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Add 6 panels to MPPT RS 450/100

Good evening everyone,

I have 2 strings of 7 panels each on the MPPT RS 450/100

Im planning to add more ,should I make it 2x9 panels or 2x10?

What margin of safety to keep regarding max Voc?

Panels are canadian solar 410w -Voc 37.2,Isc 14.01


ukxan asked
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Any advantage for the SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 vs. MPPT RS 450/100

I plan to install 10 - 395W panels as a 5 Series x 2 Parallel configuration for a 48V system. From computing the MPPT charge controller, the Excel VE-MPPT has 2 options: #1. SmartSolar 250/100 and #2. the MPPT RS 450/100.

Base on the comparison below, I did not see much advantage of the MPPT RS 450/100 controller vs. the SmartSolar 250/100, except for being able to connect more panels in series to 450V. Did I miss something for the MPPT RS purpose? Why would one use the MPPTR RS?


Category #1 SmartSolar #2 MPPT RS notes
Price $950 $1295
Size Small Large
Battery 12, 14, 36, 48 48
Efficiency @48V .99 .96
Power @48V 5800 5760

Voc Min +5V 120V
#2 - 120V is way too high for shadowing days
Vmpp min +1V 80
Voc Max 250 450
Max PV voltage @ min Temp (-10C) 241.7 241.7 #2 has more head room
Min PV Voltage @ max Temp (70C) 157.8V 158.4V
Max current @MPP min Temp 88.7A 87.3A
#2 MPPT RS tracker current is 18A
Max current @MPP max Temp 71.8A 70.7A
PV Array 5S x 2P 5S x 1 - per Track (2) #2 has room to grow 3 more panels

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Mppt Rs450/200 connexion PV


J ai un Mppt Rs 450/200

J ai 20 panneau TrinaSolar Vertex S 400w

6x Pylontech us2000c

Je suis perdu pour la connexion des panneaux, j aurais aimer garder 2 entrées sur les 4 pour extension futur.

Je souhaiterais connecter 2x10 panneaux en série. Et il semblerai que si ma tension de Float doit être de 51V cela n est plus possible d après le calculateur Victron. (10v de trop en basse température)

Garce au réglage je peux limiter grâce au Cerbo ?

Enfin voilà vraiment perdu !!! Si l un d entre vous peu m aider ?

D avance merci


I have a Mppt Rs 450/200

I have 20 TrinaSolar Vertex S 400w panels

6x Pylontech us2000c

I am at a loss for how to connect the panels, I would like to keep 2 of the 4 inputs for future expansion.

I would like to connect 2x10 panels in series. And it seems that if my float voltage should be 51V it is not possible anymore according to the Victron calculator (10v too much in low temperature)

Can I limit the setting with the Cerbo?

I'm really lost !!! If one of you can help me ?

Thank you in advance

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MPPT 450/200 screen not working correctly

Anyone know what to do with this issue? SmartSolar 450/200 MPPT screen seems to be malfunctioning.

I have updated the firmware and problem remains.

Display Video: https://youtu.be/SMS5AFvg8do

jond asked

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mppt-rs-450/100 daily history reset time

Hi, is it somehow possible to set or change?

i have 3 device, one resets daily history ~01.00

and 2 of them does that ~11.00 in the morning.

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 - Batterieeinstellungen für 2 Batterien EXIDE Equipment GEL, Type:ES1600

Hallo Zusammen,

ich habe einen SmartSolar MPPT 100/30, der zwei Batterien laden soll.

Die Batterien sind paralel angeschlossen.

Der Batterietyp lautet: EXIDE Equipment GEL, Type:ES1600, EAN: 3661024035767

Kapazität (Ah)= 140, Wattstunden= 1600W

Frage: Welche Einstellungen muss ich im Solarregler vornehmen? Oder reicht die Standardeinstellung im Regler?

freue mich auf Ihre Antwort.

sualki asked

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MMPT RS 450/100, MP2 and Fronius

Hello to all,

I had the following “On grid” configuration:

  • 1 Fronius Symo 10.0.3
  • 1 Multiplus 2 GX - 5000/48 “hooked” on phase 1
  • 1 three phases Smartmeter
  • 1 Smartshunt 500/50ma
  • 220 Ah Li Ion batteries
  • 18 solar panels 370 wh each in two strings – 10 on one string and 8 o the other. (intention is to install another 10 panels)

As this year the grid electricity starts dropping every week (they are replacing the old network) I decided to get an MPPT 450/100 to make it work in parallel (Off-grid during the electricity outages) therefore I disconnect the 8 panels string from Fronius and I connected it to the MPPT.

MPPT and Smartshunt are connected to the MP2 via VE.Direct.

The main issues are as you can see in the prinscreen of VRM or console:

  • When there is a high load, the system is getting the power from the batteries and the MPPT goes to 0
  • Is throttling the Fronius inverted to 50-60% of normal production and is getting the difference from grid.



The funny part is that if I am connecting to the MPPT via Bluetooth or in the console and I am looking for the production of MPPT is shows about the right amount but somehow this is not showed in the VRM neither console Pages. I have no idea which ones are the right values.



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