Orion-tr Smart DC-DC isolated charger remote operation

The written description differs from the diagrams reference remote switching of the Orion-Tr unit.

Which is correct?


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Relay out problem on BMV-712

The relay output on my BMV-712 has stopped working and it's constantly clicking when it's on.

See here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/tAhMedWu81EHrEXo6

Anyone have any ideas what's going on here?

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Victron ESS in California

Does anyone know if a Victron inverter/charger can be used in an ESS and tied to Pacific Gas and Electric grid in California?

I'm looking at Victron as an alternative to Tesla and other "battery" systems. The goal is to shift grid usage from the peak demand period (currently 2 - 9 PM for PGE). I will add solar to the system if I can get enough sun on my roof after removing trees.

I've searched for Victron dealers/installers and there are few on the west coast that deal with home energy storage systems.

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Skylla-i not going to storage mode

My customer has two Skylla-i 24V chargers, connected to a cerbo.

The units seem to be holding the batteries at 28.5V and not going down to 26.7V storage

Both chargers have 2,3 and 6 dip switches "ON".

Does anybody know why it would be doing this? It seems strange that two units would be doing it. Would holding the batteries (Victron) at this high voltage cause problems?




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Comment faire cohabiter autoconsommation et vente totale avec un multiplus II?


j'ai un onduleur en vente totale et je voudrais rajouter de l'autoconsommation (à priori multiplus II + chargeur solaire) car j'ai 12kWh de batteries (plomb gel).

Comment faire pour qu'en présence du réseau l'onduleur de vente totale injecte tout vers le réseau, mais qu'en cas de coupure réseau (je suis en Martinique il peut y avoir de longues coupures après un cyclone) la production solaire de la partie vente totale soit utilisée pour l'autoconsommation?

Merci pour votre aide.

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Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12V 15A

I own the above charger. The LED to indicate bulk charging is not illuminating. I have checked with the charger connected to my phone via the app which shows the charger is in bulk mode but the LED is not illuminated.
I note that when I am connecting to Bluetooth all the LED’s on the charger flash during the pairing mode however the bulk LED does not illuminate during this process.
I suspect the LED for the bulk charging stage is faulty or not working.
Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.

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2 DC-DC isolated converters connected in series to provide a dual power supply



I have a question please. Is it safe to connect two isolated converters in series to achieve -/+12V dual power supply? Is it safe to connect the negative converter output terminal of the first converter to the positive output of the second converter? The outputs are isolated from the input.

The product is Victron Orion-Tr 48/12-30A (360W) Isolated DC-DC converter

Thank you.

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Forum Slow/time outs

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

For the last couple of days, forum performance has been very slow, sometimes timing out with a 504 gateway error.

Please check

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MultiPlus installation - connecting battery


I am in the process of installing MultiPlus II (48V).

I have 4x 12V AGM 150mAh batteries, connected in series to get 48V. I have connected VE.Bus Smart dongle to it and it reports 50.66V. So far, so good.

I have connected battery cables to the MultiPlus (correctly) and positive only on batteries (there is fuse on positive). No AC connected on MultiPlus.

Now, I have tied to connect negative but I get sparks! And I do not dare to do a full connect. Is this due to the high current at connection time (capacitors?) or do I have something wired wrong. I cannot imagine what I have done wrong.

Any idea?


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Using Orion Smart to charge starter battery

I have marine setup with a 30Ah lead cell starter battery and a 200Ah leisure Lithium battery. I am using a Victron Orion 18A to charge Lithium battery via alternator when the engine is running. The starter battery is directly connected to the engine and the input of Orion.

The issue is that 18A is way too low to charge a 200Ah battery and I am struggling to make ends meet with just solar. Is it ok to connect alternator to the Lithium battery directly and use Orion to charge the starter instead. This would mean the lithium battery along with alternator goes in Orion input and lead acid goes to the output.This will let me get around 60A output from the alternator to Lithium. PS - this is a dumb alternator from the 80s which can potentially blow up when the Lithium BMS cuts off input. Usually the starter battery can accommodate and protect alternator but in this case i don't know what will happen.

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Victronenergy AGm deep cycle performance and boost voltage

Hello, I have a 110 Ah Victronenergy AGm deep cycle, from April 2021.
-It is managed by a 30 A epever 3210AN mppt charge controller. With a 300 watt panel.
-It is discharged daily on average of 15 / 25AH, which is with DOD 15/25%, which is ún SOC 85/75%.
- has about 260 cycles
- it is recharged to 100% every day (in the Canary Islands the sun is good even in winter) with the parameters of the victronenergy datasheet, boost 14.4v, float 13.8v, temperature coefficient - 24mV / C, boost time 1-3 hours .
- once a month I do a slight equalization at 14.7v 3 hours.
-I collect all data from victronenergy smartshunt and epever module for statistics, in particular I record the open circuit voltage every night after discharge.

I noticed that for the first 2 months the ocv for each SOC rose slightly.
Instead, since November, I have noticed a drop in ocv for each SOC of 0.07v.

For example after a discharge of - 12AH before it had ocv 12.88 / 12.91,
now after a discharge of - 12ah, it has an ocv of 12.82 / 12.85v.
At 100% before it had an ocv 13.20 / 13.25v, now it has an ocv 13.12 / 13.18v.

Instead the capacity remained the same.
Only the ocv dropped by 0.07v.

I did dozens of tests and collected the ocv after 30 minutes of the discharge 270 times, every night.

Do you think this is normal?
Could it be the temperature?
From April to October the battery was discharged at around 26/28 degrees Celsius. 

Then I have another question:
The victronenergy datasheet says: boost 14.2-14.6v.
What does it mean?
I am using 14.4v because I have done various tests with smartshuunt and between 14.4v and 14.6v, the current does not change. So I prefer a not too high boost voltage.

I'm doing well?

The Rolls battery technical service told me that I'm wrong and that I have to recharge with boost at 14.7 v and fixed boost time of 4 hours independent of the DOD. Otherwise my battery will sulfate in less than 12 months.
He also claims that the victronenergy adaptive boost time is not good, because the boost time must always be the same, regardless of the DOD, because it always serves to recharge the last 20%.
But I prefer to follow the victronenergy datasheet.

Could the 0.07v drop in ocv be a sign of sulfation?
(I don't believe because the capacity hasn't changed)

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Bad link in VictronConnect manual

I am looking for details on the battery settings in the VictronConnect app. Section 5 in the manual states "For a full explanation of the Solar Charge Controller options, follow this link" The link is below and I get 404 File not found. Can someone point me to the info please?


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Problème de connexion d’un de mes MPPT 250/60 Tr. Pas assez de port VeDirect sur mon multiplus !

Bonjour, mon installation comporte un multiplus 2 GX 48/3000/32 puis un onduleur Fronius Primo 3 raccordé en parallèle sur AC Out 1 avec un champ Pv de 3750 Wc et une batterie BYD Lvs Premium de 12 Kw en 48 volts avec son propre BMS. Afin de charger plus efficacement la batterie, j’ai ajouté deux MPPT 250/60 TR raccordés chacun sur 6 panneaux de 400 watts et j’aimerai augmenter dans une futur proche la capacité de la batterie à 24 Kw puis ajouter de nouveaux strings de panneaux en parallèle à ceux déjà présents puis un autre onduleur de 3 ou 3,6 Kw. Le premier des deux est raccordé au multiplus à l’aide d’un câble VeDirect-VeDirect est fonctionne parfaitement. Le deuxième est raccordé au multiplus à l’aide d’un câble VeDirect-Usb mais n‘a fonctionné correctement que quelques heures la première fois. Le voyant Float était actif. Sur les conseils de mon revendeur, j’ai changé de câble mais rien n’y a fait. Puis également suite à leur conseil, j’ai éteint le multiplus, mis une protection en ferrite autour du câble puis allumé l’ensemble. Tout a bien fonctionné pendant une semaine et cette après-midi, voici le message suivant qui revient « Solar Charger (289) - Error code : #67 - No BMS » . Ma question est la suivant: est il possible d’ajouter un Octo GX à mon multiplus 2 GX sachant qu’on ne peut avoir qu’un seul élément GX par installation en désactivant le GX du multiplus en sachant que je n’ai pas trouvé les instructions nécéssaire à cette manipulation ou y a t’il une autre solution ? En dernier option, j’ envisageai de remplacer mon multiplus 2 GX par un multiplus 2 afin d’y ajouter un Cerbo GX.

Merci pour vos réponses.

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Cerbo Wifi error stays after reboot

We are remotely helping a boating client who in 1000 klms from us, has lost mains power at the marina, batteries have drained and WIFI has been lost. Our last data on the VRM portal was 4 days ago. After power is restored, we have not been able to get the Cerbo to connect to his onboard WIFI as it has a "timeout error" after 30 retries. Understandable given the WIFI network was down so the Cerbo tried to reconnect many times.

We asked the client to bluetooth to the Cerbo with the phone Connect app and it says it is connected to the WIFI network, however the Cerbo touch 50 screen says it still has the timeout error even after the Cerbo has been rebooted.

We thought the reboot would clear all errors but this one seems to be a bit elusive. What are we missing?



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AC or DC System to Multiplus 2 in a 3 Phase System supplying a Winery grid tied.

So we are currently planning a PV System for a winery building. The PV will have around 27 kWp. Originally we planned to have a Fronius ECO 25 Inverter between the grid and the PV System and leave it to that.

We have a very relyable grid here but now the idea came up to build a backup system with batteries. Also to use the charge of the batteries for winery and private use in the evening/night and to charge an electric car after sunset. We could design the setup simpler (with no or less sophisticated backup) but we figured once we spend the money we might just go for it and be able to run the winery from the batteries in case of a grid failure. This means that we should be able to run the bottling plant (single highest electricity consumer, 32A/380V/3 Phase) for a few hours when we are off grid.

The original plan was that we use 3 Multiplus2/5000 to set up a three phase system. Although the 1.0 rule shows that we might have to get 3 Multiplus2/10000 and a battery that is about 3 times the size of the PV (3 times kWh to kWp). If i understand the 1.0 rule correctly this rule does not apply if we feed the Multiplus with PV from the DC side (?) so we could use the 5000 and smaller batteries (?)

MY MAIN QUESTION now is if we should use the Fronius ECO and convert from the PV DC to AC and then back to DC to go to the batteries (and life with the conversion losses) OR run directly from the PV the 40 to 60 meters to the Multiplus and the batteries and have the hassle of way more cabling.

Since we have only the occasional AC Peak loads when bottling plant, harvest equipment or cooling system is running we do not use very big AC loads all the time. Also since the PV is fairly big in output, PV surplus will be fed into the grid a lot, at least during summer. I need to add that the PV System is about 40 to 60 Meters away from where we plan to install the Multiplus since i do not want to have them and the batteries in the winery where we have the occasional splashing and sometimes high humidity after washing etc.

As i see it (and please correct me if i see things wrong)

PROs (of AC)

  • Easier connection from PV Array to Multiplus
  • Easier connection with a single Inverter for the whole PV array as opposed to multiple Mppt Tracker and Charge controller (ALSO cheaper)
  • Since a big part is fed into the grid most energy is consumed as AC anyway
  • Dont need to feed all the energy trough the batteries and the Multiplus constantly, so less wear and tear to the heart of the setup
  • Therefore cheaper to replace a single Inverter after failure than batteries and Multiplus

CONs (of AC)

  • 1.0 rule -> bigger battery and 3 Multiplus2/10000 instead of Multiplus2/5000 required, therefore a more expensive system is necessary on this side
  • If charging forklift and ecar conversion of energy from DC to AC and AC to DC again.
  • Cannot run as backup if only AC Setup and battery is flat (But i don't think thats a big issue for now)

I hope i explained my plan well enough. Let me know if not.

THANKS for any input and answers in advance


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Input Watts for Blue Smart IP65

Can you tell me the watts used by the Blue Smart IP65 chargers in both normal and reduced modes?

Looking at the 7, 10 or 15A models.

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Do Victron Isolation Transformer restart after overload?

I have a 2000W isolation transformer from 2019, do they automatically restart after a overload shutdown?

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Multplus (s) rejecting AC Current, not allowing Bulk Charge

I have a 10 LG PV Panel, 385-415W, solar array, set up as 2s2p x 2, and 2s,. Each array has its own charge controllers, Victron MPPT 250.100, MPPT 150/100, and MPPT 150/35.

I also have 8 SOK LFP 12.8v/100Ah batteries, set up as 2s2p x 2, for a 24v / 400Ah system

The above feed in through a Lynx Power in, Lynx Shunt and Lynx Distributor.

I have the system monitored through a Cerbo GX and a VRM account on the internet.

Originally, I had one 24/3000/50-70 Victron Multiplus, supplying power to a subpanel that normally draws about 500-600W. On sunny days, this system runs without needing to use AC bulk charging from the mains to charge up the batteries.

I also had assistants running on the Multplus to start charging at 20% to 25% SOC during daytime, 7am to 7pm; At nights, it would start charging at 30% to 40% SOC. The charging worked perfectly and I could also manually turn it on, when needed via the VRM app on the phone or Internet

I had been able to run my pool pump during the days when it was sunny, to use up surplus energy. I am planning to add another 6 panels next summer and another 8 batteries. My hope is to be able to run the pool and home air conditioning on hot sunny days. Thus, I needed to add a split phase system to run the air conditioner. (It uses 1600W to run, so 800W per leg of the subpanel)

I bought the 2nd Multiplus (24/3000/50-70) last week, and hooked it up Tuesday to Thursday. During the setup process, both Multplus’s need to be upgraded to the newest firmware, 4.90. After the firmware upgraded, I set it up in split phase, tested it, it worked fine and saved the settings. I set it up in parallel phase, tested it, it wonted fine as well, and saved the settings.

I loaded the split phase settings and let it run. Then I went to test the bulk charging, and this is where it did not work as expected.

After reloading the assistants to allow to SOC monitoring of charging, I manually tried to charge the batteries. I heard the usual ‘clunk’ but the system did not start charging. I thought maybe this was because the assistants were not on the 2nd Multiplus, so I loaded assistants on that, and it still did not charge.

I spent all day Saturday going over all the wiring, testing the voltages and phases. The voltage from the battery terminals, matches the DC wiring to the Lynx, and the Lynx voltage matches the same.

On the AC side, the 120v from the main panel is consistent from the panel bus, through the breaker, through the cable right to the AC in of the Multipluses.

The inverting continues to work fine. MY only regret is not to have tested my Multplus, that has been working fine for a year, to see if the new firmware had stopped it from working (ie. a firmware bug?)

I even reset both Multiplus to default factory mode, and tried to use my original Multplus the same as I haven the last year, and it refused to bulk charge .

Manually switching the Multiplus to charge only mode, does nothing.

I have attached a short video, showing VE Config, and the blue line that runs along the monitor window, as it reaches the end, you can heard the 'clunk' of the Charger starting up..then it just stops, and the process bar goes back to start again. This is one clue.

The next photos show the Victron Connect app snapshot of the system, then some VE Config snaps shots, the first series on the Main, L1, Master, Multiplus and the next series, the Second, L2, Slave Multplus.

My subpanel is basically off lien from the solar an batteries and running off my mains until I can fix this. thank-you

This appars to be a similar problem, without a solution: https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/98200/mutiplus-vebus-fw-486.html








this next set is of Multiplus L2






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Mppt 75/15 geringe Ladeleistung

Seit Monaten (Juli 2021) stelle ich eine sehr geringe Ladeleistung meines smart solar MPPT 75/15 Reglers fest im Vergleich zu letztem Jahr.

Außerdem gab es auch verschiedene Abstürze:

  • einmal war die Firmware weg,
  • ein anderes Mal bemerkte ich, dass die angeschlossene Wohnmobilbatterie durch den Regler entladen wurde
  • dann immer wieder mal tagelang nur Blinken der blauen LED

Versucht habe ich bisher:

  • Zurücksetzen auf Werkseinsellungen per App (wurde bereits oft gemacht)
  • habe die Batterieverbindung immer wieder unterbrochen durch Auslösen der Sicherung (zwischen Regler und Batterie)
  • habe des Öfteren beide Kabel vom Modul zum Regler abgeklemmt

Wer kann helfen?

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SmartShunt and BMS Vregs required by Victron

In need of vregs for the Smartshunt.

Currently developing a controller to read via VE. CAN battery bank voltage, current and state of charge of Smartshunt.

Tried searching everywhere for the associated vreg to no avail.

Can Victron please shed some light on the request?

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SmartShunt information on the VE.CAN

I have two SmartShunts connected to the Cerbo with VE.Direct.
As far as I understand the Cerbo puts the information on the VE.CAN.

Is there a table with the available VREG's? Is it similar to the Lynx Ion?

Which VREG's are sent periodically, which are send on change and which need to be requested?

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Multiplus restarts very often


I have a 12/3000 multiplus with ccgx and ve.bus bms.

The multiplus restarts every 6-8min as it is right now and logs the input AC to be down to 110V quite often (230V in the grid). But the multimeter says constant 230V in the grid when the multiplus shuts down....

It is very cold here right now if that can have anything to do with it, and the ac load on the multiplus is maximum 1800W...heating a boat

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Is the VE.Bus connection isolated on the Quattro?


I just read Wiring Unlimited (what a good read it is) and while reading 4.5 "Switching the negative in multiple unit systems" i remembered a blog post from late 2016 (https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2016/12/29/erm-energies-solar-powered-containerised-system/) where it seems like they have MCBs on both + and - just before the Quattros.

Is the VE.Bus isolated on the Quattros, or is the system in the blogpost just not installed correctly?

I believe this information should be added to the ESS Manual, i couldn't find anything about isolation in there.

Also, i have a vague memory that i have seen a document that describes what parts/connectors on a unit that is isolated and what is not. But i can't seem to find it, any one know what document i mean?

Kind Regards

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emulating EM24 ethernet meter via modbusTCP server

Hello all,

I have been trying to include a 3rd party generator into the VRM.

For this I set up a modbusTCP server and populated it with the data from the generator
(modbus memory map as defined in this doc => EM24_E1 (Ethernet) COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL (Version 0 Revision 1.2)).

I could detect the emulated meter and connect to it as described here: https://www.victronenergy.com/live/energy-meters:em24-eth.

It shows up in the device list as "CG EM24 Ethernet Energy Meter" and after configuring the device as "PV inverter", the data (U,I,P) also show up in the widgets and dashboard as intended.

What I do not understand, however, is why the device in the remote console shows as "Not Connected" and all data in the associated submenue (AC Phase 1, ... AC totals, ... Energy L3) show "--" (no value).

REM: no intention to replace the 485 connected ESS grid-meter ET340 - the emulation is actually just intended for correct viewing of the setup in the dashboad/advanced overview.

Thanks a lot for any any help and suggestion!

Kind regards - Volker

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Monitoring Lynx distributor without lynx bms

Is it possible to monitor lynx distributor (fuses status,etc) without lynx BMS but with a Lynx Shunt connected?

i will have lithium batteries with integrated bms and i will not need a Lynx BMS but i will iconnect the battery bank (pylontech batteries bank) to the Lynx Shunt directly. I see that Lynx Shunt connect with GX device via Ve.can but i doubt if lynx shunt send lynx distributor status to gx device too.


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3 phase Quattro system shutdown with no explanation

System consists of

3 x Quattro 8000 in 3 phase config - Product Version 2655 Firmware 487

1 x SmartSolar RS 450/48/200 MPPT - Product ID 0xA111 Firmware v1.05

Cerbo GX with touch screen

6 x Revov R 100 Batteries

System goes completely dead once or twice a week without any explanation - usually mid-afternoon. No error codes and nothing written to the log.

It requires a full shut down and reboot to get it back again. Does not restart automatically.

Does anyone on this forum have any advice or suggestion ?

mankankela asked

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Victron Multiplus II Product ID


Is there any way I can tell the Product ID from the SN or PN? I have purchased a second Multiplus II unit to parallel and I want to make sure it's the same without opening the box (in case I need to return it). I am from South Africa.

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SmartShunt battery bank capacity setting

I have two 12 V 100 Ah SLA batteries that will be connected in parallel (recommended by Will Prowse, https://www.mobile-solarpower.com ) to be monitored by a SmartShunt. Is it correct that I would set the SmartShunt battery capacity setting to 200 Ah? Any comments on my off-grid cabin design are welcome as this is my first solar system install.


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What is the meaning of the green frame 'AC loads'?

What is the meaning of this green box (AC loads)?


Is this the difference between the measurement of the energy meter and the Multiplus?

Energy meter: ET340
Multiplus: 3 x MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 (3 phase)

What could be the reason for this difference?

There is no consumer connected between the energy meter and Multiplus (only a fuse to switch off AC-IN)?

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MPPT sizing

I have 200W + 270W of solar panels on my motorhome connected to 2 x 75/10 mppt.

Would make sense to replace the 75/10 with a larger one?

What would the benefit?

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