Multiplus II 48/5000 defective series? Not sure before connecting

I bought two Multiplus II 48/5000/70. On both inverters, the connection terminals to Battery missing(or not?) connection plate. Please check attached photo.
Unusual design of the battery connection terminals or a incomplete series.
Never before seen that type of connection. Is it ok or defective series?


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Mppt problem in ESS

dear experts! in my system the problem is with two mppts (150/100 and 150/70) System composition: easy solar 5000/48 mppt 150/70 mppt 150/100 (inside easy solar) solar panels 2.5 kw west and 2.5 kw east. battery Dyness power depot H5 100ah The system is configured as ESS. The problem is that a very small generation. a lot of sun. Now I found that both mppts see different voltages on the battery (I'm attaching a photo).

for two months, the maximum that I have seen is 1.5 kW from both controllers at the peak, although the SOC battery is 30% and there is a load. What can limit generation? Thanks

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Can't see Quattro via MK2 USB running Victron Connect on Linux

Hi, I'm trying to connect to a Quattro 48/8000/100 using a MK2 USB on a linux computer using Victron Connect but no local devices are shown. I can see the usb serial device using lsusb and everything works fine when connecting to my BlueSolar charge controller. Probably the system did work under windows through the MK2 and my researches lead me to think I might need a MK3 USB to connect. Is this correct or is there some way I can get it to work using the MK2?

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Multiplus II 12/3000/120/32 charging voltage runout

Dear all please give me your lights on that matter because I cannot figure this out.

A customer of mine that is now far away from me, has problems with the absorption state of charge.

As you can see on the graph below, after a big load is turned off, or the system is reset (off-on), the absorption voltage goes up to even 14.75 and customer is reporting even 15.35 for 15 seconds causing alarms.

The ABS settings on the Multi is 14.4V and temperature voltage compensation (-16,2 by default) and is not supposed to be triggered when Battery temperature is 18C as on the example bellow. (that's not very clear to me when it triggers from the info I find).

All that happens in 3 - 4 cycles on every restart of charge and not more that a 20 seconds or so each cycle.

Anyway, I tried to change temperature compensation setting to make sure that is not the case from remote configuration, but the settings are not saved on the machine, even after turning it off/on after the setting.

I get no error message after I close the VE.config 3, I get the message and it seems to save the file properly to the device.

Cerbo is on V2.92 and Multiplus II on 500 (problem was also happening with previous version of multiplus II I think it was 496)

Do you think that I have to send him on a dealer for warranty.

The installation consists of the following:

Multiplus II 12/3000 (Battery temperature sensor connected)

MPPT 100/30

BMV-700 (this is set as systems battery monitor in cerbo)


3 GEL Exide ES1350 on 12V system




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Multiplus 1200 stopping when connected to Cerbo GX

I am trying to connect a Multiplus 1200 to a Cerbo GX

When i connect the Ve.bus to the Cerbo the Multiplus stoppes working. It immidiately goes up again when the cable is taken out of the Cerbo. What am I doing wrong ?

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Fiat Ducato fuel tank sensor to Cerbo


from (german page) I noticed, that the original Ducato tank level sensor is meassuring between 100 and 300 Ohm. Might it be possible to connect it in parrallel also to the Cerbo so that the single sensor will support both, car and Cerbo?



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is there any experiance using 48V diesel or gasoline generators/chargers for ESS ?


i am using 3x Multiplus II 5000 for my ESS.

And i think about adding a fossil fuel based generator as a backup-system.

As my multis have no 2nd AC-input, and i don´t want to change to quattros, i think about installing a 48V DC-Generator, that only charges my batteries.

This should be a simple integration, isn´t it?

This could be configured by "has DC-load", and it should show as negative DC-load in VRM, correct?

I found that there are already a limited number of such 48V DC generators/chargers available on the market, see e.g:

or some cheap chinese untis, which seem to be somehow common for Telecom applications:

So my question is:

Has anybody any experiance with this approach?

Are there any 48V DC generators that have been tested or can be recommended for this approach?

thanks to everybody!

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Blue Smart IP22 charger trips automatic fuse

My Blue Smart IP22 charger (12 V / 30 A - 3 outputs) sometimes trips the automatic fuse of the shore supply when starting up. The fuse is 10 A , B-curve type. No other equipment than the charger is connected at that moment so the charger must be the cause of this. When the charger does not trip the fuse, it functions normally.
What could be the cause ? Is this a known issue ? Any suggestions for a solution ?

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Will solar power be enough? Newbie here



Does anyone know if this idea below will work? (note: I am a newbie to 12V electrics)

I want to power off JUST SOLAR for a small camper van. That is build a system with 1x solar panel and 1x leisure battery only to power a small fridge (30L), some LED lights, MaxAir fan, 12V cigarette & USB sockets plus an inverter (1000W).

I figured if I oversize our battery and go for a 150-200Ah plus the largest wattage fixed panel to match and see if we can travel and power most of our appliances using just solar. If solar charging is not enough then I will add a DCDC charger later to this system.

I have chosen to go with the Lynx distributor (incl fuses) to make wiring more compact instead of separate positive and negative busbars and circuit breakers.

Have I missed anything in my attached wiring diagram?

The sizing of wires, fuses, Solar charger are still to be finalized but initial calcs indicate a 130-150Ah battery would be enough for our camping needs.

Thanks in advance for any comments

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Oversizing 100/20

How much can I oversize a 100/20. 12-48.

Running 12v bank for now. Had two but added a third 150ah agm.

How many watts and or volts can I feed this controller safely?

Currently haven’t seen over 283w @ 72v on the app.

If adding more pv, is it okay to have one pair in series, like it is now facing south, and just add one more panel on the east side?

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Will My Set Up Work?

Hi there. I'm interested in the Orion-Tr Smart 12/25 isolated dc-dc 15a charger to charge my marine trolling motor battery but i wasnt sure if it would work with my set up. My starting battery is a 12v lead acid deep cycle marine battery and my trolling battery is a 24v 50ah lifepo4 lithium ion battery. My first question. Will it work with a lead acid 12v starting battery? Or should I upgrade my starting battery to agm for this system? The other question. Will it cause any harm to my lifepo4 litithum ion battery? I know my owners manual says to only use chargers compatible with lifepo4 specifically. So that is a concern of mine as well. Thanks in advance and thanks for you time!

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Bluesolar 75/50 faulty/broken after firmware update (error #116)


My MPPT 75/50 (HQ13298TQZ) was working well for about 8 years. I bought it on AMAZON from the following dealer:

Today I received the blutooth dongle and connected it to the the MPPT charger.

In the app I was ask to make some firmware updates for both the dongle and the MPPT charger.

The dongle update went flawlessly, my MPPT was still working and I was able to connect to it. No error at all.

I was then asked to update the MPPT firmware from V1.13 to V1.52 which I did.

I now get an #116 error, telling my MPPT is faulty and need replacement.

I’ve read the forums and saw several cases with the same problem. Apparently there is no easy fix displayed on the forums for that particular problem.

It’s now winter in France, I’m 100% off-grid, and I can’t charge my battery because of… an update. I’m going to run out of power in a few days.

What should I do now?

Thanks for your replies.


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[résolu]assistants relais et conditions multiples

Bonjour à tous

J'ai une installation avec des batteries BYD, des mppt, un multiplus II et... une éolienne. Le chargeur qui vient avec l'éolienne n'est bien entendu pas capable de communiquer avec le système GX et donc de profiter de DVCC, donc il faut trouver un autre moyen de piloter la charge de l'éolienne.

Pour cela, j'utilise un contacteur triphasé 63A NC qui met les phases de l'éolienne en court circuit pour la freiner quand la charge n'est pas nécessaire. Ce contacteur est relié à la sortie ACout2 du multi. C'est un contacteur NC par sécurité, donc ACout2 actif -> charge autorisée.

Je me sers d'assistants pour piloter le relais ACout2 du multiplus II de manière à piloter le contacteur. J'ai donc défini deux assistants relais :

1- désactivation (OFF) si SOC>85% ou si Vdc>56,5V pendant 4s

2- activation (ON) si SOC<75% ou si Vdc<53V pendant 300s

Ça fonctionne, MAIS je rencontre un problème qui est que même batterie > à 85%, si la tension baisse en dessous de 53V, le relais se réactive. Donc la question est : comment rendre les conditions "OFF" prioritaires sur celles de "ON" ?

En même temps au moment ou j'écris ce message, je suis en train de me dire qu'il doit suffire que j'inverse l'ordre des assistants... c'est bien ça ?


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VRM map - Globallink 520 - static unit relocates itself on VRM installations map - GPS fix?

Hi, got 12 static sites with Globallink 520 and MPPT 75/15 and for some strange reasons, 2 of the units keep on relocating their map location to another fixed location compared to where I save them in the map. It's only the same 2 units this happens with, to the same fixed common location, time and again. Must be a bug or something. Tried various ways to save the location, but no luck.

Any ideas?

I now see what happens.... every now and then, these 2 units seems to pick up a GPS location that's somehow put forward by the one of the LTE providers (Telia) I believe, so the Globallink sees it as a GPS fix.

It seems like these 2 Globallink units with VRM ID staring on 807d3a...... picking one (Telia) of two providers and this happens. Other Globallink units with VRM ID starting on 3c71bf....... using same provider (Telia) seems to be fine and don't do the GPS fix.

Once that happens, I noticed the widget in Advanced also display the GPS possibility...


None of the other 10 units display the GPS possibility under widgets.

Is there any way to tell the Globallink not to use that LTE position data, as its all wrong compared to actual location??

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Low sunlight, External charger?

Hi, first post. Have been short on sun light the last few days.

Looked for the answer on here few times but so many threads it’s hard.

Have three agm 150ah batteries, 290w with 75v peak pv and a 100/20 mppt.

Q: Is there a specific was to run a regular 120v battery charger while mppt charge controller is hooked up or is it just good to go?

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