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How conect to epcom inverter to multiplus ll?


I can connect an epcom epig3kv2 inverter in parallel to the multiplus ll on out-ac?

I leave an image of my installation.


Multiplus-IImultiplus in parallel
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Hi @rgear13,

If you're connecting on AC OUT 2 then you would have a distribution board with relevant breakers connected to AC OUT2 (depending on your country electrical code requirements).

One breaker for the Epcom and another breaker connected to ACOUT2 of multiplus.

If however you are connecting to AC OUT 1 of multiplus you need to ensure the Epcom supports frequency shifting. This allows the victron invereter to shutdown the Epcom inverter in the event that the grid goes down your batteries are full and you have small loads (ie there isn't anywhere for the power to go).

Different manufacturers call Frequency shifting different things so if it's not obvious from Epcom manual it might be worth reaching out to your seller or Epcom themselves.

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