Second independent Multiplus possible


I have installed a single V MP II 48 3000 on phase 1 (AC IN) of a 3 phase AC system. The system is connected to two Solar Charger and a Pylontech Stack.

Is it possible to connect another V MP completly indenpendent from the 1st installation (own GX, own Battery) or will they identify / interfere each other?

Thanks in advance,


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Can I connect to vrm with 2 Cerbo boxes in one LAN

I have a 2 installations of off grid systems and both have a Cerbo of they own. They seem to be same tcp / port while they are with separate ip. The router wan is static and sigle ip. Can I have Cerbo to run on custom ports? One in 80(default) and another in - let say 81 ? it would be much easier to configure on my RUT955 router that way.

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Victron connect Can't see most smart devices where previously I could

I've had my Samsung A70 for 2 years. I've connected with at least 60 devices, mainly MPPTs, with no trouble. All of a sudden, since Sept 2020, I have been struggling to see the smart solars in the device list in Victron connect.

I have tried deleting and reinstalling Victron connect, I've totally cleared my paired devices, I've tried plugging in my smartdongle, which I used over and over with bluesolars so it was well known to my phone, but now I can't even see that. The weird thing is that I can see the smartsolar at my house (with the cool new feature of the signal strength) and can sometimes see others, but most of the time I'm like an idiot who doesn't know what he's doing because my phone won't cooperate... I always see GX devices, never a problem.

Is this a Victron issue or a personal phone issue?!? How to fix it? Am on the verge of wasting money on a new phone..

Today I had to use my customer's phone to update his MPPT which had been on a 24V system and now on 48V, and was crying over-voltage but I couldn't get in to do what I know needed done. It was frustrating and even embarrassing.

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Expected traffic to the mqtt{1 to 128} server farm?

I am running Venus-large and have a fairly extensive Node-Red flow consisting of about 100 nodes. My router is reporting a permanent TCP/IP session with one of the mqtt{1 to 128} servers with constant traffic of just over 10 kbit/s upload and just under 1 kbit/s download. This seems high to me but maybe it's because of my 100-node flow. Is this level of traffic to be expected?

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Local area network Cerbo access

Is it possible to access the Cerbo GX using the Victron Connect mobile app (or computer) using ethernet or WiFi (not Bluetooth or VRM)? My installation will be beyond BT's reach and when we lose mains power our internet (cable) goes out so I won't have access to VRM. I would like to monitor the system from my home which is 100's of feet away but still reachable from my local area network.

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Multiplus-II grid protections and feed-in control in 3-phase configuration

Hello guys,

I am from Czech Republic and planning to use 3x MultiPlus-II 48/3000 in 3-phase configuration and DC coupled system with PV array (2 strings, 2 MPPTs) and Pylontech batteries.

Of course I will set grid code to "Europe (EN50549-1:2019)" and there are several options for over/undervoltage and over/underfrequency protections, conditions for normal connect and reconnect after trip, controlling power according to frequency and voltage and also option for use Aux 1 input as feed-in disable signal. Setting of all protection is clear for me but our electric distributor have several requirements for connecting "micro-generators" (PVE with P < 10 kW) to the grid, so I have two questions about grid code functionalities especially in 3-phase mode:

  1. If the condition for activating grid protection on one Multi is met and therefore AC input of Multi must be disconnected from the grid, is then automatically disconnected all Multis from the grid?
  2. I want to use disable feed-in using Aux 1, because our distributor must be able to reduce power feeding to grid (for these micro-generator only two states: 100% and 0% feed-in). My question is how disable feed-in function is realized in practise on Multis and whether I must used Aux 1 on all Multis (for example with 3-pole relay, each pole for each Aux 1) or if is sufficient to use Aux 1 only on one Multi (probably on phase L1) and feed-in will be automatically disabled in general for all Multis?

Thank you very much for your answers.

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Wie kann man die Eingangsleistung eines Multiplus2 begrenzen ?

Hallo, ich möchte die Eingangsleistung auf einen fest eingestellten Wert begrenzen da ich einen Stromerzeuger anstelle eines Netz-Anschlusses an der Eingangsseite angeschlossen habe um meine Akkus zu laden. Da der Stromerzeuger max. 2800W liefert bevor die Sicherung auslöst möchte ich die max. Eingangsleistung begrenzen. Ein maximalen Ladestrom einzustellen allein ist leider nicht ausreichend. Sobald weitere Verbraucher eingeschaltet werden addiert sich dieser Strom hinzu so das eine zu Hohe Leistung vom Stromerzeuger abgerufen wird. Vielen Dank für eure Vorschläge

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Why is low battery indicator light on Multiplus 3000

I’m using a multiplus 3000 with 3 lithium battleborn batteries wired in parallel. The inverter has a sold low battery light indicator on and I’m not sure why. I haven’t gotten the mk3 to configure the settings yet. I’m getting a good voltage reading of 14.3 volts at the batteries and at the inverter terminals. Is this something that has to be configured to fix?

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Can Smart Solar Mppt 100/20 load output work as an Aux lead acid battery charger?

Hi I want to leave my solar panels to maintain the charge in the house battery and the start battery on my boat while in storage. currently only connected to house battery.

In the manual it refers that the Load output can use the Battery life algorithm , does this mean I can connect it directly as intelligent maintenance charger for 100ah 12v starter battery?

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Quattro overheats while charging


my Quattro 3000/24 recently started to show overheating alarm during charing and shut down for about 10 minutes to cool down again I guess. It's been running for about 6 years with no issues. I had a look inside and couldn't find anything obvious apart from a bit of dust. after cleaning it up I restarted the charging process with 50A at 24V, after about an hour it stalled again, reducing to around 38A lets me charge my batteries but that's no good for the generator.

What I notice is that the air coming out of the vents isn't really that warm and the fan is running.

I'm happy for any ideas on this! (The FW is about two years old)



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Name of DC side terminals on Phoenix 12/375 inverter ?


So I made the mistake of not tightening the DC side terminal screws enough, which has resulted in a melted minus terminal.

Luckily the DC terminals are easy to remove; Now I just have the problem of trying to figure out the name of the terminal so i can order a new one.

Does anybody know the name of the terminals on the DC side of a Phoenix 12/375 inverter ?

Thank you.

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Quattro 24/8000 turns off when connecting anything to VE.BUS

Dear all,

I have a strange phenomenon.

When anything is connected to the VE.BUS ports the Quattro switches off. You can hear it trying to switch on again but it won't.

I have an old Microprocessor Quattro.

Devices I have tried to connect to the VE.BUS:

- Digital Remote

- Victron NMEA2000 interface

- Cerbo GX

I have tried changing the RJ45 cable - no help.

As soon as I deconnect the RJ45 cables, it switches on and stays on. Functions normally.

Kind regards!

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Gestion de deux pack de batteries LFP de marque différente

Bonjour à tous.

je n'ai pas trouvé la réponse à ma question. si c'est que j'ai mal chercher effacez mon message.

j'ai un multiplus II 48v 5000 avec un pack de 6 batteries

Pylontech US2000C 48 Volts 2,4 6 Kw/h dim:442x410x89 6000 cycles

un color control avec connexion au réseau et du photovoltaïque sur le toit.

on me propose d'autres batteries des DLG E-BOX-48100R qui ressemblent comme deux goutes d'eau aux Pylontech et qui sont LFP aussi.

me question est la suivante.

est il possible de gérer deux pack different avec le Victron ou même en ajoutant du matériel ?

merci par avance de votre aide.


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Grounding for Multiplus and generator

Hi, what position shall in my Multiplus 12V/2000/230V be the ground relay? Enable or disable? I have generator of Honda EZ2200 without any grounding. My system is "off grid" by the lakeside of Finland. I will ground my 230V net inside summergottage to connecting the AC`s PE wire with the ground potential bushbar. The frame of Multiplus and Victron MPPT 150/85 Tr will be connected into the same ground busbar. The batterys negative pole will be connected into the same ground busbar According Victron "Wiring Unlimited".

What position in Multiplus inverter settings is the right one for ground relay fuctionality? It is a littel bit hard to uderastand the function of that relay.

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Fuse size between Victron 150/60 and 24v 100 AH batteries?

What size fuse should be placed between my (soon to be owned) Victron 150/60 mppt? The controller will be charging 2 in series 12v batteries equaling 24v 100AH.

If the answer depends upon wire size, would you please specify what wire size I should use? The 150/60 will be about 6 feet away from the battery bank.

Thank you

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Generator and vacuum cleaner

Hi, I have an solarpower system in our summercottage in central Finland. I am planing to buy a multiplus C 12/2000 inverter charger. I have a Honda EZ2200 agregate, continous power of 2000 W. My battery bank is 12V/400Ah of two 12V AGM battery. I have three 275W polycrustal panels and Victron 150/85 mppt. When I have not enough power in my batteries and I would use the vacuum cleaner can I use the vacuum cleaner (1100W) of starting the Honda agregate? The agregate gives power enough but can the power go through the inverter direct to the vacuum cleaner and the "other" ampers go to charging the batteries? Or do I have to wait until the agregate has charged te batterybank enough for to use the vacuum cleaner?

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MPPT Control conection - only says "Connecting"

I've just installed a Smart Solar MPPT 150/45 and a MPPT control. The MPPT control only displays "connecting". Pressing the buttons doesn't do anything. They are connected with a VE direct cable. Is there something else that has to be done to get the display control to work?

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VW T5 Wiring with Solar and Split charging systems

Good afternoon all,

**Updated wiring Diagram in response to advice.

I am planning my VW T5 Day/Fishing van wiring and would like to ask opinions to make sure that I haven't missed anything.


I have a 120W panel with Victron 75/10 MPPT controller. This is going to be connected to a 95Ah leisure battery in parallel to a split charge VSR circuit.

I have one USB socket that will be permanently fed (for rear passengers), and then the leisure circuit will be isolated via a switch, with other accessories switched at the rear of the van.

The largest draw will be from my 3-way fridge that will be supplied 12V whilst in transit (it will be gas fed outside the van when camped), so I foresee periods of 1 hour or so where leisure battery alone will provide power (when on Eurotunnel for example) for which my Dometic RM8501 draws 10.8A.

Thank you in advance for any comments.

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Feature Request: Option to scale VictronConnect for Windows

My friend has the screen size on her Win10 Laptop set to 150%. (For her old eyes.) As you can see in the screen shot, the standard VictronConnect window does not scale to fit. Nor can I scroll it.

It would be nice to have the option to choose a different size of the window, or, as a minimum, to have the window show scroll bars.


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CCGX and Router


we have installed a CCGX on a off-grid site with a router Dlink DWR921. The two devices are connected with ethernet cable.

The router works with DHCP and CCGX is configured to obtain an automatic IP.

We can see that the router give an IP on the network and recognize the CCGX , the CCGX try to obtain this adress but doesn't achieve and stay unlogged.

We have tried to give a static IP but the CCGX doesn't accept it.

Do you have any idea to resolve this issue?

Sorry for my English!


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weak battery warning MPII + Pylontech


I have a Multiplus and 3x Pylontech US 3000 as an ESS System with a cerbo running.

configuration: Victron & Pylontech UP2500, US2000, US3000, US2000C, US3000C, UP5000, Phantom-S, Force-L1 & L2 [Victron Energy]

from time to time, I get messages in the console of cerbo with weak battery warning.


does anybody has a clue why this occurs?

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fronius stop working with 105 error

i have 3 numbers 3 kva inverter and 10kw fronius symo inverter with Venus, when ever one of the mains input (L1 or L2 ORL3) disconnect only two phase available victron moves to inverter mode , as soon as victron moves to inverter mode fronius stop producing power and gives 105 error which is high fz. There is 2kw load and my battery around 78% still fronius in same state.mod bus settings are same as per recommend , victron set with ESS ,Then tried with pv support assistant still same result .Please confirm that its controlled by victron settings algorithm or any settings need to be adjust. Thanks.

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MPPT 250/60

hallo, bitte um hilfe, so meine anlage läuft im sommer super, reicht aus, möchte im frühjahr erweitern, habe jetzt einen mppt 150/60 4 strings je 3 module a 330wp, 40v, 10a,

wenn ich einen mppt 250/60 nehme und nochmal 12 module komme ich auf tasächlich ca, 5000wp wens gut geht, da ost .west ausrichtung, laut victron datenblatt schafft der 250/60 max 3440wp, kann der mppt dadurch kaputt gehen ? habe gelesen das er abregelt und gut is ?? vielen dank.

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Quattro 3000 No Pass Through

Hi. I'm new to this. I have two 3000 Quattros tethered together. On a recent (first) RV trip I plugged in shore power and 240V from the distribution box. I had lots of yellow lights flashing incl the inverter light. I suspect the batteries are flat and the shore power, being input 2, will not charge the batteries, only the input 1 which is from the bus alternator. Is this a fair guess? And if so, why didnt the 240V shore power 'go through' and energise the system? Do the inverters 'shut down' in this scenario so input 2 isnt passed through? That was more disappointing as I had no vehicle power whatever despite being plugged in.?

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BMV-712 Smart: buttons disabled?

My 2 months old BMV-712 Smart does not respond to the hardware buttons on the display anymore. Following the latest firmware update it was initially working fine, but is now stuck showing usage / yield in Watts. The app on the other hand is still fully functional, so power, bluetooth and connection to the shunt can't be the issue. It's almost like the hardware buttons were disabled by command, but I haven't seen any option in the manual to do this. Is there a way to enable/disable the buttons?

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Victron Multiplus II GX 48/3000 Display and network issue


I'm new here, and pretty new to this technology. I am hoping someone can assist with a new issue occurring today with my inverter.

The display is as shown, no data available pressing the single pushbutton. Additionally, it has stopped sending data via the network, so the VRM portal is inactive. I have tried a full restart, but no change.

I can log into the inverter with a VE Config, and can see everything appears to be working. Has anyone come across this?

Kind regards,



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Multiplus programmable relay

Hi I would like to use the programmable relay to signal my camper unit that the shore power plug is connected. Which relay mode would be best to send a 12v signal to the unit when shore power is connected and available? Best Kirsten

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Motorhome earthing

I am installing a Victron Inverter VE Direct 12/800.

Should the inverter chasis earth be connected to the vehicle chasis?

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Victron Phoenix VE.Direct Inverter 12/800 minimum battery size

Dear all,

the manual of the Victron Phoenix VE.Direct Inverter 12/800 says, that it needs a minimum battery size of 100Ah. At the beginning I planned my installation with a 50Ah LifePo4 battery. Are the 100Ah just a recommendation or is it mandatory. Besides of the storage-size - what physical limitation is given, so that victron energy writes down the limit: is it the continuous discharge current?

Thanks in advance,


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Multiplus AC Coupled Fronius and DC Coupled MPPT - Export Ability

If I have a hybrid setup with a 5kW AC coupled Fronius on the AC Out of a 5kVA Multiplus II (within the 1:1 rule), but I also have 3kW of DC coupled solar via MPPT and communicating on VE.Direct, what is the export ability?

Is it only ever a maximum of 5kVA (as this is the power rating of the Multiplus), or can the Multiplus 'pass through' the export of the Fronius along with the 3kW of DC coupled solar, to give a total of 3kW + 5kW = 8kW export?

I've had a quick read through the ESS manual, and also the 1:1 rule document but I can't find a definitive answer.


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