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Multiplus ii fixed charge curve Generator issues

Hi there,

First up ill give a quick overview of my system.

Off grid using a multiplus ii on a 48V LiFePO4 system. Solex PV inverter into the multiplus ii, but this gets kicked off by design when the generator starts. Generator goes into AC in.

When I have the charge curve set to fixed the Solex outputs the correct wattage from the panels (on the solex display) and works well. The issue is when the generator starts it doesnt charge the batteries at a very high current (40A) before steadily dropping off over the course of say 20 mins or so (down to say 25A) and continues this trend until its down to where its not worth running the generator anymore. The charge is set to 70A max charge.

If I change the charge curve to adaptive, the multiplus works as I would expect and uses the power available from the generator (20A @ 230VAC) and I get a steady output from the generator. The problem is the Solex no longer puts out what it should (ie. if its meant to be 2000W, it might only put out 300W). So I can have one or the other but the charge curve is the thing that needs to change depending on where the power is coming from.

Am I missing some obvious settings? or wrong settings?

Thanks in advance

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ commented ·

What battery do you have?

What is controlling the ac pv

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Paul B avatar image Paul B commented ·

whats the hz reading on the system as I presume the solex are derating at a set hz setting ie 50.3 hz

try reducing the generators rpm a little bit

also a list of what assistants you are using and there settings please

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