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Gathering EM24 data via nodered

I have a EM24 Ethernet as part of an ESS. Is it possible to gather data from the EM24 via nodered through one of the Victron nodes?

If not, is there an example anywhere of how to poll data from the EM24 Ethernet in parallel to the GX via Modbus TCP from nodered?

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Why does VRM monthly grid consumption not match EM24 meter reading?

Hi guys,

I have a 3-phase ESS setup with EM24 as a grid meter, connected via RS485 USB to CerboGX. Live values etc. shown in VRM look correct. But for example my monthly grid consumption for april is, according to VRM 75kWh..., But I noted the EM24 meter reading start and end of april and the diff is only 57kWh. Why does VRM show me 75kWh if it's only 57kWh? It's about 24% off...

The official grid meter from my energy supplier tells me also 57kWh if I do the meter reading diff between 1st of april and 31st of april.

So, EM24 and official meter tell me both the same: 57kWh.
But VRM, which get's its value from EM24 via CerboGX tells me 75kWh.

My guess is: Internally VRM get's also a kWh meter reading and regulary calcs the delta.. And here it some rounding error accumulates ...

Isn't there a way to get reliable historical values from VMR? I mean... the live data looks okay, values seem to be realistic.



The grid feed-in (>750kWh in april) is just about 3% off... So I guess it must have to do with the amount/values the VRM gets from the EM24... consumption is very low, and feed-in is much higher.
Most of the time, my system is running from battery and the grid consumption is just 0,1kWh per day or so.
My current guess is: My grid consumption is not exactly 0,1kWh, but f.i. between 0,05kWh and 0,1kWh ... So the values get rounded up to 0,1kWh. And this causes the final value in VRM beeing 24% off the real value when looking at a whole month.
Does anyone know how precise VRM is storing the values?

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EM540 replacement of EM24

Hi, i have a project that i design using EM24 as they use ethernet cable to communicate with cerbo Gx but now the meter are not available in the market as they have been replaced by EM540 meter as they communicate via RS485. my project is to use multiple meters to measure different area of energy usage and the cerbo GX is located far distance as via ethernet cable distance did not matter but with RS485 the cable is provided in 1.8Meter and 5Meter. How can i can i use multiple meter of EM540 almost 50pieces to connect in one cerbo GX device?

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Ac-Loads 0 Watt // AC-Load Values wrong




set up:

- 3x MP2/5000 - ESS - 3 Phase
- 1x EM24 RS485
- 1x RS450/200
- 16s 280Ah LF

 Sometimes the values displayed in the VRM portal are not correct or the control strategy does not make sense. For example, a consumption of 0 watts is displayed, although power is drawn. Sometimes the battery is also discharged, although there is enough PV. In the attachment 2 examples. Does anyone know the problem? The trick with the headphone input can no longer be done with the new devices.

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EM24 Ethernet - lockup issue

Hi Everyone,

I am running an ESS, everything fine, BUT: My EM24 Ethernet is regularly losing the connection to the LAN. This is not a DHCP issue or such, it clearly hangs.

After disconnecting the EM24 from power (cold restart) it works again, but only for 1-2 weeks.

I would like to update the firmware and then see whether the problem goes away. This is just a way of saving time from further troubleshooting.

My problem is: Nobody will help me to get newer firmware. Victron Dealer says to contact Carlo Gavazzi. They say to contact Victron. And Victron says to contact the Dealer. Stuck in a loop.

Anyone here to help my get new firmware for the EM24 Ethernet?

My Device is a EM24-DIN.AV2.3.X.E1.X


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EM24 Ethernet - No Connection - Info boot


I can't get a connection to my EM24 Ethernet. A ping works but a connection with Cerbo GX or the Carlo Gavazzi UCS 7 - UCS [1] does not.
On the Display in the Info Menu, I get the info boot [2].
A reset and a power off doesn't change anything.

Any Idea?

Thanks Flo





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EM24 and loads on AC out and AC in


I have a setup which is in the building process and the question came up if it is possible to supply loads on ac out while also supply some loads on ac in via em24 at the same time?

And if it is possible is there anything special in the config that I have to watch out for?

Thanks in advance

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EM24 Update Authorization Code

What is the authorization code to update EM24?

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How to program aux relais on Cerbo GX or Multiplus2 depending on Grid feed

Hello community,

I'm using a ESS with Cerbo GX, Multiplus2 and EM24 Energy Meter. I want to use the relais Output on the Multiplus 2 or Cerbo GX to trigger an external device when the grid feed out exceeds e.g. 2000Watt and stop it when it goes below e.g. 1500Watt. Can someone explain how to do this? I just had a look in the assistants, but found no way to use the feed in/out power from the EM24 as a signal.

Thank you for your help.


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ESS Multiplus with EM24 slow response also on AC-Out?


i am planning for an installation with 3x5kVA Multiplus II with EM24 grid meter and loads on AC-in as well as on AC-out. Like this:


I came across these threads, where users notice quite slow response to loads, if the ET112 grid meter is installed:



I have some questions to this:

One suggested solution was to place the loads behind the Multiplus II at AC-out1 and AC-out2.

OK, thats not a problem. All my loads, that would require fast response would be connected to AC-out anyhow. So.... does it mean, with EM24 connected and set as grid-meter, the loads on AC-in will be handled slower, but the loads on AC-out STILL would be handled fast?

OR.... will all loads be handled slower, once a EM24 grid meter is installed? regardless if connected to AC-out or AC-in??

Some more detail questions:

1. Will the EM24 Ethernet or EM24 RS485 version work better for having faster response? Or is there no difference?

2. Is it better for faster response to have an external Cerbo GX or instead better use a Multiplus II with internal GX?

hope you can help to clarify!

many thanks!!


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EM24, Fronius Gen24 Plus 5k on AC in

Hi everyone,

I have a Fronius Symo Gen24 Plus 5k which is on AC in and exports to grid, I have a fronius smart meter but it is used only for getting the statistics in Solarweb, no export limitation. The system is three phase.

I have a single EasySolar II which I use mainly for critical loads. I purchased an EM24 and I want to put it next to the Fronius Smart meter. I want to see the Fronius on AC in, AC loads, critical loads etc. I do not think this should be a problem. Question is can EasySolar II also give surplus solar to the AC loads on AC in without exporting to the grid? If Fronius exports to the grid the EM24 should see that but I am not sure how this can influence how much power EasySolar sends to the loads on AC-in.

Thank you!

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L1/L2 probably swapped?

Hey everyone,

My question has been discussed several times, but as I am not the one who installed the Victron etc. and the electrician who did doesn't know Victron well either, I'd like to get your feedback so I can tell him what needs to be changed (he's coming back in a few days for some last things so a great chance to fix this).

What I wanted my installation to look like was the following:

  • L1 for "critical loads" using a Multiplus 2 48/5000, attached to the battery (Pylontech)
  • L2/L3 remain connected to the grid
  • EM24 for energy metering

The installation works fine, no problems.

However, the results I see in the pictures below doesn't seem right.

The "victron feed" image, on a high level, states I believe:

  • MPPT generates 3710 W
  • of which 3083 W are fed into the grid
  • the Multiplus routes 3200W on L1
  • while L1 consumes 506 W from and L3 26 W

I think AC Loads with the 3200 W is correct, but Grid with -3140W should be on L1 as that is the Multiplus connection, and not L2 which is connected directly to the Grid?

So L1 and L2 are swapped - maybe from grid to EM24 or EM24 to Multiplus?

The "victron consume" image states, I believe, that 311W + 113W = 424W are used directly from battery an MPPT for the critical loads, and 24W are on L3.

But if L1/L2 are actually swapped, then in a fixed setup I would actually see

  • 30W (not 4W) on L1 from the grid --> 30 W difference to AC loads, so maybe that's the Multiplus?
  • 4W (not 30W) on L2 - no idea where the 27W difference (31W-4W) on L2 AC Loads comes from though?





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1x Multiplus 5000/48 VRM Shows wrong Values


got a question, i run a single phase Multiplus 5000/48 in a 3P Country (Germany). As Energy Meter i use the EM24 and VRM shows the following:


As you can see the battery is discharged with 2.7kw, Grid shows 14, but the total loads is way too much. It seems the L1 gets added or so?! Any configuration i missed? Thanks

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Is their a 3 phase energy meter alternative as there is no em24 availability at the moment
  • I have just installed a 3 phase ESS system with 3 quattro 8000's on a 100 amp supply and found it impossible to get hold of a Em24 or alternative to use with CT clamps.. Carlo Gavazzi UK told me today it would probably be April by time they have the parts and have started shipping them..!(That is a long time to wait!) No one has any thing in stock...Is their an alternative or is it possible to make another meter work for 3 phase victron users?

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EM24: 250mA fuse for neutral connection


for a planned grid-connected PV system with a MultiPlus 2 I am about to install the EM24 Ethernet after the official energy meter.

Now I just found in the EM24 manual, that a 250mA fuse is necessary in the connection to the neutral wire.

I found almost no information about this fuse? What kind of fuse do you normally use that fits on a DIN rail with only 250mA?

Or does nobody use a fuse for the EM24?

Best regards David



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