Wiring of MPPT 100/20

Victron Setup.pdf

Hi there, I am new at this. Could somebody say if this setup is feasable or not? Any suggestions or comments welcome.

Thank you in advance.

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Multiplus-II shut down with PV inverter


My setup is as follows:

MultiPlus-II with 2,4kWh Pylontech LiFePO4 battery module. AC-1 out is connected to the loads AND the PV inverter (Zeversolar). See here:


I turned on the MultiPlus-II with the switch to I (what is II?) and the battery is getting charges fine. Also the PV inverter is charging the battery. After battery is full the MultiPlus-II shuts down and "battery low" and "overload" LED's are on. If I disconnect the PV inverter the same thing happens but without the two red LED's.

Is there anything I have to setup in software? I'm using this system pretty much out of the box and only setup the correct battery type (LiFePO4).

Thanks in advance!

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quattro 15000 / cerbo / 24x us3000 not detecting correctly

We have installed 2x quattro parallel with 24x pylontech us3000 and cerbo gx and 450/100 mppt and 2x fronius 8.2kw primo.

Battery information is only reporting 444A max charge/discharge rate where i would be expecting to see 888A if the cerbo is indeed seeing all 24 us3000.

We have 2x of the lv hubs and have tried many different configurations.

note: 2 hubs are installed to allow for future upgradeability.

The us3000s are arranged in 4 groups of 6 in 2x racks.

I have checked all dip switch settings and cables, all as per manuals.

Tried just 1 lv hub and all 4 groups connected to it, tried 2 hubs with 2 groups on each and hubs interconnected as per pylontechs manual with hubs addressed as per manual.

Still only seeing 444A.

Primos are currently off and only charging with the 450/100, the cerbo reports the mppt charging at 74A yet battery is reporting only 37A yet when i test charge current to each cabinet of 12 us3000, i am seeing 34A per cabinet which matches with the mppt output.

Batteries are staying alive so all 24 are communicating to the cerbo (i'm assuming)

Am i missing something here?

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BMS or 12/12 DC charger?
I am just about to spend a lot of money on loads of lovely little blue boxes and just wondered if you could help me choose between a couple of them?
I am a boater I’m afraid. My curse is that I am simply tied to a soap on a rope in the middle if a river all season. This means I have no shore power and have to take advantage of all the elements to charge my LiFePo4 battery. Wind and solar is comprehensively taken care of due to charge controllers however I’m left in some doubt over the engine charging:

I have a 230ah LiFePo4 battery bank (not Victron I’m afraid) managed by a simple Chinese BMS. My starting battery is a small 16ah lead acid. My charging source is a 15hp Honda outboard with 12a charge coil (not really an alternator)
As I see it, the simple solution is a dc-dc 18a(?) charger connected between starter and LiFePo4 but I wondered if the BMS 12/100 unit might be an alternative? I appreciate that without a Victron smart battery a significant amount of its functionality is lost but in principle, it looks like I would benefit from a higher charge rate, should I need it in the future, adjustable charge rate and a battery protect cut off with a remote control circuit. Am I correct in this or will this not work without the combination of smart batteries?
Do Victron have or ever plan to develop a battery BMS for non Victron batteries that would allow connection to the Victron BMS bus?
I also have a 50a mains to 12v charger which I hope to use for the winter lay-up months but it is not designed to be used with LiFePo4 batteries. Would running this charger to the starter battery and hence through the 12/100 bms manage the charge to the LiFePo4 bank?

Thanks in advance,


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ESS, Fronius and SmartSolar system questions


I have a Multiplus II 3000, SmartSolat 150/60 and a Fronius Primo 3.0-1 (connected on AC IN).

6 panels goes to Fronius and 3 pannels goes to the SmartSolar, both arrays on same side.

Few questions about ESS.

  1. I have disabled Feed in and set grid set point to 70W but i think i have the phase wrong where Fronius is. If the phase was set correct i guess the Grid should never go into minus e.g feed to the grid am i right ? How do i figure out which phase it's on. Weird enough i can see that it produced about 500w (Fronius) at the moment and i can see the feed in is on L3 so i think it's correct but then what is it feeding in when i told it not to.
  2. The Multiplus should be on L1 according to the ESS requirements but i am puzzled why the smartsolat is not producting more when in fact 6 panels produce 500w the SmartSolar with 3 panels produces about 20-30w, is there something i have set up wrong in the ESS or SmartSolar in regards to this. I mean the multi beeing on L1 and the load on L1 being around 150W it should cover that either from battery or from sun (preferably from Sun).

Here is video showing the system :






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Parallel/Serial - Excel V4.0 spreadsheet (Beginner question)

Good morning all,

I'm just starting out on my foray into solar and playing around with the v4 and looking at small systems. I think I'm being daft, but I don't understand the spreadsheet when it comes to parallel and serial strings, I'm only looking at a two panel system to start with but:

Going from one panel to two in parallel doubles the current as expected

Going from one panel to two in serial doubles the voltage and the current (?) Is this unexpected current increase because of how MPPT works as I'd expected voltage only to increase?

I hope I'm not missing something obvious

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Pairing 2x Phoenix smart battery chargers

Hi there. I have a client who brought 2 x 12/50 new Phoenix smart charges. I Believe on the box it mentions 2 chargers can be paired to increase output. ( I don’t have the exact wording so correct me if I’m wrong

After buying we cannot find any reference to this in the manual. And also both Chargers are setup identically with same length dc cables ect and 1 chargers always seems to be at full output and the other in very low output.

We tried to put them on the same smart network. But did not change. ( do we need a smart battery sense)

Need some help to get this working correctly


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sinle panel - two controllers 7515 - two battery banks

is there any reason this would not work?

will isolation diodes/FETs be required between controllers and solar panel?

if one battery is in float charge and the other in absorption will the controllers load balance?

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SmartShunt as DC load meter

Can the SmartShunt be used as a DC meter for dc loads? I have a lot of DC loads and would love it I could accurately measure how much power they are using. My Battery is CAN connected.

This would be fantastic if it could be added to the Consumption numbers on VRM.

My hot water heater is DC and uses around 8kWh per day, this doesn't show up on VRM even tho it is a significant use of energy.


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Multiplus 12/1600/70 not charging at full rate

I just finished installing my multi and 280Ah of lifepo4 batteries with REC BMS. Everything else seems to work fine but I can't get multi to actually charge at 70A. It claims it's charging at 60-62A but when measuring with Fluke clamp meter it shows only ~50A flowing. Additionally my BMS shunt shows the exact same reading as fluke does so I'm betting that the Multiplus current measurement is nowhere near accurate...

How do I get the missing 20 amps of charging out of multi? That's quite a big drop from the expected value and increases significantly the charging time for a 280Ah bank..

I have the weak AC off, 70A set as the limit in the settings. Environmental temp is around 27-29C where batteries and multi are. Batteries were at around 70% when I started charging so they should be easily able to take the full 70A.

And to be clear the REC BMS is not communicating with Victron yet so that can't be the issue either.



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Why Does Generator Power Drop When Load Applied?

I have a Quattro 24/5000. When I add an AC load, the Quattro drops the AC 1 In current (connected to a 4800 W generator). The inverter/batteries make up the difference. See attached screen shot.

Settings: 120V, 60hz, Power Assist = on; Boost Factor = 2.0, max; AC 1 input current limit = 15 amps. See screen shots. The only difference in conditions in these two screen shots is the AC load applied.

This is strange behavor and I am at a loss. Any ideas?



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Lynx Distributor ground and Smart Shunt Ground

Im doing a solar install where i have the Lynx Distributor and the BMV-712. My MPPT is a the 100/50 (ground wire connected to distributor). Do i need to make a ground connection to my chasis (travel trailer) from just the shunt, or both the shunt and the distributor?


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SMA STPTL-30 + data manager M + Victron Quattro = ESS + zero feed-in

I have 4xSMA STP20000TL-30 + SMA Energy meter + Data Manager M installed with zero feed-in.

There is a need to make ESS system (grid-parallel, hub-4). there are three inverters Quattro 48/15000 from another project and BYD batteries (64kW h). Is there such a possibility?

I found that Data Manager M supports SunSpec Modbus profile. Also I found Integrating with SolarEdge: "configure Sunspec to allow inverter monitoring via Victron GX device"

Do I need any additional devices? Any energy meters for Victron f.e.

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Herstellererklärung Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 nach VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-1 und AR-E 2510-2


Mein System:

Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 GX
LiFePo Pylontec US2000
Blue SolarMPPT 150/35

Die Anlage soll als ESS angemeldet werden, (mit Umschaltung auf USV).

Die TEN möchte noch folgende Zertifikate/ Erklärungen von mir haben, um die Anlage zu genemigen:

- VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-1
- AR-E 2510-2

Ich bin nun alle Zertifikate durch, die ich gefunden habe, da stehen diese Nummern aber nicht.

Verstecken sich diese Normen unter einer EU-Norm ?
Diese Kombination wird so verkauft.

Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe !!!!!

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Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 lädt bei deaktivierten Ladegerät


Habe gerade beim Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 das ESS aktualisiert.

Nun ist der Pylontec ca 50% geladen. Im ESS habe ich die Entladung bis 80% SOC gestellt.
Plötzlich fängt er an, die Batterie aus dem Netz zu laden. Das Ladegerät im Multi ist aus und auch keine planmäßige Ladung aktiviert. Solarleistung ist null.
Habe die Anlage neu gestartet, bzw auch ganz aus gehabt.

Eine Erklärung dafür?


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BMV-712 State of Charge

Hi Everyone

I’ve a BMV-712 installed in our caravan which is fitted with a 100A/hr lithium. Using solar and DC-DC, as well as AC-DC charger. This morning the battery was sitting at 67%, charging ever so slowly on the solar. One minute later I noticed it had jumped to showing 100% SOC! I manually reset back to 67% but why would this occur and what can I do to ensure it won’t happen again?

Thanks Mark

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Distortion on Multiplus 2 Output

My System:

ESS with:
3x Multiplus II 48/5000
2x MPPT 250/100
1x Fronius Symo 15 on AC out
8x Pylontech US3000
Cerbo GX

I have a problem with a device that can't handle the distortions of the Multiplus 2 output. Its a kitchen machine that won't spin up its drive if the Multis are aktiv. If i set the max inverter power to 0 everything works fine.
I know from research that the kitchen machine is known to make problems with inverters and every other device in my house works fine. So i don't think its the Multis fault, the mixer is just a bad device.

The weird thing is, that the mixer has no probem with the Fronius running at max power.

What are the differences between the output of the Fronius and of the Multi? Different switching frequencies?
Is there a way of adding a filter to the input of the kitchen machine?

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quattro 48/10000/140 x2

i have a mk3 usb running firmware 413 on my quattro will not update unless i have 415 or higher any tips please

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Quattro high voltage noted and lights flickering

An Off Grid system on a small resort with DC Coupled MPPTS @48V Nominal. Quattro 15KVA inverter. Set to 240VAC

Several times over the last month the client has noted flickering lights and can hear the inverter with a high pitch rattling unhealthy sounding noise. Lasting approx 10minutes.

On the portal it is noted the voltage is rising and unstable reaching 259VAC and 197VAC. Load is relatively normal at around 50% (4- 4.5KW) during the evenings.

Some output Circuits/Loads are then switched off and then restored again and the system settles back to normal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated on a cause.

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Quattro 48/10000 output power keeps dimming lights

Am having issues with my victron Quattro inverter 48/10000/140-2x100 running firmware version 482, of late my batteries become weak but they still produce half their original energy which takes me through three quarters of the night so I configured my inverter to make use of the assistants to be able to automatically switch to pass through mode once the batteries are low instead of the system going off it switches to the grid but through the inverter without using the same grid to charge the batteries so batteries charge with solar only, the current problem am facing is that my lights keep dimming at some times yet I expect the inverter to have a stable output surprisingly it does this even in passthrough mode yet the AC input into the inverter goes through a 10KVA voltage regulator, I would expect this to happen only on batteries while in inverting mode, for some reason I used not to experience this issue when I was running a multiplus 48/5000, the issue started from the time I upgraded to the Quattro 48/10000 have tried upgrading firm still having the dimming lights issue.

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Where to connect remote start on SmartGen Generator Controller
User manual I have a 48v 5000 multiplus inverter
And a 25kva generator running a SmartGen controller
I have attached the manual
Could you please tell me where I connect the 2 wire remote start to on the smartgen controller
I have shown the manual to my supplier where I purchased the multiplus but there tech is unsure


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How many times can you reprogram the setpoints in an MPPT 100/50 controller?

I'm using an MPPT charge controller to charge a lithium battery bank. At the end of charge (85 b- 100%) one needs to control the charge current to prevent overcharging of weaker cells. To do this I'd like to used the VE direct port - but how many times can you reprogram the max battery charge current ( register 0xEDF0)?

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I am having problems with 2 gx devices can not get them connected to the vrm portal

If I put try and add the gx device to the vrm portal it tells me all admin on that device have been informed by email which means these devices are already registered to a user.

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100/20 MPPT + 12-12/30 DCDC + Control Box Wiring Diagram

Hey all!

I’ve gotten myself into a little bit of a spaghetti of a mess trying to rely on my memory with everything coming in and out of the control box for my setup...

basically, all wiring and devices are mounted and wired in and out of the control box, making itself and the device easily removable if required because, both my 100ah deep cycle and the control box will be in the wheel well in the back of my Outback.

I’m hoping someone who is kind enough to help me out with putting together a diagram with the appropriate midi holders in place with what I’m trying to achieve here, I’ll be posting up photos shortly also with how far I’ve gotten so far.

Ultimate goal is to have it looking simple but, fully functional with the ability to show customers what’s possible as well as easy access to its fuses if required.

cheers and thanks all!





I’ll note that -

A. Yes I’ll have ventilation added through the box for the MPPT via a Load controlled fan.

B. I haven’t added a Anderson for the Auxiliary Battery as of yet to the box, however - it will be located on the opposite side to the Fridge output

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Disabling Cerbo WiFi

I am considering deploying the Cerbo GX product, but I absolutely cannot have it running WiFi on the 2.4 GHz band as it will interfere with the very weak access point at my harbor. I know - I've tried this. I can't even have the Cerbo transmitting in "client" mode on 2.4 GHz. I need to either disable the Cerbo WiFi from transmitting entirely on 2.4 GHz and use ethernet connectivity to my router (preferred solution), or use the Cerbo Wifi on the 5 GHz band.

Reading the manual, it appears I can not do either. Am I correct?

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Can I control my Multiplus 24/3000 with the Cerbo GX via the GX touch 50 instead of the Multi Control panel?

I'm about to purchase the Multiplus 24/3000, wondering if I can "control it" (turn on/off) via the Cerbo GX and GX touch instead of installing the Multi Control Panel?

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Absorption voltage not reached

Hi, I just installed a Smart Solar 100/30 and a 385W AmeriSolar panel on my boat.

So far very happy but a little confused about 2 things.

1) The absorption voltage is set in the MPTT at 14.71v (for my Trojan FLA batteries) however I never see (in Victron Connect History) a voltage higher than 14.5v on the batteries


2) I never see a PMax anything like my panels theoretical maximum of 385W. My actual maximum PMax today was 170W. This even on a very sunny June day in Greece at midday

Today VC reported that we were Bulk charging for 3h 35 and then absorption for 1h

Do I have a problem with my setup or is this all normal

Thanks for help

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SmartSolar MPPT history during the polar day

As I understand, the mppt has no clock and see the new day only when it's getting dark and it has no voltage, right?

So I have a situation when the history starts a new day in the middle of the day (I guess it's probably the time when I installed it the very first time).

During the polar day the sun doesn't set, so the panel works 24 hours per day, and there is always voltage, so I guess the mppt starts new day at the time when it has seen the first "sunrise" which was at the time when I connected PV wires to MPPT.

Is there a reason why the history starts new day not by real time and date?

And can I set the real time by disconnecting everything and connecting it again exactly at midnight?

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Blue Smart charher IP65 12V/25a profiles

Hi, which profile I need to use for charging Victron AGM Deep Cycle battery 12-110.

I have doubts between regular modes -normal or high and those predefined presets in Victron connect app for AGM Gel deep cycle batteries (1) and (2).

There is no predefined preset for my battery.

Tks in advance.

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Remote Control Phoenix with MPPT Smart Solar


I have a MPPT 75/15 and a Phoenix 12/800, can I monitor/control the inverter from the App.

Can I also automatically turn off (remote control) the inverter from the charge controller?



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