Limit MultiPlus-II feed-in current in parallel installation


is it possible to limit feed-in current individually in Multis in parallel installation? I want to limit feed-in current to grid to 8 A for each Multi to achieve max. 16 A per phase.

In Grid code settings for Europe there is "Max. AC current xx.x % of INom" desribed as "Maximum AC current for charge and feed in". If I set this parameter to 72.5 % (approx. 8 A) in both Multis, will it work as I expected?


Many thanks for answer.

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ello guys,

Given the difficulty of correctly configuring an LV HUB with GX and several clusters of US2000C/3000C, I thought it would be good to lay out our parameters that have been successfull with our Victron systems, after many trials and tribulations. LV HUB manual lacks clarity.

  • VERY IMPORTANT : Adress of the LV HUB must be : 000111 (not shown in any Pylontech manual !)
  • [image]

  • Cable used : Victron Type A (from "CAN OUT LV HUB to GX).
  • Cable used to connect Master US3000C battery (group 1) to the LV HUB port "1" : specific cable supplied by Pylontech (PIN 1/3 : null), with blue tag on it.
  • You need to use straight UTP cable to connect each stack (B/RS485 to ACAN to slave, and so on). You can use the Pylontech cable with the blue tag on it shown "battery connection parallel". BE VERY CAREFUL on the quality of the UTP cable, it can otherwise mess up all CANBUS communication between each stack.
  • You have for example 38x US3000C, 3x stacks of 12x US3000C. You let all ADD of the batteries as defaut (all UP). Here's the procedure
  • Disconnect LV HUB from master battery.
  • Boot up every single battery, sequence 1-2-3 .... to the last battery.
  • Then you should hear an alarm buzzer which goes like this " bip, bip, bip" (three times). That means every battery is online and connected.
  • Then you change the DIP of ONLY the master battery of GROUP 1 to 0010. (please find pictures attached).
  • Then you connect the master battery to the LV HUB (using proprietary RJ cable with PIN 1-3 null). Use that specific cable, otherwise communication won't work.
  • Then you boot up the LV HUB. You will hear the LV HUB rings. Then all the groups connected shall be shown on the LED.
  • Once it is done, you connect the LV HUB to the GX device with TYPE A cable only (Type B will NOT work and will put the LV HUB in error mode). Do not forget to use RJ45 120 Ohm terminator on the BMS CAN unused of the GX device.
  • You're all set.

Hope this helps !

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Multiplus overload

installed a Multiplus 2 5000 , one heavy loads board ( non back up ) ans a critical loads ( back up) ,the latter via the Multiplus . Typical draw on back up board is around 1kw when the customer turns kettle on and washing machine the inverter shuts down. Any sugggestions how to stop it overloading . i thought the inverter had a 50amp pass through current and was capable of handling these type of loads when grid connected ?

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ESS, latest firmware and charger only mode.

Evening all,

This week I've updated the firmware on my Multis and also ESS itself. Previously, selecting 'charger only' mode in remote console caused the Multis to near enough shut down, no output & no charging.

This appears to have now changed, inverting stops but the units will charge and allow grid input to pass through to output.

Has anyone seen a published description of what charger only mode actually does now when ESS is installed? I am hopeful it disables LoM protection so I can charge the batteries using a generator?

Thanks! Guy

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Is their a 3 phase energy meter alternative as there is no em24 availability at the moment
  • I have just installed a 3 phase ESS system with 3 quattro 8000's on a 100 amp supply and found it impossible to get hold of a Em24 or alternative to use with CT clamps.. Carlo Gavazzi UK told me today it would probably be April by time they have the parts and have started shipping them..!(That is a long time to wait!) No one has any thing in stock...Is their an alternative or is it possible to make another meter work for 3 phase victron users?

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What is the correct current sense configuration for a parallel pair of MP2's

I have a system like below configured as ESS and I assume it uses the "internal current sense" of each to figure out the grid set point.


Problem I have is that I export almost 1 kW/h from batteries a day (which is only 17hrs as I don't discharge between 00:30 and 07:30) which is verified by the meter and a separate ShellyEM clamp on the grid.

It seems to me that as it is a parallel system, the slave is telling the master what its current sense is and the master works it out and tries to get to the set-point.

This isn't working well and I read on here that a little give and take is OK, but my take is about 60W/h compared to 0.9kW/h given back.

So I got a CT clamp and clamped it on the grid as this seemed logical when connected to the master.


This did the job and prevented discharge beyond the set-point and I was seeing a better in/out balance - so I congratulated myself on another job well done :)

However, when I charged that night (on off-peak) I woke to find the batteries at only 80%. I looked in Home Assistant and saw that despite me changing the set-point to 5.5kW on the Gerbo (by MQTT) I only pulled half of that meaning the batteries couldn't charge in the 7hr window like they normally do

I did a force charge in the day and discovered that whatever I set the positive grid set-point to (in order to force a pull from the grid) approximately half went into the batteries and the other half showed up as a load on AC_out which was completely wrong!

Obviously this is not right so I removed the clamp and all back to how it was.

So my questions are;

i) when deploying a parallel pair set up like this is it best to use an external CT clamp rather that the MP2's internal CT's and if so - do I need to set "external current sensor connected" in VE Configure 3 AND keep the grid metering in ESS as inverter/charger?


ii) if I don't use a CT clamp and continue to use the internal CTs of the MP2's how quickly does it update and is it via the Cerbo or directly over the VE Bus? If the latter, why is it way out?

Both the MPs are 8 weeks apart in manufacturing date and balanced etc. They are both the later HW revisions. >HQ2223 at 498


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Multiplus 12 500 20 only work as inverter when there is no grid connection

Dear Community,

I am new with victron energy, my configuration is as following:

Multiplus 12/500/20

Cerbo GX

MPPT 75/15

and the operation is as following:

1- AC grid connected without any load. Multiplus indicates storage and MPPT indicate float


2-AC grid connected with AC load. Energy flows from grid and Multi still in storage and MPPT in float.

I expected the system should use energy from batteries.


3.- If I disconnect the AC grid, the Multi switch to inverter mode.


The operation from (2) seems very strange, the battery is full and there is solar energy available but it is not used.

Is this operation correct?

What should I change to give priority to use energy from batteries ?



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bidirectional charging with 2 buck-boost


the buck-boosts recently got a nice feature: Dual mode (Master/Slave) - see the configuration programm "TSConfig".

As far as I understand the short explanations given in the program, this feature should allow bidirectional charging between the starter battery and a service battery. One buck-boost has to be configured as Master and a second one as Slave.

When the Master is working, it forces the Slave to turn off by a HIGH signal on Pin1 (violet wire). When the Master is not active, Pin1 becomes LOW, thus the Slave is allowed to start working...

I tried to realize this: The Master is working fine (when it starts Pin1 becomes HIGH and when it stops working Pin1 becomes LOW).

But the Slave never starts working! (signal on Pin1 is LOW and delay time (setting 61) is set to 0.)

Has anyone of you already realized bidirectional charging with Dual Mode succesfully?

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What is the right SPD for a RS450/100?


what would be the right SPD in terms of Up for a RS450/100?

4kV are fine or do I have to use 2,6kV or less?




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Propane generator recommendations

Hello Victron Community,

I am looking for permanent install, propane generator recommendations. I have two Victron Multiplus invertors running in parallel operation at my house. And I want to supplement the solar power with a generator.

I would like the ability to manually initiate the generator, via blue tooth or wireless. I would also like the ability for the Multiplus to automatically turn on the generator.

Do you have any recommendations for a high quality unit?

Thank you!


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floating but inverter crashes and sounds low voltage alarm if i try to use power

The last few days my system has been on float (something it hasn't done before) and yet when I try to use power the inverter crashes and sounds low voltage alarm. What could be the cause? And how can I fix this? Any ideas welcome. I am not a techie so please keep answers in simple language, many thanks.


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Using Cerbo to ONLY datalog my BMSs data?

I have two Overkill BMSs plugged into the Cerbo's USB ports in order to datalog them only. I've turned off DVCC (ESS is off) in order to make this work. I have gathered that Victron does not want it to work this way. They have designed it so that if a BMS is plugged into Cerbo the BMSs control the system. I want my MPPTs and BMV to control the system with the BMSs providing background control for over and under cell voltage protection.

It has been working fine for over two months and now for some reason it's acting weird. My 100/50 and 100/20 are going from bulk straight to float. It does that for a few minutes then goes back to bulk. My absorb and float are 14.2 and 13.4. It was doing this well below the trigger voltage for absorb at around 13.35V. When I shut down the Cerbo completely the odd behavior stops.

Any suggestions on how to do a better job of breaking that link between the BMS and the Cerbo while retaining the datalogging features? That is the main reason I got the Cerbo - datalogging and remote monitoring.

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Current sensor port on MP2


I'm new in victron product and i've seen so far in all videos a jack port for the current sensing.

I got only terminals, is that normal ? Does it mean I have to cut the jack connector of my sensor ?


Thanks for support

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Multiplus ii firmware update & configuration without batteries

I have a brand new Multiplus II 48/10000 and would like to update the firmware and configure before my 4 PylonTech batteries arrive. I have searched for and read a few Q & As on the subject.

The Victron videos indicate that this is possible using either AC in or 48v DC. I wanted to minimise risk and use a low value MCB for setup, connect up my laptop and USB interface and away we go. There seem to be differing views on whether the AC in only option will work

I have only AC in connected (100A cables) and earth from my adjacent consumer unit.

I initially connected it to a 16A Type B MCB and the MCB tripped after a few seconds whether in position I or II

I have read that there is an initial rush of current to charge internal smoothing capacitors, so I get that.

I repeated using a 50A MCB (not unreasonable given that a 100A MCB is recommended to match the Multiplus's 100A throughput capability) and this time the MCB and RCD (80A 30mA) both tripped after about 15 seconds.

Is my only choice to wait for the batteries to arrive ?

Is there something else I should try ?

Does it make a difference if I start up in charging only (position II) of inverter (position I) ?

Alternatively does this suggest there is a problem with the inverter ?

How many volts of DC would it require to fire up the DC side as I have a number of smallish LiPo batteries of different sizes that I could use ? I also have a 12v lead acid accumulator ?

Any help would be appreciated


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VRM using the Website Embed Coding


I have my own website and wish to embed my solar dashboard using the share embed coding that I have copied and pasted into my PHP file. Upon running the page in my website the page stops due to 'Access is Denied' and after inspecting the error - the '' has an invalid security certificate so will not bring up the dashboard.

Is this a Victron issue as the rest of my website is fine? and if so, how do I go about it?




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