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Any advantage for the SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 vs. MPPT RS 450/100

I plan to install 10 - 395W panels as a 5 Series x 2 Parallel configuration for a 48V system. From computing the MPPT charge controller, the Excel VE-MPPT has 2 options: #1. SmartSolar 250/100 and #2. the MPPT RS 450/100.

Base on the comparison below, I did not see much advantage of the MPPT RS 450/100 controller vs. the SmartSolar 250/100, except for being able to connect more panels in series to 450V. Did I miss something for the MPPT RS purpose? Why would one use the MPPTR RS?


Category #1 SmartSolar #2 MPPT RS notes
Price $950 $1295
Size Small Large
Battery 12, 14, 36, 48 48
Efficiency @48V .99 .96
Power @48V 5800 5760

Voc Min +5V 120V
#2 - 120V is way too high for shadowing days
Vmpp min +1V 80
Voc Max 250 450
Max PV voltage @ min Temp (-10C) 241.7 241.7 #2 has more head room
Min PV Voltage @ max Temp (70C) 157.8V 158.4V
Max current @MPP min Temp 88.7A 87.3A
#2 MPPT RS tracker current is 18A
Max current @MPP max Temp 71.8A 70.7A
PV Array 5S x 2P 5S x 1 - per Track (2) #2 has room to grow 3 more panels

MPPT SmartSolarmppt rs
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The MPPT RS 450 has 2 mppt trackers. might be useful if you have 2 different arrays.

Different as in 2 different orientations, or perhaps you can only fit arrays with different panel counts.

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