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RS MPPT 450/100 & 450/200 three units all error 200 faults. Anyone having similar issues?

We have install several RS 450/100,200 MPPT units. However 2 x 450/100 error 200 and 1 x 450/200, same error 200. Only two units out of all the installed units actually worked on startup.

We have checked and double check our installations, they are all according to specifications.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue or is there something we are simply missing?

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Ferrule or not? 10 AWG, 7-strand, PV wire into MPPT RS 450/200

I didn't see anything in the manual that mentions ferrules (although the manual does have a graphic that might indicate ferrules if those yellow ends of the wire are an indication), and opinions online seem to be all over the place. Right now I'm leaning toward not using ferrules because it's 7-strand PV wire, but I really have no idea. I have the ferrules and the tool, just don't know whether it's best practice in this case to put ferrules on or not. Many thanks for any thoughts!


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MPPT RS 450/100 bricked?

I am failing to updae the firmware on the MPPT both through VRM and Bluetooth - I fear it is bricked.

Any suggestiuns to fix the problem are welcome - details below....

The MPPT shows "update active" at its display within less than one second after powering up.


It can be accessed via Bluetooth and the cerbo gx. When I try to update the firmare it starts to do so, but fails at a certain point. Current firmware version is 1.05.

Update trials via VRM: The MPPT was connected via the VE.can bus to the Cerbo GX (tried with as well - same behavior). The procedure works nicely up to 75% then it stops


and quits with an error message -


retrial results in such a message at the VRM (waiting for some task to be finished):


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connect BMS to Multi RS Solar

Hi everyone I have a solar system with battery using a Multi RS Solar 48/100

The Multi RS doesn't estimate the battery state of charge correctly so I'd like to connect the RS-485 / CANBUS from the battery to the Multi RS Solar.

the technical details of the battery connection is as follows:

RS485 and CAN interface, which supports communicating with multiple machines in parallel and with the upper computer.
RS485 baud rate is 19200, CAN baud rate is 500K.

8P8C RJ45 Pins Assignment (RS485)
Pins Definition
1,3 RS485_B
7 RS485_A
2,6 GND
8 N

it also has a jumper for "victron compatible" output.

this is the battery from aliexpress... I'm using the 7.7kWh version.

Now how should I go about connecting the battery to the Multi RS?

Do I use a BBB (with an add on CANBUS transciever and VE.CAN to CANBUS cable)


buy a cerboGX and connect multi-rs with VE.CAN cable and BMS with "CANBUS" cable


Can I connect the BMS straight to the Multi RS VE.CAN using a CANBUS to VE.CAN cable of some sort?

any help / advice would be appreciated

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MPPT RS designed to purposefully limit DC battery cable size? Why?


Just measured the slot that allows DC cables into the MPPT RS 450/200 terminals, and it will only allow .6" diameter cables. I have 2/0 cable that has a finished outer diameter of exactly .6" but the heat shrink is a bit more than that. I'd like to connect 4 x 2/0 cables (two positives, two negatives) to lessen my voltage drop and for the interest of safety.

I'm considering shaving a portion of the slot as needed to fit the 2/0 cables in. But it seems the MPPT RS slot is designed to limit the DC battery cable size purposefully. Is there a reason why bigger cables are not desired on this MPPT?

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MPPT RS 450/100 never reaches OFF state

Hello everyone,

I have a MPPT RS 450/100 chargecontroller where my eastroof and westroof string is connected to. They both are 3800Wp and have a OCV of around 400V

I have a streetlight which shines on the solar panels all the night and generates about 80V. not enough current for the MPPT to do something, but constant 80V

The chargecontroller works fine together with my DIY LFP battery, besides of one little problem.

I have set a fixed absorption time of around 1,5h. The problem is, that the chargecontroller often dosn´t go into absorption mode, it simply skips the absorption and goes direkt into float mode.

I have searched around this Forum and found :

There I have found that this could have something to do with the off state of the MPPT... it never goes into absorption because it thinks the absorption time is already over.

And this is exactly my problem, I have tried to shut down the east roof string over night to confirm if the MPPT goes into OFF state, and if it enters absorption mode at the next day, and this is exactly what it does.

If I shut down the East roof string which has constant 80V because of the streetlight it goes into OFF state after about 3 seconds. After turning the string back on at the next morning it jumps into Bulk mode and enters Absorption correctly

If I left the East Roof running over night, the MPPT doesn´t turn off at all (it stays in Float or Bulk, wherever it was in the evenig) and if it should switch to absorption mode it skips it and jumps direkt into float mode.

Now my question:

It is very unpractical to switch of the east string every night, so is there an other way to tell the MPPT to go into off state?

(i think normaly it turns off if the voltage at the MPPT tracker falls below Battery voltage, but this is impossible for that string near the streetlight)

Maybe some other Ideas ?



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Can MPPT RS charge at voltage that exceeds Lynx rating?

The MPPT RS data sheet states that it can compensate for voltage drop and temperature and provide a charge voltage above 60VDC.


The Lynx Distributor is rated for 60VDC max.

Is this a potential issue and is there a way to limit charge voltage in the MPPT RS to 60VDC?

My batteries are Pylontech US5000 and will be wired into the Cerbo via BMS.CAN. From what I understand, despite my charge settings, the Pylontech BMS will command the voltage to be charged at. I'm not sure what they will command as far as voltage so I'm unsure if the Lynx may end up getting more than 60VDC and whether or not this will be an issue. It does seem that even in DVCC mode, it may be possible to set a "Maximum charge voltage" limit and perhaps allow the BMS to command the charge controllers while still limiting the voltage? Many thanks for any help!

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Add 6 panels to MPPT RS 450/100

Good evening everyone,

I have 2 strings of 7 panels each on the MPPT RS 450/100

Im planning to add more ,should I make it 2x9 panels or 2x10?

What margin of safety to keep regarding max Voc?

Panels are canadian solar 410w -Voc 37.2,Isc 14.01


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Float, VOC, and MPPT RS - Is Temp Correction Required for the 8*Float Limit?

Continuing my habit of learning something new after I make expensive decisions on what I think I know...

I have seven arrays of 7 x LG440N2T-E6 bifacial panels in series, with each array connected into a tracker of two MPPT RS 450/200 units.

When I sized the arrays, then designed ground mounts & had them engineered & sent to a metal fabricator, I had sized the arrays based solely on this calculation:

VOC * 7 * 1.23 (my temp correction) = 423V = less than 450V = good to go

Now I see that my PV string cannot be more than 8 x the minimum battery voltage when at float.

My batteries are Pylontech US5000. The float value I see in the Compatibility Guide is 51V. Does this mean my arrays cannot exceed a VOC of 408V?

The VOC of my panels is, I think, 48.9V. 48.9 x 7 = 342.3V.

342.3 is less than 408V so I think I am good here and can use strings of 7 panels?

Or did I do my string VOC calculation incorrectly by not including a temp correction? Because if I use my temp correction, then my string VOC is 421V which is more than 408V, so I may have an issue. Many thanks for any help!


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Multiplus II and BYD: Charge from solar only

Hi everyone. I have a setup with a Multiplus II 10000, multiple 5kwh BYD batteries with a BMU, a smartsolar MPPT RS 450/100, all linked up to a Cerbo.

At the moment this system is providing backup and is charging from both the grid and solar (when available).

What I’m looking to do is recharge exclusively from solar. Is this possible with this particular setup? I have seen other similar posts however they often to refer to Quattros. Where might one set this up, through the Cerbo? Through the Bmu?

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Is it okay to use Class K tinned copper 10 AWG PV wire with MPPT RS?

Looking for Class K PV wire to comply with the MPPT RS manual requirement for individual strand diameters in the cable. I found some wire that meets the requirement, but the individual strands are tinned copper. Is that okay to use?

Specs of the wire I'm considering using to plug into the MPPT RS:

Single Conductor Wire
10 AWG Orange
10 Foot Package





Rated for and proven in extreme temperatures of -55°C to 105°C

This highly flexible wire combines finely stranded tinned copper with a jacket that resists the abuses of oil, gasoline, sunlight, saltwater, acids, and chemicals. ARCTIC ULTRAFLEX BLUE®has high abrasion resistance and can be used in most 600V applications. UL Listed as AWM (Appliance Wiring Material). Numerous applications including those approved under NEC article 400 and associated articles.


  • Superior flexibility to -55°C (-67°F)
  • Class K fine stranded tinned copper construction
  • Resists oil, grease, chemicals, abrasion
  • Sunlight and weather resistant
  • Flame retardant (VW-1)
  • UL Recognized and CSA Approved
  • Environmentally safe
  • Made in the USA


  • UL 508A Industrial control panels
  • Internal appliance and equipment wiring
  • Inverter cables and wiring
  • Industrial machines and robotics
  • Construction equipment
  • Marine, RV and automotive wiring
  • Medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers
  • Load banks, motor leads, welding cable
  • Forklifts and golf carts
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Power hookup cable

Manufactured exclusively
by Polar Wire Products



-55°C to 105°C

Construction Specifications:

  • 10 AWG
  • Class K Tinned Copper Stranding (105/30)
  • .120" Conductor Outside Diameter
  • .030" Insulation Thickness
  • .180" Finished Outside Diameter
  • Ampacity at 30°C (86°F)*: 60
  • Ampacity at 40°C (104°F)*: 56
    *Ampacities of 600V and 1000V 105°C AWM wires in air. Ampacities based on single conductor in free air, 30°C or 40°C ambient temperature as specified, 105°C conductor temperature, per NEC table 310-17 (adjusted for 105°C). Free air ratings assume a one-cable-diameter space between adjacent conductors.

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Does the PV wire required by MPPT RS actually exist?

I'm trying to find PV wire that has individual strands not more than 26 AWG in size (.016") and I cannot find any. The only options I see online are 7 strand and 19 strand (at least for 10 AWG PV wire).

Do any owners of MPPT RS units have a link to PV wire they use, or is everybody just disregarding this part of the manual?

I've found 10 AWG wire that fits the bill, but it doesn't say it's PV wire. And it's tinned copper. So I have no idea if I can slap MC4 connectors on it and use it or not.

Has anybody found PV wire that meets Victron's MPPT RS requirements for being plugged into the unit? If so, can you please share what you're using and where you found it?

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MPPT RS450/200 display contrast

Does someone know if it is possible to adjust display brightness on the RS MPPT?
The contrast on mine is so high I can not read anything. Thank you.
I wont believe that this can not be adjusted via software.

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MPPT RS 450/100 connect via VE.can to Venus GX


i've 3 MPPT RS 450/100 connected via VE.Can to Venus GX.
At the end of the VE.Can bus are resistors connected.
I used normal UTP Network cabel cat.6. Max. Length of the cable is 3 meters.

Firmware MPPT 1.05
Venus 2.73

Remote Console
Settings/Services/VE.Can i cannot see any devices.

It seems the VE.Can is disabled ....

With the VictronConnect App connected via Bluetooth to the MPPTRS i found
no settings about VE.Can.

I hope everybody has an idea.

Thanks Thomas

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How much PV wire insulation should be stripped to plug into MPPT RS 450/200?

Is this documented anywhere? Is there a way people "measure" the amount of insulation to strip off the wire before plugging the PV wire into the MPPT for a best fit?

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