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Multiplus II parallel in RV breaks Input RCD / Standalone Config works fine

Hey all, we have installed 2 Multiplus II 3000/24/70 on a big RV - same MP Modells, upgraded Firmware and configured as parallel system. All works fine with Charging, Assist, Limit and more. Realy happy with in shoreless traveling. Autark works great.

Both Multiplus have Input RCD Breaker from same Input L/N/PE.

If we connect to shore Power there is about 15 sec. and Earth Relais would klicking with breaking RCD on AC Input Side.

If we configure every system standalone we haven't any problems with Earth Ground.
( Upgrade to only one Multiplus 5000/24 standalone can be a way )

We checked several times the L/N/PE Wiring. I found out that the Earth PE always is connected inside and in situation of no shore the Earth Relais connect N+PE. on AC Out.

Does anyone know that parallel systems not work with 2x Earth Relais ( 2 x each MP ) ?
In General does anybody has parallel Multiplus on a RV ?

Thanks for every idea.

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