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Conlog prepaid meter trips with Multiplus-ii

Good day, we've installed 2 Multiplus-ii Victron inverters. Our system is running great, as long as we don't use grid power. The meter trips when we're connected to municipality power. The municipality won't aid us in getting the Disable line reversal token from Conlog so we don't have this problem anymore. Any advice please. Our installer changed settings and it still happens.

2 Multiplus-ii Inverters, grid tie limiter and cerbo gx

multiplus in parallel
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What is a grid limiter? What PV do you have? Ac or DC?

It seems to be an issue with the conlogs being overly sensitive to a bit of feedback which can happen at times.

Second question is it related to battery percentage? Or does it happen more when the battery is full?

You way around may be to AC ignore during the day.

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Energy meter? I think that what it is. We've tried during the day and night but prepaid still trips. So batteries was full and then when they were not. Should I ask my installer to connect the grid via generator ? Will this help?

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I'm not aware of any tweaking, even with a high grid setpoint, that will prevent this from happening with conlog meters and ESS. Only solution is to tweak the meter or try get it replaced.
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Thank you,the municipality will not replace the meter
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Our municipality won't change our meter
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You can try increase the ESS grid setpoint from the 50W default to something higher, maybe you get lucky. This will push your grid usage up though.

Do you have better luck if you set ESS to "keep charged"?

Unfortunately power moves back and forth to the grid (small amounts) so when municipalities use meters configured like this it makes it pretty impossible for you.

Fortunately the Landis meters behave.

Eskom direct, here, allows us to pump energy back at full power and never cuts off.

Guess they are happy for free power.

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