Victron Phoenix 12/50 Resistance values

Hello together,

is it possible to get the values of the Resistors?

my Charger get up to 16,X Volts and like seen on the Picture, there are 3 burned resistors.

i dont know if the resistors are the reason or the impact for the problem so in first step i want to change the burned ones.

Kind regards



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Phoenix Smart Charger does not restart after low temperature shutdown

My PSC IP43 charger is setup to stop charging the LiFePO4 battery when temperature drops below 5°C. It uses data from BMV712 via smart network to get battery temp.

The charger did shut down at 4°C as expected. But it does not restart even after heating the battery compartment up to 8°C.

Is this a bug in the charger firmware or did I miss something?


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Correct charger and settings for CA/CA battery


I have a 80 AH Yuasa lead acid CA/CA start/stop battery. In Technical Data Sheet recommended Charge Rate is 4A. Can you help me to choose the correct Blue smart charger and correct settings? I'm between Blue smart 12/7 and 12/10. but I dont know witch one is better for me.

And ,can I use default settings of Blue charger or I shoud change charge rate to 4A according producer recomandation?

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connecting Phoenix charger 12/30 to VE.Configure


I have a phoenix charger but i can't find it on my VE.configure i read that i need the first version of the software to find it. however i can't find any product even with VE.configure 3 and my charger is on.

have you an idea of the problem.


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Phoenix multiplus 12/3000/120 remote ON/OFF

I have a Phoenix Multiplus 12/3000/120. This specific model

is there any way to separately control the charger and inverter for a two signal BMS like on the new models?

thanks for any help.

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Which DC-DC charger 18A or 30A

Dear All,

I am new to all this and busy trying to design a simple electric diagram for my camper-van conversion.

I will only be using a 100Ah leisure battery and I was wondering if the DC-DC smart charger 12 / 12 18A would be enough.

I am assuming charging with the 18A would take twice as much time than with the 30A. Correct?
What would be a rough estimation of how much I could charge with say an hour of driving?

Many thanks for your support.

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120V Smart IP43 Charger?

I would really like to know if the smart IP43 charger is planned to come out in a 120V version.

I have a smartsolar, BMV, and Raspberry Pi on my RV, and I now need to replace the old shore charger. It looks like my only options are the Skylla-IP44, standard Phoenix, Centaur, or the Multiplus. These are all more charger than I need, not to mention I'm not entirely sure they would work on the Pi.


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BlueSmartCharger IP67 not compensating voltage drop

My IP67 12/25 charger cannot keep a Lithium battery at constant flow/storage voltage. So the battery is permanently discharging and charging again. The problem is varying voltage drop in the chargers wires due to varying DC loads on the boat.

The problem would be solved if the IP67 charger could compensate for voltage drop. Unfortunately sensing battery voltage via bluetooth network seems to be currently out of reach, which is disappointing.

My idea to overcome the problem is adding a feature to raise the chargers output voltage as a function of current. On my installation a voltage compensation of 15mV/A would be necessary. It would be great if Victron could add a user configurable setting for compensating voltage drop in mV per A of output current.

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Bat temp OK, charge still limmited...?

Hi folks,

I cant get my battery to charge at more than about 2kW and I cant see why... Obviously missing something?

Small genny, circa 5kW on AC1. AC current limit set to hold that at 19A, circa 4kW, and working. Gen is a recent upgrade, previous unit was smaller.

Putting a 2kW load on results in circa 1.5kW charge whilst running the load, genny a tad over 4kW.

Dynamic limit is off, Weak AC is on - hence the losses I assume.

Bat will not charge above 2kW and typically hovers at 2kW+/- 80W, which looks suspissiously like a limit of some sort.

Easy solar so Multypluss 48/5000/70.

BYD 13,8kW (Temp mainined at 15C min)

Clearly I am missing something and would apriciate somone pointing out what Iam doing wrong or failing to apriciate.




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RV converter-charger replacement?


I have a mostly victron system and looking to replace an ancient RV converter-charger with something to match. Current system:

100ah LifePo4 bank A

(+2x 210ah FLA. Golf-cart 12v house bank B)

Victron BMV712 +shunt

Victron Smart 100-15 and 75-15 MPPTs

Victron Smart BLUE ip67 12-25a 120vAC charger.

I use an external plug-in honda eu2kw (1800w rated) inverter-generator most of the winter. I need to replace 50a/hour if possible BUT I would really like to take advantage of my 100a RV alternator when driving!

My old converter supplied DC when the old built-in Onan 4kw generator was running or the RV was plugged into shore 120vac and outputted 12v to the lights and fans (etc) and charged the old AGM with about 3-45a depending. I currently use the Honda for everything as there is almost no sunlight here in the winter.

I'd like to set up a simple 3-or-4 way switch via the positive battery cables (?) (I.e. "A-B-Off" or "A-Both-B-Off" as well as the gc2 FLA will be needed as a backup source until I can afford more LifePo4 to replace. The slight issue is 50a is a bit too much for my 210ah GC2 FLA's. Sorta need two different chargers, unless...?

I've considered a 2nd BLUE Ip67 12-25a and a switch to select bank for charging but that doesn't much solve the alternator while driving charging issue...

What do I want to look at to get 50a an hour into my LifePo4's using 120vac? 50a as that keeps the Honda in eco mode snd nice and quiet for the 1.5-2 hours recharging.


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Can a Multiplus 12/3000/120 charge a lithium 3S battery at 12.6V?

I can get a good deal on a Lithium-ION 3S battery, so not a lifepo4 battery.

This battery should be charged at 12.6V.

Rated voltage


Max. Continuous Charge Voltage


Can i use my current Multiplus 12/3000/120 to charge this battery?

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Charging LiFePO4 with Blue Smart Charger IP67

I am charging a LiFePO4 battery on a boat using a BSC IP67 12/25.

Those lithium batteries like to be kept around 50% SOC when not in use. So I created a charging profile with 13.3V bulk and 13.2V float/storage for maintaining 50-60% SOC while permanently connected to shore power at the dock. A few hours before using the boat off-grid I switch to another profile, which charges the battery up to 100% SOC with 14.4V absorption and 13.4V float/storage.

The problem is that the BSC IP67 does not re-bulk after loading another profile. Removing AC for a while does the trick but power needs to be removed for minutes to successfully reset the charging curve.

What I need is a quick and easy way to re-bulk (restart the charging curve) manually.

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IP43 charger manual says it's compatible with the Smart Battery Sense, but the Smart Battery Sense manual says it's not

I recently bought the IP43 Phoenix Charger (because my old Phoenix charger died suddenly). The charger is located near the batteries, but in a different room, so temperature can vary. According to the IP43 manual (p 5, section 4.1) temperature and voltage compensation is optionally available with the Smart Battery Sense. It's also listed as a related product on the website. So I bought the Battery Sense, installed it, created a network. But... no possibility to add my Phoenix Charger. When I did some further reading, I discovered a page about the VE.Smart Networking claiming the IP43 is NOT compatible with this technology ( ).

What is this about? How can I make my IP43 compensate for temp. differences using the Smart Battery sense? Several similar questions were already posted but no answers... Can anyone please help? Thanks!!



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Charger Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger no Smart Battery Sense function.

Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger no Smart Battery Sense function.

When will the Smart Battery Sense function be added? in the Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger

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Blue Smart IP22 charger trips automatic fuse

My Blue Smart IP22 charger (12 V / 30 A - 3 outputs) sometimes trips the automatic fuse of the shore supply when starting up. The fuse is 10 A , B-curve type. No other equipment than the charger is connected at that moment so the charger must be the cause of this. When the charger does not trip the fuse, it functions normally.
What could be the cause ? Is this a known issue ? Any suggestions for a solution ?

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Do I need a larger Centaur charger?

When building my boat we increased the size of the battery bank significantly from the base spec (from 324 Ah to 1,000 Ah) and also upgraded to Victron Super Cycle AGM. The charger was upgraded from a 12/30 to a 12/60. The thinking was that shore power is generally limited in amps but usually there is plenty of time. However it seems that we're having trouble getting the bank fully charged on shore power. Now reviewing the Victron spec sheet I see that not reaching full charge may be caused by undersizing the charger presumably because the second stage is on a 4 hour timer. Any thoughts on this? Should I replace the Centaur 12/60 with a 12/100? If so will shore power typically be adequate to power the charger?

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Blue Smart Charger not charging battery, how to change fuse?

Hi, I have a blue smart IP22 charger 12v/30a.

The charger isn't showing any signs of voltage, and it does not charge my battery. When plugged into the mains power, the charger starts up, and I can connect to it via Bluetooth. Just no dc power output.

I've tried a few different cables, no dice.

I tried to take out the fuse by just pulling it, no dice.

I tried to unscrew the screws next to the fuse blade that I thought was holding the fuse in, the screws just spin in its place and not actually coming out. No dice.

What do I do to actually replace the fuse, or know anything else to try?

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Inverter/charger 12/2000/80 not charging
  1. I have a Multiplus 12-2000-80 inverter charger.
    When generator is on, i can use the inverter but can’t turn on the charger.
    - i used to turn on Generator , Turn on inverter to help start AC , then switch back to “charger only”. Now as soon as i switch to charger only, power does not come in anymore from generator. , if i go back to switching to inverter , power comes back on from Generator.
    It worked for about 6 months .

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Charging via Critical Output when in BackUp Mode

Hello! Our client is using our 3P+N DC-AC bidirectional invertor connected to the Critical Load Output of your invertors. The same connection was tried on the following sets. Set #1. "Victron with 3X3 kVA inverters connected in star – 400V+ neutre – 50 Hz" Set #2. "Victron with 3X10 kVA inverters connected in star – 400V+ neutre – 50 Hz" They ask why our invertor does not discharge to your system when VICTRON is in a backup mode (disconnected from the grid). When VICTRON system is connected to the grid, things work Ok. Basically, the customer wants to make VICTRON connected batteries to charge from our invertor when VICRTRON is in the back up mode. I would like to ask if: 1) Critical AC Output of VICRTON invertors are designed to be used for a power injection from "LOAD" to VICTRON in backup mode at all? 2) Are there any assumtions why this scheme would not work with respect to VICTRON embedded logic? Thank you in advance for your support.

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Is the PCL1-30111S 3000 Watt Inverter Charger compatible with the BT-2 RJ-45 Blootooth Adapter?

I would like to know the answer exactly to the title to my question: is the PCL1-30111S 3000 Watt Inverter Charger compatible with the BT-2 RJ-45 Bluetooth Adapter? I have looked through both device manuals and neither explicitly say they are or not. I would prefer not to purchase the BT-2 adapter only to find it's not compatible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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75/10 stops charging

I'm having a problem with 2 solar change controllers. I have 2 75/10 and each one is in its own shed. And both stop charging

The batteries are dropping to 11v before I noticed

Both say PV voltage is 21 volts and both go into balk mode but both show 0 amps.

Each one is changing a 12v 100 AH battery

I have to unplug and replug both the PV and battery in order to get it going again.

I would appreciate any help. I have been searching for 2 days for a solution and now I need to ask for help now

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VE.Net Battery Controller (VBC) 12/24/48Vdc inside the Skylla TG 24/50 GMDSS charger is getting short while connecting with GMDSS panel.

We got a complaint from the vessel that GMDSS panel was not working. So we replaced it with GMDSS Panel and new battery controller. They bought the charger for our office and the panel was working and the display was ON. The customer took back the charger and installed in the vessel again the panel wasn't working so they purchased a new SKYLLA TG24/50 GMDSS charger from us but the GMDSS Panel was still not ON. They bought back the charger to us and we changed the controller and put a new GMDSS panel display for testing. We found out the short circuit in the battery controller.

We rechecked the wiring before all the connections.

what could be the reason for that?

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Can I run an Espar D2 in my Sprinter while the IP65 is charging directly connected to the chassis battery?

I attached the Blue Smart IP65 12/15 charger directly to my 2016 Mercedes Sprinter chassis battery via the M8 battery eyelets and the 2m long extension cable.

I have an Espar D2 that is directly connected to the battery, and the Victron eyelets are connected in the exact same place to the battery.

If I set the IP65 to 4A normal charge, and start the heater, would the heater be able to run at the same time as the battery is charging, or will I have some issues with power or surges or anything like that, leading to possible damage of the Espar D2 heater's ECU?

Any help / advice is greatly appreciated.

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BMV-712 Relay to switch off DC to DC Charger and MPPT remote ON/OFF Pins
Hello, could anyone give me some information regarding the best way to set up Relay on the BMV-712 for use in my Campervan

I would like to use the BMV-712 relay to switch off my Victron DC to DC charger & my Victron 150 | 60 MPPT via there Remote ON/Off ( L & H ) pins in case of Low battery temperature ( or another trigger I wish to use ) . I have temperature sensor for the BMV and want to use the low temperature trigger to trigger the Relay.

Wiring wise what would you recommend? What output on the BMW and which pins in the Dc to DC & MPPT should I use?

Just so I'm getting this Correct the "L" pin Supplies a 3.3v Live, When the "H" pin Receives a voltage of 3v or higher it turns the device on, and less the 3V it turns the device off? If this is the case could I Ignore the "L" pin on the devices and Wire a 12V live from the Battery into the COM port of the Relay and then just Parallel the "H" pins from the NC relay port. when the Relay in the BMW is normally closed the charger & MPPT would be ON, when the low temperature triggers ( or any other trigger ) , it will open the relay which would turn off the Charger and MPPT ( and prevent my lithium battery is charging when cold and my Batteries internal BMS doesn't have low temperature charge cut off ) 

OR would I use DC/DC Charger & MPPT L pins in Parallel wired to the COM relay port on BMV, then NC relay port wire in Parallel to the H pins on the charger & MPPT.

Since I want to control both the DC/DC charger and the MPPT remote On/OFF at the same time from the BMV relay. Running the output ( NC ) In parallel to multiple things shouldn't be an issue should it?


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Is the VE.Bus BMS compatible with a Phoenix Combi 12/1600/75

I'm looking at upgrading our boats electrical system to a LiFePO4-based system. As far as the components go, I'm pretty sure I have the configuration figured out. The only thing I cannot determine, is whether our current Victron Phoenix Combi 12/1600/75 Inverter/Charger is compatible with the VE.Bus BMS. The setup I am thinking about is very similar to the example given in the VE.Bus BMS manual, shown below. Can we use our Phoenix Combi in this setup?


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Connect Mastervolt charger to Cerbo GX ?

Is it possible to connect a Mastervolt Chargemaster Plus 24/60 (czone) to a Cerbo GX to read values from the charger within the victron system?

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Multiplus noise level


I currently have a Mastervolt Chargemaster 12/50-3 which is mounted in a cabinet in the salon of my sailboat. I find it to be extremely noisy and the fan hardly ever shuts off even when floating.

As part of a larger upgrade I would like to switch to a charger/inverter which would eventually interface with new Victron LiFePo4 batteries and a VE. bus BMS. A major concern then is the noise level of the charger/inverter. My first choice would be the Multiplus Compact 12/1600, is anyone able to relate their experience with the noise level of this unit? My main concern is with the fan noise of the charger part, the inverter would be used only intermittently so I can tolerate some noise from that.

Another option could be the new Phoenix Smart charger which I assume is silent with no fans, combined with a Phoenix Compact inverter, but this unit is the same size as the Multiplus Compact so it would only be an option if it's much quieter than the Multiplus.

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Charging on Quattro in dependence of SoC

I want to stop charging if Soc is 80% and restart charging im Soc is less than 40%.

I have a Quattro, CCGX und an Ve.Bus BMS (REC-A)

Where can I set this parameter ?

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Centaur 12/40 Battery charger fan hums.
The centaur 12/40 charger fan hums all the time when plugged into the mains. Is it a 
feature or a fault?

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chassis grounding clarification


Yesterday, I received a SmartSolar 100/50 charge controller ordered thru Amazon. It's to be installed in my RV. Going over the manual (version 02, Sept. 21st 2017), section 3.2 states 'The charger must not be connected with grounded PV arrays (one ground connection only)'. Does this mean I should not be grounding my solar panel frames to the RV chassis? My plan was to ground the solar panel frames to the RV frame in one location and ground the charge controller housing to the RV frame at another location. According to the statement in the manual, this should not be done. Please clarify the statement for me so I have a better understanding. Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Michael Bonnar

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