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Multi RS Solar 48/6000 setup

Hello everyone.

I'm just setting up my first victron based domestic system in a flat in London. I've made the following "design setup" ... can you critique it?

Since I'll be running "off grid with AC input" - i.e. no feedback to grid possible. I don't need a DNO declaration (as far as I know!).

I decided to mate the high-voltage Maxeon3-400 Panels (5 panel string) with the high voltage Multi RS-Solar 48/6000... hoping to achieve decent efficiency from dawn till dusk... time will tell if it works out.


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MPPT RS450/200 display contrast

Does someone know if it is possible to adjust display brightness on the RS MPPT?
The contrast on mine is so high I can not read anything. Thank you.
I wont believe that this can not be adjusted via software.

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Hex Protocol for SmartSolar MPPT RS450

I'm new and inexperienced here in the forum, but I've been using the BMV 712 for 2 years. I read and set the parameters under Linux (C, C++) and the hex protocol. I use the document "BMV700 Series HEX Protocol". There are no problems with this. I have now acquired the "SmartSolar MPPT RS 450" and wanted to integrate it into my system, as with the BMV. However, I can't find any documentation on the Hex protocol for the MPPT RS. Where can I find this documentation? Without it, the device is worthless to me.

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Is possible to combine Smart Solar MPPT and Smart Solar MPPT RS ?

Hi, currently I have a Smart Solar RS 450/100Tr in my system. I have some remaining solar panels with 20A (I plan for them a new RS 450/200Tr ), and I already ordered a new set of panels that have 30A Isc, so I need multiple Smart Solar MPPTs, is OK to mix it all and connect to Cerbo(s) via VE.Direct. Is it OK or are there any limitations?

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ESS overriding MPPT RS 450 charge parameters?

Under the ESS documentation (Section 4.2.) you can read that MPPT charge parameters are being ignored when ESS is enabled on your Multiplus/Quattro configuration.

Does this also apply to the newer MPPT RS 450 models?

I have been finetuning the Float/Absorb settings in my MPPT RS devices today and I had the feeling that they were taken into consideration by the system even though I'm running in ESS mode with slightly different batterty settings in my ESS assistant.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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Amount of solar for Multi RS solar


How to I connect 10 x 355 watt panels on the multi RS solar ?

Does it damage the MPPT if I do connect to much solar ?

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Max VOC with MPPT RS 450/200 and Pylontech

Hey there,

we are in the process of connecting a PV system from 2003, which has been running feed in-only for nearly 20 years now, to a Victron system for self-consumption. As of the current string configuration and VOC, we will use an MPPT RS 450/200. It will be connected to a Pylontech US2000C battery bank.

According to the data sheet of the MPPT RS, the max VOC per tracker must not exceed the eightfold of the battery float voltage, which brings us for Pylontech to:

51 V x 8 = 408 maxVOC

Now I calculated the VOC per string using the individual flash values of the manufacturer and one string is fine, two others exceed the 408 VOC limit as they have 19 instead of 18 modules:

  • String 1: 406,80 VOC
  • String 2: 429,35 VOC
  • String 3: 429,22 VOC

As I expect some degradation of these 20 year old modules, which may also affect VOC, I'm not extremely concerned and would test the system for occurring over-charge protection errors. And in case of doubt, one module per string would have to be removed.

But what I'm really interested in: Is this eightfold battery float voltage rule even relevant for GX device managed systems, as the battery charge cycle in this case is managed by the Pylontech BMS values?

Many thanks!

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MPPT 450/200 Maximum battery voltage only 62V


I have upgraded our ess 3 phase system and added a MPPT 450/200.

Now I am very surprised that this only goes up to 62V battery voltage.

Previously, we had the MPPT 250/100 so I could charge without problems up to 64V.

Also the Multiplus can charge as far as I know up to a maximum of 67 V, so I am surprised that the MPPT 450/200 can not.

Maybe it is possible to raise the maximum voltage to 64V via the firmware of the MPPT 450/200?

It is really very surprising that not all MPPT chargers and inverters can output the same voltages.

I have a Lipo 16S battery that I could charge with the MPPT 250/100 only to 4V per cell, that was ok, but now I can only charge to 62V total that is really a pity.

I hope there is a way to change this via firmware to raise the maximum voltage to 64V.

Thanks for the help and many greetings

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Use Solaredge SMI 35 with RS450


I have an array with 8 modules connected to an Solaredge Safety Monitoring Interface 35 (SMI35)
I want to connect it now to my Victron with an RS450.I know optimizers are not good or not allowed with Victron, but hooked up via SMI35 possible? Does anyone know something about it?

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Quel MPPT choisir ?


J'aurais voulu savoir dans une installation avec 24 panneaux de 370Wc et une batterie LiFePo4 4,8kwh, s'il vaut mieux choisir 4 mppt de 150/35 en string de 6 (2 séries de 3 panneaux en parallèle ou alors un RS450/200 avec 3 string de 8 panneaux.

Je constate qu'avec les mppt 150/35 je vais avoir une tension minimal de démarrage plus bas qu'avec le RS450/200 et donc je suppose avoir une production supérieur en cas de mauvais temps et charger mes batteries avec un courant de 140A (35*4). Par contre je risque d'avoir plus de perte par effet joules en travaillant sur des tensions plus basse que le RS ?

Dites moi si je me trompe et quels sont les avantages inconvénients svp ?

Merci de votre aide.

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Issue with RS 450/100 only producing from one tracker


Hi guys.we recently installed a RS 450/100 and have an issue with production.

Firmware version: 1.08

Module configuration:
PV1: 7 x Longi LR4-72HPH-455M in series PV2: 7 x Longi LR4-72HPH-455M in series

System configuration:

1 x Quattro 48/10000/140

1 x Smartsolar RS 450/100

4 x BYD LVS 4.0


At any SOC on the battery and under any load on the inverter, the smartsolar will only produce from 1 MTTP and the smartsolar alternates between the MPPT that is producing; MPPT 1 will produce +- 3000W and MPPT will produce between 80 and 300W then MPPT 1 will produce between 80 and 300W and MPPT 2 will produce around 3000W and so on.

I have reset the RS 450/100 to factory default several times, on reset, the device will produce as 5800W for a few seconds and then revert to the issue. This occurs with and without canbus cable connected.

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MPPT producing more than multiplus can handle

Can i ask what might be a silly question

I am planning a grid tied system, 18 panels connected to MPPT RS 450/200 which can put through a maximum of 11.52KW

This is wired to a lynx distributer to batteries and then to multiplus-ii 48/5000/70-50 which i think can convert max 5kw DC to AC

My question is what happens when the batteries are full and the MPPT is passing through more than 5kw, does that cause any problems?

How ideally should these be sized?

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Mppt 450/100 with 22A paralleled string input

We have built 12.6kWp array with 30 x trina 420Wp (10.69 Isc and 49.7 Voc).

We want advice on running 2 x 350Voc and 2 x 400Voc paralleled strings to MPPT 450/100. I the manual it states that it can take 'slightly' more with caviat that polarity protection is only good up to 20A!

Elsewhere it states that a max if 7200Wp per tracker which we would be under. We are wanting to max output in low and winter sun, but distributer says it will crop all year round.

I am a bit concerned it will work machine too hard?

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MPPT RS 450/100 intermittently turning off charging during bulk/absorption

I have a new (3 weeks old) installation with a MPPT RS 450/100 (firmware v1.09) and (2) serial strings of (8) 415W panels, 10.3A (Impp), 48.2V (Voc) that are intermittent turning off charging on both trackers during bulk and absorption multiple times a day. There are no errors. I'm driving to the maximum of 5760W but want the extra headroom for winter months. Everything is working great otherwise. Is this expected behavior or does my unit have a problem?




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MPPT 450/200 with Trina Solar Vertex 550

Hello, I have a questions.

Have somebody experience with a MPPT 450/200 and Trina Soar Vertex 550.

Here some data from the Vertex:

Maximum Power Current: 17,4A

Short circuit current: 18,52A

See somebody problems that we are nearly at the maximum power range of the RS450?

Max PV: 18A per Tracker

Max Circuit: 20A per Tracker

Normally I think its better to have all little more space to maximum value data.

Thanks for your feedback.

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