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Massive huming/buzz when switch on


When i switch on my system with 2 multiplus ii 5000/48 in paralell it is heard several times masive huming/buzz(10 sec) then the inverters are synchronized. These appear only when i start the inverters. It is normal?

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Einphasiges System mit Multiplus 2 5000 und ein Multiplus 2 3000 als VE Bus System Möglich

Hier ist nur ein Einphasiges Netz auch ist Nulleinspeisung gewünscht das Thema ist aber

ob in einem Einphasigen Netz 2 Unterschiedlichen Multiplus um VE Bus System verbunden werden dürfen.

Im Moment noch null Einspeisung aber es könnte auch mal sein das dann halt nur Begrenz eingespeist werden darf.

Im Dreiphasigen System da wird ja oft genug drauf hin gewiesen ist klar müssen Identische sein

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Multiplus 3000 120amp Lithium/Generator settings

I'm a complete novice, so please forgive me if I'm wording this wrong. We live off grid, and have a Multiplus 3000 120amp inverter and recently upgraded out batteries to, 2 x 200amp lithium batteries, which are in parallel. Both inverter and batteries have been working brilliantly. We also have a 2000 watt generator, which use to work brilliant with the inverter when we had agm batteries. I recently tried hooking the generator up since changing to lithium and the inverter doesn't like it at all now. Please could someone advise if there is a special setting I need to change on the Multiplus 3000 inverter. The settings have been changed on our mppt charge controller for lithium but nothing on the inverter. Please advise. Thanks in advance

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6 multiplus 3 phasen System

Guten Abend, ich bin dabei meine 3 Phasen Anlage mit 3 Multis 48/5000 zu erweitern und noch 3x 5000 mit dran zu hängen! Wie das konfiguriert wird usw ist kein Problem!

Laut Victron soll man aber gleich lange Kabel nutzten was mir natürlich auch klar ist!

70mm2 auf der Dc Seite mache ich bei allen 6 Multis gleich lang das ist logisch!

Die Ac Variante soll gleiche Qualität der Kabel inkl wiederstände aufweisen! Ok! Also gleiches Kabel auch gleiche Längen nutzen!

Was ich aber noch nicht heraus gefunden habe welchen Querschnitt auf der Ac Seite ? Jetzt habe ich 10mm2 drann! Da Victron schreibt nicht zu großen Querschnitt meine ich gelesen zu haben bin ich am überlegen auf 6mm2 zu reduzieren und die dann alle gleich lang von den 6 Multis zu machen bis sie sich treffen und ich von dort dann mit 10 oder 16mm2 wieder weiter gehe!

Hat wer Erfahrungen in Sachen Querschnitt auf der Ac Seite?

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What is the limitation for Paralleling a MPII 10KVA

Just curious why the MPII 10KVA (and 8KVA) cannot be used in Parallel?

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Multiplus-II 8kVA and 10kVA in parallel

I believe the 8kVA and 10kVA Multiplus-II's cannot be paralleled. Will this be fixed with a future software upgrade or never?

If it will be possible in future, then when?

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Mettre en paralléle 2 multiplus (et plus si affinité )

Bonjour à tous,

J'ai acheté 2 multiplus 24/800/16-16 avec 9 mois de décallage.

multiplus 24/800/16-16 230 V

multiplus 24/800/16-16 230V

Mon fournisseur me dit qu'ils sont incompatible parce qu'ils n'ont pas été acheter en meme temps.

J'ai suivi les formations victron afrique et module professionel à ce sujet


J'ai acheté ce que je pense etre le meme modéle de " mini switch" ( j'ai aussi essayer un switch classique)


* chaque appareils à la meme version, j'ai brancher que les batteries, aucun autre cable

* on peut communiquer avec chacun d'eux depuis le pc sans souci

* quand je branche un switch ou ces doublettes de prises, ils passent en alarme (normal) mais impossible de les faire reconnaitre sur les pc.

* je n'ai pas trouver de tableau de numéro de série d'appareil compatible :/

* un multiplus, doublette et pc, le pc ne le reconnait pas,

je supose un probleme de cable ( j'ai essayer des croisé et des droits dans tous les sens )


Je manque de piste, avez vous une idée de mon erreur ? :)


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Grid Setpoint not tracking very well when running Parallel Multiplus

Started with a single MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 and would maintain fairly well desired grid draw of about 50W with a steady load.

I now have two unit's in parallel, build dates are within about a week of each other (2022) and running 497 firmware.

Overall it seems to work and is stable apart from the grid setpoint tracking. With it set to 10W it will vary between 50-100W when the general draw is about 1000W. With a 4000W draw it will bounce around between 100-300W and so on with higher loads.

Are the unit's fighting each other to balance the load?

  • Running in ESS mode,
  • 6 x Pylon 3k Batteries
  • Smartsolar MPPT VE.Can 150/82 rev2
  • ET112 Grid Energy Meter before consumer unit
  • 240V single phase.
  • AC input is 20A MCB via 2.5mm2 cable to each inverter
  • AC Out 1 on both units connected together but not used which leads to an emergency outlet.
  • AC Out 2 are not connected at-all
  • DC side is 70mm2 cable, identical lengths.

mezo asked

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3 Phase Multiplus II install, With Solar

Hi, We have a 30kw 3 Phase grid connected Solar PV installation we have just installed, where client wants to add battery storage and back up in the event of mains failure, we have used other brands in the past within our electrical and Solar Business, but client has request Victron kit, which we have little experience of on three phase installs, only single phase.

Have done most of the online training and videos, We are proposing to install 3no Multiplus 48/5000 units, 1no Lynx Power in for batteries, 1no GX display, 1no ET340 to monitor the Solar PV, 1no EM24 with CTs to monitor the 3 phase load, and 10no 3.5kw Pylontech batteries.

The issue we have is there are no stock anywhere of the EM24's (made by CarloGavazzi) anywhere that can monitor the 100amp 3 phase AC supply, the replacements are not out until March 2023 at the earliest, is there another option available or can this be done via a direct connected CT to each of the Multiplus units,

Thanks in advance


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Using AC CURRENT LIMIT in Remote Console with parallel MultiPlus-II

Hi all,

I have a totally off-grid parallel Multiplus-II system consisting of 1 x EasySolar-II GX and 1 x MultiPlus-II. Everything is working perfectly but I have a question regarding changing the AC CURRENT LIMIT using the Remote Console. I have programmed the 2 units at 5 amps each for a total of 10A using my laptop to suit my generator. For a short time I need to use a smaller generator so need to drop the AC CURRENT LIMIT down to 8 amps. Is it possible to reduce the current in the Remote Console and the paralleled Multis will split the reduction or do I need to do this change through the laptop? I’m just a little nervous about damaging the system.

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TWO multiplus-II 5k parallel problem. DUAL standalone options?


I am having difficulty running two multiplus-ii 5000 in parallel. Located in Europe i have a 3-phase incoming connection, but for parallel connection using 1-phase off-course.

They do function alright in parallel and system is stable if i do run them from DC (solar mppts and batteries) but as soon i apply incoming AC there is some issues and so far i have 2 different scenarios:

Both multis are connected on the same phase AC-in with common ground and earth.

AC-out-1 and ac-out-2 are also paralleled between multis with common ground and earth.

Both multis connected to the same battery bank.

All DC and even AC-in and ac-out cables are same dimensions and lengths.

Scenario #1. Both multis connected (and set up) in parallel without any assistants installed:

When AC-in is switched on (after a 60s delay) they start to hum quite loud in wave pattern - louder-quieter. Meanwhile the loads on AC-out are being supplied.

I cant accept that as normal, therefore i do not connect them to AC-in at the moment.

Scenario #2. Same connection but now with ESS assistants installed on both multis:

When AC-in is switched on (after a 60s delay) a very rapid LOUDER than without ESS humming takes place that is VERY short and results in disconnect with the slave unit displaying the overload red led for a sec. Loads eventually being dropped as well.

This happens WITH or WITHOUT connected loads on AC-out.

That is a scary event so i am not repeating it.

Meanwhile CERBO does not give any other error except "grid lost" so no clues there.

I did test both units standalone, with ac-in and ess installed. works as expected.

I did test and replace data cables between multis and cerbo. also tried to place them in different routes. no change.

I suspect one of the multis is defective as it is different from the other - it is louder in normal operation and it has "more noises" inside of it. Also it does not follow the AC-2 out relay assistant setting and start switching on-off the relay at 90% SOC while it is set to turn on only when SOC is 95% higher and turn off below 92%. same setting on both multis. and the internal battery monitor is not enabled.

i see there has been a very similar issue:

unfortunately data cable replacement and relocation did not change a thing.

I understand there is a possibility to connect them multis in parallel-standalone connection when one of them is connected to cerbo through MK3. but that is not a solution to solve the current issue as i expect to be able to use all advertised applications.

please help me to solve this mysterious issue.

I have spoken to my local distributor but their knowledge/experience is not sufficient to solve this.

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Multiplus 2 in parallel Again!

My question is are they right about the HW rev? reading all the posts on here they were wrong to advise it does not matter.....???

details below.. i'm not looking for setup answers just the HW question..

So i have a happy MP2 GX 48/5000 everything is working great. But we want more power!

So i emailed Victron tech support with all my inverter details, HW ref 02 etc etc and asked the specific question about hardware rev: and got the answer below

Recommended solution would be to add a second Multiplus II connected in parallel using a RG45 cable
Both Units must be running the same version of firmware, hardware revision does not matter
Cable lengths and thickness coming out of the inverters must be identical
The two units should be programmed before being connected using VE quick config and configured as master and slave
Total inverting power would be 10kw
Charging ability doubles

But as soon as i set them up in Parallel the system goes haywire.

1.Does not get anywhere near grid set point either to high or too low

2. will not charge the batteries at full current, pull from the grid instead of battery

3. etc etc.

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Multplus 2 in parallel, slave not switching to shore power

We have two x Multiplus 2 inverter/chargers in parallel. When shore power is switched on, the master switches to mains, then battery charging commences with the relevant charging stage light on ..... but the slave continues to flash between mains and inverter lights, indicating it is in slave mode but not switching to mains power.

The master is set to 5 amp shore current limit to allow for both units acting as a charger and drawing a total of 10 amps on shore power.

When I add a 2000w load while on shore power, the master inverter stops charging and goes to power assist mode, the slave does not change the intermittent flashing lights but also now doesn't appear to be acting as an inverter either ......

Any ideas?

T1 Terry

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Can I have two Multiplus II in parallel to increase inverting capacity?

Does anyone know if I can wire two Multiplus II 12/3000/120 in parallel to get 6000w of inverter? And if so what else would it affect and that I need to change on the settings?

Here’s my set up:

800Ah 12v battery bank

1000W solar panels

60amp dc-dc charger (30amp Orion x2 parallel)

30amp shore power.

Gonna be running a couple of 1800w appliances at the same time so needing about a 4000w inverter.

Or would anyone have an alternative they may know of? Already thinking I should just get the 12v/5000w Quattro, but wanting to see if two multi pluses would work.

I would really appreciate some insights.


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Welchen Assistenten verwenden wenn das Netz nur bei zu wenig Batterie genutzt werden soll

Welchen Assistenten setzt man am besten ein Wenn das Netz nur noch

nutzen will wenn die Batterie unter eine bestimmte Ladung fällt einsetzen will.

Einphasiges Netz

Mit 2 Mutliplus II

Und 24kVA Batteriespeicher

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