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removing GX from Multi5

Hi all,

I have a multi II GX 5kva 48v. I am wanting to expand it and i have the opportunity to get my friends unit (purchased at the same time) which is the exact same as mine.

I am wanting to run them in parallel, and from what I understand, I can only have the 1 GX unit.

My friend is replacing his unit with a 10KVA unit, which does not have a GX.

Is it possible to remove the GX from his 5KVA unit, and connect it to his replacement 10KVA unit? (ignoring the physical mounting if that's an issue. I mean specifically electronically and in terms of it actually working and functioning as it should) and then I can use his old unit as a non GX unit? in parallel with mine.



jbates5873 asked

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second multiplus et delestage


J’envisage l’achat d’un second multiples 48v / 1600 car ma puissance est trop limitée dans mon habitat

Mon matériel est actuellement le suivant

3 kwc de panneaux

1 multiplus1 48-1600

2 pilontek 3600

1 Mppt victron

Cerbo GX

L’ajout d’un second multiplus nécessitera t’il des modifier au niveau de la config du cerbo GX ?

J’aimerais pouvoir délester ma surproduction vers un cumulus électrique, du genre quand mes batteries dépassent 80% de charge

Cela est il possible via le Cerbo, et comment ?


christian54 asked

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two multiplus II 48/3000/35-50 120v in parallel but one turned off

looking at will prowse's video we can see that two multiplus II 48/3000/35-50 120v can not only be programmed to run in parallel [split phase] but they can be turned off and back on and will still work fine. i would like to know what happens if only one unit is turned off? will the other unit be able to power 120v items? [assuming those 120v items are wired to the part of the breaker box that the one unit still on is also wired to].

when there is only one unit on will it be able to go into search mode? [since search mode does not work in multi unit systems]

rustythorn asked

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Error calculating current in paralell system multiplus


Hello, I have two units of multiplus II in parallel, I am using the ct clamp in the master unit and anything in the slave. Why the power and voltage are ok? And however the current value is the double.

Thanks in advance

palom170 asked
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Romex Question

I'm putting two Victron Multiples in parallel. I ordered some 6/2 Romex. Both wires run through a in wall main breaker with each hot going through one pole of a 2-pole 50 amp cfgi fuse. I just realized since the wires are Romex if I strip the outer insulation off in the box the wires may touch. Should I get 6/2 with a shelthed ground cable or use individual conductors so the 2 ground wires don't touch. Not that it inherently matters if they touches their ground wires. I just wanted to be safe. The wires will terminate in the sub panel on duel lugs. Thanks in advance for your help.

justint asked

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120v Multiples 3000 Best AC wire gauge

I am adding two parallel multipluses in a off-grid cabin. As it is off-grid it will not be connected to grid/mains/shore power so the boost feature will not be used. I won't be using a generator either with the system. The distance from the inverters to the breaker panel is just under 3 ft. Would it be better to use 10 or 6AWG? or 8? I know victron says that parallel inverters work better when the wires aren't too big. If the wire resistance is too low, the power will not be shared as equally. Has anyone used a two-pole breaker for your parallel inverters? They will both be connected to the same line (single phase) but each wire from the inverter will go through one pole.

Would a 30 amp breaker on 10 awg be enough to handle the connection for each inverter. I've heard people claim the 3000 can potentially output 32 amps. I don't want to limit myself from potential power so would a 35 amp breaker on 8 awg or larger wire be better? Is 6 awg wire best? The 40 and 50 amp cfgi breakers seem to be cheaper than the smaller ones anyway.

What wire size and breakers would work best for two parallel 3000 watt 120V multiplus if the transfer switch isn't used. (I know the breaker rating must be lower than the wire rating). My main concern is that the powers balanced.

justint asked

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Multi Compact parallel compatibility

May I connect parallel two Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70-16 (both CMP121620000), one of them is HQ15131FPJI and second HQ16428BNP4. They are more than 1 year apart in production, will they work ?
Is there a website with compatibility chart ? Where should I ask for checking ?

Philip asked
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Multi Compact Solid Alarm Light

I have 2 Compact Multis 24/1600 in parallel, all working fine, now the slave has a solid red Alarm Light, I reconfiged the master to standalone and it is fine, Have tried disconnecting both AC and DC for a day or so- no change, VEconfig cant now detect the broken multi (tried different UTP cables and ports, to be clear it goes straight to solid alarm when turned on to either inverter or charger only- no other lights flash, was plugged into shore power at the time.

Any thoughts thanks??

ssb asked

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Offgrid Solar System

Hello everyone, Please help me to select suitable Vectron products to fully off-grid solar solutions to achieve the following requirement. Peak power consumption 16kW. daily energy consumption is 145kWh. Day time -40kWh and night time 105kWh. waiting for your help.

sajeewa-lakmal asked

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Parallel single phase Multiplus II VRM Firmware update

Can I update the firmware on 2 Multiplus in parallel in a single phase system over VRM or do I have to go on site with the laptop? 48/5000's on 2623 waiting for 497


ponzoa asked

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40A Solar AC current sensor when used in parallel multiplus config.

Hi All,

Quick question regarding the 40A current sensor (measuring PV AC into L1).

When using 2 48/5000's in parallel, the ESS assistant is loaded onto both units after configuring them to work in parallel; however should the AC current sensor assistant also be loaded onto both or (I Guess) just the master unit into which it is connected ?

Just after a bit of clarity on this one - thanks

jetstram61 asked

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AC common with two Multi-plus?

I'm offgrid and have two Multi-plus. On the AC out I ran one multi-plus hot to L1 and the outher multi-plus to L2 in a breaker panel. Can I run both commons to a bus and then to the common in the breaker box, which is bonded to earth ground?

3073892982 asked

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L1 - MultiPlus 12 and L2 - MultiPlus II 24 is this possible?

I have a MultiPlus 12/3000 on Phase 1 (L1) with ESS installed. Can I add a MultiPlus II 24/2000 on Phase 2 (L2)?

mazzen asked

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3 x Multiplus II parallel error 17

I have 3 MULTIPLUS II in parallel and can only get 2 to operate, whenever I connect a particular unit I get error 17.

The dc cables are all the same length and type and the RJ45 cables are all purchased and new. 2 units work fine in any position but the 3rd fails in any position. They are all running the same firmware (was 494 now 497, no change to behaviour)

Any ideas for what I can check next?



max-ansbro asked

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EasySolar , installation en triphasé

bonjour , récemment inscrit, merci de votre accueil prochain à cette question :)

j'ai actuellement 3 easysolar 5000 en 48v pour trois circuits indépendants en mono 230v

chacun a son installation avec son jeu de batteries et ses panneaux

je souhaiterais réunir tout ça et passer l'ensemble en tri-phasé

cette installation est off-grid, il n'y a pas d'arrivée externe

j'ai vu des videos avec des multiplus mais pas des easy solar,

faudra t il condamner certaines parties de deux d'entre eux (color control ...)?

si quelqu'un a déjà fait un montage ?

merci de votre aide

sneval asked

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