Will 600w of solar be too much for my Victron 100/30 CC?

I'm wondering if 6x100w solar panels will be too much for my Victron smartsolar 100/30 charge controller. The solar panels will be mounted flat on the roof of my RV, powering 2 Trojan T105's. The solar panels each put out a max of 17.3V and 5.78A. I'm also wondering if i should connect the panels in series or parallel?

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Would this panel setup risk damaging the 150/35 MPPT?

Hi all

would this panel setup pose a long-term risk on the 150/35? Voltage is still within limits, but Amps is higher. I understand that the MPPT would limit to 35A - but would running a higher current pose a risk of damaging the MPPT in the long-term?


Thanks, wolfandy

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Problem with MPPT

Hi, I am travelling with a self build campervan and I have a problem with my solarpanel. The panel and cable to the MPPT gives 20V in the sun but out the MPPT there only comes 11V. Somebody told me to contact you. Would it be possible to help me? I’m close to Cartagena :) thanks in advance!

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Off grid inverter with batteries/no ess

Hello everyone,

I do really think that I need your help to understand how does my system work.

I have an off grid inverter QUATTRO with a floaded lead acid battery 48V and two regulators, i don't have an ess.

The installation was quite long and the technician didn't really explain how the system works.

Could you please explain me the process between PV, batteries and loads during the day and the nights.

It seems to me that in evening and night my batteries don't partecipate so only grid gives power, even if loads are few hundres.

Thanks so much

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Venus GX does not accept static IP gateway


My Venus GX seemingly cannot accept a gateway when using a static (manual) IP address. I can enter the gateway, but it reverts to when I click Return.

No problem entering Gateway...


...but it's not saved correctly.


I can the Venux GX at the Static IP via LAN directly and indirectly (through a switch). I can also access other remote nodes via a VPN service, but not the Venux GX. Thus while it could be a VPN problem, my first suspicion is the Venux GX gateway.


I'm relatively new with IP networking, so please let me know if I'm missing another possible solution.



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Modbus Smart IP43 Charger

Hello everybod,

I'm very new to Victron. I would like to improve our motorhome with Victron.

I would like to evaluate / display the data from the Victron in the iobroker.

The following components are installed:

- Cerbo GX

- Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger 12 | 30 (1 + 1)

- SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/45

- SmartShunt 500A

- Smart Battery Sense

Everything except the Smart Battery Sense is connected with ve.direct cables.

The Smart Battery Sense has joined the created Bluetooth network.

In the iobroker, I have created 4 Modbus adapters for a better overview.

Modbus 0: Device ID 100 (Cerbo GX)

Modbus 1: Device ID 223 (Smart IP 43 Charger)

Modbus 2: Device ID 224 (MPPT)

Modbus 3: Device ID 226 (Shunt)

I can read Modbus 0-2 as I want. All the data I need arrive.

No data is received on Modbus 3 (IP43 Charger).

In the Victrom Modbus-TCP-Register Excel list there is an example:

com.victronenergy.charger AC Current 2314 int16 10 -3276.8 to 3276.7 / Ac / In / L1 / I no A AC

So I think that the current consumed on the input side is displayed here! Is that so?

If so, what do I have to adjust to see these values.

Addidional I cannot see and read the temp from the Smart Battery Sence. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend

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3-Phase MultiPlus II ESS System with an additional MultiPlus II for battery charging

Dear Victron Fellows,

I have the following use case for two almost identical installations:

On the already existing 3-Phase ESS installation using MultiPlus II Devices, the battery should be charged in case of a grid failure and in time of insufficient PV power.

The installation already has the following devices:

  • 3-Phase ESS installation using 3 MultiPlus II 48/3000 operating in parallel to the public grid (230V)
  • 3-Phase Fronius AC PV converter connected at the critical loads AC Output of the Multis and controlled by frequency shifting (MG50)
  • CCGX
  • BYD B-Box 10.0 connected by VE.CAN to the CCGX
  • MPPT Solar Charger connected by VE.direct to the CCGX

A single phase 5kVA 230V Diesel inverter is available. It should be used to provide the power for the charger.

Is it possible to charge the battery using an additional MultiPlus II connected to the CCGX?

Can the Multi be connected to the CCGX and does it receive the relevant battery information BYD BMS information (DVCC)?

According to the following question it should be possible. And that is what I would expect and I think is the reason of DVCC.

Asking my dealer to verify the answer he told me that it is not be possible to connect the additional Multi to the existing CCGX, because the additional multi would need its own controller and needs to operate independent from the ESS system.

He suggested to connect the Multi by the relays (LINK). This would not be an preferred option for me because I would expect the charging process to be more optimal if it is controlled by the batteries BMS.

If the additional Multi can not be connected to the CCGX, would it be possible to add another Venus device and connect the CAN Bus to this device for retrieving the BMS information?

Best regards,


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Shipping damaged for new unit treated as warranty repair?

I received a new Multiplus inverter on Saturday. Fedex delivery. Opened it up and the housing of the inverter is bent at the top, obviously dropped during shipping since the metal case is pretty stout. Box wasn't bad, but you could see the "squishey" corner where it was dropped. I wasn't happy, but stuff happens and figured it was a minor inconvenience and delay. Sent email and pictures immediately to the dealer I bought it from.

Dealer reaches out to me on monday and asks that I fill out a RMA/Warranty form. Seemed odd with the questions about install date, etc., but they said that is the process. I sent it back and then they sent me an RMA number with the address for the Victron repair center for me to send unit for repair (at my cost...).

To me, this seems like it would be a simple damage claim on Fedex and I'd return the damaged unit and get a replacement. They said the return/repair is how Victron handles shipping damage and it's out of their hands since the unit drop shipped from Victron.

The whole things seems crazy to me, but I'm not here to complain about the dealer or Victron at this point. I was hoping to get some info on how Victron typically handles shipping damage when they drop ship. Is this par for the course or is something getting lost in translation with my dealer?

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Standard configuration for ESS meter impossible


I am planing for an AC coupled ESS configuration with grid-tied PV inverters. I have 2 design goals, the ESS storage shall be charged by PV excess power only and the stored energy shall flow into the private loads only (i.e. the ESS Multi shall produce a bit less than private load consumption).

Problem comes into play with the standard ESS configuration, in particular placement of the ESS meter. I made a sketch to describe the problem and an alternative solution approach.

As I have seen from the ESS design guide, the CCGX appears to have only input for one ESS meter, which would not support the alternative solution approach.

Any clue, good idea or advice to make it happen?

BR Donald


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Power Difference between values shown by Smartsolar and Smartshunt (Battery Monitor)

There are huge differences between the Values I get from the MPPT and the battery. Everything is luke warm to ambient temperature. Cables are not an issue - they are total overkill.
The Smartshunt values are independently verified by a very good BMS.

Anyone can shed some light on the situation for me?

Power Solarpanels: 34.07V * 13.4A = 456W

Power Battery: 27.27V * 16.30A = 445W

MPPT efficiency loss: 2.4% That's ok


Meanwhile, the Smartshunt shows verified 407W!!

Where are the missing 38Watts??


I am using LiFePo4 at low C rates - so round trip efficiency is virtually negligible in light of the losses I am trying to figure out.

Update: I've measured everything, thank god that I've the equipment for that since values vary in the milliseconds.

The only thing that does not match at all is the purported Solarpanel amperage output. Voltage seems pretty accurate. As such 1.4A were reported, when there were really 1.1A. A 21% difference!

That makes me really fed up and unless that is my specific unit I am gonna make sure that other people will become aware of the kind of product they are really buying.

But that doesn't explain everything. The only thing certain is that there are no real physical losses present.

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Smartshunt and Peukert coefficent?? Doubts...

Goodmorning everyone.

I bought victronenergy Smartshunt.

I must say that I am extremely satisfied with the accuracy of all the measurements.

Comparing the readings from TracerAn 3210 Epever and Smartshunt, they are surprisingly nearly identical, in both current and voltage.

They differ only by 0.02A and 0.02V. That is practically zero.

However, I am not convinced that the Peukert coefficient works.

In theory, by increasing the coefficient, the remaining runtime should shorten as the discharge current increases.

But it's the other way around:

for example, with a discharge current of 3 amperes, if I put coefficient 1.5 there is more time remaining, compared to coefficient 1.0.

The percentage of SOC also increases as the Peukert coefficient increases. I expected the opposite.

In my case, the statistics with default coefficient 1.25, seem too optimistic and less realistic than coefficient 1.0 or 1.1.

Can anyone clarify this for me?

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Multiplus Compact recommended battery capacity

What is the basis for the recommended battery bank capacity for Multiplus Compact?

The manual for the Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-50 recommends a battery capacity of 350-1000 amp-hours. I have two 100 amp-hour lithium ion batteries, with a maximum continuous discharge of 100 amps each. That does not meet the 350 AH minimum recommendation, but my total storage capacity should be enough for my limited A/C power demands. (Running a microwave oven for a few minutes each day, and making a slice of toast).

I do not want to buy an inverter/charger and go to all of the effort to install it and find that it really does not do what I need.

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CCGX MQTT issue - no activity

A couple of days ago, my nodered flows (on a linux box) subscribed to mqtt.victronenergy.com stopped working. Attempting to diagnose the issue, I used

mosquitto_sub -v -I myclient -t '#' -h ccgx

against the CCGX locally and receive no updates and the only value returned is for the topic "N/my_identifier/system/0/Serial". Previously, this would've returned a large volume of data.

I eventually found how to set a root password, then logged into the CCGX as root and looked at the mosquitto log files and find nothing unusual. Looking at the dbus-mqtt log, I don't see anything suspicious.

I've rebooted the CCGX and the issue persists. It's running the latest firmware.

I would appreciate any guidance on this puzzling issue.

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How to control Multiplus Compact remotely

Is there a way to turn a Multiplus Compact on and off with a phone?

I would like to add a Hybrid Inverter such as the Multiplus Compact to my trailer. It will be in a place with difficult access. Since I will need the inverter for a very brief time each day, can I turn it on and off with a phone (Bluetooth)?

The manual mentions a switch that can be wired to the unit. I would rather not fish a wire from one end of my trailer to the other, or have one more switch at the control panel.

My understanding is that the Multiplus Compact does not have Bluetooth on its own. Is there a dongle that will let me control it? If so, which is it?

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Connecting LoRaWan module to VRM

I have connected my system to the smart MPPT and a SmartShunt. I have my gateway setup and working and the LoRaWan's light is green. Per the description of the LoRaWan module it should do the trick.

I still cannot get it into the VRM.

When I logged in to my VRM portal it wants me to upload a file.

I have looked for tutorials online and can't find one.

How do I get both my smart mppt and shunt onto my VRM portal for remote access?

Please advise.

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Turn on load based on battery level

Hello, everyone,

Is there a simple way to turn on a relay based on battery level? I have a load, which I would like to turn on when battery reaches 90% and turn off when battery reaches 50%.

Many thanks,


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Needed victron solar equipment for home use without batteries

Hello, For years I succesfully use Victron equipment on my sailboat . For at home I like to setup a Victron solar system without use of batteries. So from solar regulator directly to the public power supply (230v)

Can someone tell which equipment with Victron partnumbers I need.?

Further I like to connect Cerbo CX.

I want to start with 5 panels on the flat roof. In future another 5.

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compatibilité linky multiplus


est-ce que quelqu'un a observé des problèmes de compatibilité entre le compteur linky et les Multiplus + solaires, suite au remplacement d'un ancien compteur?

Car edf veut m'en installer un.

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Reset administrator on Venus Gx

Purchased a boat with a Victron system and want to be able to access VRM remotely. Boat builder has not been very helpful. I´ve tried to register our VRM-ID but I get a message that admin will receive an email with your request.
Can anyone help please.

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ESS with Fronius, problems with overload and AC2

Following setup : 3 x Multiplus 48/5000 II, 1x MPPT 250/100 , 1x Fronius Symo 12.5 and 2 x BYD 15.4

AC1 out and AC2 out are separated.

AC1 loads sum up to 10kW and AC2 loads sum up to 10kW max

We have been observing 2 problems :

1. Approximately every 7 or 10 days we encounter this problem. During daylight, while Fronius is producing 2-3 kW, and system is working with reasonably low loads under ESS batterylife, suddenly one of the phases gives overload alarm and system shuts down. We ask the household, they say nothing of high power was being drawn that moment.

2. During ESS, now and then AC2 output is disabled, although there is grid on the mains.

Following my observations :

This overload situation or AC2 output disabling never happens when system is in passthru mode.

Overload situation seems to happen while Fronius is producing, could it be that due to sudden clouds, the pv production makes a dip and then the multiplus try to invert that missing power ? which is then too sudden and causes overload ?

AC2 disabling : could it be that during ESS AC1 and AC2 are being regarded as one output and as soon as the total load of AC1 + AC2 goes higher than 15kVA AC2 is being dropped ?

What are your suggestions to debug these problems ?

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Synchronize VE.Bus SOC with battery? Select on loss of communication source for genset

Synchronize VE.Bus SOC with battery

Has this item been rolled into dvcc? After some digging here it seems its been removed yet its still in the manual. The last mention of it in the changelog is in the v2.02 – 30 January 2017 Venus Os

Are you guys working on an update to the manual to remove redundant settings to avoid confusion?

loss of communication source for genset

I have a few systems I setup and support with auto start gensets, after a couple of weeks of bad weather one went into LVD during a sustained load at a low SOC. Voltage start timing settings were a bit too long to catch the voltage crash. LA batteries.

I had set start on loss of communication as a third fail safe to start the genset, and had the BMV as the source for genset SOC. However the genset didn't start as the BMV was still active yet the multi had shutdown. I had assumed that it would start on loss of comms to anything on the VE.bus. After rereading the manual, it's loss of communication to the SOC source.

Normally I disable the battery monitor in the multi to avoid the user accidentally changing the source.

I have now reenabled the monitor in the multi, which seems to be tracking the BMV and set the genset SOC source to the multi.

However Synchronize VE.Bus SOC with battery is completely missing so the only indication the SOC is being read by the BMV to the system is that its the same as the BMV.

Seems a rather complicated method, could we simply have this changed so we could select the loss of communication source?

This now raised another question, when performing remote configs through the portal the multi/quattro drops communications to the venus device for a moment. Will this cause a genset start?

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Cerbo GX Possibilities Schematic

I am starting out a design for an RV that will have a Cerbo GX in it. In one of the videos there is a quick shot of a schematic that shows all the possibilities on how it can be hooked up to other Victron components. Where is that pdf?? I can't find it on the site but they said it was on the product page...



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Cerbo GX - Temperature activation of relay.

Greetings All , Question is . When using a Venus GX or Curbo GX . I need to activate one of the relays based off one of the Temp Sensors plugged in to the Venus or Curbo . I can get an alarm via the VRM as well as an email notification and that works fine but I need the relay on the Curbo to be activated . This is to enable a backup system for the refrigerator . Any advice would be great if this can be setup .

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Other than changing inverter to 24v . Is bigger wire the only option ?

Hello, I have a victron

12v 3,000 watt inverter .

My houseboat is all electric

My big appliances are always at low voltage.

To low. The wire from batterys to inverter are .50 . I have 8 100amp batterys and 4 200 watt panels. The distance from batterys to inverter to circuit breakers are maximum 1 meter away for all.

What can I do to compensate low voltage other than purchasing a 24 or 36 volt inverter ? Cheers, John Payne

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Argo which terminal for Alternator sense?

Hi, I've installed Argo FET split charger to charge my starter and 2 (separate) LFP banks. The Balmar MC614 Regulator states to place the Alternator voltage sense wire onto the largest bank if using a split charger, so in my case that would be the 400ah LFP bank.

Just a little concerned that this will potentially expose my starter to too much current and force it into a high voltage state.

I did think that using the MC614 Batt temp sensor on the starter battery might help. Other option would be to place the sense wire onto the starter battery, but then would that not prevent the LFP banks from charging?

Hope someone with a better understanding of this can help.



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Smart solar 250/60 charger off?!

Bought new charge controller, connected panels. But the charger is not turning on.

I have checked all cables, fuses and rebooted.

i attach images



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MultiPlus and source prioritization

I'm planning an installation for a small workshop in a location where grid power is limited (230V/10A). There will be a constant load (heat pump) plus peak loads for a short period of time (say up to 6kW nominal power for a minute or so, when power tools are being used). I would like to supplement the available grid power with batteries for those peak loads.

I found the MultiPlus (48/5000/70-100) and it seems that its PowerAssist feature is exactly what I need. So far so good.

But — I could also add a small amount of solar to the mix. And that's where I don't understand things anymore.

Ideally, I'd like this ordering of power sources:

1. Use as much solar as is available at the moment.

2. Use the AC grid connection to pull up to 10A.

3. Use the batteries for anything on top of that.

But it seems that the MultiPlus does not have a separate DC connection for a solar power source. I found a system example (https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/MultiPlus-system-example-5KW-24V-230V-AC.pdf) which is fairly close to what I want, but it seems that the output of the MPPT controller is connected directly to the batteries. It seems to me that in this system, if I configure the PowerAssist feature, the solar source can only supplement battery charging and supplement the power peaks over the 10A I can pull from the grid, but it can't participate in small loads if the batteries are fully charged?

I would like to avoid discharging the batteries as much as possible, to extend their lifetime. They should be used only for supplementing peak power above what grid+solar can supply at the moment.

Additionally, I do not understand this example: I thought batteries need to be charged according to a charging profile, and it seems like there are two chargers connected to the same batteries. How does one ensure proper charging?

I think what I was expecting was an inverter/charger with separate connections for battery and for DC in (from solar/wind), with source prioritization.

Can this kind of prioritization be done with the MultiPlus?

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Can a bus bar be used with a chassis ground

I am building a new electrical system using all Victron equipment. The multiple equipment calls for chassis grounding. Can I use a buss bar and a single cable back to the chassis to accomplish this.

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CCGX "red box" always blank

Hi everyone,

I've an off grid system with a Quattro, two MPPT and to a Lead Acid floaded battery 48V.

One of my concern is about the "red box" of my CCGX screen.

I was expectind to find the amount of power that is being taken from the grid to feed the loads, when battery/PV cannot perform. But I always see the red box in blank situation (as you can see in the picture).

Is this correct and I'm expecting something that my system cannot shows? or I've to perform some settings?

Thanks a lot


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Multiplus 2 48/5000/70-50 GX


J ai fais installer des panneaux voltaiques avec micros onduleurs enphase

je viens de faire installer des batteries BYD-D-BOX premium lvs avec un Victron multiplus 2

48/ 5000/70-50 GX et je n ai pas sur le VRM l affichage du carre PV

j ai bien sur demande a l installateur et voici sa réponse

La production solaire étant réalisée par micro-onduleur enphase, il n'y a pas de communication entre enphase et Victron pour afficher la production des panneaux.

Alors est ce vrai ?? existe t il une solution a brancher differemment ou ajouter un quelque chose sur le circuit pour avoir cette information ??

s'il y a une solution merci de me renseigner



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