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MMPT RS 450/100, MP2 and Fronius

Hello to all,

I had the following “On grid” configuration:

  • 1 Fronius Symo 10.0.3
  • 1 Multiplus 2 GX - 5000/48 “hooked” on phase 1
  • 1 three phases Smartmeter
  • 1 Smartshunt 500/50ma
  • 220 Ah Li Ion batteries
  • 18 solar panels 370 wh each in two strings – 10 on one string and 8 o the other. (intention is to install another 10 panels)

As this year the grid electricity starts dropping every week (they are replacing the old network) I decided to get an MPPT 450/100 to make it work in parallel (Off-grid during the electricity outages) therefore I disconnect the 8 panels string from Fronius and I connected it to the MPPT.

MPPT and Smartshunt are connected to the MP2 via VE.Direct.

The main issues are as you can see in the prinscreen of VRM or console:

  • When there is a high load, the system is getting the power from the batteries and the MPPT goes to 0
  • Is throttling the Fronius inverted to 50-60% of normal production and is getting the difference from grid.


The funny part is that if I am connecting to the MPPT via Bluetooth or in the console and I am looking for the production of MPPT is shows about the right amount but somehow this is not showed in the VRM neither console Pages. I have no idea which ones are the right values.


mppt rs
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I saw that the VRM is not showing correctly the production of the MPPT. I I sum up the consumption and production the numbers are wrong. Should be some kind of bug as the real production is different in VRM compared to console. This is happening always when the consumption is greater than the production. This is affecting the battery as the quantity drawn from it is less that the one reported, difference being compensated from the MPPT even if is not shown in the VRM.cb56724d-e364-41d5-a69c-49bcb57f8e93.jpegaa5dd5bd-2b89-4c98-abe4-1d60c427b3e6.jpegImage Caption

as well during the night, 2-3 hours after sunset (probably because the “start up” voltage of 80 volts) i am getting production of he mppt with - minus

2a6237b5-6cdb-458b-bcac-2945c34db799.jpeg9f1fc9ae-be7b-41fb-9e8d-9e78892ba0d2.jpegImage Captionimg-6600.jpg

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