Can't connect to Venus GX

My Venus GX worked before I switched router and local IP-adresses . I can't find my Venus in the DHCP table at my new router and I can't recognize the Venus wifi access point.

Have tried to reset all network settings to factory default by pressing the button between the GND/Tank 3 connections according to the manual section 5.4.2, The led is flashing green about every seceond.

Looking forward to get some help.



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Travel Trailer Generator Backup Question

Hello, I just wanted to ask if this setup sounds correct for a backup with a generator. I have a travel trailer with a 1600W air conditioner (3900W Startup). I want to have a 2800W generator to back up in case of loss of shore power. I am looking at the Multiplus 3000W 12V to 120V, and a 60A MPPT to handle the 800W of solar into 2400W of lifepo4 battery. The generator has an autostart feature that works when it senses a closed loop. So, my idea was to have the inverter installed normally with AC coming in from a Automatic Transfer Switch. I would have a rely that would close when shore power is lost thereby closing the loop and starting the generator. The ATS would switch to generator power and send it to the multiplus. Does this sound workable?

My questions are about the battery charging. Since I will be charging from solar and the multiplus, is there a way for the units to communicate so as to not send too much current from both units together? Any other devices I should have besides the multiplus, solar controller, and ATS?


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Phoenix Inverter Installation Fan Direction

I am about to fix the inverter to a wooden wall.

First: Unlike the the instructions for the MPPT which says not to attach to wood, so I offset the MPPT 1cm from the wooden wall on a piece of stainless steel. tThere is no such guidance for the 12|1200. So is it OK is fit directly to the wooden wall?

Secondly is the orientation. I'm thinking of mounitng it vertically with the control panel facing up but this would only be optimum for cooling if the fan sucks air throught the unit and so bring cooler air in, rather than sucking air into the unit from the top, which would be warmer. As I have yet to see the fan operate, which way does the air flow?

Thirdy. I have asked before and recieved no answer, even by email. I have the Britsh output but the socket is upside down in that the cable from the plug blocks proper access to the power button. Can I open the unit and turn it around?

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VenusGX + MQTT SmartMeter (EM24)

I right now have a smart meter @RS485 going directly into my Raspi Smart Home Openhab solution, reading data every 15secs.

With moving towards ESS Multiplus II + VenusGX (EM24) i will most likely remove the current smart meter and replace it with the EM24.

So I will not be able to feed directly the Raspi with live data. My question is - how flexible can VenusGX be configured in terms of MQTT.

My best hope would be that I can select what data should be published (like only Power from MultiPlus, Battery SOC, Voltage,....and EM24 Power values)??? so i can filter which go to my Broker.....and on top that i can select how often MQTT messages should be every 15sec...or 30 or even only once per minute.

Is this a xmas whish or does VenusGX really support such flexible configuration?

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Mppt 150/75 setup as 24V is changing its voltage setting

I have installed a MPPT 150/75 connected to a 24 Volt battery bank. 2 days ago the battery dropped by mistake to a very low voltage (0% charge) . the next day when the sun came back the MPPT charger started as a 12 Volt battery as a result the battery (24V) never re filled.

My question is this normal or how can i avoid , i do have the connection cable and software to adjust the settings and monitor.

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Do I need temperature censor?

I have one battery bank (an separate bank for starter) with 4 AGM 79Ah in different places in my boat. I have SmartShunt + MPPT 75/15 solarcharger + Ctek M300 Charger. The SmartShunt and solarcharger are inte the same space as the first battery and near the engine so the temperature will be higher for the first than the rest batteries. The second battery is under the kitchen and the rest two batteries are placed in front area. A temperature sensor is in the solarcharger. Early in the season we close the door to the front area in the boat and the temperature will be up to 10 degrees lower than in the rest of the boat. So it can be 40-50 degrees C near the engine an only 10 degrees C in the front. Should I use a Smart censor and where should I place it?

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SOC and NMEA2000

I am using an Cerbo GX 2,4V and have an REC BMS connected to the BMS-CAN port and then i have connected an VE-CAN to NMEA2000 cable to the VE-CAN port.

All data from the REC BMS is displayed correctly in the Cerbo, inkluding the SOC.

And Volt, Ampere, Temp is also transmitted correctly in the NMEA2000 network, but the SOC remains 0%. How to make it send SOC correctly? (26% in this case).



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Multiplus 12/3000-120-16 will not turn on again after you turn it off

I have a new install multiplus 12/3000/120/16 (1 mth old now)

This issue is that if you turn the Multi off using its rocker switch on the multi then it will not turn back on when the rocker switch is put back in the on Position.

Temporary solution is to removed /unplug the CCGX VE bus cable and it turns on and you can then replug in the VE Bus and all works fine.

but this is not a very professional solution.

This is getting the customer very annoyed

does anyone have any solution or a better work/around

Equipment list

Multiplus 12/3000-120-16 F/W 433

CCGX F/W 2.23


using Lithium assistant with 1 circuit BMS

5kW of CalB LP Batteries

8 x EV power BMS cell balancers connected to the VE-BMS


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CCGX USB port “black outs”

Hi all,

I have following problem.

2x150/35 MPPTs are connected to CCGX via VE direct and they work fine without problems. My 3rd 150/35 is connected to CCGX via VE direct to USB interface cable. This unit loose connection almost every day and I get an error “#67 BMS connection lost” , Device list show "MPPT not connected" and MPPT goes to “float”.

I have reset this MPPT and done reconfiguration as mentioned on manual, but no help.

I have bought and tested with second VE direct to USB cable, but no help.

I don’t use any USB hubs or USB cable extensions.

I have swapped connection between two USB ports on CCGX, but no help. WIFI is connected to the second USB port. ( I lose WIFI connection also every now and then…)

CCGX running with FW 2.53, but I have tried with FW 2.42 , but the situation is the same.

Only when I reboot the CCGX, 3rd MPPT will work fine till next CCGX reboot.


Any ideas ?

Thanks for advance !

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configuration with dip switches, Multiplus setting charging voltages?

Can I change charging voltage using the dip switches on Multiplus 24/3000? Thanks

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SOC jumps od stuck


In few last weeks, there jumps up some problems in two of our installation.


1) 2phase - 2x Multi II 5000VA 48V, 9,6 kWh Lead-Carbon battery, 4,92 kWp, Smart Solar MPPT 150/85, Venus Gx

2) 3phase - 3x Multi II 3000AV 48V, 17,2 kWh Lead-Carbon battery, 7,2 kWp, Smart Solar MPPT 150/100, Venus Gx

these are not only installation with these batteries and we have no other problems, so I am certain, that the batteries parameters are set well.

there are 2 problems:

1) there are high jumps in SOC

2) once per 2-3 weeks the SOC stucks at some point and ESS stuck in float and system needs to be restarted to correct the SOC.

With our clients I have found out, that there is some weird behaviour, when the water pump or water level sensor (1) client doesn’t have water level sensor so it looks like, there is problem in water pump (230 V) which causing energy to returning to the system (it runs with the grid disconnecte). At the other client (2) I didn’t found problem in Water pump, but it looks like, the energy returns is caused by Water Level sensor.

Excuse my English please, I am better in reading then writing.

Thank You!

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I will be adding my solar panels this weekend to the boat and want to check where I should have fuses.

At the moment the wiring from the 4x 150W panels will be 2x parallel then the 2x parallel in to series before going to the Victron MPPT 150/60 via MC4 connections. Should I have a fuse on the +ve input to the MPPT? There is then a 32A DC DIN Mount Breaker 125V MCB C curve on the +ve going to the batteries.

Secondly i’ll be putting an ET-112 from my onboard generator to give me power info to my Venus GX (no multiplus or Quattro onboard) I see there is a fuse to go on the neutral side of the ET-112 but it doesn’t say how much it should be, the generator is a Paguro 4SY, that puts out 3.5KW @230V.

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Building three phase ESS with Multiplus 5kW and Pylontech


I am planning to install a ESS system according to the simplified schematic below combining 3 x Multiplus 5000VA for timeshifting energy and occasional backup duty. I hope I have gotten it right!

So my questions are,

1. What is the minimum battery requirement with Pylontech US2000 Plus batteries for this system? The Victron guide on Pylontech only covers off grid use which is more demanding compared to ESS. A breakdown of the requirement would also really help so I can think for myself next time :) Inrush currents have been mentioned before but I cannot find any numbers to base my decision on.

2. Can I add more US2000 Plus modules several years later even if they have different state of health?

3. Can I add other battery types in the same installation?



Sven F

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Multiplus II connection to Pylontech via FUSE?


i plan to buy a MultiplusII and US3000. From the schemes i have seen there is no external fuse in between both devices. Is there something already in place in one of them or even in both? I guess so for securtiy reasons.

Furthermore.....if not and its highly recommended....what kind of fuse is used, i have no idea how this looks like.

I'vr read somewhere that they uses a 125A fuse.....i guess for the 5000. As i'm using the 3000er - and will limit the output to 1000W....does it make sense (if you say its required to have one) so take a 32A (if it exists) .... as i will not go higher.

Kind Regards,


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Pylontech battery cable spec


Can someone please clarify the following:

The Pylontech 2m external power cables (both + and -) is labelled 4AWG. The Pylontech US3000 manual (page 12) rates this as a 120A cable. AWG 4 translates to a 21.2mm2 cable with a current carrying capability of 70A at 60 deg C. (

A Pylontech US3000 battery (page 4 of manual) has recommended charge/discharge capacity of 37 A. This cable should work fine with a single module. However 2 modules in parallel will double the current capacity while voltage remain at 48V. Are we really using a 70A cable on a 74 A supply source? Obviously the max current per single US3000 is much higher.

The Pylontech cables does not appear to be a copper cable. The wire strands are silver.

Thank you


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MPPT 75/15 bluetooth connection problem


I have 2 MPPT 75/15 controllers. Since last update I can not connect to one of them. The other one works ok.

The problematic one gets stuck at 20% when opening. It can be connected via other phone (older iPhone) but not newer one. it's serial number is HQ1839GKWUL.

I've also tried ipad, 2 different iPhones (8 and 11) and macbook laptop. it only works on old iPhone 6.

After last update it got stuck at updating firmware and after that technician did an USB/laptop update. It works on his android phone. So now it has the latest update installed (both have)

Should I return it?

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LiFePO4 regulator settings & 3 port BMS connections???

@Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA

I am still waiting for anyone to confirm I am correct on the new battery presets (which I have been told don't exist), (see pics attached).

Or am I missing something?

I also have had no reply in about 6 weeks regarding confirmation of my BMS connections being correct or otherwise, I am not comfortable proceeding with the final connection of the BMV-712 to the battery positive until I receive same.

I have marked up a picture with labels for for all cables, hopefully that makes it clearer.

I actually just followed former advice to another person put the shunt in the Blue Bat Neg cable here:

I also included a picture of the battery & BMS before any connections for clarification.

Stay safe folks.






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dimension question - 75/15 versus 100/20 - max PV input ?

Hi All,

* Charging 12 volt 220AH (2 x 110AH battery bank)
* 2 panels both 24V short circuit - already purchased
* Planning to install in series , looking to select a controller

75/15 or 100/20 ?


My PV voltage is well under 75 at 48V peak
My PV current will be about 6A

So on paper the 75/15 firs the bill

BUT - my total "theoretical" panel power in Watts will exceed the "nominal" figures quoted here:,-75-15,-100-15,-100-20,-100-20_48V-EN.pdf

by a good few watts

given I and V are well under, is that alone enough to say "the 75/15 will be enough"?

or should I err on the side of caution and get the bigger one please (and why please)

Many thanks in advance



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Quattro & Fronius Mini Grid Back Feeding to Diesel Generator

Hi team,

I have this mini grid system comprising 6 x 10KVA quattro inverters and 2 x 27KW Fronius inverters, the system works fine but the problem comes in when when the diesel generator comes in and the grid inverters are producing power, the excess power back feeds into the generator, what settings can stop the back feeding?


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Last update to VRM showing "in an hour"

lately the VRM portal shows as "last update" : "in an hour", where that used to be the actual last update f.e. 5 minutes ago, which is the info you would want to see to know if the site is up. The last update "in an hour" doesn't give any information, and technically isnt correct. can this be modified to the last actual update ? thanks

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Has DC system - how to setup alt chargers

I have a Cerbo GX, 24v system, Quattro 8000 with a SmartShunt for the 24v. I also have a 12v system with a bmv that is powered using 2 Orion 24-12 TR chargers. The 24v side is also charged using a 12-24v Orion TR when the alternator is running. How do I show the correct voltage and amperage in the GX for both the 24v battery and the DC display?

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Accidentally reversed polarity of pv input

Mppt 150/100 appears to be blown due to reversed pv input polarity. Is it possible to repair the damaged unit from this type of fault?

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Cerbo GX Generator Display Bug - Not detecting digital I/O reading

I got everything finally installed in our larger RV offgrid system.

The Cerbo GX is the central component and is so far working pretty good but running into a generator issue.

When the generator is stopped outside of the Cerbo GX (manually) the Main Generator Screen does not reflect a stopped generator.

If I stop it from the Cerbo it works fine but the I/O digital input doesn't seem to change the outcome of the screen.

The settings screen will show that the generator is started and stopped based on the I/O port. Is this a bug?

This is a really big deal because I have a precision plex system that can activate the generator outside of the cerbo. The open/close contact for I/O generator are being fired but the main screen won't give me the correct into. (not good)


(Generator has been stopped manually on the generator)


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Quattro Buzz Sound on A/C compressor load?

When I am on shore power and the Air Condition compressor kicks on the Quattro makes a buzz sound for about 2 seconds. Is this normal? Shouldn't the power just pass through while on AC1? It doesn't look like it's trying to invert when it happens.

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Suitable Circuit breakers


Im just after some advice on a suitable circuit breaker between the panels and the mppt

I will be installing 3 (potentially a 4th in the future) Victron poly 175w panels in series and a Smartsolar 100/50 MPPT but am unsure of which circuit breaker to install between the 2 in order to isolate the panels if need be and also for safety.

Given voltage will be up around the 72 mark what would you suggest? With 4 panels it will be around 94v

Between the MPPT and batteries would it be advisible to install a 60 or 70amp medium duty thermal circuit breaker?

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How many total kWh during a certain time

I cannot find a way on VRM of totalling the amount of kWh consumed over a set period of time, say overnight, this would be very handy as running an off grid system as is for analysing I have to set to 12hrs and add up the consumption or am I being stupid!?

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ESS, Fronius zero feed in and grid setpoint negative setpoint without draining batteries?

Hi I have an ESS system where ive incorporated a fronius primo 8.2kW inverter i have all communication set up and working for zero feed in, however i want to allow export of 16 amps or 3.68kW as this is acceptable, I assumed i would be able to set the gridpoint to -3600 and it would allow the inverter to put upto this amount out onto the grid before limiting output. However the victron actually started pulling power from the batteries to export 3600 watts to the grid. Is there a way around this as the customer can actually gain a tarriff from exported units but it makes no sense to drain the batteries into the grid.

Thanks Jack

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Cannot connect to remote console.

I cannot connect to remote console, though VictronConnect connect app or through VRM.
I have updated app and reset the Victron (multiplus II GX) no data or connection for 2 months!? Help!

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Off-grid Victron Solution coupled with a Victron solar DC chargers and AC Wind turbine

Hello Everyone,

I'm designing for a client a completely remote solution/off-grid system with Victron technologies.

I'm feeding an average of 5kW AC load 24/7, 365 days a year, so I'm targeting both solar and wind to reduce my battery bank capacity since both sources are feasible to introduce in the project's area.

Accordingly, a battery bank with a Victron Quattro 8KVA DC coupled with several Victron smartsolar charge controllers in parallel and AC coupled at the AC output (load side) with two or one wind turbines having a total capacity of 6~7 kW max.

Can anyone help identify the best wind turbine system to couple them with this system? having an inverter that de-rates when the batteries are full (frequency controlled by the Quattro) and that operates efficiently at low wind speeds?

thank you in advance,

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