Is it acceptable to connect 2 solar chargers each with its own battery pack to 1 PV system?

I have a battery bank of 12V, 800Ah (gel) and a battery pack of 200Ah 48V.

I have a smart solar charger MPPT 250V, 100A and smart solar charger MPPT 150/70-MC4

My main PV system is 4 panels of 330WP, connected 2S2P (about 100V peak).

I would like to connect both solar cahrgers to the same PV and use the 1st solar charger for the 12V battery pack and the 2nd solar charger for the 48V pack.

Advantage of this sytem is that if one battery is full the full PV power will go to the other battery pack.

Question is:

1. Is this kingd of sett-up allowed?

2. What would be the disadvantages?

3. When both battery packs are charging, how would the available power be distributed over the 2 solar chargers? Will the behaviour be stable and optimal?

Thank you in advance,

Kind Regards

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Blue Smart IP65 and IP22 can be connected in parallel with another charger?

Let's say a 12 V AGM battery bank is charged by a big, powerful but terribly inefficient "BULK" charger that runs for a limited time up to 14.4 V Absorption, but this charger wastes 50W when IDLE / Float, even when the battery current is less than 100 mA. The Bulk charger can be set to turn off at end of Absorption.

Could I use a Blue Smart IP65 (or IP22) set to Power Supply Mode at 13.5 V in parallel with the Bulk Charger, just to provide a more efficient Float stage?

Would the 14.4 V Absorption of the Bulk charger cause damage to the IP65 or IP22 set to 13.5V?


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Multiplus 2 mains input and generator

I have a customer with an older 3kw Grid connect solar system. We want to connect a Multiplus 2 with a lithium battery as a piggyback on the mains AC buss with an energy meter (multiplus intput on mains buss). The output of the multiplus we want to connect to essential house services. Any excess solar that would normally be exported will be used to charge the battery and run essential services, the grid will not be used to charge the battery. When the grid is down for extended periods the customer wants to be able to connect a generator to the multiplus input to run essentials and charge the battery. My question is, with minimal user intervention, how can I tell the multigrid it is ok to charge from the generator? it doesn't know if it's connected to the grid or a generator, it's not allowed to charge from the grid, but is from a generator? All I can find is the charge current control assistant, but I think this will interfere with the excess solar charge.

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Multiplus II 92,5% et stop la charge ?


Bonjour ,je n'arrive pas a charger à 100% mes batteries alors qu'il y a réinjection réseau ?

Il y a un multiplus II ,4 gel Victron sans BMS ,venus GX ,bmv 702.

Qui aurait la réponse ?

Merci excellente journée.

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IP43 charger manual says it's compatible with the Smart Battery Sense, but the Smart Battery Sense manual says it's not

I recently bought the IP43 Phoenix Charger (because my old Phoenix charger died suddenly). The charger is located near the batteries, but in a different room, so temperature can vary. According to the IP43 manual (p 5, section 4.1) temperature and voltage compensation is optionally available with the Smart Battery Sense. It's also listed as a related product on the website. So I bought the Battery Sense, installed it, created a network. But... no possibility to add my Phoenix Charger. When I did some further reading, I discovered a page about the VE.Smart Networking claiming the IP43 is NOT compatible with this technology ( ).

What is this about? How can I make my IP43 compensate for temp. differences using the Smart Battery sense? Several similar questions were already posted but no answers... Can anyone please help? Thanks!!



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Are my MultiPlus II VE Config charger settings correct for 4 x Omnipower 200Ah batteries?

Just want confirmation on my settings. Help will be appreciated. The ones in bold I'm most worried about.

Stop after excessive bulk checked

Lithium batteries unchecked

Storage mode checked

Use equalization (tubular plate traction battery curve) unchecked

Charge curve Adaptive + BatterySafe

Absorption voltage 57.60 V

Float voltage 54.60 V

Charge current 35 A

Repeated absorption time 1.00 Hr

Repeated absorption interval 7.00 Days

Maximum absorption time 8 Hr

Temperature compensation -72.0 mV/deg

Battery Specsheet: Omnipower-240.pdf

The system is a MultiPlus II 48/3000/35-32 with 4 x OmniPower 240AH batteries as a backup system. I'm using the BMV700 as a battery monitor. Venus GX.

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Synchronised charging smart solar and multiple blue smart charges

Hi i have 900amp hours of batterys on a boat and i currently using 900watts of panels with a smart solar 150/35 controller with BMV-702 and a Color Control GX.

I have a old dumb charge so to speak (dolphin) also connected to the same bank.

When i run the generator on a sunny day the 240volt charge is not adding any current.

I am hoping to add a 240volt charger that talks to the system and synchronises charge output so i can quickly add amps while running the generator during the day.

I see the bluesmart now does sync,. My question is can i run 2 of the charges as I would like around 30-40amp of 240 volt charge capability.

The system is 24volt DC.

I have a 6.5kva generator.

Thanks in Advance asked
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Solar charger state doesnt show the equalization status


my solar charger doesnt report the equalization state properly. I have lead-acid battery and I have set up the MPPT to perform regular equalization. So far it is working fine. When I check the MPPT physically it states the equalization phase on the LCD but when I check the MQTT output on the Venus GX (or VRM portal), it always show the state with value 4, i.e. Absorption. Any idea why is this happening?

I have 2 MPPTs (BlueSolar 150/70, firmware 2.05) in paralel (working) connected with VE.Can to Venus GX (firmware 2.53). There is also the Quattro and BMV-700 connected to Venus. For the solar charger state I use the "/State" dbus-obj-path. When equalizing by the Qauttro, the Quttro's state is correct.

Thank you,


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Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-18 charging current greater than 23 amps

On my boat is installed Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-18 (220W) Isolated DC-DC charger ORI121222120.

It is used to charge the Lifepo4 battery. The outboard motor has a 35 amp generator. I bought an 18 amp charger to limit the load on the generator. I watch the charging current with my battery meter. When charging, the current is not limited to 18 amps, and can exceed 25 amps.

How can I fix the charging current limit ?

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Blue smart ip22 charger fuse
Hello, my name is sam love, I live in Norway and I am currently building a van into a campervan... #vanlife style...
I have purchased one of your Blue smart ip22 chargers, 12V 30A.
the charger has a 35A fuse located next to the cable terminals.
Question: Is this for protection of the charger itself? ... or ... to protect the 12V charging cables coming out of the charger going to batteries?

This will determine if I need to add a fuse holder myself or not...

Kind regards Sam Love

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Blue Smart IP22 charger trips automatic fuse

My Blue Smart IP22 charger (12 V / 30 A - 3 outputs) sometimes trips the automatic fuse of the shore supply when starting up. The fuse is 10 A , B-curve type. No other equipment than the charger is connected at that moment so the charger must be the cause of this. When the charger does not trip the fuse, it functions normally.
What could be the cause ? Is this a known issue ? Any suggestions for a solution ?

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Protecting LiFePO4 batteries from all sorts of things If I connect my MPPT, DC2DC charger and a EHU charger to one side of a Battery Protect and the other side to the battery, and connect my BMV712 relay output to the Battery Protect, would that then disconnect my battery bank to prevent being charged when the temperature drops cold (as well as if it gets too hot) and disconnect in the event of low (or high) voltage events? Or is it not so simple as that?

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BlueSolar PWM-Light doesnt auto reconnect

Dear Victron support,

I have set the BlueSolar PWM-Light to Load = battery following (mode C).

After the battery is <11.2V the load is disconnected, but when the battery is > 13.1 V its not automatically reconnected.

How is this possible?

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Centaur and Phoenix inverter

I have a a Victron centaur charger and I would like to add a phoenix inverter to run a small TV off my batteries. Is it possible to connect the phoenix directly to the DC outputs in the centaur charger?

My centaur is in my cabin while my batteries and in the engine room behind a bulkhead. If I can avoid running longer distance wires from the phoenix to the batteries that would be helpful.


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3KVA 12V multiplus generator charging issue.

Hi all,


I think this is more an issue with the generator inherited with our house than the multiplus but hoped somebody may have a some insight as to a possible cheaper fix than replacing the genset.

The geni is a french spec blue gensets (Pramac) rated to 2.45KVA @230V 50hz.

The Multiplus is uk spec.

When connected to the multiplus in charger mode only, mains on flashes for about 60 seconds then the charger turns off.

When in inverter mode I either get repeated attempts at what I'm guessing is a breaker closing at 1-2 minute intervals with no change to the leds or I sometimes get a quick change to solid lit 'mains on' and 'bulk charging' then after a couple of seconds back to Inverter mode. Neither puts any noticeable load on the gen.

On the odd occasion, through some unplugging and replugging and restarting of the set I have got the system to charge. The set handles the load fine and all is good but seems more luck than good judgment.

This lead me to think it was something to do with the quality of the power so I decided to plug in a small cordless hoover battery charger first, followed by the multiplus. This worked fine but only when the small load is charging, once the battery was full the multiplus again wouldn't accept the gen. I also tried a halogen lamp which allowed the multiplus to start charging but the load was too great for the gen once the multiplus was charging.

Any hints on what is causing the issues? Am I doomed to have to charge a small battery at the same time forever or does the small load work to clean the power for the larger load, and therefore I could fit a device between the set and the multiplus to do the same job?

I cannot afford a new gen at present and PV covers the bulk of our usage so it is there only as a backup.

Many thanks for any thoughts!

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Does it matter which device I initiate Equalization from?

My setup is Quattro 12/5000 - MPPT 150/70 - MPPT 100/30 - BMV-712 - Venus-GX

1. Does it make any difference which of the above three charging devices I initiate an Equalization from?

2. Do they all communicate and know that an equalization has been started so that the others don't interfere somehow?

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Is it possible to connect two DC chargers in series to charge at a higher voltage?


Is it possible to connect two 24VDC chargers in series to charge a battery bank at 48VDC?

There are apparently no 48VDC chargers with Universal input of 90-265V, 50/60Hz.

I thank you in advance for your assistance.


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BMV712 not showing right state of charge?

I have 2 parallel connected batteries each 85 Ah = in total 170 Ah. In Battery settings I have for charged voltage 14,3 V because I also use solar panels together with lead-calcium batteries (0,3V below absorption lead calcium) Tail current at 4%, charged detection time 3 min and peukert exponent 1,25. Today the app reported: Consumed Ah = -17Ah = 10% of total battery capacity, therefore the state of charge should be 90%, but is reporting 94% . What am I missing here? I assume that the reported Consumed Ah is the difference between what went out to the load ( different appliances) and what came in (solar energy) at least that is what I can see with the current reporting.

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Can the MPPT function of a charge controller be turned off?

I would like to turn off the MPPT function on a charge controller.

How can I do this?

I thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide.

Kind regards,

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Has anyone connected a solar panel with an optimizer to VE.CAN charge controller?

What are the field experiences of connecting a solar panel with an optimizer to a Victron VE.CAN charge controller?

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Multiplus 12/2500/120 stop charging with external BMS signal

Hi, I hope someone can help me with this.

I have an older 12/2500/120 Multiplus that I got second hand. I have non-victron batteries with 123BMS system.

When my BMS says to stop charging via its relays (if somehow my Multiplus didn't get it, or battery overheats, or something else I have no idea...), how do I turn "off" the charging of the multiplus?

What is strange to me is that the "Remote Connections" of the multiplus have 3 pins and 2 options.

  1. Short pin 1 & 2 to turn Multiplus "ON". This feels absurd because the manual says these pins only work when the device is on through the main switch (see below excerpt of manual)
  2. Short pin 2 & 3 to turn into "charging only": logical!

Is there a way I can use pin 1 & 2 to turn the multiplus off ? To stop charging? Or any other way aside from putting a relay on the incoming AC connection?

My main question is, can my BMS turn off (=overrule) charging entirely?

[ 1.6.4 Remote Control — The product can be operated remotely in two ways.1: Use of only an external switch.For connection of the switch see Appendix A.Observe the following when using only an external switch:Only functions if the switch on the product is switched to the "on" position.]

Thanks for helping me out!!

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Stacking charge controllers?

I have a 150/100 mppt controller hooked up to 12 320 watt 40 volt panels in a 3 in series with 4 sets of 3 in parallel on a 24 volt system with a 550 amp/hr battery bank. Intrestingly I found that when the Victron was putting out the full 100 amps charging, my input from the solar panels was just 25 amps.

Well my total solar output from those 12 panels can do up to 100 amps so it appears I have up to 4 times more charging capacity than a single controller can make use of, so my question is this, I understand controllers can be stacked but I can't find any info on how to do that. Like can I just add another controller & just link the battery outputs or is there a special hookup method to sync more controllers?

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How can Multiplus 1 be used to increase charge power in ESS system with Multiplus 2 and GX

Hi, I have installed an ESS system with MP2 5000VA/48V, 40kWh battery bank and 5kW PV solaredge inverter on AC-IN. I have an additional MP1 5000VA, how can i use this only as charger to increase the charge power of the system up to 5kW?

I cannot find any information resources, i know that those different models cannot be used in parallel. I know that i could set up an additional gx and make an independet addtional system, but i am looking for a solution as one system with one monitoring?

thank you for your help.

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Can not connect to smart dongle via Bluetooth using Samsung a8

I just purchased a new Samsung a8 and am unable to connect to my 75/15 mppt controller and Bluetooth smart dongle. The dongle is not visible in the Victon connect app device list and does not appear when searching for Bluetooth devices

I can still connect using my old Samsung S5 phone and using my partners Samsung a5. I have updated the mppt and phone to the latest firmware but this did not solve the problem. the Samsung a8 connects to all of my other bluetooth devices such as my laptop, bluetooth speaker and other phone.

Any help would be appreciated

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Skylla-TG 24/50 Charger Inexplicably Dead

My Skylla-TG 24/50 Charger has suddenly and inexplicably stopped working completely. No lights on front when power coming in (from genset), and no charge going to batteries. I have tried to disconnect and reconnect with no luck.

Inside the unit there are no obvious places that look 'burnt out' and the fuses that I can see don't have visible damage. I've only noticed one small chip on the PCB that seems to be damaged, or even broken (see photo).

I'm assuming that a fuse may have blown, so I will try to source replacements. Other than that, do I have any other options to try before replacing the whole thing at great expense?

On a related note: is it recommended to put a fuse breaker before the power input of the charger to avoid future fuse breaks (if that's what happened)?





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how can multiplus 1 be used as charger in combination with a multiplus 2 as master and one gx?

I have a mp1 5000/48 and a mp2 5000/48, is it possible to run both in parallel on on battery, or at least to use the mp1 to increase the battery charging power?

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SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 Tr questions: Data Storage, API, Load Output

I recently installed the SmartSolar MPPT 150|100-Tr charge controller. I love it so far, and a huge selling point for me was being able to monitor the controller from an app and also export the data.

I have a few questions about this controller that'd I'd love help with:

  1. How much data will the charge controller store? What kind of storage is inside it? I would obviously like to keep the data for the lifetime that i have it and want to make sure I don't loose any data
  2. Is it possible to query the charge controller's data from some kind of API? I'm a developer and I'd love to be able to query the current stats of my charge controller for other projects I have. Is there some interface I can setup to do this from a local network?
  3. The controller has a remote and relay output. I want to setup a tablet next to the charge controller and don't have any AC outlets in my electrical room. I obviously have a ton of DC connections, but I'd love to avoid setting up another breaker just to power a 3v 2a USB connection for my tablet. Can I use the Load Out of the charge controller to power a USB device and if so, how?

    Thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated. I'm really excited to be part of the victron community. I've been eyeing these systems for a while and really happy to be using them now.

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How to Factory Reset 100/20 smart solar?

Sadly, no solution to my Load voltage disconnect problem, I want to perform a factory reset, but the reset i did was just a soft reset, is there a HARD RESET option? I want to to start again before deciding to just return it.

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Blue Smart IP67 - Firmware Update Error


I recently installed a Bluesmart IP67 12/17. My iPhone could not see the charger in the App. I managed to get my Macbook to connect to it. I told me it needs a firmware update. I initiated this and it got stuck at 9%. Now I can see it in the program but it says there is no firmware and it tries to load but gets stuck around the 9% - 17% Mark then says it is not responding. I see there is a section to manually load a firmware would this be an idea and if so where could I get a copy of the firmware?



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Victron MPPT 100/50 - Batteriespannung falsch angezeigt


Wir haben einen kleine Inselanlage mit 2x 100A 12V Batterien

Dabei mussten wir nun folgendes feststellen: es wird beim Regler eine viel niedrigere Batteriespannung angezeigt als tatsächlich auf der Batterie gemessen.

Dies hat meiner Meinung zur Folge, dass die Batterie obwohl voll immer weiter geladen wird. Bin ich richtig der annahme? Ausserdem hat die Batterie bereits stark Schwefelig gerochen, weshalb ich nun alles deaktiviert und abgesteckt habe.

Kann mir vielleicht jemand erklären, weshalb dieser wert falsch im Laderegler angezeigt wird? Die Batterien sind mit nem halben Meter Kabel verbunden

Ich sag schonmal danke



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