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Multiplus II 48/3000 Parallel low DC charge current

I have two new Multiplus II 48vdc/3000 units that are working in parallel with only one issue/exception. According to my understanding that when you “parallel” the units together the DC charging current should double from 30amps (per unit) to 70amps of total charging current. I am only seeing 30amps of charging current when connected to shore power on both my Bluetooth Connect APP when looking at the SmartShunt and as well on the Touch 50 display. I have also seen where someone else changed the “weak AC current” check box and according to them that fixed the problem, it did not for me. Does anyone know if I’m supposed to get at least 70amps of DC charging current when two units are paralleled together?

Multiplus-IImultiplus in parallel
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So…. I have figured out the answer to not get full DC Charging current with one or several units wired in parallel… the answer out put DC “AMPS” is directly related to “Input AC AMPS”…. And your “MAX AC INPUT” adjustable/setting. With my boat generator running which produces 50amps I saw 75amp of DC charge current. But my initial testing was done with a “Shore Power” circuit that only was 15amps which only gave me 33amps of DC charging.
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