Total overcompensation with the Multi-Plus 2
Hello, everyone,
I've been noticing very strange behavior for a few weeks. And my Multiplus always changes from feeding in to charging....and that almost every second. This then goes up to 30 minutes. And that although the load does not change. I usually behave like this in the morning and evening, rarely at night and almost not at all during the day, when there is enough sun. Something seems to throw the regulation completely out of step and it doesn't manage to stabilize itself. This is doubly annoying for me, because it costs a lot of money for electricity to charge the battery from the mains and then discharge it back into the mains seconds later, and on top of that, the health of the battery is of course totally at stake.
Does anyone know this problem and ideally has a tip for me?
My system consists of a Multi-Plus 2, a Venus GX, two Pylontech 300 batteries and a 3-phase meter at the mains entry point

Best regards

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Orion Tr Smart 12-12 30 - no bluetooth detected

Hi, I just purchased an Orion TR Smart 12 |12 - 30. I went to connect it for the first time and the Victron Connect App cannot see it. The bluetooth light does not come on. I cannot see it in my list of bluetooth connections on my phone. I have confirmed that there is appropriate power going in to the device. I am using iPhone 10 Xs, 15.4.1 I tried the troubleshooting suggestions but can’t get far because I can’t get any connection.

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Überlast im Off Grid Betrieb, Abschaltung des Loads

Um Warmwasserbetrieb im Frequenzshifting zu betreiben, schalte ich die 3x Quattros ab einer DC Spannung von 54,6 Volt in den Off Grid Betrieb. Ab einer Spannung von 54,4 Volt schalten Sie wieder in den ESS Modus zurück. Im Off- Grid wird bei Überlast der Load getrennt. Was kann ich tun, um bei Überlast den Dump- Load abzuschalten. Kann evtl. in den ESS Mode gewechselt werden, um die Abschaltung der Verbraucher zu verhindern.

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Incohérence Affichage VRM avec ESS en mode Triphasé


Je rencontre un soucis d'affichage sur le VRM sur mon installation triphasée

J'ai une installation avec un multiplus II 5000 et des batterie pylontech
Un cerbo GX pour manager le tout
Un compteur EM24 ethernet pour mesurer la consommation générale en provenance du fournisseur , un compteur ET340 relié au cerbo GX par cable (RS485 ) pour la mesure de la production Solaire ( micro onduleurs Enphase )
Le tout fonctionne relativement bien mais j'ai un soucis d'affichage dans l'interface du VRM le soir lorsque l'ESS injecte sur une Phase pour annuler ma conso.
Sur le plan pratique on est OK, sur mon exp, il décharge 887W pour compenser ma conso
la phase 1 absorbe 270W, la phase 2 432W et la phase 3 est négative pour annuler la 1 et 2.

C'est approximatif car le VRM récupère les infos en MQTT et elles ne sont pas toutes actualisées simultanément

Mais mon soucis n'est pas là, il est sur la la partie conso totale et Charges CA

Je m'attends à avoir à peu près la valeur tirée sur la batterie puisque je tire dessus pour ne pas avoir de conso EDF ( dans mon exp je m'attends à avoir ne conso totale de 890W environ )

Mais il affiche bien plus en conso.

La ligne L1 de la charge CA passe elle à 1136W alors qu'elle est à 270W sur le réseau.
C'est comme si il additionnait le total injecté de la batterie

Donc en regardant la conso théorique je suis à 1571W de conso alors qu'au réel je suis plutôt sur 890W ...

QU'en pensez vous ?

un soucis d'affichage sur le VRM ? uniquement en tri ?

quelqu'un aurait un retour en mono phasé ?

Merci par avance pour votre retour et pour vos impressions


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How to install inverter control to the inversor 12-800



I want to install this control to this inverter, how I can do this and if i need to change the dips.Thanks

Je veux installer ce contrôle à cet onduleur, comment je peux le faire et si je dois changer les dips.Thanks

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Victron EV Charging Station - RFID - Multiple Stations --> Energy Management

I´ve seen the brand new Video presentation of the EV Charging Station on youtube and have two Questions:

What functions does the RFID Interface has? Can the Station just be turned on/off with a RFID chip or can it also be used to monitor the consumption for different users ?

When we have more than one EV Charging Station connected to one CerboGX. How is it managed, that the Stations share the Excess Power ? Is this possible ?

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VE.Bus Error: VE.Bus Error 10: System time synchronisation problem occurred

Today my EasySolar-II GX display froze.

Pressing the button next to it did not result in any change.

I had to turn it off and on to reset.

In Alarm LOG on VRM I found:


Did anyone knows what happened?

Where is this Error #10 coming from?


Found this on Victron site

Error 10 - System time synchronization problem

This typically happens during a system restart, and is then not a real error; no need to investigate.

I am happy that there is "no need to investigate", but I would like to investigate why may EasySolar-II GX display froze and I had to restart it.

Probably this error #10 was a result of that restart.

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Überschuss als Heizstab oder ähnliches verwenden,

servus, bitte um hilfe, habe victron multiplus2 5000/48, 3x pylontech 3000, mppt 150/60, gavazzi em24,

und ein Balkonkraftwerk,

batterien sind voll und kein verbrauch mehr, habe immer vormittags überschuss, so dass energie ins öffenliche netz gespeiset wird, gibt es da keine möglichkeit den überschuss zu verbrauchen wenn nötig ? vielen dank.

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gesamte produktion order totalle verbrauch anzeigen

multiplus ii wie sehe ich gesamte produktion order totalle verbrauch in der APP?

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Multiplus II tripping Battery Protect on a separate circuit when connected to battery

I have a Winston 300A 24V battery bank used for both 24V equipment (lights etc.) and 230V eqipment. The 24V part is protected by a 65A Smart Battery Protect. A MultiPlus 3000/24 is used to provide 230V.

The problem is that the BatteryProtect on the separate circuit is tripping when I connect the MultiPlus II to the battery bank (by the red switch, with rocker swith in 0 position). The BatteryProtect resets after 90s and returns to normal. There is no error messages from either the 123SmartBMS or the Battery Protect. I'm not on site now, but I will measure with an ocillioscope in the weekend to better quantify any voltage fluctations.

A (little) simplified sketch of the system is enclosed below.

Do anyone have a good explanation on why the BatteryProtect is tripping?


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Multiplus 2 new instalation some help.


I need some advice about the system that I am doing. I have:

1 Multiplus 2 48/5000 - ESS

1 cerbo gx at ac in with 12v transformer before bypass point

1 fronius primo 5.0 at mp ac out

1 aftermarket 7” display

1 hager sft440 for bypass

1 10kw battery (waiting for delivery for about 90 days)

Despite not having batteries I started to assemble what I could because I want to do all the firmware updates and cable management ready while I am waiting for batteries.

The doubts are:

As you could see in the picture I could install and update all the firmware, and the system is working with no problems after those upgrades, can I still have this running without batteries while I am waiting or it is better to bypass the mp for now.

About the cerbo gx, I live in a stable grid power area, can I connect the cerbo gx with from ac with a simple 20000mah powerbank with a step up converter that outputs 0,8a at 12v. By the multimeter value yes but anyone tried it?






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3Phase parallel standby units

As far as I know, it's not possible in a installation with parallel units to have slave units automatically shut down or stand-by in low load situations.

For a off-grid system, there is fairly high load, around 12-16kVa/Phase for 3-4 hours a day. The system would be 3x (8kVa*3) or 3x (10kVa*2). The other hours there is a fairly low load of 1-2kVa/phase. To reduce standby losses it would be great if it would be possible to shutdown the non used inverters.

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Wie ist die WLAN-Reichweite der Cerbox GX?

Moin zusammen,

ich habe den Multiplus-II 48 in einem Nebengebäude ca. 20 Meter vom Access-Point entfernt. Schafft das die Cerbox GX? Gibt es ein Zusatzmodul für stärkere WLAN-Leistung? Kann die Reichweite evtl. ersatzweise mit einem Notebook im Installationsraum getestet werden?

Viele Grüße und danke schon mal vorab!


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Inverter charging



Hi, can you please explain to me why my battery's wont charge when the inverter is on? In the photo I have amps in at 9 A, and amps out is 4.83A. It seems the battery should be charging with the leftover energy. But it is not and the batteries continue to drain. The only way to charge the batteries is to turn the inverter off or plug into shore power. Even when all ac appliances in standby. The charger light on the inverter never comes on when I am unplugged from AC power. I'm trying to troubleshoot if there is something wrong with the hardware, settings or something else. Thanks for any help.

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Problème BMS pour lancer utilisation batterie lithium-fer


J'ai une installation autonome composée de :

- panneaux solaires

- batterie lithium-fer phosphate avec BMS 24V

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50

- Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70

La journée tout est OK : courant depuis les panneaux, Inverter ON, SmartSolar Float.

Le soir quand le soleil se couche : plus de courant, Inverter sans voyant, SmartSolar en Bulk.

Pour lancer les batteries, je dois court-circuiter le BMS avec un câble directement sur la batterie.

Je cherche de l'aide pour un diagnostic / ou une intervention (à 72130 Moulins-le-Carbonnel). L'installateur n'est pas en France (réalisée par un distributeur à l'étranger sur une tiny house livrée en France).


Merci par avance,


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