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MPPT RS 450/100 and Cerbo - no connection? + VRM no refresh


I have some small problem with RS and VRM,

I cannot add MPPT to Cerbo via BT or VE.Can on top of that VRM is completly not refreshing my data.

I think i tried everything, i saw there is more people struggling with this but i didn't find any fix yet.

IS it something from inside of Victron and need to wait for fix or its problem with my system?

magicmike asked

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MPPT RS 450/200


I would like to have some clarification about internal details of MPPT RS 450/200.

MPPT RS 450/200 has 4 MPPT trackers in it.
Does it mean that 4 independent PV arrays can be connected?

Koul Alim asked
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SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 - Batterieeinstellungen für 2 Batterien EXIDE Equipment GEL, Type:ES1600

Hallo Zusammen,

ich habe einen SmartSolar MPPT 100/30, der zwei Batterien laden soll.

Die Batterien sind paralel angeschlossen.

Der Batterietyp lautet: EXIDE Equipment GEL, Type:ES1600, EAN: 3661024035767

Kapazität (Ah)= 140, Wattstunden= 1600W

Frage: Welche Einstellungen muss ich im Solarregler vornehmen? Oder reicht die Standardeinstellung im Regler?

freue mich auf Ihre Antwort.

sualki asked

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MPPT RS - 450/100 Isolation Resistance


is it possible, to show the Isolation resistance of the strings connected to the MPPT RS - 450 Series? It would be a very nice feature, to log this over time, when it is for example raining. I can't find it in Modbus Registers Whitepaper. Actually this is a great feature, but Iam now a little bit disappointed not seeing these values anywhere...

Maybe you have plans to add these values in future, or is it just not documented?



steffenp asked

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MMPT RS 450/100, MP2 and Fronius

Hello to all,

I had the following “On grid” configuration:

  • 1 Fronius Symo 10.0.3
  • 1 Multiplus 2 GX - 5000/48 “hooked” on phase 1
  • 1 three phases Smartmeter
  • 1 Smartshunt 500/50ma
  • 220 Ah Li Ion batteries
  • 18 solar panels 370 wh each in two strings – 10 on one string and 8 o the other. (intention is to install another 10 panels)

As this year the grid electricity starts dropping every week (they are replacing the old network) I decided to get an MPPT 450/100 to make it work in parallel (Off-grid during the electricity outages) therefore I disconnect the 8 panels string from Fronius and I connected it to the MPPT.

MPPT and Smartshunt are connected to the MP2 via VE.Direct.

The main issues are as you can see in the prinscreen of VRM or console:

  • When there is a high load, the system is getting the power from the batteries and the MPPT goes to 0
  • Is throttling the Fronius inverted to 50-60% of normal production and is getting the difference from grid.



The funny part is that if I am connecting to the MPPT via Bluetooth or in the console and I am looking for the production of MPPT is shows about the right amount but somehow this is not showed in the VRM neither console Pages. I have no idea which ones are the right values.



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Smartsolar mppt 450/100 mounting holes



How am i able to mount the mppt without access to the upper mounting holes? Bracket can't be used as this will be used in a moving vehicle.

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Matching SPD to MPPT

This is a question I have been discussing with colleagues and there seems no clear answer.

I have noted that most of the SPDs on the market are either Uc 600VDC, 1000VDC or 1500VDC. But our MPPTs are 150V MAX, 250V MAX or 450V MAX.

It seems thus, that a 600VDC SPD might protect something in the system against over voltage but that would not include the MPPT which would be exposed to over-voltage before the SPD had begun protecting (Uc).

Should we not be getting 145V, 245V and 445V SPDs manufactured which match the Victron products to properly protect MPPTs against over voltage? I have spoken to a manufacturer willing to do this but MOQ is 250 units which is a bit much for me to "test" the concept with.

Any insight would be valued.

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Victron mppt 450/100 not reducing production - external control


Using a victron mppt 450 /100 with a quattro 8000 and a gx.

The mppt is set to be controlled via external control.

The quattro is configured to stop charging at 48V.

However the mppt keeps pumping amps into the batteries and not stopping to charge.

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MPPT RS 450/100 Error 35

Hi there,

Recently I saw an Error 35 for no obvious reason on my MPPT RS 450/100. Configuraiton is 9x 375Wp panels on each tracker, east-west configuration. The short circuit current of the panels is around 11,5A according to the flash-list of the manufacturer with a Imppt of around 10A.

The error did happen when there was sun / clouds in short alternation leading to sharp bumps in solar production. Voltage was around 350V according to the logged data, my battery voltage is between 46V and 52.4V (pylontech battery).

Any clues what might be happening here? The unit is two month old...

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Error codes on MPPT RS 450


I’m currently testing the new MPPT RS 450. I got twice the error code "#121 Tester Fail". I am not able to find the list of error codes for this equipment. Thanks in advance to point me this list.


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MPPT RS case interferes with the VE.Direct connector

I am using a Victron VE.Direct cable with my MPPT RS 450/100. The position of the MPPT case means that the cable plug won't fully seat home in the socket of the MPPT. More than once it has not made a connection between my MultiPlus II GX and the MPPT. This seems like a design flaw and could be rectified by making up my own cable rather than using the Victron cable. Alternatively I could cut away some of the case but would rather not do this. Any advice?



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SmartSolar-MPPT 2 string or 1 string


I have 2 diffrent angle panel strings becasue of my setup only 1 set can be angled at 35deg south facing and the other string only 12deg south facing. All panales are the same 1p5s 365w 40v VoC

My question is there any benerfit of 2 strings and there for using the RS 100 over 2s5p on a 250/60
There is no option to place them both at 35deg due to space.

Im in the uk hence the 35Deg optimum, the shed its on has a 12deg roof and not enough room to set them all to 35deg.

Obviously I could also go for twin 250/60 but being slightly more cost then the Rs100 it doesnt make sense to double up.

I'm making an assumption that the RS100 can take 450v on each tracker? as I coudlnt work this out based on the spec sheet. although possibly in the manual/setup if i looked harder



Edit: I can also see that while the 250/60 have 4xMC4 connectors as it only has 1 tracker it only really assist in connecting higher AMPs parallel settings by deviding them across 2 input pairs and I dont think it would assit with 2 diffrent angle string albeit they are both same south facing. I'm also expecting the lower ones on the roof to suff shading issue during winter and want to avoind them dragging down the other string which should have this problem

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MPPT RS remote on off and pylontech

After some clarification of the behaviour of the RS when connected to pylontech batteries.

Lithium pre-set is selected which in turn changes the remote mode to BMS, which would be logical.

DVCC is on on the venus device, pylontech detected over the can bus etc...

The MPPT RS shows networked operation as external control and BMS,


yet the RS stays in BMS off mode and will not charge.

Switching the remote mode to remote on/off with the stock jumper installed in the I/O plug enables charging?

I can't seem to find any information anywhere detailing the behaviour of these modes apart from the mention of the VEBus BMS, shouldn't the setting relate to all BMS's?

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