Cannot connect Mk3 USB interface to Phoenix Multiplus

Hi. Have a 12/3000/120 Multiplus and need to configure following fitting new batteries. Am using VE Configure via Mk3 USB. Mk3 is detected OK but then message displayed Connect cable and switch on device. Unit is powered and connected by patch lead (straight through). So unable to access Multiplus. Old firmware so not suitable for VE Connect. 1808146.HEX. Tried two laptops now running out of ideas. Thanks.

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New phone wont connect to smart inverter

Tried the recommended solutions nothing works. Smart 12/2000. Phone sees it can't connect doesn't recognise default pin or puk. Old phone is unusable.

No problems with mppt' just inverter. Driving me nuts any help appreciated

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How to set "netword mode register" in SmartSolar MPPT Charger via hex?


does anyone know how to set the "network mode register"?

In the documentation " Protocol Bluesolar and SmartSolar MPPT chargers" Rev. 17 there's the following explanation on page 20 for the use case BMS mode:

"BMS mode Set 0x200E to b0001001, write to registers 0x2001 and/or 0x2015"

The second part "write to registers ..." refers to the use case BMS that is recommended if you want to set the charge voltage (by setting the register 0x2001) and/or the charge current limit (by setting the register 0x2015).

But what does "b0001001" mean and how can it be set to the register 0x200E? Is this "b0001001" the binary number "9"? In the document numbers are normaly written in hex, so I wonder what that means. If it means "9", the command is probably :80E200009 followed by checksum, with

: (= start of command)

8 (=command "SET")

0E20 (= 0x200E, where 20 and 0E are reversed because of "little endian")

00 (= flags, must (?) be zero; one or two '0'?)

09 (= that b0001001, if it is really a binary; one or two digits, i.e. with or without the zero?)

followed by the checknumber that is to be set so that the sum of all numbers ((8 + 0E + 20 + 00 + 09 + checknumber) modulo dezimal(256) = 0x55)

Is it right?
Does anyone know more about that?

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Loaddump @ Protection of Smart BMS with Renogy LiFePO4 12V 200Ah


what will happen to the Mulitplus or the SmartSolar Charger, it a smart BMS of a 12V LiFePO4 Batterie ( in my case from Renogy) will enter the protection mode and open its relais? With an other Inverter and solarcharger i got a damaged inverter finally......

How is the SmartSolar Charger and the Multiplus protected against such Loaddumps ?

matthew69 asked

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MultiPlus don't reduce charge current commanded from BYD


This system, 3 parallel MultiPlus-II 48/5000 with 2 BYD BBox LV 14kWh and 2x 250/100 MPPTs.
Its recharging during night time via generator control (No ESS or such).
Now the batteries shut down short after fully charge 100% SOC.
It looks the BYD commanded CCL 0A, but MP-II is still charging with 25 Amp.
Battery shut down after a while.


DVCC is active, no shared sensors are active like victron battery compatibility doc recommend.


Any ideas / thoughts?

Thanks a lot. Saludos

Silvio Franceschini asked

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Fuse holder recommendations

Can anyone recommended a fuse holder brand please?

I have had issues with both 60amp fuseholders available in my local town.

The first was prefab but the wires were only rated to 40amp...

The second option was for a inline glass tube style which fails to pass any current at all.

I would just like to buy the best option available.

60amp fuse. Wire is 4mm 50amps

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PowerAssist how does it work? Boosting starts well below Current Limit! Batteries cant charge! help!

Theres a foot of snow and its freezing out. I need to heat multiple buildings to keep pipes from bursting. And though my hydro (shore) power is producing ~30amps the "power assist" keeps turning on at about 50% of my current limit rather than as the description says, to supplement power demand after the 30amps! (Quattro: 2x10Kw (240V SplitPhase)

State A: Load near Limit - battery discharges at 2Kw! (1000Watt available load)

Battery State: 45% SOC and Discharging

Input Current/Limit: 16/29Amps (3800W / 6960W)

Output Load: 6000Watt

State B: Load around 50% - battery doesn't charge! (2500Watt available load)

Battery State: 45% SOC and Float

Input Current/Limit: 18/29Amps (4500W / 6960W)

Output Load: 4500Watt

I've tried changing the power assist boost factor value from 2 to the minimum of 0.3 which I would assume is 9amps. Isn't it supposed to give me an additional 9amps? so I can boost up to 39amps but have a load of up to 30amps?

Well I have a consistent load above 15 amps and the quattros keep draining from the battery rather than using the available load!

Now that my batteries are below 50% the occasional load spike will shut off the quattro system! And the batteries are continuining to discharge. By the end of the weekend the system isn't going to work anymore! I would be better off without the quattros! (and this has been pretty much my entire experience w/ the product).

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VRM Shows wrong energy flow direction
  • vrm shows a wrong energy flow into the invertor direction. But, technically there is no invertor connected in the system. Instead, I was expecting the energy flow into the DC Power direction (system is in bulk charge mode with DC load connected through smartshunt 500v).

  • Also, i can hear a buzzing high pitch noise from smartShunt 500 which is clearly audible in a noise free environment. is this an issue with my piece?. i can see some of the users reported the same with smartShunt 500 model.

** all negative connections (PV Charger & DC Load) go from smartShunt terminal

Can anyone please shed some light on what is going on here


jimz asked
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Multiplus-II 48/5000 ESS with external grid CT & ET112 on critical loads


I have an ESS setup where the original consumer unit has been replaced with a primary CU to serve non-maintained loads such as electric shower, range cooker, EV charger and the Multiplus-II 48/5000 via AC-In. I then have a secondary CU, powered from AC-Out1 which serves all the other house loads as maintained loads.

I have a Victron external CT clamp around the main meter tails to sense grid power, mainly because I know this is the best way to get fast response to ramp up/down and therefore to maintain a given grid set point.

This setup works fine but on the VRM dashboard and remote console I only see a single value for "AC Loads" which is a combination of the loads from the primary and secondary Customer. What I would like to see is separate values for unmaintained and maintained loads.

So, I decided to add an ET112 inside the secondary consumer unit to measure the maintained loads directly, expecting that this would show up in VRM and the console but it doesn't. This is probably because I have the ET112 set to the "AC load" role which it says in the Cerbo GX manual is only for monitoring purposes. I can read the data from the ET112 via the advanced section in VRM and it's still useful to be able to do that but would be much better if I could see the loads split graphically in the main dashboard or console.

I'm pretty sure I could get it to work the way I want by ditching the external CT clamp and moving the ET112 to the primary CU but then I'd lose the fast response of the grid set point.

Any other way I can get this working the way I want? Any chance Victron's software team might make this topology a supported option to discriminate between maintained and unmaintained loads in the user interface?

Many thanks, Craig.

craigc asked

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Cerbo GX: No automatic reconnect on WIFI

Hi, my Cerbo GX works fine with a wifi connection some day. Then the cerbo is disconnected and does not automatic reconnect. If i do this manually by the app i see that he has my router in the list with the known password, but does not reconnect. if i do this manually it works again some day.

What can be the problem.....

matthew69 asked

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Quattro 15kva battery terminals short during Loadshedding

Background : we have blackouts in South-Africa (Loadshedding), power is cut for 2 hours at a time in my town (Nelspruit), depending on the stage between 1 and 4 times per day currently.

I bought the Victron Quattro 15kva with 28 panels, 2 mppts, cerbo gx, color screen, smart shunt and 2 x 10kwh Lithium batteries. Was installed by a Victron accredited installer.

The purchase was made to avoid Loadshedding and not be affected by it.

Between every 3rd and 6th time the inverter will shut down completely, whether my loads are 200, 1200, 2000 or 4000 watts, doen not matter if the batteries are 70, 90 or 100%.

If it's during the daytime it will start up again within 2 minutes if there is sufficient sunlight. During nighttime it wont come back on at all until the grid power is restored.

There is a short on the battery terminals so the batteries goes into protection, It won't turn back on again, even if I turn the unit off and on, only when the grid come back it will turn on.

The installer updated the firmware to the latest version.

He set the cut off voltage to 210v to not follow the grid down for a "brown out"

I cannot replicate the problem by turning of the main grid power, then the inverter switches without issue.

Any help would be appreciated

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Smart MPPT 75/15 load output incorrect power consumption

Hi all,

I have off-grid system powered by 2x160W monocrystale PVs, Smart MPPT 75/15 and (currently) 12V 74Ah Ca/Ca flooded lead-acid battery.

This system powers one WiFi P2P link, and one CCTV.

I noticed that controller shows consumption around 0.2-0.3A all the time, no matter if CCTV IRs are on or off. How it can be possible?

I measured consumption of CCTV with multimeter, and it is 0.16A without IR, while with IR it is about 0.34A

On top of that, there is WiFi P2P link, by I didn't measure its consumption yet.

My expectation of load during the night is 0.5-0.6A, but controller shows 0.2A only.

What am I missing here?



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RCD breaker for Quattro 10K

I'm looking for recommendations on 125A/240VAC two pole RCD/GFCI breakers. It seems while ASI produces 125A breakers they stop at 63A for GFCI protection. I am in the South East US.

I see lots of mention in the forums about using a RCD but never a specific brand/name in conjunction with the Quattro 10ks.

mtucker502 asked

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If the generator fails to start, can the Victron be setup to try again?

I have had occurrences where a generator failed to start the first time, usually due to cold temperatures. My only solution so far is to either go to the generator switch it from automatic to stop then back to automatic. The other way is to reboot the Cerbo.

Is there a way to have the Cerbo on not detecting the generator on ac1 input, turn off the generator relay then try a second or perhaps a third time looking for the power from the generator on ac1?

I have had this occur on a couple of my systems.

Thank you for your attention.


David asked

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Why does the PV Yield for a certain time (10:30/32) differ every few hours?

Document.zipEvery time I look at the Advanced page - PV Yield the value is different

The measurement of the PV yield at 10:30 should be the same in every graph thereafter

It ranged from 4002 to 4767 today



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