Anti Islanding certification for Multiplus 2 GX


is for the Multiplus 2 GX 48/3000/35-32 a Certification sheet for the Anti-Islanding available ?

On your Downloadsite i have only found this Certification for the others Multiplus Inverters.



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Can setting low temp cutoff in BMV-712 stop AC converter charging?

I am running the BMV-712, Battery Smart Temp Sensor and the MPPT 100/15 with a 2x LiFePo4 200amp hour battery bank. The battery bank has BMS onboard but a low temp cutoff is not included unfortunately. I have things set with the MPPT to cutoff charging at 3deg C but that is only when charging from solar. It looked like if I set the BMV-712 relay low temp cutoff setting to 3deg C, it would cut charging regardless of whether it was from solar or the AC charge converter but my tests are showing the relay closed when it's supposed to be, however the AC charge converter is still charging the battery bank. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you in advance.

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Solar charge station for electric cars

Good day,

I wanted to know if Victron has developed a solution for a solar charge station to recharge batteries (either lithium or sealed AGM) to power small electric carts (similar to gulf carts). Our idea is to build several small carts to be used on the coffee processing plant and the cart will driven by dc motors powered by batteries. Maybe each cart will have spare batteries so when they are drained after some time, they will be taken to the solar charge station and new recharged batteries will be placed on the cart to continue the process.

Thank you in advance for your advice.


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MPPT 100/20 Leistung springt


habe bei meinem MPPT 100/20 das Problem, dass die Leistung extrem springt. Panel ist ein 180W und es hängt eine 150Ah AGM Batterie (1 Monat alt) dran. Das Video ist bei konstanter Sonneneinstrahlung aufgenommen worden.

Hier das Video:

Hat jemand eine Idee?

Viele Grüße


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Multiplus ii 5000 not inverting 4000w

I have a 14kw array charging a 33kw bmw battery with a 450/100 mppt , 1 60 amp mppt and a 100 amp mppt.

at the moment in testing everything is working as expected . I’m about to add a second multiplus ii 5000 in parallel but I’m first of all trying to figure out the low output of the multiplus ii and trying to see if I have missed something in my settings.

I’m running ess and I can’t see anything that would limit the output but it seems when the voltage of my battery is at the lower end the output is lower . My battery is a 12s and my bms will cut off if cell voltage goes high or low

I have the ess configured to stop discharging at 41v and stop charging at 49v

Output of the multiplus appears to be limited to around 3500w until the battery is 47-48v when the output can go as high as 4200w

my cell voltage settings are conservative and the battery is fully able to discharge 8kw right down to the 41v limit I have set

any idea why my output is not 4kw ?

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Does VictronConnect show when my Multiplus is in "forced" Repeated Absorption mode?

When my Mulitplus goes into Repeated Absorption mode, does the VictronConnect app tell me?

Similarly, does the Mulitplus itself tell me when it is in Repeated Absorption mode, via certain lit LED's?

From a search of the Manual, the answer is "no."

So then a Feature Request for an indication when the Mutliplus is in Repeated Absorption mode, so that I don't think it is in a "runaway" condition when I find it charging my battery, even though my voltages don't call for a recharge.

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Victron GX and battery LiFePo4 battery compatibility

I found on the forum the list of batteries with BMS compatible with Victron but it seems to date back to 2019, I think from 2019 to 2021 many things have changed, some products linked are not even on the market anymore.

I am intent on purchasing a Meritsun powerwall battery system to connect to my Victron quattro 10kw and Venux GX. I am concerned about compatibility.

The manufacturer of course says it can be connected without problems but that is of course the manufacturer's opinion.

To be honest, this company responds to my emails super fast, while another company like Pylontech listed won't even respond to a request for a quote.

Can anyone give me more suggestion?

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Cerbo CAN devices on Axiom


On the Axiom (latest Lighthouse 3.13.103)

I get 2x a CAN device

- Unknown n2k device SmartShunt 500A

- Unknown n2k device SmartShunt 500A/50mV 0000501

These supply the Service and Start battery values which works well on the Axiom, I can make a special page to display the values so no problems there.

Just that you are aware that these SmartShunt devices do not show properly on the Axiom Network view.

Product : Unknown ...etc.

Name : The custom name given in Cerbo does not show

Version : No version is shown





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SmartSolar 100/50: Weitere Ladeprofile erstellen


Ich versuche, in VictronConnect drei weitere Ladeprofile (Batterievoreinstellung) zu erstellen.

Hab aktuell die 5.38 auf 2 verschiedenen Geräten mit Android.

Das suspekte dabei ist, daß ich bei meinem Tablet drei zusätzliche Profile erstellen kann, auf meinem Handy jedoch nur eines.

Kennt jemand den Grund?

Wenn ich die Profile des Tablets exportiere und danach am Handy wieder importiere, ist nur ein einziges zusätzliches Profil vorhanden.

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System Monitoring and Diverting loads

Hi - forum newbie here,

I'm looking at upgrading my off grid set up and welcome comments on the proposed works.

I'm keen to take advantage of the solar generation when my battery bank is charged (see No 7 below) and am still looking for solutions. This is one of the main things I'm struggling with so if anyone can help that'd be fantastic.

Having a way to monitor the whole system would also be great. Currently no comms leads run between any of the Victron kit. Maybe there's a monitoring solution built in to the multiplusII - which I haven't found time to fully research yet. So any pointers on how these devices should be talking to each other is also gratefully received.

And the other main thing I'm struggling to find is a resistive element solution that can be wall mounted for my ballast load - which would replace my elecky convection heaters (see No 6 below).

I've included a sketch of my existing and proposed layout to help with the context. The rational behind these changes is to upgrade some of the 9 year old components, to switch from a flooded lead acid to LiFEPO4 battery bank, add heating to the small outbuilding (approx 40 sq m) as part of the renovation works, optimise how things are configured and be able to monitoring the system.

Proposed Upgrade Info

  1. Upgrade inverter to a Victron Multiplus II
  2. Upgrade battery bank to a 48v 16s 2p prismatic battery solution using 280Ah cells, add a BMS - possibly from overkillSolar, new enclosure with low temp heating solution. Batts will probably be imported from China via AliExpress or Alibaba.
  3. Install a new change over unit to create an additional route for the ballast load from the existing hydro. This would divert the ballast to heat water for under floor heating in an outbuilding that's slowly being renovated. I've an M&E engineer who'll build this for me.
  4. Install a new 250l unvented tank. Possibly something from Gledhill.
  5. Install a new pico hydro scheme that’s designed to run in our wet Welsh winters to generate hot water. Probably using an off the shelf solution like PowerSprout, AmpHydro or StreamEngine
  6. Upgrade resistive ballast elements to a wall mounted solution. Still looking and struggling to identify components that could work.
  7. Identify a solution to harness energy from the solar PV when the batts are fully charged and also have a way to monitor the entire system.

If anyone spots any errors, has suggestions or can offer any input, all comments are encouraged and welcome.

Thanks in advance


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Orion-Tr Smart 12v to 12v DC to DC Charger 30 Amp directly off 7 pin

I am being told I can charge my Lifepo4 batteries using an Orion-Tr Smart 12v to 12v DC to DC Charger 30 Amp directly off of my trucks 7 pin wire. My truck is a 3500HD duramax, and I believe the charge wire is 10ga. The fuse is a 30A fuse under the hood. I want to be sure I am not going to burn up an expensive alternator or wiring. Does this sound correct? Thanks!

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Limit Charge Power - setting missing on ESS

I know that was already asked several times, but the solution is still missing.

The "Limit Charge Power" is missing from ESS menu, and if I got it right, this was the only solution to avoid charging batteries from grid, or, to set a certain limit. I know that there is an option in DVCC to limit the charge current, but this affects overall the charging, including the current drawn from a PV-tied grid inverter. In previous questions, disabling the DVCC was making the option to appear in ESS. Still in my case, using Pylontech batteries, I need DVCC on.

So, what is the solution to have the Limit Charge Power back on, regardless if DVCC is on or off?


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Full charging of AGMs

Hello. I'm asked to use this facility by posting a q.

In a complete 'lecky refit on a 40 y.o. modest sailboat, I'm fitting 3 groups of AGM batteries - start, port domestics, and s'board domestics. These can be linked. All Optima BlueTops, with a RedTop for starting. The new Beta 14 engine has a 75A 'nominal' alternator with fixed, internally-regulated output voltage. This is nominally 14.4V and the AGMs need 14.7V for full recharge.

I've fitted a Victron ArgoFET 100/3, believing that will do the charging biz. for each battery group... but only so far. I plan to fit some PV panels, for use in 'topping up' when the boat is unattended, and I understand I should fit PV controllers which can/will provide the additional higher Float voltage.

Is this right, and what controller(s) should I fit for this purpose?

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Can GX generator start/stop feature control AC in of Quattro?

Hello all,

For a setup on a yacht, I want to control the AC in 2 of the Quattro so that during the sunny hours of the day, the shore power does not charge the Quattro. The result is that during the day only my solar panels charge the batteries.

I enabled in the Venus GX the feature generator start/stop, in such a way that the generator starts at 18.00 and stops at 08.00 hrs. I then set AC in 2 in the GX to generator. I am assuming this then controls relay 1 of the GX and switches it on and off based upon the indicated hours.

I then wired relay 1 of the GX to the auxilary relay of the Quattro.

With VE-configure, I added the following assistant to the Quattro:


Will this work? Will the AC in 2 be ignored from 08.00 till 18.00 hrs?

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Unable to connect to Cerbo GX from Raymarine Axiom using the Victron App

When I try to connect to the Cerbo GX using the Victron app on the Raymarine Axiom MFD I get a connection error "no hardware found" and the application does not start.

The Cerbo GX is connected to the NMEA2000 network using a Victron VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable and the Raymarine Axiom MFD is connected to the same NMEA2000 network. The NMEA2000 network works fine and is properly terminated. Since the Axiom is connected to an Quantum 2 rader with cable the Axiom must connect to the Cerbo GX through the NMEA2000 network.

The NMEA network diagnostic screen on the Axion shows not only the Cerbo GX. But also all the devices connected to the Cerbo GX with VE.CAN, VE.Bus or VE.Direct. Attached is the NMEA2000 network diagnostics from the Axiom listing all the NMEA2000 devices as well as the Victron devices that the Axiom can find on the NMEA2000 network.

- The Raymarine Axiom is running the latest lighthouse operating system (v3.13.103 Edgartown)

- The NMEA2000 network is powered separately and the fuse in the VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable is removed

- The Raymarine Axiom can see the Cerbo GX on the NMEA2000 network (and all devices connected to the Cerbo GX, including tanks)

- The Cerbo GX and all connected Victron devices are all running the latest firmware

- All data from the Cerbo GX are visible on the NMEA2000 netowork and can be displayed in other ways such as webguages with yachtdevices wifi gateway

- On the Cerbo GX: one VE.Can port has a VE.Can terminator and the other VE.Can port is connected to the NMEA2000 network using the VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable

- The NMEA2000 network is a Raymarine SeaTalkNG network

- The VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable is connected to a SeaTalkNG<->NMEA2000 cable that is connected to a "white" device port on a Raymarine 5-way

Cerbo VE.Can port settings:
- CAN-bus profile: VE.Can & Lynx Ion BMS 250 kbit/s,
- NMEA2000-out: Enabled

NMEA2000 network diagnostic from Raymarine Axiom

NMEA2000 network diagram


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Victron multiplus12/1600 as Grid with gti and limiter

Hello I have a sun-1000gtil2 with limiter which works fine but I have no use anymore in my house for it. ( have bigger one’s doing all the job)

So I liketo use it in my Gartenhauses where I have a multiplus. My question is:

Since the sun inverter is not 100% limiting and Sometimes feeds 5-10 Watts back when loads change quickly, I wonder if this would destroy the 12/1600 multiplus or this is not a big deal? Or it even just charges the battery and I worry to much ;)

Thank you for the answer

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Why isn't my DC power direct ?


I have a Quattro 10 000 connected to a Cerbo GX. My quattro is in manual mode, so i can decide if it is charging or discharging my battery. When i ask to charge 1000W, the input AC power follows the request but my DC power don't really follow it...

I don't understand why my DC power si so different from my AC power... Is it the result of the instability of the grid ? Because i'm conneced on a singlephase '' micro-grid '' which is generated by another inverter...


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Configuring Multiplus with Pylontech Batteries (Possible with just CerboGX and Touch 50)?

I have a solar kit I bought recently with a Multiplus 48/5000/70 and a SmartSolar 250/100. The system has a CerboGX and Touch 50. The battery bank is 4 Pylontech US3000.

I was reading the Victron-Pylontech compatibility article, and just watched a webinar on the topic, but I'm still unclear.

To make sure all my Victron components are configured properly according to what the batteries need, can I just use the VictronConnect app via my smartphone? Does this operate via some sort of bluetooth connection internal to the CerboGX?

Or do I need to buy the Smart Dongle or MK3 USB separately?

Doesn't the CerboGX and Touch50 replace the need for the VictronConnect app or at least replace the need for the SmartDongle/MK3-USB?

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Multiplus Compact running WMD1050 washing machine issues

I'm trying to run an WMD1050 washing machine from a 12/2000/80 Inverter-Charger with no success.

The inverter is rated at 2000 VA continuous and 4000VA for 5 seconds. The washer pulls about 180 watts on wash cycle and 375 watts on spin cycle. (No hot water cycle)

The problem seems to be the triac controlled motor running at very low speed (75 rpm) during the wash cycle. The bowl turns about quarter of a revolution, then the washer LED's flash off and the washer stalls and then reties to continue it's cycle.

At much higher spin cycle speed (1000 rpm), there are no issues.

If I connect a 1.2 kW kettle at the same time, the problem seems to largely disappear.

By using a CRO, the waveform on wash cycle as small kinks when the motor loads up. With the kettle connected, the waveform kinks are much smaller.

I tried an power capacitor of 30 microfarad across the input the washer and this did change the waveform a bit, so that the kinks were nearly the zero crossings of the waveform.

The inverter is about 3 years old and the chip ID is 2608430.VFD.

Is there any new software upgrade to address this problem of Triac controlled washer motors running at low power?

Any insights to the problems would be greatly appreciated

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Split combiner box feeding 2 SmartSolar mppt controllers off a common negative bus bar?

Hi, I am wondering if it is ok to use a Midnite Solar 6 breaker combiner box with the positive bus bar split in two and use it to feed two Victron SmartSolar mppt charge controllers using the common negative busbar? Each controller would receive their own positive and negative cables, only the negative busbar would be shared.

The arrays would be different sizes feeding into a Victron 150/100 and a Victron 150/70 feeding into a single battery. Midnite Solar states most charge controllers can work in this configuration with a few named exceptions (Victron not being one of them). There is a diagram similar to this setup on page 5 of this document:

I just want to make sure before I make a potentially expensive mistake! Thanks in advance for any help.

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Color Control GX making noise

I got my Color Control GX hooked up today and I noticed it makes a constant noise. I wouldn't call it a buzz. More like a muted white noise. Or maybe the sound of a loud speaker being but not playing music yet. Its not crazy loud or anything but you can hear it when close to it.

Is this normal?

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AC Solar With DC Solar

Hope somebody can assist me I am new to using Victron however I am a qualified electrician, and I have recently bought a house with an existing installation, I have an grid fed Multiplus 48/5000 70-100 together with an SMA Sunnyboy providing Solar AC, I have recently upgraded my battery bank to a big Lithium ion pack but now the problem I am sitting with is that the solar array isn't sufficient enough to recharge the batteries during the day so I would like to add an Victron MPPT with a few extra panels. I have an Colour Gx in the system, now my question is do I just install the MPPT and connect it to the DC side of the Multiplus ? and connect the comms to the ? is there anything else I must do beforehand?

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Error 24 Quattro 48v 15000kva

Hi, my system was working fine, but a few days ago on Venus I had error 24, I read in the error article Error 24: switch system protection started. turn off the inverter and after 4 hours I turned on however we do not use a generator or public network. Today the error reappeared without success for it to work again.


I do not think it was an overload since in the advanced parameters it shows me the maximum power consumption does not exceed 3000w per quarantine


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CCGX crash and alternating device IDs

I have a rather complicated set-up(*).

Today my CCGX went through periods of rebooting continually. There is a single BMV connected to the CCGX. During the crashes, it seemed that the CCGX was assigning the BMV two different IDs (289 to start, and 288 to end). What would cause this?


(*) I have a 48V and a 24V system. They are connected by an MPPT (not connected to the CCGX).

There is a single CCGX

The 48V and 24V each have a MPPT connected to solar panels (each connected to the CCGX).

The 48V has a third-party BMS connected via CAN to the CCGX.

The 24V has a Victron BMV connected to the CCGX.

There is a Quattro connected to the CCGX.

There are two Oceanvolt motors connected via CAN to the CCGX.

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Last 24h stats disappeared from VRM , web and also from the app


24h stats no longer showing since yesterday.

Known issue or?



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VRM Dashboard Information

Good Evening.

I am currently busy with a site analyses, on one of my installations . On VRM the Dashboard when working through my consumption figures , i notice something that does not add up. When Viewing a single month for example March 2021 i can see the consumption everyday from the 1st to the 31st . When i am looking on a month to month basis the dates indicate from the first to the 29th , this is the same on all the months , the date's are not until the end of the complete month. Is the information for the month as per the dates indicated or does it actually reflect a complete month.

Regards Johannes Cronje



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Why does MPPT throttle to zero?

System is running ESS, Victron Multi II 5kVA and 2 x 150/35 MPPTs. The MPPTs throttle down to 5W randomly and for weeks now we have been trying to find a pattern. The only thing I am quite sure of is that it does not seem to happen when the inverter is turned off. In other words, if I allow the battery to discharge and then let the MPPTs charge but leave the inverter off, they work perfectly.

The MPPT (one or the other) will just stop producing and after typically 10 minutes will work fine again. Sometimes it takes much longer like 30 minutes.

I pride myself on being a very good trouble shooter but I must say, this is so seemingly random it is proving to be very difficult to find a pattern or nail down the cause. What I am 99% sure of is that the instruction to throttle comes from ESS and it stops happening when the Multi is turned off.

How can I get access to a Victron resource that can look behind the scenes at the messaging happening between the components to identify the cause of the throttling?

I have three large Victron systems coming up (two 90kVA and another 30kVA) and getting really concerned that we cannot get this issue resolved.

Many thanks for reading!


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Doubt about Victron adapative charging algorithm
I don't understand victronenergy's adaptive algorithm well.
Victronenergy says that the absorption time should be longer with a very discharged battery and shorter with a slightly discharged battery.
But why?
whatever the previous discharge, when the battery reaches the absorption voltage, eg 14.4v, it means that it is at 80% charged.

Case 1: 100 Ah 0% battery, charged with 10 A charger. After 8 hours of bulk, it will be around 80%. And the absorption begins.

Case 2: 100 Ah 60% battery, charged with 10 A charger. After 2 hours of bulk it will be about 80%, so as in case 1. And absorption begins.

Why, according to the victronenergy algorithm, must the absorption of case 1 last 8 hours, while the absorption of case 2 must last 2 hours?
Why,if both batteries are about 80% charged when absorption starts?

According to electrical physics, providing a constant current of 10 amperes, any battery, at any level of discharge, will have the same level of charge when the absorption voltage is reached. That is about 80%.

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ESS: Setting at Optimized (w/ battery Life), but MPPT does not supply together with Grid

Hi everyone.

Our set-up:

Quattro with 400AH, 48VDC lead acid batteries, Smartsolar 250/100 with 4kW PV.

ESS set-up, load is a water pump consuming around 5kW. We set it on Optimized w/ Battery Life. Min SOC @100%, Active SOC 100%.

However, the batteries get discharged and supply the load together with the PV, with the Grid only on standby (only around 100W which was the grid setpoint).

Then when battery SOC reaches around 97%, the Grid supplies the load entirely (passthru) and the PV only charges the battery. When the SOC reaches almost 100% , the PV output is only around 1kW, even though the sun is up and we are expecting a high output from the PV.

The systems remains in this condition, with the grid supplying the load and no PV power supplementing the grid.

We also tried Keep Batteries charged. But still the same. Only the grid supplies the load and the PV only charges the battery. BUt when the SOC is already 100%, the PV output is very minimal and only supplies the battery at float charge.

Hope anybody can give us any idea why this is happening.

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