sais pas comment tout mettre à la terre et le câble nécessaire entre l'onduleur et le coffret électrique.

Vous pouvez à loisir modifier ce schéma :)

Merci de m'avoir lu.

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Solar panel suitability question

I have bought a BlueSolar PWM Duo-LCD-USB charge controller to charge my 220ah leisure battery bank and also the vehicle battery on my motorhome. Could anyone tell me if these solar panels are suitable for my system please? I would be looking at buying 2 of them. The manual for the charge controller says to use 36 cell panels but these are 54 cell.

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2 strings panels at an angle

Trying to improve power from an existing roof installation.

We have an EasySolar II GX, which has a Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 inverter plus a SmartSolar MPPT 250/70 solar controller.

We have 6x 320 W Trina Honey panels mounted on the roof of an ISO 20' (6m) shipping container. Because of the space constraints of the container roof, they are oriented about 20 degrees east of the meridian so get morning sun but lose it in the afternoon.

This is not producing enough power, so we have bought another 6x the same panels. We have 2 more 20' shipping containers at about 90 degrees from the original container (close enough that you could consider it one big roof).

Conventional wisdom seems to be that the new panels must be oriented exactly the same imperfect angle (azimuth and elevation) as the existing panels. Is there a better alternative?

I have seen some comment that two strings of panels back to back, facing respectively east and west, will not 'interfere' with each other so you effectively get separate morning and afternoon charge sessions from them.

Is that a better solution? How about having the two strings at 90 degrees, so facing respectively 45 degrees east of the meridian and 45 degrees west? What is the theory around this? What are the EasySolar's constraints?

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Cable Size Difference for 12V/3KVA

I was looking at the recommended cable size in the manuals for the MultiPlus 12/3000, the Phoenix Inverter 12/3000 and the Phoenix Inverter Smart 12/3000 (230VAC versions). All of them have 3KVA inverters but the recommended cable sizes are different.

Multiplus manual recommends 2 x 50mm2

Phoenix Inverter recommends 1 x 90mm2

Phoenix Inverter Smart recommends 2 x 95mm2 (with a note saying one cable must be able to carry full fuse rated current without overheating)

All 3 recommend a 400A fuse

Is the recommendation for the Phoenix Smart a bit over kill or is there a good reason for the much larger cable requirement? The 95mm2 cable doesn't fit into the cut outs in the Phoenix Inverter Smart body, the small plastic cut out liners need to be removed in order to fit 95mm2 cable into the inverter. The 95mm2 cable not fitting the cut outs and being double the recommendation for the other two devices seems strange. Can anyone let me know why the Phoenix Inverter Smart requires the extra cable size?

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Multiplus auf dem Kopf gedreht einbauen ?

Hallo Community,

kann man einen Multiplus 12/1600/70 auf den Kopf gestellt einbauen (10cm Luft ist überall) ?

Viele Grüße


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Will Victron Orion Smart 18A 12V DC to DC charger do the job?

Hi, I'm looking to install a B2B charger into my campervan, which has a Euro 6 engine (so regenerative breaking). I only want to charge a small leisure battery (75aH) as my electricity requirements are minimal.

I'm strongly considering the Victron Orion Smart 18A 12V DC to DC charger. I'd be swapping out a old Voltage Sensitive relay for this, will be be a fairly straight forward swap?

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Multiplus AC Maxiumum output

I've read a lot on the documentation related the power assistant feature, but this is not clear: what is the limit of the ac/output?

Assuming that we want to use a Multiplus 3000, what happens if I want to connect on the input side an 8Kw generator and an AC load of 10Kw? What is the limit of the output?

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MPPT Installation


Truck camper with 2 100w solar panels. Just installed 2 AGM 12v 100ah batteries and a Victron MPPT 100V 30amp 12/24-Volt Solar Charge Controller. This is what I see. Do I have the settings set right? and how do I see the % battery charge?

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How to set SOC charging target other than 100%?

My system has 2 Smart Li 200Ah batteries, Multiplus 3000/120, 2 MPPTs 100/30, connected via BatteryProtect, Alternator connected to AGM, and via Cyrix Li to Li batteries. Setup includes BMV-712 Smart and Venus GX.

I want to be able to charge the batteries to say 60% or 80% only while on shore power, knowing that I will have plenty of sun for the rest of the day.

How can I set an SOC target for the Multiplus, or better via Venus GX? I don't want to change the absorption/float voltages.

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VictronConnect quits unexpectedly

When I close down VictronConnect (click on left-most red traffic light, top left of window) more often than not it crashes with the macOS error message "VictronConnect quit unexpectedly.". I'm running version v5.38 on my MacBook Air running macOS Mojave 10.14.6. I can't remember if I saw the problem with the previous version of VictronConnect. All other apps are behaving normally.

Clearly this isn't a major problem, just a bit of an inconvenience, but it'd be helpful if it could be investigated and resolved.


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Lynx Distributor Red LED - But Fuse Not Blown.


Hoping I can get some help here, I am installing 2 new Multiplus-II in parallel system and all seems to be working well except i get all LED lights as red on the lynx distributor when I have AC power on and the inverters are charging. I have tested all the new fuses just via continuity test and the batteries are getting charged.

The even stranger thing is this: When I put the 120x2 3000 12v 50a Multiplus in standalone operation, they light will be green, then turn red after a period of time, then green again, but as soon as I put them in parallel and they are both charging the batteries from AC power, the led's on the lynx distributor stay red.... I have the battery protect connected to one slot on the lynx, 2 inverters (multiplus-II) each in its own slot, and the final slot is taken up by my BIM to chassis battery/alternator. The batteries are connected to the Lynx shunt via the end posts (where most people would connect the lynx power in). All the components have shutoff switches in between them.

Any help in understanding the Red LED's when under load would be greatly appreciated. As soon as I turn off the load the led's go off, and only the one green in the center of the distributor is lit. The lynx shunt stays green in any scenario.

Update - Even in standalone when the lynx distributor is under load the lights turn red. I have taken everything back apart and verified every connection but no matter what, under load, I get red lights on the lynx distributor. @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) - Either load from chargers or load from the coach, ie when I turn on a microwave and a heater, it happens every time. I have ordered another lynx distributor to see if maybe it is a hardware board fault? I can't think of anything else it would be... Thanks for any advice in advance.

I have raised this with my retailer (CR for multiplus, and another company for the lynx) and they stated they would open a ticket with Victron, but have heard anything. I think this is an odd one, but maybe Victron staff have ran across this before?

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How do I configure an Easysolar-II GX?

I have just bought an Easysolar-II GX and before I install it I want to make sure I have all the necessary accessories. I've looked through the manual and online, but am uncertain as to how I am supposed to configure settings like the charging parameters for the Pylontech batteries, or the start switch for generator backup. Do I run VE Configure on my PC and need to buy a USB to RS232 converter? Or perhaps I can do the configuration via wifi or Bluetooth without any accessories?

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" Mandatory " Smartsolar update v1.56 killed VEDirect to VEDirect cable communication?

Early this morning I was presented with V1.56 " Mandatory " update on 150/60 Smartsolar that connects to my Multiplus II via VE direct port.

Immediately after the update finished , the controller vanished from VRM.

I have two other SmartSolar 150/35 , both of these are connected via VE.Direct to USB , that goes on a USB hub , that connects on the USB port on the MultiPlus II.

I have also updated both of these 150/35 to same V1.56 and both of them still reporting to VRM.

I swapped cables over , and 150/60 does indeed work on the VE.DIrect to USB.

Also tried the VE.Direct to VE.Direct cable on both of the 150/35 controllers , no joy, no connection.

So, this update definitely must have done somerhing that effects VE-Direct to VE.Direct link communication.

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How do I clear a High Voltage alarm on a GCCX from a Lynx Shunt?

I have tried clearing the alarm by going to the GCCX clicking Menu. Selecting notifications. Arrowing down to the alarm. Pressing the space button and pressing the center button on the CCGX.

I have also restarted the GCCX.

According to the VRM logs voltage only went to 14.22, so not sure why that alarmed. Regardless I cannot seem to clear it. Any ideas?


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IP67 charger firmware update failed

I attempted to update the firmware on my IP67 charger and the update failed. Now, the charger won't turn on. I have tried unplugging it from the mains and disconnecting the battery but it still won't power up. Is there any options before returning it?

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NMEA 2000 battery monitoring on CERBO GX


I connected my 2 BMV712 as well as my MultiPlus Compact 12/2000 via VE.Can to NMEA 2000 cable to my CERBO GX. I read the instruction on but I'm still not sure how to configure each device in the VE.CAN setup. Accessing my NMEA network via a WIFI gateway (Yacht devices) and playing around with the instances does not seem to work to get access to each monitor separately.

Initially I had all inputs on instance #0 but the NMEA interface seem to read two inputs at the same port.

Are there any instructions / guidance beside the above where I can read up how to configure the CERBO GX?



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