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Siemens PAC2200 as Grid Meter


i've got a Siemens PAC2200 as a Grid Meter ...

The Setpoint for the Multiplus 2 is controlled by a PLC via Modbus Register 37 ... that works perfectly.

But now, i want show the grid in the remote control panel of the cerbo.

That is not working out of the box with the PAC2200

i found some threads like this ( with eastron SDM630 )


my Idea is, to simulate the EM24 with my PLC / Node red or what ever as a Modbus Master

my question is, which registers need the cerbo to work proberly, that the cerbo thinks it is an em24 ?



stricky asked
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PV input visualisation in VR

we have here a farm with 9KW peak solar distributed on several barns, it is 6 micro inverters from 4 different manufacturers, partly over 500 meters apart,

it is a 3 phase ESS built, to integrate the whole inverter into the VRM would be yes 6 individual ET112 and cable /zigbee connections Nötig.

Would it be possible, (the whole house incl inverters, hangs on ACout1 of the Multis)?

Would it be possible to connect an Em24/ET340 AFTER the multis and configure it as a solar inverter,

Would then only the "minus current" (from the house to the multi) be counted and visualized in the VRM? I know that this way would not take into account the current that is consumed directly in the house.

But any "economical" solution to visualize the PV surplus would not be bad.

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finalshare asked
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the em 24 doesn't seem to work

Dear, I have 3 multiplus2 as 3 phase system with a digital em24 connected via usb to the gx color device but the digital meter does not work. the em 24 is my grid meter and is also set that way. on the gx color I see no consumption and yet I consume 1 kw. The multiplus is connected parallel with the I do see a consumption of a few watts but that is what the multiplus measures I think because it remains on charge because the grid meter does not work.do I have to set something on the em24 ?IMG20220825074720.jpgIMG20220825074737.jpgIMG20220825074812.jpgIMG20220825080051.jpg

mathybloemen asked

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EM24 as Energymeter for two Mikroinverter

Hi, I have two balkony power stations (two microinvertes with two panels connected to each microinverter).
I am planning a bigger pv system and for now I would like to track my power consumbtion.
So now I would like to start with two EM24.
One for tracking the powerconsumption of the whole house and a second one to measure the power delivert by my balcony power stations.

Both should be connected to CERBO GX with a RS485 to USB interface cable each.

The connection of the main EM24 is clear to me.

According the EM24 for measuring the power delivery of my balkony power station:
Can I use that EM24 as a 3 pahse system and connect one microinverte to L1 and the other microinverter to L2 for example?
Or can I use the EM24 for that case only as a one phase system with a bridge connected from clamp 1 to 4.

Here a shematic of my thoughts. Dose that work?


It would be very nice, if you can bring some light to my mind in that topic.

Thanks, Marco

marob asked

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EM24 connection to split phase Grid AC

I have an EM24 AV6, which I understand I Can use for split phase as well as 3 phase. I'm using it for split phase. I have two measurement clamps that came with it. Do I put each clamp on each leg of my split phase 220/230 Main Grid AC feeder before the service panel? Or just one?


duswami asked
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Carlo Gavazzi ESS showing and working on wrong Position


last week I finished my 14 th Installation and the 5th with Calo Gavazzi EM24 Ethernet Meters. So far so good, everything is working fine, but on this last installation something is wrong.

I do have 2 PV Inverters.

the first is connected on AC Input1 on a 3 Phase MultiPlus II (2623) 5K

the second is connected on AC Out..

they show up on the detail Menu List, with all their settings, but on the Dashboard and in reality they show up and behave like connected on AC out only...





Both PV is Producing 15 KW ... and the system is dumping all the 1St PV to the Grid -->


I do have one uncertainty ... In the Multiplus ESS Configuration I set the System PV to 15 KWP ... is this wrong? .. -- do I only have to set about 10 kWP on AC out to the PV Size? (There was a reasen for that, because the customer first had both PV connected on AC OUT, and changed wireing the day after Installation due to my Factor 1 Rule complaint. So I do have to visit him, to reconfigure the ESS Assistant as well.)

Is this a configuration Problem, or an ESS Configuration made by me.

Please Give me some Info..

Thanks a Lot


Bernhard Matschinger asked
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EM24 Power factor disable

Anyone know how to disable power factor on Carlo Gavazzi EM24?

We have built a few energy meters for metering properties for quoting purposes but power factor is causing problem as we do not need it for the size systems we need to meter.


mauromartini asked

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EM24: 250mA fuse for neutral connection


for a planned grid-connected PV system with a MultiPlus 2 I am about to install the EM24 Ethernet after the official energy meter.

Now I just found in the EM24 manual, that a 250mA fuse is necessary in the connection to the neutral wire.

I found almost no information about this fuse? What kind of fuse do you normally use that fits on a DIN rail with only 250mA?

Or does nobody use a fuse for the EM24?

Best regards David



shelldor asked
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EM24 with Backlight


is there a special version of the EM24 (RS-485) Energy Meter with backlight available? The one I got here unfortunatly dosn't seem to have backlight. Maybe CG has a special version with backlight compatible with victron?


steffenp asked

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Incorrect energy display in VRM portal - MultiPlus II with EM24

I currently have the following phenomenon:

In the VRM Portal the displayed sum value of the energy meter jumps between a few watts, the current power of a phase and the correct total power (see image 1).

Via the remote console, the correct value is always displayed (in the system schema as well as on the overview page).

System setup:

1 MultiPlus II GX FW: 2.72

Connection mains parallel to AC1

Energy meter EM24 Ethernet FW1.6.48 - use phase balancing 3P.n

- AC coupled PV system with power feed-in

- ESS with external meter


1) example Remote Display & VRM Dashboard with different energy sum


2) example VRM Dashboard correct sum energy


3) example VRM energy meter log

chris-zell asked

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EM 24 on 3 phase supply 100 amp + per phase 150 meters away from MultiPlus 24/5000 and CCGX

Hi guys

I was directed to this forum by Victron dealer for my query to be answered

I need to confirm if EM 24 will work in our set up as expected
We currently run MultiPlus 24/5000
with 24volt 920 amp traction battery on CCGX to power the house
House supply is temporary abounded but there is a private 3phase cable 150 meter long from industrial building to the house
House is connected to L1 ( PV from L1 on input side of the Multi)
Industrial building has 80 kw PV on the roof together with 3 SMA inverters 50, 20 and 10 kw
Most of the PV power is exported to the grid

So in the day time there is ample of power to cover all the loads in the industrial building and the house
But charging is only possible by scheduled charging which is not most efficient
Can we install EM 24 in the industrial
building 150 meters away from the house (MultiPlus CCGX and battery) on current transformers as the connection is over 100 amp per phase
There is also Ethernet connection
Between house and industrial building and CCGX can see and display all SMA inverters but can’t
Use this information for efficient charging
Can CCGX see the EM 24 in current set up as it see SMA inverters and
Use this information to utilise only available PV for loads and charging in ESS
Can it work with ct’s ?

Thanks in advance for any advice

lukasz asked

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Multiple Grid Meter's on same site


I am wondering if I set up a site with 2 x EM24 Meters set-up as "Grid Meter' will the consumption of both meter's be combined together in the main controller?

I have a house and shed both fed separately from a meter panel that is inaccessible via wireless hence the need for 2 consumption readings.

ross-skyenergy asked

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EM24 stopped sending data after lightning

I've an EM24 feeding a GX Color Control and a Multiplus charging some batteries. We had a dreadful thunderstorm a few weeks back after which the GX hasn't got any information from the EM24 which is acting as a Grid Meter. The Red/green lights are flashing on the USB connector on the Color Control. I suspect that maybe the EM24 has freaked and maybe its settings have changed. I've tried changing the Modbus address to 2 and 30 (the lowest on the GX). I've also been poking around the menus on the EM24 and noticed it's set to Applicat Type H which looks a bit odd but I can't work out what it should be. I've seen the manual but don't really understand/know what I'm looking for. Any suggestions?

Edited to add that one reason I'm suspicious of the EM24 is that it seems to think we're running 166 Volts - see picture.



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