Multiplus 12/3000 low battery warning then shutoff under high AC load.

I have a victron multiplus 12/3000 inverter with 2x 150ah lithium batteries from Ohmmu wired in parallel. The batteries and inverter are wired with 4/0 cable.

When I try to run a high draw appliance (in this case an espresso machine), the low battery light comes on, and the inverter shuts off.

What might be causing this issue? Everything I have found on other forum posts here is related to wire gauge, but I don't think that is my issue. Is there anything else that might be causing it?

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Replace bmv 702 by bmv 712 smart

Can I replace my bmv 702 by a bmv 712 just by replacing the clock or do i need other cables?

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actually have Multiplus want to add Fronius prime

Hello Friends at Victron !

I actually have an off grid system that runs with a recent (2018 I think) Victron Multiplus charger/inverter 5000VA (24/5000/120), a battery bank 1500Ah 24V and a Victron Blue Solar charger 2000W fed with 3kWp PV array.

I have installer another 10 kWp PV array and I'm looking for obtaining the best from it.

Picture here under is the actual configuration , and the new part to add : it was imagined as the addition of a band new fromius primo 8.2kW to feed the microgrid. I've been told the actual fronius Primo and my actual Multiplus should work together perfectly.

My questions are :

-will the multiplus charge the battery using the ac provided to it on its output ?

-could the multiplus be unhappy of this configuration as the Primo is overpassing the 1-1 rule, means are the problems related here are they still relevant to 2018 multiplus and Primo use ? as they are supposed to be very well fit together by Victron & Fronius ??

-if breaking this rule would be a problem , if have a setting at the Primo inverter to let him produce AC standalone and then install the Primo at Multiplus AC in , instead ? supposed no more rule 1-1 problem then ?

-otherwise if I purchase a primo 8.2kVA, I may be obliged to set software limitations to example 5kVa maybe ? And then make trials with oscilloscope switch on/off loads and see how behave frequencies and voltage when shut off to confirm the settings in the particuliar setup ?

I used to be a solar installer, but no more commercial now, and the technology improvement require us to update. Not easy, many manufacturers. I decided to keep using the victron, nice manufacturing, but feels a bit sad to see the new blue solar charger full of gel, cannot be repaired anymore.

The Victron products can be used in so diverse situations, it's an enormous Job you are doing at Victron. Thanks a lot for your help !

I am wishing to bring an interesting question that may interest many. Haven't found related equivalent in history.

Also thanks to anyone that who agrees to help !


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VRM is not showing energy sent to the grid


I moved my PV inverter from AC input to AC output of my 3F MP-II system.

I could see the energy being fed into the grid, but on the VRM there is a 0.0kWh in the "To Grid" box.

Why is that?






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Batteries not being fully charged.

Hello all. I have a Victron MPPT and BMV712 hooked up to 600w of solar and 2 6v Trojan T105 batteries.

The batteries never reach 100% and the MPPT is shutting down around 86%. I've taken a few screenshots of my system settings. Looking for advice on which settings I need to change to get my Batts fully charged. First 2 screens are from the BMV, last 2 are from the MPPT.





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Inverter connection

Hi Newbie here with limited knowledge so be gentle! I have just purchased a secondhand motor home with 2 leisure batteries and the VE BMV 700 battery monitor. I have a 1500w inverters already from my old motorhome and want to connect this to my new one. My old motorhome did not have a monitor (or shunt) so the connections were straight forward - batteries in parallel and inverter positive connected to battery 1 positive and inverter negative to battery 2 negative. How to I wire my inverter with the shunt and 2 batteries? As above or does one or two connection go to the shunt? I attach some photos.

Secondly I am not sure why the BMV 700 was used given there are 2 batteries. Am I right in saying that this can only provide info on the one?




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Generator Sync Issue

Has anyone noticed that the generator does not sync or keeps loosing sync if.

AC low Disconnect is too close to the generator running AC voltage especially during the day with Grid Tie solar connected.

Currently the Generator is running at 227 Volts AC 49hz and seems stable at that setting

Now it seems that If I move the AC low disconnect up to 215 or 220 volts then I find that I seem to be getting no gen sync at startup or Generator sync drop outs when the generator is running. yet the voltages dont show any issues in the VRM

I am wanting to move these as close a I can to the running voltage is 215 or 220 so that I dont get a drop in the AC grid connected solar when the Generator turns off.

NOW if I turn week AC on then I do not seem to get no sync issue, however my charger output drops by 1/3rd so I dont want the week AC on

am using the Assistant PV Inverter support for control the Hz cut off and that works well

I am still investigating this, so if anyone has seen it please advise and add your comments

3 x Multiplus 48/5000 Fw 481 operating in Parrallel 15Kw battery bank is 28Kw Lifep04

CCGX FW 2.65


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electric bike charging

I have the MPPT 100/20 controller but have never used the load output. The controller had two 100w solar panels connected and I seek any advice on how to connect a charger to the load output for a 36v electric bike charger. How feasible is the by connecting a 12v to 36v DC TO DC converter please?

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charger 2 batteries

hi i have to replace the diode on my boat from the 80;s which would be best orion dc dc charger or dc dc converter can some explain the difference thx colin

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HUB Pylontech problem, red light, CCL limit changing and battery error

Hello, after adding 4 US2000 Pylontech and HUB batteries for a total of 12 US2000 batteries, I have the following problem (see video)

Thank you.

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LoRaWAN/CCGX Backlog data

I have a CCGX installed on a solar powered vessel in a very remote area. I want to connect a LoRaWAN Module so the CCGX can connect to the VRM when the vessel is docked.

Will the backlog of data, that is logged when the vessel is in remote locations, be sent out when the LoRaWAN connection is re-acquired at docking? The LoRaWAN Module manual says it does not offer this capability, but will the CCGX not automatically transmit this data backlog?

I could use a WiFi connection at berthing but there is large distance from the riverbank to the nearest WiFi router. Therefore a LoRaWAN would be a more reliable option.

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How to charge traction battery set with quattro


A bit of background to understand some of our choices.

We have a ship of 24 meters with is used for scouts and their camps.

The ship will lay in remote locations for a longer period of time, this means no shore connection.

Also it wont sail every day most of the time only to the camp location, so charging with alternator doesn’t happen verry often.

We have a generator on board but the less the better of course (cost perspective).

In normal use the ship wont use allot of power only a couple of lights in the evening and phone chargers and the refrigerators.

The ship has a Quattro 24|3000|70 and fits the job for us.

So a big battery pack is just fine for us.

The current batteries are at the end of life that they aren’t useable at all anymore.

We have found an traction battery pack for a fair price consisting of 12x 6Pzs 480 battery’s

With a Volt/capacity of 24 Volts and 533Ah/10h.

We are volunteers organization so funding’s are always an issue, that is why this pack is so interesting for us, It’s fairly good price for allot op capacity.

The big question is how to charge this pack. It consist of 12x 2 Volt batteries, do we need one battery balancer?

Do we need an extra protection/check for uneven 2v battery charging?

Is a standard BMV 702 capable of checking the charging state of this pack?

What are the configurations on the quattro for charging, can these be standard lead acid?

Anny tips for the charging this pack are useful.

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QUATTRO 48V 8kVA Battery Cabling

I am planning for a 48VDC 8kVA Quattro system. Battery cable length is < 2M.

Documentation I've located on the Victron website shows a recommended battery cable size for this inverter of 95 SQMM.

The Quattro has (2) M8 terminals per (+) and (-). I am assuming I can use either (1) 107 SQMM (4/0) per polarity, or (2) 67 SQMM (2/0) same length cables.

Is this correct?

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VE Direct LoRaWAN module Questions



1) The VE Direct LoRaWAN module will NOT work without a Gateway?

2) It's meant to sit NEXT to the MPPT? Connected directly to the battery?

3) Is it water/weather proof? What is the IP?

Thanks in advance.

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Tail current on Blue Solar MPPT 100/50

My configuration:

Fixed absorption time: 1 hour

Tail current: 6 Amps

I thought / have learnt that the MPPT should only svitch from absorption to float before the 1 hour fixed absorption time if the charge current dropped below the tail current setting BECAUSE THE BATTERY IS ALMOST FULL, not because of a cloud/low in-Power to the MPPT

In other Words: I thought the effect of setting a tail current only "kicked in" due to battery conditions, not PV conditions

But yesterday I experienced something different:

The MPPT was i absorption, still charging With about 18 Amps into the battery. Suddenly the sun conditions got worse, so the charge current dropped below 6 Amps beacuse of that.

- Then the MPPT switched to float, even if the 1 hour fixed absorption time was not yet reached, and even if a full battery was not the reason for charge drop below 6 amps.

Is this normal? This is not how I thought it should be...

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ON/Off Grid use case


Working on proof of concept for our exhibition trailer.


Normally undertake a number of outdoor exhibitions, as these are starting again looking to a hybrid energy solution as a lot of venues a actively banning use of generators so either use provided EHU or go to alternate energy.

Using the following as a use case

Kit includes

  • 100/50 MPPT
  • 200W Solar arrays
  • Smart Shunt 500
  • Smart Battery Protect
  • Phoenix Inverter 800
  • Orion TR 12/12/30 Isolated
  • Venus

Question is around grounding.

Phoenix in the above use case is bonded to the -ve busbar I am assuming the bus bar is also grounded to the chassis to EHU power

I'm assuming the 375/800 has the earth connected to the N of the AC output by the internal jumper.


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Data shawn on VRM dashboard cannot be trusted.


9 days ago I asked a question, why VRM dashboard in "historical data" is not showing energy (kWh) sent to grid.

I was hopping that one of the Victron staff members will explain why it is so.

I tried to ask experts, and only one of them @Markus, found time to give his view of this problem.

I am grateful to him for his input but problem is still there, and I see it as a BUG but maybe one of the Victron staff will sell it to me as a feature. since non of them is willing to admit that it is a BUG.



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Maximise use of solar panels

Dear all,

I am struggling with the correct settings of the Venus GX, Quattro and MPPT to maximise the use of the solar panels. System setup:-Quattro 24/8000-720 Ah tubular plate battery (12 x 2 V cells)
-Venus GX, DVCC enabled (charge current limit at 70A, STS, SCS and SVS enabled)
-2 x LG Neon R 370 Wp solar panel (total 740 Wp)
-MPPT 100/30

I have been experimenting with the DVCC setting of the Venus GX and the configuration of the Quattro in order to maximise the output of the solar panels. So far I have concluded that when I use an assistant in the Quattro configuration that switches of the AC in, then I get a lot more out the solar panels (see screenshot 1 below). When I do not use the assistant and AC in is connected to shore, (see screenshot 2), solar output sometimes even goes to 0, but mostly around 50 W.

I have read and studied all manuals (Quattro, GX, MPPT) in english and dutch, read approx. 100 postings on the community site on similar subjects, but I still cannot find the best configuration for the Quattro and the DVCC setting.

The following is stated in the GX manual:
-" Enabling DVCC changes a GX device from a passive monitor into an active controller"
-" DVCC offers features such as a configurable system wide charge current limit, where the GX device actively limits the inverter/charger in case the solar chargers are already charging at full power."
-"Limit charge current. This is a user-configurable maximum charge current setting. It works across the whole system. MPPT Solar Chargers are automatically prioritized over the mains/generator."

My expectation was that by enabling DVCC with the charge current limit and STS,SCS and SVS enabled, that the GX would make sure maximum output comes from the solar panels and the output from the Quattro is reduced. But as shown by the screenshots this is not happening.

The only way that I was able to maximise the output from the solar panels was by using an assistant that switches off AC in of the Quattro, when the batteries are above SoC of 70 %. Once below 70 % it then reconnects AC in and batteries get charged to 90 %. After that AC in switches off again and solar panels take over the charging. This will work on sunny days, but a longer time without a lot of sun results in a lot of shore power being used to bring the batteries every time back from 70 to 90 %. Over a longer period of time this seems to use more electricity then letting the Quattro keep the batteries at 100 % continuously.

After having read more or less similar posts, I have the impression that if I lower the absorption and float voltage of the Quattro with say 0.2 V that the charging should behave as expected: solar charging takes priority and charge with high watts and Quattro charging is reduced. So I changed the absorption and float voltage of the Quattro with 0.2 V, but I still do not actually see the charging behave as expected, see screenshots (screenshot 1 with assistant, 2 without).

Any suggestion/help is appreciated, because I want to lower the shore power electricity bill and use as much solar power as available.




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Bluesolar MPPT 75/15 HS ?


I connect 2*40W polycristalline PV on my MPPT 75/15 to charge 7 Ah battery (for electric car). VictronConnect shows me : Power = 15W, Voltage = 19.2V, Current = 0.8A during Absorption. When I connect only one 40W module, things seem better (e.g. Power rises above 26W). Measured directly, each PV gives Voc ~21 V, Isc ~ 2,4A.

A couple of months ago, I connected 600W PV on this controller without any problem…

Any explanation ?

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Forgot the Victron connect bluetooth password but no PUK to reset it...


one of our clients has a 12/2000 Smart inverter. He has forgotten the buetooth password. I trşed to find the PUK code but it does not exist on the product labels (neither on the back side nor inside the inverter)

How can I obtain the PUK code. Product label is attached.



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3 Phase Quattro Overload Issue

I currently have a x15 Quattro48/10000 set up in a 3-phase configuration (5 units each phase). The system is off-grid and boosted by a 175 kW generator each evening for a few hours. Recently one Quattro on Phase 3 has been overloading during generator operation.

I have been able to temporarily remedy the problem by lowering the input current limit to 95A down from 110A. However, that 110A is what it has run at for the past 5 months without issue.

Previously the system has overloaded at generator startup/when the Victrons first accept the power, however these recent overloads have occurred hours into generator operation.

What could have the caused this Quattro to suddenly not be able to handle the incoming current?

Thank you

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How to configure Absorption Voltage and / Time ?


I am using 3 x 3000 Multiplus II and 2xMPPT 250/100 and 1xMPPT 250/60 on 20 kWh LTO batteries that I want to operate between 50 and 60V.

Unfortunately I do not really understand the absorption and floating parameters in the VE Configure Charget Tab.

Could you please verify and correct my understanding ?


Absorption Voltage is on 59.5 V

Float Voltage is on 59.5 V as well

That means that the Charger fills the batterie up to 59.5 V in "bulk" mode (withouth any amps limitation). At 59.5 it stops filling it and now I tries to stay as close to 59.5V as possible.

The difference between float voltage and absoption voltage is not clear to me.


Repeated Absorption Time is on 0.5hrs, absorption intervall is on 1 day, absoption time is on 2 hr.

That means that after 2 hours of absoprtion ... what happens ? I have no idea .... same for the 0.5V parameter.

Please help me to understand these seetings :)



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100/30 and 200a 12v lifepo with 4 12v 100w panels series of 4 or 2 of 2

On the calc is shows that if i do 4 series that i need the 100/35. but if it is just a slight efficacy loss at peak sun I dont really care. I live is WA peak sun doesn't happen often. On the other hand will a 2 x 2 with a 15ft run to the controller really have much loss compared to 4 series.

sorry if a similar question as been answered. This is my first solar setup and dont want to brake something or burn down my camper because I didnt ask questions.

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What Isolater / breaker ?

I am using 12 x 320Wp solar panels, devided into 2 strings, each 3 panels in serie 2 in paralel.

All connected to a Victron Mppt controller 150V/85Amp. The electrical code states that all incoming wire to the Mppt controller have to be secured. What type of breaker is best and what characteristics do I use.



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VE Lithium Battery Bank, Which BMS to Use?

Hi All,

I appreciate that this question may come down to preference, but I would greatly appreciate anyone's input on this if possible. My dad and I are currently installing the VE setup I've purchased for my liveaboard, which includes:

3 x 100ah Lifepo4 batteries

1 x Multiplus 12/3000/120

1 x BMS 12/200

1 x BMV 712 shunt

2 x Power In Bus bars

1 x Cerbo GX & Monitor

1 x Standard 105ah lead acid starter battery

70amp alternator

The Victron setup above was recommended to us by the agent who I purchased it from. Since then we have done a good bit of research on the Victron setup, and we are now questioning whether the BMS 12/200 is the best option for our setup... Would anyone recommend the Smart BMS CL 12/100 and or the VE.Bus BMS along with the Cyrix Li Ct?

The Smart BMS does not appear to limit the current draw of the house batteries which the BMS 12/200 does appear to do. The Smart BMS also appears to offer better protection to the starter battery..

Can anyone weigh in on their experience or opinion of these BMS options?

Cheers, David

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Can I add victron datafields to my Simrad/Navico plotter?

Can I add datafields from Victron GX to the infobar on right side? I would like to have voltage value and solar PV charger value. Other NMEA2000 equipment can be implemented in the sidebars.


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Generator Charging with 3phase system quattros


im using three phase system with 3 Quattros 48/5000S and everything is quite well.

but charging from generator is quite difficult, the power increases very slowly to 3-6kw and falls down to zero then. This is repeating infinite.

the Generator is 30kva And making a very clean 50hz (electrical governor) and 230/400V i dont checked the sine wave already.
I also tryed weak ac input, but without a effect.

do you have an idea? How to solve the problem

-different frequency 51hz?
-different voltage 235V?

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VECan BMS+Skylla IP65 12/70 1+1 / Current control

Dear Community,

I would like to request your help regarding setup of a Skylla IP65 12/70 1+1 connected on VE.CAN to a intelligent BMS.

A REC-ABMS is issuing CVL, CCL and DCL data (respectively Charge Voltage Limit, Charge Current Limit and Discharge Current Limit). Data appears correctly on a GX display.
The Skylla is also connected to the GX display and data appears ax expected on the same GX display.

I would like to configure the Skylla so it follows CVL and CCL values. I have enabled the BMS Present feature (#31) but this lead to the following error after apporximately 10s : "error 67 : BMS connection lost".

I would be very grateful if someone could help suggesting the setup necessary to get the Skylla to honour the CVL and CCL data.

Best regards,

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Can Skylla-TG chargers be adjusted for Lithium battery configuration in parallel operation

We have 4 pcs Skylla-TG 24/100 onboard and the existing battery bank will be replaced with 8 pcs 25,6V 200Ah LiFePO4 smart batteries. Can anyone advise 4 pcs Skylla-TG can be adjusted as per Lithium configuration in parallel use?

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Hot water diversion assistant setup Mulitplus2 with overload shut off

I have some answers about hot water diversion based on SOC readings and load control with programmable relay, genset assistants with a 3kw Mulitplus2.

Answer i have found for grid tied and off grid system: Under testing 12/04/2021.

Re Diversion control of surplus PV power. EG Hot water cylinder heating, with a small Multiplus2 3kw 48v inverter with overload control, turn off hot water cylinder when other loads come on. Main house loads are top priority, hot water cylinder is second priority

This is what is have done and tested to date and it's works like this.

Start genset assistant first with inverted relay function open relay, and set loads to suit inverter type, times, watts etc.

Then add programmable relay with off function with low SOC %

Then add another programmable relay on function with high SOC % Note: not required works without the SOC high function, this might cure the overload if you exceed the high% set point?

Note: If you have the high SOC below 100% any thing above that % will stop the over load function from working and keeps the relay on all the time, in which case you will get a overload warning alarm or shut down etc.

Example system test:

generator start and stop (size:197)

*) Use primary programmable relay to start generator.

*) Open relay to start generator.

*) Start generator when load higher than 1200 Watt for 2 seconds

and stop generator when load lower than 1100 Watt for 2 seconds.

*) The generator is not stopped by AC input.

programmable relay (size:30)

*) Use primary programmable relay.

*) Set relay off

*) when SOClower than 78%.

programmable relay (1) (size:30)

*) Use primary programmable relay.

*) Set relay on

*) when SOChigher than 80%.


Rob D


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