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Historical VRM data after MPPT swap

My dealer doesn't know the answer to this question. I'm hoping someone here does. I had to swap a MPPT RS 450/100 with the another. I have about ~3 months worth of data for the original MPPT. The old unit still appears on the device list, but I'd like to remove it. I would like to keep the historical data from the original MPPT, especially the solar production and consumption totals. If I remove the old device, will I lose the historical data in VRM?

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Matching SPD to MPPT

This is a question I have been discussing with colleagues and there seems no clear answer.

I have noted that most of the SPDs on the market are either Uc 600VDC, 1000VDC or 1500VDC. But our MPPTs are 150V MAX, 250V MAX or 450V MAX.

It seems thus, that a 600VDC SPD might protect something in the system against over voltage but that would not include the MPPT which would be exposed to over-voltage before the SPD had begun protecting (Uc).

Should we not be getting 145V, 245V and 445V SPDs manufactured which match the Victron products to properly protect MPPTs against over voltage? I have spoken to a manufacturer willing to do this but MOQ is 250 units which is a bit much for me to "test" the concept with.

Any insight would be valued.

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BYD Overvoltage MPPT shutdown

Hi all

Strange occurrence, GX alarm battery Overvoltage at 55.1V with BYD batteries.


RS 450/100 MPPT, tracker 1: 5 x Longi 450Watt (231V) tracker 2: 8 x Longi 450Watt (381V) It's within minimum spec for Float V of 52.5V

BYD comms working on GX (BYD shutsdown if comms aren't working)

BYD is supposed to control both MPPT and inverter for charging, but I set up charge tab to 54bulk and 52.5 float in any case. Battery monitor is on, at 400Ah, 98% and 0.99 efficiency.

What seems to be happening is that when generator is on, AC2 input, and the battery reaches 100%, the voltage climbs beyond 54V over to 55.2 is highest I saw with incessant alarms.

Switching off gen input seems to stop the problem, but no AC mains was available to test during this phenomenon, and solar yield had dropped too low to test with it.

MPPT shutdown on overvoltage, error #29.

What I don't understand is why BYD didn't control the situation as it is supposed to......

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Problem with MPPT RS 450/100 performance compared to 250/60


ive in issue with the Performance of the mppt rs450/100

as you can see in the Pic.


MPPT 250/60 with 2x4 REC Solar Alpha 395 (so you can devide the mesuremens by 2)


MPPT RS 450/100 with 1x4 REC Solar Alpha 395

both has the same conditions in diffuse light as shown in the PIC

Cabeling is OK!

also if i switch the charge controller the MPPT450/100 does the same!

The Performance is just half of the 450/100 compared to a 250/60 on the same array.

Any Idea looks for me as the 450/100 has an software Issue.




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MPPT 450/200 Maximum battery voltage only 62V


I have upgraded our ess 3 phase system and added a MPPT 450/200.

Now I am very surprised that this only goes up to 62V battery voltage.

Previously, we had the MPPT 250/100 so I could charge without problems up to 64V.

Also the Multiplus can charge as far as I know up to a maximum of 67 V, so I am surprised that the MPPT 450/200 can not.

Maybe it is possible to raise the maximum voltage to 64V via the firmware of the MPPT 450/200?

It is really very surprising that not all MPPT chargers and inverters can output the same voltages.

I have a Lipo 16S battery that I could charge with the MPPT 250/100 only to 4V per cell, that was ok, but now I can only charge to 62V total that is really a pity.

I hope there is a way to change this via firmware to raise the maximum voltage to 64V.

Thanks for the help and many greetings

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Cerbo GX and resilience - failed after power cycle

Hi community, I'm discovering my new installation, very satisfied up to today and, of course, I'm also experiencing disappointment which I would like to know if there are any workaround or not

1) my CerboGX went dead after powering it back up (plugging the power supply, 53V from my battery). Seems to be far not unusual by reading messages in this community forum. Apart having a second one ready to be plugged : do you have any suggestion how to avoid (reduce) the occurrence of such failure of the CerboGX product?

2) Before this occurs I was making tests to see the limit of the system and what I found made me doubtful about design of my installation, I explain

- With the grid, and without CerboGX my batteries are not any longer charged by my RS450!

- Without the grid and without CerboGX, my multiplus stop providing power (simply shut down) after 5 minutes!

Which means the CerboGx is a key component that make any victron installation really weak and, according my experience today, this piece of equipment doesn't seems to be designed strong enough to resist to power off / power on, or?

Thank you in advance for sharing your suggestions about the above described issues

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MPPT tracking on RS 450/100

Two inputs of the RS 450/100 MPPT. New installation.

The same 5 panels are connected to each of the inputs. They are on the same roof, and the orientation is identical. Data is sent every 10 minutes to the VRM portal.
I am just wondering why is the MPPT point of the tracker 2 so unstable?


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MPPT calculator excel that includes MPPT RS 450/200


Does anyone have a excel calculator that has the Victron MPPT RS 450/200 included?

Thanks in advance

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MPPT 450/200 screen not working correctly

Anyone know what to do with this issue? SmartSolar 450/200 MPPT screen seems to be malfunctioning.

I have updated the firmware and problem remains.

Display Video:

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Could a Multi RS Solar 48/6000 replace a Multiplus 2 for ESS?

I'm looking to install a battery storage system to compliment the 6kw (inverter limited to 3.8kw) of grid tied solar I currently have. I was looking at the Multiplus 2 with 4x Pylontech batteries and Cerbo GX. At a later date I'd like to add more PV panels for additional DC battery charging capacity.

However, everything I read about the multiplus says it's loud and, as it would be inside the house, I think it would be too noisy so I was looking at the Multi RS unit instead which is said to be very quiet.

I'm not sure whether the Multi RS could be used to switch over to an emergency backup circuit in the same way as there's no mention of switching in case of grid failure. Can it work in a similar way to the Multiplus 2, by which I mean use grid power at certain times and battery power at other times and also be programmed to charge at specific schedules for cheap night time rates. while when grid power is available not be pulling power from the battery unless needed.

The plan is to charge from solar when available, from grid during cheap periods and supply power instead of grid when battery power is available during peak rates. This seems to be what the multiplus 2 does but I'm not sure the Multi RS will do the same job.

I'd be grateful for some advice.

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MPPT RS 450/200 Kabelschuh fast an hardware


auf den Bilder konnt ihr sehen das die Kabelschuhe fast das Bauteil daneben wegdruck.

Das sind ganz normale klauke Kabelschuhe fur 70mm2 , ist das noch ok ? Ein kleiner spalt ist da hab aber auch schon was vom Kabelschuhe weggefeilt.

Vielen dank

Best GruSe




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MPPT RS 450/100 has mind of its own. Not using all available solar

I am having trouble getting the max charge current out of the RS 450/100. It’s set to 100A but it seems to be deciding the charge current on its own even though there is solar power not being harvested. I know this because when I flip the breaker on one of the solar strings the other one picks up the slack to produce more wattage.

I have 1200 AH of 48V lithium storage and its having this issue even with the battery at 40%.





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Sending Max 7.4kW to the 5.76kW SmartSolar MPPT RS

I have the 450/100 SmartSolar MPPT which can put out 5.76kW and I have 16 Solar Panels 50.8VOC / 460W

I am not sure how best to setup the 2 arrays, options seem to be:

  1. 8 panels, 2 arrays. Which at max would produce 7.4kW. I am not sure if this is possible but i assume if i do this I will simply loose any energy over 5.76kW
  2. 6 panels, 2 arrays, which would max 5.5kW. then find another use for the 4 extra panels.

Should I wire up all 16 or stick with 12?

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Issue with RS 450/100


Hi guys.we recently installed a RS 450/100 and have an issue with production.

Firmware version: 1.08

Module configuration:
PV1: 7 x Longi LR4-72HPH-455M in series PV2: 7 x Longi LR4-72HPH-455M in series

System configuration:

1 x Quattro 48/10000/140

1 x Smartsolar RS 450/100

4 x BYD LVS 4.0


At any SOC on the battery and under any load on the inverter, the smartsolar will only produce from 1 MTTP and the smartsolar alternates between the MPPT that is producing; MPPT 1 will produce +- 3000W and MPPT will produce between 80 and 300W then MPPT 1 will produce between 80 and 300W and MPPT 2 will produce around 3000W and so on.

I have reset the RS 450/100 to factory default several times, on reset, the device will produce as 5800W for a few seconds and then revert to the issue. This occurs with and without canbus cable connected.

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mppt-rs-450/100 daily history reset time

Hi, is it somehow possible to set or change?

i have 3 device, one resets daily history ~01.00

and 2 of them does that ~11.00 in the morning.

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